McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA)

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McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1958 volume:

The oPUTLIGH | Introduces Marga ret McEvoy dou FOREWORD In this, the first year of the history of Margar- et McEvoy High School in Macon, Georgia, the motto, “Forward Ever, Backward Never’’, expresses the aims of the McEvoy girls and the faculty. We hope to move forward by achieving certain goals: to build character through everyday ex periences of school life, to obtain scholastic achievement, and to be more compatible. That the memories of Margaret McEvoy High School and its standards will always remain in our hearts, we the staff of the 1957-58 annual present to you, the McEvoy family, the first edition of the SPOTLIGHT CONTENTS DEDICATION ADMINISTRATION ACTIVITIES SPORTS CLASSES FEATURES ADVERTISEMENTS His consideration, encouragement and understanding for everyone has made him a friend to all. His friendly greetings, and his cheerfulness have made our first year at Margaret McEvoy a most enjoyable and pleasant one. We appreciate his devotion to our new school and his guidance in leading the faculty and student body. Although he is leaving us, he shall long be remembered as a wonderful man and principal. We hereby dedicate our first edition of the SPOTLIGHT to MR. JULIUS L. GHOLSON Bibb County Board of Education Howard Bridges, H.G. Weaver, Herbert Birdsey, Mark A. Amith, Mallory C. Atkinson, W. P. Simmons, George P. Rankin, Frank M. Willingham, Charles C. Hertwig, Wallace Miller, Jr., Oscar L. Long, Walter C. Stevens. MR. HOWARD BRIDGES Assistant Superintendent DR. MARK A, AMITH Superintendent REBEKAH ANTHONY ADDIE RIE BAIRD Latin English JULIUS GHOLSON Principal MARY S. HOLLAND Secretary and Guidance Counselor DOLORES BEN TON ANN BOOTLE EVELYN BROWN MARY JIM BURT JOAN BURTON English English Math History Homemaking MYRA BYRD JEANNETTE CAMPBELL MILDRED CASTLEN Homemaking Librarian Dietician FACULTY JEANETTE CHAMBERS JO ANN CREWS MARGARET DAVIS ANN DINGLER VIRGINIA DORROH Typing Math Bookkeeping Physical Ed. Homemaking : HELEN FAULKNER NAN FLOWERS SARA GAINES HARRIET GRAVES LUCILE HANSON Physical Education English General Business Science Math h : | ah) MABEL HARRIS CAROLYN HATTRICH ELIZABETH HINESLEY ROSCOE HINSON RALPH JOINER English ! Spanish Driving Driving JULIA LANIER OSCAR LEVERETTE ERNESTINE LEWIS JANE MASSEY HAZEL ROGERS English Driving Chorus Science Geography JANE SALTER MARY SMITH LaVERNE STINETORF MARY WEAVER LYLE WILCOX Chemistry English Math Civics Band Orchestra Se eS come ——— or pedi v itn OUR SCHOOL PROVIDES High Scholastic Achievement Training Through Leadership Exploring Courses For Careers Worthy Use of Leisure Time Practice In Social Living Physical and Moral Training Widening Horizons Through Reading Science Drivers Edueation =} 8) = phe — = = —) = oS jaa ATI A ee NIZRKZ eve a= HS aes OUTSTANDING JUNIORS Clarene Wood, Marcia Asbell, Linda Williams, Ann Walker, Patricia Lawrence QO ffice rs Patricia Williams, Clarene Wood, Marcia Asbell, Linda Williams, Betty Etheridge, Tracy Holloman, Sandra Valentine, D’Ree Deen, Melba Thames, Barbara VY g, Patricia Lawrence. JUMORS ANNIS, EDNA ASBELIL, MARCIA BEALL, LINDA BEALI., MARY KAY BECK, SHELBY CALDWELL, PATRICIA CASEY, PHYLLIS COE, CAROLYN CONE, MARTHA COPELAND, WYNELL CROWLEY, MARY JO DAVIDSON, JUDY DAY, GLENDA DEEN, D’REE DUNN, BECKY ELLIOTT, MARGARET ETHERIDGE, BETTY FLANAGAN, BETTY FURNEY, BARBARA GARRETT, LOUISE GILLELAND, MILDRED GOODWIN, PATRICIA GRANT, MARY NELL GREEN, ESTHER GREGORS, ANNI HALL, AUDREY HALL, ELIZABETH HALLMAN, SANDRA HANCOCK, MAMIE HARRELL, BOBBIE HEDRICK, JO ANN HELTON, BETTY JEAN HICKS, DONNA HOLDEN, DOROTHY HOLLOMON, TRACY HOLLOWAY, DOROTHY HOLSTON, BETTY HOPKINS, GELAINE HUDSON, CHRISTY HUDSON, KATHY HUMMEL, DIANNE HUNT, PATSY JACKSON, GAIL JACKSON, PAT JEFFERSON, BARBARA JONES, BARBARA KING, BARBARA KING, SARA KNOWLES, SARA LAWRENCE, PATRICIA LESLIE, SANDRA LONG, MILDRED MANER, PEGGY MAYNE, PRISCILLA McBRYANT, ANNE McKENZIE, JEANIE McLEOD, MAGGIE MecNEIL, JEWELLENE MILLER, MARILYN MON TFORD, JOAN MOORE, PATRICIA MOSELY, MARLENA O’NEAL, RACHEL PATE, JOAN PIKULSKI, CATHERINE POLK, WY PRINCE, ELAYNE RAWLS, ANN {GER, BARBARA RIGNEY, FRANCES ROLAND, BARBARA SANDERS, BRENDA SHEPPARD, MAR GARET SKIPPER, MARTHA SMITH, BARBARA SPRAYBERRY, CHARLOTTE STANSELL, JOYCE STEPHENS, PEGGY STEVENS, JANICE STOKES, ANN THAMES, BEVERLY THAMES, MELBA THAMES, PATRICIA THOMPSON, CAROL TIDWELL, SYLVIA TONEY, MARY LEE USSERY, VERA VALENTINE, SANDRA VICKERY, JEWEL WADE, BRENDA WALKER, ANN WALKER, KAY WARE, RUNETTE WEATHERS, PATRICIA WILCOX, WILEANE WILLIAMS, LINDA WILLIAMS, PATRICIA WILSON, ROSE WILSON, SUE WOOD, CLARENE WORMUS, CONNIE WORSHAM, SANDY YAWN, DELIA and buy an 2 ee Be Annis! Site ADAMS, JOE ANN ADAMS, LYNDA QO ffice rs ADAMS, SARA Ena Jones, Linda Kull, Judy Mixon, Faye Morris, Sandra Parker. SOPHOMORES. = ALLEN, SANDRA AMERSON, EVELYN ASBELL, ANNE AULTMAN, JUANITA AUTRY, LINDA AVERETT, ELEANOR BALLARD, ANNETTE BASS, VIRGINIA BATEMAN, VELMA BEALL, LINDA BENNER, ADELAIDE BERKNER, MARTHA BLACK, PANNY BLISS, GAIL BOOTHE, BARBARA BRADBURY, BARBARA BROWN, BARBARA BROWN, MARY ANN BUNCH, JOYCE BURNLEY, BARBARA pa BUSBEE, ELLEN BUSBEE, JEAN CAMPBELL, DONNA JO CARMAN, BURMA CARR, PATSY CARTER, JO ANN COPELAND, REETHA CROOMS, SANDRA CRUTCHFIELD, CAROLE DAVIS, JANITA DEAN, NANCY EPPS, WYNETTE FAIN, MARY RUTH DERS, SANDRA FULLBRIGHT, LINDA FULLINGTON, SONYA GARNER, CAROLYN GARRETT, LURLENE GRANT, JACKIE GRESHAM, FRANCES GRIGGERS, EDITH GRIMSLEY, MARIAN GRIZZLE, CAROLYN HAWKINS, CAROL HENDERSON, MARY