A B Davis High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Mount Vernon, NY)

 - Class of 1950

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A B Davis High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Mount Vernon, NY) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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'L 1 - leaked fion To those who have walked in these halls before us, To the shadows lingering in the dust of forgotten days, To the hopes and dreams of our alumuig To the memories buried Within these Walls, To the standards set up before us, To the progress that has marched ahead throu the years . . . To all these things of the past Do we dedicate this hook in celebrating a GOLDEN AGE AT DAVIS. ., IVE RS . . .,.. ,. c 'f ..4.1--', .D qfffiif I -QpJijgQggg5, .X , C, gnu".-it . .45-al-Efifb . ,L h -Hui L' it-Q55 :. we s Lev 1 -Jn' -f a fir?-C5gf.,: A H 411112: -Ya - 'f-i- 1..i,Q5lT'ff. 's - V as . fftf- f 'i , A R ,r-:-,uv - 'Pix 423.1 LW. ff , .. ,gg - ' - . 4w'f:+ 9'-if-fi ' 33' '- . 3. f X v ' 5 'Bl :' 'Ya -s 55529 gfgfnfzcf V-11475363-r,.:-fp j- 1-ff35'7f" hw if-" L ,- .-1-Affgyigiif. A-' 1 .. T"bL"9 ish sk 1, Y , m. . '-I, 1 15"-1:395--r -"'1'r lfifr WL.. 1,5 -,-1. , , ,- ,... a .,4, A ,NZ T e' 975' ,W 4, ji gh ff. 4--X, - -vf-i"'-.--'. 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'- 'Q - . .' .lf -. .- :V X' M 1 Jr., s- - --,:5- .41 ' erzfi' f . , - '- 1- '- T13 -- 1 g,..g, :.-vis' :VI ' , - -. , . +4 , '-'-Z' 'F ,-,,,-,,,5'qjL.',-'hut , ,f ',.,-X .- ..1.-. . V 5 5. - 1, Zxrxvftgg ,. 1.53 - 'uffilf' .-. - - - .-. f' '-'f.". -'bi' s -:' -"'r1'.a' .-L'4 .'c -' - " fs , .-,,.-+:-vn-s- 1 V, ,V .- , , ... . .-.-,,,w.- , - 1- - .NK .4 ,J -. ' 1153-'1:v"'if.' .r 1 N7.g', -at A'-if",-vi' . asiaf' -Q v- ' v "'ii.kf" :N .ubvt ' 4' ", ' nf .T g'Jvg.i1,g1fXQ gp - " gg-'QggvQ1J,N,xei 1 iff-?1:4AfS.i' - 'LH nl' " 4f"uX 4 .- f 'Le . ' I n m' p , uL,g,r" 4, 3: W xg: f .1 L' V 'O X t JT ,rf x, A . 0' i ' 1 1- . lj! K 3 J'-ll 5 , -f N. 'CKE ' Q LM X 1 1 S " 5 " X w s 1 rx "' i " is 1 X ' f -59. L 'r Eitfffsi ' x - 4' , g 1492 N, ' '- 1 i - I f F is r s . .. fb . , RTM! 1 N ,v ff N 1' X nv 5 ' v 5' -f X I 1 ,. v S X fi in , ' I T x , f , Q4 . wx If 4. 1 1 ,A -L 4 , I KJ , ' 'lf f' '-.W .s , ' g ' f M ,. W K QNX v li' .f .S+S'.- 1 , M . .,,,, -.,- , an - fl X R11-11 ,,,, . , . . N,-,, .' .Wag- . 3-,.. . .A -- .- -. sf ,iw ,. 4 M7571 5-5: ,T 2: - iii: I , 431:-151, . , 7. .-.1 i a, gyxggfg: 4 h Z 'Je ' , -4 f.- . . 'L-172229. Q' -JI.,7....Q":'f. vici- ".31?i'L61',,r 7.5-. -:R 'QM I-if - , y,.rl,':e., 'JK F' .- ., ,1,,Q43',. 1 In 42'4:?n..':-E-1,7 . "..i:vzv4 ', -- T -1'A.'f': -Z. 0l"8lfU0lf' This, the Colden Anniversary issue of the Maroon and Wliite, climaxes fifty years of re- cording the history of our Alma Mater. Born in the dawn of a new era of mankind, this publication has survived its humble begin- nings and has continued through two of the greatest catastrophes in the history of the world. The staff has striven to make of this edition a review worthy of Davis leaders, activities, and achievements through the years. The reader will note that the staff writers and artists in the creation of their book, have presented the past as a background for the present. 5 oarv! of glclucafion ROW 1: Miss Catharine Rhodes, Mr. Frank Pnlmison, Mr. Emil Seador, Mr. Roscoe Smyth, Mrs. Elizabeth Weistg BOW 2: Mr. Frederick West, Mr. Anthony Scarpino, Mr. Harold Storms, Mr. Jordan Larson, Mr. Samuel Winokur, Mr. Hugh Kelly, Mr. Alfred Cledhill CMr. Frank Pierce was not present when this picture was taken.J The Big Problem this year for the Board of Education and its president, Mr. Emil F. Seador, was the planning of the new high school on the Wartburg Property. This project seemed to cause much controversy throughout the city, but we greatly appreciate the fact that our Board is doing everything it can to hasten the date of actual construction. We had hoped to be able to report that the city would allow a special spring referendum on the approval of the issuance of bonds for the financing of the project, but as we go to press, the city's alder- men have just voted to postpone all voting until the general election in November. Another duty of the Board of Education was to approve the use of funds for the upkeep 6 of the schools. Davis was not neglected, for back in March we noticed that the halls of Davis were being repaired prior to the painting of the entire school this summer. A great honor came recently to the Board, when Mrs. Carl S. Weist, one of the newer mem- bers, for her excellent work on the Board of Education as well as for her many other im- portant activities in the city, was elected the Outstanding Citizen of Mount Vernon for 1949. When we realize that We have such quali- Hed and representative citizens on our School Board, it is no wonder to us that outstanding accomplishments are made in the educational developments of the Mount Vernon Public Schools. If'. 6Llf'50lfL For the first time in almost twenty years a Mount Vernon Superintendent of Schools was elected to an olhce in a national education organ- ization, when Mr. Jordan L. Larson was recently chosen second vice-president of the American Association of School Administrators. At a Board of Education meeting, a committee of the Mount Vernon Teachers Association headed by its president, Dr. Alfred M. Franko, honored Mr. Larsonis election. Dr. Franko said, alt is axgreat honor when one remembers that Mount Vernon stands 232nd on the list of cities as to size, yet in almost all we do educationally, we stand at the top of the listfi It was also stated that the uround of applause that greeted Mr. Larson's nomination and his election was the greatest and most prolonged ever known at such a con- ventionf, Surely we are honored to have such an able person as Mr. Larson as the administrative head of our school system. We can feel confident that he will do everything in his power towards the speedy establishment of a new high school for future Mount Vernon families. isa Elwvlea Miss Catharine I. Rhodes, Assistant Super- intendent of Schools, as well as lending an ex- perienced hand to the child guidance clinic, the Curriculum Study Committees and the expanded testing program, served recently on the editing committee of THE EXCHANGE, a release of the Metropolitan School Study Council. More- over, considering one of her most important pieces of work to be that of helping to solve the building problems, she assisted with surveys and plans tor a new high school designed to provide facilities for all the boys and girls of the com- munity. W Even though Miss Rhodes supervised all these activities, she still found time to visit fre- quently all the secondary schools, including our own A. B. Davis, so that she might know at first hand the present school needs. Our thanks to Miss Rhodes for the many grand things she has done for us. 7 LDV. JUOW 1 mr. aguia '6Mr. Davis was the Mount Vernon High School. And the Mount Vernon High School was Mr. Davisf' a former Davis graduate recently wrote. , Mr. A. B. Davis, the first principal of the Mount Vernon High School, was the adminis- trator in 1900 when the high school moved to its own huilding on South Fourth Avenue, and he continued in that position when the school moved to the present huilding. In March, 1933, upon the occasion of Mr. Davis, seventy-fifth hirtiday, the name of the Mount Vernon High School was changed to A. B. Davis High School. .70 jde Cfcm 0 19 0 ln dedicating your Annual to all those who have helped to create a Golden Age in Mount Vernon High School and in Davis High School, you have paid a gracious and Well-deserved tribute to the students who have pre- ceded you at Davis and to the teachers who have given devoted service to our school. The past is primarily important as a beginning of the future. Pride in the past is of value only if it causes us to shape a future of which We can be even more proud. The proud past of our school should cause every one of us to be vitally concerned with what Davis will become in the next fifty years. The Work of building a high school that will pro- vide for all the young people of our community the edu- cational opportunities that are best for them is an un- finished task. Your interest, your effort, your support are needed if the next great step forward to better educational opportunities for the youth of Mount Vernon is to be successfully taken. I hope that years hence, when this greater high school has become a well established reality, you will be one of those loyal Davisites who can proudly say, NI helped to build that schoollw May the years ahead be good to you! A familiar figure around Davis is, of course, Dr. Howard G. Spalding, our principal. Wfhether we see him in the classrooms, the halls, or the office, his pleasant smile greets us as we go about our Work. He is responsible, too, for a great many behind-the-scenes accomplishments at Davis as well as those tangible results which we come across every day. One of the intangible achievements of the past year of which We seniors may be espe- cially proud is the revitalizing of the Davis spirit. For this fine accomplishment We owe much to our principal. Naturally, the marvelous success of the athletic teams, the nationally recognized achievements of the Hi-News, the fine service of the G. 0. Store, the purchase of the resplendent band uniforms, the band's magnificent concert, and the professional performances of the Dra- matic Society have done much to create this spirit. But Without Dr. Spalding's inspiration and encouragement We feel that the spirit that we love would not have been so distinctly in evidence. We as seniors, thank Dr. Spalding sin- cerely for each and every service that he has given us during the three years we have been in high school, and We hope that we can live up to the fine standards which he has helped to set for us here at Davis. 9 M glT'Uc.A.n.. .fgvfuiaem J MR. CHILDS MR. FREE y 10 D Mlss LEWIS Our advisers do more than we shall ever realize for each and every one of us. Mr. Childs, vice-principal, specializes in the male population of Davis which, during the senior year, frequents his busy office with numerous college applications many of which must have his approval. Miss Lewis, dean, on the other hand, gives her expert advice to the many girls who go to her for in- formation concerning their programs, their careers and college choices. Our new guidance counselor, Mr. Free, received both his BS. and M.S. degrees in education at the University of Pennsylvania, later teaching chemistry and gen- eral science and serving as full-time guidance counselor at a New Jersey high school. After four years of instructing aviation cadets and stu- dent ofiicers in the Navy, he spent three years in graduate study at the University of Minnesota. Mr. Free considers his position as guidance coun- selor at Davis a good opportunity to develop a program which will be of maximum benefit to the students. CHARLES ALTSCHULER Social Studies FLORENCE BROYV N lWIath GENEYIEYE CI-IENEY French ROBERT DODDS Art GEORGE AVERY Science GORDON BUCHER Social Studies MARION CLEVELAND Math WILLIAM ELDER Social Studies F ROBERT MELVA BARTLETT BREINING Social Studies Math GENEVIEVE JOHN CAHALAN CAVILLE English Business GEORGE HARRY COHEN COLLINS Science Sp2lIliSh DOROTHY ROBERTA FEASTER FLEMMING Dramatics ALICE BROWER English LENOX CHASE Science KENNETH COPP English DOMINIC GENTILESCO En glial: E. ' Spanish w-P' fy 29 7, TEKLA GUSTAFSON Social Studies SAMUEL KURTZ English ROSE LUCCHESE Business JOSEPHINE MONACO Business VIOLET HALL Art RUTH LANDIS Science LAURA MACDONALD English LOYETTIE MORGAN Nurse IRVING HALSTEAD Physical Ed, FLORENCE LEIGHTON Spanish JOHN MAZZIOTTA Science EMIL NIELSEN Music ELIZABETH HILLER Social Studies JOSEPH LEONE Automotive RONALD MILLER Science EMMA OKERSTROM Math EZEKIEL JEWELL Science KATHERINE LOW Office ROBERT MINERLEY Physical Ed. EARL OSWALD Science 2 AGNES DOROTHY MILTON PADOU PETITT PHILLIPS Math English Latin ANDREW' MARION LORRAINE RANDALL REDKA ROUOET Music Spanish Social Studies HANNAH KENNETH HAROLD SHERMAN SMITH SPIELMAN Home EC. English Science RUTH HERBERT A DELAIDE STEINB C SUNDERMANN TAYLOR C6 Business English LUCY PROCTOR Library CLIFTON RUSSELL Science LEONA SPRING Ofhce MURIEL TAYLOR Physical Ed. MARION QUINLAN French JAMES SEARLE Social Studies MARIETA STILES French RUTH THOMAS Social Studies ,!,u,4"' s....'-W .. in , - UWT 'V' V, .aff- J M I .1 v IP, if YW MARJORIE VICTORE Ofiice ELEANOR YOUNG English HELEN CLARA BELLE MARGUERITE WAL HER WATSON WIGHT Math Math Physical Ed. OTHER FACULTY MEMBERS BERNICE JENNETTE ELLEN BAILEY CREEKPAUM KEVLIN English Business Business FRANCES GRACE CLARA KRONER MACDOUGALL REDMOND Business Latin Home Ec. ELIZABETH RUTH SAN TEN TAXTER English Business GEORGIANNA WILLIAMS Business NELLIE YOUNG Business NMR. CHILDS SPEAKING? 6. HARMONY HSMILIN' THROUGH" 7. A LA MODE BZZZZZZ 8. DAVIS' OWN BIOGRAPHER MOTOR TROUBLE 9. TRAIN ,EM WELL OH NURSE! 10. MPUT MORE BLUE INN I5 ROW' I: M. Barrett, E. Kappus, B. Sobek, M. Childs, W1 Barton, C. Storms, V. Coppg ROW 2: Miss Thomas, B. Bell, E. Skerritt, B. Kuehner, F. Baenag ROW 3: Miss Rouget, Mr. Gentilesco, Dr. Spalding, Mr. Copp, Mr. Bartlett Back in the good old days, our active G. O. R Stewart, H. Hirsch, J. Fields, A. Schwartz, Miss Young: ROW 3: M. Cohen. S. Harris. S Morgenstern, P. Fishbein, L. Goldner ieally used to do things. Through the G. O., stu- dents helped with the construction of Howard Field: the murals for the front hall and audi- torium were purchased: spots and other stage equpiment for the Dramatic Society were bought, GENERAL SCHOOL INTERESTS COMMITTEE ROW I: F. Hymer, C. Masia: BOW 2: . ounci a Bronze Memorial Tablet to the Davisites of World War I and Service Flags for the boys in W'orld Wal' II were obtained, pictures for various classrooms were supplied, and the portrait of Dr. Stewart in the front hall was painted. Also, 32,000 was contributed to the Student College Fund. With this much accomplishment in its pasi history, it is surprising this year,s G. O. COUNCIL had anything left to do, but, under the leadership of Presidents Bob Bell and Chink Childs, the Council saw the G. O. Store opened, Senior Day initiated, the Band Fest successfully instituted, the Band Uniform Drive completed. In addition, the G. O. ploughed through the regular tasks of the school year and successfully' accomplished all. Under the direction of Miss Young, the industrious GENERAL SCHOOL INTERESTS COMMITTEE, formed to relieve the G. O. of some of its tasks, was an influential group in the school. Not only did appropriations for clubs, reviewing of new charters and approval of club investments COlI1C under its scope, but also the approval and suggestion of names for non-athletic honors. PUBLICITY COMMITTEE ROW 1: R. Bell, P. Schwartz, R. Petri, F. Solomon, D. Briglia, R. Blairg ROW 2: J. Fields, Miss Hall, M. Coleman, L. Celantano, J. Kramer, B. Delaney, K. LaGuardia, B. Pielli, B. Suchman, H. Prosser: ROW 3: C. Buck, M. Belkin, K. Walthe1'. D. Schindel, C. Dee, C. Storms, N. Wosstroif, J. Burwell, P Mulaire, Mrs. Flemming, R. Silber .f:. R if ,fefyfwlv T' . M L- 'y . ROW' 1: Miss Wight. I. Marcus. P. Plummer, ROW 1: R. Ivers, Mr. Oswald, ROW 2: H. Billingham, H. WHSh1HgI0l1 ROW' 2: G. Shufbuch. E. Sturdevant. N. Olmstead GIRLS' ATHLETIC COMMITTEE A blob of paint! A flash of color! A tricky saying! Those were the identification marks of the G. O. PUBLICITY COMMITTEE whose duty it was to see that all school activities were well advertised. Dances, concerts, Dramatic So- ciety productions, special contests, shows, sports events and the like, all came under their artistic jurisdiction. Wvhen it came to sports, the BOYS' ATH- LETIC COMMITTEE were the ones to see. In charge of arranging and coordinating contests, games and meets, they were really important in helping Davis come out on top. The GIRLS' ATHLETIC COMMITTEE did for the stronger members of the fair sex what the boys' committee did in their turn. It was MUSIC COMMITTEE ROW 1: Mr. Nielsen, A. Goldberg, ROW 2: W. Tilson, J. Marston, N. Taft, O. Potts, D. Hepburn pf? , 1 fu BOY'S ATHLETIC COMMITTEE due to their efforts that the sports schedule ran so smoothly. Representatives of the band, orchestra, choir, and music classes made up the G. O. MUSIC COMMITTEE. Aside from arranging enjoyable music assemblies, they also helped sponsor concerts and saw that all music, instru- ments and stands were properly cared for. First organized in 1942 by Miss Brower, the SCHOOL PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE acted as an advisory group for both the nHi- News" and the 'gMaroon and White." Also in control of the purse strings, it considered and passed on the expenditures of both publications. Lately, this committee has had the responsibility of recommending awards for those who have rendered honorable service to Davis' publications. PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE H. Hirsch, L. Harris, I. Marcus, Miss Brower, J. Hoffman, H. Schwartz Wm M11 BARBERSHOP QUARTET "WHEN FRANCIS DANCES WITH ME" JOYEUX NOEL A GUEST FROM SIAM THE WINNERS 6. 7. 8 9 10 WHAT WILL YOU GIVE? MAY WE HELP YOU? uIT'S CROONER TIME" OHHI MY CURLSI NTHE CHERRY SISTERSM Wai! fo wee OW ma Wafer, .Nuff maroon ana! Wife W Sheer hard work and vigorous unrelenting campaigning by some seventy-odd eighth grade pupils and their parents had shattered prece- dents and worn down all resistance until success had rewarded their hard work, their faith, hope and necessity, for by September, 1899, Mount Vernon High School had a building of its own in what is now the Administration Building on Fourth Avenue. It is A. B. Davis, the schoo1's first principal, to whom we owe so much. Not only was it his crusading which helped to sell the idea of the school to the town but also his continued guid- ance that helped it move toward the top. Of the school's early organizations the two best known were Sigma Delta Epsilon and Con- gress. The former was the girls' debating society, the latter, for boys. It might be said that these groups were the ancestors of every one of Davis' modern clubs. Along with these groups, Davis had socie- ties devoted to sports, and in the 'teens, girls' sports held sway. Basketball was the major in- terest and 'GNausicaa", the girls' team, set a record for good sportsmanship which few teams could outdo. The Annuals of Davis are filled with the records of great athletes and great teams. In the first thirty years of the century, there were no teams in Westchester that could come close to Davis in high school sports. However, the con- version into a two-year high school hindered us, and it has not been until the last few years that our teams have risen to the top of the county. We find names of those who have stood out in all-around performance: Harry Miller, a five-letter man in 19059 Frank Carideo, one of Davis, greatest football stars who Went on to be- come an immortal at Notre Dame, Ralph Branca, a mainstay of the Brooklyn Dodgers, pitching staff, and Teddy Ramsey, who, in the past few years, has been the outstanding all-around athlete in Westchester County. Along with our great athletes, there have been outstanding teams. From 1900 to 1904 Davis was the county track champion, and we recon- quered this position in 1908, 1914, 1920, 1922, and 1927. Earl Oswald came to Davis in 1926 and the following year led our runners to victory in the Penn Relays. 'GDad" White and Leroy Mills were great coaches of the past. Our football teams have been among the best in the county many times. Our top seasons were 1901, 1906, 1911, 1913, 1921, 1922, 1924, 1926, 1928, and 1949. In 1926 our eleven scored 354 points, while holding our opposition to 7. Basketball quintets have also had their heyday. It was not until 1913 that Davis failed to win the county championship, while teams in 1915, 1924, and 1925 also proved to he the best in Westchester. In 1902 Davis even beat Princeton and Columbia Universities. ln the past fifty years, the baseball teams of 1908, 1913, 1924 and 1949 have proved out- standing, with perhaps 1913 the greatest, for in that year, the team had a batting average of .348. However, this period showed mainly a change in the atmosphere of the school. The 19 spirit was still there and going strong, every- thing was growing, developing like a new build- ing upon its foundations. The roaring twenties zoomed in and brought glory on the sports field as well as on the academic front. lt was not only a matter of the quality of the student attending the school but also the standards of the school in the making of the student. World War I had come, and Davis students W-on a reputation for doing their part. Thirty former students willingly and unselfishly gave their lives. Meanwhile other alumni had distinguished themselves in professions and jobsg others went on to college and became great in their own way. Through the changes in building, prin- cipals, teachers, and students, through the de- pression years, and on to the present, Davis has given a good account of herself. Davis is rolling on. In the forties, during World War ll, every- one in the school put his shoulder to the wheel. Many seniors enlisted and one hundred eleven Davis heroes gave Htheir last full measure of devotionf' Those who could not fight for their country bought and sold war bonds, and Davis' sales topped those of every other school in the 20 area. lt has always been a worthwhile tradition here for every student to support his fellow schoolmates. And Davis continues to blaze new trails. .lust last year after-school dances were started, and this year a success is being made of the school store, our football team slaughtered New Rochelle, a team which was unscored upon until it played ours. The Dramatic Society presented great plays and the 64l'li-News" continued to win top journalistic honors. But if you should stop to listen, you can plainly hear another debate in full swing-Shall we build a new school? Some fifty odd years ago Mt. Vernon heard the same cries. How will she react this time? Will she come to the aid of our education system, which in the past has pro- duced some of the leaders in today's world? To mention just a few of the many the staff has learned of, there are a national authority on city planning, a reporter covering the Yalta Con- ference, a chemist awarded one thousand dollars by DuPont for research in medicine, a foreign correspondent for one of the country's leading newspapers, several important educators and gov- ernment officials, and an archeologist for the Museum of Natural History who has made sig- nificant explorations. 