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1 E5 E H 5 55 Ek 152 Hi E x 4 2 5 E E N f. 5 1- 4 1 G 1 v X X X. I I 3 . my I ""'f'm,f , r-1? ,A gf- 4 I x x ' g ' L .L I M, 9 " 1 Q l , 'QQ N 152 f 5 V., X gy 3' , 5 Q '51 ' 1 ALBROKAN '78 KANNAPQLIS, NCRTH CAROLINA ALBRDKAN Frank Smith, Curriculum Kim Davis, Curriculum Lori Privette, Clubs 4' an Introduction ......................... 4 We haven't kicked off the book with something borrowed, old, new or even blue, but there are interesting pictures and reading inside. Dedication .... . . . . ....... . . . . .10 Meet the man of Rocks unlimited, the '78 man of the year- book. Curriculum ........... . . .12 From the Bottom of THE HILL To the top of the Hall we present The establishment of A.L. Brown High. The Class Section . . .......... 38 We changed a little this year and saved the best for last, but does that mean we put the worst first? We don't think so but you be the judge and don't miss the color section! on-f Mi Bruce Murdock, Art gi Denny Oxendine, Sports Keith Hardin, Underclassmen Ricky Britt, Business Douglas Young, Editor Clubs and Organizations .... . . .120 Boy, this is one big section, some 46 pages concerning Student Government, the assistants, Chorus, Band and of course our own Indy-500 - the Bus Drivers. Sports . . . ..... . . ...... . . .174 In the first year of 4-A conference play the Wonders didn't make the Championship, but we weren't in the cellar ei- ther! That's a nice trophy, wrestling team. Good Work! 2nd in the toughest conference in the State! Get the rest of the story inside. Merit .............................. 210 If it made the front page, and even if it didn't it's in the honors section. The DAR, AFS, SPEC, and the AFLCIO - yes, they are all there. Ads ........................... , . . .236 The money came in, but went right back out again. Check out our ads. Jimmie Lamb, Tangela Gaither Ads Dewey Saunders, The photo on the Front is by Franklin Furr of the Concord Tribune. The picture illustrates this year's theme of Celebration - in special observance of A.L. Brown's twenty-fifth year. Paul Settlemyer, Editor Bass H. Oxendine, Adviser Photos Mike Gibson, Roxanne Bigham Senior Class Editors Roxanne Bi gham, Typist June Taylor, Honors 5 Terrie Clowney, Circulation s.....,' i .2r.s.2se iiii iiii p. .., '-. V A33 , .'Vf?'L?j5' . .'i. 3 : Our world is as varied as the faces that grace it. For everyone there is that special place where we belong. Half the fun is finding itp the other is the way We go about our goal: the Dance of Life. 1 ...nm X iii 1... E 1 ear. So, when it comes your time to perform, do your best, because it might be your last chance N. 'S Q Our theme this year is Celebration: of Life, living or really just anything that calls for remembrance "" 'Rmb lah' Twenty-five years of memories come tumbling forth out of the past - our parents' and our own - and we Celebrate our growing up. i Q 5 Wi? rr, rr 4 45 Q w A ri' 4 ' """""Wh ' 2 N Ani tlldnllvni Q. ,E Q lbw f, if W.,-3 H ,, A V A , ,- yz. 25 in I 5' .1 f.XL A . ,. -'il Q3 A , , . N--:gyivz pg- H -f":5'f-!,:f'E.2 nl ' :1:2:.!'f? 2: if?-:EW ,, . , 2 ,.M,,..f- '78 SENHCQD RS Someone once said about Mr. Chandler, "He is a man with a lot of character." These feelings were echoed by the senior class when dedicating the 1978 Albrokan to Max F. Chandler. Behind the quiet, solemn exterior of this teacher there lie concern, laughter, and Wis- dom. As grains of sand form stone, these qualities shape a unique man, a representa- tive of A.L. Brown High School's product - an alumnus. " yn ..,. ,,,,, i W' 'i'-'S-9 W We DEDICATE. . . W...-l 5 7 M ,. u W ryan 1-5 f.L'?.."'a'I2 ' 1 f , f ff' "df -L 1 . . .qpezff . A . .. ,. if, ,ti gf. ..r ., f.-r ,,.. W E is t 4 i 2 .. ., .., . .r,. .. A... Q . .1 i 1 . . 9-w1fn'3vf-:Jw5':1l:f31i 4 f .. ' .,-i .ifwil ,. ff, 5 4 l ZAXCXAXIDIEWMINCGS Books have shaped and changed our world for better and for worseg moreover, they are a mir- ror - reflecting man's thoughts of his world, God, life, and death on paper. A book contains more than a man's thoughts - it retains his soul. But a book is not our only teacher. We shall recall forever the great minds and souls of our dedicated human teachers. They have opened the books and pointed the Ways to which we now aspire. --t-t "ibm, F: W 13 ADMINISTRATION With every school year come deci- sions to be faced by school adminis- tration. '77-'78 proved to be no dif- ferent, but somehow Dr. Bradshaw, Dr. Macon and other officials have kept the system running smoothly. Working in accord with Mr. Byron King, principal at A.L. Brown, were Mr. Elmer Poole and Mr. Harrison Swander, Assistant principals. Stu- dents heard requests for less noise in hallways and were asked to avoid certain areas on campus, but overall there were minimal problems. Mr. Elmer Poole - Assistant Principal Mr. Byron L. King - Principal Mr. Harrison Swander - Assistant Principal HHH! ll ll I Dr. Grier A. Bradshaw - Superinten- dent Kannapolis City Schools 4,4.a1AL1viff44f5'5' 4 .4-""' , ,I Ap Kannapolis City Schools Board: joe Mingo, Henry Duncan, Derwood Bost - Chairman, Homer Friday, James Moser, C.R. Cowan , rri , C Dr. Ernest M. Macon, Ir. - Assistant Superintendent ffwii. ' V A, -9. , f , , ,S A 15 OFFICE X X. axes, K Mrs. Dorothy Dearmon - Treasurer 4. Mrs. Hazel Hastings - Secretary to the Principal Mrs. Linda Wilhelm - Records Secretary an . GUIDANCE , me 'A 1 ,xi I 'l I I i jf Mrs. Becky Stone - Guidance Counselor Mr. Robert Curry - Guidance Counselor Mrs. Mary Lou Bost - Guidance Secretary M W SOCIAL STUDIES Mr. Bob Shinn L E a' HQ 5 i f k T A 9 2 1 Mrs. Ianet McDaniel Mr. David Poole ,, -f-, ,z-- VW M ,.,, ,. -- H, 1 :fm ,f,, S W, ,.:1 .gp-uni' WA ff, 4' 5 ,. S A Mr, Max Chandler Miss Iacque Brown nin-ll "1I'ff I W Q Mr. Mike Safrit Mrs. Laurah Van Poole Mrs. Jacqueline Linker Mr. Earl Lentz Mrs. Kathy Holbrook Faculty members at A.L. Brown High School show in many ways their con- cern for the students who file into their classrooms each day. Through diagram, equation, scientific experiment, craft- ing tools, and job involvements stu- dents learn as these dedicated guides point the way. 19 Miss Francis Bounds Mrs. Delinda Rodgers MATH Mr. Edward Thompson Mr. Ray Rivers 41" Mr. Lope Linder H-ini, Mrs. Iennie Wright in 7 Mr. Ernest Faw 4 fm' x. Y is Mrs. Sylvia Saunders Mrs. lean Williams SCIENCE 52 ri! Mrs. Mary McCarn s , ,,NxV Miss Rosella Caldwell ENGLISH N' Mrs. Tamara 'Solomon 2--1 Jiffy. XV' K. -H XA Mrs. Irene Edwards Mrs. Bess Oxendine '-1 R Miss Donna Randolph Mr. Dan Boone Mrs. Catherine Andes Miss lane Aiken Mrs. Judith Hill Mrs. Willie Nocline Mr. Jim A. Rodgers Mrs. Helen Brisson l if LIBRARY Mrs Harriet Ward Mrs. Betty Cauble Mrs. Ginger Grunke A ' . , A 1' fl' ART Mrs. Carolyn Duplisea Miss Brenda Hardin ECONOMICS HEALTH OCCUPATIONS iiiii 45 s,is 1 , , ,,s,i,i S Mrs. Sally Casstevens Mrs. Joyce Deal FCREIGN LANGUAGE Mrs. Mona Baldwin Mrs. Carla jones Mr. Roger Williams MUSIC Mr. Louis Bean Mrs. Virginia Caldwell 25 PHYSICAL EDUCATION ' it-1 '-R 9 Mr. Gerald Hefner Mr. Bob Boswell Miss Vicky Wilhelm Mr. Bill Watts we-. 2 -Er xxx A 4 x Mrs. Mary Cross Mrs. Lillian Banks 4' - Mrs. Betty Lentz MIS. Sara Hamrick BUSINESS Mr. jerry Trull Mr. William Pate Mr. Norman Harrington 28 Mrs. Clotilda Rodgers Mr. Herman Hudspeth gl, Mr. Charlie Fisher Mr. Ralph Henry Mr. Milton Lamb VOCATICDNAL EDUCATION Mr. Frank Crainshaw Mr. Calvin Colson Mr. Hoyt O. Sloop 29 SERVICE L.., Q W,.. . 'S ky Jw' , lf -- Mr. Luther Robinson Mrs. Ophelia Flowe Mr. Leon Addison Mr. Wesley Hardin Mr. Edward Hoffman Mrs. Pauline Archer V .ff f-at r X' x . lx! , V " Mr. Paul Hamrick Q. ,,'. V I .51-U Dramatics fl 1 4 X., 1 W .,. .i X Q A 1 , 1 ?2'ffi3?ie ' ' . iE1E1:11?5 r 51 5 ' x ig s . ,NNUQN Qxmw ll--' The Drama Class of A.L. Brown High Presents ED oPUs QREXJ OI' WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO TEEN ANGEL? By William Gleason Characters: Ed Opus .... ....... K evin McLeod Yo Yo Costa . . .... Leigh Ann McMurry Cleon ......... ........ E ric Dearmon Ritso Sphinx .... . . . Denny Oxendine Ty Reesias ......... .... D an Howard Shep Herd ........... ..... M itch Messer Dr. Soph 8: Old Man . . . .... Paul Settlemeyer JH Cheerleader ..... ..... T ina Tucker 42 Cheerleader .... .... I oyce Bean Chorus ......... . . . Rhonda Huie Melanie Martin Todd Whitley Terry Hamm April Flowe Bonita Harris Mendel McGill Gang . . . .... Sharon McVay . il' Pl' X' X' X' X- Produced By arrangement with Pam Bullock Terry Clowney Bruce Murdock Ricky Britt THE DRAMATIC PUBLISHING COMPANY OF CHICAGO Special Thanks To SOPHOCLES SPOTLIGHT ON DRAMA Talented drama students began the year with a presentation of Ed Opus, a play based on the classic by Socrates, Oedipus Rex. Presented to English classes at Brown, the story brought a laugh a line as it presented the general story of the original in the setting of the fifties. Throughout the year, skits were presented to interested groups and plans were made for a play to be presented in April, a children's drama in the tradition of "The Lion Who Wouldn't" and "The Velveteen Rabbit," ear- lier highly successful productions. As the eager students put Old King Cole and his friends through the paces, they learned much in the areas of acting, staging, and special effects. The class has been taught by Mr. Iim A. Rodgers, who this year was named North Carolina English Teacher of the Year. Assist- ing him with the class has been Mr. Delbert Hall, an alumnus of A.L. Brown High. ,I fffllif EXPANDING MIND AND SPIRIT . . . The year 1977-'78 brought new trends at A.L. Brown High School. Among these was the relocating of the TMR class of older students to Brown. Also, special emphasis was placed on competency this year, an emphasis in keeping with educational efforts throughout the state and nation. Working with students at Brown High was the CETA team of Mrs. Keck, Mrs. Coffey, and Mrs. Gordon. Every day in countless ways, students at A.L. Brown added to their knowledge and broadened their perspectives, fulfil- ling the highest aim of the public schools - to educate the total person. Ng-,L-, ...ai v1M"""""" ai 5 ,L KY.- Esl K 4. 9 7 s'XX Q . Iss is I X ' ,f,, f l A--nunnuuuur .-WN? wks, d Miss jane Aiken -- B.A., North Carolina State University, UNC-Charlotte: Intermediate English II, Actor's Workshop, Co-Advisor of the Social Committee, Adviser of Alpha Zeta Chi Club. Mrs. Catherine Andes - A.B., Elon College, Advisor to Advisory Council, Co-Advisor to Student Council, Advanced English II, English III -- Drama Appreciation, Non-Fiction, Mass Media. Mrs. Mona Baldwin - A.B., UNCG, University of Arizona, Spanish I, English III, Advisor to AFS Exchange Student, Advisor to American Field Service Club. Mrs. Lillian Banks - B.S., A 8: T State University, Typing I, Typing A, Shorthand I, Senior Class Advisor. Mr. Louis Bean - A.B., Lenoir Rhyne College, Summer Study at Vander- cook School of Music, Chicago, Band Director. Mrs. Mary Bost - Guidance Secretary. Mr. Bob Boswell - A.B., Elon College, Social Studies, M.ED., UNC- Chapel Hill, Athletic Director, Head Football Coach. Dr. Grier A. Bradshaw - Superintendent of Kannapolis City Schools -- B.A., Wake Forest. M.A. ED.D UNC Chapel Hill. Mr. Dan Boone - A.B. Catawba College, English IV -- Shakespeare, En- glish IV -- Human Spirit, Basic Englis II, C ub Chairman lco-ordinatorl o-Sponsor Honor Society. Miss Frances Bounds - A.B. Lenior Rhyne College, Geometry, Sponsor of Student Council, Executive Secretary of NC Student Councils. Mrs. Helen Brisson - B.A. Oklahoma Baptist University, M.A., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, English Il, and III, Creative Writing, Mythology, Advisor of j.V. Cheerleaders. Miss Jacque Brown - B.A., Columbia Bible College, Bible I, II, Sponsor of Bible Club. Miss Rosella Caldwell - B.S., M.S., Livingstone Colle e, Virginia State A8zT State University, Biology, Faculty Representative, Scholarship Com- mittee, Social Committee, Secretary TPC. Mrs. Virgina Caldwell - B.A., ASU Foreign Language Institute, Spanish I, II, Chairman Foreign Language Department. Mrs. Sally Casstevens - B.S., M.ED., Mars Hill Ir. College, UNC- Greensboro, Home Economics, FHA Sponsor. Mrs. Betty Cauble - B.S., ASU, UNC-Chapel Hill, Library Club Sponsor, Executive Secretary N CHSLA, District Advisor, Associate Executive Secre- tary N.C. High School Library - Media Association. Mr. Max Chandler - A.B. UNC-Chapel Hill, Economics, Sociology, U.S. History, Co-Sponsor of Cheerleaders. 36 Mr. Calvin Colson - B.S. , Elizabeth City State University, Industrial Arts, Construction Industries and Basketball Coach. Mr. Frank Crainshaw -- North Carolina State University, Sheet Metal. Mrs. Mary Cross - A.B., Lenior Rhyne College, Catawba, ASU, Coopera- tive Occupations, Typing II, Sponsor of FSA, Senior Class Adviser. Mr. Robert Curry -- B.S. M.S., A 8: T State University, Guidance. Mrs. Ioyce Deal - R.N. Cabarrus Memorial School of Nursing, Health Occupations I,II, Health Careers Club Sponsor. Mrs . Dorothy Dearmon -- Financial Secretary Mrs. Carolyn Duplisea -- Library Secretary. Mrs. Irene Edwards -- A.B. Mars Hill College, UNC-Greensboro, English IV -- Shakespearean Drama, Science Fiction, Intermediate and Basic En- glish II, Chairman of English Department. Mr. Emie Faw - B.S. Appalachian State University, Chemistry, Physics. Mr. Charlie Fisher -- N.C. State University, Registered Radiotrician, Na- tional Radio Institute, Rowan Technical Institute, Electronics Aids., Elec- tricity, Electronics. Mrs. Ginger Grunke - B.A. Duke University, Assistant Librarian, Library Club Co-Sponsor. Mrs. Sara Hamrick - Lenior Rhyne College., Stratford Iunior College, Graduate work at Appalachian, Head of Business Department, Duplicating Advisor. Miss Brenda Hardin -- B.S. Wingate College, Western Carolina Universi- ty, M.ed, UNCC, Art, Art Club Sponsor. Mr. Norman Harrington - Appalachian State University, Former Profes- sional Draftsman, Technical Drafting. Architecture, VICA. Mr. Gerald Hefner - B.A. in Health and Education, Lenior Rhyne, Assis- tant coach in Football, Varsity Track and Field. Mrs. Hazel Hastings- Secretary to Principal Mr. Ralph Henry - Mars Hill College, Charlotte College, N.C. State Uni- versity, Automotives. Mrs. Cathy Holbrook - B.A. Erskine College, U.S. History, World Histo- ry, Career Math, Biology. Mrs. Iudith Hill - A.B. English Lenior Rhyne, English I, II, Mass Media, Nam-Fiction, journalism, Brown Beat Advisor, Quill and Scroll Co- A visor. Mr. Herman Hudspeth -- N.C. State University, Bricklaying. Mrs. Carla jones -- A.B. Catawba College, French I, II, Sponsor of French Club. Mr. Byron King -- Principal. A.B., M.A., Presbyterian College, Western Carolina College. Mr. Milton Lamb -- B.S, Newport News Apprentice School, N.C. State University, I.C.T., Sponsor of t e ICT-VICA Mrs. Betty Lentz - A.B. High Point College, Catawba College, ASU, Shorthand I, ll, Bookkeeping. Mr. Earl Lentz - A.B., Catawba College, U.S. History, Government, Psy- chology, Monogram