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a light of . . . Charles A. Cannon Memorial Library Kannapolis Branch Kannapolis, Noijh Carolina 28081 3 3083 00349 2144 This year was destined to be outstanding because of the determination of students. It was a year of success because of their loyalty and spirit; a year of accomplishment because of their support and service; a year in which goals were met and victories were won, and a year in which defeat was seen but I ittle. This year at Brown began with the cheers of its students as our Wonders played their first football game. The stillness of classrooms resounded as students renewed learning activities. Brown was a new and bewildering school for some; an old and fami I iar school for others, but as sophomores, juniors, seniors, we formed one group with lives entwined into the life of Brown and into a year that was already a great year, our year. For each of us this year holds a treasure of mo- ments that can never be relived, but will never be forgotten. Students aroused spirit for Concord game. eager students, interested, Quili Scroll presented Elections Assembly. 2 S av Bill Carrier is loose for an easy lay up. Ronnie Sherrill, Lynn Dayvault, and Marty Payne wait for the rebound. enthusiastic, never 4 Victory and defeat, the brotherhood of competition here is seen. The scores put on paper tell only a part of the story, for an undefeated, never yielding spirit cannot be measured in points gained or missed. The game played well and lost stands equally with the game played well and won. The cheers of Brown’s students echoing in a stadium or a gymnasium reflect confidence and pride in our teams. Our fight song and alma mater, symbols of never ending triumph, have become synonymous with every year at Brown. Hours of work and devotion always build and never destroy. Victories of the heart remain warm with the fires of the unconquered. Butch Schultz pins his East R owan opponent. Wonder defenders converge on an East Mecklenburg ball Students cheer at the East game, carrier. submitting, always determined 5 Journalism students study publications. Mrs. Caldwell’s bulletin board displays a portion of the school spirit and originality of the students and faculty during the “Beat Concord Week”. The spring tapping of the Key Club was an assembly never to be forgotten. Student participation is the key to making any year outstanding. It is the core of school spirit and the center of school life. A closeness is brought about by working together as a club, a committee, or a cast for the success of a project, a dance, a play. Laughter, fun, work are contributed to by all and shared by all. Expressions of individuality are listened to; new ideas emerge; better ideas emerge. Everyone strives for perfection with contributions of time and effort. Personal glory is lost in the desire to help acheive a goal as the missing piece of a plan is fitted into its proper place. Building bit by bit, tearing down and building again until a goal is reached, until there is a satisfactory feeling of accomplishment. The project, the dance, the play is completed, and the success is not the achieve- ment of one, but on many acting as one. generous 6 The reward of understanding is found after much spent in study. with time, ideas, and support, 7 Juniors diligently rehearse THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST. Happiness and delight are reflected on the faces of students as the last strains of a guitar echo through the auditorium fi I led wi th captivated students. Someone steps up to the microphone; a new song begins. The band forms a KHS; the cheerleaders lead our fight song; a queen is crowned. Homecoming students remember when they were caught in the excitement of football games. Friendly faces every- where, students together, laughing, cheering. Some- where, a tear; everywhere, a hope. Personalities, none alike, react with the alertness of youth. Smiles are spontaneous and warm. Laughter is innocent and knowing. Students reach out, strive for maturity, set goals, achieve goals, set higher goals. Yet each searches always for a deeper under- standing of fellow students, a clearer picture of the road to come, a more meaningful way of life, and a better knowledge of himself. enjoying Appreciation was shown the football team by a luncheon given on Friday of Homecoming week-end. The Homecoming Dance adds wonderful memories and brings old ones to mind. the moments of fun, smiling, laughing, 9 living this year Halls reveal the heightened spirits during the week before the Concord game. The long halls of Brown reflect the spirit of its students. The doors of these halls lead into class- rooms where the never ending process of learning goes on. There are the experiments and answers, and the questions that cannot be answered. Con- tinuous is the search for explanations, better ex- planations. One day there is an easy quiz, then, a difficult test, a research paper to prepare, or a book to read. Pressure is never ending, but here lie the the foundations on which we build our lives. All is preparation for the life that lies ahead, a stepping stone to the future. Teachers, trying to direct young minds, always stress the value of knowledge. Years of learning piece together facts, and youthful inno- cence disappears. This is the beginning of know- ledge, the beginning of wisdom. Candidates and campaign managers prepare to wage battle. at Brown, learning, sharing, creating The Winstons perform as the Villagers warm up backstage at the Hootenanny. As sophomores, you guided us through orientation. DEDICATION A radiant light since our advent to Brown... A woman of devotion, of ardent loyalty, of knowledge and understanding far greater than we can conceive, Possessing abundant wisdom, and yet that gift of congenial ity... Evoking admiration and respect from all who know her, Encouraging and guiding us, though we have met many pitfal I s. Lighting a path that all may follow... We, the annual staff of A.L. Brown, dedicate the 1965 ALBROKAN to... Mrs. Veron Gilmore As juniors, again we followed you through Washington. 12 A.L. Brown High School, our Alma mater, our school. Halls, walked countless times during our years at Brown are showcases for our spirit. Class- rooms, holding desks scarred by us and those before us, are full of books and wisdom. The auditorium is a shell of assembl ies, pageants, hootenannies. Lockers f i I led with books, our favorite meeting places, are treasure chests of memories. The campus, crossed with sidewalks, wet with rain, white with snow, sweet in spring, surrounds the flag pole, proud bearer of the honor of our nation, the honor of our school. A.L. Brown High School, our Alma mater, our school . Publ i shed by the Annual Staff of A. L. Brown High School 14 A. L. Brown High School Kannapolis, North Carolina NANCY DWIGGINS Editor-in-Chief ELAINE FREEZE Business Manager MRS. BILL CARRIKER Faculty Advisor 1965 Albrokan 15 Contents 16 a light of knowledge Casts Into the darkness Of ignorance A ray Of understanding ■ynjiyi - ■ - — - — Mr. Fred 0. Drummond PRINCIPAL Furmon University, A.B. A.S.T.C., M. Ed. Mr. W.J. Bullock SUPERINTENDENT Duke University, A.B. William and Mary, A.M. Graduate Work at Columbia University Administration Mrs. Helen 0. Bostian SECRETARY Greenville Women ' s College Draughn Business College O.P.A. Advisor Mr. Roy D. Boone DEAN OF BOYS Catawba College, A.B. U.S. History, Economics, Sociology Point Board Advisor In service classes Foreign Policy, 1962, Cultural Anthropology, 1963 Deans Mrs. Harriet S. Ward DEAN OF GIRLS Wake Forest College, B.A. English II, Orientotion F.N.A. Advisor, First Aid Advisor 18 Foreign Language Luncheon for Teacher Ap- preciation Day. History and Social Studies Miss Cynthia Fletcher High Point College, A.B. French I, II, English II French Club Advisor, Social Committee Advisor NDEA Foreign Language Institute A.S.T.C., 1964 Mrs. Joyce G. Middleton Western Carolina College, B.S. English II, French II, III Election Committee Advisor Foreign Language Workshop Students take notes from Mr. Boone. Ann, are you sure that’s history you’re writing 9 Mrs. Virginia Caldwell A.S.T.C., B.S. University of Missouri Language Institute Spanish I, II, Spanish Club Advisor Mr. Foy J. Biggers U.N.C., A.B., M. Ed. Government, Psychology, Economics, Sociology, Bible Club Advisor, Foreign Exchange Student Committee Advisor, Hootenanny Advisor Mr. Max F. Chandler U.N.C., A.B. U.S. History, Current History Mrs. Kathryn Guy Holbrook Erskine College, B.A. Psychology, Government, World History F.T.A. Advisor Mr. Robert M. Shinn Duke University, A.B. U.S. History, World History, Junior Class Advisor, Director of Senior and Junior Class Plays 19 English and Mrs. Catherine S. Corriker U.S.C., A. B. English III, Journalism BROWN BEAT, ALBROKAN, and MONTAGE Staffs, Quill Scroll Advisor Mrs. Betty H. Cauble A.S.T.C., B.S. Librarian Library Club Advisor Extension A.S.T.C. Workshop A.S.T.C. Language Arts Mrs. Irene S. Edwords Mors Hill College W.C.U.N.C., A.B. English IV, Speech Speech Club Advisor Miss Loroine V. Gray W.C.U.N.C., A.B. Columbia University, A.M. English IV Senior Class Advisor Mrs. Chorles W. Joyner Columbia College, A.B. English III Acluclu Advisor, ' Make-Up Committee Advisor for Senior and Junior Class Ploys, U.S.C. Graduate Work 1962 Mrs. Miriam W. Porrott W.C.U.N.C., B. A. English II, III Catawba College Summer School, 1963 Mrs. Neldo Riggs A.S.T.C., B.S., M. A. Longuoge Arts Anchor Club Advisor Sophomore Class Advisor Mr. Jim A. Rodgers Catawba College, A.B. English II, IV Notional Honor Society Advisor, U.N.C. Extension and Correspondence Arts Miss Lucille J. Holland Bereo College, B.A. Art I, II Junior- Senior Art Advisor Art Miss Gray and seniors enjoy English litera- ture. fKUM Virk ALL BLESSING ' S” Mr. Jimmy L. Porker Bob Jones University, B.S. Mixed Chorus, Assistant Band Director, General Music, Junior High Chorus, Advisor to Cheerleaders, Advisor to Monitors Mr. Harvey N. Turner Shenandoah Conservatory of Music, B. Mus. Ed. Band Mr. Turner leads the band in another practice. Math dlfc Mr. Richard Louis Seago Campbell Junior College, A. A. Wake Forest College, B.S. U.N.C., M. Ed. Algebra II, Consumer Math Miss Frances Bounds Lenoir Rhyne College, A.B. Contemporary Geometry, Student Council Advisor, Head of Math Department Director of N.C. Student Council Leadership Workshop, 1963-1964 Executive Secretary of N.C.S.C.C. Mr. Delmas H. Petrea Pfeiffer College, A.B. Algebra II, Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Solid G eometry Mrs. A.M. Whitmire Winthrop College, A.B. General Math, Algebra I, English III Art students enjoy their own creative efforts. 21 V- Science Experimentation is tangible learning. Mr. John G. Edwards Pfeiffer College, A.B. Biology U.N.C. Summer Institutes, 1962-1963 Mr. Tom B. Linn A.S.T.C., B.S., M.A. Chemistry, Advanced Chemistry, Physics, Key Club Advisor. In service training Science, Moth, 1962-1963. National Science Foundation Grant, N.C. Stote, 1960 Mr. Elmer L. Poole A.S.T.C., Catawba College, A.B. General Science Clean-Up Committee Advisor Duke University Science Symposium, 1961, Art Workshop 1962, Science Workshop, 1963 Bible Miss Mary E. McMurray W.C.U.N.C., East Carolina College, Columbia Bible College, A.B. Bible I, II ' Bible Club Advi sor Gu idance student ' s plays an important part in every school life. Guidance Mrs. Amelia T. Propst | Lander College, B.A. Biology Sophomore Class Advisor Mr. Chester E. Misenheimer DIRECTOR OF GUIDANCE Catawba College, A.B. U.N.C., M. Ed. NDEA Guidance Institute, 1963 22 Mr. Frank H. Crainshaw N. C. State Vocational and Educational Courses Vocational Sheet Metal Trode Industry Conference, Charlotte Industrial Education Center Mrs. Robert H. Cross Lenoir Rhyne College, A. B. Bookkeeping, Shorthand I, II Banking Mr. Crainshaw provides occupational guidance. Business and Vocational Mr. Milton J. Lamb N.C. State, B.S. Newport News Apprentice School, I.C.T., Mechonical Drawing, I.C.T. Club Advisor, Summer Workshops at Morehead City Mrs. Betty H. Lentz High Point College Catawba College, A. B. Typing I, Shorthand. I, Bookkeeping, Tutoring Committee Advisor Catawba College Workshop, 1962 Mr. Max L. Riddle Western Carolina College, U.N.C., B.S. Distributive Education D. E. Club Advi sor Western Carolina Summer School, 1963 D. E. Workshop, Chapel Hill, 1964 Mrs. Diane Hepler Pfeiffer Col lege, A. B. English II, Orientation, Typing II Mrs. Sarah W. Hamrick Stratford Junior College, Lenoir Rhyne College, A. B. T yping I, II Duplicating Advisor Catawba College Summer School, A.S.T.C. Graduate Work, I.B.M. Electric Typewriter and Gregg Shorthand Workshops Mr. Harold D. Holbrook Duke University, B.S. Electronics Students test speed in typing. 23 Mr. Roy Boyles U.N.C., Guilford College, B.A. Biology, Physical Educotion Head Footboll Coach, Girls ' Basketball Coach, Trock Coach Mr. Ed G. Edmiston Catawba College, A.B. Physicol Educotion Athletic Director Monogram Club Advisor Mr. Earl Baxter Lentz Cotawbo College, A.B. U.S. History, Consumer Moth, Boys’ Basketball Coach, Isometric Coach Catawbo College Summer School, I960 Coaches Clinic, 1963, 1964 Mr. Al Lockey Western Carolina College, B.S. Math, Physical Education, Junior High Footboll Coach, Junior High Basketball Coach, Baseball Coach Mr. Bob Mauldin A.S.T.C., B.S. Physicol Education, Health Wrestling Cooch, Assistant Football Coach, Assistant Track Coach Mr. Bill Wotts Lenoir Rhyne College, A.B. Driver Education, Assistant Football Cooch, Isometric Coach Greensboro Cooching Clinic Coaching Staff Custodians Dietition I. to r. Melvin Hopper, Lucille Gibson, Elliot Miller, Roosevelt McNeill. Mrs. Moble Huffm an Lewis Training School Dietician a light of expression Shows To the world The ideas Of its People J Judy Sloop Jo Ann Jackson Joe Honeycutt Lynn Day vault Danita Brigman Tony Jackson Chaplain Secretary Historian Vice President Treasurer President The Senior Class of 1965 It is not easy for us to realize that twelve long years are now so near completion. The memories of our years at Brown are precious to us, and we recall them with fondness and yet with a certain amount of sadness. The knowledge and guidance we have re- ceived are a solid step toward our future plans and dreams. From the very beginning of the year with football games and the hot dog sales to Senior Day and graduation, we have strived to make this our very best year. It will lead us into a life of new oppor- tunities. To those who follow us, we leave the privilege of leading Brown as we go forward to accept the re- sponsibilities of an ever changing world. 