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McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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6 McEvoy' and Willingham High Sc 1 ' iff Ve' :V - 14,4 444, 42 ,, Y Q46 g f, A , ,ii If , s A F Y,xi A fl as , ! 4 G fr XJ ,, 'eff f' . 5, 5' W, W , , gf Q . I 4 , Mi . Jima ' 4 ' 72 vi .v ' 'N isa: I, hiv!! ' . yi' .e' if 'Vu H .f .... -M- .Lynn 'T 'X ' Www-k,4, FOl'f3ll'0 nl With warm spirit, we of McEvoy and Willing- ham High Schools have observed and participated in Macon's ceaseless ex- pansion and development of which we are proud to be a part. As Macon is growing, we are growing in our desire to become the best possible citizens through the education af- forded us. We, the annual staff, sincerely hope that you w ill receive much pleasure from our first annual as you find yourself a part of "A Changing Macon." Table 0 Fon' Il' 0 rd lIl'llI.l'Ilfl.Ull 'flfllll'lIl'SIl'Ilfl.UII urzrl lfrzrzzllbx Cff1.s.sffs , M!" . "Fw - ,A ,..f' my Q, ,V 1 ' A, ,,, f Wu,-lv ,av .f ,, L 711.-' ' ,,,, W - f -ww , M Y M ,,+59" ' N L H 'Qj 71,1 nl 7 7?'f7 1' 5 .Tr 'K -L W r-,iwxvif-Lv -- 5, J "sTf'f'1 li ' 11 1 - 1 I 1 f.: I ll ' W ,, i" """m"' -:ww V'- , 'ni '- :x?- ,'M,Mw:g fee M M nn .. A ik MN 2 !U"'lWv-Jo-A., Declzccmon To our ever helpful and understanding teacher who has rendered every service possible to uphold the spirit of McEvoy High School to one who is ever willing to lend a sym tional improvement we the Senior Class of 1959 proudly present this first edmon of The Ramscott to our very own Mrs Margaret P Davxs , . . . pathetic ear to all her students: to one who has worked without ceasing for our educa- In apprecrauon for hrs nmeteen years of educatronal leadershrp and hrs devonon to hxs work we the Iumor Class of Wrllmgham l-hgh School proudly dedxcate thrs annual to our prmcrpal S L Newberry We are prrvrleged to have a man wrth hrs excellent background and leadershrp abxl mes to dlrect the admxnrstrauon of Wrllmgham Hzgh School from IIS begmmng We feel that those who follow us wrll have the same ZPPICCIBIIOII for hrs leadershlp I I I , . . Q 0 Q HQ, f ,Q I A 5 M125 . ,ff Wm, Q M K gygfxgg 1 fttfgfiw , 3? . W K K. If V, sn I I if Ill I- My 5-- I.. aff , ,,M Mm Q H M 7'ii2aw.z,, ,, AND FACU LTY I n Memoriam DR MARKA SMITH On October 23 1958 with the passing of Dr Mark A Smith Macon the state of Georgia and the nation lost one of the most prominent educators of this century Although m failing health for a year he had carried on his work as superintendent of Bibb County Schools a position he had held since 1941 Dr Smith attended Clemson College Columbia University University of Georgia and Emory Unrverslty He received a doctor of education degree from Clemson and the honorary degree of Doctor of Law from Mercer University Georgia Education Association Parent Teacher ASSOCIHIIOH National Education As soclatlon Kiwanis International National Beta Club and many other organizations Dr Smith won national recognition for economy in school construction and oper ation especially durmg the strenuous war vears Among the last schools he helped to build were Margaret McEvoy and A R Willingham To the memory of Dr Smith we respectfully dedicate this page of the first McEvoy Willingham Annual The Bibb County Superintendent was well known for his contributions to the Board of Educatwn SEATED left ro nght Frank M Wrllmgham George P Rankm Jr Wrlham P Slmmons Robert A McCord Jr Charles C Hertwxg Julrus Gholson H G Weaver Hon B F Merrltt Ir Mallory C Atkmson Albert S Hatcher Ir Wallace M11 A Flcklmg Ralph Eubanks and Hon OscarL Long MR JULIUS GHOLSON Actmg Supermtendent of Schools I y I 9 0 Q O I D I 1 I O n o o I 9 a p g ' g n y Q , l ' lex, Ir. , and Hon. Walter C. Stevens. Not pictured are Herbert F. Birdsey, William l"9"f- H an-.svn ...uf lr v1 Iv- A "" 1. l RJR S L NEVVBERRY Prmczpals S L. NEWBERRY MRS MARY B LAMBACK PRINCIPAL IICRITAIY WILLINGHAM BOYS HIGH SCHOOL CANTERIURY ROAD MACON GEORGIA Dear Students This annual has captured for you, the students of Willingham High School, a recording which will grow more and more valuable through the years It is a kaleidoscope of your feelings, your activities friends, your sense humor and most important your pride in the new school which you are striving successfully to build I congratulate you, the Editorial and Business Staffs your advisors, and the Junior Class on a splendid perfor mance in making this fine book available to your classmates Sincerely, ff7L27f 1 1 444 S L Newberry s 0 9 , of I I , "N 1' ,. MR WILLIAM BRAKE Messages WILLIAM BRAKE MR8 MARY S HOLLAND P S MARGARET MCEVOY HIGH SCHOOL 1751 WILLIAMSON ROAD MACON GEORGIA High school days are probably the most important time in oneb life You will long cherish the friendships that you made at McEvoy You will glance back often to the many activ ities that you participated in at Mcwvoy All will be fond memories In this yearbook may you place pictures that will enhance forever the memories of your high school days In years to come may you often open this book and renew through pictures the old friendships and memories Best of luck to each and every one of you in what ever endeavor you may undertake in life Ever, W f2,.,,,,QL, William Brake Dear Students: REBEKAH ANTHONY ADDIE RIE BAIRD DELORES BENTON EVELYN BROWN Wesleyan A B Wesleyan A B Georgla A B GSCW A B Emory M A MCEUO MARY JIM BURT JOAN BURTON MILDRED CASLIN IEANNETTE CHAMBERS Wesleyan A B Georgla B S H E Wesleyan C MARY ELLA CLEMENTS MARGARET DAVIS VIRGINIA DORROH MQDENE DELOACH MSFCSI' B5 GATC GSCW BSI-IE GSCW BS HELEN FAULKNER NAN FLOWERS SARA GAINES HARRIET GRAVES Mercer, A.B. Wesleyan, A.B. Stetson, A.B. GSCW, A.B. Mercer, M.Ed. Faculty ANN HALL MABEL HARRIS CAROLYN HATTRICH ELIZABETH HINESLEY Randolph Macon A B Asbury A B Georgla B F A Mercer A B MARY HOLLAND JULIA LANIER BETTIE LAWRENCE ERNESTINE LEWIS GSCW Mercer A B Duke A B Mercer B S 1' MARY JO LYLE JANE MASSEY JACQUELINE ODUM KATHRYN PEIRCE Georgra B S H E Mercer A B Georgla B S Greensboro A B MCEUU and HAZEL ROGERS BARBARA REEVE5 Georgra M Ed ALTHEA RUTLAND Georgra B S C LAVERNE STINETORF JENNY SHEFFIELD Eggtgrn Kentucky A B LUCILE TRAYLOR Georgia B S Kentucky M A Flonda State B A ELIZABETH RYLES Georgra B S H E NELLE WALKER Georgra A B MARY WEAVER of Ga BILLY BEALE of Ga DIXIE CUTTER Mercer A B LYLE WILCOX MARTIN ALLMAN FRANCES BALDWIN Penn State B M E Davls and Elkms B A Wesleyan G S C W Wzllmgham WILLIAM BELL of Ga B S ROBERT BUNCH Peabody College M A U of Tenn B S Ed FREDERICK DELK LAURICE EUBANKS Mrcer AB BD ofGa JAMES CAVENDAR Mercer A B DELIA A-LOYD Mercer A B if WILLIE GREENE NORMAN GRIGGS WYOLENE GRINER HUGH HALE Mld Ga College College of Wooster Ohro Wesleyan of Ga B S Mercer M Ed Attendmg Mercer Wzllmgham WM B HENDERSON DAVID HILL MR HINSON U of Ga FurmanU B A Dr1versEducat1on LT JOINER MARY LAMBACK MR LEVERETTE Drwers Educatlon Mercer G G B Dflvefs Educatlon MARTHA HUTCHERSON Wesleyan A B Emory B A JAMES LITTLEFIELD West Ky State B S l '. . ', U. ., ..Ed. , . . A.B. ' . ., B.s. ,, , , ' ' , . . HENRY MIDDLEBROOKS MARY OLSEN DAVID PEARCE OTHO PIRKLE Mercer fSt1ll attendmgj Antroch C Mercer A B N C Faculty LEONARD PRIDGEON ROBT REAGAN HERSHEL SIMMONS MARY SMITH of Ga M Mercer A B of Ga Mercer A B JOHNNY STALLINGS ANN WALTERS ELINOR WATSON C Mercer A B GSCW A B Sta Co Ed1tors tn Chief Assistant Editors Copy Editors Art Editors Photography Edltor Classes Editor Sports Editors Superlatives Editors Typing Editor Activities Editors CO EDITORS IN CHIEF Clarene Wood Paul Hopkins Ramscott ff Clarene Wood Paul Hopkins Marcia Asbell Mike Willoughby Glenda Day Jerome Chapman Marilyn Miller Steve Carter Jimmy Derry Jim Griffin Melba Thames Tommy Jenkins Christy Hudson Delia Yawn Larry Jackson Barbara Jones Joanne Hedrick Luke Moncnef ASSISTANT EDITORS COPY EDITORS Mike Wllloughby Marcia Asbell Jerome Chapman Glenda Day f' C' 9 9 Organizations Editors ----- D'Ree Deen The annual advrsors meet to drscuss progress of the Ramscott Left to rrght Mrs Carolyn Hatlnch Mrs Margaret Davls Mr Robert Reagan Mrs Dolores Benton and Mr Wrllram Bell ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY EDITORS ORGANIZATIONS EDITORS Steve Carter Marrlyn Mrller hm Grrffrn D Ree Deen Irmmy Derry CLA5315 EDITOR SPORTS EDITORS Melba Thames works wtm Mrs, Hatmch CHHSIY Hudson Tommy Jenkms - - u n . . a - 4 9 ' l I I v 9 o o . . . . . g SUPBZLATIVES EDITORS TYPING EDITOR Delia Yawn Larry Jackson Mr Bell advxses Barbara Jones ACTIVITIES EDITORS Joanne Hedrlck Luke Moncnef C1.rculat1on Managers Joan Monford Perry W11l1ams Busmess Managers Ieanme H111 A dv1sors Busmess Staff Edltorlal Staff Horace Cobb Mr Robert Reagan Mrs Margaret Davls Mr Wllllam Bell Mrs Dolores Benton Mrs Carolyn Hattrrch WILLINGHAM BUSINESS STAFF MEMBERS left to rlght Buster Caldwell Btlly Perdue Perry W1ll1ams James Harrlngton Horace Cobb fstandmgy Bllly Stackler Vernon Lee Sm1th and Jeff Tye BUSINESS MANAGHQS CIRCULATION MANAGHZS Jeame H111 Horace Cobb Ioan Momford Perry Wrllrams 'XG BUSINESS AND EDITORIAL STAFF MEMBBIS FIRST ROW right to left Horton Long Brown Bunch H111 Tucker SHZOND ROW Parker Busbee Webb Garner Holmes Casey THIRD ROW Stokes McNe11 Valenune Dunn Holloman Hallman FOURTH ROW Wrlson Leslre Asbell Wrndham Wrlson Morrrs FIFTH ROW Young Battle Dodd, Hummel, Maddox, Avery, Lowery, Keys, Chapman, Lyles. S A 3 Q' 2 5 3 Q i il ' - in Q , rl' ' Z I az if s a W v . ' wr D l I : I l I I . I I : I D I Y I 9 Z I I I I I I I l 5 A 1 l n o A n I 1 Us 3 o o CLASSE s, 4' fr . 1 "2-4, i N .u- Q ff ki'- ., . ,I Y i. .Nf!'q.iy:'z Uflg. f 'Q ti! M, 5 P '51 fl lin '-1 4, . im , ,,,,4-W"' MWd,,,.Mw'A My I ilu nfs-u.,mM ,Wh ,:,.f-Q ' M ,M 'Z M ,, . ,,4,,,,,W Wm w,.,,,,-,wma We, the first senior class of Margaret McEvoy, are beginning the experience of a life-long dream. From our school that has given us opportunities to develop the ability to accept responsibilities, we have learned the importance of honesty, sincerity, and friendliness. We realize that the future of America depends to a large extent upon the seniors throughout the country, It is for this reason that we, as seniors, pledge our loyalty to you, Margaret McEvoy High School, which has so carefully prepared us to meet the world with our heads AVAREU-A ASBELL MARCIA FAYE ASBELL FHA 10 Pep Club 12 AnnualStaff12 Library Assistant 10 Beta Club 11 12 Annual Editor in Chief 11 Outstanding Junior Student Council 11 Dramatic Club 12 Senior Play Cheerleader 12 Director 12 News paper Staff 11 12 up. i Asst. Editor 12g Class President 11, x if g my LEAH BEALL Red Cross 11g Pep Club 12. MARY KAY BEALL Llbrary ASSISIZHI 10 11 Llbrary Club 10 11 12 FHA 10 FBLA ll Dra matrc Club 12 Annual Staff 11 Sup Presrdent 11 SHELBY JEAN BECK Dlrector 12 Senror Super latrve Beta 11 12 er geant at Arms 11 PATRICIA L CAULDWELL FHA 10 Dramatrc Club 10 Annual Staff 11 FBLA 11 12 Pl-IYLLIS CASEY Gym Assrstant 11 12 Ra dro 11 12 NewspaperCopy Edltor 11 Feature Edltor 12 Annual Staff 11 12 DIXIE Doodle Dandy 11 Dramauc Club 10 11 12 Vrce Presldent 12 SSHIOI Play Cheerleader 12 CAROLYN COE Macon News Reporter 11 12 Newspaper News Ed1t0I 11 FTA 11 12 DISIIICI Pres1dent12 Leadershrp Medal 11 Journalrsm Med al 11 Annual Staff 11 Y Teens 11 12 Beta 12 MARY IO CROWLEY Red Cross 11 FBLA 12 Pep Club 12 GLENDA LORRAINE DAY Tri Hi Y 11 Girls State 11 Sup Officer 11 Senior Class President Beta 12 Pep Club 12 Dramatic Club 12 Spanish Club Of ficer 12 Senior Superlative D REE DEEN Junior Director Art Club 