A B Davis High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Mount Vernon, NY)

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A B Davis High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Mount Vernon, NY) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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f H M 2 f if ,Q 5 3 3 'I ,sk t'f"'1Mf1-Mnqrw -awp ' , K 3 N is an . ' ug up 4 51 X1-2 sy 4 pi 4 ' : 3 3 MQ A 'JA-Q g ig' 5 H MA NVHQ ,- -- - Q-1 X 1 - ': '.- .a ff I! ff 'D 'rf' 1 ' , . '1'.1Z:'.-. 'rf-x 7! X ' ."'.13E ::3g. ' gf s -. - .53 i COPYRIGHT 1946 DOROTHY CALABRESE ROBERT LEON Editors-in-Chief DOLORES SHAMAN SYLVIA HABTLIN Business Managers DAVIS HIGH SCHOOL IL MAROON AN WHITE if if if SEi.rOLHars:ES MOUNT VERNON, NEXV YORK Wg w. Njx . iq, X' my , KK. 1 ' 36.35 b. V' . -,TL -my 'wx Wh 1 w A- ' X . Mtg .1 v T., Vx. X P.: 5 ,mum 1 . . QQ-ix v 'ibm u s Nxt , 'W lk 1 . " 43 1' FQ . , K' ,',, .. N Wm- ,4 - .-', - - ww ' N""'i-K -M fan A XL.: ww , , ,e - m X nl! 'QA Wqexsfm X v. X gm S A "Vw . N ,W Qi. "HF B D X S 3. -Mi 5 l if 5, If 153 . 33, x ig dit- , Q-xv ' A sf x gi .x . x . - .X 'K 'x if iff 7 IL. 4" In ge-yknl , .. 0 WN' I Q f in .."v" 1' ,'.r ,. I Q I x fl . W ip,- , W. ,..'X x " " 27 ' ff' L' ' ff: L - ' " ,M MSX- .fs it ', 4. x , X G' av x 4 , f 1 In 'N an ff f ew 1 Q A Z 'P f , M ' , W x A WW' , , 1 W Q f -' 1 mam . " f sw., Www f f I ,"'- Q ' if ' X f , 1, A Af www ' . cs! ,iffy x h fu ,, uhx , -K E , 6, X QM ' X' 6 . V V ' 'V " www f xii, S fb- W ' ' 1 if 1. ' v 4' ww 'M I-X' af 1' 3- Q Q' 1 Q X KX 4 fs. N 3 f ' " .v J, . a ' 'ff xl 5' ffnf"??Hf a 9 ,, NA , V, 2 'sg , ' , . x ' , 'K x . n- u . xg-:,.. gf- ve. A -A U x 4' ' ww, x Q, . - N , ,CM ' , , f 78 L'-x fx , A flu.. ,c ' . x. Y, if , yn.: . 4 AL V W M., 5- . u'- . -I X Q , ,N A . A 'WC' -Ye' , ' - ,I , if ' ' WJ' f' V ' f A :- gd ' ' , Q wtf! fu, WM' f W! X- Q DEDICATIO The carefree days of childhood are almost past, leaving us only many coveted memories. Every tree and flower, every building and familiar landmark with which we were happily associated during those developing years, will always he a treasured part of each poignant recollection. And so We, who have heen graduated this year, dedicate our hook to our beloved town and high school. . PUBLXC af X :ju nu FOREWORD VVhen in future fears we lonv for the comforting rotection and 5' O D O P the happy .days of hlgh school, let us open to thls page and travel backward lnto tlme. Let If be a handmalden to memory, a maglc carpet to carry us back to Mount Vernon and our youth. Perhaps we may even recapture for a moment those pleasant days, and then we shall have succeeded .in our purpose, for, though a happy day passes, we may treasure 1fS memory hke a precxous jewel, and for all that our school and town have done for us, we shall be eternally grateful. May the next pages, in a humble way, show our gratitude to Davls and Mount Vernon. "Backward, turn hack-ward, O Time, in your flight, Make me az child again just for tonight!" ELIZABETH AKERs ALLEN from "Roch Me To Sleepv YOUTH MOLDERS 'k if ir if ir if NR l i MISS RHODES all familiar with the Way an able sculptor takes raw material and chisels lifelike characters, and how an artist creates various objects with his brush or crayon. Few of us realize, however, that in a similar manner, the head of our Board of Education aids in the molding of our characters during our formative school years. By training and experience, Miss Rhodes has been a capable and well qualified leader. Through her careful preparations and purpose- ful endeavors, we students have been well informed and instructed. She has led in the improvement of teaching methods by combining the best from leading educational centers. Miss Rhodes has proved herself to be most capable and zeal ' helping us improve durinff YVe are ous in S our school years. VV gratitudet, hi ' " e can show our o t is progressive leader by becoming what she has prepared us for - the better