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Albrokan ■Joanne Drolette Jane Day vault Co-Editors Patricia Williams Business Manager Mrs. Vivian Caudle Advisor Published by the Students o f A. L. BROWN HIGH SCHOOL Kannapolis, North Carolina Charles A. Cannon Memorial Library Kannapolis Branch Kannapolis, North Carolina 28081 3 3083 00349 2136 As we pass through the portals to face reality, we leave our high school days but take with us treasured memories of BHS. We will always remember the many wonderful hours of this year — the crowded social room at lunch time — the pre-tardy bell rush — the struggle to get term papers in on time — the chocolate sale — the fun we had in cur clubs — practicing for plays -the whispers in study halS — the Washington trip — the ball games where the spirit of BHS was displayed — our never-ending search for knowledge — and most of all, the warm companionship of our school friends. As we steal our last glance of this year at BHS, we know that our school has instilled in us the invincible spirit to achieve the ultimate goal of cur capabilities. I: 3 Brown High marquee presents coming attractions The President in action World’s Finest Chocolate wins again FRIENDSHIP Administration Faculty Classes FELLOWSHIP Celebrities Clubs Organizations FUN Ball Clubs Track Team Wrestling Team Th ese elements have made our year... Now, your test results show . . . The sophomores meet Oscar Majorettes plan new routine The people we’ve known “Life has no pleasure nobler than that of friend- ship.” The most lasting memory the students of B.H.S. will hold is that of the friends they have made throughout these three years. Seeking, sharing, understanding, learning, and growing in spirit with fellow classmates make true friends. Learning through experience 8 the things we’ve done. Do the designs match ? You mean I passed one ! Now is the time for all .. . A bottom of a can??? Our varied, exciting, and educational activities make up the second element. In the clubs and organizations and the activities they sponsor, the co-operation and unity which exist keep Brown High students in harmonious fellowship. 9 P ' S® w ■, -•- nit — if - : " --- east •ms ?t».s«a Most valuable player The fun we’ve shared... Voices lifted high in singing the Alma Mater . . . the cheers of the students as the possession of the Victory Bell was assured . . . and the feeling of pride as the Pep Club flashed its first letter . . . combined to make our year at Brown one of fun. .4 Littel Wonder gets his man From our first day as bewildered Sophomores 12 ...until our last as confident Seniors... 13 OUR YEAR I ROWN HIGH ft Dedication True greatness can not be defined in words. !t can only be per- sonified by the living examole of true greatness. Such an example can be found in the unselfish contributions of HARVEY TURNER, director of the A. L. Brown High School Band. Through his untiring efforts to make the band better, it has steadily become one of the best in the state. To you, Mr. Turner, for your time and devotion to a cause spent beyond the call of duty, and for your encouragement to each individual, we sincerely dedicate this, cur ALBROKAN of I960. 17 Beautiful and rich is friendship Grateful to the touch as ancient ivory. Smooth as a serene sky or sheen of tapestry Where light has lingered, intimate and long. Full of tears and warm is a friend. That asks no longer deeds of gallantry. Or any deed at all — but that the friend shall be Al ive and breathing somewhere, like a song. FRIENDSHIP Mr. W. J. Bullock SUPERINTENDENT B.A., Duke University M.A., William and Mary Mr. F. 0. Drummond PRINCIPAL A.B., Furman University M.A., A.S.T.C. ministration Mrs. Vernon Gilmore DEAN OF GIRLS A.B., Greensboro College Orientation, Banking Mr. Roy D. Boone DEAN OF BOYS A.B., Catawba College U.S. History, Government, Psychology, Economics, Sociology, Junior Class Advisor Mrs. Herman Bosnian SECRETARY Draughn ' s Business College Greenville Woman ' s College Mrs. Harvey Huffman DIETICIAN Lewis Training School J Mrs. Lida Alexander A.B., Lenoir Rhyne Algebra, Orientation Mrs. Maxine Bernhardt A.B., W.C.U.N.C. French, French Club Advisor Mrs. H. B. Biqgers A.B., Greensboro College Mixed Chorus Miss Frances Bounds A.B., Lenoir Rhyne Algebra II, Geometry, General Math, Student Government Advisor Mrs. Virginia Caldwell B.S., A.S.T.C. Spanish, Spanish Club Advisor, English II 3 acuity Mrs. Sally Casstevens B.S., W.C.U.N.C. Home Economcis, F.H.A. Advisor Miss Sarah Caudle A.B., M.A., Meredith College, A.S.T.C. Tvping Shorthand Senior Class Business Advisor Mrs. Vivian W. Caudle A.B., Elon College English II, Journalism, BROWN HIGHLIGHTS and ALBROKAN Advisor Mrs. Carol Cook A.B., Meredith Art I, II, English III Mr. Frank H. Crainshaw Professional Vocational Shop, Sheet Metal Vocational Courses Mrs. Mary Alice Cross A.B., Lenoir Rhyne Shorthand, Bookkeeping Mr. Ed G. Edminston A.B., Catawba College Physical Education, Athletics Director, Head Football Coach, Track Coach, Girls Basketball Coach Mrs. W. F. Edwards A.B., W.C.U.N.C. English II, IV, Speech, Speech Club Advisor 21 Miss Mory Alice Elliott A.B., W.C.U.N.C. U. S. History, World History, Honor Society Advisor Mr. Howard Graham A.B., High Point College Distributive Education D.E. Club Advisor M iss Loraine Gray A.B., W.C.U.N.C. M.A., Columbia University English IV, Senior Class Advisor Mr. James R. Hampton A.B., Catawba College Driver ' s Education Mrs. Sara W. Hamrick A.B., Lenoir Rhyne Typing, Duplicating, Monitor Advisor A. L. BROWN Mr. Frank R. Hassell B.S., Lenoir Rhyne M.A., U.N.C. U. S. History, Current History, Boys ' Basketball Coach Mr. Harold D. Holbrook B.S., Duke University Electronics Mr. Roy R. Holt B.S., M.A., Duke University Senior Math Plane Geom etry Mr. James L. Lamb B.S., N. C. State College Diversified Occupations D.O. Club Advisor Mr. Fred Landis A.B., Davidson College Latin, Latin Club Advisor Mr. Tom Linn B.S., A.S.T.C. Chemistry, Physics Key Club Advisor Mr. John A. Mast B.S., A S.T.C. Orientation, English Mr. Chester E. Misenheimer A.B., Catawba College M.A., University of North Carolina Guidance Counselor 22 Mr. Lee R. McDonald B.S., East Carolina General Science Mrs. Margaret McLarty A.B., Greensboro College English II Miss Elizabeth McMurray A.B., Columbia Bible College; Bible, Bible Club Advisor Mr. Elmer L. Kvole A.B., Catawba College Biology, Physical Education Tri-Sci Advisor Mrs. Amelia Propst A.B., Lander College Biology FACULTY Miss Joyce Putnam B.S., M.A., A.S.T.C. Algebra, General Math, Sophomore Class Advisor Mr. Larry Rhye A.B., Catawba College Biology Mr. Harvey N. Turner B. Mus. Ed., Shenandoah Conservatory of Music A.S.T.C. Band Mr. Bill Watts A.B., Lenoir Rhyne U. S. History, Baseball Coach Mrs A. M. Whitmire A.B., Winthrop College English 1 1 , F.T.A. Advisor M iss Mary Wilburn A.B., Winthrop College Librarian Library Club Advisor Mrs. Janie Yates A.B., High Point College English III, Dramatics, Brown Masquers and Thespians Advisor Mr. Rodney T. Yates A.B., High Point College English III, Government, Psychology 23 Senior Class Offic ers Judy Turner, treasurer; Danny Bost, president; Phyllis Williams, secretary; George Kiser, vice president. ADAMS ARMSTRONG LINDA KAYE ADAMS " We never know how high we are till we are called to rise; then if we are true to plan, our statures touch the skies. " NANCY CAROL ADAMS " Not in reward, but in the strength to strive, the blessing lies. " JULIAN RAY ADCOCK Homeroom Officer; Tri-Sci Club -2,3,4; Radio Club 2; Hi-Y 2,3,4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Track 1,2, 3, 4; Football 2,3,4; Wrestling 4. MILDRED ANN ALEXANDER Superlative 4, Varsity Basketball 1,2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, French Club 2,3; Band 1,2, 3, 4, Sponsor 3,4; Speech Club 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Chaplain 4. LESLIE ARGO, JR. " No one can live by bread alone. " BARBARA JEAN ARMSTRONG Quill and Scroll 3,4, Brown Highlights Albrokan 3,4, News Editor 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Office Page 1,4, F.T.A. 3,4; French Club 2,3; Monitor 4, Football Sponsor 2, G.A A. 3, Pep Club 4, Superlative Com- mittee 4. DONALD WAYNE ARMSTRONG " No man can ever rise above that at which he aims. " MYRA ATKINSON Honor Society 3,4; Senior Class Chaplain 4; Super- lative 4, Vice-President French Club 4, Vice-Presi- dent Brown Masquers 4, Band Sponsor 3,4; May Court Attendant 3, Homeroom President 2. FRANCES JEAN BAER ' ' For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. " BRADFORD ALVIN BALLARD " Strive to achieve the highest things in life. " BEATRICE CAUDLE BALLARD Tri-Hi-Y 1 ,2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 2,3,4, Spanish Club 4; Brown Masquers 2,3,4; Homeroom Officer 2; G.A. A. 2; Plays 2,3,4. LINDA JEAN BALLARD " Trust in the Lord with all thy heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledgs Him and He shall direct thy paths. " 24 As our senior year draws to a close and we see one of our greatest dreams come into view, we pause to take a brief glance at a part of our lives which lies in the past. It is hard to realize that we won ' t be planning homecoming anymore, it will be planned for us. We had so much fun at Brown, but we also learned a lot, a lot that wasn ' t found in a text book. The fun, laughter, the heartaches, tears and the knowl- edge will be retained all of our lives. Farewell must come; but we can ' t leave our under classmen without challenging them to study hard, gain a thirst for knowledge, go to every football game, dance every dance at the Junior-Senior, and always yell for the green and white. We say: " So long, dear B.H.S. And know its not goodbye, We ' ll visit in a little while, We love you so, Brown High " 5 fie Senior Class of I960 ARMSTRONG BALLARD ADAMS ADCOCK ALEXANDER ARGO ATKINSON BAER BALLARD BALLARD BARRIER BEAM BLUE BOND BEAM BEAVER BECK BOND BOST BOWERS JOHNNIE SUZANNE BRADLEY Superlative Committee 4, Spanish Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y 1 ,2,3,4, Secretary 1, State Convention Delegate; Bible Club 3,4, Latin Club 1; Speech Club 2,3; Monitor 1; Homeroom Chaplain 2. CLARICE ELAINE BRAGG Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Spanish Club 3, Bible Club 1,2,3; F T A , Vice-President 4, Homeroom Vice-President 2, Color — Flower Committee 4, Monitor 2,3,4, Foot- ball Sponsor 2. BKENDA GRAY BRANDON T r i -Sc i 4; Brown Masquers 3,4, Thespians 3,4, Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3, 4, Spanish Clu b 3,4, Social Chairman 4, First Aid 4; Junior Class Play 3, Varsity Basketball ALLEN WILSON BRANTLEY " The unspoken word never does harm. " GUY MOODY BROOKS " Good words are worth much, and cost little " JENNY LYNN BROTHERS Session House 1,2,3. Homeroom Officer 4; Band 1 ,2,3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Treasurer 3; Spanish Club 3; Monitor 3; Superlative Committee 4. CARROL VIRGINIA BROWN Monitor 1,2, 3, 4, D.E. Club 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3; G.A.A. 2; Junior Class Play Marshal 3, Mixed Chorus 2; Girls ' Chorus 1; Homeroom Treasurer 1. ELI HU STANHOPE BROWN ' ' The hills are crossed; now to climb the mountains. " JANE FRANCES BULLOCK Honor Society 3,4; Session House 2,4, Quill and Scroll 3,4, Brown Highlights, Albrokan 3,4; Varsity Basketball 1 ,2,3,4; Superlative 4; French Club 3,4; Speech Club 3. SARA ANN BURNETTE " The real JOY in life is putting Jesus first, others second, and yourself last. " MARGARET ELAINE BURRIS " I feel that I am standing at the crossroads of many different worlds, nof knowing which way fo turn. " WINDEL AVERY BURTON Band 1, Latin Club 1, Junior Class Play 3; Speech Club 4, Tri-Sci Social Chairman 4, Lab Assistant 4; Speech Club Constitution Committee 4. 