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.J , I . 'L X r'-I . ', I . bkqr A , Vx , -' V' - 1 I, by bf ' ' if . A F 1 ' V f " pw N jj I Aux qv, IJ V A I lx : ix. A N X N rf KJ, I z f , 14 V .I X 'UQ M iv LJ V :Jw ,. K Iv' , iw, lb KL A. V. sl 1 Y M1 v' e , I J ' xl , ' -L " V' 4 . 1 'X' Af , -f " . 6' V " , ' 1, ' y I-V1 rf ' H ' 'M ,K,. '- A' - -'X I 'Q in n f-5 1 .N 1 Y f , 2 A , 4 , h -XX X. ar . W X4 M . Z I ,JM . f - xl X I M., , ' , x, .f ,if . X H . ' . U VX F' ' . "' , Q1 ,V . , lt' .3 J . Kb . f 0 V1 - X JI lv ,I 5 3,4 1 V I Q! A M V ,xx ,M ., . Y' 3 Mi x,-.' 41 ,vs-in I ' . - 4 g N' V' W-L' h AS " X 'ln -I K Y , X fl W 1 H T . I . fx VJ, A V ix I lc 2 F1 ' D WW fm V -4-SY" ---n.,3g-f VJEWLWOJ ww W W XM .,, ? ff 1 f U fffkjfaf I I Jldlfufw' j LJ' I gk ,Jr ffm I! KZ X fjff' U fri! ffqd X ffff If fl! 7411 J fy! mfJ' ,ffl170!J H U I J rf1JJ A ""'559'3 j':'9l.fp-f' 'as' '91 nm Qu- ,-3, vu' ..4.--v'la- E V . . 1 . ' ' TA n 0' . QA , r ' ' . x A - -, V , I- u ' ' V M Y 1 , V' - . . my i Ax if , V. k x , n h . rs , ZYLA., :bv J, X' V A Nx I ,im , lx? 163, lui' iwxjr V 'V - , "' X, '. 1, b - ., ' I N ,, lf, N IJ f . x . L, , ,K V f " " .. I ' , , fffi- - Avflgfl ,v" vi L Y' If Q J J 4 , ' Q YV?-"' - ' A H 'f fm, f- , 4, , X.L'f 4. V - V3 if-J-'fw"1"" f Y KQVI gl - V I ,w' N" lf - ' - ff' , ' Lf" " J 1' f K" I if 1" I" ' ,' V 7 Q7 Y fx N I 1 h xg f G G J I 3 :Lf Q , X V' 4,1 1,6 f ff ' . Jw JZQ7i-ffl! ff! W ' 2 J jf f jfa ff'Cf'-- 'L 'V' 'L X A , - ' ,1 1 ' ' ' f J . ,. ff U , A' f ,ML 4 f ' ! , 7 N ry , " ' ' , , J CAL L' . . 5 'ff ' 'A ' " f f. f w fap 1,912 ,I Q .wQyg,,1NM. , - x---- " :, --- ' f I -' , 4, -a. y1,.v ,avi ...a--x wg ,,p4?z.,L.ak., 'Eff WJ 1 X J,9.,5'Py.cw JW Miwpfiijyfgvjvkywfwmpvfg f' W M L I f ff' ff ,M W W J WW DW .MffWv44,1f mm f-M05 JJ ' MM ' I X , if . q ,. 4,5 , . - ll, 5 I, I ' I ,Via , ' VL Z I f 1 fr 1 0 Q D K, A 4 "w' GX E va J ersonalities, articipationgnd 135' 'atm A.L. BROWN HIGH N-m,,,m.-.hmnn -.-..,,,,,.-WMM A-n..,,g., 'lk' N.,-' '!sf""sf 1 L J 19 ff ff 171 ,MWF Published by The Annual Staff of A. L. BROWN HIGH SCHOOL Kanncapolis, North Carolina Sallle Caudle Cf Edwf r Bezky Lee C Edu r Saundra Log B 5 m U V' Q J 0 no rn w Mlss Pro t Adv: EININ'1Kl:II:I CINV CIHHCINHH NEIHLEINII ,1 N L, , efvlzkjwj :W 1 I L -I , I Aj if U O , D' ' f'x ',L,U f L -X Y LLQDV 131 af Q W 4 7 'A J pix .X XULIAJ dill! l .N L Y XI -f 5 L1 J, ' 5 ,J 'E L X L N 1, ,V - J , -YN 1, o x JJ if .Ulf .LL JJ Lil", V EQLZLAXD il V fi 'LL LANL, A " X yy WLIUIA J 'N qv ' n I L53 A4 r Thy 3 L 'LL 745,61 I J L x ,Lf 'w L 41 , . h 1 I A V l, I QUJV .Lfbxf VF? LUV his 1 ,44Q.1'5 1 W M55 Q 'Off 'I ,X L' '. M W L ' Lf f N 1 f LUV w " 5 ' - JL' Q' , A 1 LLLLO G1 V ' -4 LJX ," -H 'wp-' 4,17 Q fly' C W-lj .XX It -Ll ,lf . ' 4 LJ Qi L ,W xg!-I, xjnfflb M4 f 5 I VA' u 71 QM! . ' H gf!! 'fljb ' ,. 1 , M, rj Ml, -rf: jl X! t jg, ' f JJ ,fy X1 fl I 'ff , I X A fj 1 ,H Ml ff" falhng leaves and strollmg students remand us of a challengnng new future strange flflhg an mtrrgulng maze of confusion registration new dlscoverles an hopeful mdlvlduals seekmg leadershup knowledge and confldence flnally settllng unto the routune of classes may these pages ever be a remmder of your year at B H S o A u e n 9 0 0 o 0 9 n a o 0 A e a 0 0 O 0 0 d o 0 0 Q 0 0 n n o o n 0 o 0 c 0 o o o o a s I n Q o o o o u u 0 o o 1"""'-J if f K. ,ix 1 X E, What IS AL Brown I-hgh? Nmeteen fufty mme at as ut? more than just a school year or a passage of time lts a step forward In our growth from bemg chuldren to being capable of lead mg the CITIZENS of tomorrow and shapmg the clestmy of the world The ALBROKAN of 1959 wall brmg e realization of meetmg new people e memories of old fruends the gauety e sadness and the compamonshup of e past school year and how ut affected each mdnvudual We gaze into the future with alert mmds having the determmatlon of our plans and dreams to be accomplushed If we the ALBROKAN Staff have succeed ed un brmgung to you these purposes and have created a silhouette of your high school Iufe then our efforts wnll not have been wast 6 ADMINISTRATION FACULTY CLASSES Personalltles R 'M CLUBS ATHLETICS ORGANIZATIONS ADVERTISING Participation Play . u-,Ala 4 -P '4 My? , "ff X Riddle iumps to secure ball during Landis game. Yes, it really is spirit that malloc Brown High what it is. It's the spirit as displayed at football and basketball games. Yet, it is much more than that. It's spirit as shown when any number of students participate in any school activity no matter how important or insignificant. lt's spirit when we wear green and white on Fri- daysg it's spirit as we all stand and sing our school song in assembly. Truly it is the spirit at Brown that gives each individual a sense of school loyalty and causes all to uphold the school's reputation and to strive to make it the best school in the nation. Modern Physical Education Building becomes a reality. ,A , rr? .ff , I . -'ilexnr-,.s.av.v1-- 'sq 4... if q , , .ayxu V, .M 1 I' I U' hs zji. .L ' Zfiawiswir mi'fE5ieYf.M Mala ' 4' Students enrich their capacity for learning. Seniors meet to elect outstanding members. Faculty takes time out from busy schedule. Ii-YI ' . fygffi Knowledge is that which makes Brown High one of the best schoois in the state. It's knowl- edge that gives us our sense of security and stability. It's knowledge when we meet in class and discuss important matters. It's knowledge that makes each student at Brown do his best to further his own capacity to understand gained fi1.l, IQ' 5-y I ix N .v X ,' 53" fwni-H" ' ,f vm fit' 4 2,62 -1 ff . ""T'N"19-4? Wh E' N, '- 2 L Home EC omrcs students practice Table morme H le ect: g p epored food. DEPARTMENTS supply 21 well-rounded ,,., limi Curriculum at Brown The Dramatics Department, un- der the influence of Miss Nancetta Hudson, has achieved many outstand- ing accomplishments during the 1958- 59 school year. The sixteen students shown in the picture are presenting their finished projects and props for "A Night of Shakespeare" which was presented on March I7. Miss Mary Wilburn, librarian of the high school, ,assists the students with their studies. A popular library, it has received widespread recogni- tion over the state. In the late win- ter, some of the outstanding pic- tures of the library were shown on several television programs through- out the Carolinas. The Monitorial System helps to reduce conjestion and traffic in the hallways. Under the advisorship of Mrs. Sara Hamrick, the organiza- tion carries out many duties con- cerning rules and regulations of "hall etiquette." Seniors discuss happenings of busy day. It :rnpnf - -f-, 7-Hirnvvvpu lllillfilrfifi if if :-. ' 5 -T' W' 'K' 3 2 l IL' IAEEQ5' Q "k, 4 lf' Q' im A '37 ' "7lW?'?'f r' ' ..,,. . ' 1. If ' F19 W. an mmf .au 5 rn, Yes, you are Brown High, lt's each and every one of you as you attend classes, athletic games, and partici- pate in all the other school activities. lt's you that will carry on the traditions set by the classes that have come before. It's you that the future of Brown High is entrusted to. I' ,, Iv . N ui- ,,. un, ,fs I' o Si 1 nu- ,A f uw. 1 39 I f ..- Hfamiliar faccs fs- remind us of friendships We'l1 never forget ! 'iff-sa : 1. 1 ' cf 4 115 .95 , 5 ff-qi .-m .h 'x W. . f-.i 1 - T 45.4, ...vo I ? f 32 v'1i ' E ti! i A' .1 'CZ 1 1, 5' Q' - Q , 'Q W 5-3, Q . .X . Q :I I 2 ll xr fx ,, -NX? . Y T' , ,M 4, , , .m...,,- 1.4, .M W, ,H 1 'V 1 ' MQ , . Ll, -N I 1 Pg M 1 'fig 3 Nm M, V, N , V 'ff'-,K,h V. wzj. K .NV mm. M-5fV,.,: 1-pgs, - -M1111-Y W rt., NV -,m4V-,V ,VVV,1. f ,v,.., f,1,,V!' Q ,if-4.A1,17:Lif'1.,, , --ll,1,,"'M--fl" ' N ,K '--N,lLlALj4VVg V qv. ,N '-F .:1-.if A AQ., f, f ' fllll 5 S 1 4 A'i. Y4, ff -4 323' 4,4 I ' 1 L A 1 'ilk , I 1 A X X . , f M J., -JL? VV . vpv,a4 mv, awk -W'5 Vu ' . , R, -, ,yiffa '1'f . , v- - I .. , . x .' P ' " V , .,.-- , V . ,V V, ' 3 .M , I , . 1 ' ., - ' V...--7,,V:.,,,,,VV V . V I A . V ,1,!:!VV,Vf, , V LVVHV V A K' haf. D. M - fd, yi. ,Qc V! VVVV- A J .1 ..,4'kVg 5 V L5 1 ,, V ' ,, V M A . A " f' M "Y -' 3. ' ful- -" ' ' 1 v " x '13l',4 ' , 1 'A , , V - . VH- . ,,,, ., V ,,., 4 ,w VV , . V 1 - . ' x ,v . 3, , ..f, , ,. ,V V .b f' 'V f- .,. A 5. f .. ., , . - ' ..cf 1- .4 A , ' N, 'Q ,I .' V."', , -x , , .ughq-1"'vflv Q-Wig, ' 'u . 1: .V, 5 dl, -4. . -.. 4 QQKL - ',-4 'ff , .V , vwfy r 'IMV -,V NV, A V ,. f Q5 ' i- .', " f,,'QZV.4"'3A.,V 5, if - -V 4, f""' Lf V , 1 mit. V fwLW:VM,?Li4QI.,. V ..Tf.',,f'-,M Vy N ? ' H. - -' ., .Q. '. V A " 'ff - ' 1 '. ' 'P ' v. ' ' 4114-, M ,my , ,.1'f"'m . -' Ai. . F ' f-' . xfggfwf: 2 -'Iliff' yhrfgf -f+?'? 4 J M ,. - f f . ,f .V ,p -f 1, -ff W .1 fv-rf .9 . . .. ' ,a u H , N- . . ,'L, .f:f 'A 7ff25?ff1 43:1-mrafa'-f-'-ef "rf J 'P' ' , A ,jim-in-ffT5,fa'? :+ff - ' tiff" 4- . ,fr ,V 'V , ' A- 'f . ' -1 Nut- -' 1.52 L - . 11 ' "- mf -- , P ' 1 . ' ' 1 rink' hf5lfT:f35'm' -5593"-5?'2:':'1 " ' 3' 'Q24-5,21 'Q-'L - ' ""'7 5'ffh':2Q'i19-., ' "'-ui' f 1 ' I A .- -X5 ' I, 'sf 'K ,LE-V, .'., x ' f ,V :-.ggi ',,f-nfL,v.' ' V' " 1'-. " , Q v,,A L5 yi ,Y V,.fV.i I, W i' M - WV , . G 1?-f"jjf-ff Q 'V w"cV,i ,, ' V , j"f F" ,M V Aw. -gfwfv. V ' n A .. ,Q , 'ff 3, 'Jw N' ,.s, ' 1, , .. V V,x,V,-Lf,,VVt QVvxfVV:,.V,VV V V f QT ..,, 2- KA. VV V VV ?g...,..-. 1 V , , -34,553 y S ll A Egg, ,, V A-V J 11-.4gaC'-cyan 4"",,:,f QW, -Vu 34. 'kg ',.-ixlyfkffi L' QV' 2 fp V1.9 J ' V KV 75 ,,-far .3254-' f ,Af ,, . --',aj,gf . ' , r S-'a,Q?.',Ay., 4 y gx' ,bvwv A- ff , ' , L L Lev V ,f D, -1 Q fy rs, cu-f . f' A A 77 f .f,.,, . .-,,, .. ,,x' v3' -9,461 ,df N -f. f ,. '- '!, .f-,f' 'rg fill, ' '.'- ' A -'gwx'.f"' ff- - A. Q-.4,Vv.-4-,j.-4"'Fg 'gym' 'D' v M' 'Q ,111-rug --rw 'T - tr., . "gf '-'jvgff' -1. ,f 15, ' 1 f , J' f .4 HDQJ- Q' f"H"'V"'-Lv 4 EY 'f'i""Ff "A, 'KAP' 1 YQ a' " -Q a5f,g.E "' ' ' 1-. 4 f' 11 ' ' if ' .f ,L ,.v?Fs.:f w V, , Y Giswq , , , . Q-,f V fbi-Q-5611s . V - gf, .QM I A .. Q, 1 - V V,-V - V W' . 7, ,, . ' 'f -, gn ' . , - V 711, gyj ,- V ' ,f'ff- , Q Bw .A '. " .MN V ' 3 ' " A. 'N 11214 -gl' rf f ' fi lf- 'A 3 ,qi-' .. Y3,5 I'i' '1f"'?Q,?qa bags . A -H fr . ' 2, , . A '- mfr? - J' f U , N'-124' Q- , 'X ' Nga 'an-51153111 - 11 P' -A wr 1 ,K . 1 - R ' v N4 Q' So dear to our hearts From which we shall never partg Of all the wonderful days, With each of its distinguishing waysg Of all the people and places, Of all the creeds and races, Of every exciting event, In each of the years we've spent. All these joys will ever Remain in our memories of BRGWN 'N X ,Q -if., S If N r ,iw xl ,af- 'Z' On the following pages the story of Brown High will unfold. We will try to capture the true spirit possessed by each individual, student and teachers alike, as they participate in the many functions of school life. It will bring to life all the special events which have dotted our high school careers. Through the eyes of the ALBROKAN Staff, we hope to bring this to you in reality. ' ADMINISTRATION ..I. . . . Page 22 A FACULTY ,,.. . Page 23 sENIoRs . I. Page 26 JUNIORS .... , . Page 56 Q SOPHOMORES I . Page aa it PER ONALITIES 'S f' f'x ,NK 44 W. J- BULLOCK SUPERINTENDENT '-Q' B.A., Duke University MA., William and Mary 'SA qw- X F. O. DRUMMOND PRINCIPAL AB., Furman Univer- Sify MA., A,S.T.C. Administrative Headers flnstruci and Quide Us MRS. VERNON D. GILMORE BA., Greensboro Col' lege Orientation Dean of Girls, Banking Adviser. N. HAMRICK A.B., Lenoir Rhyne, M.A., A.S.T.C. Science, Driver's Edu cation, Dean of Boys, Assis- tant Football Coach Boys' Basketball Coach. MRS. HERMAN MRS. HARVEY BOSTIAN HUFFMAN Draughton's Business Lewis Training School College Dietitian. SECRETARY 17,7 'TN S ww. gaculty Memflers open ffie door to our future MRS. ALICE BAILES B.A., Furman University Englishg General Science. MRS. R. B. BARNHARDT A.B., W.C.U.N.C. Englishg Frenchg French Club Adviser ROY D. BOONE A.B., Catawba College Head of History Departmentg Junior Class Adviser. BETTY BOSTIAN A.B., Lenoir Rhyneg Englishg Governmentg Psychologyg American History. FRANCES BOUNDS A.B., Lenoir Rhyne Mathemoticsg Student Government Ad viserg Head of Math Department. MRS. VIRGINIA W. CALDWELL B.S., A.S.T.C. Spanishg Spanish Club Adviserg English. MRS. SALLIE M. CASSTEVENS B.S.H.E., Mars Hill Woman's College of U.N.C. Home Economicsg F.H.A. Adviser. SARAH L. CAUDLE A.B., Meredith Collegeg M.A., A.S.T.C. Shorthandg Typingg Bookkeeping, MRS. SIDNEY COOKE A.B., Meredith College Art. FRANK CRAINSHAW Shopg Sheet Metalg Vocational Courses. MRS. MARY ALICE CROSS A.B., Lenoir Rhyne Commercial Coursesg Bookkeepingg Arithmeticg Sharthandg Typing. ED EDMISTON A.B., Catawba College Physical Educationg Athletics Directorg Head Football Coachg Track Coochg GirI's Basketball Coach, V' '21 '-"-sf' ' 'fi fi- vow, MRS. W. F. EDWARDS A.B., W.C.U.N.C English, Speech, Speech Club Adviser. MARY ALICE ELLIOT A.B., W.C.U.N.C. they U. S. History, World History, Honor So- ciety Adviser .1 LQRAINE GRAY A.B., W.C.U.N.C. M.A., Columbia University English, Senior Class Adviser. Geacbers AFR Cl1lllUSl21SllC SpOl1SOI'S Anil Mas. D. N. HAMRICK C A.B., Lenoir Rhyne College -A C Business, Head of Business Department. ' 1" gi-A V gggta K fn ff NANCETTA HUDSON we 'N' B.A., Greensboro College of Music 12 . A J " V University of North Carolina 'fi English, Dramatics, Brown Masquers Ad- 1 , ' QA 'ser. " ' f , I 'S fi. ...iffy J vl f' 'ii' MiL'roN JAMES LAMB A x M, AASA B.S., North Carolina State E, is L. grail if ,f D.O., D.O. Club Adviser, .Q l Qu ia'-1 I Industrial Arts. . .1 H K "Y is . ' ' .1 . . "-' TOM LINN B.S., A.S.T.C. Chemistry, Physics. JAMES McBEE A.B., Mars Hill A.S.T.C. English, History. ELIZABETH McMURRAY A.B., Columbia Bible College, Bible Guidance Counselor, Bible Club Adviser. M5-M. CHESTER E. MISENHEIMER A.B., Catawba College M.A., University of North Carolina Orientation, Director of Guidance. ' ELMER POOLE A.B., Catawba College Biology, History. BARBARA PROCTOR B.S., A.S.T.C. ' ,W English, Journalism, Albrokan and Brown Highlights Staff Adviser, Quill and Scroll Adviser. MRS. AMELIA T. PROPST A.B., Lander College Catawba College Biology. JOYCE E. PUTNAM B.S., A.S.T.C. Algebrag Arithmetic. MRS. CHARLES QUERY A.B., Catawba College Language Artsg Sophomore Class Adviser. T' active participants in B.H.S. activities 7111.4-!f'-4 3-FX. 1- 1 J' Q LARRY RHYE A.B., Catwaba College Biology, MRS. MARGARET E. SHIPTON A.B., M.A., University of South Car- olina Lating Latin Club Adviser. HOYT SLOOP A.B., Catawba Collegeg Graduate Work, A.S.T.C. DE., DE. Club Advisor. BARBARA RUTH STALLINGS A.B., Limestone College HARVEY TURNER ' W B.Mus.Ed., Shenandoah Cons ator of Music ' M Band. ' ' Mixed Chorus ! EDWIN L. VAN POOLE B.A., Catawba College M.A., George Peabody College for Teachersg Graduate Work, U.N.C. Mathernaticsg Key Club Adviserg Business Manager of Senior Class. MRS. A. M. WHITMIRE A.B., Winthrop College Englishg Head of English Department F.T.A. Adviser. MARY A. WILBURN A.B., Winthrop College University of North Carolinag Librariang Library Club Adviser. 