906 rg 4 r I9 ROW I: R. Harris, A. Cohen, M. Harris, Mr. Spielman, R. Baelg ROW 2: B. Hodge, J. Cardillo, A. Katzenstein, R. Bass, A. Kulka, A. Brindisi, A. Stevensg ROW 3: N. Lynn, R. Minton, R. Maio, E. Lewis, T. Prosser, G. McGowan, B. Canellos, M. Weigandg ROW 4: D. Briglia, S. Edelman, K. Simon, R. Oakley, J. Woolf, H. Bossung, J. Furman, ROW 5: F. Fisher, S. Zeller, D. Koerner, J. Bruning, R. Hertzberg, G. Houston, D. Baker, ROW 6: A. Nagle, R. Pacchiana, S. Harris, R. Rabkin, D. Kass, C. Rosen - .fdoluance .Shience 'ROW 1: S. Harris, H. Schwartz, R. McLeod, S. Morgensterng ROW 2: A. Schwartz, H. Hirsch, Mr. Spielman, D. Kass, R. Oakley 22 Kkemidfry CM A flash! A boom! A cloud of smoke! And the CHEMISTRY CLUB is off on another experiment. Orig- inating seven years ago and recently under the direction of Mr. Spielman and Mr. Mazziotta, this ambitious group of mad scientists invaded the chem lab every week. Independent of the G. O., they passed a hat every now and then to buy the necessary equipment and chemicals. A busy program included field trips, movies, and a big party at the end of the year. However, the main part of their agenda was the demon- strations prepared by the members. The activities of the chemistry club prove that Einstein has nothing on Davis. Serious young scientists found in the ADVANCED SCIENCE group opportunities for experiments beyond the line of class duty. The members gave freely of their study periods in order to acquire more lab time to work at their Nobsessionw. The goal of all these Chem-men was the Westinghouse Scholarship, a sum awarded by the Westinghouse Corporation for out- standing work in science. This year, one of the members achieved honor- able mention in this competition. io ogy CM Q Anyone who ventured too near room 306 while the BIOLOGY CLUB was in session was in danger of finding himself with one less finger or possibly one less hand, for the members of the club had decided to watch the growth of hamsters, small rodents with very sharp teeth. The result of this was a weekly exodus from room 306 to the nurse's office. This hamster study was just one of the many animal experiments performed by the members of the club this year, under the sponsorship of Dr. Ruth E. Landis. The members of the club also adopted the Rosary Hill Hospital, which cares for can- cerous poor. Making pads and bandages for the patients was among their contributions to this hospital. Is it going to rain tomorrow? Davisites no longer had to guess. All they needed to do was consult the FORECASTERS, formerly the Meteorology Club, which was reorganized at the beginning of the Fall term to give students some practical experience in the use and interpretation of weather instruments and weather maps. The science department furnished a num- ber of very excellent instruments such as the barograph, humidograph, and thermograph. Club members were assigned certain days on which to read the instruments and make forecasts for the next twenty-four hours. These turned out to be fairly accurate. By the end of the year many of the members had become adept at reading weather signs and making forecasts. ROW 1: F. Baird, H. Syrkin, N. Hochman, M. Horo- witz, ROW 2: M. Stern, R. Sanders, B. Mingo, M. Targansky, F. Venorg ROW 3: B. Karl, M. Mueffelmann, S. Kroll, M. Greenstein, R. Fuciletti, R. Cowen, R. Stevens, ROW 4: H. Wollman, D. Schindel, D. Benson, J. Davidson, A. Saltz- man, C. Wise, A. Duehrssen, Dr. Landis The main objectives of the club were in- dividual student projects, visiting institutions such as the Burroughs Welcome Pharmaceutical Laboratories, taking nature field trips, and being of service in scientific Ways. OIAQCCL6 fQI"5 ROW 1: D. Pizzarello, L. Coldnerg ROW 2: D. DePalma, J. Fine, L. Gilbert, R. Harris, A. Schwartz, L. Epstein, ROW 3: H. Marks, J. Posner, R. Pacchiana, S. Zeller, A. Nagle, R. Piersall, Mr. Russell 23 f ,diem ROW 1: A. DeBellis, E. Esposito, S. Spickler, B. Orner C. Polo, M. Vilanova, R. Kuehner, J. Gennett, M. Zambrano J. Lane, P. Sansone, ROW 2: C. Front, L. Goldfine, S. Ostrow sky, C. Bower, L. Spitz, A. Ostrowsky, E. Yavelow, D. Brown S. Rashkin, E. Goldman, D. Cook, M. Pucci, D. Socci, S. Lieb gold, ROW 3: J. Wolf, L. Peltz, F. Baena, J. Adams, M. Howard, J. Adams, L. Weinberg, C. Miccio, O. Potts, S. Zeller, N. Horine, C. Bilfinger, R. Gervis Cipel. I I"6Ll'lC6Llf5 ROW 1: G. Kramer, S. Warshall, N. Block, J. Becker, J. Posner, M. Maccoby, E. Lewittes, B. Storms, ROW 2: F. Stolmaker, M. Miller, D. Brown, H. Levy, P. Circelli, M. Goodman, E. Goldman, M. Goldberg, ROW 3: F. Baena, D. Day, F. Haupt- man, R. Karen, M. Friedman, M. Rusch, J. Moore, T. Warm, S. Kroll, C. Masia, N. Robison, J. Posner, G. Spollg ROW 4: Miss Quinlan, J. Furman, L. Mitchell, T. Pizzariello, R. Abelson, M. Blender- man, S. Morganstern, N. Lynn, R. Neiflenberg, Miss Cheney 24 As one passed 303B on a Thurs- day afternoon, one might hear the strange sounds of a foreign language. It was not surprising, for within, the members of EL ATENEO-the Span- ish club to you-were practicing their favorite tongue. Founded thirty years ago by its present faculty adviser, Miss Florence Leighton, the club has had a long and colorful history. With im- proving the Spanish spoken by Davis- ites as its primary purpose, it met semi-monthly, usually for a session of games and songs. The special plans for this year included a discussion of the schools in Spain and Columbia and a trip to see a Spanish play. When 'GAllons enfants de la pat- rie" echoed through the halls, it was obvious that LE CERCLE FRANCAIS was beginning another meeting under the direction of Miss Quinlan and Miss Cheney. The members presented French skits which were designed to give added practice in speaking and understanding French. On alternate weeks the French Club packed boxes of school supplies, ftoy cars and trucks for the boys, and small dolls for the girlsj to be sent to L7Ecole Saint Joseph in France, adopted by Davis last year. At Christ- mas time, each member of the club sent a card to a French child in Flers and Thionville. and ouci "On parle francais ici" is the appropriate motto of SANS SOUC1, Davis, third year French Club spon- sored by Mrs. Stiles. The purpose of this organization, which was founded in 1909 by Miss Edna Palmer, was to provide its members with an oppor- tunity for practice in speaking correct French. The members, adorned with their round gold "Fleur de Lis" pins, met semi-monthly at each other's homes. These gatherings were spirit- edly French, but those present found they could easily talk their way out of involved conversations by using their widely practiced ale ne sais pas." The faces of the students were usually beaming when listening, except for an occasional dull, blank look, for all members had averages of 85 per cent or better in French. 1950 was one of the clubis best seasons, for three guests from France added atmosphere to "les rendezvous" by becoming members. They enlivened the meetings by telling of French life, customs, legends and history fen francaisl. Thus the members received valuable first-hand in- formation. ROW 1: H. Benwitt, R. Lum, C. Tuccillo, C. Rosen, B. Sobek, A. Ostrowsky, E. Yavelow, D. Pasquineg ROW 2: F. D'Aloja, R. Triano, E. Terzakis, D. Slote, B. Sturtevant N. Taft, N. Olmstead, D. Griffin, C. Bershadg ROW 3: Mrsi Stiles, A. Zelzenick, L. Epstein, C. Snyders, A. Schwartz, A. Lemos, J. Barnett, B. Skerritt, A. Packard, M. Klein In 1949 the alumni of Sans Souci held their first reunion, at which Mrs. Charles Tidball, Chairman of French activities in Mount Vernon and Mr. Pierre Crenesse, Director of French Broadcasting in North America, were speakers. CERCLE FRANCAIS J"-sf mf' Zww 4- AT WORK 25 6'1'm in favor of the Marshall Plan", argued a member of the History Club, for again room 311 was in the throes of debate. Closing the door carefully behind her, Mrs. Hiller escaped to the solitude of the third floor hall and proceeded to tell us of the history of her club. fAn earlier History Club organized in 1913, had terminated in 19215. '4Our club was founded back in 1944 and has been making history ever since," she said with a smile. ulilvery year we go to the opera, the UN, and other places of historical interest. Last year it was the Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank, this year we saw GAida, at the Met. 77 Maier CM ROW 1: H. Levy, E. ner, ROW 2: B. Kronish, S. Wishengrad, M. Maccoby, N. Horineg ROW 3: .1. Wolf, J. Barnett, R. Schrimmer, W. Tiger, C. Peckham, E. Sker- rittg ROW 4: A. Macy, A. Katzenstein, H. Schecter, E. Hoffman, S. Spicklerg ROW 5: N. Lynn, M. Hess, R. Min- ton, T. Warm, B. Cannellos, C. Miccio, T. Weilg ROW 6: P. Zipes, L. Harris, B. Mon- tana, A. Rodriques., D. Mc- Gruder A "Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears," 1 come to proclaim the Ciceros and Platos of our day. 1 am here to report on the latest meeting of the club, of the orators, the PUBLIC SPEAKING CLUB. With the assistance of Miss Brower, the sophomores and juniors this year organized in order to improve themselves in the art of speaking. Meeting twice a month, the members practiced the fundamentals of parliamentary procedure and extemporaneous speeches as well as prepared talks. With this invaluable experi- ence behind them, many members entered the Extemporaneous Speaking Contests. The winners in the Junior Extemporary Contest that were members of the club were Catherine LaGuardia and Frances Baird. Sophomore Winners who were members of the club were James Stasheff and Stephen Warshall. s 10.44. laeaLin9 ROW 1: M. Nides, K. Caskins, P. Rupp, R. Bernbach, C. LaGuardia, D. Pizzarello, N. Rich, S. Warshallg ROW 2: 1. Simes, L. Zittell, D. Day, B. Delaney, P. Fislf-N-ffme, 've f. Tffin Schondorf, L. Spitz, M. Hudes, Mrs. Hiller, J. Pos- Morgenstern, R. Kuehner, P. ccounfin , X 56.6 ROW l: R. Petrillo. J Fontana. T. Altobelli. F. La Sorsa: ROW? 2: M. Fiore. D Reilly. C. Wvestedt. R. Merola M. Cherardi. B. Borelli. .l Raymond, N. Tiberg. A Aurisy. F. Ferraro. M. Mer- ola: ROW' 3: R. Seibert. B Carpinello. A. Nordone. N Tabasso. C. Caposella. E Shannon. M. Guido. M. Phil lipp. F. Lucadamo. E. Curtis. A. DeAngelis. Mr. Sunder- manng ROYV -1: J. Ohman. A Phelps. M. Bishop, J. Miller M. Terracciano. M. Roebelen M. George, P. King, K. Scan lon. F.. Rosen. J. Fine. H. Cunningham. C. Rosenblad Another of Mr. Sundermannis smoothly running clubs was the ACCOUNTING CLUB. With their books balancing consistently and their figures adding up accurately, the members received good basic training in their future pro- fession. This activity also helped the students perfect their school work, since the members were all enrolled in commercial courses. This year, members took a trip to a down- town bank, heard several speakers, one of whom was Mr. Sobek from the Mount Vernon Trust Company, and discussed the intricacies of book- keeping and accounting at their Thursday after- noon meetings. Founded in 194-7, the club has done much in providing a useful extracurricular activity at Davis. eruice ROW 1: T. Altobelli, A. Aurisy, 1. Fontana, F. Fay, E. Paul, M. Palla- dino, B. Russell, N. Tiberg, M. Terra- ciano, Miss Monaco, ROW 2: J. Zam- belli, E. Skrabonj, B. Woolf, D. Manna, L. Leone, M. E. Lewis, J. Panettieri, R. Ferguson, J. Tullog ROW 3: D. Lay- man, D. Levy, M. Enke, P. Pacchiolli, D. Agostino, V. Copp, N. Kiederer, N. Meyerhoff, A. Miller wiv, ' i. 7.1 tv- The activities of the SERVICE CLUB since 1930 have been exactly what the name implies. During their study periods, members served the school in many ways. Although the students might have had anything but kindly feelings toward the attractive girl who collected that udeadlyn pink slip, the former had to recog- nize that that activity of the Service Club was also an important one. Daily, a visitor to the office could see ambitious young ladies plying their tasks of typing, tiling, sorting mail, and acting as junior secretaries to the administration. Still another notable activity of this club was the publishing of a magazine called HThe Greggitew, written entirely in shorthand. In respect to loyalty and effort in making our school tops, the Service Club cannot be beaten. OUR TOWN CLUB ROW 1: E. Jacobson, J. Posner, P. Alpers, M. Miller, M. Stanco, D. Cook, P. Sansone, ROW 2 J. Nides, J. Goldfineg ROW 3: C. Rosen, L. Spitz, M. Macvoby, M. Rusch, M. Donihee, J. Gillis, J. Moore ROW 4: C. Storms, E. Schondorf, B. Goldstein, V. Copp, J. Adams, E. Callahang ROW 5: L. ClI'lIl0, B. Diehl J. Kristan D. MacGruder, R. Harris, C. Miccio, C. Tuccillo, S. Morgenstern, J. Adams, D. Liuht ROW 6:,D. Sagman, D. Schindel, M. Hudes, N. Kerewsky, C. Peckham, R. Karen, B. Canellos, A. Nagle, P. Wishingrad, P. Fishbein, I. Herling, H. Black, H. Muson. A. Lemos. POLICE MUGGING ROOM MAYOR FOR A DAY imma: 4 1 '-,' -f f V H . lfllf' Seated behind the mayor's desk at City Hall were two men. both of whom were mayors. 0ne's face was that of Mount Vernon's William Hart Hussey: the other. a younger face, belonged to our own Clifford Storms. The corridors of City Hall echoed with eager footsteps on De- cember T. 19-19. Once more the members of OUR TOWN CLUB had taken command of the inner workings of the government of the city of Mount Vernon. From the fourth floor fire alarm system to the basement dental clinic, interested students explored City Hall. Behind the impressive doors of the Wlater Bureau, the student commissioner poured anxiously over charts showing the serious- ness of the current water shortage. Two floors above, within the confines of the Department of Public Wforks, "officials" for the day appraised the plans for the housing projects under con- struction on Site A. Davisites recorded in the official ledgers of Mount Vernon everything from marriages, in the ofhce of the City Clerk, to deaths, in the Bureau of Vital Statistics. For one day Mount Vernon was really f'Our Town." It was one afternoon five years ago that one hundred fifty Davisites filed into the audi- torium on the Hill Top for the first meeting of Our Town Club. Advised by its founder, Mrs. Walter Addis, the members visited City Hall for the first time on December 7, 1945, but over night A DAY AT THE DENTAL CLINIC Olflflfl Our Town Club had become the largest and most popular club at Davis. A tradition of efficiency grew up over the years among the elected and appointed uofficialsf, The best example of this took place during the first Our Town Day in 194-5. So seriously did the Commissioner of Public Works take his responsi- bility that he arose at dawn and was supervising garbage disposal at the city incinerator at the early hour of six-thirty. No wonder that our municipal employees were impressed by the 'fofficialsw for the day! But back again to this year! Across the street from City Hall a student commissioner learned Mount Vernon's methods of law enforce- ment at the Police Department. A Davisite ac- companied the fire chief in his bright red sedan to the scene of a minor blaze. Farther south in 'fOur Town" the 'fSuperintendent of Schoolsw and the "President of the Board of Education" saw for the first time the other side of our school system. From Bronxville to the Bronx, from Yonkers to Pelham, members of Our Town Club saw and ran the City of Mount Vernon, while their official acts were carefully recorded by the photographer of the uDaily Argusf' whose editor, in turn, loaned these photographs to the 6fMaroon and Wfhitef' Some day in the future the green curtain of the voting booth will be before us. It will be our responsibility to choose the people who will direct our city government. Who will be better prepared than a member of Our Town Club, who has seen and worked in City Hall, to choose the future officials of the City of Mount Vernon? Although December 7 was the biggest day on the club calendar, members met every two weeks during the year under the supervision of its new adviser, Miss Rouget. Movies, speakers, and other means were used to bring 'fOur Townw closer to club members. Many members realized for the first time that although they had lived here all their lives they had never witnessed the inner workings of the government of their own home town. As one member admitted rather sheepishly, 'GI saw Congress in session, but I had never been inside City Hall, before joining Our Town Club." 29 As time marched on, new advances in science resulted in new activities in high school. Unlike the graduate of 1900, this year's high school senior was given the advantage of today's progressive visual education, which included the showing of slides and motion pictures. In the spring of 1947 the Davis PROJEC- TION CLUB was formed under the sponsorship of Miss Agnes Padou. This club was organized with the purpose of teaching students to operate Davis slide and movie projectors. Trained op- erators then helped any teacher who wanted films shown in his class. - Through the year this club performed a valuable service for its high school, and all students were familiar with the boy or girl who 'Lunflinchinglyw gave up a class period to show a film which would hold the lucky audience spell- bound. roiecfion CM ROW 1: R. Hockman, A. Goodrich, S. Ziltzer, G. Subotky, W. Zelley, J. Fine, L. Gilbert, B. Knapp, N. Hochman, D. Degenhardtg ROW 2': J. Light, R. Bael, 3 G. Snyders, D. Klein, L. Balter, H. Black, WJ R. Piersall, D. Waxman, N. Lynn, A. Saltz- man, Miss Padoug ROW 3: M. Trister, C. Wolf, H. Schweitzer, D. Kass, M. Brigham, G. Houston, A. Nagle, R. Stevens, F. Fisher, S. Harris, B. Frisch, F. Baenag ROW 4: R. Pacchiana, A. Marcus, R. Ehret, T. Henderson, M. Blendermann, E. Josephson, J. MacMillan, W. Pelkus, G. Spoll, R. Rabkin, F. Hoffman Since its organization eight years ago, the Davis RIFLE TEAM has continually copped the W. I. A. A. rifle crown as well as placing in several Metropolitan Area matches. Under the watchful eye of Coach Jack Caville, new recruits are brought up each fall through the Basic Small Arms Course which instructs new mem- bers in the parts and care of a rifle, correct shoot- ing positions, and good sighting technique. At their weekly meetings rifle skills are practiced and 'grifle gossip" exchanged. This was . l Q just one more organization which yearly takes top honors CM ROW l: J. Annecelli, D. Levitt, F. Fischer, Mr. Caville, C. Buonanno, J. Furman, C. Glueck, J. Kramer, D. Garvey, A. DeFilippis, R. Perkins, ROW 2: R. Bael, M. Hess, L. Smith, R. Pacciana, S. Busa, O. Potts, N. George, R. Waechter, P. Greges, N. Hochman, J. Light, ROW 13: W. Butler, W. Hauser, G. Crute, J. Kleiner, M. Fiewel, F. Vener, O. Hoyt, L. Neale, ROW 4: J. Arena, H. Ashendorf, B. Hand, R. Bantz, M. Sena, S. Press, ROW 5: R. Gotschall, H. Freed, L. Schramm, G. Pnccio, S. Warshall 30 Ziff ROW' 1: H. Hirsch. P. Bloomfield. E. Seplow. H. Podell. A. Kulka, P. Schwartz. H. Wfollman. L. Cirino, S. Har- ris: ROYV 2: P. Zellermayer. G. Blake. A. Lenlos. A. Schwartz. A. McYVhirter. B. McElron. D. Sherman. B. Comdenq ROW 3: A. Cohen. A. Nagle. R. Abelson, L. Balter. A. Korhamrner, B. Hertzberg. C. Greenberg, Mr. Millerg ROW 4: A. Mur- denger. J. Colombus. M. Klein. E. Joseph- son. H. Marks. R. Pacchiana Q-bracing CM ROW7 1: R. Bass, F. Lucadamo, M. Pucci, D. Grifhng ROW 2: A. Cohen, A. Schwartz, E. Seplow, G. Gouldg ROW 3: N. Grusby, H. Hirsch, B. Posner, R. Stew- art, L. Goldner, D. Zale, D. Klein, M. Wolf, W. Bard Progress has been the byword of the Davis CAMERA CLUB, which has been in existence since 1939. For the past three years, under the able leadership of Mr. Miller, our Davis photo- fiends have been clicking with great success. Formerly hindered by a lack of equip- ment and money, The Davis lensmen have risen from the previous depths of despair to the present heights of photographic art. Ever striving for added knowledge, the club arranged a program of demonstrations and experiments designed to attract any sincere photographer. Posted on all modern techniques, they even took some pictures for the best yearbook in the country! Rising from the developer and solidifying in the fixer, our club expected to he framed as the best club in Davis. If effort and ability count at all, Mr. Mil1er,s boys should make it. Some authorities say that they have already done so. L'Ooh, that hurts", cried one of the brave fencers as he awkwardly parried a blow. Yes, the FENCING CLUB members were at it again, but they no longer had a coach. This circumstance, however, did not force the club to give up any more than it had in some of the other years since 1939, when it was a struggle for would-be fencers to develop club teams. At the onset of its history, the Fencing Club had an excellent record. Guilio D'Angio, who was one of Davis' iinest fencers, acted as coach. After he left, there was no one to guide the members, so the c1ub's activities practically discontinued. ln 1948 and 1949 while Mr. 'Os- borne, an interested citizen, acted as coach, the club revived marvelously, with the team winning five victories. This year, although the club was without an instructor, one could still hear foils ringing in room 9. 