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McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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ae 3 sie Scee ha: | i hape vr; oe 1 oe - to Margaret Mckvoy High School A. R. Willingham High School Macon, Georgia Volume V McEvoy High School Foreword Since our high school years have an important effect on our growth as individuals, it seems only appropriate that we focus the ‘63 RAMSCOTT around this idea. School offers many opportunities for growth to its students. It is by taking advantage of these opportunities, by carrying out our duties and ac- cepting our responsibilities that we grow and ma- ture. Our growth, in turn, has a significant effect on the progress of our school. As you turn these pages, we hope you will see how McEvoy and Willingham have worked, hand in hand, to grow into a position of leadership, while continually anticipating greater achieve- ments in the future. We proudly present to you the ‘63 RAMSCOTT, focusing on our schools, our students, and our... growth. McEvoy High School Table of Foreword Dedications Administration and Faculty Classes Organizations Superlatives Sports Activities Advertisements Willingham Junior High School Dedication For her part in aiding the annual staff with the publication of the Ramscott, her advisorship of the Spanish Club, and above all her understanding and guidance in teaching the students of McEvoy, we dedicate our part of the 1963 Ramscott to: Ll gherk P Aireeley =r Through the past five years the Seniors have established themselves as capable leaders; boys ready to work and willing to co-operate: with members of the other classes. In sports the Seniors have worked hard to strengthen the teams on which they sportsmanship. play through practice, co-operation, and good From fal! of 1958 till spring of 1963. Five years. Half a decade of the most wonderful years of our lives. We, the Senior Class, are the first to go all the way through the ranks. We have seen teachers come and go, and even an exchange of principals. What have we done to make our mark upon the halls of Willingham? Certainly being the first, the trailblazers, is a distinction, but what are some of our other ac- complishments? In the short five years of Willingham’s exist- ence, it has been noted that we have made great strides of progress in practically all fields: Willingham students have taken an active part in many civic and community affairs. This compara- tively young school, unheard of a short five years ago, is now a top state contender in every major sport. This is a feat practically unheard of in any other prep school. Also Willingham has a record number of new clubs and organizations which will benefit each student. Most of their officers and leaders are Seniors, boys who know the job because they have had experience. This Senior Class has been a standout this year, as it had while in its sub-freshman, freshman, sophomore, and junior years. We are sure that the Seniors of this year will be standouts in their particular fields for the decades to come. A AA ee 7 My iy WV iy A Ny yy Lieve yy LRA 1 MUNYA Wi) , Al ryy (YY) ; AAXKYYVAAX YVAN ; f AK YAN A YY A SAA YY Y YVy ry ry YAY YY | A} : yh VOO00C ta MAXX YYYY XY Y¥Y WYXXXYY YY KAKARAYYYYY PARRY YYYY riny The class officers strive to help their class improve on the accomplishments of the previous Senior Classes. Dedication For its eminence as being the first Senior Class These students came young to a young school, to complete five years of study at Willingham felt the growing pains of a new school, and High School, we, the Rams, dedicate our portion leaving with the same distinction, maturity, an of this RAMSCOTT to the Class of ‘63. pride they helped their school acquire. Senior Privileges at Wil- lingham give the boys a break in their daily sched- ule of school activities. Administration and Faculty , As students in this modern society, we see the need for proper growth and development so that we may become good, responsible leaders of tomorrow. The administration and faculties of our schools help to inspire us and make us more conscious of the importance of growth . . . essential growth which can- not be given enough emphasis. Board of Education Board Officers H. G. WEAVER, M. C. ATKINSON, WALLACE MILLER, JR., W. P. SIMMONS, President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Bibb County Board of Education Ralph Eubanks, William P. Simmons, George P. Rankin, Jr., Charles C. Hertwig, Herbert F. Birdsey, Lloyd Newberry, Hon. Oscar Long, H. G. Weaver, Julius Gholson, Hon. Walter C. Stevens, Robert A. McCord, Jr., Mallory C. Atkinson, Albert S. Hatcher, Jr., Wallace Miller, Jr. Superintendent and Assistants JULIUS GHOLSON Superintendent LLOYD NEWBERRY Assistant Superintendent MARVIN J. JONES GUS M. PARKER Administrative Assistant Administrative Assistant Principals WILLIAM BRAKE McEvoy University of Georgia, B.S.; Mercer University, M.Ed. FRED JOHNSON Willingham Senior Berry College, B.S.; Mercer University, M.Ed. CHARLES DEATON Willingham Junior Mercer University, A.B., M.Ed. INA ADAMS McEvoy Wesleyan, A.B. English, Advisor, Eighth Grade FRANCES AYERS Willingham Jr. Mercer University, A.B., M.Ed. Algebra, Math Faculty MARTIN P. ALLMAN Willingham Davis and Elkins College, Elkins, West Va., A.B. Social Studies, Basketball, Head Coach ADDIE RIE BAIRD McEvoy Wesleyan, A.B.; Mercer, M.Ed. Psychology, English, Advisor, Beta Club The office is the center of all school activity and it is truly active . . . with students, teachers, visitors, and the telephone . . . It is a place where every- one brings their problems and, we hope, feels wanted and loved. Of course, we’re also interested in keeping all our clerical work up to date and in good order . . » This is the OFFICE STORY. BILLIE ANDERSON McEvoy Alabama College, B.S. Physical Education, Advisor, Y-Teens (After School) FRANCES BALDWIN Willingham Jr. Women’s College of Ga., B.S. English REBEKAH ANTHONY McEvoy Wesleyan, A.B.; Emory University, M.A. Latin, Advisor, Latin Club BILLY J. BEALE Willingham University of Georgia, B.S. Algebra, Coach, Varsity Foot- ball, Basketball, Assistant Baseball In chorus we find enjoyment in the meanings of music, which cannot be as effectively expressed in any other medium; we work to cultivate our voices, and we share our accomplishments by performing in various school and community activities. LINDA BEASLEY McEvoy Women’s College of Georgia, B.S. Typing, Business Math, Short- hand, Advisor, Future Business Leaders of America DAISY BEATTY Willingham Sr. Winthrop College, B.S. Typing | and II VIRGINIA BERLIN McEvoy Mercer, A.B. American History, World His- tory, Advisor, Junior Class JEANETTE BRAKE McEvoy Young Harris Assistant Librarian, Advisor, Li- brary Club MARY JIM BURT McEvoy Mercer, A.B., M.Ed. Driver Education CHARLES BYRD Willingham Sr. Mercer, A.B. English, Advisor, RamPage, Junior Class AMY CASH McEvoy Mercer, A.B. English, Business Eng. MILDRED CASTLEN McEvoy Wesleyan Dietitian JEANETTE CHAMBERS McEvoy Georgia Southern, B.S. Typing, Shorthand Only a library opens all doors. The library is a temple where a reader can come to worship, to wonder, to hope, and to despair. The library is the home of knowledge and the room of pleasure. “Give a girl a book she can read And her heart is bright with a calm delight.” BETH CLARK McEvoy Women’s College of Georgia, B.S. General Business, Typing, Book- keeping, Advisor, Future Busi- ness Leaders of America JOYCE CLARY Willingham Sr. Women’s College of Georgia, A.B. Spanish, Government, Advisor, Spanish Club MARTHA COLEMAN McEvoy Longwood College, B.S. Science, Biology, Advisor, Allied Medical Careers Club ROBERT F. COLLINS Willingham Sr. Univ. of Ga., B.S., M.Ed. Occupational Guidance, Distrib- utive Education, Advisor, D. E. Club WINIFRED COLQUITT McEvoy Wesleyan, A.B.; Mercer, M.Ed. Algebra, Advisor, Tri-Hi-Y, Math Club DOROTHY COX McEvoy Mercer, A.B. Art, Advisor, Art Club DIXIE CUTTER Willingham, Jr. Mercer, A.B., M.Ed. Science CYNTHIA DAVIS McEvoy Martha Berry, A.B. English, Advisor, RamScott, Book Store AGNES DONALDSON Willingham Jr. Mercer, A.B. English; Advisor, Red Cross VIRGINIA DORROH McEvoy Women’s College of Georgia, B.S. Biology, Advisor, Sophomore Class JOSEPH ETHERIDGE Willingham Jr. Georgia State College, A.B. Social Studies LEWIS H. DOWNER Willingham, Jr. Auburn, M.Ed. Civics, Driver Education, Ad- visor, Hi-Y, Safe-teens, As- sistant Coach HELEN FAULKNER McEvoy Mercer, A.B. Physical Education, Advisor, Girls’ Athletic Association, Ram Club and Cheerleaders, Junior Class eS , A 3 JESSE DUCKWORTH Willingham, Jr. Mercer, A.B. Coach Football, Track Basketball, JOSEPH L. FAULKNER Willingham Jr. Mercer, A.B. Math MACK EDWARDS Willingham Jr. Furman, A.B. Coach Football, Track, Cross- Country NAN FLOWERS McEvoy Wesleyan, A.B. English, Speech English, Ad- visor, Senior Dramatics Club The goal of the typing class is to develop the ability to operate and maintain the typewriter efficiently. We learn to make the typewriter a writing tool for both personal and business uses. ROBERT F. FLOYD Willingham Sr. High Mercer, A.B. Biology, Advisor, Key Club DOROTHY GINTHER McEvoy Hillsdale College, A.B. University of Michigan, M.A. Guidance Counselor, Senior High School MARGIE FROST McEvoy G.A.B. Business School Secretary to the Principal LOUISE GODOWNS Willingham Jr. Women’s College of Georgia, B.S. Science MICHAEL J. GARVIN Willingham Sr. High Mercer, A.B. Algebra and Trigonometry Plane Geometry Physics Advisor Math Club MAUDE GOLDSBY Willingham Jr. Miami University, Ohio, B.S. Math Oxford, SARAH GIBBS McEvoy Berry College, B.S. Home Economics, Advisor, Fu- ture Homemakers of America, Inter-City Council HARRIET GRAVES McEvoy Valdosta State College, A.B. Mercer, M.Ed. Algebra and Science, Advisor, Science Club Biology makes the student more appreciative of the world in which he lives. He is made more aware of living things and the part each plays in all life processes. Our language—we hear it, speak it, read it, and write it. It is a necessity and a luxury; we use it and enjoy it. WILLIAM GREENHAW Willingham Jr. Mercer, A.B., Auburn, M.S. Guidance Counselor, Advisor, Jr. Beta Club FRANCES GRESHAM McEvoy University of North Carolina, A.B. Biology, Advisor, Red Cross ANN HALL McEvoy Randolph-Macon Woman’s Col- lege, A.B. English, Advisor, Student Coun- cil, Senior Class GLADYS HALL McEvoy Mercer, B.S. English E. J. HANCOCK, JR. Willingham Jr. Univ. of Ga., B.S., Mercer, M.Ed. Science, Advisor, Audio-Visual Club, Ram-Jets HELEN JONES HANSON Willingham Sr. Wesleyan, A.B. English JAMES R. HARVEY McEvoy Wesleyan College, A.B. French, German, Audio-Visual MARY JO HAYES McEvoy Mercer, A.B. Civics, English, Advisor, Y-Teens, Freshman Class WILLIAM B. HENDERSON Willingham Sr. Univ. of Ga., B.S. Physical Education, Advisor, Ram Club Art teaches appreciations and skills. It develops orig- inality, fluency of ideas, flexibility, and ability to organize. DAVE HILL Willingham Sr. Furman, A.B. Coach, Football, Tennis ELIZABETH HINESLEY McEvoy Mercer, A.B. English, Spanish, Advisor, Ram- scott, Spanish Club JAMES HINSON Willingham Jr. Mercer, A.B. Science JOAN HUDSON McEvoy Univ. of Georgia, B.F.A. in Music Chorus, Advisor, Music Club MARTHA O. HUTCHERSON Willingham Sr. Wesleyan, A.B., Emory, A.B. in Library Science Librarian, Advisor, Library Club JO HUTTO McEvoy Women’s College of Ga., B.S. Physical Education, Advisor, G.A.A., Junior Class FRANCES JOHNSON McEvoy Mercer University, A.B. Mathematics, Advisor, Y-Teens GAIL LAMB McEvoy Emory, A.B. Drivers’ Education MARY B. LAMBACK Willingham Sr. G.A.B. Business College Secretary LENOIR G. LAMOUNTT Willingham Jr. Mercer, A.B. English, Advisor, Student Coun- cil, Junior High JOHN LANE Willingham Jr. Mercer, A.B. Math JULIA LANIER McEvoy Mercer Univ., B.S. Journalism, English, Advisor, Senior Class, Quill and Scroll ANNE LINN McEvoy Wesleyan, A.B. American History, Government, Advisor, Business Staff of Ram- Scott, Junior Class JIM LITTLEFIELD Willingham Sr. Western Kentucky State, B.S. Director of Music LOARENE LONG McEvoy Howard College, B.S. Chemistry, Advisor, Science Club EVANGELINE LUNDY McEvoy Univ. of Ga., B.S.H.E. Homemaking, Advisor, Future Homemakers of America EVELYN MABRY McEvoy Ga. Southern, B.S., Draughon’s Business College Bookkeeping, Office Practices, Advisor, School Bank KEMP MABRY Willingham Sr. Ga. Tech, B.E.E., Mercer, M.A., Ga. Southern, M.Ed. Guidance Counselor, Advisor, Student Council, Radio Club Through academic studies we devel- op our minds, while in physical ed- ucation we build our bodies through participation in sports. Learning a foreign language has become easier through the use of our new language labs. NANCY McCOLLUM McEvoy Mercer, A.B., Univ. of Ga., M.A. English, Advisor, Junior Dra- matics Club JANE MASSEY Willingham Jr. Mercer, A.B. Social Studies, Advisor, Dra- matics Club JANET MONTGOMERY McEvoy Women’s College of Ga., B.S.H.E. Homemaking, Advisor, Future Homemakers of America KATHARINE NILULA Willingham Jr. Mercer, A.B., M.A. Art, Advisor, Art Club EUNICE W. ODUM Willingham, Jr. Mercer, A.B. English, Latin BETTY LOU O'KEEFE Willingham Sr. Wesleyan College, B.F.A. English, Speech, Advisor, Ram- scott MARY G. OLSEN Willingham Antioch College Lunchroom Manager EARL S. PARKER Willingham Sr. Ga. Southern, B.S., M.Ed. Physics, Biology, Advisor, Life Science Club HOWARD S. PEEK Willingham Sr. High Univ. of Ga., B.S., Mercer, M.A., JUDY PHARIS McEvoy Women’s College of Ga., B.S.H.E. Advisor, Future Homemakers of America OTHO E. PIRKLE Willingham Sr. Mercer, A.B., M.Ed. County High School Coordinator CHRISTINE POWELL McEvoy Tift College, A.B. Geometry, Algebra, Advisor, Sophomore Class VIRGINIA POWERS McEvoy Univ. of Ga., B.S.Ed. Physics, General Science, Advi- sor, Science Club LEONARD |. PRIDGEON Willingham Sr. Univ. of Ga., B.S., M.Ed. Science, Advisor, Physical Sci- ence Club VERNA RABERN McEvoy Wesleyan College, A.B. Librarian, Advisor, Library Club BARBARA REVES McEvoy Univ. of Ga., B.S. Band, Advisor, Band Club HERCHEL SIMMONS Willingham Sr. Univ. of Ga., B.S. Agriculture, Advisor, Future Farmers of America MARY PENNELL SMITH Willingham Sr. Mercer, A.B., M.Ed. American History, Advisor, Beta Club Algebra not only enlarges a student's mathematical concepts, but it develops the student’s power to think and work in a sytematic way. Social studies enlarge a student’s knowledge of the world about him, Not only do we study about people living now throughout the world, but also of men and women who have lived before us. JOHNNY STALLINGS Willingham Jr. Univ. of South Carolina, A.B. Physical Education SHERRY STAPLES McEvoy Wesleyan College, A.B. Advisor, Sophomore Class IDA SWAN McEvoy Ga. Southern College, B.S., Mer- cer, M.Ed. Geography, World History LULA TOLLERSON McEvoy Mercer, A.B., Univ. of Ga., M.Ed. Guidance Counselor, Advisor, Student Council, Sub-Freshman and Freshman Classes JOLEANE TURNER McEvoy Alabama College, B.S. Physical Education, Advisor, Y-Teens HARRIET K. VAN NORTE Willingham Sr. Ga. Southern, B.S. Business Education, Advisor, Future Business Leaders of Amer- ica NELLE WALKER McEvoy Univ. of Ga., A.B. General Science, Advisor, Gar- den Club MARY R. WATERS Willingham Jr. Stetson Univ., B.A., Univ. of Fla., M.A. English GEORGIA C. WATKINS Willingham Sr. Mercer, M.Ed. English HAROLD L. WATSON JR. Willingham Sr. Mercer, A.B. American History, Algebra, Ad- visor, Red Cross JANIE F. WEAVER Willingham Jr. Teachers College Secretary MARY WEAVER McEvoy Univ. of Ga., A.B. American History, Algebra, Ad- visor, Junior Class MADGE WEBB Willingham Jr. Ohio Wesleyan, A.B., Mercer, M.A. World History JACK L. WHEELER Willingham Jr. Univ. of Ga., B.S.Ed. Mechanical Drawing, Advisor, Industrial Arts Club SUSAN WHIDDEN Willingham Sr. Mercer, A.B. French, English, Advisor, French Club LORENA WILLIAMS McEvoy Ga. Southern College, B.S.Ed. Math, Advisor, Future Teachers of America DOROTHY WILLIS Willingham Sr. Assistant Librarian, Audio-Visual Coordinator BETTY WINGFIELD McEvoy Wesleyan College, A.B. Math, Advisor, Future Teachers of America, Sub Freshman Class It is important for us to learn about our world and how it is affected by science. In business education, the boys become better qualified to serve as leaders in tomorrow’s bus- iness world. Typing helps students prepare for the business field; it is also useful to a student in prepar- ing his school work. Through strenuous daily exercise in our thor- ough physical education program, we produce strong, healthy bodies. Classes Much of our growth is effected by our high school years. Each grade places be- fore a student an opportunity for better growth and development. Upon comple- tion of each year, a pupil has attained an- other step on the ladder of maturity .. . a step greatly influenced by his class- room activities. 27 Seniors Senior Officers Tommy Shaw, President; Peggy Barry, President; Johnnie Howell, Vice-President; Tony Gunter, Vice-President. Gail McKinley, Secretary; Kanny Deen, Secre- tary; Phydan Johnston, Treasurer; David Hag- aman, Treasurer. Kay Holt, Bonnie Thigpin, Elaine Denard, Sharon Quinn, Annie Brewer, Directors. ERNEST LEE ADKINS Ernie Distributive Education Club. CARL W. ADKINS Wayne Band 9, 10; McEvoy Senior Play 11; Annual Photog- rapher 12. JUNE ELIZABETH AUSTIN June Senior Dramatics Club 11, 12, Chaplain 11, President 12; Thespians 12, President 12; Spanish Club 11, 12, Pres- ident 11, Reporter, Program Chairman 12; Tri-Hi-Y 11, 12; Student Council 9, 11, 12; Activities Editor, Ramscott 12. RONALD EDWARD BAGGARLEY Ronnie Football 8-10; Varsity Football 11; Key Club 10-12; Red Cross Representative 9, 10; Rampage 11, Editorial Staff 12; Supervision Basketball 9-12; Supervision Softball 10; P. E. Captain 12. PAUL JACKSON ALEXANDER Paul Red Cross 8, 9, 11; Band 8-10; Chorus 8, 10, 11; Student Council 10; Activities Editor Ramscott 12. SARAH LUENORA ALLIGOOD Sarah Library Assistant 9-12; After School Y-Teens 11, 12, Pub- licity Chairman 11; Band 8, 9; Allied Medical Careers Club 9, 10; Library Club 12; Orchestra 9, 10. RICHARD EMORY ARNOLD Richard Supervision Basketball 9-11; Spanish Club 11, 12; Super- vision Softball 10. WAYNE CARSWELL ASBELL Wayne MARJORY CAROL BARRY Peggy President Senior Class; Advertising Layout Editor Ram- Scott 12; Reporter Willingham-Mc Evoy Notebook 12; B-Team Cheerleader 10, 11; Secretary Sophomore Class; Treasurer Junior Class; Permanent Representative to Inter- School Student Council; Beta Club 11, 12; Student Coun- cil 12; Quill and Scroll 12. ANGELA ELLEN BARTLETT Angie Transferred from Dublin High School 9; Beta Club 11, 12; Guidance Counselor’s Assistant 12; McEvoy Bank 12; In-School Y-Teens 10-12; Future Business Leaders of Amer- ica 12; Spanish Club 10, 11; Future Homemakers of Amer- ica 9. LINDA JEAN BATEMAN Linda Future Teachers of America 10- 11; Future Homemakers of America 10. THOMAS GILMER BATEMAN Tommy Tourneys in Football 9, 10, Track 9-12, Tennis 9-12, Basketball 9, 10, Baseball 11; Bowling Team 10-12; Spanish Club 10; Science Club 10; Red Cross 11, 12; Dramatics Club 12. HENRY BALL Henry Student Council 8, 12; Math Club, President 12; Concert Band 10-12; Orchestra 8, 9; Science Club 11; French Club 11; Beta Club 11, 12; Supervision Softball 9. TONY CLEVELAND BARNES Basketball 9; Supervision Basketball 10-12; Junior-Senior Dance Committee 11; Spanish Club 11; Student Council 9; Supervision Softball 10. WALLACE BATES Wallace Key Club 11, 12, President 12; Beta Club 11, 12, Secre- tary 12; Rampage Staff 11, 12, News Editor 12; Student Council 9, 11, 12; French Club 11; Boys’ State 11. RUTLEDGE MAYO BEACHAM Rutledge Beta Club 11, 12; Student Council 12; Dramatics Club, President 12; Thespian Society 11, 12, Chaplain 11; Rampage 11, 12, Assistant Copy Editor 12. CHARLES RAYMOND BEARDEN Charles MARTHA LOUISE BENNETT Weagie Secretary Junior Class; Girls’ Athletic Association 10-12, Awards Chairman 12; Gym Assistant 10; Supervision Volleyball, Basketball, Softball 8-12; Captain Supervision Volleyball, Basketball, Softball 11; Second Place Science Fair 10; Honorable Mention at Milledgeville Science Fair; Chairman of Invitations Committee of Junior-Senior 11; Senior Dramatics 12. JULIUS STEVE BORUM Steve Band 8-12; Science Club 11; Key Club 10-12, Secretary 11; Beta Club 11, 12; French Club 11; Baseball 9. ANITA DeLANE BOWEN Nane Band 9-12; Band Club 9-12; Captain of Brass 12; Tri-Hi-Y 10; Science Club 10; Red Cross 10. PATRICIA ELAINE BEST Pat Supervision Basketball, Softball, Volleyball 8-12; Gym Assistant 10, 11; Pep Club 8-12; Future Business Leaders of America 12; Y-Teens 8; Band Club 9, 10. RAYMOND LEE BILLINGSLEY Raymond French Club 11. PENNIE KAY BISHOP Penny Business Manager Ramscott 12; Chorus 8-12; Music Club 8-12, Program Chairman; Melodettes 12; Office Monitor 12; Spanish Club 10, 12; Publicity Chairman for Junior Talent Show 11; Student Council 8, 9; Class Director 9; Quill and Scroll 12; President of Supervision 8, 9. JOYCE ELAINE BONE Joyce Supervision Basketball, Volleyball, Softball 8-12; Captain, Supervision Basketball 9, 10. HENRY WAYNE BRANNON Wayne Track 11; Industrial Arts Club 9, 10) Physical Science Club 12; Sup. Basketball 9-11. SUE ELLEN BRANTLEY Sue Ellen Y-Teens 8-10; Girls’ Athletic Association 10-12, Treasurer 12; Supervision Volleyball, Softball, Basketball 8-12; Per- fect Attendance 8, 9; Ramscott Business Staff 12. PHYLLIS ANNE BREWER Annie Varsity Cheerleader 9-12, Co-Captain 12; Ram Club 11, 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Y-Teens 10-12; Pep Club 12; Class Director 9-12; Sponsor for Blue-White Spring Football Game 11; Supervision Volleyball, Basketball, Softball 10-12; Sports Editor Bonnie Blue Print 12. LARRY E. BRIDGER Larry Spanish Club 11; Foture Business Leaders of America 11, 12; Supervision Basketball 8-11, Softball 8-10; P.E. Foot- ball 9-11; Basketball 9. MARCUS NEIL BOWEN Mark Varsity Football 11, 12; Varsity Basketball 11, 12; Var- sity Baseball 9-12; Ram Club; Student Council 10, 11; Red Cross 10; Science Fair Ribbons 9, 10; Class Officer 9, 10; Gym Captain 12. JOAN PATRICIA BOWEN Patty Future Homemakers of America 8-10; Future Home- makers of America State Fair Convention 8; Library Club 11, 12, Historian 12; Georgia Association of Library Assistants State Convention 11, 12. GEORGE TILLMAN BRINKLEY George Business Club 11, 12; Chorus 10, 11; Southern Accents 11; Science Club 11; Supervision Softball 9, 10, Basket- ball 9-11; Red Cross Representative 10. GEORGE ELMON BROWN, JR. Junior Junior Red Cross 8; Science Club 11; French Club 12; Library Club 11. HAROLD POWERS BROWN Harold Library Club; 4-H Club. SANDRA LEE BROWN Sandra Science Club 8; Supervision Volleyball 10, 11; Pep Club 9. CAROL BUNCH Carol Y-Teens 8-10; Future Business Leaders of America 12; Sophomore Director; Library Club 8-11; Library Assistant 8-11; Red Cross Representative 11. LINDA IMOGENE BUTLER Linda Chorus 9-11; Music Club 9-11. BOBBY BRYANT Bobby Basketball, Baseball, Football, Track 9-12; Ram Club 11, 12; Secretary Junior Class; Student Council 10, 11. PHIL BRYANT Phil Supervision Softball 10, 11, Basketball, Baseball 8-12; Track 8-12; Science Club 12; Red Cross Representative 10. WINSTON BRYANT Winston MARJORIE CARROL BUFFINGTON Carrol Pep Club 8-11; Supervision Basketball 10, Volleyball 9, Softball 10. PEGGY LOUISE CAMPBELL Peg Girls’ Athletic Association 10, 12; Future Business Leaders of America 12; Gym Assistant 10, 11; Future Home- makers of America 8-10; In-School Y-Teens 8; Super- vision Softball, Volleyball, Basketball 8-12; Captain Soft- ball, Captain Basketball 10. JAMES EDWARD CARROLL Buck Football 8-12; Two Varsity Letters; Ram Club; Future Farmers of America. JEWELL DEAN CHAPMAN Dean Editor-in-Chief Bonnie Blue Print 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Student Council 12; Supervision Pres- ident 12; Supervision Softball, Volleyball, Basketball 10. LINDA FAY CHEEK Cheek Baby President Freshman Class; Girls’ Athletic Association 9-12, President 12; Supervision Volleyball, Basketball, Softball 8-12; Class Softball 8-12, Captain 8-10; Thespian Society 11, 12; Senior Dramatics Club 10-12; Sports Editor Ramscott 12; Y-Teens 10; Third Place Junior Talent Show ah SUE MARIE BYARS Sue Library Assistant; Science Club 9-12, Secretary 12; Super- vision Volleyball 10; Pep Club 8, 9. EDWARD A. CAIN Ed Science Club 11; French Club 11; Chorus 10-12; All- State Chorus 10-12; Beta Club 12; Annual Staff 12; Math Club 12; Southern Accents 11, 12; Chess Club 12. JOHN ANGELO CHIAPPETTA Andy Supervision Basketball 9, 10; Supervision Softball 9-11; Track 8. PAULA FAYE CHILDRE Paula Music Club 10-12; Future Business Leaders of America 12. MARGARET DIANNE CHILDS Dianne Ramscott Photographer 12; Art Editor, Photographer of Bonnie Blue Print 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Y-Teens 9-11; Girls’ Athletic Association 10; Supervision Volleyball, Basketball, Softball 10-12. JOHN GARY CLARK John Distributive Education Club 12; Radio Club 11; Super- vision Basketball and Football 11, 12. PARTICIA ANN COOLEY Pat Winner of “| Speak for Democracy” Contest 11; Bonnie Blue Print Advertising Staff 11, Assistant Advertising Manager 12; Ramscott Photographer 12; Girls’ Athletic Association 10-12; Senior Dramatics Club 11, 12; Thes- pian 11, 12; Class Softball Team 8-12, Captain 11; Su- pervision Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, 8-12; Y-Teens 8, 9. CAROLYN DELORIS CREW Carolyn Student Council 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Future Homemak- ers of America 9, 10; Senior Dramatics Club 11, 12; 4-H Club 8; Science Club 8, 9. JIMMY ARTHUR CLAY Bonga Football 8-11; Varsity Football 12; Basketball 8-10; Var- sity Basketball 11, 12; Baseball 8, 9; Supervision Foot- ball 11; Student Council 11; Ram Club 11, 12. JIMMY COLLINS Jimmy Supervision Basketball, Softball 9-12; Track 9, 10; Physical Education Honor Roll Student Team; Class Football 9; Physical Education Champion Football Team; Physical Education Captain 9-12; Freshman Class President 9; Sophomore Class Secretary. BARBARA ANN CONNER Bobbie “Hopscotch” Columnist, Bonnie Blue Print 12; Future Business Leaders of America 11, 12, Vice-President 12; Senior Dramatics 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Future Home- makers of America 8, President 9, Secretary 10; Student Council 9; Red Cross Representative 9; Supervision Of- ficer 9, 10. LINDA FAYE CONNER Faye Chorus 8-10; Future Teachers of America 9, 10; Music Club 10; Y-Teens 12; Library Club 12. JOE CROCHET Joe Beta Club 11, 12; Key Club 10-12; French Club 11; Bas- ketball 9, 10; Baseball 9; Red Cross 10; Supervision Bas- ketball 11. RANGEE DeNEAL CROSS Rangee Supervision Basketball, Volleyball 9, 10; Art Club. PATRICIA ANN CRUZ Pat Y-Teens 8, 9; Dixie Darlings 9; Library Club 11; Super- vision Volleyball 8. SANDRA ANNE CULVER Sandy Art Club 8-12; Senior Dramatics Club 11, 12; French Club 11; Gym Club 10; 4-H 10; Science Club 10; Su- pervision Basketball 9, 10; Supervision Softball 8-10; Class Softball 9. FREDDIE LEON DAVIS Freddie Perfect Attendance 8, 11; Supervision Basketball 9. WILLIAM JOE DAVIS Billy Red Cross 8, 9; Supervision Basketball 8-11. KENNETH W. DEEN Kenny Varsity Tennis 11, 12; Ram Club 12; Secretary Senior Class; Science Club 10. ALLAN COSTON DeLOACH Allan Football 8-11; Spanish Club 11; Supervision Basketball 10-12. SANDRA LUCILE DELVERS Sandra Future Teachers 8, 12; Y-Teens 12; Pep Club 8. PHYLLIS ELAINE DENARD Elaine Beta 11, 12, Treasurer 12; Student Council 10, 12, Chair- man Suggestion Box Committee 12; Class Director 9, 11, 12; Chairman Refreshments Committee for Junior- Senior Dance 11; Spanish Club 11, 12, Treasurer 11, President 12; Sponsor Willingham Key Club 11; Super- vision President 10; Future Teachers of America 11, 12, Treasurer 12; Classes Editor of Ramscott 12; Quill and Scroll 12; First Prize in McEvoy Science Fair 9. ROSEMARY EARLINE DOUGLAS Rosemary Transferred from Miller 12; Future Teachers of America 9-12; Beta Club 12. MARY ANN DURDEN Mary Ann Future Homemakers of America 9; Future Teachers of America 11, 12, Historian 12; Y-Teens 11, 12; Annual Advertising Staff 12; Senior Dramatics Club 11, 12; Music Club 10, 11. DANIEL CALHOUN DEWBERRY Danny D.E. Club 11, 12; D.E. Student of Year Representative Candidate 11. RONALD WYMAN DIGBY Ronny Beta Club 11, 12, President 12; Key Club 10-12, Director 11, Vice-President 12; French Club 11; Student Council 12; Inter-City Student Council 12; Vice-President Fresh- man Class; Treasurer Junior Class; Rampage Staff 11, Feature Editor 12. RONNIE H. DIX Ronnie Supervision Softball, Basketball 11, 12; Band 8, 9. GEORGE LYNWOOD DONALD Lynwood Varsity Track 11; Supervision Basketball; Business Club 12. NORMAN LEE ECHOLS Smoky Distributive Education Club 11, 12. KENNETH EUGENE EDNEY Kenny Transfer Student 10; Football 10; Band 10-12; Super- vision Basketball 10, 11; Art Club 12; Dramatics Club 12; Southern Accents 11, 12. JOE PERRY EDWARDS Joe Spanish Club 11; Science Club 11; Business Club 12. MARY ELLEN EDWARDS Mary Future Homemakers of America 8; Pep Club 9-11; Library Assistant 10-12; Library Club 12; Perfect Attendance 9, 11; Chorus 9; Music Festival 9. EARNEST ELROD Earnest Band 9-12; Dance Band 9-12; Dramatics Club 9-12. RICHARD ELROD Richard Band 8-12; Science Club 12; Industrial Arts Club 9. GLENDA JUNE EPPS Glenda Future Homemakers of America 9, 10; Future Business Leaders of America 12; Supervision Volleyball, Softball 10-12, Supervision Champions, Volleyball 11; Pep Club 10, 12. ASHLEY KEITH EPPS Keith P.E. Honor Roll; Supervision Basketball 8-10. LOUIS ETHEREDGE Sam Class Football 8-11; Supervision Basketball 8-10; Super- vision Softball 9, 10; D.E. Club. SARA ANN ETHERIDGE Sara Y-Teens 8, 11, 12; Supervision President 11; Future Busi- ness Leaders of America 11; Senior Dramatics 12; Super- vision Volleyball 10. PAULA ANN FIELDS Paula Staff of Bonnie Blue Print 12; Y-Teens After School; Fu- ture Business Leaders of America 12; Business Staff Ram- scot 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Jr. Editor Bonnie Blue Print 11; Supervision Sports. JACKIE FLANDERS Jackie Supervision Basketball, Softball 9-12; Physical Education 9-12. LYNDA LOU FAIN Lynda Copy Editor Bonnie Blue Print 12; Circulation Staff Bonnie Blue Print 12; Business Staff of Ramscott 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Future Business Leaders of America 12; Supervision Officer 11; Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior 11; Red Cross 10; Science Club 10; Super- vision Softball 10. WINIFRED JANE FARR Jane Future Business Leaders of America 11; McEvoy Bank 12; Y-Teens 11, 12; Senior Dramatics Club 12; Future Home- makers of America 9; Supervision Sports 9. LEWIS DEAN FELLOWS Dean Supervision Basketball, Football 10, 11; Business Club 11; D.E. Club 11, 12; Industrial Arts Club 9, 10. CAROL AMELIA FERRELL Carol Class Director 10; Band 9; Allied Medical Careers Club 11, 12, Vice-President 12; Spanish Club 12, Program Chairman 12; Ramscott Superlative Editor 12. EDWARD FOSTER Edward Red Cross 9, 11; Supervision Basketball 10, 11; Track 9, 11, 12; B-Team Football 10, 11; Football 9, 12. PATRICIA JUNE FOSTER Toni Director Junior Class; Student Council 9-12, Chairman Project Committee 12; Supervision President 9-11; Allied Medical Careers Club 12; Guidance Office Monitor; Big Sister 12; Pep Club 8, 9; Junior-Senior Committee 11. CATHELIA JANE FOX Febe Bonnie Blue Print Reporter 12, Circulation Staff 12; Y-Teens 12; Softball 10-12; Volleyball 12. JIMMY LEE FOX Jimmy Annual Staff; Supervision Basketball 10, 11, Co-Captain 10, Captain 11; Rampage Reporter 11; Beta Club 11, 12; Perfect Attendance 10. JUDY ANN FLANDERS Judy Spanish Club 11, 12; Pep Club 12; Supervision Basket- ball, Softball, Volleyball 11; Y-Teens in School. BILLY FLOYD Billy Physical Education Club. PIERMAN TURNER GAINES Pete Student Council 8-12, President 12; Class President 8-11; Beta Club 11, 12; Ram Club 10-12; Varsity Baseball 9-12; Basketball 10-12; Football 10-12; French Club 11. ELIZABETH CAMILLE GARRARD Camille Varsity Cheerleader 10-12, Captain 12; Ram Club 11, 12, Secretary 12; Student Council 12; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Pep Club 12; Treasurer Sophomore Class; Supervision Volley- ball 10; French Club 10, 11. HOWARD HAYDEN GAY Howard Beta Club 11, 12; Key Club 