Club, Basketball Coach, Golf Coach. Mr. Robert Linder -- A.B. Catawba College, Physical Education, Con- sumer Math, Biology, junior Class Advisor. Mrs. Iacqueline Linker -- B.A. UNCC Vocational Instruction and Prepara- tion, Sponsor FTA. Dr. Ernest M. Macon, jr. - A.B. M.A.T., PHD. UNC-Chapel Hill, Assis- tant Superintendent of Kannapolis City Schools. Mrs. Mary McCarn -- Teacher aid for TMR Class. Mrs. janet McDaniel -- B.A., UNCC, Advanced Government, U.S. Histo- By, Guidance, Advisor Sophomore Class, Advisor of Assembly Committee epartment Head -- Exceptional Children. Mrs. Willie Nodine -- B.A. Wake Forest, Catawba College, UNC-Chapel Hill, UNCC, Science Fiction IH, Nonfiction, Mass Media, Dean of Women Mrs. Bess Oxendine -- B.A., M.A. Mars Hill College, Berea College, UNCiChapel Hill, Creative Writing, Mythology, Film-making, Advanced English III, Quill Sz Scroll Co-Advisor, Albrokan Advisor. Mr. William Pate - Evans College, N.C. Vocational Textile School, N .C. State University -- Textiles. Mr. David Poole-- A.B. ASU, Wake Forest University, UNCC, U.S. Histo- ry, World History, Advisor Key Club. Mr. Elmer Poole -- Assistant Principal, Dean of Men, A.B. ASU Med. UNCC, Catawba College, U.S. History, Biology, Consumer Math, Algebra. Mrs. Donna Randolph - B.A, UNCC, Career Math, English, Sponsor FTA. Mr. Ray Rivers -- B.S., M.S., N.C. State University, Algebra Il, Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry, Head of Math Department, dvisor Key Club. Mrs. lean Roberts -P Western Carolina University, BS. in Special Educa- tion, TMR Teacher. Mrs. Clotilda Rodgers - A.B. Mars Hill College, UNC-Chapel Hill, Catawba College, Distributive Education, Fashion Merchandising, Co- Sponsor DECA. Mrs. Delinda Rodgers - A.B. Meredith College, Geometry, Advanced Ge- ometry, Algebra II, Advanced Algebra ll, Co-Sponsor of Cheerleaders, Sponsor of Birthday Committee, Iunior and Senior Prom Sponsor. Mr. lim Rodgers - A.B. Catawba College, Humanities, Dramatics, Ad- vanced English Il. Mr. Mike Safrit - B.S., M.A. Appalachian State University, U.S. and world history. Mrs. Sylvia Saunders - B.S., Pembroke State University, BSCS Biology, General Biology, Sponsor of National Honor Society, Chairman of Science Department, Sponsor of Citizenship Committee. Mr. Bob Shinn - A.B., M.A., Duke University, UNC-Chapel Hill, U.S. History, Modem History, World History, Sponsor Of Debate Club. Mr. Hoyt O. Sloop -- A.B., M.A., Catawba College, Appalachian State University, Career Math, ICT, Sponsor VICA Club. Mrs. Tamera Solomon - A.B., M.Ed., UNC-Charlotte, English IV, Mass Media, Non-fiction, Shakespearean Drama, Sponsor of Anchor. Mrs. Becky Stone - B.A. Winthrop College, UNC-Charlotte, Head of Guidance Department, Sponsor of Sub-juniors. Mr. Harrison Swander - Asssitant Principal, A.B., Catawba College. M.Ed., UNCC. Mr. Edward Thompson - B.S., Livingstone College, N.C. State, A 8: T University, Algebra l. Mr. Jerry Trull - B.S., M.A., Appalachian State University, DECA, Spon- sor of Interact. Mrs. Edwin L. Van Poole - A.B., W.C. UNC-Chapel Hill, Social Prob- lems, World History, U.S. History, TPC, Head of Social Studies Depart- ment. Mrs. Harriet Ward - B.A., Wake Forest University, Library Co-ordinator, English Department Co-ordinator. Mr. Bill Watts -- B.A., Lenoir Rhyne College, Driver's Education, Ad- ministrative Assistant. Miss Vickie L. Wilhelm -- B.S. Western Carolina University, Coach Vol- leyball, I.V. Basketball, Softball. Mr. Roger Williams -- Bachelor of Music Education, Mars Hill College, Music, Mixed Chorus, A Cappella Choir. Mrs. Iennie Wright - B.A., Bennett College, Biology, Advisor to Pep Club, Sophomore Class Advisor. 37 Q Gi 1 ', fain? I . az. ,, A V X 4, ,Wg E if X M. ,,.w..,.A G A2 6 722 1 , W.. 6 bf 3? ,W H3 fl- 1 if-, wi f' isa ! 5 I ' 523 X x ,QQQQQE - - 'nm 'hd -A -,ff ,QW A Q I 'P 'W .ff P7 dau. Y v ' .f g ,..., x. I 4513 V1 'Z W ' -nw ff ' V, E , Q.: I A.,-. , e'- Q V any w,,,,,' fy L 46 QW CLASSE The three classes sophomore, junior, and se- nior - Each is at a certain stage in school and life. The sophomore is put down so he can climb even higher. The junior is caught in the middle having to make choices and set goals for his hopeful future. The Senior has weathered the first storm - one of many to come. More is expected of him than he can sometimes deliver, but he is one who can accept the good and the bad with the same face - and knows that, no matter what, being a graduate of A.L. Brown is something to shout about! 39 President - Ierry Cannon Vice-President - Mark Norris Secretary - Linda Hatley Treasurer - Denise Basinger CDPHCMMDRE CLASS The youngest of classes trying to prove themselves, the sophomore class, the class of 1980, discovered what A.L.Brown is all about - embarking on new adventures, seeing new faces, and finding out what being a student at Brown is - becoming at home in the world of senior high. Ronald Absher Ronnie Acosta Curtis Adcock Angel Altman Kim Almon Mitchell Allen Sheila Alexander Keith Anderson Donald Anthony Kelly Baldwin Curtis Ballard Tammy Ballard Mary Ann Ballard Tina Barbee Kenneth Barnes Teresa Barnes Thomas Bamette Danny Barnhardt Ann Barrineaw Denise Bassinger Donna Baucom Louis Bean Marshall Bean Doug Beaver Scott Beaver Libby Bebber Keith Bell Greg Belk Rusty Berrier jane Blackwelder Ierry Blackwell Selinda Blackwell Michael Blakeny Ricky Boatwright Aaron Bost Lamont Bowers Michael Bowers Mike Bracewell Chris Bradley Brinetta Bromm 41 W ff fwiiz if 1: Lf G N Q , 35 F gf? fb E, .9 M Doug Brown Ginger Brown Nathan Brown Rodney Brown Roger Brown Trina Brown Kathy Bumgarner Lorraine Caldwell , ,H i JSF H f' iee . -- - , , ,,,. I , . "LV , i V' i l ,1.. 14' a l i'r R ei niii . i is , y , K I . k:W,A,.. K K , iww .:,,. H I. 'V I ., I 5. I , Y, w g? VVVI J I :Vg i l - we 3- 1 1 4 . - "'r e'r' , at K i is Lisa Call Rita Campbell Ienny Campbell Ierry Campbell Ierry Cannon Ionny Cannon Eddie Carroll Rebecca Casstevens ,J ,V r V,VN N,,, y of-fag , , k.,,L 1 Shermon Cauthen Richard Chambers Craig Chastain Rodger Chastain Cathy Cherry Kent Childers Tammy Childers Sharon Chisolm Karen Chisolm Janice Christy Greg Christy Robin Christy Tammy Christy Mike Church Susan Clark Tim Clay 42 'lf 'xxfzil fire Karen Clowney Kelly Coble Ann Coggins Bobby Collins Cindy Cook jolene Cook Conley Cooper Ursula Cowan gy Al Sharon Cox jill Crainshaw Patricia Crisco Tonda Crumblin D9I'1'iCk Timothy Dade IQYYY Daniels Sally DSIUGIS Cunningham 1 35 'f V gg A ma - -'-N 415. Bonnie Demby Connie Dodge Brad Doffon Darrell D1'Ye Teresa Duncan Almira Earnhardt Robert Eamhardt Kennette Edwards Sentrie Edwards Virginia Emerson Beth Engle Bill Ervin S gi' Q Danny Everhart Robin Ewing Iohnny Faggart Rusty Farrington 43 . i l Eddie Filder Steve Fields Todd Fields Randy Fish Gaye Fleming Iackie Foggie Darryll Foster Lori Freeze hp X ,,,,.,.,....4 Bob Frye David Frye Donna Gainey Chris Gardner Lisa Garrison Kim Gibson Lavon Gill Octavia Gill gvv Buddy Goforth Mark Golston Karen Goodman Scottie Goodman Reid Goodman Alan Goodnight Glenda Graham Lois Grier ' if V P , ,Q X 'Z Z -L1 I af V 5 Eddie Griffin Leslie Griffin Phil Hamilton Barry Hampton Cheryl Hammonds Donna Hancock Robin Hanes Kim Haney Tim Hardin Tony Hardison juli Hare Beth Harrington Cindy Harris Mary Harris Donnie Hartsell Eddie Hartzog 44 Kim Hatley Linda Hatley Melvin Hayney Terry Hays Kim Heame Matt Hearne Crystal Helton Iennie Hendrix PM 'ite -,.-w-""Q"-0-.., A Pam Henley Mike Henry Angie Henry Phil Hicks George Hilbish Crystal Hill Paula Hill Debbie Hines Gene Hines Cathy Hinson Richard Holloway Tony Honbarrier Judy Hord Ruby Home Ianet Hunter Robert Hunter 71: Shelley Hunter Wanda Hunter David james Lisa Iames Bonnie jenkins Earl johnson Sandra Johnson Daphne jones 45 "H ' Greg jones Karen Ioplin Lori Jordon Terry Jordon Sandi julian jeff Keller Alisa Kennedy David Key WZ' Murl Kidd Barry King Debbie Kinney julie Kinney , , 45, 5523 ' , . , at if , ,. g. ,, be K V LI K i ,i.: Erv H are . K yyy My , 1 l L X i Val Lawson Don Lazenby Rick Leach Iames Lear 'Us I X Elizabeth Kiser Kelly Krimminger jeff Lambert Dina Lawrence Pennie Lindsay Beverly Lingerfelt Carol Link Kathy Linker 55 . by ia n A 5 :gf I 0 K 45 l rw . . 1' X 6 dn. X' Cynthia Linn Susan Linn Beverly Lisk Tamesha Lisk :., M Steve Litaker jill Little Teresa Love ' 55" ' 'rf Wa 1 lm-A 29 fx ,- "' i its A Q QW sa s, ,. Karen Lowery Robin Lunsford Priscilla Maddox Carl Mann Annnette Marks Tyrone Marlowe Donald Marshall Mark Martin ,?,X yi i it X Parnell Massey Randy Mattox Tracy Mattox Darrell Maxwell Gary Maxwell Jane McCombs Leigh Ann Vangie McHargue McDaniel K ' ' ' 'Y' Y - I i A J Q1' " X 'Q ,,,, it ,, 4 F' f i Keith McLain Iackie McPherson Gina McRorie Dwayne Medford Diane Melton James Melton Brad Medcalf Ronald Milam t lm 3 l ' Connie Miller Scott Miller Trina Miller Debbie Mills if, A Q " 1 M W l 4, 5 i'-'.iii A i 'A l A 4. -, dn i" ,, Kyle Moon Carla Moore Carol Morgan 47 D 5 if ' 155, 2 ,i W Todd Morgan Kelly Morrison Artie Morrow Mae Mosley Brenda Moss jenny Moss Steve Mott Sarah Mullis ww X X V W jerry Musselwhite Butch Newton Tamara Noles David Norris Mark Norris john O'Donnell Darrell O'Neal jimmy Orbison 4177 Michele Osborne Donna Overcash Gina Overcash Keith Overcash Nancy Overcash Rhonda Overcash Arnie Parham Wanda Parham Teresa Parrish Kim Poston Penny Patterson Keith Payne Teresa Perigard l09 PEITY Lisa Pi-Ethel Susie Pefhel 48 Melody Petrea janet Petty Edwin Phifer Sharon Phillips Rocky Pittman Todd Pless Bill Pope Mark Powell x if X Teresa Pressley Tracy Presson Kenneth Prevette Mike Proctor Bettie Rabon Betty Ramseur Melonee Ranson Pam Rhodes Pricilla Rice Randy Rice Shelia Richardson Carolyn Ritchie Leigh Ann Ritchie Linn Ritchie Mark Robinette Luther Robinson Dean Rodgers Trina Rodgers Tim Rollins Kim Rose Tola Rose Ian Roscoe Becky Russell Glenn Sanders f l i Eddie Scoggins Mark Seamon Pam Setzer Marva Shaw jackie Sheekg Len Sherrill 49 W Iackie Shue Sandra Shuftler Eric Shumate Tim Sigmon Greg Sloop Mike Sloop Lynn Small iz Ellen South Dean Spry Rusty Spry gl: ,, H Janice Smith LaDonna Stanback Eric Sills Tanya Simiton Tom Slaughter Beth Sloop -ds Q Q N xx X T l i Michael Smith Tim Smith Mitchell Stanback Trena Stanback Sandy Snider K A 'Wx X 2 Xl Travis Starnes Eric Snyder Ieff Steele Scott Steen Vickie Stephens Linda Stevenson Tim Teague Tim Templeton Brad Thomas Carla Thompson Quintin Thompson Todd Thompson Linda Trexler Luther Trexler 50 Donna Thrift I M 'xl 'X Phil Troutman Kathy Turnmire Mike Tyner jeff Upright 1 Lori Valentine Allison Wagoner Kim Wagoner Teresa Wagner Tammy Waller Ken Walter jeff Ward Ann Watson Robbie Wise Lisa Woodward , -f afefw haf af we 2 2:55 E. :E X ri X lil , x' 1- 'K , f ffl. "'-- "' , ' A Greg Weddington Ianice Wellmon Robbie Wike Doug Wilhelm L? 'Q is 1 Q gn' 2 ig, Y M tt' Ieff Whitaker LaDonna White Shaylee Whitehead David Whitley Eric Williford k.,- L' by L' i .3-f f K X K, M... , x E x Roxanne Whittington 1. . A V . ,,.. " 1 ,fiiiiigiifi , 'ff ii: '.ff", A nfl ,JQ , , if 1 f 1 fxfm.--w-"1 , 1' , , , - , 'V K -, ,, ' y -- -- Y Y is is Y. e iff Sf: X x lt, W i - . - N5 Y .. mabrmlrhl, Ierri Wooten Pam Wyatt lane Yandle Roger Yates Clement Young as g gg X. Chuck Wilson 5? A '- Billy Wood , Tv! 'xv . 1 1, Iames Watkins Larry Winger ,, ,W taarl 151 9 pk. ,. ' xl X 5 jeff Woodward w Y' Kenneth Young 51 The sophomore has, for at least three years, kept an eager eye on A.L. Brown. . . -lf' Q x1R0X1.ir1X, 2 3 s 1 1 .. Looking across the campus with a mixture of dread and yearning Attending football games and cheering for the Wonders Nervously worshipping a glamorous upperclassman at Brown xv Now We have arrived and are beginning to feel like veterans E Q? "v 5 We can sing the alma mater - well, almost I l S DRlYEN5'0L!S C And we have learned to drive those magical "Wheels" ,. A ini- With confidence We now call ourselves the Class of 1980! f' M1 C , X , "Sm ' Ki 1 ' i gy ,,s:q:1T?"'n--Q.-..W.,,,.. ,N President - jimmy Hubbard Vice-President - Keith Hardin Secretary - Lori Boggs Treasurer - Lori Privette We the Iunior Class learned to enjoy and appreciate the closer relationship within a high school, assuming the re- sponsibilities of the PSAT and SAT. The Iuniors were taking time to look behind at their Sophomore year and look forward to their Senior year. They visited Washington, ordered class rings, and became involved in school activities. eo U ICR CLASS Vena Adams james Allison Ionathon Allison Bonnie Allman l Chuck Almon Tammy Alsbrooks Bill Amerson Todd Argo Denise Bailey Tanya DeAnn Bange Tim Barber Lou Barlow Helen Barnette Louann Barnette Mary Barnhardt Gary Barringer Darrell Basinger Robin Baynard Guy Beaver Tammy Beaver Ian Belk rr 1- y 6, . I Q-M, , ,, ' AQ A 1 - . Teresa Bell Sherri Bentley . K Q9 ' 'V -x H' U ,w V: -.,...-X7h,-,. 'W A fl' , 4, ' , V ,. ' A -ff ' ' ' --7, g , "- .,, A ,lwjff - 'tri ,f 4 - ,A ' Kelly Blackwelder Lori Boggs Sherri Bolick . I ' I H ,wow fa QE wa. K- 1. ,Q A '- 'iw E X Robin Boone David Booth Susan Bostic YL. QT? Lisa Brantley Terrell Brewer Tina Brigman A11 A 1 La ir ,. B3 B NQX X 'f0f "M , 1-'Z' I Teresa Bentley Randy Benton gr..- jimmy Bolin ,ii Q, ' up--.V . 'Z x Charles Bostick ,f Mark Bringle Linda Biles Tony Bittle ru. 1 3 Q' f J' - A, "M J Barry Bonds Keith Boone 'WY'-uv Dawn Bowman Mark Bragg 3' Viv, . B if 35 A VV , .KVL u . A A , ,B I -f 1 ' Aii E Bib! wa i, f Monte Bringle April Britt Donna Brock Tanya Bmokg Betsy Broome Annette Brown Robin Ann Brown Robin Brown 62 551 B Ton Brown Y ' QC 1 All Dale Bullock tv.- , fe- Billy Burgess Kay Chapman ill? 9 :sw if' ff e Darrell Brown Betsy Buchanan 'kwa Y vc"--up Regina Bullock Iewel Butler ' 4 -q:-.., 1'-ff YJ X Alan BurriS Willie Campbell Karen Carnes Angel Carpenter Eugene Carson Elaine Cha5fHiU ADH ClWllCl9fS Carmen Childers Melvin Christy Susie Cleary ,-,A 9 Cllfle Russell Cline Cline Scott Cofhl-an Danny C09 Paul Cgggins 63 sys.. . Melvin Collier Lea Anne Collins Teresa Combs S' .xg we Angela Cowan Marty Crainshaw Tim Crainsliaw Mark Craver E I 5 at mf A E' gi- will ix E .. it I Robin Curry Terri Daniel Kim Davis Mike Davis Sandra Day Eric Deaton Donna Dellinger Tammy Dellinger ' ' 3 ' 'Xi L ffl f i 2- , .. fag A 'sf ,fffsifffffs Andre Douglas Amy Dowell Dale Drye LOFGB Durham 64 .HRX , 4... Mary Ann Connor Billy Cook Carlos Cunningham Ann Covington K Gigi Curry Milton Davis Renva Davis Q Crystal Dial W Bobby Eagle Lester Dodge Al Eakin nur tw' X M Elisa Earley Gene Earnhardt Gary Eddleman Ianice Edgison 15 Qi? f'71e, X 'Q' ,i K 5, ,,,i1,, L,L,, zz-, if E ' Cathy Farmer john Fincher Marie Fink Michael Fink In ,ff i,, ,f"7 it xl Stacey Fisher Tammy Fisher Jeff Foil Mike Foil awww'- I CN Ruby Eldreth Barry Eury 4 X x xl Rachelle Fisher Ricky Fisher Ts-- N., 5 ri 5, Monica Ford Nancie Foster k . A, z,,,Tf', Sandy Foster Polly Fowler Bill Friday William Gainey Tangela Gaither Mike Gareau wg , s ., 4. ' " ' ., ...W , QQ , t ' 'V a' ' "' at Fi gt N l F .. 