31 Q.. CM ROW 1: J. Reitano, H. Stasheff, H. Schwartz, A. Schwartz: ROW 2: L. Butler, R. Howard, D. Zale, H. Podell: ROW 3: M. Wolf, B. Levy, I. Schindler, Mr. Phillips: ROW 4: J. Rogers, F. Tilley, H. Marks Two contestants sat facing each other in room 207 awaiting the final moment, every nerve straining. These two tense people were members of the CHESS CLUB, sponsored by Mr. Phillips, about to engage in this game of skill. As they sat, visions of checkmates danced through their heads, and well they might, as any game played in the club might lead to a place on the Davis Chess Team. This close competition between the mem- bers was, perhaps, the reason for the team's superlative record. Since its inception in 1918, Davis has won the Westchester chess crown six- teen years out of the thirty-two, the last seven in a row. G'Three no trumpfi said South, "six spadesf, countered East, g'Pass," cried North and West excitedly. Miss Brown stood by in amazement while East made a Grand Slam. This was a typical meeting of those for- tunate members of the BRIDGE CLUB who since 1947 have gathered in the teachers lunch- room every 2nd and 4th Tuesday in order to perfect their skill. During these 'asojournsw the members were at liberty to play at whatever table they chose, always guided by the expert technical advice of Miss Brown. To prove that the Bridge Club was strictly Min the knoww as to card games, the organization straying slightly from its implied title, practiced the fine art of Canasta. And so, we leave one more frozen deck to the ardent members of the Bridge Club. 32 Mi ge R. Bael, J. Woolf, A. Kahan, A Schwartz, J. Posner, M. Hess, Miss Brown E. Yavelow, H. Levy, S. Morganstern, R Harris, D. Klein, J. Smoleroff, C. Rosett A. Janofsky 7 Highballing along the main iron for the fifth successful year. the Railmcn were as red hot as an engine piston. A visit to the Harmon and Hott-Haven yards of the New York Central and a trip to the Wfestchester Model Club in Pelham Manor were among the activities enjoyed by the members ofthe RAILROAD SOCIETY under the enthusiastic guidance of Mr. Sundermann. famp CM B. Goldstein, A. Nagel, H. Black, Mr. Kurtz, J. Raymond, K. Scanlon, L. Putnam ROW l: R. Harris, R. Goldstein, M. Cohn, M Maccohyg ROW 2: A. Beck, R. Gervis, S. Rashkin, C Bower, D. Brown, R. Brown, A. Kulka, D. Clarkg ROW 3 Mr. Searle, J. Barnett, D. Zale, S. Harris, E. Seplow, D Brout, H. Podell, R. Rabkin, R. Mann, ROW 4: H. Boone, P. Ellis, A. Marcus, H. Schwartz, C. Rosen, L. Coldner, N. Strasberg, I. Beal paizfocwl ociefg ROW 1: H. Cunningham, C Pearsall, A. Goodrich, ROW 2: M Brigham, J. Deguglielmo, R. Ivers, D Miller, D. Funking, P. Zellermeyer, R Cottschallg ROW 3: Mr. Sundermann J. McMillen, R. Pacchiana, S. Jones W. Butler, C. Troiano, A. Nagle, R Seibert The finer points of philately were dis- cussed by the STAMP CLUB under the direction of Mr. Kurtz. The members exchanged stamps at their semi-monthly meetings. Although Web- ster defines stamps as ulabels which legalize a document", our philatelists discovered their hidden meaning. A rap of the gavel and the judge awarded one more victory to the DEBATING SOCIETY. Since 1906 this organization has many times 'tcome out on top". At the onset t'Congress" was the original title, however in recent years the name was changed in honor of Mr. C. Bishop Johnson, a well-beloved teacher. Now it is under the able sponsorship of Mr. Searle. ibedafing ociefg 33 1 WILL YOU BE THERE? LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! HOLD THAT POSE AND THEIR ATOM BOMB? 34 THE WINNER DAVIS LENDS A HAND HERE'S TO HEALTH EVICTED I5 ' vga Z 5,1-."1'.Z-fri. .' fa J QM' 'O , .ff- 514-1:2'l,f v ' . M' gf' I ,- .'i. H ' . 1, .Ju V "ff L - -'nf-" ' ' -..-waq.. A sing-I 'v E 'WW x ,A ,'J,' : f-- --1 '.1,',',. - 1 . .1.. -. A N 'f lf " if- . ' 1 Ygxzx I , fi-X Q., J ' QM N p, ',':',U,, 2 .1 , .ln f gf -'ix -'iff-'Q 'mm Isl -Fav: - 'tl -5 ".-' 'Q' If 5 '55 , . Y' : lffilf, . , ' -NJ if I, - : ,255 -5.-1 Q - - iq ,pw tif: V - I . ' . A FEL! i"' '1,,,g-111: I -.I ,. 5 lij2?5fJi7f.1-,ii-iikgf..-. . A Xt --:,f"1iQ Aj, E51 .9114 ,:4',,. Wa, :Tj-.RX, V llbx gg-1511! -R 3.1, sg ,..'4'-36, f 4555511 . 41- xxx ,tg H ',I ,, .fy -13.15 I X 'R Q-x5.7'fM25i?'j -11-154' A 'Q x . w I, '5--- , sgifxw ig '..T.i.l," ' ,145 , I3 has 'lg . 'E 5 'is ',.7'?i:fi?"" '- V ' - N ' ,. JS! "gin .-ffm - G1 W. FFF 'sa ..' ",.'-TI.-11f2,:fj up .. ., ' I 'l,,:"5'h!f 615:--::1": ':"T7'?32-ff"-'"'-'--,-L?-' - ., .- 'ETF' 'N ' :fi dll f 5. arf sw Z,-,mg ,f .1-ff fgg .'11:T',,,.'-- ' "'f gf-, .-' I KI-' 351-' .' ,, Q f,ij,. EN I. ,.i4gg::,.-,, , ,gf - Sf. -' Q. fm- ag? .f f . JW ,, . - r . - . , 'o' A ' -, :1 5?-2Q123j,1?Gl53FJx xx' "' ,f . ' I-'QE 1' - ij! ' v Q . - ,XR ., . ,14 ,ff .3 4 17 5 Eff K -'I X' M4 xiii. 2 " Nz." . 1 iv: . ., , X X ll My iw fi IT J.' , IES Claoir, Ckorud 1 ROW l: P. Kelly, B. Raymond, M. Larson, P. Toven, C. Sawyer, E. Lewittes, C. Steinberg, K. Doles, FJUOTUTUP1 Coleman, D. Sturdivant, P. Vagts, J. Moore, B. Eckert, L. Daikeler, G. Shuart, B. Sturtevant, T. Joachim, Bairdg ROW 2: B. Bertuch, J. Sergel, S. Gross, J. Gennett, J. Gillis, J. Gillis, J. Marston, D. Licht, J. Adams, Plummer, B. Tilson, A. Schneider, B. Henderson, N. Williams, J. Raymondg ROW 3: G. Robinson, . Emes, C. Cogger, J. Brown, M. Treadwell, C. Shafbuch, G. Roehner, B. Skerritt, B. Canfield, L. Zittell, . Maxson, E. Hubel, G. Soules, J. Harrissg ROW 4: D. Zale, P. Scagnelli, C. Kosof, R. Stewart, J. Gillian, Cunningham, T. Pizzarello, G. Kramer, M. Crandall, B. Spiegel, C. Weist, F. Blunt, J. Koster ROW l: A. Silver, A. Goldberg, ROW 2: S. Rainess, A. Duehrssen, J. Hoffmann, C. Miller, I. Leon, J. Wilkins, B. Kelly, E. Cronin, M. Cronin, C. Hinetz, D. DeCordova, K. Doles, M. Zambrano, M. Coombs, I. Robinson, ROW 3: E. Hill, M. Wagner, A. Richardson, H. Franklin, D. Craig, A. Goodrich, W. Malone, W. Warren, E. Heizler, C. Constantine, J. Davidson, J. Valentine, L. Knowles, B. Storms, ROW 4: S. Schnoor, P. Maguire, M. Horvath, V. Pastore, J. Conte, F. Vener, D. Benson, W. Pelkus, J. Glover, D. Bradley, R. Ludwig, R. Pielli, P. Laurin, J. Kittrell, D. Thomas, M. Healy The CHOIR, which was formed in 1948 by Mr. Nielsen, has only advanced singers. Among their many interesting activities was a trip to Grand Central Station where they sang Christmas Carols, an afternoon's singing at the Westchester Womanis Club, and a program of Christmas music for the members of the Exchange Club, and as a climax to their first term's work, participation in the Sectional Music Festival of the N. Y. State School Music Association at White Plains. One has only to hear them sing to appreciate the cul- tural value they add to Davis. 36 Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do is still our musical scale although the alto, bass and soprano parts in the Davis CHORUS have many times changed hands. From the time when the group was formed by Mr. Nielsen in his senior year at Davis until 1944, it functioned under two separate names- '4The Boys' Glee Club" and MThe Girls, Glee Club." Finally, co-education Won out and the two groups united to form the Davis Chorus. Now, adorned in new choir robes and sup- plied With electric candles, the Chorus adds great- ly to our assemblies and musical programs. :felt ea fm ROW 1: S. Jacobs, M. Copeland, O. Potts, B. Hodge, T. Pizzarello, A. Pavelleg ROW 2: M. Nides, N. Burton, D. Slote, M. Donihee, P. Wolfe, J. Graham, T. Joachim, N. Taft, S. Ostrowskyg ROW 3: R. Stevens, J. Singer, R. Bloomfield, C. Weist, D. Hepburn, D. Zale, R. Jones, A. Kor- hammerg ROW 4: J. Robinson, J. Fields, A. Lemos, F. Campbell, F. Fischer, R. Greenberg, F. Ferrara, R. Zale, S. Portman, Mr. Randall Through the Windows of room 207, a medley of musical sounds reached the ears of Pop Phillips. uClose those windows!" shouted the popular teacher of Caesar and Cicero. Yes, the eighth period had arrived with the ORCHESTRA adding to Davis High the sounds of its practice. During the last period every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, the orchestra, under the capable direction of Mr. Randall, could be found patiently practicing. Each time the Dramatic Society gave a performance, the orchestra was there, adding its musical background to the suc- cess of the production. Traveling each year to White Plains for the County Music Festival, the orchestra members, as a result of their constant practice, brought honor not only to themselves. but to Davis High. Ending each year on a solemn note, the orchestra accompanies the maroon-clad graduates as they march proudly out of Wood Auditorium, diplomas in hand. It was in another era, in the year 1906, that the auditorium of Mount Vernon High first echoed with the sounds of a school orchestra. During that eventful Winter the group, underlhe direction of its founder, Mr. Emil Nielsen, dis- tinguished itself by playing the uPinafore" at the City Opera House. In those days the orchestra was made up entirely of boys, for it was not until almost ten years later that feminine musicians joined the orchestra of Mount Vernon High. Now, forty-four years later, the orchestra is still one of the largest and most active organ- izations at Davis. Each Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, Mr. Randall raises his baton and the forty odd members start to play. 4 Far above in 207 Pop Phillips was heard to shout, "Open that Window! Thcy're playing my favorite kind of music, Latin American!" 37 5111 ULULJ l0Uf'lf 85671185 I. PENNY CATCHERS 3. WE KNEW HIM WHEN 2. HEADQUARTERS 4. VICTORY MARCH CITIZENS FORM LIFELINE BGUQGI ROW l: T. Pizzarello, L. Cirino, G. Fowler, E. Randel, A. Rabkin, N. Burton, D. Slote, J. Hollinger, N. Taft, ROW 2: S. Jacobs, E. Whitman, A. Scupin, D. Joachim, M. Myer, L. Gilbert, P. Bloomfield, R. Piersall, B. Hodge, V. Basnight, A. Gross, C. Karl, V. Dunkle, S. Portman, F. Baird, N. Harris, ROW 3: G. Shafbuch, B. Magill, A. Huber, P. Wolff, E. Peterson, B. Delaney, S. Cohn, J. Tripp, M. Caputo, C. Weist, T. DeGloria, O. Minklei, M. Howard, J. Graham, R. Yaswen, A. Carpentier, J. Singer, R. Greenberg, R. Hocking, F. Blunt, ROW 4: E. Goins, Y. Vaccaro, G. Meyers, R. Stevens, P. Berland, F. Ferrara, T. Joachim, D. Zale, A. Lemos, R. McLeod, R. Zale, R. Vosler, T. DeMaio, C. Roemer, D. Garvey, L. Lowinger, D. Accocella, A. Weis, T. Gizzog ROW 5: H. Levine, R. Waechter, L. Alpert, R. Fields, J. Robinson, J. Gillian, O. Potts, Mr. Randall Davisites are so accustomed to the sound of their BAND at football games and similar affairs that they take their talented Sousa-men for granted. However, prior to 1939 there was no such musical organization to give life to the school. Why, at that time students could actually study in silence! The band's tremendous spirit has carried it to new heights this year, the program being climaxed in the opinion of some with the best band concert in the history of the school. At this event, from the moment MDoc" Randall, their inspired leader, stepped to the podium, Hill Toppers knew that their band was something to be proud of. After the last of the be-bop, blues, and marches had been heard, a show of appre- ciation was given by the crowd that bought tears to the eyes of many stalwart musicians. Earlier this year, the students showed their faith in the Band by successfully completing a community-wide drive for new uniforms, cap- tained by Miss Brown and Doctor Landis. Scenes from the drive at the police station and along the route of the parade are shown on the opposite page. Although they are a closely-knit unit, the Band is divided into several sections, the best illustration of these being the brass sextet. Show- ing iine uesprit de corps", they have delighted Davis assemblies several times as well as sup- porting the band fest with their efforts. While proving their Worth in competitive recitals at White Plains, members of our band received several individual HAM Ratings. This merely verified the fact that they are as good as We, the students, think they are. Credit must also go to Ted Pizzarello, the leading participator in Band activities. Through his work in promoting the band uniform drive, and his inspired music while playing in the Band, Ted must be recognized as Davis' number one up-and-coming musician. All Davis agree that, after a successful year, the Davis High School Band has many more triumphs within their grasp, and all antici- pate a future Band recital. 39 'S a 21 eiefee he BUSINESS BOARD ROW 1: J. Raymond, K. Scanlon, N. Tiberg, M. Bishop, R. Seiherl J. Miller, S. Schnoor, L. Weinberg, A. Phelpsg ROW 2: J. Goldfine, V. Copp P. Alper, D. Bohlmann, B. Freedenherg. A. Pagano, N. Piccirilli. C. Glueckg ROW 3: T. Altohelli, M. Philipp, B. Borelli, A. Kopelman, P. Vagts, B. Jones E. Curtisg ROW 4-: S. Rabhino, C. Suhotky, A. Sherman, L. Blanchette, A Guida, A. DeAngelis, Mr. Sundermann, A. Katzenstein MAROON AND WHITE CHRONICLES 50 YEARS AT DAVIS 40 aroon 82 Wife EDITORIAL BOARD ROW 1: H. Schwartz, D. Brown, J. Furman, ROW 2: T. Warm, E. Lewittes, S. Ostrowsky, E. Terzakis, H. Levy, E. Callahan, L. Celentanog ROW 3: R. Goldstein, F. Lucadamo, H. Prosser, B. Myers, Miss Cahalan, S. Subit, Miss Hall, P. Libby, R. Petre, C. Buck, R. Pielli, S. Morgensterng ROW 3: M. Hudes, C. Bower, M. George, R. Ivers, R. Blair, R. Silber, P. Mulaire, J. Kramer, L. Sprinz Back in the early 1900's, the Mount Ver- non High School ANNUAL reproduced pictures of coy flappers, stern teachers and romantic ath- letes. As the times changed, so did the Annual, and in 1926 the MAROON and WHITE emerged -a new name and a modern format. On bright, sunny afternoons, when most Davisites were enjoying cherished freedom, the ambitious members of the MAROON AND WHITE EDITORIAL STAFF labored amidst clicking typewriters, past annuals, pictures to be identified, senior polls, hundreds of reports, stories and art plates. In charge of the less glamorous side of producing the yearbook was the MAROON AND WHITE BUSINESS BOARD. If it were not for the seemingly endless task of arranging student and faculty photo appointments, selling sub- scriptions to students, selling advertisements, securing payments, filing letters, bank statements and financial reports, keeping the books bal- anced, plus delivering the yearbook to the awaiting subscribers, the job of the Business Board would be a comparatively simple one. However, under the expert guidance of Mr. Sundermann, who this year assisted with his twelfth issue of the uMaroon and White", every- thing was done efficiently and promptly. Much credit for this year's Annual goes to Harold Schwartz and Josh Furman, co-editors, Richard Pielli, whose beautiful cover design we are proud of, Paul Mulaire, who completed three years of service on the art staff, Miss Hall and Mr. Dodds, who supervised the art work, Miss Cahalan, the guiding light of the Editorial Board, Mr. Sundermann, and their combined staffs of approximately fifty Writers, artists, typists and business assistants. The first annual, appearing in 1900, was produced with a much smaller staff. Started by only four editors, the complete book cost less than one hundred dollars, many times less than today's expenses. We were fortunate to have one of those original editors, Mr. Albert S. Davis, return fifty years later to pose with his young successors of 1950 as shown on the opposite page. 41 cwizi i - new EDITORIAL BOARD ROW 1: M. Cronin, C. LaGuardia, L. Hoey, D. Branner, N. Hochman, R. Harris, M. Maccoby, M. Harris, D. Klein, S. Morgenstern, B. Goldstein, E. Swallow, B. Mitchell, F. Stolmaker, ROW 2: S. Knoll, J. Surtes, P. Peyser, B. Wehbring, C. Masia, N. Robison, D. Slote, T. Warm, E. Yavelow, L. Tyor, H. Levy, A. Kulka, S. Rashkin, M. Maccoby, D. Leaf, ROW 3: .l. Smoleroff, M. Werber, N. Taft, R. Bael, R. Zambrano, M. Copeland, J. Honeck, M. Barrett, C. Victorsohn, M. I-Iudes, V. Balaban, J. Feld, B. Cronin, Mr. Cohen, ROW 4: L. Lotz, S. Boone, L. Goldner, J. Barnett, C. Wolf, F. Baena, N. Wosstroff, R. Mann, S. Harris, M. Cohn, N. Lynn, D. Licht, G. Rona Cuckoo? Who's Cuckoo? Why the HI- NEWS, of course! Not all the time or it would never have been able to walk away with first honors at the Columbia Press Convention each year, but the annual April Fool's Issue was cer- tainly '6Cuckoo.9" April Fool's Day came in with a bang this year as the bright orange uDazed Lo-News" was distributed to the students. The paper featured many unusual stories. Perhaps you remember the article uChink Foils Brink," which had a half page picture of the former's notorious auto- mobile in front of the freight yards with uban- dits" Cliff Storms and Frank Spicciati 'cshooting it out," or maybe you recall the picture of Davis going up in smoke as a result of a direct hit from an H-Bomb. At the Columbia Scholastic Press Con- vention Martin I-Iarris, Editor-in-chief, was chair- man of a forum 'iMake-up in a School News- paper". Several other members of the uI'Ii-News" Staff participated in the discussion along with student editors from all parts of the country. All the members of the staff were permitted to attend the convention, which lasted for three 42 days. On the last day, a luncheon was held at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City at which the Sunday Editor of the NEW YORK TIMES spoke to the group. From little acorns big oak trees grow, and the MO1'acle", the infant Hi-News, started in 1900 as a semi-monthly journal. But an energetic EDITORIAL BOARD could not be kept down. Within a few years, its publication became a monthly journal, containing news, literary work, sports stories, and even gossip. When the name of our school was changed to Davis High School in 1933, the uOracle" went through a metamor- phosis and emerged as the A. B. Davis uI'Ii-News". In order to get all the work done in its proper place, the present Editorial Board was divided into four main sections-news, feature, sports, and make-up, with Mr. George Cohen, Davis teacher, as the faculty adviser. This year, for the first time since the MI'Ii-News" has been in operation, the paper changed its size and make-up. The six-page, four- column edition was no more, but in its place was a more effectively printed four-page, six- column paper. BUSINESS BOARD ROW 1: J. Woolf, H. Benwit, B. Kronish, T. Weil, ROW 2: E. Sprinz, E. Corwin. C. Murphy M. McEvoy, B. Freedenberg, J. Fontana, M. Stern, J. Posner, T. Altobellig ROW 3: R. Warshauel J. Feld, B. Cannellos, P. Doyle, M. Friedman, A. Katzenstein, R. Gulker, L. Karp, R. Karen, D. S0001 M. Pucci, Mr. Altschuler Behind the door of 204B, mysterious and isolated, at the end of the second floor, one could see the hurly-burly, confusion, and disputation that went into the making up of each issue of the f'Hi-News". In 1901, the paper was called the "Oracle", but after the building of A. B. Davis High School on the hilltop, it took the name of the dHi-Newsw to coincide with its high position. The main duty of the H1-NEWS BUSI- NESS BOARD was the financial responsibility of the paper. Perhaps this accounted for the tendency of some of the members of the staff to write on the walls! They were trying to balance the books! Another important and highly diffi- cult job was obtaining subscriptions from the students. This past year, with the aid of the force- ful MHi-News" Reps, more than eleven hundred persons subscribed. A new plan was introduced in taking subscriptions. If someone was desirous of buying the paper, but was not able to do so at the time of the drive, he could give a fraction of the sum to the Rep and pay the rest when he was financially prepared. Such a plan proved very successful in helping those students who daily frequented ltchums and the Broken Drum. Students on the Board learned the best method of approaching people when asking for ads, the art of cooperating with others, and the actual work involved in publishing a high school newspaper. Entirely written, edited, copy-read, galley-read, proofread, and circulated by the staffs, the HHi-Newsf' was available only by sub- scription. ' This year, the staff again attended the Annual Columbia Scholastic Press Association Conference at Columbia University, where they conducted a forum on 'Tinancing a School Paper Through Advertisingw. The paper received first honor rating for the sixth consecutive year, along with first place in the National Scholastic Press Association Contest of Minnesota, and the Empire State Award given by the University of Syracuse. With these excellent awards went Mr. Altschuler's thirteenth year as a very able faculty adviser and forty-nine years of praise for a wonderful news- paper. 43 ROW 1: R. Kuehner, S. Morgenstern, L. Blanchette, G. Spoll, C. Storms: ROW 2: M. Childs, D. Baker, A. McWhirterg ROW 3: M. Barrett, F. Baena, D. Klein: ROW 4: R. Oakley, T. Pizzarello, M. Stamm: ROW 5: S. Zeller, S. Ziltzer, F. Spicciati, N. Sharp, R. Paige: ROW 6: N. Hochman, F. Tilley, E. Camerino, J. Woolf, R. Goldstein, N. Peterson: ROW 7: R. Minton, N. Lynn, Miss Brown, R. Mann. R. Leaton, J. Barnett, F. Blunt, R. Blair: ROW 9: F. La Sorsa. G. Snyder, R. Piersall, N. Kerewsky, R. Stewart: ROW 10: F. Fisher, G. Tumer, J. Furman, A. Nagle, D. Sagmang ROW 11: D. McFarland, L. Coldner, D. Davies, R. Rabkin, J. Klenk, P. Scagnellig ROW 12: S. Rosenberg, R. Pacchiana, R. Schrimmer, F. Campbell, W. Bard, K. Breskin O 0Llf'5A6L 6 'al want three volunteers to help at the game tonightfyou, you, and you." Shades of 214-1 There goes Miss Brown's "voluntary co- ercion" again. Besides helping at Davis basketball games, BOY MARSHALS served at the football games selling programs and helping with the Band Uniform Drive thus carrying on their tradition begun in 1915 of service to the school and to the community. During the first year of the Marshals, or Boys' Police, they carried billies CMiss Brown 44- could use one of them nowj and assisted the regular Municipal Police with traffic on Saturday mornings. Wherever there was need then for police assistance, Mr. Childs and his Boys' Police were on hand. The duties of the Marshals have increased considerably as has their enrollment. Besides the aforementioned jobs, the Marshals, from their posts, kept traffic moving smoothly through the balls, collected attendance cards, and assisted in the seating of students in assembly. This year Homeroom 214 also played host to Supri Prakof-Santisukh, an exchange student from Siam, and presented him with a gift. They hope to see him again as he seemed anxious to return to Mount Vernon. ROW 1: Miss Lewis, M. Friedman, J. Posner, H. Levy, E. Hoffman, F. Hymer, W. Hartenstein, E. Corwin, J. Coldline, C. Masia, F. Bernstein, K. McCahong ROW 2: N. Horine, P. Toven, A. Macy, B. Kronish, E. Schondorf, B. Colbert, R. Harris, S. Ostrowsky, L. Goldfineg ROW 3: M. Miller, S. Kroll, M. Tucci, M. Enke, L. Sprinz, A. Ostrowsky, H. Benwitt, J. Feld, D. Maxson, C. Shafbuch, M. Larson, R. Karen, J. Cardillog ROW 4: M. Rusch, C. Scanlon, B. Diehl, C. Shafbuch, V. COPD, J. Bruning, J. Schmultz, J. Adams, B. Lisker, E. Whitman, B. Freedenberg, D. Licht, T. Prosser, E. Seifman Yes, these were those helpful GIRL MARSHALS who had aided you in finding your classroom, oh so long ago when you were a soph- omore and Davis seemed a surging mass pushing from room to room. Assembly programs were made more orderly and seating arrangements simpler through the efforts of these upper class women. They devoted their ninth periods to li- brary duty checking the books that left the library, and they spent part of their lunch periods making sure that no utensils were removed from the lunch room. They also joined forces with the Boy Marshals in an effort to keep lunch students ufrom aimlessly wandering around the halls Lun- intentionally' disturbing classes which were in session." gzf ma... Under the supervision of Miss Lewis, head Marshals Betty Freedenberg and Marilyn Fried- man directed the entire force and managed to keep the school operating smoothly. Another one of their many services to the school was their locker duty. They Mpatrolledw the halls in the morning after all the other members of the student body were safely in their home- rooms. If they spied a girl's locker open they closed it, thus performing one more service to the school and earning the gratitude of all with whom they came in contact. 