11 Newspaper Circulation Manager 11 12 Beta O f1cer 11 12 Annual L1ter ary Editor 11 Annual Or ganization Editor 12 REBECCA DUNN Gym Assistant 11 Dramatic Club 11 Annual Staff Pep Club 12. MARGARET ELLIOT Library Assistant 10- News- paper Staff 11- FHA ' Gym Assistant 11 12- Pep Club 12. BETTYE ETHERIDGE Student Council 105 MAA 10g Music Club 10g Class Parliamentarian 11g Gym Assistant 11,12g Newspaper Staff 11, Advertising Man- ager 123 Sup. Officer 11, 12g Annual Staff 115 Cham- pion Volleyball 11g Cap- tain Cheerleader 12g Di- rector 125 Beta Officer l1,12. if . l Your X iw 9' 5'--:uv fa 'Q' E7 'mus- SARA EUGENIA ETHERIDGE Nurses Club 10g Newspaper Staff 12g Y-Teens 12. LINDA FLANAGHAN Tri-Hi-Y 10,115 FHA 10, 11, Sergeant-at-Arms 115 Library Club 123 Office Monitor 10,11, 12. BARBARA ANN FURNEY FHA 10 Red Cross 11 12 FBLA 12 Pep Club 12 LOUISE GARRETT FHA 1O Red Cross 10 11 FBLA 11 Nurses Club ll 12 Newspaper Staf 11 12 Chorus 11 12 MILDRED GILLELAND FHA 10 Lrbrary Club 11 Dramatlc Club 12 Pep Club 12 BRENDA ANN GILLIS Glee Club 10 Music Club 10 11 Shorthand Award 11 Scrence Club 12 PATRICIA A. GOODWIN Red Cross 115 FBLA 12. ESTHER GREEN MUSIC Club 10 11 19 Newspaper Staff 11 12 Annual Staff 11 Llbrary Club 12 Lrbrary Assrs tant 12 ANNE GREGOR9 Gym Assrstanr ll Pep Club 12 Annual ll AUDREY HALL Dramatrc Club 11 News paper Staff 11 Pep Club 12 SANDRA HALLMAN Muslc Club 10 FHA 10 Sup Offrcer 11 12 Tr1 H1 Y Group Captaln 11 Annual staff 11 12 Beta Club 11 12 Pep Club 12 BOBBIE HARRELL Champron Volleyball Team Captarn 11 Gym Ass1stant ll 12 Annual Staff 11 Newspaper Staff 11 Pep Club 12 emi fi 40? Q' qv'-r JO ANN HEDRICR Nurses Club Secretary 11 Art Club Secretary 11 An nual Art Edrtor 11 Actlv mes Edltor 12 Tr1 H1 Y Group Caprarn 11 12 Pep Club 12 TRACY GAIL HOLLOMAN MaJorette 10 11 DIXIC Doodle Dandy 10 11 Nurses Club 11 Drrector 11 Sup Offlcer 10 11 12 Trl H1 Y Presrdenr 11 Vrce Pres rdent 12 Annual Staff 11 12 Gym Assrstant 11 12 Spamsh Club 12 Semor Superlatrve DOROTHY HOLLOWAY Musrc Club 10 Beta 11 12 Gym Assrstant 11 12 Sup Offrcer 11 12 Newspaper Nurses Club 12 BETTY HOLSTON FHA 10 Champlon Volley ball Team 11 Red Cross 11 FBLA 11 Newspaper Staff 11 Pep Club 12 Gym As srstant 11 12 GELAINE KAY HOPKINS Nurses Club 10 Newspaper Musrc Edrror 11 Annual Acuvrues Edrtor 11 Gym Assrstant 11 Dramatlc Club 11 Senlor Play Pep Club 12 Sup Offlcer 12 CHRISTY HUDSON Trl H1 Y 11 Best All Round Athlete 11 Gym ASS1SIHllI ll 12 Outstand mg 11 Llbrary Club 11 Annual Sports Edltor 11 12 Newspaper Staff 11 Cham prom Volleyball 11 Senror Superlarlve Dramatrc Club 12 Staff 115 Annual Staff 115 KATHY HUDSON Tr1 H1 Y 10 11 Gym As srstant 12 Sup Offrcer 12 Spanrsh Club 12 Dramatrc Club 12 Pep Club 12 DIANNE HUMMEL Musrc Club 10 FHA 10 Annual Staff 11 Tr1 H1 Y Group Capta1n 11 Presr dent 12 Senror Play Span rsh Club Publrcrty Chalr man 12 Newspaper Sports Edrtor 11 12 Lrbrary Club Off1cer 11 12 Y Teens lnter Club Rep 11 Pres xclent 12 PATSY HUNT Dramatrc Club 11 12 Gym Assrstant 11 Newspaper Fashron Edltor 12 Y Teens 12 Lrbrary Club 11 Span rsn Club 12 GAIL JACKSON Pep Club 12 Lrbrary Club 11 PAT JACKSON Musrc Club 10 11 12 Of frcer 12 Mellodettes 11 12 FBLA 11 Newspaper Musrc Edrror 12 BARBARA JEFFERSON Newspaper Staff 11 FBLA 11 12 Pep Club 12 , WISP 5 ss VW I1 4.17 WTP div.-all BARBARA JEAN JONES Musrc Club 10 Lrbrary Club Presrdenr 11 Presr dent 12 Champron Volley ball 11 Lrbrary Assrstant 11 12 Annual Staff 11 Typrng Edrtor 12 News paper Assrstant Crrculauon Manager 11 Newspaper Staff 12 Sup Offlcer 12 Pep Club 12 SARA KING FHA Presrdent 10 11 Gym Assrstant 11 12 Newspaper Staff 11 Sup Offrcer 12 Pep Club 12 SARAH KNOWLES Annual Staff 11 Sup Of frcer 11 12 FBLA 11 Spanrsh Club 12 News paper Staff 12 PATRICIA LAWRENCE Trl H1 Y 11 Junror Bon me Lassre 11 Beta 11 12 Drrector 11 Off1CS Monrtor 11 12 Outstandrng Iunror Newspaper Assrstant Ad vertrsrng Manager 11 As slstant Crrculatron Man ager 12 FBLA Treasurer 12 Y Teens 12 GAIL LEAPTROT Pep curb 12 SANDRA LESLIE Nurses Club Presrdent 11 Annual Staff 11 12 Red Cross 12 MILDRED LONG Newspaper Staff 11 Sup Officer 11 FBLA 11 Tri H1 Y 11 Red Cross 12 Nurses Club 12 PEGGY MANER Music Club 10 11 12 Annual Staff 11 FBLA 11 Newspaper Staff 12 Span ish Club 12 PEGGY ANN MARTIN FHA 10 11 FTA 10 11 Library Club 10 11 SCI ence Club 12 Pep Club 12 MARILYN MILLER Library Assistant 10 L1 brary Club 11 12 Science Club Officer 12 Annual Art Editor 12 Sup Of frcer 10 Art Club 11 Newspaper Staff 12 Art Award 11 JOAN MONTFORD Music Club 10 ll FBLA 11 Chorus 11 Beta 12 Annual Staff 11 12 Sup Officer 12 PATRICIA MOORE Newspaper Staff 11 12 Homecoming Queen 12 Senior Superlative, Gym Assistant 12g Sup. Presi- dent 12g Student Council Vice President 125 Pep Club 12g Beta 12. fi Cf"T'.P 'Tam-, YNY? 'U '15 Nz-gr' IOM Qhav-A fm' 'iw' W f-x we ti? MARLENA MOSELY Champron Volleyball 11 Newspaper Staff 11 Beta 11 12 Y Teens 11 FBLA Secretary 12 MARY ANN VICBRYANT Fl-lA 10 Lrbrary Asslstant 10 Llbrary Club 10 Nurses Club 10 Annual Staff 11 Gym Assrstant 11 News paper Staff 11 12 FBLA 11 12 Program Charrman 11 Pep Club 12 JEANNIE MCKENZIE Glee Club 10 Sup Offxcer 11 Annual Staff 11 FBLA 11 FTA 11 Newspaper Staff 11 12 Muslc Club 11 12 Nurses Club 12 Span rsh Club 10 12 Red Cross 12 Senlor Superlatlve MAGGIE MCLEOD Dramatrc Club Treasurer 11- Pep Club 12. JEWELLENE MCNEIL Gym Assistant 11 12- An- nual Staff 11 12- News- paper Staff11,12g FBLA Secretary 11g Dramatic Club 11,12, Officer 11. RACHEAL O'NEAL FHA 10g FBLA 11, 125 Red Cross 11g Newspaper Staff 11, 12g Annual Staff 119 Pep Club 12. JOAN PATE Glee Club 10 ArtClub1l 12 KATHERINE PIKULSKI FHA 10 Musrc Club 10 Lrbrary Club 10 ll FBLA ll 12 WYNANNE POLK Dramatrc Club 10 11 12 Presxdent 11 12 Speech Club 10 State Drama Fes t1val 10 Newspaper Staff 11 Annual Staff 11 Cheer leader 12 Spamsh Club Offrcer 12 Sup Presrdent 12 Student Councrl 12 Senror Play ANN RAWLS Champron Volleyball 11 Dramatrc Club 11 12 Newspaper Staff 11 12 Scrence Club 12 BARBARA RIESINGER FHA 10 11 Lrbrary Club 11 Annual Staff 11 FBLA 12 Newspaper Staff 12 BARBARA ROLAND Newspaper Art Editor 11g Annual Staff 115 FBLA 11g Art Club 11g Pep Club 12. '93 YW Ad 'inh- BRENDA SANDERS Newspaper Staff 115 An- nual Staff 11g FBLA 115 Chorus 11, 12g Debating Club Secretary 12. MARGARET SHEPPARD Dramatic Club 11,12 - Secretary 12g Tri-Hi-Y 11, 125 Gym Assistant 11g One- Act Play 115 Music Club 10 Annual Staff 11, 12g News- paper Fashion Editor 11, Staff 12g Fashion Show Chairman 11. MARTHA SKIPPER FHA 10 Annual Staff 11 Pep Club 12 BARBARA SMITH Music Club 10 Pep Club 12 CHARLOTTE SPRAYBERRY Library Assistant 10 L1 brary Club 10 11 Pep Club 12 JOYCE STANSELL Gym Assistant 11 Sup Officer 11 Newspaper Staff Managing Editor 11 12 Annual Staff 11 12 Tri H1 Y 11 12 Secretary Georgia Scholastic Press Association 12 Secretary Dramatic Club 11 Senior Play PAT STAUFFER Red Cross 10 FHA 10 Y Teens 10 Champron Bas ketball 11 Pep Club 12 PEGGY JANE STEPHENS Sup Offrcer 10 11 Musrc Club 10 Beta 11 12 L1 brary Club 11 12 Annual Staff 11 Newspaper Staff 11 Assrstant Advertrsrng Manager 12 Senror Class Treasurer Senror Superla trve Pep Club 12 IANICE STEVENS Musrc Club Vrce Presrdent 10 FHA 10 12 Offrcer 10 Annual staff 11 Lrbrary Club 10 11 Pep Club 12 ANN STOKES Musrc Club 10 12 Vrce Presrdent 12 FBLA 11 Newspaper Staff 11 12 MELBA THAMES Newspaper Staff 11 12 Annual Staff 11 Class Ed rtor 12 Gym Assrstant 11 Champron Volleyball 11 Drrector 11 Student Coun C1111 Radro 12 Pep Club 12 PATRICIA THAMES Musrc Club 10 FHA 10 FBLA Treasurer 11 News paper Staff 11 Annual Staff 11 Gym Assrsranr 11 12 Sup Offrcer 12 Pep Club 12 140' '1 'Nr 'mi CAROL THOMPSON Newspaper Art Edrror 11 FBLA 11 Art Club Vrce P1'6S1dSI'lI 11 12 VERA USQERY FHA 10 Champron Volley ball Newspaper Poetry Edrtor 11 Sup Offrcer 11 Dramatrc Club 11 Pep Club 12 SANDRA VALENTINE Champron Volleyball 11 Newspaper Advertrsmg Manager 11 Busrness Man ager 12 Beta 11 12 Pres Joumalrsm Trophy 11 Beta Medal 11 Y Teens 12 Pep Club 12 BRENDA GAIL WADE Beta 11 12 Treasurer 11 ANN WALKER 4 H Club 10 French Club 10 FTA 11 Oratory Rep 11 Newspaper Edrtor 11 Copy Edrtor 12 Dramatic Club 12 Dlrector 12 Beta 11 12 KATE WALKER 4 H Club 10 Champron Volleyball 11 Pep Club 12 FBLA 11 12 News paper Staff 12 ident 115 Director 11,12g RUNETTE WARE FHA 10 11 Red Cross 11 Lxbrary Club 11 Glee Club 11 Nurses Club 12 Pep Club 12 Chorus 12 PATRICIA BELLA WEATHERS Annual Staff 10 11 Art Club 11 Presldent 11 Dra matrc Club 11 12 Treas urer 12 Newspaper Art Ed 1tor 12 Spamsh Club 12 Senlor Play Y Teens 12 Sup Offlcer 10 11 Red Cross 10 Chorus 12 MARY LINDA WILLIAMS Nurses Cluo 10 DAR Award 11 Jumor Class Secretary Senror Class Secretary Student Counc1l Presldent 11 12 Beta 11 12 Senror Superlatrve Trr H1 Y 11 PATRICIA ANN WILLIAMS Muslc Club 10 Beta Offrcer 11 12 Newspaper Feature Edltor 11 Edrtor rn Chref 12 Junlor Class Treasurer Senlor Class Vlce P1'CSld6lII Student Councll 12 ROSE WILSON SUE WILSON Art Club 11 FBLA 11 12 -4 Annual Staff 11 12 Pep Club 12 I I I I I I I , . I I I I I I I I I I ' I - I I , . I I I I 7. I I I I I I I I - - I I I I I I I I I I I I I 'ffl CLARENE WOOD Beta 11 12 Presxdent 12 Gym Asslstant 12 Student Councll 12 Muslc Club 10 Jumor Class V1ce Presldent Dlrector 12 Sup Presldent 11 Pep Club 12 Annual Edltor 1n Chlef Newspaper Busmess Manager CONNIE WORMUS FHA 12 Llbrary Club 12 SANDRA WORSHAM Gym ASSISIHHI 11 12 Out standmg 11 Red Cross 11 12 DELIA MARGARET YAWN Gym Asststant FHA Sec retary 11 Annual Staff 11 Superlatlves Edltor 12 Pep Club 12 Dramatlc Club 12 Spanish Club 12. i"""' K.. fumors JUNIOR OFFICERS SEATED Iewe1d1neMcCrary Secretary Joe Maddox Presldent Lmda Adams President John Mlchael Brown Vlce Presldent STANDING Beverly Mosely Vxce Presldem Johnny Goss Secretary Lmda Kull Treasurer .W T fi ' Ev . Q .t'1,l,-. fr ff' -Ji ".k'3.r , I I N.-gs. 5 . ' 2 ' . 1 . ' : . I . Q . , . , - z I . ' Q I I I , - This the Junior year is one of preparation The members of this class are filled with a sense of achievement of past accomplish ments and anticipation for the challenges of the senior year A Junior has traveled the unrversal road that all must take From uncertain freshmen they have become mature young adults and are much and more 15 to be done The work of preparation IS almost finished the Juniors are emerging into the world of greater privileges and responsibilities Education is within our grasp Tomorrow will be ours and we hope to be ready to receive it IO ANN ADAMS LYNDA ADAMS SARAH ANN ADAMS SANDRA G ALLAGOD SANDRA ALLEN WILLIAM OWEN ALLEN glimpsing new and widening horizons. They have accomplished EV ELYN A MERSON KENNETH ANDREWS LINDA ARNOLD ANN ASBELL IUANITA AULTMAN LINDA AUTR EDDIE AVERA ELEANOR AVERETT A NNETT E BALLARD DAVID AMBROSE Y VIRGINIA BASS V ELMA BAT EMAN EDDIE BATTLE LINDA BEALL .TERRY BEDGOOD SONNY BELSON MARTHA BERKNER PANNY BLACK GAIL BLISS JOHN BARFIELD BARBARA BROWN IOHN BROWN JOYCE BUNCH BARBARA BURNLEY ELLEN BUSBEE JEAN BUSBEE I ERRY BOST IK BARBARA BRA DBURY FELTON BRIDGER BARBARA BOOT HE DONALD C ALDW ELL DONNA IO CAMPBELL BURMA CARMEN PATSY CARR STEVE CARTER IEROME CHAPMAN SONNY CHILDS RICHARD CHILDS JOHN CLARK DICKIE BYARS '15 3 MARY ALICE CUMMINGS IANITA DAVIS WINBURN DAVIS NANCY DEAN JERRY DENT JAMES DERRY HORACE COBB REET HA COPELA ND SANDRA CROOMS 15 ', I CAROLE CRUTCHFIELD ,f LARRY DODD DON NY DONALD IAMES DOPSON RONALD DORMAN WANDA DUFFY T OMMY EDWARDS SANDRA ENGLISH SARA ANNE EVANS JIMMY FAIN MARY RUTH FAIN LURLENE GARRETT LAMAR GAVIN CHRIS GILBERT BRACTON LEE GODBEE JOHNNY GOSS BETTY FLANAGAN IIMMY FOUNTAIN SONYA FULLINGTON CAROLYN GARNER il? 