26 BRADLEY BROWN ARTHUR WELLAN BARRIER " Today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. " LARRY WAYNE BEAM " Knowledge is power. The more knowledge you have, the more power you have. " LINDA JOYCb BEAM Bible Club 2,3,4; State Retreat Delegate 3; Junior Class Play Marshal 3; Monitor 3,4; Spanish Club 2,3, Treasurer 3; Speech Club 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, Chaplain 2; Session House 1; Homeroom Officer 1,2, 3, 4. JUDY LORETTA BEAVER " Of all sad words that live within, the saddest of these ... ' It might have been. ' " JUNE THOMAS BECK " Do justly, love mercy, walk humbly with thy God. " WILLIAM TERRY BLACK ' hor all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest of these ... ' It might have been. ' " RONALD CALVIN BLUE ' ' Love conquers all. " BETTY JEAN BOND " Of all sad words that live within, the saddest of these ... ' It might have been. ' ' WILLIAM LEE BOND Superlative 4; Council Member 4; Office Page 4 Key Club 3,4; French Club 3,4; Bible Club 2,3,4 Monitor 2,3,4; Boy ' s State Delegate 3; Hi-Y 2,3,4 Track 3,4. DANNY HART BOS1 Senior Class President 4; Sophomore Class President 2; Student Body Secretary 3; Baseball 1 ,2,3,4; Mono- gram Club 2,3,4; Key Club 2,3,4; Spanish Club 3,4, Junior Rotarian 4. VARLING GENE BOWERS ' What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us? " BARBARA ANN BOYETTE " In all thy way ' acknowledge Him, and He will direct thy path . " BLACK BOYETTE 5 He S enior Cl ass o 1960 BRAGG BRANDON BRANTLEY BROOKS BROTHERS BROWN BULLOCK BURNETTE BURRIS BURTON LINDA RAGAN CANNON Session House I; Homeroom President 2, Secretary- Treasurer 3; Band 1,2,3; Bible Club 1,2,3; Junior Class Play Costume Committee 4; Brown Masquers 4; Student Teacher 2; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. GERALD MONROE CARTER ' ' Life is a series of experiences, of which each one leaves its mark. " MARTHA LOUISE CAUDLE " Do good to them that hate you . . . that you may be the children of your Father which is in heaven. " MYRTLE MAXINE CAUDLE " The great essentials of happiness are something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for. " PHYLLIS MARLENE CHEEK D.E. Club 3,4, Editor Promotion Manager 4; Latin Club 1,2; Delegate to D.E. State Convention 4. NANCY LOUISE CHRISTIAN " It ' s easy to be happy when life goes along like a song, but the person worthwhile is the one who can smile when everything goes dead wrong. " PEGGY JOYCE CLAYTON " By doubting we come at the truth. " TYNA ELIZABETH COGGINS Cheerleader 4; Homecoming Attendant 4; Football Sponsor 2, ,4, Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; Bible Club 2,3; French Club 2,3; Brown Masquers 3,4; Homeroom Officer 2,3,4; Dance Chaperon Committee 4. ROBERT GAIL COMPTON ' ' I dare ao all that may become a man. " DELORES GAYLE COOKE " Success requires no explanation — failure permits no alibis " ROGER HILTON CORRELL " If a task is once begun, never leave until it ' s done. " SANDRA JOYCE COUNCIL " Life has value only when it has something valuable as its obiect. " CANNON CLAYTON ohe Senior Class of I960 CRADDOCK CRENSHAW CRESS CRITZ DANIEL DARNELL DARNELL DAVID DAVIS DAVIS CHEEK CORRELL CAUDLE COMPTON CAUDLE COOKE CHRISTIAN COUNCIL CARTER COGGINS DANIEL DAVIS MICHAEL EUGENE CRADDOCK " We should all put Jesus first, others second, and self last. " CHARLOTTE RUTH CRENSHAW " Commit thy works unto the Lord and thy plans shall be rewarded. " MARLENE CRESS " Love is what makes the world; without it there is nothing. " MICHAEL STUART CRITZ " No individual lives long enough to experience all that life has to offer. " BETTY FRANCES DANIEL " It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. " CAROLYN ANITA DANIEL " The greater the oDstacle, the more glory in over- coming it. " JOHN QUIENCY DARNELL " To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the onlv »nd of life. " LINDA DARNELL Speech Club 3, Vice-President 3; Tri-Hi-Y 1 ,2,3,4, Delegate 2; Bible Club 2,3,4, Delegate 3; Office Page 1 ; Homeroom Chaplain 3; Spanish Club 3; Monitor BETTY KERN DAVID " Without love and laughter life is nothing. " JOYCE ANN DAVIS Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; Bible Club 2,3; Homeroom Secretary 1,2,3; Band 1,2,3, Sponsor 1; Flower and Color Com- mittee Chairman 4; Junior-Senior Decorating Commit- tee 3; Guidance Assistant 2. JUDITH ELAINE DAVIS Honor Society 3,4; Cheerleader 3,4, Chief 4; Session House 1,2, Council 4; Sub-Junior Woman 4; Com- mencement Marshal 3; Miss Brown High 4; Superla- tive 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4. KENNETH LEE DAVIS Spanish Club 3,4, President 4; Stage Crew 3,4, Man- ager 4; Hi-Y 2,3,4, Speech Club 4; D.E. Club 4; Homeroom President 1; Football 1,2; Science Club 1,2. 29 DAYVAULT DOVE DAYVAULT DOWNUM DAYVAULT DROLETTE DEAL DRY DEAL DUDLEY DWIGGINS FOWLER SANDRA KAY DWIGGINS Commencement Marshal 3; Band 1 ,2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Bible Club 2,4, President 4; French Club 2,3; Superlative Committee 4; Office Page 4, Homeroom Officer I . JACK LEE EBERHARDT " Ten minutes of silence and observation is worth more than a thousand words spoken in ignorance, " LARRY WAYNE EDDLEMAN " Determination, stamina, and belief in God will give you light on the darkest roads of life. " HENRY ASTOR ELLER Hi-Y President 2; Football 1 ,2,3,4, Co-Captain 4, Monogram Club 2,3,4, Track 2,3,4; Basketball 1, Sophomore Class Vice-President 2; Homeroom Officer 1,2, 3, 4; Junior Class Play 3. JAMES D. FARRINGTON " Men of few words are the best men. " FRED HAROLD FELTS " We can make maiors and officers every year, but not scholars. " FRANCES LEE FOWLER " A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. " BRENDA SUE FREEMAN Session House 1,2; Latin Club 1,2; Homeroom Treas- urer 1; Bible Club 2,3; Spanish Club 4; F.T.A. 3,4; Mixed Chorus 2. LINDA JO FREEMAN " Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it. " THOMAS CLIFFORD GANTT Mixed Chorus 2; Baseball 1, Homeroom Secretary 2; Brown Masquers 3,4, Spanish Club 4, Track 4, Bible Club 3; Projectionist 2. RICHARD D. GATTON " The world is waiting to pay the price if you can but deliver what it needs. " BENNY HAROLD GIBSON " All things come to him who will but wait. " 30 DELLINGER DUNCAN ALICE JANE DAYVAULT Brown Highlights and Albrokan 3,4, Co-Editor 4; Honor Society 3,4, Basketball 2,3,4, D.A.R. Good Citi- zen 4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Superlative 4; French Club 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 1,3,4; Sub-Junior Woman 4. JAMES CASTEVENS DAYVAULT Student Body President 4; North Carolina Student Council Congress Vice-President 4; Superlative 4, Key Club 3,4; French Club 2; Latin Club 1; Council Member 3; Session House 2; Hi-Y 2,3. REBEKAH LEE DAYVAULT Monitor 1,4; Mixed Chorus 1,2; Student Teacher 2,3; Spanish Club 3,4; Banking 4. BONNIE LORRAINE DEAL Office Page 1,4, Brown Highlights and Albrokan 4, Homeroom Treasurer 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; Guidance Assistant 2; Latin Club 1,2; Bible Club 1,2,3. CAROLYN ANNE DEAL " Be good to yourself, have a lot of fun and be a happy one " IERRY CRAIG DELLINGER Honor Society 2,3,4, President 4; Junior Class Treas- urer 3; Key Club 3,4; School Critic 4; Bible Club 2,3, Treasurer 3; Session House 2; Homeroom President 4; French Club 2,3. WILLIAM S. DOVE Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4, Delegate 3,4, Co-ed Steering Committee 2,4; Band 1,2, 3, 4, Junior Class Play 3, Homeroom Officer 1,2,3, Bible Club 4; French Club 2,3; Float Committee 4. BETTY ESTELLE DOWNUM Office Page 1; Spanish Club 2. JOANNE LUCILLE DROLETTE Historian 4, Honor Society 3,4; Commencement Mar- shal 3; Quill and Scroll 3,4, Brown Highlights and Albrokan 3,4, Co-Editor 4, Sub-Junior Woman 4, Superlative 4; F.T.A. 3,4. FELIX LANE DRY Football 2,3,4; Monogram Club 4; Speech Club 2. MARY ANN DUDLEY " Silence is for the saints, I am only human. " WILLIAM B DUNCAN, JR. " So little done; so much to do. " o lie Senior Class of I960 SUSAN MEASMER GIBSON " Smile and the world smiles with you, trown and you frown alone. " CLARA MAXINE GOFORTH " The higher you climb the brighter the view. " SANDRA LEE GOODMAN Bible Club 2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3; Span- ish Club 3,4, Secretary 4; Thespians 3,4; Brown Mas- quers 2,3, Speech Club 4, Treasurer 4; Latin Club 1 ,2; Monitor 1 . SHELIA JEAN GOODMAN " A friend is one who knows you and still loves you. " WAYNE ALLEN GOODMAN " Today I try; tomorrow I do. " KYLE REED GOODNIGHT, JR. " A big heart always wishing to do right and De friends with everybody. " BRENDA LETAINE GRADY Band 1; Spanish Club 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3. P. O. GREENE, JR. " To be poor and independent is nearly an impossi- bility. " FLORA LINDA GRIGGS Varsity Basketball 1,2; Office Page 1; Homeroom Secretary 1,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; Bible Club 1, 2,3,4; G.A.A, 2,3, Chaplain 3; Speech Club 2,3; Monitor 3,4, Spanish Club 3, Playday W.C.U.N.C. 2. SHIRLEY ANN GRIGGS Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Treasurer 4; Student Teacher 4; Moni- tor 3,4, Brown Masquers 4, Brown Highlights and Albrokon 4; Band 1,2; Speech Club 4; Bible Club 4; Latin Club 1 ,2. LARRY DUANE GRIFFIN " To laugh at men of sense is the privilege of fools. " WILLIAM THOMAS GRIFFIN " Study to show thyself approved unto God, a work- man that needeth not to be ashamed. " GRADY uhe Senior Cl ass of 1960 GROFF HALEY HAMPTON HARDING HARRINGTON HAWKINS HAWKINS HELMS HENDERSON HESS GOFORTH GOODMAN GOODMAN GOODMAN GOODNIGHT GREENE GRIGGS GRIGGS GRIFFIN GRIFFIN I hartsell HICKS LOTTIE ALICE GROFF " Time wasted is existence; used is life. " RAY THOMAS HALEY Transferred from Winecoff 3; Basketball 3; Football 3,4; Track 3,4; W.N.C.A.A. High Jump Champion 3; Hi-Y 3,4; Stage Crew 3; Monogram Club 3,4. CAROL ELAINE HAMPTON " In the still of the night, I have chosen my Master. I shall choose my mate and my mission with the same supervision. " SHIRLEY MAE HARDING " Dark brown eyes, dark brown hair, happy-go-lucky with never a care. " CYRIL EUGENE HARRINGTON " Today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday. " ROBERT PARKER HARTSELL, JR. Band 1,2,3, Drum Major 1; Cheerleader 4; Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4, Delegate 1,2,3, Bible Club 3, Latin Club 1,2; Monitor 1; Office Page 3,4. MARY LOU HAWKINS Bible Club 1,2,3, Monitor 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4, Chap- lain 1, Treasurer 2,3, Delegate 2; Homeroom Officer 1,2; Session House 3, Latin Club 1,2; Mixed Chorus 1,2,3; Basketball 2,3,4. WINSTON DOUGLAS HAWKINS " It is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. " CONNIE JEAN HELMS Bible Club 3,4; Brown Masquers 3, Costumes Commit- tee for Junior Class Play 3; Spanish Club 3,4; Tri- Hi-Y 3,4, Librarian 1,2,3; Speech Club 4, Monitor 4. LINDA KAY HENDERSON Outstanding Debater Award 2; Band 1,2; D.E. Club 3,4, D.E. Best Salesman 3; Delegate to D.E. State Convention 3; Latin Club 1, Session House 1; Science Club 1 ; Bible Club 1 ,3. MARY EVELYN HESS " Never look down on anyone, only God is high enough to do that. " WILLIAM J. HICKS Basketball 2,3,4, Captain 4; Baseball 2,3,4, Session House 3; Superlative 4; Outstanding Basketball Play- er 3; Outstanding Baseball Player 3; Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; All Conference Baseball 3; Monogram Club 