25 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Ronnie Glosson, Vice-President, Eric McKnight, President, Alan McKnight, Treasurer, Shelia Argo, Secretary. Gut Senior ear... tHe tealigation o As the seniors reach the last step in their high school career, they pause to glance over their shoulders to recall the past three short years. They recall the awe upon entering the cosmopolitan world of senior high, the lingering pride of the band, football games, the publications, programs, and each of the individuals that make these years so wonder- fully special. Seniors remember bisecting their first frogs, the excitement of elections, the joy of being a part of living democracy, and the singing of the school song for the first and last time. They remember championship football and basketball teams, that heart-breaking game in which we lost the victory bell, and again the glorious game in which we won it back. More than anything, they remember the spirit that is a senior, that intangible some- thing that puts every student on the same team, working in all ways to make our school the best. Now they must continue their upward climb. They must entrust their school to the eager hands of the underclassmen. The actions of this class will be remembered for they have added a strong and rich chapter to the never ending story of A, L. Brown l-ligh School. Frankie H. Adams lf l lwd WW l'fe to live oxer, I'd do the some things again," Wayne Franklin Adcock Today we do the unprobable, tomorrow we do the rrflpusslblef' Kay Hampton Alexander Lite is to be fortified by many friendships. To love ond be loved is the greatest happiness of all." Phillip Steven Allen "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Thomas Raymond Allen No man was ever great without a touch of dl- vine offlatusf' Jerry Monroe Allman Ns,-, '5- twelve long years of striving and dreaming... we .es is. fs' s ' 7 ws r""' 'S tQxe :lik gp., af' Tommy Gene Anderson Do unto others as you would have them do un- to you." Carolyn Joyce Argo l'm at the edge of o coreerg somebody push mel" Shelia Vae Argo Happiness lS not perfect until xt IS shared." Richard Eugene Armstrong "From school life ta Ilfe's school." Polyvios A. Athanaelos Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Phyllis Gail Austin "The Lord is my shepherd. l am Has SHGGDJ fltefe- fore, I will spend my lute serving Him," ? ew fu' . 4 , H 'Q r in :Www X ' ex rr .gs- 'Y' Janice Ann Ballard I will strive to do the things that are right in the eyes of God." Reginald Allen Ballard Da unto others as you would have them do unto you." Tobie Jo Barbee All things work together for good for them that love the Lord." "There taken Some those I Con John Russell Barlow is a tide in the affairs of men which at the flood leads on to fortune." Rita Jo Barnard are born great, but of more value are who achieve greatness." George Lewis Barrier, Jr. do all things with the help of God," Zhis is not just a record of our year fogetllezt., 5u Thomas Lawson Ba rringer I resolved to take Fate by the throat and shake o living out of her." Augustus Covington Basinger, Jr. The surest way to get rid of an enemy is to make a friend of him." Mary Evelyn Bass l don't know what the future holds, but l know Him who holds the future." Jerry Albert Beam lt as best to keep your mouth shut and be though a fool than to open it and remove all doubt." Kaye Frances Beaver "When a man's ways please the Lord, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with hum" Leonard Ray Beaver To err is hurnanj to forgive, divine' 28 4 if rs ,-U at r Q-4 Ua- S. rs -e 0 'T' -av' -me at fx w- Michael Ray Benfield 'The future is G warid limited tw ourselves Linda Gail Bentley I knaw nat what the future haids, but I do know Him who hcids the tattire " Sharon Lee Benton Make thc mast cf what you haxcf-alwgyg Strtwng to trnpraxc rt." Ned Ryan Bivens "A dog has many friends because he wags his tail rather than his tongue" James Ray Blackwelder It is better ta light rust one itttlc candle than to curse the darkness." Jacob Marian Boggs It God be for us, who can bc against us7' Q., W' "5 -L- also an interpretation of what Senior High has been... r .z, 1w.-'7"- ZS' ,. A, lv., z ' ' I 4 ,vp ...- E 15 v- , Mary Lynn Bonds t wciild rather be sniail and shine, than large and cast a shadow, as Itttie things arc ottcn thC img things in hte." Maxine Lane Bonds Ne matter haw high we rise, we discover rn- ttnttc C stances above." Patricia Ann Bastian 'AW 1 hate seen tea:hes me to twst the Cre- ator tc' at! t hare nat seen." Linda Kay Boyd Gzd grant We the serenty to ac:eDt the things .fynzn 4 :cnn:t change, czaragc ti change rnc th rigs i can, ana the wisdom 2: knew the c ttcrcncc ' Bobby Brigman Tha, Ah: gat 'ner :mn wiid wgrrn fngrr- sc -cs 'fr f Phyllis Anne Brock he grand CSSCMCS C' VCCC 'CSS Cro Sime- tnrg ' simctnc 'Z '.-C, cal 2 'fcvr' ng ya rr: 4 is I G WT' if ,vs- vi? Aaron Arthur Brooks To be lovcd, you must flrst love." Charlie Edgar Broome Failure as not the crime, but low aim," Charles David Brown The unpredlctable race of lute will not ae xvcn hy the runnung feet of men but by the mog- nlflcent hands of God." Shirley Ann Bullock Life is like a gokej it lsn't how lang it is, but what you get out of lt," Charles Wayne Bumgarner Beware of a calm extcrlor for beneath lies 0 deal of devlltyf' Donald Ray Cagle "Take your Ilfc in your hands and rhulce of lt what you wrll." joys and sorrows will forever live in Joyce Linebarrier Callicutt The great essentials of happiness are some- thing to do, someone to love, and sornelhung to hope for," May Sue Campbell Love, and there lS no room for envy, trust, and there wlll be no doubtsg have folth, and mere lS no need for worry." William Howard Cannon Llfc rs to be fortufled by rnany frlendshlps. To love and to be loved as the greatest happiness of exlstcncof' Carolyn Canupp A srnlle to all she meets, Cl charm to rnake each memory sweet," Rachel Caroline Cashion A trlervd ls valuable, handle htm carefsllym Sarann "Sallie" Caudle Be such a man, and Ilve such o lfe, that If every rnan were such as you, ard every llfe llke yours, thls earth would be Gras Para- arse." 30 ya yi' 'Q OUI' ! Q e.., ,E Y,w,,i,.4' Q 'YP :F F "ff A- . , s. 5 ' n 40: ,M .. I, ,X Us T'- 'sv-5 Q...,,7 Q- ,Q ff Barbara Ann Chapman l know not what the future holds, but l know who holds the future " Patricia Mann Childers Trost ln l-lam, and there will always way," Willard Duval Christy The world is what you rnakc of tt." William Joseph Clayton ll Honesty before riches." Clarence Vernon Cleary To work is to be great." Barbara Janet Clement Love thy neighbor as thyself that thy might be long," be a days . flfx 'RN 1' ' rw P5 eq, ,. if few 9- memories... As confused Sophomores, we enterecl... 5. N -K C " pf ' SC li. F Q- V327 er' Phil Wayne Clement A frlcnd in need IS a friend indeed." William Payne Clement "Judge not that you be not judged." Donald Ray Coggins I will strive to show God's love through my llfC." Randolph Glenn Compton lf I had it to do all over again, I'd change some things." Philip Aaron Corn Trust in Him and there will always be o way." -aw Q-... .-,f Nola Zepp Correll ' A laugh is worth one hundred groans in any market," 3 l A. qi ak f' .fl -..f g y r Y' 3 A g new , 'Q' 'Q 'xv 174' , W9-4 fy Ha rold Loud Crowder lf thcrc is not a way, l'll makc one." Prebble Jane Crowell "Moy there be lust enough clouds in cvery life to cause a glorious sunset." Donald Larry Crumbley To strive, tho life Anything Set your things on sock, and accomplish is to cherish which God hath qivcn you." Larry Eugene Dancy worth doing is worth doing right." Brenda Shaver Daniel affection on things above, not on the earth." Larry Wayne Daniels If I had my life to live over, l'd do the same things again." tHe wltirl of activity at Brown.. 55:2 clay we electe Shelby Martin Darnell "Beware! l may do something sensational yet, who knows?" Barbara Jean Davis For when the one great scorer comes to write against your name, He cares not that you won or last, but how you played the game." H John William Davis "To love and be loved is the greatest of all things." Carolyn Ann Deal "lf life is c comedy to him who thinks and a tragedy to him who feels, it is a victory to him who believes." Suzanne Deal Regardless of its humbleness or gloriflcatian, love is life and life is love." Linda Leola Diggs Da unto others as you would have them do unto you." 32 1 Av ,Q 'Tux '1- C' l it fe I x Charles William Draper 'Shakcsocarc was famous, Washington was loyal, and I feel high rnygg-lf," Ted Edwin Dry The way to get rid of your enemies is to mance friends with them." Elizabeth Jane Duncan The grand essentials of happiness are some- thing to do, someone to love, and something to hope for." f l Larry Duvall Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." James Quiton Ewing 'lf you see a man without a smile, give him one of yours," Cathy Raye Farabee 'Today well lived makes every yesterday Q dream of happiness and every tornorrow a vis- ion of hope." fs Q .Q- f f 1. of vs rv HX s , -,. our class officers assurecl us that we really Belongecl... l f r 'I 1' jj,' 4- 'S ,md "s frm YA 'Ca Olivia Gail Fink "Faith ends where worry begins, and worry ends where faith begins." Linda LaVonne Fisher "To love and he loved is the greatest happiness of existence." Cynthia Kay Fletcher I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Floyd Edwa rd Foil 'Ad astra per asperaf' Claude Evan Foster Jr. If all the -world were lust like me, what would th:s world be?" Larry T. Fowler To torglxe is human, to forget dl'-'lnC" 53 1 v X 7 vw S .ff 'X Vs I rw ,fs 1 " 1 , I A. V. Franklin I me thc life I lovc and lovc the life Larry Dela ne Freeman I live Success is for thc person that has enthusiasm enough to toll hard and grasp it. Jerry Neal Funderburk All grcot men arc dvad and l don myself," Peggy Anne Gaddy 'Time and tide walt for no man." H ugh Brown Gibbons "lt's no Dain no stroing high school riding cz trdinf' Johnny Wayne Gibson 't tecl well is pus t like Life has value only when it has something valuable as its ohlcctf' Returning as uniors, we realigecl gracluation was Roger McKinnon Gillon "It you wish tv reach thc highest, begin at thc lowest." Ronald Kennington Glosson "High school fnotlaoll, after oll, is lost a step- ping stone to greater things" Gary Arlen Goodman Sock ye t-vst the kingdom of Gcd, and all things will lac added onto yen' Mary Frances Goodman ,Q- up 'N Vs afn CPIY Cnc, hat I ofn fno I cn'-'t di euorv- 31" 'K' I x 4' f ' 1 thing, Lot I Can do s,n'cth.nq what I can do, ' and what l should dc, Igy thc Grace of God, I will GQ." 'W vs 'f 'ff James Franklin Goodnight 'A Y Q 4 Ecrccth :J :alna eha' :r ics a doo 3 de- 'tm Betty Morris Gouch fri .V-5 f C gf,-.Cy ,ucv 3-1 1, Annie Ruth Graham Thu uc trntcl the .x-"ci mc' ' 4,1 wwg xcaafta' .ne Past lea-Q t 'K . V 4 .ea T rv? V Phyllis Mannelte Green ww f vtfe ,WM +5 ,hc Chef L""l-4 l' M, ,.,,,, ,,,. ., . ,,. Richard Conrad Gribble Tw No.0 a friend is To loc a frl-:ad Enola Allen Griffin Never mit a wwshbarwc whore year backbone t be ought 0 Jerry Wayne Griffin "From docile and habits grow our character, and on our character we build our destination " Helen Raye Hager l COD da all Things Through Christ which stremgthoncth mc," ,A . N 1 Iix vs. ,Q . ?--, - ::W.wv f 'xx ml f , M -. :ts JK ' 'Q fp., M H, .1 E... 1 .. . -1 . ,,,, Firm -D rawing nearmleaving a stadium that we Helped to 5uild.,. f Q. 1 A 'N , A 'X . 9 'r 4, L Glenda Hall There is a awrvc and rwracwous mathematics by which subtracfofv adds cod aw swim rmlltr- plzesf' Marcelene Truman Hamilton Dark brown eyes, dork brown hair, happy ga lanky acyar c care " Tommy Lester Hammett Vvif-fc' lcyc t: be ::aa.tc':rs cad be can aaerea, tea' Larry Wayne Hampton 1. ,c sect- cz, as fr' .ga ' were 'cf' cad fxqy rm.-. nfgcf.. cfwgja, s Ronald Wayne Hampton Tr' 'fi"i"a 't tr .f. f A ,V .,.m,,,: tug. gg WU- v-, 1 4 f hcfgl ,t Sw: Perry Neil Harkey " 1. ---'wr , K. .+v:"', . .. opt' w ' af: V-f-,,. r 1' C if , ,. ,,,,, , X ' , is ff 'u vifwpr 'T' 'lil ' K of 'Via ty .5 g- ,V l "fu 51: Margie Rae Harrington For me to lvve I5 Chrvstf' Shirley Ann Harwood Full of fun and mischief too, Ixke dalng th she shf,uldn't da." Alice Roberts Helms Love to lisa and Irxe and he loved" Delma Eupena Helms "Wlthaut love and laughter, Ilfe rs nothing Janice Elaine Herrin 'la rather lwe small and shine, than large cast a shadow." Stephen Jackson Hill 'Our duty to God let Us ltrst perform," lngs and tHe football and 5asEet5all games, tHe prigecl victory Sylvia Lenora Hoce The grand essentlals at hte are someone to love, sonoethlng to de, and sornethlng ta hope for." Gene Burdette Hodge Enthusiasm ts a great h.ll ellmber' Sue Diane Holbrook Klndness lS the golden 'ham by which society rs lnand together." Sarannet Jessamine Holland Learn to lwe, and llxe to learng Ignorance Ixkc a fare deth burn, .ttle tasks make large ref Ming," Marlene Joyce Howard l knzw nat what the fume halos, Lat l dc knzw Hmm who hilcs the future" Steven Dale Hubbard Drek nit tea deep ,' if tne taantc-n gt knawf czfje, lest -,C sncnge ' A , L lftvx ' 1 lik. J C-. Q" 455 C ' 1' I M5 .V Q37 9035 13 4 vw Q--...,, ,T, 'II "Q Kathleen Inman Wat which 's st'rk nq and le-:'ap:t'ft.l Q net al HGH, avr! lmt that whren rg gpg 15 Qlwayg 4 l,QQ,lTl ill," Savilla Lawing Jamcs Phyllis Ruth Jenkins Nlcwcr r'xDla'n frrcndg v.:P't need rt, god one- mrcs w3n't lrelrcxe f' Judith Rebecca Johnson llarrprncxs as not perfected until -t rs shared," Paul Eugene Jones watch rt for hours." Benny Arnold Julian ultlers nexer wan, winners never quit" ovc work, at fascrnatcs mc. I can 5lr and FVN fx 1'-N 1 . ', ffi Q vs .., liell... all Helped to speed us onward to our goal. 