26 Judy Gail Absher James Edwin Alley Sandra Gayle Argo David Allen Armstrong James Nathaniel Albright, Jr. Janice Margaret Allen Rebecca Elizabeth Allman Glenna Janel Anderson Steven Fredrick Argo George Mitchell Arnette Patricia Jones Artz Pau lette A I len Harold Curtis Argo Columbus James Armstrong, Jr. Sylvia Freeman Ashby 27 Patsy Leigh Austin Suzanne Barger Nancy Jo Barnhardt Clarence Calvin Barnhardt, Jr. Barbara Lee Beaver Fisher Jones Beasley, III Ronnie Hugh Beasley 28 Charles Ross Biggerstaff Judy Ann Binkley Harold Wilson Blackerby, Jr. William Gary Blalock Danita Carol Brigman Steve Wayne Brinkley Dennis Harold Broome Carol Sue Brown 29 Karen Lane Bumgarner Johnny Ray Campbell Martha Anne Brown Gwendolyn Carole Butler Howard Edwin Bruc e Jerry Lee Byerly Willi am Edwin Carrier 1 Harold Lee Carringer Eddie Ray B urr William Jeffrey Carnes Sharron Joan Carrington Ronald Dean Cauble 30 William Fred Chapman Barbara June Caulder Jerry Earl Cheek Boyce E. Chapman Christopher Dixon Chapman Jimmy Dean Cheek Betty Jo Chi Iders Grady Eugene Childers 31 Carolyn Patricia Coe Homer David Compton Ronald Eugene Cook Phillip Wayne Crane Dennis Ray Compton Larry Martin Coggins Danny Alan Collins Mary Louise Compton Gerald Ray Conway David Coone Carlin Mokey Correll Gary Winston Crane George Herman Culp Douglas Flowe Craven, Jr. Doris Kay Crowder 32 Patricia Lee Daves Deborah Lynn Davis Wilbur Lee Davis, Jr. Robert Lee Dayvault, Jr. Sandra Kaye Deal Patsy Elaine Deese Roger Van Deese Nancy Kaye Darnell Bernard Lynn Dayvault, Jr. Dennis Russell Dea Frances Mae DeMarcus 33 Patricia Lynn DeMarcus Our Friday nights were always spent selling our marvel ous “senior” hot dogs. Michael Eugene Duncan Margie Ellen Dunlap Rebecca Lee Dorton Georgia Nell Duncan Nancy Karen Dwiggins 34 Mildred Louise Emerson Patricia Charlene Ervin Martha Jo Erwin Joseph Randy Evans James Richard Ewing, Jr. Mary Melinda Eudy Verona Lee Faggart Jimmy Floyd Farmer 35 Martha Louise Faulkenberry Vivian Gai I Fisher James Edward Fowler, II Michael Wayne Frye Harriet Diana Foi I Phyllis Elaine Freeze Judith Anne Frye Delores Pearl Fox Rhonda Harrington Gantt 1 Stephen Gray Gaskey 36 Libby June Gordon Adam Crawford Grant, Jr. Anita Raynette Grant Dennis Wayne Graybeal Linda Paulette Gurley Linda Kay Gregory Dennis Dean Gwaltney Sharon Mullis Haithcock Jeanette Hallman Sonjia Marlene Hallman 37 Barbara Kathryn Hamilton Lynda Renae Hardin Richard Alexander Harris Troy Winifred Heath, Jr. Johnnie Paulette Hamm Betty Jane Hardy Brenda Faye Hart Barry Joe Helms Linda Dianne Hampton Elizabeth Sharon Harmon Robert Joseph Hendrickson, III Elizabeth Atha Haney Phy 1 1 i s Kay H arri s Henry Clayvan Hawkins, Jr. Terry Wayne Hendrix 38 Judy H i leman Donna Faye Holder Eugene P. Hubbard Kenneth Eugene Huggins Gerald Vance Hilton Kay Diane Hines Susan Lenetta Hoce Joe Robinson Honeycutt, Jr. Sharon Teresa Horton Everette Fare 1 1 Hunsucker The Senior Class proudly and successfully presented “The Curious Savage.” 39 Linda Gail Hunsucker Michael Edwin Hunsuck Edna Rebecca Hurst Jo Ann Jackson Katherine Tom Jinis Dale Burdett Johnson Patsy Ruth Karriker Albert Denny Keaton Carolyn Sue Jones Barbara Elaine Ingram Charles Fitzhugh James Cynthia Elaine Johnston Dolan Kermit Keener 40 Judith Ann Key Lynette Marie Kimball James King Terry Dwayne Kiser Helen Lavonne Kirkley Jerry Wayne Lambert Linda Johnson Leonard Beverly Kay Landers Susan Henley Lewis Kenneth Michael Lane Ronald James Lisenby Jane Elizabeth King Derry I Clarence Lacey Susan Goodnight Law Lawrence Litaker 41 Joyce Elaine Livengood Celina Dianne Lowder Ginger Leona Lyerly Terry Alan McClamrock Sylvia Lue McClannon Linda Ann McGuire Albert Harvey McCool, III Kenneth Ray McCurdy Steve H- McIntyre Vanessa Elizabeth McKew Cynthia Clyde McGinnis Cathy June McLeod 42 Patricia Keaton McManus James Robert Meacham, Jr. Nancy Jane Milam Edward Wayne Mitchell Robert Steve Major Dehl ia Ann Marlin Phillip Marion Meacham Judye Elayne Morris John Hampton Melton, Jr. Martha Nel I Morri s Janelle Triece Massey Myralea Tekla Elizabeth Mielnik Michael Wayne Misenheimer Tony Paul Morton 43 Glenna Diane Moss A small step behind, larger ones follow. Barry A. Moyson Phillip Lemoyne Nash Sandra Gay Nelms Larry Wayne Newsom Diane Elaine Overcash Carol Ann Norwood Terry Wayne Moss Carol Faye Munday Mickey Allen Norris Edward Caldwell Overcash, Jr. 44 Phyllis Ann Parton Carbett Ray Pate John Thomas Patterson Eugene Carlton Payne Sandra Kay Pence Sharon Barnhardt Perry Michael Wayne Petrea Rita Dianne Petty Betty Jean Phillips Bonnie Jean Pittman 45 Paulette Dianne Price Ann Maynard Quinn Ann Elizabeth Rainey Benny William Rainwater, III Danny Reynolds Candy Jean Robinette Priscilla Gale Robinson Troy Wayne Rollins Linda Dianne Roach 46 Sara Wylene Seabolt Evalyean Hough Shaver Ronn ie Lee Sherri 1 1 Norman Leon Shue Richard Clarence Sims, Jr. Anthony Wayne Sloop Conn i e Sloop Johnny Sloop 47 Judy Vernice Sloop Gerald Delton Smith Joseph D. Smith Toni Louise Smith Mary Anne Smith Stephen Rodney Snead Jo Carolyn Smith Ronald Allen Smith Brenda Gail Snipes John Steven Smi th Ronnie Lee Smith James Erskine Snipes 48 Larry Stewart Jerry A lexander Stirewal t, Jr. James Lester St. John Harvey A. Sturgis, Jr. Brenda Sue Styers Jerome Wayne Teal Doris Marie Teague Linda Juanita Tarlton 49 Shirley Kay Thompson Jo Ann Thornburg Vicki Ann Troutman Douglas David Vaughn Ronnie Therrell Walden Michael Edward Waldroup James William Walker Rande Maureen Walker Johnny Wal ler 50 Martha Sharon Watkins Billy Eugene Watts Karen Marline Westmoreland Margaret Ann Whitley Ronnie Lewis Williams Janice La Rue Wilson Robert Eugene Wilson John Michael Winecoff, Jr. 51 Miss Vanessa Elizabeth McKew Brown’s First Foreign Exchange Student 52 Foreign Exchange Student A foreign exchange student for Brown High has been a dream of many students for a long time, and this dream has finally been fulfilled. The Student Council in November, 1963, appointed a Foreign Exchange Student Committee consisting of seven students to guide the planning to secure an exchange student for Brown High. This committee met and prepared a list of reasons why Brown needed an exchange student. This list was taken to the Kannapolis City School Board, and the foreign ex- change student program was approved by the board. The committee then wrote the American Field Service Headquarters in New York City and received forms on the school and community to be filled out. Next the committee had to raise seven hundred dollars by February 15, and the month of December had already begun. A hootenanny was decided upon as the best means of raising money and raising it in a hurry! On January 25 the hootenanny was held. For three hours the audience enjoyed the music of The Slimy River Bottom Boys, Mr. Charles Joyner, The Court Jesters, The The Winstons, and The Travelers. About eleven hundred dollars was received from the hootenanny. With the needed money in hand, an American Field Service Chapter was formed. This Chapter is made up of interested adults in the community. This is the coordinat- ing body for the exchange student program. In May, 1964, the American Field Service Chapter re- ceived the papers on Miss Vanessa McKew which they gladly approved. The next day in assembly the name of the new exchange student was announced to the student body. Many clubs and individuals wrote Vanessa to welcome her to Brown as a student. This correspondence continued throughout the summer prior to Vanessa’s arrival. In August Vanessa arrived and was welcomed into the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe C. Ridenhour and their daughter, Jan. Since December I Vanessa has been making talks throughout the community and has been an excellent re- presentative of Brown High School. Vanessa was a stranger for only a very short time and then her pleasant personality and gentle manner made her become a true “Southerner.” Vanessa and her Vanessa adjusted to everyone. American sister “chat” about England, hurriedly to Brown and became a friend 53 Left to Right: Luke Blum e, Vice President; Marty Payne, President; Carolyn Dayvault, Social Chairman; Jackie Morris, Secretary; David Harrington, Treasurer. The Junior Class Our Junior year was a particularly wonderful, never-to-be-forgotten year. It was full of all the ex- citement of any year at Brown, but for us it held much more. We were still making new friends, build- ing new dreams, and planning for the future. The long awaited Washington Trip will always be remembered as will our first Junior-Senior Dance. We will recall how whole-heartedly we put ourselves into making our Junior Class Play a success. We can never forget how we felt when we received our class rings, making us officially the class of 1966. It wil I not be long before the Senior Class turns the leadership of Brown over to us and we will enter our Senior year with the same determination for suc- cess. 54 Harriet Adams Windy Al len Fran Al Iman David Anderson Monte Armes Guy Atkinson Doris Austin Lesl ie Avant Charles Baker Jane Bal lard Tyronne Bal lard Terry Barbee Diane Barlow Joyce Barlow Becki Bamhardt David Barringer David Basinger Sylvia Bass Larry Bassett Bill Bauer Susan Beaver Patsy Beck George Be Ik Ralph Belk Sammy Biggerstaff Linda Billings Bobby Black Danny Black Leigh Blume Luke Blume Jim Bond Sandye Bonnell Valda Bowles Linda Bracket Linda Braswell Bill Braxton Pam Brigman Darien Britt Terry Brown Don Bruton 55 Joel Bullard Judy Burleson Peggy Burris Christine Butler Sandra Byrd Kitty Cagle Judy Callicut Jerry Campbel I Judy Campbe 1 1 Ronnie Campbel I Wa Iter Campbe 1 1 Donnie Cannon Larry Carey Rodger Chambers Diane Chapman Jane Chapman Les I ie Chapman Tommy Chapman Mike Chavis Brenda Ch i Iders Gary Chi Iders Jack Chi Iders Lydia Chi Idress Vickie Chi Iders Mark Christy Hubert Clayton David Cline Larry Cline Nancy Clodfelter Vicki Coble Judy Coffey Lonnie Coggins Vaughn Combs Penny Cook Frankie Corbin Cindy Correl I Carolyn Crawford Martha Cri sco Bobby Critz Tony Crumbley 56 Buddy Dancy Jerry Davis Lonnie Davis Phil Ms Da vi s Carolyn Dayvault Carmen DeMarcus Muriel DeMarcus Les I i e Dendy Lou Ann Deyton Janet Donahue Terry Dudley Eddy Dunn Bessie Eagle Randy Eagle Jerry Earnhart Mike Easley Ann Edison Jane Edwards Michelle Edwards Ronn ie E I ler Steve Ferguson Jimmy Fisher Myra Fisher Phil Fisher Terry Fisher Beverly Flynne Ralph Forrester Gradon Foster A 1 1 i son Fowl er Judy Fowler Betty Frye Renae Funderburk Martha Gaddy Jerry Galliher Jerry Gaskins Ronn ie Gi I more Linda Goble Tommy Goble Joyce Godfrey Junior Goforth 57 Linda Goforth Terry Goins Ricky Goodman Janet Graham Jill Greene Tommy Gribble Larry Griffin Sandra Griffin Farrar Griggs Rosetta Gunner Mike Hager Charles Hall Rudy Hall Broadus Hamilton Becky Hamm Janice Hancock Deartry Harding David Harrington Larry Harrington Ray Harrington Joe Hatley Andy Heath Diane Helms Sandy Helms Elaine Henderson Sharon Hill Junior H in son Nancy Holder Renea Holmes Steve Holmes Shirley Honbarrier Keith Honeycutt Larry Honeycutt Tony Honeycutt Richard Hough Donald Howard David Howel I Jerry Howel I Kay Howlett David Hudson 58 Pam Hunsucker Tyrone Ivey Dewey Jackson Richard Jenkins Carol Johnson Jimmy Johnson Steve Johnson Steve Johnson Tommy Johnson David Jones Glenn Jones Linn Joplin Judy Jordan Juney Jung Cherry Kel ler Carol Kerley Nancy Key Linda Kidd Terry King Judy Kirkley Janice Lambert Stephanie Lambert Esther Lamneck Kiane Lane Glyn Lee Dana Leebrick Diane Link Thomas Linn David Lippard Richard Lynch Charlotte McClain T erry McCol lum Kathy McCombs Keith McCombs Mike McDuffie Freddie McGinni s David McKinney Karen McLain Terry Mackey Brenda Mangum 59 Dennis Marks Gwen Marsha 1 1 Jimmy Matthews Patty Mauldin James Meeks Rex Messi mer Becky Mi I ler Ga i I Mi I Isap Jann Moore Regina Moore Susan Moore Jackie Morri s Vivian Morris Danny Morrison James Moysen Mary Margaret Murph Kay Nall Johnny Na 1 1 Anne Nash Gary Nesbit Ivan Nesbitt Glenda Nichols Mike Osborne Beth Overcash Larry Overcash Sarah Overcash Oscar Overcash Linda Owens Ronnie Owens Margaret Page Joe Parker Kenneth Parton Vickie Pate Marty Payne Jimmy Peeler Margaret Perry J.D. Petrea Steve Pierce Jessie Pinnix Ph i I PI ess 60 Julian Polk Deborah Poston Dale Presson Bill Privette Patsy Propst Russell Propst Judy Rainey Linda Ramseur Gene Ray Danny Reece Terry Reece Buddy Rhodes Mary Rhodes Rosemary Rich Ann Richardson Annette Richardson Reid Richardson Steve Riner Mary Ritchie Diane Roberts Billie Robins David Robinson Gerald Roseman Brenda Ross Wayne Rowland Connie Rufty Cherry Russel I Darlene Russel I Larry Scarborough Ronnie Scercy Rickey Scott Charles Seaford Bonnie Seamon Jeanette Sechler Dwai ne Se I lers Gary Sharpe Gerald Sheets Ronnie Sheets Tony Shoemaker Judy Simpson 61 Jerry Strickland Ricky Strickland Sharon Su 1 1 i van Freddy Sweatt Jean Sweatt Mike Tarleton Pam T aylor Wanda Teal Tony Therrel Martha Thomas Raye Thomas Carolyn Thompson Dori s T rex ler Mike T wi tty Iris Vaughn Kathy Staton Randy Steele Wanda Steelman Mike Steen Judy Stegall Diane Stewart Becky Stokes Tim Stokes David Stowe Mike Strawn Al bert Slaon Dianne Sloop Karen Sloop Roger Sloop Sharon Sloop Vickie Smallwood Darrel I Smith Jeryl Smith Joyce Smith Maylene Smith Ann Sowder Dwain Staley Brenda Staley Linda Stanci I Norma Starnes 62 Gladys Wa 1 1 s Pansy Wal I s Mike Ward Charles Watkins David Watson Bonnie Watts Sue Weast Dale Weddington Patricia Whitaker Mike White Ronn ie Wi Ihe Im David Wi 1 1 iams Gary Will iams Carol Wi Ison Susan Wi Ison Steve Winecoff Eddie Wise Becky Wood Karen Woodard Sharon Woodard k Our long-awaited Washington Trip became a reality in April. 63 IT PI Steve Culp, President; Judy Brackett, secretary; Tim Galliher, vice-president; Keith Hampton, treasurer. The Sophomore Class As sophomores of Brown High, we will never for- get our first impressions of the school. Everything was new— the building, the students, the teachers. It was exciting and sometimes a bit confusing, but we continued with the determination to make our- selves a part of the student body. We will always remember selling peanuts at the football games, homecoming, College Night, and the entirely new, but very exciting Chocolate Sale. We knew that with the completion of this year there would still be two years left at Brown, but we were already beginning the growth which is to lead us through our junior and senior years. We became just a little wiser and gained many new friendships which will endure with the memories of this, our sophomore year. 64 Edward Abernathy Wilma Abernathy Marlene Absher Jimmy Adams Janet Adcock Linda Alderman Tony Aldridge Mary Lida Alexander Frank Alley Cel ia Anderson Jerry Arge Ronny Bal lard Dennis Barnett Ronald Barnette Steve Barnette John Barnhardt Vickie Barnhardt Johnny Bass Reba Baucom Donald Beam Judy Beam Norman Beam Suzanne Beam Billy Beard Carol Beatty Wanda Beaver Amy Belk Ned Benfield Ted Benfield Libby Blalock Alan Boger Doug Bonds Melanie Bost Randy Bost Jack Bostic Wayne Bostic Miles Bowman Judy Brackett Dick Brandon Sandra Bridges Joyce Brindle Dianne Brooks Don Brown Susan Bullard Becky Bui lock Patsy Bumgardner Kenda Burr Rick Burris Elizabeth Butler Mike Call icutt Betty Campbell Gene Campbell Judy Cannon Lani Cannon 65 Judy Carter Linda Carter Susan Carter Carlton Chapman David Chatham Barry Chi Iders Jimmy Chi Iders Joyce Chi Iders T erry Chi Iders Sherry Cline Becky Col I ins Eric Col I ins Wi I lene Combs Roger Conway John Cook Jimmy Cox Rickey Cox Karen Crowe Steve Culp Melba Crisco Rachel Daniels Jimmy Davis Mike Davis Nancy Davis Terry Davis Ann Dayvault Sandra Deal Jan Deese Mike Deese Dorothy Dixon Alan Duncan Devona Duncan Mike Dwiggins Tommy Dwiggins Steve Edgison Karon Eller Janis Epperson James Eyres Larry Faulkner James Fink Curtis Foster Shelia Fowler Patty Fox Barlene Freeman Gary Frye Linda Furr Tim Gainey Tim Gal I iher Emi ly Gal loway Cindy Gaskins Patsy Gibson Billy Gi 1 1 espie Marty Gillespie Mike Glenn 66 Linda Goodnight Doug Goodson Randy Gordon Ralph Gregory Joe Gribble Donald Griffin Janet Griffin Ronnie Griffin Dana Griffith Mi II ie Gross Fay Gunner Danny Haga Denise Hale Dale Haley Frankie Hal I Joyce Hallman T ommy Hal I man Keith Hampton Ticky Hamrick David Hardin Nell Hardy Vickie Harmon Sandra Harrington Shei la Harri son Terrell Hartiman Joyce Helms Kathy Helms Linda Helms Pam Henderson Lindsay Hendley Joan Hill Becki Hilton Donnie Hines Pam Hoce Rodney Holbrooks Victor Hoi I and Charles House Linda Howard Kathy Hubbard Phil Hudson Steve Huey Jewell Ingram Judy James Connie Jenkins Cathee Johnson Timisha Johnson Donita Jol ly Nancy Jones Brenda Jordon Jean Josey Larry Keever Kathy Keller Benny Kerley Darrell Kimball 67 Steve Kiser Jerry Koontz Susan Lovell Gary Livingood Sandra Linker David Larrin David Lard Pam Lane Steve Lambert Rosa Lee Lambert Betty Lambert Sandra LaFevers Steve Lacey Jimmy Mason Margaret Mason