2,3,4. I HOWELL HUNEYCUTT DEWEY ALLEN HOWELL " Of all the heavenly gifts that mortal men commend, what trusty treasures in the world can countervail a friend. " JUDITH ANN HUDSON Class Secretary 2; Superlative 4; Homecoming Queen 4; Band 1 ,2,3,4, Sponsor 2,3,4; Junior Class Play 3, Brown Masquers 3,4, Hostess 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4. ROBERT LEE HUDSON French Club 3,4, President 4, Homeroom President 4, Secretary 2; Baseball 2; Track 1; Football 1; Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4, Vice-President 1; Student Teacher 1,2; Mon- itor 1 . SYBIL JEAN HUDSON " Do good to them that hate you . . . that you may be the children of your Father which is in heaven. " ROSALIE DIANNE HUGGINS Superlative 4, Student Council 1; Monitor 1,4, Sec- retary 1; Carrousel Princess 1; Session House 3,4; May Day Attendant 2, May Queen 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3, Secretary 1, Vice-President 2. LINDA GAIL HUIE To gain knowledge and understanding and never to lose it. " ROBERT MARION HUNEYCUTT " Little things are oftei. the big things of life. " LARRY DAVID IMAN " The secret of success is the constancy of purpose. " BETTY ANN ISENHOUR Session House 1; Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 2, Chaplain 3; Bible Club 1,2,3; Brown Masquers 3,4; Itudent Teacher 3; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3; ,Brown Highlights nd Albrokan 4, Club Editor 4. ANN MARIE JOHNSON Homeroom Chaplain 3; Football Sponsor 3; Brown Masquers 3,4, Business Manager 3; Thespians 3,4; Bible Club 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Pep Club 4; Junior Class Play 3; Co-ed Steering Committee 2,3. TED B. JONES " God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. " MENDALL JORDAN " The man who knows how always a man who knows why, as well, is job, but the his boss. " 34 OWEN ROBERT HILL Key Club 3,4, President 4; Honor Society 3,4; Jun- ior Rotarian 4; Superlative 4; Track 2,3,4; Monogram Club 4; Session House 2; Junior Class Vice-President 3; Hi-Y 2,3,4, Vice-President 3. PATRICIA ANN HILL " O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together. " ELIZABETH ANNE HIMMELMAN Transferred from Pulaski, Viiginia 4; Brown High- lights and Albrokan 4, Homeroom Chaplain 4; Tri- Hi-Y 4. MARY SUE HODGE " I know not what the future holds, but I know Him that holHc th» future. " CARA DAVID HOLBROOK " Life must be activity, not mere being. It must be met, in spite of its sorrows, with hope and cour- age. " ALTA JOY HOLSHOUSER Monitor 1,3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Bible Club 2, Spanish Club 3. LINDA REBECCA HONErCUTT Monitor 1,3,4, Chief 4; Bible Club 2; Student Teacher 3; Spanish Club 3,4. SYLVIA JEAN HOOPER " Keep in step with yourself, and you need never worry about the rest of the parade. " LINDA CAROL HORNE ' The tree of success is full of fruit, all one has to do is pick it. " SYLBIA JERLINE HORNE " In all things, to do my best. " CHARLES E. HORTON " I believe that in the end truth will conquer. " GLENNA JO HOUSE " True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldow known until it is lost. " HOLSHOUSER HOUSE o fi e Senior Class of 2960 HUDSON HUDSON IMAN ISENOUR HUDSON HUGGINS HUIE JOHNSON JONES JORDAN NANCY LOU JORDAN Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3; Spanish Club 3,4; Speech Club 2, Homeroom Treasurer 1; Cannon Spotlight 1, Bible Club 4; Junior-Senior Decorating Committee 3; Home- room Officer 2; Girls Chorus 1. ODELL JORDAN " I would rather love what I can ' t have, than to have what I can ' t love. " GARY WILTON KEARNEY Monitor 2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3; Brown Masquers 3; D.E. Club 4. PATRICIA ELAINE KERLEY Homeroom Officer 3, Chaplain 4; Spanish Club 2,3; Mascot Committee Chairman 4; Football Sponsor 4; Monitor 1. DELORES KETCH IE Band 1,2, 3, 4, All State Band 3; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2 3,4, Vice-President 4; Brown Masquers 4; Make-up Com- mittee 4; Bible Club 1,2,3; Latin Club 1,2 ' Gym As- sistant 4. BARBARA JEAN KEY " Live each day as though it were your last. " JANICE SHARON KING " Today we do the improbable and tomorrow we do the impossible. " GEORGE LEON KISER, JR. Junior Class President 3, Senior Class Vice-President 4; Honor Society 2,3,4, Vice-President 4; Kev Club 2,3,4; Junior Rotarian 4; Football 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3; Track 1,2,3. CHARLES V. LACKEY, JR. " The person that knows everything, knows less than all the people that know nothing. " BRENDA HALL LAMB " Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. " BRENDA FAYE LAMBERT Commencement Marshal 3; Homeroom Vice-President 3, Chaplain 4; Spanish Club 3,4; Monitor 1,4, Co- Chief 4; Mixed Chorus 2; Student Government Bulle- tin Board Co-Chairman 4. KAY FRANCES LAMBERT " Attempt the end, and never stand to doubt; noth- ing is so hard, but search will find it out. " JORDAN KING ode Senior C ass of 1960 LARK LEE LEONARD LINEBARRIER LITAKER LOWDER LUMSDEN McCALL McCLANNON McCOMBS IORDAN KEARNEY KERLEY KETCHIE KEY KISER LACKEY LAMB LAMBERT LAMBERT LORBACHER McCOMMONS SARA FRANCES LARK " Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. " JANE ANN LEE French Club 3,4; Mixed Chorus 1,2. KENNETH MELVIN LEONARD " Do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God. " MICKEY LINEBARRIER " As we advance in life, we learn the limits of our abilities. " MICHAEL WAYNE LITAKER " Be not overcome with evil but overcome evil with good. " KENNETH PAUL LORBACHER " Always finish what you have once started. " JERRY MICHAEL LOWDER " Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. " DWAIN LUMSDEN " All experience is an arch to build upon. " BRENDA KAYE McCALL " Next to God, Love is the most important thing in the world. " MICHAEL WAYNE McCLANNON " I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are mov- ing. " NAN ELAINE McCOMBS Band 1,2, 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3; Home- room Officer 4; Student Teacher 2; Monitor 4; Stu- dent Government Dance Committee 2; Superlative Committee 4. ELIZABETH ANN McCOMMONS Basketball 2,3,4, Bible Club 2,3; French Club 2,3; Speech Club 3,4, Monitor 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; Office Page 1 ; Guidance Assistant 2; Homeroom Secretary 1 . 37 MclNNIS MILLER McKinney McWhorter martin MILLER MILLER MILLIGAN MAYES MITCHELL B ALVIN WALTER MOORE Football Co-Captain 4; Wrestling 4; Hi-Y 1 ,2,3,4; Monogram Club 2,3,4. CHARLES RUFUS MOOSE " To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive. " LESTER EDWARD MORGAN " Be careful how you live; you may be the only Bible someone ever reads. " PHYLLIS ANN MORGAN " Be careful how you live; you may be the only Bible someone ever reads. " TERRY LEE MORGAN Superlative 4; Band 1,2,3, 4, Vice-President 4; Key Club 4; French Club 3; Mixed Chorus 4, President 4; Homeroom President 2,3,4; Session House 1; Lab As- sistant. VERNON LAMAR MORRIS Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; Wrestling 4; Bible Club 1; trench Club 3, Football Manager 2; Intermurals 1; Homeroom Officer 1,2,3, Lab Assistant 4. NANCY LOU MOSS Session House 2,4; College Career Day Hostess 2,4; Homeroom Chaplain 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4, President 4, Blue Ridge Convention Delegate 3; Speech Club 4, Secretary 4; Bible Club 2,3. WAYNE NICHOLS " I know not what the future holds, but I know who holds the future. " JANET GRAHAM NIXON Varsity Basketball 1,2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Vice-Presi- dent 4, Point Recorder 3; Play Day at Greensboro 2,3,4, Student Teacher 3,4; Homeroom Treasurer 2; Mixed Chorus 2,4; Parliamentarian 4. JERE WARREN NOEL Superlative 4, Commencement Marshal Chief 3; Hon- or Society 3,4, Secretary 4; Sub-Junior Woman 4; Thespians 2,3,4; Brown Masquers 2,3,4; Band 1, 2,3,4; Best Supporting Actress Award 3. PEGGY EARLEEN OVERCASH Duplicating Staff 4, Chief Typist 4; Superlative Com- mittee 4; Student Teacher 1,3; Mixed Chorus 1,2,3; Homeroom Chaplain 2; Monitor 1,4. EDGAR PHILLIP PALMER, JR. " A good beginning just gets you started. " MOORE MOSS 38 JERRY STEPHEN MclNNIS " But it is a very unimaginative nature that only cares for peode on their pedestals. " MARTHA ELAINE McKINNEY " A good way to spell Joy is Jesus first, others sec- ond, and yourself last. " jerry McWhorter " Do unto others as you woula have them do unto you. " LINDA KAY MARTIN " Hatred stirreth up strifes, but love cdverth all sins. " JAMES LAMONT MAYES Commencement Marshall 3; Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4, Blue Ridge Delegate 1; Bible Club 2; Latin Club 2,3; French Club 3; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Session House 1; Homeroom Vice- President 2,3. SHIRLEY RUTH MESSER " Out of the strain of doing into the peace of being done. " CHARLES NELSON MILLER Basketball 4, Superlative 4; Hi-Y 1 ,2,3,4; Homeroom Officer 1,2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 1. SHIRLEY FOSTER MILLER " Keep adding little to little, and soon there will be a great heap. " JERRY TED MILLER Band 1,2, 3, 4; Homeroom Officer 1; Spanish Club 4; Tri-Sci Club 4. WILLIAM D. MILLIGAN " When fhe disposition is friendly the face pleases. " JOHN D. MITCHELL, JR. To strive, seek, and accomplish is to cherisn the life which God hath given you. " ALICE WALTON MONTGOMERY Commencement Marshal 3, Majorette 1,2, 3, 4, Chief 4; May Court Maid of Honor 4, Session House 3; Homeroom Officer 2,4; Dramatics Festival 3; Junior Class Play 3; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4. MESSER MONTGOMERY s unior Cl ass of 1960 1 MOOSE NICHOLS MORGAN NIXON MORGAN MORGAN NOEL OVERCASH MORRIS PALMER BILLY DEAN PERRY " Never build your hopes so high that you might get hurt in the fall ' HORACE DWAIN PERRY Office Page 1; Latin Club 2; Hi-Y 1,2; Homeroom Officer 3,4; Monitor 3, D.E. Club 4. REBECCA LOUISE PERRY " What you are is God ' s gift to you; what you make of yourself is your gift to God. ' JERRY LEE PHILLIPS " Do unto others as you would hnv them unto you, but do it first " JOYCE LONDON PICKREL " The grand essentials of happiness are something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for. " DAVID EDGAR PORTER " The most manifest sign ot wisdom is a continued cheerfulness. " GLENDA LEE PRESLAR Tri-Hi-Y 1 ,2,3,4, Reporter 4; Alternate Cheerleader 4; Brown Masquers 3, Bible Club 3, Monitor 3,4; Pep Club 4; Mixed Chorus 2. ALMA JEAN PRICE Honor Society 3,4; Superlative 4; Band 1 ,2,3, Major- ette 2,3; Cheerleader 4; Brown Masquers Play 2,3; Junior Class Play 3; Commnecement Marshal 3; Thespians 2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4. KAREN NELL PRICE Cheerleader 4, Quill and Scroll 3,4, Brown Highlights and Albrokan 3,4, Thespians 3,4; Best Actress Award 3; Brown Masquers 3,4, Treasurer 4; Football Spon- sor 2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4 THOMAS EUGENE PRICE " Speech is the munner of the soul; as a man speaks, so is h " MICHAEL PURVIS " The only way to have a friend is to be a friend. " MARTHA DIANE READLING " A tall and slender maid, who speaks not over much, did ever strike agreeable upon my senses. " PERRY PRESLAR O he Senior Class of 1960 REID REYNOLDS RICHARDSON RICKARD ROARK ROGERS ROLLINS ROSS SAWYER SELF PERRY PORTER PERRY PHILLIPS PICKREL PRICE PRICE PRICE PURVIS READLING ROBINETTE SELLERS BRENDA JOYCE REID Band 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1 ,2,3,4; Bible Club 1,2,3; French Club 3,4; Monitor 2. SHIRLEY ANN REYNOLDS " Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. ' ' HERBERT LEON