HENRY, JEAN HERNDON, BILLIE HILL, JEANNIE HOLMES, ANN HORTON, GAIL HUDSON, DINAH HUDSON, TRULA HUGHES, CORRIE JACKSON, GAYLE JONES, ENA JUSTICE, SUSIE KEELS, CHARLENE KEEN, JANICE KEYS, SANDRA KITCHENS, LENORA KULL, LINDA LAND, FAYE LINDSEY, KAY LONG, JOHNNIE LONG, RITA MADDEN, MERRELYN MAULDIN, ALICE MAYS, MAY McBRIDE, PATSY McCRARY, JEWELDINE McGEE, BARBARA McNEIL, IDA MAE MEEKS, SYVILLA MIXON, JUDY MULTON, REBECCA MOORE, GLENDA MORRIS, FAYE MOSELY, BEVERLY MOSES, KAREN NEWSOME, JOAN NEWTON, HELEN PARKER, CHARLOTTE PARKER, LINDA PARKER, FEGGY PARKER, SANDRA PATRICK, NORMA PEAVY, PAT PETTY, LAVERNE PRICHETT, JUDY QUINN, CYNTHIA RAFFIELD, COLISTA RAINES, GEORGANN RALEIGH, EARLE RUTLAND, PATSY RYAN, PATSY SAMMONS, LETITIA SANFORD, ROYANNE SAPPS, ALGA SCHELL, GINGER SHAW, LINDA SHIPES, KAY SMITH, GAIL SMITH, MARY ANN SMITH, VIVIAN SPILLERS, LINDA STEVENS, JOYCE STOKES, SANDRA STOKES, SHARON STUCKEY, MARY TOLER, JOAN TOMBERLIN, SYLVIA TUCKER, PATRICIA TURNER, REBECCA TYE, MARSHLYN TYLER, ANNIE MAE VALLOWE, JUDY VINCENT, SARA LEE VISAGE, LINDA WALLACE, RUTH WATSON , ANN WEBB, BRENDA WHEELER, MARY ALICE WHITTLE, COOKIE WILDER, BEVERLY WILLIAMS, TREVA WILLIAMSON, MARY WILSON, PEGGY WINGATE, MARGARET WITHERINGTON, LINDA WOOD, CINDY YOUNG, CAROLYN YOUNG, JEANETTE i ADAMS, LINDA ADAMS, JUDYTHE ADERHOLT, VIVIAN ALLEN, ANNE ANDERSON, DONA ARNOLD, ANNETTE ARNOLD, GAY FRESHMEN “ O ff ] Cc e Ts Judy Brewer, Mary Jane Nicholson, Linda Giddens, Donna Fincher, Janice Pritchett. AVERA, SHIRLEY AYERS, ELAINE BARFIELD, GLENDA BARNES, JUDITH BATTLE, FAYE BEALE, JOYCE BEELAND, HILDA BELL, SHARON BELL, ZANDA BLAIR, SYLVIA BLEDSOE, PHYLLIS BOSTICK, HAZEL BOUTWELL, FRIEDA BRACK, MARGARET BREWER, JUDY BRIGGS, LYNETTE BROWN, ELAINE BROWN, JUDITH BROWN, PRISCILLA CAMERON, JO CAMERON, JUDY CAMPBELL, JUDY CARPENTER, PATTI CARROLL, JOANNE CARSON, JEANNIE CAULEY, PAT CHANDLER, ANNE CHILDS, MARGIE CHITWOOD, TERESA CLARK, ANN COLE, ELIZABETH COLEMAN, ANNETTE COLLINS, DIANNE CONNER, ANN COOPER, PEGGY COULTER, LINDA CRAGETT, BARBARA CRANFORD, JUDY CROMER, CAROLYN CRUMLEY, ROSLYN CRYER, WANDA CULPEPPER, VICKI DARITY, PATRICIA DAVIS, JEAN DAVIS, LA VOYCE DICKS, TRILBY DODD, DIANNE DOUGLAS, QUINETTE DUCKWORTH, SANDRA EDWARDS, JUDY EDWARDS, SUSAN ELLIOTT, JOSEPHINE ENNIS, SHARON EVANS, JOAN FALLIN, ELLIE FINCHER, DONNA FISHER, PHYLLIS FLANAGAN, SUE FLOYD, FAY FRIEDLANDER, MARION FROST, BETTE FULWOOD, BARBARA GARRETT, PEGCY GIBSON, JUDY GIBSON, YVONNE GIDDENS, LYNDA GORMAN, JANIS GOSS, LOLA ANN GREEN, JEANIE GRIF FIN, SUE HAGAMAN, SHERRY HALL, REBA HANCOCK, ROSE MARY HARRISON, KAY HIGHTOWER, PATRICIA HILL, LISKA HINSON, KAY HOLMES, DIANNE HOLSTON, SANDRA HOLT, SANDRA HOOKER, MARTHEL HOPKINS, PATSY HORNE, JANE HOWELL, ELAINE HUDSON, BARBARA HUGHES, JEANETTE HUMPHREY, SANDRA JACKSON, GLORIA JACKSON, PATSY JOHNSON, EILEEN JOINER, JEANIE JONES, BERNICE JONES, MARTHA FAITH JONES, PAT JUSTICE, ZORA KEMP, SHIRLEY KENT, MARY KEYS, FAYE KNOWLES, PAULA LAMBERT, HELEN LEWIS, BESSIE LEWIS, BETTY JO LEWIS, FAYE LINDSEY, GAY NELL LINDSEY, KAY LINDSEY, VIVIAN LIVINGSTON, BESSIE LONG, BRENDA LONG, MARY ANN LOTT, RETA MARTIN, FAYE MASSENGALE, JERRYLYN McBRIDE, SANDRA McGINNIS, FAYE McLARTY, JAN McRAE, CHERYL MILLER, MARY HELEN MIMBS, JO ANN MINOR, PAM MITCHELL, BETTY MAY MOORE, ARLETHEA MORRIS, CAROLYN MOYE, ANN MURRAY, MAMIE SUE NELSON, TRENA NEWSOME, LINDA NICHOLSON, MARY JANE NORMAN, PAT O’BRIEN, KATHLEEN OLIPHANT, TIANA O’REILLY, HARRIETTE PELT, BARBARA PERRY, EUGENIA PETTIGREW, EDITH PRINCE, MARY PRITCHETT, JANICE PROCTOR, CAROLE RADLEIN, LEILA ANN RAGSDALE, MARY RAMEY, DOLORES RAPE, BARBARA REEVES, SUE REYNOLDS, MADELINE RITCHIE, FREIDA ROBERTS, BETTY ROUGHTON, BOBBIE ROUNTREE, SANDRA RYAN, GERRY SAVAGE, LINDA SCAR BROUGH, SHIRLEY SELLERS, BABS SHELTON, BRENDA SHEPHERD, CLARE SIMMONS, JENNIE SIMMONS, MARY FRANCES SLAUGHTER, DORIS SMITH, ANN SMITH, BRENDA SMITH, ELIZABETH SMITH, JAN SNYDER, ELIZABETH SPANN, KATHY SPIRES, VIRGINIA STAFFORD, JUNE STAKEL, SANDY STANFORD, LA VERNE STEHLE, CAROL STEVENS, LUCY STEWART, NORMA STUART, PATSY SWYMER, LINDA TAYLOR, RUTHIE TEAT, CYNTHIA THOMAS, DAWN THOMLEY, YVONNE THOMPSON, NORMA TOOLE, GLENDA TOOLE, LAVERNE TUCKER, JANICE TUCKER, NANCY TUCKER, SHIRLEY TUMBLIN, MARY VISSAGE, TONI WALDEN, SALLIE WALDEN, SANDRA WALKER, FAYE WALTON, VODICE WARD, BETH WATSON, BARBARA WATSON, GAIL WATSON, WANDA WATSON, NELL WEBB, SYBIL WEESE, PAT WILBUR, JUDITH WILLIAMS, CONNIE WILLIAMS, SHERRY ‘6 WILLIS, PATSY ( a - WRIGHT, BRENDA e aed YATES, MARGARET rng, A UME ST ADKINS, ELEANOR ALLEN, ANN ALLIGOOD, SARAH v AMSBAUGH, SUSAN ANDERSON, PATSY AULTMAN, JANICE BFR ESHME . QO f f ] c e r S Corliss Martin, Trena Peterman, Jean Moore, Jean Higgens, Dianne Waters. BARFIELD, SANDRA BAXLEY, BONNIE BELFLOWER, EARLENE BELLFLOWER, LINDA BLACKWELL, SHARON BOHANNON, THELMA BRADDY, JOAN BRADFORD, DARLENE BRADSHAW, LENORA BROOKS, SARA BROWN, ANITA BROWN, BETTY JANE BROWN, CYNTHIA BROWN, ELIZABETH BROWN, LORETTA BROWN BRYANT, GLORIA JEAN BURKE, MARY ANN CALHOUN, CHARLOTTE CAPSHAW, SANDRA AREY, GAII -ARMICHAEL, CHERII ‘ARR, SHIRLEY ANN ‘ARROLL, MARTHA CARROLL, SHIRLEY ANN CARTER, LINDA CHALLIS, GLORIA CHAMBERS, VERLYN HAMBLESS, NANCY S-HASTAIN, JOAN (OBB, BONNIE SUE IRAVEY, LANA s-ROSBY, HAZEL :ROSS, NORMA -RYER, DONNA SURTIS, SHIRLEY DAVIS, REBECCA DEFORE, MIRIAM DeLOACH, CAROLYN DICKINSON, PATRICIA DICKSON, NANCY DIXON, BRENDA DOWD, ARLENE DURDEN, JANICE ELLIOT, CARLYN EVANS, GAIL EVERETTE, PAT FLOURNOY, JUDY FOLDS, PATRICIA FOSTER, SHIRLEY FUTCH, MARTHA GALLAWAY, NANCY GARDNER, BARBARA GARRISON, MARTHA GASKIN, BELLE GILLIS, FLORA GILMORE, BETTY GODFREY, SYLVIA GOODROE, SHIRLEY GREEN, BARBARA GRIFFIN, MARGIE