citizens of the f ' uture blount Vernon. MR. CULLEN ORCHIDS TO CHIEF DAVISITES To Mr. Cullenl For his untiring efforts in improving our school building fthe newly painted rooms and auditoriums certainly make everything cheerfull jg for his advocation of football rallies and his infectious enthusiasm fremember that ride over to Roosevelt High School in those buses Mr. Cullen reserved for usijg for his reorganization of the Marshal Force, for the sound-proofing of the lunch rooms. But probably most important of all, we are indebted to Mr. Cullen for his continually help- ing students maintain, and if possible surpass, the records of accomplishments and success of pre- vious years. Spot that linel It leads to Mr. Childs, Vice- Principal, Counselor, and Life-lVIolder. Advicel Yes, that's Miss Lewis, that Human Dynamo of vim, vigor, and vitality. Programs! See Mr. Addis, super-duper sales- man of the right subject for you. MR CHILDS Miss LEWIS MR. Aoms I NQLISH l loiw riruvx How ftopl .Mm-il: Mrs, Bailey, Mrs Sinrwn, Miss mls lignominiousness' spelled with an 'ious' or just 'us', lf"fuH'f'- MIN M4H'l7"H-'lfli MN l'V'1'W"'.- and if so, whyfn Questions of this nature were hurled at MV" 'Ii5'5l"'ii S"""H"iq: Mrs' Di"'i""'H' our valiant English teachers each day by knowledge-hum Mr' Doylli' MV' Smith' Mr' liulllh. MV' ffry land ocuisionally HIC2lCl1CI'-liillfllvfnJ students? cylll' johnson, Miss Proctor, hliss Young 5 - - ' ' b teachers stood up very well under the strain, as was evi- denced by the How of smriothly-speaking students who left the portals wf Davis High. c lhe inost heart-rending sound ever to echo through Davis' halls was that of an English teacherls groan as he or she heard a prize Stl!- dent calmly and maliciously split an infinitive or even worse -we use a double subjectl Our teachers patiently undid those speech defects to the best of their ability, and then hoped to have their efforts rewarded by an ever-slight refining of the general speech pattern around the school. CYouse peepul shud all apreciat there effurt-fL'fl.j 5 Miss Brower, our "Psycho-Englon mastermind, was the guiding l force behind the English Department. VVhen she was not buried 3 among the voluminous volumes contained in the hook room, or telling i young psychiatrists-to-be about the razor in I'Spellbound'y, she was to be found in conference with K'Coach', Doyle, or some other member of the English Department. The English language is the backbone of our society and as such is the backbone of the school. VVe are indeed fortunate to have such an efficient and conscientious group of English instructors, 'lhlusic is the soul of man,', some wise sage once said. To be sure that no Davisite was lacking in soul-development, Mr. Nielsen and Mr. Licht, as always, prepared musical treats for Davisites to enjoy. lVlr. Nielsenls chorus serenaded us during the Christmas assembly, and the band, under hlr. Licht's able direction, gave a concert that showed to the pleasure of all, its versatility and vigor of performance. Both these men will always deserve great praise for their continued efforts in making more and more of Davis music-conscious. C. Licni, E. N1ELsrgN MUSIC IDENTIFICATION ftopl Mr. Gentilesco, Mrs. Redka, Miss Quin- lan, Mr. Phillips, Miss Cheney, Miss Leighton, Mrs. Stiles, Mr. Collins VVheeeeeeeeeeeet! Reetl That's Miss Wight and her hustle whistle blowing the variegated specie of feminine pulchritude into position-,tentionl And with her is her part- ner in crime, Miss Taylor. Together, these sculptors practice the art of molding with human material, which at least is flexible. Heads upl Tummies inl Shoulders backl Hands at sidel And there you are - perfect human statues waiting for the "at ease" sig- nall Keep up the good work, though, we'll learn to walk correctly, even if we are taking seventeen years at it. Yes, "patience is a virtue," and without the undying efforts of our educators we would probably continue to crawl and