'fix ' 'Q- Q gs ,-, +4 51 Gayle Ann Karriker lt's COBY enough to be happy when life goes along like a song, but the man worthwhrle is the man who can Smile when everything goes dead wrong," Ronald Leon Keever "Smile and the vorld smiles with you, cry and you cry alone." Carol Jean Kerley Ee c friend to all, bat love only one-.' Winston Gary Kidd D3 ant: others as ycu would hare them do on- to sou." Myra Sue King I will bless the Lord at all rrnaes, Hrs praise shall contmlally be In r71y mouth' Lynda Lee Knight Tragf ln Hm, and there will alwoye he a wa, " 37 ,Q FN v Y 4' 1 rr , I rj h "' 4, bs , , X iv- ply! 'Q wk 55,5 . , , V. f , ' f fo A ' 4 vw K. v 'l W 4'- fm or Johnny Franklin Krimminger Man is the maker of his own happiness." Rebekah Christine Lee If at first you don't succeed, give upg no use being hard-headed!" Sheila Ann Leonard Since God was for us in the beginning, let us he for I-lirn in our time, I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall he for a token of a covenant between me and the earth." Rebecca Lane Liles To love and be loved is the greatest happiness of existence." Judy Dare Linebarrier It is easier to do a thing right than ta explain why you didn't do it." Danny Martin Little It I had it do all over again, l'd do the some things." As Seniors, we looheal lorwarcl to class colors, mascois Elizabeth Gail Little To give pleasure to a single heart by a single kind act is better than a thousand head- bowings in prayer." Evans McBrayer Logan Jr. Study hard and success is yours." Saundra Kay Logan 'I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord which made Heaven and earth." Linda Frances Lomax Regardless of its humble-ness or glorificotion, love is life and life is love." Nancy Jo Long The grand essentials of happiness are something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for." Richaro Wayne Lowery It is a very unirnoginative nature that only cares for people on their pedestalsn 35 f fs.. ' 'Q' 7. w " Vx 6 si 12 1- Ira Wayne Love The 'cast you can do ls to do thc rnnst 'wt which you are capable' Bonnie Anita Luther To love lS wonderful, but to be lo-.cd vs more wonderful," Lynda Faye Lynch Let us then be what we are and speak what we thunk, in all things keep ourselves loyal and true to the sacred professor of frlend- shtpf' Ronald Eugene McCurdy Instead of camplalning that we dan't have everythlng we want, we should be glad we don't have cverythlng we deserve " Barbara Carter McDaniels A glad heart rnakes a Drlght face, but through sadness of heart the spurit as broken." Sybil Edwards McKinney Love and there vs no room for envy, trust, and there will be no doubts." A 'Vx r .K ' -1 F, 4 ST v N' J .WM r A- it .ag '. by .,,' fa . . " 1 r NX -M . ancl High positions of leaciershipmin our lieloved school. .,,, al' 1' 5s 2 HRX . D Q 4 v-X Tx 1 , 1, Alan Evanda Mc Knight Gratitude ls not a vrrtue which comes easily to the human race." Eric Evanda McKnight A man should never undertake to advlsc every' one " Harold Smith McManus Mandra Faye McWhorter The great essentals at happiness are same- tntng rg do, someone to love, and sornethlng to hope for," Sandra Kaye McWhorter Hqppmess is not perfect untvl lt ls shared ' Bruce Relis Mann TQ gpcmg my Ilfe pleasmg the one l hate chosen." 39 4 A f 7 Q. Q.. ,gr , me s. Af .Q Aw 1 ,lf ' Cnr ' La rry James Marlow "A good archer lS not known by his arrows but x his atm," ' Billy James Massey "lf there ls not a way, l'll make one" Beverly Christian Maulden Let us part, dear Seniors, as faithful Chris- tians, so thot we may once again unite as a class ln the Heavenly Klngdom under the Master Tcacherf flefi ,gm ' I Margaret Rebecca Meacham ll Nothing lS a waste of time if you use the experience wlselyf' Robert Wayne Medlin Do lustly, love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God." if Martha lrene Mesimer To be loved ls all l need, and whom I love, I love indeed," Zbe experiences of Higli scfiool will remain with us Violet Dull Messer Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall he added unto you." n Anna Sue Milburn Do onto others as you would have them do , of if H .rs in 'X ., unto you." 'W A Shirley Beatrice Miles "A good listener ls not only popular everywhere, hut after a wlmle he knows something," Patricia Arlene Miller I d'un'l knzl-.f .-.hat the future holds, but I knziw who h:lds 'he fi.ture." 6 ., Sandra Kaye Miller r 'l vwulo rotner ic snwal and Shine, than lcrge and cast a shadow," 5 Gloria Jane Moore Today l.-.ell l-e: wakes every yeswrila, a XL ,, ,W . yr .f -J 262 ef' A tx f' A A- f. f fr' Q31- s-' clrconw of happ Pess ond exery torrorrzvs a , gf' Wk, We, sts on of repel' A y O 4 ,, ,sm Zackie Lee Moore it Crwrst to fir tis, wht? con tie oqcwwst us7' Shirley Jean Morgan A Cie-ser gtrt, O witty grt, 0 studt carefree gmt, c Qtr! so fmt ct tom, 0 thousand Q rts in one," CLA Ralph Eugene Mullinax was ug figh mom bu Iwn Wanda Kay Mundoy xc C1 d there S no room or em trust h re he he doubts have tenth cu there is O Ced for worry Peggy Joyce Murph hcyer C L d csc 'on why t love onyohc r thrg tut if there is Ohythlrig better t rw te D vcd it as lov' Nancy Margarefte Nelms e mg I hom- chosen m Muster I shall ehoose my Mote ond my Mis Stem with the some supervision F F' v t E - , Q s Y A 4 I 141' Q, -es V-. ringing a tear to our eyes and a smile to our lips. "x eo- 'Q' I I' 'N f, N 'Q fp cr' Ella Marguerite Noel "Whotsoevcr you do, do it heortity, os to the Lord and not unto men." Dole Wortham Norwood "A frverwd tn heed is 0 friend Indeed" John Summers Oehler Jr. 'Soectonwr OQCVTCONI Ko ye Starnes Osborne The grcmd CSSGfWT,OiS of hoppmcss ore some- rhmg to do, someone to love, and scrhcthhg te hope far." Neldia Susan Overcash Vlherv duty whispers hw, 'Th:J nses',' the xzuth rephes, 't con!" Patricia Ann Overcash Neyer out o Wishbone whore your tzockbenc ought to be " 41 ,ff V .,4,, S ur' F T? Q:--'w 4 we rememiier our cia Sarah Anne Overcash Tariay wail mod makes Cxrrvy yesterday a rivram f HUL'L"r1Qsx Gnd :wary Tfvvv1"rr"xx G y x: rw 1M-pp' Tammy Lee Overcash 'Ev a frwrnc! M ali, but Iwyu fvmiy ana" Patricia Lane Owens Thaw whw fry Tru da sw'vw1rw'g and mvwiy far! arc mich V'PMr-r Than th-wc' who fry TH dn -w,12wv'rqami xncfcrczi i7CC1UY'il1iiY " Brenda Sue Paige I cwrrgaiawrrmi Irccauscr N had rw Qhuca until V nw! a mam wha had my ive! " Helen Rebecca Parker Tc 5'rwLJ, suck, and accmmgish is to cherish thc Mc which Gad haw awww yau ' Lillie Mac Perry "Tha Gram! csgcrwfwais of happmces ara same' Tama My fin, someone Tu Ima, and something To iwgurzir fur' ll 77 ss as we were Men . Nannie Kaye Perry Whoa that one great scorer Comes fa mark Ogamst your name, He marks not whether you warm or lost but how you played ihe qamcf' Forrest Anita Petrea The grarwa csscmals of happiness are Qamc- Thuviq Ya ds, someone V0 wwe, Cmd somcrlwmg to hope ffrr " John Thomas Petrea . , I ' 1 ,- V, ww ,N ,A s, 'UN "Tharc'5 no reasarv far xt, 11's past my pa1wcy' -, , Virginaa Runett Pefrea Q V K Tragt :rm The Lord and He will aired Thy path " P Linda Joyce Phillips Q 1, - ,Q "it wr? w'1aT we 010.0 frat wma? we are that J A makes Wife warTh1.xxrvQ." , . . 'cr Barbara Jean Pless , The Qrcaf essentials cf happiness are same- Trvmg vm 1.3, sorveme To imc, and samem rg fi Pipe fir ' ' 41 I ff K rm Jerry Lee Pless S,.,at the trutfw aw! tw? truth shall woke x zu frvr Sylvia Robfn Pcplfn no a'T.o tr'-t tmsct, twi seek the cd at hca-ea, f r G11 melts th'sC t-.ha has thom- sL -Cs lt s P" tl "cg Brenda Joyce Queen y-.hilt -, 1 .1 ts what y tu aut :aught Marvin Roy Query Vvm vytlmet lwffastuwg, lass vwthuut excuses" John Houston Riddle "Fra-rt dfwx u-wrt hahtts qrmn our cha'a:ter, C1 M1 ,rt utr ghorastc-r wc l:u.l-.l cur dcstlrtof fmt. Phyllis Ann Rogers "The secret af success. rn hte ws Ta be ready for your apporturtlty when st comes" -ox, J G51 - '3- . ff' 'N rw 4' 0 care ree, lighthearted teenagers in love with life. ll 'nk' , A' 0 x, - f, f .1 'EW ' " I Robert Lee Ross Luxe add ta be Ioxcd ns Irfe's greatest exist- cftccf' Carolyn Jane Russell 'The graze of our Lord Jesus Christ be wtth you a'l." Kirby Ray Russell Always be yourself and you wull always be yaur Cost " Martha Rec Rutledge Luc hard, are young, and haye a good-lookmg corpse " Woodrow Safrit The lmpcrtant thmg ls not where you stand, but the alrectroft nn which you are facmgf' Carol Gra :e Scorboro Trust tn the Lord wrth all thtne heart, and lean not mta thrnc own anderstandmq, tn gil th, ways aznnawcdgc- Hum and He shall GHCCY thy DC1ll"l," 45 N S.. Q g James Henry Seagraves "We gudge ourselvex hy what we feel capable of domg, whlle others ludge us by what we have alreazly dome," fr Q 1g kg, Gloria Ann Sechler "A Qtrl has two tmlfe, one te toe-na a Qtrl, the other ts Qrowmg up to be a lady" Ralph Augustus Sechler Jr. "Once a man twlco a Chula." A V' lla Q , E f f Alex Seymour "Be thankful for what you have " we x Millicent Ann Shepherd "Today well ltvea makes every yesterday a dream of happmess and exery tomorrow a vrslan ot hope" Jerry Wayne Sherrill "If you ean't say armythtrwg mee about some- one, aon't say anythmg at all" 5He year ends with the realigalion 0 our goals as Linda Kay Shlnn 'Sow a thought, reap an actg saw an act, reap a habrt, sow a habut, reap a characterg saw a character, reap a desttnyf' Y 'YK Larry Wayne Shive fe "Treat another as you would have htm treat you Lave another as you would have htm love you." David Larry Sides All great wen dtca young and l flarft teel so well zwvxeltf' Donald L. Slaughter To love 's great, l,ut to t:e lined ts the greatf est wvhuut love you haue hf,thmQ" Gerald Eugene Small e v. lt lee ha in Eugene Voyd Sm th 3 were r .. . 'w 2' to ew , 44 Billy R. Snipes Luc and 'ct luxe." Barbara Rae Sowder .Q The way to get rid of your enemies ls to make friends with them." Bill Spry "O, thls learning, what a thlng lt ls" F . fn , . 2 7 , . ,ww :sire . iff -' f - k'Qg,Q 7 Brenda Ruth Steele "What you need most you can find on your f' knees." Carolyn Ove rcc sh Stewa rt Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops an your- self." 1 l Linda Kay Stiller Beware! l may do something sensational yet.' N Vx 'P- My graduation practices carry us to our final day as Seniors. 1' an ., ' l Patricia Gail Templeton "Be careful how you liveg you may be the only Bible some people ever read." Gay Dawn Thomas A smile lS a llght in the wlndow of my face telllng that my heart is at home." Linda Elaine Thompson Laugh and the world laughs with youg cry and you cry alone" Patricia Lane Tucker Trust ln the Lord wlth all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understandlngg ln all thy ways acknowledge l-lim, and l-le will direct fny Dothf' Edward Bryan Tyson Christ set the exarnple-a man rrust love others, walk humbly, and Take Courage fer great tasks." Doris Jean Waller Hope newer ends, tor in the end there lg aeath, ana ln death, there is hope ' 45 I' ' N ry lil ml' ji' 'vs Wilma Mae Waller Dcpcnaalnlllly ,s priceless" Mark Rudisill Ware Jr. There ls no such lnlng as a loall day, some dcfs are just l,c-Mor than others" Ma rga ret Louise Warren I'cl ralhcr lze s'1'all and shlnc Than large anzl cast cs shoflfw, as lwrlc Th ngs are 'Men thu lmlq thlngs ln Ilfe ' Alice Jane Watson Love, and There ls no roorn fcrr Qnzy, trllsf, and thcrc wlll lo no doaltts, hose fafn, owl there lS no nerd for worry." Clotila'a Lavinia Weddington All lovc lS losl but upon God alwnC" Shiela Hope West "The grand essentlals of l'TGLDDl'WCSS are some- Thlng To do, some-one To lose, and sorncthlng to hope for." At last! Qraduates of ilie Class of 1959 Elizabeth Ann Whitaker The grand essentials ln happlncss arc somo- rnlng to do, someone to lose, and somclhng lo hope for." Bob Lowery Whitley If my Talents he of only one, Isl rne asc lt flrsl To perform my duty To God," Gary Wayne Williams Laws die, books newer." Norman Barry Wilson Th',l.Qh The fucks orc rough, sllll l Qllns' ltr o lprlghrcr tfmwrrowf' Jimmy Larry Woodard D: ant: :roars as yCu would have Hoc" C7 ,ffl ',3p.' Vicki Lu Woodard l' on:"f's ni' whgfhcr ',i,, lisc 3' no ' 'tw , 'C, Tho goose 45 1' af. I -r 42' by s. MRS IRENE EDWARDS For ner unpreyudnced understandmg her ness to the teaclmng professuon and to each Individual we dedicate this 1959 ALBROKAN to Mrs Irene Edwards We shall always preserve the fond memory nnduvuduals and one whose wusdom and un derstandnng has been an apprecvated factor Wlfhln ou lives DEDICATION fi i heart-felt confidence, and ner sincere devoted- of one who has strived to make us better 4- K v ir , I wi ' . .,, if ' 4 'X uf I 1? ' 4. 1 U 4 'WP xx ' 1 J' fy a 5 fi 4 w X -eq.. ii ,ELL- -vf' Q8 I Miss Brown HigH PHYLLIS AUSTIN MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Rilo Noel John Oehler MOST CO-OPERATIVE Soundro Logon Larry Frecmor' ii 4 4' V fl: vx . 10 Q f -r 2' 7 4 ,M , Y I 'w ,, Nj 105, .f X N 4 2 ww 'H ' i f - 3 13: ,,f'.d: 'lk' MOST POPULAR Nancy Nelms Eddie Tyson Sfuclenfs select Senior BEST LOOKING Phyllis Austin Eric McKnight H f i C57 l I '1 K 1 l 1 ...x E lf MOST STUDIOUS MOST TALENTED Barbara Chapman Jack Hill Rita Noel Jack Hill Superlafives fly popular vote... MOST ATHLETIC BEST DRESSED Carol Scarboro Marvin Queqy Gloria Sechler A. V. Franklin Q21 BEST PERSONALITY MOST DIGNIFIED Nancy Nclrns Don Coglc Soundro Logon Roy Blockwcider rating Wit... Beauty., Popuiarityn, Brains WITTIEST MOST ORIGINAL Becky Lee Rudy Wore Carol Scorboro Johnny Barlow if BEST CITIZEN MOST CAPABLE Beverly Moulden John Oehler Shclio Argo Don Cczgle v Y C I JJ Cflaraciern. Sportsmansfilpu, as Brown s Best? FRIENDLIEST BEST ALL-ROUND Beverly Moulden Tommy Allen Shelio Argo Eddie Tyson Z' 1 . www.: ' Q K X I I XX f Arie " A f " Fx v' 'li je- 1' ff .1 1 '7 ox DRAMA .l r ' 55 ff U2 ,A J, 'LW' av Rin Non . dpi ll fr I, -" 1 Jf I 7 , ..