3 1 N F ff.: Karen Gannon Eric Gentle Anita Gibson Libby Gibson Cheryll Glascoe Teresa Goins 65 '!Ff"" ff Tod Goodnight Carolyn Goodwin Yu Kelly Griffin Marty Griffin Q' "vi Camilla Hall Joe Hall , . my Keith Hardin Charlie Harrington W f fl Q M '31 lf .Y ,, , ,, , ,,f, , 6 M ' ,fa 1-4 iX1 r 'ri 2 Pattie Hodge Steve Hoke 66 Shirley Gordon Darrell Graham Marcia Grass Angelia Grier 'Uv f W?"-r r Xxx LN Z N Gene Griggs Amy Hair Tim Haithcock Todd Haley if David Hallford Darron Hamby Gladys Hannah Ieffery Hannah 'UN gf. 5, 'Q tg--fl f l M Ricky Harrington Sandra Hatley Dari Haynes Ricky Hinson kv' Troy Howard Terri Howell Robin Hough Margaret Hoyle Gigli' 41"'fV,,f7?,' 191 f , 4 ivy? 1 W,,,n"'Tf g f 4 if QW? ,f I V: ff 1,3 :G 4- ry - WV ,N.,,.l . , if wig 'sf ,..Ww2'W" X nv. is fl TQ, C U A Anita Herbert Scott Hess Ian Hinshaw Iimmy Hubbard Phil Hubbard Q"' 1 David Hurst Elaine Isenhour Rhonda Isenhour jackie Jackson Vickie Jarrett Michelle Hughes all Afwf Randy Iohnson 'TW XX X x xx Penny Iones Tammy Jones Frank jordan Pam Iosey Donny Iulian Dennis Karrlker 'QWMVX ' 'EL WE7' X I Phyllis Keever Lisa Kerley Angela Kilby Paula Kirkpatrick Jeff Kluttz . -fm y Raymond Knox jimmy Lamb Daniel Lambert Geoff Langston Danny Lapish 68 Lisa Knowles Lee Ann Lentz Lisa Lewis Teresa Link loan Little Glenn Long Rhonda Looney Lisa Luck Ion Martin Charlotte Matheny Iohnny May Leigh Ann McMurray Karen McGill Taran McCorkle Ronnie McCorkle Karen Mingo Donita Miller gs Q 'x 'Y 'KT'- William Loan Donna Lomax Tracy London Tamara Lyles Rick Maddox David Mann 'WV .1 VET? i Chris McWhorter Bobby McVay Sharon McPherson .tml-s Beth McCa1'n Marie McCombs Kelly McCommons 5259 Teresa Miller Sharon Miller Renea Merriman 69 Mack Moore ,Z .,,,, Karen Morehead Chuck Morgan Donna Morrls Robin Morrow Thomis Moucks Donme Nash 'rw Marilyn Parker David Pence Michael Penninger Cindy Pennington Larry Perkins Iohnny Perry V E K, i f r r Kathy Petrea Randy Petrea Debbie Phillips Ioan Pierce David Pittman Ianet Plummer it f N N vkyfria X' fl Grant Pope Bobby Preslar Susan Gale Pressley Lori Privette Donald Proctor Mark Ragan Steve Ragan Sherry Ramseur Tamara Reese Thomas Reese Eric Reynolds Mary Ridenhour 1'1" "V xhvl 1 Gina Ritchie Mary Kathy Ritchie Ricky Ritchie Steve Robinette Pam Roberts james Rose 71 ,,,,,, W, , M Tyron Roten 41: Q Debbie Rowell Dena Russell Helen Russell Chris Saddler inn- .Jx 2 .QRS 'TK E i l Ernie Safrit Dewey Saunders Delane Scoggins Anne 5003 S903 59Chl91' Reggie 593215 Robert Sellers Ricky Seymour Iaymie Shue Tim Shue Cheryl Shumake Rena 5imm0I1S 72 M.. ,,4w,. Eric Slaughter Kelly Sloan Vanessa Sloan Audrey Sloop joseph Sloop Wanda Sloop ZA Mt? Z TBS-Y 1. jimmy Slough Allen Smith Keith Smith Kim Smith Kathy Swan Eric Strickland Mak- Martha Stirewalt Amy Starnes Van Stamey Tyrone Smith Todd Smith Tammy Spry 'UN Sandy Smith Debbie Tilley 1, - ' , t.,,l ,ilal if Lisa Tate june Taylor Kyle Taylor Philip Teague Elly Thornburg 1' Mia. -1 .. Iulie Tilley Sissie Tilley Wayne Tino Pam Tinsley Anna Troutman 73 ,R 5. 4 f N- Ieff Trull Connie Tucker Richard Tucker Brian Walker Cindy Walker Carlton Ray Walls G N I David Tyson Allen Wadsworth S' ' .fl ii adil raa i eazff ' ' C Ai la' D L Ewa 2 4 Ricky Walters Diane Ward 'iv Danny Watson Kim Watts Randy Weast T yy it as any T 4 ' x 1 Ricky Weaver Tamara Webster 'M ily' P!!! wi? '27 O ET :J 5 ci. "K Q : 1: . s. .., Karen Ward V X Larry Wellmon Doug Wensil Debbie Whaley Willie Wheeler Deborah Whitaker 74 ,..4- iii g i in L ,, 1:31, K K , - 1 Melinda White Randy White .S , . 65322529 Greg Williams jim Woodard David Wyatt is Q 1 lik , ld e y fr X b X ' ,YK-Z, 8 x 7 Lamar Whitley Georgeann Wiles Angela Wilkinson Bernard Wilkes s W a' 2-rlll W ' F e i af 1. A In hi .. Q kr jf Q -.,-1 .K , ' 1 l Tony Williams Iamie Wilson Robin Wilson Buddy Woodard QQ spa...-Q .W""rf Brian Vanderburg Denise York judith Young 1:8 gxw gg 75 Being a Iunior is being the middle child ' H " CM' Too old to have our ignorance excused Too young to demand Senior respect Often the world of work and college days seem to exist in some far-off Never-Never land . . . W . Aw' 1 :rw..wigf,1.lfi,, ,M . '1 And to reach it We must fly through space But We are on the move and We know that We can make it . We try! Q WM' 1" IF' .1f X E , K 194. Y' WAR :mi I ,-. 1? -fr' -' 'Q' .. , b ,it y 1 4 an 'Q , . ly 1, X' Qx x N fr ww A ' JS' . N QUE S IDR Q , A ,, Ji' ,gif ln the fall of 1974 we came together as a class, and our band played with spirit our principal's favorite, "Rain- drops Keep Falling on My Head." We have endured the rains, felt the Warm sunshine, and now, as the Class of '78, we behold the rainboW's prom- ise. 83 M., ,,-v1""" fn ,, ,l 5 w A AIX- ,, t' ' 'ff 'rl A k 7 ii . 'rf .nn ' E - I Q H 1? S- W ' I' -M' ' ff on rosAccoPlO0UC!l ummm wfowmm movomspom BHONOMSPOM -1: rr ' Q. 'M' s I Q I 1 L J wg' "- it f 'N E -1 sf xg? I N MW N.. mv' ' " ,f Amy Abernathy Dwayne Adams Terri Adcock Amr uk X L, Keith Alexander Oranda L. Alexander Kim Allen Q4 5 'ki 1.9 VL f .W . V , . 1: f' Y' ' 'V Tim Aderhold Patricia Allison Felicia Anderson Tim Anderson Mark Baker Janie Ball gd Qz:1"" g af 4554 x,,,f,.,L Y Cindy Ballard Mark Ballard Tommy Banks Lynn Barbee -5 'J ' :- ' 1-Rl M, ie'-'Y V kv Lori Barr Rex Baucom Ioyce Bean Greg Belk 1 , N., Wt, l . 414 13 'ma . . , x ,il , ' - J, J. I V , ? ., 14, Vi' I W-1 Becky Benfield Randolph Bennett David Benson Roxanne Bigham 'A Ronnie Blackmon Kathy Blakeney if-ff .al Mike Bol1n Candy Bonds xfiw MQW' Melanie Bowlin Tim Broome 3 'T ' Y Qu Barry Boan Dottie Bolder 10" """7 t , ttnt Gerald Bond Sue Boone Rachel Brotherton Karen Brown ,"ne x 87 :Wi MQ Mike Brown Tim Brown Ricky Britt Pam Bullock V-' ,K ,X' xx 'K , X 1 R 2 1 K 4 f 1 1 it Sheila Burr Sheri Burris jimi Burleson Linda Butcher mm David Cannon Mike Carter Keith Carnes Rachel Chambers ' " ,img gi , , av' Misher Cherry Donna Childress Dennis Christy Doug Christy 'QR' ,M N Pat Christy Robert Clay Terrie Clowney 1 IS rd., 4 W .W., X r 'Q-1. Sf Larry Cline Sandra Cline Neil Coleman 0-r David Cline I Rene Connell 0 i -u ' N - v. . A 'f William M. Covington Mark Crainshaw Cathy Curry Tammy Davidson Y 9' .A X w ' A ,, 'V a l + l l V, A 1 Au Mark Davis Eric Dearmon Dale Deese Estella Dinkins Y 593' V 5 1 - Q ww fx! Doug Donaldson Rhonda Eagle Beth Earnhardt Chris Edwards il Rose Marie Eidson Kerrie Fesperman '15 Debbie Foster 4 4- ' ' f . is - it 1 'iii f ff! Q3 15- 1 dh 1 l f f 1 O f A J 'V' F Cliff Edwards Mike Falls Teresa Fayne """"" F , F is .J Perriann Fields Deana Fisher April Lynette Flowe -- - 1 ,A xllil , . lx .X I ,, .1 faq", . 4 , , 'Ly f136,'? 4.1 r if 1 , l' W 1 V snap fi ,4 ' .RQH ' rv G : ' xb " A '33, . . 1 .1 w v , ge 'six l l 1 ' 5 .tk , K I, A GK if jeff Freeze Iohnny Freeze Ricky Freeze Michael L. Gibson ' Teresa Gibson VeVe Gill Pam Gilmore Tim Goodale G G l Danny Goodman Gina Goodman Keith Gordon Tonya Gordon , . L X 'X f W' i ,s xiii!! Nkqs I-...gan-A . X Angie Graham Lonnie Graham Angela Gray Chet Greeson 'lr' vig l Allen Griffin Ginger Griffin Iimmy Griffin Iorutha Griffin 1 N? 1. au: ,-.. f ll: num no ,W W? r K , im , 'S A "- P xfw VZ KS, ' ' ,AV G f ZA. 7 ' ..-- 4 Kim Griffin Paulette Griffin Bea Griffith Phil Gurley ai -. 4....,fa' A "" A ' o ' A Charlotte Hale Virginia Ann Hall Patty Hammonds Terry Hamm aff Martha Hannah Lynn Haney Doug Hardin Kelly Hardin if W war llama W-1 i 'ma XXX' Ernie Harrington Linda Harrington Sybil Harrington Bonita Harris 'KJ' x lfl X 5 .., i' , Y la lx . A -V lf. . Randy Hearne Kim Haynes Denise Harwood Stan Harris Sabrina Helms Dennis Hendrix Brenda Henry Beverlyn D. Hill Y 'Fm' ,M rl,, ,A V uf i l 3 lf X Sharon Hill Jeff Hodge Surada Hogue Greg Honeycutt 95 vw ff ,I , f ' 'i x 5I'm"' "' H5sU,ig,5. A ,., ,-wma, K :gtg R g 4 ' N , Q Ki A X r '13 Sharon Honeycutt Tim Honeycutt Debra Lynn Hood Bonita Hooper , Wm ' f ga . , ,,w, ax Dan Howard Rita Howard I. or wt, . N4 .ff V , A' r 72 'iv Mark Hubbard Jan Hudson 'snunrwr-W -ur 3 , A 1 41.2. 35, E 2 i r 3' 1 Q v , Loretta Hudson Rhonda Huie Renee Hunter Charlie Iarnes -43.5. Terri james Curtis Iohnson Donita Iohnston Pam Iones Patti jones Steven Iones john Jordan Steve Jordon 4.7 .4 -..ni Tammy jordan Sherry Karriker Kathy Kennedy Thomas Kennedy f 4 ' i .J di nhl! Vickie Kee Gay Kerley Sherry Kerley David Ketner ff- VY' me al' GE Q Freddy Ketner Pam Kilby Kim King Zebetta King Maurice Kirkland Eric Lambert Katrina Lane Tangela Laney Kim Lawing Mark Laws Cynthia Lawson Bill Lear Mark Lentz Eric Linn Norma Linton Casey Litaker I 1:7 f If f Donna Litaker Robert Maddox it Melanie Martin joy Love Sandra Lumsden Danny Linker .xy Terpetha Mahatha Iantha Manness Freddie Martin Keith Mason Michelle Meacham Terri McCarn ein- Lisa McCornbs Kathy McCray Rhoda McFarlin X x 51 Mendel McGill Iohn Melchor III Sharon McVay gf!! w X lean Melton Robin Melton Mitch Messer Kevin McLeod Eulane Mellon W x Ioey Miller tw, 6 .., fy W, 's X , A 1 1 7 Shona Miller Kenneth Mills Leslie Mills Dwayne Mitchell 1 5 3 Lori Moon Bonnie Moore Teresa Moore Donnie Morton If af l'-t ff 4-T-..., .f.f3Zf't"j, Steve Morton Barry Moss David Mullis Tammy Mullis 1, .15 6 X Y 2- 7 D . 'A 1 f rl X Y' P Y 4 M , V j n. 5 xQ,.f .1 I' ,D . I , v 4 . 4 X, 1 u Clint Myers Bruce Murdock Margaret Nivens Deborah Nobles :Q ,pw Q' ' . 7 C , Ls- ' K Q., . , ,rl ' .L Q v . 54 J i .-1 QR 3 V ' y 1' L 1 ' l . 3 1 v Carle Nunn Gail Odarn Scotty Orland Shane Overcash ...J 5 D Susan Overcash Denny Oxencline Karona Parker Doug Patricio l Iody Patterson Trina Payne Cathy Phifer Morris Phifer ass: it , KJ "I, .f , Qu 4, D. ..'C',hf,, V 1, . V f ' ,str Q: -42 jeff Pinkston Crystal Pope Teresa Potts Cinda Powell 1' on .1 vw .Nfl-wing, ' ki -, Q ' X l Q: kwin? , ., WM, t www, ,,,. ' I 'W' P Michael Pressley Debbie Presson Susan Price Teena Reece X 1 R v' My .. ...a4........ff--auauunnulin--L WV K Y' W' 4, wr v -r wr c v V v 7 gn i 3 xr if ln ,F qff s ,f l - v W "I"""'Y V Y Q X H X ' an f 3 5 ' f Ad , xt W 'Ny Ricky Rahme Teresa Rhodes a ff J., Marie Rhyne Valerie Rice .Ni QFUAXWS i William Rice Eric Richardson Sherry Richardson Cindy Richter ,xr-if ,X 4 U' PH. F .QQ Lg 2,5 X , .N s 5 x , i..' 'Sf X ,yr W, " Donna Ritchie Robin Ritchie Phyllis Rivers james Robbins Sheryl Robinson Tim Robinson E is Af' 0' , lwfvu.. if 1 I , 4 'E Pam Rogers Eric Rose 1 4 f 2 Q n in 9 fl, Qi," Aff' , Derrick Rodgers Craig Rogers 9' Debbie Russell Melinda Swiggett if Mark Sweatt WX -2 .i it 5 SX " 5 I , YV wk A 3 V W . Greg Starnes .1 ll 4 Ianet Stanback 0-sf Terry Summerford Chrystal Strickland Mike Stephens Q f Melody Stafford Brenda Steveson David Staton . fff Lisa Spry Ken Speir Tammy Smith KIWVW J fa ' wwf George Smith Frank Smith Richard Skipper Milton Smith 4' I W en, ivy. fa. l,,':.ai , me- ...-Q... 1- 1 . S X, 4 1- Q I .f 9 . . I , f 1 'ia If 'Q- X4 to S . 'Al l ir' . if R 1 , 'I Y Amy Sloop Dennis Shaver Paul Settlemyer Phil Sellers S Q P NBR! Ju ni ,A V ' r- el H K 1 " 4 'hw Q -2 1fm,:,....' ,. ' L' ' 1 A "'-' an f if ffm -' ,..'f'+. i. 'H it ff-, -' ' " ' 27' "TY-7 A Q k.. HX X Q F ' A '- Ian Sechler Sharon Seamon Tammy Scoggins Chuck Scercy ,, fi., Janet Sawyer Max Sanders Freda Thompson Jeff Thompson 5 E- w O, Benita Truesdale Karen Trull aww. Steven Safairt Audrey Thompson .vlvqa 1 X jeff Tilley Eric Thompson F ,Rf Kandy Tucker Tina Tucker up 4l!""'1"" Ianet Tyson Robin Upright I, 'ST-.sf , .ANN V X A A 'XQZNW , . 'lk 1- EX iii X A 5 r 'rv 'V Q ' S ff . we 54 Q r U . 1 4 X ' ffjjr-lm, ' i it 'inf Richard Wagner Laurie Walker 'A M-Q3 ,R "ln-...Mb wg. Tony Ward Kim Walker Danny Webster Frederick E. Wiles Us 4, . ,I ,M fl r , I Mu' 'S 3 5 5 Q I '. , ' 1 ' 5 N ii, MJ-4. ., Y a 4 w K lat. '21 A Myron Whitaker Mark White Pam White Charlie Whitehead ,-gf Todd Whitley Christal Whittington Jane Wilkerson Sonya Wilson il 'cyl jr fer: X-af f Dernetta Witherspoon Donna Woodard Mona Woods Shawn Woodson Nicky Wright Teresa Wyke T1m Wyatt Debb1e Yates -48 1 QA In In it - 'll Q .Q A if sbx L 1 , , un un -vu --.- llll X511 I 9: nu un ' ull un 'QQ 221: u qu v -11 "' 4 1' WW' 'ff' 1 -' Il ' "" ' , - , , xx , 4 M f 1 Lu. gsiusifi ilii -1 Inllllg ISI! El -'E lg! ,Z hu.. 5 'ff--H--..- nd if by chance that special place that you've been dreaming leads you to a lonely place, find your strength in love. George Benson oi Uper enior ' r Dirit 115 4' 11, g ,V ,N . , 4, vw F - . , v C 4 M444- 6 v :rau- as '--J M Q wi ,759 wg ' M ,V ' if M, , M 4. 1 5 Q.- -adv V' 'M 1106 " If V , ' , Wx Q --Iii, '45 fum K , 1 ', f , 35,14 , . ,-, 1 L -U x f . ' ,. -. A L ,,,.,'.k ' N- 'wi 1. " a 'f U f 5 ' 7 'J Q ' g ' ' 15' , ff", J, -' , If W' f , Wim ,4 5 , I s A ,o an M.: N ,- Q-, - f I n fr ' ' . -., -y I N r . we fn'-f -A ' W 0 K T -, 3 5 LM ni k ,m,,,,w" M ' M V 1 1. - . , ,,,- V -' ' -M M - A. ' -fu f f - , f- L. , X at, H ' W vw W N wm. m,,,,..,,, 6 , ,, iq , i -0 ,. "99AQ,,a-f-'wvrf"" W wwf 'MRM ' v,4'v21,+,M .4-L .wg ' ' 4 f 4 I 7,-1 W ya, 1, b 'Q f 1 , W ' f I tg V ,, ,f,. , fi Q" , . " f ,,,,,, , QW 4, T, m 3 W Vu .M yv ,Q ,,., , K I , N ' 4. U.. yx -.... A44 ,W li, .v,.f 4' 4 L, 'J " 14,4 - -- V 1. 'f .11 .ff 40' -Wim ' Q. .M ,X ., '54 num ffxda 5 l B 2 a', , 5 M , ' , -W ' r , ,f ' , , C f H, ,-f Q 75 K1 fx Nr 8 Li f1 A 4 lag, , N.,, ,.,,,. ,mag un X 1 ,ff fi!!! A1 ff 'WI ,iw X AI 'QW ww-W WNW llw C g r F Q X i- f.Ja"'s...,.,,, Ss X xxx ii NX ' l , 1 - -.rv 1 X jul X A '1- 2 J qi gavbi., M,..,,.... Q ' 'YY - r N yww A .4 7 ,ww 3, , fm 4-5.77 uw-, ' ,MW 4 "' ' v,-iffgw ,L xv my A A f. ,. . is f, L ma, ,4 .Qs ,.,,..q.. ,iafsfi Y' 1 ,af 1, .f.,mvH1j'U HALL on ME The Senior Hall of Fame is composed of students recognized by fellow seniors and faculty for their service to A.L. Brown and the community during their 3 years at Brown. We salute our Senior leaders as friends upon whom one can always depend. Their years at Brown are memorable ones - through achieve- ment. Janie Ball Roxanne Bigham Melanie Bowlin Pam Bullock Sheri Burris Misher Cherry April Flowe Bonita Harris Rhonda Huie Eulane Mellon Carie Nunn Donna Ritchie Tina Tucker Christal Whittington Demetta Witherspoon Keith Carnes Eric Dearmon Chris Edwards Iohnny Freeze Chet Greeson Mike Gibson Casey Litaker Robert Maddox Freddie Martin Mitch Messer Denny Oxendine Kenny Patterson Paul Settlemyer Ken Speir Greg Starnes '71 ,wi- V3 ,,, Q -as K K Wi k 5 K , ' 'R 'K 2 K- - L. ' K K K ' K . Kr W9 5, 'K , 9- .- ' 'K ,. . . ,Q -Q. . - - , -M . . ,f V - . A aw . . - v ' -A 1 - f -1,--1f"ff'X-- J . Q nf--wfK5-W -"is-553 ' eff ' 3- - -9- - - ' S, . 63, r ja., W1-H? M ,K-,?Q,5.,, N Q LL fr- vigrx L Q4 H , E, J K Mg i L Q Sw .ML In ,1 V: W. 3 . . wiki' W QW I , J ' " 'MK , , 3 KK K 1 'WFKQ' Je,-gf K' 5:--'Ki JK - K if g., - af f 4 ' KK ' K , . ,, M . ,., . K . hugs 8 Wigs -A L, . . L -an--2 L-. V , ,L 3, Q- 1' Q1- 4 . . Q2 Q ,L-- .MKG Mlm!! - L ,bg L . - - . ,Nm I -- X K K - . -, 4 X' -X.-5 ' -. f f' , 'Ma .. F f. " if . 'f-fnrf yy 4 53" 'Q - K 'X , ,. .f .- Awe. 2 - ',- l mm,f 'jvuwwwlp 5Q ..- N-wy,,w,w-M M- -f ,gm A in :LIL x , W kk ir 0 :bg -3,911 Fu, ,,iVM,LLk gh 1,,AL-ngpiw ,K -. , .Ly I W I 1, L. , , Li K .L 4 ,I ,V K ., , .