45 Doctor H. R. takes the pulse of Davis every month through his assistants, the H. R. REPS. These elected officers represent each home room and form a useful group for service to the school. Organized in 1940, the Reps this year took on their most responsible task to date. ln addition to representing the students, they tried to help the school store by advertising and selling the weekly specials. Having three members on the G. O. council, the Reps are also in a position to rectify any student grievances. ome oom ,xdcluidem Z I if Olflfle OOIWL ROW 1: F. Baena, E. Hodge, V. Copp, E. Kappus, W. Barton, M. Stancog ROW 2: R. Glickman, J. Coldfine, B. Kronish, D. Griffin, L. Coldfine, E. Schondorf, D. Brown, ROW 3: A. Gross, M. Horo- witz, A. Lemos, J. Papachristou, A. Harding, J. Smoleroff, B. Comdeng ROW 4: B. Karl, K. Gaskins, C. Schafbuch, B. Diehl, V. Klunder, D. Rosenberg, Mr. Searle 64Welcome to Davis, your new home for three years. We hope you will like it here, and we shall do all We can to help you." The HOME ROOM ADVISERS, a group started in 1937 by Miss Lewis, have, indeed proven to be a great source of help to new Davisites. This year, many of them joined a new home room of Sophs only. They also gave the Sophs a party called wllhe Sophomore Saluten. Entertainment in- cluded a one-act play, NAnge1 Child", put on by the Dramatic Society, two movies, and a com- munity sing. ROW 1: L. Spears, H. Levy, E. Kassel, J. Morace, I. Robinson, R. D'Onofl'rio, E. Skrabonj, J. Nides: ROW 2: J. Smoleroff, F. Baird, B. Sturtevant, T. Joachim, P. Alper, C. LaGuardia, M. Goldberg, J. Surtes, J. Petrillo, L. McFadden: ROW 3: A. Saliola, L. Mulaire, B. Colbert, J. Kuver, J. Boggi, M. Rusch, J. Morace, M. Werber, ROW 4: M. Murphy, H. Ben- Witt, B. Freedenberg, J. Burwell, S. Rabino, B. Jones, I. Usdan, C. Craw- ford, R. Buongiorno, B. Weidtg ROW 5: L. Wein- berg, J. Adams, M. How- ard, A. Profke, N. Horine, P. Libby, C. Peckham, M. Dillon, M. Copeland, A. Katzenstein e re.4enfafiue5 eceiafionid fd ROW' l: J. Posner. B. Orner. H. Levy. P. Alperg ROW' 2: M. Miller. E. Lewittes, R. Feldman, Mr. Childs. D. Brown. H. Schecter. L. Spitzg ROW 3: C. Masia. S. Ostrowsky, B. Klein- feld. D. Day. N. Taft. J. Cooper, A. Katzenstein. A. Oslrowsky, N. Robisong ROW 4: H. Benwitt, M. Horowitz. N. Horine, S. Subil, A. Squeo, A. Sandberg. V. Copp. D. Cimmino. E. Oshman, B. Freedenberg "Mt: Childs will be free in a minute," said the girl with a smile, as she looked from her homework-covered desk. Plagued with visions of 200's on his col- lege boards, the nervous Davisite took his place in line to wait his turn. Minutes later, he went forward to hear his fate, encouraged by the girl's friendliness. He knew she was one of the RE- CEPTIONISTS, the chosen few who traded study periods for the opportunity of serving Mr. Childs. She, like others before her since 1941, looked upon this familiar scene for a moment and then returned to her neglected homework. In order to bring the activities of the "Hilltoppers'9 to the attention of the residents of the community there appeared at intervals in the "Daily Argus", under the sponsorship of Mr. Copp, a column entitled 'GDAVIS DOTS AND DASI-IES". The alert Davisites pictured below managed to be at the right place at the right time to get news. They presented an ac- curate record of the major events at Davis, as Well as honoring those Davis students who man- aged to achieve an average of 90 per cent or better. R. Piersall, N. Horine, Mr. Copp, J. Smith, R. Kuehner laid ana! Ciba .Aa in -.41 IsiBMll' H ,,,.,,,.,,.........-.-H-f,--1 ' z Otlfl EPJLAJN ff!! ROW 1: J. Posner, M. Miller, E. Schondorf, C. Tuccillo, B. Orner, J. Goldfine, H. Levy, E. Terzakis, E. Yavelow, i3Uf:C1l"U5H N. Lynn, J. Barnett, A. Cohen, H. Schwartz IX!! 'J ...NYE A , ,AEA-:.T,..,..,... ...... ...-.... ....,. we. .E...,,.:- " " - 'if 'E'1f'-"Q1"'4'ff93 H3?L. ,ji5??':- ft qp .iff ,- .,-, .- J 5 ..r , . -. .- K - J. ' 7 I 'I 7 , 5- ,, , I 5 is-1:4 4' W ' .vf:- vw- :?'Y:-7 -'f-. fat' -' get-1, .-1' s. ' .'-nf :Z :if ,' -. .wk ,A f ' .J-L . - 1- , --.. .3-, A' 3. .-. I -. 'I 1-211225 222:53 .-Tv? -wi 259' 2. f-! li :'-'J '. 'i:2F:?3 " ffl fffYZ:j,5'fW"":-"' h.-5-0 ...gg , -,.f 5' f.. . ,. 1' ,. :la :,4.:-9.01142:-:,frue.,g1af1,..:.a-.-A . e" ' . ':. HQ, u ,xg nqhgx, 1 In -2 1 gk , u ' 4 n M .-4 2' , .- if 'UI' 1 .x 1 1 1 s -. ' M k.',jg'1, " rf .W ' 11' vw ' -' " ?"-1:-I-'.:f-f f .- ,:-'--. -,.,- ' 'kia ':1.. 'SW K Fvf' 4. P ,J Work! Slave! Struggle! Pray! Hope! Sleep! And work some more! And what for? Why, to get into TAU EPSILON Pl, of course! Davis, own brand of Quiz Kids experi- enced the above emotions to achieve the highest all-scholastic honor awarded at our school' membership in Tau Epsilon Pi. Those three mys- terious Greek letters actually only represent an illustrious organization of brilliant students, who, after two straight years with an average of eighty-five per cent or better and no mark below seventy-five per cent, were privileged to wear 48 . Warm, J. Morace, I. Robinson, F. Hoffman, ROW 2': J. Nides, P. Sansone, E. Skerritt, S. Ostrowsky, S. Rabbino, D. Bohlman, . Freedenberg, C. Bower, D. Brown, M. Enke, J. Kristan, V. Copp, B. Goldstein, M. Childs, ROW 3: D. Klein, R. Harris, Marcus, M. Horowitz, J. Bruning, B. Lisker, E. Callahan, D. Koerner, J. Boggi, F. Hoffman, M. Barrett, M. Maccoby, Rabking ROW 4: M. Harris, D. Schindel, B. Colbert, J. Cardillo, C. Peckham, P. Libby, P. Plummer, T. Prosser, R. Piersall, Kuehner, C. Storms, F. Baenag ROW 5: D. Zale, B. Ivers, G. Subotky, G. Pearsall, A. Lemos, A. Guida, R. Butzberger, the shiny gold pin symbolizing their achieve- ments. Each member could probably tell of the time spent in calculating percentages, stretching points, and doing extra work, all with one goal in mind. Also not to be forgotten are the agonized moments these candidates spent at the bulletin board, scanning the newly posted list for the familiar nomenclature, the indignant dash to Miss Low to see why they were not mentioned, the sigh of relief upon finding out that the omission was merely a mistake. Naturally, for some geniuses, it was all merely a matter of course, and there was no extra work, worry or anticipation involved. However, the effort was all repaid in the end by the ample reward received from acquiring mem- bership in Tau Epsilon Pi-that of having been worthy of a great personal honor and having made one's years of work at Davis worthy of remem- brance and recognition. Wafiona onor ocief ROW' 1: H. Billingham, B. Sobek. J. Nides, M. Childs, R. Bell, P. Plummer, E. Skerritt, P. Mulaireg ROW 2: D. Brout, M. Barrett, J. Kristan. J. Boggi, B. Carideo, B. Wallfesch, R. Doshay, C. Tuccillo, R. Harrisr, ROW 3: Mrs. Santen, 1. Marcus, F. Ianuzzi, M. Enke, E. Terzakis, J. Bruning, N. Horine, L. Harris, V. Copp, C. SIOITIISQ ROW 4: G. Crane, S. Morgenstern, R. Pielli. P. YVishengrad. R. Kuehner, R. Piersall, F. Hoffmann, R. Rabkin, T. Pizzarello Leadership! Scholarship! Character! Service! These are the standards of the NA- TIONAL HONOR SOCIETY, whose symbol is the flaming torch. It was in 1922 that there first appeared at Davis a chapter of this society, which extends throughout the United States, Alaska, and the Philippines. Its members, the worthiest in the senior class, are chosen by the student body and the faculty. Every spring and fall new members are initiated into the ranks of the Society at an in- spiring Honor Assembly. The job does not end here, however, for the National Honor Society was one of the most active organizations at Davis. The Leadership Committee devotes itself to rep- resenting Davisg Scholarship workers tutor stu- dents who need extra help, the Character builders help busy teachers and proctor classes in case of a teacheris absence, Service helps whenever necessary, giving make-up tests and co-operating with the Parent-Teachers Associa- tion. This year, as a new activity, members started computing lists of all those who bavc belonged to the Society since 1922. This list will be valuable if and when an alumni organization is formed. - 1 C . 1 V . 'T I 1' II Q' f I T J I I .r 1 ' 9 9.'f'3 A' 'ew- :.1 cT,:,:E,-fi..-sf. - fp.: -- , ,rag I ,-HfZ,".. 133355,-,,.f' ! L" Vzzgff ' "-1' .vig 4. 'Y' 1 -Y--1.,gq:T1t lj! ,J ew! ,fgaf jii-32.4-f."' B, . f f-4 ' w.-an - -- flf?:.!.i1f'fl . , , ...- .1 . at. r-. Y . - , ,.,-Q Lg ' sigh, i J- K' ZBA' :jrv h . T' aff-' 3 - f' ' a., 'g,-Elf-gifj g ' P121 iii -ag fy "dwg-:J . - f' Za if ir - 4 -1 '1i,g:51,,s .,,,,,,,,, 415 1 A -' 1- J .v 4 ,JA I , ,G f 4 ' .- 1 ,- , -E' V I . Each year the Society and all Davis Honor Students are guests of the P.T.A. at an honor dinner. Parents and friends are also invited to spend an interesting evening as a last memory of the best of high school days. The National Honor Society truly repre- sents the best in Davis, and it is an organization of which we can be justly proud. 49 fag? fell! B. Knapp, W. Pelkus, R Rahkin, H. Bossung, J. Furman, C. Borghard, P. Plummer, G. Cornwell, F. Hoffmann ramafic ociefg "And all the men and women merely players . . .H Wvhen Shakespeare wrote these words for "As You Like It" land we dol. he certainly must have had the Davis DRAMATIC SOCIETY in mind. Before anyone could become a member of this organization. he had a tryout which con- sisted of the "defendant's" acting out a selection from a play of his choice, as well as a pantomime before the hjuryn of D. S. members and "Judge" Feaster. faculty adviser. The first act of "The History of the Dra- matic Societyw began in 1914 under the title of the Junior Dramatic Society, the sole purpose of this organization was to enjoy Broadway pro- ductions. and to read one-act plays at club meet- ings. During the NSecond Act", from 1922 to about 1940, the club's activities expanded to holding social gatherings at the homes of mem- bers and giving an annual play in the assembly. This assembly program went over so well that the G. O. suggested having the D. S. give evening performances and charge admission. ln Act 111, the finale of this a'History of the D. S.", we are well aware of the splendid performances and successful productions given ROW 1: J. Gillis, S. Ostrowsky, F. Bernstein, V. Pariser, M. Miller, H. Schecter, P. Zipes, S. Rainess, P. Plummer, J. Hecht, .l. Smyserg ROW 3: F. Hoffman, R. Piersall. D. Sagman, L. Sorgi, L. Walther, .l. Furman, N. Kerewsky, S. Rabbino, M. Horowitz, E. Skerrit. B. Schneer, W. Tiger, W. Carlin. R. Silber, R. Rabking ROW 4: M. McCarthy, M. Hudes, E. Jacobson, P. Circelli by the members of this talented group. These versatile actors have produced everything from "Little Women" 119221 to "1dylls of the King" 119433 , with more recent hits like 'QLost Horizon", "Dear Ruth", the current L'Smilin' Through", and 'fl Remember Mama". This organization certainly deserves our own Davis Academy Award! Whom do you predict to be the "toast of Broadway" in 1960? It is sure to be a former member of the NATIONAL THESPIANS, the group that obtained the highest possible honor available to high school dramatics students. Versatility was the keyword for success, because in order to qualify, each candidate par- ticipated in at least 200 hours of active work, staging, directing, and preparing properties as well as appearing behind the footlights. Lights! Camera! Action! All set? This was the behind-the-scenes view of the everready STAGE CREW. These Htechniciansw never ceased in their activity, it seemed, and since the scenery could help either to make or break each play, they were, in part, responsible for the success of the D. S. productions. ROW 1: E. .la- cobson, Miss Feaster, J. Morace, S. Ostrowsky. E5 Q52 is-11 'S Wff. CD gg'-I :H is :B B5 IJ rn? QQ E15 FF : s- '4 H. mb! B. 9.5 22. O95 5 me 2, Dv? O gn wi OA. DQ. CD 0? Em 3. 55 S-S 5. 3? 5? 'ij rn TIE VDFUFUPU E541 Cr? Em P 2 Wav 222 F 2 TU? Piersall, W. Carlin, Rabbinog ROW 3: Horowitz, R. Bell, Zipes 51 'gBuy a program please!" Does that sound familiar? If you attended any of the football games last fall, then you probably saw attractive young ladies imploring you to uplease buy a pro- gram". These were the same girls who sold candy after school in the halls, worked at the G. O. store during their study periods, sold pennants and banners at the rallies, and gave a Christmas party for the Mount Vernon Day Nursery. Their fund- raising tasks resulted in money for both the stu- dent college fund and the G. O. treasury. They also contributed to the fund for the poor at Thanksgiving. uniolf' Qc! 6056 Working hard at promoting friendly in- ternational relations, the Davis JUNIOR RED CROSS Chapter recently sent an album to Turkey in order to acquaint the boys and girls with the American school system, as well as with the city, state and national government. For the first time also, a First Aid course was initiated at Davis. The month of April saw Margot Rusch and David Sagman at Grasslands Hospital, where they entertained for the sick. This year, more- over, added prestige was brought to the club by ALPHA TAU DELTA has for the past 25 years given its time and energy freely. It would be necessary to increase the number of deeds in the motto-Do a good deed every dayyin order that it serve as the motto of this fine organization. Hats off to their hard-working sponsor, Miss Breining, and to the girls of Alpha Tau Delta, whose objective has always been to secure aid for those in need. Undoubtedly Mount Vernon in the future will reap the reward in social bene- fits through the efforts of these workers who received their training early. its president, Robert Bell, who was chosen to represent Westchester at a White Plains Con- ference. The club was first organized in 1930 by a group of girls who uwanted to help." During World War II the organization divided into Bundles for Britain and similar groups, all under the direction of the Red Cross. Now the club does everything from send- ing gifts to the tuberculosis hospital to packing gift boxes for abroad. ir 5 i fad lfjofunfeem With much honking of horns and calling back and forth, about fifteen girls set out daily for the Mount Vernon Girls' Club. There they served as student leaders for the members in the five-to-twelve-year age group. The GIRLS' CLUB VOLUNTEERS, one of the comparatively newer clubs at Davis, was organized three years ago under the faculty sponsorship of Mrs. MacDonald. In the short time that it has been in existence, its membership has grown until this year it included about ninety enthusiastic girls. Each one went to the club one day a week to conduct a class in cooking, crafts, games or perhaps dancing. Many a little 52 girl had spoiled her supper nibbling on the goodies prepared in the kitchen, or perhaps been inspired to become a great dancer during a lesson in the main room. During the year several parties were held, among them, the annual Christmas Party and a MBackward Party" at which the children wore their clothes back-to-the-front and pinned the tail on the Donkeyis nose! The eagerness with which the Davis girls were awaited and the joy with which they were greeted, proved ample reimbursement for the Volunteers. ROW' 1: M. Goldberg, S. Ostrowsky. E. Schondorf: ROW 2: B. Feldman. J. Posner. H. Levy. J. Lieblein. S. Selman. G. Shuart. B. Orner. P. Alper. E. Kassel: ROW' 3: M. Hess. C. LaGuardia. A. Ostrow- sky. J. Cooper. P. Healey. A. Kutzen- stein. D. Brown. B. Kleinfeld. B. Rosenbaum. Y. Pnriser: ROW 4: N. Newman. I. Leon. F. Hnuptmun. R. Gulker. K. Scanlon. C. Tum-illo. S. Subit. C. Bower BOW' 1: M. Hauptrnan, G. Supeau, M. Fleishman, P. Young, R. Bell. J. Nides. N. Olmstead. I. Leon. B. Kleinfeld, ROW 2: J. Zambelli. R. Brown. M. Cimmino, J, Lieblein. A. Sandberg, B. Lom- bard, P. Healey. E. Curtis, C. Fried- man. M. Paladino. N. Newman: ROYV 3: J. Cornely, P. Weeks. P. Jelormino, H. Benwitt, M. Larson. E. Most. F. Hauptman. F.. Lasker, J. Dillon, B. McElroy, M. Daven- port, M. Bock. Miss Cleveland: ROW' 4: C. Shafbuch. A. Schneider. A. Packard, B. Stewart. J. Adams, L. Weinberg, R. Petre ROW 1: E. Corwin, H. Schec- ter, A. Friedman: BOW 2: E. Hoff- man, A. Goldberg, E. George. E. Kassel, M. Carneol, N. Burton. A. Stevens, J. Goldfine, J. Fontana, N. Hamilton, L. Kurtz, N. Selman, M. Merola, T. Glasser, D. Socci. M. MacEvoyg BOW 3: J. Posner. M. Miller, M. Stern, C. Lee, H. Levy, E. Bard, C. Murphy, F. Codogni. E. Yavelow, E. Shondorf, L. Spitz, A. Ostrowsky, M. Goldberg, E. Jacobson, D. Brown, C. Friedman, D. Slote, M. Briglia, M. Goodman, ROW 4: G. Blake, E. Most, M. Her- manson, J. Kuver, J. Hauptman, L. Karp, R. Pinto, C. Steinberg, M. Hess, J. Hoyt, J. Nutter, J. Dillon, W. Gayles, J. Kristan, G. Ditchik, J. Feld, C. Constantine, R. Yasweng ROW 5: C. Sanzo, Mrs. MacDonald, L. Sprinz, G. Snyder, T. Warm, J. Smoleroff, C. Bower, C. Tuccillo, J. Fraccio, A. Katzenstein. M. Meyer, J. Hecht, R. Neidenberg, A. Schnei- der, B. Koepper, F. Coheng BOW 6: P. Schwartz, D. McGruder, J. Kaufman, R. Gervis, H. Herman, J. Bruning, B. Lisker, J. Bond, P. Ellis W fs Wwwmwwmwuum W ff 2 . 66 owifi, 0 Mu emem er HER CROWNING GLORY THE DANCE COMMITTEE 54 SOPHOMORE PARTY 'Mi wahzecf fo tk? c3ll0bUQlf'y A CLUSTER OF ST a'For fun on the hilltop, it's the Sophomore Hop", and so we started another successful social season which provided Davisites with many en- joyable affairs. The sophomore party was a get- acquainted dance with games, dancing, and food for all. The sophomore faculty advisers, Mrs. Taylor and Mr. Bartlett, were sponsors of the party. Next was the football dance which ended our victorious football season. The Football Queen, Hope Herman, was crowned at this dance. Following this was the 'Ll-lolly Hopm, at which much dancing talent was discovered. Highlighting the year was an uF.nchanterl Evening" held by the January class of '50. The decorations of moon and stars helped carry out the theme. The whole affair was just Mone cn- chanted evening under the stars". Music was pro- vided by Ray Lowery and his orchestra. The faculty dance committee appointed this year with Miss Rose Lucchese, chairman, was Mr. Harold Spielman, Mrs. Roberta Flem- ming, Dr. Ruth E. Landis, and Mr. Joseph Leone. ARS STAR FULLBACK THAET SHE BLOWSI 6. GOOD GROUNDWORK TNSPTEATTON 7. EASCINATION EUNNY? 8. HEAVENLY DAYS WE TRAIN THEM WELL 9. BORED OF EDUCATION WH AT A TREAT! 10. END OF THE LINE 56 R Blhlk lotlaf .lam ROW 1: C. Shannon, H. Billingham, P. Berland, D. Paige, R. Maglione, J. Smith, C. Buehler, M. Rossi, M. DiMarino, P. Raiden, T. Ramsey, B. Valentineg ROW 2: F. Herhison, F. Squeo, R. Blair, S. Uzzle, G. Rohleder, W. Deltz, H. Scheibner, D. Huelfer, D. Brown, ROW 3: Mr. Elder, Mr. Mazziotta, D. Rogers, R. Dillon, L. Fields, R. Tenaglier, J. Notargiacomo, W. Warren, M. Barrett, R. Cascone, V. Pierce, J. Deady, Mr. Bucher Topped off hy a sparkling 20-12 upset over uunheatalalen New Rochelle High School, the 1949 Version of the A. B. Davis FOOTBALL team finished in second place in the W.l.A.A., with a record of five wins and one loss. Only a lack of league games kept Davis from a title, as New Rochelle, the eventual winner, played two more games than we did. Davis' overall record was 7-1 including two non-league victories over Pelham Memorial and Edison Tech. FOOTBALL TEAM - 1899 A highlight of the season was the placing of four boys on all-county teams, with sixteen boys from Davis mentioned in the voting-a county high. Charlie Buehler, center, and Pete Berland, quarterback, were first team selections, While Teddy Ramsey, a speedy halfback, and Mike Rossi, a powerful guard, were chosen on the second team. Chuck Buehler was also picked for the All-Met third team in the MNew York World-Telegram" Selections. .. SCORES YONKERS ............ DAVIS WHITE PLAINS.. DAVIS ROOSEVELT ...... DAVIS PELHAM ............ DAVIS EVANDER ............ DAVIS PORTCHESTER DAVIS NEW ROCHELLE ...,,..... DAVIS EDISON .......................... DAVIS Gi Q8 ROW 1: B. Widulski, W. Burroughs, J. Gottlieb T ROZZI B Smith W W1llI1mS R Hocking E Haxde J. Pucciog ROW 2: A. Puccillo, F. LaSorsa, D. Urban H Lyons G Brown M Miller V Basnlght L Scott J D1Antom D. Augustine, R. Hildrethg ROW 3: L. Altman, W Somerville R Battochlo A Pennello S Cohn D Coerlltz N Kaplan W. Rink, T. Tucker, T. DeMaio, E. Melinsky, G. Potter Mr Mlnerley An interesting triangle was shown by the Davis, New Rochelle and White Plains games. White Plains gave Davis its only loss 25-6, hut the following week, they were beaten 28-0 by New Rochelle. The Huguenots had rolled up six straight victories, scoring 218 points to their op- position's 0. The former were distinct favorites to trounce the Maroon. How- ever, a Friday evening rally set off the upset spark, which prevailed in the Sat- urday game. The Hilltoppers caught New Rochelle Hat-footed in the first few min- utes ofthe game, when fleet-footed Teddy Ramsey outmaneuvered the Purple sec- ondary, took a long pass from Pete Ber- land and went 50 yards for the first score against New Rochelle. So surprised were the Huguenot players, and so incensed with the thought of victory was Davis, that there was no stopping us. As long as any annals of Davis foothall are kept, the New Rochelle game will rank among the hest for one of Davis' greatest teams. ap! MW? J. Adams, A. Friedman, L. Hjorth, H. Srhecter, P. Grape, E. Jacob- son. D. Leaf ROW 1: C. Dee, 1. Morace, W. Carling ROW 2: C. Forgione, J. Smith, M. Vagts, M. Moderno, I. Robinson, P. Altschuler, M. McCarthy, J. Cuson, B. Sobek, P. Plummer, J. Kristang ROW 3: Mr. Free, R. White, M. Childs, 1. Smyser, J. Forgione, W, Barton, L. Blanchette, H. Syrkin, R. Bell, F. Di Chiara, E. Camerino, Mr. Childs wirilffi C One-two-and away go the TWIRLERS! They looked great in those bright new uniforms, which they so proudly displayed at the band concert. This group has certainly come a long way since they were Hrst organized in 1937 by Mr. Licht. Marching down the field with skirts flying, and high stepping, they raised many a cheer from the bleachers. Day after day these girls could be seen practicing out on the field. Their tricky formations, including Stars and special throws, caught many admiring glances from all sides. HOPE HERMAN goofaaf 60 KA 8QIf'A6L6!QIf'6 Captained by Walter-46Wl1at-are-we-going- to-do-today?"