'hd' ROBERT GA RR1soN .TIM GRIFFIN EDITH GRIGG ERS MA RIAN GRIMSLEY LYNDUS GRISHAM CAROLYN GRIZZLE SHELTON HAGGARD LARRY HALL TOM HAMLEN HARE HERBERT FRANCES GRESHAM LARRY HATTAWAY CAROL HA WKINS CLAYTON HEAD MARY HENDERSON PETE HENDERSON JEAN HENRY FREDDY HARPER IA MES HARRINGTON EDITH HARRIS DOUG HA TCHER JEANIE HILL RONNIE HILL LA RRY HINSON ANN HOLMES WAYNE HOOP ER PAUL HOPKINS GAIL HORTON TRULA HUDSON ROBERT IVEY BILLIE HERNDON BILLY IONES ENA JONES CHARLENE KEELS JANICE KEEN LONNIE KEY SANDRA KEYS GAIL JACKSON LARRY JACKSON TOMMY JENKINS WAYNE JOHNSON 11 f r 44 , LENORA KITCHENS LINDA KULL T WA LA LIGON KAY LINDS EY IOHNNIE LONG RITA LONG C HA RLES LOW ERY BILLY LYLES PATSY Mc BRIDE DAVE LEWIS IA MES MCKINNEY IDA MAE MCNEIL MERRELYN MADDEN IOE MADDOX DONALD MARCHMAN I OHN NY MCCOY IEW ELDINE MCCRARY BARBARA MCG EE BOBBY MCGEE IA MES MCLEOD ,,.-1 A LIC E MAULDIN MAY MAYS REBECCA MOLTON LUK E MONC RIEF GLENDA MOORE BARBARA MORRIS F AY E MORRIS BEVERLY MOSELY KAREN MOSLS TOMMY MOYE 'I' sg My - , ,inf , W l' 1!9.'I . '14 rw- if PEGGY PARKER SANDRA PARKER WILLIAM PARKER CHARLES PARTRIDGE NORMA PATRICK PATRICIA PEAVY HELEN NEWTON CHA RLOTT E PA RKER LINDA PARKER CAROLE NEW BERRY LAVERNE PETTY DONNY POTTS ION PRIESTLEY JUDY PRITCHETT MAE PRITCHETT JACK PUCKETT CYNTHIA QUINN COLISTA RAFFIELD G EORGA NN RAINES BILLY PERDUE LETITIA SA MMONS ROYANNE SANFORD SONNY SANDERS GINGER SCHELL LINDA SHAW KAY SHIPES IOE ROLAND PATSY RUTLAND PATSY RYAN EARLE RALEIGH JERRY SLOCUM GAIL SMITH IOHNNIE SMITH LORETTA SMITH RONNIE SMITH SY BIL SMITH VIVIAN SMITH LINDA SPILLERS BILLY STACKLER G LENDA SILV ER MARTIN STONE MARY STUCKEY JIMMY TAYLOR MARVIN THOMPSON JOAN TOL ER SYLVIA TOMBERLIN OLIVER ST EHLE JOYC E STEVENS S ANDRA STOK ES SHARON STOK ES f'-T Go' , 5 PATRICIA TUCKER REBECCA TURNER MARSHLYN TYE SARA LEE VINCENT CHARLES WALKER JIMMY WARD ANN WATSON GLENN WATSON BRENDA WEBB LARRY TUCKER BEVERLY WILDER PERRY WILLIAMS TREVA WILLIA MS MIKE WILLOUGHBY PEGGI WILSON IUDYE WINDHAM LARRY WEESE MARY ALICE WHEELER COOKIE WHITTLE C HA RLES W EBB BILLY WINSLETTE LINDA WITHERINGTON FAYE WOOD LEWIS WOOD SCOTTY WRIGHT WILBUR WRIGHT F REDIE WYNN IEANETT E YOUNG SKIPPER YOUNG MARGARET WINGATE Sophomores WE, the sophomore classes of McEvoy and Willingham High Schools, are approaching the mid-way point of our high school years. In many ways the best is yet to come. We have the chance of making an honorable record for ourselves and our school. In the ensuing pages you, the reader, will meet the members of this year's sophomore class. We shall strive in the years ahead to become the type leaders which will make our schools the very best. Judy Ada ms Linda Adams Davey Addison Vivian Aderholt Ann Allen Walter Anderson Annette Arnold Gay Arnold Jerry Aultman Shirley A vera Elaine Ayers Sonny Baird Judy Barnes Faye Bates Joyce Beale William Beall Dale Bedgood C TENTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS SEATED from left to right are Jimmy Hallman Secretary Wayne Bevll Vice President Mary Jane Nicholson Pres1dent Gene Har Sharon Bell Zanda Bell Bern Bennett Larry Benton Wayne Bevil Freddie Bieber Sylvia Blair Phyllis Bledsoe ek ni R d-no K A5 s. 'R U 3 NJA X rington, Presidemg Donna Fincher, Vice Presidentg Bobby Matthews, Treasurer and Linda Giddens, Treasurer. Hnpfz one ores Joe Boggs Mrke Bolton Hazel Bostrck Frerda Boutwell Ronald Boyd Gene Boyer Margaret Brack Charles Brantley Judy Brewer Lynette Brrggs Trllre Brown Charles Burchfreld Douglas Calhoun Io Cameron Ronnre Camp Judy Campbell Charles Cape Patty Carpenter Joann Carroll Ieannre Carson Ronald Carter Wendall Carter Bobby Cass Harold Cato Pat Cauley Brad Chambers Teresa Chrtwood Douglas Church Ricky Clark Joe Clark Garland Clements Elrzabeth Cole Annette Coleman Ann Conner Peggy Cooper Glenette Corb1n Helen Couch Lmda Coulter Barbara Craggert Judy Cranford Mallory Cranford Gene Crowell Danny Crumblrss Roslyn Crumley Wanda Cryer V1Ck1 Culpepper Patr1c1a Darrty Jean Dav1s Claudena Delk Peggy Delvers Drane Dodd Marrlyn Donnan Qumette Douglas Sandra Duckworth Jrmmy Dunn 'B fs. av" Seab1e Dykes B111y Edwards Faye Edwards Frank Edwards Susan Edwards Jack E111ot Donald Englrsh Ronnxe Epps Joan Evans Preston Evans Donna Flncher Sue Flannagan John Fletcher Jrmmy Floyd Wayne Forbes Larry Fowler Kenneth French Marlon Frledlander Bette Frost Barbara Fulwood Peggy Garrett Judy Gibson Yvonne Gibson Linda Giddens Janis Gorman Lola Ann Goss Lamar Graham Paul Graham Glenda Grant Jeanre Green M A Green Dorrs Grrner James Grrmes Ben Grrswald Sherry Hagaman Gary Hall Reba Hall Barbara Hallefreld Jrmmy Hallman Cullen Harper Geau Harrrngton Wrllram Harrls Kay Harrrson Patrlcra Harrlson Delmar Hartley Wendall Harvey Buddy Hawkrns Larry Head Wayne Heath Fred Heath Steve Hester Pat Hightower Liska Hill Bobby Hinson Kay Hinson Lathrop Holder If ,gv 'C' ,vs Q ,f OCP Q 11 QI' Dlane Holmes Sandra Holt Charles Hooker Marthel Hooker Patsy HOPRIDS Jack Horne Jane Horne Marlon Home Mrke Horne Elarne Howell Cecrl Hudglns Nancy Hudglns Wayne Hudgms Barbara Hudson Glorra Jackson Patr1c1a Jackson B11ly Jefferson Henry Jenklns Elleen Johnson Sonny Johnson Berry Johnston Jeame Jomer Jerry Jomer Bernxce Jones Jrmmy Jones Larry Jones Martha Jones Kenneth Hughes Pat Jones Zora Justxce Barbara Keehng Faye Keys W1111am Keys Mary Kent John Krllgo Henry Kltchens Paula Knowles Bobby Lamb Helen Lambert Faye Land Baughn Lasseter Joel Laumer G11 Lee Terry Lemon Bessre Lewxs Faye Lewls V1v1an Lmdsey Brenda Long Mary Ann Long Leroy LUCRIS Sandra McBr1de Lrnda McE1murray Bernard McGahee Faye McG1nn1s John McK1n1ey R1CkCy McK1nney Ian McLarty Ben McM111an Dunnle MCN611 Cheryl McRae Leroy Mann WIIIOH Marchrnan Jerry Marshall Bobby Marun Faye Martln Jerry Massengale Becky Massey Bobby Matthews Henry M11es Baldwm M111en Mary Helen Mlller Eddie Mlmbs Joann M1mbS Avery Mmor Pam Mmor Betty Mltchell Denny Mrtchum Arlethea Moore Edward Moseley Harold Moss Ann Moye B111 Murphy L Wayne Merrit Mamre Murray Lrnda Newsome Mary Jane Nrcholson Kathleen O Brren Trana Olrphant Harrrett O Rellly Mary Overby Byron Palmer Barbara Pelt Eugema Perry Gordon Persons Edrth Petugrew Buddy Petty Walter Prke Eddre Poole Eugene Poss James Powell Rrchard Powers Jamce Prrtchett B111 Proctor Carol Proctor Kathy Proctor Lexla Ann Radlern Mary Ragsdale Delores Ramey Barbara Rape Bobbre Raughton Johnny Park Sue Reeves Thomas Reid Freida Ritchie Betty Roberts Bernard Robertson Donnls Roland Sandra Roundtree Gerry Ryan Teddy Ryan Llnda Savage Shrrley Scarbrough Lewls Scarbrough Babs Sellers John Seymour Brenda Shelton Clara Shepherd Jenny Srmrnons Mary Frances Slmmons Dons Slaughter Betty Sm1th Brenda Sm1th Ehzabeth Sm1th Hoke Sm1th Jan Sm1th Tommy Sm1th LeRoy Sm1th Vernon Sm1th Woodrow Smrth Elrzabeth Snyder Kathy Spann Wendell Sprvey June Stafford Sandra Stakel Carol Stehle Lucy Stephens Jrmmy Stevens Thomas Stevens Doyle Stewart Jack Stewart Norma Stewart Counctl Still Mack Stokes James Stuart Lrnda Swymer Douglas Taylor Cynthra Teat Buddy Tharpe George Thrstlewood Da wn Thom as George Thomas Joe Thomas Yvonne Thomley Norma Thompson Lanny Tlllman Virginia Spires Glenda Toole Laverne Toole Bobby Touhy Clmton Tucker Janxce Tucker Shlrley Tucker Mary Tumblm Jeff Tye Teddy Vance Tom V1SS3ge Neal Wacter Lamar Wade Charles Wagner Faye Walker Vod1ce Walton Beth Ward James Ward Barbara Watson Gall Watson James Watson Wynelle Watson Sybrl Webb Pattl Weese Stan West B1lly West Mack Whlte Jrmmy Whlte Beal Williams Jerry Williams Kay W1111ams Walter W1l11ams Mary W1111amson Patsy W1111s Carolyn Wood Walter Wren Brenda Wr1ght Ronnie Wrlght Tommy Wynn Duane Yates Margaret Yates PICIUISS of the follow ing students were not available Douglas Almond Hugh Couch James Flanders Betty Io Lewis Janice Salter Faye Stevens Charles Yaughn James Williams FRESHMAN OFFICERS SEATED left to rrght are Dranne Waters Secretary Clarr Douglas Boyd Presrdent Gall Carey Treasurer Jean Moore Presrdem Sammy Wrlson Vrce Presrdent and Jerry Leverette, Treasurer Long, Vice Presidentg Tommy Spinks, Secretary. STANDING, from left to right are: Freshmen We the freshman classes of McEvoy and Wrllmgham are enter mg the flrst phases of our hlgh school career We look forward to our days of preparatlon days whlch may determ1ne the k1nd of future cltrzens that we shall become We are eager to accept our responsl b111Il6S 1n the comlng hlgh school years We w1ll gladly do our part to make our schools functlon efflclently We wlll str1ve to make these next years prosperous and pleasant James Adklns Tommy Allen Susan Amsbaugh Benme Asbell Janlce Aultman Al Baggarly Jack Banlster Janle Barker Ronnle Barlow Wayne Barr Dennts Batchelor Tommy Bateman Marty Baughcum Bonme Baxley Wiley Baxter Johnny Beall Bobby Bedgood Earlene Belflower Lmda Bellflower Glenda Benton Wayne Blttxck Opal Blackwell Sharon Blackwell Jtmmy Blake Sandra Capshaw Gall Carey Cherre Carm1chae1 Tom Carr Shrrley Ann Carroll Lrnda Carter Paul Cato Chuck Causey Reba Causey Glorra Cha111s Nancy Chamblrss Nelson Chandler Curtls Chapman lvirchael Cheek Harold Clay Marcla Claypool Bonnle Sue Cobb Tyrus Cobb Larry Colson Max Conger Roger Bowen Douglas Boyd Ioan Braddy Darlene Bradford Lenora Bradshaw Grady Bray Pattl Brut Sara Brooks Anlta Brown Cynthra Brown lane Brown Larry Brown Loretta Brown Sandra Brown Glorra Bryant Mary Ann Burke E1l1s Busbee Jerry Butterworth James Camp Curtrs Cannon l Josephlne Connor Jlmmy Copeland Lana Cravey Richard Crrswell D1ck1e Crosby Norma Cross Roscoe Cross Jerry Crowley Donna Ruth Cryer John Culverhouse Shlrley Curtrs Kathy Danahy Srdney Davls Leon Dean David Deck Bradley Defore 'virrxam Defore Carolyn DeLoach Tommy Dent Joel Drckens Nancy DICRSOH Gary Dlgby Arlene Dowd Terry Duffey Harold Dunlap Rlchard Dunlap Janlce Durden Lanson Durden Davld Dyer John Edwards Carlyn E1l1ot Ronnle Epps Jerry Estes Delmar Evans Gayle Evans Pat Everett Judy Ezell Marlene Flora Parrlcla Ann Folds Patricia Davis 1 . . Davrd Graves Babs Green Gerald Greer Patrlcla Grrffrt Len Grrmes Joyce Hadden George Hames Helen Hall Jimmy Hammond Duane Hamrrck Annus Handle Donald Hanner Bo Hardlson Carson Hardlson Cllff Hardy Larr Hardy Merlta Hare Barry Harper Meryln Harp Jrmmy Harrrs W1ll1am Ford Shlrley Foster Sldney Fouche Dennrs Freeman Bobby Fuller Martha Futch Nancy Gallaway Barbara Gardner Thomas Garrett Martha Garrrson Terry Glbson Harold Gllder Flora Belle G1111S Sylvra Godfrey Shlrley Goodroe Joseph Goodwm Mack Gotrwals Guyton Graham Charles Grant Larry Grant .. Uh Y 7 Pete Harrls Darla Hatcher Ivan Haynes Joe Heath Don Helton Judy Hendrrx James Herndon Jane Herrn Bobby Hester Johnny Hrggrson Sue H111 Jean Hrggrns Suellen Holland Sharon Hollemon Rrchard Hooper Geraldme Home Hrlda Home Tommy Home Robert Horton Jeff Howard Ann Hudgrns Lrnda Hudson Mary Hudson Harrey Huff Evelyn Hulett James I-Iutto Barbara Jackson Steve Jackson Trultt Jackson B111y Lee Johnson Elizabeth Johnson Sandra Johnson Barbara Jones Geneva Jones Geraldine Jones Judy Jones John Jones Marlin Jones Norman Jones Sue Jones 1- Ann Llnder Kenneth Lrndsey Durwood Lxttle Cecrl Long Clare Long Phyllrs Lord JoAnn Love Merle Lundry Steve Lyles Celeste Mackay Jlmmy Marden Corlrss Mart1n Oran Martrn Patsy Mart1n Bobby Matthews Larry McBr1de Columbus McCall Nrna Jo McCall George McConnell Ronald McDonald Mary Felton Jones Betty Jordan Jrmmy Jordan Loyce Jordan Elatne Kelly