RICHARDSON Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Baseball 1; Homeroom President 1,2, Vice-President 3; Hi-Y 1,2,3; Monogram Club 2,3,4. HEARNE FRANKLIN RICKARD, II " Be yourself, for only then will people know you. " EVELYN JOSEPHINE ROARK " All credit goes to the great One in Three who helped me to fight and win the victory. ' LINDA REBECCA ROBINETTE " All the talent I have, I have laid at God ' s feet. His approval shall be my reward ' JERRY WAYNE ROGERS Key Club 3,4, Treasurer 4; Session House 4, Office Page 4; Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4, President 4, Secretary-Treas- urer 3, Delegate to Blue Ridge 4, Carolinas Conven- tion Delegate 4. OLLIE ELIZABETH ROLLINS Commencement Marshal 3; Bible Club 3; Homeroom Officer 2,4; D.E Club 4; Monitor 3; Library 1 Latin Club 1 CHARLES GRADY ROSS " Study to show thyself approved. " ROBERT GLENN SAWYER " If at first you don ' t succeed, try again. " STEVE WILSON SELF " Live fast, love hard, die young. " JIMMY SELLERS " Live today for tomorrow you may be dead. " 41 SLOOP SLOOP SIKES SHERRILL SHELTON SNIPES SORRELL SMITHERS SMITH STARNES TORRENCE BRENDA JOYCE STARNES Homeroom Chaploin 2; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Bible Club 1; Monitor 1; Chorus 1; F.H.A. 1. PATRICIA ANN STATON Tri-Hi-Y 2,3; Monitor 3,4, French Club 2,3, Bible Club 2; Basketball 1,2,3, Football Sponsor 3; Home- room Secretary 3. BRUCE BRADLEY STROUP Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4, Vice-President 1,2, President 3; Key Club 4; Bible Club 2,3,4; Track 1,2, 3, 4; French Club 3,4; Superlative 4; Monitor 1,4; Stage Crew 3, Latin Club 1,2. MARVIN LEE TEMPLETON " A man is a failure only when he stops trying. " THOMAS LARRY TORRENCE " To follow Him who said: I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light. " FRED STEVEN TRAMMEL " We know wnar we are; but we know not what we may be . . ' SABERT SCOTT TROTT Commencement Marshal 3; Key Club 2,3,4, Vice- President 4; Honor Society 2,3,4; Football 2; Band 1,2,3, Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4, Track 1,2, 3, 4, Boy ' s State Dele- gate 3; Superlative 4. MARY PRICILLA TUCKER " Jesus first, others second, and yourself last is a wonderful way to spell JOY. " LARRY WAYNE THOMPSON D.E. Club 3,4, President 4, Delegate to State and District Conventions 4; Homeroom President 2, Foot- ball 1 . BARRY LANE THORNBURG " The man who has no friends is never deceived. " DONALD WILLIAM TURNER ' Whoso would be a man would be a non-conformist. " JUDY LYNN TURNER Superlative 4, Student Government 1,2,3; Band 1,2, 3,4, Sponsor 2,3,4; Miss Hi Miss 4; Senior Class Treas- urer 4; Albroken Business Staff 2,3, May Queen 1, Attendant 2. 42 BAXTER WICKER SHELTON " Take life as it comes and enjoy it. " JACKIE SHERRILL Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 2,3; Brown Highlights Business Staff 3; Brown Masquers 3,4, Junior-Senior Decorating Committee 3; Monitor 4; Co-ed Steering Committee 3,4. TASKA LYNN SIKES Cheerleader 4; Superlative 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4, Treas- urer 1; French Club 2,3; Bible Club 2,3; Guidance Assistant 3,4; Homeroom Officer 2,3,“r CLAUDINE A. SLOOP " The grand essentials of happiness are something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for. " JERRY WAYNE SLOOP Session House 1,4; Homeroom President 1; D.E. Club 3,4; Hi-Y 1,2, D.E. Club Associate President 3; D.E. Club Parliamentarian 4; Delegate to D.E. Conven- tion 4. AGNES ELIZABETH SMITH " Of all the joys that I recall, being in love is the best of all. " STACK BARBARA ANN SMITH " Do your part well, there all the honor lies. " JACKIE SMITH " To forgive is human; to foraet divine. " WAYNE DONAVAN SMITHERS " The world turns aside to let any man pass who knows where he is going. " CECIL SNIPES " Do not put off tomorrow what you can do today. " JIMMY SORRELL " From deeds and habits grow our character; and on our characters we build our destination. " GLYNIS LA WANDA STACK D.E. Club 3,4, Secretary 4, Delegate to D.E. State anc District Conventions 4; Brown Highlights and Albro- kon Staff 3; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, Chaplain 1; Bible Club 1,2; Latin Club 1,2. uhe S enw r Cl ass a 1960 STATON STROUP TEMPLETON THOMPSON THORNBURG TRAMMELL TROTT TUCKER TURNER TURNER FAYE VINSON " To err is human, to forgive is divine. " CAROL LYNN WALDROUP " Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone. " LLOYD FULTON WALTERS D.E. Club 3,4, Treasurer 4; Delegate to Northwest State Convention 4; Northwest D.E. President 4; Homeroom Treasurer 3, Student Teacher 3,4. TERRY WATTS " By the work one knows the workman. " FAYE ERLENE WEBSTER Homeroom Secretary 2; F.H.A. 2,3,4, Reporter 3, Sec- retary 4; Monitor 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4. JACQUELINE WEST " The only days that do not worry me are yesterday, today, and tomorrow. " ELLIS WILLIAM WHITE " Love is not comnlete until it is shared with others. " PEGGY JEAN WHITE " The great essentials of happiness are something to do, someone to love, and something to hope fo r. " MARVIN DOUGLAS WILLIAMS Student Government 1,2,3, 4, Student Council 1,2, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4, Junior Rotarian 4; Key Club 3,4, Honor Society 2,3,4; Commencement Marshal 3; Football 3,4; Monogram Club 4. MATTIE LORRAINE WILLIAMS " Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. " PATRICIA JANE WILLIAMS Brown Highlights and Albrokon 3,4, Business Man- ager 4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; F.T.A. President 4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Speech Club 3 Monitor 1, 2, 3,4; Bible Club 2,3. PHYLLIS KAYE WILLIAMS Superlative 4; Class Officer 2,3,4; Quill and Scroll 3,4, Brown Highlights and Albrokon 3,4, Exchange Editor 3,4, Brown Masquers Hostess 3; May Day At- tendant 3; Homeroom Officer 1,2, 3, 4. VINSON WHITE ofie Senior Class of 1960 WALDROUP WHITE WALTERS WILLIAMS WATTS WILLIAMS WEBSTER WILLIAMS WEST WILLIAMS n ' EPHEN LEON WILLIAMS " Take therefore no thought for the morrow; for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. " MASCOTS Deborah Steen, Shane Woodard, Beverly Steen THEODORE ROOSEVELT WILLIAMS, JR. Homeroom Vice-President 2,3,4; Football 2,3,4; Speech MOTTO Club 4; Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 4. " Living today in search of tomorrow " PAT EUGENE WINCHESTER " Winners never quit and quitters never win. " BETTY SUE WINGLER " Without love and laughter, life is nothing. " FLOWER AND COLOR Yellow Rose Yellow and White MICHAEL WHITLEY YORKE, II " None but himself can be his parallel. " 45 Marshals Alma Jean Price, Judy Davis Seated: Jane Dayvault, Joanne Drolette, Ollie Rollins, Alice Montgomery. Standing: Sandra Dwiggins, Thomas Griffin, Monty Mayes, Jere Noel, chief, Scott Trott, Marvin Williams, Brenda Lambert. The thirteen juniors with the highest scholastic aver- ages are chosen as Marshals for the Commencement exercises. With pride they usher the parents, teachers, and friends of the seniors into the auditorium. The greatest moment is preceeding the seniors as they walk down the aisle for Baccalaureate, Class Night, and Graduation. 46 HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1960 As the day ' s life fades away, before the complete absorbing darkness of night, there comes a time of a peaceful intermingling of both the night and the day — twilight time. Before the darkness let us pause and re- flect on the day that has just passed before us. The dawn of our high school career at A L. Brown began when we enrolled as sophomores in 1957. During the first class meeting of the year, we elected Danny Bost, president; Henry Eller, vice-president; Judy Hudson, sec- retary; and Phyllis Williams, treasurer. Chosen for council members were Judy Turner and Marvin Williams. Our many projects, for example, the magazine sale, were completed successfully. As the day advances we recall our junior year. We now felt as if we were really a part of Brown High since we were no longer " green sophomores " , yet we were still not on the top. Serving as class officers were George Kiser, president; Bobby Hill, vice-president; Phyl- lis Williams, secretary; and Jerry Dellinger, treasurer. Judy Turner and Jimmy Dayvault were council members. One of the most awaited events of the year came when we boarded the buses at 5:00 A.M. on April 16, 1959 for Washington, D. C. A first for our class came when we presented the Junior Class Play, SEVENTEEN; the first musical ever to be presented at Brown High. An- other of our fondest memories was when our long awaited class rings arrived. Chosen to serve as cheerleaders for the coming year were Judy Davis, chief; Karen Price, Jeannie Price, Taska Sikes, Tyna Coggins, and Robert Hartsell. For their journalistic skill, Jane Dayvault and Joanne Dro- lette were elected editors of the BROWN HIGHLIGHTS and ALBROKAN. Chosen to serve the student body as president was Jimmy Dayvault, and Marvin Williams, as vice-president. When our senior year finally arrived, we realized that this was our last year at Brown. Our class officers were Danny Bost, president; George Kiser, vice-president; Phyllis Williams, secretary; Judy Turner, treasurer; and Myra Atkinson, chaplain. Representing us in Student Government were Judy Davis and Bill Bond. The beauty and talents of our class were represented THE SENIOR CROSSROAD We have come to the end of one path in our lives, And now at the crossroads we stand. This journey has passed, but another begins That leads through a strange, new land. The study and learning, the work and the fun, The teachers and friends that we knew. Assimilate in wisdom — past travels which form A map that will guide us through. Behind us lie classes, activities, socials; Twelve years of life- — But ahead The roads of the future await our approach. We enter with uncertain tread. " Living today in search of tomorrow, " Unsure where the new road may end, We bid our " Farewell " , beloved Brown High, And face forward; our journeys begin. in the carousel parade by Judy Davis; reigning over homecoming festivities was Judy Hudson; representing us at Winthrop was Judy Turner, " Miss-Hi-Miss " ; and reigning over May Day was Dianne Huggins, " May Queen " , and Alice Montgomery, maid of honor. The class chose " Living today in search of tomorrow " as its motto, and yellow and white as its colors. The yellow rose was chosen as the class flower. With our senior year came several changes. Perhaps one of the most important was the change in the grad- ing system. Another change was instead of the class wearing two different colors of caps and gowns, it was decided that all the seniors would wear white gowns with green and white tassels. Then came Senior Day! This day will long be remem- bered by all seniors as the last time all shared their gaiety in unison. Now, as the day slips away, the gaiety and laughter has faded, and we each look forward with a sense of seriousness, newly known to us. This seriousness, borne of the realization that all was drawing to an end, was hidden under a pretense of gaiety as we attended the many rehearsals. As we sat listening to the Bac- calaureate Sermon, we realized what this message meant to us. It was a message for our futures. The presenta- tion of awards for our many achievements on Class Night was a highlight in this all important ceremony. Finally, as we marched down the aisle to the fading strains of " Pomp and Circumstance " , we realized that the long-awaited and much feared climax was at an end. Yes, graduation night was here. And we each re- ceived