Priscilla Martin Randy McBride Bobby McClary Kenny McCombs Pat McFal I s Doris McGraw Olivia Maclntire Richard McManus Cynthia McRae I rayna Mel Ion Dorothy Menius Brenda Melton Linda Mi I ler Carol Montgomery Donna Moon Eddie Moore Eugene Moore Eddie Moss Helen Moss Vickie Morton Ronald Mul I i s Vickie Mullis Kenny Nelms Larry Nelson Terry Nesbit Marylene Noel David 01 i ver Ray 01 1 is Vickie Osborne Betty Overcash Beverly Overcash Crystal Overcash Janice Overcash Marsha Overcash Hi Ida Page Judy Patton Judy Paxton Brenda Payne Sylvia Payne 68 Judy Peeler Dal I i s Perry Debbie Phil lips Larry Phi 1 1 ips Judy Pierce Robin Powell Hugh Previtte Bobby Price Brenda Price Wayne Pope Danny Puntch John Puntch Kay Rainey Eddy Raper Wayne Ray Gary Reavis Charlene Reece Judy Reid Margaret Rich Brenda Richter Arnold Rickard Don Ridenhour Jane Ridenhour Sylvia Roark Steve Roberts Sandy Robinette Mike Roper Sharon Roseman Mike Rowel I Janice Riff Judy Ruff Gregory Rumple Ji mmy Russel I Pol ly Rutledge Jeanie St. John Charles Sutton Margaret Sawyer Butch Shultz Sandra Sechlar Opal Sellers Peggy Sel lers Jeannie Sercey Sharon Shank Jeannie Sherri 1 1 Mickie Sherri 1 1 Jerry Sherri 1 1 T roy Sherri 1 1 Jane Shepherd Tamara Shinn Suzanne Shives Cindi Shull Mary Dale Simmons Karen Simmons Wade Simmons 69 Anita Simpson Margaret Simpson Debbie Sloan Angola Sloop Tara Sloop Barbara Smith Elaine Smith Pam Smith Steve Smith Wade Smith David Smothers Ed Solomon Ted Solomon Phil Squires Jeannie Steel Nancy Steen Mike Story Shelia Strickland Janis Tarleton Earnest Teal Gleen Tomblin Sharon Towe Randy T riece Renae T ucker l Ronnie Tutterow Lee Utley Cindy Viola Jerry Wagner Henry Waldroup Janet Wal lace Larry Watki ns Diane Whitaker Barry Whitley Donna Wiles Rosa Lee Wi I hel m Robert Williams Wayne Wi 1 1 iams Donnie Wood Regenia Wright Ronnie York 70 a light of participation Shines Drawing to it Those who share And Those who give Miss Frances Bounds Jay Stirewalt Advisor President Charles Biggerstaff Vice President Carolyn Dayvault Secretary Phil Fisher T reasurer Student Government G. Fisher, L Brackett, J. Davis, M. Simmons, T. Stokes, D. Barringer, J. King, M. Erwin, J. Carter, L. Howard, D. Broome, L. Dayvault, C. McGinnis, J. Ballard, F. Hun- sucker, B. Frye, L. Newsome, M. Norris, J. Nall,K. Rainey, D. Bruton, M. Smith, G. Lyerly, D. Brown, T. Beam, J. Brackett, J. Koontz, J. Chapman, S. Weast, L. Cannon, D. Chatham, T. Johnston, R. Griffin, D. Lane. 72 I. to r. C. Dayvault, C. Biggerstaff, G. Hilton, J. Greene, D. Ridenhour, V. McKnew, A. Simpson, J. Galliher, I Kimball, F. Bounds, P. Fisher, J. Stirewalt. Student Organization The Student Organization of A. L. Brown High School is the means by which the student body aids directly in the administration of the school. It is the official organ for student expression in matters per- taining to the welfare of the student body. The student organization consists of two bodies. Session House is composed of homeroom representatives and Council is composed of class representatives. The officers of the student body are members of both groups . The purposes are as follows: to establish and maintain a higher moral standard; to develop intel- ligent leaders and followers; to insure a spirit of democracy; to promote a closer relationship among the student body, the faculty, and the community; to create a respect and ambition for higher scholastic attainments; to encourage co-operation and participa- tion of students in all school activities. Football players played cheerleaders for Chocolate kickoff. 73 Albrokan and Nancy Dwiggins ALBROKAN Editor Two individual staffs serve the school this year, the annual and newspaper staffs. Work on the ALBROKAN and BROWN BEAT begins early in the summer as industrious staff members meet to decide on a theme, solicit ads, or scout the town in search of news. The going is often times rough, with frantic ed- itors, anxious to meet deadlines, or staffers and ad- visor experiencing throbbing headaches and tingling nerves. The work requires creativity, diligence, and countless hours of time. Diligence and patience are perhaps the two most important criteria of a staffer. Serving on one of the staffs is one of the greatest ex- periences a student can have, for it is deeply re- warding to him to see the results of his labors in print. 74 Seated I. to r. J. Honeycutt, S. Sullivan, J. Plummer, The staff members enjoy a moment of leisure after a long C. McClain, J. Donahue. Standing I. to r. J. Greene, J. day. Coffey, R. Sims, I Mielnik, R. Shull. f $ i : f •- tv - Ia W ’i , f |. j ' V n » y f»| a JL ' - JL. ' - ' jJL ' , Jt «• x ' w 4DI 4Di Kni MUi 441? r D. Drye, P. Wise, S. Barger, C. McLeod, L. Stafford, D. Marlin, R. Grant, H. Culp, L. Dayvault, R. Cauble, J. Ewing, J . Frye, S. Argo, R. Walker, S. Carter, R. Little, J. Stirewalt, D. Broome, J. Conway, B. Wagner, R. Harris, S. Brinkley, M. Frye, J. Teague, J. Ridenhour, R. Grant, J. Thornburg, A. Safrit, C. McGinnis, P. Smith, J. Carnes, N. Daniel, K. Hamilton, A. Rainey, M. Morris, D. McKinney, D. Cline, D. Stowe, J. Fisher, D. Harrington, A. Sowder, J. Davis, F. Corbin, J. Galliher, T. Ivey, D. Bruton, J. Morris, J. Winecoff, N. Darnell, I Belk, G. Hubbard, J. Mechum, T. Moss, R. Pate, G. Lyerly, I Emerson, N. Dwiggins, B. Helms, J. King, W Davis, M. Compton, J. Wilson, C. Johnston, S. Pence, M. Fau Ikenberry, R. Lowder, S. Lewi s, E . Su I I i van, S. Hoce, J . Moore, B. Wood, F. Griggs, G. Sheets, P. Fisher, J. Nall, L. Coggins, J. Polk, V. Pate, C. Cornell, D. Jackson, D. Helms, J. Smith, M. Smith, L. Helms, E. Lamneck, D. Austin, J. Graham, E. Henderson, C. DeMarcus, R. Rich, V. Bowles, W. Teal, B. Overcash, P. Cook, C. McCombs, J. Parker, M. Hager, G. Sharpe, B. Critz, J. Peeler, W. Campbell, R. Eller, C. Dayvault, J. Rainey, L. Brackett, B. Frye, J. Ballard, J. Bullard, J. Hill, M. Davis, R. Triece, D. Brown, V. Hol- land, D. Hines, J. Mason, K. Lord, D. Lowing, D. Puntch, D. Chatham, M. Alexander, C. Overcash, S. Bullard, J. Shepherd, K. Rainey, J. Brackett, R. Powell, A. Simpson, 0 Sellars, J. Ridenhour, J. Peeler, S. Deal, M. Mason, S. Lacey, P. Fox, A. Rickard, R. Holbrooks, M. Rich, J. Koontz, T. Galliher, J. Gribble, J. Bass, M. Overcash, E. Galloway, L. Howard, D. Martin. A. L. Brown Band members await signal from drummajor Steve Argo during pre-game activities. Steve Argo Drum Major 76 MAJORETTES Nancy Dwiggins, Rande Walker, Cathy McLeod, Suzanne Barger, Linda Stafford, Jackie Morris, Kay Rainey. High School Band The Brown High Band, consisting of some 147 members, is the pride of the school and community. The band members in their sharp new, green and white uniforms, performed half time shows, several concerts, and marched in two Christmas parades this year. The band is directed by Mr. Harvey Turner and assisted by Mr. Jim Parker. Mr. Turner uses his originality to plan spectacular formations used in nine half-time shows this year. Two weeks before the beginning of school in September, the band is hard at work in marching drills which continue until December. After marching season, the concert band is assembled, playing in assembly and P.T.A. SPONSORS Martha Morris, Ginger Lyerly, Judy Frye, Becky Wood, Dehlia Marlin. Jim Bonds Carol Brown Marty Erwin Jerry Gal I iher Ginger Lyerly Danita Brigman Wi I lene C lark Elaine Freeze Dale Presson Paula Smith National Honor Society The Athenian Chapter of the National Honor Society is a club organized to recognize students for accomplishments in scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Each spring, seniors, juniors, and sophomores on a probationary basis, are tapped into its membership. A “B” or better average must be maintained. Projects of the year include making honor roll badges, remembering shut-ins in the com- munity, and awarding scholarship medals. seated I. to r. Ginger Lyerly, Vice-President; Grover Smith, President; Mr. Rodgers, Advisor; standin Marty Erwin, Treasurer; Susan Safrit, Chaplain; Paul Smith, Secretary. Lynette Kimball Susan Safrit Mr. Jim Rodgers Jay Stirewalt 78 CJ) o Quill and Scroll The Josephus Daniels Chapter of Quill Scroll is a National Honor Society for journalistic students. To be eligible, a student must have at least an 86 average, and have contrib- uted as an editor, in the field of business manage- ment, or have submitted work to one of the school’s three publications. The club has become active, meeting bi-weekly. Donna Holder, Secretary; Joe Honey- cutt, President; Elaine Freeze, Chaplain; Jeff Carnes, Vice Presi- dent; Judy Frye, Treasurer. Jeff Carnes Judy Frye Joe Honeycutt Donna Holder Mrs. B Carriker Sharon Harmon Charlotte McClain Richard Harris Donald Howard Elaine Freeze Judy Plummer Judy Coffey Nancy Dwiggins Jill Greene Celina Lowder 79 Charles Biggerstaff Dennis Broome Larry Coggins Broadus Hamilton Danny Black Bill Carrier Lynn Dayvaulf Gerald Hilton Jim Bonds Ronnie Cauble Phil Fisher Joe Honeycutt Key Club The Key Club is a service organization for boys of high academic standing, good character, and initiative. The main purposes of the club are to develop character, build leadership, and pro- mote good citizenship for the school and the com- munity. The major projects of the club include collecting money for the March of Dimes and the Easter Seal campaign. The club taps new members twice a year. Juniors and seniors are tapped in the fall and sophomores in the spring. Tony Jackson Marty Payne Ricky Sims Jay Stirewalt Terry Moss Ronnie Sherri 1 1 Grover Smith Mr. Tom Linn Anchor Club Anchor Club is a community service club sponsored by the Pilot Club, a local women’s club. The main purpose of the Anchors is to serve the community and school. Various pro- jects organized during the year included helping with the community fund drive, visiting rest homes, collecting for the Heart Fund and the Cancer Society, making scrapbooks for hospital patients, collecting magazines for prisoners, and helping with the Foster’s Childrens party at Christmas. Girls are selected once a year to be members on basis of scholarship character, and initiative. Mrs. Nelda Riggs is advisor. Schaly Edwards Judy Carter Louise Emerson Ann Nash Carol Munday Dale Presson Vannessa McKew Beverly Overcash Susan Safrit Paula Smith Carol Montgomery Susan Overcash Judy Sloop ifT I. to r. C. McGinnis, Mrs. Gilmore, P. Brigmon, A. Poplin K. Sloop, W. Beaver, D. Davis, P. Harris, M. Compton. Banking First Aid Assistants ' i I. to r. S. Safrit, R. Sherrill, T. Jackson, Mrs. Gilmore, M. Erwin . 82 Mixed Chorus row 1,1 tor. H. Adams, J. Simpson, M. Edwards, V. Small- wood, V. Coble, J. Sherrill, P. Parton, I Chapman, I Hunsucker, S. Honbarrier, J. Allen, J. Sloop, D. Menius, L. Braswell, P. Hunsucker, G. Walls, I Kidd, Jim Parker. row 2 I to r. V. Harmon, L. Kimball, J. Massey, R. Gun- ner, P. Burris, P. Benton, D. Reid, B. Mangum, T. Shinn, D. Poston, B. Stokes, N. Starnes, C. Twitty, A. Poplin, L. Hampton, K. Hines, R Funderburk, B. Campbell, D. Stewart, row 3 I. to r. S. Horton, J. Scercy, J. Owings, C. Jenkins, J. Kirkley, R. Drye, S. Cline, D. Foil, I. Howard, K. Bumgarner, C. Brown, D. Chapman, D. Russell, L. Blume, J. Reid, C. Beaty, D. Phi I lips, V. McKew, N . Davis, row 4 I. to r. B. Miller, J. Ruff, R. Faggart, P. Dayvault, K. Howlett, J. Jackson, L. Childress, B. Bullock, D. Brooks, J. Overcash, C. Shull, P. Jones, B. Robbins, H. Page, J. Lambert, C. Sloop, L. Gordon, D. Harding, T. Sloop, row 5 I. to r. D. Cannon, T. Aldridge, L. Bassett, G. Foster, J. Johnson, L. Davis, G. Ray, T. Crumbly, M. Steen, J. Campbell, D. Collins, B. Chapman, B. Bauer, D. Watson, D. Wood, R. Eller, T. Sloop, D. Howard. Duplicating Staff I. to r. B. Styers, L. Kimbell, P. Deese, J. Jackson, S. McClannon, Mrs. Hamrick, J. Jordan. 83 Library Club I. to r. T. Aldridge, S. Ashby, J. Helms, D. Davis, R. Eagle, S. Overcash, D. Jolly, J. Pinnix, R. Gregory, B. Smith, C. Jones. The purpose of the Library Club is to stimulate reading interest and improve library service for the students at Brown. Members work in the library at different times of the day. I. to r. W. Clark, D. Compton, S. Honbarrier, J. Strickland, C. Munday, P. Lewis, L. Stancil, B. Robbins, D. Morrison, B. Overcash, N. Key. The purpose of the Bible Club is to create and maintain Christian principles throughout the high school, and to provide opportunity for Christian fel lowship. Bible Club I. to r. B. Haney, S. Pence, Miss McMurray, Angels from Bible Club assembly pose for photographer. D. Goforth, P. Harris, Mr. Biggers, S. Deal, P. McManus, G. Fisher. 84 French Club Randy Grant and Tyrone Ivey, veteran French club mem- bers, initiate sophomores at the first meeting. G. Lyerly, V. Pres.; T. I vey; N. Dwiggins, R. Chairman; J. Greene, Sec.; A. Boger; Miss Fletcher, advisor; F. Griggs, Treas.; P. Smith, R. Chairman, J. Carter. The French Club admits members semi-annually. Second semester French I students with an 86 aver- age are tapped in the spring. All those taking French 1 1 may join in the fall. Spanish Club “Los Conquistadores de Espanol” seek to familiarize themselves with the people and customs of the lands which they study. Jr ■■ | g jtjB i t C. Norwood, C. McGinnis, B. Haney, J. Plummer, I Dayvault, T. Moss, K. Huggins, S. Barger, L. De- Marcus, Mrs. Caldwell, S. Pence. Spanish Club members enjoy rhythm of a Spanish Dance. 85 wmM t v 1 115 ii S f XI f gj IB. 4 41 m 1 1 .nfs TWP - - aB 1 ' ll iv fft W | ■r AiviMi jBjaL T - Man dial Pages Brown’s office pages function to serve the teachers, students, and administration. Their motto is “learning while serving.’’ At regular meetings, under guidance of Mrs. Helen Bostian, the school secretary, members discuss ways of improving office efficiency, and have local businessmen speak to them. I. to r. row 1 - Chief, G. Hilton, J. Wilson, C. Brown, row 2 - M. Dunlay, L. Emerson, K. Bumgarner, A. Gillon. row 3 - R. Beam, C. Barnhardt, J. Parker, Advisor. Standing - S. McClannon, M. Frye, B. Helms. I. to r. seated - G. Fisher, A. Nash, M. Eudy, M. Murph, J. Morris, T. Smith. Standing - D. Brigman, P. Daves, J. Rid- enhour, D. Howard, R. Grant, J. Hatley, C. Barnhardt, J. Bond, Mrs. Bostion, secretary; M. Edwards, J. Jordan, Mr. Drummond, principal; M. Mills. Monitors Regulation of traffic and student behavior is the the function of the A.L. Brown Monitors. Their duties include enforcing traffic rules, and reporting those who do not abide by school rules. Bill Carrier carries out hisduties as a monitor first period. 86 I. to r. J. Morris; H. Sturgis, Pres.; L. McGuire, parlia- mentarian; W. Clark, Treas.; J. Childers, p. chairman; J. Donahue, reporter; R. Evans, v-pres. D. E. student Linda Tarleton earns money as well as knowledge. Distributive Education Primarily, the Distributive Education Club serves to acquaint students with the importance of selling in our economy. I. to r. T. Morton, R. Major, H. Culp, F. Hunsucker. Two I .C.T. members work at the DAILY IN- DEPENDENT office. 87 The A.L. Brown High Speech Club’s primary pur- pose is to improve the speaking ability of the mem- bers. They also gain valuable experience in writing and selecting speeches. Speech Club President Ricky Sims conducts the semi-monthly meeting of the Speech Club. Acliclu Acliclu’s main purpose is discussing and evalu- ating forms of the arts. Several Acliclu members enjoy a discussion about a play they saw. 88 Stage Crew Steve Gaskey heads the stage crew this year. The crew must be present for all activities in the audi- torium. Much time is spent by these boys in service for Brown. I. to r. S. Gaskey, J. Armstrong, C. Chapman, R. Lisenby. I. to r. J. Sweatt, J. Kirkley, B. Seamon, A. Fowler, M. Thomas, N. Darnell, J. Smith, J. Griffin, S. Wilson, A. Gillon, R. Holmes, D. Kink, B. Thomson, P. Cook, B. Stokes, L. Biggers, D. Baker, J. Patterson. Lab Assistants Brown’s lab assistants assist science teachers in classroom demonstrations and help students with lab projects. Duties also include cleaning the equipment and keeping it ready for use. I. to r. J. Griffin, S. Wilson, A. Gillon, B. Belk, D. Reid, N. Darnell, D. Baker, J. Patterson, I Biggers. 