- L .L - 'W nw Q , . d A A A .3 5- - 2. ,,E55Lj-gfgggsxg., Q L. l ,Q f fx- ' V K' ,L 'M f ,LL, LA, ggg -f LL J gf. . - -1? . - . ' -. . his-. f. K- . - ,K -All 'K KK ,F I Q. , ' 4 K' -L. K K K K K ,f ,. . , 1 , f- 'Q L. LLL.. .--- - ' V E, I . Y .v.. yn u L. 3 7 L U 1- Ng: .r KKK - FQ In 2. N Vw L. -Q I V5 rj' X .5 13- HL K-5' ' .Lg NV k:j1.1'f .K ,rl 5 V K. QL- .L 'Q kr ,. f L A9 L, J 3? 1 ,V S K X j L , - -. ' f 'Q - , - K. - "if .. K - K -... ' "'. 2-- K' K K 2 K :K K K Kif :iv KK X K KK -K K Q. . . K KHP- -LLI K' K - K '.', ... , - . K ff - .. . . f if 5 -..f-H"--.f--- fm , 'Q 1 2 .. -.--- , fs - 921 - 1 X,-. 53 L, ,L -Q "'x-5 -L Ki KK . .lm KK U 1 'K ,b'. K ' "K K: HK K K L K , K u.,v.LfI-5 . . ' K . ' ,. V- W . x',. . - A ,L ,g LR L - K . A VL 1 X H KK V. L ., iv 1 ' I .-M, -. K 'V . Q A, ,gi ' ' . , - . - , . .,. , 1 -' 'wa .ff 4 + ' K A ' L. - ' ,. , 'K - 1 'f L " 1 3K KL ' K K -K .1- '9-fig.. W K ' Q A' Q an K- 'SK K K fivfgm' K K KK , KKK if-K f . , L 2 ,K ' K- K --azwy K L, K ? T3 Q . L ,f K ,, -- Q-VT' --gif kg " 550, 'Sf . 'Kl Qi' f , '- ' 'K' , M A I ,W .gi I wgw K Ji? ., -. N., LL 5 I W 5 3 , . . L 5. 'wen . MQ X ,L Q , .ww ,- i X if - sf. . 6 . 31, , - Y wif, Q W K- Q- L, 2 -Y -- ef , W - . ,, J 1. 1.-K.:-f -4 .lf 4s..:,,,, 1 if 5 5 . " KM W ,I wx F1 '- ' K ,N ., . - L K ., N , I K' K ,mm "' ff" K - Q, , w . -- K L K K 2 - . X 4, Ve' - Q K MS .- WVK' , 'K -- A .KK,,. . 4 . 'W . K K L L L ' ,. 'Vivid . 3, - Y L iw -- N Q' I , 1-15' 1 L. ,, . KL 'N' -Mir.,-KL15 2 4 W i, sl' Ki' K K -- ,,. ,X L L , L .L . ' ,Q Q mg , , L -L L wf ,w - , I -' 4 - - . .- ff' , " L 1 N ' . QF Y 'L 5 E., ,L K ,- K ' Q ' 'H K . "'-vixw. - Q. 'gn -sf 'H-M A CLUBS A.L. Brown would not be the school it is Without the hard Work of our Clubs and Orga- nizations. Not one club is better than another but each is sharing for the betterment of the school. In achieving there is sacrifice- sacrifice of time, materials and money, and in sacrifice there is joy- joy that lasts for a lifetime. -- ' 1 121 W""""'Kf"?'l"mIn"'u"ruu"in"-f'L"N"s"""" fm Ken Speir - President These student body leaders are elected by the stu- dent body to preside over the Student Council. Each year they try to improve conditions here at Brown. Through many worthwhile activities, they have attempted to bring unity to our school. 122 Greg Starnes - Co-Vice-President Robert Maddox - Co-Vice-President Angel Carpenter - Secretary Eric Linn - Critic Secretary of NCASC Student Council Eric Slaughter - Treasurer 3 is 123 Senior Representatives - Junior Representatives - Sheri Burris Camilla Hall Steve Morton Darrell Basinger Kenny Patterson Karen Mingo Doug Patricio - AFS Student Sophomore Representatives - Ja e X II, 'S 1. Allison Wagoner Kent Childers Ierry Blackwell Students elected from each class work together by uniting differ- ent ideas to get things ac- complished. SESSIQN HGUSE fi .. Seniors Roxanne Bigham Denny Oxendine Nickey Wright Tangela Laney Danny Linker Amy Abernathy Mike Gibson Bonita Harris Melanie Bowlin Carrie Nunn Kim Griffin Vickie Kee Teresa Rhodes Pattie Iones Juniors Ianet Plummer Lou Barlow Rachelle Fisher Bill Friday Keith Hardin Donna Brock Tammy Dellinger Lori Privette Tangela Gaither Donita johnson Steve Robinette Debbie Tilley Mary Ann Connors Kelly Blackwelder Sophomores Leigh Ann Ritchie Sharon Phillips Edwin Phifer Kennette Edwards Jane McCombs ADVISORY CDUNCIL Roxanne Whittington Kim Poston jerry Cannon Angela Massey Susan Caston David Whitley Gay Flemming Clement Young Linda Hatley Donita Iohnson Lori Moon Denny Oxendine Eric Thompson Jackie Iackson Kim Davis Eugene Carson Randy Petrea Lois Grier Sandy Snider Donald Anthony Randy Fish SQ V 6 2 GQ 4, , A n' ff., at it Q if ,f n 6 9 5 ,K Q 5' af 5 ,C ll? 4 0 K 1' X 1 ,k . o 33009 A Q s It a' X 94,0 59 'O ' ,A 6 'N LJONDE N9 HOM ECOM NG P' Honor Atten d Pam Bullock I tSt b k 126 FSLZBANEE October was a very busy Month for Donna Ritchie and April Flowe, who worked as co-chairman for the 1977 Homecoming festivities. With a little magic, a special appearance was made by the mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts, and, as usual, the freaky rabbit arrived late. Chosen by the Student Body, Chris- tal Whittington was crowned Alice in our "Wonderland" Donna Ritchie Sheryl Robinson Ken Speir Robert Maddox Not pictured Benita Truesdale Maurice Kirkland, Eric Rose Kim Lawing Oranda Alexander Ianet Stanback Mark Laws Ronnie Blackrnon Eric Thompson n "' --1. --'am C Q Lisa McCornb5 Christal Whittington Zebetta King Phil Gurley Chet Greeson Charlie Iames is Melanie Bowlin Mary Ann Coleman Chris Edwards Kenny Patterson Not pictured - Pam Bullock, Casey Litaker Scotty Orland Sabrina Helms Roxanne Bigharn Freddie Martin Nicky Wright Danny Linker W 4 E Wwnit 32' ,,,.., a X it at V pi f , E- ... . if '7?f'vw .,,. . ., V ' MYDY Queen Pam Bullock escorted by Ken Speir May Day heralds the first of May. It symbolizes the birth and growth of natural things. The dance around the maypole, dances, and presents for the queen, are all a part of the festivities. "ll1l1 lilo will twill SJ' iii-Cr ' wuz"-. , ., i nm,a26,.l,. V u ,f ' y ' .rf e r' , ," , ' o 2. i escorted by Greg Starnes '1 n Qtr 4, Q, 'Y'-5 L. 1 - 5:45 1 'E wg: ,KR XX escorted by Robert Mad ox :Qu Iunior Attendants Tangela Gaither Keith Hardin Sandra Day Randy Petrea Angel Carpenter jimmy Hubbard ff? E ,Qi gg silk Q Q is W S X 'Fa ff NCER i ,Es American Field Service is a club promoting goodwill between our country and others. They aim to make the foreign exchange student feel at home. These stu- dents show a lot of interest and concern and encour- age the participation of all students in school and community affairs. ' N, . ,W 'gg - 5 ' ' 5553557 e,m.?f5" it 'fi 4 ff' t ,Mads if V .. N ,' va. ' , H if A.F.S ,L r l l I Kelly Baldwin Louis Bean Robin Boone Betsy Broome Betsy Buchanan Rita Campbell Rebecca Casstevens Susan Castor Elaine Chastain Ann Childers Tammy Childers Ianice Christy Robin Christy Kelly Coble Ann Coggins Mary Ann Conner Ann Covington Iill Crainshaw Lester Dodge Teresa Duncan Janice Edgison Beth Engle Stacy Fisher Polly Fowler Lori Freeze Bill Friday Eric Gentle Anita Gibson Tod Goodni ht Paulette Grigin Gene Griggs Terry Hamm Bonita Harris Cindy Harris Daphne Harris Linda Hatley George I-lilbish Tammy Iones jimmy Lamb .4 1 Geoff Langston Bill Lear . Carol Link Susan Linn Donna Lomax Rhonda Looney Teresa Looney Teresa Love lon Martin Mark Martin Melanie Martin Beth McCarn Leigh Ann McDaniel Eulane Mellon Kathy Misenheimer Mack Moore Teresa Moore Steve Morton Gina Overcash Douglas Patricio Lisa Pethel Edwin Phiffer Grant Pope Kim Poston Teresa Pressley Debbie Presson Mindy Reese Pam Roberts Debbie Robinette Ian Rosdoe Eric Sills Eric Slaughter Kelly Sloan Sandy Smith Elly Thornburg Iulie Tilley Anna Troutman Micheal Tyner Karen Ward ,sg gWgji n f 5 Q -Q. 5 X Q ig. W., Q , ,. , . 3 is ali' 2 f S Q Q .. ui. 1 Af " 1 -fix!!! i. X a 54-km 6. M .,,,,e -. ,5 n..M1 1 A g - 5 f Q 1 'J Z' Q X AM X - Y ' I 5 An Q L Rib ' ' I Q '7 ' Y A 'rv V 2 Eg T ' c A Q ' ' 'ls Ti - 1 . P, Tl 5136- ,, ,X 1 L . 'F N W Q , X Rfk ' S X, Sf Q : Q..- QS?-v eww 4' 2913 S JZ' 'tl " qi: SIGMA ALPHA CHI Sigma Alpha Chi is a Tri-Hi-Y Club made up from girls in the junior class. They have been working together for four years and have ac- complished a great deal. They have helped promote the girl's programs at the YMCA and have also been involved in community services. Gale Pressley - President Kay Chapman - Vice-President Sandra Day - Secretary Lisa Luck - Treasurer Lori Privette - Chaplain Lisa Lewis - Reporter Charlotte Matheny - Reporter Lou Barlow April Britt Betsy Broome Angel Carpentar Kay Chapman Tammy Dellinger Kelly Griffin Camilla Hall Kelly McCommons Karen McGill Kathy Petrea Mindy Reese Debbie Whaley tw Alpha Zeta Chi is a Tri-I-li-Y Club for girls from the sophomore class. They have done many projects, helping the community and the YMCA. These girls started this Club themselves and have been very dedicated. Their en- thusiasm is evident in everything they do. Allison Wagoner - President Ann Coggins - Vice-President Sandy Snider - Secretary, Treasurer Susan Linn - Chaplain Shelia Richardson Leigh Ann Ritchie Iane McCombs Lori Freeze Debbie Robinette Lori Valentine Sally Daniels Kennette Edwards Susan Linn Ann Coggins Sandy Snider Allison Wagoner ALPHA ZETA CHI ZX AXAZX In Duplicating are the dedicated students who live in a world of blue ink and White paper. They supply teachers with necessary copies of tests, announcements, and worksheets. Denise Harwood Sandy Smith Elaine Chastain Paulette Griffin 138 Banking staff consists of honest and dependable students who keep account of club money and handle other school finances. They help write checks, receipts, and keep check on school expen- ditures with the assistance of the school banker. Debbie Whaley Keith Carnes Mary Ridenhour Karen Trull Duplicating iwissw its Saks ,gn awww Guidance Pages Phil Sellers Freddie Martin Lori Barr Rachel Chambers Crystal Pope Scotty Orland Ioan Little David Norris Eric Linn Audrey Thompson Kelly Coble Donita Johnson Edwin Phifer Chris Edwards Tonya Gordon joy Love johnny Freeze Kelly McCommons Gay Kerley Anna Troutman Tim Sigmon Ginger Griffin Office Pages Donald Anthony Lillie Archie Linda Biles Donna Brock Kay Chapman Misher Cherry Billy Cook Renva Davis Bonnie Demby Dennis Hendrix Debbie Hines Leslie Mills Sara Mullis Trina Payne Gail Pressley Tracey Presson Paul Settlemyer Pam Tinsley Lori Walker Angela Wilkinson Iohn Melchor .- ...f f f ,ww' ffj warn QKQH - k - Senior Lab Assistants Iohnny Freeze Eric Richardson Roxanne Bigham Karen Trull Sandra Lumsden Sherri Kerley Chrystal Whittington Dan Howard Eric Linn Denny Oxendine Chet Greeson Ricky Britt Tina Tucker Mike Gibson Lynn Barbee Frank Smith Robert Maddox Lillie Archie Iantha Manious Ginger Griffin Tim Anderson Myron Whitaker Paulette Griffin Mike Smith Donita Johnston Tamisha Lisk Trina Rogers Shelia Alexander Sharon Chisholm Sherry Richardson Donna Ritchie Pam Bullock Becky Russell Kathy Turnmire Karen Carnes Sharon Moody Shelia Burr Beth Earnhardt Paulette Griffin Linda Biles Ricky Harrington Deans Assistants Ianet Willis Pat Glascoe Amy Anderson Tammy Balloud Karen Brown Kathy Bumgauder Karen Chishlom Sandy Foster Kim Gibson Tonya Gordon Surada Hogue Lori Gordon Robin Lunsford Terri McCarn Kim Poston Audrey Sloop Iudy Teate Robin Wison Library Club is essential to the operation of the library as well as the school. These stu- dents are always striving to improve library service. This year they have held various con- tests to promote interest and appreciation for the library. These assistants also attend dis- trict and state conventions. Two students serve in state positions: Chrystal Strickland, Secretary, and Rachel Chambers, Chairman Andrea Caithers Rhonda Looney Jenny Moss Elaine Overcash Mike Sloop Barry King Mary Ann Barbee Lori Barr Rachel Chambers Elly Throngburg of Special Awards Committee. Tyrone Marlow Doug Wensil Kathy Cherry Eric Gentle Chrystal Strickland Connie Tucker Rebecca Casstevens Mary Ridenhour Connie Tucker Advisors: Mrs. Betty Cauble Mrs. Ginger Grunke Mrs. Carolyn Duplisea LIBRARY CLUB Library Secretary Doug Wensil Todd Smith Bobby Eagle Wayne Tino The stage crew assists with all productions on the stage. It is their re- sponsibility to set up lights and microphones, pull curtains, supervise scenes, and control sight and sound. They some- times work early before school to make a perfor- mance more enjoyable. jeff Tilley Steve Iordan Beatrice Griffin STAGE CREW BUS DRIVERS Iohn Martin - Manager Ioe Sloop Larry Wellmon Scott Roseman Chris Fowler Roger Moore Keith Smith Bus Drivers are the dependable students skilled in handling a Dwayne Adams Terry Moody bus and its contents at the same time. They spend cold early Charles Bush William Rice mornings and long afternoons transporting other students be Brad Thomas Tim Crainshaw tween school and home. These students often deserve much Wanda Overcash more appreciation than they receive. Mark Laws Danny Linker Phil Gurley Nicky Wright Casey Litaker Charlie Iames Chris Edwards Freddie Martin Mike Smith E Q it I l I l Mark Bragg Dwight Hunter Eric Thompson Bill Watts Kenny Patterson Ken Speir Chet Greeson Maurice Kirkland Milton Davis Billy james Steve Litaker Todd Fields Tim Erwin Brad Holbrooks Paul Settlemyer Darrell Basinger Lavon Gill F.C.A. MONOGRAM CLUB Kenny Patterson President Mike Gibson Vice-President Todd Haley 2nd Vice-President Mike Boger Secretary Danny Linker William Watson Ken Speir Iohnny Freeze Steve Litaker Freddie Martin Eric Thompson Matt Hearne Sherman Cauther Artie Morrow Phil Gurley Stacey Fisher Mark Bragg Tim Sigmon Ieff Pinkston Milton Davis Eugene Carson Gary Barringer Keith Mason Barry Lentz Eric Lambert Greg Starnes Harry Glenn Tim Shue Donald Gray Chet Greeson Lenny Howie Derrick Rodgers Eric Linn Robert Maddox Doug Young Keith Bell Lynn Ritchie Mack Moore Carlos Cunningham Clifford White Mark Norris Quentin Thompson Eric Lipscomb Don Lozenby New A L Brown Marching Band Being a member of the band requires hours of long practice. This has paid off and has ac- complished a number one rating again in Bris- tol, and allowed the BIG GREEN MACHINE to represent not only Brown but North Carolina in the Orange Bowl Parade. Drum Major Eric Richardson .A L S -, Rachel Brotherton, Ioyce Bean, Sharon McVay, Charlotte Matheny, Mindy Reese a-2 1 Marilyn Parker, Lisa Brantley, Angel Carpenter, Charlotte Hale ,J,s',., vw .'-p..-rw.. .,. .... fsf Q A.L. Brown Marching Band Sandra Lumsden Pam Bullock Sandra Day Donna Ritchie Sandra Cline Pat Christy Ian Hudson Libby Gibson Rifles . . W VN, ' .W Lx N A K. not ,, I by 5 'Li K , ,.i ' .ff-' ' 'X . , 1' ' 1 'ft' f . Y K, X . '5':j'f" W'-N .. A-on in iiiei--ws 146 Flags A.L. Brown Marching Band Cindy Ballard Lori Moon Carie Nunn Sheri Burris Lisa McCombs Tangela Gaither Lisa Luck Denise Harwood Kathy Petrea Amy Abernathy Gale Pressley Ianet Stanback Kelly Blackwelder Ann Childers Scotty Orland Ianie Ball Tammy Scoggins Tammy Davidson Cindy Richter Tina Tucker 'A 'lb A.L. Brown Marching Band Lisa Lewis Penny jones Denise Bailey Carol n Ritchie Roxanne Bi ham Ch Stal WhiffiH fOH Y S N XS' -s I v ' ' - A +2 ff Nr . ns' B 4 rf .f ., B if .,-. is xr is ' ' , Q - if -if a P wr 1.5, 5 , , if J I A h .K -g QI. ,. if-A gqng ,. B i 1 ,Ad 11 . in f 41 . Y ,Sf , . V j f D . , fi! . 'fa , -1114 'i " ' - A 1 ' 1 N, K. jf, lf 2 5331 1 , x pN,j ' l If N 53'-?'f. 'L . A ' " " "' if '- a ,-i ff gps! iff 5 ' , ii. :YE . rg, ,Y , ry , .fit Q rn: :K hgh' Y .