A C Jones High School - Trojan Yearbook (Beeville, TX)

 - Class of 1956

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A C Jones High School - Trojan Yearbook (Beeville, TX) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 156 of the 1956 volume:

K, , -AY :J -1 4:5 N . , ..g,,Q'. ,.., X , V x ' i N K V ' 4 K Q! f In qw W . , ' K N Y If-.mn 1... A ,Q LI 'lb i 0 -. . 3 f , .4 4' In 1,,4i,bff',R , 4Q ,fff ' Q Q ' -ffm' lf m ' ' f A W. 1 fi ,df new if 4 hi, . mf, Qc. Q ' 1. , :"7'V'WN A a.. 1- ' ' , '-in .g , wg, 53 Q X X :X X K E.. RX-XX? X Y .X A fx., xv wiki, ,B Q fa.. .iv .Saw , X ,qw ways .- A 3 ' --,Xi .x .X Xxx: X 'X X -'TW M .X Q as , ,sg .L X,XX iq -- -mi.. . .-f, X.. A. ,X Q ,X ww-x. . g . .3 NN. 4- K ,L 3. Xbkgik - f. XXX - X Y, .X XS r 1, .U .fi-. --., 1 ' V M ,--'-fb. .evra---' . .- A 1 A N N L A V.- A -W. , R ,T , , , 5 -Q,-,xx-f , - ,,.4,.ium1f i. 5,,w- .. N , J. 5: ,V A .-5 ' gi,-f'-gf .f.,-2:1123 f 2 - - l' ' . x ' x ,f i QM , f i Lfixlagwvjmw, 'C :,,...lAZfQL,1,,..,,f U! f y 1fl!M? ivy U ' 4 ' UL 'W W Y-M "ifjdw5-S ff A A 1 A51 W aff If Q fl,-Q Alftf Q iw, i!g.."'figfi' I A N g5Tbg"4,i as 1 2152 i! ,if 775 Pf'M?f , , JKMW QM umm! 2 WWQ jjj-MW f Wg 1 if :Wye W gpf 'Tp+N,,M UU I awww X , AMR WJQXLWQ if U", RN .R KI xfjv. J- V. X ffacl6, 'inf Q 0 l f h QEQQ N 5 . 45 x X Q af a F Owl? 066, ' X QW , r' . C xi' X., vjlawfk , 54, 32 W! QA' , ' . 41"-N"'x1fi" . WZJZW Q . 1 . WW. Qfyf V fi QWV l 3 M U -. , Afiw MM U5 b ' Q31 ' Qi C, Y -f w W 'O Q ' ,S - f NLD, Kev 'J ' W' X gli W '1 K3 vi f fo ' ' . Iii A A QQ N sg ,fm ' QE Cx ya X ' 0 , . R I gg ' Q A gf. X jf mme-, ww., . -Y .,.s,,,.W,,.. MQ, , , YY Y-W ANNUAL STAFF Linda Cox, Kay Kinkler, Lochie Lou Harper, Bobbie Deason,,,Buncky Beasley, Bruce Hill, Judy McMillion, Mary Bell Reagen, Camilla Council, , Cheryl O'Shields, Jolyene Mergle, Virginia Kennedy, Dorothey Pennewitt, Virginia Chew, Patricia Brown, Roberta Butts, Mrs. Van der Veer. FOREWORD This book has been prepared as a pleasant reminder of your school days and is presented to you with the hope that your enioyment of it will increase with the passing of the years. We hope it will remind you that you were the first to attend the new A. C. Jones High School where you will leave many pleasant memories. X THE ANNUAL STAFF Qi Q.. -o!4:s:9+Q- tmmgl Jgnnsnuu W M w.uul--r-gn-W ,-1 w- e -H-will--f .--sn'!lsvvvl!HQf s L I it . ri' E . 5 To you, Mr. Parsons, we dedicate this annual in sincerest appreciation for your diligent work in helping us obtain this outstanding new plant. We, of the Annual Staff and Student Body, want to express our thanks. Although you are leaving us, we shall always remember you as one of the outstand- ing personalities in the annals of our High School careers. Botti H wt- -y.1q-- -- Y X-f -.,- - -- X41-.F-rslelm--f -- Q' SLIPERINTENDENTS This is, perhaps, my last message to The Trojan! ',Wev'have'iust experienced lan inspiring year-in fact These four years with you have been most inspiring. It ihasbeen with a great deal of satisfaction that we have seen our school system grow- our instructional program improve 4 our student morale climb ever higher and higher - our love and respect for our fellow man blossom into an atmosphere of brotherhood and understanding. ln this last message, may I exhort you to be ever vigilant in main- taining our free world-may I admonish you to protect with heart' and soul those freedoms we enioy that often have been purchased so expensively-and finally may you always recognize the Brother- hood of Man and the Fatherhood of God. Au revoir! May His richest blessings be upon you is my prayer. Sincerely q,f.4,,,J PRINClPAL'S MESSAGE Lf' it-Ili" Poor indeed is the man whose mind is not enriched by some phrase or picture of lasting truth and beauty, which serves to restore his soul in the requirements of life. Each of us needs in his heart's treasury the memory of a lovely time to renew fellowship with the great and noble Of this earth. This splendid Yearbook of 1956 will furnish us with many such memories. Congratulations to the Annual Staff and their sponsor for making possible this fine book. Sincerely, . X XXX XXXXX. XXX X X X i A X X N X . - X X XXX X- . X X. X -A--- . X X XX - X X. - .X X X XX -- XX 1? h. X-X X X X X XX X XX X X X X if .X X X XX - XX X X555 X3 X ' 15 -1 X X X . S X X X ' XS ff i X X XX- -- XXX' , X ' ,- -,- 2 1 XX: X X X :XXX-X XXX X -fi X 5- XX .X-XiXXiXXX'XXXX-X X WXXQX X - .X X - X' Xi X 'X N335 X35 X 1 -L if X X X XQXXXXX -5 S XX--.QP .X X -X K 3 S XX 2- f X 5 Exe X .X XX XXXXQEXXXXX . Q X EX XSX X. Xi X. XX' XE . CSSXXQX-XX EXXXXXXX . X 'XX in X . X. .X XX XX X X X X- -XX-Xi - XX XX X X Xg,X5 .XX , X . QXX' S X X- , iX.XSX3ffX X XXX XX X . ' Xff f AXXXXXXSXXXX Xi - -XX-XX? X- VX XX. X 5 --.X X XX XXXNXXYYXX WRX-XX9'XX-.X X 2 X X X XX X XX X ,X X XX XX X XXX X X X XX X X XX XX I X ' XX X X X X ' X X XX .... ' X' - 5 -:X .XX . . . ' :X XXX X5-X:.XX:EX . - E X XX X- X XXX X XX -- X Q XT - X X: FX , X -X X . X, X X XX- X S XX XX--X-FXNXXX XXXXXXXX-XXXXX -- , sg . X X ! - ' X?-XX L A X X X XX X ' X XX E X - XXXSX. 3 X XXX-X.iigfX f - X X X X X X XXXX X X X X XXEQX ' 'F - X5 X XX -X A axe : , XXX: X.. XX XXX -:. .F WX XXNXFSDX X X. X Q-'ii . -' ., , X X Vg S X f X 'X X X les? X X X X -g X ., XX was 1 X-X X X XXSX XX-XX - X A faipi . . X X - X X XXXXQX X X 3' XX.. X . X . . L X X.. X X.. ,...X, A . .X X . X--XXX? 'X X 9' X---..: . T.. X XX k X Xq .T-i -X .XXX X 1X X WXXX X X Q X F X is-XX X XX -XX -X : - X X XX X-Xk - -X XXX X .. x , f X LX: . X' f X. X I . 3' X, - X. X X A X. . X-XX Xwm X- X5 ' - ' ' M -X.-X:2 X , 'ff .XXX ,fifxi .... . ,X k XSXX - X. X - X X- X XXXXXX-:X-X XX ,mg X XX X X X ' .X .XXX X X SX XXX XX -X H- -XX XX-f5XfX:g N 5 Q 'Pl Q Mfg X - X X - X XXX X -XX' XX X - X .X XX .XXX SRX -X KXXXXXXX -X . X X XX . X X X .. - . X -X X XXXXX -X XX -X. X - X . X X X X - X Q XX SX :rg .XX . 'X XXX X X N X f. X -E X X X X X X S 55 . XXX 1 X 2 X XX- X: X X1 X X . X XXX-, . X X X QX XXX XX- X X XX X - Q XXX Xi X 'X X XXX X X . EX X' XX S X 5 X' XXXX XX.- XXXXX . ....X X. X ---- X X X- -X12-X-XX X - XX X ..XXX :X sam . Fas xl X,,X..XX-X.. ni' A .. X-X X ' 5. 'K . Q :X K X, , ' 4- Mfmfh, X W FW' JEAN TIDWELL English DAVE GREEN P.E., "B" Football Coach 1 . I .4,,, -. .,,.,.- ,, ..v :Q FACU LTY IRENE OLIN English Ill, IV Q , CHARLES NELSON Coach L American History Latin-American 4 History ' A, i l i HAROLD HARBORTH Chemistry, Physics JERRY STARR D.E. l CECIL ALLEN Biology l BILLIE JEAN BERGMAN Home Economics I, Il, Ill FACU LTY JN Shop, Plane Geometry, Algebra Mechanical Drawing A' ' , JOHN HENSHALL L. l it .. ll' INA WEST Librarian ARCHIE HATCHER Vocational Agriculture GEORGE ELAM History, Civics ,,,,,.,,,,...,..,.,c A. 3 Emi lil V rms-w-s fc..- BENNY PIERSON Counselor .li DORIS KUHNERT Algebra, Secretary ED SULLIVAN JEAN DUGAT Trigonometry, Geometry, Algebra English, Journalism JANE NELSON Bookkeeping Secretarial Training HENRY JACKSON American Histo A 'Y Head Coach - m- Te O. l.. STAMEY xas History, World Geography HELEN PICKETT Spanish I, ll r K ' f ill, 0 WILLA DE SALME P.E., Speech DOUGLAS WIEHE Band, Choral JL, R ,lifj Wl FRIEDA VAN DER VEER Typing l, ll A. D. WOOD Director of Materials VALEDICTORIAN Lou ANNE PARSONS SALUTATORIAN' BARBARA Josrss GRADUATING WITH HONOR A Dean Chamrad, Karen McKinney, Mary Beth McKinney, Patricia Morrow, Eleanor Tolliver, Jo Ann Dentler, Joyce McClelen, Alice Culpepper, Cheryl O'ShieIds, Patricia Brown, Darlyne Franke, Joyce Neuhaus, Ralph Jackson, Lawana Routh, and Shirley Brown. X X 5 sg K.. in gl . -X- Q ' . .K.. X .. .X-if . XXXQN X- . -X -..