89 Future Nurses The Future Nurses Club has 102 members. Cabar- rus Memorial Hospital provides a very interesting and exciting project through which the Future Nurses are given opportunity to work in the patient unit. Future Teachers The F.T.A. seeks to enable its members to study and identify the qualities and traits which relate to successful teaching. This organization encourages an understanding of public schools. I. to r. B. Haney, B. Styers, S. Pence, N. Daniels, L. DeMarcus, C. McLeod, M. Morris. 90 I. to r. K. McCombs, J. Smith, S. Pence, W. Seabolt, C. McLeod, L. Kimball, B. Haney, (front) C. McGinnis, B. Terry. D. Stewart, J. Key, P. Burris, B. Mangum, S. Hill. Three MONTAGE staffers prepare magazines for delivery. 91 Future Homemakers The overall goal of the F.H.A. is to help indi- viduals improve personal, family, and community life. It emphasizes the importance of a good home. This year for the first time the journalism class serves as the MONTAGE staff. Mrs. Bill C arriker is faculty advisor. A. Boger, J. Davis, R. Wright, L. Howard, J. Owens, J. Brackett, C. Reece, R. Steele, N. Clodfelter, J Smith, K. Thompson, B. Landers, B. Barnhardt, B. Wood, M. Fisher. I ' I. to r. C. Norwood, B. Ingram, A. Quinn, D. Baker, R. Grant, S. Safrit, J. Ridenhour, M. Eudy M. Erwin, L. Biggers, J. Griffin, S. Nelms, A. Safrit, M. Smith, J. P lummer. Tri-Hi-Y “To create, maintain, and extend, throughout the home, school, and community, high standards a Christian character” is the purpose of Tri-Hi-Y As a club, Tri-Hi-Y works toward improving the community. This year all clubs sold mints to raise money to send a student abroad this summer. Each club also has a World Service pledge, and in order tc meet this pledge, members participate in bake sales, dances, and car washes. I. to r. A. Nask, B. Wood, C. Dayvault, J. Moore, J. Greene, P. Austin, R. Funderburk, J. Coffey, M. Edwards, M. Rhodes. I. to r. W. Beaver, A. Simpson, L. Blalock, B. Harmon, C. Montgomery, M. Mason, R. Power, D. Phillips C. Shull, J. Scercy, P. Hoce, J. Peeler. 92 Hi-Y L T, i? J? C . ° r ' 9 sch °ol boys sponsored C 6 | ' ' 9 ' ' is f e ar 9 e st organization of high u- y° yout m United States. The purpose of ni-Y is to create, maintain, and extend high stand- Jr s . 0 Christian character. The only membership equirements are that a boy be of senior high school 3ge and that he understand the club’s purpose and agree to work for its achievements. . to r. F. Griggs, S. Riner, B. Critz, J. Davis, D. Cline, f. Stokes, T. Chapman, D. Jackson. I. to r. R. Shull, F. Chapman, T. Moss, D. Broome, J. Ewing, T. Jackson, B. Helms, W. Davis, D. Deal, R Beam. 1. to r. J. Gribble, A. Duncan, E. Solomon, V. Hoi land, D. Bonds, D. Chatham, D. Brown, R. McBride, S . Ki ser, F. A 1 1 ey. 93 Cheerleaders The cheerleaders serve as good-will am- bassadors of the school. They represent us at football and basketball games. They are left to right; Deanna Baker, Jane Ed- wards, Nancy Barnhardt, Jane King, chief; Amy Gil Ion, Glynn Lee, and Linda Biggers. Monogram Club The Monogram club meets monthly. Mr. Dan Boone is facul- ty advisor. 94 a light of recognition Shines Among the rest A little clearer A I ittle lovel ier A little brighter Miss Brown High Sherri Glenn Suzanne Barger Charles Biggerstaff Nancy Dwiggins Ronnie Cauble Susan Safrit Lynn Dayvault Hall of Paulo Smith Jimmy Fowler Sherri Glenn Gerald Hi I ton 98 Fame Ginger Lyerly John Patterson Dehlia Marlin Ronnie Sherri 1 1 99 Carol Brown Ricky Sims Hall of Fame Leadership Scholarship Ach ievement Service Cynthia McGinnis Grover Smith Danita Brigman Jay Stirewalt 100 a light of action Shines And in that I ight Glows both Victory And defeat Football . . . 1964 Kannapolis blocks Concord’s try for a score. Under the leadership of head Coach Roy Boyles, in his first season at Brown, the ' 64-65 Little Wonder football team compiled a 5-5 won-lost record. The season opened on a strong note as the Wonders beat Salisbury Boyden 12-0. The Boyden game was fol- lowed by a hard-fought 3-7 loss to the East Mecklen- burg Eagles. The third game was a 27-7 victory over North Rowan. Next came a 6-0 victory over Statesville and a 13-7 win over Albermarle. The sixth game of the season was the most impor- tant to date, the South Rowan game. South was un- defeated, untied, and unscored on until they fell to the Wonders by 14-7. Conference powerhouse Thomasville beat the Wonders 40-7, Asheboro won 31-6, and Mooresville squeezed to a 12-6 victory. Concord again skimmed by the Wonders by a 13-12 margin. It gave the Spiders the bell for the fourth year in a row. The Wonders were led throughout the season by tailback Keith Honeycutt, co-captains Gerald Hilton, an end, and Wesley Edison, a tackle. Hilton won the Lug Leazer and Owen C. Hill trophies. Edison was an all-conference choice. 102 I. to r. T. Williams, J. Fowler, D. Oliver, S. Riner, M. Ward, C. Chapman, J. Howell, D. Black, L. Blume, D. Bonds, S. Ball, row 2. K. Honeycutt, R. Steele, H. Waldrop, G. Hilton, K. Hampton, M. Arnette, L. Coggins, C. Biggerstaff, T. Johnson, P. Meachum, Coach Watts, row 3. Coach Boyles, M. Cornell, T. Hendrix, B. rickson, T. Hamrick, B. Beard, F. Alley, S. Smith, M. Armes, D. Marks, D. Leebrick, B. Whitley, B. Schultz, row 4. D. Bolick, G. Blalock, W. Edison, S. Kiser, G. Smith, D. Brandon, P. Squire, J. Patterson, E. Moss, R. Lisenby, T. Gribble, G. Smith, Coach Mauldin. Co-captains, Gerald Hilton, Wesley Edison East Mecklenburg player is swarmed by Little Wonders. Football Terry Hendrix Senior Fu I Iback Charles Biggerstaff Senior Wingback Keith Honeycutt Junior T ai Iback Gerald Smith Senior Center Butch Hendrickson Senior Ful Iback John Patterson Senior Guard 104 Steve Riner Jun ior End Randy Steele Junior Ful Iback Chri s Chapman Senior Guard Gerald Hilton Sen ior End Larry Coggins Sen i or Guard Mokey Correl I Senior Quarterback . . . 1964 Mitchell Arnette Senior Wingback Ronald Lisenby Senior End Jimmy Fowler Senior Wingback Wesley Edison Senior Tack le 105 I. to r. row 1. G. Smith, S. Culp, S. Kiser, K. Huggins, R. Lentz, B. Hamilton, B. Carrier, L. Dayvault, S. Argo, R. Owens, D. Goodson. row 2. T. Reece, R. Sherrill, M. Holbrook, R. Williams, M. Deese. Correll, R. Harrington, M. Payne, S. Smith, row 3- Coach Boys’ Basketball Co-captain Ronnie Sherrill sets up for a jump shot over a Mooresville defender. The 1964-65 Little Wonder basketball team was picked up as one of the favorites in the South Pied- mont Conference. As the annual went to press, the Wonders had a 9-0 record. Only one of these was a conference game. The one conference game was a 65-53 victory over the Concord Spiders. In this game, the Wonders trailed at the half 29-28. In the second half, the team began a comeback that netted the final 12 point margin. The Wonder’s 82 points, in an 82-56 romp past Odell, was the biggest output of the season so far. The Wonders held Odell to 31 points in the other Odell game, an 81-31 victory. This was the best de- fensive game of the year. This years squad was led by senior co-captains Ronnie Sherrill and Lynn Dayvault. Joining them as starters were senior Mokey Correll, and Juniors Broadus Hamilton and Marty Payne. Co-captain Lynn Dayvaultjump shoots as Marty Payne and Mokey Correll watch the action. Ronni e Sherri 1 1 Senior Guard Mokey Correll Seni or Forward Broadus Hamilton Junior Center Marty Payne Junior Guard Sandy Argo Senior Roving Guard Delores Fox Senior Guard Mary Lida Alexander Sophomore Roving Guard Carmen DeMarcus Junior Forward Pam Brigman Junior Forward Vicki Childress Junior Guard 108 row 1. S. Fowler, S. Moore, S. Argo, P. Cook, B. Ross, row 2. C. DeMarcus, C. Reece, V. Childress, Coach Boyles, M. Alexander, P. Brigman, K. Rainey. Girls’ Basketball The 1964-65 girls basketball team completed their pre-conference games with an undefeated record and began the conference battle by whip- ping a highly rated Concord team. The Wonder- ettes displayed the teamwork and will to win that is necessary for a team to be successful. This years squad is a more experienced team than last years, and they are showing great promise for a tournament berth. The Wonderettes are led by seniors Sandy Argo and Delores Fox, juniors Pam Brigman, Carmen DeMarcus and Vicki Childress, and sophomore Mary Lida Alexander. This year the team is under the leadership of Coach Roy Boyles. Mary Lida Alexander takes a jump shot over a Moores- ville defender as Sandy Argo looks on. I. to r. row 1. D. Reavis, D. Lord, M. Duncan, R. Triece. row 2. M. Davis, T. King, S. Hute, W. Simmons, D. Watson, row 3- G. Foster, P. Pless, S. Gaskey, J. Johnson, row 4. J. Sherrill, L. Litaker, M. Armes, S. Lacey. Defending associationa I champion Terry Moss gains time “riding” his opponent. The 1964-65 Wonder mat team found it tough to live up to the 11-1-1 record of last years team. At the time this was written the Wonders were holding a 2-2-1 record. The team has two associational champions, Terry Moss and Ferrell Hunsucker. The team is also led by David Stowe, Terry Barbee, Denny Deal, David Oliver, Henry Hawkins, Randy Steele, and Wesley Edison. The Wonder grapplers showed the determination in the early part of the season to again be one of the most successful teams at Brown. Wrestling I. to r. row 1. J. Puntch, F. Hunsucker, D. Stowe, T. Barbee, T. Moss, J. Nall, D. Deal, row 2. T. Owens, R. Waller, B. Schultz, H. Hawkins, D. Oliver, R. Steele, C. Seaford, J. Patterson, W. Edison, P. Meachum, Coach Mau I din, 110 I. to r. row 1. K. Honeycutt, J. Fowler, J. Bond, L. Blume, D. Williams, M. Shinn, C. Thomas, row 2. R. Steele, B. Prevette, G. Hilton, D. Keaton, J. Teal, W. Davis, row 3. S. Argo, L. Dayvault, W. Edison, M. Armes, D. Barringer, T. Gribble, C. Baker. Lynn Dayvault clears the bar to gain points for the Wonder track team. T rack The 1964 track team came through another suc- cessful season. The team finished second in the region and fifth in the association. The team was led by sprinters Keith Honeycutt and Randy Steele, and distance men Wilbur Davis, Steve Argo, Jimmy Fowler, and Mike Shinn. Lynn Dayvault led the jump- ers. Wesley Edison and Phil Meachum led the field team. I. to r. row 1. M. Cornell, R. Sherrill, F. Griggs, F. Chapman, L. Ballard, J. Kerley, J. Pryor, S. Snead row 2. T. Mitchell, D. McKinney, D. Bolick, R. Little, T. Moss, T Hendrix, G. Smith, L. Scarborough, row 3. Coach Lentz, M. Hicks, F. Foutz, M. Isom, R. Lisenby M Morris, G. Smith, D. Smith, R. Bost, Coach Johnson. Little Wonder runner rounds first base and heads for second in the Asheboro game. Baseball The 1964 baseball team, under Coach Earl Lentz, finished its season with a 4-8 record. The team showed the hustle and spirit to come through many close games. Outstanding players for the Wonders were: Terry Hendrix, Ronnie Sherrill, Ronald Lisenby, and Terry Moss. Steve Snead was the lead- ing pitcher followed by Gerald Smith. a light of achievements Shines On Accomplishments Both Large And Small Marshals Danita Brigman, Sandra Nelms, Cynthia McGinnis, Jay Stirewalt, Paula Smith, Charles James, Susan Lewis, Ginger Lyerly, Dennis Graybeal, Karen Brantley, Grover Smith, Doris Crowder, Patti Daves. Flower Colors Motto Yellow Rose Green and Gold " We have followed; now we lead. " Mascots Denise York and Timothy Broome 1 14 Class History by Joe Honeycutt All life is bathed in a light of change; without this, lifewouldnot be worth living. By adapting to these changes, man has made his life much more fruitful and meaningful. The transition from freshman to sophomore was one of the biggest changes in our lives. As sophomores, we stepped into a bright, new world, A.L. Brown High School. At first we were somewhat overwhelmed by our strange surroundings, by the many varied subjects, by authoritative, busy, unpredictable teachers, and by dominant upper- classmen, who somewhat overshadowed us; but we, as man has through the ages, adapted to our new-found world and plunged headlong into becoming a vital part of its work, learning as we went. With our new positions came new responsibilities, which were to grow with time. We elected the following class officers to help us shoulder our early responsibility: Jimmy Fowler, president; Ann Rainey, Vice-president; Jo Ann Jackson, secretary; Ronnie Cauble, treasurer; Jay Stirewalt and Ginger Lyerly, student council represent- atives. As the year progressed, we looked to Mr. Elmer Poole, our class advisor, for help and guidance. As increasingly important citizens of our school, we absorbed our role with vitality. The first of our class to be tapped into the Honor Society were Ginger Lyerly, Danita Brigman, Jay Stirewalt, and Grover Smith. Other clubs also recognized the leadership and ability of mem- bers of our class. The Key Club accepted Gerald Hilton, Charles Biggerstaff, Jay Stirewalt, Lynn Dayvault, Ronnie Sherrill, Grover Smith, and Ronnie Cauble into its ranks. The Quill Scroll adopted into its membership Paula Smith, Nancy Dwiggins, Judy Plummer, and Joe Honeycutt. Near the end of the year, Ginger Lyerly was elected secretary of the student body for the coming year, and Charles Biggerstaff assumed the office of school treasurer for the 1963-1964 school year. For her outstanding journal- istic ability, Paula Smith was selected to be the ALBROKAN, 1964 editor; while Judye Morris, Deanna Baker, Jane King, and Amy Gil Ion were to represent our class as cheerleaders during the approaching year.. We had worked herd during our sophomore year, and we were proud of our achievements including the fact that early during the year we had eagerly sold more of the World’s Finest Chocolate than either the junior or the senior class. Our sophomore year, however, passed quickly, and suddenly, as |uniors, we found ourselves taller and straighter. We had more self-confidence, but w were not quite sure of our potential. We wasted no time in electing our class officers. Ricky Tims became our president; Gerald Hilton our vice-president, Lynette Kimball was chosen to be secretary; Ronnie Sherrill was our treasurer; Jane King and Jay Sti rewal t were student counci I represent- atives; and Jo Ann Jackson accepted the task of social chairman. Throughout th : s year Mrs. Van Poole, as our advisor, lead us and helped us to help ourselves. Now more of our class participated in the school ' s activities. Again the Honor Society recognized our scholastic abili- ties as it tapped Susan Lewis, Elaine Freeze, Susan Safrit, Willene Clark, Carol Brown, Charles Biggerstaff, Paula Smith, Marty Erwin, and Lynette Kimball. The Key Club voted in Ricky Sims, Tony Jackson, and Mickey Norris, and a junior, Jay Stirewalt, was selected to be the club’s secretary. The Quill Scroll expanded its member- ship to include more of our ranks as Celina Lowder, Jeff Carnes, Donna Holder, Richard Harris, Elaine Freeze, and Judy Frye were inducted. Our Washington trip left us all lingering memories and material for hours of conversation. At our first junior-senior prom, we travelled to frolicking New Orleans for the gay and extravagant “Mardi Gras.” In the springof this y ear, we also he I ped spon sora Hoote nanny to raise funds for a foreign exchange student, earning $1,100 through our efforts. We were eager to see the foreign exchange program established here at Brown, and we wanted to be on record as the first class to have an American Field Servi ce student graduate in its number. Our Class play, a comedy entitled THE MOUSE THAT ROARED, was a grand success. At