- f 1 I L JA dimly lit auditorium- Holls, echoing gay laughter, Cheerleaders, leading yells ata football game, The musty, yet familiar atmosphere of a classroomg The stage is set for the directing . JJ The individual is the primary goal- To establish his personality and character, .Y U To guide his choice ofa role in life, " f . 'Co instill in him wholesome attitudes and , P values , ' " I L The direction shines through the actors ' fn, lighter, students, to a carefree life ' i. 0 Homecoming, plays, and Junior-Seniors, Hi' Washington, athletics, and club meetings, l v ,L n I But also homework, tests, and exams ,JA The scenes are set for the acting K ta ii I Q! I 4, , With "will tgxdo, courage to dare, ' , We enact t e dai y routine ' I I 1, The friends we make, the ring we wear, J ft yi' Complete our acting team. -f ra Yet the actions within themselves are O' ,' g 9, lacking . . . l 7 ' ' The purpose is the effect that lingers W, ff, 4 As the lost curtain-coll fades- '1' l With diploma in hand, and forewells breathed, , if We whisper "good-bye" to Brown, the setting, .J-f' "good-bye" to teachers, the directors, . I "good-bye" to activities, the scenes, , 9 ' y "good-bye" to classmates, our fellow- , ' T ct . .M I 1 I Al ,Q a ors And yet we know we cannot completely part- Af- The memories, training, and experience ,,. 1 Have prepared us so ' That we cannot forget ff 9 Z- ' This, our sENioR DRAMA I .rr , J M I 1 1 Lv ' Y J li! l A , ' 5' J Rf' s lr 17' 196 Ni' 'ig -if XS. , sv' r DHascots Kim Starnes and Barry Harkey f 'ff CLASS H1sToRY Looking back now, we remember many things about this high school we are leaving. Some things have grown dim in our minds, and time has faded many of their colors, but still the memories persist. As we make this last trip through the familiar doors of Brown High, we turn and look, for the last time, at the long corridors, Our hearts are heavy now, and they swell with memories of things we did here. We stand here for a long time, realizing that this is final. Never again can we stand in the hallowed corridors of our Alma Mater, being a port of them, The days we spent here are gone. They seem to have flashed by with a great swiftness that we hardly noticed. But these days are still ours, for each of them will live countless times in our memories. As we reflect, we remember the time uncertainty, we, as sophomores, entered corridors for the first time, and times when upper class- to help us we needed, itself anew when the these long men in their dignity occasionally stooped when their encouragement and inspiration When that first year is recalled, things are brought the realiza- to mind: the difficult tasks accomplished, tion of responsibility's meaning, and duty well executed. Leading us through this first uncertain year were sound leaders of exceptional ability. Under the excellent su- pervision of Mrs. Query, our class advisor, we began the task of selecting our leaders for our sophomore year. Having shown leadership ability in years previous, Don Cagle was elected president of the class. He served well with Ronnie Glosson under him as vice-president, Beverly Maulden and Ronnie Hampton were elected to the posi- tions of secretary and treasurer, respectively. Selected to be our class representatives ir. the Council, Shelia Argo and Eddie Tyson worked for the betterment of the school through Student Government. With these staunch citizens as our leaders, we began our work as a body, The Class of i959 thus became an organiza- tion in the true sense of the word, a large family united with a common purpose and common ideals. For the work that would be done during the year, we adopted the sale of jelly as a project to provide funds for class activities. Many students made the year one of achievement, ln recognition of outstanding achievement in the fields of scholarship, character, leadership, and service, four members of our class were honored by being tapped into the National Honor Society. They were Shelia Argo, Rita Noel, Beverly Maulden, and Eddie Tyson. The service organization for boys, the Key Club, accepted for membership Eddie Tyson, Don Cagle, Ronnie Hamp- ton, and Bill and Phil Clement. With the year drawing to a close, Eddie Tyson and Beverly Maulden were elected by the student body to the offices of Secretory and Treasurer, respectively of 4 9 1 the Student Government. Elected as cheerleaders for the coming year were Johnny Barlow, Don Slaughter, and Eddie Tyson. This year, our first at Brown, was a year of achieve- ment and a year of responsibility, The year seemed 10 flv, and as we had entered the year a bit uncertain of our surroundings, we ended it confident that the year had proved us worthy of a place in the annalg of Brown High School. On returning in the fall of l957, we found ourselves becoming fond of the place, and as we settled down to our second year at Brown, we realized that we were well on our way across the sea of learning. ln this very busy junior year, our class was capably advised by Mr. Boone. We began the year's activities by holding a class meeting for the election of our officers The previous year had proved to us that we had many capable lead- ers in our class, and with this in mind, the class chose Ronnie Glosson as its president To serve under him and to assist him in his many duties were selected Eric McKnight, vice-president, Nancy Nelms, secretary, and Tommy Allen, treasurer. Along with these officers were our Council representatives, Shelia Argo and Don Cagle. All of these leaders as well as our student gov- ernment officers did much in aiding the class through government and service. As the year, progressed, our class protects were under- taken. Busily we sold magazines to finance the Jun- ior-Seniar, and rehearsed for the class play, "Tom Saw- yer", with Eric McKnight and Johnny Barlow taking the leading roles. The seniors honored us with "Soyo- nara", the Senior-Junior. As in our sophomore year, the achievements of many students were recognized with various honors. Tapped into the National Honor Society from our class were Barbara Chapman, Saundra Logan, Tobie Barbee, Cyn- thia Fletcher, Margie Harrington, Carol Scarboro, John Oehler, and Jack Hill. The Key Club accepted John Oehler, Tommy Barringer, Rudy Ware, and Jack Hill into its ranks. For their achievement in the field of dramatics and for participation in various plays, Tommy Allen, Johnny Barlow, Larry Freeman, Sandra Miller, Tommy Overcash, Alice Roberts, and Linda Stiller were tapped into the Thespian Society. As time passed, the Science Fair was held, and we were all kept busy planning the activities that were drawing near. Soon we received our class rings and dis- played them with pride as final plans for the Washing- ton trip were being made. Taking five buses, we left for Washington, and we returned after a fabulous week in our city of government: the never-to-be-forgotten Washington Trip l958. We found it a somewhat difficult task to settle down to the remaining weeks of school, but with time for exams nearing, we somehow managed. Under the su- pervision of Co-Chairmen Kaye Beaver and A. V. Frank- lin, plans were begun for the Junior-Senior. "Stairway to the Stars" was the theme selected, and with blue and white decorations adorning the social room, it be- came a star-studded event. With the year drawing to a close, Student Govern- ment elections were held. The student body chose Eddie Tyson as its president, and Don Cagle was chosen vice- president. We were all kept busy planning for the Western District of North Carolina Student Councils Congress for which our school was to be hast, and we were all proud when Don Cagle was elected president of the district. For their past contributions tothe school paper, Sallie Caudle and Becky Lee were selected Co-Editors of the Brown Highlights. We elected our cheer-leading squad with Johnny Barlow, chief, and other rising seniors Margie Harring- ton, Martha Rutledge, Nancy Nelms, Don Slaughter, and George Barrier, were selected. On the basis of scholastic achievement the com- mencement marshals were Barbara Chapman, Rita Noel, Sue Milburn, Jack Hill, Phyllis Brock, Doris Waller, Marlene Howard, Cynthia Fletcher, Johnny Gibson, Brenda Shaver, Eddie Tyson, Ray Blackwelder, and Carnl Scarboro. With a bit of sadness we looked on as the class of '58 was ushered out, and we realized that our time was not too far off. As we entered Brown for our last year we became aware of many things that we were seeing and doing for the last time. Upon our return we found many things different. The school was buzzing with work- men, hurrying to completion, the new wing, and we could see, across the way, the progress being made on the new W. J. Bullock Physical Education Building. For the last time we were united as a class, and with the help of Miss Gray, our advisor, we held our class elec- tions Eric McKnight was elected to serve as our presi- dent lhis final year, with Ronnie Glosson to serve as vice-president. Shelia Argo and Alan McKnight were chosen to hold the positions of secretary and treasurer, respectively. To complete our slate of officers for this busiest of years, we selected Beverly Maulden and Tom- my Allen, to be our representatives in the Council, Phyllis Austin, chaplain, Saundra Logan, social chair- man, and Jack Hill, historian. We selected gold and white as our class colors and the white orchid as the flower. For our motto we se- lected "The will to do, the courage to dare". We elec- ted our superlatives, and we chose, Kim Starnes and Barry Harkey for our mascots. ln the early part of the Year, the Key Club accepted Larry Freeman, Tommy Allen, and George Barrier for membership. From the beginning, the football games played an important role in the activities of many students, and this year seemed special, for the games were played in our new stadium. Leading our team to second place in the conference were our Co-Captains, Ronnie Hamp- ton, Ronnie Glosson, and Marvin Query. A victorious game set off Homecoming weekend, and the season climaxed in a l3-O victory over Concord, winning back for us the victory bell. Reigning over Homecoming festivities was Margie Harrington, and representing us in the Carrousel Parade in Charlotte was Phyllis Austin as Miss Brown High. On the basis of character, scholarship, leadership, and personality, Saundra Logan was elected "Miss Hi Miss". As time passed, others of our class were honored in various ways. The Honor Society, Key Club, Quill and Scroll, and Thespian Society accepted new members. The year sped by, and before we realized, plans had been made for the senior class play, "The Match-Mak- er", and the iuniors had honored us with the Junior- Senior. Then Senior Day had come and gone, and we realized that it was the last time our gaiety and frivoli- ty would be shared. From that day, a serious note sounded in our voices as we spake of graduation. ln pretended gaiety we at- tended rehearsals, Then as we attended the Baccalaur- eate Sermon, we realized what it was really all about. We relived our history on Class Night, then we walk- ed in cap and gown down the aisles graduation night to accept our long-awaited diplomas. We bade our classmates farewell, and we received the congratula- tions of parents and friends. Leaking back now, all these things become clear. We realize that these were our years, the three we spent at Brown. They prepared us for a life as useful citizens. Although the doors of high school have been closed, the doors of life stand open to us. We go our separate ways, but we shall remember these years. Jack Hill, Historian THE JU IOR CLASS 'Zi' ll' if 3 fi 41' JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Bobby Hill, Vice-President, George Kiser, Presidentg Phyllis Williams, Secretary, Jerry Dellinger, Treasurer. The Junior Class began a busy year with the registration in the fall. The so-called school life "drudgery" was enlivened by events which every member of the class will long remember, During the fall, many a junior's home became mysteriously over-stock- ed with "The World's Finest Chocolate," and the door-to-door campaigns proved to each that he could be a good salesman, if he tried. Students' time was not only spent on extra- curricular activities but on academic pursuits as well. This was reflected by the various honors and awards that the students received. ln the field of sports, the juniors were also proud of their representatives, for several juniors made excellent records in football, basketball, etc. After the drudgery of mid-term exams, came another task, writing a term paper. ln February many a junior donned a costume and acted his way through the Junior Class Play, "Seventeen" In the spring things began to look brighter. In April all of the pastime of an average junior was spent talking about the annual trip to Wash- ington. Also in the spring the arrival of the class rings caused a drastic change in the life of each junior. With the coming of the Junior-Senior Prom, the juniors realized that there was just one more year before they would travel on the "road to success." Carol Adams Linda Adams Ray Adcock Mildred Alexander Jack Allen Barbara Armstrong Wayne Armstrong Myra Atkinson Frances Baer Bea Ballard Bradford Ballard Linda Ballard Arthur Barrier Clay Basinger Myra Baxter Larry Beam Lnnda Beam Judy Beaver .loe Beck Tony Belk Lavon Benton Eddie Black Terry Black Betty Bond Bully Bond Danny Bost Gene Bowers Barbara Boyette Suzanne Bradley Claruce Bragg Brenda Brandon Allen Brantley Guy Brooks Jenny Brothers Butch Brown As our junior year draws to a c ose we rememlier 'S"i'.f' A'-Qf :bm l THE JUNIOR CLASS WW' Carrol Brown Martha Brown Jane Bullock Sara Burnette Elaune Burrls Wlndel Burton Jerry Carter Louuse Caudle Maxune Caudle Max Cheek Phyllus Cheek Barry Chulders Belunda Chulders Nancy Chrustuan Peggy Clayton Lvnda Cline Tyna Cogglns Paul Cook Gayle Cooke Roger Correl Sandra Council Mnchael Craddock Charlotte Crenshaw Marlene Cress Muchael Crutz Betty Dame! Carolyn Daniels Johnny Darnell Lunda Darnell Betty David Glorua Davndson Joyce Dovns Judy Davis Kenneth Davss Jane Doyvault li C ' I s , , r- M- 0 X rv ,, ,V X "" ,Lu . ' . r 5 " , h J- B J T1 - W 5. 