10-12; Assistant Feature Ed- itor Rampage 12. HAROLD GILDER Harold DECA Club; Supervision Basketball 12. LORETTA GAIL GRAHAM Retta Future Business Leaders of America 12; Library Club 10; Future Homemakers of America 8-10; Supervision Bas- ketball 9, Volleyball 8, 10, Softball 8. CAROLYN ANN GRANTHAM Grantham Library Club 11, 12; Senior Dramatics Club 11; Softball 8, 9, Basketball 10. WILLIAM RALPH GOBER William Band 8-12, Corporal 8, 9, Captain 12; Dance Band 10-12; Southern Accents 9-12; Chorus 10; Supervision Basket- ball, Softball 8, 9; Stunt Night 10; Red Cross 9. JOHN O. GOODIN Johnny Beta Club 11, 12; Key Club 11, 12; French Club 11, 12; Varsity Baseball 10-12; Football 12; Willingham Sports Correspondent 9-12; Science Club 11; Basketball 10, 12; Sports Editor Rampage 12; Assistant Business Manager Ramscott 12. THELSTON GOSS Ace Football, Basketball, Track 8, 9; Varsity Chess. WILLIAM KINLOCH GOTTWALS Kinloch Beta Club 11, 12, Treasurer 12; Key Club 10-12; Library Club 10, Treasurer 10; Science Club 11; Red Cross Repre- sentative; Science Fair Ribbons 10, 11; Rampage 11; Ramscott 12. GEORGE DAVID HAGAMAN Dave Business Club 10-12, President 12; Key Club 9-12, Secre- tary 12; Science Club 11; Spanish Club 11; Student Council 12; Class Officer 12;-Boys’ State 11; Ramscott Business Manager 12; First Place Winner Science Fair 9; Varsity Track 10. DAVID HALL David Supervision Basketball 10, 11. KENNETH HALL Kenneth Distributive Education; Supervision Softball; Supervision Basketball. MARGARET JO HALL Margaret Student Council 12. JAMES LEE GRISWOLD Jimmie Football 8, 9; Basketball 8; Track 8; Supervision Soft- ball 8-11; Supervision Basketball 8-10; Red Cross 8, 10; Stunt Night 9, 10. ANTHONY WAYNE GUNTER Tony Vice-President Senior Class; Beta Club 11, 12; Super- vision Softball 9; Supervision Basketball 10; Key Club 10; Physical Ed. Football 11; French Club 11, 12; Ram- script Editor 10. LYNN ANNE HALSTEAD Lynn Art Club 11, 12, President 12; Art Editor Ramscott 12; News Editor Bonnie Blue Print 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Student Council 12. RICHARD HENRY HAMLEN Richard Red Cross 10; Dramatics Club 11, 1 2; Spanish Club 11; Rampage 11, 12; 4-H Club 10-12; Student Council 10, 12; B-Team Football 10. JIMMY HAMLIN Little Jimmy Red Cross 9, 10; Business Club 11, 12, Secretary 12; Supervision Basketball 9-12; Physical Education Football 11, 12; Supervision Representative 11; Stunt Night 10; Supervision Softball 11; Ramscott Classes Editor 12. AUBREY CLARENCE HAMMOCK, JR. Aubrey Transferred from Robert E. Lee 10; Supervision Basket- ball 10. RICHARD LARRY HARRIS Larry D.E. Club 11; Supervision Basketball 11, 12; Red Cross 10; Supervision Baseball 9, 10; Bowling Team; Base- ball 10; Gym Team. AARON EUGENE HATCHER Gene Supervision Basketball 9-12; Supervision Football 9-12; Baseball 8. JERRY WAYNE HARDISON Jerry Red Cross 9, 10; Business Club 11, 12, Treasurer 12; Ramscott Classes Editor 12. HARRISON TAYLOR HARP Harrison Willingham Band 8-12; Willingham Chorus 10; Audio- Visual Club 12; McEvoy Orchestra 9. KENNETH HARREL Kenneth Beta Club 11, 12; Library Club 11, 12. ALFRED LAMAR HARRIS Foots Cross Country 11, 12; Varsity Track 10-12; Varsity Bas- ketball 11, 12; B-Team Basketball 11; B-Team Football Trainer 10; Varsity Football Manager 11, 12; Ram Club 11, 12, Vice-President 12; Student Council Treasurer 12. DON DANIEL HELTON Don Radio Club 10, 11. JAMES LARRY HENDRICKS Larry Varsity Tennis 11, 12; Supervision Basketball, Softball 10-12; Junior Red Cross. WARNER TOM HENDRIX Butch Supervision Basketball 12; Spanish Club 11, 12; Super- vision Softball 10, 11; Chess Club 12; Varsity Basketball 12; Golf 9-11. GEORGIA NELL HERNDON Nell Future Business Leaders of America 11; Library Club 11; Library Assistant 11; Supervision Volleyball 10. HELEN ELIZABETH HAYES Helen Future Business Leaders of America 11, 12, Secretary 12; Future Homemakers of America 8-10; Dramatics Club 8, 9, 12; Guidance Counselor's Assistant 12; Spanish Club 10; Library Assistant 12; Science Club 8, 9; Pep Club 8-10; Advertising Staff Ramscott 12. LINDA FAYE HEAD Linda Supervision Basketball 10, Softball 9; Nurses Club 9. THELMA MELINDA HERNDON Melinda Beta Club 11, 12; Annual Staff, Secretary 12; Office Monitor 11, 12; Library Club 11, 12; Student Council 12; Junior Class Talent Show 11; Quill and Scroll 12. CAROL REBECCA HIBNER Becky Future Business Leaders of America 11, 12; Library Club 11, 12; Supervision Softball, Vdlleyball, Basketball 8-12; Science Club 8; Art Club 8, 9; Perfect Attendance 10. JAMES A. HILL Jimmy Band 8-12; Dramatics Club 12; D.E. Club 12. JO ANNE HILL Jo Anne Future Teachers of America 9-12, President, Secretary, Treasurer; Beta Club 11, 12; Business Manager Bonnie Blue Print 12; Student Council 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Advertising Staff Bonnie Blue Print 12; Junior Edition Bonnie Blue Print 11; Supervision Sports 9-11; Future Homemakers of America 9. CLAUDIA KAY HOLT Kay Beta Club 11, 12; Student Council 12; State Secretary of Library Clubs; Library Club 11, 12, Parliamentarian 12; French Club 11; Class Director 12; Library Assistant 10-12; Supervision President 12; Business Staff Ramscott 12; Homecoming Court 12. JOHN PERRY HOOKER Junior Distributive Education Club 11. MARSHA ANNE HINSON Marsha Supervision Softball, Volleyball, Basketball 8-12; Girls’ Athletic Association 10; Future Business Leaders of Amer- ica 11, 12; Y-Teens 8. MELBA JEAN HINSON Melba Annual Staff Typist 12; Future Homemakers of America 9; Supervision Volleyball 10-12, Softball 10; Quill and Scroll 12. SANDRA LOUISE HOLMES Sandra Beta Club 11, 12; Future Homemakers of America 8-10, Treasurer 9, 10; Band 8-12; Props Committee for Junior Talent Show 11. BRENDA GAIL HOLSOMBACK Gail Beta Club 11, 12; Spanish Club 11, 12, Sergeant-at- Arms 12; Feature Editor Ramscott 12; Library Club 12; Art Club 9-11; Future Teachers of America 8, 9; Quill and Scroll 12. SANDRA HELLON HOOPER Sandra ‘Tween Teens Reporter 12; Circulation Staff, Bonnie Blue Print 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Future Business Leaders of America 12; Supervision Officer 12; Decoration Commit- tee, Junior-Senior 11; Supervision Softball 10; Science Club 10. EVETTE HORNE Evette JOHN WESLEY HORTON Boy Man Supervision Softball, Basketball. JUDITH KATHERINE HORTON Judy Future Business Leaders of America’ 12; After-School Y-Teens; Pep Club 9, 10; Supervision Sports 8-12. MARGARET ANN HOOLE Margaret Girls’ Athletic Association 10-12; Future Teachers of America 10, 11; Science Club 10; Gym Assistant 10; Supervision Volleyball, Basketball, Softball 8-12. DORIS ANN HOOPER Ann Spanish Club 11, 12; After-School Y-Teens 12; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Band Club 9-12; Allied Medical Careers Club 12; Advertising Staff, Bonnie Blue Print; McEvoy Band 9-12, JOHNNIE FRANCES HOWELL Johnnie Vice-President, Senior Class; Student Council 12; Tri-Hi-Y 11, 12; French Club 11; Future Homemakers of America 8-10, Sweetheart 9; Class Director 8, 9; Chairman, Talent Committee, Junior Talent Show 11; Homecoming Court 12. JOHN WAYNE HUDSON Wayne Future Farmers of America 8-12. ALBERT BERNARD HUMMEL Buster Chorus 9; Supervision Basketball 8, 9; Softball, Football 9, 10; Varsity Football. RANDALL EDISON HYDER Randy Science Club 12. CLINTON H. JOHNSON Skipper Supervision Basketball 9-12; Science Club 11, 12; Spanish Club 11; Stunt Night 11; Manager Varsity Track 10; Tennis 11, 12. JESSE JOHNSON Jesse Sp anish Club 11; Red Cross 12; Band 8-10; Supervision Basketball 8-10, Baseball 8, 9; Business Club 12. DONNY KAY ISRAEL Donny Supervision Basketball 11, 12; P.E. Football 11, 12; Fu- ture Farmers of America 11, 12. SHARON O'HARA JACKSON Sharon Library Club 9-12, Parliamentarian 10, Treasurer 11, President 12; Audio-Visual Staff 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff, Typist 12; Library Assistant 9-12. WILSON DONLEVY JARRIEL Don Shop 8-10; Supervision Basketball 9. LINDA GALE JENNINGS Linda Music Club 8-12, President 12; Future Teachers of Amer- ica 10-12, Secretary 12; Student Council 12; Science Club 9-11, Program Chairman 11; City-Wide Future Teachers of America, Vice-President 11. WILLIAM MACK JOHNSTON Mack Supervision Basketball 8-10, Football 9; P.E. Honor Roll aa PATRICIA JEAN JOINER Trisha Beta Club 11, 12, Sergeant-at-Arms 12, Project Chairman 12; Chorus 8-11, All-State Chorus 11, Letter Award 11; Music Club 8-12; Business Staff Ramscott 12; Perfect At- tendance 10-11; French Club 11, 12; Quill and Scroll 12. CHARLOTTE JONES Chot Bonnie Blue Print Staff, “Bag Pipe Notes” 12; After School Y-Teens 11, 12, Officer 11, 12; Spanish Club 10; Orchestra 9-12; Future Homemakers of America 9, 10; Allied Medical Careers Club 9; Future Business Lead- ers of America 12. LYNNETTE PATRICIA JONES Lynnette Y-Teens 8-12; Senior Dramatics Club 11, 12; Latin Club 11; Pep Club 8, 9; Science Club 8. RAY ANN JOHNSON Ray Ann Beta Club 11, 12; Latin Club 11, 12, President 11, 12; Supervision Volleyball, Basketball, Softball 9-12; Future Teachers of America 12; Student Council 11; Junior- Senior Refreshment Committee 11; Library Assistant 11; Junior Dramatics Club 9. KATHLEEN PHYDAN JOHNSTON Phydan Treasurer Senior Class; Student Council 11, 12; Classes Editor Ramscott 12; Georgia Girls’ State 11; Quill and Scroll 12; Props Chairman Junior Talent Show 11; Span- ish Club 11; Y-Teens 11; Office Monitor 12 ROBERT C. JONES Robert Transferred from Swainsboro High 11. RONALD RUSSELL JONES Ronnie RUBY LEE JONES Ruby Future Homemakers of America 9; Supervision Basketball 9-12, Softball 11, 12. SHARON DIANNE JONES Shay Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12; Willingham and McEvoy Note- book Announcer 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Spanish Club 11, 12; Girls’ Athletic Association 10-12; Parliamentarian 12; After-School Y-Teens 8-11; Supervision Volleyball, Softball, Basketball 8-12; Business Staff Ramscott 12. LINDA SUE JUMP Linda Ballet Club 8; Pep Club 8-10; Girls’ Athletic Association 10; Supervision Volleyball 8-12; Supervision Softball 10; Perfect Attendance 8. BRENDA KANIA Brenda Beta Club 11, 12; Future Teachers of America 12; Girls’ Athletic Association 12; Supervision Secretary 12; Office Monitor 12; President Junior Dramatics Club 9; Super- vision Volleyball, Softball, Basketball 9-12. THOMAS BAILEY JONES Tommy Band 8-12; Industrial Arts Club 8, 9; Supervision Basket- ball 10-12. EMMETT HAROLD JORDAN Emmett Football 8-12; Red Cross Representative 9, 10. KAY JORDON Kay Music Club 10; Y-Teens 12; Library Club 12; Chorus 8-10. WAYNE RICHARD JORDON Richard Football 8-12, B-Team 10, Varsity 11, 12; Basketball 8, 9; Baseball 8, 9; Ram Club 12; Red Cross Representative 11; Supervision Basketball 10, 11. PATSY LOUISE KEEN Pat In-School Y-Teens 11, 12; Spanish Club 11, 12; Pep Club 8. RALPH NEWMAN KELLY Butch Supervision Basketball 10; Third Prize in Industrial Arts Fair; Gym Captain. PATRICIA ANN KENT Pat Quill and Scroll 12; “Leading Lassie’ Editor 12; Y-Teens 12; Future Homemakers of America 9, 10; Circulation Staff Bonnie Blue Print; Advertising Staff of Ramscott; Library Club 9-12; Assistant Make-Up Editor Junior Class Talent Show; Science Club 10; Math Club 9. BURNEY C. KEYS Don Juan Chorus 8-12; Southern Accents Show 10-12; Business Club 11, 12, Parliamentarian 12; Junior and Senior Class Business Manager; Business Manager Rampage 12; All- State Chorus 10, 12; Miller-Willingham Glee Club 11, 12; Science Club 11. RAY S. KANIA Bull Supervision Basketball, Softball 8-11; Varsity Football 10-12; Student Council Representative 10, 11; Red Cross Representative. DOROTHY ANN KEELS Dorothy Future Business Leaders of America 11; Library Assistant 12; Pep Club 9, 10; Supervision Volleyball, Champion- ship 10; Supervision Softball, Championship 11. WILLIAM M. KNOWLES Billy Distributive Education 12. CHERYL LEE DIANE LAGOWICZ Cheryl Future Homemakers of America 8; Student Council 8; Y-Teens 10; Art Club 10, 12; Senior Dramatics Club 12; French Club 11; Decoration Committee Junior-Senior 11; Junior Talent Show Committee 11. WILLIE LASSETER Willie Mo Band 8-12; Chorus 10-12; Dance Band 10-12; Art Club 12; Southern Accents Show 8-12; Stunt Night 10; Super- vision Basketball 8, 9; Supervision Softball 9; Miller- Willingham Glee Club 11, 12. LEN MORGAN LATIMER Len Southern Accents 11, 12; Junior Talent Show 11, 12; Basketball 8, 9; Baseball 8; Science Club 11; Library Club 10, 11; Radio Club 10, 11; Business Club 11, 12. JAMES L. LEVRETT, JR. Buzzy Supervision Basketball 8, 11; Basketball 9, B-Team 10; Rampage Staff 11, 12, Assistant Sports Editor 12; Spanish Club 11, 12, Vice-President 11, Sergeant-at-Arms 12; Varsity Golf 11, 12. BARBARA ANN LEWIS Bobbie Future Homemakers of America 8, 9; Y-Teens 8, 9; Supervision Softball, Basketball 8, 9, 11, Volleyball 8, 9, 12; Tri-Hi-Y 11, 12; Dixie Darlings 10-12. BENJAMIN DARRELL LAYFIELD Ben ZORA KAY LEE Zora Kay Chorus 10, 12; Music Club Award 10; Music Festival 10, 12; Music Club 10, 12; Perfect Attendance 11. JOHN LARRY LENGEL Larry Football 9; Supervision Basketball 10, 12; Class Editor Ramscott 12. JOANNE ROBIN LESLIE Jobo Tri-Hi-Y 12; Nurses’ Club 10, 11; Future Business Leaders of America 12; Pep Club 9, 10; Future Homemakers of America 9. SHERRY JULIA LINDSEY Sherry Student Council 10-12, Chairman of Orientation 12; Y-Teens 8-12, President 11, Inter-Club Council Chair- man 12; Junior Class Director; Senior Dramatics Club 11, 12, Treasurer 11, Vice-President 12; Band 8-11; Band Club 8-11; Thespian 11, 12. THOMAS LINDSEY Lonzo Track 9-12; Football 8-12, B-Team 10, Varsity 11, 12; Ram Club 9-12. THERESA ANN LODEN Theresa Future Homemakers of America 8, 9; Future Business Leaders of America 11; Y-Teens 12; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Super- vision Softball Team 10, 12, Volleyball 9, 10, 12. WARREN SCOTT LOESCHER Warren Library Club 10; Radio Club 11. NANCY CAROL LEWIS Nancy Typist Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12; Circulation Staff of Bonnie Blue Print 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Office Monitor 12; Business Staff Ramscott 12; Dixie Darlings 9, 10; Junior-Senior Decoration Committee 11; In-School Y-Teens 9-12; Tri-Hi-¥ 11, 12; Majorette, McEvoy Band 10. JERRY LAYTON LINDSEY Jerry JOANN ELIZABETH LOVE JoAnn Red Cross 8, 9; Supervision Volleyball 8, 9. LENORA ELLEN LOVEJOY LeNora Science Club 8; Music Club 9-12; Future Homemakers of America 8-12, Treasurer 11; Pep Club 10, 11; Chorus 9-12; Supervision Sports 8, 9; In-School Y-Teens 11. LAWRENCE W. LOVIK Larry Band 10-12; Business Club 11, 12; Supervision Basket- ball 10-12; Student Council 11; Baseball 11; Stunt Night 10; Dance Band 12. PHYLLIS ELAINE LYLES Phyllis Tri-Hi-Y 10-12, Treasurer 11; Future Homemakers of America 9, 10, 12; Senior Dramatics Club 11, 12; Future Business Leaders of America 12; Y-Teens 8, 9; Future Homemakers of America Sweetheart Court 10; Super- vision Basketball 10, Volleyball 8, 9; Supervision Vice- President 9, 10. VERLON F. MASSEY Skipper ® Band 8-12; Southern Accents 9-12; Dramatics Club 10-12, Sergeant-at-Arms 12; Industrial Arts Club 8-11, President 11; Varsity Basketball 11; B-Team Baseball, Track 9; First Place Science Fair 10. MARGARET ANN MATTHEWS Margaret Advertising Staff Bonnie Blue Print 12; Y-Teens 11, 12; Future Homemakers of America 11, 12. CHARLES EDWARD MADDOX Eddy Rampage Staff 12; Supervision Basketball 10, 11. THERMON O. MANN Thermon Baseball. RICHARD KENDALL MARSH Ken Supervision Softball 9, Basketball 9-12; Spanish Club 11; Tennis 12. PATTY CHERYL MARSHALL Patti Spanish Club 11, 12; Future Teachers of America 10, 11; Future Homemakers of America 8, 9; Pep Club 9, 10; Supervision Volleyball, Softball 8, 9. WILLIAM L. McELMURRAY, JR. Billy Supervision Basketball 10. ROSS EUGENE McGROTHA Eugene Distributive Education Club 12. SANDRA GAIL McKINLEY Mac Quill and Scroll 12; Blue Team Sponsor, Spring Football Game 11; Majorette 8-12, Captain 11, 12; All-State Maj- orette 1962; Supervision President 9-11, Secretary 12; Student Council 9-12; Inter-School Student Council Par- liamentarian 11, Vice-President 12; Chairman of Honor Council 12; Spanish Club 10, 11, Secretary 11; Managing Editor Bonnie Blue Print 12; Secretary Senior Class; Homecoming Court 12. MARY JANE McLEOD Mary Jane Supervision Volleyball 8-12; Softball 11; Perfect Attend- ance 11; Pep Club 9-11; Future Business Leaders of America 12. SHIRLEY LOUISE MAYNE Shirley Layout Editor Ramscott 12; Makeup Editor Bonnie Blue Print 12; Art Club 9-12, Treasurer 12; Quill and Scroll 12. DARNELLE McCLEAVE Darnelle Y-Teens 8-10; Future Business Leaders of America 12; Pep Club 10-12; Supervision Volleyball, Basketball, Soft- ball 8-12, Championship Volleyball Team 11. MARION CHERIE McPHERSON Ree Supervision Softball, Volleyball, Basketball 8-12; Y-Teens 8-12; Girls’ Athletic Association 10; Future Homemakers of America 10; Pep Club 10, MASSEE ELIZABETH McPHERSON Elizabeth Transferred from Miller 12. PAUL ANTHONY MERRITT Paul Band 9-12; Southern Accents 10-12; Science Club 11, 12, President 12; Student Council 12. CYNTHIA ANNE MIKUS Anne News Editor Bonnie Blue Print 12; Y-Teens, Vice-Pres- ident 11, President 12; Inter-Club Council for Y-Teens 11, 12; Student Council 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Red Cross Representative 11; Supervision Basketball, Volley- ball 9-11. AGALIA HARRIETTE MONTGOMERY Harriette Future Homemakers of America 8, 9; Dramatics Club 8, 9, 11, 12; Y¥-Teens 10, 12, Inter-Club Representative 11; French Club 11; Art Club 11, 12, Scrapbook Chairman 12; Perfect Attendance 8-11. SHARRON GAIL MONTGOMERY Gail Future Business Leaders of America 11, 12; McEvoy Bank 12; Supervision Softball 9; Library Assistant 9, 10. MARSHA ELAINE MILLER Bird Supervision President 9, 10; Student Council 8-10; Allied Medical Careers Club 8-12; Girls’ Athletic Association 10, 12; Advertising Staff Bonnie Blue Print 12; Y-Teens 8-10; Gym Assistant 10; Senior Dramatics Club 12. PEGGY LAVERN MILLER Peggy Future Business Leaders of America 11, 12; Music Club 8-12; Chorus 8-12; Y-Teens 12; Advertising Staff Bonnie Blue Print 12; Red Cross Council 8, 9; Supervision Bas- ketball 10. ELIZABETH CAROLE MINOR Carole Future Homemakers of America 8-12, Program Chairman 12; Y-Teens 11, 12, Chaplain 11, Vice-President 12, Publicity Chairman 12; Tri-Hi-Y 9; Bonnie Blue Print Cir- culation and Advertising Staff 11; Music Club 10, 11; French Club 11. FRANCES GERALDINE MITCHELL Geraldine Pep Club 8-9; Girls’ Athletic Association 10; Future Homemakers of America 9; Future Business Leaders of America 12; Supervision Volleyball, Softball, Basketball 8-12. WILLIAM HENRY MOULTON Buz Band 9-12; Distributive Education Club 11, 12; Super- vision Basketball 9, 10. WELDA TILMAN MULLIS Welda Bonnie Blue Print, “Scotch Tape’ Columnist 12; Circu- lation Staff 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Library Club 9-12; Supervision Volleyball, Softball, Basketball 10-12; Sci- ence Club 10; Dramatics Club 10. EDWINA ANNE MUNSON Edwina Art Club 10-12, Vice-President 12; Library Assistant 9-12; Library Club 10-12; French Club 11; After-School Y-Teens Lf DF GLORIA JOYCE NESMITH Joyce Future Business Leaders gf America 11, 12; Pep Club 12. DONNIE WILSENE MOORE Donnie Library Club 9-10, 12; Library Assistant 9-12. WILLIAM LARRY MOTE Tack Ram Club 11, 12; Basketball 9-12; Varsity 10-12; Varsity Baseball 9, 11, 12, Captain 11, Most Valuable Player; Red Cross 10. JOHN RICHARD NEVES, Ill Johnny Beta Club 11, 12; Red Cross 10, 11; French Club 11, 12; Basketball 9, 10; Tennis 10; Golf 9; Supervision Basket- ball 11, 12; Science Club 11; Supervision Softball 10-12. RONALD ELMER NOBLES Ronnie Football 9-12; Track 9-12; Ram Club 11, 12; Student Council 10; Red Cross 10, 11. JANICE ANITA NORRIS Janice Concert Mistress of Orchestra 8-12; Student Council 10; Supervision President 10; Beta Club 11, 12; French Club 11, 12; Business Staff Ramscott 12; Junior-Senior Dec- oration Committee 11. SHIRLEY ANN O’BRIEN Shirley Science Club 9-12; Beta Club 11, 12; Library Club 12; Student Council 12; Junior Dramatics Club 8. CHARLES WILLIAM O’NEAL, JR. Charlie Band 8-12, Section Leader 11, 12; Southern Accents 10-12; Four-H 9-12; Red Cross 10, 11; Class Secretary 9; Supervision Basketball 9-12. CHARLES HENRY OVER Wildroot Chorus 11, 12; Science Club 10-12; Four-H Club 10-12; Miller-Willingham Glee Club 11, 12; Stunt Night 11; Southern Accents 11. HARRY PORTER O’CAIN, JR. Harry Future Business Leaders of America 11, 12; Supervision Basketball 9, 10. ALLISON MIRIAM ODUM Miriam Dixie Darlings 10-12; McEvoy Band 8-12, Captain 10-12; Science Club 8; Senior Dramatics Club 10, 12; Junior Dramatics Club 9; Supervision Softball, Championship 10. PHILIP ALLEN ODUM Felipe Band 8-12, Officer 10-12; Southern Accents 10; Spanish Club 11; Red Cross 12; Stunt Night 10. HELON GAIL OLMSTEAD Helon Red Cross 10; Tri-Hi-Y 11, 12; Project Chairman 12; Future Business Leaders of America 12; Supervision Bas- ketball, Volleyball, Softball, Captain 10, 11; Pep Club 10, 11. GLORIA JEAN PARKS Gloria Senior Dramatics Club 12; Allied Medical Careers Club 12; Junior-Senior Dance Committee 11; Red Cross 10; Supervision Volleyball, Basketball, Softball 10, 11, Bas- ketball Captain 10; Spanish Club 10, 11; Y-Teens 9, 10. PHILLIP ALLEN PARRISH Flip Secretary Math Club 12; French Club 12, President 12; Student Council 12; Future Business Leaders of Amer- ica 11. CLAUDIA JANET PATE Claudia Library Assistant 9-12; Library Club 10-12, Parliamentarian 11, Secretary-Treasurer 12; Future Teachers of America 9-11, Treasurer 11; Chorus 8, 9, 10, 12; Music Club 12. ROBERT ALBERT PATRICK Butch Entered 10; Supervision Basketball, Football 11, 12; Varsity Baseball 10; B-Team Football 10. RICHARD THORNTON PARHAM Ricky Supervision Basketball 9-11; Supervision Football 11, 12; Assistant Sports Editor Rampage 12; Sports Editor, Ram- scott 12; Sports Correspondent Macon Papers 11, 12. DOROTHY JEAN PARKER Dimples Bonnie Blue Print Reporter 12; Future Business Leaders of America 11, 12; Senior Dramatics Club 11, 12; Allied Medical Careers Club 10. JANICE NEAL PEARCE Pearcy Quill and Scroll 12; Roving Reporter for Bonnie Blue Print 12; Circulation Staff of Bonnie Blue Print 12; Fu- ture Business Leaders of America; Y-Teens 8-10; Super- vision Volleyball 8, 9, Basketball 10, 11, Softball 10. WILLIAM BENJAMIN PEARCE Bill Ramscript Editor 10; Library Club 9-12, Vice-President 11, President 12; Chorus 11; Red Cross 9; Student Council 12; French Club 11, 12; Southern Accents 9, 11. MALLARY PEAVY Mallary DENNIS S. PETERS Dennis A REGINALD POSS Reg CURTIS LAWTON PRICE, JR. Junior RICHARD ALAN PFUND Dick Concert Band 8-12; Southern Accents 10, 11, 12; Bibb County Orchestra 10; Chorus 11; Dance Band 10-12; Science Club 11, 12, Treasurer 12; Supervision Softball 9; Trombone Section Leader 12. DAVID WAYNE PIERCE Percy Rampage Editorial Staff 9-12, Editor-in-Chief 12; Student Council 12; ‘Tween Teens Correspondent 12; Spanish Club 11; Science Club 11; Junior-Senior Dance Commit- tee 11; Southern Accents 8-11; Stunt Night 10; Safe- Teens 12. GUYNELLE PITTS Guy Future Homemakers of America 9; Library Club 10-12, Vice-President 11, Secretary 12; Library Assistant 10-12; Future Business Leaders of America 11, 12, President 12; President Sixth District Library Association 11, 12; Student Council 12. JERRY RAY POPE Pecan Supervision Basketball 10-12; Bowling Team 11. JAMES ALBERT PRICE James Band 8-12, Corporal 8, 9, Lieutenant 12; Dance Band 11, 12, Southern Accents 8-12; Science Club 9, 11; Spanish Club 10-11; Radio Club 11; Math Club, Vice-President 12; Stunt Night 10; Ram Bowling Team 9, 10. LEWIS LEE PRINCE Prince Supervision Basketball, Football 9-11; Senior Chorus 10, TE KAY IRENE PROBERT Kay Supervision Volleyball 8, 9, Basketball 9, Softball 9; Pep Club 8-11; In-School Y-Teens 12; Future Teachers of America 12. GARDNER MICHAEL PURDY Mike French Club 11, 12; Science Club 11, 12; Red Cross 9. WALLACE PURSER Wally HAROLYNN PURVIS Harolynn Junior Red Cross 10; Beta Club 11, 12, Vice-President 12; Student Council 12; Allied Medical Careers Club 12; French Club 10, 11; Assistant Circulation Staff Manager 11; Office Monitor 12. CHARLES McKENDRIE QUILLIAN, IV Charles Football 9, 10; D.E. Club 11; Track 10. SHARON LEE QUINN Sharon Classes Editor Ramscott 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Class Officer 8-12, Secretary 8, Director 9, 11, 12, President 10; Student Council 9, 10; French Club 11; Library Assistant 9-11; Library Club 11. EDWARD G. REED Eddie Distributive Education Club 11, 12; Supervision Basket- ball, Softball 9, 10. THOMAS HAMILTON REINERTSEN Tom Basketball 9; Basketball Manager 11, 12; Dramatics Club 11, 12, Vice-President 12; Science Club 11; Supervision Basketball 8-11; Golf 12. DENNIS ALLEN ROLAND Dennie SHEILA NORMA RUDMAN Sheila “Highland Fling” Columnist, Bonnie Blue Print 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Business Staff, Ramscott 12; After-School Y-Teens 12; Senior Dramatics Club 11, 12; Future Business Leaders of America 11; Supervision Volleyball, Basketball, Softball 10-12; Science Club 10; Junior Talent Show, Third Place 11. MYRA JANE RICE Janie Baby Transferred from Moultrie High School 11; Supervision Vice-President 11; Senior Dramatics Club 11, 12, Secre- tary 12; Future Business Leaders of America 11; Super- vision Basketball Champions 11. NANCY ELIZABETH RIEZINGER Nancy Future Homemakers of America 8; Library Assistant 12; Pep Club 9, 10. CHARLES ELVIN RIGGINS Sonny Future Business Leaders of America 12; Supervision Bas- ketball 11; Beta Club 12. RUTH ROBERSON Root Future Homemakers of America 8, 9; Y-Teens 8; Science Club 11, 12; Future Business Leaders of America 12; Pep Club 8, 9; Supervision Basketball, Volleyball 8-10. JAMES SANDERS James WILLIS SANDERS Willis SANDRA LYNN SANDIFORD Sandra Advertising Manager, Bonnie Blue Print 12; Spanish Club 11, 12; Music Club 8, 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Chorus 8, 9, 11, 12; Allied Medical Careers Club 12. JAMES RODNEY SANFORD Rocky Supervision Football, Baseball MARY ELLEN RUSSELL Ellen Tri-Hi-Y 10-12, President 12; Spanish Club 11, 12, Sec- retary 12; Organizations Editor Ramscott 12; Student Council 12; Y-Teens 10; Quill and Scroll 12; Office Mon- itor 12. PATRICIA JOYCE SAMS Pat Advertising Manager Bonnie Blue Print 12; Circulation Staff Bonnie Blue Print 12; Advertising Staff Ramscott 12; Y-Teens 11, 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Future Business Leaders of America 11, 12; Future Homemakers of Amer- ica 9; Science Club 9; Office Monitor 12; Make-Up Com- mittee, Junior Talent Show 11. VIRGINIA LEE SARVER Ginny Future Teachers of America 12; Chorus 11, 12; Music Club 11, 12. MILDRED ANN SAVAGE Ann Supervision Volleyball, Basketball, Softball 9-11; Y-Teens 12; Pep Club 8-10; Class Softball Team 10, 11. LINDA DELILAH SCARBROUGH Linda Pep Club 8, 9; Future Homemakers of America 8, 9; Supervision Softball, Basketball, Volleyball 8-12; Girls’ Athletic Association 10, 12; Senior Dramatics Club 11; Future Business Leaders of America 11, 12. JACK PINSON SCHULMAN Pinson Varsity Football 11; Varsity Golf 11, Captain 12; Junior- Senior Dance Committee 11; Red Cross Representative 9, 10, 12; B-Team Basketball, Football 10; B-Team Base- ball 9, 10; Supervision Basketball 9-12; Gym Captain 12. GLENN E. SHEPPARD Glenn Distributive Education Club 11, 12, Treasurer 12. LILLIE CLAIRE SHINES Claire Chorus 8-12; Music Club 10-12; 4-H Club 9; Junior Dra- matics Club 8. DIANE SELLERS Diane Future Homemakers of America 8, 9; Art Club 9, 10; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Y-Teens 12; Supervision Vice-President 12; Future Business Leaders of America 12; Supervision Soft- ball, Volleyball 10, 12. ELLIOTT SELLERS Elliott Golf 11, 12; Tennis 12. LUCIUS DANIEL SELMAN Danny Supervision Football, Basketball, Softball 10-12; Senior Dramatics Club 12. THOMAS JACKSON SHAW Shaw Babie Student Council 8-12; Junior High Baseball 8, 9; Vice- President, Sophomore Class, Junior Class; President, Senior Class; Sports Editor, Ramscott 12; Stunt Night 10. RONALD WAYNE SLADE J. B. Red Cross 12; Supervision Basketball] 9-12; Baseball 8; Supervision Softball 9-10; P.E. Football 11. WAYNE LAWRENCE SLATON Wayne Varsity Baseball 11, 12; Supervision Basketball 10-12; Ram Club 12. BARBARA CLARK SMALLING Barbara Business Manager Ramscott 12; Spanish Club 10-12; Music Club 11, 12; Library Club 12; Library Assistant 12; Chorus 11; Junior Red Cross Representative 10. WAYNE SMEGAL Wayne 4-H Club 8-10; Track 11, 12; Cross-Country 11, 12; Ram Club 12. REUBEN SHORE Reuben Distributive Education Club 12. K. BEN SKIPPER Ben JUDITH DIANNE SMITH Judy Band Club 8-12, Social Chairman 11; Inter-School Y-Teen:z 8, 10, 12; Junior Dramatics Club 9; Supervision Softball, Basketball 9-12; Supervision Vice-President 9, Secretary- Treasurer 12, Secretary 11; Senior Dramatics Club 11. LULA NELL SMITH Nell 4-H Club 8, 9; Future Homemakers of America 8, 9; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12. NANCY CAROL SMITH Nancy Band 8, 9; Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11; Student Council 11. GEORGE SNELLGROVE, III George Supervision Basketball 8, 9. SANDRA JEAN SPANN Sandy Feature Editor Bonnie Blue Print 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Dramatics Club 11, 12; Spanish Club 12; Future Business Leaders of America 11; Supervision Softball 10, 11; Volleyball 10. MARLENE STARR Mari Transfer Student in Twelfth Grade; Allied Medical Ca- reers Club 12. GLORIA ELIZABETH STEHLE Gloria Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12; Red Cross, Secretary 10, 11, President 12; Senior Dramatics Club 10-12, Treasurer 12; Student Council 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Dixie Darlings 10, 11; McEvoy Band 9, 10; Thespian 11, 12, Charter Member. G. DARRELL STEPHENS Darrell Varsity Track 11, 12; Varsity Cross-Country 11, 12; Ram Club 12; Science Club 10. RONNIE GENE STEPHENS Ronnie Supervision Football, Softball 9; Basketball 10; P.E. Foot- ball 11, 12. GRADY WILLIAM STEVENS Grady Supervision Basketball 8-12 WILLARD A. STRANAHAN, JR. Bill Distributive Education Club 11, 12, Parliamentarian 12; Supervision Basketball, Football 10, 11; 4-H Club 10. SANDRA JEAN STUBBS Tubbs Majorette 8-12; Girls’ Athletic Association Representative 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12; Quill and Scroll 12; ‘Tween Teens Reporter 12; Future Business Leaders of America 12, Program Chairman 12; Y-Teens 9; Junior Dramatics Club 9, Treasurer 9; McEvoy Band 8, 9; Decorating Committee for Junior-Senior 11. PENELOPE ANNE STULZ Penny Dixie Darlings 9-12, Co-Captain 9, Captain 11, 38; Southern Accents 10-12; Y-Teens 8-11, Program Chair- man 10; Advertising Staff Bonnie Blue Print 12; Super- vision Volleyball, Basketball 9, 10; Pep Club 12; Make- Up Committee Junior Talent Show 11. JOHN BOLTON SUTTLES John Science Club 12; Spanish Club 11; Supervision Basket- ball 11, 12; Red Cross 10, 11; Supervision Softball 10. JOHN EDMUND STIEBER Johnny CHARLES WILLIAM STOKES Charles Key Club 10-12; Spanish Club 11; Student Council 11; Radio Club 10-12, President 12; Rampage 12; Organi- zations Editor Ramscott 12. WILLIAM GARY SWEARINGEN Gary Beta Club 11, 12; Math Club 12; Varsity Track 11; As- sistant Feature Editor Rampage 12. CLARA SUE TANNER Susan Bonnie Blue Print, “Leading Lassies” 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Future Business Leaders of America 11, 12; Senior Dramatics Club 11, 12; Supervision Softball, Volleyball, Basketball 8-12; Girls’ Athletic Association 10; Y-Teens 9. DONNA LYNN THAMES Donna Beta Club 11, 12; Student Council 12; Annual Staff Typist 12; Guidance Counselor’s Assistant 12; Library Club 11, 12; Senior Dramatics Club 11; Junior Dramatics Club 9; Softball 8; Junior Talent Show Director 10; Quill and Scroll 12. BONITA HELEN THIGPIN Bonnie Beta Club 11, 12, President 12; Student Council 10-12, Secretary 10; President of Junior Class; Director of Senior Class; Leading Lassie 11; Future Homemakers of Amer- ica 10, 11; Office Monitor 12; Business Staff of Annual 12. JOAN ELIZABETH TWIGGS Joan Red Cross Representative 12; Class Volleyball, Basket- ball, Softball 10-12; Supervision Volleyball Champions 10. HAROLD ALEXANDER TYE Swamp Fox FRANKIE GALE THOMAS Frankie “Lassies O’ Yore’’ Columnist, Bonnie Blue Print 12; Future Teachers of America 12; After-School Y-Teens 9, 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Supervision Sports 8-12; Junior Edition, Bonnie Blue Print 11. NORMAN WAYNE THOMAS Norman Band 9; Cadet Band 10-12; Marching Band 11, 12; Distrib- utive Education Club 12. HUBERT DAVID TUCKER David Football 8, 9, B-Team 10; Spanish Club 11. JEWEL KATHERINE TUCKER Jewel Future Business Leaders of America 11, 12; Red Cross Representative 12. ALFORD LOUIS UNDERWOOD Al Band 8-12; Science Club 11; Spanish Club 11; Math Club 12; Ram Bowling League 9, 10; Clarinet Section Leader 12, JEFFERSON CALHOUN WAGNER Jeff Varsity Football, Track 10-12; Ram Club 11, 12, President 12; Student Council 9-12; Spanish Club 11; P.E, Captain 10-12; First Place Science Fair 11; Supervision Basket- ball 9-12. LESLIE WASDEN Leslie HERMAN BASHINSKY WATERS, JR. Bashinsky Distributive Education Club, Reporter 12; Circulation Manager Rampage 12; Advertising Layout Editor Ram- scott 12; Supervision Football, Basketball 10, 11. MARY CAROLYN TYNER Carolyn Allied Medical Careers Club 11, 12; Spanish Club 11; Music Club 10, 12; Chorus 8, 10, 12; Red Cross Repre- sentative 8, 9; Junior Dramatics Club 8, 9. MARGARET ANN TYSON Margaret Junior-Senior Committee 11; Pep Club. TEX WATSON Tex TOM WATSON WEATHERS Tom Science Club 10, 11; Spanish Club 11; Rampage Staff 11, 12, Copy Editor 12; Red Cross 11, 12, President 12; Student Council 12. JOE HULAN LAMAR WEBB Joe Future Business Leaders of America 11; Supervision Softball 9. MARTHA LOUISE WEBB Martha Music Club 11, 12, Social Chairman 12; Business Staff Ramscott 12; Chorus 8-12; Mellodettes 12; Y-Teens 8, 9; Junior Dramatics Club 9; French Club 11, 12; Award for Outstanding Work in French Club 11; Quill and Scroll 12. RONALD JOE WIMBERLEY Ronnie French Club 11; Varsity Track 9, 10, 12; Science Club 11; Industrial Arts 9; Student Council 10; B-Team Foot- ball 10; Ram Club 11. SANDRA KAYE WINDHAM Sandra Homecoming Queen 10; Quill and Scroll 12; Future Business Leaders of America 11, 12, Treasurer 12; Y-Teens 8, 11, 12, Secretary 12; Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11; Make-Up Editor of Junior Class Talent Show; Circulation Staff 11, Man- ager Bonnie Blue Print 12 ; White Team Spring Football Sponsor 11; Advertising Staff Ramscott 12; Chorus 8, 9. JULIAN RAY WHALEY Ray Distributive Education Club 11, 12. ROSEMARY WHEELER Rosie Student Council President 12, Vice-President 11; Cheer- leader 11, 12, Varsity Cheerleader 12, B-Team 11; Copy Editor Ramscott 12; Georgia Girls’ State 11; Beta Club 11, 12; Inter-City Student Council Representative; Vice- President Sophomore Class; Ram Club 12; Tri-Hi-Y 11, 12; Quill and Scroll 12. ROBERT SCOTT WHITE Bobby Future Business Leaders of America 11, 12; Band 8-12. BENNIE LARRY WILLIAMS Larry Office Monitor 11. ALLEN W. WORLEY Allen Band 8-12; Spanish Club 11; Science Club 11; Vice- President Physical Science Club 12; Radio Club, Secre- tary 12; Radio Club 11; Southern Accents’ Electrician 10-12. CHERYL ANN SIMPSON WORTH Cheryl JOSEPH MIKE YACOBACCI Mike BARBARA JEAN YOUNG Barbara Allied Medical Careers Club 10-12, Points Chairman 11, President 12; Student Council 12; Red Cross Representa- tive 9, 12, Vice-President 12; French Club 11; Junior Class Softball Team; Supervision Volleyball, Basketball, Softball 10-12. LINDA JOYCE WOODWARD Linda Transferred 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Allied Medical Careers Club 12. JAMES ROGER WOOTEN Jim Ramscott Staff 11, 12, Editor-in-Chief 12, Classes Editor 11; Business Club 11, 12, Vice-President 12; Ramscott Business Staff 11; Boys’ State 11; Student Council 12. MARSHA VAN YOUNG Marsha Editor Ramscott 12; Vice-President Junior Class; Beta Club 11, 12, Secretary 12; Candidate for State Beta Club Vice-President 11; Student Council 12; Tri-Hi-Y 11, 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Student of Week 12; Y-Teens 10, 11, Vice-President 11; Homecoming Court 12. It seems that Mark and Ken are entertaining the economics class with a duet, but we later find that they are only giving a report. No sweeter words are there to a senior than ‘My algebra-trig class won‘t meet today.” This group enjoys its free period with a taffy pull in the clinic. Mrs. Chambers and Jo Anne take a moment from typing class to read a recent issue of the Bonnie Blue Print. Everyone was mad about the bracelets sold by the Senior Class, especially Debbie Mcmillian as she buys one from Phydan. Juniors Junior Officers Ashley Hawkins, Vice-President Toni Kania, Vice-President Virgil Cooper, President Sandra Meeks, President Jane Windham, Treasurer; John Ginn, Treasurer; Paula McPherson Secretary; Ricky Payne, Secretary LaVane Blair, Jane Jordan, Evelyn Strickland, Audie Schwegman, Don- na Evancic, Directors Archie Adams Candy Adams Carolyn Allen Harry Amerson David Anderson Larry Armstrong Ferman Arnold Sharon Arnold Shirley Arrington Linda Ashley Charles Avera Joyce Avera Raymond Baggarly Patricia Barfield Judy Barlow Gerald Barron Robert Basketta Carol Bateman Dona Bateman Patricia Bateman Harriet Baughcum Jean Baxter Judy Beale Grady Beasley Brenda Beck Clarke Belger Mike Bellury Martha Benner Gayle Bennett James Bennett Robert Benson Bobby Black LaVane Blair Oliver Bliss Marsha Bolton John Borders Lucious Bowen Sue Boyles Sharon Brantley Garrie Brewer Thomas Bridger Tommy Bridges Doug Brown Etta Lee Brown Gloria Brown Sandra Brown Carol Ann Bryan Denton Bryant Glenda Bryant Truiett Buffington Larry Burdge Bill Burnett Carolyn Butler Patricia Butler Carolyn Byrd Frank Byrd Brenda Caldwell Paulette Callaway Sue Cameron Pat Camp Billy Campbell Juanita Canady Esta Capps Elaine Carr Elaine Carr Evelyn Carr Diane Carter Bennett Chapman Elbert Chute Patty Claney Angela Clark Ed Coleman Gail Coleman Peggy Collins Terry Colson Virgil Cooper Dennis Crowell Kay Cromer Ann Cryer Douglas Damron Tommy Darity Glenda Darley Cynthia Davis Chris Davis Johnnie Davis Larry Davis Patricia Davis Bettye Sue Dawson Danny Day Dwain Deal Stanley DeBarry Linda DeFore Harold DeLoach Cheryl Dent Pamela Dodd Sandra Dodson Joyce Dokes Cynthia Dominy Guerry Doolittle Jimmy Drawhorn Pat Dugger Robbie Duke Darlene Durden Jennifer Durden Lewis Durden Richard Durden Dianne Edwards Jane Earle Edwards Patrick Elam Edward Elliott Brenda Epps Mary Jane Epps Donna Evancic Connie Evans Floyd Evans Gale Everidge Gayle Fields Valeria Fitzgerald Anne Marie Fiveash Charles Fiveash Linda Fiveash David Flansbaun Donald Floyd Mike Ford Richard Fowlkes Charles Fritz Billy Fuller Willis Fumey Andrea Furl ine Sandra Furline Howard Garner Linda Garrett Walter Garrett Wanda Garrett Judy Gay Brenda George William Gilder John Ginn Cheryl Godwin Barbara Goldstein Emmett Goodman Barbara Gorman Tommy Goss Garey Graham Ronnie Graybeal Carol Gresham Junior Gresham Donny Griffin Ken Griffin Sandra Griffin Jackie Hall Linda Hall Roslyn Hall Val Hallman Andrea Hammond Nan Hammond Brenda Hardy Billy Hare Harrison Harp Blanie Harper Kay Harrington Sonny Harrison Sharon Hart Forest Hartley Gayle Hartley Annette Haskins Kay Hatcher Thurman Hathaway Donna Hattaway Ashley Hawkins Douglas Hayes Stevie Hayes Judye Head Ray Hendrix Patricia Herring Shelia Herring Bill Hester Sue Hester Sharon Hewell Nancy Hicks David Hilderbrand Fred Hill Sally Holloman Paula Holston Cheryl Hopkins Patsy Horne Billy Horton Elaine Howard Larry Howard Oney Hudson Royce Hudson Bobby Humphries Linda Hurley Lynn Hurley Ronald Hutcheson Carol Irby Sue Irby Joyce Ivey Ar thur Leon Jackson Carolyn Jackson Jerry Jackson Kathleen James Beverly Jenkins Gail Joiner Kitty Joiner Tommy Joiner Barbara Jones Anna Jordan Carol Jordan Jane Jordan Rex Kaney Toni Kania Michael Keenan Patricia Kell Larry Keys Kemp King Joy Kitchens Wayne Kitchens Bonnie Krewson Bricey Lamb James Lambert Jane Lavender Joan Lavender Richard Layton Lorraine Lewis Diane Lindsey Duke Lindsey Emily Loden Barbara Martin Norma Mason Patsy Mason Randy Mason Wesley Mason Nancy Mayne Barbara McBride Sandra McCrane Richard McCullough Joe McDaniel Patsy McDaniel Judith McElmurray James McGahee Gary McKinney Sandra McLean Carlie McNeil Paula McPherson Jackie Meeks Sandra Meeks Ann Mercier Terry Merritt Raymond Metts Terry Miller Rocky Mills Fred Minor Janice Minshew Jerry Minton Doris Mitchell Billy Mitchell Lynn Molton Donna Sue Mondy Betty Moore Charlotte Moore Judy Moore Phillip Moore Ronnie Moore Ronald Mooring Patsy Moulton Lynn Moxley Dianne Nelms Elizabeth Nobles Shelvy Oakley Jerry O'Hanlon Lee Oliver Charles O’Neal Robert O'Reilly Patricia Pape Carson Parker Eddie Parker Peggy Parker Janice Parks Gayla Parrish Carol Patrick Ricky Payne Charles Peacock Ronny James Peacock Judy Pelfrey Rebecca Pelfrey James Pelt Anne Perry Adecia Pierce Alton Pilcher Julia Pouncy Joan Powell James Priestley Patricia Prince Carl Puckett Ralph Pulliam Betty Pyle Doug Raleigh Sharyn Reed Joyce Repella Carolyn Reynolds Eleanor Rhodes Judy Richitt Marvin Roberts Judy Robinson Lemuel Robitzch Alan Rogers Charles Ross Yvonne Sanderlin Grace Sanders Johnny Sanders Pat Sanders Janice Sapp Betty Jean Sattler Brenda Saunders Joe Savage Robert Scarborough Audie Schwegman Johnny Scoggins Ronnie Scott Jimmy Scroggins Carolyn Sealy Patricia Sealy Philip Self Trudy Shearon David Sheffield Mack Sheffield Kirby Sheehan Robert Sherman Jimmy Sherwood Lamar Shipman Diane Shipp Runnell Short Buford Shurling Sharon Simpson Veronica Simpson Elaine Slappey Billy Smallwood Beverly Smith Chery! Smith Gary Smith Lawanna Smith Nancy Smith Van Smith Ricky Spires Trudy Starr Betty Stewart Billy Stewart Larry Stinson Andy Stovall Evelyn Strickland Ann Stone Bobby Sykes Janice Taylor Linda Taylor William Taylor Jim Thigpen Earline Thomas Kenny Thomas Wayne Thomas Sue Tidwell Ronnie Tidwell Jerry Toler Dolores Tomsic Pitts Tootle Dwight Tyler Lana Tyre Lavon Uptagrafft Billy Vaughn Karen Wade Terry Wade Candace Wagner Judy Waits Curt Walker Gary Walker Karen Wall Patsy Warren Jimmy Warrick Meschal Wasden Robert Wasden Sheila Waters Gene Watson Jean Weaver Bonnie Whaley Pam Whittington Howard Wilcox Ann Wilder Bonnie Willard Peggie Williams Ronnie Williams Vernell Williams Gail Williamson Jane Windham Sheila Woodall Carol Wood Betty Jean Woodward Jeanette Young Nancy Zielinski Jane Windham, Delores Tomsic, and Elaine Carr watching their weights . . . metric weights, that is. With the true Christmas spirit Donna Evancic and Sandra Meeks check to see if their class has collected enough toys for the children of a needy family. At a Junior Class meet- ing Mrs. Hinesley intro- duces the girls to annual work and tries to inter- est them in it, as Sandra Meeks listens attentively. Sophomores Sue Hallman, President; Dickie Maddox, President; Mildred Leaptrot, Vice-President Sophomore Officers Kay Sellers, Secretary; Mackie Bryant, Secretary; Sheila Payne, Treasurer; Steve Johnson, Treasurer Gina Chof, Brenda Smith, Toni Hud- son, Delinda Tomberlin, Directors Connie Adkins Shery! Adkins Phyllis Alexander Jerrie Alfirov Jimmy Allen Vance Arnold Bobby Arrington Cheryl Arrington Christine Arrington Harriett Arrowood Tom Arrowood Robert Ashe Buddy Autry Loyce Avera Jimmy Ayers Willie Baker Virginia Balkcom Marcia Barnes Donnie Barron Sherry Bartlett Shirley Bass Mike Bassett Carolyn Bateman Raymond Bateman Ronnie Bateman Barbara Bates Cherry Batts Hank Baxter Sue Baxter Jimmy Bean Bobby Bearden Gene Beasley Marshall Beasley Joyce Bedgood Joseph Bell Barbara Bellflower Thomas Bembry Janis Bennett Douglas Benton Mary Anna Bickle David Blair Glenn Blair Larry Bledsoe Elaine Blessitt Michael Blizzard Larry Boatright Barbara Booker Beverly Bostick Helen Bostick Harry Bowen Pam Bowen Ronnie Bradshaw Patsy Brandon Donald Brannan Donna Branton Charles Bray Steve Brines Elaine Brooks Bryan Brotherton Al Brown Carolyn Brown Charlotte Brown Claudie Brown Dennis Brown Doug Brown Ronga Brown Harold Bryan Theresa Bryan Dennis Bryant Irene Bryant Macky Bryant Patricia Bryant Larry Burdette Patsy Burgamy Jack Busbee Bill Butler Randall Butler Henry Butts Harry Cain Paul Caldwell Elizabeth Cameron Ellen Canady Eddie Cannon Faye Carr Roger Carr Dean Carroll Orrin Carstarphen Sherry Carver Marlene Cauley Marvin Cauley Kip Causey Janice Champagne Charles Chandler Paula Cherry Linda Childre Deane Chitty Regina Choff Darlene Cliett Linda Coe Barbara Cole Johnnie Cole Donnie Coleman Mike Collins Ronnie Collins Sandra Colter Starlette Colter Cheryl Cook Sandy Cook Tommy Cook Anne Cooper Joan Copeland Albert Copp Barbara Cosenzo Joe Coulter Robert Cripe Ricky Crochet Susan Cummings Rex Dagley Thomas Damion Glenda Daniel Rita Daniels Kitty Davey Alan Davis Jinx Delvers Freddie Dickson Angelin Dominy Ricky Dorman Dennis Dove Elizabeth Drake Ricky Drummond Elizabeth DuBose Tommy DuBose Phillip Dunn Stella Dyche Richard Echols Brenda Edwards Paul Edwards Virginia Edwards Wade Elliott David Ellis Norma English Connie Ennis Gayle Epps Harold Etheridge Pam Etheridge Douglas Eubank Larry Evans Ruby Evans Connie Ewing Wanda Ezell Sharon Fann Mike Fields Raymond Fiveash Danny Flanders Mike Flanders Bob Floyd Scott Fowler Veronica Fox James Franklin Bobby Frederick Silva Fuerniss Norma Fuller Peggy Fuller Larry Garrett Patricia Garrison Barbara Germany Carole Gibson Wayne Gillis Ronnie Gladin Wayne Goad Freddie Godfrey Linda Goldsby Glen Goodman Sydena Gray Norma Graybeal Diane Green Joe Green Patsy Green Ray Gresham Barbara Griffin Diane Griffin Ann Griffith Robert Griggers Glenn Grisham Peggy Guin Edwina Gunn Stanley Gunter Bobby Haggard Brenda Hall Diana Hall Evelyn Hall Russell Hall Debbie Hallifield Sue Hallman Chery! Hamlin Ray Hamlin Linda Hardy Mike Harper Linda Harris Tommy Harris Lynn Harwell Charles Haun Greg Helmuth Tommy Hendrick Billie Jo Hewell Jimmy Hightower Leadford Hill Johnny Hinesley Roger Hobbs Johnny Holland Sandra Holland Frankie Hollingsworth Bonnie Horne Roy Horne Linda Horner Ann Horton Donald Howard Toni Hudson Roger Hudson Steve Hudson Ray Huff Patsy Hughes Terri Hughes Johnny Hulett Wanda Hullett Brenda Hunnicutt Judson Hunt Kenneth Hunt Billie Irwin Connie Jackson James Jackson Terry Jackson Rosemary Jarrett Ruth Jenkins Elizabeth Johnson Jackie Johnson Jean Johnson Linda Johnson Nancy Johnson Pam Johnson Steve Johnson Sue Fran Johnson Wayne Johnson Carolyn Jones Kenneth Jones Richard Jones Roy Jones Sandra Jones Vickie Jones Brenda Jordan Donna Justus Nancy Kakalecik Worley Kellum Sandy Kelly Danny Kennedy Lamar Kinard Reba Kitchens Patsy Knight Prentice Knight Janet Kull Carey Lafavor Ronnie Lambert Vivian Land Jean Lavender Alice Lawrence Gary Lawson Joyce Leach Mildred Leaptrot Billy Lee Sharon Lee Joy Leonard Marty Leverett Wanda Lewis Elaine Livingston Shirley Loftin Mickey Loper Terry Lord Coleman Lovejoy Harry Lucas Mike Luzier Janet Madden Dickie Maddox Clyde Manders Cullis Mann Gwen Manning Frank Marocco Bobby Marshall Dianne Martin Warren Martin Tommy Mason Diane Maye Beverly McBride Judy McBryant Earline McGee Rebecca McGlohorn Ernie Meadows Sandra Meek Lin Merchant Tim Miley Eddie Miller Marty Miller Peggy Miller Sue Mitchell Jane Molton Gayla Moncrief Judy Monthie Billy Moore Bobby Moore Charles Moore Kenneth Moore Terry Moore Curtis Morris J. L. Moxley Darrell Moye Myra Mullis Chipper Murphy Timothy Murrell Luretta NeSmith Rachel NeSmith Mercedes Neves Bill Newby Marvin Ogle Bonnie Ozburn Tony Paez Tommy Parker Mike Parmelee Cynthia Parrish Doug Patterson Diane Patykula Sheila Payne Rosemary Pearce Jerry Peavy Patsy Peavy Linda Petty Margaret Philips Tim Philpot Donna Picklesimer Corethia Pierce Elaine Pilcher Hazel Pittman Sandra Pittman Huann Polivick Dorothy Powell Glenda Powell John Powell Sue Powell Rodney Pridgeon Betty Procter Kathy Prunty Kenny Railey Katherine Redfearn Linda Sue Reed Kathryn Register Larry Rich Joanne Riddlemoser Phyllis Ridley Wayne Rigby Larry Riggins Linda Riggs Jean Roberson Clarence Roger Steve Rogers. Ray Roland James Wade Rountree Richard Rowell Janice Ryan Vernon Ryle Stanley Sams James Sanderlin Jimmy Sandiford Diane Sanford Carl Sark Elaine Savage Linda Savage James Scandlyn Verna Schutz Margaret Scott Martha Scott Mavis Scott Patty Self Sandra Sellars Kay Sellers Lex Sellers Vic Shaw Jeanette Shephard Allen Sheppard Joe Sherwood Bobby Shore Gloria Shores Dorothy Short Jean Shouse Don Shreve Charles Shupe Carolyn Shurling Butch Siple Darlene Sirmans Lavonia Smallwood Brenda Smith Cassandra Smith Jimmy Smith Judith Smith Judy Ann Smith Larry Smith Michael Smith Ronnie Smith Roy Smith Victor Smith Linda Spann Elaine Spillers Patsy Spires Judy Sprinkle Loretta Stanfield Steve Stavely Delores Stephens Judy Stevens Mangham Stevenson Fred Stinson Harris Stokes Mike Stokes Barbara Suddeth Carl Summers Delores Sutton Judy Swann Faye Sweat Joanne Tamplin Jean Tappen Judy Thames Patsy Thaxton Billy Thigpen Jean Thomas Melissa Thomas Gloria Thompson Jerry Thompson Peggy Thompson Sandra Tillman Carolyn Todd Delinda Tomberlin Johnny Touhy Andy Trimble Ralph True Pat Tucker Grady Tye Jeff Underwood Melvin Usery Robert VanBuren Joe Vandiver Linda Vaughn Linda Venable Wanda Vickers Sue Voellinger Donna Walker LaDon Walker Patsy Waller Bonnie Ward Rebecca Watkins Larry Wesson Jean West Susanne West Richard Whitfield Tommy Wichman Merry Lois Wilburn Gary Wilder Carolyn Williams Carolyn Williams Carolyn Williams Donald Williams Doni Williams Jackie Williams Paul Williams Micky Willis Billy Wilson Jack Wilson JoAnn Wilson Hiram Windham Patsie Winslette Gloria Witherington Sandra Colquitt Linda Pearson Billy Wood Tommy Wood Len Woodard Linda Wright Anne Wrye Christine Yates Claude Yearwood Charles Zwally Book reports are frequent attractions in English class. Larry Sharples gives his. Who will win the space race? Jerri Alfiroy and Sue Hallman stretch a connecting rope between the two parts of the rocket in hopes that this will illustrate the cooperation needed in world affairs. Mrs. Gresham aids Glenda Daniels and Joy Leonard as they dissect a frog in biology. The library offers many study helps for Len Woodard and Tommy Arrowood. Entries into the Kodak contest are being admired by Billy Wilson, Ray Hamlin, and Willie Baker. Sandy Jones and Barbara Booker help raise the sophomore treasury by selling doughnuts. Freshmen Freshman Officers Brenda Stokes, President; Iris Hill, Secretary; Leslie Russell, Treasurer; Irene Harrison, Vice- President Cindy Darity, Judy Strickland, Sherry Reed, Susan McDaniel, Linda Edwards, Directors Boyce Abernathy Cary Adams Larry Adams Randy Ainsworth Ralph Alligood Charles Almand Betty Sue Amerson Bonnie Amos Joel Archer Sandy Archibald David Armour Cary Arnold Floyd Arnold George Asbell Danny Ashley Hugh Avera James Avera Pat Avera Wanda Avera Tommy Baggett Jo Baggs Jerry Bagley Brenda Bailey Danny Baker George Balkcom Butch Barlow Sandra Barrentine Kay Baskette Pat Bass Billy Batchelor Larry Bateman Jacqueline Batts Sandra Baxley Sue Ellen Baxter Priscilla Belger Reta Bell Tim Bellury Jean Bembry Penny Bennett Cecil Bentley Edwin Brannan Ouida Brannan Mirriel Brantley Candy Brewer Mike Brines Tim Brines Elizabeth Britt John Brogden Jackqueline Brooks Archie Brown Barbara Brown Harvey Brown Jack Brown Jeanette Brown Rusty Brown Susan Brown Ralph Bruce Alan Bryan Eddie Bryan Faye Bryant Devereaux Bieber David Bilderback Juanita Black Heidi Blackwell Pam Blair Dawn Blalock David Bledsoe Richard Bledsoe Don Blount Frank Boatright Larry Bolden William Boney Sonny Bonner Lynn Boothe Junior Bostick Millie Bounds Mickey Boutwell Larry Bowen Margie Bowen Martha Bracewell Ronald Bryant Terry Buffington Mary Burdge Wayne Burgess Danny Busbee Chery! Butts Wayne Byrd Jackie Cameron Patricia Cantey Gail Carden Donna Carpenter Carolyn Carr Milton Carr Ronnie Carroll Linda Carter Robyn Casey Nancy Cason Hoke Cato Brenda Causey Faye Chafin Gaye Chafin Glenda Chambers Vicki Chapman Donald Childs Glynn Churchwell Henry Churchwell Vernon Chute John Clarke Randy Clements Gary Cleveland Stanley Clifford Mike Clinard Billie Jean Clower Rita Clower Carolyn Collins Edith Collins George Collins James Collins William Collins Buford Colvin Allene Davis Henry Davis Jean Davis Ronnie Davis Starr Davis Tommy Davis Gary Dean Philip Dean Gordon Dechman Dianne Deese Jimmy Defoe Jimmy Deloach Bera Kay Denham Rena Dent Elaine Dickens Janice Dill Dianne Dix Sherry Dixon Sherril Dodd Greg Dominy Eugene Cook John Cook Byron Cooper Connie Cooper Diane Cooper Kay Cooper Donna Copeland Mark Coppock Danny Couch Bobby Courtney Relda Cox Don Cranford Mary Ann Cranford Judy Crawley Randy Crowe Rita Crutchfield Dene Daniell Cynthia Darity Linda Darnell Jimmy Davidson Reggie Dominy Ronnie Dopson Diane Driggars Ronnie Duloney Billy Durden Larry Durden Leon Durden John Earnest Jerry Edge Lynda Edwards Mary Ellen Edwards Beverly Eleam Ronnie Elliott Randolyn Ellis Shirley Ellis Lamar Elrod Robert Eleasser Tommy English Patsy Ennis Jimmy Ethridge Jack Evans Judy Evans Walter Faulkner Jane Fitzmaurice Bobby Flanders Beth Floyd Royce Folds Nora Mae Forth Linda Foster Mary Jean Franklin James Fuller Janice Fulwood Victor Funck Patti Funderburke Rose Gall Gina Garrison Claire Gaultney Martin Gay Patricia Gentry Phillis Gilley Jimmy Hamm Leonard Hammock Ann Hampton Vivian Hancock Nancy Hane Mike Hardison Jerry Hardy Al Harper Ashley Harrington Betty Harris Bobby Harris Irene Harrison Jane Hatcher Elaine Hart Linda Hawkins Carl Hayes Karen Hayes Mona Hayes Ruthie Hayes John Head Joe Gilmore Beth Godbee Joe Goddard Ronald Goodwin Wayne Grace James Grantham Bonnie Gray Jo Anne Gray Mary Beth Greene Theresa Greer Michael Griffin Mike Griffin Robert Griffin Arthur Gunnells Charles Guyton Thomas Haddock Gail Hall Echo Halstead Laverne Hamlin Wayne Hamlin William Heard Diane Heath Thomas Heath Sharon Hamphill William Henderson Linda Hendricks Janie Henry Katherine Hester John Higdon Iris Hill Selena Hill Thomas Hinson Freddie Holland Georgia Holland James Holland Dorothy Holloman Lynn Holmes Benny Holt Cherie Holt James Hood Brenda Horne Cheryl Horne Thelma Horton Larry Houston Beverly Howard Billy Howard Linda Howard Ronnie Howard Beverly Howell Linda Hudman Leon Hudson Morris Huling Jackie Hunnicutt Marsha Hunt Gary Hutcheson Ronald Hutcheson Sheryl Hutcheson Sandra Hyder Ann Ingram Karole Irby Oscar Johnson Sandra Johnson Sandra Lynn Johnson Walter Joiner Donald Jones Jimmy Jones Linda Jones Ellen Jordan Terry Jordan Diane Jump Patrick Keenan Rebecca Kent Harold Kimball Johnny King Charles Knight Mary Knowles Hugh Laing Linda Lamb Prentice Lamb Teresa Landino Aurye Jackson Dianne Jackson Phyllis Jackson Ronnie Jackson Loris Jacobs Mike Jaglowicz James Wilburn Martha Jansen Jan Jarrell Laddie Jennings Gary Jerkins David Jero Carl Johnson Charles Johnson Janet Johnson Janice Johnson Kenneth Johnson Linda Johnson Lindsey Johnson Martha Johnson Jimmy Landrum Michael Lanford George Langford Jerry Langford Donald Lance Gary Lance Ronald Lance Julian Lashley Terry Lawson Gail Layson Corinne Leverette James Lewis LeJune Lewis Janice Leonard Tina Leonard Donnie Lindsey Ronnie Lindsey Tommy Loftin Diane Long Phyllis Lott Nita Lovejoy Kenneth Lucas Harold Lumley Sandra Maddox Marvin Mangrum Tommy Marchman Larry Marshall Shirley Marshall Robert Martin Sandra Martin William Martin Tommy Mask Toni Mask Janice Mason Steve Mason Charles Massey Fred Matheny Larry Mathews Charles Mauldin David Maxwell Yvonne McMillan Donnie Meeks Gloria Meeks Dawson Melton James Mercer Keith Meredith Becky Merritt Ralph Merritt Woodrow Mewborn Vicki Middlebrooks Betty Miles Wanda Mims Alecia Minchew Larry Miskinen Donna Mitchem Angelyn Mock George Moore Peggy Moore David Moorman Clifford Morrill Edna Mayfield Ken McBride Susan McBride Beverly McClendon Byron McClendon Robert McCollum Judith McConnell Donald McCormick Carl McCullough Susan McDaniels Linda McDonald Sam McElhenney Glynda McGlamory Joseph McGrotha Peggy Mcinvale Linda McKee Rosby McKenzie Teresa McKinney Freida McLarty Mike McMillan Tommy Morris Kenneth Mosely Marjorie Mosely Harold Mosely Marvin Mott Muriel Moulton Lynn Moye Willie Mullins Baynard Mullis Carol Mullis Edward Munson Linda Musgrove Sidney Myers Ann Nelson Fred Newberry Patricia Newbern John Newton Linda Nixon Joseph Nobles Linda Nobles Betty Norris David Nowell Francis Nowell Carol Oakley Linda O’Barr Linda O’Halon Patricia O'Neal Carolyn Overby Jim Overby Jayne Ozburn Sara Padgett Patricia Pafford Evelyn Parden Martin Parham Derrell Parker Pearl Parks Judy Parrott Jack Patterson Prentice Pattison Cynthia Payne Linda Powell Greg Presley Jo Ann Price Joel Price Linda Price Margaret Price Patricia Price Joe Prince Kenneth Pritchett Clay Pruett Claude Pulliam Monteen Purser Sharon Quinn Linda Rackley Patricia Ragan Sue Raines Linda Ray Virginia Redman Sherry Reed Michael Reich Lloyd Payne Theresa Pearce Ronald Pelt Sandra Pelt Edgar Perryman Sue Ann Peterson Janet Pfund Sharyn Phagan Tommy Pilcher William Pilcher Mariom Piper Donald Pitts Janice Pitts J. C. Pool Sharon Poole Larry Pope Faye Porter Thomas Porter David Potts Edward Poulnott Ronnie Reid Wayne Register Larry Reynolds Dottie Rhodes Linda Ricks Evelyn Roberts Linda Robertson Mary Robinson Robert Rodgers Donald Rogers Harrell Rogers William Rogers Sharon Roland Vivian Roland Charles Rooks David Roquemore Janis Rosson Denny Rowe Franklin Ruis Leslie Russell Linda Russell Shirley Ryder Sheila Ryon Harold Sanders Michael Sanders Mary Lou Sauls Christine Savage Lucinda Savage Martha Savage Nancy Savage Nancy Hellen Savage Ronald Scandlyn Russell Scanlan Rose Scarborough Brenda Scoggins Edward Scott Rosemary Scott Thomas Scroggins Felton Seagraves Aylene Self Sheryl Smith Roger Soper Jerry Spillers Bobby Spivey Carnell Stafford Richard Stafford Laverne Stallings Sandra Stanfield Linda Stanford Jerry St. Claire Lee Stephenson Bennie Stevens Larry Stevens Jerry Ann Stewart Lynn Stickney Mary Stieber Jean Still Shirley Still Brenda Stokes Dewey Stokes Curlee Self Susan Sellers Larry Sharpless Lynn Shelton Carl Sheppard Charles Sheppard Freda Shines Sylvia Shore Shirley Slade Mary Lou Slocumb Barbara Smith Cheryl Smith Christina Smith Danny Smith Jacquelyn Smith Larry Smith Lynn Smith Maxine Smith Michael Smith Pam Smith Linda Stokes Allan Stott Robert Stovall Faith Strayer Danny Strickland Judy Strickland Dawn Suttles Roy Swain Minnie Mae Swearingame Sandra Swymer Jack Tamplin Gail Tapley Arthur Taylor Judy Taylor Pamela Taylor Richard Taylor Sharon Taylor Patricia Te Selle Ray Tharpe Deborah Thigpen Robert Thigpen Johnny Thigpin Samuel Thomas Jo Ann Thomason Larry Thompson Peggy Tidwell Pam Tidwell Tommy Toler Phyllis Townsend Janis Trimble Angelia Tucker Rosemary Turner Henry Tye Karen Tyler Rachael Upchurch Sue Ussery William Van Cise Peggy Van Patton Angela Visage Kay Voellinger Benny Williams Brenda Williams Jerry Williams Roger Williams Eldrid Williamson Alan Willingham Glenn Willingham Brenda Wilson Forrest Wilson Linda Wilson Monty Wilson Peggy Wilson Shelia Wilson Beverly Witherington Pam Witherington James Wolff Jewell Wood Natalie Wood Silvia Woodward Edward Worth Debbie Walker Janet Walker Larry Walker Susan Walker Brenda Ward Elaine Ward Jerry Ward Sharon Wasden James Webb Richard West Reggie Wheeler Terry Wheeler Larry White Robert White Walter Whitehurst Cherie Whiting Albert Whitley Linda Whitley John Wilcox Diane Wilder Linda Warrell John Yacobacci Harry Young Mary Ann Young Jimmie Zwally Mrs. Weaver receives much help from office monitors Glenn Faulkner, Carl Sheppard, Larry Hobbs, and Tommy Davis. Making trays for their mothers from these sheets of aluminum are Delores Sutton, Faye Chafin, and Jackie Batts. Freshman Keith Abel picks up one of the nourishing meals prepared by Mrs. Gober, the school dietician. Youmans Arrington Sandra Asbell Walter Asbell Billy Ashley Joe Avera Joyce Avera Remona Avera James Ayers Ronnie Ayers Wayne Ayers Johnda Bagwell Diane Baker Joyce Baker Fay Balkcom Harold Balkcom Sharon Barfield Anita Barnes Barney Barron Betty Sue Barton Freddie Barton Sub-Freshmen Kenneth Abel Gloria Adams Randy Albea Rosemary Alfirov David Algea Aaron Allen Ronnie Allen Stella Alligood Frankie Anderson Richard Andrews Zenephia Annis Wayne Ard Gary Armstrong Barbara Arnold Janet Arnold Henry Arrington Jane Bassett Jo Ann Batchelor Timothy Batchelor Jimmy Bateman Lee Bates Wanda Bates James Batts Joyce Batts Wanda Bean Phyllis Beavers Steve Beck Dan Belcher Martha Bellflower James Bell John Bell Shirley Bell Glen Belson Martha Bembry Clara Bennett Tommy Bennett Howard Benson Lynn Berryhill Diane Bevins Dana Bilderback Joyce Blake Patricia Blake Dorcille Bledsoe Albert Blizzard Diane Blondean Gail Blount Patsy Boat right Alan Bolden William Bonds Mike Bone James Borders Janis Bowen Penny Bozeman Willene Bracewell Larry Bradshaw Gloria Brannon Malcolm Burgamy Gloria Bussell Dalton Butts Chery! Caldwell Barbara Cameron Larry Camp Wayne Canady Charles Cannon Henry Carmichael Emily Carr James Carr Ronnie Carr Trudy Carroll Barbara Carter Allen Causey Gail Causey Lynwood Chambers Linda Chamblee Marvin Chancey Sheila Chapman Harvey Bray Ester Bridger Faye Bridger Jean Bridger Terry Bridges Jimmy Brooks Ann Brown Elaine Brown Michael Brown Renee Brown Fred Browning Wayne Brownlee Jolyn Broxton Gena Bryant Janice Bryant June Bryant Wanda Bryant Diane Bullard Diane Bullock Debbie Burdeshaw Chery! Chaput Darrel Cheek James Cherry Sandra Choff Jackie Clark Greg Cleveland Norma Cliatt Brenda Clifford David Clinard Hugh Cline Cary Cloud Cody Walter James Collins Sherry Colson Neal Cook Felicia Cooley Charles Cooper Ronnie Cooper Ross Cooper Wayne Crabb Carol Crissey Chuck Cross Dana Cross Linda Crumbley Wayne Crumley Jack Culpepper Donald Curry Rickey Daniel Brenda Darley Patricia Darling Blake Darnell Roger Davidson Marvin Davis Deena Deal Mervin DeCastro Ronny Defoe Helene Dennis Kenneth Dent Mike Digby Kenneth Dixon George Emerick Susan English Larry Entrekin Billy Epps Elaine Epps Dewey Evans James Evans Sherry Evans Wilburn Evans Randy Fair Ronnie Fincher Barry Fitzpatrick Brenda Fiveash Wanda Flanders Danny Floyd Jerry Floyd Steve Floyd Bobby Forth Dale Foster Peggy Foster Ronnie Dominy Sandra Doolittle Terry Dorsey James Dove Faye Dowd Donna Dunn Raymond Dupree Henry Durden Paul Durden Robert Durden Ronnie Eaverson Barbara Edwards Gary Elder Ann Eldridge Faye Elliot Wanda Elliott Dennis Ellis William Elrod Danny Ely Linda Ely Robert Foster Danny Francis Jimmy Freeman James Friedlander Jane Frost Olin Fulcher Ann Fuller Brenda Fuller Kenneth Funderburke Vicki Funderburke Russell Furline Janice Gaskins Billy Gibson Reggie Gibson James Gilbert Wayne Gilleland Diane Glisson Mickey Glisson Johnny Goad Mike Godfrey Bobby Goldsby De an Goodman Bill Goodner Timothy Goodwin Charles Godwin Margaret Grace Jackie Graham Marie Graham Irene Grant Shery! Grant Carolyn Green Luke Green James Griffin Joseph Griggers Ed Haddock Linda Hall Vivian Hallmark Barbara Hamlin Gail Hamlin William Hammock Paul Henry Warren Herbert Patsy Herring Betty Heron Brenda Hester Diane Hester Rhonda Hewell Bettye Hicks John Higginbotham Sandra Hill Janice Hinson Larry Hobbs Nancy Hobbs Billy Hodges Harvey Hodnett Jimmie Hoffeditz Walter Holland Cathy Holt Alec Holston Kay Hood Susan Hanna Earnest Harbin Mack Harbuck Joe Hardeman Regina Harper Larry Harrell William Harrell Wayne Harris Deborah Harrison Steve Hartley June Harvey Wayne Hattoway Claude Haywood Melanie Haywood Freddie Heard Tony Heard Harvey Heath Peggy Heath Donald Hendrix Diane Henry Terry Hooks Eddie Horn Donny Horton Wayne Horton Grover Howard John Howell Patricia Howell Donnie Hudgins Patricia Hudson Randy Hudson Lynn Hughes Jerry Hulett Kathy Hunnicutt Linda Hunt Peggy Hurley Jean Ingram Carol Jackson Jerry Jackson Randy Jockson Leta Jaglowicz Donald James Richard Jansen Phyllis Jeffers Sandra Jenkins Alan Jero Frankie Johns Brenda Jonnson Christelle Johnson Rad Johnson Freddy Joiner Billy Jones Bobby Jones Bobby Jones Charles Jones Wayne Jones Diane Jordan Linda Jordan Ronald Keller Pam Kinard Larry King Wandall Lewis Linda Lindsey Trudy Lindsey Melody Lines Larry Livingston Patsy Livingston Sharon Livingston Sylvia Livingston Russell Loyd Sharon Long Henry Love Jimmy Lovejoy Ronnie Lumpkin Cherie Lyons Glenda Lyons Robert Maddox Harriet Manville Bradley Marshall Jackie Marshall Linda Marshall Wanda King Ray Kitchens Patricia Kittrell Susan Knight Richard Krysalka Dennis Ladson