the year ' s end, Jane King was chosen chief cheerleader for the coming year, and Amy Gil Ion, Deanna Baker, Linda Biggers, and Nancy Jo Barnhardt were elected to serve on the cheerleading squad with her. Jane King was also crowned Junior Miss Hi Miss. The BROWN BEAT and ALBROKAN editorships for the coming year were placed in the hands of Judy Plummer and Nancy Dwiggins, respectively. In the spring student government elections, Jay Stirewalt was elected to guide the student body through the coming year as president, and Charles Biggerstaff was elected to the vice-presidency. With two-thirds of our high school life behind us, we abruptly found ourse Ives seniors, and again we participated in additional activities and received greater responsibil- ities. Much more was expected from us than previously was, for now we were leaders. We were expected to set the example for those who were behind us, and we determined to give them goals that would require diligent effort to attain. For the last time, we, the class of 1965, chose the officers who would direct us: Tony Jackson served us as president; Lynn Dayvault, as vice-president; Danita Brigman, as treasurer; Jo Ann Jackson, as secretary; Judy Sloop, as chaplain; and Gerald Hilton and Lynette Kimball represented us in the student council. With practiced skill, and under the supervision of Miss Loraine Gray, the class of 1965 took over the helm of student life. The Honor Society began its year as Grover Smith assumed the club’s presidency, and Ginger Lyerly became vice-president. Marty Erwin was chosen treasurer, and Paula Smith officiated as secretary. The Key Club elected into its company Bill Carrier, Dennis Broome, Jimmy Fowler, Ronnie Shull, Larry Coggins, and Joe Honeycutt. Ricky Sims served as the president of the club, Ronnie Cauble managed the vice-presidency, and Mickey Norris took over the treasurer’s office. Early in the second semester, the Quill Scroll recognized Ricky Sims, Ronnie Shull and Beverly Landers for their work on school publications by tapping them into membership. The senior class, after deliberating many hours over the selection of Hall of Fame members, finally elected the following, recognizing them for their contributions to the school: Charles Biggerstaff, Ronnie Cauble, Lynn Dayvault, Jimmy Fowler, Gerald Hi Iton, Joe Honeycutt, Tony Jackson, Mickey Norris, John Patterson, Ronnie Sherrill, Ricky Sims, Grover Smith, Jay Stirewalt, Suzanne Barger, Danita Brigman, Carol Brown, Nancy Dwiggins, Sherri Glenn, Jo Ann Jackson, Lynette Kimball, Jane King, Ginger Lyerly, Dehlia Marlin, Cynthia McGinnis, Susan Safrit, and Paula Smith. Beauty in our class was also recognized as Sherri Glenn was selected for the honor of Miss Brown High. Suzanne Barger presided over the homecoming events, and Amy Gillon reigned as the year’s May Queen with Ginger Lyerly as her maid of honor. In the sports arena, Gerald Hilton was selected by his teammates to receive the coveted Lug Leazer award, and, by the entire student body to receive the Hill trophy. In addition to selling senior hot dogs at football games, our class found time to present a senior class play, the first in five years, entitled THE CURIOUS SAVAGE. Mr. Shinn kindly consented to be borrowed from the junior class long enough to help us with this project which was another success. Ref I ec ting upon the future, we chose 1 ‘We have fol lowed; now we lead,” as our motto. We chose green and gold as our colors, and the yellow rose was chosen to be our flower. Denise York and Timothy Broome were adopted as our mascots. While at Brown High, our class earned several distinc- tions. Specifically, we were the largest class ever enrolled at Brown; we did become the first to have a foreign ex- change student, Vanessa McKew from England; and we also earned one of the largest senior bank accounts in the history of the school, about $1,500. Most of this balance was the result of selling hot dogs at home football games, a project which earned our senior class $915.71 as clear profit, again the largest since Brown’s beginning. Much before we could grasp its significance, our senior year had melted away. June arrived, final exams came, and graduation was at hand. With a deep pride, a certain sentimental nostalgia about leaving Brown behind, and a sense of accomplishment, we walked across the stage, and reached out for our diplomas. We had passed through the end of the beginning and had stepped into a brighter light— the I i ght of tomorrow. Senior Statistics JUDY GAIL ABSH ER -Future Nurses 2; Lob Assistant 3;- Monitor 1. JAMES NATHANIEL ALBRIGHT, JR. -Spanish Club 4; Tri-Sci 1; Monitor 1. JANICE MARGARET ALLEN -Future Nurses 2, 3,4; Chorus 4; Sr. Class Play Committee 4. GARY LESTER ALLEN-Pep Club 3; Track 1. PAULETTE ALLEN-Pep Club 3; Chorus 2; Future Nurses 2,3. REBECCA ELIZABETH ALLMAN-Monitor 1. JAMES EDWIN ALLEY-Homeroom officer 2,4; Pep Club 2; Monitor 1; Jr. Class Play Cast 3; Sr. Class Play Committee 4; Track 1. GLENNA JANET ANDERSON-Bible Club 2,3, 4; Future Nurses 3; Pep Club 3; Tri-Hi-Yl;Bond 1. HAROLD CURTIS ARGO-I.C.T. 4. SANDRA GAYLE ARGO-Session House 1; Homeroom officer 1,2, 3, 4; Future Teachers 3,4; Pep Club 2; Chorus 1; Jr. Class Play committee 3; Jr.- Sr. Committee 3; Cheerleader 1; Basket- ball 1, 2,3,4. STEVEN FREDERICK ARGO-Vice-President Student Body 1; Decoration committee 1; Evaluation committee 2; Constitution com- mittee 3; Clean-up Committee 4; Homeroom officer 3,4; French Club 3,4; Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4, Vice-president 1; Band 1,2, 3,4, Drum Major 3,4; All Stote Band 1; Monogrom Club 2,3,4; Basket- ball 1,2, 3, 4; Track 1,2, 3, 4. GEORGE MITCHELL ARNETTE -Monogram Club 3,4; Football 1,2, 3, 4; Track 1,2, 3, 4. PATRICIA JONES ARTZ-Chorus 3,4; Office Poge 1. COLUMBUS JAMES ARMSTRONG, JR. -Jr. Class Play Committee 3,4; Sr. Class Play Com- mittee 4; Jr. -Sr. Committee 3; May Day Com- mittee 3; Social Committee 4; Pep Club 3; Stage Crew 3,4; Acliclu 4. DAVID ALLEN ARMSTRONG-Monitor 1; Wrestling 1,2; I.C.T. 3,4. SYLVIA FREEMAN ASHBY-Session House 2; Library Club 4. PATSY LEIGH AUSTIN-Homeroom officer 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,4; Band 1; Jr. Class Play Com- mittee 3; Sr. Class Play Committee 4. DEANNA LA MARR BAKER-Homeroom officer 1,2, 3,4; Speech Club 4; Spanish Club 3,4; Future Teachers 3; Future Nurses 3; Acliclu 4; Tri-Sci 1; Tri-Hi-Y 4, Delegate to Blue Ridge 1, Vice-president 2, President 3; Lab assistant 4; Monitor 1,3; Jr. Class Play Cast 3; Cheer- leader 3,4. PATRICIA MARION BALL-Future Nurses 2,4; Acliclu 4; Girls’ Chorus 3. MONTY BOFORD BARBEE-Hi-Y 1; Monitor 1. SUZANNE BARGER-Session House 1; Home- room Officer 1,2,3; Hall of Fame 4; Spanish Club 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; Bond 1,2, 3, 4; Major- ette 3; Co-chief 4; Sponsor 1; Monitor 1; Home- coming Queen 4. CLARENCE CALVIN BARNHARDT, JR.-Stu- dent Teacher 1; Hot Dog Committee 4; Jr. Cl ass Concessions 3; Projectionist 2,3,4; Home- room officer 1,2; French Club 1,2,3; Library Club 2,3; Tri-Sci 1,2,3; Pep Club 3; Hi-Y 1,2, 3,4; Lab Assistant 1,4; Monitor 1,3,4; Jr. Class Play 3; Sr. Class Play 4. NANCY JO BARNHARDT— Homeroom Officer 1, 2,3; Lab Assistant 3; Cheerleader 3,4. CHARLOTTE ELAINE BAXTER-Session House 1; Homeroom Officer 1; Bible Club 1,2,3; Speech Club 3; Future Nurses 3; Tri-Hi-Y 1; Chorus 1,4; Lab Assistant 3; Cheerleader 4, Chief 1. MICHAEL CLAUDE BEAM-D.E. 3 RONNIE EARL BEAM— Homeroom Officer 1,2; Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; Monitor 1,4; Jr. Class Ploy Cost 3; Brown Masquers 1,2. THOMAS MERLE BEAM-Session House 4; Homeroom officer 1,2,3; French Club 2; Hi-Y 1, 2,3,4; Monitor 1; Jr. Closs Play Committee 3; Brown Masquers 2, D. E. 4. FISHER JONES BEASLEY 1 I l-Hjlomeroom Offi- cer 3; Hi-Y 1,2,3, 4; Monitor 1; r. Class Play Cast 3; Sr. Class Play Committee 4; Foot- ball 1; Wrestling 1, Hot Dog Committee 4. RONNIE HUGH BEASLEY— Homeroom Officer 1; Library Club 1; Acliclu 4; Pep Club 2; Hi-Y 1; Monitor 1. BARBARA LEE BEAVER-Future Teachers 3; Pep Club 2; Chorus 1; Monitor 1. SAUNDRA LORETTA BEAVER BOBBY RAY BELK-Hall of Fame Committee 4; Homeroom Officer 3; Speech Club 4; Hi-Y 1, 2,3,4; Lab Assistant 4; Brown M asc l uers 2,3. LARRY WARREN BELK-Science Club 1; Hi-Y 4; Band 1,2, 3,4; Monitor 1. PATRICIA ANN BENTON-Future Nurses 2,3; Chorus 1,2, 3,4 LINDA KAY BIGGERS— Homeroom Officer 3; Bible Club 1; Speech Club 4; French Club 3,4; Future Nurses 3; Acliclu 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3; Presi- dent 4; Chorus 1; Lab Assistant 4; Monitor 3; Jr. Class Play Marshal 3; Cheerleader 4. CHARLES ROSS BIGGERSTAFF-Student Council, Vice president 4; Treasurer 3; Stu- dent Council Point Board Chairman 4; Session House 1,2,3, president 4; Homeroom Officer, 2,3; Hall of Fame 4; Honor Society 3,4; Key Club 2,3,4; Office page 1; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Football 1,2, 3, 4; Track 1,2; Wonder Club 4; Jr. Rotorian 4. WILLIAM GARY BL ALOCK-Session hfouse 2,3; Homeroom Officer 1,4; BROWN BEAT staff 3; Bible Club 1,2, 3, 4; Speech Club 2,3; Spanish Club 3; French Club 4; Future Teachers 3,4; Acliclu 4; Tri-Sci 2,3,4; Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; Chorus 1; Office Page 1; Monitor 2,3; Brown Masquers 2; Football 1,2, 3, 4; Basketball 1,2,3: Track 1,2, 3,4. DANITA CAROL BRIGMAN-Student Council commi ttees-May Day 2, Homecoming 2; Elect- ions 3, Homecoming 4; Sr. Class Treasurer 4; Session House 1,2; Homeroom Officer 1,3; Jr. Marshal Chief 3; Hall of Fame 4; Honor Society 2,4; Chaplain 3; French Club 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3; Chorus 1, Office Page 3,4; Monitor 1; Jr. Closs Play Cast 3. JUDY ANN BINKLEY-Homeroom Officer 1; French Club 2,3; Future Teachers 3,4; Acliclu 4; Chorus 1; First Aid Assistant 3; Monitor 3,4; Sr. Class Play Committee 4; Girls ' Athletic Association 1; Hot Dog Committee 4; Jr. Sr. Decoration Committee 3; Jr. Sr. Refreshment Committee 3; Bulletin Board Committee 3. HAROLD WILSON BLACKERBY-BROWN BEAT stoff 3; ALBROKAN staff 3; Spanish Club 3; French Club 1; Future Teachers 3; Tri- Sci 2. DANIEL VIRGIL BOL ICK-Footbal I 1,2, 3, 4; Baseball 3,4. KAREN SUE BRANTLEY-Student Council citizenship committee 4; Session House 1; Homeroom officer 2,3,4; Jr. Marshol 3; French Club 2,3; French Honor Society 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3,4; Chorus 1; Sr. Class Play Committee 4; May Day Attendant 2; Homecoming Attendant 4. MYRA SUZANNE BRASWELL-Homeroom Offi- cer 4; Speech Club 3,4; Future Nurses 2; Acliclu 4; Lab Assistant 3; Office Page 1; Jr. Sr. Committee 3. STEVE WAYNE BRINKLEY-Band 1,2, 3, 4. DENNIS HAROLD BROOME-Session House 4; Homeroom Officer 2; Key Club 4; Speech Club 3; Hj-Y 1, 2,3,4; Band 1,2, 3,4; Monitor 1; Junior Class Play Cost 3; Wrestling 1; Track 1,2; Baseball 4. CAROL SUE BROWN— Student Counci I 1; Evalu- ation committee 3,4; Session House 2,3; Home- room Officer 4; Hall of Fame 4; Honor Society 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Chorus 1,2,4; Monitor 1,4; Jr. Class Play Committee 3; Sr. Class Play Com- mittee 4. MARTHA ANNE BROWN— Homeroom Officer 1 ,2; Pep Club 2; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; Monitor 1,2,3; Brown Ma ' squers 2; Science Club 1; Decorations Committee Jr. Sr. 3; May Day Dance 3; Planning Committee Jr. Sr. 3; Costume Committee Jr. Closs Play 3; Publicity Committee Sr. Class Play 4; Decoration Committee Homecoming Dance 4; Sr. Class Play Marshal 4. HOWARD EDWIN BRUCE— Homeroom Officer 1; Hi-Y 2,3; Track 1; D.E. 4. KAREN LANE BUMGARN ER-Jr. Sr. Committee 3; Homeroom Officer 2,4; French Club 4; Chorus 4; Monitor 4. EDDIE RAY BURR-1. C.T. 4. GWENDOLYN CAROLE BUTLER-Bible Club 4; F uture Nurses 4; Future Homemakers 3; Acliclu 4; Sr. Class Play Committee 4; Motto Committee 4. JERRY LEE BY ERLY — Homeroom Officer 1; Monitor 1; D.E. 3. JOHNNY RAY CAMPBELL-I.C. T. 3,4. WILLIAM JEFFREY CARNES-Session House 1; Homeroom Officer 2,3,4; Foreign Exchange Student Committee 4; ALBROKAN staff 4; Assistant Business Manager for Publications 4; All-Star Marching Band 3; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Drum Captain 4; Hickory Journolism Con- vention Delegate 4; Quill Scroll 3; Vice- president 4; Future Teachers 3; Tri-Sci 2; Jr. Sr. Property Committee 3; Sr. Class Play Property Committee 4; Office Page 3; O.P.A. 3,4; Monitor 1; Dramatics Workshop 2. WILLIAM EDWIN C ARRI ER-Science Club 1; Homeroom Officer 2,3,4; Key Club 4; French Club 2; Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; Office Page 1; Monitor 4; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Track 1; Baseball 2,3,4. SHARON JOAN CARRINGTON-Homeroom Offi- cer 1; Acliclu 4; Office Page 1. GARY NESBIT CARTER-1. C.T. 3; Treasured. HAROLD STEVEN CARTER-French Club 4; Tri-Sci 1; Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; Band 1,2, 3,4; Monitor 1,4; Jr. Sr. Committee 3. JAMES EDWARD CARTER— Homeroom Officer 1,2,3; French Club 4; Tri-Sci 3,4; Pep Club 3; Hi-Y 2,3,4; Monitor 1,4. RONNIE DEAN CAUBL E— Sophmore Class Treasurer; Session House 3; Homeroom Officer 2,4; Hall of Fame 4; Key Club 2,3; Vice-presi- dent 2, President 3; Band 1,2, Treasurer 3,4; Wrestling 1,3,4. BARBARA JUNE CAULDER— Homeroom Officer 1,2,3; French Club 2; Pep Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,4, secretary 3; Band 1; Majorette 1; Jr. Class Play 3; Chairman Prop Committee 3,4; Brown Masquers 1; Jr. Sr. Committee 3. WILLIAM FRED CH APMAN— Homeroom Officer 1,2; French Club 1; Pep Club 3; Hi-Y 1,2, 3,4; Stage Crew 3; Monitor 1; Jr. Class Play 3; Brown Masquers 2; Baseball 3,4; Blue Ridge delegate 2; Hi-Y Officer 2,3,4. JERRY EARL CHEEK JIMMY DEAN CHEEK— Homeroom Officer 4; I.C.T. 4. BETTY JO CHILDERS-Bible Club 2; Future Nurses 2; Girls’ Chorus Secretary 2; Chorus 1. GRADY EUGENE CHILDERS- Football 2; Track 1. JUDY ANN CHILDRESS-Spanish Club 3,4; Monitor 1; D.E. Reporter 3,4. WILLENE FAYE CLARK-Session House 1; Honor Society 3,4; Anchor Club Vice-president 2,3; President 4; Speech Club 3; Spanish Club 3,4; Future Teachers 3,4; Library Club 3; Sec- retary 2, President 4; Monitor 3; D.E. Treasurer 4; D.A. R. Good Citizen 3; Sr. Class Motto Committee 4. RAY KENNETH CLINE CAROLYN PATRICIA COE-Homeroom Officer 2; Future Nurses 3,4; Tri-Sci 3; Pep Club 3; Lab Assistant 3. LARRY MARTIN COGGINS-Homeroom Officer 1,4; Key Club 4; Speech Club 4; Hi-Y 1,2, 3,4; Band 1; Monitor 1; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Foot- ball 1,2, 3,4; Wrestling 1; Track 1. DANNY ALAN COLLINS-Homeroom Officer 2; Hi-Y 4; Chorus 4; Monitor 4. DENNIS RAY COMPTON— Session House 1,2; Homeroom Officer 1, 2,3,4; Library Club 4; Foot- ball 1,2,3; Track 1,2. HOMER DAVID COMPTON-Chorus 1; Football 1,2; Basketball 1,2,3; Baseball 1. MARY LOUISE COMPTON-Spanish Club 3,4, Band 1,2,3, 4; First Aid Assistant 3,4; Basket- ball 1. GERALD RAY CONWAY-Hi-Y 4; Band 1,2, 3, 4. RONALD EUGENE COOK-Track 4. DAVID WARREN COONE-Homeroom Officer 3. CARLIN MOKEY CORRELL-Homeroom Officer 3,4; Speech Club 4; Monitor 2,4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Baseball 2,3,4. GARY WINSTON CRANE-Bible Club 4; Acliclu 4; Wrestling 1; Track 1; I.C.T. 3. 