that cherished diploma and bade farewell to our classmates, there were tears in our eyes; but a bright ray of purpose in our minds. With this, we faced the future. Now the day is almost gone. The last dim light is being absorbed by the night, but beyond the night lies our ho pe and our future. We must face life and turn aside the feeling of sadness which now seems so evi- dent. We must go each our own way, maybe never to meet again, but these memories will live with us, until death itself. Jere Noel, poet 47 Class JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Edgar Ketchie, President- Brenda Neal, Secretary Ronnie Barlow, Vice-president George Oehler, Treasurer The Junior Class will long be remembered by those who shared its happiness and fine moments, and who had the ability and desire to travel the road that leads toward a golden gate, graduation. Our heritage gives us the strength to achieve our destiny. We learn to obide by the obstacles and use our tal- ent, friendship, fun, and intelligence to overcome them. Our paths and journeys were brightened by the cherished Washington trip. Our mind and intelligence progressed as well as our talents to produce our class play, Charley ' s Aunt, which appeared as a colossal success. We adorned our physical selves with the precious ele- ment of 14-K gold. Work and ability gave a strong desire for leadership and success in life. Almost the last lap of our journey now, and we find that we have our place secured. Our reward has come. The high ideals and hard work have been rewarded by the highlight of our year, the Junior-Senior Prom. To sum it all up, we loyally pledge to make our school a higher, nobler, and better place for us, as we take our place next year as Seniors. 48 Wayne Adams David Adcock Judy Alley Carolyn Anthony Kenneth Baker Rohert Baker Delores Ballard Paul Ballard Linda Barbee Buddy Barber Dian Barlow Ronnie Barlow Donald Bass Donald Bauknight Junior Beam Paulette Beave r Rose Marie Beaver Steve Beaver Arleen Benton Lavon Benton Betty Berryman Willie Biles Phil Black Linda Blackwelder Lois Blackwelder Mickey Blackwelder Linaa Boger Linda Bost Clara Bowles Carolyn Boyd Pat Bradshaw David Brindle Marshall Brooks Sidney Brown Henrietta Bullock Linda Byars Linda Campbell Carolyn Carpenter Marvin Carter Maxine Carter Warren Chapman Carolyn Cheek " juniors Gail Creek Janice Childers Joan Childers Wanda Childers Gail Christian Paul Christian Douglas Christy Elizabeth Christy Kathy Cochran Linda Corn Rebecca Corn Boyd CorreH Barbara Corriher Bobby Cox Linda Cress Bobby Crutchfield John DalrymDle Gloria Davidson Betty Ann Davis Juanita Davis Ronnie Davis Teddy Davis Jesse Deal Steve Deal Johnsie Deaton Alva Deese Barbara Deese Beth Dellinger Gene DeMarcus Kenneth Dennis Neddie Dickerson Nelda Donahue Rachel Donahue Judy Dowless Christina Dry Janice Duncan Wayne Dunn Carolyn Earwood Laura Edwards Charlotte Eidson Charles Emerson Wnvne Finney Paris Fisher Ronnie Freeland Rayma Freeze Carol Frieze Gaynelle Funderburk Gary Funderburke Johnny Furr Sarah Gabriel Charles Gainey Steve Gentle Brenda Goble Betty Godfrey Larry Goodnight Peggy Goodson Leon Goolsby Bobbie Graham Wesley Grant Susan Gribble Marion Griffin Raymond Griffin Reba Griffin Sonja Griffin Tommy Griffith Kaye Hall Patricia Hall Tony Hampton Helen Hancock Jimmy Hancock Barbara Hardiman Danny Harkey Vicki Hastings David Hawkins Alton Helms Simmons HendricK Bobby Hicks Barbara Hill James Hilton Wayne Hilton Sandra Hinson Jan Hipps Mildred Holt Mncel Holtzclaw C c Junior s Harold Honbarrier Myra Honeycutt Anita House Rachel Hubbard Larry Hudson Joyce Huneycutt Charles Ingram Teresa Jacobs Kay James Larry James Jerry Johnson Jerry Johnson Linda Johnson Mary Ann Johnson Doris Jones Larry Jones Larry Jones Jo Carol Jordan Maxine Kerley Edgar Ketchie Ruth Keys vVayne King James Kiser Karen Krimminger Keith Lambert Glenda Lee Linda Leitch Sherran Leonard Jo Ann Lindsay Mike Litaker Elizabeth Little Jerry Little John Long Linda Long Emily Love Larry Ludwick Kenneth Mann Buddy Marlin Judy Martin Eliza Mathewes Suzanne Mattox Harriet Ma lden Janet Maulden Mike McCarn Linda McCurdy Judy McDaniel Ronnie McGinnis Ken McQueen Terry Milem Joyce Mitchell Wayne Mitchell Ronnie Moon Kaye Moore Keith Moore Norman Moore Nancy Morgan Ronnie Morris Ann Moss Buddy Moss Linda Moss Ruby Moss Jane Mullinax Charles Murray Kenneth Murray Brenda Nash Brenda Neal Pat Newsom George Oehler Kay Overcash Gary Patterson Merilyn Patterson Prue Payne Terrie Peeler Tippy Peeler Janet Perry Mary Ellen Petrea Mary Neil Petrea Doris Phillips Ronnie Phillips Ellen Plummer Lois Poole Keith Poteat Don Preslar Linda Price [juniors Belle Propst Carolyn Puntch Leslie Puntch Rusty Rainey Nancy Rakes Martha Rich Sandra Ridenhour Sue Ritchie Mary Frances Rivers Amelia Rodgers Sonny Rodgers Boyd Rogers Jenny Russell Jeff Safrit Linda Safrit Tommy Sanders Kenneth Scercy Anna Ree Seagle Dian Seymour Lewis Seymour Sylvia Sherrill Jimmy Shinn Gary Shive Bays Shoaf Evelyn Sides Roy Sides Gaynelle Simpson John Sims Jimmy Slaughter Gartrell Sloan Janice Sloop Kaye Sloop Richard Small Brenda Smith Don Smith Linda Smith Zadie Smith Linda Smoak Joel Sneed Judy Snow Melvin Spry Laurene Staton Beatrice Steen Johnny Steen Barbara St. John Gerry Stowe Gary Stuart Lucy Styers Jeffrey Swing Kathy Taylor Lanny Teague Patsy Tennent Shelby Tennent Patricia Thompson Martin Thrasher Patricia Tilly Sara Anne Trott Martha Troutman Jerry Trull Ronald Tutterow Susu Tuttle Cathy Ussery Jennings Waggoner Judy Wagner Jerry Walker Shelia Waller Bill Ward Ronnie Watts Wayne Watts Denny White Dianne White Ralph Whitley Don Whitmire Joyce Wike Deana Williams Elnora Williams Judy Wilson Phil Wiseman Becky Withers Sylvia Wood Elaine Workman Brenda Wright ‘ohe Sophomore Class omore Off icers SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Beverly Moore Treosurer Sylvia Gillion Secretary Eager, anxious sophomores were we, as we entered the unfamiliar building to register for our first year at Brown High School. With brave smiles and wandering eyes, we timidly faced our upperclassmen; however, on these strange faces we later saw the warmth of friendly smiles. As the year progressed, we as a class held our own in scholastic achievement, as well as school spirit. We became an important part of Brown High as we par- ticipated in sporting events, attended social activities. Jimmy Hodgens Vice-President Ralph Johnston President and supported our school with our time and effort. We looked ahead to our many responsibilities with great awareness and determination. With pride we ex- celled in the " World ' s Finest Chocolate " sale. Many of our classmates achieved honor through their outstand- ing participation in athletics. We will long remember and hold dear to our hearts the memories of lasting friendships and the happiness we shared together this, our sophomore year. 56 Glenda Adams Joy Adams Tony Adams Willie Mae Adams Emily Alexander Linda Argo Bobby Atkinson Jerry Austin Janice Baker Stephen Ball Sandra Barbee Phyllis Bates Irby Bauknight Janice Beam Brenda Beard Robert Bernard Ronald Bigham Cathy Blackerby Joey Blackwelder Bobby Blevins Jo Boone Earl Booth Alice Bost Betty Bost Max Bowlin Aundra Brewer Jerry Brewer Gilbert Brigman Jerry Brigman Jimmy Brigman Bobby Brooks Joe Brooks Linda Brooks Doug Brothers Burl Bruce Linda Bryant Brenda Bullard Linda Bullard Tim Bullard Betty Jo Burr Margo Butler Ricky Caldwell Kay Campbell Peggy Campbell Alice Cannon Dean Canup Michael Carey Patsy Carrouth Jimmy Carter Larry Caulder Betenia Chastain Cammilla Childers Linda Childers Phyllis Childers Tommy Childers Steve Chisholm 57 Linda Christy Grey Clarke Sarah Clayton Rachel Cody Judy Collins Bobby Compton Brenda Compton Harold Cook John Coon Jo Anne Coone Brenda Cooper Gerald Correll Millie Crisco Lynn Daniels George David David Davis Saundra Davis Judy Dayvault Steve Dayvault Linda Deal Ann Deaton Joyce DeMarcus John Dial Charles Dickson Karen Drolette Betty Duncan Jerry Dwiggins Diana Eagle Bobbie Earnhardt Phil Efird Carol Edison Ronald Evans Wayne Faggart Bobby Faust Elaine Fisher Lorraine Fisher Louise Fisher Gaythal Fleeman Pamela Fletcher Brenda Freeman Linda Freeman Darlene Fritz Gary Funderburke Leonore Gabrief Kent Gaddy Donnie Galloway Jimmy Gantt Harry Gilbert Sylvia Gillon Nancy Goble Johnny Gofroth Steve Goodman Fred Goodnight Steve Goodnight Billy Graham Larry Gray 58 James Gribble Jerry Griffin Michael Griggs Johnny Gulledge Carol Hamilton Harold Hamilton Susan Harmon Wayne Harrington Suzanne Harris Judy Hartsell Linda Harwood Brenda Helms Mary Glen Hendrick Ellen Hilburn Buddy Hill Tommy Hillman Edward Himmelman Kay Hinson Johnny Hoce Jimmy Hodgens Mona Lynn Hollar Kay Holshouser Catherine Honeycutt Trudie Hood Betty Jo Howell Phil Hubbard Louise Hudson Michael Huffstetler Leonard Hunter Mike Ingram Rose Inman Patricia Irby Steve Jackson Jimmy Johnson Runnie Johnson Ralph Johnston Marilyn Jolly Gary Jones Jerry Jones Larry Jones Donna Jordan Linda Karriker Raymond Karriker Elmer Kearney Larry Keever Tim Kennerly Sharon Kerley Bonita Ketner Wilson King Barbara Kiser Johnsie Ann Kite Judy Kluttz Sue Knear Patsy Lackey Cecil Lambert Jean Lane 59 Sophomore i Martha Laney Vickie Laney Joyce Lazenby Mike Lear Barbara Lee George Lentz Jimmy Leonard Angela Lindsay Larry Linker James Lipe Mary Lomax Alice Loudermilk David Lowery Earl Lumsden Billy Lunsford Patricia Lunsford Buddy Lynch Ellen McCarn Teresa McCarthy Danny McClendon Peggy McClendon Helen McDonald Janet McElroy Brenda McKinney Kenneth McManus Tanya McRae Linda Messer Dwight Middleton Barbara Milam Gene Miles Jimmy Miles Ronnie Moon Ann Mooney Bettv Moore Beverly Moore Carlos Moore Kenneth Moore Donnie Morgan Lovetta Mullis Sandra Mullis Danny Nichols Freddy Oldham Barbara Overcash Jerry Overcash Sandra Pennington Juanene Phelps Patsy Phillips Jerry Pickrel Johnny Powell Barry Price Ann Purser Brenda Ramsey Charlene Reece Gary Reed Billie Reynolds Claude Rich 60 Susan Rich David Ritchie Rosanne Roberson Tommy Robinette Ronnie Rollins Jimmy Roseman Pat Roseman Betty Rowland Terry Rowland Brenda Russell Eddie Russell Ray Russell Raymond Seaford Johnny Sebastion Johnsie Sellers Shirley Setzer Donald Shaver Butch Sheeks LaRue Sims Gene Sloop Jerry Sloop Michael Sloop Bill Smith Larry Smith Carolyn Snipes Arthurine Spry Larry Staley Steve Staley Mike Starnes Glenda St. Clair Gene Steeie James Strickland Johnny Sullivan Peggy Jean Sutton William Sweat Nancy Tarlton Mary Tate Patsy Tennent Lylian Thomas Edward Thompson Janice Thompson Cynthia Threadgill Peggy Thrasher Carolyn Tilley David Tilley Joanne Troutman Larry Tucker Pat Turner Margaret Tuttle Linda Twitty Fred Tyner Wavne Vinson Linda Waller Anne Ware Diane Watson Geraldine Wells 61 Sandy Wood Elbert Woodard Ronnie Woodard Judy White Michael White Patty Kay White Robert Whitley Junior Whitten Mary Lillion Wiley Lovetta Wilhoim Julia Wilkerson Belinda Williams Dana Williams Kenneth Williams Mary Ann Williams Wayne Wilson Phil Wise SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED JUNIORS SENIORS Norman Alexander Kenneth Alexander Harold Thomas Beets Jerry Allen Myra Baxter Edgar Brown, Jr. Carol Allman Eddie Black Max Luther Cheek Robert Barnhardt Linda Callicutt Barry Wayne Childers Tommy Boyette Irene Campbell Gary Eldon Donahue Fred Brynt Gene Cline Thomas Lester Hammett Hayden Bumgarner Phyllis Dillard James Mclnis Larry Bumgarner Wayne Fowler Charles Kenneth McRae Johnny Campbell Terry Gibson Bill J. Melton Sandra Carringer Davie Hall William W. White, Jr. Buddy Chapman Jerry Harrington Carl Kelley James Compton Linda Henry Billy Deese Ronnie Hicks Wayne Dial James Hudson Betty Dunlap Elaine James Jimmy Grimes limmy Jones Brenda Gregory Bobby Love Carol Hager Carol Marshall James Hardy Earl McLendon Betty Herron Claudette Medlin Geraldine Holcomb Harry Mills Larry Ketchie Pauline Moon Jerry Livengood Tony Moore J. E. Melton Wayne Moore Lynette Overcash Verrol Nash Joyce Pittman Mike Osborne Barry Price David Pennell Elaine Simerly Bill Phillips Robert Smith Dorothy Simmons Jane Starnes Peggy Waller Jerry Taylor Brenda Ward Linda Tweed Garren Watkins Pat Turner Glynn Weatherby Johnny Webb Tommy Woodard Linda Wilhelm 62 Lucille Gibson, Essie Adams, Melvin Hopper, and James Brown are an indispensable part of Brown High School. These personalities keep our classrooms and halls immaculately clean throughout the school year. Their services and efforts are always tirelessly per- formed. We are deeply appreciative of their services and hope these four will linger with us for many years to come. To them, a sincere thank you from Brown High School. Essie and Lucille ese 3viendly Ones Keep Brown Clean Melvin James 63 M iL ' H ' l ' -timS 91 z mrn m w z T ! 