- , -V - K 1 1, an I 'sf I.. I A mural X 4 ffl 3,174 in 148 Camilla Hall Majorettes All-State Band All Sfatv Band con- sists of the talented musicians who have spent long, hard hours practic- ing. They play in concert with other students across the state furthering their knowledge of music. johnny Cannon Marshall Bean Charlotte Hale Louis Bean .P HU' 'im PS, , k,,.,.: Ak Demby, Bonnie Graham, Glenda Hinson, Cathy Hodge, Patti Hord, Iudy Hoyle, Margaret Hunter, Shelley julian, Sandi Massey, Angela Morris, Donna Pennington, Cindy Setzer, Pam Simmons, Rena Sloop, Wanda Smith, Annette A.L. Brown Chorus Smith, Ianice Stames, Amy Tilley, Margaret Tinsley, Pam Brown, Ginger Casstevens, Rebecca Eldreth, Ruby Fink, Marie Foggie, Iackie Hancock, Donna Iohnson, Sandra Kennedy, Alesia Kerley, Lisa Mosley, Mae Mullis, Sarah Norris, Karen Phifer, Cathy Rucker, Ida Shaw, Marva Simiton, Tanya Stanback, LaDonna Ward, Diane Blackmon, Iohn Davis, Mike Moss, Barry Belk, Greg Fincher, Iohn Morton, Steve Payne, Keith Weddinton, Gregg Whitley, Todd Caldwell, Loraine Chastain, Elaine Combs, Teresa Emerson, Virginia Ewing, Robin Garmon, Karen Hale, Charlotte Hunter, Wanda Linn, Cindy Lomax, Donna Martin, Melanie Merriman, Renea Moore, Brenda Overcash, Nancy Torrence, Jewell Wooten, Jeri Bames, Teresa Baynard, Robin Castor, Susan Crumblin, Tonda Gill, Octavia Karriker, Sherry Lawrence, Dian Maness, Iantha McRorie, Gina Shumake, Cheryl Stanback, Trena Stevenson, Linda Thrift, Donna Christy, Greg Eddleman, Gary King, Barry Mills, Kenny Rose, Tola Walker, Ierry Watson, Danny White, Clifford Brown, Rodney Dearmon, Eric Lear, Bill Phifer, Morris Prevette, Kenneth Rucker, William The A.L. Brown Chorus displays stu- dents with vocal and intrumental tal- ents through varied styles of music. Their continuous practice is obvious when special assembly programs are performed. They have attended many contests and have held many concerts. Bonnie Allman Lori Boggs Amy Dowell Karen Goodman Shaylee Whitehead Kennette Edwards April Flowe Leslie Griffith Melanie Martin Amy Sloop Melinda Swiggett Karen Ward Mike Davis Chris Gardner Clement Young Tim Haithcock Mendel McGill Kenny Mills Tim Robinson Danny Watson Lois Grier Rhonda Huie Vickie Iarrett Karen Norris Tammy Waller Vena Adams Donna Dellinger Sherry Karriker Ianet Plummer Sheryl Robinson Demetta Witherspoon Iohn Fincher Mark Lentz Kyle Moon Steve Mott Quinton Thompson Ierry Blackwell Roger Brown Donal Gray Al Griffin Bill Lear Greg Sloop A Cappella Choir performs without music which requires a great deal of musical ability They have been on WBTV's "Top of the Day" singing religious, patriotic, and popular music These students are Very versatile in their musi cal talent. Q' "A" Choir QA cappellaj ,Q 0, A 4 .,1 Q r . 4 . . ,Q -f,ff'f','Tkf 'L -'yt V Qs-""" L""k.5f .pw "Q'.-' , . a"" Q .n"" ,nw . f? paul do A -.:.-': ul nba ' nv " Q 1 .. ' S' ., ,sc ,vu 44+ ,Jul -eww is P:-'Vi -"Qf'N.' iqfelig 2.-at i , Q ,wx V ., 9 A sr! 8 51 x- ,. B, l ,fs Wx. 1 .Wa NN' wx . i".-'QA' k alla' sal 1 Q IP 'f 'P 1 V5 . P I' u .. I n Q- .: ,wi M " if D 3 'sw' . .W-it . 5. 7' Brown Beat Kelly Hardin - Editor Geoff Langston Troy Howard Iaymie Shue Beverly Lisk Ieannie Hendrix Leigh Ann McDaniel Sharon McPherson Daphne Harris Dennis Hendrix Beth Sloop Brown Beat staff is composed of stu- dents who learn the ways of journal- ism and the way to put together a newspaper. They highlight special events, such as an issue for the Con- cord game, Christmas, and Valen- tine's Day. They manage their own accounts and look for the proper story space, not to mention writing col- umns and editorials. Quill and Scroll is an honor society for staffers from Albrokan and Brown Beat who excel. They are journalism students who express themselves through their Work. This is a special club for creating interest in journal- ism and scholarship. Quill and Scroll Albrokan Albrokan Staff is a group of students who are responsible for taking pictures, draw- ing layout, and producing the yearbook of of A.L. Brown. It's a long year of deadlines, and many midnight hours go into prepara- tion and final scrutiny. The staffers gain a year of happenings, a very close relation- ship with each other, and a .lifetime of memories. 153 Eulane Mellon - President Lea Ann Collins - Vice-President Kathy Petrea - Treasurer Tracy London - Secretary Bonnie Allman Kelly Blackwelder Lori Boggs Charlie Bostick Mary Ann Conner Tammy Davidson Kim Davis Sandra Day Kelly Griffin French Club Camilla Hall Gale Pressley Terry Hamns Lori Privette Bonita Harris Steve Ragan jimmy Hubbard june Taylor Daphne Harris Debbie Whaley Geoff Langston Sandy Smith Lisa Lewis David Wyatt Lisa Luck Pat Christy Leigh Ann McMurry April Britt Mack Moore Betsy Buchanan Mike Penninger Ann Childers Randy Petrea Carmen Childers Ianet Plummer T Le Cerle Francais is a group of stu- dents who excel in the French lan- guage and are interested in French civilization and culture - along with monthly meetings and planned projects, some games, refreshments, and lots of fun. -, ,e--"""' .--f' ' ti Q S fp tt- 1 P Q as iii'-" fits L1L.' ,ti 4 mtiasmf is Gene Griggs - President Mindy Reese - Vice-President Karen Ward - Secretary Tammy Dellinger - Treasurer Lillie Archie Todd Argo Sherri Bolick Robin Boone Betsy Broome jimmy Cline Mark Craver Ianice Edgison Polly Fowler 3' 4 it l 1 my If 5 Q I S s sy, 2 , jg g 5, 1 i'ri oi .kiwi C l g if 5 1 s " e 4 it i l Spanish Club Jeff Freeze Eric Gentle Anita Gibson Tod Goodnight Phil Gurley Jackie Iackson Sherrie Karrikar Kim King Melody Martin Beth McCarn Kelly McCommon Kevin McLeon Karen Morehead Los Conquistodores meet monthly with a program and games. They learn more about Spanish culture and customs. At Christmas, they join the French and AFS clubs in a festival in which they participate in the breaking of the pinata. Mary Ridenhour Pam Roberts Tim Robinson Anna Troutman Karen Ward Iudy Young Barry Lentz Todd Haley Chet Greeson jimmy Lamb ar FBLA Future Business Leaders of America is a group of students who explore the prospects of a clerical career. They realize the importance of skil- led people in today's world of busi- HGSS. Shona Miller - President Sandy Smith - Vice-President Seresa Rhodes - Secretary Sheryl Robinson Amy Abernathy Donna Anderson Tim Anderson Roxanne Bigham Sue Boone Larry Cline Sandra Cline April Flowe Tammy Fortson Allen Griffin Paulette Griffin Virginia Hall Bonita Harris Loretta Hudson Iohn Iordan Katrina Lane Barry Moss Rhoda McFarlin Cinda Powell Benita Truesdale Treasurer Mona Woods Debbie Yates Sherry Yates Timothy Wyatt john Melchor Donna Brock Anita Gibson Sharon McPherson Karen Mingo Karen Morehead Tammy Reese Angela Wilkinson Kim Almon Tina Barbee Gwendolyn Blackmon Sentrie Edwards Jeannie Hendrix Cathy Hinson Karen Lowery Tamara Noles Priscilla Maddox Kathy Turmire Ieri Wasten Future Homemakers of America are students who are interested in the affairs of the home. This club stresses all the top priorities of a fu- ture homemaker. Each year, the club, which is composed of students who have had home eco- nomics, helps to develop creative leadership in the home and community. Denise Bailey Almiua Earnhardt Sybil Harrington Francis Howard Renee Hunter Terri Iames Bonnie jenkins Penny Iones Linda Melchor Debbie Nobles Marty Pethel Teresa Rhodes Audrey Sloop Kim Smith janet Stanback Robin Waldroup Cindy Waller Frances White Debbie Yates Dawn Bowman Angel Altman Karen Beaver Tricha Crisco Donna Gainey Crystal Helton Tammy Iones Karen Iaplin Sandi julian Cynithia Lawson Tammy Lyles Michelle Maxwell Taran McCorkle jackie McPherson Ieanine Miller Mea Mosley Iackie Sheets Kathy Swan Iuday Teate Pam Tinsley Debbie Hood Susan Bostic Brenetta Brown Lorraine Caldwell Renva Davis Polly Fowler Lynn Haney Mary Harris Athena Knox Penny Lindsay Rhonda Looney Donna Lowery Priscilla Maddox Pam Rogers Keith Overcash Carla Thompson Linda Trexler Tammy Waller Donna Childress Pam McClure Brenda Henry Tammy Brown Kay Brown Perriann Fields Deana Fisher Beverly Hill Sharon Honeycutt Donna Litaker Bonnie McCallum Gail Odom Teresa Potts Freda Thompson Kim Walters Teresa Bell Sherri Bentley Donna Brock Ginger Brown Teresa Combs Deidra Cunningham Sandy Foster Cha Cha Grass Gladys Hannah Alisia Kennedy Kathy Linker Angela Massey Renee Merriman Brenda Maure Rena Simmons Tamela Saden Donna Wiggins Su Sub-Irs Girls of the Sub-junior Club attended a Iam- boree in the summer and had a Halloween Festival which included a yard, craft, or bake sale. They prepared the teachers a luncheon, visited a rest home, and sold Spook lnsur- ance from which the proceeds went to Girls Haven. They also prepared a sign for each home football game for the players to run through. l l lib' z ,Z 'Q' Tina Tucker - President Donna Ritchie - Vice-President Kathy Blakeney - Secretary Lisa McCombs - Treasurer Bonita Harris - Chaplain Janie Ball Carrie Nunn Angel Carpenter Sandra Day Mindy Reese Charlotte Matheny Zebetta King Kim Davis Lou Barlow Kelly Griffin Lori Privette Sheri Burris Eulane Mellon Susie Cleary Rhonda Huie Lisa Luck Terrie Adcock Rachel Brotherton Daphne Harris Iourtha Griffin Anchor Club, a group of girls sponsored by the Pilot Club, has been very active this year. They started working to- gether in the summer on various projects. They have adopted a child for which they have done innumerable things. They took some orphans trick or treating, gave Foster children a Christmas party, held a bazaar in which the proceeds Went to the Empty Stocking Fund, have given teas for various groups of the school, and made bulletin boards for the social room. Anchors I i Tri 4 r , Q ii',.2"QZ,,."-if, President - Crystal Whittington Vice-President - Linda Harrington Secretary - April Flowe Treasurer - Karen Trull Karen Mingo Karen Morehead Robin Boone Betsey Buchanan Virginia Tilley Sharon McVay Lisa Lewis Pam Bullock Amy Abernathy Scotty Orland Sandra Lumsden Kim King Kay Chapman Ioyce Bean Tangela Laney Tammy Dellinger Sue Boone Sheri Kerley Beth Earnhardt Lori Boggs Interact Interact Club is a unique boys' club sponsored by Rotary International. They have held a car wash as one of their projects to help the community and school. These boys are dedi- cated, cooperative examples of friendly involvement. ...- '61 Eric Lambert - President Iohnny Freeze - Vice President Mitch Messer - Secretary Treasurer Mike Falls - Sgt. of Arms Freddie Martin Mike Gibson Chet Greeson Denny Oxendine Barry Lentz Phil Gurley Casey Litaker Kenny Patterson Ken Speir Greg Starnes Maurice Kirkland Jeff Pinkston Eric Linn Eric Richardson Lynne Barbee Danny Linker Chris Edwards jimmy Hubbard Steve Reagan Iohnny May Mark Bragg Bryant Black Doug Patricio MUST TURN RIGHT A Nicky Wright - President Carlos Cunningham -- Secretary Eugene Carson - Vice-President Randy Petrea - Treasurer Darrell Basinger Mike Boger Willie Campbell Ierry Cannon Iimmy Cline Bill Friday Todd Goodnight Gene Griggs Key Club is a group for boys em- phasizing strong character. This year, they have attended Kiwanis meetings, raked leaves, and col- lected for the Empty Stocking Fund. Key Club Brad Holbrook Phil Hubbard Charlie Iames Raymond Knox Mark Laws Ion Martin Mack Moore Ioe Sloop Todd Smith Doug Young Keith Boone 5 as 85 XMI Rachel Chambers - President Donna Brock - Vice-President Charlotte Hale - Secretary Lori Valentine - Treasurer Terri Adcock Lori Barr Robert Clay FTA Jeff Freeze Eulane Mellon Terri McCarn Polly Fowler Crystal Hill Lisa Lewis Mary Ridenhour Doug Wensil Angela Wilkinson Glenda Williams Teresa Love Tracey Presson Ianice Wellmon Future Teachers of America are a group of students who endeavor to learn the op- portunities and reasons of the teaching profession. They become aware of the problems of teaching and the enjoyment of teaching also, while they learn them- selves. Iustin Keever Susan Price Mendal McGill Shirley Gordan Phil Shuemake Phil Gurley jamie Wilson Phyllis Keever Ginger Griffin Kevin McCloud Kathy Kennedy Chi Chi Grass Doug Patricio Bea Griffin Art Club Art Club is a group of students who develop active creative interests and participate in the various art media. They help in making the Homecom- ing scenery, display art in the front hall, and represent our school and our town in contests and exhibits. Lester Dodge Myron Whitaker Derrick Rodgers Lamar Whitley Don Ledbetter Renea Merman WW' f National Honor Society Ianie Ball - President Keith Carnes - Vice-President Virginia Tilley - Treasurer Carie Nunn - Secretary Eulane Mellon - Chaplain Stan Harris Casey Litaker Darrell Basinger Gene Griggs Eric Linn Bill Lear Lori Boggs Betsy Buchanan Freddie Martin Cindy Richter Lisa Lewis Scotty Orland Kevin McLeod Steve Ragan Randy Petrea Phil Sellers Bill Friday things for others. Pat Christy Rhondie Huie Sharon McVay Lori Privette Terri McCarn Barry Lentz Angel Carpenter Mindy Reese Cinda Powell Patty Hammonds Ioyce Bean Tammy Davidson Lori Barr Charlotte Matheny Melanie Martin Tina Tucker Bonita Harris Sandra Blackwell Demetta Witherspoon Advisors: Sylvia Saunde Daniel Boone National Honor Society is a group of stu- dents who serve the school and community through various projects. Their member- ship is based on scholastic achievement, leadership, and character. They have pre- pared refreshments for workers in the press box at football games, gone caroling at nursing homes, and made numerous FS X-.. The Bible Club promotes Christian fellow- ship in many ways from providing parties at the orphanages to having morning De- votions. CThey Love, They Pray, They Share, They Care, By Letting jesus be the Lord of All.J ub Mike Davis - President Ricky Hinson- Vice- President Bonnie Moore - Vice-President Vange McHarge - Chaplain David Norris Chaplain Ciny Cook - Reporter Edwin Phifer - Cameraman Terri Clowney - Treasurer Cathy Phifer - Secretary Amy Starnes Annie Covington Teresa Pressley Teresa Bell Anne Scott Jonathon Allison Donald Anthony Glenda Graham LaDonna Stanback Ianice Smith Penny Smith Eddie Hartozog Karen Morris Missey Fury Iantha Maness Rodney Brown Roger 'Brown Ronnie Blackmon Ray Mills Tammy Beaver Vernon Sheelor Linda Melcolm Cindy Carter jerry Blackwell Kathy Blakenell Kathy Cherry Tonda Crumblin Ierry Cannon Iohn Fincher Randy Gentle Gladys Hannah Daphne jones Randy, Iohnson Elaine Kennendy Pam Kilby Donna Lomax Ricky Maddox Donna Morris Rhoda McParlin Linda Mechlor Morris Phifer Travis Starnes Marianne Starnes Greg Weddington Rena Simmions Annette Smith Debbie Tilley Diane Ward Thomas Ware i ff' Bible Cl B .. A ,JE FOCI FGCI is a club for students interested in science who like to experiment. This year some of the members attended a Science Festival held at N.C. State. They have also investigated and prepared consumer reports on over-the-counter drugs, food and food additives, soaps and de- tergents. Stan Harris - President Tom Slaughtgr Keith Carnes - Vice-President B111 Friday Betsy Broome - Secretary Betsy Buchanan Charlotte Matheny - Treasurer Kathy Pefrea Tracy London Leigh Ann McMurry Beth McCarn Ken Speir Mindy Reece Lisa Lewis Robin Brown Ion Martin Bob Frye Lisa Pethel Phil Sellers David Benson Tod Goodnight Billy Cook Lisa McCombs Gene Griggs Kelly McCommons Iohnny May Mark Carver Eric Sills janet Plummer Edwin Phifer Donald Anthony Lea Ann Collins Janie Ball Mack Moore Barry Lentz Eulane Mellon me Pep Club Oranda Alexander Jatana Allen Tammy Alsbrooks Lillie Archie Teresa Barnes Jenny Cambell Misher Cherry Janice Christy Karen Clowney Tonda