116 PHIL WAYNE CR AN E-Homeroom Officer 1; Bible Club 4; Spanish Club 4; Acliclu 4; Pep Club 2; I.C.T. 4. DOUGLAS FLOWE CRAVEN, JR. -Track 1. DORIS KAY CROWDER-Jr. Marshal 3; Bible Club 1,2,3; First Aid Assistant 3; D. E. 4; Jr. Sr. Decorations Committee 3. GEORGE HERMAN CULP— Homeroom Officer 4; French Club 3,4; Hi-Y 1; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Track 2; I.C.T. 4. NANCY YVONNE DAN I EL-Session House 1; Homeroom Officer 2; Future Teachers 3,4; Jr. Sr. Committee 3; Tri-H i-Y 1,2, 3, 4; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Lab Assistant 3; Sr. Class Play Committee 4. SHARON TENA DANIEL— Homeroom Officer 1; Office Page 1; D.E. 3,4. NANCY KAY DARN ELL-Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2,3,4; Band 1,2, 3,4; Lab Assistant 4. PATRICIA LEE DAVES— Decoration and Clean- Up Committee 1; Session House 1; Homeroom Officer 1,2; Jr. Marshal 3; Spanish Club 3,4; Future Teachers 3,4; Acliclu 4; Science Club Treasurer 1; Tri;Hi-Y Treasurer 1, Vice-presi- dent 2; Chorus 1,2; First Aid Assistant 2; Office Page 3,4; O.P.A. President 3; Jr. Class Play Committee 4; Cheerleader 1. DEBORAH LYNN DAVIS— Homeroom Officer 2; Anchor Club 2, Officer 3,4; Library Club 1,2,3; Officer 4; Acliclu 4; First Aid Assistant 4; Jr. Class Play Committee 3. WILBUR LEE DAVIS, JR. -Homeroom Officer 1,2,3; Spanish Club 3,4; Tri-Sci 1,3; Hi-Y Chap- lain 1,3,4, President 2; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Jr. Class Play Cast 3; Sr. Class Play Cast 4; Hi-Y Boy of the Month 3; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Track 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 . BERNARD LYNN DAY VAULT-Senior Class Vice-President 4; Session House 4; Homeroom Officer 1,2, 3, 4; Hall of Fame 4; Key Club 2,4, Chaplain 3; Spanish Club 3,4; Tri-Sci 2; Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; Band 1,2, 3,4,; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Football 1; Basketball 1,2,3, co-captain 4; Track 1,2, 3,4; Delegate to Governor’s Youth Fitness Conference 3; Junior Rotarian 4. PATRICIA ANN DAYVAULT-Chorus 1, 2,3,4; Monitor 1,4. ROBERT LEE DAY VAULT— Homeroom Officer 4; Hall of Fame Committee 4; Monitor 1. DENNIS RUSSELL DEAL— Session House 1,2; Homeroom Officer 3; Tri-Sci 1; Hi-Y 1, 2,3,4; Band 1; Monitor 1; Sr. Class Play Committee 4; Monogram Club 3,4; Football 1,2; Wrestling 1,3,4; Track 1; Baseball 2,4. SANDRA KAYE DEAL-Homeroom Officer 1; Bible Club 2,3; secretary 4; Future Nurses 2,3, 4; Pep Club 3; Tri-H i-Y 1; Basketball 1. PATSY ELAINE DE ESE-Homeroom Officer 3; Monitor 1,3; Typist for Student Council 4; Duplicating Staff 4. ROGER VAN DEESE-Pep Club 3; Jr. Sr. Com- mittee 3; I.C.T. 4. FRANCES RAE DeMARCUS-Future Teachers 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; Band 1. PATRICIA LYNN DeMARCUS— Homeroom Offi- cer 3; Spanish Club 3,4; Future Teachers 3,4; Acliclu 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; president 3; First Aid Assistant 2; Jr. Class Play Cast 3; Blue Ridge Delegate 2; Thespian 2,3,4; Brown Masquers 2; Sr. Class Play Committee 4. MARION DELORES DONAHUE-Spanish Club 3,4; Future Nurses 4; Office Page 1; Monitor 1. REGGIE MICHAEL DR AK E— Homeroom Officer 1; Acliclu 4; Pep Club 2,3; Sr. Class Play Stage Crew 4; Monitor 1; Wrestling 1; Track 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 . JACK ANDREW DRY— Homeroom Officer 2,4; Monitor 1; Sr. Class Play Committee 4. DENNIS DOUGLAS DRY E — Homeroom Officer 2; Tri-Sci 1; Hi-Y 1,2,3; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Monitor 1,4; Track 1. GEORGIA NELL DUNCAN —Future Nurses4; Chorus 1. MICHAEL DUGENE DUNCAN— Homeroom Offi- cer 3; Office Page 1; Wrestling 4. MARGIE ELLEN DUNLAP — Bui letin Board Chairman 4; Session House 1; Homeroom Offi- cer 2,3; May Day Decorating Committee 3; Jr. Sr. Entertainment Committee 3; Hot Dog Com- mittee 4; Speech Club 2; French Club 2; F uture Nurses 2; Future Homemakers President 3; Vice-president 4; Acliclu 4; Monitor 1,3, Assistant chief 4. NANCY KAREN DW IGGINS— Homeroom Officer 1,4; BROWN BEAT and ALBROKAN Staff, Business Manager 3; ALBROKAN Editor 4; Hall of Fame 4; Quill Scroll 2,3,4, Treasurer 3; French Club 3,4; Future Teachers 3; Science Club Officer 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3; Band 1,2, 3,4; Majorette 4; Monitor 1; Jr. Class Play Cast 3; Program Chairman Jr. Class Play 3; Sr. Class Play Cast 4; May Day Dance 3; Decorations Committee Jr. Sr. 3; Tri-Hi-Y Conference Delegate 2; N.C.S.P. Institute at Chapel Hill 3; Co-Ed Steering Committee 1,2,3; Majorette Twirling Institute at U.S.C. 4; Spring Dance Committee 1; Bulletin Board Committee 1. RONNIE EUGENE EAGLE— Library Club 1,4. MERLE WAYNE EARLEY— Homeroom Officer 4; Football 1,2; Track 1,2,3; I.C.T. 4. BILLY EUGENE EDDINGS ELMER EDGAR EDWARDS— Basketbal I Mana- ger 3,4; Baseball Manager 2. SCHALY ANITA EDWARDS— Student Council Assembly Committee 3; Session House 1; Homeroom Officer 1,2,3; ALBROKAN staff Feature Editor 3,4; MONTAGE Sophomore Class Editor 2; Anchor Club Officer 2,3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Future Teachers 2,3,4; Acliclu 4; Science Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3; Chorus 1; Monitor 1,4; Jr. Class Play Com- mittee 3; Sr. Class Play Committee 4; Girls ' Athletic Association 1; Homecoming Committee 2,3,4; Jr. Sr. Committee 3; Science Fair Award 1; Student Council Dance Committee 1; Sopho- more fol I i es 2; delegate to Tri-Hi-Y Convention 1; Co-Ed Steering Committee 1,2,3; Jr. Class Play Marshal 3; Sr. Class Play Marshal 4; Song Committee 4; Journalism Convention Delegate 2; Physical Education Assistant 2; College Night Hostess 2. CHARLES DOUGLAS EFIRD MILDRED LOUISE EMERSON-Homeroom Offi- cer 3; Anchor Club 2,3,4; Speech Club 4; French Club 2,3; Future Nurses 2; Acliclu 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Monitor 1,4; Jr. Class Play Cast 3; Sr. Class Play Committee 4; Jr. Sr. Committee 3. MARTHA JO ERWIN— Session Hours 4; Home- room Officer 2,3; Honor Society 3; Treasurer 4; French Club 2,3,4; French Honor Society 2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2, Chaplain 3, President 4; Chorus 1; Banking 4; Office poge 3, Secretary of O.P.A 3; Monitor 1, Secretary 4. MARY MELINDA EUDY— Session House 1,3; Homeroom Officer 1,2; French Club 2,3,4; Acliclu Vice-president 4; Tri-Sci 1; Pep Club 2; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,4; Treasurer 3; Chorus 1; Office Page 3,4; O.P.A. Treasurer 3, President 4; Monitor 1,4; Jr. Class Play Cast 3; Sr. Class Play Cast 4; Jr. Sr. Committee Chairman 3; Jr. Class Play Property Committee 3. JOSEPH RANDY EVANS— Homeroom Officer 1, Band 1; Monitor 1; D.E. 3, Vice-president 4. JAMES RICHARD EWING— Homeroom Officer 1, 2,3,4; Band 1,2, 3, 4. VERONA LEE FAGGART— Homeroom Officer 2,4; Speech Club 4; French Club 2; Future Nurses 3, President 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,4; Chorus 1,3, Chaplain 4. JIMMY FLOYD FARMER-Band 2; I.C.T. 3,4. MARTHA LOUISE FAULKENBER RY-Home- room Officer 1; Future Nurses 2; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Band 1 ,2,3,4. JOHN M. FINK— Chorus 3; Monitor 3. CHARLES EUGENE FINNEY-Bible Club 2; Track 4. DAVID LEON FISH ER— Homeroom Officer 1; Speech Club 3; Hi-Y 1; Football 1; Basketball 2,3; Wrestling 1,2; Baseball 2,3.;. VIVIAN GAIL FISHER— Hot Dog Committee 4; Session House 4; Bible Club 3,4; French Club 2; Library Club 1; Office Page 3,4; Monitor 4. HARRIET DIANA FOIL — Future Teachers 4; Tri-Sci 1; Pep Cl ub 2; Chorus 1 , 2,3, 4; Moni tor 1. CHARLES ERNEST FOSTER-Homeroom Offi- cer 4; BROWN BEAT staff 3; I.C.T. 3,4. JAMES EDWARD FOWLER— Homeroom Officer 1,4; Sophmore Class President 2; Session House 1; Hall of Fame 4; Key Club 4; Hi-Y 1; Duplicating Staff 1; Monitor 1; Football 1,2, 3,4; Track l,2,3 f 4; Monogram Club 2,3,4. DELORES PEARL FOX— Homeroom Officer 1,2,3; Tri-Sci 1; Pep Cl ub 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Band 1; Majorette 1; Chorus 1; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Sr. Class Play Committee 4; Jr. Sr. Committee 3. JUDITH ANN FRYE— Student Government Scrapbook Chairman 4; Session House 1; Home- room Officer 1,2,3; ALBROKAN Staff 4; Anchor Club Treasurer 2,3, Senior Director 4; Quill Scroll 3, Treasurer 4; French Club 2; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, secretary 3; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Sponsor 3,4; Monitor 1; Jr. Class Play Cast 3; Sr. Class Play Marshal 4; Jr. Sr. Committee 3; May Day Dance 3; Spring Dance 1; Winthrop College Editor ' s Conference 4; N.C.S.P. Institute at Chapel Hill 4; Poem Committee 4. MICHAEL WAYNE FRYE— Homeroom Officer 4; Spanish Club 3; Acliclu 4; Hi-Y 1,2; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Monitor 4; Jr. Class Play Cast 3; Sr. Class Play Cast 4; Track 1,2, 3, 4. RHONDA HARRINGTON GANTT-Sr. Class Play Committee 4; Jr. Sr. Committee 3; Science Club 1; Homeroom Officer 2; French Club 2,3; Future Teachers 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3, 4; Chorus 1; Monitor 1. STEPHEN GRAY GASKEY— Assembly Com- mittee 4; Homeroom Officer 2; Acliclu 4; Tri- Sci 2; Hi-Y 3; Stage Crew 4; J. Class Play Committee 3; Sr. Class Play Committee 4; Wrestling 2,3,4. MICHAEL ALLEN GASKINS— Homeroom Officer 1,4; Bible Club 4. AMY RUTH Gl LLON-Homeroom Officer 1,3,4; Session House 1; Bible Club 1,2; French Club 4; Future Nurses 2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Chorus 1,2; Lab Assistant 3,4; First Aid Assistant 2; Monitor 1,4; Cheerleader 1,3,4; Honor Attendant— May Day, 4. SHARON ELAINE GLENN— Homeroom Officer 1,2; Hall of Fame 4; Chorus 1,2, 3, 4; Monitor 4; Jr. Class Play 3; Thespian 2,3; Brown Masquers 2,3; Cheerleader 1; Miss Cannon High 1; Miss Brown High 4. LAURA DARLENE GOFORTH-Homeroom Offi- cer 4; Bible Club 2,4; Future Nurses 3,4; Chorus 1. PATRICIA ANN GOODMAN-Bi ble Club 3; Future Homemakers 2. LIBBY JUNE GORDON — Future Nurses 2,3,4; Pep Club 3; Band 1; Chorus 4; Hot Dog Com- mittee 4; Sr. Class Marshal 4; Jr. Sr. Com- mittee 3; Sr. Class Play Committee 4. ADAM CRAWFORD GRANT— Homeroom Officer 1,3; French Club 2,3,4; Tri-Sci 1, Science Fair Winner 1; Band 2,3,4; A||-State 1; Office page 3,4; Monitor 1. ANITA RAYNETTE GRANT— Homeroom Officer 1,2,4; Speech Club 4; French Club 2,3; Tri-Hi- Y 1,2,3, Vice-president 4; Blue Ridge Delegate 1,2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2,3,4; Majorette 1. DENNIS WAYNE GRAYBEAL-Homeroom Offi- cer 1,2,3; Jr. Marshal 3; Hi-Y 1,2,3; Office Page 1. LINDA KAY GREGORY JUDY KAYE GRIFFIN-French Club 2,3,4; French Honor Society 2,3,4; Science Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Secretary 4; Chorus 1; Lab Assistant 4; Monitor 1; Sr. Class Play Com- mittee 4; Jr. Sr. Committee 3. LINDA PAULETTE GURLEY-Homeroom Offi- cer 1; Bible Club 2,3,4; Future Teachers 2,3; Future Nurses 2,3,4; Pep Club 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3; Lab Assistant 3,4; Monitor 1; Sr. Class Play Committee 4; Jr. Class Play Committee 3. DENNIS DEAN GWALTNEY SHARON DELORES HAITH COCK -Moni tor 1; Basketball 1,2. SONJA MARLENE H ALLMAN-Bible Club 3; Hot Dog Committee 4; Future Nurses 2; Chorus 1; Sr. Cl ass Play Committee 4. TEXIE JEANETTE H ALLMAN — Future Nurses 2; Chorus 1. BARBARA KATHERINE H AMI LTON-S panish Club 4; French Club 3,4; Future Teachers 2,3, 4; Tri-Sci 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3; Band 1,2, 3,4; Lab Assistant 3; Monitor 1; Jr. Sr. Committee 3. JOHNNIE PAULETTE H AMM-Homeroom Offi- cer 3,4; Monitor 4. LINDA DIANNE H AMPTON-Future Nurses 2; Chorus 3,4. ELIZABETH ATHA H AN EY-Citi zenship Com- mittee 3; Session House 1; Homeroom Officer 2; Bible Club 1, Secretary 2, Vice-pre sident 3, President 4; Spanish Club 3, Secretary 4; Future Teachers Chaplain 4; Acliclu 4; Tri-Hi- Y 1; Monitor 1; Basketboll 1. LYNDA RENEA H ARDIN-Future Nurses 2,3,4; Future Homemakers Vice-president 2; Brown Masquers 2; D. E. 4; Sr. Class Play Publicity Committee 4. ELIZABETH SHARON H ARMON-Homeroom Officer 1; MONTAGE 2,3; Quill Scroll 3,4; Speech Club 4; French Club 2; Acliclu 4; Tri- Sci 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1; Monitor 1; Jr. Class Play 3,4; Sr. Class Play 4; Thespians 2,3,4; Brown Masquers 1,2; Basketball 1. PHYLLIS KAY H ARRIS-Bible Club 4; Spanish Club 4; Future Teachers 3; Future Nurses 2, 4; Acliclu 4; Pep Club 2; Chorus 3,4; First Aid Assistant 4; Monitor 1,3,4. RICHARD ALEXANDER HARRIS-Band 1,2, 3,4; Basketball 1; Tri-Sci 1; Monitor 1; Spanish Club 4; Quill Scroll 3,4; ALBROKAN Staff 4; Homeroom Officer 4; Homecoming Committee 4. BRENDA FAYE H ART-Future Teachers 3; Library Club 1; Monitor 3. HENRY CLAYVAN HAWKINS, JR. -Homeroom Offi cer 1,2,3; Bible Club 2; Speech Club 3; Tri-Sci 1,2; Hi-Y 3, Treasurer 1,2; Monitor 2; Jr. Class Play 3; Monogram Club 2; Football 1; Wrestling 1,2, 3, 4; Track 1,2, 3,4; Delegate to Hi-Y Convention 2. TROY WINIFRED HEATH BARRY JOE HELMS-French Club 2; Acliclu 4; Hi-Y 2,3; secretary 1; president 4; Hi-Y Boy of the Month 3; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Monitor 4. ROBERT JOSEPH HENRICKSON Ill-Homeroom Officer 4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Football 1,2, 3,4; Track 1,2,4. TERRY WAYNE H ENDRI X-Homeroom Officer 1,2; Bible Club 1,2; Monogrom Club 2,3,4; Football 1,2, 3, 4; Track 1,2; Baseball 3,4. JUDY C. H I LEMAN-Future Teachers 4; Future Nurses 3,4; Acliclu 4; Pep Club 3; Monitor 1; Sr. Class Play Committee 4; Jr. Sr. Committee 3; Hot Dog Committee 4. GERALD VANCE H ILTON-Student Council 4; Elections Committee 3; Jr. Class Vice-presi- dent 3; Homeroom Officer 1,2; Hall of Fame 4; Key Club 2,3,4; Hi-Y 1,2; Monitor 1,4; Mono- gram Club 2,3,4; Football 1,2, 3, 4; Co-captain 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Track 1,3; Baseball 2,4; Hill Trophy 4; Lug Leazer Trophy 4. KAY DIANE HINES-Bible Club 2,3; Future Nurses 2,3; Pep Club 2; Chorus 2,3,4; Hot Dog Committee 4; Jr. Sr. Decoration Committee 3. SUSAN LENETTA HOCE-Spanish Club 4; Future Teachers, Historian 2; Tri-Sci 1; Tri- Hi-Y 1,2; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Monitor 3,4; Sr. Class Play Committee 4. DONNA FAYE HOLDER-Homecoming Com- mittee 4; Alumni Tea Hostess 4; Homeroom Officer 1,2,4; BROWN BEAT and ALBROKAN Staff 4; Quill Scroll 3, Secretary 4; French Club 2,3; Acliclu 4; Chorus 1; Monitor 1; Jr. Class Play Committee Chairman 3; Jr. Sr. Com- mittee Chairman 3; Sr. Class Play Committee Chairman 4; Hot Dog Committee 4. JOE ROBINSON HONEYCUTT, JR. -Jr. Sr. Committee 3; Homecoming Committee 4; Poem Committee 4; Sr. Class Historian 4; Homeroom Officer 3,4; BROWN B EAT Staff 3,4; Hall of Fame 4; Key Club 4; Quill . Scroll Vice- president 3, President 4; Speech Club 3; French Club 2,3,4; Library Club 1; Acliclu 4; Tri-Sci 3; Hi-Y 3,4; Jr. Class Play Cast 3; Sr. Class Play Cast 4. DONNA ELAINE HORN E-Homeroom Officer 4; French Club 3,4; Future Nurses 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4. TERESA SHARON HORTON-Chorus 1,3,4. GENE PARKS HUBBARD-Homeroom Officer 1; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Track 1; I.C.T. 3,4. JOHNNY RICHARD HUF FSTETLER -Home- room Officer 1,4; Bible Club 2,3,4; Tri-Sci 4; Hi-Y 2,3,4; Sr. Class Play Committee 4; Foot- ball 1; Track 1,2; I.C.T. 3,4. KENNETH EUGENE HUGGINS-Session House 1,2,3; Spanish Club 3; Treasurer 4; Tri-Sci 1, Pep Club 1; Hi-Y 1,4, Secretary 2, Treasurer 3; Monitor 1; Jr. Class Play Committee 3; Monogram Club 3,4; Basketbal I 1,2, 3,4; Track 1. MICHAEL EDWARD HUNSUCK-Homeroom Officer 1,4; Spanish Club 4; Library Club 2,3; Science Club 1; Hi-Y 1, 2,3,4; Monitor 1; Jr. Class Play Committee 3. EVERETT FARRELL HUNSUCKER- Session House 4; Homeroom Officer 1; Band 1 , -Monogram Club 2,3,4; Wrestling 2,3,4; Track 1,2; I.C.T. 4. LINDA GAIL HUNSUCKER-Chorus 3,4; Hot Dog Committee 4. EDNA REBECCA HURST — Hot Dog Committee 4; Bible Club 4; Future Nurses 2,3; Pep Club 2; Chorus 3; Monitor 1. BARBARA ELAINE INGRAM-Homeroom Offi- cer 1,2,3; French Club 2; Tri-Sci 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4. PATRICIA CHARLENE I RVIN-Bible Club 3,4; Future Nurses 3,4. MICHAEL DENNIS ISOM-Homeroom Officer 2; Speech Club 4; Hi-Y 4; Track 1,2; Baseball 3. ANTHONY KEITH JACKSON- Boy s ' State Delegate 3; Junior Rotarian 4; Homecoming Escort 4; Homecoming Committee 4; Jr. Sr. Committee 3; Student Council 1; Evaluation Committee 4; Constitution Committee Chair- man 3; Sr. Class President 4; Session House 