Alan Laing Bruce Lamb Jerry Lamb Lynn Lambert Marie Lane Bill Larkey Jim Layson Bonnie Lee Linda Lee Patty Lee Edgar Lefils Ronald Lemon Dawn Lewis Paula Lewis Robert Marshall Carol Martin Kathy Martin Nancy Martin Lena Masmontet Frank Matthews Tommy Mauldin Judy McAlpin Dianne McClam Mike McCowen Susan McCranie Patricia McDaniel Edward McElhenny Patricia McElhenny Connie McElmurray Gordon McElmurray Gail McGlohorn Judy McLemore Michele McLindon Debbie McMillan Mike McPhail June Meadows Grady Meeks Meri Meriwether Marsha Middlebrooks Gawain Miller Sharon Mimbs David Minshew Henry Minshew Renee Mixon Cheryl Moore Curtis Moore Joan Moore J. P. Moore Joy Moore Marvin Moore Anna Mooring Mike Mooring Beverly Morgan Dolores Morgan Norman Ott Marie Oxley George Pafford Edgar Parent Joey Parham Leonard Parks Andy Patat Ralph Patterson Earnest Pattison Charles Peacock Rosemary Peacock Faye Peavy Paulette Peebles Janice Pelt Mark Perry Linda Pierce Lamar Pipkin Robert Pipkin Poyce Pirkle James Pitts Alfred Morris Jacque Marstad Larry Mosely Martha Moses Susan Mote Barbara Moye Dolores Moxley Gary Mullis Marc Murphy Johnny Myers Carol NeSmith Morris NeSmith Johnny Newbern Sharon Nolan Robert Ogburm Linda Ogle Beverly Oktavec David Olds Thomas Oliver Robert O'Neal Ricky Pollett Barbara Powell Runae Powell Dennis Powers Ricky Powers David Price Linda Prince Dorothy Proctor Bart Pruett Brenda Pruett Bevan Pryor Derrel Pryor Sherry Pugh Danny Purvis Shirley Quinn Janice Rawlins Danny Register Elaine Reich Danny Reid James Richitt Tommy Riddlemoser Judy Rienertsen Elizabeth Roberts Genia Roberts John Robertson David Rodgers Dan Rowland Dayle Rowland Mike Rozar Lloyd Ruis Rebecca Russell Elaine Ryan Gary Sandefur Jimmy Sanders Kathy Sanders Richard Sanders Janice Sapp Steve Sark Durward Sauls Roy Schaffer Ray Smith Vicki Smith Wayne Smith Wayne Smith Phil Snyder Glenda Spires Faye Spivey Johnny Stallings Linda Stallings Barbara Stanfield Donnie Staples Jimmy Stephens Stephany Stephenson Linda Stewart Jan Stevens Don Stickney Sandra Stone Tommie Stowe Howard Stringfellow Joe Strong Mike Schulman Ronald Sealy Ginger Seaman Peggy Seigler William Self Johnny Sharpless Melissa Shaw Brian Shelton Bernie Shepard Mike Shipman Diane Short Jimmy Simpson Edward Smith Geri Smith Jack Smith James Smith Janice Smith Jeanne Smith Rhonda Smith Richard Smith Ellen Stuckey Tim Suddeth William Sumlin Harvey Taylor Ronnie Thames Terri Thames Jeanne Tharpe Carleen Thigpen Jerry Thigpen Larry Thigpen Karen Thomas Freddy Thompson Lamar Thompson Lynn Thompson Kelsey Tidwell Robert Tidwell Roslyn Tomberlyn Eugene Toole Lannie Townsend Tommy Tucker Leta Tyler Sandra Ussery Rayford Varnadore Johnny Vinson Ted Vinson John Wade Ellen Walker Ronnie Wallace Larry Walls Pat Walsh Jane Walton Gene Warren W. H. Warren Diane Warrick Wayne Watruba Carol Watson Danny Watson Jerry Webb Duane Weekley Judy Wehrle Henry Williams Jerry Williams Jimmy Williams Larry Williams Linda Williams Mickey Williams Milton Williams Sandra Williams Melford Williamson Patty Willis Karen Wilson Rebecca Wilson Burke Wood Charles Wood Dolores Wood Katherine Wood Sandra Woodell Robert Woodard Diane Wright Marie Wright Robert Wells Linda Wesson Tommy West Pat West Roy West Barbara Whitaker Janice White Troy White Don Whitehurst Terry Whitley Beverly Whitt Faye Wilbanks Kay Wilbanks Sally Wilder Mike Wilkerson Robert Wilkinson Billy Williams Brenda Williams Danny Williams Diane Williams Phyllis Wright Sandra Wright Vicki Wright George Yancey Randy Yaughn Peggie Yearwood Ronnie Yopp Sandra Youngblood Sheryl Youngblood First aid supplies are always on hand in the office. Mrs. Frost gives Gena Bryant a band-aid. Attracted by the art exhibit, Don Strickland takes a look at a few of the drawings. At one of the favorite spots in the li- June Bryant and Janice Rawlings purchase school sup- brary, June Harvey and Tommie Ann Stone plies from Adecia Pierce, one of our Book Store man- enjoy reading a magazine. agers. Organizations 142 Through organizations we learn to ap- preciate the true worth of our freedom to assemble. Any group is only as valu- able as the effectiveness of its activities . effectiveness which depends upon the interest and enthusiasm of its mem- bers. Our clubs help us ‘individually and collectively learn to use this liberty as advantageously as possible . . . expand- ing and strengthening our understand- Tate Me) mre(-lnnlorag-(a 143 Mckvoy Student Council The Student Council serv- es as the governing body of the students, and it co-or- dinates all school activities. Throughout the year it sponsors various projects, such as Honor Week, can- ned food drives, a festival in the spring, and the col- lection of money for the William Brake Scholarship Fund. ROW 1: Lynn Stickney, Johnnie Cole, Linda Jennings, Lynn Moye, Susan McDaniel, Irene Harrison, Diane Driggars, Martha Jane Brace- well, Janis Trimble, Nancy Cason. ROW 2: Muriel Moulton, Angie Dominy, Brenda Stokes, Pamela Etheredge, Suzanne West, Kay Harring- ; ton, Donna Evancic, Ann Eldridge, Sandra Asbell. ROW 3: Gina Choff, s Arrington, Pat Pape, Zenephia Annis. ROW 4: Sandy Cook, Glenda Daniel, Veronica Fox, Bonnie Lee, Barbara Whitaker, Lynn Halstead, Evelyn Strickland, Audie Schwegman — “ . ‘ Leslie Russell, Nancy Smith, Earline Thomas, Patsy Horne, Shirley j | 3 ees a at ay ae Pee. | Rosie Wheeler, President; Charlotte Moore, Vice-Presi- dent; Linda Harris, Secretary; Linda Darnell, Treasurer ROW 1: Peggy Barry, Johnnie Howell, Harolynn Purvis, Sharon Jackson, Kay Holt, Mélinda Herndon, Jane Windham, Kay Sellers, Susan McCrannie, Emily Carr, Chris Davis. ROW 2: June Austin, Gail McKinley, Gloria Stehle, Donna Thames, Anne Mikus, Phydan Johnston, Guynelle Pitts, Judy McLemore, Shirley O’Brien, Toni Foster. ROW 3: Carolyn Crew, Bonnie Thigpin, Elaine Denard, Barbara Young, Camille Garrard, Margaret Hall, Andrea Hammond. ROW 4: Ellen Russell, Marsha Young, Jo Anne Hill, Dean Chapman, Sherry Lindsey, Sandra Meeks, Sue Hallman Willingham Student Council The Student Council gives the stu- dent body equal representation and encourages high standards of hon- esty, courtesy, and loyalty. They al- so keep records of all club activities. Senior ROW 1: Wayne Pierce, Oney Hudson, Virgil Cooper, Ronnie Digby, Wallace Bates, David Hagaman. ROW 2: Henry Ball, Tommy Shaw, Jeff Wagner, John Ginn, Raymond Baggerly, Tom Weathers, Jim Wooten; ROW 3: Kenneth Hall, Phillip Parrish, Paul Merritt, Rutledge Beacham, Bill Pearce, Richard Hamlen, Dickie Maddox Joe McDaniel, Secretary; Pete Gaines, Presi- ident; Charles Ross, Vice-President; Lamar Harris, Treasurer Junior STANDING: Larry Bowen, Boyce Abernathy, James Holland. SEATED: Derrell Parker SEATED: Jerry Williams, David Nowell, Richard Stafford, Jimmy Simpson, Chucky Cross, Ronnie Wallace, Ronnie Dominy: ROW 1: Grover Howard, Ronald Griffin, Cary Adams, Sonny Haywood, Hugh Laing, Jack Culpepper. ROW 2: Johnny Myers, Prentiss Lamb, Donnie Meeks, Jack Freeman, John Higgenbotham, Wayne Byrd, Terry Bridges, Don Stickney 145 ROW 1: Kay Harrington, Evelyn Strickland, Sharon Hewell, Linda Lee Hurley, Sandra Meeks, Adecia Pierce, Jane Windham, Pat Pape, Elaine Carr, Sue Boyles. ROW 2: Sandra Spann, Sandra Windham, Johnnie Howell, Gail McKinley, Phydan Johnston, June Austin, Pat Prince, Gayle Bennett, LaVane Blair, Nancy Smith. ROW 3: Audie Schwegman, Pat Cooley, Gail Hartley, Jane Jordan, Gail Williamson, Mary Jane Epps, Kathleen James, Joy Avera, Patricia Bateman. ROW 4: Betty Jean Woodward, Veronica Simpson, Elaine Howard, Claudia Pate, Nancy R. Smith, Joy Kitchens, Mary Edwards, Sara Etheridge, Nancy Hicks Mckvoy Beta Club This national honorary society encourages students to reach for higher goals of learning, honesty, and character. Members, chosen on scholastic and personal merit, carry out various school-wide projects during the year. SEATED: Bonnie Thigpin, President; Haro- lynn Purvis, Vice-President. STANDING: ROW 1: Rosemary Douglas, Sharon Quinn, Melinda Herndon, Lin- Elaine Denard, Treasurer; Marsha Young, da Woodward, Kay Holt, Shirley O’Brien, Ray Ann Johnson. ROW Secretary; Patricia Joiner, Sergeant-at-Arms 2: Carolyn Crew, Gail Holsomback, Peggy Barry, Robbie Duke, Anne Brewer, Rosemary Wheeler, Sandra Holmes. ROW 3: Janice Norris, Angela Bartlett, Jo Anne Hill, Dean Chapman, Donna Thames, Brenda Kania Willingham Beta Club Senior Kinloch Gottwals, Treasurer; Pete Gaines, Vice-President; Wallace Bates, Secretary; Ronnie Digby, President ROW 1: Richard Layton, Virgil Cooper, Gary Swearington, Steve Borum, Tony Gunter, Billy Horton. ROW 2: Walter Garrett, Howard Gay, Joe Crochet, Philip Self, Gary Smith, Buford Shurling, Richard McCullough, Oney Hudson. ROW 3: Jimmy Fox, Charles Riggins, Kenneth Harrel, Rutledge Beacham, Henry Ball, Johnny Neves, Johnny Goodin, Val Hallman, Charles Ross, Emmett Goodman Junior Danny Strickland, Treasurer; Cary Adams, Vice-President; Fred Newberry, Secretary; Jack Freeman, President ROW 1: Donnie Meeks, Tony Yacobacci, Bennie Stevens, Larry Matthews, Skeet Heard, Billy Batchelor. ROW 2: Jack Tamplin, Larry White, Steve Joiner, George Balkcom, Don Blount, Larry Bateman. ROW 3: Connie Stafford, James Collins, Gordon Dechman, Victor Funck Key Club The Key Club serves the school community and pre- pares the members for useful citizenship. It de- velops initiative, leader- ship, and character. The club set up the Safe-Teens Club. GAIL McKINLEY Bennett Chapman, Treasurer; Ronnie Dig- Sweetheart by, Vice-President; Wallace Bates, Presi- dent; David Hagaman, Secretary ROW 1: Billy Horton, Howard Gay, Virgil Cooper, Steve Borum, Joe McDaniel. ROW 2: Douglas Hayes, Emmett Goodman, Buddy Sherman, Johnny Goodin, Kinloch Gottwals, Joe Crochet, Charles Stokes ROW 1: Tommy Cook, Jerry Peavy, Ronnie Stulz, Jimmy Smith, Tommy Mason, Doug Patterson. ROW 2: Jim Wooten, Terry Jack- son, Terry Moore, Steve Johnson, Robert Benson, Wayne Pierce, John Ginn Quill and Scroll ROW 1: Melba Hinson, Janice Norris, Patricia Joiner, Rosie Wheeler, Ann Brewer, Sharon Jackson, Paula Fields, Shirley Mayne. ROW 2: Barbara Smalling, Sandra Windham, Sandra Hooper, Welda Mullis, Marsha Young, Sandra Sandiford, Lynn Halstead. ROW 3: Mary Ann Durden, Ellen Russell, Elaine Denard, Gail Holsomback, Pat Cooley, Linda Fain, Donna Thames The Quill and Scroll is an In- ternational Honorary Society for high school journalists. Its mem- bership is composed of the staffs of the school yearbook and news- paper. Dean Chapman, Vice-President; Sharon Quinn, Secretary; Phydan Johnston, President ROW 1: Kay Holt, Melinda Herndon, Linda Cheek, Sheila Rud- man, Charlotte Jones, Dorothy Parker, Sue Tanner. ROW 2: Martha Webb, Peggy Barry, Gail McKinley, Sandra Stubbs, Janice Pearce, Sandra Spann, Jo Anne Hill, Frankie Thomas. ROW 3: Pennie Bishop, Ann Mikus, Gloria Stehle, Sharon Jones, Dianne Childs, Pat Sams, Carol Ferrell, Cheryl Lagowicz Willingham and Mckvoy Red Cross The Red Cross works to benefit others through co-operation with the National Red Cross. Boxes of clothing and supplies are distributed to the needy throughout the world. ROW 1: Judy Monthie, Judy Waits, Jean Bembry, Gayle Epps, Patsy Canty, Janice Hinson, Diane Wright, Debbie Hallifield. ROW 2: Cheryl Hopkins, Renee Mixon, Paula Childre, Linda Hudman, Judy Stevens, Rosemary Alfirov, Beverly Howell, Terry Dorsey. ROW 3: Sheryll Young- blood, Pam Johnson, Dawn Blalock, Cheryl Horne, Juanita Canady, Wanda Lewis, Jewel Tucker, Meschal Wasden Barbara Young, Vice-President; Gloria Stehle, Presi- dent; Lorraine Lewis, Secretary-Treasurer; Patty Bowen, Membership Chairman ROW 1: Lyn Hurley, La Don Walker, Kenneth Griffin, J. B. Slade, James Priestley, William Newby, Tom Wichman, Ray Huff. ROW 2: Ronnie Smith, Pinson Schulman, Ashley Hawkins, Lucious Bowen, Royce Hudson, Pudge Butler, Sonny Harrison, Jerry Minton, Philip Odum Larry Hendricks, Treasurer; Lamar Kinard, Secretary; Steve Brines, Vice-President; Tom Weathers, Presi- dent ROW 1: Billy Hodges, Tommy Pilcher, Ronnie Yopp, Howard Benson, Rudy Jacobs, Darrell Y oung, Mike Wil- Ronnie Hutcheson, President; Ronnie Pelt kerson, Joseph Griggars, Joey Parham, Don Blount. ROW Treasurer; Miss Donaldson Advhears Brad 2: Rosby McKenzie, Ray Bonner, David Algea, Wayne Henderson, Secretary; Larry Bolden, Vice- Grace, Barry Fitzpatrick, W. H. Warren, Larry Hobbs. President ; ROW 3: Gary Jerkins, Greg Cleveland, Wayne Register Tri-Mi-Y Tri-Hi-Y tries to carry out its mot- to— to create, maintain and extend —high standards of Christian char- acter” through school and commun- ity services and projects. ROW 1: Sandra Griffin, Linda Woodward, Janis Bowen, Frankie Anderson, Brenda Horne, Donna Sue Mondy, Ann Cryer. ROW 2: LaVane Blair, Pam Dodd, Marsha Young, Dianne Short, Peggy Tidwell, Pat Dugger, Dawn Blalock. ROW 3: Carolyn Sealy, Lynda Hardy, Dianne Sellers, JoAnne Leslie, Theresa Loden, Linda Hall Sharon Brantley, Vice-President; Runell Short, Treas- urer; Ellen Russell, President; Chris Davis, Secretary; Linda Mimbs, Chaplain ROW 1: Bobbie Lewis, Pam Blair, Renee Powell, Jackie Marshall, Peggy Hurley. ROW 2: Johnnie Howell, Sherry Bartlett, Darlene Durden, Nancy Lewis, B. K. Denham. ROW 3: Rosie Wheeler, Gail Hartley, Bonnie Willard, Carol Ann Bryan, Anita Barnes. ROW 4: Judy Moore, Sue Carol Ann Bryan, Judy Moore, and Sandra Griffin Boyles, Betty Jeen Woodward discuss the new Teen Talks for a future program. In-School Y-Teens The goal of the Y-Teens is to grow in friendship with people of all races, religions, and nationalities, and to grow in knowledge and in love of God. All Y-Teen clubs work in unison. ROW 1: Judy Flanders, Pat Prince, Adecia Pierce, Sharon Fann, Jane Molton, Pat Garrison, Anne Brewer, Gina Choff. ROW 2: Sandy Cook, Patsy Keen, Angela Bartlett, Rachael NeSmith, Paulette Calloway, Judy Thames, Sheila Herring, Carol Gibson. ROW 3: Katherine Redfern, Elaine Carr, Joan Cope- land, Gwen Manning, Patsy Barfield, Carolyn Reynolds, Harriette Balcom, Wanda Vickers, Patsy Winslett, Faye Conner. ROW 4: Donna Copeland, Jo Ann Riddlemoser, Glenda Powell, Sharon Simpson, Bonnie Willard, Gail Hartley, Margaret Matthews SEATED: Wanda Garrett, Inter-City Council Repre- sentative; Pat Pape, Chaplain; Sandra Meeks, Treasur- er; Sandra Windham, Secretary; Carol Minor, Vice- President; Jane Windham, President. STANDING: Cynthia Darity, Secretary; Becky Russell, Chaplain; Robbye Harris, Treasurer; Linda Darnell, President; Betty Miles, Inter-City Council Representative ROW 1: Allene Davis, Edna Mayfield, Vicki Smith, Linda Crumb- ley, Linda Jordan, Lynn Stickney, Linda Nixon, Linda Robertson, Jean Still, Linda Worrell. ROW 2: Lynn Moye, Regina Harper, Brenda Clifford, Ruthie Hayes, Linda Powell, Theresa Landino, Sherry Dixon, Dale Foster, Linda Baker, Barbara Arnold. ROW 3: Dale Rowland, Karen Wilson, Brenda Fiveash, Janice Trimble, Wanda Bean, Jane Hatcher, Barbara Hamlin, Evelyn Roberts, Kathy Hunnicutt. ROW 4: Dorsille Bledsoe, Sherry Reid, Sandra Choff, Faye Bridger, Barbara Powell, Vivian Hancock, Linda Nobles. ROW 5: Theresa Greer, Diane Cooper, Karen Mimbs, Linda Wesson, Nita Black, June Harvey, Sylvia Shore ROW 1: Selyne Hill, Lynn Smith, Karen Mimbs, Linda Chamblee, Sandra Jenkins, Linda Ogle, Gloria Brannan, Sherry Colson, Judy McAlpin, Linda Stewart, Linda O'Hanlon, Stephany Stephenson, Dawn Lewis. ROW 2: Pat Price, Yvonne McMillan, Pam Witherington, Joyce Batts, Jane Ogburn, Cherri Whiting, Connie Cooper, Claire Gaultney, Teresa Pierce, Diane Hester. ROW 3: Cheryle Moore, Carol Mullis, Linda Hudman, Sharon Poole, Gwen Manning, Patricia McElhenny, Linda Stallings 152 After-School Y-Teens ROW |: Peggy Miller, Joyce Leach, Wanda Hulett, Gloria Thompson, Jane Rice, Sheila Rudman, Susan McBride, Pam Taylor, Linda Price. ROW 2: Margaret Scott, Elaine Reich, Harriette Montgomery, Ann Cooper, Dianne Martin, Donna Justus, Ann Hooper. SEATED: Paula McPherson, Secretary; Ann Mikus, President; Muriel Moulton, Vice-Presi- dent. STANDING: Lynette Jones, Treasurer; Charlotte Jones, Program Chairman; Paula Fields, Chaplain; Sherry Lindsey, Inter-Club Council Representative. Latin Club Although the Latin Club is open only to those who take Latin, the club tries to increase the interest of Latin in all students. Latin Day, a highlight of the club, is held in the spring. Starlette Colter, Secretary; Barbara Bates, President; Jan Jarrell, Vice-President ROW I: Vivian Hallmark, Elizabeth’ Drake, Daphine Howard, Linda Stokes, Jackie Morstad, Melody Lines, Runae Powell. ROW 2: Ray Ann Johnson, Janet Walker, Marian Piper, Diane Bullard, Janice Champagne, Diana Hall. Row 3: Martha Moses, Ann Eldridge, Linda Vaughn, Linda Sue Reed, Christine Yates, Connie Ennis, Melissa Thomas. Spanish Club McEvoy SEATED: Elaine Denard, President; Adecia Pierce, Vice-President; Ellen Russell, Secretary; Paula Mc- Pherson, Treasurer; STANDING: Evelyn Strickland, Gayle Bennett, Carol Ferrell, June Austin, Gail Holsomback. Christmas in the Spanish Club was cele- brated with the breaking of the Spanish pinata. At Spanish Club meetings the mem- bers learn more about the culture and customs of the Spanish people, thus making the study of the language more interesting. Pitt. ROW 1: Donna Evancic, Donna Sue Mondy, Pam Dodd, LaVane Blair, Sandra Griffin, Linda Hall, Ju lia Pouncy. ROW 2: Barbara Smalling, Judy Flanders, Lynda Hardy, Darlene Durden, Sandra McCrane, Joyce Ivey. ROW 3: Sharon Hewell, Elaine Howard, Beverly Bostick, Sandra Sandiford, Ann Hooper. ROW 4: Nancy Hicks, Judye Head, Sue Boyles, Sharon Jones, Garrie Brewer, Harriet Arrowood Willingham Doug Patterson, Vice-President; Gary Walker, Treasurer; Ricky Payne, Secretary; Joe Mc- SEATED: Louis Durden, Danny Day, Joe Sherwood. ROW 1: Billy Campbell, Daniel President Eddie Miller, Donald Floyd, Charles Fiveash, Ray Hendrix, Carson Parker, Jim Thigpen, Ronnie Lambert. ROW 2: Floyd Evans, Buzzy Leverett, Ralph Pulliam, Royce Hudson, Robert Benson, Carl Puckett French I Raymond Baggarly, President; Steve Johnson, Secretary; Ashley Hawkins, Treasurer; James Priestley, Vice-President. The French Clubs attempt to broaden interest and knowledge of the French language. As a result, they presented books to the library on the subject. ROW 1: Jacque Bryant, Henri Amerson, Elbert Chute, Rene Garner, Frederic DeBary. ROW 2: Antoine Robitzsch, Maurice Kennedy, Raoul True, Jacques Hurley, Robert Cripe. ROW 3: Raoul Lamb, Guillaume Smallwood, Richard Fowleks, Yvon Ellis. French Il ROW 1: Bobby Sykes, Marvin Roberts, Jimmy McGahee. ROW 2: Charles Peacock, Johnny Neves, Forrest Hartley, LaVon Uptagrafft, Phil Parrish, President; Phillip Self, Vice-President; Val Hallman, Bill Pearce. Secretary; Mike Purdy, Treasurer; Susan Whidden, Advisor. Future Homemakers of America The Future Homemakers of America strive to broaden their knowledge of homemaking in prep- aration for the future. They participate in school, community, and national activities. SEATED: Linda Harris, Historian; Kay Harrington, Presi- dent; Brenda Smith, Secretary; Sue Boyles, Vice-Presi- dent; Pam Johnson, Treasurer. STANDING: Pam Blair, Carole Minor, Sue Hallman, Iris Hill, Susan Cummings, Patsy Spires, Brenda George. ROW 1: Diane Wright, Peggy Tidwell, Gayle Epps, Sandra Holland, Becky Merritt. ROW 2: Freida McLarty, Mercedes Neves, Jo Ann Tamplin, B. K. Denham, Carolyn Overby. ROW 1: Jolyn Broxton, Kay Cooper, Ann Brown, Libby Britt, Barbara Arnold, Linda Edwards, Linda Darnell, Diane Griffin. ROW 2: Echo Halstead, Judy Gay, Rosemary Alfirov, Zenephia Annis, Judy Evans, Peggy Quinn. ROW 3: Dianne Duse, Mary Joyce Burdge, Barbara Hamlin, Sharon Fann, Linda Hall, Starlette Colter. ROW 1: Meri Meriwether, Harriet Manville, Susan Mc- Daniel, Gail Layson, Susan McCranie, Jackie Morstad. ROW 2: Linda Petty, Susan McBride, Linda Nixon, Muriel Moulton, Carol Mullis, Linda McDonald, Micky Loper, Sue Raines. ROW 3: Brenda Pruett, Genia Roberts, Mar- garet Matthews, Linda Russell, Ann Stone, Janet Kull. ROW 1: Jeannie Tharpe, Jean Shouse, Judy Swann, Linda Stokes, Jean Still, Ellen Stucky. ROW 2: Angela Tucker, Linda Spann, Linda Shelton, Mary Ann Young, Linda Robertson, Pam Smith, Lynn Stickney. ROW 3: Candy Smith, Sandra Wright, Carolyn Williams, Linda Wright, Brenda Wood, Phyllis Townsend. ROW 1: Barbara Jones, Sandra Asbell, Vickie Funderburke, Ronga Brown, Carole Irby, Pattie Funderburke, Martha Ann Jansen, Irene Harrison, Mona Hayes. ROW 2: Connie Jackson, Linda John- son, Nora Mae Forth, Bettye Hicks, Linda Hen- dricks, Cheryl Horne, Brenda Horne, Linda Foster, Janice Fulwood, June Harvey, Billie Irwin. Senior Dramatics The Dramatics Clubs learn more about make-up, acting, and costumes at their meet- ings. SEATED: Gloria Stehle, Treasurer; Tom Reinertsen, Vice-President; Rutledge Beecham, President; June Austin, President; Sherry Lindsey, Vice-President. STANDING: Pat Cooley, Chaplain; Robert Scarborough, Treasurer; Jane Rice, Secretary; Buddy Sherman, Secretary; Gail Bennett, Sergeant-at- Arms; Verlon Massey, Sergeant-at-Arms. ROW 1: Sandra Spann, Doro- thy Parker, Trudy Shearon, Pat Sealy, Lorraine Lewis, San- dra McCrane, Lana Tyre, Sheila Rudman, Paulette Calloway, Patsy Horne. ROW 2: Judy Smith, Sandra Holland, Sandra Meeks, Julia Pouncy, Donna Hattaway, Veronica Simpson, Bonnie Ward, Gloria Thomp- son, Janet Madden. ROW 3: Billie Irwin, Judy Monthie, Kay Sellers, Barbara Martin, Harri- ette Montgomery, Mercedes Neves, Paula Fields, Jo Ann Tamplin, Melissa Thomas. ROW 4: Mirium Odum, Beverly Mc- Bride, Ralph Merritt, Dwight Tyler. ROW 1: Donna Evancic, Linda Fiveash, Andrea Furline, Mary Ann Durden, Louise Bennett, Carolyn Crew, Pat Bryant, Sherry Bartlett, Barbara Bell- flower, Cheryl Lagowicz, Nor- ma Jean Graybeal. ROW 2: Wanda Lewis, Dona Bateman, Ann Wilder, Andrea Ham- mond, Cheryl Dent, Valerie Fitzgerald, Candy Adams, Sue Hallman, Janet Kull, Judye Head. ROW 3: Louis Durden Kenny Edney, Jimmy Draw- horne, Larry Keys, Richard Hamlin. Jr. Dramatics From demonstrations and ex- perienced speakers, the Dramatics Club members learn about act- ing techniques. They put on plays to practice this knowledge. ROW 1: Brenda Williams, Mary Joyce Burdge, Kay Cooper, Linda Worrell, Linda McDonald, Irene Harrison, Susan McDaniel, Marsha Hunt, Silvia Woodward. ROW 2: Sandra Wright, Gail Hall, Sue Baxter, Janice Hinson, Rosemary Peacock, Rosemary Alfirov, Diane Blondeau, B. Kay Denham. ROW 3: Patty Willis, Renee Brown, Janey Henry, Jackie Smith, Ginger Redman, Nancy Martin, Janice Sapp, Linda Pierce. ROW 4: Pat Hudson, Lynda Shelton, Patti Funder- burke, Sheryl Grant, Dene Daniell, Diane Henry, Faye Balkcom, Joyce Avera, Phyllis Wright. SEATED: Martha Bracewell, President; Wanda Avera, Ninth Grade Vice-President; Judy Reinert- sen, Eighth Grade Vice-President. STANDING: Joyce Pirkle, Secretary; Sheryl Hutcheson, Treas- urer. Thespians A national organization for stu- dents interested in dramatics, the Thespian Society offers member- ship to those who make a required number of points. These are made by taking part in different types of dramatic readings and plays. June Austin, Veronica Simpson, Linda Cheek, Pat Cooley, Gloria Stehle, Sherry Lindsey. Pep Club — The Pep Club strives to create school spirit at all Willingha ballgames. The cheerleaders teac the members cheers, which alsd helps them in trying out fo cheerleader in the spring. ROW 1: Mary Joyce Burdge, Anna Mooring, Renee Brown. ROW 2: Carolyn Brown, Joan Lavender, Linda McDonald, Linda Worrell, Jean Still, Linda O'Hanlon, Lynn Berryhill, Sandra Woodell, Bettye Hicks, Elaine Brown. ROW 3: Sandra Wright, Suzanne West, Echo Halstead, Betty Miles, Linda Darnell, Gloria Brown, Robbye Harris, Vicki Funder- burke. ROW 4: Silvia Woodward, Diane Driggars, Lynda Edwards, Susan McDaniel, Gail Tapley, Peggie Yearwood, Susan McCranie, Rhonda Hewell, Emily Carr, Janice K. Hinson. ROW 5: Marsha Hunt, Brenda Stokes, Meri Meriwether, Diane Wright, Jeannie Tharpe, Brenda Pruett, Rosemary Alfirov, Linda Prince, Rosemary Peacock. ROW 6: Janice Bowen, Frankie Anderson, Margaret Grace, Tommie Ann Stowe : : F , f ; i i i ; t; Audie Katherine Wood, Terry Dorsey, Ellen Walker, June Bryant. Chris Davis, President; Sherry Carver, Vice-Presiden udi Schwegman, Secretary; Merry Lois Wilburn, Treasurer. heila Waters, Linda Harris, Linda Hall, Linda Riggs, ROW 1: M des Neves, Sue Voellinger, Jean Tappen, Barbora Booker, Rosie Wheeler, S' : Linda Price, Libby Britt, Kathy Haller Pe ggy Wilson, Paula Lewis. ROW 2: Beverly Howell, Sherry Dixon, Rena Dent, ae ag tent Deese Marthe Ann Jansen, Carole Gibson, Linda Robertson, Mickey Loper, Charlotte Moore, Janis Rosson, Judy eee hOW. 4 ae Janie ‘Henry, Elaine Spillers, Huann Polivich, Susan Cummings, Faye Chofin, Becky Merritt, Dene Daniell, Ann Cryer, eee ran ar - him Gall, Sue Hallman, Trudy Sheoron, Angelia Tucker, Connie aor eae — ag 5 5 « ee oe a, Sl [owed ill IP og rri L Stickney, Faye Elliott, Terri Thames, Claire Gaultney, Sandra Johnson, Judy Thames, Hy . 1 , Wane tne, sylvia Shore, Iris Hill. ROW 6: Linda Howkins, Gena Bryant, Debbie McMillan, Linda Vaughn, Barbara ot — Short, Linda ‘Foster, Patsy Ennis, Nita Lovejoy, Sue Boxter, Kay Cooper, B. Kay Denham, Linda Johnson, Linda Savage. gh : ; gi ia Wilburn Elaine Brooks, Elaine Pilcher, Patty Clainey, Margaret Tyson, Judy Evans, Patti Funderburke, Regina Harper, Sandra Asbell, Lynda e ’ Barbara Hamlin, Cherry Batts, Sandra Colter, Sandy Cook, Camille Garrard, Anne Brewer. Ram Club The Ram Club tries to create school spirit and high standards of good sportsmanship between’ the two schools. ROW 1: Donna Evancic, Sheila Waters, Rosie Wheeler, Anne Brewer, Jerrie Alfirov, Linda Harris, Charlotte Moore. ROW 2: Charles Fiveash, Richard Jordon, Terry Colson, Pete Gaines, Wayne Slaton, Kenny Deen, Darrell Stephens. ROW 3: Ricky Payne, Jimmy Clay, Thomas Lindsey, Carl Puckett. Lamar Harris, Vice-President; Ralph Pulliam, Chap- lain; Jeff Wagner, President; Tex Watson, Treasurer; Bonnie Gardeners Camille Garrard, Secretary. The purpose of the Bonnie Gardeners is to promote the beautification of our surroundings at home and at school. Much of this is done through workshops and projects for the school. ROW 1: Elizabeth Roberts, Connie McElmurray, Joyce Avera, Dawn Lewis, Jeanne Smith, Linda Ely, Janis Rossen. ROW 2: Jean Bridger, Norma Jean Graybeal, Helen Glenda Daniel, President; Patricia TeSelle, Secretary- Bostick, Natalie Wood, Nancy Cason, Rosemary Turner, Sherry Dixon. Treasurer. Girls’ Athletic Association Membership in the Girls’ Ath- letic Association is awarded to girls who make a required number of points by participating in the various types of sports at McEvoy. ROW 1: Linda Cheek, President; Brenda Smith, Vice-President; Evelyn Strickland, Secretary; Sue Ellen Brantley, Treasurer. ROW 2: Louise Bennett, Donna Evancic, Marsha Miller, Sharon Jones. ROW 1: Carolyn Williams, Ann Cryer, Judy Moore, Sharon Hart, Margaret Hoole, Candy Wagner, Fe- licia Cooley, Mickey Loper, Linda Ely. ROW 2: Marlene Cauley, Marcia Barnes, Mary Frances Robinson, Judith McConnell, Iris Hill, Trudy Shearon, Pat Cooley, Roslyn Hall. ROW 3: Bren- da Kania, Garrie Brewer, Sharon Hewell, Marion Ezzell, Peggy Campbell, Chris Davis, Laverne Stal- lings. Evelyn Strickland, Helen Faulkner, and Sharon Hewell. Future Teachers of America In view of their possible careers in teaching, the mem- bers of this club increase their knowledge in the field of education. By helping the teachers, they learn the art of teaching. Jo Ann Hill, President; Delinda Tomberlin, Vice-President; Elaine Denard, Treasurer; Linda Jennings, Secretary; Mary Ann Durden, Historian. ROW 1: Jewell Hart, Kathy Hunnicutt, Gail Blount, Roslyn Tomberlin. ROW 2: Karole Irby, Dale Foster, Paula Fields, Frankie Thomas, Ginny Sarver. ROW 3: Debbie Walker, Brenda Jordan, Sandra Martin. ROW 1: Cheryl Hopkins, Nancy Hicks, Dianne Edwards. ROW 2: Lynne Lambert, Kay Probert, Donna Sue Mondy. Future Farmers of America The Future Farmers of America Club mem- bers of A. R. Willingham are trying to prune and beautify the shrubs and grounds of our local grammar schools. The club also enters livestock into th e competition of the Georgia State Fair. ROW 1: Kenneth Thomas, Pinky Maddox, Doug Raleigh, Kenneth Lucas, Johnny King, Dale Eads, Scott Fowler, Danny Smith. ROW 2: Bradley Marshall, Alfred ROW 1: Harry Marshall, Parliamentarian; Francis Nowell, Morris Leon Hudson, Wayne Jones, Dewey Stokes, Brian Shelton, Harold Mosley, Reporter; Mike Stokes, Chaplain; Wayne Hudson, Senti- Jerry Jackson, Larry Camp, Steve Hudson. nel. ROW 2: Oney Hudson, President; Duke Lindsey, Vice-President. ROW 3: Buck Carroll, Secretary; Donny Israel, Treasurer. ROW 1: Sharon Simpson, Carolyn Reynolds, Ann Marie Fiveash, Sandra McLean, Patsy Horne, Barbara McBride, Darnelle McCleave, Judy Robinson. ROW 2: Pat Barfield, Dianne Childs, Glenda Epps, Patricia Bateman, Patsy McDaniel, Paulette Callaway, Sandra Holmes. ROW 3: Harriette Baughcum, Ruth Roberson, Janice Sapp, Beverly Smith, Angela Bartlett. ROW 1: Linda Garrett, Janice Pierce, Judy Richitt, Judy Horton, Brenda Beck, Mary Jane McLeod, Bobbie Lewis, Becky Hibner. ROW 2: Elaine Carr, Linda Scarbrough, Dorothy Parker, Peggy Campbell, Sue Tanner, Patsy Best, Helon Olmstead. ROW 3: Gail Montgomery, Dianne Sellers, Joanne Leslie, Theresa Loden, Linda Jump, Marsha Hinson, Anna Jordan, Annette Haskins, Peggy Parker, Paula Childre. Willingham Future Business Leaders of America McEvoy Future Business Leaders of America try to create more interest in the business world and increase the knowledge attained through the commercial department. SEATED: Guynelle Pitts, President; Helen Hayes, Secretary; Sandra Windham, Treasurer. STANDING: Sandra Stubbs, Senior Program Chairman; Peggy Miller, Reporter; Nancy Smith, Junior Program Chairman. David Hagaman, President; Jim Wooten, Vice-President; Jerry Hardison, Treasurer; Jimmy Hamlin, Secretary. SEATED: Lynwood Donald, Harry O’Cain. ROW 1: Jimmy Scroggins, Billy Taylor, Lynn Woodard, Joe Edwards, Ron Graybeal, Bennett Chapman, Larry Bridger, Charles Riggins. ROW 2: Larry Lovik, George Brinkley, Bobby White, Roy Smith, Burney Keys, James Pelt. 164 Allied Medical Careers Club The membership of the Allied Medical Careers Club is made up of girls interested in professions dealing with medicine. Through- out the year they hear speakers, who encourage them to further their study in this field. ROW 1: Linda Woodward, Harolynn Purvis, Ann Hooper, Marsha Miller. ROW 2: Sandra Sandiford, Marlene Starr, Jean Copeland, Gina Choff. SEATED: Barbara Young, President; Carol Ferrell, Vice-President. STANDING: Linda Hurley, Secretary; Carolyn Tyner, Treasurer. ROW 1: Sheila Herring, Lorraine Lewis, Paula McPherson. ROW 2: Judye Head, Wanda Vickers, Toni Foster. Radio Club The purpose of the Willingham Amateur Radio Club is to pro- mote interest among the students in amateur radio. The club has helped interested stu- dents learn their code Wesick Wiavtlany; esos Cinthia: taut Meant and theory. Kemp Mabry, Advisor; Allen Worley, Secretary and Treasurer; Charles Stokes, Vice-President; Tommy Cook, President. McEvoy Library Club Established for stu- dents interested in li- brary work, the Library Club helps beautify our library and make it a more pleasant place in which to work and study. SEATED: Sharon Jackson, President; Patsy Warren, Vice- President; Guynelle Pitts, Secretary. STANDING: Yvonne Sanderlin, Program Chairman; Claudia Pate, Treasurer; Gail Holsomback, Carol Ferrell, and Guynelle Patty Bowen, Historian; Kay Holt, Parliamentarian. Pitts work at the desk. ROW 1: Janice Sapp, Harriett Arro- wood, Barbara Smalling, Edwina Mun- son, Becky Hibner, Brenda Epps, Aurye Jackson, Faye Sweat, Carolyn Granth- am. ROW 2: Anne Hightower, Brenda Hardy, Joy Kitchens, Vicki Chapman, Julia Pouncy, Mary Edwards, Jean Johnson, Donna Thames. Willingham Library Club The Willingham Library Club renders a valuable service to the school in circulation of books, beautification of the library, and in its participation in state-wide library activities. ROW 1: Warren Martin, Rodney Pridgeon, Bill Pilcher, Curtis Price. ROW 2: Harold Lumley, Secretary; Bill Pearce, President; Fred Newberry, Douglas Eubank, Donald Floyd, Raymond Metts. ROW 3: Ronnie Stulz, Vice-President; Micky Scandlyn, Harold Brown. Treasurer. DECA The Distributive Education Club pre- pares high school students for the busi- ness world through distributive education co-operative programs. By competing in state-wide competition in job interview, speech, and sales demonstration, they widen their knowledge of the business world. ROW 1: Dennis Crowell, Louis Etheredge, William Knowles, Keith Epps, Wayne Kitchens, Harold Gilder, John Clark, Larry Burdge, Billy Stewart. ROW 2: Harold Deloach, Gerald Barron, Robert O’Reilly, Johnny Sanders, Tommy Joiner, Leon Jackson, Reuben Shore, Thomas Bridger, Norman Thomas. Ronnie Scott, Secretary; Lucious Bowen, Vice-Presi- dent; Kenny Hall, President; Glenn Shepard, Treas- urer; Herman Waters, Reporter. McEvoy Science Club The Science Club tries to promote interest in the scientific field and encourage further study and research through science fairs and other exhibits. ROW 1: Norman Echols, Danny Dewberry, Ray Whaley, Eddie Reed. ROW 2: George McConnell, Buz Moulton, Bill Stranahan, Jimmy Sherwood, Dean Fellows, Ernie Adkins. ROW 1: Beverly Oktavec, Jolyn Broxton. ROW 2: Bonnie Lee Amos, Delores Sutton, Karole Irby, Faye Chafin. ROW 3: Shirley O’Brien, President; Jewell Hart, Program Chairman; Sue Nancy Hicks, Susan McBride, Pat Bass, Carolyn Carr. Byars, Secretary. 