GRIFFITH, PATR HADDEN, JOYCE HALL, HELEN HARE, MERITA HARP, MERYLYN HATCHER, DARLA HENDRIX, JUDY HERIN, JANE HIGGINS, JEAN HILL, SUE HOLLAND, SUE HOLLEMAN, SHARON HORNE, GERALDINE HORNE, HILDA KAYE HORTON, BESSIE HUDGINS, ANN HUDSON, LINDA HUDSON, MA RY HULETT, MARY EVELYN HUNNICUTT, ANN HURT, PEGGY JACKSON, BARBARA JAMES, BRENDA JOHNSON, ELIZABETH JOHNSON, SANDRA JONES, BARBARA JONES, GENEVA JONES, GERALDINE JONES, JOANNE JONES, JUDITH JONES, MARY FELTON JONES, SUE JORDAN, BETTY MAE JOYNER, MARY HELEN KEEN, MARGIE KELLY, ELAINE KEMPER, REBECCA KING, GLORIA ANN KINGRY, PAM KNIGHT, BETTY SUE LAMB, GLORIA LANCASTER, CHERYL LESLIE, JOANNE LEWIS, CYNTHIA LEWIS, JANIE LINDER, ANN LONG, CLARE LORD, PHYLLIS LOVE, JO ANN LOVETT, CHERYL MACKAY, CELESTE MARTIN, CORLISS MARTIN, PATSY McDUFFIE, MARY ANN McGAHEE, EILEEN McGEE, MIRIAM MEADOWS, SALLY MERCIER, FAYE MEREDITH, MIRIAM MILFORD, GLORIA MILLEN, ANTOINETTE MILLER, BEVERLY MILLER, JANETTE MITCHELL, CLARA MIXON, PAULETTE MOLOHON, PATRICIA MONCRIEF, PATRICIA MOORE, ALICE MOORE, BRENDA JOYCE MOORE, JEAN MOORE, RUDEEN MURKERSON, MARTHA MURPHY, JO NEE SMITH, WILLIE NEWBY, SONDRA NEYMAN, CONNIE NORRIS, NITA OKTAVEC, BARBARA PARENT, ANGELA PAULK, BARBARA PAYNE, JUDY PEACOCK, BONNIE PENNINGTON, CAROLYN PERDUE, PATRICIA PETERMAN, TREENA PIKE, CAROLYN PITTMAN, JEAN POORE, NANCY PRITCHETT, BERNICE PROCTOR, BARBARA PROCTOR, LINDA RAY, PATRICIA REDDING, LESSIE REED, MADELYN ROBERTS, LINDA ROBINSON, LENORA ROBITZSCH, JoANN ROGERS, BRENDA ROGERS, SHIRLEY SAFFOLD, FAYE SANDERS, DONNA SANDERSON, PATRICIA SCARBOROUGH, LYNN SEAGRAVES, LINDA SELLERS, PATSY SESSIONS, SHELDIA SHAW, SANDRA SHEPHERD, CAROLYN SIMMONS, JANICE SIMONE, JoANNE SKINNER, JESSIE SMITH, JEAN SNELLGROVE, DIANNE SPIRES, DELORES STEPHENS, SYLVIA STOKES, ANN STRICKLAND, LINDA SURIANO; FRANCES SWILLEY, BRENDA TABOR, PATRICIA TAYLOR, VICKIE THIGPIN, BARBARA THOMPSON, JAN TIDWELL, JEAN TINDALL, EMILY JO TODD, LINDA TOLER, EVELYN TOMBERLIN, MARTHA USSERY, ANN USSERY, KAREN VISAGE, PEARL VON DREWITZ, NINA WALKER, CAROLYN WALKER, MARJORIE WALLACE, DOLLY WATERS, MARY DIANNE WATKINS, SHIRLEY WATSON, MARIE WATTS, SANDRA WEST, SANDRA WILDER, JUDY WILLIAMS, DELIA WILLIAMS, PEGGY ANN WILLIAMSON, MARY SUE WINDHAM, KAY WORLEY, CHARLOTTE WRIGHT, GLORIA WRIGHT, SUZANNE WYLIE, HELEN YEOMANS, BEVERLY =! e x i Pe oop - . ln = i — — — Wil; ‘ UH Wien Mr. Gholson enrolls McEvoy’s first student. V.F.W. presents flags to student body. % E [x NOK “i wh Ss BN ROC SRO RL RRL IMSS . WAX, CERRY 4 OKI IRE NY ay,’ | AON NY ‘Sy rs y XK Nig 7 a. x pe Mani aX YA 4 NHN, ) ( NK) Se Reve Y “WY y MN Sy zg Ss A MM, “a ‘ 3 wa REN : PRK 4h % rar 2 N SS Sy SU: % é ay, e's Ne CREEL XY COO SN s | ae rahe rao’ we 4 ¢ aie - MS Stl Sf Student Coucil LINDA WILLIAMS Council President SANDRA VALENTINE Beta President Beta Club SENIOR ENA JONES, President JUNIOR BARBARA JACKSON President WM MEN 4 fe 4): 4 iu a ie ¥ i: BLA, =e , A ee 7 on : = com a Sr —. 2 = 7 a = — ae, - . “— A Musie Club EYL viel | Pers - 2 S72. A 3 ed ee BARBARA JONES, President nat? ay BTR, co: Honnie Ailue Wrint Margaret McEvoy High School for Girls, Macon, Ga., February 25, 1958 Volume | Social Science Classes Visit State Legislature Thirty-seven girls from the Social Science classes have been selected to go on a trip to Atlan- ta to visit the State Legislature and Cyclorama in Atlanta The girls, who will make ports their respective upon their return, will go by bus all day trip to the state re to classes on Capitol The teachers Mrs. Jim and American and Miss Mary teacher. The girls are as follows llth grade, Patricia Weathers, Patsy Hunt, Anne Cregors, Brenda Wade; Runette Ware, Wyanne Pick, Delia Yawn, Jewellene Mc Neil, Lindu Williams, Joyce Stan sell King an who will attend Burt, Government History Weaver, are teacher, Civics Humme!' Woe Dianne Sandra Williams Mar King, Pegg’ beth Hall 9ih + ette I bie Co pathy llth g. married . a serious 4 the University ta, Georgia Editors At ANN WALKER Editor in Chief Work Sho, On February 10, seven girls | from the Bonnie Blue Print Busi- ness and Editorial staffs attended | a Journalism Workshop at Lanier Senior High in order to improve this school paper. | The lecturers were Dan Kitchen, | Worth McDougal, and Charles Kapp {rom the Henry Grady School of Journalism at the Uni- versity of Georgia. The Macon papers were represented by Jim Chapmen, Bill Ott, Sam Glassman, and Lane Williams. After a general assembly in the | auditorium students were allow-| ed to participate in classes of news and feature, writing, ed-| itorials, sports and advertising. Those who attended from Mc-, Evoy were: Ann Walker, Joyce Stansell, Phyllis Casey, D’Ree Deen, Clarene Wood, Sandra Valentine, and Carolyn Coe, with faculty advisor, Mrs. Julia Lanier. Other papers represented were: Lanier Senior-Poet Leader, Lan- ier Junior—Junior Hi Journal Tornado Strikes McEvoy Gym Friday night, February 7, the McEvoy girls were greatly disap- pointed at having to postpone the two Lanier basketball games scheduled in the gymnasium. The greatest heartbreak was the dam- age done to the gymnasium roof and floor. It was caused by a tornado which struck here the last of January | Friday night between halftime, Mrs. Jeannette Chambers’ Sup 200 and Mrs. Carolyn H attrich’'s Sup. Gym C were to play o.f the volleyball championhip game. Fol lowing the basketball game Stu- dent Council to sponsor a Sock-Hop honoring the Lanier and Savannah teams night half McEvoy majorettes, ‘rampoline per- rtain ‘Ison ‘ was tay between says, in mak tivities. w are head ave ed 1S évoy ‘s li- State smpleting y -ourse. The o “y Mr. Roscoe af Leverette, and