Crumblin Kathy Curry Robin Curry Gi i Curry Roiin Christy Kathy Cherry Rita Campbell Rachelle Fisher Tangela Gaither Angela Grier Robin Hanes Kim Hearne Beverly Hill Judy Hord Michele Hughes Janet Hunter Wanda Hunter Jackie Jackson Sandra Johnson Daphne Jones Elaine Kennedy Julie Kennedy Paula Kirkpatrick Tina Knox Tamesha Lisk Priscilla Maddox Ricky Maddox Angela Massey Linda Melchor Karen Mingo Sharon Moody Karen Moorehead lantha Maness Suzie Pethel Rhonda Overcash Kim Reece Sheryl Robinson Helen Russell Marva Shaw Vanessa Sloan Annetta Smith Janice Smith LaDonna Stanback Trena Stanback Linda Stevenson Chrystal Strickland Linda Trexler Suzie Young History Club Mitch Messer - President Eulane Mellon - Vice-President Todd Goodnight Kevin McLeod Steve Morton Sandra Day Janet Plummer Gene Griggs Kyle Taylor Beth McCarn Doug Patricio Stan Harris Eric Lambert Donna Ritchie Rhonda Huie 167 uw: Hp? , Sherry Yates - President Virginia Hall - Vice-President Shona Miller - Secretary Larry Cline - Treasurer Amy Abernathy Felicia Anderson Roxanne Bigham Sue Boone Sandra Cline Loretta Hudson Katrina Lane Rhoda McFarlin Teresa Moore Cinda Powell Melody Stafford Benita Truesdale Kandy Tucker Mona Woods 168 C00 Cooperative Office Occupations is a group of students who spend their time Working in banks, offices, and other clerical occupa- tions. They discover ways to be successful in business careers. They also learn the ad- vantages and disadvantages of office life. as Q s we : in jane Blackwelder Donna Childers Shelia Cochran Tonda Crumblin Sabrina Helms Alisa Kennedy Donna Lomax Donna Morris Tammy Smith Melinda Swiggett Audrey Thompson Melinda White HOSA is made up of students interested in exploring opportunities in health fields. The goal of the club is to carry out the state theme which is helping others through service and action. They made Halloween bags for teachers, prepared fruit baskets for lounges and distributed Christmas cards at Cabarrus Nursing Center. They have also held bake sales for the Empty Stocking and Heart Fund. They have called people to donate blood forthe bloodmobile, and raised money for Easter Seals. These are only a few of the projects this club has carried out. HOSA ,,- . . ... WIN., -. W ,. -. .. ws. ---.... W- .. ,uni l ar A If 1 - l 1 H ,MM-?V,fW,?,,h Amagzg ,, ,V M . , 1 .. my -' -T J'-' s f' -A 2' -Ma-' - 1 -HW His N nz 52, ikwknqm '- My EEN 11,11 ,Q C y f' T1 Mark Baker Beth Bost Amy Dowell Gene Earnhardt Tim Goodale Carolyn Goodwin Kim Haynes Rita Howard Terri Howell Hx ,,.,,v , i jeff Leonard Milton McCoy Milton Smith Freda Thompson Robin Upright Danny Webster Lillie Archie Mary Ann Coleman Dale Deese ICT Steve Jordan Daniel Lambert Danny Litaker Marie McCombs Kevin Moffit Stacey Mullis Larry Perkins Teresa Rhodes Phyllis Rivers Pam Rogers Wayne Tino Richard Wagner Keith Alexander Keith Boone David Booth Dawn Bowman Mike Brown Ernie Harrington Beverly Hill Charlie Iames lantha Maness Bobby Preslar Mike Stephens Ieff Tilley Donna Woodard Industrial Cooperative Train- ing is the program that helps the students who have an in- dustrial outlook for the fu- ture. While receiving experi- ence, they also earn money. This is a national organiza- tion which helps the commu- nity while planning for the future. Ieff Foil Iimmy Slough Dale Bullock Tony Brown john Melchor Maurice Kirkland Ioey Miller Debbie Russell Derrick Rodgers Roger Moore Richard Skipper Danny Goodman Rusty Cline Doug Wensil Robin Hough 1 Y Iim Bain ,C ell g Teena Reece as Mike Pressley H Dennis Shaver - Danny Coe Drafting ICT is composed of students who endeavor to develop civic and vocational intelligence and leadership. They use their imaginations and mechanical ability to create architectural structures. Drafting ICT if HAL., 'X it ,ge 'Wm wfdf-fmf, .. ,, My Debbie Russell Deana Russell - Vice-President Kim Lowder - Dena Fisher - Renee Connell Periann Fields - Parlimentarian Donna Litaker - Photographer Robin Hough - Historian Dari Haynes Lea Ann Lentz Mark Brin le Bobby Mceay Tim Robinson Ricky Walters Keith Gordon Shirley Gordon Tonya Gordon Kim Lawing Monica Ford Steve Robinette Debbie Whitaker Bobby Eagle Mike Pressley Morris Phifer Donita johnson Candy Bonds Karona Parker Tammy Safrit DECA Melanie Bowlin Rhonda Eagle Pam jones Ian Hudson Rex Baucom Cathy Phifer William Covington Pam Pressley Lisa Knowles David Staton Patty Hammonds Sybil Harrington Teresa Wyke Tamelia Iordon Kerri Fesperman Ma Bamhardt Linldla Harrington Debbie Foster Karen Trull Greg Belk Eric Deaton Cindy Ballard Darrell Graham Sue Smith Cindy Waller Norma Linton Ian Sechler Ianet Tyson Michele Meachum Vickie Kee Renva Davis David Moser Mark Demarcus Mark Davis Clint Myers Mark Sweatt Tammy Fortson Everett Dalton Tony Queseberry r Distributive Education Clubs of America includes students who spend half the day at school and the other half on the job. They are interested in the World of commerce and learn through Working. These students work now to make the most of their fu- tures. sq' Automotives Club is a group of students who are interested in internal combustion engines. Each year the club develops interest among its mem- bers in the restoration of cars while striving to promote individual leadership. They also build a float for the Christmas parade. Curtis Ballard Tony Bittle Barry Bonds David Booth Michael Bowers johnny Craig Marty Crainshaw Tim Clay David Frye Doug Furr Tim Hardin Ernest Harrington Donny Iulian Donald Marshall Ronald McCorkle Artie Morrow joe Perry Mark Seamon Wayne Tyson Mark Baker Tim Barber Barry Eury Charlie Harrington Automotive Club Freddie Ketner Randy Lear Chris McWhorter Donnie Morton Stacey Mullis David Pence Ricky Weaver Tracy Harris Curtis Adcock Ierry Campbell Michael Church jerry Daniels Iohnny Faggart David Hey Iarnes Lear Iames Melton Rhonda Overcash Tim Payne Kim Reece Mark Robinette Len Sherrill Doug Wilhelm Robbie Wike ,JJJJAG C X . A - .- - A ,Q 3 "' S 1 Q 3 5 If Y' ggi " if in :JW -zsgfffri-E 4 J." 2' i N 1 1 - -W , . iii, if iq 1 ,, ' V' 1' f QXYX is SP DRT There is a Spartan quality that an athlete projects- the will to win and the ability to lose with valor. No matter what the score of the game the true Sportsman has achieved an inner victory and will forever retain that aura of success. , , Q 175 CHALLENGING N EVV FGES 4 Q X- l ' 'fe una L L' I 'T 5 "cs Z' 'H-f 'Tis-i,,,.gf U f '12, .C T7 C T i, ,rift f , 41? T X g , It ff it fc we f fy , gff,i.3,g g f.1 iigj f, 'uiiimwei gig f i-af M" Fxifgti sv-me ffwitgtmyx 'effigy-,ik -fgggnwdg eHWqQghJQhQ."?irw " V i s N 1 C i it - , ' 'rv , ARB-1 5 , w ig ,, vf r i flagii ., -c, , 34 c . - Ni,-f-'my ..,, .miktiffezifgiqaiykiilpialvygy-i ,gif ,-Jf,Qs,,ksi,,,T.,, K cf, gas 5 we .9 it:-P' . as V 1 71 it Q fa ' iff' -e ' -" 'S-Se'i:l'i5i.ff-' bw- 3312, i f A P'-e9cy?f5sT':srrs.sha'5'is"'f"S'-:1"A4gYL 51" ,"f51:"oL-ioTW'5"vffe4: gms , ig-g sm E Z, . wma? 3,9 EMT ? L ig my- k. iM,?gETME We Q ,gt " sir 5 ff g iggii , , i .,h. N t Wl,!,, K , .Q A ,.w,.,,.. - - ' xi me , - 4 .t 1..f.y MW, wfqw fi ., if ,, , bca .av 'h.- , X-1 3, f . Q., V W,,k 4? 65 C tt Mark Laws Coach Bill Watts Coach Ron Byerly Coach Gerald Hefner Danny Linker Phil Gurley Nicky Wright Casey Litaker Charlie Iames Chris Edwards Freddie Martin Mike Smith Mark Bragg Dwight Hunter Eric Thompson Kenny Patterson Ken Speir Chet Greason Maurice Kirkland Milton Davis Billy james Steve Litaker Todd Fields Tim Ervin Brad Holbrooks Darrell Bassinger Lavon Gill William Watson Phillip Cherry Coach Bob Boswell Ronny McC0rkle Todd Haley Ketih Thompson Mike Boger Clifford White Bill Loan Billy Burgess Randy Rice Tim Haithcock Gary Barringer Mike Chisholm Coach Mike Lanbeth Coach Hugh Corlon Chris Norris Willie Campbell Bryant Black Bill Amerson Carlos Cunningham Donnie Nash Eric Rose Derrick Cunningham Coach Pete Stone Coach Calvin Colson Managers Scott Smith Ricky Hinson Mike Church Reid Oliphant .. t Y Q4 r 1 Q ' Q I s f W 9 IQ wg, K, ,.. f4,-3M,- , T3 ' X .. ii wi' ,L Q 4, W, Q.. . . K FY , K x R ff N A. A M 5 fx Q' "mill, W A, lh.""' mfxfkf ' Jq :af f 'g , 455' ' ' Q 'FW f WWW? 3,5 5 Q 1 ' V .5 :.., 3 ,X , i X kr K ,r ji A Q, ' Wx .if A A 4 ' 1' Wg.. k,,1 K - 5 , xx. F., x i f f V I l l i ,J ' ,F Q A' ' ..... Q K W 1 3? . .VKL A , 1' , xmfff A V fig! ffsm F-ff' JA K? I4 f 1' if . 7 W. J f M G I Q , ..., xi ' ' -w M-m,1.nfm-, K 5 1 .n ,f JV, www, . tgrmmy . .. ,.. . k 'Q 'Q angfi 'M .K ffm , 5 1 M ' X JN :xii ,.. . N X4 l W ah ' 1 ' " M "b a 9' - X f A fg A A . 5 Amyy. Q 'ff f aa. S 'ii 1 Fi". :'q Mj r iQ V K . X56 cf' X 4 Q , . 1 5 , C Q XWM N, , '1 . X ' rruu N - f , . A f Q, Freddie Martin - Most Valuable Carlos Cunningham - Most Valuable Chet Greeson - GATA Defensive Award Danny Linker - Blocking Award Mark Laws - Most Improved Casey Litaker - Co-Captain, All-Conference Ronnie Blackmon - All-Conference Clifford White - All-Conference Kenny Patterson - Co-Captain, All-Conference Lug Leazer Award 1 2 Ll 'W' W it X- ,- -fe -W We ., Q 6 an .8 iZ i as gh N 6,5 f cgi w 'Q R+ X A yr '10 . at , , A if im ss ' ' f- ,I w yn Q . ,. .3 if Q 4 o QT! may in ,ic THE SOUL'STIRRI G JV'S T A , B5 E in 'E B1 425 Z 41 40 ZS!!! ""' E3 H gvvwgam L,,,,,,.w.xJ Northwest South Rowna Greensboro Page Greensboro Grimsley High Point Central High Point Andrews Greensboro Dudley Ragsdale Concord Ierry Blackwell Artie Morrow Todd Thompson Mark Norris Keith Phifer Doug Brown Tim Sigmon Quintin Thompson Mike Smith Matt Hearne Lola Rose 0 Wonders 7 Wonders 18 Wonders 0 Wonders 23 Wonders 19 Wonders 0 Wonders 6 Wonders 7 Wonders 22 20 14 14 22 12 Billy Wood Richard Holloway Darrell Marvel David James Mike Proctor Sherman Cauthen Tim Templeten Ken Walters Ronnie Acosta Lynn Ritchie Chris Bradley 6 14 0 Darrell Drye Willie Ason Randy Rice Lance Smith George Moody Coach Mike Lanbeth Coach Pete Stone Coach Ron Byerly Coach Gerald Hefner The Iunior Varsity football team was a team of power that excited all who watched it. They too suffered defeat in the new confer- ence but showed their sportsmanship on and off the field. 181 1 Ks H K 5: fr .. K, -x VVV: if f . K , X V . 5' A . f .Cav-'vw "' iJ'," , ,' .1 3 , tv' - 4. ., '5 ' , l.' ,Q F - 9 rw, 'lp , .. f . s - f is fr I R . Q. ffm k .. ', 'iv K .. ' -1 - f' if-Q I .gk W 2 . -K .gif ,izjfifg - ,.f-:-. f- N., ,. + i N ,. 7, ag A ' A J QT' '1f, if X V W 1 K ,Q Q ' Q 'KE wi' -. ,X X .- Q13 Q W Xu X fb' :,'i J iw QQ, f -. gf .5 if uv A 1- ,E ff, kw- , 554 " b I ,- 4 1 f N ,, - . g, 'J' ' f i f, ., , VY Q .mi-s fs 33 B, .. ,xp 14 , LQ? Q 5 5 F I' fn f ,A -w U ' . , 5 , , v ,S 0 Q Q ,sa .ai v 2 if .3 4 A n .VI 'ax mf 5 1 V , ,, , ., E 4, 0 my 5: REvv1N 'UP T1-IE SPHRHT tv. Lori Boggs - Chief Oranda Alexander Benita Truesdale Gigi Curry Sherry Kerley Zebetta King Georganne Wiles Kelly Griffin - Most Valuable Sheryl Robinson Lou Ann Barnette Pam Roberts Those beautiful ladies who have led us in cheers that brought us to our feet are the Varsity and I.V. football cheerleaders - a synonym for WONDER SPIRIT. Cindy Linn Kim Haney Wanda Hunter Carol Morgan Ianice Smith Trena Stanback Ianice Christy Kennette Edwards 183 ARQUSING ouR PRUDE M. A , ?+?"'?""""'Wmwmm.. Ni, l 3 2 , . Helen Russell Leigh Ann McMurray Georgeann Wiles Kim Davis Karen Morehead Linda Harrington Sheryl Robinson These girls bring out our pride and make us realize that We too are a part of the team. Cindy Linn Kim Haney Wanda Hunter Carol Morgan Ianice Smith Trena Stanback Ianice Christy 184 BLENDING MIND Wrestling '78 5 m., A , g' .K MUSCLE A . rr. A 5 itil xlxxx k B t ., Lf- u Wrestling '78 proved to be a great year at Brown. With tri- captains Kenny Patterson, Casey Litaker, and Clifford White showing their talents the team set several new records. Also, it won the first tournament ever at Brown. We produced three Con- ference Champions - Kenny, Casey, and Ernie Safrit plus eight All-Conference wrestlers. With coaches like Ron Byerly and Mike Lambeth leading the way, our wrestlers truly became a winning team. Mike Chisolm Tim Sigmon Ernie Safrit Val Lawson Ray Rucker Doug Brown Mendall McGill Ricky Weaver Derrick Rodgers Gary Barringer Kenny Patterson Mike Proctor William Watson Ronnie Acosta Steve Litaker Tim Hathcock Casey Litaker Aron Bost Mark Bragg Clifford White AIMING FUR THE BEST Boy's Varsity Basketball Team Darrell Basinger Ronnie Blackrnon Mike Gibson Allen Griffin Marty Griffin Keith Hardin Iimmy Hubbard Eric Lipscomb Robert Maddox Fred Martin Randy Petrea Iarnes Robbins Mark White Douglas Young Coach - Earl Lentz Manager - Ricky Maddox With a team of speed, skill, and great pride, we made our mark in the 4-A. Our pride was abundant in every game. Varsity Basketball 1978 - a challenge! it . , X- iff! ' 1. ,,,A?g ,?.i, , sk 'sud' 1 I THE CLASSY COMPETITORS I.V. Basketball- A.L. Donald Gray Mark Goldston Kelly Morrison Ierome Griffin Robert Williams Matthew Hearne Randy Iohnson Eugene Carson Brown High School Lennie Howie Raymond Knox Darron Hamby Mike Smith Don Lazenby Darryl Foster Quintin Thompson A team of speed, skill, and great pride, we made over mark in the 4-A. Our pride was abundant with every game. JJ! E f 1 f-3. was W4- "g?4-V, , k as.. 2 -of 001+-A ,,,f, -IW, ., , , """""w-...,,, 1 'vw f-- .. MWA! at, ""- 4' 1-H.-vw., L,,,,.,, df .A,- A A, W. fl ,, ,...-v"""' QM.,-f':'fw I .-M4 ,M Q 'MMM 1' an 4' 'fly -f ,,, f i i ,MW ---+.,+.. if ,O 'gm urn 1, ,..., EW 'bv DETERMI ED T0 WI Cathy Phifer Sharon Hill Manager - Eulane Mellon . I . Lori Freeze Rene Hunter Statistician - Lisa Lewis Teresa Barnes Sharon Moody Misher Cherry Lori Privette Rene COHHGU Kim ROSS A team full of surprises, and full of spirit, it Kenette Edwards Janice Weumon was a team that showed people they had the Rachelle Fisher Ann Widenhouse - Lois Grier Head Coach - lim Tedder power to Wln' Amy Hair Assistant Coach - Vickie Wilhelm SKILLEDA DI PRQVING Kennette Edwards Lois Grier Lori Freeze Ann Widenhouse Ianice Wellman Cathey Phifer Selinda Blackwell Glenda Graham Sandy Iohnson LaDonna Stanback jill Little Tammy Allsbrook Rachelle Fisher Lori Privette Coach - Vickie Wilhelm Manager - Kim Poston Girls' I.V. Team AGING THE LEAGUE ! Mitch Messer Tim Anderson johnny Freeze Bill Friday Danny Coe Randy Iohnson Stacey Fisher Edwin Phifer Mark Goldston Kelly Morrison Louis Bean George Hilbish Tennis is a team that uses co-ordination and spirit to beat the league. Packed with individual stars, Boys' Tennis - the best. EARING THEIR GOAL 'UNQQ9' X Our girls' tennis team was a very young team, but it played with the style of a pro. They pulled their upsets, individu- ally and by team. They are champions in the making. Mindy Reese Gina Overcash Carie Nunn Sandy Snider Debbie Whaley Shaylee Whitehead Kim Allman Coach D. Perkins jill Crainshaw Carie Nunn - All-Conference, 4th in doubles with Mindy Reese Kim Allman - Won the 6th seed division in singles Mindy Reese - All-Conference, 4th in doubles with Carie Nunn 197 SWINGING TO E CEED Freddie Martin Randy Wh1te lady Patterson Johnny May Danny Linker Mark Seamon Melvin Haney Barry Lentz Marty Griffin w .jr ., X ff!! f Q 1 Xrfffffwx gx N ffl xr Q Z' X!! fa ' 'N 5 ,4 1 , . 