-.XXX 1fiXSXf X aw ' Fi 55 , . 5: X5 X 3? -1 5 ' XS X 5 ,SX f Xe? X 4 Q1 .X .i SX X X X S .X Q Q if XX xx X XXX .X :QQSSQ - .Y- X X ..X. ... ..k K. --XNXX iw XX 'VXI zz 7 My Q . 1 N :Ah A 5 . X If Xi Agxff rfXQfx A N X I H XX XXX x X, ZH W X x X is giy 1 Y X fi? X X if X ,N NS sw A Q Q X S N xs!l wl3k main. my Nw NCOMMENCEMENT EXERCISESH Y "Special Awards" "William J. Murray, Chairman of Texas Railroad Commission" 'Waiting PatientIy" "Nervous, But Glad" Sis ,-f S E N O R -5 -- fi.--Y---il President, Karen McKinney: Vice President, Lawana Routhg Secretary, Lou Ann Parsons, Treasurer, Allan Powell: Reporter, Johnny Hirst. COLORS-Red and White FLOWER-Red Carnation MOTTO-God Helps Them Who Help Themselves SONG-"May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You" Sponsor INA WEST Sponsor O. L. STAMEY O F F I C E R S JAMES BILLINGS Safety Patrol 2, Youth Day Teacher 1, Production Manager Troian Staff 4, Press Club 4, Rifle and Pistol Club 4. SARAH JESSILYN BLACKWELL Basketball l-3, King and Queen Club I-3, Home Economics Queen 2, Cheerleader 2-3. ALICE BALLARD Student Council 1, FTA 1, Stamp Club 3, President, FHA 4, Parliamentarian 3, Junior Play 3, Executive Committee Junior Class 3, Occupation Club 4,'Human Relations 4, Office Staff 3, Youth Day 2. NoRMA JANE BARBER upopu Basketball T, Band 1-3, Office Staff l-3, Tennis 1-3, FTA 3-4, Youth Day l-3, Junior Play, Prom Committee 3, Troian Staff Art Editor 4, Vice President Dramatic Club 4, Secretary-Treasurer Tennis Club 4, Powder Puff Game 4, Senior Play 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Secretary, Homeroom President 1-2. BYRON BRADFUTE "LOl'Cl" Football I-4, Lettered 1-4, Baseball 3, Basketball, lettered 2, All-District 4, George West All-Tourney Team 4, Weslaco Second All-Tourney Team 4, Beeville Troian Cage Classic All-Tourney 4, FTA 4, Key Club 2-4, Treasurer 3, Vice President 4, Troian Radio Editor 4, Choral 1-4, Regional Choir 3, Powder Puff Coach 4, Nom., Fish, Junior Favorite, All-School Most Out- standing, Most Athletic, Most Athletic 4, President Junior Class, Who's Who 4. WILLIE RAY BROADNAX Football 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Maiorette, Powder Puff game 4, Key Club 4, Choral Club, Dramatics Club, Letterman's Club. PATRICIA BROWN "Pat" Choral 'I, Hostess Junior'Senior Banquet, Youth Day Teacher l-3, FTA 2-4, Pep Club 2, Spelling, lnterscho- lastic League 2, Office Staff 3, Chairman Decorations Junior-Senior Banquet, Stage Manager, Junior Play 3, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, President 4, Annual Staff 3, 4, Associate Editor 4, Publicity Manager, Troian Paper 4, Shorthand lnterscholastic League 4, Property Committee Senior Play 4, First Vice President FTA 4. SHIRLEY ANNE BROWN FHA l-4, Vice President 4, Dinner Belles 2, 3, FTA 3, Float Committee 3, Library Club 3, Vice President 3, Betty Crocker Award 4, Etiquette Club 4, Pep Club 2, 3, Youth Day Teacher 1. ,A We DEAN CHAMRAD FFA I-4, Secretary 3, President 4, District Reporter 4, Lone Star Farmer 4, Key Club 3, 4, Vice President 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Nominated Most Out- standing 4, Who's Who 4, Attended Lone Star Boys' State, Rifle and Pistol Club 4, Boxing Club 4. SUTTON CHAMBERS "Rimskey" Transferred from Center, Texas 4, Rifle and Pistol Club 4, Slide Rule Club 4, Band 4, All-State Band 4, All-District Band 4, Most Handsome 4, Band Council 4, Orchestra, Freshman Officer. vi MAC BUCHANAN Transferred to Beeville from Abbeville, Louisiana 2 Track 3, County Surveyor-Xouth Day 3, Junior Play DE Club 4, Rifle and Pistdl Club 4, Vice President Drum Maior, Powder Puff Game. DENNIS Burrs Band I-4, Safety Patrol 1, 2. . - -. - 1 f me --1 -. 54 +1 . Z - .Q -'ts-s.-.E ,axle 1-his i1a:,Q5.,.:2:A:SE3:: f i:imesasi.sisf.gf 1 .su ' is . X .Psi DoN Cnocxerr Football I: Annual Staff 2: DE Club Reporter 3: Rifle and Pistol Club 4: Press Club 4: Properties Committee Senior Play. ALICE CULPEPPER Band 1-4: Volleyball 2: Basketball 3, 4: Orchestra Club 4: Business Club, President 4: Band Council 4: Powder Puff Game 4: Banquet Committee Junior- Senior Banquet 3: Office Staff 3, 4: Youth Day Teacher I-3: Junior Play Cast 3: Property Committee Senior Play 4. c s c- ,. ,tat-M we ..x...-mms-,- I XA PATRICIA CHESSHIR Choral I-3: Library Club 4: Ushered for Senior performances. Jo ANN COPELAND Travel Club, Secretary 4: Ushered for Senior Play. M ease ,. ess . .. .,l.s...c . . Jo ANN DENTLER Youth Day Teacher 3: Chairman Ticket Sales Junior Play: Chairman Bid Committee for Prom 3: Library Club 4: Press Club Reporter 4: Business Club Secretary 4: Shorthand, interscholastic League 3: JHS Represen- tative to Victoria Sweetheart Dance: NHS 4. CLIFTON DOWNES FFA l, 2: Baseball I, 2: Youth Day' Teacher l, 2: Production Manager, Troian Staff 4: One-Act Play Committee 4: Boxing Club 4: Tennis Club 4. ALBERT EsP1NosA "Goose" DE Club 45 Stage Club 45 Hot Rod Club 4. ARMANDQ FLORES "Flowers" DE Club 3, 4, DE Club President 45 Choral Club 4 Travel Club 45 Delegate to State DE Convention 4. DARLENE FusoN "Fatty" Band I-35 Youth Day Teacher I-35 Student Council 2-45 Inter-Clubs Relations 3, 45 Corresponding Secretary 45 FTA 2-4, President 45 Prom Committee 35 Publicity Manager Junior and Senior Plays5 Troian Feature Editor 45 Powder Puff Senior Manager 45 Miss United Fund 45 Most Beautiful 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Short- hand Club, Vice President 45 Who's Who 45 Lantana Duchess 4. Auce GARCIA FHA lp Choral Club 3, 45 Arts Club 45 Youth Day l. Jemzv Foro "Hair" Football 1-4, Lettered 2-45 Basketball I-4, Lettered 2-45 Track I-45 Sophomore Favorite 25 Letterman's Club 2-4, President 45 Troian Associate Sports Editor 35 Nominee Most Athleticg All-Tournament Troian Cage Classic 45 All-School Favorite, 45 Powder Puff Game Coach 45 All-District B B Team.- DARLYNE FRANKE Band l, 25 Annual Staff 'I5 Inter-scholastic League Spelling l5 FTA 2, 35 Youth Day Teacher, 2, 35 Stamp Club 35 Prom Committee 35 Junior Play5 Troian Asso- ciate Publicity Manager 45 Powder Puff game 45 NHS 45 Shorthand interscholastic 'League5 Publicity Com- mittee Senior Play5 Dramatic Club 45 Business Club 4. ef Q--1 I- 11. -4 sw 'zff-Q,-esfmxsefei-Q .. 5 .3 as Jessv GARZA DE I, 2, DE Delegate to Fort Worth Convention 3, Sound Room Operator 4, Choral Club, Slide Rule Club. Joe GARZA Football 1, Track 2, DE 3, 4, Boxing Club 4, Rifle and Pistol Club 4. ARTHUR GARCIA "Ozzo" Track 2, Baseball I-4, Lettered 2-4, Football 2, 4, Lettered 4, "B" Team 2, Manager 3, Basketball "B" Team 1, 2, Manager "A" Team 4, Youth Day Teacher 16, Letterman's Club 2-4, Science Club 4, Tumbling 4, Property Committee, One-act Play 4. BALDEMAR GARCIA "Huero" FFA I, 2, Historian, Safety Patrol, Football 3, 4, Track 3, Boxing 4, Tumbling 4, Dairy Judging Team 3, Poultry Judging Team I, Spring Training Manager I. LEONARD me LA GARZA noinkyu X FFA 1, 2, Reporter, Poultry Judging 2, Safety Patrol 1, 2, Softball 4, Volleyball 4, Slide Rule Club 4, Rifle and Pistol Club 4, Properties Speech Play 4, Spring Training Manager I, Prom Committee 3. Teo GLOVER Key Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Board of Directors, Band T, 2, Assistant News Editor, Troian Staff, Youth Day, County Surveyor, County Treasurer, Stamp Club I, Boxing Club 4, Rifle and Pistol Club 4. GolzooN HAMBY Youth Day District Attorney 37 Rifle Pistol 47 Stage Club 4. Jos HAMM ' Football I-37 Basketball I-37 Track 17 Letterman's Club 37 Prom Committee 