vviner. The girls who the course would like to ius Gohlson for mak- lable. The following their licenses: Mar- Susan Justice, Ida Mae McNeu, Carolyn Coe, Linda Williams, Ann Rawls, Rachael O'Neal, Joyce Beale, Carolyn Gar- ner, Edith Griggers, Sarah Knowles, Helen Wiley, Glenda Barfield, Mildred Long, Jeanne McKenzie. Linda Autry, Pat Blount, Runette Ware, Bernice Jones, Barbara Jefferson, Peggy Jane Stephens, Sandra Hollman, “ve Mary Alice Wheeler, Lessie Red- ding, Gail Jackson, Catherine Pik-| ulski, Jeannie Carson, and Caro- lyn Grizzle. Home Ec. Dept. Sponsors Speaker Mrs. Dorrah’s homemaking class sponsored a guest speaker for the girls taking home eco- nomics. The speaker, Miss Robbie Ladd is home economist for the| Georgia Power Company. She spoke to the tenth and eleventh graders on February 3, on “Snacks for Teenagers.” Miss Ladd has given rebounder. Jimmy Hendrix, a transfer from Poets. Jimmy, who is 5°10”, plays forward and is a senior this year. In J. W. Spivey, Lanier not only |boasts of a fine player, but a | lieutenant colonel in the R.O.- T.C. unit, One of the most agile players, he has scored 145 points in 1. games. He is a senior, plays the position of guard, and stands 5'11”. as well. Number 2 McEvoy Sponsors Games Cone has sent to her acquaint- This is the first year with the | ances. Her family moved in De sistant coach for the boys “Head-man” Tom Porter is near the completion of his second year coaching the record to date is 13-6, with a 56 Region I, Class AAA mark, which puts them in fifth place for the region competition. One more vic- tory will put the boys in 4th place and make them eligible for the state AAA tournament, held annually in Atlanta. basketball team. The Poet's| | Pembroke, Georgia, reached a| Poets for the ex-Moultrie “Pack-|cember, when her father was grand total of 189 points in 17] ers” basketball coach, Martin All-|transferred from the Naval Ord- tilts in his first season with the| 4M. He fills the position of as-|ance Plant to take command of-a ship in the Pacific. The family re- sides in Garden Grove, near Long Beach, California. A leisurely trip across the conti- nent enabled them to take in the many interesting sights—the tum- bleweed and cedar of New Mexico and the broad expanse of Texas. Shortly after she reached Califor- nia, she visited Disneyland with her family and enjoyed it im- EDITORIAL STAFF Spothght Staff BUSINESS STAFF MARCIA ASBELL Editor in Chief OFFICERS: Mrs. Crews, Treena Peterman, Faye Wlaker, Pat Sanderson, Judy Wilder, Dianne Hummel, Mrs. Burt Ls wh ’ — - OFFICERS: Dianne Waters, Lynette Briggs, Tracy Holloman, Judy Prichett, Judy Mixon. Tri-Hi-Y Science Club PATRICIA WEATHERS ALICE MAULDIN Art President Science Pres. Art Club Debating Club MARTHA FAITH JONES FAYE MORRIS D.S, President Y-Teens President After School Y-Teens C0. 345 te “ 206: 2 Lad « : Red Cross Club | EUGENIA PERRY Red Cross President SANDRA LESLIE Nurses Club Nahiy 2 , a ita, fy. ; al | mise 4-H Club JUDY BARNES 4-H President WILEANE WILCOX F.B. President Future Business Leaders ; mr + - 4 7 a : = 2 - a ot eS JUNIOR Drama Club WYNANNE POLK JUDY BREWER Nee SENIOR r President JUNIOR Future Homemakers FAYE MORRIS SANDRA JOHNSON SENIOR Junior President McEvoy’s Bonnie Lassies Photographs by E. Ramsay PATRICIA LAWRENCE, Junior Beauty we te ee » i te CORRIE HUGHES Sophomore Beauty CLARE SHEPHERD Freshman Beauty JEAN HIGGINS Sub-Freshman Beauty SUP. GYM C Pr = 0) © — — wS = wr © = - iz sp = S Ce | 2. = o ) a = ADVERT SORS , ‘ Ne — — — Wesleyan College Chartered 1836 the oldest college chartered to grant degrees to women salutes MARGARET McEVOY HIGH SCHOOL the newest high school in Macon and welcomes your graduates to our 240-acre modern campus. Fully accredited Offering four degrees BA BS BM BFA Write for catalogue giving complete information. ( ompliments of: T T PACKING COMPANY QUEEN OF DIXIE Meat Products MACON, GEORGIA Armetrong Cork Company POST OFFICE BOX 1357 MACON, GEORGIA Wilson Typewriter Adding Machine Co. 639 Mulberry Street PHONE 6-2777 Macon, Georgia ROYAL TYPEWRITERS VICTOR ADDING MACHINES ELECTRICS, STANDARDS PRINTING CALCULATORS PORTABLES CASH REGISTERS RENTALS, SALES, SERVICE, AND SUPPLIES MORE AND BETTER SERVINGS IN EVERY CAN Purveyors of Quality Products ff z Catering Exclusively To Throughout Georgia, North Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina Schools Colleges Hospitals Hotels Restaurants Clubs Prompt Shipment Made Of All F R U IT S Industrial Food Operations Orders Whether A Case Or A seats VEGETABLES | Bakers and Institutions GENERAL OFFICES MACON, GEORGIA BEN JONES INC. Fine Mens Wear 414 Cherry Street Macon, Georgia CHEROKEE FARMS L.M. SOLOMON, JR. Quality Milk Since 1913 Macon, Georgia ART FURNITURE MANUFACTURING CO. Macon, Georgia Manufacturers of Artline Quality Tables for Over 30 Years Sold by leading Department and Furniture Stores Coast to Coast. INLAND CONTAINER CORPORATION MACON, GEORGIA Tudependent Laundry DRY CLEANING DY EING DIAL 2-2525 Compliments of RESTAURANTS FIXTURES SUPPLIES Phone 5-6121 ROCK’S GRILL Food at it’s Best Compliments chicken-steak-sea food-fresh catfist-All you can eat $1.25 — Phone 2-9607 ard : Walters Jewelers We cater to private parties f r. Mac riz E 2455 Emery Hwy Macon, Georgia Complete optical department ‘ SE’S SLENDE 1G SALO} ELOISE’S SLENDERIZING SALON 616 Cherry Macon, Georgia Relax while you reduce — Weight Control Spot Reducing — Steam Bath Phones: 3-5406 3-5407 Air conditioned — Ample parking space. tr . wT ” The Little Store That Grew 709 Lynmore Avenue — Dial 3-3436 The name Sam S. Chandler on your Insurance Policy is a symbol of Protection