Wayne Kemp Rebecca Kemper Bertha Mae Krng Glorla lung Pam Krngry Betty Sue Knrght James Knowles Gloria Lamb Cheryl Lancaster Rlchard LaRue Ph11l1p Lemon Joanne Leslre Jerry Leverette Jan1e Sue Lewrs Cynthia Lewis Billy McE1murray David McGahee Eileen McGahee Miriam McGee Jackie McKinney Daniel McKinnon Sally Meadows Faye Mercier Miriam Meredith Donna Merrill Gloria Milford Antoinette Millen Beverly Miller Janette Miller James Mitchem Frank Mixon Pat Molohon Patricia Moncrief Alice Moore Brenda Moore Buford Moore Faye Moore James Moore Jean Moore Rudeen Moore Thomas Morgan James Morris Jerry Morris John Morris Philip Morris Rusty Moseley Ronnie Moss Ruthie Mae Mullis Martha Murkerson Jo Murphy Lorraine Nagle Willie NeSmith Sandra Newby Connie Neyman Alfred Nolan Jlmmy Prltchett Barbara Proctor Lmda Proctor Bxlly Raffxeld Byron Raughton Madelyn Reed James Regrster ChI1SI16 Rlnehart Frederrck Rltchre James Roberts Llnda Roberts Joann ROb1IZSCh Brenda Rogers Leland Rogers Shrrley Rogers Warren Roland Charles Ross Faye Saffold Paul Sammons John Norrell Nlta Norrrs Charles O Brren Barbara Oktauec Wayne Olmstead Clyde Olson Angela Parent Bllly Parham Dwrght Payne Bonnle Peacock Carolyn Pennrngton Patrrcra Perdue Buddy Perryman Treena Peterman Dean Ph1ll1ps Wayne P11cher Nancy Poore Larry Pope Mac Poss Yvonne Prldgeon , , Bernice Pritchett Donna Sanders Wilson Sanders Pat Sanderson Lynn Scarborough David Screws L1nda Seagraves eddre Sego Pat Sellers Tom Shadbum Sandra Shaw Carolyn Shepherd Ray Shepherd Billy Shumate Don Silvey Janice Simmons Charles Skipper Albert Slocum Jean Smith Johnny Smrth Dianne Snellgrove Larry Snow Preston Southern Tommy Spmks Delores Spires Paul Sp1res Roger Star Sylvia Stephens Dyerle Ann Stokes Kenneth Stokes Linda Strickland Gail Stripling Frank Stubbs Frances Suriano Eileen Sweeney Shirley Swiger Vickie Taylor Maynard Thames William Tharpe Barbara Thigpen Broadus Thomas ev- ,v Milton Walker Dolly Wallace James Wasden Dianne Waters Shirley Watkins Marie Watson Sandra Watts Sandra West Tommy West Jerry Weston Randy Wheeler Mac White Wrenford White Arthur Whitley Judy Wilder Anthony Wilkes David Williams Murray Williams Peggy Williams Travis Williams Norman Thomas Ian Thompson Paul Thompson Jean Tidwell Emily Tmdall Evelyn Toler Ioe Toler Martha Tomberlin Leonard Toney Dale Townsend Edward Tucker Jere Underwood Ann Ussery Michael Ussery Larry Vandiver Sonny VanPatton Glenn Venable Carolyn Walker Fred Walker Marlorie Walker Mary Sue w11113mSOD Sammy Wrlson Kay Wmdham Johnny W1res Culver Woodall Ronme Woodard G1or1a Jean Wrlght Mlke Yapp Allen Young Eddre Youngblood mg students were not avarlable Julran Boutwell D3V1d D1ck B111y Edwards L1nda Heafner James Herm Sam Horner Robert Johnson Jean Putman Mo111e Rummage Floyd Thomas Donald Wolff Pictures of the follow v-- 'Q 1 , A - H. . J" 4 .,i.g.......k,,, f SEATED Ga11McK1n1ey Treasurer Sandra Stubbs Pres1dent Nancy Lew1s Vrce and Sharon Qu1nn, Secretary Sub Freshman Off1cers Sub Freshmen Presidentg Marc Bowen, Secretary: Edward Foster, Treasurerg Pere Gaines, President As sub freshmen we shall strive to move forward toward our established goals We shall take full advantage of our opportunities to grow as mdrviduals and to learn by effectively using the facili tres provlded by our schools Through our own efforts those of our teachers and association with our fellow students we hope to achieve scholastic recognition the rapid growth of our city The educational system must grow with Macon so that everyone can have the opportunity for a good education The eighth graders are the future leaders of Macon so we will endeavor to prepare ourselves to accept the responsibilities of citizenship Johnny Addison Patricia Aderholt Joyce Adkms Lee Adkins Wayne Adkms David Alexander Paul Alexander Sarah Allrgood Larry Armstrong Ferman Arnold Rrchard Arnold Wayne Asbell Evelyn Atkinson June Ausun Jeraldme Babb Ronnie Baggarley Henry Ball Tony Barnes Gerald Barron Peggy Baffb' The possibility for our success is enlarging greatly because of Teresa Bradford Wayne Brannan Sue Ellen Brantley Anne Brewer Larry Brrdger George Brrkley Betty Brown Charles Brown George Brown Harold Brown Lourse Brown Bobby Bryant Phil Bryant Winston Bryant Carol Buffington Carol Bunch Brenda Burns Jimmy Busbee Sue Byars Ed Cain Robert Baskette Wallace Bates Rutledge Beacham Brenda Bean Charles Bearden Brenda Beck Vlctor Beck Lourse Bennett Patsy Best Raymond Blllmgsley Emory Bledsoe Pennre Brshop Carlene Blasrngame Judy B11ss Joyce Bone Steve Borum Delane Bowen Marc Bowen Patty Bowen B1lly Brack Patrrcta Camp Peggy Campbell R1chard Cantey George Carman James Carrol Martha Carrol Ethel Carter Larry Carter Ronme Chancellor Lrnda Faye Cheek Andy Ch1apetta Paula Chrldre Dranne Chrlds M1Ch3C1 Chumley John Clark Dor1s Ann Clay Jrmmre Clay Brran Claypool Wayne Coleman Larry Collrns Io Ann Connell Barbara Conner Faye Conner Patrlcra Ann Cooley Roger Corbln Joe Crocket Rangee Cross Patrrcta Cruz Sandra Culver Glenn Dagley B111y Dav1s Charles Davls Freddle Davrs Kenneth Deen Cathertne De Fore Allan De Loach Sandra Delvers Elarne Denard Ronme Drgby Jimmy Collins Aaron Etherrdge Sara Etherrdge Marron Ezell Lrnda Fam Jane Farr Dean Fellows JBCRIC Flanders Mary Fleetwood Brlly Floyd Jack Floyd Arthur Foster Ton1 Foster Harold Foy Lynda Jean Fulwood Iohnnre Fulford Jo Ellen Fullrngton Pete Games Camrlle Garrad Lrnda Garrett Ronme Drx Sandra Drxon Shrrley Dxxon Lynwood Donald Rosemary Douglas B111 Duke Faye Dukes Ray Dukes Susan Dupree Mary Ann Durden Evelyn Dye Norman Echols Joseph Edwards Mary Ellen Edwards Fonda E111s Earnest Elrod Rrchard Elrod Roger Englrsh Glenda Epps Kerth Epps Louis Etheridge Ronme Garrett Howard Gay Patsy Gegoerne Shranne Ghsson wrlham Gober La Verne Goetz John Goodrn Thelston Goss Kmloch Gottwals Loretta Graham Carolyn Grantham Jumor Gresham Me1v1n Grrmsley Dan Gnner Irmmy Gnswald Jamce Grogan Tony Gunter Irwrn Hadoway Davrd Hagama Davrd Hall 4-4 Kenneth Hall Margaret Io Hall Lynn Halstead Rrchard Hamlrn Jrmmy Hamhn Hrlba Hamm Faye Hammond Dwrght Hampton Danny Hamrlck Robert Hamrrck Jerry Hardlson Harrrson Harp Kenneth Harrell John Harr1s Lamar Hams Larry Harr1s Rebecca Hams T1m Harr1s Ronald Harv11 Gene Hatcher Floyd Hodges Beverly Holder Clara Holloway Sue Holloway Sandra Holmes Gall Holsonback Kay Holt John Hooker Tommy Hooks Ann Hooper Sandra Hooper Evette Horne John Horton Judy Horton Johnnte Howell Kay 1-Iuckaby Wayne Hudson Wxlham Hudson Albert Hummel Martha Humphrey A Thermon Hathaway Brenda Hawkrns Helen Hayes Lmda Head Larry Hendrlcks Warnen Hendrrx Melrnda Herndon Nell Herndon B1lly Hester Darsey Hester Mavrs Hester Tommy Hester Rebecca Hrbner Ann Hrghtower Jrmmy H111 John H111 Marsha Hmson Melba Hmson Margaret Hoole Kaye Hobbs Edward Hutto Randy Hyder Byrolene Idom Robert Jackson Sharon Jackson Robb1n Jacobs Wrlson Jarrtel Jerry Jenkms Ltnda Jenmngs Wayne Johns Lxnda Johnson Ray Ann Johnson Jesse Johnson Skrpper Johnson Mack Johnston Phydan Johnston James Jorner Patrrcra Jotner Charlotte Jones Lamar Jones Larry Jones Lurene Jones Lynette Jones Ronald R Jones Sharon Jones Tommy Jones Carol Jordan Emmett Jordan I1mmy Jordan Kay Jordan Rlchard Jordan John Joyner Mary He len Joyner Llnda Sue Jump T1m Kanazawa Brenda Kama Ray Kama Clara Keehng Dorothy Keels Margxe Keen Judy Lovvorn James Lucas Phyllrs Lyles Lynda Lynn Eddre Maddox Larry Maddox Thurmond Mann Ken Marsh Pam Marshall Verlon Massey Margaret Matthews Buddy Mayne Shtrley Mayne Darrell McCleave Sammy McCord Shrrley McCoy Betty McGloharn Gall McK1n1ey Earl McK1nnon Jerry McK1nnon Patsy Keen Ralph Kelly Patrrcra Kent Johnny Kmg Wayne Kttchens James Kmght Wrlltam Knowles Cheryl Lagowrcz W1l11e Lassetter Lynn Laumer John Lengel Delores Lester James Leverette Barbara Lewrs Nancy Lewls Thomas Lmdsey Theresa Loden Warren Loescher Le Nora LoveJoy Nancy Lindsey Mary Jane McLeod Arthur McNees Cherie McPherson Eddie McWilliams Stacey Meeks Paul Merrrtt Anne Mrkus Marsha Mxller Peggy Mlller Agnes Mrmbs Carol Mrnor Geraldlne Mrtchell Martha Jane Mrtchell Robbre Mrtchel Delores Mrtchem Ann Mobley Jean Mobley Lynn Molton Ga11 Montgomery Harrret Montgomery Donnre Moore Curtrs Morrrs Pat Morrow Larry Mote Irmmy Molton Joyce NeSm1th Ronnre NeSm1th Johnny Neves Joyce Newsome Dorothy Nrpper Ronnre Nobles Carol Norns Jamce Norrrs Eddre Norton Shrrley O Brren Harry O Cam Mrrram Odum Phlllp Odum Betty Jean Ogles Sue Ann Oltphant Regg1e Poss Curtrss Pr1ce Irmmy Pr1ce Lewrs Prlnce Kay Probert Mrke Purdy Harolyn Purvrs Charles Qu1111an Sharon Qurnn Bob Radlem Doug Ralelgh Everett Rawls Betty Redfern Edward Reed Ins Regrster Jerry Re1d Thomas Remerton Nancy Rrezmger Cheryle Rrggms Helon Olmstead Charles O Neal Charles Over Rrcky Parham Dorothy Parker Phrlhp Parrrsh C1aud1a Pate Mar1on Payne B111 Pearce Janrce Pearce Fletcher Pearson Mallory Peavy Freddre Pelt Harley Perdue Denms Peters Robert Pevnfoy DICA Da vrd Ph11l1ps D. Wayne Prerce Guynelle P1tts Ruth Roberson Wrllram Roberson Nuby Robrnson Jrmmre Roland Allen Rowland Shella Rudman Ellen Russell Robert Ryan Carl Sanders James Sanders Sandra Sandrford James Sanford Ann Savage Lrnda Scarbrough Pmsch Schulman Rrchard Scott Drane Sellers Ellrott Sellers Tommy Shaw Glenn Sheppard Ia mes Sherwood Clarre Shrres Frankre Shrpman Reuben Shore Mrckre Srmpson Ben Skrpper Calvm Skrpper Ronald Slade Wayne Slaton Barbara Smallrng Wayne Smegal Jrmmy Smrth Judy Smrth Nancy Smrth George Smellgrove Sandra Spann Jeanette Sprvey Terry Stafford Donna Stansell Glorla Stehle Wrllram Thomas George Thompson Lrnda Thompson Charolett Tmda Puts Tootle Claudette Tucker Davrd Tucker Jewel Tucker Harrold Tye Carolyn Tyner Al Underwood Mary Jane Upchurch Karen Ussery Ray Venable Jeff Wagner Leslre Wasden Herman Waters Tex Watson Tom Weathers Ioe Webb Darrel Stephens Grady Stephens Ronald Stephens John Stephens Gene Strll Charles Stokes Larry Stokes Terry Stokes Judy Stone Geraldrne Stnblmg Lrnda Strrblmg Sandra Stubbs Penny Stulz Patrlcra Tabor Sue Tanner Jean Taylor Donna Thames Bonn1e Thrgpln Frank1e Thomas Kenneth Thomas Martha Webb Marvm Webster Ray Whaley Rosemary Wheeler Cecll Earl Wh1te Jerry Whrte Robert Whrte Ioan Whlttmgton Chrrstme W1111ams Delta W1ll1ams Sandra Wrndham Donald Wolff Elbert Wooten Jrmmy Wooten Allen Worley Charlotte Worley Cheryl Worth Fred Wyhe Mrke Yacob1c1o Davrd Yaughn Nancy Yawn Barbara Young Marsha Young Warren Young Rormie Wimberly V. Q 106 3 1-E39915' , , ffm www! .,. W... ., V In KL , . , A KY 4 , K N WTMW ' , , ,F . . T? -z?sLifG'f" nf 'K 5,475 , . , A km . , fi., .1 1 I -qw, ORGANIZ ,.,,vv u W M. NM' NQNS f ,, 5 Bonme Blue Prmt Edztonal Sta SITTING left to rrght Prkulskr Walker Casey Wrllrams Stansell McKenz1e and I-Iunt STANDING Stokes Jones ONeal Wood Moore Garrett Coe Valentrne McNe11 Green Walker Thames Wrllrams Hummel and Jackson Bonme Blue Prmt Busmess Sta al- ff FIRST ROW left to rrght Greene Stokes Lawrence Deen Etherrdge Stevens and Shaw SECOND ROW Webb Madden Patrtck Sprllers Walker McBryant Asbell Wrrght Bledsoe Burnley A Smrth J Smrth Pelt and Mrs Chambers THIRD ROW Valentme Rarnes Carpenter Smrth Prrtchett Keels and Stokes Rampage Edztorral Sta f SEATED left to rrght Vance Lee Wren Prrtchett Lamb Mrnor Harvey Laumer Smrth Cass and Bennett STANDING Moore Jergens Tye Harrmgton Hooper Shrpman Jorner Mrmbs Seymour Young Grbson Persons Tucker Crumblrss and Jones Mr Norman Cavendar Adv1sor rs seated rn the center R Rampage Basmess Stajf STANDING left to rlght Wacter Johnson Holder