167 Physical Science Club Physical Science Club members learn a great deal about the industrial aspect of applied sci- ence from persons of various plants and indus- tries in Macon. One of the projects for this year is putting up a student bulletin board in the halls. Walter Garrett, Charles Peacock, Phil Bryant, Gary Walker, Terry Miller, Jimmy Lambert, Allen Rogers, Curtis Walker, Larry Stinson, Jerry Minton, Randy Hyder, Donnie Griffin, LaVon Uptagrafft. Ram Jets The R : . ‘ . ; David Flansbaum, Patrick Elam, Rex Kaney, Secretary; Allen e Ram Jets try to stimulate an interest in engineering Worley, Vice-President; Dick Pfund, Treasurer; Paul Merritt, and technical fields, and to assist capable students in President. training for careers in these fields. Life Science Club The Life Science Club, advised by Mr. Leonard Pridgeon in Room 111, has as its main objective the furthering of their knowledge of science. The members, while learning to perfect their skills in science, also render service to the com- munity and the nation. They also carry out the programs of the Science Clubs of America. George Balkcom, President; James Collins, Secretary; Larry White, Parliamentarian; John Broghen, Treasurer; Bill Pilcher, Librarian. ROW 1: Kenneth Mosely, Terry Lord, Douglas Eubanks, Tommy Smith, Vice-President. ROW 2: Melvin Usery, Sec- ROW 1: Gordon Dechman, Hugh Laing, Tommy English, Danny retary; Pudge Butler, Treasurer; La Don Walker, President. Strickland, Woody Meuburn, Steve Willingham. ROW 2: Fred New- berry, James Holland, Jack Freeman, Connie Stafford, Charles Almond. 168 McEvoy Math Club The Math Club tries to encourage interest of math in the lower grades. Only eighth and ninth graders are eligible for member- ship. SEATED: Elaine Ward, Secretary; Judy Strickland, Treas- urer. STANDING: Linda Foster, Vice-President; Dianne Driggars, President. Ed Cain, Program Chairman; James Knight, Treasurer; Flip Parrish, Secretary; James Price, Vice-President; Henry Ball, President. ROW 1: Ann Nelson, Patricia Te Selle, Susan Brown, Patricia Ragan, Cheryl Butts, Candy Brewer, Rosemary Turner. ROW 2: Dottie Rhodes, Sandra Martin, Echo Halstead, Becky Kent, Cheryl Smith, Patsy Ennis. ROW 3: Leslie Russell, Beth Godbee, Jane Walton, Brenda Johnson, Peggy Willingham Math Club The Willingham Math Club tries to broaden interest of members in mathematics, to increase knowledge of the subject, and to pass on to others appreciation of the subject. William Gober, Gary Swearingen, Al Under- wood, Charles Ross, Bobby Humphries, Buford Shurling. McEvoy Art Club The Art Club offers its mem- bers opportunity to find better ways of expression through art by helping them learn art ap. preciation. ROW 1: Bonnie Horne, Sharon Livingston, Lin Merchant, Judy Sprinkle, Susanne Baxter. ROW 2: Trudy Shearon, Darlene Sirmans, Carolyn Allen, Janet Pfund, Heide Blackwell, Cheryl Smith. ROW 3: “Gail Williamson, Edwina Munson, Dianne Jackson, Sandy Culver, Juanita Canady. ROW 4: Harriette Montgomery, Delores Tomsic, Cheryl Lagowicz, Elizabeth Johnson, Marie Graham. SEATED: Lynn Halstead, President; Edwina °° M , Vice-President. STANDING: Shirl Willingham Art Club ane: foanasiiad lly Smith, Socata ROW 1: Charles Cooper, Randy Albea, Eugene Cook, David Olds, Tommy Morris, Danny Reid, Clay Pruett, Ronnie Scandlyn. ROW 2: Jimmy Sandiford, Carl Johnson, Wayne Crumbley, Rickey Nobles, Barney Barron, Duane Weekley, Mike Suttles, Ross Cooper, Mickey Griffin. ROW 3: Wayne Adkins, John Clarke, Bill Williams, Jimmy Deloach, James Grantham, Donald Pitts, Ricky Powers, Charles Kirb i irby Sheehan, Tommy Pilcher, Paul Edwards, Woud, Willis Lastetier, Kenny Edney. Ronnie Pelt. SEATED: Ronny Yopp. Industrial Arts Club The Industrial Arts Club teaches different phases of wood work, knowledge of power machines, and proper use of tools and equipment. Fred Dickson, President; Ronnie Dulonge, Vice-President; Cary Adams, Secretary-Treasurer; Tommy English, Sergeant-at-Arms. ROW 1: George Asbell, Larry White, Steve Joiner, Paul Scott, Mike Landford, Sonny Bonner, David Newell, James Hamm, Sonny Laywood. ROW 2: David Bledsoe, Stanley Kimball, Terrel Gay, Roy Swain, Edgar Parent. Audio-Visual Club Carl Sheppard, Secretary; Terry Wheeler, Treasurer; Ronnie Dobson, President; James Mercer, Student In- structor; Jimmy Zwally, Vice-President; Terry Buffing- ton, Technician. The Audio-Visual Club trains boys in the opera- tion of audio-visual equipment. They censor all literature and posters in the school. ROW 1: Larry White, Jerry Spillers, Terry Buffington, Carl Sheppard, Jimmy Zwally, James Mercer, Ronnie Dopson, Terry Wheeler, Tommy English, Jim Overby, Sidney Myers. ROW 2: Mark Coppock, Frank Whitley, Danny Watson, Dan Rowland, John Higginbotam, Eddie Poulnowt, Gary Powers, Donnie Jones. ROW 3: Bob Stovall, James Friedlander, Ronnie Maywell, Robert Forth, Bevon Pryor, Randy Albea, Bobby Griffin, Bobby Jones, Johnny Stallings, Walter Holland, Chuck Cannon, Danny Frances. McEvoy 4-H Club By taking part in state fairs, projects, and other ac- tivities, members of the 4-H Club learn to apply them- selves in many fields. Nancy Cason, President; Dianne Wilder, Secretary; Jane Jordan, Reporter; Joy Moore, Vice-President. ROW 1: Linda Stokes, Jean Ingram, Jeanne Smith, Faye Elliott, Rhonda Smith. ROW 2: Robin Casey, Linda Stallings, Freda Shines, Evelyn Parden, Sue Boyles. ROW 3: Lynn Hughes, Carol Crissey, Elaine Reich, Barbara Martin, Rosemary Turner. Denton Bryant, Barbara Martin, Jane Jordan, and Tommy Smith plant a pine seedling as a 4-H project. Willingham 4-H Club Michael Collins, Vice-President; Ray Huff, Secretary; Richard Hamlen, President. ROW 1: Denton Bryant, Tommy Jones, Tommy Smith, Charles Over. ROW 2: Wade Elliott, Roy Smith, Paul Caldwell, Michael Smith, Robert Maddox. 172 Charles Stokes, Buzzy Leverette, David Flonsbaum, Kenneth Harrell. Phillip Moore, Richard Harrison, Jimmy Hamlin, John Neves, Curtis Price, John Clark, Larry Lengal. McEvoy Music Club Appreciation and interest in music are the main objectives of the Music Club. Through musical programs and other school and community ac- tivities they extend their knowledge to others. m PIPehitl SEATED: Pennie Bishop, Program Chairman; Gayle Bennett, Vice-President; Linda Jennings, President. STANDING: Phyllis Alexander, Treasurer; Sandra Doolittle, Secretary; Martha Webb, Social Chairman. Safe-Teen Safe-Teens encourage teenagers to demonstrate courtesy and good judgment in driving. They em- phasize safety through car checks and clean up pro- jects. Richard Arnold, Dwight Tyler, Larry Keys, Thurman Hathaway, Guerry Doolittle, John Ginn, Terry Colson, Emmett Jordan, Tommy Shaw, Carlie McNeil, Larry Garrett, Don Israel, Mark Bowen. ROW 1: Clair Shines, Carolyn Tyner, Peggy Miller, Gloria Brown, Beverly Morgan, Judy Parrott, Judy Crawley, Janis Rosson, Freda Shines, Betty Sue Dawson. ROW 2: Claudia Pate, Sandra Sandiford, Linda Coe, Ginny Sarver, Dolores Tomsic, Debbie Thigpen, Carolyn Shurling, Linda Ray, Margie Bowen, Janet Pfund, Sandra Barrentine. ROW 3: Phyllis Alexander, Earline McGee, Patsy Hughes, Evelyn Hall, Linda Wilson, Phillis Gilly, Thelma Horton, Faye Sweat, Elaine Slappey, Anna Mooring, Miss Hudson. ROW 4: Sue Ann Peterson, Vivian Hancock, Melissa Thomas, Jeanette Young, Karen Tyler, Lynne Lambert, Gail Blount, Roslyn Tomberlin, Judye Beale, Peggy Collins, Pat Dugger. ROW 5: Trudy Starr, Janis Taylor, Stevie Hayes. ROW 1: Darcille Bledsoe, Barbara Whitaker, Beverly Whitt, San- dra Williams, Linda Ricks. ROW 2: Pat Wist, Lindy Jones, Karole Irby, Michele McLendon, Joyce Batts. ROW 3: Leslie Russell, Mary Ann Bickel, Pam Bowen, Anne Fuller. ROW 4: Dianne Driggars, Brenda Stokes, Sheryl Hutcheson, Pamela Etheredge, Connie Ennis. Band Club Seeking to promote music education in the school, the Band Club gives its members an opportunity to express them- selves and to learn the value of music. ROW 1: Wanda Bryant, Linda Ely, Sharon Roland, Casey Brooks, Sharon Hart, Sandy Jones, Ronga Brown. ROW 2: Gail Joiner, Judy Stevens, Barbara Suddeth, Cheryl Moore, Brenda Williams, Melissa Shaw, Mavis Scott, Janet Walker. ROW 3: Sharon Poole, Linda Hudman, Mirriel Brantley, Pat Price, Priscilla Belger, Nita Black, Wanda Avera, Kay Baskett. SEATED: Shirley Arrington, President; Janet Kull, Vice-President; Donna Evancic, Secretary-Treasurer; Patsy Ennis, Librarian. STANDING: Lana Tyre, Publicity Chair- man; Cheryl Arrington, Publicity Chairman; Dean Carrole, Social Chairman; Miriam Odum, Captain of Woodwind Service; Cheryl Hamlin, Program Chairman; Delane Bowen, Captain Brass Service; Judy Smith, Program Chairman. ROW 1: Sherry Colson, Andrea Hammond, Wanda Bean, Karen Wilson, Jan Stevens, Cherie Holt, Georgia Holland, Selyne Hill, Becky Russell, Carol Jordan, Sandra Holmes, Mildred Leaptrot. ROW 2: Faye Balkcom, Virginia Balkcom, Donna Walker, Linda Nobles, Susan Brown, Mickey Willis, Reba Kitchens, Debbie Walker, Debbie Hallifield, Jeanette Young, Patsy Mason. Willingham-McEvoy Notebook Tune your radio dial to WBML each Wednesday night to hear the latest news from McEvoy and Willingham. Peggy, Sharon, and Richard have done fine jobs as announcers on the program. Some programs were highlighted by guests and interviews on subjects of special interest at the time. Peggy Barry, Sharon Jones, Richard Hamlen. ’ Tween Teens Reporters “Let me see the section with the ‘Tween Teens’ page.” This request is heard in the homes of many high school students every Sunday morning. News from all Macon high schools is pre- sented each week. Our reporters have done a good job in publicizing news from McEvoy and Willingham. Sandra Hooper, Wayne Pierce, Sandra Stubbs. Marsha Young, Jim Wooten, Editors-in-Chief. Ellen Russell, Charles Stokes, Organizations Editors. Ramscott Editorial Staff “What does my job as activities editor include?” A question similar to this was being asked fre- quently this fall by a group known as the Ramscott editorial staff. After instruction from Mrs. Hinesley and Mrs. O'Keefe, our advisors, and a period of trial and error learning . . . and frustration .. . we knew what was ahead of us. It has been an experience Kinlock Gottwals, Gail Holsomback, Feature Emmett Goodman, June Austin Paul Alexan- which we hope will be — Editors. der, Activities Editors. quite rewarding for you . the student .. . it certainly has been for us ... the staff. 176 Ricky Parham, Linda Cheek, Tommy Shaw, Sports Editors. Layout Editor; Shirley Mayne, Mike Ford, Lynn Halstead, Art Editors. Classes Editors: Elaine Denard, Phydan Johnston, Sharon Quinn, SEATED. Jerry Hardison, Jimmy Hamlin, Larry Lengel, STANDING. Photographers: Dianne Childs, Wayne Adkins, Pat Cooley. Copy Editors: Ed Cain, Rosie Wheeler. Advertising Layout Editors: Herman Waters, Peggy Barry. Superlatives Editors: Carol Ferrell, Jimmy Fox. Typists: Hinson, Donna Thames; Secretary: Melinda Herndon. Ramscott Business Staff Pennie Bishop, David Hagaman, Barbara Smalling, Busi- ness Managers. Lamar Harris, Charles Over, Lynda Fain, Sue Ellen Brantley, Nancy Lewis. —— SEATED: Sharon Jones, Martha Webb, Janice Norris, Carolyn SEATED: Ronnie Baggarly, Cheryl Lagowicz, Bonnie Thigpin, Skipper John- Grantham. STANDING: Johnny Goodin, Patricia loiner. son. STANDING: Mary Ann Durden, Louise Bennett. 178 Rampage Staff Six editions of the Willingham Rampage were published this year by this staff, which worked hard and cooperated well. Tommy Hooks, Managing Editor; Charles Byrd, Advertising; Tom Weathers, Copy Editor; Wayne Pierce, Editor-in-chief; Rutledge Beacham, Assistant Copy Editor. Ronnie Baggarley, Exchange Editor; Herman Waters, Assistant Circulation Manager; Burney Keys, Business Manager; Eddy Maddox, Circulation Manager. Howard Gay, Assistant Feature Editor; Wallace Bates, News Editor; Ronnie Digby, Feature Editor; Bary Swearingen, Assist- ant Feature Editor; Fred Johnson, Principal; Charles Stokes, Assistant News Editor. Buddy Sherman, Photographer; Ricky Parham, Assistant Sports Editor; Billy Henderson, Coach; Buzzy Leverett, Assistant Sports Editor; Johnny Goodin, Sports Editor. Bonnie Blue Print Editorial Staff Behind any good school newspaper must be a devoted, hard-working group of students. Helped by Mrs. Lanier, their advisor, the Bonnie Blue Print staff begins work on a new issue as soon as the present one appears. Their hard work pays off when they see how the students look forward to every part of their paper . . . the latest news, fashions, gossip, jokes, reports from clubs, editorials, sports reports. Dean Chapman, Editor-in-Chief; Gail McKinley, Managing Editor; Anne Mikus, News Editor; Lynn Halstead, News Editor. SEATED: Lynda Fain. STANDING: Sandra Spann, Charlotte Jones, Shirley Mayne, Nell Smith, Dianne Childs, Anne Brewer. Welda Mullis, Barbara Conner, Paula Fields, Sheila Rud- man Gloria Stehle, Frankie Thomas; Sue Tanner, SEATED. SEATED: Sharon Jackson, Nancy Lewis, Typists. STAND- ING: Sandra Stubbs, Sandra Hooper, ‘Tween Teens Re- porters; Janice Pearce, Roving Reporter; Dorothy Parker, Reporter. Bonnie Blue Print Business Staff Peggy Miller, JoAnn Hill, Pat Sams, Sandra Sandiford. SEATED: Sandra Windham, Pat Sams. STANDING: Nancy Lewis, Janice Pearce, Welda Mullis, Patricia Kent. SEATED: Brenda Beck, Brenda Epps. STANDING: Sandra Hooper, Lynda SEATED: Cheryl Hopkins, Penny Stulz. STANDING: Kathleen James, Donna Fain, Runell Short, Judy Moore. Hattaway, Sue Boyles, Margaret Matthews, Anne Hooper, Marsha Miller. Willingham Pride of Band Captain WILLIAM GOBER, Captain Judy Monthie, Ann Wilder, Sandra Stubbs, Gail McKinley, Gayla Parrish, Andrea Hammond, Donna Sue Mondy. GAIL McKINLEY, Captain 182 Dixie Marching Band Pe eae TO HE Captain, Dixie Darlings Drum Major JEFF UNDERWOOD, Drum Major Ann Eldridge, Linda Spann, Joy Kitchens, Barbara Jane Griffin, Mirium Odum, Sharon Hart, Judy Swann, Mona Hayes, Linda Marshall. PENNY STULZ, Captain Willingham Dance Band t Band OMCcer Y wil ( SS S S =a) ® K CO McEvoy Drum M. ajors Band ROW 1: Janice Norris, Ginger Redman, Margaret Jo Scott, Barbara Stanfield. ROW 2: Wanda Ezell, Mercedes Neves, Judy Ann Gay, Mary Ellen Edwards. ROW 3: Bonny Krewson, Pat Herring, Janice Gaskins, Elizabeth Roberts, Jo Ann Price. ” ; S = S — S : 0 WT Sy S — ao = Mckvoy Junior Chorus McEvoy Chorus Class Miss Kuhr, the student teacher for the Chorus, instructs one of the classes for Annual Music Festival. Superlatives 190 Superlatives are those students who have been selected by their fellow seniors . . . those who have outstanding personal traits . . . those who have excelled in dif- ferent phases of high school life. It is with pleasure that we proudly present our best . . . our 1963 SUPERLATIVES. 191 Te : 1iiih : Sports cing cheerlead- nds are the Cheering ctowds, r . mind id all this the ¢ ‘ ize Ma els amelal ic of the ba ey of sports. olor goes ha and strength p into the n — of any team. ¢ and the music first thoughts which when ‘one thinks h me . ety and mental. aa part of eac build character gar ers, 7 ff 201 Willingham Football This year’s football squad has done a remark- able job of holding its own in the 1962 gridiron season, despite some of the toughest competition Region I-AAA has ever seen. The Rams posted a fine 7-1-2 record, the best in the school’s history. They were runners-up to the I-AAA champs and eventual state champs, and in some quarters named the second best team in the state. BILLY HENDERSON Head Coach Martin Allman Billy Beale Jesse Duckworth Louis Downer A Mack Edwards Mike Garvin Dave Hill Johnny Stallings Royal Rams PETE GAINES MARK BOWEN RAY KANIA All-State Quarterback All-State End All-Middle Georgia Guard Bob McMahon, President of the Macon Touchdown Club, and guest speaker Dan Hill present the Harry Kendall Trophy to Willingham principal Fred Johnson. The trophy was presented to Willingham for its third consecutive win over its intra- city rivals, the Lanier Poets. The Rams de- feated the Poets three straight times, 13-6, 23-6, and 7-6. Watching are Willingham Athletic Director Billy Henderson and Cap- tain Pete Gaines. Coach Henderson explains a play to Carl Summers, Study pays off . . . Pete Gaines makes good gain behind fine Randy Mason, and Pete Gaines. blocking. Rams Roll Over Demons 26-13 Ricky Payne gets a bump on the rump compliments of a Demon. Ricky Payne gets into the act again, this time returning the favor, with assistance from Pete Gaines. Mark Bowen watches with interest. Rams, Devils Fight to 0-0 Tie Thelston Goss makes a little headway against Columbus club. Pete Gaines grinds out yardage against Blue Devils. Terry Colson, running from the halfback slot, swings around left end for a first down. Pete Gaines makes ten yard gain after exercis- ing the option play. Above, Richard Jordan and Pete Gaines converge on Granger ball carrier. Right, Gaines is knocked off balance by onrushing Grangers. Rams Ease By Baker, 13-7 Rams Down Jordan, 32-6 Above, fullback Jeff Wagner goes over left tackle for short gain. Right, halfback Charlie Fiveash tries to get more yardage out of recovered fumble. End Mark Bowen rushes to lend assistance. Rams Tied By Non-Region Athens Above, Pete Gaines tries to get as much yardage as possible after being shoe-string tackled. Left, staunch defenders Carlie McNeil and Charlie Fiveash make bruising stop on offensive foe. Rams Squeeze By Albany, 7-6 Above, everyone concerned seems confused as to just what is happening. Left, two Indians converge on Ram ballcarrier to make the stop. ’Dosta Hands Rams Only Loss 12-0 Left, Rams “gangbang tackle” tough Wildcat. Right, referees see who gets possession of early Ram fum- ble. The Wildcats ended up on top. Rams Slip by Packers, 7-0 Jimmy Clay halts driving Packer Back for short gain. Pete Gaines makes diving tackle to keep Moultrie man from getting big yardage. Rams Take Third Straight Win From Poets in Cliffhanger, 7-6 The Willingham Rams of Coach Billy Henderson made it three in a row over the Lanier Poets Fri- day night, Nov. 7, as they made a fourth quarter comeback to score the tying touchdown, and won the encounter with 55 seconds left on a fine con- version. In what was certainly the most thrilling of all Ram-Poet games, the Rams took the ball late in the game to march against a cold driving wind and a touch unrelenting Poet defensive line with- out making one mistake. Ram quarterback Pete Gaines scored the life- saving TD, and Carlie McNeil booted the winning PAT. Henderson and Gaines discuss strategy concerning bleak situa- tion during third quarter. Jubilant Henderson after game. Pictures Tell Story Rams and Poets get nowhere against each other in At the half, Rams go to locker room to hear grim half- first half. time talk. Poets come back on field determined, storm down field Tension becomes almost unbearable for spectators. for third quarter touchdown. Fired up Rams get hands on ball and begin their fault- BINGO, touchdown, with 55 seconds remaining! less drive down field ... and... Varsity Roster “The 1962 Willingham football team will forever be in the minds of anyone interested in Willingham and McEvoy. The young men who played on this team had those qualities tRat go hand in hand with success in any walk of life: sacrifice, hard work, loyalty, dedi- cation, determination, and most important of all, THE ABILITY TO COME THROUGH WHEN THE CHIPS WERE DOWN. “Willingham may be represented by teams with more talent in the future, but future teams can learn from the 1962 edition as far as the above traits are con- cerned. As far as our coaching staff is concerned, these young men are true Champions—we shall always be grateful for the contribution they made to our two schools.” Mentor Henderson and Captain Pete Gaines Billy Henderson , | Thelston Goss John Ginn Terry Colson Buck Carroll Pete Gaines Senior HB—155 Junior G—158 Junior QB—155 Senior C—150 Senior QB—170 a | al Mm. — MM - Randy Mason Charlie Fiveash Prentice Knight Ralph Pulliam Jimmy Clay Junior T—200 Junior HB—152 Sophomore E—153 Junior T—185 Senior E—165 Ps ee JR am Carlie McNeil Richard Jordan Emmett Jordan Ricky Payne Edward Foster Junior G—160 Senior C—150 Senior T—221 Junior HB—155 Senior E—140 Floyd Evans Ronnie Nobles Ray Kania Carl Summers Jeff Wagner Junior FB—175 Senior T—225 Senior T—172 Sophomore T—175 Senior FB—157 Wayne Johnson Raymond Bateman Bobby Bryant Thomas Lindsey Mark Bowen Sophomore T—241 Junior G—191 Senior HB—T47 Senior E—155 Senior E—170 Fierce looking defensive alignment consists of, FIRST ROW, |. to r.: Knight, Summers, Kania, Nobles, and Lindsey. SECOND ROW: Luzier, Goss, Jordan, McNeil, Colson, and Foster. Rugged backfield, made up of center Carroll, quarter- back Gaines, right half Bryant, fullback Wagner, and left half Payne. FIRST ROW, I. to r.: C. Murphy, S. Johnson, H. Stokes, W. Kellum, D. Lance, T. Jackson, J. Evans, and L. Harwell. SECOND ROW: Coach Mack Edwards, H. Windham, V. Ryles, D. Maddox, A. Taylor, M. Fields, C. Pulliam, J. Holland, J. Freeman. THIRD ROW: Mgr. D. Brannon, R. Bateman, M. Bryant, C. Brown, L. Evans, B. Floyd, G. Hellmuth, M. Luzier, and Tr. D. Pryor. Ninth Grade Team a ae = Ete «55, 4g 3? 67 mage 2 7 2 ow a | 35 68. 57 42 so 76, cy f “70 Ge 6) “aa” ELE 34 ange ioe ?' fi ) FIRST ROW, |. to r.: R. Brown, S. Bryant, J. Overby, R. Wheeler, G. Hutchingson, J. Davidson, L. Marshall, E. Poulnot, T. Hinson, B. Henderson, Mgr. D. Pryor. SECOND ROW: J. Spillers, B. Boney, M. McMillian, W. Register, R. Lindsey, D. Pitts, D. Lindsey, C. Allman, A. Brown, J. Landrum, C. Bentley, J. Cook, H. Lane. THIRD ROW: Coach Allman, L. Bolden, B. Abernathy, G. Jerkins, J. Brogden, J. Hardy, L. Bowen, E. Arnold, J. Deloach, R. Crow, L. Stephens, W. Louis, J. Clark, C. Brannon, Coach Downer. FOURTH ROW: R. Alligood, J. Defoe, R. MacKenzie, J. Ward, R. McCallum, L. Pope, R. Hutchingson, J. Higdon, R. Gibson, D. Parker, D. Blount, R. Yopp. Eighth Grade Gridders | iF 1 Bae’ oe e £ Ss “Fire ie rs 62.61 26+ 6C 36. $2.55,. Wy -98 a6 38, 5! z Ie wh Wa B ohadsei “30 4 txts: 3 sta’ a) 49 86 ay) : is S aS wie PE. 1S, os S0 54-28 G611- 11 10-.33- 27 an ghee hs Te oan e. ae 4 20 58 JA 19. 87 A FIRST ROW, |. to r.: T. Bennett, R. Jackson, D. Cheek, D. Francis, M. Brown, B. Epps, M. Schulman J. Bateman, J. Culpepper, A. Laing, J. Stallings, M. Burgamy. SECOND ROW: Mgr. D. Algea, R. Smith, E. Harbin, J. Lason, J. Stephens, R. Cooper, M. Williams, H. Benson, R. Griffin, J. Sharpis, D. Ellis, J. Parham, D. Horton, W. Sumlin. THIRD ROW: Coach Duckworth, B. Fitzpatrick, B. Larkey, H. Williams, R. Ogborn, R. Patterson, L. King, S. Floyd, D. Weekley, T. Hooks, D. Evans, J. Cherry, R. Daniels, D. Goodman, Coach Garvin, L. Hobbs. FOURTH ROW: K. Dixon, R. Wallace, G. Belson, D. Jansen, C. Asbell, C. Cross, J. Simpson, R. Loyd, M. Perry, D. Sauls, L. Mosley, R. LeFils, B. Goldsby. Jimmy Clay receives the Most Improved Trophy from Bobby Bryant is the recipient of the Best Offensive Coach Dave Hill. Trophy from the Rev. Allen Sanders. Willingha Coach Johnny Stallings presents Ray Kania with the Mark Bowen receives recognition from John Newsome for Best Defensive Trophy. being named to the All-Middle Georgia Team. Thomas Lindsey receives the Best Sports- Buck Carroll is presented the Best Blocker Trophy by manship Trophy from Roscoe Cross. Dave McMahon. Recognition SS ce es Se Oe re Seven Trophy winners of the 1962 Willingham Football Team: |. to r.: Jimmy Clay, Most Improved; Thomas Lindsey, Best Sportsmanship; Bobby Bryant, Best Offensive; Pete Gaines, Most Valuable; Ray Kania, Best Defensive; Buck Carroll, Best Blocker; Carl Summers, Best Hustler. Ram Basketball MARTIN ALLMAN Head Coach EIGHT RAM REGULARS: Thelston Goss (20), Ricky Payne (22), Pete Gaines (32), Mark Bowen (14), Ralph Pulliam (50), Jimmy Clay (30), Billy Hester (24), Bobby Bryant (10). Left, Bobby Bryant, a 6-1 senior guard, who took top scoring honors for the Rams. Coach Allman goes over a play with Bryant and Gaines. Above: Billy Hester goes under attempted block to collect goal. Right, Pete Gaines dribbles past defender while Ralph Pulliam prepares screen. Below, Ricky Payne has two points in the making as he drives hard. In above photo, Ralph Pulliam tries for two while Mark Bowen looks on; right, a moment of indecision seems to leave Billy Hester and Jimmy Clay as to who should have the ball; below, Bowen and Pulliam make try for stray ball. NUT Y Je oy KU , In photo above, guard Bobby Bryant deposits two despite efforts of defenders. At left, Ralph Pulliam shows his stuff with a jump shot. Below, Pete Gaines makes jump against Valdosta lad. Above: Pete Gaines shows fine form as he collects two for Ram cause. Left: Ralph Pulliam and teammate fight opponent for rebound. Below: Billy Hester shows grim determination as he slips past defender to cash in a basket. - i ot); el — wa a y pf I ae t ‘N .— Pete Gaines attempts block. Bobby Bryant buckets two. Willingham versus Lanier “Jinx” Still at Work —Lose Three Straight 64-62; 67-49; 59-45 THE CLIPBOARD FG FT PF 7 821 33 18 13-21 19 18 9-22 16 63 30-64 58 22-35 16 24 19-30 14 67 21 17-25 16 66 58-90 46 190 Pete Gaines tries in vain to block shot of Lanier foe. Ricky Payne follows to lend assistance. Willingham mentor Allman congratulates Poet coach Henry Middlebrooks. “B” Team Cagers FIRST ROW, |. to r.: C. Brannen, B. Floyd, B. Thigpen, C. Haun. SECOND ROW: Mgr. J. Spillers, C. Summers, C. Brown, S. Brines, B. Frederick, Coach L. Downer. THIRD ROW: V. Ryles, M. Fields, J. Holland, D. Blair, M. Beasley. WILLINGHAM “B” TEAM COACH LOUIS DOWNER: “This group of boys were typical of the Willingham Rams—hard workers, dependable. This team was one of the best full court press clubs that | have had the pleasure of working with. These young men should run keen competition for the vacancies on the varsity next year.” WILLINGHAM NINTH GRADE MENTOR BILLY BEALE: “This season's ninth grade team has been the best ninth grade club .that has ever played, as far as size and ability are concerned. If they improve as much in the next two years as they have in the eighth and ninth grade, they will be pretty sound material for the varsity.” WILLINGHAM EIGHTH GRADE COACH MIKE GARVIN: “This year’s eighth grade basketball team was, on, the whole, equal to the other teams of the past. Their attitude exemplified the spirit of the Rams. | hope that they continue to grow to be successful Rams of the future.” Ninth Grade Team Left to right, FIRST ROW: R. McKenzie, C. McCullough, J. Brogden, J. Hardy, L. Bowen. SECOND ROW: H. Laing, J. Evans, B. Henderson, D. Blount, D. Strickland, Mgr. W. Mullins, Coach Beale. THIRD ROW: L. Pope, B. Gunnels, D. Parker, J. Freeman, G. Jerkins. kighth Grade Courtsmen Left to right, FIRST ROW: D. Cheek, A. Laing, D. Ellis, J. Lovejoy. SECOND ROW: R. Smith, R. Patterson, R. West, E. Horne, D. Jansen. THIRD ROW: R. LeFils, D. Sauls, D. Roland, C. Asbell, K. Dixon. Ram Baseball BILLY HENDERSON Region 1-AAA Champions , ake FIRST ROW, I. to r.: Tack Mote (P), Dennis Bryant (OF), Wayne Slaton (P), Johnny Goodin (INF), Oliver Bliss (P), Charles Fiveash (OF). SECOND ROW: Johnny Henderson (mascot), Terry Colson (2B), Jimmy Pritchett (SS), Jim Greene (OF), Gary Smith (SS), Emmett Goodman (3B), Dennis Peters (1B). THIRD ROW: Darrell Pryor (Mgr.), Bobby Bryant (P), Floyd Evans (P), Ricky Payne (2B), Mark Bowen (1B), Pete Gaines (OF), Joel Dickens (C), Dickie Crosby (3B), Billy Henderson (Coach). Left: Mark Bowen makes fine play in putting out Poet diamond foe. Below: Tack Mote covers home in vain as opponents tally one. Poet is out on fine play by Willingham first baseman. Poets get their revenge, as Ram is tagged out on pickoff. Rams, Poets Swap Licks Joel Dickens can only wait for the throwin from the outfield The Rams find it just as easy as Pete Gaines slides in safe as Poet scores easily. at home while Poet catcher waits anxiously for the peg. Pete Gaines makes vain attempt to score as opposing catcher tags him out. Jimmy Green blows bubbles while coaching at first. Southpaw first baseman Mark Bowen is almost success- ful in pickoff attempt. Willingham Tennis Team COACH DAVE HILL ROBERT HINSON «1 ee Second Man Third Man Fourth Man Fifth Man Sixth Man Skipper Johnson Kenny Deen Charles Haun Val Hallman Tim Belury GROUP PICTURE, FIRST ROW: Tim Brines, Mike Brines, Tim Bellury, Kenny Jones. SECOND ROW: Jimmy McGahee, Val Hallman, Frank Whitley, Bobby Haggard. THIRD ROW: Russell Scanlan, Kenny Dean, Steve Brines, Charles Haun, Skipper Johnson. First Man Steve Brines Willingham Track and Cross Country Teams JOHNNY STALLINGS MACK EDWARDS Head Track Coach T Cross Country Coach rack Team VARSITY TRACK TEAM, FIRST ROW, I. to r.: Billy Vaughn, Lynwood Donald, Tommy Mason, Donnie Williams, Carl Summers. SECOND ROW: Donald Jones, Harry Cain, Mike Luzier, Alan Sheppard, Tim Miley, Terry Wheeler, Thomas Lindsey. THIRD ROW: Carl Puckett, James Holland, Sonny Harrison, Lamar Harris, Ronnie Wimberley, Jeff Wagner, and Wayne Smegal. Left, Randy Wheeler, 1961-1962 varsity track MVP award winner. Right, Bobby Bryant, versatile senior cinder- man, probable recipient of the 1962-63 var- sity MVP track award. Ronnie Nobles—Mike Fiedls Carl Puckett—Ronnie Wimberly Carlie McNeil Thelston Goss—Bobby Bryant Thomas Lindsey Lamar Harris—Tim Miley Cross Country Team Frank Ruis, James Avera, Lloyd Ruis, Harry Cain, Tim Miley, Alan Sheppard, Donald Jones, Sonny Harrison, Lamar Harris, Wayne Smegal, Terry Wheeler. Left, Lamar Harris, probable recipient of the Cross Country MVP award. Freshman Track Team NINTH GRADE TRACK, I. to r.: J. Evans, D. Strickland, G. Balcom, R. Brown, D. Jones, G. Hutchingson, J. Ward, J. Avera. SECOND ROW: D. Blount, H. Lance, T. Lawson, B. Henderson, R. MacKenzie, C. Adams, E. Arnold, E. Poulnot, F. Rouis. THIRD ROW: R. Yopp, L. Boulden, J. Brogden, J. Langford, R. Hutchingson, R. Lindsey, J. Edge, M. Parham. FOURTH ROW: T. Wheeler, R. Parker, G. Jerkins, B. Abernnathy, J. Holland, J. Freeman, L. Bowen, J. Defoe. MIKE GARVIN Junior High Track Coach To Terry Lance, a boy respected and loved by all who knew him. As Willingham’s most promis- Terry Lance ing track man, Terry achieved this only by his great self-discipline and ability to work toward his goal no matter how difficult it was. Willingham Golfers Buzzy Leverette Rutledge Becham Buddy Sherman Pinson Schulman Elliot Sellars Kip Causey Mike Fields Wade Roundtree ROW |: Ronnie Cooper, Robert Forth, Walter Holland, James Hamm, David Algea, James Freeman, Jim Lewis, Bobby Flanders, Mike Scrog- gins, Vick Shaw, Ronnie Garner. ROW 2: Captain Robert Benson (standing), Terry Buffington, Tony Yacobacci, Richard West, Holmes Wilson, Jimmy Zwally, Allen Shepard, Carl Sheppard, David Potts, Jerry Edge, Billy Howard, Captain Skipper Johnson (standing). ROW 3: Roy Jones, Gene Beasley, Sammy McElhenny, Tommy Wood, Larry Bledsoe, David Seagraves, Buford Colvin, Mark Coppock. ROW 4: Pudge Butler, Jerry Tidwell, Eddie Coleman, Douglas Damron, Wayne Rogers, Ronnie Smith, William Gilder, Wayne Rigby, Joe Bell. Willingham Gymnastics Team ww i) “= Ss) nb) mS eS 2 on McEvoy “Here we go, round and round the gym!” On cold days running is a good way to warm up. Tumbli ng Tumbling plays an important part in the athletic program. Here, three of our tumblers demonstrate the backward roll. Gym teachers Jo Hutto and Billie Anderson give an example of physical strength by executing a diffiéult handstand. Sports “Oh! my aching back,” cries the first row, as these girls illustrate the formation of a pyramid. Folk Dancing “Promenade!” How dull—in an all girls’ school, anyway! Well, if you can’t keep your figure one way, try another. Donna Evancic does it the hard way. Exercises We all dread the time of year when our “cruel” teachers insist we do our exercises. But we know how important it is to keep a healthy body. “Watch that waist line, girls.” Exercising is usual- ly done at the beginning of the year to prepare the girls for more strenuous sports. Everyone enjoys ping pong at McEvoy. Each year we have a tournament, and anyone can enter. Basketball At McEvoy, basketball is one of our most played, and most enjoyed sports. This sport is played to promote good sportsmanship among our girls and to learn the many skills of the sport. Jump high, girls! You have to get tha t ball to one of your teammates. Guard her well, don’t foul her, keep her from shooting. We must remember all the rules that we have been taught, to be good players. Badminton “Marsha, where did the birdie go?” asks Pat Cooley. Archery Are the McEvoy girls having to resort to weapons? They are developing skills in archery for some reason. For most girls this is a new and enjoyable sport with a great deal of tradition. Track has become a popular sport at McEvoy recently. Girls take part in relay races, the standing broad jump, the running broad jump, and other types of races. The climax to this time spent in training are the field events in the annual gym day held in the spring. Soccer Soccer is a well-liked sport at McEvoy. Lassies know many skills must be developed. Softball In the spring, all lassies enjoy playing softball. How do you think we get our good suntans? Field Hockey Running a close race with soccer, is field hockey, another enjoyed sport at McEvoy. oy VARSITY CHEERLEADERS—Captain; Camille Garrard, right; Co-Captain; Anne Brewer, left. School spirit is an important part of our activities. The job of promoting interest and enthusiasm is taken care of by our ch FRONT R Rosemary Wheeler, Captain Camille Garrard, Co-Captain Anne Brewer. STANDING: Donna Evancic, Sheila Waters, Linda Harris, Charlotte Moore. FRONT ROW: Anne Cryer, Lana Tyre, Merry Lois Wilburn, Pat Prince. STANDING: Adecia Pierce, Sue Hallman. B-Team Cheerleaders Our Junior Varsity and B-team are encouraged to win by the cheers of the crowd led by Junior Varsity and B-team cheerleaders. FRONT ROW: Linda Darnell, Susan McDaniel, Marsha Hunt. STANDING: Irene Harrison, Lynn Stickney, Janis Rosson. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Activities Ot es 244 A good program of activities adds ex- rel (-1a01-1) MOM LA -MMULIUL-] Me [ct le (e(-lavake) Ma stole) work. By participating in the activities of ‘the various organizations at McEvoy and Willingham, students develop into well- icelU Late (-xe Milare [Nate lOT-CM-Lare Maelalis ole) (8 ol la-) betterment of their schools . . . and have fun while doing so. Jan Thompson, Barbara Gardner, Marsha Young, and Jane Brown attend the Beta Club Convention. Publicizing of National Library Week is done very effectively by Mrs. Reese, Kay Holt, Claudia Pate, and Sharon Quinn. FHA members explain the meaning of their club to mothers at the annual banquet. 246 Flappers Kay Holt and Jo Murphy entertain .in a scene from the winning Beta Club skit. P S pring Spring of 1962 brought many happy moments with her. As days grew longer, and hotter, we yearned for the end of school. To Seniors, spring meant that their high-school years were almost over; juniors anxiously awaited the time they would be measured for their senior rings. Our teachers and principal found it hard to control the “spring bug” which made most of us allergic to our studies . . . or to any other work. Of course spring brought excitement, too . . . the all important elections of student council officers, class officers and club officers. Marsha Young, nominated by McEvoy’s Beta Club, was supported by all Macon Beta Clubs in her campaign for Vice-President of the Georgia State Beta Clubs. McEvoy’s skit, “The Roaring Twenties,” won the first place prize at the Beta Club Convention in Atlanta. National Library Week, April 8-14, was brought to the attention of all students by the many bulletin boards made by our librarian and library assistants. Becky Davis, speaker at the FHA banquet, added to the enjoyment. RX. The Stags play entertainingly at the City Talent Show. 1962 “Good Ship, FHA” was the theme of this year’s annual FHA Mother-Daughter Banquet. This year’s achievements and next year’s goals were presented to the mothers. Becky Davis, vice- president of First District FHA, was the guest speaker. In April the Macon high schools displayed their various talent at the City Talent Show. We were proud to be represented by the Stags, a dance band, baton-twirling Donna Sue Mondy, and others. Phyllis Martin, singing “On the Street Where You Live,” captured first place prize in the Willingham-sponsored Southern Accents. The Senior Class presented a fashion show and tea to raise money for their scholarship fund. The fashions, worn by adults, teens, and children, were from st ores in Westgate. This year, for the first time at McEvoy, a Latin Day was celebrated. There was an assembly in which Latin Club members presented a fashion show and various skits. Mrs. Cox has certainly kept our bulletin boards, halls, etc., neat and attractive this year with her art students’ various products. This year’s art exhibit was viewed and praised by all. Our newly organized Thespians, an honor society for those participating in the Dramatic arts, once again felt growing pains as Babs Green initiated ten new members. Membership is based on honor points achieved by participating in various activities. The Senior Class members invited their mothers to be their guests at a luncheon prior to graduation. Mr. Brake was “guest” speaker. Donna Sue Mondy lights up the auditorium when she twirls her baton . . . fire sparkling from the ends. Singer Phyllis Martin was the favorite in the Southern Accents. Shorts were modeled by Beverly McBride for the Senior The fashion show was a success, as these models show. Fashion Show. bis Linda Sue Harris and Ray Ann Johnson participate in a skit Barbara Bates and Linda Vaughn are also celebrat- on Latin Day. ing Latin Day. Janice Champagne is in a Latin Day scene. Patsy Gegogeine and Rebecca Causey stop in the hall to admire the art Babs Green . . . honor Thespian . . . inducted new exhibit. Thespians in a ceremony on May 31, 1962. Mr. Brake, our principal, speaks at the Senior Mother-Daughter Banquet . . . one Rebecca Kemper, Beth Ward, Sondra Newby are shown with their mothers of the last occasions they will be together at the Senior Banquet. as a class. ear : AcKinle d ewer were sn Sponsors for the Blue Team were Sandra Windham, Kathy Danahy Jean Moore, Gail McKinley and srew were sponsors crowned queen later .. . and Judye Wilder for the White Team During the spring, football players from the 1961-1962 team were chosen to play on the Blue or White team for the annual Spring Football Game. The members of each team selected three girls to be their sponsors . . . for the Blue Team, they were Sandra Windham, Kathy Danahy, and Judye Wilder, and for the White Team, Jean Moore, Gail McKinley, and Anne Brewer. Crowned at a dance following the game was Kathy Danahy. Senior-Dress-Up-Week found many dignified members of the Class of ‘62 less dignified as they donned various queer costumes. The days included Roaring Twenties, Career, Country Hick, and Kiddy. Miriam McGee, Jean Hig- gens, and Jane Herin appear as the Kids. The last hot three days of school were spent watching softball games, relays, and other gym contests. Jane Brown tried to run with a basketball between her legs. The chorus, led by their director Mrs. Lewis, presented a night of music for parents and students on May 31. Linda Jennings sang one of the three solos. ‘van @ it Tie fw 4 Dignified Seniors Miriam McGee, Jean Higgens, and It’s a little difficult to run with a basketball between the legs One of the soloists for Jane Herin shed their dignity and become kids . . . as Jane Brown demonstrates the chorus program was for Kiddy Day Linda Jennings. 249 Seniors Louise Bennett and Peggy Barry compare their rings. Mr. Brake presented the Senior Class officers their new rings Fall in a special assembly. 1? Margaret McEvoy High School began her sixth year t of operation with an enrollment of 1227. Many changes have been made to accommodate these students. Four new class rooms have been added . . . two adjacent to the lunchroom, two in previous locker areas in first and second halls. There are 49 teachers on the McEvoy faculty, of whom 17 are new. We are especially proud of our new language laboratories for use by German, Spanish, and French students. For a few weeks at the beginning of school, the new Seniors were the old hands . . . you see, they had just received their long awaited Senior rings. Senior Ring Day was proclaimed . . . and Mr. Brake gave the seniors their rings in a senior-high assembly. Peggy Barry, president of the Senior Class, and Louise Bennett compare the beauty of their new class rings. Sandra Windham, circulation manager of the Bonnie Blue Print, presented a prize to Sue Baxter, winner of the subscription contest for the paper. The McEvoy Student Council held an orientation pro- gram for the new eighth graders this year. Eighth Success of the subscription drive of the school paper is evident grader, Jeannie Tharpe, received an explanation of the as Sandra Windham presents Sue Baxter with a prize. guide book from Sherry Lindsey, chairman of the orientation program. One of the “big sisters,” Ann Mikus watched. “Big Sister’ Ann Mikus looks on as Sherry Lindsey, chairman McEvoy student Linda Baker is helped by instructors Billie of the Student Council’s orientation program, explains the Anderson and Jolene Turner in an exercise for the physical guidebook to eighth grader Jeannie Tharpe. fitness program. 4 150 Speaker for the Y-Teen induction of new members was Bob Porter. 1962 Physical fitness tests have been given to all McEvoy students who take physical education. These tests will be given twice each year to show the progress of each individual student. This test was set up by the President's Council on Youth Fitness and is required in most physical education courses. New gym instruc- tors, Billie Anderson and Jolene Turner, assist Linda Baker with one of the exercises for the physical fitness program. Bob Porter was guest speaker at Y-Teens’ induction of new members. Jane Windham, president of McEvoy’s Y-Teens, recognizes new members. Tri-Hi-Y also had their induction of new members at this time. New member Janice Bowen, president Ellen Russell, and advisors Mr. McArthur and Miss Colquitt stand beside the Tri-Hi-Y emblem. Something new was added to our school pictures this year .. . they were in color. Some of our freshmen are shown getting “their beauty struck.” The usual main attraction at the Spanish Club is the advisor’s son, Billy. At this meeting, he is shown help- ing members and Mrs. Hinesley nominate the new Standing by the Tri-Hi-Y emblem are new member Janice officers Bowen, president Ellen Russell, and advisors Mr. McArthur and Miss Colquitt. Pictures for the yearbook were made in the library at McEvoy. Spanish Club advisor Mrs. Hinesley holds her son Billy as Assembly-line precision was necessary to complete them in members nominate and elect new officers. two days. 251 Junior Charlotte Moore Chosen 1962 Homecoming Queen Willingham’s Homecoming game was again played with the Moultrie Packers. Probably the most exciting part of homecoming besides the game, of course, is the selection of a queen and court. This year McEvoy’s Student Council nomi- nated five girls to run and five Willingham clubs also sponsored a girl each. Elaborate campaigns featured bubble gum, candy . . . and plenty of hard work. Charlotte Moore, a junior, walked off with the title of Homecoming Queen of 1962. Her court consisted of Seniors Marsha Young, Johnnie Howell, Gail McKinley, and Kay Holt. MARSHA YOUNG JOHNNIE HOWELL GAIL McKINLEY KAY HOLT Queen Charlotte Moore (seated) is surrounded by her court: Gail McKinley, Kay Holt, Marsha Young and Johnnie Howell. 253 Senior Class members from both schools work frantically to finish decorations for the dance. After spending so much time decorating the goal post, Jerri Alfirov and Pam Blair hope their work will last. Homecoming 1962 Preparation for Homecoming includes many hours of decorating for the dance. Willingham’s Senior Class, in charge of the dance, received help from many people in completing this job. The day of the game is a busy one for everyone, especial- ly the cheerleaders as they decorate the goal posts helped by other girls, especially members of the Pep Club. To make Homecoming ‘62 extra-special, the AMCC sold white mums with blue ribbons to the girls at McEvoy and the boys at Willingham. The night of the dance . . . at last! We’ve won the game and everyone feels great, ready for hours of twisting to the music of the Stags. 8 ae a fone meal, — 3 fl Willingham Senior Class President Tommy Shaw, helped by cheerleaders Camille Garrard and Jerri Alfirov, decorates. AMCC member Martha Webb distributes mums to eager McEvoy lassies who had ordered them. Raymon but tators. orked hard during the game, although school spirit was already h Willingham Student Council President Pete Gaines crowns Queen Charlotte Moore as escort Jeff Wagner, member of the court Johnnie Howell and her date Dwight Payne, as well as interested spectators, observe. Mayor Ed Wilson spoke at Key Club-sponsored assembly at Willingham. The Key Club aided in the oganization of ‘‘Safe- Teens,” a group which promotes driving safety and courtesy. See At out-of-town as well as home football games, the team was faithfully supported by our bands from Willingham and Mc- Evoy. Linda Willron and Kristine Skogland, both from Wesleyan, enter- tained the Dramatics Club. By taking a simple skit and presenting it various ways they demonstrated how a good actress could success- fully portray many parts. November 12-16 was proclaimed by Student Council as Honor Week. Bulletin boards, posters, book marks, and discussion groups advertised the theme of honor throughout the week. Rosemary Wheeler, president of Student Council, and Gail Mc- Kinley, chairman of honor committee, made plans with Judge W. A. Bootle, who was guest speaker for Honor Week. Rivalry between Willingham and Lanier reaches its peak for the annual Willingham-Lanier game. This year before the big game, a code of con- duct, written by Inter-School Student Council, was presented by Rosemary Wheeler to the student body at a joint pep rally. ‘Pepe bmorer AP. Students from Willingham, Lanier, and McEvoy listened as McEvoy Student Council President Rosie Wheeler read a jointly-written Code of Conduct Sam the Ram, mascot for the Willingham Rams, gave Willingham cheerleader Donna Evancic a ride. That scoreboard looked mighty good to the Ram supporters from McEvoy and Willingham. The marching band presented one of its best half-time shows for this important game. Each year at the Willingham-Lanier game there is rivalry not only between the two teams, but also between our fine bands. Directors as well as band members work hard to present their most impressive half-time show. The highlight of this year’s show was the “Barber Shop” group. Sam the Ram was really dressed up this year in custom made frocks. Cheerleader Donna Evancic really proved her devotion by going for a free ride. This year was the third time we subjugated the Lanier Poets to win the city title for football. When the crowd from Willingham and McEvoy wildly counted the last seconds of the game, the score - As Mr. Littlefield directed, th at th based inad Ti... we had-wen te wee 5 oscetag efie irecte ose a e game héard some good barbershop victory again. 257 American Education Week was remembered by our Fu- tu re Teachers, who presented shiny red apples to all teachers. Mrs. Hall is given her apple by Linda Jennings and Elaine Denard. Flu, headaches ... and “test aches” . . . kept our clinic full. Rebecca Watkins wished she had been only playing sick as she is given medicine by “Doctor” Donna Thames. Dr. Pierce Harris (above), an Atlanta pastor and well-known ae was guest speaker at Willingham and McEvoy Thanksgiving a = Pete Gaines, president of Willingham Student Council, is pictured wi him. Mrs. Hall’s English classes really enjoyed Shakespeare this year. Below, Louise Bennett describes her Elizabethan theatre to Mrs. Hall, Nancy Smith and Ray Ann Johnson. General Motors’ Pa- rade of Progress fas- cinated McEvoy girls: even Mr. Brake (be- low) went back for explanations. POWDER PUFF FOOTBALL ALL ’ BOY CHEER The Junior and Sophomore class, in order to raise money, displayed their talents November thirtieth in the Powder Puff Football game. Charlotte Moore, junior, and Merry Lois Wilburn, sophomore, kneel before lobby bulletin board advertising the game. Since it was a night of opposites, boy cheerleaders Vernon Massey, Buzzy Leverette, Larry Bridger, and Ronnie Stephens found out what it is really like to cheer all night. Upper right, “Coach” Jeff Wagner lets go of some hard learned tricks to Garrie Brewer and Evelyn Strickland. Below, Powder Puff King Ricky Payne and date Candy Adams are surrounded by court members, Lamar Harris and Judy Smith, Tack Mote and Adecia Pierce, Charles Fiveash and Darlene Durden, Richard Jordon and Brenda Smith. Mr. Ben Jones and Mrs. Susan Chanin narrated the “dress right” show. FBLA Modeals in this picture are Harry O’Cain Phillip Odum and Dianne Childs model and Betty Horne. here. The FBLA chapters of McEvoy and Willingham presented a “dress right” program at both schools. These programs, presented with the hope that they would promote good dress habits among the students, showed the “do’s and don’ts” for various occasions. The models from McEvoy were outfitted by Stephens in Westgate; Ben Jones Men’s Shop attired our Willingham “models.” The narrators, Mr. Ben Jones and Mrs. Susan Chanin, gave brief talks on proper or improper wear on certain occasions. Donna Evancic, one of the cheerleaders, probably hasn't been home. One way to encourage school spirit is to have pep rallies . . 260 Sheila Waters, with others, leads a cheer’ for - f y the Rams. », Have you ever wondered why the cheerleaders are always early for our football games? It could be that they just got through decorat- ing the goal posts . . . and haven't even been home. Have you ever wondered why cheerleaders are al- ways at the dances after the games? Well, they were there first . . . dec- orating for the dance. I’m sure we would all like to thank our enthus- iastic cheerleader squad for all their secretly performed, but necessary, tasks. . especially when they‘re co-ed. TEAMWORK ABILITY ; ted raDD + or A Elaine Carr, Jane Windham, Gail McKinley, and Phydan Johnston, new Sandra Windham . . . excited and happy. .- - has her flower Beta members, kneel in front of the Beta Club bulletin board. pinned on. Now she’s a Beta member Everyone looks forward each year to Beta tapping. At McEvoy excitement fills the gym as each Beta member takes her gold flower, goes up into the crowd, and pins it on the shoulder of a new member of this honorary society based on scholar- ship, leadership, and character. The boys at Willingham have the same feeling . . . but without the squeals . . . as they watch new members being sought out and tapped. The Quill and Scroll, an international literary society organized during 1961-62 at McEvoy, inducted its members in an assembly. Later this year it will tap its new members. Terry Jackson is tapped by Howard Gay Phydan Johnston and Sharon Quinn participate in Quill and New Quill and Scroll members take pledge of membership in induction Scroll induction and advisor M rs. Julia Lanier watches. ceremony. 261 Christmas 1962 Christmas celebrations began early this year at McEvoy. The Senior Class held their Christmas banquet at Hadden’s Restaurant. Elick Bullington, pastor of Liberty Methodist Church, was guest speaker. Below: Gail McKinley, secretary of the Senior Class, kept him busy talking before dinner. The McEvoy-Willingham Dramatics Club presented the play, “The Littlest Angel,” to both schools. Below: The “littlest angel,” Jimmy Scroggins, talks over his problems with head angel, Gail Fields. The Spanish, French, German, and Latin students were not forgotten either. In an assembly they were given a chance to display their singing talents by the singing of carols in their newly acquired tongue. Opposite page: The last day of school before the holidays was a whirl of activities. For some, like Sharon Jones, the fascinating Limbo helped the time go by. Student Council's canned goods drive more than reached its goal; not only maids and janitors, but lunchroom maids as well received boxes of canned goods as a token of appreciation for their services. Of course we think of exchanging gifts at Christmas, so Coach Garvin proudly displayed one of his favorite “gifts.” The Red Cross sponsored door decoration contest in Junior High was won by Room 140, Mrs. LaMount’s class. Mr. Greenshaw presented the five dollar prize which was later given to the Goodfellows. Rosie Wheeler, president of Student Council, proudly gave Mr. Brake a check to be used at the end of the year to help the girl of his choice further her education. The money was contributed by the student body. Mr. Bullington speaks at the Senior Class Christmas Banquet. Accompanied by Mr. Harvey, the German class sings German Christmas carols. “The Littlest Angel’ is presented by the Dramatics manger scene is depicted as the language classes sing their carols. Club. Sharon Jones tries the Limbo. Mr. Lamont presents Mrs. Greenhaw a check for five dollars. Student Council sponsored a canned food drive in order to give our maids and janitors canned goods for Christmas. Garvin sports his new Christmas present. Rosie presents Mr. Brake with a check in behalf of the a body. Winter 1963 M1 WILLINGHAM Pride of Dinie wacon BAND GEORGIA Willingham’s “Pride of Dixie’ Band was among the few high school bands which participated in Governor Carl Sanders’ Inaugural Parade in Atlanta in January. Dr. Eugene Nichols, of F.S.U., spoke on “The New Approach to Modern Math” at a dinner held here at McEvoy. Our Math department was host to math teachers from other Bibb County high schools as well as Mercer and Wesleyan. Above: Miss Simmons, Mr. Golson, Miss Edinfield, Mrs. Gray, Mr. Brake. Math club members Diane Driggers, Brenda Horne, Linda Foster, Judy Strickland, Beth Godbee Sandra Martin, Peggy Tidwell, Patsy Ennis, Elaine Ward, Candy Brewer, Pat Pape, Elaine Carr served. Senior Toni Foster gets help on her working biblio- graphy from Kay Jordan and Anne Marie Fiveash. All seniors will forever re- member the long hours spent on their English term paper. Paul Merritt takes his turn directing traffic; this is one of the seniors’ ‘privileges.’ Miss Stalnaker, a Board of Health nurse, gives senior home Evelyn Strickland enjoys the convenience economics students some inside tricks to baby care new rn machines, which are their lunches SOCK HOP 06 oO} Sandra Tillman and Jean Shouse, sophomores, put finishing Gail McKinley, managing editor, helps Bonnie Blue Print touches on a bulletin board advertising a dance to raise staff members Anne Mikus and Diane Childs put finishing money for class projects touches on the paper before it goes to press. . | rer Sherry Lindsey, . h | chairman of the Ramscotts, turns In the second annual J . , over the loot to Walk-a-tk li . a beg sats ll nets Sheriff Bloodworth fund-raising drive, the j F Ramscotts, a group from : in turn for Jeff Willingham, McEvoy, and . Mt. de Sales, competed ; : ‘ against the Polio-ettes, : Gaines, and Mark from Lanier, Miller, and , Bowen’‘s freedom Stratford. G aes x from jail. Their over night stay was only an overnight pub- licity stunt. Wagner, Pete 265 Peggy Miller, Jackie Williams, Pam Etheredge, and Jan Many of our mothers came and stayed in the clinic during Walker present “Athropods to Athropods” in hopes of intro- year. Mrs. Bounds helps Barbara Young along the road to ducing “Mr. Grasshopper” to the Biology class. recovery. Rosie Wheeler, president of Student Council, discusses McEvoy Student Council running for the office of Vice-President of Georgia Association of Student Council. Right, Jane Windham gives her opinion on the motion. It was later decided that McEvoy would run. Tri-Hi-Y’s panel dis- cussion was on “Courtesy.” The mem- bers of panel were Pete Gaines, Jim Wooten, Marsha Young, Ronnie Digby, Wallace Bates, Peggy Barry, and Rosemary Wheeler. Not only was the Senior Rich’s Trip an important occasion for Prizes the girls from McEvoy, but it marked the last trip for Mr. Lockhart, head of Rich’s day tours on the Nancy Hanks. Mrs. Lanier, one of the Senior advisors, enjoyed the day, too. were given to the lucky girls whose names were drawn from a box on the way to Atlanta. Merri Meriweather is delighted to hear her name called as Cherie and B. J., eagerly awaiting the Nancy, pick up their the winner of one of the prizes given at the Fashion Show and box lunches. Tea. After spending all day at Rich’s, Bobbie and Helen relax on the way home. That lollipop looks good! Seniors, Johnnie, Gail and Peggy begin to prepare for gradua- Schedules have to be made out for next year. Mr. Brake tion by selecting their invitations. helps Sue Boyles, a junior, decide on a course of study. The Beta Club held its annual Career Day. Much work goes into its preparation to make it a success. Bell, one of the guests, was from Wesleyan. Patricia finishes putting up the “road signs.” Carolyn gives out name tags to the Beta girls. A big welcome greets Mr. Brake on Valentine's after his trip to Philadelphia. F.H.A.’s Sweetheart Ball, a gala occasion for all who attend, is The night is climaxed by the crowning of the queen, Miss Sue Boyles. filled with music, dancing, and fun. Surrounded by her court, Sue reigns as a beautiful queen. . O1.cige Marsha Young, Mrs. O'Keefe, Jim Wooten Rosie Wheeler, Charles Stokes, Ellen Russell, Jimmy Hamlin, Jerry Hardison, Phydan Johnson 270 “The shipment goes off next week. We have to have everything ready!” These words are heard frequently by members of the Ramscott staff. Much time and hard work goes into the publication of an annual. In the upper left is Mrs. Hinesley, the Ram- scott advisor, who has proved to be invalu- able to the staff. In the left center Marsha and Jim, editors, work with Mrs. O'Keefe. copy for her section. Copy is an important part of an annual. In the right center Rosie helps June with copy for her section. On the day that a shipment is due to go off the work has to be finished, and it some- times takes the help of a few more staff members, as we see in the picture in the lower left corner. Introducing annual work to the Juniors, Mrs. Hinesley and Marsha talk to the girls in a Junior Class meeting. i June Austin, Rosie Wheeler Marsha Young, Mrs. Hinesley The bookstore, our guidance offices, and bank are school services always ready to be used by the girls. We are appreciative also to the six girls who spend their study-hall time helping Mrs. Castlen in the lunchroom each day. In the upper right are Adecia Pierce and Pat Prince, who work in the bookstore every morning from 8:20 to 8:40. Mrs. Ginther, our senior high guidance coun- selor, has her office open at all times to girls in need of advice and help. To help girls save their money for later ex- penses, the McEvoy Bank operates every morn- ing, taking deposits. Brenda Darley, Gloria Branten, Jean Davis, and Donna Carpenter. Adecia Pierce and Pat Prince. Angela Bartlett, Peggy Miller, Emily Carr, Kay Holt, Margaret Hall, Susan McCranie, Chris Davis. The office monitors have proved to be a great help in the work of our school’s office. Taking care of many of the odd jobs, they found their work interesting and enjoyable. The library would be a very disorganized place if it were not for our library assistants. Their job includes checking out books, locating magazines, replacing books on the proper shelves, helping in the audio-visual department, and giving information to girls about the func- tions of the library. Monitors Nancy Lewis, Harolynn Purvis, Bonnie Thigpin, Joanne Leslie, Marsha Young, Gail McKinley, Melinda Herndon, and Barbara Smalling seem to be “taking over” the office. Pennie Bishop, Elaine Denard, Pat Sams, Rosie Wheeler, Phydan John- ston, Ellen Russell, and Brenda Kania (seated) gather ‘round the desk in Mr. Brake’s office. Standing in front of the reference section of the library are Helen Hayes, Sue Byars, Barbara Jones, Joy Kitchens, and Shirley O’Brien put books Beverly Eleam, Jean Johnson, and Nancy Smith. away. CL 17 Standing behind the desk in the library are assist- ants Barbara Smalling, Adecia Pierce, Nancy Hicks, Ann Marie Fiveash, Harriet Arrowood, Dean Carroll, and Mickey Loper. Assistants Yvonne Sanderlin, Barbara Gorman, Brenda Hardy, and Linda Nancy Riezenger, Dorothy Keels, Patsy Mason, Brenda Epps, and Hurley listen as Ann Hightower explains the use of one of our pro- Mary Edwards are shown in the magazine room. jectors. Other libary assistants are: ROW 1: Sarah Alligood, Edwina Munson, Rebecca Hibner, Janis Sapp, Gail Holsomback, Carol Ferrell. ROW 2: Donna Thames, Vicki Chapman, Guynelle Pitts, Juanita Canady, Claudia Pate, Faye Conner, Julia Pouncy, Jane Moulton, Mary Ann Durden, and Carolyn Grantham. 273 Janice Norris and Bonnie Digby Bobby Bryant Bonnie Thigpin Recognition is given to the achieve- ments of outstanding students through- out the school year. Our schools are honored by the accomplishments of their students. In the picture in the upper left of the page are McEvoy and Willingham’s representatives to the Inter-City Stu- dent Council. Standing are Pete Gaines and Rosemary Wheeler. Those seated serve as officers on this council. Joe McDaniel is Treasurer, Gail McKinley is Vice-President, and Brenda Stokes is Parliamentarian. The College Board Examination is taken by the Seniors in December. When the scores return the student with the highest score on the test and highest academic standard is desig- nated as Star Student and participates in the District Star Student Contest. This year Janice Norris was McEvoy’s Star Student and Willingham was repre- sented by Ronnie Digby. The title Best Citizen suggests a person well liked by everyone because of his friendly attitude and outstanding service to the school. The Seniors at Willingham gave this title to Bobby Bryant while the McEvoy Seniors chose Bonnie Th igpin as their Best Citizen. Below, Sandra Spann was winner of the Betty Crocker award. Sandra Spann Sandra Stubbs Sue Boyles McEvoy was represented by beau- ty, talent, poise, and personality in the persons of Sandra Windham and Sandra Stubbs, who were among the ten semi-finalists in the Miss Macon Pageant. Some of McEvoy’s students held office in organizations outside of the school. Sue Boyles, in the picture at the top right, was city F.H.A. President. Guynelle Pitts, in the center pic- ture, was elected and did a fine job as President of the District | Library Assistants. The title of outstanding Distribu- tive Education student was given to Herman Waters, whom you see in the picture in the center. Seated beside Herman is Kay Holt who held the office of Secretary of the Georgia Association of Library Assistants. The Y-Teens Inter-City Council functioned under the leadership of Sherry Lindsey, president, Anne Mikus, vice-president, and Rosylyn Hall, parliamentarian, in the lower picture. Sherry Lindsey Roslyn Hall Ann Mikus Advertisements 27 6 McEvoy and Willingham students pa- tronize many of the business firms of Macon. These firms in turn use our Ram- scott section for their advertisements. We appreciate their moral backing as well as their financial assistance. 