and Service Sam S. Chandler Insurance Agency Dana Adams Deming Jones established 1920 Chandler Building 154 Broadway Street Phone 2-3641 — Customer Parking — DIXIE CLEANERS Dial 5-1033 South’s Best One Hour Service 3113 Pio Nono Avenue BLOODWORTH’S CAFE 588 Mulberry Street Phone 43-5267 Open 24 Hours Daily Jimmy Bloodworth Macon — SOUTH WINDS MOTEL Air Conditioned — Electric Heat 3 miles East of Macon Phone 5-0113 Hutton L. Morgan, Owner BIBB CIGAR AND CANDY COMPANY Wholesale Mr. Ben Holly NE eee Compliments BIBB AUTO PARTS New and used auto truck parts. Emery Highway Phone 3-8682 Macon, Georgia ROSEMONT GARKDENS Wholesale Florists of Georgia, Inc. Cut Flowers — Pot Plants — Supplies MACON, GEORGIA The Macon Shoe Company John Dixon Fine Shoes Since 1900 TELEVISION AND RADIO CO. Sales and Service 371 Third Street Serving Macon for 25 Years Phone 3-173] 490 Second Street Phone 2-1459 MAXWELL BROTHERS FURNITURE GO. SECOND STREET Stokes-Shaheen, Tuc. WHOLESALE FRUITS and VEGETABLES Phone 2-4517 477 Hawthorne St. D.A. LISTER SERVICE STATION 1107 Browawway — Macon, Georgia Complete Road Service Sinclair Products K.B. OLMSTEAD K.B. SERVICE STATION 4509 Houston Avenue Phone 2-9107 Macon, Georgia MACON WILLIAMS Opticians Prescriptions Filled Lenses Duplicated Headquarters For Contact Lenses M.C. Williams 348 Second S TRAILWAYS BUS SYSTEM Safe-Comfortable Courteous — Economical Charter Coach Service Anywhere For Information Call 3-2535 Compliments of CULPEPPER’S STANDARD STORE 2464 Emery Hwy. Compliments of PURINA COMPANY Epps Motor Company Authorized English Ford Dealer 688 Walnut St. Phone 3-1616 Macon, Georgia GORDON’S Riverside at College Macon, Georgia — - eee GEORGIA STATE WHOLESALE FLORISTS 635 Broadway 92 Macon, Georgia ’ ( ompliments of AVERY — JOHNSON HARDWARE FURNITURE 555 Poplar Street Macon, Georgia — Compliments of McMICHAEL GULF SERVICE STATION 604 Broadway RHODES FURNITURE 369 2nd Street ‘ Macon’s Leading Furniture Store’’ Compliments of McKesson Robbins Juc. MACON DIVISION Bill Meriwether, Photog rapher 369 Cotton Avenue Macon, Georgia Phone 2-2055 Compliments of A GOOD FRIEND ED KNAPP CHAIN SAW COMPANY 1410 Broadway Phone 2-1714 McCulloch Chain Saws Records Instruments Sheet Music Teacher Supplies EVANS MUSIC COMP ANY Macon’s Own Music Store 371 Cotton Ave. Macon, Georgia ROY G. WILLIAMS, INC. Macon’s Leading Druggists Second and Cherry Streets Free Delivery Your Wheels Balanced RIGHT On Your Car’’ LAMAR KEMPER 4 BOB DAUGHTRY SERVICE STATION Shell Service Station 3890 Houston Avenue 1087 Broadway Phone 2-1343 Ss Compliments of HARDY’S GROCERY PERRY BROS. TRANSPORTATION CO. 2748 Montpelier Avenue 3811 Broadway and We Deliver CURTIS ANDERSON’S TRUCK STOP Dial 2-4728 Compliments of STEAK HOUSE 1421 Emery Highway Fincher’s Bar-B-Q Best wishes throughout the year HOUSTON AVENUE C. D. Porter “WE BELIEVE IN YOUR JUDGMENT” ICE CREAM and MILK COMPARE PET WITH ANY OTHER 2241 PIO NONA AVE. PHONE 2-6461 MULBERRY MARKET The complete food store”’ Where you save case cash $§ $ $ $ Not Stamps Macon, Georgia 444-48 Mulberry St. DRINNON INC. OLDHAM’'S Macon’s Oldest Dispensing Opticians’’ Complete Optical Service Contact Lenses 101 PERSONS BLDG. In Appreciation of our patrons who are served the MARGARET McEVOY HIGH SCHOOL Bib Sewice Company Junior Bootery ’ Your Child’s Second Home.’ 461 THIRD STREET MACON, GEORGIA Park and shop and save at BELK MATTHEWS Department Store Macon, Georgia COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND MERCER UNIVERSITY WELCOMES GRADUATES OF McEVOY Exterior and Interior Painting Paper Hanging Sheet Rock Joints A.T. LONG SON Contractor — 20 Years Experience Free Estimates 3785 Brownley Drive TURN IT ON AND LEAVE IT ON MUSIC NEWS 1240 Macon, Georgia 2500 Emery Hwy. Office Phone 5-2288 3337 Rice Mill Rd. Home Phone 3-8150 Compliments WATSON HOUSE MOVING BONDED and INSURED Willis J. Watson Macon, Ga. Compliments of PEGGIE HALE SHOP Ladies Children’s Ready-to-Wear Phone 3-4685 Sanitary Supply and Chemical Company 2120 Seventh St. Phone 3-1187 Macon, Ga. Sanco products since 1936 Waxes, Cleaners, Disinfectants Compliments of GILBERT’S FURNITURE CO. 552-554 Popular St. Phone - 2-4576 or 2-4577 PARKER’S BEAUTY SHOP Comer of Newberg and Pine Pio Nona Phone — 6-2541 A.B. LEE PLUMBING AND HEATING CO, CONTRACTORS Save at Industrial Commercial MILLER’S SHOP Remodeling and adding bathrooms Complete Line of Quality For suggestions and Men’s Clothing ESTIMATES -—- DIAL 5-4736 272 Second Street SOUTHSIDE VARIETY STORE School supplies, toys, gifts, Patterns, Hdw. Household items Mrs. Brittain, 3709 Houston Avenue eR CHRIGTHAS AMERICAN PRINTING AND STATIONERY COMPANY PHONE 2-7548 Monty’s Chemical Company Aanufacturers of Janitorial Supplies and Automotive Cleaners Phone 5-9717 or 3-3621 “Direct from factory to you’’ H.S. MONTGOMERY, Owner 522 MULBERRY ST. ADAMS-FEAGIN HARDWARE Co. Your complete sports store Walnut at Third Street Phone 5-6515 Free Customer Parking Compliments of BOB STEVENS GARAGE HAMLIN’S GROCERY 4089 Broadway Phone 5-2166 Open Seven Days A Week From 7 a.m. till 10 p.m. Manning’s Service Station 2579 EMERY HIGHWAY The MACON, GEORGIA J.W. Burke Company Open 24 Hours Stationers — Office Outfitters — Printers For More Than Ninty Years COMPLIMENTS OFA 626 MULBERRY ST. MACON, GA. GOOD FRIEND Tuc. A complete line of service since 1906 488 Cherry Street Phone 3-267] Adams Store Equipment Co. Hill Cases and Coolers ‘ Market and Food Store Equipment’’ Macon, Georgia 696 Poplar Street Phone 3-7373 L.A. THOMAS DRUG COMPANY Prescriptions Since 1898 Corner Broadway at Oglethorpe Macon, Georgia Phone 3-5024 HUGH DENNIS TIRE RECAPPING