5 « , HI P » 0 CSP « » S«« 01 SC S f£ S| . dS » Kti • - ■ IS® ■vuret : K J 7 « i zmmmrml w.m : w 1 fi« iSSS ? It ' s the hand clasp, the good word and the smile That does the most and helps the most to make the world worth while. It ' s all of us together, or it ' s only you and I — A ringing song of fellowship, a word or two of cheer. Then all the world is gladder, and the bending sky is clear. It ' s you and I together — and we ' re brothers one and all Whenever through fellowship we hear the subtle call. Whenever in the ruck of things we feel the helping hand Or see the deeper glow that none but we can understand — Then all the world is good to us and all is worth the while. It ' s the hand clasp, the good word, and the smile. FELLOWSHIP ' May Queen DIANNE HUGGINS Homecoming Queen JUDY HUDSON Miss Hi Miss JUDY TURNER m MOST CO-OPERATIVE MOST POPULAR Taska Sikes George Kiser Jimmy Dayvault Judy Turner MOST CAPABLE Joonne Drolette Scott Trott Senior MOST DIGNIFIED MOST ATHLETIC Dianne Huggins Jerry Dellinger Jane Bullock Jerry Hicks BEST LOOKING Judy Hudson George Kiser MOST TALENTED Alma Jean Price Terry Morgan BEST ALL-ROUND Jimmy Dayvault Judy Davis BEST CITIZEN Jane Dayvault Bill Bond 72 BEST PERSONALITY Danny Bost Judy Turner MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Jere Noel Scott Trott Senior Superlatives FRIENDLIEST WITTIEST The deafening roll of drums, the piercing sound of trumpets, high stepping majorettes, dancing letter girls blend to instigate the thrilling sensation experienced by everyone at the sight of the A. L. BROWN HIGH SCHOOL BAND, under the direction of Mr. Harvey Turner. Whether at football games, pep rallies or parades our band has been a highlight The abilities the band has displayed stimulates both pride and spirit throughout our town and has earned it State-wide recognition. Jimmy Slaughter DRUM MAJOR Mr. Harvey Turner DIRECTOR First Row: Jimmy Slaughter, Judy Hudson, Emily Love, Mildred Alexander, Myra Atkinson, Judy Turner. Second Row: Ruth Keys, Charles Murray, George David, Cynthia Threadgill, Martha Rich, Rosemary Sills, Alice Cannon, Suzanne Harris, Sarah Clay- ton, Sandra Dwiggins, Jenny Brothers, Peggy Clayton. Third Row: Guy Brooks, Tim Bullard, Joyce DeMarcus, Janet Maulden, Lenora Gabriel, Pam Fletcher, Sandy Wood, Judy Dove, Jere Noel, Authurine Spry, Elaine McCombs, Becky Corn. Fourth Row: ohe AX. Brown Terry Rowland, Beth Dellinger, Brenda Nash, Betty Ann Davis, Barbara Jane Kiser, Vicki Hastings, Bobby Crutchfield, Mike Me Cam, Neddie Dickerson, Don Dickerson, Don Presslar, Steve Deal Ronnie Moon. Fifth Row: Rick Rickard, Steve Williams, Wayne Goodman, Kenneth Murray, David Adcock, Allen Brant- ley, Ronald Evans, Larry Jones Wayne Dunn Robert Sawyer Simmons Hendrick. 74 SPONSORS Judy Hudson, tmily Love, Mildred Alexander, Myra Atkinson, Judy Turner. MAJORETTES Susu Tuttle, i ebo Griffin, Alice Montgomery, chiet ma- jorette; Janet McElroy Kathy Ussery, Elaine Workman. high School Band p i rst Row: Susu Tuttle, Reba Griffin, Janet McElroy Kathy Us- sery, Elaine Workman. Second Row: Fddie Trott, Margo Butler, Mary Lilian Wiley, Peggy Thrasher, Joanne Troutman, Ann Ware, Tippy Peeler, Annu Rae Seagle, Emily Alexander Ralph Barnhart, Ronnie Williams, Jo Boone, Judy Kluttz Third Row George Fisher, Robert Alley, Bo Bundy, Donnie Turner Marvin Carter, Joe Brooks, Ronnie Watts, Arlene Benton Glenn Weath- erby, Michael Critz, Bill Dove, Terry Morgan. Fourth Row: Doug Brothers. Claude Rich, Keith Moore, Eddie Scarborough, Paris Fisher, Mickey Baucom, Gary Shive, Bonita Ketner, Gary Stowe . Kenneth Williams, Melvin Butler, Monty Mayes, " Cookie 7, Ketchie. Fifth Row: Gene Miles Mike Starnes, Jeff Swing, Danny Nichols, P. O. Greene, George Oehler, John Sims, Ted Miller, Johnny Dalrumple, Ellis White, Johnny Coon. 75 Student (government SESSION HOUSE Standing: Marvin Williams. First Row: Dian Barlow, Kay Moore, Pam Fletcher, Sara Trott, Ronnie Phillips. Second Row: Jane Bullock, bandy Wood, Sandra Council, Teresa McCarthy, Gary Stuart, Jerry Rogers, Third Row: Dianne Huggins, Willie Mae Adams, Jerry Brewer, Eugene Price, Keith Moore, Scott Trott. Fourth Row: Jerry Little, Joyce Lazenby, James Gribble, Alice Cannon, Bonita Ketner. Fifth Row: Miss Bounds, Jimmy Dayvault, Nancy Moss, Mary Lillian Wiley, Prue Payne. 76 The Student Government of A. l. Brown High School is the means of putting democracy, the keynote of American life, into action. The Student Government gives to the student body the machinery for participating in the government of the school; it sets the stage for and produces the ex- periences which American citizens are called upon to face in their adult communities. Most important of all, it teaches the obligations and responsibilities which be- long to individuals who wish to enjoy and preserve our democratic way of life. Miss Bounds and President Jimmy Dayvault admire new seal. COUNCIL MEMBERS Judy Davis Bill Bond Susu Tuttle Denny White Barbara Jane Kiser Bobby Compton 77 It is the purpose of the ALBROKAN staff to produce a yearbook which displays originality, creativeness, and an organized review of the past school year. The staff writes all the copy, prepares all the pictures for the press, and organizes the entire annual for publication. The BROWN HIGHLIGHTS staff publishes eight newspapers annually. It is the purpose of the staff to produce all the news of importance, any work ot in- terest, and a bit of humor each time a paper is pub- lished. With this purpose in mind, the staff works dili- gently to serve the school to its capacity. Joanne Drolette, co-editor; Patricia Williams, business manager; Jane Dayvault, co-editor. Alkvoli n a nd Brown Judy Alley REPORTER Barbara Armstrong NEWS EDITOR Jane Bullock HOMEROOM EDITOR Jane Dayvault CO-EDITOR Bonnie Deal REPORTER Joanne Drolette CO-EDITOR Gaynell Funderburk REPORTER P. 0. Greene REPORTER Shirley Griggs REPORTER Anne Himmelman REPORTER Betty isenhour CLUB EDITOR Mary Ann Johnson ALUMNI EDITOR Harri et Maulden MUSIC EDITOR Doris Phillips ART EDITOR Karen Price FEATURE EDITOR Lynda Robinette SPORTS EDITOR Ralph Whitley SPORTS EDITOR Patricia Williams BUSINESS MANAGER Phyllis Williams EXCHANGE EDITOR Christina Dry DIVISION POETRY Staff members busily fold paper. 78 Judy Alley, Barbara Armstrong, Jane Bullock, Jane Dayvault, Bonnie Deal, Joanne Drolette, Gaynell Funderburk, P. O. Greene, Shirley Griggs, Anne Himmelman, Betty Isenhour, Mary Ann Johnson, Harriet Maulden, Doris Phillips, Karen Price, Lynda Robinette, Ralph Whitley, Patricia Williams, Phyllis Wil- liams. Highlights Staff First Row: Ralph Whitley, Betty Isenhour, Joanne Drolette, Gay- nell Funderburk, Anne Himmelman, Karen Price, Jane Dayvault. Second Row: Mary Ann Johnson, Lynda Robinette, Jane Bullock, Harriet Maulden, Bonnie Deal, Judy Alley, P. O. Grfene, Doris Phillips, Shirley Griggs, Patricia Williams, Barbara Armstrong, Phyllis Williams. 79 Mixed Chorus Officers — Seated: Terry Morgan, President; Mack Bryant, Treasurer; Rebecca Perry, Secretary; Buddy Moss, Vice- President. The Mixed Chorus, under the direction of Mrs. H. B. Biggers, has been a great asset to our school. From the anticipation of the " Gay Nineties, " the response of the audience during the Messiah, and the stimulating chapel program to the fabulous concert in the spring, it has truly been an inspiration to each of us. First Row: Kay Sloop, Anita House, Diane Watson, Judy Hartsell, Brenda Helms, Pat Turner, Linda Leitch, Donna Jordan, Kaye Holshouser, La Rue Sims, Patsy Tennent, Claudette Medlin. Mary Glenn Hendrick, Bea Ballard, Elizabeth Christy. Second Row: Dana Williams, Sarah Ga briel, Gaynelle Simpson, Phyllis Childers, Alva Deese Ruby Moss, Martha Troutman, Rebecca Perry, Bobby Earnheart, Lylan Thomas, Gay Funderburk, Judy Mrs. H. B. Biggers, director, and Anita House, accompanist, planning a future program. Mixed Chorus Collins, Ellen Plummer, Linda Henry, Mary Tate. Third Row: Larry Keever, Mack Bryant, Terry Morgan, Ronnie McGinnis, Berl Bruce, Ralph Whitley, Johnny Goforth. Fourth Row: Betty Moore, Brenda Brandon, Linda Knight, Doris Jones, Phyllis Dil- lard, Bill Phillips Charles Gainey, Phil Efird, Tommy Griffith, Larry Hudson, Johnsie Kite, Linda Honeycutt, Jan Nixon, Tanya McCray. 80 Key CluS The Key Club is a service organization composed of boys from the Sophomores, Junior, and Senior classes. Its purpose is developing character, building leadership, and promoting better citizens. All " Kev Clubbers " must have high academic standing, good character, and a desire to work. Billy Bond, Danny Bost, Bobby Compton, Jimmy Dayvault, Jerry Dellinger, Ralph Johnston, Edgar Ketchie, George Kiser, Keith Moore, Terry Morgan, Ronnie Phillips, Rusty Rainey. Baxter Shelton, Don Smith, Bradley Stroup, Gary Stuart, Denny White, Marvin Williams. Barbara Armstrong, Jane Bullock, Jane Dayvault, Joanne Drolette, Doris Phillips Kbren Pi ice, Judy Turner, Ralph Whitley, Patricia Williams, Phyllis Williams. The Josephus Daniels Chapter of the National Quill and Scroll selects for its organization any student who excels in the field of journalism. It strives to kindle the spark of interest of these students and to encourage careers in journalism. The requirements for membership are to be in the upper one-third of your class, to have taken one year of journalism, to have had a minimum of fifty inches of work published, and to be approved bv the national office. The advisor of Quill and Scroll is Mrs. Vivian W. Caudle. Quill And Scroll Mrs. Vivian W. Caudle, advisor 82 Honor Society The Alpha Chi Sigma Chapter of the National Honor Society taps annually students who excel in scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Seniors and juniors may be inducted as members; sophomores, on a pro- bationary membership. As its projects for the year, the Honor Society pre- sents a Thanksgiving program, a tea for all “A " stu- dents, and many other deeds of service. The club tries to encourage the development of schol- arship, leadership, character, and service of its members as well as those outside the organization. Scott Trott, treasurer; Jere Noel, secretary; Jerry Dellinger, president; George Kiser, vice-president. Myra Atkinson, Jane Bullock, Judy Davis, Jane Dayvault, Jerry George Oehler, Alma Jean Price, Sara Trott, Scott Trott, Judy Dellinger, Joanne Drolette, Bobby Hill, George Kiser, Jere Noel, Turner, Denny White, Marvin Williams. First Row: Elnora Williams, Jere Noel, Jeannie Price, Karen Price, Myra Atkinson. Second Row Mrs Janie Yates, Pat Newsome, Harriet Maulden, Brenda Brandon, Judy Turner. Third Row: Bea Ballard, Roger Correll, Leon Goolsby, Boyd Cor- re 1 1 , Jimmy Slaughter. Brown Masquers First Row. Phyllis Williams, Jackie Sherrill, Anita House, Brenda McKinley, Susan Rich, Kay Sloop. Second Row Martha Troutman, Tyna Coggins, Betty Ann Davis, Vickie Laney, Bobbie Graham, Marion Griffin. Third Row: Wayne Armstrong, Kent Gaddy, Tina Dry, Shirley Griggs, Eliza Matthews, Cookie Ketchie. Fourth Row: Bea Ballard, Kathy Cochran, Linda Johnson, Kay James, Mary Ann Johnson, Charles Murray. " Jr ' h J eM ri if N| I ff IIR mBi tel 84 The purpose of the National Thespian Society is to promote the interest and participation in dramatic arts in the high school. Members are selected on the basis of interest and participation in the various phases of the theatre. The Thespians at Brown have made the headlines many times for their work here in Kannapolis and in the state. A student is tapped when he has twenty points, which he may attain during the years work on plays. He may obtain the points by a role in a play or by work in the property, costume, or make-up departments. " Charlie ' s Aunt " ... a great success espians Brenda Brandon, Sandra Goodman, Tommy Griffith, Anita House, Overcash, Karen Price, Jeannie Price, Jim Slaughter, Elnora Ann Johnson, Buddy Marlin, Charles Murray, Jere Noel, Kay Williams, Mrs. Janie Yates, advisor. 