4 ff' 'A .' N fra.. Y --" kv: 4 2 V , 'ic 'X , df ja Lx. w,,' .yy vi , b,'L 1 gd ' . ,, , 2-,jg wi I' ,- - gy s E26 6 M , 2 , ,.,W,M.,,,. ,Q ,,, w iv, , f., I A ,y,,!.,W I x Af.. 1, G,, .,7,,, , iw: Lg 5 ' ,M 'N gy? fa-1' calm A g , A , , f me ,.w. 51 ,, 5, 5 ,, 4. ,rw - ., 1 . lv L, Jiffy ' - f W f A ' A V 1 ' ' ,n if 'v?Q,x,p" USA-k,'," ' f 22 'ff 4 1 7 ti I RA, YQ - 'I , -L: 2 ' .sw-uf-wil' V '3' 4' ' 4 -' ' ' ' ' , f Q. W' ' " , ' , 4 7' N I xv I3 , - M ' ' . A ' f 4 H 'I if K f 'ww , "'g W A A, K, , if ff' ' ' Q.- ,, W , . ' . 1, I N . -...v-fvv-N , , A, fe " ff 4 . H ' pak : Q.'m,.,g.f' ' ' ' ,V 7'W'ffrjQ4'33y Q. A " H f !,,. ' "f6,:'1.a-w L L ,V if 7' L ' 'M' f .V gn' .' A .1143 , 1 A 'if I f 'Q' g'i,3VQgt,,l2Zy'-7+ 4, f, 11 Q 4 .V . ' If -K V-,V 4 :VV V, 5, Qhk.--.,g4fV13:1,i H- - .- 'six-S7 ' ' ,,,,g,- .,- 1 ff: L, ' ,ff f ff," , , .x . 1 f , 4 .0 Q' -My u ' 5.422 L, , . ,nk ,K 1 . , V , ,V ,, ,454 s2f,,ffA'Q,,,,. 1 A ..X . 2- ff " j' ,'iQ,!5,, 7 I f- ,- r , , I a ,,.w, .f ' U 1, jk A v f H v ,A 'V ,,,fff. "' V , 1, ' I 0 V u e, I 1 .- w x .D ' A h --vm , M A , f s s : - -14 f' V f.,- V. - V H W 4. Y 7 nf ' A " ' wr . 1 4. QQ ,, , ' , , ' .v as if, ,if me l in amdnr mx J, www 3 .M-QHWWN ' W , I Uh , .fm A 45. 5? G A x X f V 4 F, 5' - I X Y t wg, 4 . g pt , 1 ,.. I A' ,Q-vs. Q6 STRIDING... W. ' f ' 5. il . . .LV f Seeking their second straight championship, the girls' track team has Worked very hard and their success has proved them to be real competition. 201 ------W . ...l......,. .. ..-t- MW , M .. l ra VAU LTI NG 1 - 4:41, .Q ' fl' -.5 travis T. , D, A A A k,1VMWfiNx'.i,, 1. 'A-gi. ,rp Q:....fff:a9!9ia1?- i"' A . The first few weeks of track are always the roughest! Running cross-country, building up your wind and conditioning yourself for a better time or jump. ln the end it all pays off because you've reached your ultimate goal ,.... a school record or maybe an advancement to the state finals! Sparked by conference standout Mike Gibson, the team has enjoyed success. X . 1 z l WR ., yn? Y ' 9 2 P ,Q . , Z I il ?al 'Wh if 4- Coach Hefner, Gerald Stone, Pete Edwards, Chris Gardner, Derrick Pinkston, Ieff Thompson, Eric Mullis, David Gibson, Mike Litaker, Casey McGill, Mendel Adams, Dwayne Davis, Milton Foil, Mike Cunningham, Carlos Smith, Allen Boger, Mike Weast, Randy Haley, Todd Bostick, Charley Black, Bryant Norris, Chris Allison, james McCorkle, Ronnie Basinger, Daryl Carson, Eugene Rucker, james Hardin, Keith Cline, Todd Sloop, joe Barringer, Gary Thompson, Todd Cunningham, Derrick Payne, Tim Sigmon, Tim Cauthen, Sherman Templeton, Tim Walters, Ken Ritchie, Linn Smith, Mike Campbell, Willie Belk, Greg Christy, Greg Thompson, Quentin Maxwell, Darrell Norris, Mark Anthony, Donald Holloway, Richard Griffin, Eddie Cannon, Ierry King, Garry Metcalf, Brad Melton, Scott White, Clifford MGF: Summerford, Ter Brown, Tim Oliphant, Reid W ' ' 5 in TDWARD PERFECTICN! 1 , , f x FIGHTING FDR RS Barbee, Lynn Morgan, Chuck Smith, Todd Craver, Mark Mott, Steve Teague, Phil Hubbard, jimmy Petrea, Randy Waddell, Marty Hubbard, Mark Richardson, Eric Whitley, David Hubbard, Phil Sloop, Greg Coach Lentz, Earl Moore, Mack Slaughter, Eric Improvement was the word for Golf. These men mixed nerve, skill, and a lit- tle bit of luck to produce a competitive team and some brilliant stars. .. .....-.-vu-u..usauqe vw, TU ED FOR VICTORY Lillie Archie Lou Ann Barnette Renee Connell Ann Covington Sentrie Edwards Maria Grass Angelia Grier Marion Herbert Iill Little Karen McGill Susie Pethel Cathy Phifer Marie Rhyne Sherry Richardson Kim Rose Sandi Snider Diane Ward Janice Wellman Tammy Reese - Manager Vickie Iarrett - Score SOL0 ST RDOM When one thinks of sports, he most often sees football or baseball or some other team sport. There are those, however, who think first of indi- vidual sports, and it is these sports which are usually carried into adult life. Students at A.L. Brown engage in many solo sports, some of them stars in their own right. Skating is a longtime favorite of sophomore Kyle Moon, who has won many trophies and awards in both speed skating and dance skating. Other students, like junior Mike Foil, have taken up skateboarding with some degree of success. With summer just around the corner, swimming and water skiing will emerge. Happy sporting to those who dare to do! GIRLS TBROW The sports world for today's female is becom- ing more exciting year after year. Sports teach a valuable lesson in teamwork and show the abil- ity one has to work with others toward a com- mon goal. Girls are coming out in sports, striv- ing for perfection and getting one step closer each time. At least five girls at A.L. Brown have excelled in conference competition in two sports - bas- ketball and tennis. Misher Cherry and Teresa Barnes say they have enjoyed playing basket- ball. They feel the competition is much harder in 4-A, but it makes them strive harder to win. While participating in tennis during high school, Kim Allman, Mindy Reese, and Carie Nunn have met many challenges and plan to continue playing tennis throughout their lives for physical fitness. When asked about girls' participation in sports, and especially at A.L. Brown, basketball coach lim Tedder felt that girls should drop the image of "losers". He thinks winning isn't everything, it is team par- ticipation that counts. Tennis coach Darlene Perkins, a former Brown High athlete, feels that our girls' sports program has really expanded in the past few years. She thinks we have one of the better pro- grams in high school. Athletic director Bob Boswell commented on the fact that girls should take advantage of our sports activities and get involved. Boswell ex- pressed that it is terrible to have capable girls walking around campus failing to get into the program. I-le feels there should be as much en- thusiasm about girls' sports as there is about boys'. Misher Cherry and Teresa Barnes discuss with Coach lim Tedder the competition in 4-A conference. Kim Allman, Mindy Reese, and Carie Nunn converse with Coach Darlene Perkins. Misher Cherry has really excelled in her sport of basketball. She has been a member of the varsity girls' team for all three years and has gained all- conference honors in both her junior year - South Piedmont Conference - and her senior year - Division 7 of the new 4-A conference. Misher is a star of whom Brown High can be justly proud. 208 ATTAIN EW HEIGHTS N., af f g 45 5' 1 3' fn 'I .5 k , Gift is-V 2' : , ng? H , W H - 'lug "Www MERHT To the Ancient Greek the laurel was the sym- bol of excellence. Today we honor our achievers with plaques and certificates. Nonetheless they represent to us that pinnacle of success to which we all aspire. 211 lag., Miss Brown High, selected by the Senior Class to compete in parades and con- tests and to represent Brown with beau- ty, grace, and charm is Melanie Bowlin. Miss Brown High Girls' State Going to lectures and meetings, working hard and making new friends, Rhonda Huie enjoyed attending Girls State. Boys' State The young men selected by the faculty for this high honor of attending Boys' State were Casey Litaker and Barry Lentz. They studied city and state gov- ernment and made many new friends. 4 D R AFS Each year AFS students are selected to go to foreign countries for the summer. This year Bill Lear was privileged to go to Paraguay. A fine student is selected from the student body in recognition of her community support. This year's DAR Good Citizen is Eulane Mellon. Eulane also spent the summer in Turkey as an AFS Student. Ir., a -- .Eu SPEC jgww Each summer students go to differ- ent colleges to study. There they meet a lot of new people and pursue many new courses. MARSHALS This year Kim Davis and Greg Starnes attended Governor's School. Their time was spent in lectures and classroom sittings. Marshals are the top students from the junior class. Their duties include distributing pro- grams and leading graduation exercises. GOVER 0R'S SC HO0L Cabarrus Iunior Miss Rhonda Huie experienced the thrill of competition in the county pageant. She met many new friends and represented A.L. Brown at the state pageant with her talent, charm, and grace. Valentine Royalty Disco dancing highlighted the Valen- tine pageant as clubs presented their choices for Queen and King. Winning the titles were Queen Sue Boone of the Anchor Club and King Denny Oxen- dine of the Interact Club. History Bowl Outstanding history students made their mark at Pfeiffer College in April. Accompanied by Mr. David Poole, Keith Carnes, Ken Speir, Kathy Petrea, and Eulane Mellon made Brown High proud of their knowledge. Century Ill This honor of being chosen Century lll winner went to Lynn Barbee. He learned to write a speech and had the experience of reading it to the judges. His honor is an unforgettable one. Morehead Nominees Given by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to outstanding students, the Morehead Scholarship is one of the most coveted presentations. Brown High seniors honored by the nomination are among our finest youth. The five chosen as finalists were Keith Carnes Rhonda Huie Greg Starnes, Casey Litaker, and Carie Nunn NATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT Honored for her outstanding PSAT score, Demetta Witherspoon was named a National Achievement win- ner. She was also a finalist for the Pogue Scholarship at UNC-Chapel Hill. Voice of America Waiting to give her Voice of America speech, having it judged, then finding out that she had won made an exciting evening for local and district winner Lori Boggs. Runners-up were Carie Nunn and Keith Boone. 'ii- Hugh O'Brian jerry Blackwell received the Hugh O'Brian Award this year. This is an award honoring a sophomore who shows excellence in scholastic achieve- ment and leadership. Gptimist Award l W", We recognize two of our outstanding seniors, Rhonda Huie, and Freddie Martin. This award was presented to them for their sterling character and outstanding contribution to A.L. Brown. Classroom Presidential These four seniors who represented A.L. Brown in Washington attended valuable learning sessions and heard special speakers and lectures as Presi- dential Scholars. Chosen to attend were Mike Gibson, Keith Carnes, Rhonda I-luie, and De- metta Witherspoon. 221 "HV , , sr . ' X is 7-9? 1 , . ,n if QE ? .' ,fl ,.,,,m, Trophies, certificates, and elected honors - there are only a certain number, but there are so many deserving Brown High students who have worked long hours in classes, clubs, sports, and committees, making 1978 a truly memorable year. Here we honor you, our fellow students, you who give us ample cause to celebrate! of S 'I 'X f L M K . ya , X, ,- .D Q zr' ' Wg-?, "ef fglft L 4, ,fb it gy 4? 'JSE fi "" IAYYN Wy! wx 1 V,,.,f' 5'2- s "K Ai ,,,,, ,,,, , 13 mf 'W -'WS-v -V D X 615 ,gf M W mu yy, R H-., , .,,-f.,,,,.f .2 L AH ,J-H' 1? mfs if 1 K if ,ie Q-i .a3 -ff f ..,, I -q-N-.-.. wwf W AF, Na I -ls Alam" J ig Wal fs' Qi, 3 25.23 Mrs Ma Alice Cross s homeroom 100fZ Mrs. Betty Lentz's homeroom 97 Friends of Albrokan Mrs. Clotilda Rodgers' Homeroom 10073 Qs. JAX Albrokan wishes to thank and to honor the homeroorns in the school who have done an especially good job of supporting the yearbook by their subscriptions. The four homerooms who have excelled are pictured on this page. Thank you! PATRGNS of ALBROKAN Co-Editor Doug Young talks with Mr. R.D. Boone, first contributor to the Patron's Page, about his memories of the laying of the cornerstone. R.D. Boone Melanie lane Davis Mrs. janet McDaniel Ierry's Grooming Unlimited Mr. and Mrs. Iames Lamb, Sr. Rev. Ray A. Booton Terri Clowney Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Curry Rev. and Mrs. Mark Andes Rev. and Mrs. Marion Clowney Mrs. Delinda B. Rodgers jim A. Rodgers Donald Wayne Mason Margaret Mason Mize Harold Keith Mason Curtis G. Barnes, '76 Editor Gelene Hutchins Ashley, 1953 C Lucy Holland Baker Andrew Keith Allison Cathy Cunningham Allison o-Editor The year 1978 is a year of celebration for A.L. Brown High School, a year in which we look back to our beginnings. ln 1951 the cornerstone was laid, but it was in 1953 that the first "real" graduation was held, after a full year's schedule at the high school. It is in this year, then, that we celebrate the 25th anniversary of A.L. Brown High. There are many with fond memories of their high school years. Some of these have given a donation for new photographic equip- ment, and we thank them on this Patron's Page: john Melchor Rev. and Mrs. David Carter Phil D. Helms Rev. and Mrs. Ansel McGill Billy McGill Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lentz Miss Brown's 3rd Pd. Class, Bible Il Mrs. Iudith Davis Hill Mrs. Jerry T. Deal Mrs. Lelia Bigham Kathy Kennedy Mary Harris Terry Summerford jenny Brothers Haley Mrs. Max Mrs. Mrs. Cross's COO Class F. Chandler Tamara Solomon's homeroom Barbara Lewis Lucinda Ann Scott Laura Elizabeth Oxendine 225 5515132155 A f112H!N5E'3iiE?:!::S2: .:f, , .L.111,z111.. 1 -,,- -,,- . y .. ' A ' , K " i ,X -x-.. x"kkk i X 52 Q 55 Si.: 1021, :i112,f:f22'1f M-N.. s 5 . Q1 :Pg " ' ffff. 5 f 'J c cw 2 'J - -b 1 af 1 Er 0 I .0 O Pr 4, E , ,,f,,,,, ,, 228 D 3' ,,., 1. , ,,.......---"""' f-"' . Q 9 .guag- wg 1 4 f 49' A V, M -an 1 51 I if wqgg K I' R Q P' N w igii ze F- .ls A f Q A 1 Q Jw. , , Yyyzk tryy l 5,1 K V in , in My 5, ,E g . iw 2 " 'Y I ,rj Q, 2 - 7 f , ,V 7, ar ' 'L . -r , , . 17 ,,,, ,.., , ' a , - gliifuf W V ' QW-J, - MW QI wN'w X... X 2 - ,RNA I :ANN ,, , V0 J my , SNXN - -M., M, 'x"'Hm HVEIQIZU mf .Uv H. . Q, M, . ,.,....1... ,vm ,VM v . g'L, - N. "" f fr , N 'i 1 ,il 2 in 1 f., N fs f -if RIDERS TU U-IE fx 1 131 -4-,,,,.....--v In Wm A W, . K, .gn W . A 1, V . f ' Q fm '42-'vfzffsi 1 '.F1f'Q f is-.v A M i l f ' .i,,:w. ' - 11" vw wx. '1 M M4 -ff 1 K " H , - 'Yi K f ' ' 'Sf' ,, 5 I Q 'k' ' 51,133 1 P. F N sl. 412, wlyje. x L", '. .1 '91 ng ,dx .,. 196 . I.-MF x a. 'ivlap 7,f4f'NfHeJ ai , nv, ,fn i 'I' .' -0 4 2 '-.M ,W I we .if v .nr .1-'MPA P-,Q "lf"' . i -iw-ff , z Vryk ,,z,,W W and celebrate a he-:WY ,- ,N ,'?i' A' ark 5 1 -L -Q-, X Qu L, au , -P h WW ,wma A my W, Vt. A1 M' Q gnu,- ' nw ay, ' M 'lk-.. mr Q W' , -, ,wif H -ww., wa"-'V ' , Q 4 f" - vhw-nw. 6 9 'A' - ' c vw 1 A 1 - - . ., 4 ,. 'V' W . K ky.. I I W , Nw- 'mf au: jd... gk O -li M gn aw QM M. QA., .4 mp, :1 A ow My W W 1 41.43 3, , .i ,,.,,,,., nf Q, znuif 4? ia A my ., ,W .., . "" if: 1 76 ' f Q ffwfzvwfi wif L - ,, ,, E TW 12" .L.. 565, N , ,, . , M, N . E mi, , .. N-,gk ,Squaw f- Mffp . :uf ,Q -g9'7s"W'ffqi,'L'm3k'. ,, M .,9PC5wQFf,, , H,-r K ,., ai ,.,,, Q My V. wg, ,a.,.x.,, ,.,' 5 aww, - . .l.. V -f.y,,, ,awww I ,, M ,QW f My fmwwfh , 'ww wwf-fr ...,, . an M2w Y . W' wg! - ,,,,. W'-f ' A, mam 1. L.-.L W ' . .... . T' - km .V I V i sw 11-W ,, is -Q www X W ,EE , mi.. K W .1 7. '- is Q. - C-L -wW'lQ,M .456 b W ,E Z w , W ' me 1 W' ,xv . gk., K ' fm, N' .44 IG Qs. W5 3' Q- sm '1'11,q . I - Ml A S V' Q x, X . . xxx:-'-9' X4 '-we may W - lm .1 , 'v 1ue , if-. f- k-- -w,..'fM I 'Vin 4 J if ,w.,.l.. -lf?