2 , , g L. X 3 bw 1 gvft 'V . 1 .4 ,-'Tx , i 1 X , .E l ffl: J V ' rx lfft - JQLX fill-e'. r J , we - 'l--r W A iETff'i'55"' ,. 5 ,535 Q las - Qt., K. 9 fig-fag Q-' ff? Ep A N' J . . f E Qfwii ll' 4 . A ',.w Y V - 4 ' ' - A . . :Q H . - in t " " , V s Q. A -1 ' C 1' " it ' ' ff af' in . 6 . . f- g rf V f C 5 X , A .f,V5:f,Vg!ffi,Vff,t I Fein. A 'i,4,v-at V :- ' .YQ 7 -V 1 " ' - 'X' gt is , f ,f ,, A f .., - . 4 J J' - ,f r' 1 'W to 4 ' 274 -. " at ,, 1 If . 1' V ?M1 ' fl' ' - J s F ,, k . many things Jimmy Dayvault Rebekah Dayvault Bonnue Deal Jerry Dellrnger Eldon Donahue Bull Dove Joanne Drolette Fellx Dry Mary Ann Dudley Bu'Iy Duncan Sandra Dwuggnns Larry Eddleman Jlm Farrington Harold Felts Shnrley Foster Frances Fowler Jerry Freeland Brenda Freeman Lunda Freeman Tommy Gantt Michael Garver Rlcha rd Gatton Maxnne Goforth Sand ra Goodman Sheila Goodman Wayne Goodman Kyle Goodnight Brenda Grady P O Greene Jr Larry Grlffun Thomas Gruffun Lnnda Grnggs Shirley Gruggs Lottie Graff Benny Gibson Ray Haley Davue Hall Carol Hampton Shrrley Hardnng Cyrul Harrungton Jerry Harrington Robe t Hartsell Jr Mary Lou Howkuns Connue Helms Lynn Helms Llnda Henderson Mary Hess James Hicks Jerry Hucks Bobby Hull Pat Hull Mary Sue Hodge Cara Holbrook Faye Hollar Alta Holshouser .lo Holt Maldred Holt La Deon Honbarrner Guy Honeycuft Lunda Honeycutt Jeanne Hooper Lnnda Horne Sylbua Horne Charles Horton Glenna House Dewey Howell Judy Hudson Robert Hudson Sybnl Hudson r I , Winston Hawkins Duanne Hugglns Lando Hume Lorry Imon Mike Irby Betty lsenhour Larry James Ann Johnson Bryant Johnson Mendoll Jordon Nancy Jordan ZW Glenda Julian Gary Kearney Pat Kerley Cookie Ketchue Janice Kung jf George Knser Charles Lackey Brenda Lambert Kay Lambert Sarah Lark Jane Lee Kenneth Leonard Jerry Lewus Muckey Llnebarrler Kathryn Lusenby Kenneth Lorbacher Mnchoel Lowder Dwaln Lurnsden Wayne McClannon Elaune McCombs Joe McCommons Lnbby McCommons Elanne McKrnney Jerry McWhorter Lnndo Martnn 3 c ass rmgs arrlved tfie worlt we dzd on our play . . K , c .2 ' Y J L .S w- 1 ' ,X ' r 'J K .v , - 'LGB .if JZ, ' Vx ur +222 er 'Q' .L 11- ,Q . l Q X .fi 1' 3 5 .5 I N X' 1 Q 5 , ' ' an Q27 Z iz Cac 5 2 1 4-is 'fx .L 12252 '. . L, 1' 1 5 A L1 r ax' R n"3':1 is . I- 4, , ig 4 . r ' ch 2 Q . , N W v, . . ' X A LN A J Q li t J , 1. gv , . , cn sv' 3 vw in N' J fy' fy , If iv Q, , 1- 5 " ' 5- 4 '- 6: I Q L' X ' F to . h t .. 1:1 'A V , .,.L A 2 4-' f V 0 6 ,S . I Uh ' ' H ,.- I. . L ' 1, S . . . . yr Q' 1 s 7 I b . ,wt g 1 1 . . . . . . :K gl THE JUNIOR CLASS xffl Mory Vlrgunlo Mortln Monty Moyes Betty Melton Bull Melton Clworles Muller Ted Muller Bull Mllllgon John Mltchell Aluce Montgomery Alvnn Moore Charles Moose Lester Morgan Phyllis Morgon Terry Morgon Vernon Morris Noncy Moss Woyne Nuchols Jon Nuxon 'Tim-1 Machoel Osborne Agotho Overcosh Peggy Overcosh Dovld Pennell Bull Perry Dwoln Perry Rebecca Perry Bull Plwllllps Jerry Plfullnps Joyce Packrel Dovud Pogue Dovld Porter Glendo Preslor Alma Jeon Prnce Eugene Prnce Koren Prlce VSV" 1 ' 'vs Qi yo " 4 L Q, . Y: ,M Q4 f 4 V X A M M it C f i n '77 1 - - - - 'S A Q- A ' X ' l I ff' i f? l xx . 'H Qmyaf -1, 4 'S' ,., A . W H5 15 ' X v - rv G ' by W D g .1 ,L 1 V-131153 Q ' ' , ' 4. - Q ' , ' ' YV! , , , J I oe A 1-4 ,. - mm f? ' - Q' C ' ' ,f N K ' . A f - 1, .4 .V - Ns - xg "gg, V, ,- - lg C C " " V it , , .,.. S K ' ' ' ' 5 ' 13' ,M M' C ' ' AL, , ,.Y ' tx g 3 A . Q . . 4 . Q .. 5 fl ' :Q V " , ' Y ' 4 , 3 4 "E C ' G Lindo Rogon Dione Reodllng Joyce Reid Shirley Reynolds Leon Richordson Rick Rickard Evelyn Roork Lyndo Robinette Jerry Rogers Ollie Rollins Grody Ross Koy Russell Robert Sowyer Roy Scott Jr Libby Sebostion Steve Self Jimmy Sellers Boxter Shelton Jockie Sherrill Tosko Sikes Lovon Simpson Cloudine Sloop Jerry Sloop Agnes Smith Borboro Smith Jockie Smith Cecil Snipes Jimmy Sorrell Wondo Stock Joyce Stornes Potricio Stoton Brodley Stroup Lorry Thompson Borry Thornburg Woyne Thrift 'W Y' "Seventeen"... tlie long awaited trip to washington J f 'ff , sf. L '- S V 1' 'S S J . ' .L T , it 3 . hs JM f , E ,ioy yyys 5 L S, N t S El' 5 'I Aly 5 "" rf' S .Ng 5 E T ' S fl X i and tHe un orgetfaflle umor Senior dance 3 'Ev ,ff THE JUNIQR CLASS Fred Trammell Scott Trott Martha Troutman Mary Tucker Don Turner Judy Turner Faye Vunson Carol Waldroup L F Walters Garren Watkins Rachard Watson Terry Watts Erlene Webster Jackue West Ellis White Lorraine Wllllams Marvln Wllllams Patrucla Wulllams Phyllis Wllllams Steve Wllllams Ted Wllluams Pat Wnnchester Albert Wmgler Betty Sue Wnngler Muke Yorke 5llese memorles made up me Gest year 0 our llves at Brown 4' J N095 JJ1 Ach J the Qommof wha. SDN- 'fn .47 I Q9 if In-R26 "Q l fl' Jul-IH mfr? hu-Il' ,I -,J fha OA!! L K1 65 ,f THE OPHOMORE CLASS - .Pew-' SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Jerry Little, President, Susu Tuttle, Secretary, Ronnie Barlow, Vice-President, Edgar Ketchie, Treasurer iNot Picturedl. A sophomore, after his first look at Brown, feels he can never become an important part of such a fast-moving group. So many rooms, the flight of stairs, exams, registration-all are familiar to us now, but in the beginning, we were just "green sophomores." This year has not passed without being eventful for many of the sophomores. Many boys have excelled in football, and both boys and girls have done much to help our basket- ball teams, The sophomores also proved to be the best salesmen in the school with its class ranking highest in the chocolate sale. As the year passed and new acquaintances and friends were made, the halls, as well as the imposing number of students, have contributed to our longing for the old junior high. We know now that we are an important part of Brown, and now we finally "belong." t Wayne Adams Davrd Adcock Jerry Allen Judy Allen Geraldune Allman Phyllis Allman Carolyn Anthony Marcella Baker Robert Baker Delores Ballard Paul Ballard Lmda Barbee Buddy Barber Dlan Barlow Laurene Barlow Ronnie Barlow Carolyn Barnhardt Donald Bass Donald Bauknlght Barbara Beam Junuor Beam Mnchael Beaver Rose Marne Beaver Steve Beaver Arleen Benton Betty Berryman Wtllle Blles Phul Black Lots Blackwelder Muckey Blackwelder Lmda Bost Clara Bowles Carolyn Boyd Pat Bradshaw David Brlndle Joe Brooks Marshall Brooks Sndney Brown Henrletta Bullock Melvnn Butler Lnnda Byars Lrnda Callucutt Irene Campbell Lnnda Campbell Robert Campbell Make Carrthers Carolyn Carpenter Marilyn Carrouth f DGFX' 6 www C' WNY ....,, Z N E 'B LD 235 1-A Cn I3 N E N Q rm Us 3 N E :T N Fi E I3 as LQ 25 f-1 N N I-is N Q... 31' Us H . . I l Q W . 7 l , pf' Q A K :zezsg Ir . , I- A , fl - K- D I Jn' W , in Q, ig ' - - 1 r Z' ' , gl . V 4 H - C so , Aw 4 IT N, V ' - 'p r :AJ . ' V - Q 5 ' ' at -' ff' . f , ' A 4, x -' Q 'l 1 , if h a 5 . C al U f -.MM ' ' A 1, lf 4 , i 4 rx T , . y F C 11, 0 ' L ' ' 1' - n ' 4 1 A f ew ' , eetl A A . wx , . 1 A5 - , -' .E 7: .5 I . 1 . 5 SN W 1 V , X ' If - ,V L..ff.w " V W A ' .. f A A Aw 1 Z A , l I A , ' h .M . 3 , 1 - ' . rf ' . t A A . t s , ,z - ,FW . I A .4 , X -so-CM X f , e f Q , C R , 3 -g 34. x 3 1, 'iq rap' i Q?-+3 H-,P QA ... 4 8 ' 1 4 1 9 N - ' l' 1 7 v - Q I 1.4 , - 0 .D - fl 1'r'4f?'Sf"5 FFT' l Marvin Carter Maxine Carter Lenora Caudle Warren Chapman Carolyn Cheek Gall Cheek Janice Childers Jimmy Chllders Joan Childers Wanda Chulders Gall Chrustuan Paul Chrlstlan Douglas Christy Eluzabeth Christy Gene Clune Kathey Cochran James Compton Becky Corn Lunda Corn Boyd Correll Barbara Corruher French Cowan Bobby Cox Llnda Cress Evangelsne Crlder Bobby Crutchfue Betty Davus Juanuta Davus Luculle Davls Ronnue Davus Teddy Davos Jesse Deo Steve Dea Johnsle Deaton Alva Deese Barbara Deese Beth Dellvnger Gene DeMarcus Kenneth Dennis eddue Duckerson Phyllis Dillard Nelda Donahue Rachel Donohue Judy Dowless Wayne Downs Chrlstuna Dry Janlce Duncan THE SOPHOMORE CLASS HJ F' A ' f .IHV,,- s . J 'J , . - C , , ' 1 Z - Y Ly . I x ' J V n - W M LALV if W ' Vyykwzy 3 Q C , Aty, ' 1- ,, g Y-' . Q y 5. ' 5 . , A 'cl D J If X 1 lv 'fldiff ' X '- s RN Y K -- 'V f 'f. , - N v . I4 2 in ' , Y, --'11 . , , 5 5 . if ' "V ' ' D .X A HX ' sl f l is v- I :assi , V, "' ., ' D "' ., ll . 5 j 1 e A- ,- C , Johnny Dalrymple ' - , 21 ' A 1 , I rfgifrfv ' " X, 11 fl ,fy-93L1,4 'ML X A ww, K , V Vkxv W, . VJ g . 55 l J gf f b V i 3 . , I g 71 N D ft 'llrl K .. . X , 6, we stoocl on the tHresHolcl o a whole new world Wayne Dunn James Dwugglns Carolyn Earwood Laura Edwards Charlotte Eldsan Charles Emerson Becky Ferguson Wayne Finney Paras Fisher Dorothy Floyd Wayne Fow Ronnle Freeland Brenda Freeman Rayma Freeze Carol Frleze Joyce Fryer Gaynell Funderburk Gary Funderburke Johnny Furr Sarah Gabriel Charles Galney Jerry Garett Steve Gentle Terry Gibson Harry Gllbert Brenda Gable Betty Godfrey Larry Goodnight Peggy Goodson Leon Goolsby Bobble Graham Glenn Graham Wesley Grant Susan Grlbble Marlon Grutfun Reba Gnffln Sonja Gruffun Tommy Griffith Kay Hall Patrlcla Hall Bull Hammons Tony Hampton Helen Hancock Jummy Hancock Lrnda Hancock Barbara Hardeman James Hardy Lester Hargett W W THE SOPHGMORE CLASS 9 2? Srl gum film' Danny Harkey Judy Hartsell Vicky Hastings David Hawkin Alton Helms Simmons Hendrick Linda Henry Bobby Hicks Judy Higgins Barbara Hill James Hilton Sandra Hlnson Jan Hipps Ancel Holtzclaw Harold Honbarrier Myra Honeycutt Anita House Rachel Hubbard Larry Hudson Joyce Huneycutt Joyce Hurst Charles Ingram Teresa Jacobs Addie James Elaine James Kay James Jerry Johnson Jerry M Johnson Linda Johnson Linda Jo Johnson Mary Ann Johnson Ronnie Johnson Jimmy Jones Larry Jones Larry Jones Ted Jones Jo Carol Jordan Richard Jordan Carlotta Joyner Maxine Kerley Edgar Ketchie Ruth Keys Billy Kimberlin Wayne King James Kiser Linda Kiser Linda Knight Karen Krimminger moment o our sophomore year, our Happlest Hours Sylvlo Sherrrll Jlmmy Shlnn Gary Shave Bays Shoaf Aluce Shrum Evelyn Srdes Roy Sldes Gaynell Slmpson John Sums Jummy Slaughter Gartrell Sloan Januce Sloop Kay Sloop Rnchard Small Brenda Smith Don Smuth Lnnda Smuth Momue Smlth Myra Smuth Robert Smuth Zadie Smuth Llnda Smoak Joel Sneed Judy Snow Melvin Spry Beatruce Steen Johnny Steen Barbara St John Gerry Stowe Lunda Strnckland Gary Stuart Lucy Styers Jeff Swing Jerry Taylor Kathy Taylor Lanny Teague Patsy Tennent Shelby Tennent Cloudune Terry Potrucua Thompson Martin Thrasher Lmda Threodgull Ray Tnlley Larry Torrence Sara Trott Jerry Trull Ronald Tutterow 'Wi N W Susu Tuttle I lt 5 I l in h ,grx 1 ' l ', S 'sf ,, 3 Q ' l Ks Xt JA J lg 4 I ' . Q K ,X 5 Vhtlg. ' - . sn . V N l A l ill' I I ., S l ' Q. -'V T X Q , 'I 'L n 12 V - , 35 QQ. "" f X l 14 W -fg 3 I ' T as s ' J T A ' 4. H 'K Q . . 'SM' T li 1 1 tb ll y .t ' K :, 1- J 2. F 4 . . hs ff in x . e S K -c- Tl 'rtl . Q' . 'Ll Q X l ' 1 l Q SENIORS Ken Alexander Edward Chzlders Gall Compton Don Funk Carl Petty Melvvn Helms Mike Purvls George Shnnn Bull Stegall NOT PICTURED JUNIORS Leslue Argo Harold Beets Ronald Blue Edgar Brown Jack Eberhardt Henry Eller Robert Huneycutt Frank Jerry Johnson Carl Kelly Shurley Messer Tony Mullsaps Bobby Malls James Morgan Brenda McCall James Mclnms Jerry Mclnnls Keuth Parks Jackue Roberson 74 Cathy Ussery Carol Vannoy Jenmngs Waggoner Judy Wagner Bobby Wagoner Jerry Walker Peggy Waller Bull Ward Brenda Ward Ronnle Watts Wayne Watts Glynn Weatherby Raymond Weaver Denny White Duanne Whste Mnchael Whlte Ralph Whitley Donald Whltmnre Joyce Wake Linda Wllhelm Pat Wilhelm Robert Wulkerson Deana Wnlluams Elnora Wllllams Judy Wnlson Phnl Wuseman Becky Wlthers Sylvia Wood Elalne Workman Brenda Wrlght Derald Wrlght SOPHOMORES Kenneth Baker Joel Craft Larry Danuel Bobby Deese Raymond Grlffun Jerry Gulledge Danuel Hollar Glenda Hard Jerry Livengood Dorothy Snmmons Max Story Harry White I I A, X f,., .tr 2 .. V? Y ., 1 , . ,A t lr 4 1' fx t ' l - :tv .. ' g ' , ' J, at ,I ' , , is ,E ' A, .. 'Q' L ' ' ' L , A -. , V t,,, . 7 ., V' kg gg Vi l l tl ,s.N ,, A .'-- K , A 5 gi E ' K . . X , . ,,' 5 - JJ X .f L52 - J s J J ' my F I ,,,, f , J LL l M v 7 ,fp ua in Q I ,z x Q Q vw ' I A- Q at 5 f . X ' 3 :V Qu :uf l . . fi, ll' V ' , Q J J ' I 'Q 'M I R ,N 4 . . A 5 s lpfr q , - A ' 4 ' , t . I D., W Q l as V ills 1 Om C COIN I T1 9 Q U U U Tl MARG1E HARRINGTON 1,4 ix I ' 1 x S 9 gl f form, ,M -W YR 1 HQ, isiw DH., 72 LfLop+T'kf" X sh i . 1 1 Sa 'bi' , 4, 1 r 1' THA ll . 'H ky: t - 1 f:-.. ' , 4 ' lf' ' ,. 'yer ,NA :' z EAAA 3 lvvfg ., A, sy n U ,,, ,. . Q 3 , . i '1 1' w1f'r8. A- A' W ' A V W fn 'A 'f . '- +' 'Q ' W7 '- 1 if 'r -J x 3 I I :J J fi .- .'-' 1 J , 1' ' Y ' I x,p.',fJ,'1'J.,4 ,ff pq Jkt? The molds ond jonntors Lucule Gibson Essle Adoms Melvin Hopper ond Jomes Brown moke greot contrubutnon to the beouty of our school dolly by keepnng holls ond clossroorns lmmoculotely cleon We ore deeply opprecuotuve of these ser vnces thot they render throughout the school yeor Sometimes these efforts ore frustrotnng ond unopprecuoted but we speokung for the student body publucly thonk them for thelr suncere devotion to their lob ond the students of Brown Hugh School Essre ond Lucule Zhese personalltles lteep our school clean Melvun Jornes -FN RSX... .vm viii M ,K t - 'lliuonq3,,' 5. .3 ,, AZ 'fa NI . E . e I ' k 4 , f v f L' 51 , f A ' , f , A 2 , . ' 'X u 1 ,' Y QQ nail", Q. 5 Q, it 43 e e ln the modern high school, the plan is to educate the whole student-not only in studies and in mental exercise but also by a well-rounded social life. At Brown High, participation in the many clubs, organizations, and honor groups will be re- vealed to you in the following pages. i CLUBS ORGANIZATIONS l l , Pages 80-103 PARTICIPATIO Q 'Q K Q y 'fl.lr,,4lA Q- if jr Consisting of approximately one hundred L- ' and ten members, the A. L. Brown High School t A ' Band of Kannapolis is directed by Mr. Harvey T Turner. Mr. Turner has certainly played o great part in winning wide-spread recognition for the band. During marching season, Jimmy Slaughter, the drum major, leads the band K across the field. Next come the majorettes xg and sponsors, The talented majorettes add to the pep of the band as they strut in front. Also playing important roles are the sponsors whose lettered uniforms spell B R O W N. Needless to say, the Brown High Band contributes much to our school spirit at each football game. Besides being instrumental in SPONSORS the dedication of both the Memoriol Stadium Judy Hudson, Sylvia Hoce, Cookie Alexander, Myra At- k' , J d T . and the W. J. Bullock Gymnasium this year, mon U Y Umar the band has visited several other cities throughout North Carolina. 