277 K. B. AND WAYNE OLMSTEAD K. B. SERVICE STATION Compliments of 4509 Houston Avenue Phone SH 3-9684 JACKSON OLDSMOBILE, Macon, Georgia INC. 717 Third Street ue J ay SYSN o °%3 NY Ze § BI ' ' MACON, GEORGIA A seasniiiaaanieieneeeeall Sales Service “Macon’ 4 Complete Year Round Toy Shop’ : 2330 Ingleside Avenue SH 3-5719 The CITIZENS SOUTHERN NATIONAL BANK 487 Cherry St. Ingleside and Corbin Aves. Cherry at Cotton Ave. Westgate Shopping Center Second and Hemlock Shurlington Plaza Shopping Center Telephone SHerwood 3-744| MEMBER FDIC DIXIE CLEANERS One Hour Service Convenient Drive-In Windows Dial SH 5-1033 3113 Pio Nono Avenue BARFIELD'S FINER FOODS 2160 Pio Nono Avenue Macon, Georgia BRYANT-MARCHMAN HAIR CUSTOMS 4690 Broadway FOR MEN AND BOYS TELEPHONE 788-3551 3716 Houston Avenue QUALITY ORTHOPEDIC SHOE REPAIRING WORK MONDY’S SHOES PIO NONO PLAZA Shoes for the Entire Family AT SAVINGS YOU WON'T BELIEVE Children's Corrective Shoes O. L. MONDY SH 2-2847 COMPLIMENTS of GEORGIA KRAFT COMPANY Macon, Georgia MURPHEY, TAYLOR ELLIS, INC. REALTORS INSURORS 575 First Street HADDEN’S RESTAURANT Catering to Parties and Banquets 4451 Houston Avenue Macon, Ga. PHONE 5-907! Compliments of CENTRAL JEWELRY STORE MODERN BEAUTY SALON ANN WILLIAMSON REBECCA ADKINS BEULAH FREEMAN JOSEPHINE WILSON 2114 Ingleside Avenue Phone 746-8556 LOOSIER OF MACON, INC. Good and Better Furniture for Less Money 448 Second Street Macon, Georgia COMPLIMENTS OF LASSETTER'S SERVICE STATION 2471 Houston Avenue SH 2-9645 Macon, Georgia Macon, Georgia SH 3-267] Dannenberg CLIFF DAVIS HARDWARE COMPANY Your Friendly Hardware Store Phone SH 2-1625 3156 Vineville Avenue MIDDLE GEORGIA MACK SALES AND SERVICE 4465 Marion Avenue PONTIAC America's Number One Road Car LAMAR PONTIAC 725 Third Street COMPLIMENTS OF MORSE SEWING CENTER 354 Cherry Street SH 2-6421 Third and Walnut Streets RESTAURANT AND CATERING SERVICE Call 743-4446 PARTIES CATERED DRIVE IN — ANY TIME COME IN Ar ANY PLACE CALL IN Have Food—Will Travel Compliments of MACON LINEN SERVICE COMPLIMENTS OF CARL HAYS, JEWELER Member of National Bridal Service 406 Cherr y Street Macon, Georgia Compliments of PINEBROOK INN Forsyth Road Catering to High School Banquets and Breakfasts CENTRAL GEORGIA FERTILIZER COMPANY 352 Eighth Street P. O. Box 390 Macon, Georgia Compliments of KERNAGHAN, INC. DIAMONDS—WATCHES—SILVER 419 Cherry Street Compliments of CHAMBERS LUMBER COMPANY MACON ELECTRIC COMPANY DAVIS ADAMS TIRE COMPANY 3257 Vineville Avenue Macon, Georgia DAVIS ADAMS SH 6-9746 MACON MINE AND MILL, INC. 725 Fifth Street Telephone SHerwood 6-7367 Macon, Georgia MILAM'S VARIETY STORES 1022 Pio Nono Avenue 835 Second Street 1635 Montpelier Avenue MUNFORD DO-IT-YOURSELF STORE 433 Walnut Street SH 6-5I 11 Macon, Georgia MACKEY FURNITURE “WE COMPLETELY FURNISH YOUR HOME. Dial SH 5-9048 1744 Broadway Macon, Georgia Buick. Cadilze Since! V8 HUCKABEE obulo Co: 696 THIRD AT PINE ST. Macon, Georgia MACON FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION HOME LOANS SAVINGS 377 Third Street 900 Pio Nono Avenue Compliments of PIO NONO HARDWARE AND NURSERY 4561 Pio Nono Avenue Phone 788-1842 Compliments of QUICK SNAK CAFE AND POOLROOM 2672 Pio Nono Avenue Compliments of HERIN'S GROCERY 3245 Houston Avenue GLASS' PHARMACY Cherry at Broadway SH 2-1837 Macon, Georgia SINCE 1914 McCLURE-BALDWIN GRIFFIN Complete Office Outfitters EQUIPMENT—FURNITURE—SUPPLIES Dial SHerwood 2-2589 570 Mulberry Street ELLER'S TIRE SERVICE Complete Tire Service 4220 Broadway SH 5-9912 Compliments of MAXWELL BROTHERS FURNITURE 471 Second St. SH 2-641 | MELTON’S GARAGE All Work Guaranteed 446| Houston Avenue Dial SH 2-6746 I]. H. MELTON Compliments of Macon Asphalt and Paving Company Contractors 4290 Pio Nono Avenue P. O. Box 3176 Macon, Georgia Compliments of MACON BUILDERS SUPPLY COMPANY All Types of Building Material SH 2-5733 SH 6-755! 359 Oglethorpe Street Macon, Georgia GO WITH GLO OIL 4317 Houston Avenue Ben Shepherd, Manager PORTERFIELD FLORAL AND GIFT SHOP Complete Wedding, Funeral and Hospital Service Gifts for All Occasions FRANCIS AND FLOYD JACKSON, Owners and Operators 2610 Allen Road Telephone 788-5446 Macon, Georgia FELIX PIT BARBECUE We Cater to Outings” 502 Oglethorpe St. Phone SH 2-9345 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ‘63 Every senior will be given a savings account of $1.00 in recognition of his achievement upon presenting his an- nual to Home Federal Savings and Loan Association. La a USN | . TION « Macon E mel et ff GROUND FLOOR BANKERS INSURANCE BLDG. J. E. TIMBERLAKE, JR., President ici Bee . SAM P. LAMBACK, Manager OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS J. E. TIMBERLAKE, JR., President SAM P. LAMBACK, Sec'ty and Treas. HUGH H. HILL, Vice President C. ©. McAFEE, Vice President DIRECTORS Tom Flournoy, Jr. T. Baldwin Martin Cubbedge Snow, Jr. Hugh H. Hill C. O. McAfee David W. Thornton Sam P. Lamback Chris R. Sheridan J. E. Timberlake, Jr. Marvin J. Coddon William A. Snow Frank W. Walthall, Jr. HOME FED! SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF MACON MAIN OFFICE BRANCH OFFICE 100 Bankers Insurance Building 35 Westgate Shopping Center Macon, Georgia Macon, Georgia SOUTHERN DISCOUNT COMPANY 329 Cotton Avenue Macon, Georgia LOANS Compliments of R. S. THORPE SONS 533-535 Cherry Street — Telephone SH 2-6246 Macon, Georgia Better Clothes for Men and Boys — Ladies' Beauty Salon Compliments Compliments - f . DIXIE GENERATOR AND DR PEPPER et et pig BOTTLING COMPANY UTHSIDE 66 SERVICE JAMES H. STORY, Owner Macon, Georgia 4439 Pio Nono Avenue Telephone 788-9958 285 WESLEYAN COLLEGE Founded 1836 O ffering Four Degrees to the Qualified High School Graduate Who Desires a Coordinated Program of Liberal Arts and Fine Arts. BACHELOR OF MUSIC BACHELOR OF ARTS BACHELOR OF SCIENCE BACHELOR OF FINE ART Visit Our Campus or Write for Further Information About How to Join the Large Number of Macon Girls Attending Wesleyan. L. A. THOMAS DRUG COMPANY ESTABLISHED 1898 Corner of Broadway and Oglethorpe Streets Dial SH 3-7414 Macon, Georgia KATIE BRADLEY'S BEAUTY SALON 1392 Rocky Creek Road Telephone 788-1715 KING USED CARS No Required Down Payment “KING SIZE BARGAINS WITH KING 4110 Pio Nono Avenue SH 6-2837 acon, Georgia LEE’S BARBER SHOP Finest Haircuts Available 1396 Rocky Creek Road BROWN'S BOOK STORE Office and Art Supplies Books, Prints, and Framing 357 Cotton Avenue SH 5-5739 BROOK'S PHARMACY Cochran Field Road Route 3 Macon, Georgia KITE'S BOOTERY 2310 Ingleside Avenue SH 5-1018 Compliments of BURDEN SMITH and CO. LEE AND ANDREWS AUTO REPAIRS DAN LEE BERNARD R. ANDREWS, JR. Hydramatic Transmission Repairs By Charles Babingar 70 YEARS COMBINED EXPERIENCE 548 Pine Street SH 2-5145 SH 3-6533 4091 Houston Avenue Macon, Georgia So Tender So Tasty Colonel Sanders’ Recipe KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN It's finger-lickin' good! R. A. McCORD MOTOR COMPANY 255 Second Street Macon, Georgia Compliments of SUE'S DINER NO. | AND 2 OPEN 24 HOURS DIXIE 4459 Pio Nono Avenue 3191 Columbus Road TRUCK AND PARTS COMPANY RESTAURANT 2504 Pio Nono Avenue MACON, GEORGIA FIXTURE SUPPLIES COMPANY, INC. 523 Poplar Street SH 5-612] Macon, Geor gia Used Trucks New and Used Truck Parts HOGGS HOUSTON AVENUE DRUG STORE Your Rexall Store 4096 Houston Avenue Phone SH 5-4788 RAYMOND HAMMOCK Home of Quality Cars DIAMONDS JEWELRY SAM WARD JEWELERS, INC. 833 Third Street SH 3-2214 Dial SH 3-3232 478 Cherry Street Macon, Georgia SH 6-2036 nae, Gong Compliments of ROYAL CROWN BOTTLING COMPANY HUTCHINGS FORD TRACTOR COMPANY 4395 Pio Nono Avenue Macon, Georgia PARKER'S BEAUTY SHOP IDA MAE PARKER PAULINE VANDIVER SH 6-254] re) Howkerg Avenue BUFORD OF PIO NONO BEAUTY SALON Compliments Pio Nono Plaza of Telephone 743-2982 PIO NONO BAIT AND TACKLE 4529 Pio Nono Avenue 788-3895 HOUSTON AVENUE BARBER SHOP REGULAR HAIR CUT $1.00 FLAT TOP $1.25 Open Six Days a Week—7 ‘Til 7 3247 Houston Avenue Gents inr..... REGERO JEWELRY COMPANY, INC. Watch and Jewelry Repairing a Specialty 368 Second Street SH 5-2324 MEN AND BOYS Best Wishes From PARK PLYMOUTH Westgate Shopping Center Plymouth—Valiant MACON, GA. Home of Sincere Service 455 Walnut Street Congratulations CLASS OF 63 SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY PHONE SH 3-8008 PHONE SH 2-523! SMITH'S Battery Ignition Service, Inc. Complete Carburetor and Electric Service Every Job Guaranteed Complete Line of Rebuilt Starters and Generators Hazel at Second Street Macon, Georgia E. RAYMOND SMITH NEW USED CARS, INC. 814 Third Street CENTRAL WHITE-AUTOCAR, INC. 4425 Marion Avenue 2812 PIO NONO SH 2.9407 Macon, Georgia Compliments of Telephone 746-8144 BILL'S SHOE SHOP Across From Westgate Shopping Center QUALITY SHOE REPAIR Heavy Duty Truck Sales and Service Soiseank White Autocar White Freightliner of BIBB THEATER 455 Third Street Macon, Georgia Compliments of Compliments of TAYLOR IRON WORKS Compliments of VIRGINIA HALL, INC. 4345 Pio Nono Avenue Macon, Georgia Compliments of THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK TRUST COMPANY In Macon Your Full Service Bank'' NATIONAL BANK ——) Trust Co. in Macon MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION DOWNTOWN OFFICE CHERRY at SECOND STREET SOUTHSIDE BRANCH HOUSTON at HIGHTOWER ROAD WESLEYAN BRANCH WESLEYAN SHOPPING CENTER CHEROKEE BRANCH NAPIER at PIO NONO Contractors: Air Conditioning Heating Plumbing RE Sheet Metal Work Telephone 788-3800 Warner Robins Highway Macon, Georgia Admiral and Zenith Televisions —FURNITURE— © wnnintpoot WOOD APPLIANCE AND FURNITURE CO. 3709 HOUSTON AVENUE JERRY WOOD Home Phone: SH 5-9243 Sales and Service Phone 746-8116 WONDERLAND WESTGATE SHOPPING CENTER Newest in Fashion INFANTS—TODDLERS—BOYS GIRLS—JUNIORS—PRETEENS Shop 10 A.M. 'Til 9 P.M. Monday-Saturday Compliments of UNION FURNITURE COMPANY WESTGATE BARBER SHOP L. L. RICKS, Owner We Will Appreciate Your Head in Our Business. Business: 746-5454 Residence: SH 3-0196 We Specialize in Small Children's Haircuts. r % TAYLOR CONSTRUCTION COMPANY P.O. Box 3085 4290 Pio Nono Avenue Macon, Georgia W SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. BUILDING MATERIAL 398 Eighth Street SH 6-5145 Macon, Georgia TRIANGLE FLORIST CITY WIDE DELIVERY SPECIALS DURING HOLIDAYS AND DANCES South Macon's Original Florist 2705 Houston Avenue Phone SH 3-4515 MRS. GENEVIEVE HOPKINS MRS. CHARLES YOUNG RESCRIPTION © ecinlists — Oldest ee For Finest Lenses . . . Carefully Dispensed . . . Beautiful Frames Com — Opti Service ees tickans ¢ ? J CONTACT LENSES @ ARTIFICIAL EYES wa Otarion Hearing Aid Glasses 2 Receptionist—Miss Mario Adams J. E. Oldham—J. E. Oldham, Jr.—C. R. Sanders—N. F. Patterson Dial SHerwood 6-4866° PERSONS BLDG. Compliments of CHARLIE WOOD- WILLINGHAM, INC. 484 Second Street Macon, Georgia SOUTHSIDE VARIETY STORE SCHOOL SUPPLIES, TOYS, GIFTS, HOBBIES, PATTERNS, SEWING NEEDS, HARDWARE, HOUSEHOLD ITEMS 3677 Houston Avenue Macon, Georgia Compliments of TRADING POST 484 First Street SH 3-2678 SHIRT BOX MEN AND BOYS' CLOTHING 4509 Pio Nono Avenue Macon, Georgia L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Class Rings . Club Insignia . Honor Awards . College Fraternity Jewelry . Medals . Trophies . Commencement Invitations . Diplomas . Personal Cards NATHAN MORGAN THAD WILKINS P.O. Box 612 = Telephone 452-2129 3330 Peachtree Road = Telephone CE 3-2200 Milledgeville, Georgia Atlanta 5, Georgia We’re on our way to Crandall .. . Crandall Business College. We want a business future, So we're getting business knowledge When you graduate from Crandall, You're assured of a position... Free placement service is a Crandall tradition. BUSINESS COLLEGE } |777 WALNUT STREET 4 SH 3-2923 Join the happy Crandall parade. . . Classes Day or Night... Be a Crandall grad So your course is clear The Crandall grad At Crandall Business College Makes the grade. Crandall Cares for Your Career! CRANDALL BUSINESS COLLEGE 777 Walnut Street SH 3-2923 —— S fii | HAMBURGERS ——— look for the golden arches... 1450 ROCKY CREEK ROAD MACON, GEORGIA ACADEMY PLAYHOUSE 441 Third Street Complete Theatrical Training Specializing in the Fields of: ARMSTRONG CORK @ Dance—Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz, Ballroom —Th k COMPANY fo Saregama SPECIAL SUMMER RATES NOW IN EFFECT ADULT, TEEN, AND PRE-TEEN CLASSES Post Office Box 1347 BROADWAY HARDWARE MACON, GEORGIA COMPANY, INC. Supplying South Macon's Hardware Needs 4290 Broadway SH 6-2454 Compliments of A. S. HATCHER COMPANY ART MICKLER MARINE DIVISION Sporting Goods Chris Craft Boats SH 5-1775 263 Broadway Johnson Outboard Motors Macon, Georgia AMERICAN OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. Everything for the Office’ 552 Mulberry Street Macon, Georgia ICE CREAM Dordens JACK SMITH’S GULF SERVICE STATION Pio Nono and Hightower Rd. of Across From Westgate Shopping Center Compliments Tune-Up Brake Service BEN FRANKLIN Road Service 5 10 FURNITURE G. E. APPLIANCES BARON'S, INC. Westgate Shopping Center SH 6-0527 Macon, Georgia Pio Nono Plaza Shopping Center Complete Line of School Supplies | ) TH ic B PU a So SF Heairn Lire insurance Comeany HOME OF Fice MACON,GEORGIA Fine Men’s Wear 414 CHERRY STREET MACON, GEORGIA Compliments of VEAL'S BAIT AND TACKLE COMPLIMENTARY NAMES Thomas Sapp's Wrecker Service Chapman's Pharmacy Thermo-Fax-Sales Coach House Restaurant a ft Advanced Secretarial for Commercial Graduates Complete Office Machines Course Beginning and Advanced Bookkeeping Monthly Tuition Rates or Course Plan Lifetime Placement for Every Graduate 556 First Street SHerwood 2-3667 DAIRY LANE AND GRILL 3129 Vineville Avenue 746-5523 MACON BOWL-O-MAT, INC. 3720 Pio Nono Avenue Macon, Georgia SH 6-7657 JOHN A. WOLF, Mgr. Compliments of T. Y. GIBSON PEST CONTROL 1034 Second Street DAIRY PRODUCTS THAT CARRY THIS LABEL... ARE GRADE ‘‘A’’— ALL THE WAY! DAIRY PRODUCTS COMPARE PET WITH ANY OTHER Park and Shop and Save at Compliments of JARRELL'S PAINT CENTER 3266 Pio Nono Ave. Macon, Georgia Belk-Matthews J. G. MARTIN'S GUN AND LOCK SHOP Safes for Sale—New and Used Safes Opened and Repaired HART BUILDING SH 2-7217 Department Store Macon, Georgia When you travel. . . . the familiar red-white-and-blue Standard Oil sign is your guidepost to dependable products, friendly service and clean restrooms! lt makes your trip more pleasant! STANDARD OIL COMPANY (KENTUCKY) INSTITUTIONAL WHOLESALERS, Purveyors of Quality Products Throughout Georgia, N Carolina, orth Florida, North South Carolina Prompt Shipment Made of All Orders Whether a Case or a GENERAL Of, Carload OFFICES leqraph Catering Exclusively to Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Industrial Food Operations, Bakers and Institutions MACON, GEORGIA FOR COMPLETE NEWS COVERAGE HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS FEATURES - PICTURES READ Che Macon Telegraph THE MACON NEWS Phiddle Georgian Favorite Jeuipapes HART S MORTUARY 1899 ia 7 ‘ CSTaplIsnea Middle Georgia’s Oldest Funeral Home With Middle Georgia's Largest and Most Experienced Staff T. M. Bailey G. Paul Adams Homer McGinty Clifton B. Orr, Jr. Joseph M. Childs Alton W. Ellis H. P. Henderson, Jr. Howard Glen Almand Harry G. Moody Thomas B. Hamlin 765 Cherry Street 746-432 | J. FREEMAN HART, JR. James Carswell Durden Ernest C. Saxon Miller Bayne Mallary James Fain Miss Beulah McElveen Mrs. Theresa Sheridan Mrs. Mary O. Boland Mrs. Audrey Cooper Mrs. Allene P. Lambert Mrs. Hazel G. Pittman R. H. SMALLING’S SONS 801 Forsyth Street GENERAL CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS 74 Years Continuous Service Telephones isin, Ge SH 3-8252, SH 5-1867 RALSTON-PURINA COMPANY, INC. FEED AND GRAINS 4460 Broadway SH 6-4311 Compliments of SOUTHERN CRATE AND VENEER COMPANY Manufacturers of Wirebound Boxes and Crates SAM HALL AND SONS Grading—Excavating Hauling—Land Clearing Concrete Work—Swimming Pools Equipment Rental 555 Bartlett Street Dial SH 6-2737 Compliments of SCHWOBILT CLOTHES ROY G. WILLIAMS, INC. MACON'S LEADING DRUGGISTS Corner of Second and Cherry Streets Free Delivery Compliments of RIO GRANDE FENCE COMPANY 4405 Pio Nono Avenue Macon, Georgia ‘Flowers That Whisper . .What Words Can't Say QUALITY AUTO SALES SOUTHSIDE FLORIST 645 Second Street Phone SH 6-4355 AND GIFT SHOP Macon, Georgia 2977 Houston Avenue Phone SH 5-5742 Beall Plaza MRS. E. C. CASTELLAW AND JACK CASTELLAW (Owners) DepeuclalLe- : AUTOMOBILES 7 SCOTT'S SUPERMARKET L. OSCAR WALKER TINY TOWNE CHILDREN'S SHOP General Manager INFANTS THRU TEENS Pio Nono Plaza Shopping Center YARBROUGH Guaranteed Used Cars Financing at Low Rates Houston Avenue at Guy Payne Road 788-1756 E. P. YARBROUGH, SR. E. P. YARBROUGH, JR. GOOD WILL NURSING HOME MRS. C. R. LOCKHART, Owner A Home Away from Home Good Home-Cooked Meals Religious Service Sundays Prayer Meetings Weekly “And the King shall answer and say unto them Verily | say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. Matthew 25:40 4373 HOUSTON AVENUE SH 2-1246 ABOUT BEING A GOOD NEIGHBOR We strive to be helpful and to participate in things that are good for our community. Every day is to us another opportunity for service, a chance to do something in behalf of our friends and neighbors. The Horton-lvey Funeral Home renders the very finest funeral service. We provide excellent facilities and a most competent staff. All these things are our way of being a good neighbor. HORTON-IVEY FUNERAL HOME SH 6-811] 3275 PlO NONO AVENUE Jelephones: 2-450! and 2-4502 GEORGIA TIMBERLANDS, INC. Guy Paine and Mead Roads P.O. Box 1062 Macon, Georgia Supplying Pulpwood to Georgia Kraft Company Throughout the Truck Area’ G, A a ool rae MARK REGIST ese ! (TAMAS AYN LAAN »)y)))) MOONY } DD Nit) pad lore HAT Wea Mi Waa the graduating class SAMS q AAD HANNAN ANAM RS NNN AY Wy ANS . PDI VN PLARUA NAA ARNT ANSARI ay Ss) SS MANEAS SPM SSS) DIY), py) AT QUALITY MILK SINCE 1913 All Our Dairy Products Are Processed Here in Macon for Home Deliveries SHerwood 5-3304 CHEROKEE FARMS, INC. R.F.D. NO. 2 Compliments of FINCHER’S BARBECUE Houston Avenue Compliments of SEGLER'S FOOD SHOP 2810 Pio Nono Avenue Hours: 7 A.M.-11 P.M. BUI k Compliments LO BETTER BUILDiNg of lee a — MARY LOU SHOP THE FURNITURE CENTER, INC. 455 First St. Macon, Georgia Phone SH 6-2461 — SH 6-2462 FURNITURE—APPLIANCES CARSON WALLACE Next Door to President Save 40% City Auditorium Compliments of ELEVATOR MAINTENANCE, INC. 820 Persons Building Macon, Georgia Compliments of TOWN AND COUNTRY SHOPPE, INC. Juniors and Misses Pio Nono Plaza REID GRIFFIN, JEWELER Graduate of Elgin Watchmakers College WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRING Phone SH 2-5303 316 Third Street Macon, Georgia MERCER UNIVERSITY A Coeducational Liberal Arts College Committed to Christian Education MERCER UNIVERSITY welcomes graduates of McEVOY and WIL- LINGHAM High Schools. The curriculum is especially designed for those who would be ministers, teachers, lawyers, business execu- tives, doctors, or pharmacists. For information, contact the DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS. MERCER UNIVERSITY Macon, Georgia NEWSUSED CARS” ALL MAKES MODELS. WE BUY © SELL ® TRADE - SERVING FOR OVER 15 YEARS. WE ARE KNOWN FOR BETTER DEALS ON BETTER AUTOMOBILES. HIGH CASH PRICES NIGHTS - SUNDAYS - HOLIDAYS DIAL SH 5-7782 4685 HOUSTON AVE. COOPERATION . . . the most necessary factor in the publication of an annual. From where does this cooperation come? It comes from all of you who have gone a little out of your way to assist us, the RAMSCOTT staff, in our work. It has been an unforgettable experience to each of us .. . but truly a rewarding one. We only hope that this annual will become as much a part of you as it has of us. Our special appreciation goes to these people: Mr. and Mrs. Julian Johnston and Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Bryant for allowing us to use their homes for pictures; Mrs. Dorothy Cox, McEvoy art teacher, for her suggestions; The Macon Telegraph and News for sending their used pictures; Mr. Charles Deaton for giving us his time and help in picture- taking; Drinnon's . . . and especially Mr. Ralph Jones . . . for their time and interest; Coke's for developing pictures so quickly; out patient parents for not mentioning too often our lower grades and absence at home; our principals and long-suffering faculty members for being so understanding about all the class interruptions; Mrs. Elizabeth Hines- ley, and Mrs. Betty Lou O'Keefe, our editorial advisors, for their advice and help. We on the staff hope you like the 1963 RAMSCOTT. and : TO Nenalle CO-EDITORS-IN-CHIEF ow ACTIVITIES Assemblies 244-275 250, 256, 258, 260, 262 Class 247, 248, 249, 259, 262, 265, 268 Miscellaneous 246, 247, 263, 264, 265, 267, 269, 271, 272, 273, 274, 275 Organizations 246, 248, 250, 251, 256, 260, 261, 262, 263, 264, 265, 267, 268, 269, 270 Sports ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY Board of Education Principals 12, 250, 2 58, 262, 264, Brake, William Deacton, Charles Johnson, Fred Superintendents and Assistants Faculty Adams, Ina 13, 202, 216, 213, Allman, Martin P. Anderson, Billie 13, Anthony, Rebekah Ayers, Frances Baird, Addie Rie Baldwin, Frances Beale, Billy J Beasley, Linda Beatty, Daisy Berlin, Virginia Broke, Jeanette Burt, Mary Jim Byrd, Charles Cash, Amy Castlen, Mildred Chambers, Jeanette Clark, Beth Clary, Joyce Coleman, Martha Collins, Robert F. Colquitt, Winifred Cox, Dorothy Cutter, Dixie Davis, Cynthia Donaldson, Agnes Dorroh, Virginia Downer, Lewis H. 16, 202, Duckworth, Jesse 16, 16, 202, Edwards, Mack Etheridge, Joseph Faulkner, Helen Foulkner, Joseph L. Flowers, Nan Floyd, Robert F. Frost, Margie Garvin, Marvin Gibbs, Sarah Ginther, Dorothy Godowns, Lovise Goldsby, Maude Graves, Harriet Greenhaw, Williams Gresham, Frances Hall, Ann Holl, Gladys Honcock, €. J., Jr. Hanson, Helen Jones Harvey, James R. Hayes, Mary Jo 17, 202, 213, 249, 252, 257, 260 8-25 10 268, 269 12, 247 12, 236, 250 13 13 13 13 , 223 14 4 Henderson, William B. 18, 179, 202-3, 208, 223-4 Hill, Dave 19, 202, Hinesley, Elizabeth 19, Hinson, James Hudson, Joan Hutcherson, Martha O. Hutto, Jo Johnson, Frances lamb, Gail Lamback, Mary B. LaMountt, Lenoir G. Lane, John Lanier, Julia Linn, Anne Littlefield, Jim Long, Loarene Lundy, Evangeline Mabry, Evelyn Mabry, Kemp McCollum, Nancy Massey, Jane Montgomery, Janet Nikula, Katherine Odum, Eunice W. O'Keefe, Betty Lou Olsen, Mary G. Parker, Earl S. ... Peek, Howard S. Pharis, Judy Pirkle, Otho E. Powell, Christine Powers, Virginia Pridgeon, Leonard |. Robern, Verna Reves, Barbara Simmons, Herchel Smith, Mary Pennell 212, 227 251, 270 19, 227 19, 173 19 19, 236 19 19 19 262 20 , 267 20 257 20 20 20 , 165 21 21 2) 21 21 270 a 21 21 22 Index Stallings, Johnny Staples, Sherry Swon, Ido Tollerson, Lula Turner, Joleane Van Norte, Harriet K. Walker, Nelle Waters, Mary R. Watkins, Georgia C. Watson, Harold L., Jr. Weaver, Janie F. Weaver, Mary Webb, Madge Wheeler, Jack L. Whidden, Susan Williams, Lorena Willis, Dorothy Wingfield, Betty ADVERTISEMENTS CLASSES Freshman Junior Senior Sophomore Sub-Freshmon DEDICATIONS McEvoy Willingham FOREWORD ORGANIZATIONS Allied Medical Careers Club Art Club Audio Visual Band Club Beta Club McEvoy Willingham Bonnie Blue Print Business Staff Editorial Staff Bonnie Gardeners Cadet Band Captains, Band Concert Band Dance Band Deca Dixie Darlings Dramatics Clubs Junior Senior Drum Majors 4-H French Club Future Business Leaders of America Future Farmers of America Future Homemakers of America Future Teachers of America Girls’ Athletic Association Industrial Arts Key Club Lotin Club Library Club Life Science Majorettes Math Club McEvoy Band McEvoy Chorus McEvoy Drum Majors . McEvoy Orchestra McEvoy-Willingham Notebook Music Club Pep Club Physical Science Pride of Dixie Marching Band Quill and Scroll Radio Club Rom Club Ram Jets Rampage Staffs Ramscott Staffs Business Editorial Red Cross Sofe-Teens Science Club Spanish Club Student Councils McEvoy Willingham Thespians Tri-Hi-Y = ‘Tween Teen Reporters . Willingham Chorus Y-Teens After School Y-Teens In-School . SPORTS McEvoy Archery Badminton 23, 202, 212, 228 23 23 23 , 250 23 23 23 23 24 125 24 24 24 » 138 24 24 24 276-309 26-141 108-125 78-87 28-77 88-108 126-141 2 -189 165 170 171 174 -147 146 147 181 181 180 161 185 182 184 184 167 183 -159 159 158 183 172 155 164 163 -157 163 162 71 . 148 153 166 168 182 169 - 186 188 186 187 175 173 160 168 182 149 165 161 168 179 -178 178 177 150 173 167 154 -145 144 145 159 Ss » 37. .. 185 . 153 152 200-243 236-243 mate -- 239 Basketball Cheerleaders Exercises Field Hockey Folk Dancing Ping Pong Soccer Softboll Track Tumbling Willingham Awards Baseball Basketball Football Golf Tennis Track Wrestling STUDENT BODY Abel, Kenneth Abernathy, Boyce Adams, Archie Adams, Candy Adams, Cary Adams, Gloria Adams, Larry Adkins, Connie Adkins, Ernest Adkins, Sheryl Adkins, Wayne Ainsworth, Randy Albea, Randy Alexander, Paul Alexander, Phyllis Alfirov, Jerrie Alfirov, Rosemary Algea, David Allen, Aaron Allen, Carolyn Allen, Jimmy Allen, Ronnie Alligood, Ralph Alligood, Sarah Alligood, Stella Almand, harles Amerson, Betty Sue Amerson, Harry Amos, Bonnie Anderson, David Anderson, Frankie Andrews, Richard Annis, Zenephia Archer, Joel Archibald, Sandy Ard, Wayne Armour, David Armstrong, Gary Armstrong, Larry Arnold, Barbara Arnold, Cary Arnold, Ferman Arnold, Floyd Arnold, Jonet Arnold, Richard Arnold, Sharon Arnold, Vance Arrington, Bobby Arrington, Cheryl Arrington, Christine Arrington, Henry Arrington, Shirley Arrington, Youmans Arrowood, Harriet Arrowood, Tom Asbell, George Asbell, Sandra Asbell, Walter Asbell, Wayne Ashe, Robert Ashley, Billy Ashley, Danny Ashley, Linda Austin, June Autry, Buddy Avera, Charles Avery, Hugh Avera, James Avera, Joe Avera, Joyce Avera, Joyce Avery, Loyce . Avera, Pat Avera, Remona Avera, Wanda Ayers, James Ayers, Jimmy Ayers, Ronnie Ayers, Wayne . Baggarly, Raymond Baggarley, Ronnie Baggett, Tommy Baggs, Jo 239 242-243 236, 237, 238 241 237 238 24) 24) 240 236, 237 202-235 26-141 125, 126 109, 145, 213, 230 73 73, 158, 259 109, 145, 147, 171, 230 126 109 89 29, 167 89 29, 170, 177 109 126, 170 29, 176 89, 173 89, 106, 161, 254 126, 150, 156, 159, 160 126, 150, 213, 232 126 73, 170 89 126 109, 213 29, 273 126 109, 168, 213 ; 109 73, 155 109, 167 73 126, 151, 160 126 126, 144, 156 109 109 . 126 109 126 73 126, 152, 156 109 73 109 126 173 73 89 89 89, 174 89 126 73, 144, 174 126 89, 154, 166, 273 : 89, 107 109, 171 126, 144, 156, 160 : 126 29 89 126 109 73 29, 14 4, 146, 154, 158, 176, 159, 270 . 89 . 73 sig - 109 - 109, 229, 230 ices . 126 - 73, 146 , 159, 161 . 89 .. 109 ws 126 , 159, 174 ioe) WO . 89 126 : - tae 145, 155, 255 29, 179 109 109 Jerry Johnda Brenda Danny Dianne Joyce Bagley, Bagwell, Bailey, Baker, Baker, Boker, Baker, Linda Baker, Willie Balkcom, Fay Balkcom, George Balkcom, Harriette Balkcom, Harold Balkcom, Virginia Ball, Henry Barfield, Patricia Barfield, Sharon Barlow, Butch Barlow, Judy Barnes, Anita Barnes, Marcia Barnes, Tony Barrentine, Sandra Barron, Barney Barron, Donnie Barron, Gerald Barry, Peggy 175, Bartlett, Angie Bartlett, Sherry Barton, Betty Sue Barton, Freddie Basketta, Robert Baskette, Kay Bass, Pat Bass, Shirley Bassett, Jane Bassett, Mike Batchelor, Billy Batchelor, Jo Ann Batchelor, Timothy Bateman, Carol Bateman, Carolyn Bateman, Dona Bateman, Jimmy Batemon, Larry Bateman, Linda Bateman, Patricia Bateman, Raymond Bateman, Ronnie Bateman, Tommy Bates, Barbora Bates, Lee Bates, Wallace Bates, Wanda Batts, Cherry Batts, Jacqueline Batts, James Batts, Joyce Baughcum, Harriet Baxley, Sandra Boxter, Hank Boxter, Jean Boxter, Sue Boxter, Sue Ellen Beacham, Rutledge Beale, Judy Bean, Jimmy Bean, Wanda Bearden, Bobby Bearden, Charles Beasley, Gene Beasley, Grady Beasley, Marshall Beavers, Phyllis Beck, Brenda Beck, Steve Bedgood, Joyce Belcher, Don Belger, Clarke Belger, Priscilla Bell, James Bell, John Bell, Joseph Bell, Reto . Bell, Shirley Bellflower, Barbara . Bellflower, Martha Bellury, Mike Bellury, Tim Belson, Glenn Bembry, Jean Bembry, Martha Bembry, Thomas Benner, Martha Bennett, Clara Bennett, Gayle . Bennett, James . Bennett, Janis Bennett, Lovise Bennett, Penny . Bennett, Tommy .. a Benson, Howeard .... Benson, Robert . 109 126 109 109 126 126 152, 250 89, 107 126, 159, 174 109, 147, 168, 230 152 126 89, 174 30, 145, 147, 169 73, 152, 164 126 109 73 126, 151 89, 162 30 109, 173 126, 170 89 73, 167 28, 30, 144, 146, 149 177, 197, 250, 266, 268, 271 30, 146, 152, 164 89, 151, 158 126 126 73 109, 174 109, 167 89 127 89 109, 147 127 126 73 89 73, 158 127, 213 109, 147 30 , 146, 164 89, 211 89, 212 30 89, 153, 160, 247 127 30, 145, 147, 148, 179, 198, 266 127 89, 160 109, 125, 152 127 127, 174 73, 164 109 89 73 170, 250 109 30, 145, 147, 158, 179, 23) 73, 173 90 127, 152, 174 90 31 90, 232 73 90, 222 127 73, 164, 181 127 90 127 73 109, 174 127 127 90, 232 .. 109 .- Aa . 90, 158 : 127 73 109, 227 127, 213 109, 150 i Rae 90 ae 127 74, 146, 154, 158, 173 PTET SO NS: = . 90 31, 158, 162, 250, 258 es a : 109 127, 213 opinscee Nae! Toe ee .. 74, 148, 154, 232 90, 159, 160, Cecil Douglas Lynn Bentley, Benton, Berryhill, Best, Pat Bevins, Diane Bickle, Mary Anna Bieber, Devereaux Bilderback, Dano Bilderbock, David Billingsley, Raymond Bishop, Pennie Black, Bobby Black, Juanita Blackwell, Heidi Blair, David Blair, Glenn Blair, LaVane Blair, Pam Blake, Joyce Bloke, Patricia Blalock, Dawn Bledsoe, David Bledsoe, Dorcille Bledsoe, Larry Bledsoe, Richard Blessitt, Elaine Bliss, Oliver Blizzard, Albert Blizzard, Michael Blondeau, Diane Blount, Don Blount, Gail Boatright, Frank Boatright, Larry Boatright, Patsy Bolden, Alan Bolden, Larry Bolton, Marsha Bonds, William Bone, Joyce Bone, Mike Boney, William Bonner, Sonny Booker, Borbara Boothe, Lynn Borders, James Borders, John Borum, Steve Bostick, Beverly Bostick, Helen Bostick, Junior Bounds, Millie Boutwell, Mickey Bowen, DeLlane Bowen, Harry Bowen, Janis Bowen, Larry Bowen, Lucious Bowen, Margie Bowen, Mark Bowen, Pam Bowen, Patty Boyles, Sue Bozeman, Penny Bracewell, Martha Bracewell, Willene Bradshow, Larry Bradshaw, Ronnie Brandon, Patsy Brannon, Donald Brannon, Edwin Brannon, Ovida Brannon, Gloria Brannon, Woyne Brantley, Mirriel Brantley, Sharon Brantley, Sue Ellen Branton, Donna Bray, Charles Broy, Harvey Brewer, Anne Brewer, Candy Brewer, Garrie Bridger, Ester Bridger, Faye Bridger, Jean Bridger, Larry Bridger, Thomas Bridges, Terry Bridges, Tommy Brines, Mike Brines, Steve Brines, Tim afoed Brinkley, George . Britt, Elizobeth ..... Brogden, John Brooks, Casey Brooks, Elaine Brooks, Jacqueline Brooks, Jimmy Brotherton, Bryan Brown, Al Brown, Ann 72, 74, 109, 127, 31, 90, 213 90 160 164 127 174 110 127 110 31 , We 146, 110, 151, 156, 110, 127, 110, 147, 150, 213, 110, 32, 77, 127, 127, 74 174 170 222 90 154 254 127 127 151 171 174 232 110 90 224 127 90 159 230 173 110 90 127 127 , 213 74 127 31 127 213 171 160 110 127 74 148 154 ), 161 31, 151, 160, 110 110 110 174 90 251 145, 213, 223, 230 74, 150, 110, 167 173 173, 203-4, 206, 211-12, 218, 224, 226, 265 74, 28, 32, 146, 110, 146, 90, 32, 150, 151, 156, 181, 268, 269, 74, 168, 110, 144, 90, 127, 152, 110, 74 32, 174 166 172, 275 127 159 127 127 90 90 212 110 110 271 32 174 151 162 90 90 128 149, 152, 160, 161, 162, 180, 181, 242, 110, 169, 154, 162, 128, 32, 164, 32, 110, 156, 213, 223, cove LNG = als 91, 128, 249 264 259 128 152 161 259 167 145 74 227 227 227 164 160 230 174 160 110 128 91 213 156 Brown, Archie Brown, Barbara Brown, Carolyn Brown, Charlotte Brown, Claudie Brown, Dennis Brown, Doug Brown, Doug Brown, Elaine Brown, Etta Lee Brown, George Brown, Gloria Brown, Herold Brown Harvey Brown, Jack Brown, Jeanette Brown, Michael Brown, Renee Brown, Ronga Brown, Rusty Brown, Sandra Brown, Sondra Brown, Susan Browning, Fred Brownlee, Wayne Broxton, Jolyn Bruce, Ralph Bryan, Alan Bryan, Carol Ann Bryon, Eddie Bryan, Harold Bryan, Theresa Bryant, Bobby Bryant, Dennis Bryant, Denton Bryant, Faye Bryant, Gena Bryont, Glenda Bryont, Irene Bryant, Janice Bryant, June Bryant, Mocky Bryant, Patricia Bryont, Phil Bryant, Roland Bryan, Wanda Bryant, Winston Buffington, Carol Buffington, Terry Buffington, Truiett Bullard, Diane Bullock, Dianne Bunch, Carol Burdeshaw, Debbie Burdette, Larry Burdge, Lorry Burdge, Mary Joyce Burgamy, Malcolm Burgamy, Patsy Burgess, Wayne Burnett, Bill Busbee, Danny Busbee, Jack Bussell, Gloria Butler, Bill Butler, Carolyn Butler, Linda Butler, Patricia Butler, Pudge Butler, Randall Butts, Cheryl Butts, Dalton Butts, Henry Byors, Sue Byrd, Carolyn Byrd, Frank Byrd, Woyne Cain, Ed Cain, Harry Caldwell, Brenda Caldwell, Cheryl Caldwell, Paul Callaway, Paulette Cameron, Barbara Cameron, Elizabeth Cameron, Jackie Cameron, Sue Comp, Larry Camp, Pat Campbell, Billy Campbell, Peggy Canady, Ellen Canady, Juanita Canady, ‘Wayne Cannon, Charles Cannon, Eddie Cantey, Patricia Capps, Esta Carden, Gail Carmichael, Henry Carpenter, Donna Carr, Carolyn Corr, Elaine C. Carr, Elaine - Corr, Emily 230 33 74 174 128 128 167 110 110 74, 151 110 91 219, 221, 224, 228-9, 274 33, 195 91, 172, 224 74, 155 110 128, 141, 160 74 91 128 128, 141, 160 88, 91, 212 91, 158 33, 168 ah 128, 174 33 33 111, 171, 232 7, 74 128, 153 128 33 128 91 74, 167 111, 156, 159, 160 91, 211-14, 150, 168, 232 91 111, 169 34, . 