babble. However, with their aid, we've advanced beyond the Stone Age, and some of us even attempt to nibble on a slice of another language. Deutsch, El Espanol, Le Francais and Latin are echoed throughout the halls with a strong American accent. But we,ll get there, thanks to our poor sufferers who are obliged to listen to the wrong verb conjugations. To further us in our ambition to rub verbs with any foreigner, language clubs have been organized for each respective language. Here, the eager beavers parlez-vous francais, comprende el Espanol, verstehen Deutsch and gain helpful cultural information regarding these countries. lf one taxes his mental powers sufiiciently, he might recall those pleasant years when he was required to calculate the sum of 'ftwo and two" or the more involved, "one times two." Gone are those days- now we move a point fnothingness in spacej through the air and get a line! By now you must realize it is the Math Department that is under discussion. The fact that the whole staff, with the exception of the business math staff, is comprised of women must have some signin- cant meaning - but we couldn,t find any. M. TAYLOR, M. VVIQH1 PHYSICAL EDUCATIQN I LANGUAGES MATHEMATICS ss Sin ning, Miss VValson, Miss VVal- I ss Brown, Miss l'lm-va-laiicl, Miss 0 1-rstroui, Miss Padou N'l'll"lt'A'l'ION flop! r 1--'I' The grueling, repetitious work done by this staff is known to all, but how many also know of the other tasks they did as a result of their exacting minds? To answer this briefly --The Master Mastermind Qlkliss Brownj handled all bond orders and drives, Miss Padou, among others, handled all the stamp orders. Miss VValther collected bottles for Grass- lands and also magazines for the armed forces. The future artists from Davis were given very capable instruction by blr. Dodds and Miss Nourse. hir. Dodds, known to all of us for his Bible-quoting ability, is also well known in the 2lI't world. His paintings have been in many exhibitions in New York. bliss Nourse, in addition to her time-consuming job as the guiding spirit behind the Maroon and Vvhite, also has a -iob as an art teacher. She is certainly to be congratulated for the cooperation she could give the Annual, and yet still be able to give her classes the expert instruction of which she is capable. In the middle of March manyi Davisites planned to visit their optometrists fljark Avenue eye docj to have their winking apparatus given an overhauling. Despite the fact that they were not overworking in school ftheir teachers vouched for thisj, they claimed that they saw many students with spotted countenancesl However, in a well-planned raid, our energetic heroine, Mrs. Morgan, the school nurse allayed their fears by saying that there were spots and that measles were in Davis. Mrs. Morgan handled the situation so well that the number of Uuntouchablesn remained surpris- ingly low. Mrs. Nlorgan is called upon to perform all sorts of odd tasks each day and this illustration shows how capable and adaptable she is. Clothing, food and shelter are the basic essentials of life. To show us how to obtain these essentials, is the job of Miss Redmond and Miss Sherman. PHYSICAL EDUCATION HOME ECONOMICS MEDICAL, ART Rofw I: Miss Redmond, Miss Sherman, Mrs. Morgan, Miss Nourse, Rofw 2: Mr. Oswald, Mr. Doyle, Mr. Palom- bella, Mr. Dodds Their work is taken for granted -- few realize that Miss Redmond arrives here in the early hours of the morn- ing in order to prepare the day's food. The sturdy, healthy- looking students of Davis attest to the success of her prep- arations. Miss Sherman molds the wives of tomorrow from the fair Davis maidens of today. She instructs the girls in dress- making, cooking and other feminine tasks that will be ex- pected of them in future years. The excellence oft her in- struction was shown by the fashion show she directed. This show, praised by all, demonstrated her ability to handle large quantities of clothing and girls fsixty of themj