5He Alf. Brown High School Band Jimmie Slaughter, Alice Montgomery, Jean Price, Jo Long, Saundra Logan, Susu Tuttle, Elaine Workman, Lar- ry Keever, Pam Fletcher, Sarah Clayton, Sylvia Hoce, Judy Turner, Judy Hudson, Myra Atkinson, Mildred Alex- ander, Charles Bumgarner, Jack Hill, Marvin Carter, Tommy Allen, Bill Clayton, Robert Hartsell, Rusty Rainey, Mike Starnes, Don Cogle, Scott Trott, Mary Ann Johnson, Betty Ann Davis, Janet Moulden, Peggy Clayton, Laura Edwards, Sandra Dwiggins, Rita Noel, Jimmie Powell, Charles Murray, Aaron Brooks, Guy Brooks, Ken- neth Murray, Johnny Riddle, Kenneth Dennis, Rodger Correll, P. O. Greene, Larry Griffin, Keith Moore, Joe Brooks, Mike Carithers, Larry Hampton, Buddy Marlin, Rick Rickard, Gary Shive, Larry Shive, Ellis White, Mike McCarn, Alan McKnight, Paris Fisher, Elaine MCCor'nbs. fu l ,'.ti1sn A .A A li Q v M, L 'K . . lir ' ' U l A 7 N' L L . A. Q' X ' -.. -, .x - 1 L- -D A ma, .1 A gk ' - A iw A LLB ll: ., J ,I I' . I x- ' GHS' 64,-5,4 Elaine Workman, Susu Tuttle, Jean Price, Jo Long, Saundra Logan, Alice CUSS fomoflons- Montgomery. practices and plays its way to superiority John Oehler, George Oehler, Robert Sawyer, Don Turner, Harry Gilbert, Don Preslar, Nancy Rich, Johnny Gib- son, Wayne Lowery, Beth Dellinger, Ronnie Watts, Bill Lewis, Tommy Barringer, Mike Critz, Bobby Crutchfield, Neddie Dickerson, Bill Dove, Wayne Goodman, Terry Morgan, Monty Mayes, Ronald McCurdy, Ted Miller, Steve XNiIliams, Jeff Swing, Glynn Weatherby, Johnny Sims, Wayne Dunn, Gerry Stowe, Melvin Butler, Johnny Dal- rymp'e, John Coon, Kenneth Williams, Jenny Brothers, Rebecca Corn, Allan Brantley, Arlene Benton, Barbara Chapman, Ted Dry, Joyce Davis, Delores Ketchie, Shelia Leonard, Linda Rogan, Lucy Styers. Norman Wilson, Vickie Hastings, Reba Griffin, Cathy Ussery, Jere Noel, Brenda Nash, David Adcock, Lenore Gabriel, Kathy Love, Tippy Peeler, and Ruth Keys. J F1 l ll ii ' - -A -- I ' U1 , g , 1, ,M , ., ll Aggiioorb Ti17yAp0y5 MAJORETTES Director and Drum Mayor dis- JK tw.. I N.. , r-sirlvvit and Aclx'i'.m'r clisflw. important documents, ,sion lloumi: mt-vnlivvf, help govern the student body, The Student Government Organization of A L, Brown High School is the means by which the student body aids directly in the administration of the school, lt is the official organ for student expression in matters per- taining to the welfare of the student body. This organization is in charge of all dances and projects, Student Government representa- tives must pass all sublects and have a "B" on conduct. Consisting of the governing bodies of the Student Council and Session House, the S. G. makes the directing of the school one both of students and teachers. Student Qovernmen Seated: G.-time Ot-l.It-r Uiannt' lluauin-., Sylvia Hoce, Qudy Ware, Glenda Lee, Wesley Grant, Ray Blackwelder, lt,-nny lin-thcri. Standing: Ciuy liruolvi, lummy Barringer, Scott Trott, John Ochlvr, Elaine Workman, Don Smith, linda Ki wr, Myra Honcycutl, Harriet Maulden, Mary Lou Hawkins, Susan Gribble. W if .i All Ihrrv Clow-v-, mf' lt'DHf"w1fl11l'tI in lstlhitxlif Dllmcil crystattiges stuctent opinion efficiently Firsf Row: Edrlif' fyxmi, pfC'xIfICl1f, Dun QOQIO, VICC-Prcmcicrit, Donny Bust, Sucrulory, Morxflvi Wllllonws, ircosurcrg Tommy Allt-n, Bi-vcrly Moulclcn Second Row: Jimmy Doyvoultg Judy Turm-rg Runmc Philllpsg Sora Truth Miss Brmmlx, Aclvlxvvl. 07 s fi A Z. 3 . Y' Q Wi A yu First Row: Amelia Rogers, Exangeline Crider, Larry Hudson, Buddy Moss, Ronnie Mclnnis, Simmons Hendrick, Larry Fowler, Ralph Johnston, Ralph Whitley, Judy Alley, Janice Slaop, Carolyn Puntch, Sherran Leonard, Anita House. Seconc. Row: Claudette Medlin, Jane Moore, Richard Jordan, Jimmy Powell, Raymond Weaver, Wayne Fowler, Brenda Freeman, Prebble Crowell, Lindo Jo Johnson, Glenda Lee, Suzanne Deal, Lynn Bonds. Third Row: Linda Henry, Gail Christian, Goynell Funderburk, Linda Leitch, Barbara Deese, Judy Wagner, Peggy Over- cafh, Judy Darts Judy McDaniQls, Sylvia Sherrill, Brenda Brandon, Martha Troutman. Fourth Row: Kay Sloop, Alva Deese, Linda Adams, Rachel Donahue, Sue Ritchie, Ann Moss, Mary Lou Hawkins, Mary Virginia Martin, Kay Lambert, Becky Ferguson, Anita Luther, Becky Perry, Kay Moore, Karen Krimminger. Mixed CHorus eomttined talent with practice Larry Fawler, President, Jane Moore, Secretaryflreas- urer, Miss Barbara Stallings, Director, Beverly Maulden, Pianist and Vice-President. Q.. El I 1 The Mixed Chorus, under the direction of ,, Miss Barbara Stallings, is growing larger and better year by year. This group presents musi- cal programs tar many special events such as Thanksgiving and Christmas assembly pro- grams, as well as the annual tour of the elementary schools, and visits to various civic clubs, Each year the chorus is entered in the State Music Festival to be rated with school choral groups trom all over the state, For the past several years, the Mixed Chorus has maintained a rating of "excellent," An honorary club for boys, the Key Club impresses initiative and leadership upon its members. Each year, the club has a "drive tor clothing" to be given to the needy fami- lies at Christmas. Some ofthe Key Club's pur- poses are: "To develop by precept and example a more intelligent, aggressive, and serviceable citizenship. To provide a practical means to form en- during triendships, to render altruistic serv- ice, and to build better communities. To cooperate in creating and maintaining that sound public opinion and high idealism which makes possible the increase of right- eousness, justice, patriotism, and good will." Seated: Ronny Hampton, President, Mr. Van Poole, Ad visor, Standing: Scott Trott, Secretary, Tommy Barrin ger, Vice-President, Rudy Ware, Treasurer. Key Cluli promotes lietter citigenship Seated: Mr. Van Poole, Larry Freeman, Tommy Barringer, Ronny Hampton, Scott Trott, George Barrier. Stand- ing: Marvin Williams, Bobby l-lill, Danny Bost, Phil Clement, George Oehler, Jimmy Dayvoult, George Kiser, Jack Hill, Bill Clement, Rudy Ware, Don Cagle, Edgar Ketchie, Tommy Allen, John Oehler, Eddie Tyson. K'- Sallie Caudle Becky Lee . Barbara Armstrong Phyllis Brock . . Jane Bullock , . Rachel Cashion . Barbara Chapman Jane Dayvault . , Joanne Drolette Margie Harrington Karen Price . . . Wanda Stack , Phyllis Williams pu 'HV' ww , i A pm Cum. 1 EDITORIAL STAFF: Co-Editor Saundra Logan Business Manager Co-Editor Miss Proctor Advisor Allirohan ancl Brown Highlights Sta . .. Reporter Homeroom Editor .. Sports Editor . . . Club Editor . News Editor Sports Editor A' IEeOlU'SeEglIZ: The Brown Highlights is published month- AlUmf1Ri Editor ly by the members of the high school staff. , . epor er - . I Exchange Editor The members write, edit, and compile all TS Ox ,. . material. The four-column, ten-page paper consists of news, features, sports, and edi- torials. Before being eligible for staff, a stu- dent must have had one year of journalism in which his work has excelled. The co-edi- tors are chosen by the journalism class and the present staff. Other specific editors are selected by the two co-editors and the ad- viser. The Albrokan is the A. L. Brown High School annual. Prepared by two organizations, the business and editorial staffs work until February getting the annual prepared for pub- Iication. The business staff is in charge of ob- taining advertisements while the editorial staff writes all copy, prepares pictures schedules, and organizes the journalistic portion. BUSINESS STAFF ,, Tommy Allen ,- Dian Barlow Gail Bentley Olivia Fink Cynthia Fletcher Judy Hudson ,P Jean Kerley ' Myra King - Advertis- h ing Manager, " Linda Knight Jo Long Q Eliza Matthews Sandra Miller Johnny Riddle Gloria Sechler Jackie Sherrill Jimmy Slaughter 5' - ,, " , A x Judy Turner - Circula- ta it tion Manager X Patricia Williams f J' Q, M 1, - w 1,23 ,f 3 3 5 , . ffttw- 1 B 1 V conveys typical year in pictures and print Staff at work getting ideas for the Albrokon. Seated: Sallie Caudle, Becky Lee, Co-editors. First Row: Phyllis Williams, Jane Bullock, Phyllis Brock, Rachel Cashion. Second Row: Jane Dayyault, Wanda Stack, Jack l-lill, Joanne Dfolette, Barbara Chapman, Karen Price, Barbara Armstrong. 3 fd Fr- 3' Ki: -'51 fr " Y E 2, - The Quill and Scroll is a national honorary fraternity for those who are well-rounded in the field of journalism. The Josephus Daniels Chapter at A, L. Brown High School stresses initiative, originality and creativeness in writing, and outstanding work on the business staff of the Albro- kan. To become eligible for membership, those on the edi- torial staff must have a minimum of fifty inches in print it in the Brown Highlights, have initiative in writing, be in the upper third of his class and give full cooperation in any way dealing with business or editorial matters. Miss Barboro Proctor, Advisor Quill and Scroll stresses creativeness in writing. First Row: Tommy Allen, Barbara Armstrong, Jane Bullock, Rachel Cashion, Sallie Caudle, Barbara Chapman Jane Dayvault, Second Row: Joanne Drolette, Cynthia Fletcher, Margie Harrington, Jean Kerley, Myra King Linda Knight, Becky Lee. Third Row: Saundra Logan, Jo Long, Karen Price, Gloria Sechler, Judy Turner, Pai tricia Williams, and Phyllis Williams. 155 -C' S X - Q' 1- ' ' -..ll- J' ,, or i v . .V ' Q . l"5? iii' 7 " My ' u Q Q ' 4'-Qi I 4 V Vo-f -4 r wi? 'Fr T'-s Top Row: Shelia Argo, Tobie Barbee, Barbara Chapman, Jerry Dellinger, Cynthia Fletcher, Margie Harrington, Jack Hill, George Kiser. Second Row: Saundra Logan, Beverly Maulden, Rita Noel, John Oehler, Carol Scorboro, S:ott Trott, Eddie Tyson, Marvin Williams. Honor Society rewards outstanding stuclents. Tapped into the Alpha Chi Sigma Chapter of the National Honor Society annually are students who excel in character, scholarship, leadership, and service. The chief object of the society is to encourage the students of A. l.. Brown High School to develop these four qualities. Seniors and juniors are in- ducted as full members, while sophomores are taken in on probation. The Honor Society members present a special Thanksgiving program each year, af- ter which they take fruit to aged people. Hence, they not only try to encourage others to develop character, scholarship, leadership, and service, but strive to exemplify these characteristics themselves. S9 OFFICERS Carol Scarboro, Secretary, Jack Hill, President, John Oehler, Vice-President, Scott Trott, Treasurer. Above is a scene from the musical "Seventeen" com- plete with orchestra. Pictured are Jim Slaughter and Judy Hudson. The i958-59 dramatics year of the Brown Masquers brought plays of the highest cali- bre to Brown High School and the citizens of Kannapalis. The production of Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar", "Seventeen", and the Caro- lina Drama Association shows were the high spots of the year. Students interested in ex- pressing themselves through dance donned leotards and were introduced to the exercises and routines of modern intrepretive dance, calypso, folk dances, and the "old soft shoe". The application of make-up and the designing of costumes for the plays filled the year for the Brown Masquers, Brown Zlflasquers stress sfuclent acting BROWN MASQU ERS First Row, left to right: Sandra Miller, Glenda Preslar, Martha Troutman, Mary Ann Johnson, Marion Griffin, Ralph Whitley, Tommy Overcash, Becky Perry, Betty Ann Davis, Elnora Williams, Brenda Brandon, Barbara Chapman, Jere Noel, l-larriet Maulden, Alice Helms, Clotilda Weddington, Sylvia Hoce, Agatha Overcash. Sec- ond Row: Bea Ballard, Ann Johnson, Judy Turner, Jackie Sherrill, Sharon Benton, Jo Holt, Gay Thomas, Judy Hudson, Tyna Coggins, Jean Price, Prebble Crowell, Connie Helms, Elaine McKinney, Linda Shinn, Sandra Good- man, Karen Price, Lynn Bonds, Sherran Leonard. Third Row: Janet Maulden, Kay Overcash, Tommy Grant, Richard Armstrong, Jimmy Slaughter, Tommy Griffith, Roger Carrell, Bob Whitley, James Ewing, Gary Kerney, Johnny Barlow, Rudy Ware, Buddy Marlin, Mike York, Phyllis Williams, Wayne Love, Simmons Hendrix, Tina Drye. 0 r 'WW 1-x I L is 15 In , K' 95 1958-59 THESPIANS First Row: Miss Nancetta l-ludson, Advisor, Richard Armstrong, Johnny Barlow, Sandra Goodman. Tommy Griffith, Alice Roberts Helms. Second Row: Ann Johnson, Ronnie Keever, Buddy Marlin, Jere Noel Kay Overcosh, Sara Ovcrcash Third Row: Tommy Overcash, Jeannie Price, Linda Shinn, .lim Slaughter. Clotiida Weddington, BobWhitley. Ztiespians Honor partic Scene from the production "Julius Caesar". This is an interpretiye dance tram Calpurnia's dream sequence The National Thespion Society is an honor group whose purpose is to promote the in- terest and participation in dramatic arts in the high schools in the national. Member- ship is based on interest and participation in all phases ot the theater To be eligible, one must be active in the plays given by the Brown Mosquers, know the art ot applying must be active in the plays given by the settings, or designing the organization at the play Membership is not on the basis ot year in school, but on the interest displayed ipants in dramatic arts The principal aim of the Bible Club at Brown High is to develop spiritually the minds of any students who are inter- ested in Christian ideals. Each member is urged to create 1 a Christian attitude whether at work or play, at school, ,fi church, or at home. The club offers o study of the Bible through programs, songs, worship, and open discussion. Above all it offers Christian fellowship. Miss McMurray, advisor, has helped members develop Chris- tian ideals. Bfie Bigle Clufi provides spiritual enrichment First Row: Betty lsenhour, Sarah Grabriel, Barbara Deese, Sybil Hudson, Phyllis Morgan, Betty Bond, Linda Huie, Pat Hill, Carolyn Carpenter, Nancy Morgan, Judy Hudson. Second Row: Gaynell Funderburk, Linda Rogan, Rob- ert Hartsell, Linda Henderson, Connie Helms, Lottie Graff, Gail Little, Nancy Moss, Barbara Corriher, Pat Bos- tion, Martha Brown, Third Row: Linda Horne, Mary Ann Dudley, Laura Edwards, Ann Johnson, Emily Love, Reba Griffin, Judy Davis, Jean Kerley, Linda Beam, Clarice Bragg, Phyllis Greene. Fourth Row: Barbara Chap- man, Kay Moore, Linda Darnell, Susie Bradley, Eliza Matthews, Beth Dellinger, Mary Lau Hawkins, Linda Griggs, Linda Fisher, Glenda Lee. Fifth Row: Tyna Coggins, Alice Montgomery, Linda Leitch, Maxine Kerley, Sue Milburn, Linda Byers, Phyllis Brock, Shirley Miles, Diane Huggins, Vickie Hastings, Tina Drye. Sixth Row: Kathryn Lisenby, Kenneth Murray, Larry Freeman, Tommy Barringer, Wayne Love, Jerry Dellinger, Simmons Hendrix, Linda Honeycutt, Linda Moss. First Row: Linda Shinn, Jackie Sherrill, Taska Sikes, Sora Trott, Susu Tuttle, Kathy Taylor, Joyce Reid, Glenda Preslar, Judy Turner, Karen Price. Second Row: Faye Vinson, Brenda Smith, Ollie Rollins, Ralph Whitley, Jean Price, Lynda Robinette, Prue Payne. Third Row Belle Propst, Mary Ann Johnson, Mary Neil Petrea, Brenda Nash, Jo Long, Joyce Wagner, Gay Thomas, Jere Noel, Brenda Neal. Fourth Row: Evelyn Roark, Brenda Paige, Tammy Griffith, Jimmy Sorrell, Rusty Rainey, Don Turner, Ronnie Watts, Phyllis Williams. 