74 11, 145 34, 169, 177 91, 228-229 75 128 91, 172 75, 152, 158, 164 128 9 WW oe 128, 163 . 75 75, 154 wcsence A; TE2; NE 7 . 75, 150, 170, 273 er 128, 171 9) 111, 150 3 ae . 128 11, 271 111, 167 . 75, 87, 146, 152, 261, 264 ‘ . 75, 164 128, 144, 160, 271 Carr, Evelyn Cooper, Anne 92, Dix, Ronnie 37 Carr, Faye Cooper, Byron Dixon, Kenneth 129, 213, 223 Carr, James Cooper, Charles 120, Dixon, Sherry 112, 152, 160, 161 Carr, Milton Cooper, Connie 12, 152, Dodd, Pamela 76, 151, 154 Carr, Roger Cooper, Diane 112, Dodd, Sherril 112 Carr, Ronnie Cooper, Kay 112, 156, 159, Dodson, Sondra 76 Carroll, Buck 34, 163, 210, 212, Cooper, Ronnie 129;. 212, Dokes, Joyce 76 Carroll, Dean 92, 174, Cooper, Ross 129, Dominy, Angelin , 144 Carroll, Ronnie Cooper, Virgil 72, 75, 145, 147, Dominy, Cynthia 76 Carroll, Trudy Copeland, Donna 112, Dominy, Greg 112 Carstarphen, Orrin Copeland, Joan 92, 152, 165 Dominy, Reggie 113 Carter, Barbara Copp, Albert 92 Dominy, Ronnie 130, 145 Carter, Dione Coppock, Mark 112,. 374, Donald, Lynwood , 164, 228 Carter, Linda Cosenzo, Borbara 93 Doolittle, Guerry 76, 173 Carver, Sherry 92, Couch, Danny Doolittle, Sandra 130, 173 Casey, Robyn WW, Coulter, Joe 93 Dopson, Ronnie 113, 171 Cason, Nancy 111, 144, 161, Courtney, Bobby Dorman, Ricky 93 Cato, Hoke Cox, Relda 112 Dorsey, Terry 130, 150, 160 Caviey, Marlene 92, Crabb, Wayne 129 Douglas, Rosemary 37, 146 Cauley, Marvin Cranford, Don 112 Dove, Dennis 93 Causey, Allen Cranford, Mary Ann 112 Dove, James 130 Causey, Brenda Crawley, Judy 112, 173 Dowd, Faye 130 Causey, Gail Crew, Carolyn 35, 144, 146, 268 Drake, Elizabeth 93, 153 Causey, Kip 92, Cripe, Robert 155 Drawhorn, Jimmy 76, 158 Chafin, Faye 111, 125, 160, Crissey, Carol 172 Driggors, Diane 113, 144, 160, 169, 174 Chafin, Gaye Crochet, Joe 36, , 148 264 Chambers, Glenda Crochet, Ricky 93 Drummond, Ricky 93 Chambers, Lynwood Cromer, Kay 75 DuBose, Elizabeth 93 Chamblee, Linda 128, Cross, Chuck , 213 DuBose, Tommy 93 Champagne, Janice 92, 153, Cross, Dana 129 Dugger, Pat 173 Chancey, Marvin Cross, Rangee 36 Duke, Robbie 146 Chandler, Charles Crowell, Dennis 167 Duloney, Ronnie 171 Champman, Bennett 75, 148, Crowe, Randy 213 Dunn, Donna 130 Chapman, Dean 34, 144, 146, 149, 180, Crumbley, Linda 152 Dunn, Phillip 93 Champman, Sheila Crumbley, Wayne 170 Dupree, Raymond 130 Chapman, Vicki 111, 166, Crutchfield, Rita 112 Durden, Billy 113 Chaput, Cheryl Cryer, Ann 75, 151, 160, 243 Durden, Darlene i , 259 Cheek, Darrell 128, 213, Cruz, Pat 36 Durden, Henry 130 Cheek, Linda 34, 149, 159, 162, Culpepper, Jack 129, 213 Durden, Jennifer 76, 255 Cherry, Jomes 129, Culver, Sandy 170 Durden, Larry 113 Cherry, Paula 92 Cummings, Suson 93, 160 Durden, Leon 113 Chiappetta, Andy 34 Curry, Donald 129 Durden, Lewis 76, 154, 158 Childre, Linda 92 Dagley, Rex 93 Durden, Mary Ann 37, 149, 158, 163, 273 Childre, Paula 34, 150, 164 Damion, Thomas 93 Durden, Poul 130 Childs, Dianne . 35, 149, 164, 177, 180, Damron, Douglas 232 Durden, Richard 181, 260, 265 Daniel, Glenda 93, 107, 161 Durden, Robert Childs, Donald WW Daniel, Ricky 213 Duse, Dianne Chitty, Deane 92 Daniell, Dene . Wiz; 160 Dyche, Stella Choff, Regina 88, 92, 144, 152, 164 Daniels, Rita 93 Eads, Dale Choff, Sandra 129, 152 Darity, Cynthia 108, 112, 160 Earnest, John Churchwell, Glynn WW Darity, Tommy 75 Eaverson, Ronnie Churchwell, Henry WW Darley, Brenda 271 Echols, Norman Chute, Elbert 75, 155 Darley, Glenda 75 Echols, Richard Chute, Vernon WW Darling, Patricia 129 Echols, Smoky Clark, Angela 75 Darnell, Blake 129 Edge, Jerry 113, 230, Clark, Jackie er Hs Darnell, Linda 112, 144, 152, 156, 160, 243 Edney, Kenny 38, 158, Clark, John ’ ‘ ; Edward, Mary 38, 146, Clarke, John 111, 170, 213 eee ® a= m4 Edwards, Barbara Claney, Patty 75, 160 D : Y Edwards, Brenda avidson, Roger 129 Clay, Jimmy 35, 161, 208, 210, 212, 215, Edwards, Dianne 76, Davis, Alan 93 218 Davis, Allene 152 rae oy Earle = Clements, Randy mW Davis, Bill 36 Cleveland, Gary 1 Davis, Chris 75, iad, 151, 160, wn Edwards, Lynda 108, 113, 156, Cleveland, Greg , 150 Davis, Cynthia 75 Edwards, Mary Ellen . 113, 187, Cliatt, Norma 129 Dovis, Freddie 36 Edwards, Paul . 93, Cliett, Darlene 92 Davis, Henry 12 Edwards, Virginia Clifford, Brenda 152 Davis, Jean 271 Elam, Patrick 76, Clifford, Stanley .- 1 Daws, Johnnie % Elder, Gary Clinard, David 129 Davis, Larry % Eldridge, Ann 130, 144, 153, Clinard, Mike WW Davis, Marvin 129 Eleam, Beverly 113, Cline, Hugh 129 Davis, Patricia 76 Elliott, Edward Cloud, Cary 129 Davis, Ronnie 12 Elliott, Faye 130, 160, Clower, Billie Jean 111 Davis, Starr 112 Elliott, Ronnie Clower, Reta WW Davis, Tommy 125 Elliott, Wade 93, Cody, Walter 129 Dawson, Bettye Sue % Lie Wanda Coe, Linda , 173 Doy, Danny 154 Ellis, David . 93, Cole, Barbara - 92 Deal, Deena 129 Ellis, Dennis : 213; Cole, Johnnie 144 Deal, Dwain 6 Ellis, Randolyn . . Coleman, Donnie 92 Dean, Gary 112 Ellis, Shirley Coleman, Ed , 232 Dean, Philip 112 Elrod, Earnest Coleman, Gail i 75 DeBarry, Stanley % Elrod, Lamar Collins, Carolyn WwW DeCastro, Marvin 129 Elrod, Richard Collins, Edith WW Dechman, Gordon 112, 147, 168 Elrod, William Collins, George WW Deen, Kenny 28, 36, 161. 227 Elsasser, Robert Collins, James . 129, 147, 168 Deese, Dianne 112° 160 Ely, Danny 130 Collins, James 111, 168 Defoe, Jimmy 112 213. 230 Ely, Linda § , 174 Collins, Jimmy 35 Defoe, Ronny Miss ep, Emerick, George 130 Collins, Mike 92, 172 DeFore, Linda z 76 English, Norma 94 Collins, Peggy 75, 173 Deloach, Allan : 36 English, Susan - 130 Collins, Ronnie . 92 Deloach, Harold 76, 167 English, Tommy 113, 168, 171 Collins, William . x = rey Deloach, Jimmy 112, 170, 213 Ennis, Connie 94, 153, 174 Colquitt, Sanda j . 106 Delvers, Jinx 93 Ennis, Patsy 113, 160, 169, 174, 264 Colson, Sherry 129, 152, 174, 205, 210, Delvers, Sandra 37 Entrekin, Larry . 130 212, 224 Denard, Elaine 37, 144, 146, 149 Epps, Billy a Colson, Terry . 75, 161, 173 154, 163, 177, 238, 258, 272 Epps, Brenda 76, 166, 181, 273 Colter, Sandra SED: Denham, Bera Kay . 12 151 156, 159, 160 Epps, Elaine 130 Colter, Starlette 0000. 92, 153, 156, 160 Dennis, Helene : ; i 199 Epps, Gayle 94, 150, 156 Colvin, Buford ; ‘ . 1, 232 Epps, Glenda . 38, 164 Conner, Barbara , 35, 180 Dent, Cheryl! 76, 158 Epps, Keith 38, 167 Conner, Foye a. 25, 152, 273 Dent, Kenneth 129 Epps, Mary Jane 78, 146 Cook, Cheryl . : 92 Dent, Rena liad 160 Etheridge, Harold . 94 Cook, Eugene a 112, 170 Dewberry, Danny Of, vor Ethridge, Jimmy sath . 3 Cook, John ; 112, 213 Dickens, Elaine : 312 Etheredge, Louis 39, 167 Cook, Neal 129 Dickson, Freddie I Re | Etheridge, Pam . . 94, 144, 174, 266 Cook, Sandy : 92, 144, 152, 160 Digby, Mike oe Etheridge, Sara 39, 146 Cook, Tommy : snes 92, 148, 165 Digby, Ronny 37, 144, 147, 148, 179, 193, Eubank, Douglas 00... . 94, 166, 168 Cooley, Felicia mene 129, 162 ; 266, 274 Evancic, Donna 72, 77, 87, 144, 154, 158, Cooley, Pat 35, 146, 149, 158, 159, 162, Dill, Janice or 2 112 161, 162, 174, 237, 242, 257, 260 177, 239 Dix, Dianne 112 Evans, Connie . 77 312 Henry, Janie Henry, Paul Herbert, Warren Herndon, Melinda Herndon, Nell Heron, Betty Herring, Patricia Herring, Patsy Herring, Sheila Hester, Bill Hester, Brenda Hester, Diane Hester, Katherine Hester, Sve Hewell, Billie Jo Hewell, Rhonda Hewell, Sharon Hibner, Rebecca Hicks, Bettye Hicks, Nancy 79, Higdon, John Higginbotham, John Hightower, Anne Hightower, Jimmy Hilderbrand, David . Hill, Fred Hill, Iris Hill, Jimmy Hill, Jo Anne Hill, Leadford Hill, Sandra Hill, Seleno Hinson, Janice Hinson, Marsha Hinson, Melba Hinson, Thomas Hobbs, Larry Hobbs, Nancy Hobbs, Roger Hodges, Billy Hodnett, Harvey Hoffeditz, Jimmie Holland, Freddie Holland, Georgia Holland, James Holland, Johnny Holland, Sandra . Holland, Walter Hollingsworth, Frankie Holloman, Dorothy Holloman, Sally Holmes, Lynn Holmes, Sandra Holsomback, Gail Holston, Paula Holt, Benny Holt, Cathy Holt, Cherie Holt, Kay Holston, Alec Hood, James Hood, Kay Hooker, John Hooks, Tommy Hoole, Margaret Hooper, Ann Hooper, Sandra Hopkins, Cheryl Horn, Eddie Horne, Bonnie Horne, Brenda Horne, Cheryl Horne, Evette Horne, Patsy . Horne, Roy Horner, Linda Horton, Ann Horton, Billy Horton, Donny Horton, John Horton, Judy Horton, Thelma ......... Horton, Wayne Houston, Larry ........ Howard, Beverly ...... Howard, Billy Howard, Daphine Howord, Donald .. . Howard, Elaine ........ Howard, Grover . .. Howard, Larry Howord, Lindo ..... Howard, Ronnie . Howell, Beverly Howell, John Howell, Johnnie Howell, Patricia Hudgins, Donnie Hudman, Linda Hudson, Leon Hudson, Oney “ Hudson, Patricia - . 115, 159, 160 132 132 4 4, 144, 146, 149, 177, 198, 272 44 132 79, 187 132 79, 152, 165 79, 216-18, 220 132 132, 152 115, 160 79 96 132, 160 79, 146, 154, 162 44, 164, 166, 273 132, 157, 160 146, 154, 163, 167, 273 115, 213 132, 145, 171 166, 273 96 79, 155 79 108, 115, 156, 160, 162 45 45, 77, 144, 146, 149, 163, 181 96 132 . 115, 152, 174 132, 150, 159, 160 45, 164 45, 149, 177 115, 213 125, 132, 150, 213 132 96 132, 150 132 132 115 115, 174 115, 145, 168, 212, 222, 228, 230 96 94, 156, 158 . 132, 171, 232 96 115 79 115 45, 146, 164, 174 45, 146, 149, 154 176, 273 79 115 132 115, 174 28, 45, 144, 146, 149, 166, 192, 246, 253, 271, 275 132 115 132 45 133, 179, 213 46, 162 46, 153, 154, 165, 181 46, 149, 175, 180, 181 79, 150, 163, 181 133, 233 96, 151, 170, 264 115, 157 115, 150, 157 s 46 79, 144, 158, 164 96 96 96 79, 147, 148 133, 213 46 46, 164 115, 173 . 133 115 115 115, 232 ana AO S aie 79, 146, 154 133, 145 79 115 : 115 . 115, 150, 160 133 “28, 46, 144, 146, 151, 253, 255, 268 133 - 133 . 115, 150, 152, 174 E . 115, 163 . 79, 145, 147, 163 ae - 133, 159 Hudson, Randy Hudson, Royce Hudson, Toni Hudson, Roger Hudson, Steve Hudson, Wayne Huff, Ray Hughes, Lynn Hughes, Patsy Hughes, Terri Hullett, Jerry Hulett, Johnny Hulett, Wanda Huling, Morris Hummel, Buster Humphries, Bobby Hunnicutt, Brenda Hunnicutt, Jackie Hunnicutt, Kathy Hunt, Judson Hunt, Kenneth Hunt, Linda Hunt, Marsha Hurley, Linda Hurley, Lynn Hurley, Peggy Hutcheson, Gary Hutcheson, Ronald Hutcheson, Ronald Hutcheson, Sheryl Hyder, Randy Hyder, Sandra Ingram, Ann Ingrom, Jean Irby, Carol irby, Karole Irby, Sue Irwin, Billie Israel, Donny Ivey, Joyce Jackson, Arthur Leon Jackson, Aurye Jackson, Carol Jackson, Carolyn Jackson, Connie Jackson, Dianne Jackson, James Jackson, Jerry Jackson, Jerry Jackson, Phyllis Jackson, Randy Jackson, Ronnie Jackson, Sharon Jackson, Terry Jacobs, Loris Jacobs, Rudy Jaglowicz, Leta Jaglowicz, Mike James, Donald James, Kathleen . James, Wilburn Jansen, Martha Jansen, Richard Jarrell, Jan Jarrett, Rosemary Jarriel, Don Jeffers, Phyllis Jenkins, Beverly Jenkins, Ruth Jenkins, Sandra Jennings, Laddie Jennings, Linda Jerkins, Gary Jero, Alan Jero, David Johns, Frankie Johnson, Brenda Johnson, Carl Johnson, Charles Johnson, Christelle Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Jackie Johnson, Janet Johnson, Janice Johnson, Jean Johnson, Jesse Johnson, Kenneth Johnson, Linda Johnson, Linda Johnson, Lindsey . Johnson, Martha Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Oscar Johnson, Pam ... Johnson, Rad Johnson, Ray Ann ..... 5 Johnson, Sandra Johnson, Sandra Lynn Johnson, Skipper — Johnson, Steve Johnsén, Sue Fran Johnson, Wayne . Johnston, Mack . Johnston, Phydan Joiner, Freddy Joiner, Gail 88, 96, 46 96, 97, 79, 133, 152, 133 154 96 96 163 163 172 172 173 96 133 96 153 115 47 169 97 115 163 97 97 133 15, 159, 160,243 79, 146, 165, 79, 150, 133, 15, 213, 79, 115, 213, 115, 159, 47, 133, 79, 115, 157, 163, 97, 157, 47, 163, 80, 80, 116, 97, 116, 133, 133, 47, 144, 149, 166, 97, 148, 212 273 155 151 230 150 230 174 168 115 115 172 174 167 80 158 173 154 167 166 133 80 157 170 97 163 80 116 213 116 180 261 116 150 133 116 133 181 116 157 133 153 97 47 . 133 133, 47, 144, 163, 249, 116, 150, 213, 223, . 133, 116, . 47, 227, . 88, 97, 148, 155, 80 97 152 116 173, 258 230 133 116 133 169 170 116 133 170 97 116 116 272 47 116 97 160 116 116 97 116 156 . 133 -. 48, 146, 153, 247, errevietimatmncmnces UO 258 116 232 212 m4 Joiner, Kitty Joiner, Patricia Joiner, Steve Joiner, Tommy Joiner, Walter Jones, Barbara Jones, Billy Jones, Bobby Jones, Bobby Jones, Carolyn Jones, Charles Jones, Charlotte Jones, Donald Jones, Jimmy Jones, Linda Jones, Lynette Jones, Kenneth Jones, Richard Jones, Robert Jones, Ronnie Jones, Roy Jones, Ruby Jones, Sharon Jones, Sandra Jones, Tommy Jones, Vickie Jones, Wayne Jordan, Anna Jordan, Brenda Jordan, Carol Jordan, Diane Jordan, Ellen Jordan, Emmett Jordan, Jane Jordan, Kay Jordan, Linda Jordan, Richard Jordan, Terry Jump, Diane Jump, Linda Justus, Donna Kakalecik, Nancy Kaney, Rex Kania, Brenda Kania, Ray Kania, Toni Keels, Dorothy Keen, Pat Keenan, Michael Keenan, Patrick Kell, Patricia Keller, Ronald Kellum, Worley Kellly, Butch Kelly, Sandy Kennedy, Danny Kent, Pat Kent, Rebecca Keys, Burney Keys, Larry Kimball, Harold Kimball, Stanley Kinard, Lomar Kinatd, Pam King, Johnny King, Kemp King, Larry King, Wanda Kitchens, Joy Kitchens, Ray Kitchens, Rebo Kitchens, Wayne Kittrell, Patricia Knight, Charles Knight, James Knight, Patsy Knight, Prentice Knight, Susan Knowles, Billy Knowles, Mary Krewson, Bonnie Krysalka, Richard Kull, Janet Ladson, Dennis Lafavor, Carey Lagowicz, Cheryl . Laing, Alan Laing, Hugh . Lamb, Bricey .. Lamb, Bruce Lamb, Jerry Lamb, Linda Lamb, Prentice Lambert, James Lombert, Lynn Lambert, Ronnie . Lance, Donald . lance, Gory . Lance, Ronald Land, Vivian Landford, Mike Landino, Teresa Landrum, Jimmy Lane, Marie 48, 149, 153, 116, 171, 228, 97, 49, 149, 154, 162, 175, 97, 107, 49, 80, 97, 80, 49, 173, 72, 80, 146, 49, 133, 49, 161, 205, 211, 212 49, 97, 80, 49, 146, 162, 199, 50, 203, 211, 212, 72, 50, 50, 98, 98, 50, . 16, 50, 164, - 80, 158, . 98, . 116, 80, 133, . 80, 166, 183, an 98, 80, 98, 210, 50, 80, 98, 157, 158, vniouss (80; 449, 868, E . 134, 213, 416, 145, 168 cae ve 80, Lanford, Michcel = int Langford, George .. Langford, Jerry . Larkey, Bill Lashley, Julian Lasseter, Willie Latimer, Len Lavender, Jane Lavender, Jean Lavender, Joan Lawrence, Alice Lawson, Gary Lawson, Terry Layfield, Ben Layson, Gail Layson, Jim Layton, Richard Laywood, Sonny Leach, Joyce Lecptrot, Mildred Lee, Billy Lee, Bonnie lee, Linda Lee, Patty Lee, Sharon Lee, Zora Koy Lefils, Edgar Lemon, Ronald Lengal, Larry Leonard, Janice Leonard, Joy Leonard, Tine Leslie, JoAnne 51, 151, Leverett, Buzzy 51, 154, 173, 179, Leverette, Corinne Leverett, Marty Lewis, Bobbie 51, 151, Lewis, Dawn 134, Lewis, James Lewis, LeJune Lewis, Lorraine Lewis; Nancy Lewis, Paula Lewis, Wanda 98, 150, Lewis, Wandall Lindsey, Diane Lindsey, Donnie Lindsey, Duke 81, Lindsey, Jerry Lindsey, Linda Lindsey, Ronnie 117, 213, Lindsey, Sherry 52, 144, 81, 150, 158, 52, 151, 180, 158, 159, 250, 265, Lindsey, Thomas 52, 161, 211, 212, 228, Lindsey, Trudy Lines, Melody 134, Livingston, Elaine ‘ Livingston, Larry Livingston, Patsy Livingston, Sharon Livingston, Sylia Loden, Emily Loden, Theresa Loescher, Worren Loften, Shirley Loftin, Tommy Long, Diane Long, Sharon - Loper, Mickey . 98, 157, 160, Lord, Terry Lott, Phyllis Love, Henry Love, Joann Lovejoy, Coleman Lovejoy, Jimmy Lovejoy, LeNora Lovejoy, Nita Lovik, Larry Loyd, Russell Lucas, Harry Lucas, Kenneth Lumley, Harold Lumpkin, Ronnie Luzier, Mike Lyles, Phyllis Lyons, Cherie Lyons, Glenda Madden, Janet Maddox, Dickie Maddox, Eddy Maddox, Robert Maddox, Sandra Manders, Clyde Mangrum, Marvin Mann, Cluvis Mann, Thermon Manning, Gwen Manville, Harriet Marchman, Tommy Morocco, Frank Marsh, Ken Marshall, Bobby Marshall, Bradley Marshall, Jackie Marshall, Larry Marshall, Linda Marshall, Patti Marshall, Robert Marshall, Shirley Martin, Barbtra Martin, Carol 88, 99, 145, Martin, Dianne Martin, Kathy Martin, Nancy Martin, Robert Martin, Sandra Martin, Warren Martin, Williom Mask, Tommy Mask, Toni Masmontet, Lean Mason, Jonice Mason, Norma Mason, Patsy Mason, Randy Mason, Steve Mason, Tommy Mason, Wesley Massey, Charles Massey, Skipper Matheny, Fred Matthews, Frank Matthews, Larry Matthews, Margoret Mauldin, Charles Mauldin, Tommy Maxwell, David Moye, Deane Mayfield, Edna Moyne, Nancy Mayne, Shirley McAlpin, Judy McBride, Barbora McBride, Beverly McBride, Ken McBride, Susan McBryont, Judy McClam, Dianne McCleave, Darnelle 54, McClendon, Beverly McClendon, Byron McCollum, Robert 118, McConnel, George McConnell, Judith 118, McCormick, Donald McCowen, Mike McCrane, Sandra 81, 154, McCronie, Susan 135, 144, 157, 160, McCullough, Carl 118, McCullough, Richard 81, McDaniel, Joe 81, 145, 148, 154, McDaniel, Patricia McDaniel, Patsy 81, McDaniels, Suson 108, 118, 144, 157, 54, 149, 170, 176, McDonald, Linda 118, 157, 159, McElhenny, Edward McElhenny, Patricia 135, McElhenney, Sam 118, McElmurray, Billy McElmurray, Connie 135, McElmurray, Gordon McElmurray, Judith McGahee, James 155, McGee, Earline 99, McGlamory, Glynda McGlohorn, Gail McGlohorn, Rebecca McGrotha, Eugene McGrotha, Joseph ..... Mclinvale, Peggy -.. McKee, Linda McKenzie, Rosby 118, 150, 213, 223, McKinley, Gail 28, 54, 144, 117 117 17 117 135 117 81 273 , 210 117 , 228 81 117 , 259 117 135 147 181 117 135 117 99 152 81 181 152 164 247 118 167 99 135 164 118 118 213 167 162 118 135 158 271 223 147 274 135 164 159, 243 160 135 152 232 54 161 135 81 227 173 118 135 99 54 118 118 118 230 146, 148, 149, 180, 182, 194, 249, 253, 256, 261-2, 265, 268, 272, McKinney, Gory R ‘ McKinney, Teresa sides = ‘ McLarty, Freida iiese SS McLean, Sandra Seo ey |» McLemore, Judy js ey McLeod, Mary Jane 54, McLindon, Michele 135, McMillan, Debbie : - : Se McMillan, Mike a a ee McMillan, Yvonne . . 118, McNeil, Carlie 81, 173, 206, 211-12, McPhail, Mike = eae ie 5 ee. ees McPherson, Elizabeth -—....... saiabicebiciat = McPherson, Paula . 72, 81, 153, 154, Meadows, Ernie SEES SET Meadows, June : io pasaeaeetiateh - Meaks, Jackie = ENS sasssaegee Meek, Sandro : Meeks, Donnie ‘ acu 110, 145, Meeks, Gloria peti Meeks, Grady Meeks, Sandra 152, 158 Melton, Dawson eee Mercer, James : Meee | 4 Merchant, Lin — s 99, Mercier, Anne od Meredith, Keith yates = Meriwether, Meri 835; 157, 168, Merritt, Becky cnclimnisisctie, MOMs, ee Merritt, Paul - acccinune Oy Tay TOs Merritt, Ralph saabie 72, 81, 87, 87, 144, 274 81 118 156 164 144 164 171 160 213 152 229 135 267 . 54 165 99 . 135 . $1 — oe 147 ace. . 135 146, . 118 171 170 . 81 “118 267 160 264 . 118 Merritt, Terry Metts, Raymond Mewborn, Woodrow Middlebrooks, Marsha Middlebrooks, Vicki Mikus, Anne Miles, Betty Miley, Tim Miller, Eddie Miller, Gowain Miller, Marsha Miller, Marty Miller, Peggy Miller, Peggy Miller, Mills Mimbs, Mimbs, Mimbs, Mims, Wanda Minchew, Alecia Minor, Carole Minor, Fred Minshew, Dovid Minshew, Henry Minshew, Jonice Minton, Jerry Miskinen, Larry Mitchell, Billy Mitchell, Doris Mitchell, Geraldine Mitchell, Sue Mitchem, Donna Mixon, Renee Mock, Angelyn Molton, Jane Molton, Lynn Moncrief, Gayla Mondy, Donna Sve Montgomery, Gail Montgomery, Harriette Monthie, Judy Moore, Betty Moore, Billy Moore, Bobby Moore, Charles Moore, Charlotte Moore, Cheryl Moore Curtis Moore, Donnie Moore, George Moore, Joan Moore, Joy Moore, J. P. Moore, Judy Moore, Kenneth Moore, Marvin Moore, Peggy Moore, Phillip Moore, Ronnie Moore, Terry Mooring, Anna Mooring, Mike Mooring, Ronald Moorman, David Morgan, Beverley Morgan, Dolores Morrill, Clifford Morris, Alfred Morris, Curtis Morris, Tommy Morstad, Jacque Moseley, Harold Moseley, Marjorie Mosely, Kenneth Mosely, Larry Moses, Martha Mote, Susan Mote, Tack Mott, Marvin Moulton, Buzz Moulton, Muriel Moulton, Patsy Moxley, Dolores Moxley, J. L. Moxley, Lynn . Moye, Barbara Moye, Darrell Moye, Lynn Mullins, Willie Mullis Baynard Mullis, Carol Mullis, Gory Mullis, Myra —...... Mullis, Welda Munson, Edward Munson, Edwina Murphy, Chipper . Murphy, Marc Murrett, Timothy Musgrove, Linda Myers, Johnny . Myers, Sidney Nelms, Dionne .... Nelson, Ann NeSmith, Carol . 81 81, 166 118, 168 135 118 55, 144, 149, 153, 180, 250, 265, 275 118, 152, 160, 228, 229 99 99, 154 135 55, 165, 162, 181, 239 99 55, 153, 164, 181, 271 99, 153, 164, 173, 266 81, 168 81 152 151 135 118 118 156 155 135 135 82 , 168 118 82 82 55 99 118 135, 150 118 99, 182 82 99 82, 151, 154, 163, 182, 247 55, 164 55, 153, 170 99, 150, 182 82 99 99 : 100 82, 144, 160, 242, 252, 255, 259 135, 152, 174 135 56 118 135 135, 160, 172 135 151, 162, 181 100 135 118, 160 82, 173 82 100, 148 160, 173 135 82 118 135, 173 135 118 136, 163 100 119, 170 153, 157 119, 163 9 119, 168 . 136, 213 136, 153 136 224, 259 9 167 NeSmith, Joyce NeSmith, Luretta NeSmith, Morris NeSmith, Rachel Neves, Johnny Neves, Mercedes Newbern, Johnny Newbern, Patricia Newberry, Fred Newby, Bill Newton, John Nixon, Linda Nobles, Elizabeth Nobles, Joseph Nobles, Linda Nobles, Ricky Nobles, Ronnie Nolan, Sharon Norris, Betty Norris, Janice 57, Nowell, David Nowell, Francis Oakley, Carol Oakley, Shelvy O'Borr, Linda O'Brien, Shirley O'Cain, Harry Odum, Miriam Odum, Philip Ogburn, Jane Ogburn, Robert Ogle, Linda Ogle, Marvin O'Hanlon, Jerry O'Hanlon, Linda Oktavec, Beverly Olds, David Oliver, Lee Oliver, Thomas Olm stead, Helon O'Neal, Charles O'Neal, Charlie O'Neal, Patricia O'Neal, Robert O'Reilly, Robert Ott, Norman Over, Charles Overby, Carolyn Overby, Jim Oxley, Marie Ozburn, Bonnie Ozburn, Jayne Padgett, Sara Poez, Tony Pafford, George Pafford, Patricia Pape, Patricia Parden, Evelyn Parent, Edgar Parham, Joey Parham, Martin Parham, Ricky Parker, Carson Parker, Derrell Parker, Dorothy Parker, Eddie Parker, Peggy Parker, Tommy Parks, Gloria Parks, Janice Parks, Leonard Parks, Pearl Parmelee, Mike Parrish, Cynthia Parrish, Flip Parrish, Gayla Parrott, Judy Patat, Andy Pate, Claudia Patrick, Carol Patrick, Robert Patterson, Doug Patterson, Jack Patterson, Ralph Pattison, Earnest Pattison, Prentice Patykula, Diane Payne, Cynthia Payne, Lloyd 56 100, 152 56, 147, 155, 173 100, 156, 160, 119 119, 147, 166, 100, 119 119, 152, 157 82 119 119, 152, 174 170 56, 211-2 136 119 146, 149, 187, 268, 274 119, 145, 171 119, 163 119 82 119 167, 272 , 164, 260 , 174, 183 , 150, 260 152, 160 136, 213 136, 152 100 152, 160 136, 136, 164, 82, 144, 146, 171 136, 213 230 58, 179 154 119, 145, 223 58, 149, 158, 180 82 164 100 58 82 136 119 100 100 58, 145, 155, 169, 196 82, 182 119, 173 136 146, 166, 173, 246, 273 83 58 100, 148, 154 119 136, 213, 223 136 119 100 119 120 Payne, Ricky - 72, 83, 154, 161, 204, 211, Payne, Sheila Peacock, Charles Peacock, Charles . Peacock, Ronny James .- Peacock, Rosemary . Pearce, Bill Pearce, Janice Pearce, Rosemary Pearce, Theresa Pearson, Linda Peavy, Faye Peavy, Jerry Peavy, Mallary Peavy, Patsy Peebles, Paulette Pelfrey, Judy 212, 216, 217, 224, 229 88, 100 83 136, 155, 168 83 136, 159, 160 58, 145, 155, 166 . 58, 149, 164, 180, 181 100 120 106 136 148 59 100 136 83 Pelfrey, Rebecca Pelt, James Pelt, Janice Pelt, Ronald Pelt, Sandra Perry, Anne Perry, Mark Perrymon, Edgor Peters, Dennis Peterson, Sve Ann Petty, Linda Ptund, Dick Pfund, Janet Phagan, Sharyn Phillips, Margaret Philpot, Tim Picklesimer, Donna Pierce, Adecia Pierce, Corethia Pierce, Linda Pierce, Percy Pierce, Theresa Pilcher, Alton Pilcher, Bill Pilcher, Elaine Pilcher, Reggie Pilcher, Tommy Pilcher, William Piper, Marion Pipkin, Lamar Pipkin, Robert Pirkle, Joyce Pittman, Hozel Pittman, Sandra Pitts, Donald Pitts, Guynelle Pitts, Jomes Pitts, Janice Polivick, Huann Pollett, Ricky Poole, J. C Poole, Sharon Pope, Jerry Pope, Larry Porter, Faye Porter, Thomas Poss, Reginald Potts, David Poulnott, Edward Pouncy, Julia Powell, Barbara Powell, Dorothy Powell, Glenda Powell, Joan Powell, John Powell, Linda Powell, Runae Powell, Sue Powers, Dennis Powers, Gary Powers, Ricky Presley, Greg Price, Curtis Price, David Price, James Price, Jo Ann Price, Joel Price, Linde Price, Margaret Price, Patricia Pridgeon, Rodney Priestley, James Prince, Joe Prince, Lewis Prince, Linda Prince, Patricia Pritchett, Kenneth Probert, Kay Proctor, Betty Proctor, Dorothy Pruett, Bort Pruett, Brenda Pruett, Clay Prunty, Kathy Pryor, Bevan Pryor, Derrell Puckett, Carl Pugh, Sherry Pulliam, Claude Pulliam, Ralph Purdy, Mike Purser, Monteen Purser, Wally Purvis, Danny Purvis, Harolynn Pyle, Betty Quillian, Charles Quinn, Peggy Quinn, Sharon Quinn, Sharon . Quinn, Shirley Rackley, Linda Ragan, Patricia Railey, Kenny Raines, Sue Raleigh, Doug Rawlins, Janice 83, 141, 146, 243, 59, 145, 148, 101, 150, 120, 120, 136, 120, 170, 59, 144, 164, 166, 273, 101, 152, 59, 120, 120, 120, 171, 213, 83, 154, 158, 166, 137, 101, 120, 151, 137, 166, 60, 169 120, 187 120 120, 153 120 153, 174 101, 166 83, 150, 155 12¢ 60 137, 160 83, 146, 152, 243, 271 120 60, 163 :..... 101 137 137 137, 157, 160 . 120, 170 101 137 137, 212-3, 224 83, 154, 161, 228, 229 , 137 ; 120, 212 83, 154, 161, 210, 216-220 60, 155, 199 ; . 120 60 137 60, 144, 165, 272 : 83 60 156 177, 246 120, 160 ; 137 oa 120 - 120, 169 : 101 120, 157 accriney OS. 188 . 137, 141 Ray, Linda 120, Redfearn, Katherine 101, Redman, Virginia 120, 159, Reed, Eddie Reed, Linda Sve Reed, Sharyn R , Sherry ter, Danny 108, 120, Register, Kathryn Register, Wayne 121, 150, Reich, Elaine 137, 153, Reich, Michael Reid, Donny 137, Reid, Ronnie Reinertsen, Tom él, Repella, Joyce Reynolds, Carolyn Reynolds, Larry Rhodes, Dottie Rhodes Eleanor Rice, Jane ch, Larry ichitt, James chitt, Judy cks, Linda ddlemoser, Joanne ddlemoser, Tommy dley, Phyllis enertson, Judy ezinger, Nancy gby, Wayne ggins, Larry iggins, Sonny Riggs, Linda 101, Roberson, Ruth 61, Roberts, Elizabeth 137, 161, Roberts, Evelyn 121, Roberts, Genia 137, Roberts, Marvin 83, Robertson, John Robertson, Linda 121, 152, 157, Robinson, Judy 83, 162, Robinson, Mary Robitzch, Lemuel 83, Rodgers, David Rodgers, Robert Roger, Clarence Rogers, Alan Rogers, Donald Rogers, Harrell Rogers, Steve Rogers, William Roland, Dennie = i; Roland, Ray Roland, Sharon 121, Roland, Vivian Rooks, Charles Roquemore, David Ross, Charles 83, 145, 147, Rosson, Janis 121, 160, 161, 173, Rountree, James (Wade) 101, Rowe, Denny Rowell, Richard Rowland, Dan 137, Rowland, Dayle 137, Rozor, Mike Rudmon, Sheila Ruis, Franklin Ruis, Lloyd 137, Russell, Ellen 62, 144, 149, 151, 154, 251, 270, Russell, Leslie 121, 144, 169, Russell, Linda 121, Russell, Rebecca 137, Ryan, Elaine Ryan, Janice Ryder, Shirley Ryle, Vernon Ryon, Sheila Sams, Pot 62, 149, 181, Soms, Stanley Sandefur, Gary Sonderlin, James Sanderlin, Yvonne 84, 166, Sanders, Grace Sanders, Harold Sanders, James Sanders, Jimmy Sanders, Johnny Sanders, Kathy Sanders, Michael Sanders, Pat Sanders, Richard Sanders, Willis pncteititinda a Sandiford, Jimmy : 102, Sandiford, Sandra 62, 149, 154, 173, ee ee ee 61, 149, 153, 158, 102, 212, Sandford, Diane . Sanford, James Sapp, Janice Sapp, Janice Sark, Carl Sark, Steve sates = Sarver, Ginny 62, 163, Sattler, Betty Jean a . 84, Souls, Durward . 137, 213, Sauls, Mary Lou - = Saunders, Brenda we 84, 159, 164, Enea Tucker, Tommy Wesson, Linda 140, 152 Wilson, Peggy 124 Twiggs, Joan 67 West, Jean 105 Wilson, Rebecca 140 Tye, Grady 104 West, Pat 140 Wilson, Sheila 124 Tye, Harold 67 West, Richard 124, 232 Wimberly, Ronnie 69, 228, 229 Tye, Henry 123 West, Roy 140 Windham, Hiram 105, 212 Tyler, Dw ght , 173 West, Susanne i 105, 144 Windham, Jone 72, 87, 144, 146, 152, 251, Tyler Koren WZ West, Tommy 140 : 261, 266 Tyler, Leta 139 Whaley, Bonnie 86 Windhom, Sandra 69, 149, 152, 164, 181 Tyner, Carolyn , , 173 Whaley, Ray 69, 167 249, 250, 261, 27 Tyre, Lona R , 243 Wheeler, Reggie 124, 213 Winslett, Patsie 105, 152 Tyson, Margeret , 160 Wheeler, Rosie 69, 144, 146, 149, 151, Witherington, Beverly 124 inderwnod, Al ; 169 161, 177, 242, 256-7, 262, 266, 270, 272, 274 Witherington, Gloria 105 Underwood, Jeff , 183 Wheeler, Terry 124, 171, 228-30 Witherington, Pam 124, 152 Upchurch, Rachoel 123 Whitaker, S8orbara 140, 144 Wolff, James 124 Uptagrofft, Lavon , 168 White, Bobby 69, 164 Wood, Billy 106 Usery, Melvin , 168 White, Janice 140 Wood, Brenda 57 Ussery, Sue 123 Wh Larry ¥. , 171 Wood, Burke 140 Ussery, Sandra 139 White, Robert 124 Wood, Carol 87 Van Buren, Robert 104 White, Troy 140 Wood, Charles , 170 Van Cise, William 123 Whitehurst, Don 140 Wood, Dolores 140 Von Patton, Peggy 123 Whitehurst, Walter 124 Ww , Jewell 124 Varnadore, Rayford 139 Whitfield, Richard 105 Wood, Katherine 160 Vandiver, Joe 104 Whiting, Cherie , Nae Wood, Natalie Vaughn, Billy , 228 Whitley, Albert 24 Wood, Tommy Vaughn, Linda ) , , 247 Whitley, Frank » 227 dall, Sheila Venable, Linda 104 Whitley, Linda 124 Woodell, Sandra Vickers, Wanda . , 165 Whitley, Terry Woodard, Len Vinson, Johnny 139 Whitt, Beverly Woodard, Robert Vinson, Ted 139 Whittington, Pam : Woodward, Betty Jean Visage, Angela 123 Wichmen, Tommy a: Woodward Linda Voellinger, Kay 123 Wilbanks, Faye Woodward, Silvia Voellinger, Sue 105 Wilbanks, Kay Wooten, Jim Wade, John 139 Wilburn, Merry Lois ’ Wade, Karen 86 Wilcox, Howard Worley Allen Wade, Terry 86 Wilcox, John Worth, Edward Wagner, Candace 86, 162 Wilder, Ann Worth, Cheryl Wagner, Jeff 68, 145, 161, 206, 211-2, Wilder, Diane Wright, Dione 228-9, 259, 265 Wilder, Gary Wright, Linda Waits, Judy 86, 150 Wilder, Sally Wright, Marie Wolker, Curt 86, 168 Wilkerson, Mike Wright, Phyllis Walker, Debbie 163, 174 Wilkinson, Robert Wright, Sandra Wolker, Donna 105, 174 i Wright, Vicki Walker, Ellen 139, 160 Willard, Bonnie cles cialg Wrye, Anne Walker, Gory 154, 168 Ww lliams, Benny Yacobacci, John Walker, Janet 174, 266 Williams, Billy - Yacobacci, Mike Walker, LaDon 150, 168 Will ams Brenda Yacobacci, Tony 147 Wolker, Larry 124 Williams, Brenda Yancey, George Wolker, Susan 124 Williams, Carolyn Yaughn, Randy Wall, Karen 86 Williams, Carolyn Yates, Christine 106, Wallace, Ronnie , 213 Williams, Carolyn Yearwood, Claude Waller, Patsy 105 Williams, Danny Yearwood, Peggie Walls, Larry 139 Williams, Diane Yopp, Ronnie 111, 150, 170, 213, Walsh, Pat 139 Williams, Donald Young, Barbora Jean 70, 144, 150, 165, Walton, Jane 169 Williams, Doni Young, Darrell Ward, Bonnie 158 Williams, Henry Young, Harry Ward, Brenda 123 Williams, Jackie Young, Jeanette 87, 173, Ward, Elaine 264 Williams, Jerry Young, Marsha 70, 144, 146, 149, Ward, Jerry 213 Willioms, Jerry 176, 246, 253, 266, 270, 272, Warrell, Linde 160 Williams, Jimmy : Young, Mary Ann 125, Warren, Gene 139 Williams, Larry Youngblood, Sandra Worren, Patsy 86 bidet sal ria 5 Youngblood, Sheryl 141, Warren, W. H. 150 will oms, Micke: Zielinski, Nancy Warrick, Diane ‘ 139 Hiiams, cxey Zwally, Charles Warrick, Jimmy 86 Williams, “etl Zwally, Jimmie 125, 171, Wasden, Leslie 68 bit ey on Wasden, Meschal 86, 150 Williams. Seid Wasden, Robert ’ 86 pre, Sager SUPERLATIVES 190- Wasden, Sharon 124 Williams, Ronnie Barry, Peggy Waters, Herman 68, 167, 177, 179, 275 ae cet Bates, Wallace Waters, Sheila 86, 161, 242. 260 Williams, Verne Bryant, Bobby Watkins, Rebecca 105, 258 Williamson, Eldrid Chapman, Dean Watrubo, Wayne 139 Williamson, Gail ’ , Digby, Ronnie Watson, Carol 139 Williamson, Melford Goines, Pete Watson, Danny 139, 171 aes Herndon, Melinda Watson, Gene 86, 155 Willingham, Glenn Holt, Kay Watson, Tex 68, 161 Willingham, Steve Johnston, Phydan Weathers, Tom 68, 145, 150, 179 et eee ' Kania, Brenda Weover, Jean 86 ults, Fatty , McKinley, Gail Webb, James 124 eee Billy ' Parrish, Flip Webb, Jerry 139 Aealy Brenda Pierce, Wayne Webb, Joe 69 Wilson, Forrest Purdy, Mike Webb, Martha 69, 149, 173, 254 Wilson, Jack Stokes, Charles Weekley, Duane 139, 170, 213 ee Thigpin, Bonnie Wehrle, Judy 139 ilson, Koren A Wilson, Linda Wells, Robert 140 ‘ Wesson, Larry 105 Wilson, Monty TABLE OF CONTENTS TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY Are Tayl

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