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McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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MB x SAAS TMA RH ‘ TOR GPE os Senne cress Willingham High Sc eeeweon.] ‘ me th oe it ; ‘ ‘ MSCOTT hool for Boys and McEvoy High School for Girls Macon. Georgia Volume Il FOREWORD Although separated by space, Willingham and McEvoy have been brought together by basic goals. Our faculties and organi- zations have, by common participation, built up an atmosphere. of togetherness, We have, through joint pep rallies, sports activities, publications, and clubs, established a foundation which future generations will be proud to acknowl- edge. ( (Ons We present here another example of our common ideas - THE RAMSCOTT - ee L showing again how the in- ai ) (GG Sy terweaving of activities builds better school rela- tionships. ” er Hg Contents Dedication 8 Administration 10 Classes 26 Organization Sports Superlatives Activities Advertisements of Contents Willingham Dedication He has been endowed with a com- bination of man's greatest assets: a sense of humor, talent, leadership, dedication. He is outstanding in musical ability. His leadership is evident in all phases of school activity, be it the Junior- Senior Banquet or the Annual. A true teacher, he is dedicated to the high calling of his profession. We will long remember how he taught by example and not by discipline, He is - in short - a dynamic personality. So in recognition of his many con- tributions to both schools, and in ad- miration for a true Christian gentle- man, we dedicate the Rams part of the RAMSCOTT to - William E, Bell McEvoy Dedication When he came to McEvoy two years ago, we were determined to change his first love from boys to girls. We haven't accomplished our goal, but perhaps by now we rate the same amount of love. His ideas about education are prac- tical, for he believes education should be useful as well as informative. He is frank, buthis frankness is an asset; he is firm, but his firmness is like that of a father. For he isa father - he's oursecond father, the fatherof McEvoy High School. So in admiration and love, we ded- icate the Lassies’ partof the RAMSCOTT to our father and principal - William Brake er a a 3 SS oe ee ee Be me gg ie orm we Aw 2. Be Be hd 318 SS Be ee ee ed be ; 5 zi 5; = a =? : nistration DR. H. G. WEAVER President Mallory C. Atkinson Vice President WALLACE WILLIAM P, MILLER JR. SIMMONS Secretary a» | Treasurer Board of Education H. G. Weaver, W. P. Simmons, G. P. Rankin Jr., Herbert F. Birdsey, Charles C. Hertwig, Wallace MillerJr., A. S. Hatcher Jr., M. C, Atkinson, F, M. Willingham, W. A. Fickling, R. A. McCord Jr., Ralph Eubanks, Walter C. Stevens, Oscar Long, and Ed Wilson. FRED JOHNSON Principal JULIUS L. GHOLSON Superintendent Assistant Superintendent ie = re y : vate v i ; =» WILLIAM M. BRAKE Principal MARTHA HUTCHERSON Librarian MARY B, LAMBACK School Secretary OTHO PIRKLE, Counselor Student Council Advisor SUSAN F, HILL, Counselor Ballet Club Advisor MARY S, HOLLAND School Secretary BESSIE WALLACE REESE Library Club Advisor 14 DAISY BEATY ROBERT W, REAGAN Chairman Business Education Department Ramscott Business Advisor Willingham Mckvoy MARGARET P, DAVIS Ramscott Business Advisor F.B.L.A. Advisor Senior Class Advisor JEANETTE CHAMBERS F.B.L.A. Advisor Business Staff Paper Advisor ANGELINE COOK Tri-Hi-Y Advisor Willingham Vocational Department JEANINE BURTON Junior F,.H.A. Advisor MARY JO LYLE Junior F,.H,A. Advisor BILL GREENE Athletic Business Manager Chairman Industrial Arts Department WALTER M, MASSEY JR. Industrial Arts Club Advisor HERSCHEL SIMMONS F.F.A. Advisor McEvoy Home Economics Department MARTHA H, MELVIN Senior F,.H. A. Advisor ELIZABETH RYALS Senior F,.H. A. Advisor MODENE DeLOACH HELEN J, FAULKNER JACQUELINE L. ODOM JENNY N. SHEFFIELD BOBBY E, BROWN Coach BILLY HEN DERSON Chairman of Physical Education Department Coach Willingham DAVID HILL Coach JOHNNY STALLINGS Coach 4 MARY JIM BURT Y-Teens Advisor Senior Class Advisor BETTIE A, LAWRENCE Nurses Club Advisor JANE M, MASSEY Junior Dramatic Club Advisor HAZEL ROGERS F,T.A. Advisor McEvoy MARTIN ALLMAN Head Basketball Coach JOSEPH A, ETHRIDGE Textbook Committee OLGA R, McLAIN MARY P, SMITH Chairman Social Studies Department CAROLYN HATTRICH Art Club Advisor McEvoy ERNESTINE LEWIS i Music Club Advisor BARBARA A, REVES Band Music and Art Department EARLE BARNETTE Band JAMES LITTLEFIELD Band Director LYLE S, WILCOX - Orchestra Director Willingham REBEKAH ANTHONY CYNTHIA DAVIS Spanish Club Advisor ANN G, PARK Ramscott Advisor McEvoy LEXIE DEKLE CONEY French Club Advisor ELINOR WATSON Spanish Club Advisor Willingham DELIA FLOYD Junior Red Cross Advisor ANN T. WALTERS Beta Club Advisor GEORGIA C, WATKINS PEGGY WOMMACK ; WILLIAM E, BELL ‘ Ramscott Editorial Advisor ; Chairman English Department Senior Class Advisor CHARLES F, BYRD Rampage Editorial Advisor DAVID J. GRIFFIN, JR. INA B, ADAMS ADDIE RIE BAIRD Beta Club Advisor ANN B, HALL Student Council Advisor English Department NAN M, FLOWERS Senior Dramatic Club Advisor MABEL B, HARRIS JULIA W, LANIER Senior Class Advisor JANE F. BOWDEN JANICE HALSTEAD JANE A. MIDDLEBROOKS LA VERNE STINETORF McEvoy BILLY J. BEALE Assistant Head Coach WALTER E, CONEY, JR. Advisor for School Store MICHAEL J, GARVIN Coach JACQUE M, JAMES Chairman Mathematics Department Counsellor HENRY MIDDLEBROOKS Coach HOWARD S, PEEK Rampage Business Advisor Na o™ MARY ELLA CLEMENTS Science Club Advisor Ramscott Advisor Senior Class Advisor VIRGINIA P, DORROH Junior Red Cross Advisor HARRIET S, GRAVES Science Club Advisor NELLE P, WALKER MARY WEAVER Science Depa rtment DIXIE H, CUTTER Textbook Committee ROBERT F, FLOYD NORMAN GRIGGS Audio Visual Coordinator LEONARD I, PRIDGEON Science Club Advisor ELMER SMITH GEORGE TORO, JR. McEvoy Willingham Dietitians Willingham Lunchroom Workers School Mail Distributors MR, W. C. McNABB Maintenance Supervisor (Oe MR. FRED POWERS Warehouse Supervisor Maintenance Crew MR. CLYDE JORDAN Transportation Supervisor County School Bus Drivers Transportation Maintenance Crew i si ore Left to right: Beverly Mosely, President; Lynda Adams, Vice President; Sharon Stokes, Secretary; and Lurlene Garrett, Treasurer. BACK ROW, Center: Jerome Chapman, President; Right: Eddie Battle, Vice President; Left: Charles Partridge, Secretary. Directors are, FRONT ROW: Colista Raffield, Edith Harris, and Jeweldine Mc- Crary. BACK ROW: Faye Morris, Sylvia Tomberlin, and Linda Kull. 28 SANDRA GWYNELLE ALLAGOOD Sandra Beta Club 11,12; Business Club 10-12; President, Buseness Club 12; Circulation Staff, Bonnie Blue Print 12; Student Coun- cil 12. SANDRA KAY ALLEN Sandra Office Monitor 11,12; F,H.A. 10; Volley- ball Team 10,11. LYNDA MARIE ADAMS Lynda Beta Club 11,12; Junior Class President; Senior Class Vice President: Student Coun- cil President 12; Nurses’ Club 10-12, President 11; Gym Assistant 12; Bonnie Blue Print Humor Editor; Girls’ State 11. SARA ANN ADAMS Sara Ann Tri-Hi-Y 11,12; F.H.A. 10; Supervision Volleyball 11,12; Business Staff of Annual 12; Dramatic Club. WILLIAM OWEN ALLEN Owen Varsity Track Team 11; B Team Basket- ball 11. DAVID HARRY AMBROSE Butch Supervision Basketball 11. JAMES KENNETH ANDREWS Kenneth Spanish Club 11. LARRY EDWARD ARNOLD Larry Science Club 11,12; French Club 11; Red Cross 11. LINDA LUCIELE AUTRY Linda F.B.L.A. 11,12; Y-Teens 10,11; Tri-Hi- Y 10,11; Future Teachers 10; Volley- ball Team 10,11; Music Club 10, 11; Junior Stunt 11; Chorus 10,11. VIRGIL EDGAR AVERA Eddie ANNE LOUISE ASBELL Anne Beta Club 11,12; Tri-Hi-Y 12. FRANCES JUANITA AULTMAN Nita Beta Club 12; Vice President of Music Club 12; Mellodettes 10-11; F.B.L.A. 12; Perfect Attendance 11; Red Cross 11; F.H.A. 10. JOHN RONALD BARFIELD Ronnie Beta Club 12; Science Club 11,12; Library Club 11; Grench Club 11. MARGARET VIRGINIA BASS Virginia Beta Club 10-12; Circulation Manager of Bonnie Blue Print; Page Editor of Bonnie Blue Print; Business Staff of Annual; F.B.L.A. 11,12; Junior-Senior Banquet Committee 11; Library Club 10; Volley- ball Team 10-12. GAIL DORLENE BACCHUS Gail Entered McEvoy 1959. EVA ANNETTE BALLARD Annette F,.B.L.A. 11,12; Music Club 10-12; Co- Captain of Supervision Volleyball Team 11; Mellodettes 10,11; Chorus 11, 12. VELMA DEAN BATEMAN Velma Beta Club; Honorable Mention, State His- torical Contest; Student Council 12; After School Y-Teens 11, President 12; Captain of After School Y-Teen Volleyball Team. MARION EDDIE BATTLE Eddie Captain and Co-Captain Football Team 11, 12; Superlative 11,12; Secretary of Senior Class; Beta Club 11,12; Ramscott Copy Editor 12; Varsity Baseball 11,12; Varsity Basketball; Vice President Student Council. LINDA JANE BEALL Bill Beta Club 11,12; Sergeant-at-Arms 12; Director, Junior Class; Reporter for News- paper; Science Club 11,12; Nurses’ Club 10,11; Secretary 12, Treasurer; Science Fair Award; Junior Stunt, JERRY STANLEY BEDGOOD Jerry Spanish Club 11. BIRDIE GAIL BLISS Gail Champion Field Hockey Team 11. BARBARA BOOTHE Barbara F.H.A. Parliamentarian 11, Historian 12 Red Cross 12; Supervision Volleyball Tear 10-12. MURVALE OREN BELSON JR, Sonny Rampage Business Manager 12; Band 11; Orchestra 11; Dramatic Club 11, 12, SANDRA ANN BLACK Panny Gym Assistant 10-12; Beta Club 11, Pres- ident 12; Student Council 10,11, Treasurer 11; Page Editor Bonnie Blue Print 12; Ramscott Editorial Staff; Director of Junior Class. JOHN FELTON BRIDGER Bruiser Varsity Football 11,12; Rams Club 11, 12; Athletic Business Manager 11; Spanish Club 11; Paper Shop 11; Business Club 12, BARBARA LILLYAN BROWN Barbara President of Science Club 11, 12; Editor of Ramscott 12; Beta Club 11,12; Director of Junior Class; Vice President of Debating Club 10; Bonnie Blue Print Columnist Art Service Award 10; Student Council 12. KEITH JEROME BOSTICK Jerry Beta Club 12; Varsity Track 11. BARBARA LOUISE BRADBURY Barbara Typing Editor of Ramscott; Beta Club 12; Historian of Library Club 12; Typing Award 11; Perfect Attendance 11; Secre- tary of Debating Club 10; President of Supervision 10; Student Council 10. z JOYCE ANJETTE BUNCH Joyce Beta Club 12; Business Manager of Annual 12; F.B.L.A. 11, Secretary 12; Circula- tion Staff of Bonnie Blue Print 12; Office Monitor 12; Supervision Volleyball 10-12. HAZELL ELLEN BUSBEE Ellen Beta Club 12; Annual Staff 11,12; F.B.L.A. 11, 12; Library Club 10; Chorus 11; Volley- ball Team 11. 4 RICHARD CHESLEY BYARS Dick Band 11,12; French Club, Sergeant-at- Arms 11, DONALD HOWARD CALDWELL Buster Annual Business Staff 11,12; Student Coun- cil 12; Business Club President 12. STEPHEN DOUGLAS CARTER Steve Student Council 12; Intra-City Student Council 12; Ramscott Art Editor 11, 12; Red Cross Officer 11,12; Beta Club Treas- urer 11,12; Superlative 11,12; Boys’ State 1959; Spani sh Club 11. MARCIA ANN CASON Marcia Senior Superlative; Beta Club 12; Future Nurses’ Club 10-12, President 12; Student Council 12; Ramscott Business Staff 12. Library Club Reporter 12; Science Club 11, 12. DONNA JO CAMPBELL Donna Beta Club 11,12; Mellodettes 11,12; Southern Belles 11,12; Chorus 10-12; Music Club 10-12; Library Club 10-12; F.B, L.A. 10-12; Junior Stunt; Annual Typist 12. PATSY CAROLYN CARR Pat Dramatic Club 10,11; Library Assistant 12; Library Club 12; Ramscott Business Staff; Dramatic Club Fashion Show 11; Supervision Volleyball 10,11; Supervision Officer 10,11, BILLY JOEL CHILDS Foots JOHN EDWARD CLARK John Secretary of Beta Club 11,12; Varsity Tennis Team 11,12; Ram Club 11,12; Spanish Club 11, HERBERT JEROME CHAPMAN Jerome Senior Class President 12; Superlative 11, 12; Vice President Beta Club 11, 12; Student Council Representative 12; Ramscott Copy Editor 11; Track 11. TROY RICHARD CHILDS Richard HORACE FRANKLIN COBB Com Cobb Student Council 11; Business Manager, Annual 12; BusinessClub 12; Radio Program, Willingham and McEvoy Note Notebook 12; School Ticket Salesman 12. BENTHEL VONCEAL COLEMAN Vonceal REETHA MERRELL COPELAND Reetha Library Club 12; Library Assistant 12; Reporter for Bonnie Blue Print. SANDRA LEIGH CROOMS Sandra Tri-Hi-Y 10; Library Club 10; Supervision Volleyball 10,11; Dramatic Club 12. MARY ALICE CUMMINGS Mary Alice Chorus 10; Tri-Hi-Y 10; Y-Teens 11. JANITA CLARICE DAVIS Janita Future Nurses’ Club 12; Chorus 10, 11. doe = CAROLE BARBARA CRUTCHFIELD Carole Beta Club; Tri-Hi-Y 10,11; Group Captain 12; Junior Stunt 11; Bowling Club Captain 12; Supervision Volleyball 10, 11, 12, Captain 10, Co-Ca ptain 11; Business Staff Bonnie Blue Print; F,H.A. 10. WANDA SUE CRYER Wanda Gym Assistant 10,11; Business Annual Staff 12; Tri-Hi-Y 10,12; F.B.L.A. 12; Dramatic Club 10,12; Bowling Club 12; Supervision Captain of Volleyball 10; Library Club 10, 11. WINBURN CORTEZ DAVIS, JR, Winburn NANCY JUDITH DEAN Nancy Student Council 10,12; Treasurer of Student Council 10; Tri-Hi-Y 10,11; Library Club 10,11; Library Assistant 10-12; Supervision President 10-12; Red Cross 10; Secretary of Inter-City Student Council 12. JERRY HICKS DENT Jerry JAMES EDWARD DERRY Jimmy Beta Club 11.12; Science Club 11, Pres- ident 12; School and Intra-City Student Council 12; French Club 11,12; Varsity Football 11,12; Ramscott Staff 11,12; Dramatic Club Electrician 11,12; Ram Club 11,12. PAUL ROGER DONALD, JR, Donny Spanish Club 11; Track 11; Supervision Basketball 11, JAMES MERLON DOPSON Jimmy Senior Class Treasurer 12; Boys State 1959; Beta Club 12; Dramatic Club Treasurer 12; Spanish Club 11; Science Club 11, RONALD EARLIE DORMAN Ronnie Band 11. TOMMY YOUNG EDWARDS Tommy Ram Club 11,12; Student Council 11, 12; Varsity Football 11, 12. JAMES FRANKLIN FAIN Jimmy MARY RUTH FAIN Sister Classes Editor of Ramscott 12; Secretary of Science Club 12; School Radio Program 11,12; Reporter of Bonnie Blue Print 12; Junior Stunt 11; Junior-Senior Banquet Committee 11: Science Fair Award 11; Treasurer of Supervision 10, 12. SANDRA MARIE ENGLISH Sandra F.B.L.A. 12; F.H.A. 10,11; Basketball 10,11. SARA ANNE EVANS Sara Girls’ State, City Reporter 11; Spanish Club 10-12; Science Club 11,12; Music Editor, Bonnie Blue Print 12; Junior- Senior Banquet Committee 11; Band 11, 12; Tri-Hi-Y 10. JAMES DOUGLAS FOUNTAIN Jimmy Band 11,12; French Club 11, SON YA FULLINGTON Sonya Debating Club 10,11; Library Club 10; Tri-Hi-Y 11; Chorus 10,11; Supervison Volleyball 10,11; Bonnie Blue Print 12, Reporter, JESSE LAMAR FINCHER Puscuits BETTY ANNE FLANAGAN Betty Band Club 10-12, President 12; Student Council 12; Library Assistant 12. MARY CAROLYN GARNER Carolyn F.H. A. 10-12, Officer 11,12; Supervision Officer 11; Business Annual Staff 11; Tri- Hi-Y 10; Senior Dramatic 12; Supervision Volleyball 10,11, PEGGY LURLENE GAR RETT Lulu Treasurer, Senior Class; Beta Club 11,12; Girls’ State 11; Student Council 12; Super- vision Officer 10,11; F.H.A. Officer 10,11; Senior Superlative; Science Club 11,12, JAMES ROBERT GARRISON Rob JOHN LAMAR GARVIN Lamar Chorus 11; Junior Red Cross 11,12; Tennis gE JOHNNY FRANK GOSS Johnny Football 11,12; Basketball 11,12; Track 11,12; Ram Club 11,12; Spanish Club 11, 12; Class Officer 11. MABLE FRANCES GRESHAM Frances Mellodettes 10,11; Music Club 10-12; Chorus 10-12; Southern Belles 11, 12; Debating Club 10-12; Junior Stunt. BETTY JEANETTE GLORE Betty F,H.A,. 