3; Homeroom Officer 2; Hall of Fame 4; Key Club 3,4; Tri-Sci 1; Hi-Y 2,4; Banking 4; Football 2; Track 1,2,3; Office Page 1. JO ANN J ACKSON-Citizen of the Month 3; Homecoming Committee 4; Activity Award 1; Hot Dog Committee 4; Student Council 1; Sophomore Class Treasurer 2; Jr. Class Social Chairman 3; Sr. Class Secretary 4; Jr. Sr. Chairman 3; Homeroom Officer 1,2,3; Hall of Fame 4; Anchor Club 4; Speech Club Vice- president 3; French Club 2, Vice-president 3; Acliclu 4; Mascot Committee Chairman 4; Tri- Hi-Y 1,3, Treasurer 2; Chorus 1,2,3, president 4; Duplicating Staff 4; Jr. Class Play Cast 3; Sr. Class Play Cast 4. CHARLES FITZHUGH JAMES— Jr. Marshal 3; French Club 3,4; Tri-Sci 1,3; Monitor 1. KATHERINE TOM JINIS-Future Nurses 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4. MARY LINDA JOHNSON-French Club 2; Future Nurses 2; Future Homemakers 2; Tri- Hi-Y 2; Chorus 1,2,3. CYNTHIA ELAINE JOHNSTON-Bible Club 3; Acliclu 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2,3,4; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Jr. Class Play Committee 3; Jr. Sr. Committee 3; Science Club 1. CAROLYN SUE JONES-Bible Club 2; Speech Club 4; Library Club 4; D.E. 4. PATSY RUTH KARRI K ER-Bible Club 4. ALBERT DENNY K EATON— Homeroom Offi- cer 1; Bible Club 4; Track 3,4. DOLAN KERMIT K E ENER — Homeroom Officer 1,2; Bible Club 3; Tri-Sci 4; Pep Club 1; Hi-Y 1, 2,3,4; Band 1; First Aid Assistant 1; Monitor 2,4; Jr. Class Play Committee 3; Sr. Class Play Committee 4; Football 1; Track 1; Jr. Sr. Committee 3; Clean-Up Committee 4. JUDY ANN KEY — Bible Club 4; Future Nurses 2,4; Future Homemakers 3,4; Chorus 1; Sr. Class Play Committee 4. TONY MAXON KELLY-French Club 2; Moni- tor 3. LYNETTE MARIE K IMBALL-Student Council 4; Activities Committee 4; Jr. Class Secretary 3; MONTAGE 3; Hall of Fame 4; Honor Society 3,4; French Club 2,3; French Honor Society 2,3,4; Future Teachers, Treasurer 4; Chorus 1,2, 3, 4; Duplicating Staff 3,4; Monitor 1. JAMES DEWEY KING, JR. -Post Graduate; Band 4. JANE ELIZABETH KING-Student Council 3; Activities Committee Chairman 3; Session House 1,4; Homeroom Officer 2; Hall of Fame 4; French Club 2; Pep Club 3; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, President 1; Chorus 3; Monitor 1; Cheerleader 3, Chief 4; Miss Hi Miss 3; May Day Attendant 3; Marshal Jr. Class Play 3; Sub-Junior 4. HELEN LAVONNE KIRKLEY-Bible Club 4; Future Nurses 3,4. TERRY DWAYNE KISER DERYL CLARENCE L ACEY-Homeroom Offi- cer 3; French Club 4; Library Club 2; Tri-Sci 1,2; Office Page 1,3; Most Helpful Student 1; Most Outstanding Science Student 1; American Chemical Society Award for Science Project 1. JERRY WAYNE LAMBERT-Homeroom Officer 1; Pep Club 2; Hi-Y 1,2,4; Monitor 1,4. BEVERLY KAY LANDERS-Sr. Editor MONTAGE 4; Speech Club Secretary 3; French Club 2,3; Future Nurses 2,3; Chaplain 2, Treasurer 3; Acliclu President 4; Tri-Sci 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2,4, Treasurer 3; Chorus 1; Monitor 1,2; Jr. Class Play 3; Sr. Class Play committee 4; Science Club 1; Jr. Sr. Committee 3. KENNETH MICHAEL LANE-French Club 2,3; Tri-Sci 3; D.E. 3,4. SUSAN HENLEY LEWIS-Entertainment Com- mittee 4; Jr. Marshal 3; Honor Society 3,4; Anchor Club, Secretary 2,3, Vice-president 4; Spanish Club 3,4; Future Nurses Historian2; Acliclu 4; Tri-Sci 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 1,4, Treasurer 2, Vice-president 3; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Monitor 1,4; Sr. Class Play 4; Jr. Sr. Committees 3; Jr. Class Play Committee 3; Hall of Fame Com- mittee 4; Homecoming Committee 4. SUSAN GOODNIGHT LAW-Chorus 2; Lab Assistant 3. RONALD JAMES LISENBY-Session House 1; Homeroom Officer 1,2,3; Acliclu 4; Stage crew 4; Jr. Class Play Committee 3; Sr. Class Com- mittee 4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Football 1,2, 3,4; Basketball 2; Track 1; Baseball 2,3,4. LAWRENCE FELTON LITAKER, Ill-Library Club 2; Acliclu 4; Hi-Y 4; Office Page 1; Sr. Class Play Committee 4; Football 1; Wrestling 4; Baseball 4; I.C.T. 3. RICKY VANN LITTLE-Homeroom Officer 1,2; Speech Club 3,4; Library Club 2,3; Tri-Sci 2,3; Hi-Y 1, 2,3,4; Band 1,2, 3,4; Jr. Class Play Committee 3; Sr. Class Play Committee 4; Basketball 1,2,3; Baseball 2,3,4. JOYCE ELAINE LI VENGOOD-Homeroom Offi- cer 1; Future Nurses 2,3 4; Future Homemakers 4; Pep Club 3; Chorus 2. CELINA DIANNE LOWDER-Homeroom Officer 1,2, 3, 4; BROWN BEAT Typist 4; ALBROKAN Typist 3,4; Hall of Fame Committee 4; Quill Scroll 3,4; French Club 2; Future Teachers 3; Tri-Hi-Y 1, Secretary 2; Conference Delegate 2; Chorus 1; Monitor 1; Sr. Class Play Marshal 4; Co-Ed Steering Committee 1,2; Bulletin Board Committee 3; Jr. Sr. Committee 3; Girls ' Athletic Association 1, Hot Dog Committee 4. MARCIA DIANE LOWDER-Homeroom Officer 1; Bible Club 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3; Chorus 1; Hot Dog Committee 4. ROBIN CATHY LOWDER-French Club 2; Tri- Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; Band 1,2, 3,4. GINGER LEONA LY ERLY-Girl s ' State Dele- gate 4; May Day Chairman 3; Sub-Junior 4; Homecoming Chairman 4; Citizen of the Month 4; Session House 4; Sophomore Scholastic Award 2; Clean-Up Committee 4; Student Coun- cil 2; Secretary 3; Homeroom Officer 1,2; Jr. Marshal 3; Hall of Fame 4; Honor Society 2,3, Vice-president 4; French Club 3; Vice-presi- dent 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3; Band 2,3,4; Sponsor 3,4; Jr. Class Play Cast 3; Sr. Class Play Cast 4. ROBERT STEVE MAJOR-Homeroom Officer 4; I.C.T. 4. DEHLIA ANN MARLIN— Chairman Scrapbook Committee 3; Session House 1,2; Homeroom Officer 3; Hall of Fame 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Sponsor 1,3, chief 4; Monitor 4; Jr. Class Play Marshal 3; May Day Attendent 2,3; Homecoming Attendent 4; Motto Committee 4; Decorating Committee 3,4; Jr. Sr. Committee 3; May Queen 4. JANELLE TRIECE MASSEY— Homeroom Offi- cer 1; French Club 2; Future Nurses 3; Chorus 1,3,4; Lob Assistant 3, Monitor 1. TERRY ALAN McCLAMROCK-Session House 1; Homeroom Officer 2,4; Monitor 1; D.E. 3, Assistant President 4. SYLVIA LUE McCLANNON — Session House 3; Homeroom Officer 4; French Club 2,3; Dupli- cating Staff 4; Monitor 3; Treasurer 4. CYNTHIA CLYDE McGINNIS— Social Committee Cha irman 4, Clean-Up Committee 2, Session House 4; Homeroom Officer 1 , 3 ; Jr. Marshal 3; Hall of Fame 4; Spanish Club 3; President 4; Future Teachers 3, Secretary 4; Tri-Sci Secre- tary 1; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Chaplain 1; Bond 1,2, 3,4; Sponsor 1; First Aid Assistant 4; Monitor 1,3; jr. Class Play Marshal 3; Sr. Class Play Committee 4; Jr. Sr. Committee 3; Homecoming Committee 4. 1 18 LINDA ANN McjGUIRE— Homeroom Officer 1,2; Chorus 1,2; Basketball 1,2; D. E. Parliamenta- rian 4. VANESSA ELIZABETH McKEW-Foreign Ex- change Student from London, England; Student Council 4; Anchor Club 4; Speech Club, Treas- urer 4; Acliclu 4, Tri-Hi- Y 4; Chorus 4. CATHY JUNE McLEOD— Student Council 1; Homeroom Officer 1,2, 3, 4; French Club 2,3,4; Future Teachers 3; Tri-Sci 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1; Band 1, 2,3,4; Majorette 1,3,4, co-chief 4; Jr. Class Play Committee 3; Sr. Class Play Committee 4; Jr. Sr. Committee 3. PATRICIA ANNE KEATON McMANUS-Bible Club 2,3; Vice-president 4; Future Teachers 3, Chaplain 2; Future Homemakers 3; Chorus 3 4; Monitor 1. JAMES ROBERT MECHUM, JR.-Hi-Y 2; Band 1, 2,3,4. PHIL MARION MEACHAM-Tri-Sci 2,3; Mono- gram Club 3,4; Football 1,2, 3,4; Wrestling 3,4; Track 1,2, 3, 4. JOHN HAMPTON MELTON MYRALEA TEKLA ELIZABETH MIELNIK- Student Council 1; BROWN BEAT Staff 3,4; Acliclu 4; Pep Club 3; Chorus 1; Jr. Sr. Com- mittee 3; Hot Dog Committee 4; Transfer from New Jersey; Science Club 1; German Club 1. NANCY JANE MILAM MARY ELIZABETH MILLS-Office Page 3,4. MICHAEL WAYNE MISENH EIMER— Session House 3; Homeroom Officer 4; Hi-Y 2,3,4; Band 1; Football 1,2; Boseball 2. EDWARD WAYNE MITCH ELL-Homeroom Offi- cer 1; Pep Club 2; Hi-Y 1; Chorus 1. RAYMOND LAMAR MOORE-Homeroom Officer 1; Bible Club 2; D. E. 2; Hi-Y 2. MARTHA NELL MORRIS— Session House 1; Homeroom Officer 2; Future Teachers 4; Tri- Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Sponsor 1; Jr. Class Play Committee 3; Sr. Class Play Committee 4; May Day Dancer 3; Jr. Sr. Committee 3. JUDYE ELAYNE MORRIS— Homeroom Officer 1; Future Nurses 2; Pep Club 2; Cheerleader 3; Basketball 1,2; D.E. 4; DEC A Sweetheart 4; Homecoming Attendant 4. TONY PAUL MORTON— Motto Committee 4; Homeroom Officer 2; French Club 2; Tri-Sci 2; Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; Wrestling 3,4; I.C.T. Vice-presi- dent 4. GLENNA DIANNE MOSS TERRY WAYNE MOSS— Homeroom Officer 1,3,4; Key Club 3,4; Spanish Club Vice-president 4; Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2,3,4; Jr. Class Play Com- mittee 3; Sr. Class Play Committee 4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2, 3, 4; Baseball 2,3,4. BARRY ANDREW MOYSAN-Homeroom Officer 3; Office Page 1; Monitor 4; Track 1; D.E. 4. CAROL FAYE MUNDAY-Homeroom Officer 4; Anchor Club 2,3,4; Bible Club 1; Spanish Club 3,4; Future Teachers 4; Library Club 1,2,4, Vice-president 3, District Reporter for Library Association 3. PHILLIP LEMOYNE NASH-Pep Club 2; Hi-Y 1,2,4; Football 1; Basketball 3; Track 1,2; Baseball 4. SANDRA GAY NELMS-Session House 1; Jr. Marshal 3; French Honor Society 2,3,4; Tri-Hi- Y 1,3, Chaplain 2, Treasurer 4; Monitor 1; Jr. Class Play Cast 3; Sr. Class Play Committee 4; Science Award 1; Jr. Sr. Committee 3. LARRY WAYNE NEWSOM-Jr. Class Play Com- mittee Chairman 3; Sr. Class Play Committee 4; Foreign Exchange Student Committee Chairman 3,4; Pennant Committee 4; Session House 1,4; Homeroom Officer 1,2; French Club 2; Library Club 1; Tri-Sci 1; Hi-Y 1; Jr. Class Play Cast 3; Football 1; Wrestling 1; Track 1,2- MICKEY ALAN NORRIS-Session ' House 1,4; Homeroom Officer 3; Hall of Fame 4; Key Club 3; Treasurer 4; French Club 2; Hi-Y 2,4, Secretary 3; Band 1; Monogram Club 3,4; Baseball 2,3,4. CAROL ANN NORWOOD— Homeroom Officer 1,3,4; Spanish Club 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Vice-presi- dent 1,4; Chorus 1; Cheerleader 1,3; Jr. Sr. Committee 3; Decorating Committee 3,4; Home- coming Committee 4; Hall of Fame committee 4; Jr. Class Play Committee 3. DIANE ELAINE OVERCASH -Tri-Hi-Y reporter 1; Chorus 1; Thespian 2; Brown Masquers 2. EDWARD CALDWELL OVERCASH-Homeroom Officer 3; Monitor 1. STEVE MONROE PAIGE-Jr. Sr. Committee 3; Jr. Class Play Committee 3. BUDDY PARKER — Homeroom Officer 1,2; Speech Club 2; Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; Monitor 2; Foot- ball 1,2; Wrestling 1,2; Track 1; I.C.T. 3. DORIS CHATHAM P ARKER-Session House 2; Homeroom Officer 1,3; French Club 3; Acliclu 4; Tri-Sci 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 1,3,4; Band 1, 2,3,4; Sponsor 1,4; Monitor 1. KAY SEAGRAVES PARKS— Future Nurses 2; Pep Club 1; Chorus 1. PHYLLIS ANN PARTON-Jr. Sr. Committee 3; Homeroom Officer 1; French Club 2,3; Library Club 1; Chorus 1,2, 3, 4; Monitor 4. CORBERTRAY PATE-Band 1,2, 3,4; Track 1,2. JOHN THOMAS PATTERSON-Student Council 1; Homeroom Officer 2,3; Hall of Fame 4; Speech Club 2,3; French Club 2,3,4; Hi-Y 1, 2,3,4; Band 1; Lab Assistant 4; Jr. Class Play Cast 3; Sr. Class Play Cast 4; Football 1,2, 3, 4; Wrestling 1,2, 3, 4; Track 1,2,3; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Tri-Sci 1; Prop Committee jr. Sr. 3; Homecoming Committee 4; Wonder Club 4. EUGENE CARLTON P AYNE-Homeroom Offi- cer 1; Monitor 1; Track 1,3. SANDRA KAY PENCE-Bible Club 3,4; Spanish Club, Chaplain 4; Future Teachers 4; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Monitor 2. MICHAEL WAYNE P ETREA-Homeroom L ' ficer 2; Hi-Y 2,3,4; Football 2; Track 2; D.E. 4. RITA DIANNE PETTY-Hot Dog Committee 4; Future Nurses 3,4; Pep Club 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Chorus 3. BETTY JEAN PHILLIPS-Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3; Jr. Class Play Committee 3; Sr. Class Play Com- mittee 4. JIM LANE PINNIX-Library Club 3,4. BONNIE JEAN PI TTMAN-Future Nurses 2,3; Pep Club 3; Monitor 1. JUDY GAYLE PLUMMER-Cheerleader 1; Girls’ Chorus 1; Girls’ Athletic Association 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3, Chaplain 4; Science Prize Winner 1; N.C.A.S. 1; Homeroom Officer 2; Science Club 1; BROWN BEAT Staff 3, Editor 4; ALBROKAN Staff 3; Homecoming Committee 3; Quill Scroll 2,3,4; Student Government Assembly Committee 3; Spanish Club 4; Hickory Journal i sm Convention Delegate 3,4; Spring Dance Committee 1; College Bowl Co- Ordinator 3; May Day Script writer 3; Elections Campaigns 1; Jr. Sr. Committee 3; Winthrop Editor ' s Convention Delegate 4; Co-Ed Sterring Committee 1,2,4; Speech Club 4; N.C.S.P. Institute, Chapel Hill 4; Sr. Poem Committee Chairman 4; Hot Dog Committee 4; Monitor 1; Acliclu 4; College Night Hostess 4; Sr. Class Play Marshal 4. AVERY MACHREE POPLIN-Bible Club 4, Vice-president 2; French Club 3; Library Club 1; Chorus 4; First Aid Assi stan 2,3,4. ELLA LAVADA PRICE-Future Nurses 2; Pep Club 2; Band 1. LARRY O’NEIL PRICE-Spanish Club 3,4; Monitor 1. PAULETTE DIANE PRICE-Homeroom Officer 2,3,4; Future Teachers 3; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4. ANN MAYNARD QU INN-Homeroom Officer 1,2; Future Teachers 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; Monitor 1; Jr. Class Play Committee 3; Sr. Class Play Committee 4; Jr. Sr. Committee 4. BENNY WILLIAM RAINWATER Ill-Homeroom Officer 1,2. ANN ELIZABETH RAINEY-Jr. Class Play Committee 3; May Day Dance 2; Jr. Sr. Com- mittee 3; Sophomore Class Vice-president 2; Homeroom Officer 1,3; Future Teachers 3; Tri- Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Majorette 1; Tri- Hi-Y officer 2. VICKIE DIANE REID-Future Nurses 2; Pep Club 2; Chorus 2,4; Lab Assistant 4. JANIS CLAIRE Rl DENHOUR- American Field Service Sister 4; School- Correspondent 1; Sr. Class Play Committee 4; Jr. Class Play Cast 3; Jr. Class Play Committee 3; Session House 1; Homeroom Officer 1,2,3; French Club 3,4; Acliclu 4; Science Club Chaplain 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1,3, Chaplain 2, Reporter 4; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Office Page 4; Monitor 1. CANDY JEAN ROBINETTE-Future Teachers 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4. PRISCILLA GALE ROBINSON 1 19 TROY WAYNE ROLLINS JOAN CAROL RUSSELL-Jr. Sr. Committee 3; Hall of Fame Committee 4; Homeroom Officer 4; Bible Club 4; Future Teachers 3; Future Nurses Vice-president 4; Acliclu 4; Office Page 1; Monitor 3. APRILLE ANNE SAFRI T-Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3, Reporter 4; Band 1, 2,3,4. SUSAN EUJANIA SAFRIT-Science Club 1; Session House 1,3; Homeroom Officer 1,2,4; Hall of Fame 4; Honor Society 3, Chaplain 4; Anchor Club 4; French Club 3,4; Acliclu 4; Tri-Sci 2; Tri-Hi-Y 4, Delegate to Blue Ridge 1, President 2, reporter 3; Band 1,2,3, 4; Ban! - ing 4; Office Page 3; Jr. Class Play Cast y Jr. Class Play Committee 3; Sr. Class Plo- Committee 4; Jr. Sr. Committee 3; Co-Ed Stee - ing Committee Chairman 2; Homecoming Com- mittee 4; Hall of Fame Committee 4; Foreign Exchange Student Committee 3,4. JAMES LESTER ST. JOHN-French Club 2,3,4; French Honor Society 2; Hi-Y 4; Monitor 1; Jr. Class Play Cast 3; Sr. Class Play Cast 4. SARA WYLENE SEABOLT-Student Council Committees 4; Session House 1,3; Homeroom Officer 2,4; French Club 2,3; Future Teachers President 4; Acliclu 4; Tri-Sci 2; Tri-Hi-Y 1; Monitor 1; Jr. Sr. Committee 3; Color and Flower Committee 4; Jr. Class Play Com- mittee; Sr. Class Play Committee 4. EVALYEAN HOUGH SH AVER-Future Home- makers 1,2,3; Basketball 1. RONNIE LEE SHERRILL-Jr. Class Treasurer 3; Session House 1; Homeroom Officer 1,2, 3, 4; Hall of Fame 4; Key Club 2,3,4; Hi-Y 1; Bank- ing 4; Stage Crew 1; Monitor 3; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Basketball Captain 1,2, 3,4; Track 1; Baseball 2,3,4; All-Conference Basketball 2,3,4. MIKE WAYNE SH INN-Spanish Club 4: Hi-Y 4; Monitor 4; Monogram Club 4; Track 1,2, 3,4. RONALD WILLIAM SHULL-Homeroom Officer 3; BROWN BEAT Staff 4; Key Club 4; Quill Scroll 4; Library Club 1; Hi-Y 4. WAYNE HARRIS SHORT-Monitor 1; D.E. 4. RICHARD CLARENCE SIMS, JR.