efliciently. Our new addition to the physical ed. staff, Mr. Palom- bella, has proven his worth to all. He learned the ropes quickly - in fact he added a few of his own that had the classes sweating - and possibly swearing! He and Mr. Qswald certainly did their job of keeping Davis boys in good physical condition. The cross country, track, and swimming teams were also under their watchful eyes, in addition to baseball and basketball. It is true that Grant captured Lee at Appomatox, that the Linnaeus system of naming plants, animals, and diseases is still in use, and that moist air is a poor conductor, but were it not for the efforts of our history and science teachers, we would remain ignorant of the two subjects that affect our lives so greatly. The world about us is deeply enveloped in situations that have been the result of these subjects. We are fortunate to have teachers who possess the patience, understanding, kindliness and firmness to guide us in com- prehending them. Our teachers consider their tasks as an opportunity to aid us in such a way that our future may be better for their ex- pert aid. They prepare students to become valuable members of society. This is illustrated by Mrs. Addis' work in organ- izing the "Our Town Club," with the purpose of keeping us informed about city government. Mrs. Hiller's sponsorship of the History Club has proved invaluable to those interested in world affairs. Our science teachers have been guiding factors in a diHi- cult subject which is life itself. Yet, they have ushered us through many phases and have inspired some to pursue the study of science as life work. At some time in our lives We students, either secretly or out- wardly, sincerely thank our in- structors for their work as edu- cators and humanitarians. We would like to thank them now. BUSINESS Row I: Miss Watson, Miss Luc- chese, Miss Creekpaum, Miss Chase, Miss Monaco, Row 2: Mr. Sunder- mann, Mrs. Kroner, Miss Williams, Miss Cowlin, Mrs. Stanitis, Mr. SCIENCE AN D SOCIAL STUDIES .hlfflffalf M r. Strikes, Miss Lanrlis, Miss Klll1lS1', M rs. Atlclis, M rs. Ilillvr, Mr, lmlxlig Sfflllifillllff M r. Russell, IVIIZ Qlvxxvll, IVIV. Ax1'l'y, lVlr. liunlter, Mr. C':1rlmn, Mr. Stnlrle, Mr. .'Xlm'liulm-r, N1 V. Ifllvlill' ,Xller sweating anal straining :wer liuincvmrk each evening anil then having the inforination pain- fully Qyet sytnpatlieticallyJ ex- tracted hy the teachers, it was easy tu see why students were apt tu forget that teachers were human. 'IIliercfui'e, let us visit ur uhserve swine uf the seliuwl stall in their "unnatural" halwitat lcalled Hun- naturaln fur the henc-Ht of those students who never Saw a teacher away from his ur her desk. Even the rigors of sclmol life and that lung line each morning did not consume all of the vivacious Nlrs. fXIurgan's energyg spring and fall she may hc seen gaily Cycling over the highways and hywaysl One would think that the constant parade of students and questions that Mr. Stokes faced each day wuulcl have exhausted him, hut such was nut the case. Evers' after- nuun papa Stokes hurried hume tu his hruucl anal went through an- uther intensive "question and an- 7 Nwcr periutlf Mr. Oswald faced boys from early in the morning until near sundown. In the early hours he gathered all strollers to school that he passed, and transported them roy- ally to school. In the little time he had to himself, he traveled over the country from coast to coast and took beautiful color photographs of scenery ininational forests which the school had the pleasure of seeing on several occasions. Mr. Caville and Mr. Searle also had the youth's welfare in mind fas had all the teachersj. The former coached the Rifie Team in his free hours, while the latter devoted much of his time to the ac- tivities of the NYU. Mrs. Santen continued on her golfing ways and it was authori- tatively reported that her mashie was a masherl With all the money the G. O. took in and sent out, Miss Creekpaum didn't have very much