-Carlin and .Ioan Morace, the Davis CHEERLEADERS, first organized in 1926, made a fine record for themselves in '49-950 especially by their good attendance at basketball games. Whereas usually only two or three cheerleaders showed up for basketball games in the past, this year there were five or six at most of the games at home and away, Joan Morace and Jackie Smith missing only one game all year. The cheerleaders had twenty-three cheers and chants in their repertoire, including six new ones originated during the basketball season. In the final game of the year, the girls introduced the novel idea of wearing green hats bearing the names of the starting five players. The girl cheerleaders took over completely during the basketball months. After Patience Plummer, Barbara Sobek, and Meryl McCarthy graduated in January, Doris Rosenberg, Margot Rusch and Charlotte Click substituted very capably. Upholding the dependability of the cheerleaders, Joan Morace and Margot Rusch spent four dollars on a taxi to get to the Port- chester basketball game! In all, there were twenty-four regular and three assistant cheerleaders in action this year with Charlie Dee and Mary Ann DeCarlo acting as assistant captains. P066 Olfllfl fin? ROW 1: D. Werle, V. Marrone, S. Berger, J. Gillian, Mr. Oswald, ROW 2: L. Salzman, D. Craig, R. Butzburger, P. Mulaire, R. Stewart, ROW 3: R. Stevens, J. Koster, H. Washington Although success in CROSS COUNTRY this year might he termed only moderate, there were a few individual performances that stood out. James Gillian was the boy who led the Maroon to victory in its few victorious dual meets. However, in the Sectional Championships at the Rockefeller Estate in Tarrytown, Jay Koster pulled the biggest surprise. Koster had been coming along rapidly all year, and as can be shown by his improvement, he did better with each successive meet. lay, who had been flirting with the fourteen minute mark all year, shocked everyone by finishing seventeenth in the W.I.A.A., and then came on to move up to his fourteenth, in a field twice as large. In his successful venture in the Sectional, Koster even defeated James Gillian who was fifteenth. However, Gillian was hampered during the race because of a sore muscle in his leg. He had previously finished seventh in the W.I.A.A. meet. The third man for Davis all season long was Hank Washington. Washington, who used Cross Country as a conditioner for his specialty in Track, the 440, was twenty-seventh in the W.I.A.A., a big jump from 55th the preceding year. Others who were among the top for Davis were Ray Stewart and Lou Salzman. Salzman, incidentally, was Davis, individual winner in the first meet of the year. The competition was stronger this year than in any year in the past. Jerry Utter, of New Rochelle set a new county record, while more runners just got under thirteen minutes than at any time in the past. Returning next year will be Gillian and Koster along with Salzman and others in the second Eve. BREASTING THE TAPE 61 galefgaf VARSITY SCORES VARSITY ROW I: C. Shannon T. Ramsey, S. Uzzle, H. Bill ingham, L. Cerrone, R. Ten aglierg ROW 2: Mr. Halstead R. Blair, R. Enke, D. Huelfer, D. Brown: ROW 3: C. Frisch, J. Notorgiacomo, A. Good- son, R. Vinton JAY-VEE ROW I: Mr. Bucher, P. Morgul, R. Carucci, H. Holmes, D. Levitt: ROW 2: J. Gabriel, L. Brindisi, .I. Mc- Gee, K. Webster, D. DeFon- ce, J. DeNisco: ROW 3: H. Calderone, G. Potter, I. Her- ling, L. Altman, R. Maurno Home Away GORTON ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,..,.v, 3 4 DAVIS MAMARONECK .......... 35 DAVIS ............ 44 N- Y S- D ------------ -------- 4 8 Egg ---------'-- ROOSEVELT .....,.......... 34 DAVIS ...,.,..,,.. 36 YONKERS .......... ........ 4 5 ............ ROOSEVELT DAVIS-ummm PORTCHESTER .......... 37 DAVIS ............ 45 WHITE PLAINS ........,,,. 30 DAVIS .........,,. GORTON ....----...-- -------- 4 0 DAVIS ............ 37 NEW ROCHELLE .......... 46 DAVIS YQNKERS -q----V---- -------q 3 3 DAVIS '---------lA 29 MAMARONECK ........,,,, 39 DAVIS PORTCHESTER DAVIS WHITE PLAINS ............ 5I DAVIS .........,.. 28 EDISQN bvl,--,---q..--,-,-,-,,,,. 40 DAVIS .,,,,,,,,,,. NEW ROCI-IELLE .......... 57 DAVIS ............ 48 I Off to a blazing start the Davis BASKET- BALL TEAM slowed down at midseason, because of the loss of four players, but finished with an ll-5 record. Davis' early season spirit caused much controversy in the county as experts won- dered what a Maroon squad, with Ted Ramsey, Harvey Billingham, Dave Brown, and Roddy Tenaglier. would have fared against such out- standing teams as New Rochelle and Pelham. New Rochelle, the W.l.A.A. champions, beat Davis twice by about ten points due mainly to their overwhelming height, five boys over six feet three. However, height lead proved no prob- lem to the Halstead men earlier in the year as Billingham and Brown, both six feet three, held their own against even the taller boys, with Sam Uzzle. a six foot two and one-half sophomore, chipping in. To illustrate how important the loss of these four was, one has only to look at the figures. Davis accumulated a record of 7-0 before the January graduation and a 9-5 total afterwards. Wihite Plains, which had fallen victim to us 50-30 in the first encounter, defeated us by 23 points in the second meeting, a difference of 43 points. The leading scorer for Davis was Charley Shannon, a speedy forward, who racked up 157 points, an average of 9.8 points per game. Before Billingham graduated, he had averaged 13.6 points. Second highest scorer on the team was Lou Cerrone, the captain and play-maker. In the latter half of the season, Cerrone was the only regular who remained from the '48-949 team. In the all-county balloting at the end of the year, there was not a Davis man on the first team. However, Harvey Billingham and Ted Ramsey made the second team, despite playing only half the season. As a matter of fact, Billing- ham was only one vote shy of the first team. In the past, none of Coach Irv Halstead's teams have ever lost by more than ten points. However, there is always a first, and the first came in the second White Plains game. And was it decisive! Davis was in the ball game until Charley Shannon, Lou Cerrone and Sam Uzzle fouled out. Then, the Maroon completely fell apart and lost by 23 points. The following week Davis lost by 9 points to New Rochelle in a game that could well have ended by a 5 point margin, if the refs had called it a different way. Denny Huelfer hit with a set shot as the buzzer, ending the first half, sounded, but the refs disallowed it. However, when Jesse Arnelle, New Rochelle's all-W.l.A.A. center, tapped in a rebound as the game ended, the refs ruled it good. The Hilltoppers hit their stride in the final two games of the year, topping Portchester and then trouncing Edison. Lou Cerrone hit his two-year high as he piled up 21 points in the Edison game. When he fouled out in the final quarter, he received a tremendous ovation, just as Ramsey, Billingham, Brown and Tenaglier had, a month and a half earlier. The Maroon squad for 1951 seems to take on a bright air considering the fact that four of the five second half starters are returning. With Charley Shannon, Arthur Goodson, Sam Uzzle and Denny Huelfer, Buss Enke, and Herbie Herling all returning for the season, Coach Hal- stead will have a team to work around. Bud Blair and Joe Notargiocomo will have a half season, both being January graduates. The Jayvee, under the tutelage of Coach Gordon Bucher, had a mediocre season, winning eight games while losing the same number. How- ever, the team was very well balanced with many boys breaking into starting roles, and no indi- vidual standouts. After winning only one dual meet all season, the Davis SWIMMING TEAM surprised all by taking third place in the first annual WI.A.A. swimming championships. With Neil Sharpls first in the 200 yard freestyle, with the 160 yard relay team and Charlie Buehler, a 40 man, taking thirds, with the 180 yard medley relay and John Pittari in the diving, placing fourth, Davis earned 14 points, quite a distance behind New Rochelle and Mamaroneck, first and second, respectively, but, three and one half HEAD OVER HEELS? 64 wimming earn ROW 1: L. Saltzman, B. Rink, BOW 2: E. Knox, N. Sharp, B. Sussman, B. Smith, B. Goldstein, D. Wax- man, B. Sanderg ROW 3: J. Gottlieb, B. Ehret, F. Nasa- now, H. Syrkin, H. Fried, J. Pittari, C. Buehler, Mr. Min- erley. points ahead of Yonkers, the number four team and eleven more than Gorton. Neil Sharp's victory was, perhaps, the high- light of the whole season for the Maroon. Out for three weeks with measles, Sharp had previ- ously been beaten by Walt Leffler of New Rochelle and Charlie Treftzer of Mamaroneck. These three were seeded into the first heat. Leiller and Treftzer passed the 100 yard mark, neck and neck, with Neil about three yards behind. How- ever, Sharp began to pick up in the final sixty yards and caught the two at the beginning of the last lap. A11 three sprinted towards the finish line, but Neil won by about a half yard. Incidentally, Sharp started a mild epi- demic on the swimming squad, when he spread the measles to Frank Vener, a diver, and Bob Goldstein, a breast stroker. We hope that he started another epidemic by his victory in the WI.A.A. Coach Bob Minerley will have a solid nucleus to work around next year. With the loss of only four men through graduation, Charlie Buehler, Dick Babkin, Frank Nasanow, and Bob Goldstein, there will be twelve returnees from the sixteen boys now on the squad. With Bob Smith and Eddie Knox for the shorter distances, Neil Sharp and Harvey Fried in the 200, Dave Waxman and ,Ioe Gottlieb as breaststrokers, Hank Syrkin, Bob Sander and Bob Sussman for the back stroke, and John Pit- tari and Frank Vener in the diving, the compe- tition for new-comers on the swimming team will be strong. ROW' 1: L. Saltzman, M. Mendelson. R. Stewart. F. Falco. J. Fields. R. Blair. R. Paige, R. Mag- lioneg ROW 2: Mr. Os- wald. M. Barrett. C. Fields. J. Smith. R. Avers, B. Sonnnerville. J. Hayes. V. Pierce. R. Fieldsg ROW 3: D. Rogers. B. Valen- tine. .l. Yviskind. A. Mer- dingeo. J. Gillian. V. Ma- rone, H. Sklaver Finding consolation only in a few individ- ual performances, the Davis TRACK TEAM terminated their season by scoring only 8 points in the Sectional meet at White Plains. Our only markers came as a result of Frank Falco's thirds in the dashes and Paul Mulaire's fourth in the high jump. The track squad opened its season by suc- cessfully downing Portchester. However, they did not win another dual meet after that and finished seventh in the WI.A.A. No doubt the outstanding figure of the team last year was Falco who scored three straight doubles before being defeated in the Wil.A.A. meet. It is only fair to mention that he was handi- capped by a sore leg during the last few weeks. Paul Mulaire came into his own last year by establishing himself as one of the county's top high jumpers. Leaping five feet ten on two occasions and five feet eleven on one, Mulaire was one of Davis' few point scorers in both the WI.A.A. and Sectional. Hank Washington took advantage of his long stride to become one of WCStCl16Sl61',S better quarter milers as can be shown in his 51.9-440 against White Plains in a dual meet. Trying to run Lou Jones race in the Sectional kept him from attaining even greater heights. jane Bernie Hassell took third in the WI.A.A. mile, his only race of the year, while Tenaglier hit nineteen feet, seven and one half inches in the broad jump for the only other praiseworthy performances. HITTING THE TURN 65 I amify omega! B. Fava, S. Zellerg ROW 2: Z' ' W' Halstead, M. Stickle, L. Alt- man, C. Ehret, F. Ionata, C. Mahar, T. Panettieri, R. Again attesting to the fact that if it is a Halstead-coached team, it has to he good, the 1949 edition of the BASEBALL TEAM captured the western division of the W1I.A.A. only to lose to Mamaroneck High in the playoffs. Leading the well-halanced attack was a strong pitching staff headed hy Larry' Altman, Tony Panietteri and Charlie Ehret. Captain and sparkplug of the team, Teddy Ramsey, the shortstop, whose hatting average of more than .400 indicates his prowess at the plate, formed one of the county's top clouhle-play com- binations along with Pete Berland. Certainly not to he overlooked was the fine play of the Npicket linew, five-strong of Roosevelt 66 Smith Clfgdlee EM QAM! ROW l: J. DiPietro, W. Warren, W. Hauser, R. Tenaglier, L. Solomong ROW 2: Mr. Rothman, G. Frisch, G. Rohleder, M. Stickle, T. Puccillo Ramsey, Jim O'Brien, Tony Puccillo, Mandy Di Marino and Charlie Buehler. First hase and third hase developed into season-long battles, with Mannie Lauria and Carlton Flick fighting it out at first base while Bernie Fava and Bob Hruhsch had the same prohlem at third. The catching staff was another of Coach Halstead's bright spots with Richie Maurno and Boh Cimmino alternating the chores. Another team which ended a successful season was Coach Seymour Rothman's BASE- BALL JAY-VEE. Two years ago Rothman came up with Flick, Berland, Fava, Panettieri and Roosevelt Ramsey among others who made the varsity grade the next year. Last yearis logical choice was Morris Stickle, who registered 14 strikeouts in a six-inning game. ROW 1: V. Basnight, E. Lauria, R. Hruhsch, C. Flick, C. Buehler, P. Berland, T. Farewell, M. DeMarino, T. Washington, R. Washing- , ton, J. 0,Brien, T. Puccillo, 1 R. Cimminog ROW 3: Mr. Competing in TENNIS for the first time in over a decade, the Tennis Team was hardly prepared for the success which it met. Davis really proved to be the hig surprise ill the WI.A.A. Tennis League. Bowing, by only one point. to Mamaroneck and New Rochelle, the netmen copped second place in the League with four victories against two defeats. Consistently fine performances were turned in by the Davis doubles men. Chuck Potter and Mickey Meerbaum were undefeated in seven matches. while Artie Greenhouse and Dave Subotky were victorious in six of their seven engagements. Steady singles play was demon- strated hy Martin Creenstein and Mark Fried- man. Coached hy Dr. E. A. Novick, the Maroon established itself as a contender for WI.A.A. honors on the tennis court of Westchester with Meerhaum and Greenstein among those to return. One sport that is slowly creeping hack into Davis, athletic focus is GOLF. Led hy Coach Harry Collins, the squad practiced during the week at Vernon Hills Country Cluh. The season certainly could not he termed too successful, as the hoys won only one match all season, that played against Roosevelt High of Yonkers. The squad was eaptained hy .loe Feinberg, who was one of the low scorers along with Joe Camherato. Both boys shot in the low eighties. The matches were not decided by the medal scores, hut, instead, by match play. With two hoys from each team in one group, a point was scored hy the duo that won the most holes. In ease of tie the point was split. With one season already past history, the Davis Golfing team can look forward to better times. QW ROW 1: P. Colodny, R. Mich- ealson, R. Bernhachg ROW 2: J. Fein- berg, J. Annecelli, J. Fine, W. Tiger, M. Baten, J. Camberato, Mr. Collins ennifi ROW 1: M. Greenstein, R. Gold- stein, M. Meerhaumg ROW 2: M. Wolf, M. Friedman, D. Klein 'f Wzf if VM! Some of you may think that only the boys can have championship teams, but the girls of Davis know differently. For once upon a time the GIRLS' BASKETBALL team won six county championships in seven years! Up until the State Board at Albany abolished inter-school basket- ball in 1925, Davis was in a league called the Big Six, which included Yonkers, White Plains, New Rochelle, Mamaroneck, Portchester, and Davis. It was during the first half of the 20's when Miss Wight first came to Davis, that she quickly acquired the habit of turning out cham- pionship teams, except in 1923-24, when the team lost the crown by one game. How is that for thrills? Basketball is the oldest girls' sport at Davis and was being played 'way back in 1906 by the Nausicaa Basketball Club. ir 5 7 afefdaf BOW 1: M. Briglia, G. S1-hafbuch, B. Suchmang ROW 2: B. Weidt, C. Schaf- buch, M. 0,Hara, Miss Tay- lor, E. Lewis, B. Diehl After the inter-school games were abol- ished, the feminine athletes had to turn their talents to battling it out between the classes. Naturally, the seniors were expected to win these tournaments, as they were the oldest and most experienced. However, since events not always work out as expected, the seniors usually did not gallop off with the honors. This year, though, it was different, and, ably led by Gloria Schafbuch, the seniors did come out on top, boasting a clean slate of six victories and no defeats, with the two sophomore teams, Soph. 1, captained by Ann Pressman, and Soph. 2, led by Ann Huber, taking second and third places, respectively. 68 audicaa 56.6-1906 0 0 Uflfflnllfl Despite the closing of the pool because of the water shortage. the SNVlNlNllNC CLUB. advised by Miss Kcvlin. managed to get through with all its Junior Life Saving and other Red Cross tests. Since the organization of this sports ac- tivity in the early 1940's. the YMCA pool has been the scene of kicking and splashing every Tuesday afternoon during the school year. This year, the girls were divided into several groups, from be- ginners to accomplished water-bugs, and the pool was churning with activity as each mermaid prac- ticed faithfully her strokes or her dives. Thus these girls worked to develop into smooth and polished champions. .S?0Q86!66l! Something new has been added to the Davis girls' sports! Yes, SPEEDBALL, intro- duced to take the place of field hockey, proved an equally thrilling but less dangerous game. ,lust as in most of the other sports, there was a tournament in which five teams partici- pated-in this case, one senior-junior and four sophomore teams. However, the upperclassmen, led by Mildred U'Hara, were proclaimed Victor- ious, though much competition was provided by the four sophomore teams captained by Marion Frieary, Nancy Ulmstead, Lorene Knowles, and Elaine Simes. The future of speedball at Davis seems favorable, because of the season's success this ROW 1: J. Hoff man, B. Sturtevant, J. Gra ham, M. O,Hara, A. Prof- ke, C. Schafbuchg ROW 2: Miss Taylor, M. Briglia 0. Minklei, C. Schafhuch C. Emes, I. Marcus, C Jacoby year. ROW 1: P. Young, L. Daikeler, M. Bonnicce, R. Chihnik, ROW 2: B. MacMoran, P. Circelli, D. Wright, P. Peyser, E. B0- nano, E. Hoffman, ROW 31.1. Cardillo, D. Freeman, M. Affelder, N. Guernsey, C. Cornwell As SOFTBALL is one of the comparatively newer sports at Davis, the girls have not had a chalice for real inter-school competition since girls' track was discontinued in 1932. But Davis ball clubs went to bat as late as 1947 against several outside teams, including Rye, Edison, and Roosevelt. and sent teams to different play- days in Westchester county. The Softball tournament this year marked the end of the career of one member of a great sister duo. Jane O'Hara. She and her sister, Millie, had competed against each other in every sport, and since this year furnished Jane's last chance to beat Millie. it seemed probable that the former Senior 2 team would cop the flag. Millie, how- ROW' 1: E. Curtis. L. Coldfine, M. O'Hara, J. Faragog ROW' 2: C. Jacoby. M. Boehelen, N. Wosstroff, G. Schafbuch Even though VOLLEYBALL was the one sport that every girl can play in class, a surpris- ingly large number also turned out for the intra- mural games. Through the years there have been teams that have played other schools, but the present-day teams play only an interclass tourna- ment, and sometimes participate in the West- chester Girls' Athletic Association Playdays among the Big Six Teams-Yonkers, White Plains, New Rochelle, Mamaroneck, Portchester, and Davis. This year was Vol1eyball's best year in terms of turnout, and, of the six teams formed, Mildred Oil-1ara's Junior 2's came out victorious ROW 1: A. Katzenstein, L. Coldfine, L. Lubart, H. Schecter, D. Soccig ROW 2: J. Stone, B. Fee, A. Fried- man, J. Feld, Miss Taylor In the past, Davis had a successful history in the field of GIRLS' TENNIS, for Miss Taylor has been coaching winning tennis teams since 1927. Once upon a time the racquet-wielders played a full schedule including many of the top teams in Westchester County, but after 1935 they had to be content with playing a tournament each year among themselves, and perhaps one or two outside teams. BOW 1: O. Minklei, E. Lewis, A. Friedman, M. O,Hara, W. Gayles, D. Griffin, ROW 2': A. Zappala., M. Briglia, G. Schafbuch, V. Mann. J. Gayet, N. Phillips. V. Curran ling! i Soma! ever, had other ideas, and with her Junior 1 team, came through with a spotless record of five wins and no defeats. Jane had to be content with second place, finishing with four Wins and one loss. This definitely was not the Sophs' season, for the Senior 1 team, led by Irene Marcus, with a three and two record, ended in third place. W.,4..f by vanquishing the other five teams. Since Millie had a habit of winning, she won in this as well as in all other girls sports. Her teammates who gave her good support were Edwina Curtis, Judy Farago, Willie May Gayles, Lynn Goldfine, Carolyn Jacoby, Martha Roebelen, Gloria Schaf- buch, and Nancy Wostroff. Although the Junior 2's Won, they were given a rough time by the Junior 1's, under the leadership of Olga Minklei, and Senior 2's, cap- tained by Carol Emes, who placed 2nd and 3rd, respectively. These tournament results indicate strong Senior competition next year. ir if , .inlaid Last spring's tournament, managed by Nancy Wosstroff, was Won by Judy Stone, with Harriet Schecter taking runner-up position. ln the one inter-school match with Boose- velt, Davis succumbed 2-1, Barbara Fee being the only Davis Winner. Others on the team were Judy Stone and Carol Emes. 71 OVER THE TOP 6 THE ATHLETES "DIG IN" 7 HE FLIES THROUGH THE AIR 8 SIDELINE VIEW 9 AND HOW! E! 10 72 AWAY FOR A SCORE THE OLD FAST BALL SWIMMERS READY! CASEY AT THE BAT LIMBERING UP ROBERT KUEHNER R lgredialenf PATIENCE PLUMMER Mce-pre5iJenf anomaly Cfam gcem 74 BARBARA SOBEK .SZCl"e!aI'g WALTER CARLIN j'ea5MPef G ,-' 1 . ,rt i Y or qi VERA ALVERS We Dance Club WALLACE BAILEY Wally H.R. Rep., H.R. Vice-Pres.and Pres., Rifle Club IRA BEAL H.R. Vice-Pres., Our Town Club, Band, Orchestra, Debating Society, Astronomy Club HARVEY BILLINGHAM Bill National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, Varsity Basket- ball and Football, H.R. Pres. and Vice- Pres., Athletic Comm., Biology Club ANGELA BRINDISI Angel Swimming Club, Our Town Club, Chemistry Club, Volleyball, Swim- ming Team CARL BUCK Buck Maroon 81 White Ed. Staff, Publicity Comm., Rifle Club, Winner in Fire 31 Cancer Poster Con- tests BERNICE ANDERSON B zmnie Dance Club, .lunior Red Cross, Volley- ball, Basketball LEE BALTER One Year Honor, Hi-News and Ma- roon Sz White Pho- tographer, Swim- ming Club Sec., Chemistry Club, Camera Club, Pro- jection Club, Ad- vanced Science Croup,Railroad So- ciety ROBERT BELL Bob Two Year Honors, National Honor So- ciety, G.O. Pres., H.R. Pres., .lunior Red Cross Pres., Band and Publicity Committees MARJORIE BISHOP Marge H.R. Sec., Maroon 81 White Bus. Man- ager, Bookkeeping Sz Accounting Soci- ety, Volleyball, Swimming Club DAVID BROUT National Honor So- ciety, Two Year Honors, H.R. Vice- Pres., Astronomy Club, Debating So- ciety, Railroad So- ciety JACQUELINE BURWELL H.R. Adviser, C.O, Publicity C o m - mittee EUGENE ARONSON Gene H.R.Rep., Le Cercle Francais, H.R. Sec. and Vice-Pres. JACK BARNETT Tau Epsilon Pi, Na- tional Honor So- ciety, Hi-News Ed. Staff, Marshal, His- tory Club, Math Club, Our Town Club, Sans Souci, Debating Society CLAIRE BILFINCER One Year Honor, H.R.Sec.,Our Town Club, Marshal, El Ateneo, Astronomy Club, Dance Club HAROLD BOSSUNG Bos Astronomy Club, Golf Club, Stage Crew, Chemistry Club, Our Town Club, Bridge Club, Tennis Team .IOAN BRUNING National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, Marshal, Girls, Club, Chemistry Club, Bridge Club, Our Town Club, Basketball, Volley- ball BEATRICE CARIDEO Bee National Honor So- ciety, Two Year Honors, H.R. Rep., Hi-News Rep., Our Town Club, Dra- matic Society 75 M 'A"' T 5' . W1 W , V I -- ,.,. :f . 