COMPANY Vulcanizing 1405 Broadway Hugh Dennis Macon McClure-Baldwin Company Office Outfitters Post Office Box 15 Phone 22589 570-572 Mulberry Street Macon, Georgia Cheshire Typewriter Co. Underwood Sundstrand Portable Adding Electric Calculating Standard Bookkeeping Sales-Services-Supplies-Rentals Complete line of Portable Typewriters 576 Mulberry St. Phone 5-5415 KAY HINSON BEAUTY SALON 2968 Houston Avenue Phone 3-3961 Eska Franchise Hair Styling STUDENT COUNCIL Page 60 Babs Green Pat Sanderson Jean Moore Sally Meadows Donna Sanders Jean Higgins Miriam Meredith Judy Cranford Martha Faith Jones Dianne Waters Faye Lewis Tiana Oliphant Janice Pritchett Patti Carpenter Pam Minor Linda Giddens Panny Black Barbara Bradbury Mary Ann Smith Miss Bootle Clarene Wood Melba Thames Marcia Asbell Sandra Parker Alga Sapps Nancy Dean BETA CLUB Page 60 Brenda Wade Sandra Valentine D‘Ree Deen Shelby Beck Mrs. Anthony Patricia Lawrence Barbara King Betty Etheridge Clarene Wood Marlena Mosely Mary Nell Grant Marcia Asbell Ann Walker Sandra Hallman Joan Montford Dorothy Holloway Judy Davidson Linda Williams SR, FeoT As Page 61 Carol Hawkins Ena Jones Miss Rogers Ida Mae McNeil Delia Yawn Jo Ann Carter MEMBERS OF ORGANIZATIONS Johnnie Long Linda Autry Anne Gregors Ann Walker Carolyn Coe Mary Ann Smith Jean McKenzie Faye Land IRs Fa FaA Page 61 Gloria Wright Marion Friedlander Ann Smith Mrs, Benton Jo Murphy Marcia Fowler Barbara Jackson Gloria Jean Bryant Brenda Long Donna Sanders Sue Jones Dolly Wallace Brenda James Vodice Walton Barbara Thigpin Margie Walker Geraldine Jones Lenora Bradshaw Dianne Waters Rebecca Kemper Brenda Dickson Bobbie Jones Shirley Carroll Martha Carroll Brenda Swilley Vickie Taylor Linda Roberts Kathy Spann Jerrelyn Massengale Eillen McGahee Sue Ellen Holland Phyllis Lord Ann Conner Patsy Martin Clare Long Bernice Pritchett Barbara Pelt Frances Suriano Martha Tomberlin Betty Sue Knight Cheryl Lancaster Alice Moore Ann Chandler BAND Page 62 Janice Pritchett Marcia Fowler Eugenia Perry Ann Chandler Mary Helen Joyner Mr. Wilcox Mary Helen Miller Janis Gorman Marion Friedlander Eileen McGahee Cindy Lewis Geraldine Horne Beverly Yeomans Betty May Mitchell Carolyn Pike Babs Sellers Joanne Carroll Linda Newsome Elizabeth Cole Mary Ann Burke Jean Tidwell Zanda Bell Corrie Hughes Marthel Hooker Eleanor Averett Ann Walker Robin Gaskin Dianne Collins Sharon Bell Jean Joiner Lucy Stephens Syvilla Meeks Joanne Adams Sara Lee Vincent Geneva Jones Faye Floyd Leila Ann Radlein Fay Edwards Betty Flanagan Zora Justice MUSIC CLUB Page 62 Phyllis Bledsoe Freida Ritchie Norma Thompson Ann Conner Gloria Milford Gloria Jean Bryant Patricia Everett Sue Flanagan Gloria Jackson Carlyn Elliott Lana Cravey Mary Frances Simmons Esther Green Corliss Martin Linda Seagraves Cynthia Teat Patsy Griffith Louise Garrett Barbara Oktavec Janice Durden Elizabeth Snyder Diane Dodd Dinah Hudson Gail Smith Faye McGinnis Rebecca Turner Kathleen O'Brien Nancy Poire Cynthia Quinn Marcia Asbell Pat Jones Frances Gresham Annette Ballard Joan Montford Peggy Maner Colista Raffield Linda Kull Mary Fain Corrie Hughes Carolyn Young Pat Weese Sara Ann Brooks Judy Adams Judy Barnes Antoinette Millen Babs Sellers Sue Jones Ann Holmes Patsy Ryan Ann Stokes Barbara Bradbury Carol Proctor LIBRARY CLUB A Page 63 Miss Campbell Harriett O'Reilly Christy Hudson Peggy Stephens Gail Jackson La Voyce Davis Linda Shaw Trilby Dicks Babs Sellers Lynette Briggs Arlethea Moore Yvonne Gibson Rose Mary Hancock Catherine Pikulski Mary Kay Beall Betty Jean Helton 103 LIBRARY CLUB Virginia Bass Carol Proctor Janice Tucker Mary Fain Mary Henderson Linda Autry Janice Aultman Helen Newton Linda Beall Susie Justice Bette Frost Linda Giddens Eillen Johnson Leila Ann Radlein Karen Moses Panny Black Linda Adams Patricia Moore Barbara Burnley Brenda Wright Linda Spillers Alga Sapps Faye Morris Carole Crutchfield May Mays Sonya Fullington Linda Parker Sherry Hagaman Dorothy Holden Corrie Hughes Faye Martin Peggy Wilson Jeannie Carson Jerry Ryan Elizabeth Cole Margaret Yates Linda Coulter Janice Pritchett Gail Carey Donna Campbell Frieda Boutwell Marian Grimsley Bobbie Roughton Velma Bateman Charlotte Sprayberry cont, LIBRARY CLUB B Page 63 Barbara Jones Linda Kull Linda Swymer Dianne Hummel Carol Hawkins Roslyn Crumley Barbara Riezinger Mildred Gilleland Judy Brown Colista Raffield Barbara Bradberry Sandra Crooms Beth Ward Ida Mae McNeil Sandra Parker Trena Nelson Judy Pritchett Joanne Carroll Paula Knowles Lola Ann Goss Carole Stehle Linda Newsome Carolyn Sheppard Faye Land Patsy Anderson Barbara Brown Vickie Culpepper Tillie Brown Barbara Fulwood Connie Wormus Madelyn Reed Bobbie McGee Carolyn Garner Joan Toler Vivian Smith Nancy Dean Wanda Cryer Beverly Wilder Norma Stewart Georgann Raines Jeweldene McCrary Patty Carpenter Jean Moore Judy Wilder Janice Stevens Jeanette Miller Jo Ann Carter Gayle Jackson Betty Roberts Ellen Busbee Sue Flanagan Gloria Jackson Marilyn Miller Dinah Hudson BONNIE BLUE PRINT Editorial Staff Page 64 Ann Walker Joyce Stansell Carolyn Coe Phyllis Casey Dianne Hummel Vera Ussery Barbara Roland Anne Rawls Mrs, Lanier Melba Thames Barbara Jefferson Patricia Williams Louise Garrett Marcia Asbell Gelaine Hopkins Rachel O'Neal Catherine Pikulski Jewellene McNeil Jeannie McKenzie Carol Thompson Christy Hudson Barbara King Sara King Dorothy Holloway Patricia Thames BUSINESS STAFF Page 64 Mildred Long Anne Stokes Peggy Jane Stephens Mary Ethel Stuckey Betty Etheridge Mrs, Chambers Clarene Wood Sandra Valentine D'Ree Deen Margaret Elliott Christy Hudson Barbara Jones Shelby Beck Brenda Sanders Mary Ann McBryant