10-12; Chairman of F.H.A. Year- book 12; F,B.L.A. 11,12; Business Staff of Ramscott 12. BRAC TON LEE GODBEE Lee Supervision Basketball 11; Ramscott Business Club 12. MARIAN ANN GRIMSLEY Marian F.B.L.A. 12; Library Club 12; Supervision Volleyball Team 11. MARVIN LYNDUS GRISHAM Lyndus Red Cross 12. JAMES ARTHUR GRIFFIN III Jim Science Club, Vice President 11; French Club, Secretary 11; Varsity Football 11; Dramatic Club 11,12; Ramscott, Organi- zations Editor 11; Ram Club 11,12; Gym Captain 11, 12. SARAH EDITH GRIGGERS Edith F.B.L.A. 11,12; Business Staff of Annual 12; Perfect Attendance 10,11; Future Homemakers of America, Project Chair- man 12, ELLEN CAROLYN GRIZZLE Carolyn President of Supervision 11; Student Coun- cil 11; Nurses’ Club 10-12; Secretary of Nurses Club 11; Dramatic Club 12; Bowling Club 12; Office Monitor 12; Columnist, Bonnie Blue Print 12. LESTER SHELTON HAGGARD Sheiton Band 11,12; Beta Club 11,12; Spanish Club 11, 12. THOMAS BENJAMIN HAMLEN Tom 4-H Club President 11; Industrial Arts Club Vice President 11; Student Council 11; 4-H Club 12. HERBERT MELVIN HARE Herbert Business Staff - Ramscott 12. EDITH MARIAN HARRIS Edith Senior Director; Gym Assistant 12; Super- lative Editor of Ramscott; Special Editor of Bonnie Blue Print 12; Girls’ State Sena- tor 11; Science Club 11,12; Nurses’ Club 12; Dramatic Club 12, DOUGLAS MICHEAL HATCHER Doug Beta Club 11,12; Science Club 11,12. FREDERICK LEE HARPER Freddy Student Council 11,12; President of Library Club 11, 12; French Club 11,12; Dramatic Club 12; Business Manager of Rampage 11. JAMES HAMILTON HARRINGTON Jamie B Team Basketball 11; Varsity Track 11; Business Staff Ramscott 11,12; Student Council 12. JAMES CLAYTON HEAD Clayton MARY EVELYN HENDERSON Mary Debating Club, Treasurer 10; Business Staff of Ramscott; Delegate to Library Club Convention 12. LARRY ALLEN HATTAWAY Larry CAROL DEANNE HAWKINS Carol Beta Club 11,12; Gym Assistant 11, 12; F,T.A. Treasurer; Science Club 11, 12; Library Club 10; Girls’ State 11; Supervision Volleyball 10-12. HENRY MILTON HENDERSON Pete Spanish Club 11,12; Football 11; Track 11,12; Ram Club 11. BILLIE MAURENE HERNDON Billie Library Assistant 12; Library Club 12; Gym Assistant 10. NANCY MARIE HAYWARD Nancy Entered McEvoy 1959; President of Girls' Bowling Club 12. GEORGE RONALD HILL Ronnie eo jhe a ANN SHIRLEY HOLMES mB Ann we Office Monitor 12; Future Nurses’ Club 12; Li i F.H.A. 10; Chorus 10-11. ae - Ne: TROY WAYNE HOOPER Wayne Future Farmers of America 11, 12. DOVIE EUGENIA HILL Jeannie Beta Club 11,12; Business Manag er of Bonnie Blue Print 12; Business Manager of Ramscott 11; Gym Assistant 12; Business Club 12; School Basketball Team 11; Supervision Volleyball 10-12. LARRY FULTON HINSON Larry DOROTHY GAIL HORTON Gail Junior Director; Circulation Staff of Bonnie Blue Print; Business Staff of Ramscott; Supervision Officer 10,11; F.H.A. Officer 10,11; Debating Club 11; Supervision Volleyball 10, 11. TRULA DAWN HUDSON Trula Library Club 11, 12, Officer 11; F.B.L.A. 12; Business Staff of Annual 12. MARCUS PAUL HOPKINS Paul Editor-in-Chief, Ramscott 11; Co-Editor 12; Beta Club 11,12; Secretary Science Club 12; Student Council 11; First National Youth Conference on Atom 11; State Science Fair 11; First Place Regional Science Fair 11; Herty Day Chemistry Award 11, MIKE JOSEPH HORNE Mike Student Council 11. ROBERT BEASLEY IVEY Robert Spanish Club 11; Dramatic Club 12. LARRY WILSON JACKSON Larry President Student Council 11,12; Beta Club 11,12; Best All Around Athlete of 1958-59; President Spanish Club 11; Varsity Foot- ball, Baseball, Track, and Basketball 11, 12. THOMAS WILLIAM JENKINS Tommy Sc ience Club President 11, Vice President 12; Boys' State 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Varsity Football 11; Sports Editor, Ramscott 11,12; Student Council 11,12; Ram Club 11; French Club 11, 12. EMMA LEE JENNINGS Emma Lee Homecoming Queen 12; Alumnae Editor of Bonnie Blue Print; Music Club 12; Sergeant- at-Arms of Supervision 12; School Repre- sentative in I Speak for Democracy Con- test” 12; Entered McEvoy 1959. ENA MAE JONES Ena Homecoming Court 12; President of Sopho- more Class 10; Managing Editor, Bonnie Blue Print 12; Beta Club 11,12, Vice Pres- ident 12; President Future Teachers of America 10; Girls’ State 11; Gym Assistant 12. BERTHA CHARLENE KEELS Charlene Gym Assistant 10-12; F,H.A. 10,11; Business Staff of Bonnie Blue Print; Business Staff of Ramscott; F,B.L.A, 12; Super- vision Volleyball 11, 12. ROBERT WAYNE JOHNSON Wayne Beta Club 11,12; Secretary Science Club 11; Rampage Business Staff 11. WILLIAM PAUL JONES, JR. Billy LINDA MARIE KULL Linda Editor-in-Chief, Bonnie Blue Print 12; Beta Club 11, Secretary 12; Director, Senior Class; Treasurer, Junior Class; Vice President, Sophomore Class; President, Library Club 12; Tri-Hi-Y Group Captain 11,12; 4-H Club 10,11, President 11, DAVE ARNOLD LEWIS Dave F,B,L.A. 12; Annual Staff 12; Varsity Football 12; Track 11; Rams Club 11; Supervision Basketball 11, JANICE CAROLE KEEN Janice F.H, A. 10, MARY LENORA KITCHENS Lenora F,H. A, 10; Red Cross 10; Supervision Secretary Treasurer 11; F.B,L.A. 11,12. TWALA REA LIGON Twala Copy Editor of Ramscott 12; Beta Club 12; Science Club Treasurer 12; Tri-Hi-Y Treasurer 10; First Place State Handicapped Essay Contest 11; Girls’ State 11; Bonnie Blue Print Columnist 12. BARBARA KAY LINDSEY Kay President, Supervision 11; Student Council 11; Tri-Hi-Y 11,12; Senior Dramatic Club 12; Supervision Volleyball 10, JOHNNIE LINDA LONG Johnnie Perfect Attendance 11; Art Club 10; F.T.A. 10,11, Officer 12; Supervision Officer 10; F.B.L.A. 12; Annual Staff 10-12; Library Assistant 10. RITA LONG Rita Beta Club 11,12; Vice President, Science Club 12; Debating Club 10,11; Girls’ State 11; Junior Stunt 11; Perfect Attend- ance 11; Supervision Volleyball 12; Report- er to Macon Telegraph and News 12. SYLVIA MERRELYN MADDEN Merry Treasurer of Interclub Council of Y-Teens 10; Historian of F.H.A. 10; Vice President of Junior Business Club 10; Dramatic Club 11,12; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Circulation Staff of Bonnie Blue Print 11; Co-Captain of Volley- ball Team 10. JOSEPH ARTHUR MADDOX Maxie Student Council 11,12; Class President 11; Editorial Staff of Annual 11; Business Staff of Annual 12; Track 11,12; Superlative 11,12; B Team Basketball 11. CHARLES CHRISTOPHER LOWERY Charles Science Club 11,12; Chorus 11; Ramscott 11; Business Staff of Ramscott 12. WILLIAM DOUGLAS LYLES Billy Varsity Football 11,12; Varsity Baseball 11, 12; Varsity Track 11,12; Varsity Basketball 11,12; Spanish Club 11,12; Annual Staff 11,12; Ram Club 11,12, MAY MAYS May Business Staff of Ramscott 12; F.B.L,A. 12; Library Club 10; Red Cross 10, PATSY LINDA McBRIDE Patsy Beta Club 11,12; Student Council 12; Tri- Hi-Y 11,12; Girls’ State 11; Dramatic Club 12; Library Club 10-12; Staff of Ramscott 12. DONALD LUTHER MARCHMAN Abstract Baseball, ALICE FAYE MAULDIN Alice Red Cross 10-12; President of Science Club 10; Business Staff of Annual 11,12; Dramatic Club 11; Art Club 12; Super- vision Volleyball 10; Editorial Staff of Bonnie Blue Print 12. JOHNNY JULIAN McCOY Johnny Beta Club 12; Business Club 12; Super- lative 12, JEWELDINE McCRARY Jeweldine Secretary of Junior Class; Director of Senior Class; Beta Club 11,12; Feature Editor of Bonnie Blue Print 12; Secretary of Supervision 10,11; Girls’ State 11; Super- lative; Science Club 12. BARBARA RUTH McGEE Bobbie Tri-Hi-Y 11,12; Senior Dramatics 11; Advertising Manager of Bonnie Blue Print 12; Red Cross 11; Business Staff of Ramscott 12; Circulation Staff of Bonnie Blue Print 11. ROBERT LEE McGEE JR. Bobby Science Club 12. REBECCA ANN MOLTON Rebecca Tri-Hi-Y 10,11; Vice President of Super- vision 10; Volleyball 10,11, MARION LUTHER MONCRIEF JR, Luke Beta Club 12; Boys’ State; Ramscott Activities Editor; State Science Fair 11; Science Club 11,12; Dramatic Club Electrician 11,12; Band 11; Southern Accents Show Electrician, JAMES WILLIAM McKINNEY J. W. JAMES MATHIS McLEOD Cloud 9 ! ig - 7 7 . . DOROTHY FAYE MORRIS Faye After School Y-Teens President 10; President of F.H.A. 10; Library Club 10,11; Presi- dent of Dramatic Club 12; Fashion Editor Bonnie Blue Print; Gym Assistant 12; Stu- dent Council 12; Beta Club 11,12. BEVERLY JEAN MOSELEY Beaver Senior Class President; Junior Class Vice President; Student Council 12; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Gym Assistant 11,12; Supervision Officer 11,12; Superlative; Typing Award 11. GLENDA ANN MOORE Glenda Beta Club 11,12; Bebating Club 11; Business Club 12; Library Assistant 12: Circulation Staff of Bonnie Blue Print; Annual Typist 12. BARBARA JEAN MORRIS Bobbie F.H.A. 10,11; Treasurer of F,H.A. 10; Library Assistant 10; Library Club 10; Circulation Staff of Bonnie Blue Print 11; Business Staff of Ramscott 12; Tri-Hi-Y 10-12; Junior Stunt 11. KAREN WILLIAMSON MOSES Karen Beta Club 11,12; Executive Committee of Beta 12; F.B.L.A. 11,12; Treasurer 12; Circulation Staff of Bonnie Blue Print 12; Library Assistant 10-12; Library Club 10; F.H.A,. 10; Annual Typist 12. TOMMY LOCKE MOYE Tommy CAROLE NEWBERRY Carole Class Softball 10; F.H.A. 10; Supervision Volleyball 12; Dramatic Club 12; F.B.L.A.; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Business Staff, Ramscott 12. HELEN DORSEY NEWTON Helen Debating Club 10,11; President 11; Tri- Hi-Y 10-12; Music Club 12; Vice President of Supervision 10; Library Club 10; Chorus 10-12; Superlative. PEGGY ANN PARKER Peggy Nurses’ Club 10,12; Library Assistant 10; Supervision Volleyball Team 11. SANDRA MAE PARKER Sandra Supervision Officer 10,11; Class Secretary 10; Vice President of Student Council 10; Secretary of F,H.A. 10; Gym Assistant 11, 12; Group Captain, Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11; Captain, Volleyball Team 10, 11. ALICE CHARLOTTE PARKER Charlotte Beta Club 12; Science Club 12; Library Club 12; Library Assistant 12; Business Staff, Ramscott 11,12; F.T.A. 10,11; F.H.A. 10; Supervision Volleyball 10. LINDA KAYE PARKER Parker Tri-Hi-Y 10-12, Sergeant-at-Arms 12; Class Softball 11; Senior Dramatic Club 10-12; Ramscott Business Staff 11, 12; Circulation Manager, Ramscott 12; Supervision Volleyball 10-12; Library Club 10,11; Supervision Officer 10,11. WILLIAM THOMAS PARKER Wildman CHARLES AUGUSTUS PARTRIDGE Charlie Co-Captain Football Team 11; Superlative 11,12; President Ram Club 11; Treasurer Junior Class 11; Vice President Senior Class 12; Student Council 11,12; Vice President Business Club 12; Supervision Basketball Team. NORMA WYNELLE PATRICK Norma Gym Assistant 10-12; Library Club 10; Group Captain, Tri-Hi-Y 11,12; Volley- ball Team 10,11; F.H.A. 10,11. WILLIAM HAL PERDUE Bubber Business Staff of the Annual 11. ‘ . LaVERNE PETTY : : at LaVerne ¢ ; il — im: 4 Beta Club 12; F,H.A. Officer 11, 12; fm Business Staff of Ramscott 12. 4 ay JUDITH DIANNE PRITCHETT ‘ a | Pritch Beta Club 11,12; Tri-Hi-Y President 12; Advertising Staff of Bonnie Blue Print 11; Co-Captain of Cheerleaders 12; Gym Assistant 10,11; Supervision Officer 10; Business Staff of Spotlight 10. MILTON HOWARD PRITCHETT Mac Copy Editor Rampage 11; Managing Editor Rampage 12; Science Club 12. JACK LAURICE PUCKETT Jack F.F.A.