37 Drum Maior, Powder Puff Game 47 One-Act Play Committee 4. W WAYNE HATCHER Q "Cuntry" FFA I-3, Third Vice President, Parliarnentarian, Chap- ter Farmer Degree, Lone Star Farmer Degree7 Youth Day Sheriff 37 Asso. production, Troian Staff 47 DE Vice President 41 MARY LEA HENRY library Club 27 Stamp Club 27 Photographer for FHA 47 One-Act Play Committee Ai Junior Degree in FHA 4. if JOHNNIE Hmsr Basketball i-4, Lettered 4: Band 1, 2: Choir 1: Fish Favorite: Youth Day Position: Annual Staff 4: Cheer- leader, Powder Puff Game: DE Convention 4: One- Act Play Committee 4: Lantana Escort 4: Publicity Committee, Senior Play: Letterman's Club. BECKY HoPKlNs DE Club 3: Pep Club 3: Ticket Sales, Senior Play. LELDON GENE Heron "He-rod" Band l-3: Junior and Senior Play: Hot Rod Club 4: Press Club 4: Stamp Club 4: DE Club 4: District Judge 2-3. Bruce HILL FFA l, 2: Annual Staff 1, 4: Prom Committee 3: Junior Play Ticket Sales Committee: Junior Play Property Manager: Stamp Club l, 2: Slide Rule l-4: Senior Play Actor: Representative Senior Class Victoria Sweetheart Dance: One-Act Play Committee, Ours Lois Homcms Basketball 1-3: Choral I-3: Typing Club 4: Dremltics 4- MARGARET Husen ,,Meg,, Library Club l: Choral 3: Worked in Office 3: Banquet Committee 3: Youth Day Teacher 3: Worked in Sound Room 4: Between Act Senior Play: Book Club 4: Choral Club 4: Powder Puff Game 4: Worked in Coaches' Office 4. BEDA ISRAEL FHA l-4, Reporter 45 Band I-4, Tumbler l, 25 Office Staff, 2, 35 Youth Day Teacher 35 Usher Senior Play 45 Business Club 45 Press Club 45 Between Act Senior Play 45 Secretary for Coaches 45 Powder Puff Game 45 Maiorette 45 Banquet Committee 3. Aucs Lucius Ivev Volleyball 35 Powder Puff game 45 Travel Club 45 Human Relations Club 45 Choral 45 Ticket Committee Senior Play 45 Banquet Committee 35 Transferred from Sonora, Texas 2. REAGAN JORDON Hot Rod Club 45 Promotion Club 4. BARBARA Josres "Yokie" Band l, 25 All-District Band 15 Nominee Key Club Sweetheart 25 Natjonal Honor Society 2-45 Junior Play5 Youth Day Teacher 'l-35 Prom Conn-nittee 35 Troian Editor 45 Fiesta Queen Nominee 45 Nominee Most Outstanding 45 Who's Who 45 Shorthand Club, Social Chairman 45 FTA Reporter 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Senior Play5 Reporter NHS 45 First Place lnterscholastic Short- hand, District. RALPH JACKSON Football 15 Baseball l, 35 Annual Staff 'I5 Key Club 2-4, Vice President 45 Student Council 25 NHS 2-45 Letterman's Club5 Prom Committee 35 President Rifle and Pistol Club 45 Faculty-Key Club Basketball Game 45 Senior Play Committee 4- MAauNs JOHNS Transferred mid-term 45 FHA. JAY LAwsoN FFA 3, Song Leader, Slide Rule Club 4, Tumbling 4. KATHRYN Hu'rcHlNs Lorr Red Cross Drive 1, Nominee Lantana Duchess 4, Between Acts Entertainment, Senior Play, Vice Presi- dent Fourth Period HE Class. 51, Q-1 ew . '. as s -. .- Q.,--at as-' - .1-eg-g,,,-,, isa, Joi-:N WILLIAM Kuzcnsk "Johnny" FFA 1-3, Secretary 1, Safety Patrol 1, Key Club 2, Football Manager 3, Annual Staff 3, Junior Play Cast 3, Letterman's Club, Honorary Member 3, 4, Youth Day, County Judge 2, Principal, JHS 3, Troian Radio Editor 4, DE 4, Treasurer 4, Promotion Club 4, Hot Rod Club 4, Senior Play Committee 4, Quill and Scroll 4. Donomv Kost-uc Choral 1-3, Library Club 4, Between Act Entertain- ment, Senior Play, Usher, Senior Play. Rosen LeoN LuNsFoRo "Leon" Hot Rod Club 4, Dramatic Club 4, Interscholastic League Play 4, Softball 4, Transferred from Pettus 4. Jovce MCCLELEN Basketball 1-4, Volleyball 1-4, Band 1, Choral 1, FHA 1-4, Song Leader 2, Second Vice President 3, President 4, State FHA Delegate, Chapter Award, FHA 4, NHS 2-4, Banquet Decorator 3, Who's Who 4. BARBARA MCGILL Band 2, All-District Band 2, Office Staff 2-4, Student Council 2, Nominee Miss United Fund 2, Candidate United Fund Queen 3, Banquet Committee 3, Make-Up Junior Play, Fiesta Queen Nominee 4, Entertainment Senior Play 4. KAREN McKiNNEv "Cuz" Band l, 2, Annual Staff i, Nominee Sophomore Favorite, Vice President Junior Class, FTA 2-4, Choral Club 3, 4, Youth Day Teacher 2, 3, Kiwanis Sweet- heart 2-4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Manager Girls' Basketball Team 3, Troian Business Manager 4, Presi- dent Senior Class, Fiesta Queen 4, Nominee All-School, Senior Favorite 4, Who's Who 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Nominee Lantana Duchess, Popularity Contest, Prom Committee Chaimtan. Joe MATOCHA Committee to select DE Convention Representatives. UvALoo MAYORGA "Armadillo" DE Club 4, Football I, DE Secretary 4. MARY BETH MCKINNEY Basketball 'I-4, Student Council l-4, Secretary 2, Presi- dent 4, Band I, 2, Junior Class Treasurer 3, Annual Staff 3, Cheerleader 3, 4, Tennis 3, Youth Day Teacher 3, Key Club Sweetheart 3, Junior Play, Junior Favor- ite, Nominee Miss United Fund, National Honor Society 3, 4, Girls' State 3, Troian News Editor 4, FTA 2-4, Nominee Fiesta Queen, Miss United Fund 4, Senior Favorite, Most Athletic, Most Beautiful 4, Who's Who 4, All School Favorite 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Senior Play, Powder Puff 4, Counselor Girls' State 4, Nomi- nee DAR. PATRICIA MCMAHAN "Patsy" Transfer from Flour Bluff, Vice President Travel Club 4, Business Club 4, Ticket Committee Senior Play, Banquet Committee 3, Worked for Mr. Munson 3, Mr. Hatcher 4. Jovce NEUHAUS FHA I-3, FTA 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Powder Puff Game 4. Sue OATMAN Transfer from George West 4, Press Club 4, Choral Club 4. s Remax . is-xeses. 1: -:fxmsmwrmt FERMIN F. MEZA nrinyu Safety Patrol l, Captain of Safety Patrol 2, Choral Club 3, 4, Art Club 4, DE Club 4, Nominee Maiorette for Powder Puff Game. PATRICIA MoRRow IlPa'lI Basketball l-4, Lettered I-4, Captain 2-4, Volleyball l-3, Band I-4, Annual Staff l, Nominee Sophomore Favorite, State Representative of FHA, President FHA 3, FHA 1-4, Junior Class Reporter, Nominee Junior Favorite, Student Council 3, 4, Secretary 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Vice President 3, Junior Play, Chairman Junior-Senior Banquet, Assistant Maiorette 3, Maiorette 4, Assistant Feature Editor on Troian 4, Basketball Queen 4, Most Athletic 4, Navy Relief Contest 4, Honorable Mention, All-District Basketball. .i JANE ORCHARD Youth Day Teacher I, Associate Make-Up, Troian Staff 4, FHA 4, DE Club Sweetheart 4, Vice President First Period HE Class. CHERYL O'SHlELDs Choral I , Pep Club 2, Youth Day Teacher 2, FTA 2-4, Historian 4, Banquet Decorator 3, Prompter, Junior Play, Annual Staff 3-4, Editor 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Make-Up Editor, Troian Staff 4, Business Club Treasur- er 4, Who's Who 4, Attended Yearbook Clinic. Lou ANNE PARSONS Basketball I-3: Baseball 1: Band 1-4, Band Council 4: Nominee Fish Favorite: Sophomore Favorite: Student Council 2-4: NHS 2-4: Secretary Junior Class: Secre- tary Senior Class: Most Outstanding 4: Who's Who: Shorthand, interscholastic League 4: Properties Com- mittee Senior Play: DAR Representative 4: Nominee Fiesta Queen. LYNN PETERS FFA l-3. WILLIAM MICHAEL PRINGLE uaunu Football I-4: Lettered 2-4: Basketball 354: Letterman's Club 2-4: Vice President 4: Rifle and Pistol Club 4, Treasurer: Slide Rule Club 4, President: Stamp Club 3: Annual Staff 2: lnterscholastic Slide Rule 4. NORMA JANE RANGE "Norma Lou" Associate Editor Troian 4: Choral Club 1-4: All-State Choir l: Quill and Scroll 4: FTA 2-4: Second Vice President 4: Library Club 3: TALA 3: Junior Play, Senior Play: Powder Puff, Bowl 4: Senior Play Commit- tee: Prom Committee 3: Nominee Most Beautiful 4: Member of Honey Bees 2-4: Youth Day Teacher 2, 3: Alternate lnterscholastic. Journalism. ANNA PEARL PLACHY Pep Club 3: FHA 2, 3: Chess Club 4: Business Relations 4. ALLEN POWELL "TalIen" Football l-4: Lettered 2-4: Basketball I: Nominee Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior Favorite: Senior Favorite 4: Prom Committee: Troian Sports Editor 4: Victoria Advocate 4: Letterman's Club 3-4: Reporter 4: Rifle and Pistol Club 4: Dramatics Club 4: Quill and Scroll 4, Vice President 4: Student Council 4: Powder Puff Coach 4: FFA 'I-4: Senior Class Treasurer 4: Softball 4. . X X lk, 2 t E ANDREA Romzlcusz IlAndyll FHA l-47 FTA l-47 Pep Club 3, 47 Art Club 47 Tennis Club 47 Youth Day l-3. CAROLYN Roseakocic Choral 17 FHA 47 Secretary l7 Pep Club 27 library Club 1, Historian. -w......