Harper Taylor Whrte andN Wacter Mrs Frances Baldwrn Advrsor rs seated rn the center . ' : . . . ' . . ' . . ' . ' . . . : . . . ' . . I I V I . I I I I I I U 1 I V . . . . . H A Q 1 , , ' : . . . . . ' . - O I I I I I ' . ' Ram Club FIRST ROW left to rrght Partrrdge Dodd Mathews Battle Edwards Mr Hender son Thrstlewood and Brrdger SECOND ROW Lyles Goss Wynn Walker Hallman West Jackson Clark Harrrngton and Holder THIRD ROW Marchman Derry Jen Walker Hardrson Wheeler Bateman Whrte Taylor Crumblrss and Butterworth The Wrlltngham Ram Club was formed after the 1958 football season Thts club wrth Coach Brlly Henderson as advrsor seeks to promote leadershrp sportsmanshtp and htgh morals among the student body Any boy rn the nrnth grade or above who ftnrshed the football season rs elrgrble to Jorn Next year s Ram Club wtll mclude the boys who completed any of the competmve sports at Wrllrngh m kins, Griffin, Tucker, Henderson, English, Jones, and Mimbs. FOURTH ROW: Tucker . . . . a Q Wzllmgham F F A Club Club Offrcers are FIRST ROW left to rxght Thomas Chaplam Lasseter Presrdent and Stokes Sentmel SECOND ROW Sktpper V1cePres1dent Ellrot Secretary San ders Reporter and Hooper Treasurer FIRST ROW left to rrght Moseley Carroll Garrett Breber and Asbell SECOND ROW Thomas Ellrot Skrpper Lasseter Stokes Hooper and Sanders THIRD ROW Walker Jordan Stokes Hudson Wasden Morrrs Floyd Stuart Green and Stokes French Club FIRST ROW left to nght Jxmmy Founrarn Jerry Slocum M1ss Eubanks Brlly Wrnslette and Joe Roland SECOND ROW Dlckle Byars Ilmmy Taylor Gene Boyer hm Grlf fm Tommy Ienkxns and Ronme Barfreld Wrllmgham Chorus FIRST ROW left to nght Jones Peavy Stevens Thomas Lamb Addlson Vance Keys Hummel Duke Young Moms and Taylor SECOND ROW Mr Bell Tye Murphy Smxlh H Tye Massey Alexander Sammons Youngblood Graves Under wood Souther Gavm Lasseter andW Lrttlefrcld THIRD ROW Palmer Brantley Harrlngton Smrth Jones Colson LaRue Wacter Allen Davrs Hampton and Merrltt FOURTH ROW Edwards Boggs hnglrsh Lowery Phrlllps Hamrlck Norrell Rawls Starr Hams Wasden and Graham FIFTH ROW Gram Whm. b Whue Copeland Thomas DeFore Smrrh Goss Hanner Wrllrams, and Rogers . ':' '. .' .' ' .. . ': . . . .'. '. . . . . . '. . :. . . I -Il I I I I I , I - . . '. . .' '. :' . . ' I ll I ly I rl I-,I I XI I I ll I- ll- I M cE1J0y Chorus FIRST ROW left to rrght Douglas Shrnes Lamb Webb Mmor Jordan Foster Cra vey Qumn Coe Jones Rutland Jackson and Drxon SECOND ROW Smallrng Jomer Brshop johnson Jones Tomberlrn Busbee Overby Corbm Bntt Seagraves McGee and Mrs Lewrs Drrector THIRD ROW Jorner Mrller Petugrew Lyles Rhrnehart Lundry Fullwood Denard Grbson Snyder and Lrgon FOURTH ROW Bryant Raffreld Johnston Proctor Tyner Campbell Qumn Thompson Durden Martm Durden and Mllford FIFTH ROW Conner Pate Young Fam Jones Kama Kull Bradbury Turner Sanford Grrffrth Waters and Gresham SIXTH ROW Ault man Ballard Sandlford Octovec Moore Culpepper Flora Donnan and Proctor SEVENTH ROW Jackson Jones Elrot Allen Bledsoe Wmdham Mauldrn and Adams EIGHTH ROW Kmg Evans Aultman Sanders Fullrngton Holmes Autry and Barnes M ellodetts FIRST ROW, left to right: Bryant, Jackson, Coe. Raffield, Aultrnan, Campbell, Quinn Lundry, Jones, and Mrs. Lewis. SECOND ROW: Douglas, Martin, Sanders, Ligon, Ballard, Durden, Gresham, Adams, and Jones. McEvoy Musrc Club FIRST ROW left to rrght Marun Green Jackson Maner Stokes Douglas and Mrs Lewrs SECOND ROW Snyder Durden Cravey Bradbury Raffreld Tear Proctor and Rrtchre THIRD ROW Octovec Sanders Elrot Campbell Tomberlrn Grrffrrh and Jordan FOURTH ROW Sandrford Fam Young Johnson Barnes Adams and Conner - Qu ' , McEvoy Wzllzngham MUSLC Program The musrc program of McEvoy and Wrllmgham IS a large one The McEvoy Grrls Band wh1ch 15 the only grrls band ln the South IS workrng drhgently under the drrec uon of Mrss Barbara Reeves The Wrllrngham Band under the drrecuon of Mr James Lmlefreld rs already a full fledged orgamzauon The ma1orettes are consrdered a part of both bands Mr L Wrlcox conducts the McEvoy Wrllmgham orchestra whrch rs composed of members from both schools Mrs Ernesune Lewrs drrects the McEvoy Chorus The Mellodetts a more advanced group of srngers from the chorus meets after school for pracuce and thrs group smgs for varrous commumty orgamzauons The Wrllmgham Male Chorus IS under the drrec non of Mr James Lrtrlefreld and Mr Wrllram Bell The Schools musrc programs are not lrmrted to srngrng or playrng an mstrumem The McEvoy Musrc Club offers no all musrc lovers a chance to partrcrpare rn musrc apprecrauon v A: .1 v v v v o o '. : . . . . '. . . ' A. I I 1 Iv 1 Av lf' 0 : 1 n V.: r I l n . . g ' li s ,.1 . .. . . ., I .. ., . '. . .. .- . . . .. ' . . . I - ... . . . ... -.. . . . . . . . - A I D I I I 'I O . . 5 ww Wzllmgham Band FIRST ROW left to rrght Graves Haggard Carr Wagner Grant Odum Stlvey Young Elrod Harp Dlx McGahee and West SECOND ROW McW1111ams Under wood Jones Moncrlef Bolton Clay Prrce Gober Borum Vaughn Whrte Lasseter J Jones Colson Sherwood Derry Belson Wllloughby McGahee Molton Dorman and Vance THIRD ROW Elrod Wren Thomas LaRue Thomas ONeal Maddox Cranford Souther Byars Anderson H111 Burchfreld Mr Lrttlefleld Youngblood Fountarn Pfund Wynne Wrnslette Underwood Tye McCord Tootle and Deck Mandi Avera, Rames, Stubbs. Hammond, Jones, Amsbaugh, Carey, McK1n1ey. , I ytnytrt.r . . n I I v ' 1 1 I n I v n v v 1 0 I n ' I I I I I I I I I I I 0 I I I I I I I I I . v I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I McEvoy Band FIRST ROW left to nght Odum Edwards Stephens Smlth Douglas Sweeney Frred lander Prtdgeon Gorman Weese Radletn Lewrs and Vrncent SECOND ROW Holmes Rames Brooks Jones Fullwood Perry Horne Averett McGahee Blackwell Hooker Marttn andC Martrn THIRD ROW Harp Stephens Sellers H111 Wrlhams Carey Smrth Hammond McKmley Jorner Prrtchett Hanagan and Mtss Reeves FOURTH ROW Evans Joyner Avera Prtts Burke Cole Land Curtls Proctor Austm Wat kms and Jordan Ha an Nusa'-Si! 'T' all' McEL0y Wzllmgham Orchestra FIRST ROW left to rrght Averetr Mrller Mrtchell Newsome Perry and Bell SECOND ROW Jolner Noms Jones Vrncent Harp and Burke THIRD ROW Grant Wmslette Cranford Vance Graves and Jefferson FOURTH ROW Belson Wynn Derry Mr Wllcox Tootle Thomas Wren and Ball Future Nurses FIRST ROW left to rlght Adams Leslre Grrzzle Beall Meredtth TR Holloway and Mrs Lawrence SECOND ROW Dukes Jordan Car roll Slmmons Cranford Kelly Thompson and Stansell THIRD IEW Brooks Watklns Johnson McKmzre Ware Garrett and Y Pettygrew FOURTH ROW Taylor Brock Hall Webb Mlller Jack son Bowen and Drxon FIFTH ROW Roberts Brown Pennrngton LSWIS Gegogrne Moncrref Mrkus and Mtller Tn HL Y Waters and Mrs Hmesley SECOND ROW I-Iedrrck Patrrck Jackson Stansell Toler Wrlder Kull and Prrtchett THIRD ROW Adams Norrrs Long Moms Wrlson Hams Chamblrss Jones Fulllngton and Herrn FOURTH ROW Crutchfreld Ramey Boutwell Cravey Molton Lrndsey Asbell McBrrde Grrner Dodd and Mrnor FIFTH ROW Carpenter Brrggs Shelton Casey Sheppard Smrth Berkner Coleman Wrnd ham and Mauldrn SIXTH ROW Smrth Watts McGee Parker Shaw Kemper Mon crref Douglas and Proctor ' . : , . ' ' Y ' D I FIRST ROW, left to right: Parker, Spillers, Giddens, Burnley, Hummell, Holloman, Aper School Y Teens Y T E5 N S FIRST ROW left to rrht Wrlson Moms G1ddens Frost and Bate A X74 X man SECOND ROW Campbell Smlth Pelt Smrth Sammons Arnold and Avera THIRD ROW Jones Carson O Rrley Keys I. V sk ll I , Ei 'za I ' : v . 1 9 1 9 p V -' I I o I , , ' ' , , . . Allen, Culpepper, and Brown. FOURTH ROW: Goss, Watson, Hooker, x Stokes, Nrcholson, Fulwood, and Jones. -A l f I I . I U : I ' I I . . I I I I I ' I I I I I I I I 1 u A v 1 1 1 7 9 ' I .U : . I ' I I D I I I l I l I 0 : . I - I I I I In School Y Teens FIRST ROW left to rrght Mrs Burt Lundry Chllds Proctor Hummell Wrlder Coulter Long Hadden Molohon Olmstead and Mrs Graves SIIOND ROW Mc Cleave Campbell Tanner Blasrngame Burch Brantley Cravey Cheek Wllder Wheeler Russell Lewrs and Hansell THIRD ROW Bone Jorner Webb Rrggrns Fullrngton Murrow Carey Belflower Auny Lamb and Johnson FOURTH ROW Hulett Purvls Graham Prtts Ellrot Moore Cryer Rogers Sanderson Amsbrough Wmdham and Seagraves FIFTH ROW Bowen Howell Garrlson Rhxne Ayers Wrndham Hatcher Brrtt Mackey Sheppard and Dowes SIXTH ROW Proctor Baxley Snellgrove Murphy Roundtree Gardner Stevens Hall Everett Peterman Swrger and Cruzr SEVENTH ROW Prerce Nrpper Lester Mobley Roundtree Lyles Louvorn Hooper Stultz Hables Cooley and Jones EIGHTH ROW Smrth McKrnley Aderholt Stubbs Hammon Brewer Lewrs Hooper Garod Smallrng Martrn Moore Jones and McPherson 'WY McEvoy 4 H Club FIRST ROW left to rrght Shaw Toler Curtrs Carmen Glbson H 4 and Herrrn SECOND ROW Parent Chamblrss Durden Mmor Kull and Humphrey 4 A Wzllmgham 4 H Club FIRST ROW left to rrght Baughcum Walker Hooper Hamlm Smrth and Souther SECOND ROW Sandford Asbell Young Thomas Cato Taylor Lemon Smegal and Latrmer THIRD ROW Stranahan Jordan Wacter LaRue Hamlrn Skrpper and Stokes Senzor FHA worm V I SEATED left to rrght Duffey Sammons Watson and Elhott STANDING Mlss Burton Stephens Stuckey Garrett Boothe Iomer and Petty "li I 4' Q3 0 NEW HC FIRST ROW left to rlght Durden Carmrchael Edwards Gllsson Qulnn Durden Moore Proctor Krngry Bowen and Pntchett SECOND ROW Rugerzer Lagowrcz Idom Snellgrove Rledman Jones Grllzs Everette Holt THIRD ROW Graham Johnson Humphry Bradford Sellars Howell and Hrbner COURTH ROW Loden Conner Ollphant Holmes Hays Montgomery Merkerson Wrllxams Rogers Newby Marshall and Tendall . . . ANN 5' . I . we ' O 7 1 . 5 a u n o 5 ' 3 1 n o 9 9 E , 4 xo Junior FHA. McEvoy funzor Red Cross Counczl FIRST ROW left to nght Mrs Dorroh Martm Perry Mlss Rutland Hobbs Mxller and Iomer SECOND ROW Prrtchett Fulwood Olrphant Jones Wnght Amsbrough Cooper and Lambert THIRD ROW Tomley Aultman Tye Watklns Baxley John son and T1dwel1 FOURTH ROW Maulden McGee Rogers Cryer Bostxck Wheeler and LEWIS Wzllmgham furuor Red Cross FIRST ROW left to rtght Hall Young Blttrck Gavln Cranford Lamb and Bolton SIKIOND ROW Johnson Deck Harrls Thomas Jackson Whxte and Stokes THIRD ROW Vance Tye Purdy Harms Foy Fouche and Hamlrn FOURTH ROW Mrs Floyd Bowen Molten Alexander Arnold Bagley and Mrs Grmer . . u ' 3 1 1 , 1 n Q 9 9 ' 1 . 