- 11,12 GEORGANN RAINES Georgann Majorette Captain 10-12; State Senator, Georgia Girls’ State 11; Bonnie Blue Print Gossip Column 12; Beta Club 12; Spanish Club 11,12; Student Council 12; Supervision President 12; Second Place, State Handicapped Essay Contest 11. JOSEPH WILLIAM ROLAND Joe Beta Club 11,12; Student Council 11; French Club 11. CYNTHIA MARLIN QUINN Cynthia Beta Club 11,12; Mellodettes 11; F.B.L.A, 11,12; Music Club 10; Sergeant-at-Arms 10; Chorus 10-12. MYRTICE COLISTA RAFFIELD Colista Beta Club 11,12; Girls’ State 11; Assistant Editor of Annual 12; Copy Editor of Bonnie Blue Print 12; Senior Director; Vice President of Debating Club 11; Mellodettes 10,11; Music Club 10-12. YANCY HARTLEY SANDERS Sonny F.F,A. 11,12, President and Reporter. ROYANNE SANFORD Royanne Student Council 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Chorus 10,11; Bonnie Blue Print Circula- tion Staff 12; Annual Typist 12. JULIA PATRICIA RUTLAND Patsy F.B.L.A, 10-12; Office Monitor 12; Supervision Volleyball Team 10; Tri-Hi-Y 10; Dramatic Club 11; Chorus 11. CATHRYN LETITIA SAMMONS Letitia Girls’ State 11; Art Editor of Annual; Art Editor of Bonnie Blue Print; Science Club Vice President 12; Vice President of F.H.A.; Y-Teens Officer. MARY YVONNE SAVAGE Yvonne Decoration Committee of Tri-Hi-Y 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12. VIRGINIA ANN SCHELL Ginger Beta Club 12; Gym Assistant 11, 12; Sportsmanship Award 11; Captain of Supervision Volleyball Team 10-12; Science Club 11,12; Vice President of Supervision 12; News Editor of Bonnie Blue Print 12; Captain of Softball Team 11. LINDA BETH SHAW Shaw Baby Cheerleader Co-Captain 11; Tri-Hi-Y Publicity Chairman 12; Circulation Staff Bonnie Blue Print 11; Dramatics Club 11; Supervision Volleyball 11,12; Library Club 10; Junior Stunt 11. CLARA ELIZABETH SHEPHERD Clara Business Club 11,12; Vice President 12; Homecoming Court 11, Freshman Beauty. GLENDA LEE SILVER Glenda F.B.L.A. 12. JERRY LAMAR SLOCUM Jerry French Club 11, 12. GAYLE SMITH Gayle Beta Club 11,12; Treasurer Spanish Club 11; Girls’ State 11; Science Club 12; Science Fair Award 11; Bonnie Blue Print Reporter 12; Music Club 10; Treasurer Debating Club 10. JOHNNIE ELMO SMITH Elmo Red Cross 11, 12. LORETTA LOUISE SMITH Loretta Gym Assistant 12; F.B.L.A. 12; Super- vision Volleyball 11, 12. RONALD EARL SMITH Ronnie Football 11. SYBIL GRACE SMITH Sybil Gym Assistant 12; Secretary of F,H.A. 10; Dramatic Club 10,11; Tri-Hi-Y 10,11; Business Staff of Ramscott 11, 12; VIVIAN LEA SMITH Cissy Beta Club 11,12; Vice President Tri-Hi-Y 12; Tri-Hi-Y 10-12; Gym Assistant 12; Red Cross 10; Business Staff of Bonnie Blue Print 11,12; Business Staff Ramscott 12. LINDA JOY SPILLERS Spillers Cheerleader 11,12, Captain 12; Sports Editor of Ramscott 12; Tri-Hi-Y 10-12; Circulation Staff of Bonnie Blue Print 11; Senior Dramatics 10,11; F.,H.A. 10. WILLIAM LEON STACKLER Billy Brown Senior Play 11; Band 10; F.F.A. 10; Varsity Football 10; Ramscott Business Staff 11; Supervision Basketball 11; Track 10. OLIVER ALBERT STEHLE Oliver JOYCE STEVENS Joyce Twirlette for Willingham Band, McEvoy Band; Nurses’ Club; Music Club; Science Fair Award, NORMA ELIZABETH STEWART Norma Bonnie Blue Print Reporter 12; Library Club 10; Art Club 10-12; Publicity Chairman of Band Club 11. SANDRA ANN STOKES Sandra Business Staff of Bonnie Blue Print 11; Debating Club 11; Library Assistant 11, 12; Supervision Officer 10; F.H.A. Club 10. SHARON ANN STOKES Sheena Superlative 12; Homecoming Queen's Court 12; Gym Assistant 10-12; Bowling Club 12; Secretary of Senior Class; Busi- ness Staff of Bonnie Blue Print 12; Dramat- ic Club 12; Captain of Supervision Volley- ball 10-12, MARTIN LEE STONE Martin Beta Club 12; Student Council 11; Indus- trial Arts Club 11,12; President of Industrial Arts Club 11; Science Club 12, 58 CARL HERMAN STRICKLAND Hurricane Basketball 11, MARY ETHEL STUCKEY Mary F,H. A. Historian 11; F,H,.A. Reporter 12. JIMMY HAROLD TAYLOR Jimmy Beta Club 11,12; Varsity Football 11, 12; Ramscott Staff 12; French Club 11, 12; Ram Club 11,12; Dramatic Club 12, JAMES ARNOLD THOMPSON Jungle Jim MARVIN LEROY THOMPSON Chessie Cat Varsity Basketball and Baseball 11, 12. FRANCES JOAN TOLER Joan Feature Editor of Ramscott 12; Beta Club 11,12; Page Editor of Bonnie Blue Print 12; Secretary of Library Club 12; Tri-Hi- Y 11,12; Science Club 12; Junior Stunt. PATRICIA ANN TUCKER Patricia Nurses’ Club 12; Senior Home Economics Secretary 12. IDA REBECCA TURNER Becky Beta Club 11,12; Circulation Staff of Bonnie Blue Print 12; Music Club 10; Chorus 10,11, SYLVIA ELAINE TOMBERLIN Sylvia Senior Class Director 12; Beta Club 11,12; Supervision Treasurer 10-12; F.H.A, 10- 12. WILLIAM LARRY TUCKER Tuck Ram Club 11,12; Spanish Club 11,12; Senior Dramatics 12; Varsity Football 11, 12; Varsity Basketball 11,12; Track 11, JEFFERSON POSEY TYE Posey Band, Drum Major 11,12; Chorus 11; Red Cross Representative 11; Rampage Editori- al Staff 11; Ramscott Business Staff 11, 12; F.B.L.A, 12. MARSHLYN ANN TYE Marshlyn F.H.A. 10; Dramatic Club 10; Red Cross Representative 10-12. CHARLES JASPER WALKER Catfish Beta Club; Varsity Football 11,12; Varsity Track 11,12; Ram Club; Ramscott Business Staff; Business Club. JIMMY LEWIS WARD Ward BRENDA JOYCE WEBB Brenda Beta Club 11,12; Library Club 10-12, Officer 12; Library Assistant 10-12; Circu- lation Staff of Newspaper 11,12; Annual Business Staff 11; F.B.L.A. 10-12; Supervision Officer 11. CHARLES WALTER WEBB Charles Spanish Club 11; Varsity Track 11, ELIZABETH ANN WATSON Ann President, F.H. A. 11,12; National F. H.A. Convention 1959; Beta Club 11,12; Stu- dent Council; Historical Essay Contest Winner; Science Fair Award; Treasurer of Art Club 10; Radio Program for McEvoy 12, KIMBLE GLENN WATSON Pee Wee Varsity Basketball 11,12; Varsity Track 11,12; McEvoy Senior Play 11, JO ANN WHITTLE Cookie Softball 11, 12; Supervision Volleyball 11, 12; Dramatic Club 11; Red Cross 10; Dixie Darlings 12. BEVERLY JUNE WILDER Beverly President of Y-Teens 12; Group Captain of Tri-Hi-Y 11,12; Vice President of Y-Teens 11; Gym Assistant 10, 11; Student Council 12; Spanish Club 10,11; Bonnie Blue Print Sports Editor 12; Supervision Volleyball 10-12. WILLIAM LARRY WEESE Larry Beta Club 12; B Team Basketball 11. MARY ALICE WHEELER Alice Dramatic Club 11; Library Assistant 12; Library Club 12; Supervision Volleyball 10, PERRY DENNIS WILLIAMS Perry Ramscott Business Staff 11,12; Circulation Manager 11; Business Club 11,12. MICHAEL HILL WILLOUGHBY Mike President of Beta Club 11,12; Superlative 11,12; Ramscott, Assistant Editor 11; Editor 12; Secretary of Student Council 11, 12; Captain of Band 11,12; Inter-City Student Council 11,12; Treasurer of French Club 11; “Southern Accents 11,12. = PEGGI ELIZABETH WILSON Peggi Beta Club 11,12; Reporter for Bonnie Blue Print 12; Gym Assistant 12; Y-Teens Officer 10,11; Macon News Reporter 12; Bowling Club 12; Supervision Volleyball 10-12; Tri-Hi-Y 10,11. JUDYE ADLINE WINDHAM Judye Secretary of Student Council 11; Tri-Hi-Y 11,12; Business Staff of Ramscott 11; President of Supervision 11; F,H.A. 12; Football Sponsor 11. jg Be J 4 + LINDA WITHERINGTON Linda Circulation Staff of Bonnie Blue Print 11; Future Business Leaders of America 11,12. LIEWIS LEE WOOD Lewis Varsity Football 12; Ram Club 12; Super- vision Basketball 11, MARGARET JANET WINGATE Margaret Beta Club 11,12, Treasurer 12; Director 11; Gym Assistant 12; Science Club 11, 12; Bonnie Blue Print Colummist; Super- vision Volleyball 10-12; Perfect Attendance 10,11. WILLIAM ENNIS WINSLETTE Billy Beta Club 11,12; Band Lieutenant 11, 12; French Club 11; Southern Accents 11, 12. FREDERICK EARL WYNN Freddy Ram Club 11; Varsity Football 11; Spanish Club 11, Vice President; Supervision Bas- ketball 11. Preparation for Graduation Classroom Activities Left to right: Mary Jane Nicholson, President; Tillie Brown, Vice President; Marthel Hooker, Secretary; and Donna Fincher, Treasurer. BACK ROW: Tommy Reid, President; Jimmy Hallman, Vice President; Gene Harrington, Secretary; and Bobby Matthews, Treasurer. - NY es mA | = 4 Directors are, FRONT ROW: Judy Brewer, Annette Coleman, and Janice Pritchett. BACK ROW: Gerry Ryan, Linda Coulter, and Barbara Rape. 66 JUDITH ADAMS LINDA ADAMS DAVY ADDISON VIVIAN ADERHOLT ANN ALLEN DOUGLAS ALMAND CHUCK ANDERSON GAIL ARCHEBELLE RACHEL ARCHIBALD ANNETTE ARNOLD GAYE ARNOLD JERRY AULTMAN SHIRLEY ANN AVERA ELAINE AYERS JUDY BARNES FAYE BATES JOYCE BEALE BO BEALL SHARON BELL ZANDA BELL BERN BENNETT LARRY BENTON FREDDY BIEBEN PHYLLIS BLEDSOE JOE BOGGS MICHAEL BOLTON HAZEL BOSTICK FRIEDA BOUTWELL JEFF BOWDEN RONALD BOYD GENE BOYER BRENDA BLESSETT JUDY BREWER LYNETTE BRIGGS JANE BROWN LARRY BROWN TILLIE BROWN CHARLES BURCHFIELD DOUGLAS CALHOUN LILLO CAMERON JUDITH CAMPBELL CHARLES CAPE PATTY CARPENTER WAYNE CARTER BOBBY CASS HAROLD CATO PAT CAULEY BRAD CHAMBERS THERESA CHITWOOD RICKY CLARK JOE CLARKE GARLAND CLEMENTS ELIZABETH COLE ANNETTE COLEMAN ANN CONNER JIMMY CONNER PEGGY COOPER GLENETTE CORBIN HELEN COUCH JUDY CRANFORD MALLORY CRANFORD GENE CROWELL DANNY CRUMBLISS ROSLYN CRUMBLY VICKII CULPEPPER PATRICIA DARITY JEAN DAVIS OMEGA DEAN PEGGY DELVERS DIANNE DODD MARILYN DONNAN QUINETTE DOUGLAS SANDRA DUCKWORTH JAMES DUNN BILLY EDWARDS FAY EDWARDS FRANK EDWARDS SUSAN EDWARDS JACK ELLIOTT DONALD ENGLISH RONNIE EPPS PRESTON EVANS DAVID EZELL RANDY FLANDERS DONNA FINCHER SUE FLANAGAN JOHN FLETCHER JIMMY FLOYD LARRY FOWLER KENNETH FRENCH MARION FRIEDLANDER BETTE FROST BARBARA FULWOOD JUDYE GIBSON YVONNE GIBSON LYNDA GIDDENS JANIS GORMAN LOLA ANN GOSS LAMAR GRAHAM PAUL GRAHAM GLENDA GRANT M. A. GREEN JIM GREGORY JAMES GRIMES BEN GRISWOLD SHERRY HAGAMAN GARY HALL REBA HALL SHORTY HALL BARBARA HALLIFIELD JIMMY HALLMAN CULLEN HARPER GENE HARRINGTON KAYE HARRISON PATRICIA HARRISON WENDELL HARVEY BUDDY HAWKINS LARRY HEAD FRED HEATH BOBBY HENSON STEVE HESTER PAT HIGHTOWER LATHROPE HOLDER DIANE HOLMES MARTHA ELLE HOOKER PATS Y HOPKINS JACK HORNE ELAINE HOWELL BARBARA HUDSON KENNETH HUGHES GLORIA JACKSON BILLY JEFFERSON EILEEN JOHNSON BERRY JOHNSTON JERRY JOINER JIMMY JONES LARRY JONES MARTHA FAITH JONES PATRICIA JONES ZORA JUSTICE BARBARA KEELING JEAN KELLY MARY KENT CRES KEYS FAYE KEYS PAULA KNOWLES BOBBY LAMB HELEN LAMBERT BAUGHN LASSETER JOEL LATIMER GIL LEE TERRY LEMON BESSIE LEWIS BETTY JO LEWIS FAYE LEWIS TOMMIE LIVINGS TON BRENDA LONG MARY ANN LONG DENNIS LOPER LEROY LUCKIE LEROY MANN WILTON MARCHMAN JERRY MARSHALL BOBBY P, MARTIN FAYE MARTIN GERRY MASSENGALE BOBBY MATHEWS SANDRA McBRIDE RONALD McDONALD BERNARD McGAHEE ED McKINLEY RICKY McKINNY JAN McLARTY DUNNIE McNEIL BETTY JEAN MILCHEN BALDWIN MILLEN MARY HELEN MILLER EDDIE MIMBS JOANN MIMBS AVERY MINOR PAM MINOR BETTY MAY MITCHELL BETTY JEAN MITCHEM TOMMY MITCHEM ARLETHEA MOORE CAROLYN MORRIS GLENDA MOSES EDWARD MOSLEY HAROLD MOSS ANN MOYE GLENDA MULLIS BILL MURPHY REBECCA NEAL LINDA NEWSOME MARY JANE NICHOLSON KATHLEEN O'BRIEN GERE ODUM DON OLDFIELD TIANA OLIPHANT MARY OVERBY BYRON PALMER JOHNNY PARK BARBARA PELT EUGENIA PERRY G ORDON PERSONS EDITH PETTIGREW BUDDY PETTY DONALD PIKE EDDIE POOLE ALBERT POWELL RICHARD POWERS JANICE PRITCHETT BILLY PROCTOR CAROLE ANN PROCTOR KATHY PROCTOR LEILA ANN RADLEIN MARY RAGSDALE DELORES RAMEY BARBARA RAPE SUE REEVES TOMMY REID FREIDA RITCHIE BETTY ROBERTS DONNIS ROLAND BARBARA ROUGHTON SANDRA ROUNTREE GERRY RYAN LINDA SAVAGE SHIRLEY SCARBROUGH MICKEY SCOTT JOHNNY SEYMOUR BRENDA SHELTON JENNIE SIMMONS MARY FRANCIS SIMMONS DORIS SLAUGHTER BETTY SMITH BILL SMITH BRENDA KAY SMITH HOKE SMITH MIRIAM ANN SMITH TOMMY SMITH VERNON SMITH WOODY SMITH ELIZABETH SNYDER KATHY SPANN VIRGINIA SPIRES WENDELL SPIVEY JUNE STAFFORD CAROL ANN STEHLE LUCY STEPHENS JIMMY STEVENS PETE STEVENS DOYLE STEWART JACK STEWART MACK STOKES JAMES STUART PHILLIP SWEARINGTON LINDA SWYMER DOUGLAS TAYLOR JEAN TAYLOR JOAN TAYLOR GEORGE THISTLEWOOD DAWN THOMAS GEORGE THOMAS YVONNE THOMLEY NORMA THOMPSON LANNY TILLMAN GLENDA TOOLE LAVERNE TOOLE CLINTON TUCKER JANICE TUCKER SHIRLEY TUCKER MARY TUMBLIN TEDDY VANCE MELVIN VAUGHN TONI VISSAGE DAVID WACTER NEAL WACTER JACKIE WADE LAMAR WADE CHARLES WAGNER FAYE WALKER VODICE WALTON BETH WARD JAMES WARD BARBARA WATSON JAMES WATSON SIBIL WEBB PAT WEESE STAN WEST GEORGE WHITE JIMMIE WHITE JUDY WHITING BEAL WILLIAMS JIMMY H. WILLIAMS KAY WILLIAMS WALTER WILLIAMS MARY WILLIAMSON WALTER A, WREN BRENDA WRIGHT TOMMY WYNNE BO YATES MARGARET YATES DEXTER YOUNG “narnsosdords DW — go % a Pax: : Left to right: Clare Long, President; Jean Moore, Vice President; and Gail Carey, Secretary. BACK ROW: Bo Hardison, Vice President; Randy Wheeler, Secretary; Jerry Leverette, Treasurer; and Doug Boyd, President. NX Directors are, FRONT ROW: Kathy Danahy, Jane Herin, and Darla Hatcher. BACK ROW: Gloria Jean Bryant, Pat Sanderson, Susan Amsbaugh, and Donna Sanders. 