3 l First Row Seated: Betty Sue Wingler, Mildred Holt, Carol Waldrop, Claudine Sloop, Becky Perry, Marlene Cress. Second Row: Brenda Paige, Carolyn Earwood, Patricia Hall, Martha Mesirner, Suzanne Bradley, Evelyn Roark, Evelyn Sides, Miss Mary Wilburn, Advisor. filirary Cluli gives effe The Library Club is made up of students who work in the library one period a day. Most of them are seniors and juniors, though a few sophomores who can spare time also help with the dozens of duties they are re- sponsible tor. They attended a western district meeting and a state meeting during the year. Members of the Library Club are constant- ly busy. They check books out or back in and keep the shelves in good order, They patient- ly put back in order the stack of pamphlets and clippings. They learn from Miss Wil- burn many of the techniques of o librarian. 95 cient aid to lifirarians LIBRARY CLUB OFFICERS Martha Mesimer, President, Claudine Sloop, Vice-Presi- dent, Evelyn Roark, Secretary, Becky Perry, Treasurer, Carolyn Earwoad, South Piedmont District Secretary- Treasurer. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Patricia Hall, Betty Sue Wingler. 1- -rn--1 . mmm? ,F 5315:-:tel f' f Fife' First Row: Ray Blackwelder, Pres., Sallie Caudle, Vice-Pres., Cynthia Fletcher, Sec., Sandra Miller, Jack Hill, Tre-as, Second Row: Barbara Chapman, Mildred Alexander, Judy Davis, Judy Hudson, Nancy Moss, Janice Her' rin, Karen Price, Rachel Cashion, Linda Stiller, Bradley Stroup. Third Row: Ann Whitaker, Glenda Preslar, Linda Horne, Jackie Sherrill, Joyce Reid, Sl. ,ra Dwiggins, Mary Ann Dudley, Pat Overcash, Linda Knight, Myra Atkinson, Vernon Cleary. Fourth Row: Alice Watson, Tyna Coggins, Linda Ragan, Joanne Drolette, Taska Sikes, Alice Montgomery, Sara Overcash, Martha Rutledge, Enola Griffin, Terry Morgan. Fifth Row: Dianne Huggins, Jane Dayvault, Jane Bullock, Lynda Robinette, Libby McCommons, Barbara Armstrong, Pat Staton, Don Slaughter, Bill Cannon, Guy Brooks, Rick Rickard. Sixth Row: Monty Mayes, Bill Dove, Robert Hudson, Diane Readling, Sandra Council, Wayne Goodman, Jan Nixon, Billy Band, Baxter Shelton, Bill Perry, Mike Bentield, Johnny Riddle, Seventh Row: Jimmy Dayvault, Tommy Allen, Gary Goodman, Johnny Mitchell, Scott Trott. 3rencH Club lnoadens knowledge of grance Speecli Club encourages public speaking First Row: Mrs. Irene Edwards, advisor, Pat Overcash, Clarice Bragg, Maxine Carter, Paul Jones, Rita Noel, Brenda Neal, Marvin Williams, Jane Moore, Suzanne Deal, Barbara Beam, Gail Little. Second Row: Sara Over- cash, Martha Rich, Linda Griggs, Jane Bullock, John Oehler, Woodie Safrit, Donald Coggins, Suzanne Bradley, Libby McCommons, Phyllis Austin, Mary Neil Petreo. 'X .fm M04 454' 'AM' 'M Kneeling: Kaye Beaver, Clotilda Weddington, Co-Captains. First Row: Mrs. Dan Hamrick, Advisor: Patricia Williams, Pat Overcash, Clarice Bragg, Linda Fisher, Linda Knight, Millicent Shepherd, Rita Barnard, Carol Brown, Becky Liles, Pat Templeton, Pat Mann Childers, Lynda Robinette, Faye Vinson, Barbara Smith, Shirley Reynolds, Wanda Munday, Pat Tucker, Linda Thompson, Linda Beam, Phyllis Morgan. Second Row: Barbara Pless, Maxine Bonds, Shirley Griggs, Nancy Nelms, Jane Dayvault, Gay Thomas, Martha Rutledge, Mary Hess, Wilma Waller, Kaye McWhorter, Evelyn Roark, Jenny Brothers, Faye McWhorter, Shelia Argo, Linda Ballard, Sarannet Holland, Rachel Cashion, Alice Roberts, Enola Griffin, Betty Bond, Barbara Chapman. Third Row: Charles Broome, Char- lotte Crenshaw, Kay Perry, Mae Perry, Ray Blackwelder, Gary Kearney, A. C. Basinger, Tommy Barringer, Johnny Gibson, James Ewing, Alex Seymore, Ronny Hampton, Brenda Paige, Linda Honeycutt, Carol Hampton, Alta Holshouser, Billy Bond, Charles Moose. Monitors lteep seltool orcler BanEing students manage scfiool finances. First Row: Margie Harrington, Jo Long, Mrs. Gilmore. Second Row: Johnny Davis, Jack Hill, Ronnie Glosson, Larry Fowler. . rf. gg fic 2 p-5 di? S SIGMA TRI-HI-Y First Row: Prebble Crowell, Martha Mesimer, Cathy Farabee, Cynthia Fletcher, Martha Rutledge, Lib Dun- can, Gail Bentley, Gloria Sechler, Olivia Fink. Second .Rowz Millicent Shepherd, Sandra Miller, Robin Pop- lin, Carolyn Russell, Jane Moore, Barbara Sowder, Suzanne Deal, Sara Overcash, Diane Holbrook, Anita Petrea, Linda Lomax, Jean Kerley. Third Row: Nancy Nelms, Phyllis Brock, Ruth Graham, Sue Milburn, Neldia Overcash, Linda Stiller, Linda Phillips, Gayle Karriker, Becky Par- ker, Janice Herrin. Fourth Row: Becky Lee, Kathleen Inman, Peggi Murph, Maxine Bonds, Peggy Gaddy, Saran- net Holland, Ann Whitaker, Wanda Munday. DELTA TRI-HI-Y First Row: Patricia Williams, Mary Lou Hawkins, Judy Davis, Jackie Sherrill, Betty lsenhour, Clarice Bragg, Shirley Griggs, Tyna Coggins, Karen Price, Bea Ballard. Second Row: Jere Noel, Pat Staton, Susie Bradley, Judy Hudson, Judy Turner, Jeanie Price, Myra Atkinson, Cookie Alexander, Becky Perry, Jane Bullock, Sandra Goodman, Jenny Brothers. Third Row: Bonnie Deal, Alice Montgomery, Joyce Reid, Dianne Huggins, Ann Johnson, Phyllis Williams, Taska Sikes, Glenda Preslar, Erlene Webster, Linda Horne. Fourth Row: Sandra Dwiggins, Bar- bara Armstrong, Nancy Moss, Diane Readling, Mary Ann Dudley, Gayle Cooke. Fifth Row: Faye Vinson, Linda Griggs, Carol Waldroup, Libby Mc- Commons, Connie Helms, Sandra Council, Jane Dayvault, Elaine Mc- Combs. ZETA TRI-HI-Y First Row: Brenda Wright, Kay Hall, Linda Barbee, Kay Sloop, Sherran Leonard, Janice Sloop, Dian Barlow, Lois Poole, Pat Thompson. Second Row: Judy Wagner, Pat Newsom, Ann Seagle, Glenda Lee, Mary Petrea, Jane Mullinax, Charlotte Eidson, Emi- ly Love, Ruth Keys, Susan Gribble. Third Row: Cathy Taylor, Harriet Maulden, Linda Kiser, Susu Tuttle, Brenda Neal, Sandra Hinson, Linda Moss, Laura Edwards. Fourth Row: Judy Dowless, Christina Dry, Barbara Corriher, Terry Peeler, Ellen Plum- mer, Mary Ann Johnson, Vickie Has- tings, Sue Ritchie, Brenda Smith. Fifth Row: Linda Corn, Kay Moore, Gail Cheek, Elnora Williams, Elaine Workman, Cathy Ussery, Reba Grit- fin, Eliza Matthews, Beth Dellinger, Martha Rich. Sixth Row: Tippy Peel- er, Janet Maulden, Betty Ann Davis, Doris Phillips, Laurene Barlow, Ar- lene Benton, Beatrice Steen, Jan Hipps, Becky Corn, Brenda Nash. SENIOR HI-Y First Row: Rudy Ware, Johnny Davis, Jerry Griffin, Ronnie Glosson, Roger Gillon, Tommy Hammett. Second Row: Charles Brown, Paul Jones, Paul Athanaelos, Chippy Logan, Zackie Moore, Don Slaughter, Woodie Safrit. Third Row: A. V. Franklin, Dale Nor- wood, Jerry Beam, Wayne Love, Mike Osborne, Johnny Barlow, Larry Crumb- Iey. JUNIOR HI-Y First Row: Ray Adcock, Marvin Wil- liams, Charles Moose, Alvin Moore, Arthur Barrier, Kenneth Davis. Sec- ond Row: Henry Eller, Jimmy Sorrell, Lavon Benton, Vernon Morris, Charles Miller, Mike Yorke. Third Row: Wayne MCClannon, Scott Trott, Jerry Dellinger, Billy Bond, Bradley Stroup, Guy Brooks, Robert Hudson, Ted Wil- liams. Fourth Row: Robert Hartsell, Mike Critz, Ray Haley, Bobby Hill, Dewey Howell, Jerry Rogers,, Jimmy Doyvault. Fifth Row: Bill Dove, P. O. Greene, Don Turner, Monty Mayes, Rick Rickard. SOPHOMORE HI-Y First Row: Ronnie Freeland, Marvin Carter, Ronnie Watts, Martin Thrash- er, Charles Murray, Charles Emer- son. Second Row: Bays Shoaf, Jim Slaughter, Rusty Rainey, Bill Lewis, Leon Goolsby, Keith Moore. Third Row: Ronnie Morris, Jeff Swing, Don Whitmire, Willie Biles, Bobby Crutch- field. Fourth Row: Don Smith, Gary Stuart, Danny Harkey, John Sims, Douglas Christy, Edgar Ketchie. 5 ir, V. , Qlgpgf 'liflllrl I I Y I ...J TRI-SCI CLUB First Row: Wayne Adcock, Mike Ben- field, Vernon Cleary, Terry Black, David Adcock, Ray Adcock, Ned Biv- ens, Larry Crumbley. Second Row: Judy Alley, Doris Phillips, Steve Gen- tle, Phil Corn, Willard Christy, Ken- neth McQueen, James Kiser, Junior Beam, Jerry Funderburk. Third Row: Ann Moss, Elnora Williams, Gail Cheek, Carolyn Puntch, Larry lman, Wayne Love, John Oehler. Fourth Row: Amelia Rodgers, Mr. Tom Linn, Advisor, Richard Gribble, Treasurer, Kay Moore, Chaplain: Mickey Line- barrier, Secretary, Eddie Foil, Presi- dent, Kyle Goodnight, Vice-President, Mr. Poole, advisor. LABORATORY ASSISTANTS Wilma Waller, Clotilda Weddington, Linda Phillips, Linda Thompson. OFFICE PAGES Seated: Martha Rutledge, Cynthia Fletcher, Barbara Chapman, Mrs. Herman Bastian, adviser, Cathy Fara- bee, Pat Overcash, Phyllis Brock, Sarannet Holland, Saundra Logan, Linda Knight, Doris Waller. Steno- ing: F. O. Drummond, Jerry Dellinger, Barry Childers, Leonard Beaver, George Barrier, Bill Cannon, Robert Hartsell. FIRST AID ASSISTANTS Sealed: Phyllis Morgan, Mrs. Gil- more. Standing: Brenda Daniel, Pat Newsom, Carol Hampton, Doris Phil- lips, Tina Dry, Robin Poplin, D. E. CLUB First Row: Maxine Bonds, Myra King, Secretory, Tobie Barbee, Vice-Presi- dent, A. C. Basinger, President, Jer- ry Sloop, Associate President, Mar- lene Howard, Mrs. Vincent Cipolla, Advisor. Second Row: Pot Childers, Linda Henderson, Lindo Boyd, Kay Alexander, Betty Gail Gouch, Diane Holbrook, Kathleen Inman, Glenda Hall, Ruth Graham, Phyllis Cheek, Wanda Stack. Third Row: Gayle Kar- riker, Peggy Gaddy, Willard Christy, L. F. Walters, Michael Garver, Larry Thompson, C. E. Foster, Charles Brown, John Petrea, Paul Cook. D. O. CLUB First Row: Bobby Brigman, Frankie Adams, Harold Beets, Billy Snipes, Gerald Small, Jerry Carter, Phil Al- len. Second Row: Mr. Crainshaw, Harold Crowder, Steve Self, Cecil Snipes, Barry Thornburg, Tommy Hammett, Ronald McCurdy, Terry Watts. Third Row: Marion Boggs, Tommy Anderson, Larry Duvall, Mike Lowder, Ralph Sechler, Bruce Mann, Chippy Logan, Larry Marlow. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Seated: Gay Thomas, Tobie Barbee, Clotilda Weddington, Rachel Cashion, Mrs. Whitmire. Standing: Cynthia Fletcher, Jere Noel, Alice Watson, Clarice Bragg, Barbaia Armstrong, Joanne Drolette, Brenda Freeman, Barbara Chapman. F. H. A. First Row: Millicent Shepherd, Becky Liles, Vicki Woodard, Alice Watson, Mary Sue Campbell, Mamie Smith. Second Row: Gaynell Funderburk, Robin Poplin, Virginia Petrea, Faye Vinson, Kay Russell, Linda Fisher, Phyllis Greene, Pat Templeton, Mrs. Casstevens. Third Row: Gay Thomas, Marcelene Hamilton, Sylvia Wood, Judy Snow, Erlene Webster, Elizabeth Little. Fourth Row: Barbara Hart- man, Brenda Steele, Phyllis Brock, Barbara Pless, Linda Byers, Lynda Lynch, Shirley Miles. The Monogram Club consists of boys who have met the requirements for the monogram certificate in one of the four major sports at Brown, football, basketball, baseball, and track, The main purposes of the organizations are to provide recognition for athletes, encourage the practice of good sports- manship and the ideals of fair play. The club, under the leadership of Coach Ed Edmiston, serves such worthwhile purposes as cleaning gym floors and selling concessions at bas- ketball games, and pur- chasing green and white monogram sweaters for senior members, Monogram Club boosts scfiool spirit First Row: Jerry Griffin, Bill Cannon, Second Row: Gary Williams, Ronnie Glasson, Johnny Davis, Alvin Moore, Gene Mullinax, Marvin Query. Third Row: Johnny Gibson, Aaron Brooks, Gail Compton, Jerry Beam, Lavon Benton, Johnny Riddle, Fourth Row: George Kiser, Tommy Barringer, Ray Adcock, Ronny Hampton, Gene Smith, Wesley Grant. Fifth Row: Woodie Safrit, Richard Armstrong, Glenn Compton, Larry James, Danny Bast. Officers excel in the field of sports. ME ,1- "Kit I . filt fs First Row: Rachel Cashion, Vice-President: Doris Waller, President: Linda Phillips, Secretary. Second Row: Sher- ran Leonard, Marcella Baker, Nancy Morgan, Barbara Corriher, Cathy Taylor, Barbara Deese, Linda Smoak, Kay Hall, Kay Sloop, Mrs. Frye, Advisor. Third Row: Shelia Leonard, Laura Edwards, Linda Fisher, Deana Wil- liams, Jane Mullinax, Joanne Drolette, Brenda Neal, Tippy Peeler, Judy Dawless, Gay Thomas, Pat Templeton. Fourth Row: Arlene Benton, Martha Rich, Mary Neil Petrea, Rebecca Perry, Barbara Armstrong, Alice Watson, Karen Krimminger, Linda Threadgill, Becky Corn, Lucy Styers. Fifth Row: Jan Nixon, Vicki Woodard, Jan Hipps, Beth Dellinger, Brenda Nash, Gail Cheek, Marlene Cress, Christina Dry, Brenda Steele, Linda Griggs. Qirl's Athletic Association stresses sportsmanship OFFICERS: Rachel Cashion, Doris Waller, Linda Phillips Members of the Girl's Athletic Association at Brown High School meet once a month. The main purpose of the club is to better ac- quaint those girls who are especially inter- ested in sports with techniques of good sports- manship, through special programs, speakers, and participation. The girls attend various sports events in and around the community. The club's ad- viser, Mrs. Frye, strives to familiarize the members with sports which are uncommon in this region. The group works and progresses during the year, looking forward to the climax, which is Play Day, held annually in Greensboro. On this day high schools throughout the state compete in various sports events. IO3 naw-'JA -"""' vw'-H :ith ANOTHER YEAR-and many exciting moments to be remembered during the various sports sea- sons. Among them, the first game in the long- awaited stadium-the thrill of hearing the Vic- tory Bell ringing again in the possession of Brown High, and then we looked-forward-to the first per- formance of the Wonders and Wonderettes in the first game in a brand new gymnasium. FOOTBALL . Page IO6 BASKETBALL . Page IO8 TRACK Page 112 BASEBALL Page N2 PLY 'CS '-f e2.fQ,..." -M..:M- P -1'-f., N.. 3 , WS?" P 3. . r .. , If i 2 uw, ..y,, .HW A ,.. ,,4.... - an 4 . JJ, l, . H M. wi iw Q V, , , kv :Wi I .441 ' h J Y , rzrrk ' ik "L, 1 2 il Ph 'elf ML .fi 3? Johnny Gibson,Glenn Compton, Ronnie Glosson, Jerry Beam, Gary Williams, Richard Armstrong, Woody Sofrit, Gene Smith. Marvin Query, Ronny Hampton, Gail Compton, Danny Little, Johnny Davis, Gene Mullinax, Jerry Griffin, Lavon Benton, Jeff Safrit. Henry Eller, John Long, Lanny Teague, Marvin Williams, Alvin Moore, Paris Fisher, James Hilton, Danny Harkey, Ronnie Barlow. Jimmy Chiljers, Edgar Ketchic, Ted Williams, Wesley Grant, Paul Christian, Ray Adcock, Felix Dry, Don Whitrnire. 