9 : . I I , I I . I I I U : I I I ' I I - I . U : I I I I . I . . . . I I : I I I I I , I I I 0 : I I . I I I I I U : I I I . I I I , ' : . I I I I I I 5 I . gr-M' Future Teachers 0 Amerlca FIRST ROW left to rrghr Greene Coe Wrrght Waters Tomberlm and Wood SECOND ROW A Conner F Conner Holsonback Hinson Cooper and Long Pate Lynn Grogan Rogers Jackson Bryant and Brown Future Busmess Leaders of Arnerzca FIRST ROW left ro rrght Mrs Davrs Walker McBryant Moseley Lawrence Beck Deen Prkulskl O Nell and Mrs Chambers SECOND ROW Goodwrn Cauldwell Ballard Weu Allagood Wrtherrngton Bass Sheppard Avery H111 and Crowley THIRD ROW Kltchens Moses Grrggars Wxlson Campbell Busbee Autry Rersrnger Furney and Bunch 6, Nm A KY I S ' I I ' l 5 ,M THIRD ROW: Delvers, Land, Bean, Jones, Parker, and Friedlander. FOURTH ROW: FIRST ROW left to nght Mrs Hutcherson Young Jones Over Tucker Barfreld and Baggarly SECOND ROW Jackson Whrte Hams Harper Chapman and Carr Lzbrary Clubs FIRST ROW left to nght Ryan Jackson Jones Kull Hudson and Hummel SECOND ROW Bunch Henderson Jones Keys Knowles and Grbson THIRD ROW Grrffxrh McCrary Moore Toler Bradbury and Webb FOURTH ROW Mlller Flanaghan Jackson Newsome Mrllen Werdeman Delk Beall Shrpes and Mrs Traylor FIRST ROW left to rrght Mrss Clements Vmcent Brown Sammons Mtller and Mrs Walker SECOND ROW Toole Merrrll Loveyoy Fulford Garrett Lrgon Raffreld and Jones THIRD ROW Arnold Wrndgate Wrlson I-lawkrns Fam Beall and Kull FOURTH ROW Black Schell Walker Long lzvans Werdeman Rawls and H1 tower Sczence Clubs Left to rrght rn front of lab table Jones and Thomas FIRST ROW Hopkrns Johnson Barfteld Jenkrns Smtth Wren Moncrtef Grrffm Jefterson and Mr Prtdgeon SECOND ROW Whrte Arnold Lowery Hall Derry McGahee Hatcher Crumbltss Wagner and Mtnor Y I I I I 1 I C . ..... . . . . I . . . . . . . : . , . . . . . gh- . O : . : . . I I 7 I I I I 0 I . Wzllmgham Beta Club SEATED left to rtght Young Jackson Winslette Taylor Hopkins Hatcher Willoughby Ienkms Johnson Derry Roland Battle and Haggard STANDING Chapman Clark, andM.r Delk Not plctured are Mrs Smith Advisor and Carter McEvoy Beta Club FIRST ROW, left to right: Stevens, Jones, Moseley, Ethridge, Williams, Wood, Beck, Deen, Asbell, and Wingate. SKOND ROW: Adams, Long, Holloway, Monford, Kull, Raffield, Bateman, Moses, Black, Day, Bass, Lawrence, Hallman, and Mrs. Anthony. THIRD ROW: Moore, Garrett, Brown, Beall, Vincent, Valentine, Coe, Williams, Tomberlin, Moore, Wade, Walker, and Morris. M cEv0y Student Coztrtctl FIRST ROW left to rrght Gtdden Black Wrllrams Moore Wrndham and Mrs Hall SKIOND ROW Thompson Jomer Corbm Llndsey Grrzzle Russell Hoole THIRD ROW Brown Rudman Brshop Hall Hatcher Butt Hrggtns and Walker FOURTH ROW Cody Lagowrcz Gllsson Moore Danahy Polk and W111lamS Wtlltngham Student Counctl FIRST ROW left to rrght Lee Hopkrns Hamlrn Alexander Freeman Leverette Ball Mrtchum Young and Barnes SECOND ROW Carr Horne Jackson Battle Stevens Splnks Wtlson Keys Hattaway Harrrngton and Cass THIRD ROW W11 loughby Cobb Lasseter Stone Edwards Maddox Hardrson Hammond Calhoun Cross and Wheeler McEvoy fumor Dramatzcs Club FIRST ROW left to rrght Hendrrcks Lmder Green Brown Strlckland, and Neyman SIIIOND ROW Spann Norrrs Shlves Cobb Tucker and Rmehart THIRD ROW Kama Zynn Johnson Montgomery Hayes and Conner FIFTH ROW Mrs Massey ISM McEvoy Semor Dramatzcs Club FIRST ROW left to rlght Mrs Flowers Sprllers Brewer Polk Casey Weathers Sheppard Parker and Scarbrough SECOND ROW Shaw Burnley Parker McGee Shelton Asbell Stansell Span and Hopkrns THIRD ROW Paurck Coleman Mor ns Madden Mauldrn Rawls Beall Delk and Proctor FOURTH ROW Yawn Day Hudson C Hudson Wheeler Carr Carroll and Hunt FIFTH ROW Hagaman Bledsoe Wught Jones Ward Harnson Holmes Tumblm and Smith . . f 1 3 1 1 1 1 0 : 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 ' 1 U I Y I U Q ' . . f z . ' f f U ' f 1 1 0 Z 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 2 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 M cEv0y Debating Club FIRST ROW left to right Smith Sanders Newton and Raffield SECOND ROW Long Horton Moore Aultman and Fullington THIRD ROW Donnan Radline Burke Walker Jones Culpepper and Vinson McEL'0yw' and Willingham Spanish Club FIRST ROW, left to right: Mrs. Hinesiey, Polk, Smith, Hummel, Day, Goss, Jackson, Wynn, and Miss Eubanks. SECOND ROW: G. Jackson, P. Jackson, Wilder, Hollomon, Pettigrew, Evans, and Raines. THIRD ROW: Yawn, Maner, Weathers, Hunt, Thomley McKenzie, and Battle. FOURTH ROW: Bridger, Webb, Haggard, Hall, Wright, Lyles, and Tucker. FIFTH ROW: Ivey, Clark, Bedgood, Henderson, Dodd, Donaldson, and Andrews. SPO if F '13 5 A .1 95 it L 0 ' Q X x Q ,A A er , if ,af 4, 'U 1 ' 'X -A , Q ,fha Ai, M X M.: ' M H I A . f ai 4 lm N Q UM, 'ka 14. ff" 1 Mx Aa .X Q . X 2-w 52 s Members of thts year s varslty football team are fust row left to rtght Coach H1ll Hallman Wheeler Sheppard Battle Clark Goss Brown Toney Dodd Hall Tay lor Evans Smtth Stokes Dtckens and Coach Mlddlebrooks SECOND ROW Powers Derry Tucker Potts Mathews Henderson West Crosby Walker Edwards, Raffteld Bxlly Henderson Brlly Beale Dave H111 Martln Allman Johnny Stallmgs Henry Mtddlebrooks COACHING STAFF Head Varstty Coach ASSISIHHI Varslty Coach Assxstant Varsrty Coach B Team Coach 9th Grade Coach 8th Grade Coach 1? V Jenk1ns Holder Vandlver Bateman and Hardlson THIRD ROW Coach Henderson Jackson Enghsh Lyles Wynn Whrte Epps Partrldge Gr1ff1n Walker Brrdger Spmks Parham Marchman Boyd Thrstlewood Tucker Coach Allman and Coach Stalltngs Above Coach Brlly Henderson talks over thrs year s strategy wlth Co Captam Charles Partrrdge fleftj and Captam Eddle Battle frrghty Letter gf' JIMMY TAYLOR Fullback l T l JIM GRIFFIN CHARLES WALKER LATHROP HOLDER Tafrkle Tackle Guard EDDIE BATTLE ptain BILLY WEST FREDDIE WYNN DONNY POTTS CSDICI End Halfback N I I '. C , X . BILLY I-YI-ES JOHNNY Goss JOHN BRIDGER End Halfback Tackle Men PART Halfback 'S . , h q ,, u RIDGE BOBBY MATHEW W LARRY TUCKER TOMMY EDWARDS MILTON MARCHMAN End Tackle Tackle CLINTON TUCKER LARRY DODD TOMMY JENKINS Halfback '-ialfback Guard JIMMY HALLMAN LARRY JACKSON GEORGE Tmgngwoou Guard End Guard 1 1 T Johnny Goss runs the ball ln the Homecommg game aga mst Moultrle Jlmmy Hallman Fort Valley boy grabs Clmton Tucker s sleeve as he races down the f1eld lxfts Moultne player lnto the alr as Battle and Walker move 1n Two boys from Fort Valley mter cept a pass on the goal lrne as Battle and Jackson try desperately for the ball Wrllmgham s forward wall trys to sneak Battle over the goal agamst Fort Val e George Thrstle wood brmgs down a Moulrrre half back wrth Dodd and Edwards com mg to assrst H omecommg A festrve parade started the Wrllrngham Homecomrng Parade November 7 Students entered floats and decorated cars Frrst prrze wlnner was McEvoy SCICHCC Club second and thtrd prrzes went to McEvoy Senrors and the W M Spamsh Club respectrvely A sprr rted Pep Rally followed at the Cxty Audltorrum Patrrcra Moore the Homecom mg Queen and her Court were presented at the Homecomtng Game The Moultrte Packers de they were not vrctors the Rams surpassed Moultrre IH statrstrcs The evenrng was concluded wrth a Sock Hop at the Wrllrngham gym After the crowmng of the Queen the Court and therr escorts were rntroduced rn a leadout Dorothy Nrpper, Jean Hrggms, Patrrcra Moore, Ida Mae McNe11, Clara Shephard, Patrrc 13 La wrence fm -is . ff L . . y i feared the Rams 28-O. Although ABOVE Hornecommg Queen and Court LEFT TO RIGHT Jlmmy Ham mond Clara Sheppard DICRIS Crosby Ida Mae McNe1l Bo Hardlson Patr1c1a Moore Joel D1Ck ens Jean H1gg1l'lS Larry Brown Dorothy Nxpper RIGHT C0 Captarn Charles Partrrdge Home commg Queen Patrrcla Moore and Captam Ed dne Battle Left Large crowd at Sock Hop Wh1Ch fol lowed Homecommg Game Charles Partridge Best Sportsmanship Billy West Most Improved Eddie Battle Most Valuable Player Larry Jackson Best Defensive Player Larry Dodd Best Offensxve Player Larry Tucker Best Blocker l v"""""' Y. SAM GLASSMAN Football Banquet The first annual Willingham football banquet was held Decem ber 15 rn the Willingham lunch room Guest speaker for the ban quet was Coach Stooge Davis former coach of head Wrlltngham Coach Billy Henderson Trophies were given to six boys of the W1 lingham team Letters were award ed to the boys of the Willingham varsity. The late Sam Glassman presented "The Sam Glassman Award" given to the most valuable player. The ninth grade was commend- ed for an undefeated season of six wins and no losses compiled against various ninth grade and "B" teams. Fx 5 9 48? -1 f 11 Hllll Cllll if-4--ng ,Q 1., C i X -of 4 EIGHTH GRADE TEAM FIRST ROW left to nght Games Clay Alexander Goss Wagner Stephens Jordan Etherrdge Grrswald SECOND ROW Harms Baggarly Foster Phrllyer Watson D loach Jordan Hattaway THIRD ROW Coach Stallmgs Wrmberly Meeks Clark Bowen Kama Lmdsey Davls Tucker Coach Mrddlebrooks all NINTH GRADE TEAM 1.4. 1 X FIRST ROW left to nght Joney Raffleld Brown Wllkes Pa 1ne Crosby Evans SECOND ROW Bateman Parham Walker Bean Wrlson Dunlap Beall THIRD ROW Screws Spmks Wheeler I-lardrson B Hardlson C Dlckens Olson xg, "B" TEAM FIRST ROW, left to rrght Brrdger, Jenkms, Hardrson, Crumbly, Marchman SECOND ROW: Lyles, Tucker, Drckens, Wheeler, West, Derry. COACH MARTIN ALLMAN W illingham W illingham W illmgham W lllmgham W rllmgham W lllmgham W illmgham W illmgham W illmgham W 111 Ingham Willingham W illingham The Score Board A merlcus Dudley Hughes 67 A mericus Albany Dudley Hughes 43 LaGrange Moultrie Valdosta Baker Perry Lanier Jordan W lllmgham W illmgham Willingham W lllmgham W tllmgham W lllmgham W llltngham W rllingham W illmgham W tlllngham Willingham Willingham JOHNNY GOSS Guard LaGrange Columbus Moultrie Valdosta Albany Perry R E e Lamer Columbus Baker R E e Jordan JACK BA NNIST ER GLEN WATSON WILTON MARCHMAN Guard Center Forward MARVIN THOMPSON EDDII: BATTLE LARRY JACKSON Forward Forward Guard Jack Banmster Q Wrlhnghamy drrbbles between Frank Hall fLamerp on left and Mrlton McBryam QLamerj on ught 5 'ln I TOMMY REID LARRY TUCKER BILLY LYLES Guard Center Forward 5 ry! ,J L A 2 ., A Qi 'Af' Ezghth Grade Basketball FIRST ROW left to nght Grady Stevens Rrchard Jordan Lynn Laumer James Lucas Jeff Wagner and Tony Barnes SECOND ROW Bobby Bryant John Goodm Jack Mote Pete Games J1mmy Clay and Thelston Goss THIRD ROW Coach Stallmgs Doug Foster Rutledge Beacham Prnson Schulman Joe Crochet and Coach Middlebrooks Nmth Grade Basketball FIRST ROW left to rrght Max Conger Jerry Leverette Pete Stokes John Jones and Jrmmy Prrtchett SKIOND ROW Clrff Hardy Johnny Hrggerson D1ck1e Crosby Mrke Cheek and B11ly Raffleld THIRD ROW Coach Mrddlebrooks Bobo Olson Bo Hardr son Joel Drckens Randy Wheeler and Coach Stallmgs 11 25 1 13 15, W ' 23 ... 1 12 2 It 3 22 21 3 3 34 i2 31 as 1 B Team FIRST ROW left to rlght Owen Allen johnny Park Doug Calhoun James Harnngton Larry Fowler and LeRoy Mann SECOND ROW Avery Mlnor Joel Laumer Larry Weese Jlmmy Stephens Bobby Cass James Grxmes Buddy Lamb and Coach Beale -Q Below rn stlff acuon w1th Lan1er Tommy Re1dfGuardJ of Wlllmgham mes to shoot as M1lton McBryant left and Hugh G1les of Lamer close 1n Abo e Glenn Watson C133 of W1ll1ng ham mes a shot as Gary G3.l'f1C1d C153 of Lamer runs by Lamer s Hugh Glles fl2y and Wxlllngham s Wllton March man f2aJ look on FIRST ROW left to rtght Jerry Leverette Joel Drckens Stan West Tommy Jenklns C lrnt Tucker Johnny Bennett Gene Conger, Jimmy Taylor and Coach Henderson SECOND ROW Tommy Jones Jrmmy Blake Btlly Edwards Don Engltsh Tom Morgan Joe Clark Johnny Wires Mlke Cheek, and Bryan Roughton THIRD ROW Brlly Lyles Eddie Battle Tommy Retd Paul Jones Gordon Persons Buddy Petty Larry Fowler Don Marchman Fred Walker Charles Walker Jtmmy Prrtchett Jtmmy Hammond John Park and Wayne Good FIFTH ROW Randy Wheeler Larry Dodd Sammy W1l son Johnny Goss Jtmmy Hallman Bobby Mathews Bern Bennett and Jimmy Jones Baseball The new Wrlltngham baseball team ln 1 AAA Reglon w1ll play a twenty game schedule durtng the season There wlll be keen com petrtron rn games wtth the followmg Lanler Dudley Hughes R E Lee Columbus Albany Athens Umverslty of Georgta Freshmen Jordan Warner Robms COACH BILLY HENDERSON Wayne Pilcher, and Travis Williams. FOURTH ROW: Larry Jackson, Lathrop Holda, Track . .1 9 Cf! Members of the Willingham 1 AAA Track Team will present , keen competition to Lanier, R. E. Lee, Columbus, Jordan and LaGrange. The State Meet is to be held in Athens FIRST ROW left to right Billy Lyles Pete Henderson Charlie Walker Iohn Culver house John Jones Gary Digby Avery Minor Tony Leonard, and Manage Larry Jones SKIOND ROW Johnny Goss Larry Dodd Mac Whtte B111 Proctor Paul Graham Jon Priestley Fred Walker Anthony Wilkes and Dave Lewis THIRD ROW Coach Stal lings Eddie Battle Charles Partridge Donny Donald Hoke Smith Charles Webb Clinton Tucker Woodrow Smrth Thomas Morgan Joe Maddox Iimmy Hammond Sammy Wilson and Larry Brown 4 1 , 3 I 1 1 l 1 ' 1 1 l 1 , 1 I 1 1 I 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 I u 1 ' ' 1 ' 1 . 