1 5 K k 3' 4- 2, V J J li .233 f 'l35fl72"7' ' ' 3 ' 2. ' iff? 5 V X5 Vkkk f. . ,ai .kk, E ttetl f ' S ,. I Q ' - J ff- ef? f if Z .' .. f- f7,q' he of- 'df 4 , ' ' Q , ,I 72,9 xi., mg, ,S f' ' , fab,-f Q.-fm f. . -V 4 ,:. ,txc,f.g. . -ie A 76 'ib- Q ,s Q V QW' f y X x 1 If WALTER CARLIN Walt Dramatic Society, National Thespians, Cheerleader Cap- tain, Dance Club GORDON CRANE Breezie National Honor So- ciety, Two Year Honors, H.R. Pres., Forecasters Pres., Our Town Club, Chemistry Club ANTHONY DEANGELIS Todo Hi-News Rep., Bookkeeping Club LYNETTE DONATT Red Hi-News Business Board, Girls' Club Volunteers, ,Junior Red Cross Rep., Dance Club, Our Town Club, Ac- counting Club EDWARD FELVER National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, Our Town Club, Sans Souci Vice- Pres. JAMES FIELDS Skippy H.R. Pres., G.O. Publicity Comm., Varsity Track, Hi- News Rep., Dance Club, Cross-Coun- try Team, School Interests Comm. Vice-Pres. KENNETH COLLINS National Honor So- ciety, Two Year Honors, El Ateneo, Junior Red Cross Rep., Cheerleader, Our Town Club, Forecasters JAMES CROCKETT Jimmy Dance Club ANGELINA DEBELLIS Lena El Ateneo, Our Town Club, Dance Club, Girls' Club Volunteers CAROL EMES One Year Honor, Maroon 81 White Bus. Board, Our Town Club, Bridge Club, Choir, Vol- leyball, Hockey, Basketball, Speed- ball, Baseball RUTH FERGUSON Ruthie H.R. Adviser, Our Town Club, Junior Red Cross, Service Club WALTER FLUHR Fletcher Two Year Honors, H.R. Rep. JOAN CRAIG H.R.Sec.,Our Town Club, Dance Club, Twirlers, Basket- ball and Volleyball Teams HAROLD CUNNINGHAM Railroad Society, Bookkeeping Club RONALD DEVENUTI H.R. Vice-Pres., Stamp Club, Our Town Club, Fore- casters MARILYN ENKE Red National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, Hi-News Rep., Marshal, Service Club, Twirlers, Our Town Club, Dance Club, Hockey FRANK FERRARO Moe Rifle Club, Varsity Football, F o ot b all Manager MARTIN F OLAN Marty H.R. Vice-Pres., Our Town Club hw- 5. - -21 ,. A g . ky-. ' a,.vAr-.gf Q Y I JOSEPH GARRETT Bobby Hi-News Rep., Hi- News Typist, Dance Club,Chorus,Track Team CAROL GLUECK Rifle Club, Maroon K White Reps Our Town Club, Astron- omy C l u b Sec., Dance Club, Service Club, Swimming Club CONSTANCE GRABER Connie H.R. Vice-Pres., Girls' Club, Our Town Club, Book- keeping St Account- ing Soc., Service Club NORMAN GRUSBY Norm Bridge Club, Fenc- ing Club, Debating Club HENRY HIRSCH Snapshot Tau Epsilon Pi, Hi- News Ed. Staff, Our Town Club, Forum Club, Camera Club Pres., Fen cin g Team, School Inter- est Publications DELORES HOLMAN Dee Choir Pres., Dance Club, Basketball ROBERT GEIST Bobby Tau Epsilon Pi, Camera Club, Our Town Club HELENE GOLDSTONE Hi-News Business Board, Alpha Tau Delta Vice-Pres., Swimming Club, Junior Red Cross Rep., Girls' Club, Our Town Club, Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball FRANCES GRECO H.R.Sec.,Our Town Club, Basketball LAUREL HARRIS National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Rep., H.R. Vice -Pres., Ou r T o w n C I u b, L e Cercle Francais, El Ateneo, History Club, Girls' Club, Basketball ALFRED HODGE PATRICIA HOOD Patrick Bookkeeping 81 Ac- counting Soc., Bas- ketball, Volleyball, Field Hockey Team RUTH GILBERG Band, Orchestra ARTHUR GOODRICH Goody Chorus Sec., Swim- ming Club, Rail- road Club Pres., Projection Club MARIA GROSSO Marie H.R. Vice-Pres., Sec., and Treas., Dance Club, Bas- ketball, Cheerlead- ers FLORENCE HENDERSON Flo .IOAN HOFFMANN Hoffy H.R. Vice-Pres., Twirler, G.O. Pub- lications NANCY HORINE National Honor So- ciety, Two Year Honors, El Ateneo, Our Town Club, Girl Marshals, His- tory Club, Recep- tionists, Field Hockey 77 S. JOYCE JELINEK Joy NANCY KIEDERER Nan One Year Honor, Our Town Club, Service Club ROBERT KUEHNER Bob National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Pres., G.0. Council Sec., Head Marshal, El Ateneo Pres., History Club Pres., G.O. Store General Manager, Math Club, Our Town Club JEAN LANE Lanie H.R. Rep. and Sec., E1Ateneo, Dance Club, Our Town Club MARILYN MANGANIELLO Our Town Club, Baseball, Volleyball MEYRL MCCARTI-IY One Year Honor, H.R. Rep., H.R. Sec., Vice-Pres. and Treas., Hi-News, Dramatic Society, Cheerleader, Girls' Club Volunteers, Receptionists, Bas- ketball BARBARA JONES Barby H.R. Vice-Pres., Ma roon Kc White Bus Board, Service Club, Dance Club JOHN KLENK Boy Marshals JOAN KUVER One Year Honor, H.R. Pres. and Sec., Girls' Club Volun- teers, Service Club Sec., H.R. Advisers, Athletic Honors LUCY LEONE Service Club DOLORES MANNA DeDe Two Year Honors, Service Club, Our Town Club, Base- ball, Volleyball GUSTAVE MERCANTI Gus Two-Year Honors MARCIA KALISH Marcy Our Town Club DOROTHY KOERNER Dot Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Vice-Pres., Astronomy Club Sec., Chemistry Club, Our Town Club, Dance Club, RiHe Club, Swim- ming Club ELEANOR LAN DIN O BERTHA LISKER Birdie Tau Epsilon Pi, Junior Red Cross, Marshal, Girls' Club Volunteers, H o c k - ey, Volleyball, Bas- ketball IRENE MARCUS Missy National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Pres., H.R. Rep., Hi-News Ed. Board, Junior Red Cross Vice-Pres., Our Town Club, Projection Club, Bridge Club, Bas- ketball NANCY MEYERHOFF Ducky One YearHonor, Maroon 81 White Ed. Board, Dance Club, Our Town Club, Service Club ALMA MILLER Al Alpha Tau Delta, Dance Club, Our Town Club, Girls' Club Volunteers, Receptionists JANET NIDES Jay National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Adviser, H.R. Pres., Junior Red Cross Pres., Girl Marshals, Our Town Club Vice- Pres., Swimming Club, Tennis ARTHUR OSTLUND Red H.R. Vice-Pres., Hi- News Rep., Foot- ball Team MARIE PALLADINO Re Junior Red Cross, Service Club Pres., Bookkeeping 81 AC- counting Soc. ROBERT PETRE Bob National Honor So- ciety, Two Year Honors, H.R. Pres., Maroon 81 White Ed. Staff, Junior Red Cross, Public- ity Comm. RALPH PIERSALL Wes National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, Head Marshal, Dramatic Society, Our Town Club, Projection Club, Forecasters, Band, Dots and Dashes JEAN MOORE Jeanie H.R. Adviser, Our Town Club, Le Cer- cle Francais, Bridge Club, Choir RAYMOND OAKLEY Ray One Year Honor, Boy Marshals, Chemistry Club, Adv. Science Club PHYLLIS PACCHIOLI Phyl H.R. Rep., H.R. Sec., Bookkeeping 81 Accounting Soc., Dance Club, Junior Red Cross Club, Service Club .IOSEPHINE PANETTIERI Service Club, Our Town Club RONALD PETRILLO Ronnie H.R. Rep., Our Town Club, Bridge Club, Bookkeeping 81 Accounting Soc. PATIENCE PLUMMER National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Advisers, H.R. Vice-Pres., G.O. Vice-Pres., Cheerleader, Girls' Athletic Comm., Our Town Club, Dramatic Society PAUL MULAIRE National Honor So- ciety, Two Year Honors, H.R. Rep., Maroon 8: White Ed. Staff. Publicity Comm., Track CORNELIUS O'KEEFE Corky Projection Club, Fencing Club, Track ALBERT PACKARD Al Junior Red Cross, Sans Souci Pres. GEORGE PEARSALL Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Vice-Pres., Railroad Society Vice-Pres.,Sec., and Treas. RICHARD PIELLI B miter-Ball Maroon Sz White Ed. Staff, Publicity Comm. Vice-Pres., .I.V. Football THEODORE RAMSEY Lou Varsity Football, Basketball, Base- ball, Athletic Com- mittees 79 ,. ". 3 Mk? , ' GERMAINE RATTE Gerry H.R. Rep., H.R. Sec. and Treas., Maroon 81 White Business Board, Sans Souci, Our Town Club, Chemistry Club DAVID ROGERS Chemistry Club, Chess Club, Track, Football PHILIPINA SANSONE Phil Tau Epsilon Pi, El Ateneo, Our Town Club, Dance Club MARGARET SCHROEDER Marge H.R. Sec., Maroon 81 White Business Board, Hockey, Baseball EDNA SHANNON Two Year Honors, Bookkeeping Club ELIZABETH SKERRITT Betty National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, G.O. Vice-Pres., H.R. Pres., Vice- Pres. and Sec., Our Town Club, Ma- roon Sz White Ed. Board, Hi-News Ed. Board, Sans Souci Sec. ANNETTE REINER Hi-News Rep., Hi- News Bus. Board BARBARA ROSENBAUM Bobbie H.R. Vice-Pres. and Sec., Alpha Tau Delta, Chorus, Our Town Club, Bridge Club, El Ateneo, Volleyball, Basket- ball, Swimming ROSEMARY SATRIALE Ro Choir, Twirler CHARLES SCHULZ Charlie Astronomy Club ROBERT SILBER Bob Two Year Honors, H.R. Rep., Maroon 81 White Ed. Staff, Publicity Comm., Dramatic Society ROLF SKOGLUND ARLENE RHIND Ar Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Advisers, Bas- ketball, B a s e b all, Volleyball, Hockey BETTY RUSSELL H.R. Vice-Pres. and Sec., Maroon 81 White Bus. Board Sec., Service Club ELISE SCHPIRO H.R. Advisers, H.R. Vice-Pres., Alpha Tau Delta, Public- ity Comm. Pres., El Ateneo HAROLD SCHWARTZ Tau Epsilon Pi, Maroon 81 White Co-Editor-in-Chief, Publications Com- mittee, Meteorology Cl u b S e c . a n d Treas., Advanced Science Club FRED SILVER Track ELIZABETH SKRABONJ Eliz H.R. Advisers, H.R. Pres. and Sec., Ma- roon Zlz White Bus. Board, Bookkeep- ing 81 Accounting Soc., Dance Club JAMES SMITH Smitty H.R. Vice-Pres., Boys' Athletic Comm., Football, Swimming, Track ANNE SQUEO Squeaky H.R. Advisers, Re- ceptionists, Maroon 8 White Business Board GERALD SUPEAU Jerry H.R. Pres., Vice- Pres., and Sec., .lun- ior Red Cross, In- tramural Basketball RODERICK TENAGLIER Roddy Boys' Athletic Comm. Treas., Var- sity Basketball, Baseball, and Foot- ball WILLIAM TIGER Bill H.R. Vice-Pres., History Club, Our Town Club, Dra- matic Society, Foot- ball, Golf BEVERLY WALLFESCH Bev National Honor So- ciety, H.R. Vice- Pres., Sec., and Treas., Maroon 81 White Bus. Board, Our Town Club BARBARA SOBEK Bobbie National Honor So- ciety, Two Year Honors, H.R. Reps., H.R. Pres, Maroon Sz White Business Board. Sans Souci Vice-Pres., Our Town Club, Cheer- leaders, Girls' Club Volunteers, Tennis NORMAN STRASBERG Hanrlsome One Year Honor, Debating Society, El Ateneo, Forum, Astronomy Club ELEANOR SUSKIND Hi-News Ed. Staff, Our Town Club, Stamp Club DOROTHY TERHUNE Dottie LOIS TRUE Lo HELEN WALTON F rencliee .lunior Red Cross Rep., Dance Club FLORENCE SOLOMON Flossie Two Year Honors, History Club, Pub- licity Comm., Our Town Club, Le Cer- cle Francais JOYCE SULLIVAN Sully H.R. Vice-Pres., Dance Club, Serv- ice Club, Basketball THOMAS TAYLOR Snookey RICHARD THOMAS Dick ELEANOR VEY , El H.R. Adviser, H.R. Vice-Pres., Hi-News Rep. MURRAY WEINER Mugsy H.R. Vice-Pres., El Ateneo, Our Town Club, Intramural Basketball a n d Football 81 mf,S' 'f,g' .m,h- i,fw5f 0 .-.. I6 r khk. K we J ,C QQQX X. , 1121eS,sQQ-'pf f as lv:-'fc Q, RN J 1" L-'. .S ' "b?c's-- Silfi' if mf f1iTf'....'s7-1.,z1 '- is E? ,X X 3 t 9 N 'N 361, x. fffg . X l 'E of Q K t ? x f FXQ.,Sw A X exawx t -Hola fs, ss, ,Wg 4 x it x 5' PAUL WISHENGRAD Wishy National Honor So- ciety, One Year Honor, H.R. Pres., Vice-Pres., and Sec., Our Town Club, Math Club, Biology Club, Chemistry Club, History Club, ,Junior Red Cross Rep., Basketball DONALD ZACHARIA Zachy Dance Club, Forum STUART ZILTZER Stu Two Year Honors, Marshal, Projection Club Brid e Club, JACK WISKIND Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Pres., Varsity Boxing, Track, Cross Country STANLEY ZELLER Chemistry Club, Our Town Club, Boy Marshals, Math Club, Forecasters, El Ateneo, Manager of Baseball and Basketball Teams ma , '--1,.i RUTH ARMOUR Band, Orchestra, History Club, Dra- matic Society, H.R. Advisers, First Year Honor FRED DOSCHER HENRY GREEN JANET LAFLECHE a g Swimming Team OTHER.GRADUATES DONALD CALABRESE ELAINE ESPOSITO El 'Ateneo, Twirlers, Basketball Team DAVID HEPBURN Band, Orchestra JOHN LAMBROSA BERNICE WOOLF B ern Two Year Honors, Service Club, Our Town Club WILLIAM ZELLEY Chemistry Club, Projection Club Pres., Swimming, Fencing PHYLLIS ZIPES Phil H.R. Pres. and Sec., Alpha Tau Delta, Sans Souci, Bridge Club, Dramatic So- ciety, Our Town Club, History Club, Dance Club BARBARA VIRGINIA TERREIZEEWELL CARBERRY CARUCCI MARJORIE ROGER WILLIAM FINKENTHAL FRAWLEY GORDON ROBERT ELLIOT WILLIAM JOHNSON JOSEPHSON KASMIRE Two Year Honors, Our Town, Camera, and Projection Clubs CLARISSA RODERICK GENE LEWIS MCLEOD MEYERS Dance Club, Base- Advanced Scien ce ball Team Club CLIFFORD STORMS fgreaivlenf JOAN BOGGI ,lice-10 refiialenf une Cfcwfi icem FRANCES IANUZZI .SZCl"6faI'g FRANK ARENA jfeaaurer 83 JANET ADAMS Two Year Honors, Junior Red Cross Bep., Our Town Club, E1 Ateneo, H.R. Advisers Pres., Choir Pres. PHYLLIS ALPER Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Pres. and Sec., Re ceptionists, Hi-News Business Board, E1 Ateneo, Sans Souci FRANK ARENA H.R.Vice-Pres..0ur Town Club, Chem- istry Club, Senior Class Treas. ARLENE AURISY Our Town Club, Bookkeeping and Accounting Soc., Basketball Team DONALD BAKER Don Tau Epsilon Pi, Boy Marshals, Chemistry Club FRANK BARKER lclulbocl Chemistry Club JOANNE M. ADAMS Hi-News Business Board,H.R.Sec.and Pres., El Ateneo, Our Town Club, Volleyball and Bas- ketball Teams THERESA ALTOBELLI Terrie Tau Epsilon Pi, Maroon and White Bus. Board, Book- keeping and Ac- counting Soc., Serv- ice Club ALICE AROUJO Al Maroon and White Bus. Board, Dance Club ROBERT BAEL Tau Epsilon Pi, Hi-News Editorial Board, Chemistry Club, Rifle Club, Bridge Club GERALDINE BALL Gerry Dance Club, Volley- ball Team MARTIN BARRETT Marty National Honor So- ciety Tau Epsilon Pi, G.O. Council, Hi-News Editorial Board, Boy Mar- shals, Lieut., Var- sity Football and Track Teams DOLORES AGOSTINO Dee Dance Club, Our Town Club, Service Club WILLIAM ANDERSON Bill Boxing Team, Rifle Club CONSTANCE ARRINGT ON BooBoo Volleyball Team FERNANDO BAENA Tau Epsilon Pi, Hi- News Editorial Board, El Ateneo Pres., Cercle Fran- cais, Projection Club, Boy Marshals, Biology Club, Bridge Club WALLACE BARD Wally Fencing Club Pres. and Treas., Fencing Club RENEE BASS Fencing Club Sec., Laboratory Assist- ant Q F A X - s ia? X0- ye 1 5 . ii-5, - .- 1 as , R t at 6' t 5? T .srxgf 665.5-,ffm ROBERT BELTON REGINA BERKOWITZ Reggie Bookkeeping and Accounting Soc.. Biology Club. Our Town Club, Swim- ming Club, Camera Club RICHARD BLAIR Dick Second Prize Can- cer Poster Contest, Maroon and White Ed. Staff and Bus. Board JOAN BOGGI National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Rep., H.R. Advisers, Our Town Club, Dance Club. Baseball, Basket- ball CAROLYN BOWER Taffi Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Rep., Maroon and White Ed. Board, Alpha Tau Delta, El Ateneo, Hi-News Business Board, Twirlers, Girls, Club Volun- teers, Bridge Club, Receptionists, Our Town Club KENNETH BRESKIN Kenny Tau Epsilon Pi, Maroon and White Ed. Board, Chess Club, Photography Club, Bridge Club, Our Town Club, Boy Marshals, Swimming Club HARRIET BENWITT Tau Epsilon Pi, Hi- News Assistant Bus. Manager, Hi-News Rep., Junior Red Cross Rep., Our Town Club, Sans Souci, Girls' Club Volunteers, Girl Marshals PETER BERLAND Pete Varsity Football and Baseball ROBERT BLAIR Buddy Boy Marshals, Var- sity Football and Track DOROTHY BOHLMANN Dot Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Secretary and Treas., Maroon and White Bus. Board, Our Town Club, Volleyball, Field Hockey .IACQUELINE BRANDWEIN Jackie Two year Honors, H.R. Rep., Girls, Club Volunteers, History Club, Our Town Club PHYLLIS BRIDGMAN Pete Choir FELICIA BERARDI Phil PHYLLIS BERMAN Girls' Club Volun- teers, H.R. Rep., Dance Club MARTIN BLENDERMANN Blendy Tau Epsilon Pi, Hi- News Rep., RiHe Club, Chemistry Club, Advanced Science Club,Stamp Club, Le Cercle Francais Sec., Orch. ELEANOR BONANO Bunny Hi-News Rep., .lun- ior Red Cross, Swimming Club JOHN BRADSHAW MADELINE BRIGLIA Dill Girls' Club Volun- teers, Our Town Club, Pubzlicity Comm., Baseball, Basketball, Speed- ball 85 ,- ,L V iw 3- VWI W 'Sheff' Y Qin" , " ' Qs.. M A Xi 86 WW 4 a t , 9 , X N X L ' 257 ' V' ft I ffifify 'K mf, ' K, ,jf ' Ulf' . , ' If 4 we w iv ADAM DAVID BRISH BROWN Our Town Club, South'ner Bndge Club- lv- Varsity Football Football and Basketball CARL RICHARD BUEHLER BUONICONTI Chuck Dick H.R. Vice-Pres., Varsity Football and Baseball ROBERT BUTZBERGER Bob Tau Epsilon Pi, Cross Country, Red Cross Rep. LAWRENCE CANTOR Chubby H.R. Vice-Pres., Meteorology Club, Biology Club, Dance Club REMO CASCONE Publicity C omm., Football, Track LUCIANO CERRONE Lou Varsity Basketball H.R. Secretary and Treasurer ELEANOR CALLAHAN Elly National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Rep., Our Town Club, Maroon a n d W h i t e E d. Board, Sans Souci Sec., Le Cercle Francais, History Club, Girls, Club Volunteers, Swim- ming Club CONCETTA CAPOSSELA Jetta Maroon St White Bus. Board, Serv- ice Club, Bookkeep- ing and Accounting Soc., Speedball ROBERT CAVALLUZZI Bob MARIE CHIARAVALOTTI Mickey Bridge Club, Our Town Club DOROTHY BROWN Dotty Tau Epsilon Pi, Maroon8LWhite Ed. Staff, Hi-New Bus. Board, El Anteneo, Our Town Club, Girls' Club Volun- teers, Hi-New Rep., Twirlers, Le Cercle Francais, Bridge Club EVELYN BURNS Honey Twirlers, Dance Club BESSIE CAN ELLOS Bess Hi-News Business Board, History Club, Our Town Club, Chemistry Club JANET CARDILLO National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, Our Town Club, Girls' Club Volun- teers, Chemistry Club, Twirlers, Swimming Club, Girl Marshals LOUIS CELENTANO Louie H.R. Vice-Pres., Maroon St White Ed. Board, Public- ity Comm. MAURICE CHILDS Chink National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, G.O. Pres., H.R. Sec., Our Town Club, Cheerlead- ers, Head Marshal, Debating Society up ,jg K ,ss X Q' X: A xx I -15 X Y' 1 its X l X X X Q, Q X X, rx A to X? TAX' X is ' ,Um . , K A .K .. c. f i' sf' A ' T v , EP .K -'-X HK ' 5 if X ai X ifgsi es- r X f VX t. R, X f XXX f X X VINCENT CIAMPI Cluzmpi Varsity F 0 ot b all, H.R. Vice-Pres. DOLORES CIOPPA Dory H.R. Sec., Book- keeping and Ac- counting Soc. MICHAEL COHN Tau Epsilon Pi, Hi-News Ed. Board, School Interests Comm. Chairman, Debating Club Vice-Pres. and Sec., Biology Club, Our Town Club PATRICIA CONDON Pat One Year Honor, Service Club GERALDINE CRAWFORD Gerry H.R. Adviser, H.R. Rep. for Maroon and White, Girls, Club Volunteers, Bridge Club GEORGE CRUTE One Year Honor, RiHe Club ANTOINETTE I CIARCIA Toni Service Club, Choir LEO CIRINO Our Town Club, Camera Club, Bridge Club BARBARA COLBERT Barb Tau Epsilon Pi, Hi-News Rep., H.R. Pres., Our Town Club, History Club, Bridge Club JOSEPH CONTE Ioe Our Town Club VINCENT CREMONESE Crem H.R. Pres., Our Town Club JAMES DEADY Doodles Varsity Football R C DOROTHY CIMMINO Dotty H.R. Pres., Alpha Tau Delta, Volley- ball Team, Girls' Club Volunteers, Bookkeeping and Accounting Soc., Service Club, Dance Club ALAN COHEN Tau Epsilon Pi, Maroon and White and Hi-News Photo- grapher, Chemistry Club Vice-Pres., Camera Club, Math Club, Bridge Club MILTON COLEMAN Bobbie Publicity Comm., Dance Club, Ma- roon and White Bus. Board VIRGINIA COPP Ginny National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Pres., Vice Pres. and Sec., Girl Council, Maroon and White Bus. Board, Our Town Club, Marshal, Serv- ice Club, Reception- ists ELIZABETH CRONIN Betty Hi-News Editorial Board, Maroon and White Literary Staff, Choir MARY ANN DECARLO Tiny Cheerleaders, Our Town Club 87 ANTHONY DeGUGLIELMO Tony Davis Public Ad- dress System RICHARD DILLON Dick Varsity Football DOROTHY DOW Dottie RITA DURKIN FLORENCE FAY Service Club, Cho- rus CERALDINE FERRARA Gerry E g ,QI Service Club FRANCIS DiCHIARA Frank Cheerleaders ARMANDO DiMARINO M andy H.R. Pres. and Vice-Pres., Varsity Football and Base- ball, Boys' Athletic Comm. HELEN DUFFICY Duliy Our Town Club SUSAN ELISEO LILLIAN FAZIO JAMES FINE .lim National Honor So- ciety, Two Year Honors, Projection Club Vice-Pres., Sec. and Treas., Forecasters, Chem- istry Club, Book- keeping and Ac- counting Soc., Golf BESSIE DIEHL B ess H.R. Rep., Our Town Club, Girl Marshals, Swim- ming Club, Basket- ball, Softball REGINA DOSHAY Regi National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, Our Town Club JOHN DUFFY Hombre RUTH FAIRSTEIN H.R. Rep., H.R. Ad- visers, H.R. Sec., Our Town Club, El Ateneo, Bridge Club, Swimming Club, Alpha Tau Delta, Service Club RUTH FELDMAN Ruthie Hi-News Business Board, Alpha Tau Delta, Astronomy Club, Our Town Club, Bridge Club, Receptionists HAROLD FINKELSTEIN Henny Chemistry Club, Our Town Club, .l.V. Basketball, Tennis ,L l ,M .I .y -5 ,. ' ' M - ,f MARIA FIORE Bookkeeping and Aocounting Soc., Service Club CHARLES FOLEY Chuck .Iunior Varsity Foot- ball and Baseball .IAMES FORGIONE Jim Swimming Team, Math Club, History Club, H.R. Pres. and Vice-Pres., Cheerleaders, ,lun- ior Varsity Football CAROL FRANKFORD Our Town Club, Biology Club, Bridge Club ESTELLE FRIEDMAN Our Town Club JACKQUELINE GAYET Our Town Club, Girls' Hockey Team, Twirlers, Baseball, Speedball, Volleyball FRED FISCHER Freddy Rifle Club Treas., and Range Omcer JANET FONTANA National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon, Pi, H.R. Vive-Pres., H i-N e w s Business Board Sec., Book- keeping and Ac- counting Soc., Girls, Club Volunteers. Service Club, Hock- ey Team MATTIE FOWLKES BETTY FREEDENBERG B. 1. Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Advisers, Hi- News Bus. Board, Our Town Club, Maroon and White Bus. Board, Girls, Club Volunteers, El Ateneo, Alpha Tau Delta, Girl Mar- shals, Reception- ists MARILYN FRIEDMAN Muff National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, Hi-News Bus. Board, Le Cercle Francais, Alpha Tau Delta, Our Town Club, Head Mar- shal, Girls, Club Volunteers RICHARD GEBHARDT Geb One Year Honor, H.R. Pres. and Vive- Pres. EDWARD FLYNN CAROL FORGIONE Cheerleaders JOAN FRACCIO Girls' Club Volun- teers, Our Town Club, Baseball ARLINE FRIEDMAN Tau Epsilon Pi, Hi-News Editorial Staff, Girls' Club Volunteers, Our Town Club, Twirl- ers, Tennis and Volleyball Teams, Swimming JOSHUA FURMAN Josh Tau Epsilon Pi, Ma- roon and White Co- Editor-in-Chief,Boy Marshals, Cercle Francais, Rifle Club Sec., Dramatic Soc., Stage Crew, Chem- istry Club PHYLLIS GELORMINO Our Town Club, H.R. Vice-Pres. and Sec., .Iunior Red Cross Rep., Service Club 89 X W g 4 X x me ,X - 4 6. ff .C X L.-Q x v- 1 90 Vie . - X . 4 . Q , fa- N iw , 'iw " 9 Q' Kiwi Vs' tl X! A ' M 211 , el: 1, mr in 12 5 , ' 1.4 --... wfirwi ,7g.,f3f. ft 5 . ' Vt,w.fysqg' . 4. f Av-.fs z, ' 4 64 Zf+3Ss'f'1,j' . ggi? ,ff:,j..'5 :'- .- - -f Im 'Z"'.. N .y - z,fii'i . 5'-ff, . . ' 0 's,',.f.'f.f .v - . ss-,f,:,f,v2 , y-.ff L!...,., . 4 ,A 4 mff,,' , -'v' X s p.' QXIEQ..- , "gt ,,,,, , 3 .IOAN GENNETT Johnnie Bridge Club, El Ateneo, Swim- ming Club CHARLOTTE GLICK Glick H.R Re. HR , p, . . Vice-Pres., Sec. and Treas., Dance Club, Our Town Club, Bookkeeping and Accounting Society, Volleyball JOYCE GOLDFINE National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, H,R, Rep., H.R. Sec., Maroon and White and Hi-News Bus. Boards, Hi- News Rep., Our Town Club, Girls' Club Volunteers, El Ateneo ROBERT GOLDSTEIN Bob Tau Epsilon Pi, Our Town Club, Varsity Tennis and Swimming, Hi-News Sports Editor, School Interests Comm., Debating Society. Forum, Marshal, Lieut., Maroon and White Sports Editor LILLIAN GREENBAUM Lolly Girls' Club Volun- teers. Our Town Club' MARIAN GUIDO Bookkeeping a n d Accounting Soc., Our Town Club LAWRENCE GILBERT Larry Fencing Club, Band, Projection Club, Our Town Club, Meteorology Club, Photography Club ADELE GOLDBERG Two Year Honors, Girls, Club Volun- teers, Our Town Club, Chorus LEO GOLDNER Tau Epsilon Pi, H.B. Rep., Hi-News Ed. Board, Boy Marshals, Forum Club Pres., Debat- ing Society, Meteor- ology Club Pres., Public Speaking Club MARLENE GOODMAN Cookie Tau Epsilon Pi, Hi-News Business Board, Girls' Club Volunteers, Alpha Tau Delta, Red Cross Club, Cercle Francais, Our Town Club DIANA GRIFFIN Tau Epsilon Pi, Baseball, Basket- ball, Tennis Teams, Sans Souci, History Club, Dramatic So- ciety, Fencing Club, H.R. Rep. CAROLYN HAMMAN H.R. Rep., Our Town Club, Dance Club, Publicity Comm., Volleyball, Basketball JOAN GILLIS Kitty Hi-News and Ma- roon and White Bus. Boards, Dra- matic Society, Our Town Club, Chor- us, Choir MARILYN GOLDBERG Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Advisers, Our Town Club, Alpha Tau Delta Vice- Pres., Girls, Club Volunteers, Bridge Club BURT GOLDSTEIN Two Year Honors, Stamp Club, Forum, Bridge Club, Photo- graphy Club ANN GRIECO Annie Our Town Club ANTHONY GUIDA Tony Tau Epsilon Pi, Our Town Club, H.R. Rep., Maroon and White Bus. Board, Our Town Club, Track Team, Bookkeeping and Accounting Soc. MARTIN HARRIS Marty Tau Epsilon Pi, Hi-News Editor-in- Chief, Chemistry Club, Bridge Club, Biology Club, Sans Souci, Boy Mar- shals, Band Uni- form Comm. K. ,Qc L 'QS RONA HARRIS National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, Debating So- ciety, Hi-News Makeup Editor, Cirl Marshals Vice-Pres. and Sec., Forum, Chemistry Club, Our Town Club, Bridge Club PATRICIA HEALEY Pat Junior Red Cross Rep., Alpha Tau Delta, Camera Club, Biology Club, As- tronomy Club, Our Town Club, Volley- ball and Baseball Teams. Alpha Tau Delta RONALD HERZBERG Ronnie Our Town Club, C a m e r a C l u b, Chemistry C l u b, Track Team FREDRIC HOFFMANN Fred National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Pres., Pro- jection Club Pres., Dramatic Society Vice-Pres., Stage Crew Manager MARILYN HOWARD Lynn H.R. Advisers, Band, El Ateneo, Orchestra, Swim- ming Club, Volley- ball MARCIA HUDES Marty National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Vice-Pres., Hi-News Rep., Hi- News Ed. Board, History Club Vice- Pres., Our Town Club, Bridge Club, Dramatic Club FRANCES HAUPTMAN Tau Epsilon Pi, Our Town Club, Cercle Francais, Alpha Tau Delta, Junior Red Cross, Girls, Club Volun- teers, Basketball Team FRED HERBISON Freddie Football and Track Teams, H.R. Vice- Pres. MONICA HESS Mickey National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, Our Town Club, History Club, Rifle Club, Junior Red Cross, Alpha Tau Delta, Swimming Club MIRIAM HOROWITZ Mim National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Rep., Our Town Club, Biol- ogy Club Pres., Dramatic Society, Receptionists, Swimming Team ELIZABETH HUBEL Choir, Alpha Tau Delta, Bridge Club FRIEDA HYMER Tau Epsilon Pi, Hi-News Business Board, Girl Mar- shals, El Ateneo, Gen. School Inter- ests Comm. Sec., Our Town Club, Dance Club JAMES HAYES Shifty Our Town Club, Boxing, Cross Country and Track Teams IRWIN HERLING H.R. Pres., Our Town Club, Bridge Club, Basketball and Baseball Teams MARY HJORTH Mimi Tau Epsilon Pi. H.R. Sec.-Treas. GAYLOR HOUSTOUN Chemistry Club, Projection Club ELIZABETH HUBNER Betty FRANCES IANNUZZI Fran National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Advisers, H,R. Vice-Pres., Dance Club, Serv- ice Club, Senior Class Sec. 91 1 ,Q SJ' or A L , 2 'D Y l ar X J j is , Za '26-V W 5 -r fi " ' .V f . Q f 5 'Q g f . , mgw l j, . f . , f 'Ma ' ,ca A ' -'L' a QQ ,"' 1 , . af , ' fin c A ' , -. is m,-, . . - ,L.L " gh ' R W. , . , L , -m,- . f ,. . c 1 . 4 .7 f "f- .ffff ' ,g,,v' q 3, . ' VV V V. an f ,.f,,., A VVKV ,,VLk L, K ,L V li -c Q r m A A 3 6 ft ','L', Vffil. ' 77 WM ,f ' il ? - ii' .ltr .f . 'U 92- ROBERT IVERS Tau Epsilon Pi, Maroon and White Art Editor, Rail- road Society, Boys' Athletic Comm., Baseball Team JOYCE JOHNSON Sonny One Year Honor, H.R. Rep., H.R. Pres., Sec. and Treas., Hi-News Rep., Debating So- ciety Sec., Bulletin Board Comm. ALAN KAHAN Al H.R. Vice-Pres., Bridge Club ALICE KATZENSTEIN Al National Honor So- ciety, Two Year Honors, H.R. Ad- visers, Hi-News Rep., Maroon and White and Hi-News Bus. Boards, Girls' Club Volunteers, Bridge Club Sec., Receptionists DAVID KING Dave JEAN KRISTAN Jeanne National Honor S0- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, Cheerlead- ers, H.R. Rep., H.R. Vice-Pres., Sec. and Treas., Girls' Club Volunteers, Alpha Tau Delta, Junior Red Cross JOSEPHINE JENNINGS Joan Maroon and White Bus. Board, Dance Club JANE JOHNSON H.R. Advisers, Our Town Club, Girls' Club Volunteers, Servive Club, Book- keeping and Ac- counting Soc., Hi- News Rep. RONALD KAPLAN Ronnie Photography Club BERNICE KELLY Hi-News Ed, Board, Our Town Club, Swimming Club DANIEL KLEIN Danny Tau Epsilon Pi, Hi-News Ed. Staff, Bridge Club, Boy Marshals, Projec- tion Club, Tennis Team BENITA KRONISH Bunny One Year Honor, H.R. Rep., Hi-News Bus. Board, Girl Marshals, History Club, Bridge Club, Our Town Club DOLORES JOACHIM Dee Our Town Club, .Band CLAIRBOURNNE JORDAN Clay ELISE KASSEL Two Year Honors, Alpha Tau Delta, Girls' Club Volun- teers, Bridge Club, Swimming Club, Our Town Club, Dramatic Society MARGARET KILLIAN Margie Receptionists, Al- pha Tau Delta, Swimming Club, Honorable Mention in Cancer Essay Contest VIRGINIA KLUNDER Ginny Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Rep., Hi-News Rep., Our Town Club CAROLINE LANGELLA Maroon and White Bus. Board, Dance Club xi X Q X .. XXX gf- gt? XXX? t ' Q s.,-sp., xc X X X X X . W K ss, ' his K X J X ...sc ...sry tc. .. wa X X - if is is X ,X X X xx X -s X, 5 sf Q X , . EMANUEL LAURIA Manny Varsity Baseball Team, H.R. Pres. and H.R. Vice-Pres., Dance Club ARTHUR LEMOS Tau Epsilon Pi, Orchestra Vice- Pres., Our Town Club, Camera Club, Sans Souci HELENE LEVY Lainie Tau Epsilon Pi, Our Town Club, Maroon and White Literary Staff, Hi- News Ed. and Bus. Staffs, Girl Mar- shals, H.R. Advis- ers, Alpha Tau Del- ta, Receptionists, Girls' Club Volun- teers, Forum PRISCILLA LIBBY Pris National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Sec., Swim- ming Team, Our Town Club, Ma- roon and White Associate Editor, History Club, Bas- ketball Team NORMAN LYNN National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, Hi-News Ass't.- News Ed., Chem- istry Club, History Club, Cercle Fran- cais, Bridge Club, Math Club ' GLADYS MCGOWAN Sunny Chemistry Club, Our Town Club, Biology Club, Base- ball and Volleyball Teams DALE LAYMAN Service Club SYLVIA LIEBGOLD Syl Our Town Club, El Ateneo EUNICE LEWIS Babs Baseball Team, Chemistry Club, Our Town Club, Alpha Tau Delta, Volleyball and Bas- ketball Teams ANGELA LILLO Dolly H.R. Sec., Choir MICHAEL MACCOBY Mickey National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, Hi-News News Ed., F o ru m Pres., Debating Club Pres., Our Town Club, History Club, Cross Country Team Mgr. DORIS MCGRUWDER Mac National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, Girls' Club Vol- unteers, Our Town Club, History Club, Baseball, Basket- ball and Volleyball Teams ROGER LEATON Two Year Honors, Basketball Mgr., Our Town Club, Boy Marshals DENISE LEVY Our Town Club MARY ELLEN LEWIS Lew H.R. Rep., Our Town Club, Serv- ice Club, A st ro n- omy Club LOUISE LOREN H.R. Sec. and Vice- Pres., Our Town Club KATHLEEN MCCAI-ION , Kathy National Honor S0- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, Our Town Club, Alpha Tau Delta, Twirlers, Girls' Club Volunteers, Bridge Club BARBARA MACMORAN I-I.R. Rep., Swim- ming Club 93 ALAN MCWHIRTER Mac Camera Club, Swimming Club Treas., Boy Mar- shals ROY MANN National Honor So- ciety. Tau Epsilon Pi, Hi-News Ed. Board, Boy Mar- shals, Our Town Club, Forum, De- bating Society, Bridge Club EILEEN MARGOLUIS Our Town Club, History Club,El Ateneo, Bridge Club, Volleyball BARBARA MARSHALL Bobby Our Town Club, Service Club, Book- keeping and Ac- counting Soc., Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball DOROTHY MENNIS Dot Swimming Club, Our Town Club CECILIA MICCIO National Honor So- ciety, Two Year Honors, H.R. Ad- visers, Our Town Club, History Club, Biology Club, El Ateneo, Girls' Club Volunteers, Book- keeping and Ac- counting Soc. ALICE MACY Tau Epsilon Pi, Hi- News Bus. Board, Bridge Club, His- tory Club, Our Town Club, Girl Marshals VIRGINIA MANN Ginnie H.R. Pres., Service Club, Band, Orches- tra, Baseball, Bas- ketball HARVEY MARKS H arv Two Year Honors, Hi-News Ed. Staff, Photography Club, Chess Club, Our Town Club, Meteor- ology Club, Bridge Club JOAN MARSTON Jo Our Town Club, Choir MILLICENT MEYER Millie One Year Honor, Bridge Club, H.R. Advisers, Girls, Club Volunteers, Alpha Tau Delta, Band ROBERT MICHALSON Mouse Golf Team, Basket- ball, Football and Baseball JOSEPH MANGANIELLO ALAN MARCUS Debating Society, Projection Club MORTON MARKS M orty Two Year Honors, H.R. Rep., Our Town Club, Fore- casters JENNIE MAZZULA Jay BARBARA MEYERS Bobbi National Honor So- ciety, Two Year Honors, Our Town Club, Dance Club, Girls' Club Volun- teers, Service Club, Twirlers ARLENE MILLER Ar Dance Club, Public- itv Comm., Service Club f,,ai3!Nw K ,V Q, as- 5 . ,, 15,3123 'Q f 'B r 1, tx . ,Q . H 5 ,. . . , ii "' 5 , ' 2 f ,Y CHARLENE MILLER Charlie Receptionists, O u r Town Club, Girl Marshals, Chorus RICHARD MINTON Mitty Chemistry Club, Boy Marshals, De- bating Soc., History Club MARJORIE MODERNO Margie H.R. Sec. and Vice- Pres.. Dance Club, Service Club, Book- keeping and Ac- counting Soc., Cheerleaders MARJORIE MURPHY H.R. Advisers, H.R. Vice-Pres. and Sec., Dance Club, Our Town Club, Basket- ball, Volleyball ANNE NORDONE H.R. Vice-Pres., Ma- roon and White Bus. Board, Book- keeping and Ac- counting Soc., Hockey, Softball, Volleyball BARBARA ORNER Bobbi National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, Hi-News Rep., Alpha Tau Delta, Our Town Club, Girls' Club Volun- teers, El Ateneo, Dramatic Society, Bridge Club MARION MILLER Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Vice-Pres., Le Cercle Francais, Our Town Club, Receptionists, Dra- matic Society, Girls' Club Volunteers. B rid g e Club, Girl Marshals BARBARA MINTZ Pepper Junior Red Cross, Bridge Club, Bas- ketball JOAN MORACE Ioanie National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Pres., Sec. and Treas., Our Town Club, Dra- matic Society, H.R. Advisers, Twirlers, Cheerleaders, Base- ball FRANKLIN NASANOW Frank Tau Epsilon Pi, Swimming Club Pres., Camera Club, Fencing Club Sec., Biology Club, Chess Club, Projection Club JUNE OHMAN Red Cross Rep., Bookkeeping and Accounting Soc., Service Club AVIVA OSTROWSKY Vi National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Sec., Sans Souci, E1Ateneo, Our Town Club, Receptionists, Dra- matic Society, Girls, Club Volunteers, Girl Marshals ANITA MINCELLO Chic H.R. Rep., H.R. Sec. and Treas., Maroon and White Bus. Board FLORENCE MISTURE Flo-Flo Dance Club STEPHEN MORGENSTERN Steve National Honor S0- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, Maroon 81 White Lit. Stali, Hi-News Ed. Staff, School In- terests Comm.Pres., Boy Marshals, His- tory Club Treas., Forum Pres. RUTH NEIDENBERG Two Year Honors, Hi-News Rep., Girls' Club Volun- teers, Cercle Fran- cais, Our Town Club RUSSELL OLSEN Cro ss Country, Track SORELLA OSTROWSKY Sandy National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Sec., Our Town Club, Maroon and White Literary Staff, El Ateneo Sec., Alpha Tau Delta, Orchestra 95 -mwazzr - X Eslilhshi ..,,k Q ,. ., 1 ki 96 RONALD PACCHIANA National Honor So- ciety, Railroad So- ciety, Chemistry Club, Forecasters, Camera Club, Fenc- ing Club, Our Town Club AKTIS PAPACHRISTOU Nikki Choir LEON PELTZ Tau Epsilon Pi, Boy Marshals, Chemistry Club, El Ateneo VINCENT PEZZULLO Vinny Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Vice-Pres., Basketball and Football Interclass Teams NATALIE PICCIRILLI H.R. Rep., Maroon and White Bus. Board THEODORE PIZZARELLO National Honor So- ciety, Two Year Honors, Boy Mar- shals, Music Comm., Band, Orchestra ALMETA PAGE Meta Volleyball a n cl Baseball Teams ELEANOR PAUL One Year Honor, Service Club, Girls, Club Volunteers, Red Cross Club NICHOLAS PERILLI Nick VERNON PHARIS Vf G Forecasters VINTON PIERCE Junior Varsity Foot- ball, Varsity Track a n d Swimming, Fencing Club, RiHe Club ANTHONY POLESE Tony RICHARD PAIGE VarsityFootbal1 and Track Teams, Boy Marshals CAROL PECKHAM National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Vice-Pres., Our Town Club, History Club, Hi- News Cartoonist, Swimming Club, Volleyball Team NILS PETERSON Two Year Honors, H.R.Reps.,Boy Marshals AUDREY PHELPS Maroon and White Bus. Board, Chorus, B o 0 k k e e p i n g an cl Accounting Soc., D an c e Club, Basketball and Vol- leyball Teams ROSE PINTO Girls' Club Volun- teers, Our Town Club BERNARD POSNER Our Town Club, Forecasters, Fenc- ing Club 4 fg- -rssf R S, X , S Q' - .A st K mm K, -xe- is X ar Wxxs X v X XXX A' 'Xtwsf'- .IO ANN POSNER Jo Tau Epsilon Pi, Girl Marshals, Our Toxin Club. Hi- News Bus. Board. Bridge Club, Girls' Club Volunteers. History Club. Cer- cle Francais, Alpha Tau Delta, Recep- tionists RITA PUCILLO RICHARD RABKIN Dick National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, Varsity Swim- ming, Dramatic So- ciety Pres., Projec- tion Club ELIZABETH RICHARDSON Betty MARY ROBINSON Junior Red Cross Rep. CARL ROSENBLAD Bookkeeping and Accounting Soc., H.R. Pres., Railroad Club, Stamp Club, Bas- ketball Team HOPE PROSSER Our Town Club, Choir, Girl Mar- shals. Maroon and White Literary Staff CHRISTINE PUTNEY Chorus, Our Town Club SHEILA RAINESS ' Sandy Dramatic So ciety, Our Town Club, Bridge Club DOROTHY RING Dance Club, Our Town Club GORDON ROBERTSON Robby MICHAEL ROSSI Mike Varsity Football TEMPLE PROSSER Tau Epsilon Pi, Chemistry Club, Our Town Club, GirlMarshals,Choir SHERRY RABBINO National Honor S0- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Rep., H.R. Advisers, H.R. Pres., Maroon and White and Hi-News Bus Boards, Cercle Francais Pres., Dra- matic Society Sec. JOAN RAYMOND Aggie Choir, Chorus, H.R. Sec-Treas. and Vice- Pres., Hi-News Rep., Maroon and White Bus. Board, Stamp Club, Our Town Club, Book- keeping and Ac- counting Soc. IDA ROBINSON Robbie National Honor S0- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Advisers, Junior Red Cross, Swimming Club, Cheerleaders, Dance Club,Chorus EDWARD ROSEN B o o k k e e p i n g and Accounting Soc., Bridge Club BARBARA RUSSILLO Bobbie B 0 o k k e e p i n g a n d Accounting Soc., Dance Club 97 2 ,, gs., .gy 'i,Z,, up I vw or :RY . 2 -...Rf " 'r ax , Amir., L MQW ., ,, ,V f 5 Y r r ANITA SALIOLA H.R. Vice-Pres, HARRIET SCHECHTER Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Advisers, Hi- News Bus. Board, Girls, Club Volun- teers,Vice-Pres., Dramatic Society, Twirlers, Tennis, Basketball DONALD SCI-IINDEL Don Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R.Sec.,Our Town Club, Publicity Comm., Forum, Bi- ology Club ELAINE SCHONDORF Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Rep., Girls' Club Volunteers, History Club Treas., Alpha Tau Delta Sec., Sans Souci, Girl Marshals, Our Town Club, Recep- tionist, Basketball, Baseball RICHARD SEIBERT Rick H.R. Rep., Our Town Club, Rail- road Club, Book- keeping and Ac- counting Soc., B rid g e Club, Ma- roon and White Ad- vertising Mgr. DOUGLAS SMITH Boy Marshals X PAUL SCAGNELLI Scag National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Pres., Boy Marshals, Rifle Club, Our Town Club, Boxing Team HERBERT SCHEIBNER Herb Projection Club, Football, Boxing T e a m , Swimming, Track BABETTE SCHNEER June National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Rep., Dra- matic Society Sec. ROBERT SCHRIMMER Bob Two Year Honors, History Club, .lun- ior Red Cross, Chemistry Club, .LV Football, Bas- ketball SUE SELMAN One Year Honor, Maroon and White Bus. Board, Alpha Tau Delta, Swim- ming Club, Tennis Club, Bridge Club, Astronomy Club, Basketball Team, Bulletin B o ar d Comm. GRACE SODERBERG KATHARINE SCANLON Kay Maroon and White Bus. Board, Our Town Club, Girl Marshals, Stamp Club, Alpha Tau Delta, Bookkeeping an d Accounting Soc., Camera Club, Volleyball STANLEY SCHILLINGER Stan H.R. Rep., Railroad Club, Maroon and White Bus. Board, B o o k k e e p i n g a n d Accounting Soc. ALBERTA SCHNEIDER Boots H.R. Vice-Pres., Our Town Club, Girls' Club Volun- teers, Choir, Junior Red Cross AARON SCHWARTZ Two Year Honors, Chess Team, Fenc- ing Club Pres., Bridge Club, Fore- casters, Sans Souci, Photography Club, Forum, Advanced Science Club ANN SILVER Two Year Honors, H.R. Rep., Choir, Our Town Club, Dance Club, Twirl- ers, Music Comm. GLORIA SOULES Junior Red Cross, Choir, Chorus SSS 4 we QQ-,af IQEg:j! vi is fl Si fs: 've Gif: 5:3 , I . I I .. is . . , Q K, i 'fig . Ja i :ii ' if f- .err-fa 5557 iyii FRANK SPICCIATI .lunior Varsity Foot- ball Te am, Boy Marshals LOUISE SPITZ National Honor So- ciety, Two Year Honors, Hi-News Bus. Board, Alpha Tau Delta, Our Town Club, History Club, Girls' Club Volunteers, El Ateneo, Reception- ists FRED ' SQUEO Football Team MORRIS STICKLE Baseball Team GERSON SUBOTKY Gus Tau Epsilon Pi, Tennis Team Mgr., Maroon and White Bus. Board, Our Town Club, Projec- tion Club MARGUERITE TERRACCIANO Terry H.R. Vice-Pres. and S e c ., Bookkeeping an d Accounting Soc, Service Club SHIRLEY SPICKLER Shirl H.R.Sec.and Treas., El Ateneo, Our Town Club, History Club GEORGE SPOLL One Year Honor, Cercle Francais Pres., Boy Marshals Sec,, Projection Club .IEANNE STEIGER H.R. Reps., Book- keeping and Ac- counting Soc., Our Town Club, Service Club CLIFFORD STORMS CMH National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, G.O. Council, Our Town Club Pres., Publicity Comm., Dance Comm., Tennis Team, H.R. Rep., Marshals Lieut., Senior Class Pres. JOYCE SURTES Tau Epsilon Pi, Choir, H.R. Ad- visers ESPE T ERZAKIS National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, Maroon and White Literary Staff, Sans Souci, Cercle Francais, Bridge Club, H.R. Pres. WILLIAM SPIEGEL Football Team Mgr., H.R. Presi- dent LISBETH SPRINZ Liz Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R.Sec.,Our Town Club, Maroon and White Literary Staff, Hi-News Bus. Board, Girls' Club Volunteers, Cercle Francais, Girl Mar- shals, Alpha Tau Delta, Bridge Club RAYMOND STEWART Ray H.R. Pres. and Vice- Pres., Varsity Cross Country, School In- terests Comm., .lun- ior Red Cross, Fenc- ing Club SYDNEY SUBIT Syd Two Year Honors, Hi-News Rep., Our Town Club, Hi- News Bus. Board, Maroon and White Literary Staff, Astronomy Club, Alpha Tau Delta, Basketball and Vol- leyball Teams NINA TABASSO Ni H.R. Sec., Maroon and White Bus. B o a 1' d, Bookkeep- ing and Accounting Soc. NORMA TIBERG One Year Honor, Maroon and White Bus. Board, Service Club, Bookkeeping a n d Accounting Soc. 99 ' x W if ry, , V.-f- 4 X 'X My 'R ' Ama as 2 f f Y , 2 , fy - 13 , w if MARY JANE TIERNEY JANE TULLO Janie Service Club, Jun- ior Red Cross Rep., Bookkeeping a n d Accounting Soc. BEN VALENTINE Track and Football Teams ROBERT VINTON Bob Varsity Basketball, H.R. Pres., Our Town Club, Hi- News Rep. T ALLULAH WARM Tooclles National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, Maroon and White and Hi-News Literary Staffs, Our Town Club, Bridge Club, Cercle Francais, Biology Club, Girls' Club Volunteers, Essay Contest Winlier LOIS WEINBERG Lo Two Year Honors, Our Town Club, Junior Red Cross, El Ateneo, Maroon and White Bus. Board, H.R. Sec. .IUDITH TRISTER IRIS USDAN I Hi-News. Bus. Board, H.R. Rep., Our Town Club, H.R. Advisers, Alpha Tau Delta DONALD VAN COOK Duck KENNETH WALTHER Ken H.R. Rep. DONALD WEBSTER .LV Football, Boy Marshals, Junior Red Cross Rep. MARCELYN WERBER Marcy H.R. Advisers, Our Town Club, Bridge Club, Camera Club, Hi -Ne w s Editorial Staff CYNTHIA TUCCILLO Cyn National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, H.R. Pres. and Vice-Pres., Alpha Tau Delta, Sans Souci, Swimming Club,Volleyball Team, Our Town Club, Girls, Club Volunteers PEGGY VAGTS Peg Maroon and White Bus. Board, Service Club, Dance Club, Girls' Club Volun- teers, Swimming Club, Cheerleaders MARIA VILANOVA Secretary El Ateneo LAWRENCE WALTHER Larry H.R. Rep., Dra- matic Society, Pub- licity Comm. THOMAS WEIL Hi-News Bus. Mgr., H.R. Vice-Pres., Band, Orchestra, Our Town Club, Forum, Bridge Club, Biology Club, History Club, Ten. nis Team RAYMOND WHITE Ray Cheerleaders, Swimming Team MARYLYNNE WIEGAND Chemistry Club, Our Town Club, Girls' Club Volun- tee1's,VolleybaIl and Basketball X Teams CHESTER WOLF Chet Tau Epsilon Pi, Projection Club, Hi-News Editorial Staff, H.R. Pres. RHODA YASWEN Band, Girls' Club Volunteers, Chorus, Alpha Tau Delta JANE ZAMBELLI ,ik 6 H.R. Sec. and Vice- Pres., Junior Red Y N' Cross, Bookkeeping and Accounting So- ciety, Girls, Club, Dance Club, Speed- JOYCE WILKINS Joy Dance Club, Base- ball Team JACK WOOLF Two Year Honors, EI Ateneo, History Club, Hi-News Cir- culation Mgr., Rifle Club, Bridge Club, Boy Marshals, Chemistry Club ELINOR YAVELOW Ellie Tau Epsilon Pi, Hi- News Editorial Board, Our Town Club, H.R. Rep., Receptionists, Sans Souci, El Ateneo, Bridge Club, Biol- ogy Club MARGARET ZAMBRANO Margie Hockey Team, Our Town Club, Tennis Club, El Ateneo, Bridge Club, Girls, iii, Q, ball and Volleyball 'clfrii-5 .Y.