-- 7 sew s .Q as. -ass....sa.ss Mu. . s . .C . . as C.. .. xx. Pete Rsves Youth Day Teacher T-3: Football I-47 Lettered 2-47 Letterman's Club 2-47 Baseball 2-47 Golf Club 4. Beveinv Runes CDURRANCED Band l-37 FHA Ai FTA 3, 47 Youth Day Teacher 2, 37 Banquet Committee for Junior-Senior Prom 37 DE 47 Human Relations 47 Etiquette 4. LAWANA Rout:-4 "Leewan" Band l, 27 Student Council 3, 47 Youth Day Teacher 37 Prorn Committee 37 Cheerleader 3, 47 Head Cheer- leader 47 Basketball 2-47 Lettered 37 F ootba ll Sweetheart 37 Nominee Junior Senior Favorite Most Outstanding, Most Athletic, and .All-School7 All- School 47 Sports Editor Troian 47 Nominee Fiesta Queen 37 Shorthand Club 47 Captain Powder Puff Game 47 Who's Who 47 Nominee Lantana Duchess 47 Quill and Scroll, Reporter 47 Vice President Senior Class7 Tennis 2, 37 Tennis Club 47 Junior and Senior Plays, lnterscholastic, Shorthand and Journalism 47 Nominee DAR. RONNIE ROWLAND "Robo" Band l, 27 Pep Club 3, 47 Youth Day Teacher l-37 Prom Committee 37 Volleyball 37 Senior Play 47 Chorus 47 Dramatics Club, Reporter 47 Troian Managing Editor' 47 Junior Play Powder Puff. PATRICIA Louise SMITH "Patty" Homeroom Secretary I, Band I-4, Annual 4, Assistant Make-Up, Troian 4, Business Club, Vice President 4, Make-Up Junior and Senior Plays, Nominee Navy Relief Popularity Contest, lnterscholastic Shorthand 4, Orchestra Club 4, Powder Puff Game 4. GAYLE TAYLOR "Howard" Band 'I-4, Maiorette 4, FHA I, 2, Youth Day Teacher 2, 3, Second Division Twirler 2, First Division Twirler 3, 4, Junior Play, Tickets and Publicity, Troian Staff, Associate Feature Editor, Business Club Reporter 4, FTA 3, 4, Orchestra 4, Senior Play, Make-Up 4, Nominee Navy Relief Popularity Contest 4. L 1,a.,.ceAsYV -mmmekwmsssssm ........... L .mms We seg, M ,kkkk V sAfssss Asss A W., ig A ,,,.i-.v4vslun. . .guna BERNARDO SANDOVAL, JR. "Bernie" Football I-4, Lettered 2-4, Letterman's Club 3-4, Captain 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 4, Maiorette Powder Puff Bowl Game 4, Baseball 3, 4. TOMMY SEARCY Transferred from George West 2, Nominee Sophomore Favorite 2, Key Club 2-4, Student Council 2-4, National Honor Society 2, 3, FFA 2, Youth Day Position 2, 3, Nominee Senior and Most Outstanding 4, Received Most Outstanding 4, Cheerleader, Powder Puff Game, Faculty-Key Club Basketball Game, Senior Play Com- mittee, Senior Play, Interscholastic, Number Sense Contest. Tizov THURMOND Fire Monitor 4, Boxing 4, Rifle and Pistol 4. LYNNE TlMoN Transferred from Corpus 3, Nominee United Fund Queen 3, Usher for Senior Play 4, Human Relations 4, Book Club 4. OSCAR T ouvsn "Tank" Transferred from Lott-Canada 4, Football 45 Maiorette, Powder Puff Bowl Game 4, Baseball 4, Letterman's Club 4. ELEANOR Toulvek Band I-4, Student Council lg Choral lg DE Club 4, Nominee DE Club Sweetheart 4, DE Convention Committee 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, TALA '2. Run-4 WARREN Band l-43 Maiorette 3, 4, District Band 2-4, First Division Twirler I-4, FHA 1, 2, FTA 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Nominee Lantana Duchess 4, Prom Committee, Library Club 45 Orchestra Club 4, Business Club 4, Social Committee Chairman 4, Youth Day Teacher. Biuv West Key Club 4, FFA I-4, Boxing 4, Wrestling 4. Aan VARGAS Football l-4, DE Club 3, Football, Letter 3, 4, Letter- man's Club 3, 47 Baseball 3, 4, Cheerleader, Powder Puff Game, DE Convention. , MARIA VALASQUEZ "NEHG" FHA I-4, TALA 1: Pep Club 2-4, Library Club l-3, Youth Day Position. N: W Wsesw-xeiMN"W ANTHONY WINGENTER llpinkyu Key Club 2-4: Junior Playp Senior Playp Hot Rod Club 47 President 45 DE Club Ag Stamp Club 1, 27 Slide Rule 3, 45 Volleyball 1, 2. BARsAnA WRIGHT FHA 2-4: Degree Chairman 3g Junior Play, Junior- Senior Banquet Committee 3g Troian Circulation Man- ager Ag Powder Puff Game 45 Treasurer, Shorthand Club 45 Human Relationship Club 4. WAYNE WYATT Football l-45 FHA Sweetheart 35 Letterman's Club 3, 45 Boxing Club, President 4. JOHN Amos YOUNG "Jayson" Student Council 'lg Football l, 4, Baseball l-4: Letterman's Club 3, 45' Nominee Most Handsome 45 Rifle and Pistol Club 4. Vmon YouNoaLoon Football 1-45 Stamp Club I, 2g Pep Club 23 Key Club 2-4, Secretary 3: Student Council 1-35 One-Act Play, Interscholastlc Contest 45 Lettermen's Club 2-45 Rifle and Pistol 4. ANNA Lou Zsnm. "Annie" ' Choir 3, 4: TALA 45 Dinner Belles 37 Pep Club 31 FHA 25 Youth Day Teacher 35 Powder Puff Game 45 Choral Club 4, Photography Club Reporter 45 Troian Staff, Circulation 4. Pere COLLINSWORTH RICHARD FAIRCLOTH Transferred from Refuglo 2g Band 25 Press Club 4 Baseball 41 Properties for Sr. Play 4i Tennis 4. OFF TO M0-RANCH A l I ""' 'Hey Go: Y -,,,,..-y , ff K Q , - w xfq 5'-'en 4 + - J U N I O R President, Tommie Palmer, Vice President, Ann Hebert, Secretary, Marion Davis, Treasurer, John Monroe, Reporter, Kay Kinkler. fconons-Blue and Silver FLOWER-White Carnation MOTTO-Followera of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow SONG-"My Friend" X v Sponsor 5P0n50" BILLIE JEAN BERGMAN JOHN HENSHAW 0 F F I C E R S Donald Briggs Jamie Brown Ann Allen Billye Rose Bell Roberta Bertram Johnnie Bond S Diana Castro Virginia Chew Ahce Cortez Camilla Council QW NXX X g '1 SN f - YA 1 .-rg:-XX X 5 iff Q -X 4,5-X za - Pete Collinsworlh Olga Contreras NWC X XXX . N .. X f, 4 Qi ' NPN--33? T -X - N X X-X -gl XQSXX wi 32 X. X X Qi KX- ..:.:XX- -X . X XXX X XX X C XX XX X X X X X XX X X X X S QERXX X QS XX X X X :XXX XX XXX in X XX X X X X X X X xx Q X XX X X fb X 2 X S, X X SX X XX X XX FXQSXXS ' X X X , S X X X Q X ,X .. X XSXSX E 1 X 5 X iff X s X X I 2 X X X X X X X X XX X X QX X X XXX X X X X X X Q X X X X XXX X E 5: i X X 1 XX X XXXXN Hia X 1 . X 9 X X X XX XX XX X X ! X X SX, X N X SW. ......,.. 5 Wx S 'W ,X X X X X XS AN .Xa .... a .. X X l - M ai Y, ..,,... , E: g ww X X . XX 'Q Naval XV . -:XX xx' sXn"Q,,,s . X- .. l l G Judy de la Torre Charles Dorsey Wayne Foster Tommie Gay Fridge James Dunn Mary Helen Fairly s Q X X Xw effigy ,J -s 1. as x, as 5 X fl is R John Galloway Richard Garcia Natalio Guerrero Sobeida Guerrero Stanley Geisler Olga Gonzales ri yi si X f . .r N - e a. A 3 I Sharon Haugen Ann Hebert neways aa. NIR ' X , G Jimmie Gunn John Harper K ss K . s K WM 1- Q s R X 1,5 1" Qlls ' sex, . ' . A nfl' s X 5 gf Dixie Jackson Ruth Jones M jessssfsggs bl Robert Hill Myrtice Huebner 1 . , .... . . - X-MQ X ,lf .- i 5 , - X Is' .5 SX rg: - sf ' r 1.3 l "af -S sn Sw f- M, X: X XX X X R l"l P ose user r Charles Isbell - Q X Q h h l. be X x 1 Qr l iss' . likifi. - Q-ins . 