78 James Adkins Susan Amsbaugh Janice Aultman Al Baggarly Emmette Baker Jack Banister Charles Barlow Tommy Bateman Marty Baughcum Bonnie Baxley Herkey Baxter Johnny Beall Bobby Bedgood Faustine Bell Loraine Bell Linda Belflower Bob Bennett Wayne Bittick Sharon Blackwell Roger Bowen Doug Boyd Margaret Brack Darleen Bradford Lenora Bradshaw Charles Brantley Grady Bray Joan Broddy Anita Brown Betty Jane Brown Cynthia Brown Larry Brown Loretta Brown Sara Brooks Patti Britt Gloria Bryant Mary Ann Burke Ellis Busbee Jerry Butterworth Linda Butler Larry Byrd Ronnie Camp Sandra Capshaw Gail Carey Cherie Carmichael Tom Carr Joann Carroll Shirley Carroll Carolyn Carter Linda Carter Paul Cato Reba Causey Nancy Chambless Nelson Chandler Curtis Chapman Mike Cheek Harold Clay Gloria Challis Bonnie Sue Cobb Larry Colson Eugene Conger Jewell Copeland Jimmie Copeland Dickie Crosby Roscoe Cross Jerry Crowley Donna Cryer John Culverhouse Shirley Curtis Kathy Danahy Larry Darley Becky Davis Arlene David Leon Dean Joseph DeBarry David Deck Miriam DeFore Carolyn DeLoach Tommy Dent Joel Dickens Nancy Dickson Gary Digby Terry Duffey Harold Dunlap Richard Dunlap Herman Dunn George Durden Janice Durden David Dyer John Edwards Billy Edwards Jimmy Epps Delmar Evans Gayle Evans Patricia Everett Judy Ezell Phyllis Fisher Marlene Flora Curtis Ford Jim Foster Sidney Fouche Dennis Freeman Bobby Fuller Robert Fuller Martha Futch Nancy Gallaway Barbara Gardner Thomas Garrett Martha Garrison Terry Gibson Harold Gilder Florabelle Gillis Sylvia Godfrey Joseph Goodwin Mack Gottwals Barbara Green Patricia Griffith Guyton Graham Charles Grant David Graves Jerry Greer George Haines Joyce Hadden Jimmy Hammond Carson Hardison Bo Hardison Wayne Hardy Clif Hardy Merita Hare Charlie Harkness Merylyn Harp Barry Harper Rickey Harrell Jimmy Harris Pete Harris Daria Hatcher Brice Heath Jane Herin James Herndon Bobby Hester Jean Higgins Johnny Higgison Sue Hill Sue Ellen Holland Sharon Holleman Richard Hooper Hilda Horne Sam Hornor Robert Horton Jeffrey Howard Ann Hudgins Linda Hudson Harvey Huff Evelyn Hulett James Hutto Barbara Jackson Mac Jackson Steve Jackson Truitt Jackson Elizabeth Johnson Sonny Johnson Jeanie Joiner Bernice Jones Geneva Jones Geraldine Jones Martin Jones Norman Jones Richard Jones Jimmy Jordan Sue Jones Betty Jordon Wayne Joyner Linda Kelley Elaine Kelley Wayne Kemp Rebecca Kemper Lamar Kennedy Gloria King Pamela Kingry Betty Sue Knight James Knowles Gloria Lamb Cheryl Lancaster Mike LaRue Lana Layfield Zora Kay Lee Joanne Leslie Jerry Leverette Cynthia Lewis Janie Lewis Ann Linder Kenneth Lindsey Clare Long Frederick Long Phyllis Lord Merle Lundry Celeste Mackey Betty Manders Jimmy Marden Corliss Martin Patsy Martin Anthony McBride Columbus McCall George McConnell Charlene McDuffie Billy McElmurray David McGahee Eileen McGahee Miriam McGee Faye McGinnis Jackie McKinney Sally Meadows Faye Mercier Miriam Meredith Donna Merrill Gloria Milford Antoinette Miller Beverly Miller James Mitchem Paulette Mixon Patricia Moncrief Alice Moore Buford Moore Brenda Moore Faye Moore Jean Moore Rudeen Moore Thomas Morgan James Morris Jerry Morris John Morris Philip Morris Russ Mosely Blackie Moss Martha Murkerson Jo Murphy Wayne Neely Sondra Newby Connie Neyman Alfred Nolan Nita Norris Charles O'Brien Wayne Olmstead Clyde Olson Angela Parent Billy Parham David Parsons Dwight Payne Bonnie Peacock Treena Peterman Dean Phillips Wayne Pilcher Nancye Poore Mack Poss Yvonne Pridgeon Jimmy Pritchett Barbara Proctor Linda Proctor Billy Raffield Byron Raughiton Jerry Reid Buddy Ritchie Jimmy Roberts Linda Roberts Jo Ann Robitzsch Brenda Rogers Leland Rogers Shirley Rogers Steve Ross Warren Rowland Valyndia Ryner Faye Saffold Paul Sammons Donna Sanders Willis Sanders Pat Sanderson Lewis Scarbrough Brenda Seagraves Lynda Seagraves Eddie Sego Tommy Shadburn Sandra Shaw Joan Shelton Carolyn Shepherd Ray Shepherd Janice Simmons Albert Slocum Jean Smith Johnny Smith Larry Snow Chip Souther Tommy Spinks Delores Spires Junior Spires Sandy Stakel Roger Starr Council Still Donald Stinson Sylvia Stephens Linda Strickland Frances Suriano Eileen Sweeney Shirley Swiger Vickie Taylor Maynard Thames Barbara Thigpen Joe Toler Norman Thomas Jan Thompson Jean Tidwell Evelyn Toler Leonard Toney Dale Townsend Martha Tomberlin Eddie Tucker Jere Underwood Mike Ussery James Vandiver Glen Venable Larry Waits Carolyn Walker Fred Walker Marjorie Walker Milton Walker Dolly Wallace Phyllis Ward Jimmy Wasden Dianne Waters Sandra Watts Shirley Watkins Jerry Weston Sandra West Tommy West Randy Wheeler Mike White Judye Wilder Anthony Wilkes Murray Williams Peggy Williams Travis Williams Mary Sue Williamson Glenda Willoughby Sammy Wilson Kay Windham Culver Woodall Gloria Wright Ronny Wright Mike Yopp Allen Young Eddie Youngblood Left to right: Linda Cheek, President; Faye Hammond, Vice President; Gail McKinley, Secretary; and Nancy Lewis, Treasurer. BACK ROW: Pete Gaines, President; Ronnie Digby, Vice President; Charles O'Neal, Secretary; and Lyn- wood Donald, Treasurer. 4 ‘ | ) =e Directors are, FRONT ROW: Marsha Young, Ellen Russell, and Johnnie Howell. BACK ROW: Sharon Quinn, Elaine Denard, and Penny Bishop. 92 Johnny Addison Pattie Aderholt Ernest Adkins Wayne Adkins Paul J. Alexander Sarah Alligood Larry Armstrong Ferman Arnold Richard Arnold Wayne Asbell June Austin Geraldine Babb Ronnie Baggarley Henry Ball Tony Barnes Wayne Barr Gerald Barron Peggy Barry Angela Bartlett Charles Bartlett Felton Bartlett Wallace Bates Rutledge Beacham Brenda Bean Charles Bearden Brenda Beck Victor Leroy Beck Earlene Belflower Louise Bennett Glenda Benton Julia Berry Patsy Best Raymond Billingsley Pennie Bishop Opal Blackwell Jimmy Blake Delane Bomen Joyce Bone Steve Borum Mark Bowen Pat Camp Peggy Campbell Curtis Cannon Frances Carr Bobby Carroll Brenda Carroll James Carroll Martha Carroll Ethel Carter Larry Carter Ronnie Chancellor Linda Cheek Andy Chiappetta Paula Fay Childre Dianne Childs Herb Chunley Doris Clay Jimmy Clay Bryan Claypool Marcia Claypool Patty Bowen Wayne Brannon Sue Ellen Brantley Anne Brewer Larry Bridger George Brinkley Alton Britt Nancy Brock Charles Brown George Brown Harold Brown Sandra Brown Bobby Bryant Phil Bryant Carol Buffington Carol Bunch Brenda Burns Sue Byars Elden Byrd Ed Cain John Clark Dell Cody Ronald Eugene Coffey Norman Coleman Wayne Coleman Homer Coley Jimmy Ray Collins Larry Collins Barbara Conner Josephine Conner Lynda Faye Conner Brenda Jo Cook Patricia Cooley Roger Dale Corbin Joe Crochet Rangee Cross Patricia Cruz Sandy Culver Glenn Dagley Billy Davis Freddie Leon Davis Kenneth Deen Howard Deese Cathryn DeFore Allen DeLoach Sandra Delvers Elaine Denard Ronny Digby Ronnie Dix Lynwood Donald Bill Duke Susan Dupree Mary Ann Durden Evelyn Dye Norman Echols Joe Edwards Mary Ellen Edwards Earnest Elrod Richard Elrod Glenda Epps Nicky Wayne Fowlers Margaret Frith Johnny Fulford Lynda Fulford James Furney Pete Gaines Camille Garrard Linda Ann Garrett Howard Gay Patsy Gegogeine Shianne Glisson Wayne Goad William Gober Johnny Goodin Shirley Goodroe Thekton Goss Kinloch Gottwals Loretta Graham Carolyn Grantham Junior Gresham Keith Epps Louis Etheridge Aaron Etheridge Sara Etheridge Marion Ezzell Linda Fain Jane Farr Bonnie Felk Dean Fellows Carol Ferrell Jackie Flanders Mary Fleetwood Billy Floyd Carlton Floyd Jack Floyd Shirley Fogarty Patricia Folds Edward Foster Shirley Foster Toni Foster Len Grimes James Griswold Tony Gunter Irwin Hadoway David Hagaman David Hall Kenneth Hall Margaret Hall Lynn Halstead Gloria Jean Hambrick Richard Hamlen Jimmy Hamlin Fay Hammond Dwight Hampton Danny Hamrick Duane Hamrick Gene Hamrick Jerry Hardison Harrison Harp Kenneth Harrell Lamar Harris Larry Harris Rebecca Harris Ronnie Harvil Eugene Hatcher Thurman Hathaway, Jr. Helen Hayes Patsy Hayes Kenneth Head Linda Head Don Helton James L. Hendricks Warner Hendrix Melinda Herndon Nell Herndon Rebecca Hibner Blanche Hickman Ann Hightower Jimmy Hill Jo Anne Hill Jack Hughes Buster Hummel Edward Hutto Randy Hyder Byrolene Idom Charles C. Jackson Robert Jackson Sharon Jackson Wilson Jarriel Linda Jennings Pete Jennings Billy Lee Johnson Linda Johnson Marshal Johnson Ray Ann Johnson Sandra Johnson Skipper Johnson Mack Johnston Phydan Johnston James Joiner John Hill Melba Hinson Marsha Hinson Floyd Hodges Sandra Holmes Gail Holsomback Kay Holt John Hooker Tommy Hooks Margaret Hoole Ann Hooper Sandra Hooper Evette Horne Judy Horton John Wesley Horton Johnnie Howell Kay Huckaby Mary Hudson Wayne Hudson William Hudson Patricia Joiner Charlotte Jones Judy Jones Larry L. Jones Lurene Jones Lynette Jones Ronald Jones Ruby Lee Jones Sharon Jones Tommy Jones Carol Jordan Emmett Jordan Kay Jordan Richard Jordan Johnny Joyner Mary Helen Joyner Linda Sue Jump Tim Kanazawa Brenda Kania Raymond Kania Clare Keeling Dorothy Keels Margie Keen Patsy Keen Barbara Kelly Ralph Kelly Joe Kent Patricia Kent Burney Keys Johnny King Wayne Kitchens Rosalind Kneisel James Knight William Knowles Cheryl Lagowicz Willie Lassetter Lynn Latimer Darrell Layfield Larry Lengel James Leverett Everett McKinnon Mary Jane McLeod Arthur McNees Cherie McPherson Eddie McWilliams Eddy Maddox Thermon Mann Ken Marsh Patti Marshall Skipper Massey Margaret Matthews Buddy Mayne Shirley Mayne Wayne Meeks Paul Merritt Anne Mikus Janette Miller Marsha Miller Peggy Miller Carole Minor Barbara Lewis Nancy Lewis Nancy Lindsey Thomas Alonzo Lindsey Theresa Loden Scott Loescher Jo Ann Love LeNora Lovejoy Judy Lovvorn Phyllis Lyles Steve Franklin Lyles Linda Lynn Darnelle McCleave William Samuel McCord Dorothy McCoy Shirley McCoy Barbara McDade Judy McDaniel Betty McGlohorn Gail McKinley Geraldine Mitchell Martha Jane Mitchell Delores Mitchem Frank Mixon Lynn Molton Gail Montgomery Harriette Montgomery Donnie Moore Curtis Morris Nancy Morris Jimmy R. Moulton William Moulton J. L. Moxley Welda Mullis Cliff Nelson Joyce NeSmith Johnny Neves Dorothy Nipper Ronnie Nobles Ann Norris Janice Norris Virgil Norton Shirley O'Brien Harry O'Cain Miriam Odum Philip Odum Betty Ogles Sue Oliphant Helon Olmstead Charlie O'Neal Charles Oven Ricky Parham Dorothy Parker Phil Parrish Claudia Pate Bill Pearce Janice Pearce Butch Peavy Freddy Ralph Pelt John H. Pennell Doug Raleigh Everett Rawls Eddie Reid Tom Reinertsen Donald Ricketson Bobby Riezinger Nancy Riezinger Cheryl Riggins Billy Roberson Edwina Roberson Ruth Roberson Dennie Roland Allen Rowland Sheila Rudman Ellen Russell James Patton Sanders Sandra Sandiford Bockney Sanford Paul Sarh Ann Savage Dennis Peters Bobby Peurifoy Dick Pfund Dand Phillip Wayne Pierce Guynelle Pitts Tootle Pitts Jerry Pope Larry Fred Pope Jimmy Porter James Reginald Poss Curtis Price Jimmy Price Lewis Prince Kay Probert Mike Purdy Harolyn Purvis Charles Quillian Sharon Quinn Bob Radlein Linda Scarbrough Pinson Schulman Wayne Scott Dianne Sellers Elliott Sellers Suzanne Sellers Danny Selman Tommy Shaw Jimmy Sherwood Claire Shines Reuben Shore Michele Simpson Ben Skipper Ronald Slade Wayne Slaton Barbara Smalling Wayne Smegal Judy Smith Nancy Smith George Snellgrove Sandra Spann Jeanette Spivey Terry Stafford Gloria Stehle Darrell Stephens Ronnie Stephens Grady Stevens John Edmund Stieber Ray Still Charles Stokes Dyerle Ann Stokes Kenneth Stokes Larry Stokes Terry Stokes Judith Stone Bill Stranahan Geraldine Stribling Larry Stribling Linda Stribling Gail Stripling Mary Upchurch Anne Ussery Karen Ussery Sonny Van Patton Ray Venable Jeff Wagner Leslie Wasden Herman Waters Marie Watson Tex Watson Johnnie H. Wealot Tom Weathers Joe Webb Martha Webb Marvin G. Webster Rosemary Wheeler Bobby White Sandra Whitehurst Joan Whittington Christine Williams Sandra Stubbs Penny Stulz Gary Swearingen Pat Tabor Sue Tanner Jeanne Taylor Donna Thames Bonnie Thigpin Billy Thomas Frankie Thomas Ken Thomas George Thompson Lynda Thompson Charlotte Tindol Claudette Tucker Hubert David Tucker Jewell Tucker Harrold Tye Carolyn Tyner Al Underwood Delia Williams Ronnie Wimberly Sandra Windham Jim Wooten Allen Worley Cheryl Worth Mike Yacobacci Nancy Yawn Barbara Young Marsha Young M SW SSCP MHo AD: Left to right: Sue Boyles, President; Sandra Meeks, Vice President; Toni Kania, Secretary; and Adecia Pierce, Treasurer. BACK ROW: Charles Fiveash, Presi- dent; Donald Young, Vice President; and Jimmy Green, Secretary. Directors are, FRONT ROW: Sharon Brantley, Elaine Howard, and Patricia Bateman. BACK ROW: Gayle Saunders, Lamar Shipman, and Ann Stone. 106 Patricia Barfield Ronnie Barfield Linda Barkley Judy Barlow Robert Baskette Holmes Bassette Dona Bateman Patricia Bateman Alice Bates Selma Bates Harriet Baughcum Judy Beale Grady Beasley Clarke Belger Sheila Bell Martha Benner Gayle Bennett James Bennett Robert Benson Charlene Bevins Patricia Aaron Phil Abraham Archie Adams Gary Adams Connie Adkins Joyce Adkins Carolyn Allen James Alligood Harry Amerson James Anderson James Arnold Sharon Arnold Shirley Arrington Linda Ashley Evelyn Atkinson Wayne Austin Charlie Avera Joyce Avera Jimmy Ayers Raymond Baggarly Johnny Bilderback LaVane Blair Barbara Blalock Embry Bledsoe Oliver Bliss Marsha Bolton Tracey Booker Johnny Borders Lucious Bowen Sue Boyles Dolores Brantley Sharon Brantley Garrie Brewer Thomas Bridger Harry Brooks Sylvia Brooks Abner Brown Betty Brown Charles Brown Charlotte Brown Dennis Brown Etta Lee Brown Gail Brown Gloria Brown Carol Bryan Harold Bryan Billy Bryant Denton Bryant Glenda Bryant Truiett Buffington Larry Burdge Bill Burnett Jimmie Busbee Larry Busbee Carolyn Butler Patricia Butler Randall Butler Carolyn Byrd Frank Byrd Branda Caldwell Thad Cofer Ralph Coffey Eddie Coleman Peggy Collins Stephen Colson Terry Colson Virgil Cooper Albert Copp Gary Coulter Barbara Cowart Carolyn Cowart Robert Cripe Kaye Cromer Dennis Crowell Ann Cryer Tommy Darity Glenda Darley Martha Davidson Christine Davis Jonnie Davis Paulette Callaway Sue Cameron Billy Campbell Bobby Campbell Bobby Campbell Juanita Canady Elaine Capshaw Ronnie Cannon Elaine Carr Evelyn Carr Milton Carr Nancy Carroll Diane Carter Joyce Carter Linda Challis Bennett Chapman Elbert Chute Patricia Claney Angelia Clark Jim Clark Larry Davis Bettye Dawson Danny Day Dwain Deal Stanley DeBary Linda DeFore Harold DeLoach Cheryl Dent Pamela Dodd Sandra Dodson Cynthia Dominy Pam Donnan Ricky Dorman Brenda Douglas Sandra Dowdy Wayne Drake Jimmy Drawhorn Pat Dugger Darlene Durden Lewis Durden Richard Durden Dianne Edwards Jane Edwards Lincoln Elam Edward Elliott Fonda Ellis Brenda Epps Mary Jane Epps Connie Evans Floyd Evans Connie Ewing Mary Faircloth Gail Farnsworth Gayle Fields Ann Fiveash Charles Fiveash Linda Fiveash Donald Floyd Richard Fowlkes Mike Ford Larry Grant Ronnie Graybeal Joe Green Jimmy Greene Carol Gresham Donny Griffin Sandra Griffin Melvin Grimsley