-, '1, ' Y-1'- Teams OTHER GRADUATES Club, Biology Club NORMA WILLIAMS Sherry Dance Club, Base- ball and Volleyball Teams EDITH WUEST Edie B o o k k e e p i n g and Accounting Soc. DONALD ZALE National Honor So- ciety, Tau Epsilon Pi, Chess Team, De- bating Society, Band, Orchestra, Choir CAROLIN ZUCKER Our Town Club, Receptionists, Biol- ogy Club, Stamp Club, History Club, Bridge Club, H.R. Rep. GLADYS ANNA ANTHONY SAUL LEATRICE MILLER O,BRIEN PANETTIERI PEPPIS SANDLER VarsityFootball and Choir, H.R. Rep., Basketball H.R. Sec. WARREN MARGARET JOSEPH ARTHUR THOMAS SULLIVAN SUTCLIFFE TANNO TRAGER WALSH THOMAS MARTIN WHITFIELD WOLF Chess Team, Bridge Club 101 ,gpotnfmen EOL of llbof Bring pen and information . . . Program cards to be filled out tomorrow . . . Get Dad's business phone . . . Speak with Ralph Piersall and Bob Kuehner . . . Find out about trip to Empire Boys, State . . . Meet new teachers . . . Mr. Randall, Miss Pettit, and Mr. Free . . . Become acquainted with new sophs . . . Ask about all-soph rooms . . . Check results of Iowa State Tests taken last year . . . Solicit ads for Band Drive . . . Goal of 34000 dollars . . . Reward: New band uniforms . . . OCTOBER Pack picnic lunch . . . Sophomore and Advisers picnic . . . Buy supplies at School Store tomorrow . . . Don't get caught short again . . . Pick up pack of paper Friday . . . Talk with .loan Boggi on her attendance at American Legion Girls' State . . . Check with history teacher on 3300 Essay Contest Topic: uWhat are my individual responsibilities under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights", Sponsored by Rotary Club . . . Get tagged . . . Collect for Tag Day, Help in Band Uniform Drive . . . Put aside 3.30, ticket for Davis-White Plains Game QP.S. We lost 25-7D . . . Vote for Morace, Carlin, Dee, and DeCarlo as new head cheerleaders . . . NOVEMBER Attend Band Concert for Hospital Fund Drive . . . Davis and Edison get-together in choir . . . See Freedom Train fWrite Essay on "Visit to Freedom Trainw, Prize of 325 to be givenj . . . Watch for split atoms fRod McLeod received permit to build a cyclotron here at Davisj . . . Get prepared fParents coming for Conference Nightj . . . List questions for college reps fThirty-three schools will send someone to talkl . . . Donate to Red Cross . . . Congratulate Sam Uzzle CFirst soph class president in recent yearsj . . . Review list of National Honor Society's new members . . . Buy new book Uosh Furman edits book, Teen-age consultant to Lantern Pressj . . . Miss Young publishes book 6'Forgotten Patriot-Robert Morrisw, Proud to have author for a teacher . . . .lohn Yack, Jr., and Robere Petre win Art Prizes . . . See Davis beat Edison at Football Saturday . . . Speak with Leo Goldner and Norman Lynn fwinners in History Contestl . . . Attend football dance the nineteenth . . . Vote for Hope Herman for new Football Queen . . . WE BEAT NEW ROCHELLE 20-12, only team to score against her, Overwhelming Spirit . . . Congratulate Marcia Hudes and Steve Morgenstern for 310 won in Senior Extemporaneous Speaking Contest . . . Hope for good weather over Thanksgiving vacation . . . DECEMBER Excused 8:30 A.M. sharp QGO down to City Hall, Our Town amd Day, Cliff Storms, Mayor! . . . Annual Christmas Assembly the 21st, Brush up voice, Caroling in halls Wednesday . . . Leave school to see 6'Hamlet,', Oh that Laurence Olivier! . . . Bring 3.60 for ticket to '4Smilin' Throughng Morace, Carlin, Silber, Rabkin are terrif- . . . Do homework! . . . Prepare for first Senior Day fCarlin, Principal! . . . Say good-bye to 3525 LHelene Levy wins Freedom Train eontestl . . . Chink Childs new G.O. President . . . Patience Plummer enters D.A.R. Contest . . . Band Uniform Drive reaches goal . . . Get washed with Swan Soap-Bring wrappers to school fCake of soap sent to Europe for every wrapper received! . . . JANUARY S300 to Tallulah Warm, 95150 to Dave Rogers, 3575 to Babette Schneer tWinners in Constitution Contest! . . . Congrats to Steve Morgenstern-Wvins honorable mention in Westing- house Science Talent Search . . . Don't forget Prom Jan. 26- Come help decorate gym . . . Only two regents-Leaves 4 days free-Buy ticket for MCarmeni' at Met . . . Mr. Searle honored-25 years of service to Hi-Y . . . Get to Wood Audi- torium for Graduation . . . Meet Cyrus-Exchange student from Iran . . . FEBRUARY Polish up Norwegian Accent-Tryout for part in "I Remem- ber Mama" . . . Get hep-Music in 109 during sixth lunch- bring records for phonographs . . . Seniors choose officers -Cliff Storms, President . . . Shake hands with Marvin Martin-Semifinalist in P.A.L. Bouts . . . MARCH Solve mystery-What's the secret tune-Pll bet on 6'Rag Mop" . . . Buy Bandfest ticket H3355 . . . Practice pronouncing the name of Supri Prakob Santisukh, guest from Siam . . . Gladys McGowan joins staff of periodical . . . Study! Scholar- ship Exams Monday and Tuesday . . . Study! College Boards . . . Count days to vacation . . . APRIL Hide books from fifth through seventeenth . . . Easter's here . . . D.S. plays in MI Remember Mama" . . . Davis baseball opens season with game against Gorton . . . MAY Be courteous! ! Davis holds Courtesy Week . . . Choose school officers-G.O. Convention on 17th-Election 19th . . . Retake College Boards . . . Regents and Graduation are coming . . . Attend Westchester Track Relays . . . Watch Band Parade on 4th Avenue . . . JUNE Pray for sunny day-outdoor awards assembly on Howard Field . . . Musical Festival coming . . . Work up appetite for Honor Dinner . . . Study! Regents almost here . . . Get a date-Senior Prom next week . . . Congratulate myself!! Graduation tomorrow-at last! A02 Ao af .mazda MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BEST ATHLETES BEST MUSICIANS BOB BELL PATIENCE TED RAMSEY CAROL EMES TED REGI DOSHAY PLUMMER PIZZARELLO BEST DANCERS ' BEST LOOKING BEST ARTISTS BOB SILBER CHARLOTTE MANDY BOBBI SOBEK PAUL MULAIRE BEV WALFESCH GLICK DIMARINO . BIGGEST RAH-RAH'S WALTER CARLIN KSHEIK of I920'sj JOAN MORACE QVAMP of I920'sJ FAVORITE MEETING PLACE NOW THEN . ITCHUMS ITCHUMS DAVIS' GREATEST NEED NOW THEN NEW SCHOOL NEW SCHOOL Q FAVORITE SUBJECT NOW THEN HISTORY ENGLISH FAVORITE SPORT NOW THEN FOOTBALL FOOTBALL OTHER FAVORITES TEACHER LUNCH ROOM DISH POP PHILLIPS MILK RADIO HOUR TELEVISION HOUR LUX RADIO THEATRE MILTON BERLE 104 u 7 .gznzor 5 CLPQLUQ To the soft shadowed memories that creep from the past, The past that is Davis High, Young, striving footsteps that cannot be aged Though a century passes by . . . And the words that are now from the lips of today, The games, and the dates, and the fun, For today is the pausing of Time's steady hand Till twenty-four hours are done . . . To the glow of the future that touches us now And the hint of uncertain change, As eagerly, steadily, onward we go Though the answer be whispered and strange . . . To the past, and the now, and the future in full We dedicate our goodbye, Knowing weire leaving a part of our hearts In leaving Davis High! BETTY CRONIN '50 r- O Graziano, John .fdfumni gow fem Abelman, Arthur Abelman, Cecil Affelder, Taylor F. Anchin, Norma Atwood, Wa1'ner Augustine, Peter, Jr. Avery, George Barrett, Mrs. Helen K. Ozmon Bergmann, Beatrice B. Bishop, Mrs. Mildred Babcock Bishop, William H. Blasie, Carmella Pucillo Block, Ruth Branca, Alfred Branca, John Branca, Paul Branca, Ralph Breden, Gloria Brindisi, Mrs. Susie Gasparrino Brower, Alice V. Brown, Mrs. Margaret Fagerstrom Burton, David Chant, Mrs. Jessica Antonelli Cheney, Mrs. Marion Hills Childs, June P. Cornell, Mrs. Isabel Stewart Costello, Betty D. Covello, Barbara Thomas Dein, Mrs. Florence Childs De Simone, Ottilie E. Doles, Rev. Shelton E. Doyle, Russell C. Drew, Mrs. Frances Lipps Emes, Edward L., Jr. Engesser, Mrs. Dorothy Shepperd Fava, Bernard Formicola, Albert A. Formicola, Mrs. Yolanda Di Marzo Frank, Charles Burton Frank, Mrs. May Burton Franzese, Josephine Pucillo Freedman, Eugene Freedman, Monroe Gentilesco, Gracemarie Giacco, Marie A. Gizzo, Carmella Graziano, Mrs. Frances De Raffele Gust, Mrs. Mary Russell Haddon, Carita CVM June 1939 June 1933 June 1923 January 1943 January 1944 January 1944 June June June June June June 1921 1915 1948 1925 1925 1933 January 1948 January 1947 January 1943 January 1946 June 1943 June 1948 June 1926 June 1910 June 1930 June 1915 June 1946 June 1915 June 1946 June 1931 January 1946 January 1938 January 1939 June 1944 January 1949 June 1928 June 1913 June 1946 June 1925 June 1949 January 1943 January 1943 January 1943 June 1918 .January 1943 January 1949 January 1946 June 1948 June 1947 .June 1949 .June 1937 June 1933 January 1946 June 1945 Knoepke, William L. ALUMNI BOOSTERS AND THEIR GRADUATING CLASSES Heeley, Mrs. Rayella Boyd Heinz, W. C. Hensle, Charles, Jr. Henssel, Doris A. Hessel, Mrs. Renee Miller Heydecker, Mrs. Ethel Cochrane Heydecker, Wayne D. Hoffmann, Wialter H. Hufnagel, Frederick F. Hunter, Rev. Richard D. Johnston, Joan Patricia Jones, Mrs. Wilriia Davenport Katzenstein, Miles Katzenstein, Walter Kaufer, Veronica B. Kelly, Hugh J. Kelly, William A. Kevis, Charles E. Knoepke, Mrs. Marjorie Wilson Koepper, George C. Kroll, Joan C. Krumwiede, Carolyn Krumwiede, Henry George Leggat, Harry F., Jr. Mayer, Hildegarde A. Mazza, Peter A. Melinsky, Margaret C. Miller, Arthur Miller, H. Irvine Mudell, Gloria Murch, Mrs. Catherine Ross Odell, Georgia Orner, Ruth A. Parker, Paul Parker, Paul, Jr. Pendleton, Joanne M. Perkins, Gorden Phelps, Ruth Pierce, Mrs. Violet Vinton Posner, Mrs. Gertrude Lieberman Posner, Reuben K. Pucillo, Dusolina Pucillo, Emilio Pucillo, Louis Reynolds, Mrs. Marjorie Taylor Rhoades, Carolyn Riedinger, Louise E. Roberts, Mrs. Sally Burton Robinson, Mrs. Hope Buist June 1925 June 1933 June 1918 June 1947 June 1946 June 1907 June 1907 January 1948 June 1927 June 1939 January 1946 January 1939 June 1917 June 1947 June 1941 January 1922 January 1929 .January 1938 June 1921 June 1917 June 1946 June 1948 June 1928 January 1937 June 1941 June 1947 .lune 1926 June 1947 June 1945 January 1929 June 1944 January 1941 June 1912 June 1947 June 1914 June 1940 January 1948 June 1949 June 1926 June 1926 .June 1927 June 1922 January 1939 .June 1947 June 1940 June 1915 June 1946 June 1926 June 1923 June 1941 ALUMNI BOOSTERS AND THEIR GRADUATING CLASSES Robinson, Joy Ann Rogers, Elizabeth Willson Ross Arthur Ross, Jessie Rouget, Arline Ruscher, Harold, Jr. Sanford, Mrs. Emily Freeman Sanford, Lloyd Schrammel, Mrs. Caroline Smith Schrier, Mrs. Mildred Reyman Schrull, Augusta Helen Schwartz, Mrs. Mildred Steinberg Sclafani, Josephine Nordone Seldon, Mrs. Beatryce Gray Shute, Terese L. Singer, Joan R. Smith, Lucille A. Softy, Betty Spruck, Lillian Steinberg, Mrs. Ruth Levy Steinman, Mrs. Doris Knoepke Stempel, Ernest E. Storms, Mrs. Gene Pertak Storms, Harold B. Subit, Mrs. Florence Lidz Subotky, David Sundermann, Herbert F. Swallow, Mrs. Ruth Bassett Swanson, Gloria L. Tattershall, Edward S. Taylor, Muriel Thomas, John H., Jr. Tiberg, Betty E. Vicario, John Vettorino, Emilio Victore, Mrs. Marjorie Schulz von Dendriescli, Mrs. Doris Phelps Voorhees, Mrs. Myra Anderson Walter, Katharine Dean Walter, Kenneth R. Watson, Mrs. Muriel Haight Weidt, R. Mariana Westfall, Oliver A. Winsheimer, Rita Wintjen, Harold A. Wishengrad, Mrs. Ruth Goldman Yack, John L. Zeitvogel, Fred J. Zitte1l, Warren E. June 1949 January 1945 June 1921 January 1923 June 1940 June 1946 June 1925 June 1922 June 1946 June 1921 June 1935 January 1947 January 1942 January 1946 June 1947 January 1947 June 1949 January 1948 January 1948 June 1924 June 1944 June 1934 June 1921 June 1915 June 1923 June 1949 June 1933 June 1932 January 1945 June 1940 June 1919 June 1941 June 1946 June 1940 June 1939 January 1946 January 1921 January 1944 June 1919 .lune 1916 June 1920 June 194-7 June 1921 June 1949 June 1909 June 1922 June 1949 June 1949 January 1945 fWe appreciate this fine support given to us by the above alumni. Time did not permit us to contact the many other loyal alumni of our school.j The following pages of ADVERTISEMENTS form a very real and vital part of this 50th Anniversary Edition of our Yearbook. We appreciate this part that our Business Friends have played in helping us make this truly a fine publication. We urge our readers seriously to consider these products and services as described on these pages. v -.-. .......-.-.... .-... . .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.E.T.Tc.X.T.-.-j- .T.?.-i .TT ? - ----... N N r i r ,1 f L. H S n , EH? w Qi 5? i iiiirl r as f 'A ,El T, s is 5 XXl-iQ j'-lg XxX.xLL " V li,,','Mff,j" f"" ,,", N f '11 X, ls M ill like lfrfllla ll N 1' ,f r21'l 1 ---A"' , ' 'l ll X X s -A--'-. "1'A' lf' 7 ' Mila 'il'iWlilLffixll'i .g .'.,-- f 3-A-af ,.'1 1 U A Wlffif l7lll5xwwlllllli'f'ficClfifll'QikTifriWXX535XS --'A"'q .'V"' A if ZI' 3? -AVV , Wll flflflll ' , M31 lf5iXllff5Qi'5Q SY IN R LS f r ' ' i riri r 'N W f ' ' Mi N , ii , r ff4il1 .'W . X 1 f f l FN as llii , f f 1 X lxwwlyymrxwxl 3MRgy,iwQ.JxQxi Xgl fw kwa!! 'lkllliixll wYIlll'll,M!iM by 3,.3,i-vXX3xQ.,ii,XM x - V rlil '1' elif 1 fl ' ' ' fl i' llwiff Xxllwllllwllv + l l 5 r A1', H , Q ,Rm p l V V Qld, Q rlHlalllllrlliilililllluiilillllllllmmllllllilillllls xl. is 1 , s r Q 1 p E, lwam 61 Usher Againa, i ' 1 uw X. 'WL' Q E EXi'i:f'fiESyXl,fl U f - U I4 .N Appl A familiar and reassuring slogan Al fx :Ukm ,Ql 7 - . :HF FAMILIAR...17ECd14S6 it has appeared in Q ml '.,x V. A vfl ' i , w xn- , ff film a , , I lj ' ' - thousands of the countrys finest year- 'Q 1 e4'e l .Q so ' gl 'gh 17 11 f tb p tb If f . s I 1 Rllsisjugxlzojbgiaul' tizeellfiears of S M! 90 .ir j x specialized experience bring complete S HL j,'l l llMJ service, outstanding quality and de- N W'fL'v'l llllullllik lii Q- Q' 1' A . N f 4WZ,WW,m,i,1ll,Ry,rl-j ll R 1,59 .ffifg f A ti, l pendable deliuefyto tbeyearbookstaffs, 7 fwfrlispgwill , , 1 will wffb whom we wk. lg ffllrffli ri'l K VU ic,s.. ' mul, l sff ' Z + I. lk pf fwizmW?1zgfwjClQli limi, l i We , T JAHN 5. omsn 1sNc1zAv1Nc co. g li 5, lf, lllll sw ve. Washington Blvd. E ul is W iff! C'Wg"7"""mf' V 0 1 f ' .Vw Aiw a-SSQTF , X -. ' lrl illl ll Wm lille l .. ,. .. . .. .. .. ., ., .. .. ,, .. .. , .. .. .. ., W .. sz:g f--V zzzzzzz- -:rsh -A 22- -- -2- H -' --fu -- +- -- Q -- --------W Congratulations Io The Class of I95O ancl a sincere wish Io each of you that Tomorrow will fulfill every promise of 'roday . .. DAVIS HOME AND SCHOOL ASSOCIATION QNIQB Printed By BENTON REVIEW PUB Incorporated Fowler, Ind. CSXRQ 9 WESTCHESTER and CONNECTICUT Le 'I jean Sardzfzz PGRTRAITS record ALL the importont events in your lite QOH? Qgfidodf 0i0f'Cdj0A6'C JEAN SARDOU STUDIO At G nung's i Mount Vernon ri-iERE's REAL SHOPPING COMFORT AT Your A 84 P SUPER MARKET A 8g P Policy. . .The highest quoliry of The lowest prices possible every cloy of The week. llllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 'U'l'l"'l'U'l"""" 1879 1950 FENNELL'S Home Furnishings of Enduring Choiroicrer, Quolify cmd Croffmonship For Seventy-One Yeors 110 Fourth Ave. Mt- Vernon, N- Y- H IHHI'lnHHHIHIIIHHIIIHH Illrllllnlllllnllllllullllnllnllllnullllnllllllllllluln llllllu ll f SUMMER TERM STARTS JULY 5 I If going to college, take an in- tensive personal-use shorthand and typewriting' course. 0 If a student in the business de- partment of the high school, perhaps you could advan- tageously take a review course, or work for still higher stand- ards. O If planning a full-length course in preparation for a career in business, start July 5 and get . an early start. l Come to the school office, and let's talk it over. Regents approved courses right here in Mount Vernon. MOUNT VERNON SCHOOL OF BUSINESS MOunt Vernon 8-9488 W. W. Renshaw 44 South Fourth Avenue T900 - T950 T863 - 1950 50 years goes back a long Ways in the history of our city but just think when the school started, Burr Davis Sz Son was already a going concern 36 years old. We have all come a long Way since then. Proud We are of our Alma Mater and proud we are of our record of cour- teous service under the management of one family. Burr Davis, G. O. President, Oct. 1915 - March 1916. BURR DAVIS 8K SON,Inc. FUNERAL DIRECTORS' 15 Fourth Avenue, Mount Vernon, N. Y. ull I lllullllnnnulnlulllllnlllnlllnullln BRODBECK'S . . . Headquarters for all your favorite RECORDS Pianos Musical Instruments Phonographs Radios BRODBECK'S "A Notable Name in Music for Over Fifty Years" 61 Fourth Avenue 65 Pondfield Road Mount Vernon Bronxville 115 ITCHUM'S ' BERKELE ' If ff M- wnlrs PLAINS, New Yonx NJ 22P Sn ct St I- 0 - 80 Grand Sfreel whire Plains 9-8454 New York I7. 420 Lexingto A 01 , .gk 'Q Easi Orange, , ru e Q A Prepare now for apre ' " ferred secretarial position Berkeley - trained secre taries are associated with a. wide variety of business or- ganizations. Courses for high- school graduates and college women. Distinguished faculty. Effective placement serv e. Cat- alogue. Write Assistant D rector Terms: Feb., July Sep? BEN GORDON JEWELER 4 South 4 Avenue OFFICIAL CLASS JEWELER Soda cmd Homework Polrlor Congratulates all Who made itand Will not accept the responsibihty for those Who didn't - - - "Toast to your success with one of our famous Cherry Ginger AIG drinksv GREETINGS FROM A WELL - WISHER EDW. W. STORMS Paint Satisfaction Since 1886 111 Fourth Ave. Mt. Vernon 4-8000 Prott 81 Lombert 81 Devoe Points - Dupont Distributor lllllnn nllunlnnlnluulnllnulnnnnnnlulnl llllllluullu Phones: MO. 8-8616 - 9639 aqawie of Qlaafevzfi Quality Flowers R. K. O. Proctor Building MOUNT VERNON, N. Y. llulnllllluInlllulnnllllllllluulnlIlullllnlnuluulnlluxn lnllnxlluulluuIIllIullunIlunIulIIllIlurullInunu1lllulnlllunlllunn Grolmotoln Stoltionery 530 Grarnatan Avenue MT. VERNON, N. Y. CIGARS - TOYS GREETING CARDS SCHOOL SUPPLIES llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllunllnllllnllnllllullnnlurnnnu CAMERA CRAFT, Inc. 4 Gramatan Avenue Mount Vernon, N. Y. MOunt Vernon 8-4649 lnlnllnullllllllllllll IIllIllllullIInlullllullllllllllllll llllllllllnllnnnnnlllllnullllnullllunlllululllnuullllllllllllll THE S. K. SMITH COMPANY Producers of 4'Mo1loy Made" Covers 2857 North Western Avenue CHICAGO 18, ILLINOIS Designing and planning of the 1950 Maroon Kz White Cover executed by our New York Office 52 Vanderbilt Avenue NEW YORK 17, NEW YORK nnInnnnullnulunulllnlnnulllllunuunlununulnunuxluluunllu InlunullnullllnulnullnulnInlunnnllunlllnllnlnullllullll DOROTHY STEIN SHOPS Inc. 24 South Fourth Avenue MOUNT VERNON, NEW YORK MOunt Vernon'8-1148 nnlllllllullllllllunllul ullllluulllnllll nnunnuuulullunllu Ilu1ullullI:nulllllullllllnllllll Opticians Silversmiths MEYERS 8a SON Oldest FIQWQIGFS In Mount Established Vernon CX Stanley Meyers John S. Meyers Tel. MOunt Vernon 8-6143 7 Graniatan Avenue - Opposite Proctor's MOUNT VERNON, N. Y. 117 Monnn Vennnn M196 Al 8g Mike's Stationery CHARLU KNIT sHoP Free Knitting Instructions 37 Putnam Street Lu Benzinger, Prop., 209 Gramatan Ave. MOUNT VERNON, N- Y- MOUNT VERNON, N. Y. 2 MOunt Vernon 7-9173 llllllnllnln llllllllll IIT lnlllllllllll nlInIullIllllnnlllllluulllllllllulllulllnnlnllunllllllllllnllIIllllnllllllllllnnlun Dorothea Pharmacy gKWCSfCl76SfCf,S Original Cul Rate Snopn 58 Fourth Avenue MO. 8-7171 Mt. Vernon, N- Y- Free Delivery .ADL f09lf'6l,l0A5 Accounting Club .... Administrators .,.... Advanced Science ..,.. Advertisements t,t,. Alpha Tau Delta .,....t Autographs .i.,.se. Band ....,..,..,.v Baseball e,,s.,, Basketball ..,... Biology ........Y.7,,,,,.....,. Board of Education... Boosters ...,,.i........,....o Boy Marshals .7.,,........ Jlmfla PAGE 27 ........8-10 22 .........110 52 .........119 39 62 ,... .. 23 o.,...., .107 Boys' Athletic Comm .......... ...... 1 7 Bridge ......................... Camera ............ Cercle Francais .. Cheerleaders .. Chemistry ........ Chess ............ Chou' ................ Chorus ............... Cross Country ....... Dance Feature Davis Hi-News ....... Debating ............. Dedication ............. Dots and Dashes ........ Dramatic Society ...... Dr. Spalding ...... E1 Ateneo ........ Faculty .........,.---------g 32 31 24 60 22 32 36 36 61 54 42 33 4 47 51 ......8-9 24 ..........11-14 Faculty IHf01'IIl3lS ,---'--- --------- 1 5 Fencing ..............---- Football ................ Football Queen ........ Forecasters ...........- Foreword ........... Girl Marshals ..... 120 31 58 60 23 5 45 Girls' Girls' Girls' Girls Girls Girls' Athletic Comm ......... ------- PAGE 17 Basketball ............ -----'- 6 8 Club Volunteers Softball ......... Girls' Girls' Swimming ..... Speedball ....... Tennis ........ Volleyball ..... G.O. Council .......... Golf 52 70 69 69 70 70 16 67 History Club ............... ....... 2 6 History of School ......... ....... 1 9 H.R. Advlsers ........... H.R. Reps .......... January Officers ....... January Seniors ....... J une Officers ...... June Seniors ........ Junior Red Cross ..... 46 46 74 75 83 84 52 Maroon and White ....... ,.,.,,. 4 1 National Honor Soc ....... ....... 4 9 National Thespians ...,. ,-,,-,, 5 1 Our Town Club .......... Popularity Poll ........... 29 ..........105 Projection ......,,...,,.,,,,,,... ---.-q- 3 0 Public Speaking Club ...,,.,, q----q- 2 6 Railroad ...............,...,,,, Receptionists ..... RiHe Sans Souci ......... Service Club ....... Stamp Club .......... Swimming Team ...... Tau Epsilon Pi ...... Track ............. Twirlers .. 33 47 30 25 27 33 64 48 tm VQFN lmwi 4. 'i . ,-. V ,I fi Y , , i wp,1,. X -?!,"."'5n,f7 ,hwy gg Y . m qv - Xe. A QW!-. t h fi? gg-,J a .fvvwf .Yagi M Q b A 43345. N A Y ,V . . w 1f'i!', 1,36 Q F .. 191 X , wywxa 'Q ul: Q, in ' 5.-A 'Q' . ,Fw .'-sf' ff fb. s 75 A -'-ff, gf-Z' f - X 5,4 Vt , .. E ff.: ., l 1 U. J F ,QW,- cz. Q 4 x Vi.. ' M EA1 K - g W r , 2 Elf, 4 'Y s"0 ' I f L , ,,L..,-. . -- wk. . x " 'wif' T ', - ' :r9?ff F '9 2 v 5? Y glgiknaf ' 11,2 - 'FM ' Q E , FY: I ' 1 W ,-M39 ,i Lx i 1 F Q 3 W 50 E, 2 P if E rv S- i 3 E sf f E ix 5 u. fl 5 E' 2 .K Ae xg ,. if Xe S. ii 5. is ,J F L Ei E I 'E 3 is v E f' 3 n 4 H a fi Ei 5

Suggestions in the A B Davis High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Mount Vernon, NY) collection:

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1950, pg 17

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