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X 532. s is Q igxx David Thompson Aurelio Trevino Nancy Smith Robert Stewart x Gary Warnica i James West Q David Vargas Robert Villegas x , T .... .A Q A , . , N . - ' 'ss as w s ai is X fri Fi . . , X I s .K . s K : X X Xigis xiii-K 7 - - ll x i iss: r X - h Q Joyce Windbu rg Mary Williamson S Q ,, 5 K 'l' xr P unix x ri . i ,E K , i as Jack Wilder James Williams Betty Wright Carolyn Wyckoff Patricia Loudermilk Olga Ramirez V Johnny Galloway and his prize steer. f- A af. A fd-g-X 1 'X J lg S S X ff -D ..-. ...v-. ..--- ,-flqxw-V fr I O i F S O P F H I Os C M E 0 R R S Ei , Paul Shamburger, President, Rudy Soliz, Vice Presidentp Beverly Chambers, Secretary, Homer Soliz, Treasurerg Georgann Spikes, Reporter. SONG-"He" MOTTO-"Go With God" COLORS-Pink and Silver FLOWER-Sweetheart Rose HAROLD HARBOTH MRS. CHARLES DE SALME A ' in Lolita Allison Joanne Baker Robert Baldillez Dean Barnett Anna Laura Beasley Linda Beck Robert Aguilar Cruz Alaniz Kay Allen Patsy Allen 657.-5ai',ff' . vllsflf? fQ!2l.fff'l?lL! - :X - 1 X X x x X X X at S X X X X MX R X X X G X X XX X Q N ar X X Q SN X B X ix ,X X XX XX X X xg X XXX X X X SN XX 5 X B J XQ X N y X w Q3 - 9 -- , X X X at-XX A .XX X B F X X X X XR x 5 it 3 X Q Y 'X X X f A A bf I I X , ,,,, ,X A ' 1 " 5 :zz -XX: fs -. ..., ,af -fs- A W i b v Y QS, . ' x " . i , . NN if Q :X A X Lx.. f ' Q x X 'Q N ' S N Q S -. . K A .. . , . M ' Q. l l 1 l Judy Burgoon Qzabejh Ann Burton Roberta Butts Jo Ann Bynum Lorenzo Canlu ' Sylvia Cantu Gilbert Challet Beverly Chambers Donald Chamrado Mary Alice Chapa X 'N XX S SQ To W e N X r v. 2 X X X LXAxx X ees 9 Q i.,o,..f5gi ox. KX Hortencia Contreras Don Culpepper Q X N N15,N 1 9 ' r Ni ,,-Q11 L , on 9 521? .L Tommy Custer Joyce Doubrava Mickey Dougherty Loretta Downes Fred Espinosa Robert Farris Cora Ann Ford 'D-asv NM 3 ff new Wi' lx""" 1' Clo6.L5-1,-.,5'71'6'Vd -ff 'LW' Allen Dunn f-NA f--J we ,gil ,',r, some sw Uwe.,- 'Vbm-:..., e.Lnss1.S- XKQN x Jasper Garcia Mary Lou Garcia Adelaida Garza Hilario Garza Ottis Lee Gold William Goynes w Pauline Ford Walter Fuller Adelaida Garcia Israel Garcia NSEQN -:Sig QWESS XT-f s if: "F l v Y X A Ma M an G , Q:-:': be 5 gg X s 3 XR Ki X233 X X 5' Nm M Xa aa 0 Negakxs My ix .cw c.X.,: XR xi X G igi? is awk SEV :Q K WR? as Vi 5 SR X ax X4 23 X X ai' Q as Q' Qc. - XS ii 3 la V Egg We wg- XX mf Q X X Qxg B X Vi wi Q ii QQ X XS W W xg , . A Q X W W Qs XF my E L X is S S Q. , X 5 XR wk S wg? 2 f SQ X 5 Q is Q 5 4 an 5 .Q s 1 R X 5 N , A 5 k X Y' 5 xx I 2 1 5 E E, X sf-if W-4'-vggfm, ag,-rw--ww- -.--1....H Douglas Hutchins James Ingram C- Gfkklv-'il '-'iff FF: riff? iliq arg WSI K .J :sw www- 1s-ss-sawffwss sw xx as - ,-ss" .. use " . 'f X , .s X -Q -. mfs . .s-sea ' - W , 'sag a .XWXKXSEE Q u X Q I P-WY ISGBCKS - . Etta Jean Israel Q S . is fax ' .. X if f a s X u Clarence Johnson Eddie Jones Anselmo Juarez Robert Juarez Betty .lean Keese John Kniffin it mg yasimxxsimmi s sim s .sims Ns axm Wn s X Cecil Konkler Raymond Langley Santana Leal Gaynell Loessin Charles Love Jean Luihringer Charles McCameron Dick Mabray Macario Madrigal Ann Malone 1 S 5 --Q-.fJy.Y.,,7e-W. Y.. .z S -K, ' i X 25 XX N X WRX X f- ., ff fx m e ' SQ? E gg 532 23 'X X X Nwxaiitag ,. X 2551 Qi X i aww NNW 1 .. z N XSS X at X E55 N N W X :, N X gg - WX J N as iw-. 1 X M at s S We 2 N i E X xg x 5 i, is Q X it 1 M ra WX QXXQX Q X r. X N Xa s KQXXK, XXSXXXSSX i E xx A X 9 fax 5 E X Q Q, :rr gras? SB x TSX X. Ei XX S, gtk 5 1 x 5- X To E M ' or i x av-- - 'X NQQQS N Q, aaxwmi Joanna Martin Pat Martin Adelina Martinez Juanita Martinez Oscar Martinez Rudy Martinez Raul Medina Lionel Mendoza Clara Mae Moore Mary Helen Moore A .. e Ry- Sylvia Moreno Robert Morse X Bobby Moya Nancy Mullen Mike Munoz Ramona Naranio Johnny Nichols Terry Noble June Parchman Cruz Paredez X x S X ,Q Q Q X ixkg XX X R QQ X Q S N? Q N X x N Q Q ix HSN X Q, .0 N ' wx, M 'X X x X' X X X 5 QQ N S - JLWQZ MLW' fwffijw ff""fff"f'L ,ffgw X .1,1 f H 1 X M fixywwkkx 1 - EQ , fswwm , ' Q?" sm: ' L4 xx fx. ,X if is Q x Q K ,XA Xxx 5 Q Q2 xg X Q 3 QQ X qxxwx X 5 E , X W 'R S L -"- X :Q fa xxx 'fi q g 1 L- 1. xg Y! i - , .sim X ' Q 4 Lf.:-.:fwg,"v9 X X - -X ,J 1: I., . ., , W 5 .. 55 vt' 1 -- Eliseo Sandoval Ma rtha Searcy James Self Paul Shamburger S A Barbara Shipp Homer Soliz Rudy Soliz Georgann Spikes Connie Strelczyk Ella Mae Taylor X51 was wr Weldon Terry Y Vonne Thomas Mary Kay Thornton Betty Mae Toland :Q N - A Q .14--sift is yr-. I Q.. -- X T Trr. T e Nm Xe .. es r "lQfi - X Eff 2:51 ie we f six' 52 Irma Villarreal Rosie Villarrea Nancy Walsworth Linda Weeks ,. i '1 x,, .. . si N Bobby West Don West Gary West Wilma West Billy Whalon Billie Williams Fred Wrinkle Irma Jean Wyatt Bill Young Ann York Hortensia Zambrano W Esther Zavala H. L, Taylor Dean William Ronald Wlngerter Joyce Woodall s E N I o R F A v o R T E S J U N I 0 R F A V O X R I T E S Q m7UOgOI'UOen CAMILLA COUNCIL I II, f is JAMES WEST tml gf x I ' - I I I ,I R I "' Q" XX? LI L71-55, I " SWEET MARION DAVIS I .E , A J Q W. R :k,..i -I EARTS " x. X6 .f--5 li' F xi' - I . bl 9 55' - iq., A 5 T. - Q f.': A DOUGLAS HUTCHINS JANE ORCHARD ATTY PARTLOW ,Aim MOST OUTSTANDING Tommy Searcy MOST ATHLETIC Patricia Morrow MOST HANDSOME Sutton Chambers MOST OUTSTANDING Lou Anne Parsons MOST ATHLETIC Byron Bradfute MOST BEAUTIFUL Darlene Fuson ,S W MARY BETH MCKINN LOU ANN PARSONS HO ORROW Piqmgypx NK ALICE BAL WHO EY BYRON BRADFUTE LAWANA ROUTH DEAN CHAMRAD A JOYCE MCCLELEN BARBARA JAOSTES CHERYL O'SHIELDS DARLENE FUSON Beevulle., .,.. .,.... , . . Beevllle ......, ..K, . Beeville Beevulle ...,... ,,,... . Beevnlle ......Y ,,..,.,. Beeville Beeville Beeville Beeville Tafi' Yoalcum Pori' JERRY FORD 0 3 ED ALLEN POWELL BYRON BRADFUTE AGAPITO PRESA CHEO SANDOVAL . exp -. IQ1! . 'F 5.-5: 1-3 ,gb W X L f '3 X X 1 X PAUL SHAMBU RGER RUDY SOLIZ HOMER SOLIZ RAUL MED! NA gQXxnu1lmHI!lU!W! I x Q X Wk Q S , Q 5 ? Nng Z.: Li MJT S Z BERNIE SANDOVAL MIKE PRINGLE RONNIE PRINGLE 0 W EMMIT MOORE CHARLES LOVE VIRGIL YOUNGBLOOD LALO VARGAS OSCAR TOLLIVER OTTIS GOLD JAY YOUNG BALDEMAR GARCIA WAYNE WYATT FREDDY WRINKLE ABEL VARGAS PETE REYES 2 ,po- .Naf-X 9 -as BASKETBALL Back row, left to right: Coach Charles Nelson, Charles Love, Willie Ray Broadnax, Emmit Moore, Johnnie Bond, Rudy Soliz. Front row: Paul Shamburger, Jerry Ford, Johnnie Hirst, Byron Bradfute, Jesse Robinson. JERRY FORD JOHNNIE HIRST BYRON BRADFUTE X sg N. Q I 1 5 :Q K :NX :I XX MQ ., N- 9 51:1 XX - N --Y '55 Xxx. wx XR L Q --aww if .,,.-. , X Esxxwx s six xxN Xi BASEBALL ,,,,,.,., MS X Q X XX as X Richard Garcia, Richard Faircloth, Pete Reyes, Tommie Palmer, Johnny Nichols, Johnnie Bond, Lorenzo Cantu, Robert Villegas, Ray Granado, Rudy Soliz, Douglas Hutchins, Paul Shamburger. TRACK 5 iS Samuel Ramirez, Robert Villegas, Charles Love, Charles Dorsey, James Dunn, Paul Sham- burger, Ronnie Pringle, Bill Goynes, Gary Warnica, Jerry Ford. "A" TEA Left to right: Carolyne Wyckoff, Judy Burgoon, Ann Allen, Lawana Roulh, Joyce McClelen, Gaynell Loessin, Margaret Hatcher, Ella Mae Taylor, Alice Culpepper, Pat Morrow, Marion Davis, Lela Mae McCIelen, Mary Beth McKinney. A "B" TEAM Left to right! Patty Partlow, Kay Kinkler, Ann Burton, Glenna Rider, Mary Fairly, Joyce Woodall, Ann Hebert. 53 I fr . FQ Q Iv X X ,'7 gg 4 . V HQ A LAWANA Roum ' ANN ALLEN F - PAT MORROW MARY B. MCKINNEY LELA MAE MCCLELEN ALICE CULPEPPER ,i! C! I 4 I 'Tix SN x JQYCE MCCLELEN X K MARGARET HATCHER l I V, D W V . . 