85 Bi Sle Clu6 The Bible Club provides Bible study, worship, and fellowship. It is open to any high school student who is interested in high Christian ideals. The principal aim of the Bible Club is spiritual growth — to develop the minds of the students and to encourage them to grow " in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and Man. " OFFICERS Miss Elizabeth McMurray, advisor; Peggy Clayton, pianist; Emily Love, song leader; Bradley Stroup, secretary-treasurer; Sandra Dwiggins, vice-president; Lottie Groff, reporter; Richard Jordan, president. ■+L - ■jffsawg ■riSSr.l First Row: Miss Elizabeth McMurray, Joyce Earley, Vicki Benton, Gaynell Funderburke, Linda Robinette, Sandra Dwiggins, Lottie Groff, Linda Huie, Darlene Morris, Barbara Corriher. Second Row: Teddy Davis, Linda Karriker, Johnsie Sellars, Terrie Peeler, Betty David, Kenneth Sellars. Third Row: Bobby Blevins, Jere Noel, Mary Ann Johnson, Jean- nie Hooper, Emily Love, Brenda Neal, Joyce Lazenby, Pam Fletcher, Willie May Adams, Linda Beam, Bill Bond. Fourth Row: Claudine Sloop, Sylvia Wood, Elizabeth Little, Carolyn Earwood, Shirley Griggs. Fifth Row: Simmons Hendrick, Linda Freeman, Tina Dry, Janice Thompson, Sylvia Gillon, Vicki Hastings, Dorothy Simmons, Linda Smoak, Ruby Moss, Joyce Wyke, Bradley Stroup. Sixth Row: Billy Dove, Kenneth Murray, Peggy Clayton, Wayne Goodman, Eliza Matthews, Gail Cheek, Brenda Nash, Darlene Fritz, Betty Simmons, Judy Martin, Carol Morris, Juanita Davis, Barbara Hill, Linda Griggs. 86 First Row: Ellen McCarn, Julia Wilkerson, Saundra Davis, Bobby Atkinson, Peggy Sutton, Larry Staley. Second Row: Ellen Hillburn, Betty Sue Wlngler, Barbara Key, Carol Tilley, Cynthia Threadgill, Carolyn Anthony. Third Row: Gaythal Funderburk, Steve Staley, Larry Caudle, Bobby Blevins, Teddy Davis. OFFICERS Ellen Hillburn, president; Julia Wilkerson, vice-president, and Betty Sue Wingler, secretary-treasurer. The aim of the members of the Library Club is to provide a better understanding of how to use the library and to encourage reading at home and school. The members are busy constantly checking books, keeping the shelves in order, and filing pamphlets, newspapers, and clippings. Honors, as well as work, are familiar to the Library Club members. This year two of the members are hold- ing district offices; Carolyn Anthony is vice-president and Bobby Blevins, district reporter. These students not only work but also learn under the guidance of Miss Mary Wilburn. Cibr ry Chih DISTRICT OFFICERS Carolyn Anthony and Bobby Blevins d 7 Qivls ' Athletic Association First Row: Gail Cheek, Jan Nixon, Jan Hipps. Second Row: Linda Barbee, Carol Tilley, Ellen Hillburn, Carolyn Carpenter, Gaynell Funderburk, Sharon Kerley, Betty Jo Howell, Brenda Ramsey, Margaret Tuttle, Judy Dowless, Anna Ree Seagle, Anne Ware. Third Row Nancy Morgan, Linda Twitty, Rachael Cody, Barbara Deese, Lucy Styers, Ann Deaton, Mary Tate, Bobby Atkinson, Phyllis Bates, Arlene Benton, Tippy Peeler Bobbie Graham Fourth Row: Linda Deal, Brenda McKinney, Betty Rowland, Sandra Barbee, Linda Leitch, Brenda Freeman, Ros- anne Roberson, Janet McElroy, Kathy Blackerby, Saundra Davis, Martha Rich, Leonore Gabriel. Fifth Row: Nancy Goble, Darlene Fritz, Pat Irby, Joyce DeMarcus, Karen Krimminger, Brenda Beard, Becky Corn, Beth Dellinger, Brenda Nash. Front Patricia Williams. First Row: Barbara Armstrong, Mrs. A. M Whitmire (advisor), Brenda Freeman, Betty Davis. Second Row: Jere Noel, Charlotte Eidson, Joanne Drolette, Jane Day- vault. (jcaeficrs Of America 3uture 88 3 utuve First Row: Barbara Harding, Betty Berryman, Brenda McKin- ney, Erlene Webster. Second Row: Helen Hancock, Elizabeth Little, Sylvia Wood, Linda Ballard, Henrietta Bullock, Pat Brad- shaw, Shelia Goodman, Mildred Holt. Third Row: Sarah Bur- nette, Janet Perry, Claudine Sloop, Maxine Caudle, Judy Snow, Joyce Mitchell, Miss Sally Casstevens, advisor. Homemakers Of Am e vie a First Row: Teddy Davis, Carolyn Anthony, Saundra Davis, Bob- bie Atkinson, Steve Deal. Second Row: Kenneth Leonard, Mickey Linebarrier, Mr. Elmer Poole, advisor, Bobby Blevins, David Adcock. (5ri Sci-Clu6 89 ®a«n«Ti1 9 9 r i i i y 4|j ■ 7 r . JHfiij i, f Mlmml 1 3 tench Glut? First Row: Jane Bullock, treasurer; Odell Jordan, secretary; Myra Atkinson, vice-president; Robert Hudson, president. Second Row: Gaynell Funderburke, Susan Tuttle, Kathy Taylor, Brenda Wright, Barbara Corriher, Belle Propst, Becky Corn, Emily Love, Cathy Ussery, Linda Jo Johnson, Mrs. Maxine Barnhardt, advisor. Third Row Deana Williams, Joyce Reid, Amelia Rodgers, Brenda Neal, Janice Sloop, Ruth Keys, Karen Price, Jane Ann Lee, Judy Wagoner, Gail Christian. Fourth Row: Sandra Council, Lynda Robinette, Tippy Peeler, Arlene Benton, Kay Moore, Susan Gribble, Sue Ritchie, Charlotte Eidson, Reba Griffin, Judy Alley. Fifth Row: Lucy Styers, Betty Anne Davis, Carlotta Joy- ner, Evelyn Sides, Baxter Shelton, Bradley Stroup, Bill Bond, Don Smith, Judy Snow, Jane Dayvault, Tina Dry. Sixth Row: Terrv Peeler, Patricia Thompson, Beth Dellinger, Myra Honey- cutt, Sandra Hinson, Terry Morgan, Scott Trott, Kenneth Mur- ray, Harold Honbarrier, David Hawkins, Wayne Smithers, Mary Ann Johnson, Eliza Mathewes. Seventh Row: David Brindle, Warren Chapman, Wayne Goodman, Johnny Sims, Martin Thrasher, Jim Slaughter, Gary Shive, Ancel Holtzclaw, Rick Rickard, Gary Stuart, Johnny Mitchell, Jimmy Shinn. First Row Jere Noel, Denny White, Sandra Goodman. Second Row: Linda Argo, Charlene Reese, Betty Daniels, Brenda Free- man, Linda Beam, Connie Helms, Maxine Carter, Sylvia Wood, Barbara Deese. Third Row: Phyllis Williams, Mary Lou Hawkins, Libby Me Commons, Shirley Griggs, Ann Moss, Belle Propst, Linda Horne, Linda Robinette, Cookie Alexander, Leonore Ga- briel, Evelyn Sides, Mrs. Irene Edwards, advisor. Fourth Row: Johnny Mitchell, Terry Black, Ted Williams, Kenneth Davis, Richard Jordan, Dwight Middleton, Windel Burton, Simmons Hendrick. CluS First Row: Cara Holbrook, Ken Davis, Bea Ballard, Betty Dow- num, Rebekah Dayvault, Brenda Lambert, Frances Baer, Connie Helms, Sandra Goodman, Patricia Williams, Brenda Brandon, Kenneth Leonard, Tommy Gantt, Jimmy Sorrell. Second Row: Mike Craddock, Charles Moose, Danny Bost, Bobby Hill. Third Row: Larry Iman, Steve Williams, Cyril Harrington. Fourth Row: Ted Miller, Mrs. Virginia Caldwell, advisor, Thomas Griffin. First Row: Teresa McCarthy, Willie Mae Adams, Joyce Lazenby, Suzanne Harris. Second Row: Sara Clayton, Cathy Blackerby, Janet McElroy, Pamela Fletcher. Third Row: Mary Lillian Wiley, Peggy Thrasher, Sandy Wood, Mary Glen Hendrix. Fourth Row: Fred Goodnight, Tim Kennerly, Danny Nicholas, Larry Smith. Fifth Row- Larry Linker, Charlene Reece, Susan Harmon, Sixth Row: Steve Goodnight, Patsy Wright, Ralph Johnston, Harold Cooke. £afin Club Sp An is h Cl ub Patricia Williams, Mrs. Gilmore, Rebekah Dayvault, George Kiser, Barry Price. Banking Students First Row Peggy Clayton, Sandra Dwiggins, Alma Jean Price, Judy Turner, Robert Hartsell, Mrs. Bostian. Second Row: Judy Davis, Kay Moore, Carlotta Joyner, Bonnie Third Row: Billy Bond, Steve Williams, Gary Stuart, Jerry Rog- Deal, Barbara Armstrong, Becky Withers. ers. Mr. Drummond. 92 Linda Smoak, Myra Atkinson, Brenda Brandon. Standing: Nancy Morgan, Jo Boone, Teresa Jacobs, Sylvia Gil- Seated: Brenda Wright, Mrs. Gilmore. I° n Peggy Goodson. 3ivst Aid Assistants Ca oratonj Assistants First row: Pauline Moon, Dianne Barlow, Terrie Peeler. Second row: Janice Duncan, Sue Ritchie, Ruby Moss. Third row: Terry Morgan, Windel Burton, Warren Chapman. 93 Monitors Officers — Brenda Lambert, Linda Honeycutt, Alta Holshouser. First Row: Shirley Griggs, Jackie Sherrill, Janice Childers, Betty Daniel, Betty Bond, Janice King, Glenda Preslar, Barbara Smith, Shirley Harding, Linda Martin, Sherran Leonard. Second Row: Prue Payne, Nancy Morgan, Joan Childers, Phyllis Morgan, Glenna House, Sylvia Sherrill, Claudine Sloop, Rebekah Day- vault, Maxine Kerley, Shirley Reynolds, Mrs. Sara Hamrick, advisor. Third Row: Sandra Council, Jackie West, Linda Kiser, Mary Hess, Patricia Hall, Lois Blackwelder, Ann Moss, Peggy Overcash, Karen Krimminger, Jo Carol Jordan. Fourth Row: Carol Hampton, Linda Beam, Evelyn Sides, Barbara Armstrong, Brenda Wright, Barbara Corriher, Patricia Staton, Dianne Hug- gins, Mary Lou Hawkins, Libby McCommons, Brenda Nash. Fifth Row: Belle Propst, Linda Griggs, Janice Sloop, Gary Kearney, Bradley Stroup, Bill Bond, Leon Goolsby, Linda Darnell, Phyllis Williams. Stage Crew Michael Litaker, Ken Davis, manager; Eddie Himmelman, Buddy Chapman. 94 Monogram Club First Row: Jimmy Gantt, Don Whitmire, Ronnie Barlow, Ronnie Morris, Harry Mills, B oyd Correll, Ancel Holtzclaw, Lavon Ben- ton, Willie Biles, Wayne Downs, Danny Harkey, Alvin Moore, Tim Kennerly, Johnny Gulledge, Jerry Hicks, Danny Bost, Mar- vin Williams, Wilson King, Norman Moore. Second Row: Larry Goodnight, Ronnie Rollins, Johnny Steen, Grey Clark, Jeff Safrit, Bobby Hicks, Leon Richardson, Don Smith, Keith Po- teat, Jerry Little, Ronnie Phillips, James Hilton, Ted Williams, Kay Overcash, Jimmy Carter, Alton Helms, Ronnie Johnson, Steve Goodnight, Henry Eller. Third Row: Ronnie Davis, Ricky Caldwell, Robert Bernard, Jimmy Hodgens, Lanny Teague, Bobby Hill, Paul Ballard, Larry James, Ray Adcock, Kenneth Moore, Ray Haley, Bobby Compton, Wayne Wilson, Jerry Griffen, Jim Farrington, Bill Ward, Wesley Grant, Felix Dry, Edgar Ketchie, Mike Lear, Paris Fisher, Dean Canup, Ronnie Woodard, Ralph Johnston, Wayne McClannon, Roger Correll, Jimmy Roseman. JJy ; ■ ' B mi ft fe J Cj i Janice Childers, Mrs. Hamrick, Joan Childers, Sanara Council, Ollie Rollins, Phyllis Morgan, Robert Hartsell, Peggy Overcash. 