Glen Grisham Ray Gurganious Ronnie Guyton Jack Hall Linda Hall Roslyn Hall Val Hallman Hilba Hamm Andrea Hammond Nan Hammond Fay Hancock Beverly Harbin Edward Free Charles Fritz Billy Fuller Willis Furney Ronnie Garner Larry Garrett Walter Garrett Wanda Garrett Judy Gay Margaret Giddens Patricia Gilmore John Ginn Cheryl Godwin Barbara Goldstein Emmett Goodman Barbara Gorman Tommy Goss Alvin Graham Garey Graham James Graham Brenda Hardy Billy Hare Blanie Harper Wayne Harrell Kay Harrington John Harris Tommy Harris Steven Harrison Sharon Hart Forrest Hartley Gail Hartley Annette Haskins Harvey Haskins Kay Hatcher Ashley Hawkins Douglas Hayes Stevie Hayes Gloria Head Judye Head Gwen Henderson Pat Henderson Ray Hendrix Patricia Herring Sheila Herring Billy Hester Sue Hester Sharon Hewell Nancy Hicks David Hilderbrand Fred Hill Sally Holloman Paula Holston Ernest Hooker Cheryl Hopkins Patsy Horne Ray Horne Billy Horton Larry Houston Billy Howard Elaine Howard James Johnson Barbara Joiner Tommy Joiner Wilhelmina Joiner Barbara Jones Barbara Jones Louis Jones Anna Jordan Jane Jordan Larry Jordan Donna Juneau Toni Kania Pat Kell Sandy Kelly Larry Keys Linda King Brooks Kirkland Joy Kitchens Linda Kitchens Johnny Kneisel Larry Howard Roy Howell Oney Hudson Royce Hudson Juanita Hughes Linda Hurley Lynn Hurley Ronald Hutcheson Frank Irby Joyce Ivey Auther Jackson Carolyn Jackson Jerry Jackson Jimmy Jackson Robin Jacobs Kathleen James Beverly Jenkins Billy Jerkins Sharon Jerles Billy Johns Bonny Krewson Bricey Lamb Jimmy Lambert Harriet Lavender Jane Lavender Richard Layton Sandra Lee Delores Lester LeJeune Lewis Diane Lindsey Duke Lindsey Emily Loden Herman Long Terry Lord Clyde Mandus Joyce Mann Susie Marsh Barbara Martin Pat Mason Randall Mason Wesley Mason Joel Massengale Nancy Mayne Barbara McBride Marian McConnell Richard McCullough Joe McDaniel Patsy McDaniel Judy McElmurray James McGahee Gary McKinney Sandra McLean Carlie McNeil Paula McPherson Jackie Meeks Sandra Meeks Wastene Meeks Ann Mercier Pat Merritt Glen Metts Watson Moulton Dianne Nelms Norma NeSmith Shirley NeSmith Katherine Neyman William Nickles Shelvia Oakley Lee Oliver Carson Parker Eddie Parker Peggy Parker Janice Parks Gayla Parrish Aubrey Parten Patricia Pape Ricky Payne Beverly Pelt James Pelt Ann Perry Virginia Phillips Tim Miley Eddie Miller Terry Miller Linda Mimbs Mary Ann Mimbs Fred Minor Janice Minshew Jerry Minton Billy Mitchell Donna Sue Mondy Clint Montgomery Betty Moore Billy Moore Charlotte Moore Joyce Moore Judy Moore Phillip Moore Ronnie Moore Billy Morris Patricia Moulton Adecia Pierce Reggie Pilcher James Priestley Carl Puckett Joan Powell Pat Powell Patricia Prince Ralph Pulliam Betty Pyle Martha Rainey Sharyn Reed Joyce Reeves Jerry Reid Ronnie Reid Brenda Renteria Joyce Repella Carolyn Reynolds Judy Richitt Wayne Rigby Marvin Roberts Judy Robinson Mary Robinson Pauline Robinson Buddy Robitzsch Allan Rogers Clarence Rogers Dolores Rogers Lawrence Roland Terry Roland Charles Ross Bruce Rountree Donald Rozier Larry Rush Jimmy Ryals James Sanderlin Yvonne Sanderlin Gail Sanders Grace Sanders Johnny Sanders Tommy Sanders Billy Smallwood Beverly Smith Sheryl Smith Gary Smith Lane Smith Mickey Smith Nancy Smith Diane Souther Martha Southern Ricky Spires Trudy Starr Betty Stewart Billy Stewart Wallace Still Larry Stinson Lillius Stephens Harry Stokes Mike Stokes Ann Stone Andy Stovall Jimmy Sandiford Janice Sapp Lorain Sapp Robert Scarborough Edward Schell Johnny Scoggins Ronnie Scott Jimmy Scroggins Carolyn Sealy James Self Trudy Shearon Robert Sherman Lamar Shipman Buford Shurling Kirby Sheehan Runell Short Sharon Simpson Veronica Simpson Elaine Slappey Curtis Slaughter Evelyn Strickland Maribeth Stuart Ronnie Stulz Jean Swearingane Bobby Sykes Billy Taylor Janis Taylor Linda Taylor Jim Thigpen Albert Thomas Earline Thomas Ronald Tidwell Sue Tidwell Jerry Toler Pat Tucker Dwight Tyler Lana Tyre Jeff Underwood Lavon Uptagrafft Richard Ussery Joe Vandiver Tommy Van Patton Ben Vickery Karen Wade Terry Wade Candy Wagner Judy Waits Curt Walker Gary Walker Billy Walker Ca therine Warren Meschal Wasden Sheila Waters Katharine Watkins Gene Watson Betty Weaver Vickie Wesson Bonnie Whaley Connie Whitehurst Anne Wilder Lynda Wright Tony Wynn Coe Yates Donald Young Jeanette Young Tall and Short of It Curtis Wilder Bonnie Willard Campbell Williams Donald Williams Joy Williams Ronnie Williams Steve Williams Gail Williamson Billy Wilson Robert Wilson Jane Windham Angelette Wingate Diane Wise Allen Wood Carol Wood Sheila Woodall Eugene Woodard Elbert Wooten Barbara Worth Gary Wright ranizations PURPOSE Through school services and projects, Tri-Hi-Y carries out its motto - to create, maintain, and extend. . . high standards of Christian character. Band Club The Band Club offers opportunity for self-expression, development of aesthe- tic values, and promotion of music ed- ucation in the school. Seeking to create feelings of interest and appreciation in music, the Music Club participates in var- ious activities in the school and in the community. Science Activities Through Science Fairs and various exhibits, the Science Club seeks to promote interest in this field and encourage further study and research. Student Council The Student Council coordinates school activities, gives the student body equal representation, carries out various projects for the betterment of the students, and en- courages high standards of honesty, courtesy, and loyalty. Willingham Beta Club The Beta Club strives to encourage effort, promote character, stimulate achievement, and reward merit, as well as originate var- ious school-wide projects. Willingham French Club The French Club increases interest in the culture, religion, educa- tion, and customs of French-speaking peoples. Industrial Arts Club The Industrial Arts Club increases the knowledge and skill of its members in this field through practical service projects. Spanish Club The Spanish Club en- riches the study of the language by increasing its members’ interest in Spanish culture and cus- toms. To promote a growing ap- preciation of homemaking, the Junior F.H.A. carries out var- ious projects and presents de- grees to those who accomplish its purposes and requirements. Red Cross Councils H) il McEvoy The Red Cross exhibits belief in service for others, for our country, our community, and our sch ool by packing disaster kits, visiting the aged, and shipping boxes of clothing and supplies overseas. Willingham Ram The Ram Club strives to create school spirit and high ideals of good sportsmanship. Gym Assistants The Gym Assistants aid the gym teachers in any man- ner and set an example of athletic attainment for the other physical education students. 132 EDUCATION [Procpr 18 PULORESS IOECANON antOcratOm 5, UTURE USINESS EADERS MERICA The Business Club provides for its mem- bers an increased knowledge of the business world, to which they will soon belong. The 4-H Club makes the best better” through participation in fairs, projects, and statewide ac- tivities. Mckvoy Art Club mie ie The Art Club seeks to promote interest in the various phases of art. Senior Future Homemakers 0 f{ America The Future Homemakers of America strive to broaden their knowledge of homemaking, perform deeds of thoughtfulness, and participate in national F.H.A. activities. The Future Farmers of America Club seeks to develop leadership, cooperation, and citizenship in the field of agriculture. 135 From demonstrations and experienced speak - ers, the Junior Dramat- ics Club members are learning about make-up, costumes, and acting techniques. The Senior Dra- matics Club seeks to arouse interest in acting and to provide for its members cul- tural enrichment and practical training in acting, make-up, and staging . Mckvoy Library Club The Library Club does valuable library work daily, has charge of the beautification of the library, and participates in state-wide school library activities. Willingham Library Club The Business Club members receive practical business experience by sel! - ing ads to finance the school yearbook. Business Club The Future Teachers of America increase their knowledge of teaching and the field of education as they prepare for their pros- pective classroom jobs. Allied Medical Careers Club The Allied Medical Careers Club helps students to decide wisely about professional or practical medical careers. Key Club The Key Club develops initiative and leadership, serves the school community, and prepares for use- ful citizenship. Growth - spiritual, men- tal, physical, and social - defines the world-wide scope of Y-Teen activites. Public Relations Student Discussions Willingham News Willingham Music The team was in a huddle. The philharmonic for me, please! We march, march, march as we lead our team to victory. If it's entertainment you want, we aim to please! We are ready for the future at Willingham! 142 Mckvoy Music Practice makes perfect, : : they say! Even bonnie lassies need 7) wee adjustments. The pipes of Scotland were never like this! We'll sing our way into your hearts. The High and the Mighty” Mckvoy Orchestra Club Activities Willingham Science Club accepts award from Mr. JoeB. Hill. McEvoy Science Club brings Santa to McEvoy on a rocket. ‘gia peel Willingham Band marches in a foot- ball parade. Gridiron Grind Eddie Battle Larry Tucker Co-Captain Captain The 1959-60 coaching staff is kneeling, left to right: Coaches Johnny Stallings, Dave Hill, Bobby Brown, and Billy Henderson. Standing, left to right, are Coaches Mike Garvin, Martin Allman, Henry Mid- dlebrooks, and Billy Beale. These Willingham Rams brought victory to the school in this their second season since organization. ° 148 t “A- { = J) ) nF ¥ Taylor - Fullback Bn, am, Mlle ME ! ‘ iA Scampering Bobby Mathews (42) runs for an 8 yd. gain before Ms David Nathan of the Green Wave brings him down. Mathews - Right Halfback C. Hardison - Left Halfback Derry - Guard C. Tucker - Right Halfback Eddie Battle again comes through in fine fashion and makes 8 yds. for the first down during the first quarter sof the Rams- Marchman - Tackle Fort Valley game. 149 Ramming his way downfield for six yards against two Perry Panthers is Bobby Mathews, outstanding Willingham half- Smith - Left Guard back. F Hall - Left Halfback Holder - Left Guard - Brown - Left Halfback The Rams’ Larry Brown carries the pigskin for a 15 yd. Wheeler - Quarterback gain against the scoreless Perry High Panthers. 150 Joel Dickens, tripped by an unidentified Americus lineman, falls into the end zone for the first Ram touchdown en route to a 19-0 victory over Americus. Dickens - Fullback Partridge - Center Edwards - Tackle Goss - Left Halfback Willingham's Larry Jackson hauls down the Albany Indians’ end, Larry Pappell. The Indians broke the Rams' four-game winning streak by defeating them 20-12. 151 Eddie Battle, quarterback, intercepts a pass intended for Benny Spires at the Ram's one yd. line as the Rams defeat the Wolverines 34-6. Boyd - End Crosby - Center Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham THE SCOREBOARD 6 26 209 9° 0 19 16 97 Jordan Moultrie Warner Robins Baldwin Co. Albany Lanier Americus Fort Valley Perry Dudley Hughes B. Hardison - Tackle Hammond - End The Rams win a thrilling game from the Warner Robins' Demons as Wade Stewart (40) is brought down by Walker, Crosby, Hammond, and Boyd of the Rams. 152 Ft FMA Y : 67 x = P e977 F063 ‘ es aN ( | a. la” lass , » y QT 90 %a94 21) 27 B10 s 28 ae 94” EDA Oe RESP gE 6 4 ‘ : a “ ey i. ‘ i, », we : Ae ol P. 68 4a 14’ 61 The 8th grade came forth with 7 wins, no losses, and 3 ties. Net’? Gains Tommy Reid Larry Tucker Co -Captain Captain The Rams’ Larry Tucker goes up with Jimmy Anderson of Lanier for the rebound, but the ball ends up in the hands of Tommy Reid (11). The Poets take the game, however, by the score of 50-39. The 1960 Willingham Varsity Basketball Team 154 Tommy Reid (11) contemplates a pass to one of his teammates as Robert Towe (12) of Lanier's five tries to stop him. Reid turns and fires two points for the Willing- ham team, however. Watson Guard Thompson Forward Marchman Center Below, Lanier's Frank Hall (22) is no match for Larry Tucker (24) of Willingham who fires a one-hander into the bucket. At right big Larry Tucker towers over Buster McConnell of Warner Robins as Johnny Goss (20) of the Rams awaits further developments. Willingham's Tommy Reid (11) and Lanier's Bunny Richardson (33) jump for the rebound below in this year's first Rams’ - Poets battle. Cass Forward Goad Forward At the left Tommy Reid (11), Larry Tucker (24), and Pee Wee Watson (10) are coming in for the rebound as Bobby Cribb (25) goes up for a jump shot in the Rams' - Demons’ tilt. Two to one odds against our own Tommy Reid (at left) and he still manages to get the rebound from two Lanier Poets as Wat- son, Tucker, and Bannister look on. Below Johnny Goss strips the net for two of his seven points in the Rams' - War- ner Robins’ Clash. 3 Fowler 2 Forward Bannister Forward At the right the Rams‘ Larry Tucker strips the net for two in spite of Lanier's Jimmy Anderson. Reid (11) and Towe (12) are coming up to assist their teammates. Fourteen wins and 1 loss was the startling record of this year's 9th grade. ? Case f oo nf yey Sy rent 118) 0S) am eS “Ey 7 7 Yhap eS LAM ba Nes Vt bl thd, (vy 33 al br ee The eighth grade cagers came through with 11 victories and 3 losses. 158 Diamond Duels It's Bannister again as he tags out Lanier's Dover who tries to slide back into third base. Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willinaham Willingham Willingham Willianham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham THE SCOREBOARD 5 RPrer OF OND OWN OM OC ar onan wo Warner Robins Warner Robins Warner Robins Warner Robins Jones County Jordan Athens Athens R. E. Lee Vocational R. E. Lee Baker Lanier Lanier Lanier Lanier Jordan Warner Robins Warner Robins Vocational This is the 1958-59 team which ended the season with 13 wins and 7 losses. 159 NNnNOCRrFRFWN YK BN DH CO W - w At the right Willingham's Eddie Battle skids safe- ly into third base in the 3rd inning in the game between Dudley Hughes and Willingham. Donnie Moore of the Vocs was too late with the tag as the Rams' nine play their way to an easy 6-2 victory. The Rams' first year in baseball was highly success - ful in that they were runners-up in sub-region and gave the school its first varsity title. At left the Ram's Jack Ban- nister tags Lanier's Milton McBryant who attempted to go to third on a ground ball too short in the fifth frame. The Rams go on to win 1-0. At right Eddie Battle races time as he soars across the first base pad and leaves a despondent Robert Towe in the 2nd inning of the sec- ond game between Willing- ham and Lanier. Each game of the four with Lanier had 2 to 6 extra innings. This year's players won for Coach Henderson The Coach of the Year award. As the annual goes to press, the boys in the upper picture represent our starting track team. In the lower picture, Coach Stallings demonstrates the sprinters start to the group. M ckvoy Sports McEvoy Lassies participate in a variety of sports which help them to be well-rounded. ™NA ODA A LH H 0 r S e s h O e s F l e l d H O C k e x Wom ek Ove onrne aw G 7 1 A S S l S t a Nv L S Wadi-awos es Basketball Volleyball C h e e r l e a d e r s Captain Spillers Co-Captain Pritchett Long Moore Wilder Danahy Carpenter Brewer Massingale Procter Coleman Thombley M OA OHO EYL A HY The Senior Champs who know the score Hail from Supervision 304. The Junior Champs will never fail; From Supervision 114 they hail. oaSeoerG 3S 8 OS ; , 4 y ere « 4 r | The Sophomore Basketball Champs are we; Our team is the best - we're from Gym C ! This team from 212 can't be beat; The Volleyball title was quite a feat! verlatives WAND ) AKAN RANA NAAN RAAT AANA ARRAN Wil AAKAAN Whit! On Vili NWN ,, CY, Mi SS “WZ MOSELY McCOY BEVERLY s az Z M0 ° yA = Cc JEROME CHARLES PARTRIDGE Z O ” O ) % = 4 : : ; : : : : LYNDA ADAMS JOE MADDOX URLENE GARRETT MIKE WILLOUGHBY EDITORS Colista Raffield Barbara Brown Mike Willoughby Paul Hopkins BUSINESS Judy Barnes Judy Adams Linda Spillers Lynette Briggs Jonnie Long Joyce Bunch Edith Griggers Patsy McBride Linda Parker Charlene Keels Jeanie Hill SUPERLATIVES AND PHOTOGRAPHY Mary Ruth Fain Edith Harris Rita Long Larry Jackson James Derry Superlatives and Photography 184 EDITORIAL Letitia Sammons Barbara Bradbur Mary Ruth Fain Luke Moncrief Joan Toler Barbara Brown James Derry Tommy Jenkins Paul Hopkins Colista Raffield ORGANIZATIONS AND ACTIVITIES Panny Black Barbara Bradbury Joan Toler Luke Moncrief John Clark TYPING Barbara Bradbury Linda Parker Glenda Moore Rebecca Turner Karen Moses Royanne Sanford Donna Jo Campbell Sandra Allagood Marian Grimsley Virginia Bass ST AFF Panny Black Eddie Battle Larry Jackson Steve Carter Rita Long John Clark Edith Harris Twala Ligon . , ART, SPORTS, AND COPY Mike i ike Willoughby Twala Ligon Letitia Sammons Steve Carter Art, Sports, and Copy Eddie Battle Tommy Jenkins 185 Willingham Trophy Winners Jimmy Hal Player”, Char Best Offensive Improved Player Most Valuable Johnny Willingham |! The viewed th Southern Association pplication of the A Louisville the schoc recent convention in grant School year. Willingham had been accredi by the Georgia Acrediting Assoc tion as of its beginning last ye but accreditation by the South Association further recognizes « progress in memember to achievements ganization, teaching facilities provements, and growth There and standards before are many requirements which a school must the will even be the more are: (1) a school school days eclu 2) Periods with a 3) teacher the minimum a mount specified by the state, and (4) a minimum of 5 books per stu dent in the school library. At one time accreditation by the meet Southern Associatior considered. Among portant of these year of 190 full sive of holidays. minimum of 50 minutes. acceptance in im salaries obove Tuberculosis Tests To Be Given TB skin given to those pupils inte This test the On January 26, tests will be sponsored by the oppor date If he © get im the dis rested P.T.A tunity to learn at an early whether he has the TB germ. has, this is his mediate gives person an h t ance treatment before plicated tests ease gets cor Before these pers will be sent home explaining the test. Parents who wish to have their children paper before be given given, pa e examination can ested must sign this | ana prestige to the scnool Willingham Has Thankgiving Speaker Dr. A. P. Huie spoke to the Willingham students previous to the Thanksgiving Holidays Dr. Columbia Huie is teaching at Seminary in Decatur He become very well Macon while he was Vineville Huie graduated from now Georgia known in paster at Presbyterian Church. Dr Columbia Seminary with a Master's degree in devinity and later aquir his Doctor of Edinburough University in burough Scotland The speaker was introduced by he President of the Exchange Club, Mr. Harper. Dr. Huie was a selected speaker giving by the Exchange ( Philosophy at Edin ed sponsored each some noted year the different schools Dr. Huie gave a very interesting talk on thanksgi g, pointing out y of our everyday blessings speaker to pre Exchange Club acquires organizations, such as ma acon, Georgia = - McEvoy P.T.A called the meeting he was followed by Sheehan who gave the McEvoy repre om each school district Rev. E. ¢ invocation elected Wednesday, January 20 Ram Eleven Honored with Banquet Bibb ember } A spec y Julius Ghol ounty highligh han the banquet was Willinghan banquet wh the Rar ves Supervision vrved ward. Basketball former sports editor of IA Swing who do eighth, ni basketball tea At the end of the regular sea their wi e an all-star game fo: each rade league. The each le picked made up from boys o visior Last year the winning were as folows: e nth 127, a grade eleventh grades-113 he championship tea ertificates while m all-star team did also. The eighth grades are pl outside court while the ath, eleventh and twelfth g playing on the s when the varsity is n = y) Volume lil Tuberculin Test Wheeler Discusses Helps Fight T.B. Lassies Problems Teenag ch Tuberculin tests will be given to) ™“ the student body and faculty of Margaret McEvoy and A. R. Will ingham by the Board of Health 1 be ad i) a germ in the earlier ages. If germ is found, a chest X-Ray will be advised to see| f the germ has done any damage Tuberculin tests or X-Ray will gested for other membe If their is no da can be avoided through ving, proper sion, and special drugs A drop of “tuberculin” is inject ed under the ov layer of skir and there will be a reaction for a medical with He expressed the la ave nle week or so. The reaction will be] examined ¢ nurse or dc Permissic home to tl opportunity Forest, Are D Eighth 5 heard a p vation and January 27 The prog Mr. Laney dy, Mr. Fr Knott, Mr Jim Wyne sented the Commissior Blood of ti of Tomorr strip of 8 ivities wer Georgia Tiwws . sees ewes pingpntenes produced and direct ed by wrt {Saturday June 4, will be the set | Knott | ting for McEvoy—Willingham grad “Lady of Charm”, ,| Writes to Senior After the program, the students uation were given booklets on forestry}; McEvoy seniors were and were shown how to plant seed-| measured for their caps ar lings. by Julia Lanier, ser The science classes are presently | structor. engaged in a beautifying project on McEvoy- Willingham or English colors, blue | rece Senior, Ann Asbell. receives the Betty Crocker Hom: er Schell 3 had anmnne Thew are niontine | and white. will reflect in the grad-| Roosevelt a McEv ough » Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt.| ing” in a national photograph con written to Mrs.| test and won a Certificate of Merit. | °! Old in the roles of Sir Sagramor aking for to r ea information | she decided ye jirector of the gro yu @ most enjoyable The cast has been announce the play. The shrewd and cle Yankee who finds himself in King ho displays e twentieth vurt of King the r, offers an on of a do practically and some Arthur, who ty Jackson. the schem- an, who will down your ‘anny Black Mike Wil than the ¢ two very of the court farcia Cason and happy s played by rs. Bennett twO, GHURMLErS Ul oF, BU mf) the harassed mother of Hank, is Broer T. Rape of Bryon. “The Sw-| Velma Bateman ng”, the caption which Toni gave Clarence, the mischievous page boy, is played by Steve Carter. while Freddy Harper and Tommie Last fall Toni ered “The Sw Jenkins will show how they would have been very excellent knights the photo shows Loraine swinging heryl Ann in Toni’s backyard and Sir Lancelot to re-enter it in the HELP!! Kodak High Sch She was the only winner in Georgia Yes, our local Red Cross is call Toni said that her m er did not | ing for your help. They have given like the picture and did not want | out of clothes because of the large number of fires in our city recent ly. If you have any clothes or shoes This is one time I'm glad I didn't| which you do not need or want said Toni.| carry them to room 302 001 Photo Contest her to enter it in the contes what she told me Lind Adams Chosen Seniors Elect “Best Citizen’ This is greatest honor I have ever received and I hope that worthy of this honor,” Lynda Adams said when she McEvoy attending such a Citizen said that wonderful school th friendly students, makes it uch easier to be a from the Daughters of American many honors. She is president of Superlative, Beta member, gym-assistant, and the rior class lans nter nurse’s training This t 1ing program will last for three decide to specialize in some specific gh honor were Beverly Moseley and saienel ad this honor Beverly is president of the Senior — and a gym-assistant New York superlative. She is active in Tri-Hi-Y and Pep Rallies Mr. Brake leads Pep Rally Night before the big game. Cheerleaders? Pep Club Assemblies Wade Huey addresses the student body. To be tapped for Beta? What a surprise! ---and then after the tapping--- Preparation for the Junior-Senior Dance was such fun! Stairway to the Stars was our theme. The noise is getting louder! The Junior-Senior Some watched the stars, and some were starry-eyed We felt more comfortable with- out shoes! Will somebody please bring the punch? Don't everybody speak at once! Everyone enjoys the dance. Shall we it this one . , It wouldn't out? . - seem right with - Out a tree! Will everybody appreciate all this work? Let's have a record to dream by! I didn't know it took this much work. Play my request next! Shall we join the other spooks inside? Science Fair First Prize Brings Smile. pis TION ora v EVE My Poor Cow! The next Anyone for donations? eon , I'm going to be a geologist! She sells sea Kaolin Miners? shells by the sea shore Honors and Awards seven from the eleven Uncle Remus would be sho nuf proud of dis Senior Library Club! Citizens at their best! of the General Assembly” Scientific knowledge pays off. Photography can be a re- warding hobby. Gee, this feels good! Confederate A-ah-ah-hello, Monument Mr. Thornton Eatonton, Georgia I wanted to go to that one back there! Trips We Have Made You know we came this , On Our Way way. . . I think. Dr. Long Monument Jefferson, Georgia Good ole Blars-ville. 194 School Rehearsal Junior Stunt Auntie Mame goes to Egypt. Preparations Our Homecoming Library Club campaigns for their candidate. The football team is given a last minute briefing and pep talk. 196 Winning Float Science Club blasts Moultrie into The Queen's Court IEE JENNINGS We, too, had a last minute pep rally and bonfire. Aeros CRRA. mn - + = - : t ee | i ¢ — fewer | ay . a Congratulations cLAss oF 60 SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY The Child's Second Home JUNIOR BOOTERY 461 Third Street (Next to the Bibb Theater) For Birthday or Christmas - a Year Round Selection of Any Fine Toy Shown in Any Catalog, at the Catalog Price. Macon's Largest Toys for All Selection of Ages, All Stuffed Animals Purposes! THE CITIZENS SOUTHERN NATIONAL BANK Cougratulate The 1960 Class... Willingham-McEvoy's First Combined Graduating Class THE CITY BANK TRUST COMPANY . AND invite you to let us show you how our Checking and Savings Accounts can be tailored to Student Needs. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK TRUST CO. JACK SMITH’S GULF SERVICE STATION Pio Nono and Hightower Road McGEE'S SERVICE STATION Personalized 6244 Houston Rd. Dial SH 2-2583 GUNTER EMPLOYMENT SERVICE Washington Block Building Room 12 For the Best Jobs in Town Compliments of MACON TENT AWNING COMPANY RESTAURANT FIXTURE SUPPLIES CO. 523 Poplar Street Macon, Georgia WILSON TYPEWRITER ADDING MACHINE CoO. 639 Mulberry Street Macon, Georgia P.O. Box 683 Dial SHerwood 6-2777 Sales -- Service -- Rentals -- Supplies Royal Typewriters Calculators . Electric Standard Cash Registers “How about that! m 2 Portables Satisfaction time. ; Victor Adding Machines CREDIT BUREAU OF MACON AND COLLECTION SERVICE Rebuilt Motors and Transmissions Don't fix it - Exchange it No money down 18 months to pay 1 Day Service - New Car Guarantee Compliments of Compliments of C. W. FARMER CO. Home of Better Values T. LYNN DAVIS BLOODWORTH'S CAFE REALTY AUCTION CO., INC. 588 Mulberry St. Phone SH 2-5434 Macon, Georgia 4459 Broadway Ph. SH 3-5267 Fine Foods SOUTHERN INVESTMENT CoO. Home Owned 499 Broadway - At Poplar Macon, Ga. - Dial SH 5-2527 HANCOCK PLUMBING COMPANY 561 Cotton Ave. - Dial SH 3-5451 Macon, Georgia PALMER’S We Service What We Sell Pennsylvania Tires Kelvinator Appliances 753 Broadway 3225 Pio Nono Commercial Circle Warner Robins Palmer Ford - Forsyth Compliments of DANNENBERG'S Macon's Own Department Store A. C. SHAW AUTO SERVICE Specializing in Auto Tune-Up and Repairs Phone SH3-4968 - 612-624 Third St Macon, Georgia PUTT-PUTT Juke Boxes GOLF COURSE Amusement Machines Phonograph Records Meet All Your Friends at the Putt- Putt AUTOMATIC Play All Day 9 A.M.-5 P.M. PHONOGRAPH COMPANY 75¢ Monday-Saturday 381 Mulberry Street Join the P. P. PB, G. A. Dial SHerwood 2-6651 4690 Broadway SH5-9445 Putt your troubles away at If No Answer Dial SH 5-3863 the Putt-Putt. or 2-7795 Compliments of MEDDIN FOOD SERVICE 455 Fifth Street Macon, Georgia Phone SH 6-2471 Whoever you are whatever you do Headquarters for BEAUTIFUL SHOES . Dress Shoes . Sport Shoes . Flats 447 Third Street Macon's Newest Cancellation Shoe Store ! Next to Bibb Theater Compliments of THE PEANUT SHOP 416 Mulberry Street Fresh Roasted Nuts and Nutmeats Lo Sal Ot ComPANY Class Rings Club Insignia Honor Awards College Fraternity Jewelry Medals - Trophies Commencement Invitations « Diplomas - Personal Cards THAD WILKINS 361 E. Paces Ferry Road . CE 3-2200 Atlanta 5, Georgia POWELL’S PHARMACY 3717 Houston Avenue Complete Ry and Sundry Needs Ph. SH 6-2756 Compliments of JACKSON OLDSMOBILE, INC. 717 Third St. Macon, Georgia Sales Service Compliments of BIRDSEY’S FLOUR MILL 211 Lower Poplar BAKER’S BODY SHOP Body and Fender Straightening Auto Painting 4123 Pio Nono Avenue Telephone SH 2-4751 ARMSTRONG CORK COMPANY Post Office Box 1347 HOGG'S HOUSTON AVENUE DRUG STORE 4096 Houston Avenue Pall DEPENDABLE SH-5-4788 DRUGGIST Macon, Georgia GORDON'S Broadway at Hawthorne Riverside at College Macon, Georgia HARTNESS SUPPLY CO. 4425 Pio Nono Ave. Macon, Ga. FAILE’S PHARMACY 3272 Pio Nono Avenue Macon, Georgia Phone SH 5-046l The Aim of HART’S MORTUARY is to render the best service possible at the lowest price possible. 765 Cherry SH 6-4321 Established 1899 Compliments of BIBB FINANCE COMPANY 319 Third Street G. BERND COMPANY Established 1865 Macon, Georgia Our business is pulling And we're pulling for Willingham and McEvoy CHAPMAN’S WRECKER SERVICE Next to Post Office and Corner Hazel at Fifth St. Dial SH 2-4631 SH 5-8257 SF McCLURE FURNITURE COMPANY “Where Good Furniture is Not Expensive” 565 Poplar St. Macon, Ga, Compliments of SNAKE BYRD GARAGE 643 Broadway Wheel Alignment and Balancing Sh 2-9909 BILL'S SHOE LUGGAGE SHOP Shoe Repairing W. S. (BILL) COLLINS Telephone 2-9486 513 Broadway Macon, Georgia 4 Compliments of A FRIEND MERCER UNIVERSITY WELCOMES McEVOY AND WILLINGHAM GRADUATES A College of Liberal Arts - The Walter F. George School of Law - Southern College of Pharmacy - Graduate School offering Master of Education Degree. FOR INFORMATION, WRITE THE REGISTRAR MERCER UNIVERSITY Macon, Georgia CRANDALL BUSINESS COLLEGE Middle Georgia's Most Modern Business College CAREER COURSES Clerk Typist Secretarial Junior Accounting Executive Assistant IBM Key Punch Machine Civil Service Coaching Receptionist Gregg Shorthand Speedwriting ABC Shorthand (In Macon Taught Only by Crandall) Nancy Taylor Charm and Personality Development Course Civil Service Examinations Arranged and Given in Our School Air-Conditioned Classrooms Easy Payment Plan Free Placement Day or Night Classes Hundreds of Graduates in Private Industry and Civil Service 589 Mulberry Street 1232 Watson Avenue Macon, Georgia Warner Robins, Georgia SHerwood 3-2923 WAlker 3-9241 Member of Georgia Association of Approved Business Schools Southeastern Business College Association Telephones: 2-4501 and 2-4502 GEORGIA TIMBERLANDS, INC. Guy Paine and Mead Roads P.O. Box 1062 Macon, Georgia Supplying Pulpwood to Georgia Kraft Company Throughout the Truck Area WILLINGHAM SASH AND DOOR COMPANY Since 1882 Dial SH 5-9048 MACKEY FURNITURE CoO. We completely furnish your home 1744 Broadway Macon, Georgia Compliments of BIBB MATTRESS CoO, South Macon's Leading Men's Shop THE MEN’S SHOP 3747 Houston Ave. SH 6-4210 BUCK MOORE FRIENDLIEST SERVICE IN TOWN 990 FIRST STREET Fine Men's Wear 414 Cherry St. BUCK MOORE, Owner Macon, Georgia PuHone SH. 2-9832 Cc. E. WOODARD, Mar. Prone SH. 5-2456 PIO NONO Compliments HARDWARE NURSERY J. J. POULTRY FARM Complete Line of Shrubbery and (The Real) Garden Supplies Complete Line of Paints McCOyY's 4561 Pio Nono Avenue h -8 Phone SH 2-4731 Phone SH 3-8958 BILL’S RESTAURANT Delicious and Moderately Priced Southern Foods For Your Denimg Pleasure 560 Mulberry St. SH 2-9566 DAGWOOD DELOACH BARBER SHOP LAMAR PONTIAC CO., INC. 4276 Broadway Macon, Georgia Pontiac, Vauxhall “We need your head in our business and Jeeps Air Conditioned GEORGIA STATE WHOLESALE V FLORIST ,)- LA VISTA RESTAURANT 3040 Vineville Avenue Steaks - Chicken and Seafood Patneimiwe the xptail florist of your choice.) COMPLIMENTS OF GEORGIA KRAFT COMPANY Compliments of MAXWELL BROTHERS FURNITURE COMPANY For the Finest in Photography: HINTERMEIER’S-UTLEY STUDIO Macon, Georgia 408 Second Street SH-2-2851 BUTLER SUPPLY COMPANY Compliments of A. C. WAITS GARAGE RALSTON PURINA We Specialize on Chevrolets General Auto and Truck Repairs COMPANY 430 Oak Street Lane Phone 3-6671 4460 Broadway THE FURNITURE BARN 1134 Broadway Good Used Furniture MALONE SEED GARDEN CENTER 1009 Second Street Macon, Georgia Seed and Bulbs Garden Supplies Fertilizer Spray Service YOUNG DRUG COMPANY 303 Cotton Avenue Macon, Georgia MACON SHOE COMPANY 371 Third Street Macon, Georgia Fine Shoes Since 1900 Compliments of Fine Men's Wear REGERO JEWELRY COMPANY INC. 368 Second Street Macon, Georgia Telephone SH 5-2324 OLDHAM’S ''Macon's Oldest Dispensing Opticians TOMMY TUCKER’S BARBECUE DRIVE-IN 4591 Broadway Pit Barbecue Hamburgers Hotdogs Curb Service Take Out Orders Compliments of HOME FURNISHING CO. 1207 Broadway SH 2-3928 Complete Optical Service Contact Lenses Glasses From Oldham's Have Beauty and Charm 101 Persons Building SOUTHSIDE VARIETY STORE 3709 Houston Avenue SH 5-2945 Headquarters for School Supplies, Materials, Notions, Gifts and Household Supplies CHESHIRE TYPEWRITER CO, Authorized Underwood Agency 576 Mulberry Street Macon, Georgia Underwood Typewriters Underwood Sundstrand Adding Machines Best of Luck to the Class of 1960 BASS BROTHERS Farm-Fresh Vegetables Allen Road Compliments of COPLAN PIPE AND SUPPLY co, Wholesale Plumbing Distributors SEVEN SEAS SEAFOODS Macon's Exclusive Seafood House SH 5-4757 5th at Mulberry DUBOSE JUNK COMPANY Scrap Iron, Metals, Automobiles and Parts 112 L. Poplar Street SH 3-4012 SH 6-9202 Macon, Ga. McCLURE, BALDWIN GRIFFIN 570-572 Mulberry Street Macon, Ga. Complete Office Supplies Desks, Chairs and Files Boorum Pease General Fireproofing Co. Alma Desk . DICK, Distributor Mimeograph Spirit Offset Photocopy Batteries, Motor Tune-Up and Ignition Service JACK MANN COMPANY 675 Third St. Macon, Ga. Telephone SH 5-6509 Compliments of BIBB THEATER ROWE CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC 3114-16 Vineville Ave. Macon, Ga. Compliments of the YOUNG COLONY 439 Third Street MEMORIAL CHAPEL Funeral Directors EVERETT SAMMONS J. JOE SUTHERLAND Compliments of A FRIEND BURDEN SMITH CO. 352 Third Street Estab. 1886 Macon, Georgia MUNFORD DO-IT- YOURSELF STORE 433 Walnut St. Phone 3-1112 Macon, Georgia Do-It- Yourself and Save Quality Orthopedic Shoe Repairing Work QUALITY ORTHOPEDIC SHOE REPAIRING WORK MONDY’S SHOES 3985 HOUSTON AVE. “Shoes For the Entire Family” AT SAVINGS YOU WON'T BELIEVE Children’s CORRECTIVE SHOES 0. L. MONDY SH 2-2847 Compliments ofa FRIEND SNEAD’S SHEET METAL BOB DAUGHTRY Tires, Batteries, Accessories 1087 Broadway Phone 2-1343 RAMBLER DEALER Macon, Georgia America's Largest Selling Compact Car CENTRAL TIRE COMPANY BUCHANAN MOTOR CO. Mohawk Tires 738 Broadway Compliments of Your Recapping ieee ee a — ee oe eed LAL a 1b 4040 - rh ALLE 7 Ms a — i! pie ‘ 2 WESLEYAN COLLEGE Founded 1836 Offering Five Degrees to the Qualified High School Graduate Who Desires a Coordinated Program of Liberal Arts and Fine Arts Bachelor of Music Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Fine Arts Master of Music Visit Our Campus or Write for Further Information About How to Join the Large Number of Macon Boys and Girls Now Attending Wesleyan, saneneint mone | - Dial | BUILDINGS BOUGHT SOLD SHerwood 3-8150 BRICK BUILDINGS HOUSES OUR SPECIALTY COMPLETELY BONDED INSURED TO COVER ANY DAMAGE WATSON HOUSE MOVING CO. 3337 RICE MILL RD, T J. W. BURKE COMPANY Stationers - Office Outfitters - Printers For More Than Ninety Years 626 Mulberry Street Macon, Georgia Club Directory ALLIED MEDICAL CAREERS CLUB Lynda Adams Sarah Alligood Velma Bateman Linda Jane Beall Marcia Cason Judy Cranford Janita Davis Peggy Delvess Susan Edwards Mary Fleetwood Barbara Gardner Carolyn Grizzle Reba Hall Edith Harris Ann Holmes Charlotte Jones Betty Jordan Elaine Kelly Linda Kelly Jeweldine McCrary Miriam Meredith Ann Mikus Beverly Miller Marsha Miller Betty May Mitchell Patricia Moncrief Peggy Parker Edith Pettigrew Linda Roberts Jennie Simmons Sharon Stokes Jan Thompson Janice Tucker Patricia Tucker Shirley Watkins Sybil Webb ART CLUB Shirley Arrington Zanda Bell Freida Boutwell Nancy Chambless Roslyn Crumbley Martha Futch Patsy Hayes Rebecca Hibner Jean Higgins Elaine Howell Miriam McGee Connie Neyman Katherine Neyman Barbara Rape Yvonne Savage Diane Sellers Glenda Toole Toni Vissage Margie Walker Gail Williamson BAND CLUB Sara Allagood June Austin Shirley Avera Sheila Bell Sharon Blackwell Delane Bowen Sara Ann Brooks Mary Ann Burke Gail Carey Elizabeth Cole Connie Creel Shirley Curtis Quinette Douglas Donna Dyer Faye Edwards Sara Ann Evans Betty Flanagan Ruth Foster Marion Friedlander Andrea Hammond Faye Hammond Sharon Hart Gail Hayes Marilyn Hayes Sandra Holmes Gail Joiner Mary Helen Joiner Sue Jones Carol Jordan Joy Kitchens Corliss Martir Patsy McDaniel Eileen McGahee Gail McKinley Donna Sue Mondy BETA CLUB McEVOY Lynda Adams Sandra Allagood Anne Asbell Juanita Aultman Virginia Bass Velma Baten Phyllis Bledsoe Barbara Bradbury Judy Brewer Barbara Brown Joyce Bunch Ellen Busbee Donna Jo Campbell Marcia Cason Helen Couch Carole Crutchfield Vicki Culpepper Marilyn Donnan Quinette Douglas Marion Friedlander Lurlene Garret Glenda Grant | Jeanie Green Carol Hawkins Pat Hightower Jeanie Hill Kay Hinson Eileen Johnson Ena Jones Martha Faith Jones Mary Kent Linda Kull Twala Ligon Rita Long Karen Moses Linda Newson Kathleen O'Brien Charlotte Parker Edith Pettigrew LaVerne Petty Janice Pritchett Judy Pritchett Cynthia Quinn Colista Raffield Georgann Raines rbara Rape Sue Reeves Frieda Ritchie Elizabeth Roberts Barbara Roughton Sandra Rountree Gerry Ryan Royanne Sanford Ginger Schell Gayle Smith Vivian Smith Joan Toler Sylvia Tomberlin Rebecca Turner Ann Watson Brenda Webb Peggi Wilson Margaret Wingate Brenda Wright WILLINGHAM John Barfield Eddie Battle Bern Bennett Jerry Bostick Eugene Boyer Larry Brown Douglas Calhoun Steve Carter Bobby Cass Jerome Chapman John Clark Danny Crumblis James Derry Janes Dunn Jimmy Dopson Ronnie Epps Shelton Haggard Douglas Hatcher Robert Hawkins Robert Hinson Paul Hopkins Larry Jackson Tommy Jenkins Wayne Johnson Jimmy Jones Gil Lee Johnny McCoy Avery Minor Luke Moncrief Gordon Persons Buddy Petty Joe Roland Hoke Smith Jimmy Stevens Martin Stone Jimmy Taylor Clinton Tucker Teddy Vance Charles Wagner Charles Walker Larry Weese Mac White Mike Willoughby Billy Winslett Walter Wren DRAMATIC CLUB JUNIOR Pattie Aderholt June Austin Brenda Bean Brenda Beck Louise Bennett Penny Bishop Barbara Blalock Anne Brewer Paulette Calloway Linda Cheek Diane Childs Carolyn Grantham Faye Hammond Margaret Hoole Patsy Horne Ray Ann Johnson Kitty Joiner Carol Jordan Toni Kania Brenda Kania Nancy Lindsey Waustine Meeks Sharon Quinn Gayle Sanders Susie Sellers Judy Smith Gloria Stehle Maribeth Stuart Sandra Stubbs Donna Thames Lynda Thompson Claudette Tucker Carolyn Tyner Martha Webb Nancy Yawn SENIOR Sue Ann Adams Vivian Aderholt Anne Allen Shirley Avera Sonny Belson Phyllis Bledsoe Brenda Blessitt Gene Boyers Judy Brewer Edith Harris Diane Holmes Hopkins Jerry Messengale Pam Minor Paulette Mix Antoinette Faye Mollis Luke Moncrief Jean Moore Faye Morris Carole Newberry Connie Neyerman Ronald Boyd Brow Douglas Calhot r Eugene Cr Tone gones Frank Edwa Freddie Harper Gene Harrington Wendell Harvey Buddy Ha harlie Jack Horne a iO Jimmy Jones arry Jones Henry Kitchens Gil Lee Charles Lemon Owell LeRoy Mann Eddie Mimbs Avery Minor Gordon Person's James Petty Joseph Roland John Seymour Jerry Slocum Hoke Smith Woodrow Smith Jimmy Stevens Thomas Stevens Phillip Swearingen Jimmy Taylor George Thistlewood George Thomas Clinton Tucker George Wacter Charles Wagner George White Mike Willoughby Billy Winslette Walter Wren Tommy Wynne FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA McEVOY Judythe Ada ms Sandra Allagood Juanita Aultman Linda Autry Annette Ballard Judith Barnes Virginia Bass Faye Bates Joyce Beale Margaret Brack Barbara Bradbury Joyce Bunch Ellen Busbee Donna Jo Campbell Vonceal Coleman Peggy Cooper