-f 'L ,,gg . 'Hip ,gp in .,' ,fs . f it W , ,lf , H if Al Q aff' W ig! i , 'E V' 13 , , 1 i t v5 We of A.L. Brown during the twenty-five years of the schoo1's existence have observed many changes in our business community. Now in 1978 our friendly merchants continue to support our efforts in education. We ap- preciate them and hope to share in their Sell-a- bration! 237 DENNY'S ALIGNMENT SERV. 1903 S. Main St. Kannapolis N.C. Ph. 932-7424 GEM THEATER "Showplace of Kannapolis' 932-5111 j CABARRUS PRINTING CO. ,, , "Quick Printing With Sefvilfg the g' Snell: Camera Ready Copy" 'Q L WEDDING GREGGELS area X My 3 INVITATIONS kill' at ANNOUNCEMENTS 210 Qak Ave. v Complete Printing D I Service Offset Printing Large 8: Small Orders Lewis 8: Nancy Bennett 932-4576 1402 S. Ridge Av. Kannapolis, N.C. American Street Scene 605 S. Cannon Blvd., Kannapolis, 932-7800 Store Hours Daily 9 A.M.-8 P.M.g Sat. 9 A.M.-5 P.M. 10 Locations: , I A Mooresville f11J -'Belmont C33 A Concord f2,7,8j - Salisbury f12J A l -f Kannapolis fl, 5, 101 - Albemarle Q91 Q' Mt. Pleasant 1133 -V. .g Cali S. Flonnst 857'297 sUMA's sHoPPE INC. Q f TEJEJA ownm IIMLD ,wa 120 5. Main st. -1694 in' 10015 ' A . f ll. LII I 1 11554444971 "Make uS Your Headquarters 'JW ' TAF . am .1 -' '- - if? 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His Of lgru St' oWgPNe6d ggrice S 3 S'f -465 1 239 Ho1brook's Radio 81 Television, Inc. 115 North Ridge Avenue 933-2937 "Your RCA Dealer" Whit1ey's 314 S. Main St. Kannapolis, N.C. THE IEWEL SHOPPE 100 S. Main St. Ph. 933-2107 Trophies For Any Occasion Bonds Sport Shop 219 West "A" St. Kannapolis, N.C. 28081 Lorry 8: Gaynell Goodnight Res. 932-2995 Bus. 932-8231 "1'5:1:1:2:g:g.. "'3:2:i:1:- ,I . 4 I gg, I +9 E Ir- Z Alex's Trophies And Pro Shop Member Professional Bowlers Association 600fo Off Catalog Price , Free Engraving On Trophies f l I Bought From us - 5c Pr. Letter -sk-75 ' On Placques wil Bowling Balls Custom Drilled Bags - Shoes - Shirts Fishing Equipment I w 800 Lane St. Kannapolis -' Telephone 933-3914 Specializing in Rhythm 8: Blues, jazz 8: Gospel ' On All Records One Day Delivery RENAISSANCE PART IV 706 Long Street Kannapolis, N.C. 28081 Vernon Long, Owner 803 High Meadow Lane Charlotte, N.C. 28210 Phone 17045 525-4113 LENETTE'S FLORIST 923 S. Main St. 938-3104 WHITMIRE IEWELERS THE UNBELIEVABLES 113 S. Main St. Kannapolis, N.C. 1116 S. Main Ph: 857-9353 Member of the National Bridal Service The Full Service Insurance Agency Personal or Business Insurance GREATER ECONOMY PACKAGE POLICIES HOME-BUSINESS-AUTOMOBILE ODELL INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Telephone: 938-1148 204A Oak Ave., Drawer 27 0 Kannapolis, N, C, AWARD WINNING PHOTOGRAPHY Schools 0 Portraits 0 Weddings Commercial 0 Sportraits Tammy Ervin - Salisbury Married - Iune 12, 1977 HOME REALTY Sz INSURANCE AGENCY INC. Complete Real Estate 8: Insurance Service Telephone: 933-1266 928 S. Main Stree Kannapolis N.C. 28081 Count-Rgiide Photography Scercy Road - China Grove 857-5073 MEN'S MART "We'll Give You A 955.00 discount if you Rent your formal from us." KANNAPOLIS DRUG CO. 128 s. Main st. Open 4 AM. - 6:30 RM. Dany 932-9116 993-2297 ww ww sg. GOODYEAR SERVICE STORES THE CABARRUS JEANS KING" 1510 S. Cannon Blvd., Beside Beasley-Cross Chevrolet The Cabarrus Jeans King 1510 S. 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K I Kannapolis, North Carolina , , up ' V p Phone 932-0441 ' Q X, XS, 1' J MNC BIRDYVICK 33323052 hose." 065' 7. f MOJUD Isstartvavcnm 5"PP"""' acmrcumnream Kayser-Roth Hosiery Company, Inc. Burlington A Division of Kayser-Roth Corporation North Carolina Crazy Ioe's Inc. Do it yourself Auto Parts . 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. Mon.-Sat. 2211 S. Cannon Blvd. 3?,9hS5xf15Q1it' 12 to 5 PM. Sunday Kannapolis, N.C. 28081 938-4656 f.: L7 A, I 9 ad, Ml, h . V Ss, ,'J'ff"' , Q , IME GOT A F EE Amo FQ- HEPNR LfP1WW Monday-Saturday - 9:00-9:30 Sunday - 12:00-7:30 F gg 'I 'L?i"" " '51i4uIl?11 ai' ggi,-9' as so , K 1 - . ,I 2, Qnc., of Concond and CfKannapo!2is 5? ' 'Q f5.'Efl"Z5? FTD , R91 GQ"-'rzn M5 12 Floralux K AVIN! X lllvb M 78 Church St., N.E. 109 N. Main Strict Concord. N.C. 28025 Kannupolil. N.C. 28081 782-1107 I I 933-2229 - HOURS - MON-SAT . . . 8:30 All TO 5 PM THE IEAN HOUSE 901 Woodlawn St- cAsUALs or KANNAPOLIS Phone: 9327315 "junior Fashion" R Sf F SERVICE Ph. 932-4926 INC' 708 Iackson Park Rd. 1202 Cannon Blvd. Ph. 933-8176 Rogers Sz Weddington Real Estate -LISTINGS- La Vaughn ROdgEI'S Insurance Agency 906 S. Main St. Midway 938-4663 Auto - Life Fire - Health Financing Available 906 S. Main St. Midway Kannapolis, N.C. 7041932-5913 G at s METAL co., INC. 5 5 , t 'li Phone f704D 933-3464 0 1901 West "A" St. 0 Kannapolis, ,Q In V N.c. 28081 f .3 iii State License No. 2311 KH-1, H-2 8: H-31 Electrical License No. 5154-L N' Cannon Blvd' ' Landis' NC' At Hwy. 29 8: Daugherty Road 0 857-3511 Mailing Address ,, . . ,, - Rt. 2, BOX 127 The Ieans Specialists 857 3511 China Grove, N.C. 28023 :UR 5VfW NEED' Curt 8: Becky Helms Owners Bob 8: Iudy Davis ' ' Home Phone 857-5240 Home Phone 857-5598 245 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX X X X X is K "As Modern As Today X X As Advanced As Tomorrdw" X X I lp l l X X i C M x Canvas Squares X L Wi I4 9 I 9 X . X T l X Carolina Mall X 1 X Concord N.C. X r X We kee ou in s i ches X X at Cdjnivas Squdrles X X X X Complete line of X X Needle art supplies X X X Q Faye I-Iartness - oW?g6r-6617 Q 5 1 T l X X 1119 s. CANNON BLVD. SCOTTISH SQUARE 932-9309 Q X X V M "'T ' "H" TTT' 'Y "'fY'i"'W'WT"'?wTiL. 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Box 667 Phone 933-5321 Kannapolis, N.C. 28081 ' ' Cameras, Projectors, Film Dennls Mluer 0 Film Processing by Kodak Building 81 Construct1on Model Sf Hobby Supplies Company - Basements - We make them, Deeper Open: 4 a.m. To 6 p.m. Monday Thru Saturday Cheaper TOWNHOUSE RESTAURANT Ph. 938-7734 145 West Avenue Kannapolis, N.C. 28081 "Homemade Cakes 8: Pies Neuby 8: Ianie Lefler Res. Ph. 933-4781 Owners Bus. Ph. 933-5131 249 Terry Products Ruth Avenue Kannapolis, N.C 938-3191 RE PM 704.932-O161 BUS PH 704-932-7746 MlV,ANCEfAUIO,, TIRES 8: BATTFRIES EAFII. CHESS 2-144 WEST AVE -QE MANAG NNAPOLIS, N C 28081 TROY'S BEAUTY SALON 628 North Cannon Blvd. 932-0771 DON'S SUNOCO 1313 S. Cannon Blvd. Kannapolis Phone 932-6019 Watkins Building Materials 406 S. Cannon Blvd. Kann., N.C. 938-3149 SECURITY BANK Two Locations to Serve You Corner North Ridge Ave. and Security St. 933-2193 Cannon Boulevard 938 3134 BRQTHERS TIRE SALES, INC. Wholesale 8: Retail Masonry House Paint Tires, Tubes, Wheel Alignment Balancing and Complete Brake Service 1216 N. Main St. Kannapolis, N.C. 704-933-2203 Motorcycle Tires Res Ph 704 932 0161 B ADUANCEIAUTU CORDOVRN TRE 8:51 LRE 142 144 West Ave Kannapohs N C 28081 Earl Cress Store Manager us Ph 704 932 7746 THE GRAPEVINE Carolma Mall 786 8711 There s A Lot of Good Thlngs Under Our Roof TABLE SUPPLY STURE 606 S Mam St Servmg th1s Commumty SIHCG 1939 I,-may-AV' Thlck n Chewy 8: Th1n C3V2:1t1I11 Spaghettr Salad Bar Cr1spy PIZZH Sandwrches Veal Parmesan Favonte Beverages 901 North Cannon Kannapohs N C 932 8208 697 Church Sf N Martm Drug Co Concord N C 786 5612 1113 N Maln St 1121 South Cannon Blvd Phone 932 9111 North Kannapohs N C Blvd I S A T' I S ' - ' E , . . ll I Il . , M... A - f , K if ,,,.,....f r .- - , . ,aW,,,,. 4-4 r , . , . .W I r - L.. K W'-" f 0, -fry. f,---f1 f f - r' f ,,,,...- ff , I if , O - - -n- . . . . . O ' O O 0 ' , . . - C , . . . . I . ' 252 1 DIAL: 932-5121 f V ' - X """' RROW0oo i f 'W 1 3 .,, A o MNNAPOLI , N. C. W THE BAKE SHOP Mrs. Rose Drolette - Owner 0 Cakes 0 Pies Birthday 8: Wedding Cakes 'Rolls 0 Doughnuts Complete Line 0Picnic Supplies Fresh Bakery Products 'Gifts All Kinds of Delicious 0Permanent Pastries Flower Arrangements Call 932-0136 507 N. Cannon Blvd. Kannapolis, N.C. ULD COLQNY DAY CARE LYON'S Ph. 933-7071 138 West Ave , 'fwwd A KAAA f AiA A , NJA, Grandma? Chi1dren's Shop 421 Iackson Park Road NM W - JAQ A " i 1 1 1 . my a, QQ fmmf K We A W 'FH 2 F fm R Sf fm S55 is K 'S iv M X, L 1 - X EX 3 ' - f ra Nwigw ,L xg Q f zu--:A-Pa. .AK 12? f1vfQi1i12'f!11i1x225512: V 221 'W-11 N k Aw WGN A if L A 254 RENOVA Il LTD. "Hair Styles For The Two Of You." Telephone 36 Willow Brook Dr. 704-786-5015 Concord, N.C. 28025 ATOMIC OIL CO., INC. Kerosene, Fuel Oil, Stands, Tanks 103 W. Universal St. Kannapolis, N.C. Mrs. W.D. Middleton, Pres. HAIR UNLIMITED 106 South Main 932-5613 The salon for style conscience men and women Multiple Line Insurance: Life, Health, Group, Auto Homeowners Ins. Commercial Fire And Casualty HONEYCUTT INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE Bus. 932-8614 117 West 1st Street Home 933-3049 Kannapolis, N.C. 28081 Larry B. Honeycutt Edward's Barbeque 2011 Lane St. Kannapohs 105 West 1st St. COULTERS FANCY THAT HAIR FASHIONS 600 Sloop Ave. Ph. 933-4176 IIM SIMMONS PONTIAC-BUICK, INC TRUCKS PONTIAC 5 Concord, N.C. 28025 Sales Sz Service I Sales 8: Service BUICK IIM SIMMGNS PGNTIAC - BUICK - GMC TRUCKS 855 Highway 29 South Concord, N.C. 28025 You'll Love Saving Money The Most Modern Automobile Dealership facility in the Southeast Opened Ianuary 1978 DEAN 'S MAIN TEXACO 717 N. Cannon Boulevard Kannapolis N.C. 28081 Phone 938-8067 256 VlRGlNIA'S PETHEL'S USED 119 West Ave. Ph. 932-5196 CARS INC. 1904 N. Cannon Blvd. Ph. 933-1313 TELL CDUR SPONSORS YQU SAlVV THEM IN THE ALBRQKAN! Sun X I f Tl' 1507 N. Cannon Blvd. Phone 932-7112 Kan p l' N.C. 28081 "We Sell l.evi's" EE S STAGE LIGHTS 1507 North Cannon Blvd. l Kannapolis, N.C. 28081 Phone 932-8908 Congfa -I e i fs WEAVER AND MCGUIRE PIKE'S Q NTER INC- Pinball Machines - Pool Tables Difference I :'A Raymond Weaver Bob McGuire 308 5- Cannon B1 , 786-1219 933-2813 K? Peo : - ' - the ' Concord, N.C. Kannapolis, N.C. VC , if 'gp' M15 CHINA GROVE MACHINE CO., INC. I GEORGE BENDER SWIMMING POOL Post Office Box 556 Mt. Hope Church Rd. China Grove, N.C. 28023 8: SUPPLIES The Best in Swimming Pools" 812 Lane St. I Congratulations Seniors 258 WE'vE GOT WHAT You WANT SUPPLY Auto parts - equipment e Supplies DIAMOND SPECIALISYS FOR OVER 50 VEARS Ph CAROLINA MALL CONCORD, N C 25025 STORE PHONE 704-756-7417 Kannapolis, N.C. 28081 'Q' All BALDWIN HARDWARE HOGVERS INC 8: Gardfm Carolina Supplies Mall 919 5. Main sr. Phone- 'N 938-1701 Phone: 933-2137 WESTERN SIZZLIN 102 S. Cannon Blvd. Auto Parts Auto Paint Bearings Equlpmem LAMBERT IEWELRY 1103 N. Main St. STROUP SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. Ph' 9337724 115-117 N. Main St. P.O. Box 44 Telephone WE 3-1111 Kannapolis, North Carolina 28081 I.. ::-' A rd' Q 1 'J 1' r 1g 'll if 'N LJ .. aw- tj. .tug VVQNT "WUI Ayffl 0 RE no korg A V .zfff , C.I. MOSS REAL ESTATE . , z 1401 S. Main Street ., 'TV Office Phone: 932-6139 or 932-6130 Bunny Moss, Realtor - 933-4151 Terry Moss, Broker -- 933-0643 Homes Bought Sold Brokers C1RANT'S REAL ESTATE W.R. Grant 904 S. Main St. Kannapolis, N.C. Office 933-1176 Home 932-2210 Lady's Funeral Home 212 N. Cannon Blvd. Kannapolis 8: Concord, N.C. 933-2131 Cabarrus Nursing Center Concord Lake Road Nancy Taylor, Adm. Telephone 786-9181 STOP AND SWAP CARS Marshall S. Cloninger Dial - 938-2833 1705 S. Cannon Blvd. Kannapolis, N.C. HARRY IACKSON INSURANCE Sz REAL ESTATE jackson Park, Kannapolis 932-4227 CARPET! Q LINOLEUM ' ' ,,-mllvf THE LINOLEUM SHOP will: ll E 3 'i""'. "H gnu., c -. :Q-...---"' I Zfwiiizdg ..-a--emi!" J Ween 56-152 . -1 ii 1i 1 i!!!F' S "Look At Your Floors - Others Do" Dial 932-4141 - Iackson Park 624 North Cannon Boulevard Kannapolis, North Carolina Virginia's BON MARCHE' 139 West Ave. Beautiful Fashions TATE'S HAIR DESIGNERS 710 Jackson Park Rd. Destinctive Stylings Wooten Williford jewelers 933-7779 DIANA SHOPS ladies 8: children apparal 108110 South Main St. ISABEIJS 122 South Main St. Ladies apparal "For All Your Musical Needs" MANN'S MUSIC STORE 404 Centerview Kannapolis, N.C. 28081 Charles D. Mann Bus. Ph.: 932-9905 Owner Res. Ph.: 932-7772 Telephone 17041 788-1913 PAULINE'S Your Home For Ladies Fashions fMrs.J Pauline Day Carolina Mall President Concord, N.C. 28025 I '- An aerial view of Executive Offices and Plant 1, Kannapolis, N.C WHAT MADE 90 YEARS OF GROWTH POSSIBLE? Founded in the grim, reconstruction days ot 1887, why did Cannon Mills succeed when so many other of those early textile companies failed? How did Cannon grow and expand for nine decades in one of the worlds most fiercely competitive businesses - textile manufacturing and merchandising? Why did it become a leader in the US. textile industry, spanning such a long reach of American history - World War l, the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression. World War ll, the Korean Conflict, the Vietnam War. and space exploration? There are many answers to all these questions but the most important is people. Cannon people, Men and women young and old different races and origins generations of people working together with uncommon dedication, skill and loyalty. Cannon people are the professionals with all the skills and talents necessary to operate a modern, growing textile company. They - and we - are proud to be a part of Americas first great industry - textiles, as old as man and as new and exciting as tomorrow. There are many career opportunities for ambitious young people looking for a challenge. Cannon Mills is, of course, an Equal Opportunity Employer. CANNON MILLS COMPANY KANNAPOLIS. NORTH CAROLINA Worldas leading manufacturer of household textiles 0 Winston-Salem HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY 0 Nonh Carolina CHARLES L, HUNTER, WINSTON-SALEM, N, C. ,.' -, ,V ,V ,, UM,,-1r-,ff-w '-,Y"vffr,r'1'f WL. f w' , ' nm. .+Maw+a1 "Y, X J ' ff' Q uw M' H ' +1 T V if :- ge,g'?.4.z,.,g,ggZ ' f:14.e:1.i,,2"Qi saver, 5115555111543-Vu'i,':I.:i4si1iw--5-.bw .v.,1H.g,e2:zf ' ifffihf, VJai'Q1fV If 12193 gfi'.wXi',:3:,-Vsggil' V gem- 4421 1239:1'5j.,gg,,g,fa:V1?11212+QJGQ,'fA1..'f5,aQf4,'1f4mLif:j,p,f?,vQVf1iL 23' 1:f,,:fs,-,mirj-, fi-'P-32rf.VF": AV luiikvn 451---mVin-35.-'Q-Siss, W, 4 -vm gy-A,--'ev '41, v. - ,, .,,'V -4 s., V , -x- ' g-,V'1.'.V-,--L-,. ,ff . 1, r -,gV,,,V I.-V . - - -. 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Suggestions in the A L Brown High School - Albrokan Yearbook (Kannapolis, NC) collection:

A L Brown High School - Albrokan Yearbook (Kannapolis, NC) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


A L Brown High School - Albrokan Yearbook (Kannapolis, NC) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


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A L Brown High School - Albrokan Yearbook (Kannapolis, NC) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


A L Brown High School - Albrokan Yearbook (Kannapolis, NC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


A L Brown High School - Albrokan Yearbook (Kannapolis, NC) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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