21 , GAYNELL LOESIN ELLA MAE TAYLOR CAROLYN WYCOFF JUDY BURGOON MARION DAVIS . GlRLS' BASEBALL TEAM' Q:x Nxx ,cyyyyy y N37 yyyi, yi A Carolyn Wyckoff, Judy Burgoon, Pauline Ford, Irma Villarreal, Olga Ramirez, Mary Lou Sanchez, Mary Alice Chapa, Minerva Perez, Mrs. De Salme, Margret Hatcher, Gaynell Loessin. X TENNIS TEAM Ii Tommy Searcy, Virgil Youngblood, John Rowland, Mary Moore, Judy Burgoon, Gay- nell Loessin. GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL TEAM Carolyn Wyckoff, Mary Moore, Pauline Ford, Dixie Jackson, Gaynell Loessin, Judy Burgoon, Lela McClelen. WINNER . Gaynell Loessin N Q X. N, S- X Y K . Ss. gag XN X , .. rm.. .. 59, . li :I if sa, J 1- 1,4-3-3 T2 ,, S 1 - h f g if : -- --VA - H '- FW' f Hr- -f Q .TJRNN-.N--rflnf .w.-JP"n--- -' -, 4,,..,v.H-F --+.,,-,.-.-J,..:....-r'!v!'p-- .-, f V.. STUDENT COUNCIL 1 .u,x Nu inlvlzesu' x X MEMBERS: Ann Hebert, Marion Davis, Darlene Fuson, Pat Morrow, Mary Beth McKinney, Byron Bradfute, Bill Davis, Jimmy Hancock, Lou Ann Parsons, Minerva Perez, Mary Moore, ,MU Bgrgggp, Nancy Smith, , Allen Powell, Lawana Routh, Margret Hatcher, Patty Pamo RSQALCV.-10hn Monroe, Cruz Alaniz. RVN OFFICERS: Ann Hebert, Reporter, Marion Davis, Historian, Darlene Fuson, Corresponding Secretary, Pat Morrow, Secretary, Mary Beth McKinney, President, Byron Bradfute, Vice President, Jimmie Hancock, Treasurer, Bill Davis, Parliamentarianp Mr. Pierson, Sponsor. J ln- ws W-N my ..-. . X lm K 1 K H . 's. ke, NATKJIHJMD ORSQCEWY First row: Nancy Smith, Glenna Rider, Ann Malone, Kay Allen, Laverne Laughter, Joann Baker, Minvera Perez, Sonda Harris, Joann Dentler, LouAnn Parsons, Barbara Jostes. Second row: Magaret Maxwell, Linda Beck, Darlyne Franke, Mary Beth McKinney, Virginia Chew, Ann Allen, Darlene Boethel, Joyce McClelen, Pat Brown, Pat Morrow. Third row: Karen McKinney, Cheryl O'Shield, Lawana Routh, Ann Hebert, Marion Davis, Margaret Hatcher, Elenor Tolliver, .Shirley Brown, r. Last row: John Monore, Jimmy Gunn, Ralph Jackson, Wilbur Seidel, Dean Chamrad, Bill Davis, Tommy Palmer, John Matocha, Weldon Terry, Robert Morse, Donald Chamrad, Sponsor, Mr. Elam'. CHGRAL First row: Gwen Pugh, aura easley, Ann Allen, Barbara Van Allen, Kathryn Loft, Billye Rose Bell, Kay Thomton. Second row: Kay Allen, Ann Malone, Lela Mae McClelen, Vera Lee Shook, Richard Shanks, Beverly Chambers, Jamie Brown. Third row: Santana Leal, Willie Broadnix, Douglas Hutchins, Clarence Johnson, Robert Morse, Weldon Terry, Director, Mr. Weihe. -lommy Searcy,WfI'ed Glover, Virgil Youngblood, Dean Chamrad, Byron Bradfute, Clarence Johnson, Lupe 'Ramos, James Dunn, Anthony Wingenter, Jimmy Gunn, John Monroe, Wilber Seidel, Ralph Jackson, Camilla Council, Tommie Palmer, Charles Dorsey, Weldon Terry, Mickey Dougherty, Donald Chamrad, Billy West, Bill Young, Robert Morse, Cruz Alaniz, Bill Davis, James West, Robert Stewart, Mr. Benny Pierson. - 1 7h-,,f Margaret Maxwell, Roberta- Butts, Nancy Smith, Ruth Warren, Judy McMillion, Ann Malone, Mrs. Ina B. West, Darlene Boethel, Sondra Harris, Tommie Gay Fridge, Linda Cox, Carolyn Rosebrock, Jeannie Morse, Linda Beck, JoAnn Dentler, Glenna Rider. TROJAN AND . S ss,....,ss.se..,.w- L sW.ss,s.e .,ee,eLe..... .XX.-. is vs, NJ l .L N Q J a y ! m N- 4 1' riff 'wa "xii tv , . A 9 S sea Q gli Y. gf I XA X a l l Q 'Q , 22 x, - .35 x , , A . as I I avr, ,AML kk L. , A Q x tr i ,fs Q . Q gl x H -Rat aim E 5 s rw, , L lil, 4. -- ,ik jx i X l , r.- ilwfi it Vw , Hi' t i t i 1 K ' Qi- .xi :S iii' ,ss . J fr i. : L A P it A l 21 4 5 ll if ' ll Wx A 35' an " 1 . ' N 5 ll in l A! 1 Pl ,.., A W5 i'- maxi 9 if :" f f' as 7 aa at . A L A.X. .-E A A mfs 'N W FLUTE: Lou Ann Parsons, Li , organn Spikes, Glenna Rider, Virginia Kenedy. CLARINET: Roberta Bertram, Sondra Harris,'Jeannie Morse, Ann Malone, Billie Romer, Eleanor Tolliver, Darlene Borthel, Patsy Mixion, Patty Isaacs, Norma Pieper, Joann Baker, Joy Barnes, Patty Smith, Ruth Miller, Marilyn Slay, Carrie Seidel, Norma Bryer, Nellie Bea Park, Karen Van Allen, Ima Gene Wyatt, Judy McMillion, Claudia Nelson, Barbara Sue Payne. BASS CLARINET: Sue Roberts, ALTO QLARINET: Judy de la Torre. ALTO SAXOPHONE: Margaret Tolliver, Joyce Woodall, C r el 1 TENOR SAXO. PHONE: Joyce McMahon, Harold Reese. BARITONE SAXOPHONE: Douglas Avery. GORNET: James Williams, Charles Brown, Brodus Caffall, Reynaldo Ramos,'Dennis Butts, Egan Williams, Bettie Jo Romer, Dick Mabry, Benito Cantu, Clay Eissler. TROMBONE: Stanley Geisler, Sam Ramirez, Walter Boenig, Herbie Rothlisberger, Mike McWhorter. BARITONE: Sutton Chambers, Charles Monday, Philip Finke, John Rowland. FRENCH Horn: Tommie Gay Fridge, Arnette Laughter, Nancy, Smith-5 Glynis Smith, Barbara Morris. SOUSAPHONE: Bill Young, James Henrichson, Frank Jackson, Fred Espinosa. SNARE DRUM: , Alice Qypepper, Gentry Steele, Roberta Butts, Karl Doubrava, Robert Stewart, Jack Glover, H. L. Taylor. Diec- torz Mr. Douglas Wiehe. Beda, Pat, Ruth, Gayle, Camilla, and Richard. -"" -- -N'f""'w:'-- - TROJAN STAFF I . 4 Tommie Palmer, James Billing, Wayne Hatcher, Johnny Kircher, Clifton Downes, Jerry Ford, Ted Glover, Allen Powell, Byron Bradfute, Robert Stewart. Second row: Kay Kinkler, Jane Orchard, Lochie Lou Harper, Barbara Wright, Karen McKinney, Lawana Routh, Pat Brown, Cheryl O'Shields, Mary Helen Fairly, Marion Davis. First row: Carolyn Wyckoff, Anna lou Zerda, Mary Beth McKinney, Norma Jane Barbara, Barbara Jostes, Norma Jane Range, Darlene Fuson, Darlene Franke, Gayle Taylor, Patty Simth, Pat Morrow. Managing Editor ........ Business Manager .... ..... Publicity Manager ..... Circulation Manager ,,....... Radio ...........,.. ...,.. . News Editor ........ Art Editor ......... BARBARA JOSTES Editor TROJAN Editor-an-Chief ..,,.............,.,.... ....... Associate Editor. ................ ...... - -. ....,,..,RONNlE ROWLAND ....... KAREN MCKINNEY DARLYNE FRANKE ' .,...-BARBARA WRIGHT ANNA LOU ZERDA ...........JOHNNY KIRCHER BYRON BRADFUTE MARY BETH MCKINNEY TED GLOVER ...,..,...NORMA JANE BARBARA LOCHIE LOU HARPER TOMMIE PALMER STA-FF .......,.,,BARBARA JOSTES NORMA JANE RANGE Make-Up ......... Sports Editor ......... Feature Editor ..,... Production .,.......CHERYL O'SHIELDS JANE ORCHARD PATTY SMITH LAWANA ROUTH JERRY FORD ALLEN POWELL DARLENE FUSON PAT MORROW GAYLE TAYLOR Manager ...... .. - .............. CLIFTON DOWNES Advisor ......... WAYNE HATCHER JAMES BILLINGS MISS JEAN DUGART MISS DUGAT NORMA JANE RANGE Advisor Associate Editor Q- far Furuke TEACHERS Glenna Rider, Ruth Warren, Gayle Taylor, Barbara Jostes, Darlene Fuson Anna Lou Zerda, Linda Cox, Ann Malone, Georgann Spikes, Carolyn Wyckoff, Karen McKinney, Pat Brown, Cheryl O'Shields, Richard Shanks, Robert Stewart, Mr. George Elam, Dean Chamrad, Byron Bradfute. OFFICERS Darlene Fuson, President, Pat Brown, First Vice President, Norma Jane Range Sec ' ' ond Vice President, Gayle Taylor, Secretary, Barbara Jostes, Reporter, Ruth Warren, Treasurer, Cheryl O'Shields, Historian, Mr. George Elam, Sponsor. FuTuRE .FARMERS or AMERICA Standing: James Self, John Matocha, Gary Warnica, Bill Goynes, Billy West, Joe Schlein, Troy Thurmond, George Rayburn, ay. Second row: Wayne Bersen, Tom Lawson, Dean Chamrad, Jerry Ford, Wayne Foster, Lorenzo Cantu, Pete Reyes, Wayne Wyatt, Sponsor, Mr. Hatcher. Library Club Officers: Jeannie Morse, Margaret Hatcher, Nancy Smith, Linda Cox. "Mrs, West, Cafeteria Manager' Pete Peterson I -.. . Levi-uunpquvr , Mrs. Bergmann, Alice Ballard, Jeannie Morse, Shirley Brown, Sue Routh, Betty Keese, Kay Allen, Joyce McClelen, Joanne Baker, Adelfa Ramirez, Alice Cortez, Oralia Naranio, Gwen Pugh, Judy Beck, Jean Luthringer, Jo Ann Bynum, Sylvia Cantu, Wilma West, Carolyn Rosebrock, Lela McClelen, Anna Plachy, Alice Callis, Ella Mae