1958 goofliall Geam displays powerful season. Kannapolis 7 Kannapolis 6 Kannapolis 19 Kannapolis 0 Kannapolis 0 Salisbury Albemarle Staresville Landis Harding SCHEDULE Kannapolis Kannapolis Kannapalis Kannapolis China Grove Mooresville 'I Concord Winecoff Henry Eller Jerry Beam Johnny Gibson Danny Little Edgar Ketchie Coach and Captain plan game strategy. The Wonder's basketball team this sea- son has really been a "Wonder team." Crip- pled by the graduation of all the regular players except Billy Cannon, the prospects seemed bleak at the beginning of the sea- son, but through the expert guidance of Coach Hamrick, the rapid development of last year's reserves has brought the team to a tie for first place in the South Piedmont Conference as the Albrokon goes to press. Wonder rebound sets up score. SCHEDULE Kannapolis 56 . . , , .... Landis 26 Konnopolis 55 Chino Grove 36 Konnopolis 34 , . Concord 38 Kannapolis 32 Albemarle 22 Konnopolis 61 . Monroe 47 Kannopolis 59 Mooresville 38 Konnopolis 38 . Winecoff 34 Kannopolis 42 . Landis 41 Kannopolis 51 China Grove 38 Konnopolis 31 . . Concord 33 Konnopolis 65 . Albemarle 64 Powerful wonders experience Johnny Riddle Tommy Barringer Bill Cannon l . - Q :L ,Y sig lil .51 32 . -1 Yll ll ill Mlll Hlll Nlll 114 1, Qu Coach and Captains plan for big game. Lay-up adds two important points. The l958-59 Wonderettes won the first girl'S championship in the history of the school. Due to the loss of conference high- scorer Brenda Thompson, Coach Edmiston had o definite challenge to rebuild o Chom- pionship team. It seems ot this writing that he is equal to the task, and the Wonderettes ore now tied for first ploce in the South Pied- mont Conference. Kannupohs KannapoHs KannapoHs KonnapoHs KannapoHs KannapoHs KannapoHs KannapoNs KannapoHs KannapoHs Kannapohs SCHEDULE .. Landis China Grove . ,. Concord Albemarle hAonroe AAooresviHe VVinecoff , Landis China Grove . . . . . Concord . Albemarle lllonclerettes display speed and sliill in Sheliq Argo Jane Bullock "Cookie" Alexander Vicki Wooaard C7 Q 754 , SF' Vicki Woodard, Mary Lou Hawkins, Carol Scarboro, Lib Duncan, Jane Bullock, "Cookie" Alexander. Jan Nixon, Libby McCammons, Doris Waller, Patricia Staton, Jan Hipps, Deana Williams, Sheila Argo. Jane Dayvaalt, Nancy Morgan, Vickie Hastings, Beth Dellinger, Linda Smith, Jo Ann Linsey. one of Brown's most exciting seasons Doris Waller Carol Scorboro Lib Duncan Mary Lou Hawkins Q33 y-- -an - m y V . I VV- N-'fi ,3iil.,43, A g55V1 ,X . 'AW i lil? y.,-ia.,-,E ., - Dll-HDMI l - lliivi - A it llllllll me ,n iii: M. Vmk. , A A : n g ,i,,,,,f,f lla: --- 'i ' I rs ' it , . : Q f' - -i ,SHUI lil l .iq pnunnw 3' -,,,,,,,, .ms Boyd Correll, Leon Goolsby, Ray Adcock, Jerry Beam, Bobby Hill, Wayne Adcock, Ronnie Morris, Scott Trott, Aaron Brooks, Robert Sawyer. George Oehler, Ronny Hampton, Larry Freeman, Bradley Stroup, Ronnie Glosson, Jerry Funderburke, Wesley Grant, George Kiser, Johnny Davis, Roger Gillan, Johnny Steen, Richard Gribble. Zraeli team displays speed Basetiall Geam creates spirit First row: Larry James, Bill Cannon, Gene Mullinax, Johnny Riddle, Larry Fowler, Jerry Griffin, Jerry Hicks. Second row: Larry Goodnight, Ronnie Barlow, Bobby Hicks, Danny Harkey, Ronnie Phillips, Layon Benton, Danny Bost, James Hilton. Third row: Kenneth Mann, Ronnie Davis, Ancel Holtzclaw, Harry Mills, Buddy Moss, Paul Ballard, Coach Dan Hamrick. G5 l Franks H Adams a Fran n A c Kay Hampton Al :and . ny. Amr. Thomas Raymond Au..-. a Jcrrv Monro. Allman Tommy G.n. And rson Carolyn Jayc. Arqo I... Q. Argo 1. Hqnlq Rchard Eugen. Armstrong Polyv os A Athonoc os Ph lls Gal Austln on c Ann Bal ar R nald AlILn Balord Ta :L Jo Barb L John Russdl Barlow Ruta Jo Barnard Goergc Lcwls rrn.r Thom... Lay-son awmg Augustus Cowngton Bas nf! Mary E c yn Bass Jury Alban B o-n r S Kay :mm C y wuam HQ.q.a cannon Luonard Roy Carolyn Canupp hcl Carolmo Cushuan Mvchcul Ray ntl., nda Gal B nt Bra-y. Hqmqw N gnu arann Sal lo Caudlc Sharon Loc Burton N .J Ryan Jam.,s Ray Blaqky-.Idcr um-yr. n.gr.1.qm Dany Ir-div nd nt Carman Sparnqhr Jacob Marron soggy Barbara Ann Chapman Mary Lynn Bonds Bmw.. H.gwn.qm. Cunfar. spmq.. Maxmc Lone Bands Cf""'0"' 5P0"'9h' Patrlclo Mann Childers Wrllard Duval Chrust Patrlclo Ann Boston Wyllyam Joseph Clayton ll Llnda Kal Boyd Clanncc Vernon Cleary Bobby angm.. Barbara Jcnct Clement Ph II A B L. Y 'S 'mc 'OC Ph.: Wayne Clement 3 N Hqmq Wrlluam Payne Clement Donald Roy Cogglns Aaron Arthur Brooks Randolph Glenn Compton chan mg... Broome arms a n Brow Phnlwp Aaron Corn rrl.y nf. Bullock NON' ZCVP CONC" haflq Wayn.. umgarn. Harald Loud Crowder Prcbblc Jane Crowell Donald Ray Cuglo Donald Larry Crumblcy Larry Eugcno Dancy Lnoo havcr Danxcl ovco L.ncbarr.cr Colhcutt LGU' WOW Damcls Sh v Martln Darmll vorv Soc Campbl Q Q Q , . , . . , . dmoz .t.xt1.t1.s 4 as H a or I V w ...Q l.'. J. 11. ' ' , f , ' . ' ll LY A , .. - ' J F X Bgoycr ' y C:'1":' . , Phllp 5 y -.1 - ' - ' ' ' unc 1 y N Bc -rd A V .J .- .- Ln y 2 :fy V . " A L hl M Hyqmq-,x , . v ' ' A L...-n qv. , - S U I M ' ' .N aw... , ' ' 4 She v . I " A ' J 4 H l V 5 ,-n .,.my, ' l - V J 'V - ' 'K ' K ,Q ,,vyl. , , H , Yl I . 1 1 -' , 5 f - L . , . V. - , - ' , 1 V J .Q I d . . ' . . VV JA v y v ' 4 P , A 1 ., , cg X I . A , , V by CH , . Y 4 -J V y l V , , - 1 L A V 4' J 1. Br- .V ryryrr I I 1 by L ' ch' oyd .. f -. " 1 V Ba W, J., A Sh , A - 'A - J c - w a 1. or ,. ' V ,V , . Jr , . ' A , 5,. 5 VI y . . , Am H " A 1 .' J . .r ' A ' ' olb y A ' ,. al Barbara Jean Davis John Wrllram Davrs an grane ClLlh3 A H Y C rlellaa egate 2 3 A esscn Haw l r ya y 9 xarr er ara Pres de t c 3 as Larry T. Fowler Carolyn Ann Deal E L S C ur: T l Suzanne Deal C C Cl' l llll a L r H cech rn 0 resJL ailrlali Spotlight rf C ass la rr rw Llnda Lealo Diggs l' rlc l H Charles William Draper Span x 1 r Ted Edwin Dry band Elizabeth Jane Duncan Elt C uh l 3 State Ret eat Delega C rl H Y A Crlap Presaenr 2 c 'll r rl ec atc o nso anlsh C ut 7 4 Pr Q Cnr ho rrr n H fn rOOrn Pres derll 2 Treasurer 4 Sass on H sl: 3 Ca lege Career Day Hr-sress 3 ser Class Corn rtec 4 Molwllar MlXCCl Ch rus 2 Sluden C.lCl'tEr l 2 ' r tball A ra Cannon Spotlight t Y M C A C9 Ed Steerlng C rnrnr 2 3 Student Ceyernrncnt Dance De :ra ng Larry Duvall D O Club 4 James Qulton Ewing Br wn Masatnrs A y Car 1 M n ar Cathy Raye Farobee l H ter 3 5 la.. ls ara mc Presl1rr C me n Delegate A r L l 3 Frerw ull ,lll l 3 Halllaraalrl Secrctcr easrrcr A Ctrl Q Page l A scalar Su lotxe ,rnrr lttec 4 Junlor Class Play Marshal un Sp l 1 crra lng Carrlrllltrce 3 Cann Spot t Sta' Olivia Gall Fink O tba Ins Blblc Cl T Y 2 3 A Harrlarafm samrary 3 smell Hugh lights ALBROKAN Buslncss Stott 3 4 Cannon Spotlight talt l Senior Colrlnwlttee 4 Student TCOCtlQr l Linda LaVonne Fisher W VS G L' la r Hama can-l O lcer l Sr acnt Teacner l 3 Cynthia Kay Fletcher c mraaafarl ant M rsna 3 Honor suL Sty 3 A nc al halrn an -1 She 3 Fench Cu L V 3 S099 Club " 4 Conyen alLQG S C1 Cha rrnan rar an 4 Ml Ed Ctllvrus l 2 nl U flee Page 4, Student Gorcrnment Dance Corn- rnlttee Rctrcsnrnent Chalrrrlan 3, Harneroarn Preslaalll l, Brown Highlights, ALQROKAH sua. ness Statt , 4, Serllor Poem :rnrnlrtcc A Floyd Edward Foil ,l. ence F ,r V nr'er , Ln l uc .1 gt rl lu.,,, l-Q ln, 5.51, , Presldcrlt 4, nlor Class Calor and Power anre lnlttca 4, Claude Evan Foster Jr. rarwsfarraa ram , rl slll l 1 .g. , l-Sc , l a C ar..s l, Presldent 3, Presldent 4, Sesslar lalslry B scholl l, , Mallagl la aunt Teaghcr 2, l-lorneraorrr Oltlcer r . A. V. Franklin .loerla -.' 4 ,srl ' 'll nnar ' r- 'irvr l :sau-r , Stage 'ew l nlst , , ur' Ca ozl 7 l-lcrneroorn Ottlc , Junior C Junlor-Sen or C3-Chalrrnan 3 . , . Ulce- Hsllsa , , Club 3 LL- ,,,Msll. c'ral,r,lal 3 Play Cast 3, Larry Dela ne Freema Supencrlye 'le 'ug Csn. rl a , Key Cu: We Cua l ' un A, r slae t , Crew rage Crew. ', , Stage va-wager 4 :nw 'Ja Pres rnt 4 ,rn :Z Al lllalr l rr Qralallrg is-llla, l s str, urll 3 4, Ar f Jerry f Neal Funderbu 3 A T c - , S: n- rmsquers ack 2 2 Csrr-rr t es Peggy Anne Gaddy 5 armani el :ff J T' r' Cannon Hugh Brown Gibbons ll-V l, 2 3,-1, Junlgr Claws 7 'JV3 J,."ir A-lar, s ry Fsytral' 2 Johnny Wayne Gibson C 2 Sate Blble Club Retreat aara l calrrllaafarnarlt Marshal 3 Brown Mas alcrs Pay Marshal A H Y 3 Maaagrarrl Club Saanlsh Club 3 4 Vrce Pres dent 4 Pro arm alralaa A Band l A Maal J n r Varslty Football 2 Varsty Foot all N sty B seoall 3 4 Horrleroam Vlce :dent 2 Preslaent 3 Treasurer 4 Roger McKinnon Grllon Blhlc ul: 3 T 3 4 Ho raorn Ottlcer 3 4 Student Teacher 2 3 Ronald Kennington Glossan Vlccr Pres: rl Pres den r- De agara l Blue Rlaar- Dall:-gala l 2 ee ate a ln u 2 Man rn C L Blble Cl l l Student y . ll lan ylra Prcslaarlt l Junlor varslry aa rsl a a 3 4 Co Captan Callrny 5 a 0 A All Carltararlfe A nr nc Bowl Football Tearn 4 Basketball 2 ack l 3 4 Sophonwrxrrr Class Vl Pres: at Junlar Class Presld rr 3 Senlrr C ylra rl-:sa-:ao A Gary Arlen Goodman lc Club 2 4 French Club 3 Mary Frances Goodman l n r L u Ban l James Franklin Goodnight I U Betty Morris Gouch rrallsh Club l tee Page l Student Teacher 2 Intramurals l Annie Ruth Graham Play Ma shal 3 Football Sponsor 4 E Cub 4 Brown Masaucrs 3 T H Brswrl Masquers Praaertles Carrlrrlltree 3 Play Cast 3 Phyllis Mannelte Green l C Club 4 H A A Mlxcd Char a r Richard Conrad Gribble C l'1 ta l ul Vcrsltv t Enola Allen Grlttrn r nrh Club l 2 Band l Manl or Jerry Wayne Gnttln lllararl Clllll A vlan reslaarlr A Span tn r 4 Junlnr Varsl Football 2 yarslry raarralr 3 A yarslry Baseball l-lonrcrwrn Vlce President 3 Presldent 4 Student Teacher 3 Helen Raye Hager Latln Club T H Glenda Hall M 3 2 3 acsslarl House 2 t-lorneracnfr Vrcc Pres dent 4 D E Club 4 Student Teacher Marcelene Truman Hamilton 4 Blble Clu Tommy Lester Hammett r-l Y 3 4 D O Clut: 4 Treasurer 4 Horneroorn Treasurer 4 Larry Wayne Hampton Latln ut' l nlsh Club 4 nd Sess an l-louse l, Student Teacher 2, Horneroarn President 2, Treasurer 3, Senior Supcrlatlve Com- rr',ttCC A, Ronald Wayne Hampton r uu , , A, Preslden 4, Spanls Clu .Y ' rw, rrrlClb2, , , cnle 4, - a 2, 3, A, Ca-Captala A, yarslry - F-all , , ,2, 3, 4, Junior Varslty V l l , amaraara rasl one , , 3, Stud ll Teacher l, 2, Sophomore Class Secretary 2 Perry Neil Harkey '3 "1 2, , llx u , , , Junlor . :rp 3, Sruclenv Teacher Margie Rae Harrington Harllesamlrlg Qaaarl A, Football Sponsor 2, Harlar Soclety 3, 4, A Badge Chalrrnan, Special A- scrntlly Ctlalrmon 4, Studcnt Government Soclcll Curr--nlrree 4, Chaperone Cammlrree Cl-lalrrrlan A, Harnt:'acr'l Secretary l, 2, Student Teacher 4, Brown Highlights, ALBROKAN Edltarlal Staff 3, 4 r7C'DOrter 3, 4, Student Government Deccratlng ernrnlttec 3, , Curtis Vocatlana Dlylslon Award, Junlor-Senlor Decoratlng Comrnlttee 3 Shirley Ann Harwood Alice Roberts Helms 'rwsalaes 3, A, Brown Masauers 3, A, Make-Up hc rrrcn , lzle Club l, 2, 3, Student Teac r . Mlcrlltar 4, Drarnarlcs Class Flay Casr 3, Jun- l:r Cass Play Cast 3, Senlar Class Play Make- url Ccrlrlllwrree 3 Delma Eupena Helms :fl Ally A fa w r , Llrlr r Clsr s srl l Harm ll r re ar.. 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A , , , , lc l, Sessrsn l-louse l, 3, ol- legc Ca'eer Day Hostess 3, r-lerneracrn Otflcer l, 3, 4, Brown Highlights, ALBQOKAN Euslness Stott 3, 4, Senlor Superlatlye Cor-rlrnlttee 4. Winston Gary Kidd Myra Sue King cctball Sponsor 3, ra-are , , , LQ l,l ua , , r urer , A , , ur Secretary A, T l-Hl- , , , ylyefyylmy legetc l, Secretary 3 Gr' ' C eras ', Sc-s lcrl ease .u nt sy rrl-rant :cr :ns era nrl ec zrrrersfn :r ar , 2 Brown nagnllgrlrs, ALEQOKAN Esslaalr slarr , , , '-ertlsn no r , , enlzr Su 'fatly Czfnnwlttce 4, Student Teacher l , Lynda Lee Knight p rn u , rarlf luv , -y-ll, 2, , c are , nr :cck Cc-frl-ll-rec 3 iam ,rl 1: l 3 , gn 1, Brown Highlights, ALSRCKAN Eus n s ,r 3, Johnny Franklin Krimminger 1? O Club 3, 4, Drarnarlcs A, Erzwn Masauers , A S l t . At , - ' Te r , L l Cl C l, 2 ' - , , , A, ,, ,l 2 . 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Suggestions in the A L Brown High School - Albrokan Yearbook (Kannapolis, NC) collection:

A L Brown High School - Albrokan Yearbook (Kannapolis, NC) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


A L Brown High School - Albrokan Yearbook (Kannapolis, NC) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


A L Brown High School - Albrokan Yearbook (Kannapolis, NC) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


A L Brown High School - Albrokan Yearbook (Kannapolis, NC) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


A L Brown High School - Albrokan Yearbook (Kannapolis, NC) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


A L Brown High School - Albrokan Yearbook (Kannapolis, NC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


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