-May Day Court Escort 3; Homecoming Escort 4; Quill Scroll 4; Evaluation Committee 3; School Critic 4; Jr. Class President 3; Session House 1; Homeroom Officer 2; BROWN BEAT Staff 4; Hall of Fame 4; Key Club 3, President 4; Bible Club 4; Speech Club president 4; Hi-Y 4, President 3; Band 1; Monitor 1; Jr. Class Play Cast 3; Junior Rotarian 4. ANTHONY WAYNE SLOOP-Spani sh Club 3,4; Chorus 4. CONSTANCE DELAINE SLOOP-Bible Club 2,3; Chorus 3,4; Monitor 1. JOHNNY WAYNE SLOOP— Homeroom Officer 1; Bible Club 3; Pep Club 3. JUDY VERNICE SLOOP— Chaplain of Sr. Class 4; Homeroom Officer 2,3,4; Anchor Club 4, Chaplain 3; Bible Club 1,4; Chorus 1,2, Treas- urer 3,4; Monitor 2,3,4. ANYA PAULA SMITH-ALBROKAN Editor 3; Staff 4; Jr. Marshal 3; Hall of F ame 4; Honor Society 3, Secretary 4; Anchor Club 2,3,4; Quill Scroll 2, Chaplain 3,4; French Club 3,4; Science Club 1; Monitor 1; Tri-Hi-Y President 1, Secretary 2, Chaplain 3; Band 1,2,3, 4; Sponsor 1; Jr. Class Play Cast 3; Sr. Class Play Cast 4; Sub-Junior 4; Treasurer of N.C. S. P. Institute 3; Winthrop Editor’s Conference 3; Homeroom Officer 3; Delegate to N.C.S.P. I. 3,4. EVERETTE GROVER SMITH, JR.— Session House 1,2,3; Citizenship Committee 4; Home- coming Dance Committee 4; Jr. Sr. Committee 3; Homeroom Officer 1,4; Jr. Marshal 3; Hall of Fame 4; Honor Society 2, Treasurer 3; Presi- dent 4; Key Club 2,3,4; French Club 3,4; Library Club 1; Science Club Treasurer 1; Hi-Y 1,3,4, President 2; Monogram Club 2,3; Chaplain 4; Football 1,2, 3, 4; Basketball 1,2,3; Track 1; Baseball 2,3,4. GERALD DELTON SMITH— Monogram Club 2,3,4; Football 1,2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4. JO CAROLYN SMITH-Homeroom Officer 2; Office Page 1. JOHN STEVEN SMITH-Bible Club 1; Pep Club 2; Hi-Y 1; Football 1. JOSEPH DANIEL SMITH-Homeroom Officer 1; Library Club 1; Track 1; D. E. 4. MARY ANNE SMI TH-Student Council Com- mittee 4; Motto Committee 4; Session House 2,3,4; French Club 2,3; Tri-Sci 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3, Chaplain 4; Office Page 1; Monitor 1; Jr. Sr. Committee 3; jr. Class Ploy Marshal 3; Sr. Class Play Committee 4. RONNIE ALLEN SMI TH-Monogram Club 1; Football 1. RONNIE LEE SMITH-Homeroom Officer 1; D.E. 3,4. SARAH ELAINE EAGLE SMITH-Bible Club 2; Future Nurses 2; Chorus 1,2; Monitor 1. TONI LOUISE SMITH-Homeroom Officer 4; Chorus 1; Office Page 3,4. STEPHEN RODNEY SNEED-Homeroom Officer 3; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; D.E. 3.4. BRENDA GAIL SNIPES-Hot Dog Committee 4; Pep Club 2; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Chorus 1,2,3. JAMES ERSKINE SNI PES-Session House 2; French Club 2,3; Tri-Sci 3; Monitor 1. LINDA DIANNE STAFFORD— Session House 2; Homeroom Officer 1,3; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Majorette 3,4. JOYCE LEE STALEY-Homeroom officer 1,2; Speech Club 4; French Club 2; Future Teachers 3,4; Chorus 1; Monitor 3. CAROL JEAN STEEN-Jr. Sr. Committee 3. PEGGY JEAN ST EGALL-Bible Club 1,2; Future Nurses 2,3; Future Homemakers 4; Pep Club 2; Chorus 1,2. LARRY EDWARD STEWART-I.C.T. 4. JERRY ALEXANDER STIREWALT, JR. -Stu- dent Council 2,3; President 1,4; Clean-Up Committee 2, Constitution Committee 3; Point Board Committee 3; Jr. Marshal 3; Hall of Fame 4; Honor Society 2,3,4; Tri-Sci Vice- president 1; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Key Club 2,3,4; Jr. Class Play Cast 3; Track 3,4; Boys ' State 3; Citizen of the Month 4; Jr. Rotarian 4. HARVEY ALEXANDER STURGIS-Homeroom Officer 3; Library Club 1; Monitor 1, Track 1; D.E. State Associate President 3; District President 4. BRENDA SUE STY ERS-Student Counci I Typist 4; Homeroom Officer 4; Bible Club 4; French Club 3,4; Future Teachers 4; Lab Assistant 3; Duplicating Staff 4; Office Page L ELAINE SULLIVAN — Hal I of Fame Committee 4; Homeroom Officer 3,4; Future Teachers 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Monitor 4. BRENDA SUE SWINK-Homeroom Officer 4; Bible Club 4; Spanish Club 4; Future Nurse = 2,4; Future Homemakers 3, President 4; Chorus 1; Sr. Class Play Committee 4. LINDA JUANITA TARLTON-Homeroom Officer 4; Bible Club 1,2; Future Homemakers 2; Tri- Sci 1; Pep Club 1; Chorus 1; Monitor 1; D.E. Secretary 3,4. DORIS MARPE TEAGUE-Bible Club 4; Future Nurses 4; Library Club 1; Pep Club 3. JOHN BRADLY TEAGUE-Session House 1; Homeroom Officer 2; Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2,3,4; Monitor 3,4; Football 1; Track 1; Jr. Sr. Com- mittee 3. JEROME WAYNE TEAL-Track 3,4. BRENDA YVONNE TERRY-Bible Club 4; Future Teachers 4; Future Nurses 2,4; Future Homemakers 4, Secretary 2; Pep Club 1; Chorus 1. STEVE CHILDERS THOMAS-Homeroom Officer 2,3; French Club 4; Duplicating Staff 1; Track 1. NANCY CAROLYN THOMPSON-Homeroom Officer 4; Tri-Sci 1; Tri-Hi-Y 2, Vice-president 1; Chorus 1 ,2,3; D.E. 4. ROBERT WILLIAM THOMPSON SHIR’LEY KAY THOMPSON-Homeroom Officer 1,3; MONTAGE Staff 4; Bible Club 3; Acliclu 4; Tri-Sci Club 1,2, Treasurer 3; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; Monitor 3,4; Jr. Class Play 3; Sr. Class Play 4. JO ANN THORN BURG-Homeroom Officer 4; Hall of Fame Committee 4; Spanish Club 4; Future Teachers 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Band 1,2, 3,4. VICKI ANN TROUTMAN-Homeroom Officer 1; Bible Club 2,3; Speech Club 2; Future Teachers 3; Future Nurses 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Chorus 1,2; Monitor 1; Jr. Sr. Committee 3. GAIL SUZETTE UTLEY-Future Nurses 4; Band 1; Jr. Class Play Marshal 3; D.E. 4. DOUGLAS DAVID VAUGHN-Hal I of Fame Com- mittee 4; Homeroom Officer 1; Acliclu 4; Tri- Sci 2,3; Hi-Y 1, 2,3,4. DEWEY K. WAGNER, JR. -Homeroom Officer 3; Hi-Y 1,2,3; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Stage Crew 2; Jr. Class Play Committee 3; Brown Masquers 2; Wrestling 1,2; Track 1. RONNIE THERRELL WALDEN-Bible Club 3,4; Speech Club 3,4; Acliclu 4; Chorus 4; Monitor 1. MICHAEL EDWARD WALDROUP-Bible Club 4; Chorus 2; Monitor 1. JAMES WILLIAM WALKER-Homeroom Officer 3; Football 1; I.C.T. 4. RANDE MAUREEN WALKER-Homeroom Offi- cer 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Majorette 1,4; Jr. Class Play Committee 3; Sr. Class Play Committee 4; Brown Masquers 2; Physical Education Assistant 4. JOHNNY E. WALLER-Library Club 1,2,3. MARTHA SHARON WATKINS-Session House 1; Homeroom Officer 1,2,3; Bible Club 1; Speech Club 4; Spanish Club 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3; Chorus 4, Chaplain 3; Sr. Class Play Com- mittee 4. BILLY EUGENE WATTS-I.C.T. A, Treasurer 3. WILLiAM LESLIE WE AVER-Homeroom Officer 1,2; Speech Club 3; Future Teachers 3; Tri-Sci 2,3; Pep Club 3; Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; Blue Ridge Delegate 1,2,3; High Point Delegate 3; Monitor 1; Football 1,2; Track 1. KAREN MARLINE WESTMORELAND— Home- room Officer 1; Bible Club 3; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Chorus 1; Jr. Class Play Committee 3; Sr. Class Play Committee 4. MARGARET ANN WH I TLEY -Homeroom Officer 1; Future Homemakers 3. ROMMIE LEWIS WILL 1 AMS-Moni tor 1; D.E. A, Parliamentarian 3. JANICE LaRUE WILSON-Homeroom Officer 3; Band 1, 2,3,4; Lab Assistant 4; Monitor 1,4; Girls’ Athletic Association 1. ROBERT EUGENE WILSON-Session House 1; Hi-Y 1; Monitor 1,2; D.E. 3,4. JOHN MICHAEL WIN ECOFF-Band 1,2,3, 4- PAUL HOWELL WISE-Band 1,2, 3, 4. DUBERT JAMES YATES, JR. -Hi-Y 1,2,3, 4. CHRISTOPHER DIXON CH APMAN-Football 1,2, 3,4; Homeroom Officer 1,2, 3, 4; Stage Crew 4; Track 2,3; Little Wonder Club 4; Tri-Sci 1,2; Jr. Class Play 3; Sr. Class Play 4. PHYLLIS ELAINE FREEZE-Homeroom Offi- cer L2.4; Tri-Hi-Y officer 2,3; National Honor Society 3,4; Quill Scroll 3, Officer 4; BROWN BEAT and ALBROKAN staffs 4; Monitor 1,4; Class song and gift committee 4, Elections Committee 3; Homecoming Committee 4; Jr. Sr. Committees 3; Marshal Sr. Class Play. HARRIS-TEETER SUPER MARKET CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 65 Jackson Park Road WE 3-1814 EARLEY ' S TEXACO SERVICE 600 N. Cannon Blvd. WE 3-3219 Fast, Efficient Service QUERY-GOODMAN CO. " We Fit The Hard-to-Fit Feet " 142 South Main Kannapolis, N. C. LEWIS DRUG CO. " Only the Best " WE 3-2187 149 West Ave. Kannapolis THE GIFT CORNER Gifts for People Who Have Everything 109 West Ave. WE 2-8736 EMERSON ' S FAMILY RESTAURANT 143 West Ave. Kannapolis, N. C. TROY ' S BEAUTY SALON 628 N. Cannon Blvd. Phone WE 2-0771 U-NEEDA CLEANERS 809 South Main 933-7131 Midway, Kannapolis WALLACE FURNITURE COMPANY 1903 N. Cannon Blvd. Complete Home Furnishings H. W. DWIGGINS JEWELERS " Specializing in Watch Repair " 800 Brantley Road Kannapolis, N. C. ARMY NAVY SURPLUS SALES CO. 521 South Cannon Blvd. WE 3-7281 SHERRILL ' S RADIO TELEVISION SERVICE Sales and Service WE 3-8196 203 Oak Ave. 121 YOUR JEWEL SHOPPE, INC. " The Friendly Jewelers " 100 South Main St. WE 3-2107 WILLIAMS PRINTING COMPANY Excellent School Supplies 140 West Ave. WE 3-2295 Compliments of MAIN TEXACO SERVICE CARDELL CARTER 717 N. Cannon Blvd. 128-132 Chestnut St. WE 3-2101 WE 3-6236 1 49 South Main " Shop with Confidence for Fashions of Distinction " CAMERA HOBBY THE LINOLEUM SHOP SHOP Wall to Wall Carpets Installation 146 South Main Street 624 N. Cannon Blvd. WE 3-5321 WE 2-4141 LOUISE ' S FABRIC CENTER HARRY JACKSON V. For your latest fashion fabrics INSURANCE REAL 608 N. Little Texas Rd. ESTATE WE 2-9059 Jackson Park WE 2-4227 DIXIE CLEANERS nrmnucc THE CHINA MART All Types of Alterations HSIJJMAp S H Green Stamps " Gifts for all Occasions " 626 N. Cannon Blvd. Hwy. 29 WE 3-8638 WE 2-7106 122 ALWAYS SHOP ROSE ' S VALUE VARIETY West Ave. Kannapolis WE 3-8716 JOE ' S SANDWICH SHOP MERLE NORMAN COSMETIC STUDIO 814 Brantley Road 504 N. Cannon Blvd. WE 3-6767 933-0216 Kannapolis Distinctive H air Styling Beautiful Shoes fp f JIM TORRENCE Cair {fashions 1107 Cannon Blvd. WE 3-3710 105 West First Street Congratulations W. H. LEONARD SONS, to the Class of INC. 1965 " Jewelers of Trusted Reputation SERVICE DISTRIBUTING For Three Generations " CO., INC. West First St. Kannapolis SHOE TOWN N. Cannon Blvd. WE 3-1315 CENTRAL FURNITURE CO. 1205 N. Main St. 933-2732 WIDENHOUSE TIRE KANNAPOLIS SERVICE RECAP STORE CO., INC. " For en-Tire Satisfaction " 1705 N. Main St. 814 S. Main St. 932-3131 932-6586 123 KANNAPOLIS BEAUTY COLLEGE Day Evening Classes 932-5651 1201 N. Main Kannapolis KETNER ' S FLOOR COVERING CO. All Types of Wall and Floor Covering Metal Awnings WE 2-3616 WE 3-4231 1105 N. Main St. BROTHERS TIRE SALES • Fisk • Hercules RECAPPING 1216 N. Main Kannapolis KANNAPOLIS TRANSIT CO. Ride City Buses To School " Charter Buses To Any Point In North Carolina " Compliments of TATE ' S HAIR DESIGNERS WHITMIRE • Tinting Jewelers • Styling •Shaping 113 S. Main St. WE 2-5161 Dial 933-7779 Kannapolis, N. C. 708 Jackson Park Rd Kannapolis 124 wfiiirolrs W. T . GRANT CO. Kannapolis, N. C. Jewelers 123 South Main Street " Your Friendly Family Store " QUERY BROTHERS MEN ' S STORE CABARRUS MOTOR SUPPLY 102 S. Main St. Kannapolis Congratulations to the Class of 202-204 Oak Avenue WE 3-2179 1965 BONDS SPORT SHOP SPORTING GOODS FOR EVERY NEED 219 West " A " WE 2-8231 Kannapolis, N. C. JACKSON PARK PHARMACY N. Cannon Blvd. at Central Dr. Telephone 933-1191 FREE PARKING " Your Good Health I s Our Most Important Product " -JET-SERVICE— JtavLe ' 4, Dfjve In 61 1 Jackson Park Road • Charcoal Broiled Hamburgers • Golden Crisp French Fries • Extra Thick Milk Shakes • Frosty Cool Soft Drinks 125 WATKINS BUILDING MATERIALS CO. Congratulations BLACK ' S DRUG STORES Congratulations, Seniors to the Class of • 1 1 0 West Ave. 1965 • 1 1 9 West Ave. S. Cannon Blvd WE 2-8156 •603 N. Cannon HOLBROOK ' S RADIO C STACK ' S ) o f TELEVISION, INC. FURNITURE CO. 115 North Ridge Avenue Dial WE 3-2937 Kannapolis, North Carolina " Your RCA Dealer " 812 Centergrove Rd. WE 3-5416 ™ ®h Jlofotr Shop m Dial 933-21 1 1 316 Jackson Park Rd Kannapolis SUMACS 145 S. Main St. WE 2-7081 NU-BRITE CLEANERS F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. Pickup and Delivery Dial WE 3-6752 South Main Street 815 Centergrove Road Kannapolis, N. C. Kannapolis, N. C. 126 • Thick Milk Shakes • Sundaes • Sodas • Banana Splits For A Refreshing Treat Visit ROWAN DAIRY Home Delivery Or At Your Store " Grade A and Then Some " Cannon Blvd. WE 3-8751 Jackson Park Drive-In Window WE 3-2239 CONCORD-KANNAPOLIS SAVINGS LOAN " On The Square " CURRENT DIVIDEND RATE 4% Dividends Payable June 30 - December 30 Safety of your account insured up to $10,000 BELK’S DEPARTMENT STORE KANNAPOLIS, N. C. BELK’S " HOME OF BETTER VALUES " In step with style for over 75 years. KANNAPOLIS ICE FUEL CO. " Serving Kannapolis For Over 50 Years " 1606 N. Main St. WE 3-51 1 1 127 Compliments of LADY ' S FUNERAL HOME KANNAPOLIS AND CONCORD FRIENDLY SERVICE BEASLEY-CROSS CHEVROLET A V-r LMJ J Mulberry Avenue, Kannapolis Happy Customers " What Can You Buy With A Penny Today? " • Not many things, it is true • Get all the news, local, national, • But for a few pennies a week international • We ' ll send you the Daily Independent • Pictures anywhere in the world • Money saving advertising offers • Kannapolis Features • Classified opportunities to save ALL THESE AND MANY MORE VALUABLE FEATURES INCLUDED IN EVERY ISSUE OF " THE NEWSPAPER WITH A HEART " 0{j£ Sailg Kannapolis, N. C. 1908 1965 F. L. SMITH DRUG CO. " The ftexail Store " WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE WE 3-2118 Auto Delivery 128 Shop With Confidence Clark ' s is one of America ' s most respected retail organizations having served American Homemakers for over 50 years. At Clark ' s you ' re sure of savings, sure of quality, and sure you ' ll find practically all your shopping needs. Come in — compare the values! 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WE ARE PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Open 8:30-8:30 Closed Sunday Delivery Service 119 S. Main 933-1131 Original Cut-Rate Drug Store GOODYEAR KANNAPOLIS DRUG CO. SERVICE STORE NEVER UNDERSOLD 112 West Avenue Phone WEbster 3-2297 S. Main St. Kannapolis, N. C. 933-2139 Editor’s Acknowledgement In a publication such as this year’s annual, the editor is faced with many d iff icu It decisions. One involves the selection of a theme and the organization of the annual. The editor may either follow ideas accepted in the past, or he may endeavor to expand the scope of the annual with changes in certain stereo- typed procedures. If this i s done, the futureholds only uncertainty. The 1965 ALBROKAN has been published with a very definite purpose in mind. This purpose was determined from the very beginning-to show your high school life as you actually lived it and to show it in such a manner that you will wish to remember it the same way. I could never have sent this annual to the publisher without the co-ordinated efforts of each member of this year’s staff. Their loyality and endurance will never be surpassed. Thank you to all who contributed. A very special thanks goes to Paula Smith, who listened to all my problems; Celina Lowder, who rushed with me to meet hectic deadlines; Donna Holder, who worked many hours to obtain ads for the annual; and to Mrs. Carriker, who assisted and advised me on the ALBROKAN. I hope you will enjoy the combined efforts of the annual staff. Nancy Dwiggins 132 Charles A. Cannon Memorial Library Kannapolis Branch Kannapolis, North Carolina 28081 CABARRUS COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 3 3083 00349 2144

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