Taylor, Ann Allen, Etta Israel, Linda Cox, Mary Alice Chapa Louise Boscamp, Irma Villarreal, June Parchman, Marilyn Smith, Patty lssacks, Frances Searcy TUQF 0 N QWKER all-F 'P x 'N E xx HOB Jachli, S 0622. , Q1 ILS'-:Ba BC J all Jeannie Morse, Ann Allen, Shirley Brown, Betty Keese, Joyce McClelen, Joanne Baker, Sue Roulh, Alice Ballard, Officers, Mrs. Bergmann, Sponsor. rarrwzva--ri - li --1 - W . vw, ,, K QLIPILL A D SCZRCLL First row: Mary Beth McKinney, Ronnie Rowland, Barbara Jostes, Lawana Routh, Norma Jane Range, Darlene Fuson, Darlene Franke. Second row: Ruth Jones, Kay Kinkler, Pat Brown, Jane Orchard, Karen McKinney, Cheryl O'Shields, Patty Smith, Pat Morrow. Standing: Jerry Ford, Johnny Kircher, Allen Powell, Byron Bradfute, Tommie Palmer, Norma Jane Barbara, Sponsor, Miss Jean Dugat. OFFICERS x Patricia Brown, President, Allen Powell, Vice President, Norma Jane Barbara, Secretary-Treasurer: Lawana Routh, Reporter. I vb fi -s T PEP CLUB lr l ll J I Front: Dorothy Pennewitt, Dixie Jackson, Mrs. Charles De Salme,'Mary Bell Reagan, Mary Helen Farily, Ann Allen, Patty Partlow, Lela Mae McClelen, Jean Luthringer. Second row: Adelfa Ramirez, Gwen Pugh, Sue Routh, Kay Allen, Mary Kay Thornton, Carolyn Wyckoff, Barbara Shipp, Gaynell Loessin, lrma Villarreal, Mary Lou Sanchez, Oralia Naranio, Rosie Villarreal, Minerva Perez, Adelaide Garza. Third row: Vera Lee Shook, Hortencia Mary Lou Garcia, Core Ann Ford, Francis Searcy, Loretta Downes, Barbara Van Allan, June Parchman, Florene Roy, Lorene Roy, Ella Mae Taylor, Diana Taylor, Olga Rameriz, Angelica Ramirez, Linda Cox. CHEERLEADERS ix S it it ,f Q S .Q Q .. Us 5 ,Q :I Z filzff ., . ., W :ls.., 'w- 135- Marion Davis, Margaret Hatcher, Judy Burgoon, Mary Beth McKinney, Lawana Routh, Mary Moore. OFFICE STAFF Ruth Jgggs Vurgmua Kennedy Ann Hebert Kay Allen Camnlla Councnl Lupe V ,mm,,,,,w' 'x WWW NX rf' .. r ? SOUND ROOM: Etta Isreal, Margaret Huser, Dorothey Pennewitt, Gwen Pugh, Sharon Haugen Befiy Jo Romer, Barbara McGill, Tom Lawson Stanley Gesiler, Gary West. y 1-G5 x E g ' 11, diffs' X 1 I L ' Fl' ANNUAL STAFF Editor-.-.. ......... - ....... -. ...................... -------- ........ .---Cheryl O'ShieIds Associate Editor---- .----..-..---------.-----. ----.- --...------------.-- Patricia Brown Business Manager... ..-..- - -----.. ----- -.-.-------.---------- ---. --.. Kay Kinkler Photographer .-......-.-...---- - ---------.---..-..---...... --- ---. Johnny Galloway Lay-Out Editor ----... --------. .... .. --..-- --------- .--.----.-- ---------Ruth Jones Art Editor --.--.---- - --...--- - -----.-.-.-----. .. ---..-. .. ..--.--.--- Lochie Lou Harper Staff Assistants .-.. .- ..--.... - .-...-. -.----- -.-- ----Linda Cox, Asso. Photo, Kay Kinkler, Lochie Lou Harper, Buglgy Beasley, Bruce Hill, Judy McMillion, Mary Bell Reagen, Camilla Council, John Galloway, Cheryl O'Shields, Jolyne Mergele, Virginia Kennedy, Asso. Lay-Out Ed., Dorothy Penewitt, Virginia Chew, Pat Brown, Roberta Butts. Mrs. Van Der Veer. Mrs. Frieda Van der Veer Sponsor , ., V LBUSINESS cLuB SHORTHAND CLUB Peggy Wyatt, Patsy McMahon, Beda lsreal, Elsiso Gayle Taylor, JoAnn Dentler, Joyce Neuhaus, Darlyne Franke, Pat Morrow, Cheryl O'Shleld, Ruth Warem, Lou Ann Parson, Patty Smith, Alice Culpepper and Mrs. Nelson. Barbara Jostes, Darlyne Fuson, Barbara Wright, Lawana Routh, Patricia Brown, Carolyn Rosebrock, Sponsor, Mrs. Nelson. ETIQUETTE CLUB NEEDLE WORK .Na .A Kay Kinkler, Jane Orchard, Virginia Chew, Judy McMil- -lion, Alice Cortez, Angelica Ramirez, Petra Sauceda, Marlene Johns, Jolyne Mergele, Dorothy Penewitt, Sue Roberts, Bobbie Deason, Camilla Council, Mrs. Jack Tidwell, Alice Faye Callis, Theodora Ochoa, Olga Con- treras, Mary Alice Chapa, Olga Ramirez. Lupe Ramos, Vera Lee Shook, Marilyn Smith, Patty lsaacks Tommie Gay Fridge, Shirley Brown, Mary Lou Sanchez, Minerva Perez, Margaret Haycher, Billie Williams, Petra Sauceda, Rosie Vill, Mrs. Jack Tidwell, Alice Faye Callis, Alice l-lodge. 11- HUMAN RELATIONS CLUB ee...-L OccuPATloNs CLUB Joyce Windberg, Carolyn Rosebrock, Diane Taylor, Joyce Peters, Eleanor Tolliver, Barbara Shipp, Shirley Brown, Betty Jo Roemer, Billie Lou Roemer, Carolyn Wyckoff, Nancy Smith, Patsy Mixon, Ruth Jones, Alice Ivey, Becky Hopkins, Lynne Timon, Etta Israel, Belle Laverne Laughter, Lochie Lou Harper, Mary Reagan, Bar ara Wright, Glenna Rider, and Sponsor, Mr. Pierson. lf' CLUB Johnny Galloway, Charlie Wyatt, Eugene Sweet, Jimmie Reagan, Gene Herod, Mr. Starr, Deloy Pollard, Johnny Kircher, Wayne Wyatt, Emmit Moore, Reagan Jordan, Willaer Seidel, John Matocha, Richard Garcia, Bruce Hill, Anthony Wingenter, Charles Isbell, Marshall Robert Villegas, Sinor, Albert'Espinosa, John Harper, Leroy Hopkins. Vemon Ride G Goldlmary llgorgfxnlxeii Alice Ballard, Joyce Peters, om. achY, PatsY Mixon, Bettie Jo Roemer R5Ymond Langle Y, S I ' . Aurelio Trevino. yvm Camu' Wd" Afllldva, Charles Love, I PROMOTION Jimmie Reagan Rob , I Sri Juar , W ez' '5Per Garcia Don'C I ' an DUNN, Ray Mae T5YI0r, Mary Kay Thorton, Lgrzzllpggvfrgere Sweer,.EIla 'I my Hopkins. TYPQNG CLUB l-lusen Palsy dgn Darlene Bethel. R055 Ann Ford, JoYCB I - jgy Lawson' ora ongofr Arlen, Ollie l-l0Pl"ns' k ell, Lorene ROY' SP l vhilstellan der Vee'- Fuller, Salah Blu W CHESS CLUB l James Henrichson, Adelaida Garza, Mary Alice Chapa, Robert Morse, Q Johnny Nichols, Sylvia Cantu, Allen Dunn, Mr. Henshall. l l l i l l l Hortencia Contreras, Margaret Tolliver, Nancy Mullins, Jimmie Gunn, ART CLU B' Jean Luthringer, Ann Burton, Lotia Allison, Mary Bell Reagen Joyce Doubrava, Pauline Ford, Jane Orchard, Mrs. Freida Van der Veer, Sam Samford, Fremin Meza, Lynn Peters, Santana Leal, Louchie Lou Harper, Diana Taylor, Patsy Allen, JoAnn Byrum, Louise Boscamp, Louise Pogue. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Emmit Moore, Anna Lou Zerda, Sobeida Guerrera, Theodora Ochoa, Joyce Neuhaus, Charles Dorsey,' Alice Cortez, Olga Gonzales, Deloy Pollard, Loretta Lopez, Olga Ramirez, Olga Contreras, John Matocl-ra, Florine'Roy, Johh Harper, Linda Cox, Johnny Galloway,.Donald Briggs, Mr. Henshall. .1-v funn- w- - Q 'TH ORCHESTRA CLUB Blevins' Loland Booih' Roy 5 Eddie Jones' Garymwfivenar. Kenne'hkP3affyJ:T:rv . -- a ' I 'Mlm madman' Whliau-is, Bill Young'-Dm Freddie Wrin- ifwlmamsl Dean Ronnie Pringle, ' Noble chuck McCHme'o"' kle' Mickey DOUQLUBYLY. ASTRONOMY CLUB Joe Hamm, Johnnie Bond, Weldon Terry, Florine Roy, Margrer Maxwell, Pat Morrow, Mr. Harborth, Hilario Garza, Jimmie Gunn, Gwen Pugh, Ann Malone, Roberta Bertram, lou Anne Parsons, Linda Weeks, James Williams, Dennis Butts, Dick Mabray, Ruih Warren, lice Culpep yer, Margarer Tolliver, Richard Shanks, H. L. Taylor, Patty mrth, Sondra Harris, Darlene Boerhel, Ima Jean Wyatt, Gayle Taylor, James Henrickson, Bill Young, Samuel Ramirez, Sianley Geisler, Mr. Wiehe. GOLF CLUB Jesse Robinson, James Dunn, Tom Lawson, Ronnie Wingenter, Jimmie Nelson, John Monroe, Richard Shanks, Richard Faircloth. James Self, lsreal Garcia, Reynaldo Granado, Fred Espinosa. rn, . W 4, - Hr--me vm 5. -. 0 V . f --,..+-- . nf. my -Q ,s-1.-Wav . HISTORICAL CLUB ...-1 I ,,...