Audrey Hall Patricia Moore Frances Rigney Mamie Hancock Marleana Mosely Wynanne Polk Wileane Wilcox Betty Holston Bobbie Harrell ANNUAL Ed, Staff Page 65 Anne Gregors Christy Hudson Dorothy Holloway Marcia Asbell D'Ree Deen Gelaine Hopkins Jo Anne Hedrick Miss Campbell Patricia Weathers Sarah Knowles Betty Etheridge Carolyn Coe Phyllis Casey Barbara Jones Joyce Stansell Pat Thames Janice Stevens Barbara Riezinger Sandra Worsham Elayne Prince Bobbie Harrell Mary Kay Beall Willeane Wilcox Catherine Pikulski Wynanne Polk Anne Rawls Rachel o'Neal Joan Montford Jeannie McKenzie Sandra Leslie Frances Rigney Sue Wilson Barbara Roland Anne McBryant Delia Yawn Jewellene McNeil Melba Thames Pat Moore Martha Skipper Dorothy Holden Glenda Day Dianne Hummel Barbara King BUSINESS STAFF Page 65 Mrs, Davis Kat hy Hudson Linda Kull Judy Pritchett Elayne Prince Rachel o'Neal Dorothy Holden Martha Skipper Pat Molohon Mary Sue Williams Mary Tumblin Jo Ann Carter Betty Etheridge Jeannie McKenzie Johnnie Long Sandra Hallman BUSINESS STAFF Cont, peggy Jane Stephens Linda Parker joyce Beall Corliss Martin Barbara Rape Judy Barnes Jerry Ryan Sylvia Tidwell Barbara Gardner Tracy Hollomon Pat Hightower Peggy Maner Carolyn Pennington Patricia Ray Janice Stevens Gloria Bryant Mary Ann Burke Y°TEENS Page 66 Peggy Cooper Mary Tumblin Joyce Beall Barbara Rape Judy Mixon Linda Spillers Nancy Dean Linda Autry Antoinette Millen Lurlene Garrett Martha Burton Carolyn Coe Judy Hendrix Ann Linder Dot Thomas Dathy Spann Lola Ann Goss Pat Molohon Bonnie Baxley Sandra Roundtree Vivian Aderholt Carolyn Pike Donna Cryer Delores Spires Sandra Shaw Dianne Collins Faye Edwards Patricia Ray Joyce Stevens Linda Strickland Sharon Holleman Kay Windham Joyce Moore Evelyn Hulett Joyce Hadden Brenda Davis Nickie Poore Patsy Jackson Glenda Toole Linda Seagraves Gail Carey Beverly Wilder Linda Coulter Celeste Mackay Madelyn Reed Mary Williamson June Stafford Margaret Brack Carolyn Walker Nancy Galloway Gayle Jackson Barbara Proctor Lenora Bradshaw Betty Sue Knight Gloria Jean Bryant Bernice Pritchett Sandra West Lana Cravey Judy Payne Sylvia Stephens Sandra Barfield Shirley Avera Bonnie Sue Cobb Sandy Stakel OFFICERS OF Y° TEENS Mrs, Crews Treena Peterman Faye Walker Pat Sanderson Judy Wilder Dianne Hummel Mrs, Burt OFFICERS OF TicHi-Y Pagess? Dianne Waters Lynette Briggs Tracy Holloman Judy Pritchett Judy Mixon Lurlene Garrett Linda Spillers Patricia Lawrence Barbara King Sandra Parker Dianne Hummel Gayle Jackson Mrs. Smith Norma Patrick Jo Ann Hedrick Faye Morris Barbara Burnley Sandra Hallman Alga Sapps TRIeHT ¥ Page 67 Christy Hudson Patricia Lawrence Clarene Wood Jo Ann Hedrick Mary Lee Toney Tracy Gail Holloman Willeane Wilcox Phyllis Casey Margaret Sheppard Marcia Asbell Glenda Day Kathy Hudson Joyce Stansell Linda Williams Sandra Hallman Dianne Hummel Carole Proctor Bette Frost Peggy Wilson Faye Morris Linda Spillers Beverly Wilder Jo Ann Carter Ida Mae McNeil Georgann Raines Judy Wilder Mary Sue Williamson Freida Ritchie Jerrelyn Massengale Jo Cameron Triana Oliphant Linda Giddens Gerry Ryan Dianne Dodd Lynette Briggs Brenda Shelton Paulette Mixon Barbara Proctor Linda Seagraves Beverly Miller Elaine Kelly Sue Jones Betty Sue Knight Barbara Gardner Francis Suriano Wanda Cryer La Voyce Davis Pat Jones Sandra Holt Ann Linder Jane Herin Rebecca Kemper Sandra Watts Anne Allen Barbara Pelt Jan Smith Patricia Moncrief Dianne Waters Alga Sapps Ann Watson Sara Ann Adams Linda Shaw Rebecca Molton Norma Patrick Linda Autry Sandra Parker Judy Mixon Vivian Smith Barbara Burnley Judy Pritchett Mary Henderson Joan Toler Mary Fain Corrie Hughes Linda Kull Martha Faith Jones Dolores Ramey Jeannie Carson Vickie Culpepper Virginia Spires Yvonne Thomley Donna Fincher Ann Smith Jo Murphy Nancy Chambless Sally Meadows Jan Thompson Carolyn Young Gail Jackson Dinah Hudson Jeannie Hill Helen Newton Lurlene Garrett Carol Cruthchfield Barbara Jones Linda Swymer SCIENCE CLUB Page 68 Alice Mauldin Sherry Hagaman Corliss Martin Miriam McGee Mrs, Salter Shirley Avery Alice Moore Judye Flournoy Jean Davis Freida Boutwell SCIENCE CLUB Cont, Kathleen O'Brien Gay Arnold Barbara Oktavec Toni Vissage Shelby Davis Sara Lee Vincent Pat Dickinson Suzanne Wright Patricia Hightower ART CLUB Page 68 Patricia Weathers Carol Thompson JoAnne Hedrick Ann Watson Mrs, Hattrich Barbara Rape Sylvia Stevens Patricia Darity Joan Pate Beth Ward Cherie Carmichael Ann Ussery Sandra Stakel Sandra Holt Jane Horn Sue Wilson D Ree Deen Johnnie Long Barbara Roland Frieda Boutwell Reba Hall Elaine Howell Merita Hare Alice Moore Norma Stewart Lola Ann Goss Miriam McGee Barbara Hudson Roslyn Crumley Paula Knowles Barbara Fulwood DEBATING SOCIETY Page 69 Mrs, Hinesley Martha Faith Jones Barbara Brown Barbara Bradsbury Mary Henderson Miss Bootle Clare Long Janice Pritchett Vivian Aderholt Colista Raffield Sara Lee Vincent Alice Mauldin Linda Strickland Sonya Fullington Darla Hatcher Dinah Hudson Bernice Pritchett Gail Smith Helen Newton Janice Aultman Frances Gresham Faye Martin Leila Ann Radlein Mary Fain Rose Mary Hancock Patsy Martin Zanda Bell Babs Sellers Elizabeth Johnson Tiana Oliphant Dianne Dodd Burma Carman Anne Hudgins Leah Beall Vivian Smith Merita Hare Faye Mercier Carolyn Shephard Gloria Jean Bryant Linda Carter Lenora Kitchen Ann Smith AFTER SCHOOL Y-TEENS Page 69 Faye Morris Alga Sapps Lynette Briggs, Merrelyn Madden Linda Giddens Tillie Brown Letitia Sammons Gay Arnold Shirley Avera Bette Frost Ann Allen Peggy Wilson Ann Smith Jan Smith Barbara Pelt Faye Lewis Paulette Mixon Judy Campbell Bonnie Sue Knight Margaret Lynn Yates Kathy Spann Ida Mae