95 Duplicating Students First row: L. F. Walters, Wanda Stack, Richard Jordan, Larry Thompson. Second row: Jenny Russell, Agnes Smith, Nancy Rakes, Mary Sue Hodge, Carol Hampton, Linda Martin, Mgry Ann Dudley, Barbara Smith, Shirley Harding, Linda Horne, Phyllis Cheek, Carol Brown. Third row: Kenneth Davis. Distributive Gdueation CluS Rollins, Mike Critz, Lorraine Williams, Lewis Seymour, Dwain Perry, Kenneth Lorbacher, Gary Kearney, Jerry Sloop, Bill Perry, Bill Melton, Arthur Barrier, Mike Irby, Mr. Howard Graham, advisor. Diversified Occupations Club First row. Mr. Milton Lamb, advisor; Joe Beck, Terry Watts, Michael Lowder, Wayne Nichols. Second row: Ronnie McGinnis, Barry Thornburg, Marvin Templeton, Melvin Butler, James Mc- Innis, Phil Wiseman, Steve Deal, Cecil Snipes, Jerry Carter, Steve Self. Third row: Wayne Moore, Larry Beam, Charles Lackey, Tony Moore, Carl McLendon, Charles Horton, Jack Eberhardt, Harold Felts, Jennings Waggoner, Harold Beets. 96 First Row: Boyd Correll, Bays Shoaf, Mike McCarn, Jeff Swing, Jimmy Slaughter, Steve Gentle, Ronnie Watts, Marvin Carter, Bobby Crutchfield. Second Row: Charles Emerson, Leon Goolsby, Douglas Christv. Kenneth Murray, Gary Shive, Willie Biles, Ron- nie Morris, Ronnie Moon, Keith Moore. Third Row: Tommy Sanders, John Sims, Johnny Dalrumple, Gary Stuart, Danny Harkey, Jerry Taylor, Bobby Hicks, Martin Thrasher. junior H i-JJ Soph omore Hi -y First Row: Jimmy Gantt, Ricky Caldwell, Kenneth Williams, Steve Goodnight, Mike Starnes, Ronnie Moon, Ralph Johnston, Bobby Compton, Freddie Goodnight, Jimmy Hodgens. Second Row: Mike Sloop, Phil Efird, Mike Griggs, Tim Kennerly, Ron- nie Evans, Tim Bullard, George Lentz, Bobby Blevins, Larry Smith, Kenneth Moore, Terry Rowland. Third Row: Jimmy Carter, Larry Gray, Mike Lear, Larry Linker, Claude Rich, John Coon, Robert Bernard, Mike Huffstettler, Gene Sloop, Carlos Moore, Eddie Russell. 97 Senior Hi-lJ First Row: Bill Dove, Marvin Williams, Bill Bond, Jerry Rogers. Second Row: Jerry Hicks, Robert Hartsell, Henry Eller, Jimmy Sorrell, Wayne Smithers, Dewey Howell, Charles Miller, Don Turner, Alvin Moore. Third Row: Charles Moose, Scott Trott, Rick Richard, Baxter Shelton, Wayne McClannon, Vernon Mor- ris, Ted Williams, Kenneth Davis. Fourth Row: Mike Critz, Ray Adcock, Bobby Hill, P O. Greene, Robert Hudson, Monty Mayes Ray Haley, Bradley Stroup. First Row: Judy Dowless, Barbara Deese, Gail Cheek, Pat New- som, Brenda Smith, Becky Corn, Kay Moore, Martha Rich, Kay Hall. Barbara Corriher, Brenda Wright, Kay Sloop, Eliza Mathews. Second Row: Linda Barbee, Carolyn Carpenter, Janice Sloop, Doris Phillips, Harriet Maulden, Beth Dellinger, Jane Mullinax, Cathy Ussery, Reba Griffin, Brenda Neal, Linda’ Safrit, Linda Moss. Third Row: Sylvia Sherrill, Beatrice Steen, Patricia i hompson, Arleen Benton, Anna Ree Seagle, Tippy Peeler, Brenda Nash, Elnora Williams, Emily Love, Susu Tuttle Kathy Taylor, Vicky Hastings, Judy Wagner. Fourth Row ; Sandra Hin- son, Linda Corn, Sara Gabriel, Mary Ann Johnson, Christina 98 ry ' S usan Gribble, Elaine Workman, Betty Ann Davis Ruth Keys, Janet Maulden. Zda Hi-y Karen Price, Cookie Alexander, Sandra Dwiggins, Taska Sikes, Glenda Presslar, Tyna Coggins, Jackie Sherrill, Joyce Davis, Judy Davis Alma Jean Price, Joyce Reid, Becky Perry, Shirley Griggs. Anne ' Himmelman, Erlene Webster, Jean Hooper Betty David, Barbara Armstrong, Connie Helms, Patricia Williams, Ann Johnson Jane Bullock, Alice Montgomery, Judy Turner, Cookie Ketchie, Bea Ballard. Phyllis Williams, Judy Hudson, Sandra Council, Linda Griggs, Suzanne Bradley, Bonnie Deal,, Mary Lou Hawkins, Sandra Goodman, Libby McCommons, Myra At- kinson, Elaine McCombs, Jere Noel, Jane Dayvault. Delia ori-Hi-lj Emily Alexander, Alice Cannon, Suzie Harris, Sandra Barbee, Margo Butler, Sandra Wood, Peggy Thrasher, Pam Fletcher, Judy Kluttz, Jo Boone, Margaret Tuttle, Beverly Moore, Joyce DeMarcus, Leonore Gabriel, Mary Lillian Wiley, Joanne Trout- man, Betty Bost, Sylvia Gillon, Janet McElroy, Anne Ware, Arthurine Spry, Barbara Jane Kiser, Ann Purser, Alice Louder- milk. La Rue Sims, Susan Harmon, Mary Tate, Sandra Davis, Cathey Blackerby. Sigma ‘Ori-Hi -JJ 99 J Fun is reason gone mad to achieve a definite, rational objective. Fun is inflamed by suppression, but never converted; it is the leaping lighting that blasts obstacles from its path. Fun is the X-ray of the soul, that penetrates and reveals the invisible. Fun is a contagion that laughs at quarantine and innoculates all who come in contact with it. Fun is the vibrant thrill in your voice that sways the wills of others into harmony with your own. Fun is the " philosopher ' s stone " that transmits dull tasks into delightful deeds. Fun is a magnet that draws kindred souls with irresistible force and elec- trifies them with the magnetism of its own resolves. FUN SCHEDULE Boyden Kannapolis 20 Albemarle Kannapolis 14 Kannapolis Statesville 14 Kannapolis Landis 0 Kannapolis Monroe 27 Harding Kannapolis 43 Kannapolis China Grove 0 Mooresville Kannapolis 27 Kannapolis Concord 7 Kannapolis Winecoff 40 6 14 7 0 6 0 12 6 0 0 Coach Edmiston Coach Watts 2959 Wonders fftrill Lavon Benton Co-captains: Alvin Moore The 1959 season was an even break for the Little Wonders as they won five and lost five In taking inventory of the season, we note that we had the potential power, but lacked the strength in some of our games. The year was one of many changes for our team. There were many new faces on the varsity squad, new work-out methods, and a new line coach, Coach Bill Watts. Coaches Edmiston and Watts guided the boys through a difficult season. The players and fans can recall such memories as these: tyina the top powerhouses of the conference, the victory over our rivals, the Concord Spiders; and our cherished home- coming game and its theme, " Thanks for the Memories, " that will linger with us years from now. 102 One touchdown wins the game! Speed pays big dividends. students with performance and skill First Row: Lavon Benton, Wayne Downs, Jimmy Hodgens, Paris Fisher, James Hilton, Don Whitmire, Ted Williams, Jim Farring- ton, Danny Harkey, Ronnie Barlow. Second Row: Felix Drye, Robert Barnard, Marvin Williams, Bill Ward, Steve Goodnight, Tim Kennedy, Jimmy Gantt, Ronnie Phillips, Gray Clark, Jeff Safrit. Third Row. Wilson King, Ronnie Collins, Alton Helms, Ray Adcock, Jimmy Carter, Johnny Gulledge, Norman Moore, Ralph Johnson, Lanny Teague, Edgar Ketchie. Fourth Row: A lvin Moore, Ray Haley, Mike Lear, Gene Moore, Kay Overcash, Jerry Griffen, Ricky Caldwell, Ronnie Johnson, Wesley Grant, Ronnie Woodard. Fifth Row: Roger Correll Wayne McClannon, Bobby Compton, Jimmy Roseman, Wayne Wilson, Willie Biles LANNY TEAGUE DANNY HARKEY DON WHITMIRE LAVON BENTON BOBBY COMPTON individual players exhibit School spirit enveloped the hearts of each of Brown High ' s students during all of our football season, but the unspeakable joy of winning the Concord-Kannapolis game caused our school spirit to reach a new peak of greatness. The thrilling cheers, the excitement, the an- ticipation and the tears of a wonderful victory will linger with us long after school days are over. Remem- ber? RONNIE BARLOW ALVIN MOORE RICKY CALDWELL JIMMY HODGENS WAYNE DOWNS 104 FELIX DRYE JIMMY ROSEMAN EDGAR KETCHIE JAMES HILTON GRAY CLARK skilL endurance , and enth usiasm Our football team of 1959-60 was made up of many new and inexperienced players. Excellent teamwork was seen in all the games although defeat was suffered, as well as victories won. These boys, as members of next year ' s team, will profit by the valuable experience which they gained this season. The football team and fans are looking forward to next year ' s season. BILL WARD RONNIE PHILLIPS JEFF SAFRIT JIM FARRINGTON WESLEY GRANT 105 Ray Russell, Jerry Hicks, Ronnie Barlow, Paul Ballard, Leon Davis, Grey Clark, Terry Rowland, and Ronnie Woodard. Richardson, Keith Poteat, Jerry Little, Ronnie Phillips, Ronnie Basketball (5eam skewed KEITH POTEAT TERRY ROWLAND RONNIE DAVIS RONNIE PHILLIPS The 1959-60 boys ' basketball team, relatively small and inexperienced, started the season with winning spirit. They adapted themselves well to a new coach and gave an exciting season They were packed with spirit, fire, and hustle; all of which combined to win the respect of their opponents and the admiration of the student body. spirit, fire, and Hustle JERRY LITTLE LEON RICHARDSON Grab it and go. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Kannapolis 39 Winecoff 25 Kannapolis 49 Winecoff 24 Kannapolis 46 Central 30 Kannapolis 63 Celeste Henkel 43 Kannapolis 79 Mt. Pleasant 38 Kannapolis 62 Mt. Pleasant 25 Kannapolis 43 Landis 47 Kannapolis 31 Statesville 34 Kannapolis 36 Thomasville 47 Kannapolis 44 Concord 67 Kannapolis 62 China Grove 35 Kannapolis 35 Asheboro 50 Kannapolis 72 Albemarle 52 JERRY HICKS RONNIE BARLOW Way to go, Jan! Mad scramble ends in jump ball. The Girls ' Basketball team of Brown High has brought recognition to our school from both opponents and fans. High spirit and good sportsmanship, definite character- istics of the team, with their outstanding ability has made them among the leaders in the new conference. Coached by Ed Edminston the Wonderettes have been a highlight of our school life and activity. SCHEDULE Kannapolis 47 Winecoff 36 Kannapolis 48 Winecoff 35 Kannapolis 50 Central 37 Kannapoli! 42 Celeste Henkel 32 Kannapolis 81 Mt. Pleasant 63 Kannapolis 58 Mt. Pleasant 46 Kannapolis 55 Landis 36 Kannapolis 50 Statesville 48 Kannapolis S3 Thomasville 49 Kannapolis 47 Concord 49 Kannapolis 54 China Grove 43 Kannapolis 58 Asheboro 56 m spirit JAN NIXON, guord MARY LOU HAWKINS, guord JANE OAYVAULT, guord LIBBY McCOMMONS, guard Kneeling: Jane Dayvault, Libby McCommons, Jan Nixon, Mary Lou Hawkins, Jane Bullock, Cookie Alexander. Standing: Margaret Tuttle, Beverly Moore, Leonora Gabriel, Deana Williams, Gail Cheek, Joyce DeMarcus, Barbara Jane Kiser, Julia Wilkerson. Jan Hipps, Janet McElroy, Beth Dellinger, Linda Smith, Vickie Hastings, Linda Twitty,. Nancy Morgan. win recognition in new eon erence JANE BULLOCK, forward " COOKIE " ALEXANDER, forward BARBARA JANE KISER, forword DEANA WILLIAMS, forward First Row: Ronnie Barlow, Lavon Benton, Danny Harkey, Larry Second Row: Harry Mills, Ancel Holtzclaw, Ronnie Phillips, James, Danny Bost, Jerry Hicks, Larry Goodnight, Bobby Hicks, Ronnie Davis, Paul Ballard, James Hilton. B seS U 5 edin Wrestling 3eam First Row: Terry Milam, Douglas Christie, Vernon Morris, Tim Kennerly, Steve Chisholm. Second Row: Johnny Gulledge, Marvin Williams, Martin Thrash- er, Larry Caulder, Ancel Holtzclaw, Ray Adcock, Jackie Smith, Jerry Taylor, Alvin Moore. Third Row: Ted Williams, Rick Richard, Kenneth Mann, Dewey Howell, Grady Ross, Tommy Griffith, Jim Farrington, Danny Harke , James Lipe, Kenneth MacMannus. Row One: Boyd Correll, Bobby Hill, Ronnie Rollins, Wayne Mc- Clannon, Lanny Teague, Alton Helms, Norman Moore, Jimmy Gantt, Ralph Johnston. Second Row: Ronnie Morris, Bobby Blevins, Don Whitmire, Henry Eller, Paris Fisher, Jimmy Carter, Johnny Gulledge, Larry Caulder, Ray Adcock. Third Row: Leon Goolsby, Johnny Steen, Robert Bernard, Ricky Caldwell, Kenneth Moore, Ray Haley, Edgar Ketchie, Jimmy Roseman, Robert Sawyer, Billy Bond. Fourth Row: Gerry Stowe, George Kiser, Gary Stuart, Bradley Stroup, Larry Grey, Bill Ward, Steve Jackson, Kenneth Murray, Scott Trott, Wesley Grant, Marvin Carter, Bobby Compton. 3 e a m Ludwig ' s Studio 103 North Main Street Kannapolis, North Carolina WE. 3-6726 " You Will Like Our Portraits " 1 1 1 CONOR A TULA HONS AND BES T WISHES TRADE. MAR CANNON CANNON MILLS COMPANY KANNAPOLIS, NORTH CAROLINA, U. S. A. 112 Charles A. Cannon Memorial Library Kannapolis Branch Kannapolis, North Carolina 28081 CABARRUS COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 3 3083 00349 2136

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