1 1 I 1 1 I 1 . 1 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 -49 Varszty Cheerleaders FIRST ROW left to right Phyllis Casey Betty Ethridge and Linda Shaw SECOND ROW Marcia Asbell Wynanne Polk and Linda Spillers Gzr s Athletzes Enjoying softball as a part of the day's activities are left to right: Delia Yawn, Carol Hawkins, and Brenda Wright. B Team Cheerleaders FIRST ROW left to rlght Jean Moore Judy Wllder and Clare Long SECOND ROW Jerrylyn Massengale Donna Fmcher and Yvonne Thomley ,,.-sv fc- ,li Evette Home fCenterj and class demonstrate tumblmg one of the many mterestmg features of a gym perlod at McEvoy Soccer Enjoymg an excltmg game of soccer durmg gym penod are left to rtght Kathy Hudson Sandy Worsham Della Yawn Pat Thames Sara Kmg Chnstxe Hudson and Betty Ethrtdge F Leld Hockey Fteld Hockey IS another of the sports enJoyed as a part of the phystcal fttness program From left to nght Kathy Hudson Charlene Keels Chnsne Hudson Pat Thomas Sandy Worsham, Betty Ethndge and Sara Kmg . , . . v 9 1 1 , Q 0 s , . - . . Q s n I I n o Wmner of Valley ball Tournament FIRST ROW left to rrght IHHICS Stevens Phyllxs Casey Bobble Harrell Jewellene McNe1l Dranne Hummel and Barbara Jones SECOND ROW Sara Krng Vera Us sery Ann McBryant Barbara Furney Gelarne Hopkrns Ann Rawls Pat Thames and Patsy Hunt Gym Asszstants FIRST ROW left to rrght Margaret Ellrott Jeannette Wanda Cryer Della Yawn Kathy Hudson Sandra Worsham Beverly Mosley Clarene Wood Beverly Wrlder Patrrcla Moore Sara Krng and Bobb1e Harrell SKIOND ROW Maulyn Madden Dorothy Holloway Chrrstre Hudson Charlene Keels Panny Black Betty Ethrrdge Phyllis Casey Norma Patrlck Sharon Stokes and Vrvran Lrndsey THIRD ROW Mrss Faulkner Judy Prrtchett Carol Hawkrns Grnger Schell Mary Wrllramson Betty Halston and Sandra Parker . f 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 o 1 D - f . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 a Z , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 , . In preparation for the first Willingham Circus. Paul Graham performs a diffi- cult maneuver off the Trampolette as Coach Billy Henderson observes in the picture below. i Above Coach Henderson organizes one of the Physical Education classes in the gymnastic phase of the program v I I Coach Hill instructs a group in first period Physical Education the art of tum ing a flip on the trampoline. t 6 If i Above Doug Boyd uses a hold learned in Coach H111 s wrestling class The victim is Larry Brown C S ' l I '32, Q, y -..W ..,., W...... .,- .M J . , i g Thrs pyramrd rs an example of one of the many acts rn the flrst Wrlhngham Crrcus One of the mam objecuves of Physrcal Educauon 15 to marmam physrcal frrness Above Larry Brown leads one of the classes rn the srde straddle hop 3 W .L - nfl! .WL Will Mg, av . Y .v , j -Q. -....,., -uf, . 44" 5 ,qv . . Q ye n r s H i. If ' me-f, JH 9 -I u -43 reg 2 5' 'URL' I Q . 'Q . , , 3 W' . L , Sk 4" l4" W Q'?'W -. " 3 v fi V' 'i ig 1' .nf 'Q ,Q ., K K 5 ,, ,, if f 2 4 'Q i : . 9 : 1 z . . . , i I I i 1 f Ts . A Q 9 3 . 3 ' 5 ' ' s 9 ' H , 1 f x A 2 - "UK ? , K 1 , ., iv' .,,, ' 4 ff e' ' Q Lg? X X wr vi,hi'?,'i'g " 5 , ,fs ' . ,., W , Wm, i ,z,, - M in if W' ,QNX 1-,, - vi Q .f- N Mxl My H v 1 A-, 'gm A 1 K 1 1- ,qw f 4 ff if f ,, F Q X 1 z f 1 4 5 fl, , W, , . . . i '2:'J"' -Wa. ,Q , '4' 1, 1 I x Q? 'ff f y A rf 1' f 1' J' nv' H 1 W M 5 W ,N A 9 5 4 9' 4 wt. mj' ' . 1: 9 'Q , Y 'Q .4 5 wa x LY If f - -114 -'M +4 gi: me :sag 1 'M si" f :ff :vw '5 35, .nu X1 Z Q K , 1 .2 1, f 3? 4 X W 1 ,iz 85 2 if 'Z' 36 M kj' 4 w--g.'i5"f if ,ge ' , M fa Q Nw v vz vw Aa-b i 2 Mi i 4! fb gl, AV 3? Q, Q. ww ,4i1fzff1f?ii " 1,1 ,f::z"S, Y iff I wif fit? ifgiif ff.. V5 My' 5 'f',I Wig' lgfjfh sf .Q 'ffi 556 gg ?'fig1 2321, . M' Y f ,fgfgi wigfgf iff? W W 14, g..2:sg:g-f'f 9555, fag ' 'V S 5-: -f?5"fQ-3 ' 4572-1 I f 35: , 45,551 lf y, I jg. " 2 fg1w'5ixQ54 -- af ki 97:54 , Q ,QifiTef f ff :JE 'WT-'f?f1fff57. ' fi? :azg?i,'L6f F f , g1g ,fx,? ?gQt , . J , ff f i3yf1Qfsf Q J ' 1 f was 1 4 QW, 5 3 ,L Ng' f',"" Wgfffx'gin ' " ' 4 1, ' 2 "U-'MQ VUL? 4232.224-9'-W' Awards and Honors FREDDIE HARPER - Vice President of 6th Dist. ofLib. Asst. VELMA BATEMAN - Queen of Heartsg Y- Teens Sweetheart Danceg Secretary of Y-Teen Inter-Club Council. DIANNE HUMMELL - President of Y-Teen Inter-Club Council. GLENDA DAY - D.A.R. award fCitizen- shipy. ANN WALKER - National Merit Test - Honorable Mentiong American Oratori- cal Contest - 3rd place. JOYCE STANSELL - Secretary of Georgia Scholastic Press. Asso. SARA LEE VINCENT - American Legion Oratorical Contest - 3rd placeg lst place - McEvoy Voice of Democracy contest. PAULA KNOWLES - Secretary-Treasurer of 6th Dist. Lib. Asst. TONI VISSAGE - Cert. of Merit Kodak Photo Contest. NANCY YAWN - Basketball All-Star player for Macon Midgets Girls' Team. MARSHA MILLER - Basketba1lAll-Star player for Macon Midgets Girls' Team. EDDIE BATTLE - Player of the Weekg Most- Valuable Player Trophy. LARRY TUCKER - Player of the Weekg Best Blocking Trophy. JOHNNY GOSS - Player of the Week. LARRY DODD - Player of the Week. TOM HAMLEN - Willingham Rep. to General As. of Ga. as page. SKIPPER YOUNG - School winner of Wil- lingham Voice of Democracy Contest. 1 'III WI A y 1 ACTIVITI Y, :, .A img L' -4+-...W qs- mm 1. ,J Quin? W, an ,, V ,, vl ,if A if , ' 3 Hui ,,,wMN Www 5 mg Nw..,,- Y Left to rxght Nathan Morgan W1111am Brake Glenda Day and Iuhus Gholson Semor Rmg Dance Senlors recexve then mugs at a ceremony and dance on October 18 Below 15 presldent Glenda Day re ce1v1nG her rm from Drmclpal W1111am Brake Y' QWEC K HOMECOMING QUEEN and COURT left to rrght Patncra Lawrence Ida Mae McNe11 Patrrcra Moore Clau Sheppard Jean Hrggrns Dorothy Nrpper Left to rrght Drckre Crosby Ida Mae McNe11 Bo Hardrson and Pau rc ra Moore :SW H omecommg l"""d1'f q 'lg Ar the Homecomrng Parade Left to rrght Sandra Stubbs Gall Mc Krnley Ronnre Dorman Susan Ams baugh Fay Hammond Shrrley Avera and Sue Jones Y . xl fe.. ' , ' b ai L . X 1 5 it , J! 3 .I 'glgf' 5 W. , r x'r.- . 2 A- f 'A A 8 'v , h X? in I7 . 5 w .-.J . . , 'j 2' N Q . ' 1 ' ' . ' . . . 1 , I . . , . . U . U Q . : . . ' l l .7 A x . s af 3, fly Y P ,, 1 AT 4 elif' Y ' 41 -Ltr f Q - xr ,M D 4ll 1 Q - ll " X r 'Q if ' - X. ff ' z ' ' - 4 ' 1 ' - I I I 4 ,. 1 v I f 1 - Q V I I Edueatzon Week Parade Majorettes Stubb Dorman s car Mrs Mary Jlm Burt Mr Wrlham M Brake Prmcess Catherrne Caradja and Mrs W O Wrllrams Jr from the Junlor Woman s Club Prmcess Speaks Prlncess Catherme Caradja of Rumanla was presented by the Beta Club She came because as she sard The only real rx ay l can be of seruce to my country IS to tell those rn the free world about the COHCIIIIOHS 6Xl.SI1l'lg behrnd the Iron Curtaln and to en couraffe others to defend therr preclous freedom Prlncess Catherme s lrfe has been drfftcult After the start of World War I rn 1916 the Germans occupled her country forclng her to flee to Issay vwrth two chlldren In lssay she began a hosprtal for typhus vlcums at her own expense After her mother s death the Prtncess kept up the Orphans Foundatlon ex en durlng the German occupatlon The Russran government took over rn 1949 In 19a3 Prrncess Catherlne escaped from behrnd the Iron Curtarn r E SJ 1 1 n 4 y . I . . . , l u 1 I I 0 D - a C . . H l 7. , , . . Y . . . . . . - - - N D . . . , . . . . I I 1 V 0 . . . v , r 0 A . , . Y . . o A Q . Left to rlght Beverly Wrlder Mrs Massey Mrs Benton Mrs Flowers Mrs Odom Weaver McEvoy Teachers Pla Valle ball Mrs, Massey and Mrss Faulkner Mrs 0110111 Hlld M155 We-:WSI Miss Faulkner, Mrs. Sheffield, Mrs. DeLoach, Panny Black, and onthe stretcher, Miss Pr' 491-v. 107 l I 1 Ev D1anne Hummel Baughn Lasslter Wynanne Polk 11m Grlffm and Phy111s Casey pose m a scene from the play "Susan Steps Oulu Senzor Play Patr1c1a Weathers 11m Gr1ff1n Dlanne Hummel Phylhs Casey and Baughn Lassxter practice for the play Dlscouraged fans line the stands as we lost our f1l'SI basketball game to Lame: Lanrer s Hall blocks Tucker s shot as Goss Thompson guards Carr as Hall approaches and McBryant come ln on the play W e Played Lanier and Lost. . . Wnh Glles Watson and Re1d Iookmg on Tucker returns Hall s block as Wxllmgham rolls to a 50 40 vxctory. Lf3.""7 Ilmmy Taylor dxscusses the pr1nc1p1es of health dunng a class And All the Tune, We Studzed Mary Ruth Fam Wynanne Polk Phyllls Casey and Sara Lee Vmcent McEvoy s Rad1o Announcers conduct then Saturday mommg program over Stauon WNEX , 3 3 5 , 2 E 5 I 3 5 I f 3 Q - uqin 31 D f , M , l -2' f A fl W, i ,. ff a 5 f sl I ' I all l 'g Judy Cranford measures hemline. for Audrey Hall during Home Economics as Judy Adams works buttonhole in dress. 41 and Learned and Worked Models for the Booster Club fashron show durmg practlce FIRST ROW Shaw Burnley Wmdham H1gg1l'lS Wmdham 3 Spillers, Polk. SHIOND ROW: Lawrence, Shelton, Miss Haddock, Stokes, W1 Q "f" J If Q A I '! 'I au Q Q 5 In m " J!! M . . W . .,,- l in 0 .W mgqt ,,. -xi XM,-fa 'fn- I "' , W . 1 , g 3,3 . ' M , - . ' Ya' 4-Q. s , ,MQ K ' K - .Em 1351 .. . , ua . , nv W 0 1 5 n s " ' .v-'lawns if ?' 4 L. . . 7 , v I V--uso ' A o --1 0 lil 1' of :TQ A' J o lg ' I 0 "i ff ati' . J: if IJ.. T' Q ' o 3 ,M 4. -3 o t- A 4 oi' K ,AIV lr qv m., .. E., MIL g 1 M , . 5 f V 1' 4 ,f,,, "f'2 M211 ' ' f"rg-v---wm,i.,.,dgg' ' gi A fd' gh? .51 d,.J,,pi 'M' i.-1 4 1,-. K I , ,Sang W ' A I VS, A ' 'P ' . - Wu, v Q '-,, . Y .. f Q V ,, . 'V , ,, .svinf4'r21,mgL: f - 'Q 2+ N - 1, . -.- -Y 'iles-., , Wh I ,, w ,. -....--,. Lk 'V I ' Ov- , ,,. 1w,..' V N-H 1 huh' o 2 ' ' " ' , ' 3 1 f . 1" W e -. M?-A -Q ' 1 . , K - ' 4 , ' ' Mf- , ' Nts ,, M-. ' A ' 3 'sf Q -i -9. . M Y Jw- . C fuss. 1-nlsllugw ' .- . m I we Q I fx -... . - 4 " 'Q-., , t BIBB SERVICE COMPANY S JUNIOR BOOTERY The Chlld s Second Home For B1rthday or Chmstmas A Year 'Round Select1on Any Flne Toy Shown 1n Any Catalog at the Catalog Pr1ce Ch11dren's Shoes Up to S1ze 4 Edward's Correctors Capez1o Flats Capez1o Dance Shoes Acme Cowboy Boots Layette Infants and Toddler Department The Fmest ln Infant's Wear and Accessor1es for Showers and for Blrthday Presents for the Very Young Up to Age 3 JUNIOR BOOTERY 461 Th1rd Street INext to B1bb Theaterj 7 ii 11 I ' I I ' of , . s..,,.-.M S. x L G BALFOUR COMPANY lC1eorg1a DIVISION, NATHEN MCRGAN Box 612 Mllledge 111e A ,,,,,. 1 f V, X x 4 " '- L, 'X X -.., f . V C ompliments of LUCKY STRIKE TIRE CO, 3857 Broadway Macon Ga SH 3 0702 WALT ER E LEWIS STOKES-SHAHEEN, INC, Wholesale Frults and Vegetables 477 Hawthorne St SH 2 4517 SMITH S SERVICE STATION Corner I-hghtower P1o Nono Gulf O11 Products Comphments BATEMAN S FOOD STORES 2390 Ingleslde Ave 3280 P10 Nono Ave "Purveyors of Fme Foods ' McCLURE BALWDIN 8. GRIFFIN OFFICE SUPPLIES OFFICE FURNITURE A B D1ck Duphcatmg Machmes and Supphes Macon C1eorg1a MISS GEORGIA MILK JACKSON BROS GARAGE Phone SH 2 0641 Complete Automotlve and Truck Repalr Serv1ce 4060 Houston Ave Macon Ga W W JACKSON C M JACKSON BLOODWORTH'S CAFE 588 Mulberry St Macon Georg1a Ph SH 3 5267 Fme Foods CURTIS ANDERSON'S SER STA Comphments of S1nc1a1r Products FOOD FAIR SUPER MKT at Perry Bro Truck Stop 890 Znd Macon Ga 38 11 Broadway , . v ' I 570 Mulberry St, Macon, Georgia C omplime nts CARL HAYS INC Jewelers Member of Nat1ona1 Bmdal Servlce ADAMS FEAGIN HARDWARE CO Your Complete Sports Store 482 Walnut Phone SH 5 6515 YARBROUGH MOTORS 3970 Houston Avenue Dxal SH 5 7330 Used Cars Guaranteed 1 Full Year FONSO G POPE MOTORS Used Cars 3860 Houston Ave SH 6 2260 Clean One Owner Used Cars Full One Year Guarantee We Are Large Enough to Serve You but Small Enough to Know You" S L ORR COMPANY Jewelers McCLURE'S FURNITURE CO Where Good Furnlture Is Not Expens1ve SEYMOURlS HARDWARE SUPPLIES 1398 Rocky Creek Road Plttsburgh Palnts SING OIL CO 1672 Broadway at Houston INGLESIDE JEWELERS 428 Second Street 2320 Ing1es1de Avenue We Speclalxze ln Jewelry for Teen Agers CORLEY'S OPTICIANS Complete Opt1ca1 Serv1ce 439 Cotton Ave SH 6 6248 Banker's Insurance Bldg Comphments of Comphments of SOUTHSIDE VARIETY STORE HERBERT'S READY TO WEAR 2709 Houston Ave Houston Ave ll Hotel Dempsey Building SH 2-4631 565 Poplar Mercer Umverslty Welcomes X lf' 'hifi-5 If R 2 l gt j 8 is :bleu ' 1' 3 J' hal. ,V 9 fMn :msg , J-.ggi-YW .1 ,.,w2f:ggj',lQ? G "if ff"'+1feJ5 'af 4, 4 jf J ..