McNeil Vickie Culpepper Brenda Wright Patti Carpenter RED CROSS CLUB Page 70 Eugenia Perry Willeane Wilcox Linda Coulter Rachel O'Neal Susan Amsbaugh Adelaide Benner Brenda Wright Corrie Hughes Mrs, Dorroh Miss Weaver Mary Helen Harrison Hazel Bostick Linda Autry Marshlyn Tye May Mays Judy Campbell Patsy Hunt Sandra Worsham Jeannie Joyner Edith Pettigrew Jo Anne Hedrick Patricia Goodwin Barbara Furney Pat Blount Lynda Adams Betty Holston Faye Martin Joan Braddy Sharron Blackwell Earle Raleigh Linda Beall Dawn Thomas JoAnne Adams NURSES CLUB Page 70 Sandra Leslie Tracy Holloman JoAnne Hedrick Lynda Adams Mrs, Burt Elaine Kelly Shelby Davis Barbara Jones Phyllis Lord Peggy Garrett Patricia Folds Shirley Foster Barbara Gardener Cheryl Lancaster Pat Everett Merita Hare Carolyn Martin Sue Ellin Holland Billie Jordan Cynthia Teat Elizabeth Johnson Pat Griffith Louise Garrett Peggy Williams Velma Bateman Mary Hellen Joyner Laverne Toole Joyce Stevens Sybil webb Jean Tidwell Joyce Moore Sharon Blackwell Linda Roberts Miriam Meredith Lenora Kitchens JoAnne Leslie Judy Jones Robin Gaskin Nell Watson Barbara Rape Willie NeeSmith Margaret Wingate Linda Beall Linda Autry Edith Pettigrew Patricia Moncrief Patsy Sellers Delores Spires Antoinette Miller Carolyn Young Carolyn Grizzle Marcia Fowler Ann Chandler Shirley Watkins Jeannie Carson Glenda Toole Judy Miller Jane Brown 4-H Page 71 Judythe Adams Jane Herring Judy Barnes Linda Kull Burma Carman Shandra Shaw Yvonne Gibson Shirley Curtiss Eugenia Perry Angela Parent Margie Keen 4-H Cont, Anne Belle Hunnicutt Linda Hudson Robin Gaskin Donna Cryer Joan Toler Delores Spires Carlyn Shepherd Nancy Chambliss Faye Keys FLB.LLA Page 71 Dot Thomas Linda Spillers Judy Mixon Ida Mae McNeil Merrelyn Madden Patsy Ryan Mrs. Davis Patricia Thames D'Ree Deen Wileane Wilcox Jewellene McNeil Mrs, Upchurch Joyce Bunch Patsy Rutland Sandra Alligood Linda Witherington Virginia Bass Trula Hudson Sandra Flanders Peggy Parker Ellen Busbee Brenda Webb Mary Alice Wheeler Gail Jackson Mildred Long JoAnn Carter Edna Annis Patricia Caldwell Louise Garrett Anne Holmes Edith Griggers Sylvia Meeks Carol Thompson Ann Stokes Priscilla Mayne Frances Rigney Joan Montford Donna Campbell Sue Wilson Norma Patrick Sylvia Tomberlin Brenda Sanders Barbara Roland Jewel Vickery Kay Walker Ann McBryant Karen Moses Mary Kay Beall Mary Nell Grant Catherine Pikulski Susie Justice SR. F.H.A. CLUB Page 72 Ann Watson Patsy Ryan Gail Horton Lurlene Garrett Letitia Sammons Sandra Parker Faye Morris Alga Sapps Judy Mixon Linda Spillers Gayle Jackson Merrelyn Madden Sharon Stokes Ann Holmes Linda Autry Janice Keen Sandra Stokes Ann Tyler Karen Moses Leonora Kitchens Charlene Keel Audrey Hall Eleanor Averett Miss Byrd Joyce Bunch Carolyn Garner Charlotte Parker Linda Witherington Sara King Barbara Riezinger Sara Ann Adams Judy Vallowe Linda Fullbright Mary Ann Brown Dot Thomas Martha Berkner Sylvia Tomberlin JR. F.H.A- Page 72 Annette Arnold Joyce Beall Earline Belflower Barbara Oktavec Cherie Carmichael Brenda Dixon Lucy Stephens Sondra Newby Helen Hall Madelyn Reed Carol Pike Joyce Moore Sandra Watts Nita Norris Sue Hill Fay Floyd Brenda Swilley Vicki Taylor Sharon Bell Miss Burton Faye Walker Flora Bell McGinnis Paulette Mixon Sally Meadows Treena Peterman Kay Windham Patricia Ray Jean Higgins Martha Merkerson Shirley Anne Allen Sandra Holt Evelyn Hulett Pat Weese Carolyn DeLoach Anne Hudgins Linda Seagraves Lana Cravey Patsy Anderson Betty Mae Mitchell Sharon Holleman Sara Ann Brooks Antoinette Miller Gloria Wright Janie Sue Lewis Emily Tindall Sylvia Godfred Janice Durden Patricia Griffith Shirley Watkins Pat Jones Barbara Proctor Cynthia Lewis Geraldine Horne Jean Moore Gloria Bryant Rebecca Davis Pam Kingry Bernice Pritchett Gloria Lamb Elizabeth Snyder Betty Jean Brown Gloria Ann Milford Mary Tumblin Sandra West Donna Sanders DRAMATICS (Senior) Page 73 Wynanne Polk Elizabeth Hall Martha Cone Maggie McLeod Mrs, Baird Mrs, Flowers Gail smith Patricia Weathers Jo Whittle Patsy Rutland Phyllis Casey Becky Dunn Phyllis Casey Joyce Stansell Margaret Elliot Vera Ussery JoAnn Adams Marshlyn Tye Elayne Prince Jewellene McNeil Audrey Hall Patsy Hunt Gelaine Hopkins Mary Williamson Sylvia Tidwell DRAMATICS (Junior) Page 73 Babs Green Brenda Shelton Linda Belflower Faye Edwards Anne Allen Pam Minor Joan Evans Bette Frost Patsy Hopkins Judith Brewer Nancy Tucker Phylis Bledsoe Mary Tumblin Mrs, Massey Shirley Avery Pam King Shirley Rogers Mary Simmons Dianna Holmes Martha Caroll Barbara Pelt Elaine Howell Ann Smith Jan Smith Linda Strickland Cherie Carmicheal Gloria King DRAMATICS (Junior) Cont, Brenda Rogers Jane Horn Jeannie Joiner Dianne Snellgrove Brenda James Dianne Collins Mary Ragsdale Lola Ann Goss Harriet O'Reilly Faye McGinnis Freida Ritchie Cheryl McRae Sue Hill Sandy Stake; Elaine Ayers Bessie Livingston Gail Watson Sylvia Stephens Mary Sue Williamson Toni Vissage Babs Sellers Carolyn Pennington Celeste Mackay Margaret Yates Faye Lewis Beth Ward Reba Hall Carolyn Walker Geneva Jones Jeanette Hughes Nancy Dickso n Eilene McGhee Sue Ellen Holland Mary Ann Burke Bonnie Cobb Frena Nelson Rose Mary Hancock Yvonne Gibson Miriam McGee Dianne Dodd Betty Mae Mitchell Peggy Hurt Patsy Tabor Phyllis Fisher PHOTOGRAPHERS PuBttsnens ves i) ‘ St tw AS (a 7 ; dad | n , s ska - So . 2 od f peta Ss) “ah at ee ’ 4 i; tS tity : 5 OES M F . — £. ae rr Naa Y a if. ‘ae “ “ ’ oy, Cale Fe aN S)

Suggestions in the McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) collection:

McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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