Carole Crutchfield Wanda Cryer Sandra English Janis Gorman Edith Griggers Marian Grimsley Reba Hall Kay Harrison Pat Harrison Jeannie Hill Kay Hinson Trula Hudson Zora Lee Justice Charlene Keels Mary Kent Lenora Kitchens Bessie Lewis Johnnie Long Mary Ann Long Jerry Massengale May Mays Sandra McBride Jan McLarty Mary Helen Miller Karen Moses Carole Newberry Sandra Newby Tiana Oliphant Cynthia Quinn Bobbie Roughton Sue Reeves Patsy Rutland Shirley Scarbrough Clara Shepherd Glenda Silver Loretta Smith Norma Thompson Janice Tucker Faye Walker Vodice Walton Brenda Webb Kay Williams WILLINGHAM John Bridger Buster Caldwell Horace Cobb Lee Godby Herbert Hare James Harrington Dave Lewis Charles Lowery Joe Maddox Johnny McCoy Charles Partridge Veron Smith Posey Tye Charles Walker Perry Williams FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Robert Bedgood Kenneth Camp James Carroll Jack Elliott Thomas Garrett Gary Harrison James Herndon Wayne Hooper Wayne Hudson Oney Hudson Ronald Jones James Jordan Wayne Joyner Baughn Lassiter Ben Lindsey James Morris Jack Puckett Sonny Sanders Eddie Sego Charles Skipper James Skipper Roy Still Terry Stokes Larry Stokes Kenneth Stokes Mike Stokes James Stuart Joe Toler Council Still FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA JUNIOR Pat Aaron Corrie Adkins Sharon Arnold Joy Avera Geraldine Babb Linda Barkley Patricia Bateman Angela Bartlett Harriett Baughcum Charlene Bevins LaVane Blair Delane Bowen Patty Bowen Sylvia Brooks Gail Brown Charlette Brown Etta Lee Brown Gloria Brown Sue Cameron Peggy Campbell Brenda Carroll Patti Clarey Barbara Conner Ann Cryer Pamela Dodd Sandra Dodson Brenda Douglas Sandra Dowdy Pat Dugger Darlene Durden Dianne Edwards Connie Evans Gayle Fields Ann Marie Fiveash Lynda Fulford Wanda Garrett Judy Gay Brenda George Shianne Glisson Cheryl Godwin Loretta Graham Carol Gresham Linda Hall Roslyn Hall Brenda Hardy Beverly Harbin Blanie Harper Kay Harrington Gail Hartley Annette Haskins Donna Hattaway Helen Hayes Sheila Herring Sharon Hewell Melba Hinson Sally Holloman Sandra Holmes Kay Holt Johnnie Howell Juanita Hughes Byrolene Idom Kathleen James Beverly Jenkins Sharon Jerles Patricia Joiner Barbara Jones Ruby Jones Anna Jordan Donna Juneau Patricia Kent .inda King Jane Lavender Bobbie Lewis Jianne Lindsey Emily Loden Lenora Lovejoy Phyllis Lyles Barbara Martin Nancy Mayne Barbara McBride Patsy McDaniel Sandra McLean Paula McPherson Carol Minor Geraldine Mitchell Harriet Montgomery Charlotte Moore Judy Moore Dianne Nilms Shelvia Oakley Sue Ann Oliphant Betty Ogles Peggy Parker Janice Parks Ann Perry Guynelle Pitts Joan Powell Pat Powell Betty Pyle Shayn Reed Brenda Renteria Delores Rogers Sheila Rudman Ellen Russell Sandra Sandiford Janice Sapp Carolyn Sealy Cheryl Smith Runell Short Trudy Starr Betty Stewart Waits Meschal Wasden Sylvia Waters Sheila Waters Katherine Watkins Ann Wilk SENIOR Gay Arnold Sharon Bell Sara Ann Brooks Flanagan Carolyn Garner Edith Griggers Gail Horton Pam Kingry Antoinette Millen Jetty Mitchem Sondra Newby LaVerne Petty Linda Proctor Brenda Rodgers Letitia Sammons sinda Savage Mary Stuckey Ei Shirley Swiger Barbara Thigpen Sylvia Tomberlin Ann Watson Sybil Webb Mary Williamson Judye Windham FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Martha Carroll Sandra Capshaw Donna Hattaway Nancy Hicks Jane Lavender Faye Martin Tiana Oliphant Janice Parks Eugenia Perry Treena Peterman Edith Pettigrew Barbara Proctor Sandra Shaw Lucy Stephens Carolyn Tyner Shelia Waters Rosemary Wheeler Connie Whitehurst Bonnie Willard Delia Williams Brenda Wright Barbara Young WILLINGHAM F. Bartlett Grady Beasleley R. Bedgood Wayne Bittick Borders M. Bowen B. Bwintt Stevie Carter Richard Crostiey Rickey Dorman J. Drake J. Dun . Garvin . Grimes Grisham G. Haines Danny Hamrick Jerry Hardison Haris Fred Health Hildeilrand Jackson Loviery Bobby Martain B. Pearce Bobby Peurefoy Charles Ross J. Smith V. Smith M. Tye Walter Wren KEY CLUB Eddie Battle Larry Brown Douglas Calhoun Steve Carter Robert Cass Curtis Chapman Jerome Chapman John Clark Danny Crumblis James Derry Jimmy Dunn Terre] Gibson Shelton Haggard Douglas Hatcher Marcus Paul Hopkins Robert Horton Garry Wilson Jackson Tommy Jenkins Wayne Johnson Jimmy Jones Bobby Lamb Bobby Mathews Eddie Mimbs Luke Moncrief Clyde Olson Dwight Payne Tommy Reid Albert Slocum Martin Stone Joe Toler Larry Tucker Jere Underwood Mike Willoughby Walter Wren LIBRARY CLUB McEVOY Barbara Bradbury Patsy Carr Marcia Cason Reetha Copeland Elaine Dennard Nancy Dickson Patricia Griffith Mary Henderson Billie Herndon Diane Holmes Trula Hudson Gloria Jackson Sharon Jackson Elizabeth Johnson Ena Jones Barbara Keeling Paula Knowles Linda Kull Janie Sue Lewis Patsy McBride Jeanette Miller Jean Moore Linda Newsome Charlotte Parker Guynelle Pitts Gerry Ryan Linda Swymer Joan Toler Toni Vissage Sandra Watts Brenda Webb WILLINGHAM Al Baggarly Ronnie Baggarly Tom Carr Curtis Chapman Freddie Harper Jimmy Harris Bobby Jackson Truitt Jackson Marlin Jones Johnny King Lynn Latimer Bill Pierce Elliot Sellers Ronnie Stulz George Thomas Eddie Tucker Mike White MUSIC CLUB Judythe Adams Anne Allen Evelyn Atkinson Juanita Aultman Geraldine Babb Annette Ballard Judith Barnes Dona Bateman Pennie Bishop Glenda Carol Bryant Gloria Jean Bryant Linda Butler Donna Jo Campbell Peggy Collings Ann Conner Vicki Culpepper Betty Sue Dawson Cheryl Dent Aarilyn Donnan Pam Donnan Quinette Douglas Janice Durden Mary Ann Durden Lynda Fain Gayle Fields Margaret Frith Bette Frost Wanda Garrett Yvonne Gibson Frances Gresham Sandra Griffin Linda Hall Pat Harrison Gail Hartley Gloria Head Sheila Herring Sally Holleman Elaine Howard Emma Lee Jennings Linda Jennings Phydan Johnston Patricia Joiner Martha Faith Jones Pat Jones Donna Juneau Gloria Lamb Joan Lavendar Zora Kay Lee Tommie Kay Livingston ferle Lundry Corliss Martin Judy McDaniel Teresa McDaniel Paula McPherson Kathleen O'Brien Tiana Oliphant Donna Sa Gayle Sanders india - 2 TFT a1 Linda Seagraves sheila Waters Rosemary Wheeler Linda Witherington Jeanette Young Marsha Young RAM CLUB Jack Bannister Eddie Battle Bobby Bennet Dug Boyd John Bridger ,arry Brown Bobby Cass John Clark Dickie Crosby Derry Yvonne Gibson Pennie Bishop Carry Black Sue Boyles Sharon Brantley Barbara Brown Tilly Brown Gayle Carey Marcia Cason Linda Cheek Annette Coleman Barbara Conner Barbara Cowart Anne Cryer Kathy Danahy Nancy Dean Pamela Donnan Darlene Durden Donna Fincher Betty Flanagan Toni Foster Lurlene Farrett Linda Giddens Faye Hammond Jean Higgins Marthel Hooker Mary Helen Joyner Brenda Kania Linda Kull Nancy Lewis Clare Long Corliss Martin Marsha Miller Patsy McBride Gail McKinley Jean Moore Faye Morris Beverly Mosely Mary Jane Nicholson Anne Perry Janice Pritchett Judye Pritchett Sharon Quinn Georganne Raines Barbara Rape Bobbie Roughton Pat Sanderson Royanne Sanford Martha Southern Sharon Stokes Jean Tidwell Dianne Waters Anne Watson Beverly Wilder Brenda Wright Marsha Young WILLINGHAM Wayne Barr Wallace Bates Eddie Battle Larry Brown Buster Caldwell Douglas Calhoun Steve Carter Bobby Cass Jerome Chapman Joe) Crochet Dénnis Crowell John Culverhouse James Derry Gary Digby Ricky Dorman Jessie Wayne Drake Tommy Edwards Michael Ford Thelston V. Goss Thomas O. Goss Irwin Hadaway Jimmy Hammond Freddie Harper James Harrington Johnny Higgison Thomas J. Hooks Larry Jackson Tommy Jenkins Richard La Rue Gie Lee Steve Lyles Joe Maddox Bobby Matthews Joe McDaniel Dwight Payne Sonny Sanders Tommy Shaw Lane Smith Mickey Smith Mack Stokes Fred Walker Mike Willoughby TRI-HI-¥ Sara Ann Adams Ann Asbell Frieda Boutwell Patty Carpenter Annette Coleman Peggy Collins Kathy Danahu Jean Davis Nancy Dixon Dianne Dodd Janis Durden Linda Giddens Pat Harrison Jane Herin Kay Hinson Marsha Ann Hinson Ann Hooper Patsy Hopkins Martha Faith Jones Pat Jones Faye Keys Cheryl Lee Lagowiez Kay Lindsey Brenda Long Clare Long Patsy McBride Sandra McBride Linda McElmurray Bobbie McGee Jan McLarty Gerry Massengale Sally Meadows Gloria Milford Paulette Mixon Jean Moore Beverly Mosely Carol Newberry Helen Newton Nita Norris Mary Overby Linda Parker Barbara Pelt Adecia Pierce Judy Pritchett Delores Ramey Freida Ritchie Linda Shaw Brenda Shelton Ann Smith Ciss Smith Jean Smith Kathy Spann Carole Staley Linda Swymer Kathynn Watkins Sandra Watts Beverly Wilder Judy Wilder Lynnie Yates Y-TEENS AFTER SCHOOL Ann Allen Gay Arnold Velma Bateman Charlene Bivins Tilly Brown Jo Cameron Doris Clay Vicki Culpepper Fay Edwards Jane Earl Edwards Gayle Fields Bette Frost Barbara Fulwood Linda Giddens Patricia Herring Patsy Hopkins Lynette Jones Martha Faith Jones Sherry Lindsey Linda Lynn Betty Moore Barbara Pelt Letitia Sammons Mickie Simpson Ann Smith Dawn Thomas Lana Tyre Y-TEENS IN SCHOOL Vivian Aderholt Susan Amsbaugh Jane Brown Bonnie Baxley Linda Bellflower Patsy Best Sue Ellen Brantley Carol Bunch Nancy Brock Gail Carey Linda Cheek Dianne Childs Marcia Claypool Patricia Cooley Linda Coulter Lana Cravey Donna Cryer Patricia Cruz Barbara Cowart Pat Everett Brenda Epps Joyce Hadden Darla Hatcher Evelyn Hulett Sharon Jones Delores Lester Nancy Lewis Clare Long Celeste Mackey Cherie McPherson Antoinette Millen Sondra Newby Dorothy Nipper Janice Pearce Treena Peterman Shirley Rogers Sandra Rountree Pat Sanderson Sylvia Stephens Penny Stulz Shirley Swiger Gean Tidwell Charolett Tindol Barbara Thigpen Faye Walker Beverly Wilder Judye Wilder BONNIE BLUE PRINT ADVERTISING STAFF Phyllis Bledsoe Patty Carpenter Annette Coleman Carole Crutchfield Vickie Culpepper Martha Faith Jones Jeannie Hill Elaine Howell Bobbie McGee Eugenia Perry Janice Pritchett Linda Shaw Sharon Stokes Linda Swymer Toni Vissage Brenda Wright CIRCULATION STAFF Sandra Allagood Virginia Bass Lynette Briggs Joyce Bunch Martha Faith Jones Faye Lewis Glenda Moore Karen Moses Royanne Sanford Rebecca Turner Brenda Webb Faye Martin EDITORIAL STAFF Ena Jones Linda Kull Jeweldine McCrary Colista Raffield Ginger Schell RAMPAGE BUSINESS STAFF Murvale Belson Roscoe Cross Lathrop Holder Douglas Taylor Walter Williams EDITORIAL STAFF Bern Bennett Boyer Bobby Cass Crumbliss Edwards Fulford Holder Athletic VARSITY FOOTBALL Eddie Battle John Bridger Larry Brown Doug Boyd Dickie Crosby James Derry Joel Dickens Tommy Edwards Johnny Goss Gary Hall Jimmy Hallman Jimmy Hammond Bo Hardison Lathrop Holder Larry Jackson Dennis Loper Billy Lyles Wilton Marchman Bobby Mathews Baldwin Millen Charles Partridge Woodrow Smith Jimmy Taylor George Thistlewood Clint Tucker Larry Tucker Charles Walker Randy Wheeler Lewis Wood TRACK Owen Allen Eddie Battle David Ezell Olie Goad Johnny Goss Thelston Goss Pete Henderson Larry Jackson Billy Lyles Wilton Marchman Billy Murphey Richard Powers Jimmy Robertson Woodrow Smith Jeff Wagner Pee Wee Watson Billy West Mac White Anthony Wilkes Directory B TEAM FOOTBALL Tommy Bateman Bobby Bennett Joe Boggs Brad Chambers Roscoe Cross John Culverhouse Terry Duffey Billy Edwards Don English Jimmy Epps Duane Hamrick Carson Hardison Pete Harris Bobby Horton Wayne Joiner Lamar Kennedy Sammy McCord Billy Parham Johnny Park Dwight Payne Billy Raffield Jimmy Roberts Tommy Spinks Pete Stokes Fred Walker Mack White Travis Williams Sammy Wilson BASEBALL 1959 Jack Bannister Eddie Battle Joel Dickens Larry Fowler Olie Goad James Grimes Jimmy Hallman Jimmy Hammond Lathrop Holder Larry Jackson Billy Lyles Leroy Mann Bobby Mathews Eddie Mimbs Harold Moss Johnny Park Buddy Petty Harold Poss Tommy Reid Marvin Thompson Clint Tucker Stan West NINTH GRADE FOOTBALI Ronnie Bz Bobby Br E Iden By rc Buck Carroll Jimmy Clay John Clarke Allen Deloach Louis Etheridge Edward Foster Pete Gaines Johnny Goodin Thelston Goss Irwin Hadaway Richard Hamlen Danny Hamrick Lamar Harris Warner Hendrix Pete Jennings Mack Johnson Emmett Jordan Richard Jordan Ray Kania Larry Lengal Thomas Lindsey Wayne Meeks Ronnie Nobles Charles O'neal Charles Quillian Jimmy Sherwood David Tucker Harold Tye Jeff Wagner Tex Watson EIGHTH GRADE FOOTBALL Charlie Avera Jimmy Ayers James Bennett Oliver Bliss Tracy Booker Harry Brooks Eddy Coleman Steve Colson Terry Colson Charles Fiveash Donald Floyd John Ginn Emmett Goodman Tommy Goss James Greene illy Horton andy Mason Richard McCullough Carlye McNeil Carson Parker Ralph Pulliam James Sanderland Buddy Sherman Lamar Shipman Lane Smith Rick Spires VARSITY BASKETBALL Jack Ba Bobby Cass Ollie Goad Johnny Goss Wilton Marchman Tommy Reid Aarvin Thompson Larry Tucker Pee Wee Watson “B TEAM BASKETBALL Wayne Bittick Mike Cheek Gene Conger Dickie Crosby Joel Dickens Cliff Hardy Johnny Higgison Jerry Leverette Clyde Olson Jimmy Pritchett Donald Stinson Randy Wheeler Johnny Wires NINTH GRADE BASKETBALL Tony Barnes Rutledge Beacham Mark Bowen Bobby Bryant Jimmy Clay Joe Crochet Pete Gaines Johnny Goodin Thelston Goss Warner Hendrix Len Latimer Darrell LayField Buzzy Leverette Tack Mote Johnny Neves Tom Reinertson Danny Selman Pinson Schulman EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL Oliver Bliss Tracy Booker Eddie Coleman Terry Colson Emmett Goodman Tommy Goss James Green Ashley Hawkins Richard McCullough Joe McDanniel Ricky Payne Ralph Pulliam Garry Smith Au tograph S TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPAN The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made . = 7h a“ CEEOL AEA

Suggestions in the McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) collection:

McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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