-- W'lI'arnsom John Bobby ww, Tommy C""e" MW ' l a E on, Rgy Grana 0. Mom-oe, Norma Bryer, Fred Nsiaeflhown, Linda Cox. - ' G rza, Well G"c"' O Durlln. Fw' Sh""""'9e" NIODEL AIRPLANE TRAVEL CLUB Tommy Custer, Mary Williamson, Richard Garcia, Glenn Gilbert, Adelaida Garza, Wayne Bersen, Bobby West, Mickey Dougherty Irma Villarreal, Mary Lou Sanchez, Billy Whalen, Cora Ann.Ford, Barbara Van Allen, Barbara Shipp, Barbara McGill, Alice Ivey, Jo Ann Copeland, Connie Strelczyk, Francis Searcy, Homer Sollz, Cheo Sandoval, Ester Zavala, Joann Byrum, Sponsor, Mr. Stamey. Vx, Y SCIENCE CLUB hn ROW' ' oscar Martinez. -I0 Charles Love. Glenn 622:38 gaybum, Vemvn Rldu' P: land, 00" Culpepper' ter Clarence .IohnS0 1 M n'n Mr Allen, ROW' Wl"9"' ' I 1 ' Lgoy Hopkins. James Sell' Bobby Moya' 'N Mr' Allen' Anlwf Gll'CiH, George Bla, Kenneth Prince, Raymond P ' ' 'mf Cl0Yd Rider, Oscar Martinez, Lionel Mendoza. SVEECH Hgxclwl I gave' 9 niovl- ar N a 6 - wid' 'Neelix Wm" Kiran. we 'W 'owe sack fowl C, s. 1""'s Hiro:-. so Nm' Da Sakaeese Nw' Ba andei, P-fm Bu Bowl I rid Hem eavmo 303181-1 Niariln- PRESS DRAMA Front Jones Ka . , Pe f . Y Kmklerl R n ,J nnewme Ann yo k oise Huser, Billie Loxlgismligerglel Ruth r' Dofbthy All ' V 1 ' en Powell, Jerry Fo: HcgP'lIins. Second ,ow N Yron 5, df l Gncy Mullen Jem-gnie M MCK' one' Dixie J l 5 ut, mney Sarah Bla k ackson, Yfvonne frhoflnlljc Buchanan, 31 Marygeth D455 ' c lme, well, Darlyne Franke and S ' Ponsor, Mrs row: Charles 'sb ell Ronnie R Owla d kcofl, D mler, Car0lYf' Wv a:::".:::.sms was ffm. Ri en C mm, Council, Billye O ' W Anna Laura Glenns A Amen Right Side: fm ' V' 'nia Che , Joyce Wmd:::'S::lr:e::lw'l3axen raifw, JW' B'k"' Beasley. Bin rand Chuck MeCameron. Roberta Bu 1 FOLKLORE 2'-N,,.gI'N'. From row, lefi to right: Sobeida Guerro, Loretta Lopez, Lolita Alison, Billye Williams, Wilma West, Margaret Maxwell, Frances Searcy, Connie Strezlyk, Horiensia Zambrano, Charles Dorsey, Don-Chamrad, Lupe Ramos. Back row: Alga Gonzales, Jean Luihringer, ima Gean Baker, Roberta Bertram, Wyatt, June Parchman, Jo Ann Juanita Martinez. SLIDE RULE cLuB .- arisen .. . ' G Wilbur Seidel Tommie nfl! ' le0""d GUN' Jem ' Williams, Palmer Paul Shambufgefr Jw Lawson' ,Dean I Ch mbers John Matocha, Virgil Youngblood, i:l:l'ln Jaclgon Jlav YOUNQI BPUCG Hill, Mike Pringle BOGK CLUB L NUMBER SENSE CLUB Tommy Searcy, Jimmy Nelson, Sponsor, Mr. Sullivan. STAGE CLUB Diana Castro, Patricia Chesshir, Margaret Huser, Dorothy Koenig, June Parchman, Miss Irene Olin. Johnnie Hirst, Gaynell Lossin, Sharon Haugen, Myrtica Huebner, Sue Roberts, Betty Keese, Allen Given, Georg- ann Spikes, Patty Partlow, George Raybum, James Holton, Ronnie Pringle, Roy Blevins, Boyce Vann, Freddie Wrinkle, Terry Noble, Rudy Soliz, Gordon Hamby, Albert Espinosa, Eddie Jones, Gary Zerbelj Armando Flores, Bobby Moya, Luis Yela, Sponsor, Mr. Elam. V ,., ,,,. W.- ,. . V -W I . V Y. .V..,. vm , Q, X JUDY MCMILLION X5 CAMILLA COUNCIL Q71 4 RICHARD SHANKS BEDA ISRAEL RUTH WARREN GAYLE TAYLOR bg 0 I'!'l 'UIQ . Q IT. Lf!! Q' Q' "6 3:49 5 X1 PAT MORROW N X 'RX X X .'-u - , Qg I , s .... MARIO XV X -9 MARY BETH MCKINNEY JUDY u QM 15255 Head Cheerleader LAWANA ROUTH ARGARET HATCHER MARY . V . YY . .., Y ,,,-.U ,,,,, - ACTIVITIES OF INTEREST - "Nominees for Queen" "Christmas Party" Lf 'Mississippi River BOM" "Band Students on-River Boat' MQMENTS TO REMEMBER "Seniors Response By Karen" "Evening in Paris" "The Wheel of Fortunes" "Ca n't Can't Boys "Entertainment" "The Soute Liqueur?' . X ACTIVITY PAGE R' Baptist Church Honors Seniors" "Band Concert" "Super Woman" Q Xl' wo Q L5 tl --fig,-f' "Winner's Cage Classics" "Basketball Girls" .mm.v-dwasn-.-vw, -----V --f- Y--v-1 -f----fw-'-- W ' ' v - -x X 'fm W-' 'Y'--W' FIRST WEEK Waiting for the Bell! Like your teachers' Qhic-Chat" in S. H. Lost? ?? Interesting class-Huh! HALF TIME if Q! Warm A Favorite! ' B Pep Rally Q3 fi 9 N Victory is our cry!!! "Pretty-Pretty" xjs. Smile Big "ACTIVITIES AT" FOOTBALL GAMES BESIDES "FOOTBALL" aders fiwffr rf. fl POWDER PU FF BOWL GA kk Nj SS Q ' ' X "Real Cute" "Senior Cheerleaders" "Junior Cheerleaders" "Junior Band" "Sensor Band" -,W Senior Favorites Most Outstanding A N ,Lt,3f,v-, ,. ,, V .ww ,.-5-.far T Y 2-his GMI EES' All School Favorite . J Sophomore Favorites -Wx-'Q-,..F--fmt. v ,-. W- 0 -wi Favorites Most Athletic Most Beautiful and Most Handsome N I C Bathing Beauties" "Water Monsters F "Look at the Legs" "Our Sponsors" - i - ,Q ff QQ-maxxxu-wxsmxwxwax , MxWMN.wss.M.,., Y V V M .... Nm.Mm,,mNwssmx21 N www, JOE'S CHEVROLET CO. - - 30I S. Washingfon Phone IOOO BEEVILLE, TEXAS - -- qua STATE BANK 81 TRUST COMPANY O Member FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Beeville, Texas " " M f-- --V - - - V vx-lpn? .. Jlulgg x , wfffulffww if 4f',MK'im'if7i w W xiii xy? fgg- sm HATcHER's RED 8. WHITE GROCERY 626556 9 M CW WWW ff Gi Wfqy 'V fwofd ,QXSQBJANW Egjfwji My ew - MW 5 AMERICAN CAF "Where Everybody Mee THE BEST IN FOOD LAC K'S Ph. 404 DRUGS Your Health ls Our Business BALLARD DRUG STORE JOE RICHARDS Our Customer ls Always Right PH. 45 AND 72 BEEVILLE, TEXAS CONGRATULATIONS AND ANTHONY'S BEST wlsl-ues 'lf' 'Serves You Better and Saves You More" "Senior Class of l956' BEEVILLE BEE PICAYUNE Q Your Newspaper GEISLER'S FOOD STORE K I B L "l490 On Your Radio Dial" . - -Q-uf ,,-,W .. ., . 1-41.7. .. .alevxg 3. 5-1-nwvvgv mv ,f,.N..,, P-.--L.-W - SCHULZ PHARMACY Beeville Texas Phone 56 IH NEwsoM's lull W BURROWS HARDWARE CO. EIGHTEEN NINETY THREE Beeville, Texas I BELLE'S BEAUTY BAR CCNOCO SERVICE Hair Sfyling Comer S+. Mary Permaneni' Waving Ph. 727 Beeville, Texas 708 E' Hayes Ph' 347 I BEN FRANKLIN STORE SMITTY'S GROCERY BeeviIIe's Newesi' 5 and I0 208 N. Washingfon 500 Easf Bowie S'l'. Beevme Ph H 60 Beeville, Texas Ph. 844 . W M My DJ IU Diamonds-Wafches-Silv 307 N. WASHINGTON W BEEVILLE TEXAS i ' Leading Depart Beev Ile s ment WILLIAM'S, INC HARDY MOTORS Dodge ancl Plymouih Sales and Service Go? Record S , J Q qx Player Went, T 'idsv H .jx Q so THE MUSIC BOX Records, Sheei' Music, and Insfrumenfs NORTH WASHINGTON PHONE Complimen+s Complimenfs FlZER'S JEWELRY C. L. COX 81 SON "Ouali+y Firs'l"' Truck Lines Service Always BEEVILLE TEXAS C0mPnmen+5 Complimenis THE BOOTERY HOUSTON NATURAL SHOE STORE GAS COMPANY in BEEVILLE BEEVILLE, TEXAS KNIGHT INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance and Bonds SIa'I'e Bank 8: Trusi' Co. Phone 567 Beeville, Texas MCCORD I 'l. E H f"' EI 'N N' f I Y fl I I 'X' Rs PM ' I xt ' ' U? 200 Sou'I'h S+. Marys Phone 39 DRUG I J. 6 'xo O K RUBBER WELDERS O "PrescripI'ions" . . for Tires "CONGRATULATIONS TROJANS" COMPLETE TIRE SERVICE 70I S. Washingfon Phone 98 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE "We Have II' if II"s for Your Car" 3I7 N. Washingfon Phone 22I BEEVILLE, TEXAS HAUSE 81 HALL Men's Wear BEEVILLE, TEXAS .vi .' , I p E gv- wk- E - --- E- f -E - - --- E .. A 4 -,-- ,-- 'F---,jawn . .F ' If A f v" g iq! :if , , ' ' 'E ' , ,f E ' A J .E ' 1 2 2' E E . . ,:E5,..- ,viz 514'-.1 cf' ff V " Sfsrj? 0 1' A A ' V I! V ' wiv Yu I V ag.. 54 'Q" if W'L"'! --ri-'.i.fNC"Z"'1,.-f QQ ..,. Q,,,..f'A 1A,,qL.fQ,.f' Slfiflflglfgf'-' -'Tf1,,..,.,.j5,g-gif f 5 a1fp,f.j1:3""" A E-f",e?-Lfgfki 1 ,L .51 J" 3.4 A A .5 A5 ' 1 1 ...E- ,ff - :ji ,ILE fi, rv- ' Euan f 1 . ,, Rf V -v , - YP ffl' ,L W .fm ' ,Q 26 E . 'f I an "J ll ,fu My To +he Class of my K ff . . 'ibm' Congra+ulahons and Besi' Wlshes" ,fQ5"',f , . E-aifij ,: ,E :Jia-,Jing 'Zn- THE COMMERCIAL NATI6NAL BANK OF BEEVILLE A Good Bank to Be With MEMBER E.D.l.c. f-if ,f ., 1' 1' . I 'nf sf bill! - CENTRAL POWER AND LIGHT Beeville, Texas H. E. B. LE BEEVTT-XG QM-J CONGRATULATIONS TROJANS I956 HAM 81 BURNS, INC plqmouth X If L Across From Cour'r House BEEVILLE, TEXAS V SOI S. 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Suggestions in the A C Jones High School - Trojan Yearbook (Beeville, TX) collection:

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