-.V X ,ws f '11 ,G "EMI, L' -fu , X A dl" FFFF if rrr E, C+ N tif! wif Q J vit E cu' f- I va. 'cf an v ,,-, 4131? f ' ,Q'5'?z AF w X6 Q I KA! Y HJ Aft f A For Informatwn, McEvoy and Wlllmgham Graduate s A College of I..1bera1 Arts The Walter F George School of Law Graduate School Offerlng Master of Educatlon Degree Wrlte the Reg1strar MERCER UNIVERSITY Macon, Ga .47 'X ll ilk 'X jeu, In EXE -f . rf .' I I JE c ' RX , ' L g + - . J'-' ll J- I V111 :. le- 3 1 rj ' l ' ,. . " Ill -' f..,. A 1' , - H2 f' fm- 1 5? :tie 'ze ' f ' 1-' ' f vfffifl 1 1 Hs? ff ,' ' ini?-2 nv 2' A 'fig Tl-N r'.f'fs- . x. -1 ,.' . .-' ir- 'lag -': I ,-fy' . , '- fa Q-.-.Nw - fl .- -fc--f-2.-- been l 'W-'V' 'V' e- .' 5 2-LT"--. iv' -f ' . -, , . Q 7:7 :.. , '-H? 95' ., . 1fJf'f"' If 5:55 ' Lffg' ' --C" - ' 'r' x70' ,., ,701 '-54. ! 1 1- 739- I. N 5.2-g av. 1. -ug' , f I 'AM-LW A1. . -. - ,A ,Digg D u - A - ' ' -, ' -Q,-.Vg .4 ' .,-,V A I " "f,:-51:1-' ,if . x'-iqiiQ-3 ' f . f 2 -. . ., "'-'Jay AIG' 17" f ,"'5'LL'.'-gr' 'fwmf' F- -hp. g,':f::'f?3i-Q51 lm- '-. 'I ' F- ' ' '.:'.f'-,. if if ' 'rg K 5' ,4,. 1 "' - 'Q 5- Q-L, A -.,- up , v"l:,.1., rf-'sg 7 .- 1 5 L .. ,- , gf, 1551. . , -.7f 1 6- A ' ' ,f ' -4, K:,- , 'Y' .Q ,YUM 'Aff ' A.. Ling: , .Z1n, I ,. If-1 .4 .,.,,", ,. 24 2. - .rf " cf-L: I N .-' .' . .-- . 'M4 14 L - - -. - .1 1 .., f ' - -'r---41,95 1' 7 - ,-.1- .. -fb, f' L 4 " ,:,-.N-w.-gc ' ' :651-'-. i 'gafgqxgge fx.,-:- ' wg: ref. ff, , 'f v 7 -.1 .gl iii' ' 116' ' 1'2" Q' E2 ' 'Mfg ,' ' ' 9 , - 'ESM y , , -,. ,, . f ,s , 1 f, ' f 1452-"""2L. 'M . IJ '- . A C , - . .. --aw. 'f 10 . K I 15 vr'b KN E GLA fp ym.fY' 5 wif' gf? 0644404 S4 O E A ELEGR C AN f Q, ,I 70 ' A ., fx ' X 'PY' ' ,V I 1' ' I N X J "", ' if YTHN , ' - 4 1, "N ,fffny , I A N A lf' N T H O Compllments FINCHER S BARBEC UE Fast Courteous Servlce ROBERT HINSON S SERVICE STATION A BEALL OIL CO STATION 4099 Houston Ave Phone SH 5 0110 Phone 5 8242 EMERICK S CABINET SHOP C abmets Furmture 1822 Houston Ave Macon Ga METRO STUDIO Makers of Fme Portra1ts 508 Cherry Street Macon Georg1a R A MCCORD MOTOR CO Authorlzed Ford Dealer Parts Accessomes Serv1ce 225 Second St SH 2 5771 FRANK IRBY COMPANY Plumbxng and Heatmg We Sell and Install Gas Heaters and Hot Watertanks Repaumg a Specialty RHODES FURNITURE COMPANY 369 Second St Cornphments of ELLER'S TIRE SERVICE FAMOUS NAME BRANDS Dress Shoes Flats Loafers Save Up to 112 and More Macon's Newest Cance1a.t1on Shoe Store THF. SHOE BOX 447 Th1rd C omphments of CALLOWAY TIRE 8: RECAPPING CO 1396 Rocky Creek Road of V , 1 1 . , , I I ' ' i ' K. B. HARDWICK, Prop. I POWELL'S MEDICAL ARTS PHARMACY Dial Macon SH-6-2756 Georgia 37 17 Houston Ave THE J W BURKE COMPANY Stat1oners Off1C6 Outfxtters Prmters For More Than N1nety Years 626 Mulberry Street Macon Georg1a PIG N WHISTLE SAND WIC H SHOP 1425 Georgxa Ave Macon Georg1a Telephone SH 2 8535 RIVERSIDE 2010 R1vers1de Drlve Featurlng Charcoal Steaks Seafood Chlcken and Largest Var1ety of Sandw1ches ID Macon Phone SH 5 0435 Open? A M 'T1l111 45 P M GOLF DRIVING RANGE Near Cochran Fleld D1a1 SH 5 9535 Cornphrnents of PEELER HARDWARE CO 1 DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT Warner Robins Highway FICKLING AND WALKER INC Best Courtesy Servmce 1n Macon SIGNAL TIRE COMPANY 2683 Houston Ave Dealer JIMMY JENKINS DEATON'S GROCERY 8: MARKET 4347 Houston Ave Fresh Meats and Vegetables GARDNER METAL PRODUCTS 4457 Houston Avenue Macon Georgla Phone SH 6 482.1 MELTON'S GARAGE 4461 Houston Ave Auto and Truck Repalrs Phone SH Z 6746 GEORGIA MARKET HOUSE 468 Second Street on Food ROY G WILLIAMS INC Macon s Leadmg Drugglsts Corner Second at Cherry Sts COOK'S WATCH SHOP 568 Glles Street All Repalrs Guaranteed Thls Ad Is Worth 107 on the Purchase Prlce If It Is a TRANSISTOR Portable Radxo for That Graduauon Glft See HUNT RAGAN INC Two Stores to Serve You MAXWELL BROS FURNITURE CO "Where You Save Dollars L L L ll ' CHARLIE WOOD INC For A1lSport1ng Goods 484 Second Street Phone 3 5441 BIBB TRANSFER Sr STORAGE 536 Poplar Street JULE AND VAUGHN BLAIR Cornphrnents of HERIN 'S GROC ERY MUNFORD DO IT YOURSELF STORE 433 Walnut Street Macon Georgla EVANS MUSIC COMPANY Macon's Own Muslc Store 371 Cotton Ave Phone 3 2834 Macon Georgxa CO NC 4377 P10 Nonc Ave P O Box 2126 Macon Georg1a 2386Ingles1de Sh 29084 655 Baconsheld Sh 24314 Macon s Only Comple e N ws Store" STEYERMANS Fashlons for the Lady de la Lovely' C ornphments of DANNENBURGS Comphrnents of RESTAURANTS FIXTURES SUPPLIES Phone sh 5 612.1 CO, W. M, GQQD CQNSTRUCTIQN BILIJS NEWS - BOOK 8: VARIETY I f I 1 l . II I t I i e II ' "Flowers That Whisper ---------- What Words Can't Say" SOUTHSIDE FLORIST AND GIFT SHCP MRS E C CASTELLAW Mgr JACK CASTELLAW Asst Mgr Bea11'5 Plaza 2977 Houston Ave SH 5 5742 HOGG'S DRUG STQRE 4096 Houston L.. Your Rexall Drug Store Hardware Pa1nts Toys Blcycles Roofmg F1Sh1Hg Tackle ELEC TRIC CONSTRUC TION Huntmg and Flshmg Lxcenses MALONE S HARDWARE COMPANY 3255 Houston Ave Macon Georgxa SH 6 5626 L L DOZIER R P BACON Dial SH 3 5727 2765 Houston Ave FINCHER'S BARBECUE Houston Avenue 0 a c 1 I , 1 v 1 f I 0 Q I 0 It's a Date for Saturday Night "YOUTH FOR CHRIST" 740 First St. Macon, Georgia 7:45 P. M. Tellmg Teens Today That CHRIST Is the Only Way FAILE S PHARMACY 3272 P10 Nono Avenue Macon Georgxa Phone SH 5 0461 GILBERT FURNITURE COMPANY C0mP11mentS of 552 554 Poplar Street Phone sr-1 2 4576 or 2 4577 CLARK MEMORIALS INC J A BRASWELL BARBER SHOP 540 Broadway Flat Tops Our Speclalty Hours 8 30 6 30 CAFETERIAS 8 30 7 00 at C Y H O F R U O 1 T R 5 H T 1 Compliments of l - - I I Q . . : - : S . THE MACON TELEGRAPH fMOTH1Hg, THE MACON NEWS QEven1ngj THE MACON TELEGRAPH AND NEWS QSundayj 'Mxddle Georg1a's Favorxte Newspapers Compllments of RALSTON PURINA COMPANY TAYLOR HARDWARE CO EA P CR M COMPANY Hardware Farm Home and 1795 Second Street Garden Tools and Supphes Toys HAYS HEATING 8: PLUMBING CO LANGS BODY SHOP 352 F1rst Street 2971 Columbus Rd Macon Georgla Phone SH 2 9671 , . . . ,, FROSTY TREATS ICE 2585 Mont elier Avenue MACON COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Macon Georg1a Cornphments of N J AVANT HAU LING CONT RAC TOR Macon Georgla LOWE'S SERVICE STATION JEAN Sz HALL, FLORISTS Texaco Products HALL RODDENBERY Owner Apartments 768 Cherry Street Macon Georgla Phone SH 3 4443 Comphments of RHODES FURNITURE CO PHIL C SHEALY 369 Second Street INSURANCE AGENCY Macon Georgxa 205 Hart Bu11d1ng Sh 5 6519 3910 Broadway - Phone Sh 2.-9684 Macon, Georgia Compliments of A FRIEND WATSON HOUSE MOVING at WRECKING CONTRACTOR "Have House W111 Move" Across the Street or Across the State We Buy Sell Wreck or Move A11 Type Bu11d1ngs Off1ce Yard 3337 R1ce M111 Road 2500 Emery Hwy Phone SH 3 8150 Save 4070 THE FURNITURE CENTER INC 455 F1rst Street Macon Ga Furmture Apphances Cornphrnents JULIAN MARTIAN KERNAGHAN'S JEWELRY HAYES CLOTHING CO 4 19 Cherry Street 563 Cherry Street SH 5 4.71.7 Phone SH 2 7847 Men s Clothmg and Furrnshmgs Comphments of GQLDMAN6 HANCOCK PLUMBING CO 586 Cherry 561 Cotton Ave uQuahtY Fashlonsn Phone SH 3 5451 of Phone SH 6-2461 - SH 6-2462 Q ' Q - o u D A V GROCERY AND MARKET 4492 Houston Avenue Fresh Meats and Vegetables Open to Public Compliments of Disabled American Veterans Compliments of WILLINGHAM E PAYNE INC General Insurance Phone 5 1604 ADAMS FEAGIN HARDWARE CO Your Complete Sports Store 482 Walnut Phone 5 6515 BROWN 8. SONS ELECTRIC CO INC Mechanical Refrigeration Sales and Service Phones 5 2853 5 2854 347 Cotton Avenue Phones 2 6032 6 3556 378 Second Street MILDRED JONES Ladies ' Wearing Apparel Compliments of CURTISS STEPHENS MUSIC CO Cornphrnents of TRADING POST Compliments of RAMSEY REAL ESTATE LOAN AND MORTGAGE CO o 9 Q Wiring - Contracting - Repairs - , - . ARMSTRONG CORK COMPANY Post Offlce Box 1357 Macon C1eorg1a 4070 D1s count SOUTHERN FURNITURE MART 3096 Broadway Macon Phone SH 6 3541 Store Hours Open 'T1ll 9 P M Monday Tuesday Thursday Fr1day Wed 'T1ll1 P M Sat 'T11l6 P M HAMBLIN'S GROCERY 4089 Broadway Phone 5 2166 Open Seven Days a Week From7a rn to llp rn T LYNN DAVIS Phone sh 2 5434 4459 Broadway TOMMY TUCKER'S BARBECUE DRIVE IN Real P1t Barbecue All Beef Hamburgers 4591 Broadway Sh 2 9244 Best of Luck to the Class of 1959 ALLEN MCKINNEY 8: C L MONTFORD FIVE POINT SUPER MARKET 4204 Marlon Avenue Fancy Fresh Meats and Grocerles Sh 2 9498 W H SHADBURN 572 Concord Street Auto Tops and Seat Covers fTurn at 1608 Second Streetj Sh 3 7732 BIBB BROKERAGE CO Southern Un1ted Buxldmg Complete Loan Servlce Sh 6 5159 Cornphments of A FRIEND REALTY 8: AUCTION CO, , INC, BILL MERIWETHER PHOTCGRAPHER P01-tra1ture and Comm erc1a1 369 Cotton Avenue Phone SH 2 2205 .TOE COCI-IRAN SER STATION 2290 V1nev111e Avenue 'SINCLAIR DEALER' VICE BARFIELD'S FINER FOODS 2160 P10 Nono Avenue PRINTERS 805 Second St Phone SH 3 7936 The A1m of HART'S MORTUARY Is to Render the Best Serv1ce Posslble at the Lowest Prlce Poss1b1e 765 Cherry St SH 6 43 Estabhshed 1899 21 I I ' JONES 8: GRISSON WESLEYAN COLLEGE B Founded 1836 ing Five Degrees to the Qualified High School Graduate chelor of Music Bachelor of Arts Offer a a B Visit Ou Join th chelor of Science Bachelor of Fine Arts Master of Music r Campus or Write for Further Information About How to e Large Number of Macon Boys and Girls Now Attending Wesleyan Who Desires a Coordinated Program of Liberal Arts and Fine Arts C ompliments of BORDEN'S MEMORIAL CHAPEL FUNERAL DIRECTORS EVERETT SAMMONS JOE SUTHERLAND OLDHAM S " acon's Oldest D pen 1ng Opt1c1an " Complete Optlcal Servlce Contact Lenses 101 Persons Bu11d1ng Demonstratmg the beauty and charm of glasses from O1dham's Optlclans are seated left to nght Melba Thames and P W1111ams Standmg Sandra Valentme, Joan Montford and Jewellene McNe11 1 M is s' ' ' s , Y, P O Box No 607 IWORRB CONSTRUC TION COMPANY Telephone SH 6 5484 STAR EZNGRAVING COMPANY Manufactumn J .TO HN J BRA ZZEAL g ewelers and Engravers Houston, Texas , Repre sentatlve GEORGIA KRAFT COMPANY Compliments of In Apprecratmn The Ramscott staff takes great pleasure m expresslng apprecratxon to those of you who have made thrs annual a success Students of year 1958 59 Wherever fate leads you we hope that thrs book wrll always be a remmder of the many vaned events and actrvrtres shared by mem bers of our two schools. McEvoy and Willingham, this is your book - your life during the school 4 u Iographs 6 TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY

Suggestions in the McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) collection:

McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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