spare time. Besides, who ever said that collecting money was a bad hobby! Just to "clinch" the argument, notice Mr. Johnson, as thankfully as any of us, returning to his new homer in Fleetwood. The pleasure he gets from seeing an occasional pheasant or wild rabbit, or the wild ducks on the Bronx River near his home is his tonic after a hard day's work. "Pop" Phillips, as umpire at the Student-Faculty game was right at home exercising those famous vocal cords without restraining walls. Messrs. Cullen, Addis and Nielsen are thrilling to a ball game along with the rest of us. We didn,t suspect at the time, but realized later, that Mr. Cullen was there for the express purpose of stealing ideas to use at the Student-Faculty game. He tried to win by unique strategy and almost succeeded. MIND BUILDERS S 1 I 3 it - 1 l 1 uk t i' l+ ll' 'Ir 1 1 I i l TER I- 1 l i l 1 1 w BUE GS DIAS, MONSIEVR If you "p:1rle7-vous frzmcziisll you eoulcl go into room .ll-l :incl -ioin Le Cerele l'il'21llCZllS. This group of Freneh- speaking Dzivisites was hzmdeal together uncler the guidzinee of Nlrs. Stiles. Their meetings consisted of short skits pre- sented hy the eluh memhers in French, lfreneh songs, :md general eonversntiou in lfreneh. lfneh get-together was planned hi il program eommittee for the enjoy ment of the group. This cluh XVZ1s hoth henehcizil and CI1jUB2ll7lC to the meinhers, for they got :1 ehzinee to apply :uid improve what they learned in elnss. lil Ateneo was the Spzinish eluh hezul- ecl lw Nliss Leighton. The only require- ment to join this eluh was to he zihle to spezlk l'iSlJ2lllHl. 'lihe eluh meetings eon- sistecl of Spanish eonvers:1tion, Spzmish skits, Spanish songs, :mil :my ol' mrmx' -. . , HI'l1L'l' V2ll'lUlIS JICIIVIIICS fllilf il lIlIlQll1ll1L' eluh inelucles. 'lihis eluh was xilwzirs fun lor the memhers :uid sponsor zxhke. IDl4N'l'lIfIk"k'l'lON Klwottoml Rom' I: M. Sorrenrino, G. l7eN:1poli, M. Collins, P. Nil-holqiy, vl. liclifl, J. Messerole, Miss Lei,Q'hron, H. VVeinro4l, D. Hoenig, J. Berliilmii, A. Meltzer, Rose 2: B. Lockwood, R. Lowinger, R. Ruben, bl. Berman, H. JLICUITS, L. Sehunh, EI. Smith, R. Samuels, S. Hirslilierg, C. Nulininiaelier, D. VVeintraub, M. Rosenthal, C. Rennemann, V. VVeintrauh, B. Kullin, L. Rosenberg: - x . SPANISH CLUB FRENCH CLUB IDl'QN'I'llfICA'I'ION ftopj Rom' I: A. Hargrove, D. Weiss, R. Hucles, Rofw 3: D. Ross, H. Press, R. Sgannnato, M. Reichert, R. Longo, M. Dunkel, R. Woolf, Row 3: D. Grossman, J. Singer, D. Theall J. Goldberg, lVIrs. Stiles. Sehlaitzer y CHEM STUDES AND STAR GAZERS Bang! Don't be alarmed, that's only some concoction by the Chem Studes. They exploded every first and third Thursday in 312, in that little room of stairs with desks attached. Under the supervision of "Charlie" Stokes and Mr. Bunker, and with the aid of a test tube and a Bunsen burner, the members delved into the mysteries of the ele- ments, helping to satisfy the scientific curiosity of Davis, more ambitious chem students. "Astronomy Clubbersn know old man moon better than most of us know our best friends. Moon-gazers, yes, but not for romantic reasons alone. There are a lot of things we don't know about our friendly neighbor of the sky. IDENTIFICATION frightj Row I: C. Comolli, C. Jeanne, S. Doshay, L. Ostlund, R. Schwartz, Raw 2: M. Schmidt, V. Pre-Genzer, N. Wagner, L. Rosenberg, R. Goncalves, S. Zeckendorf, M. Sorrentino, J. Davis, E. Foley, Rofw 3: Miss Chase, E. Savo, B. Shor, H. Lampros, E. Clausen, E. Lindfors, A. Ring, M. Lorusso, R. Kaiser, E. Kenlon, Benson, M. Tarantino, N. Halpern, J. Moersch, P. Preston, Kauffman, R. Margenau CHEMISTRY CLUB IDENTIFICATION Ctopj Rofw I: Mr. Bunker, S. Berkowitz, Cohen, T. Neely, B. Kaplan, P. Veit, Benedict, D. Rosenberg, P. Weidt, Rofw 2: H. Medvin, J. Foster, G. Rutherford, Rofw 3: R. Hoff, R. Porro, D. Samuels, E. VVooley, L. Wergeles, Posner, Kaufman, A. Brout, T. Zuk, E. lmpara, R. Sgammato, Bateman, Rofw 4: Mr. Stokes, H. Jacobs, R. Zadek, R. Pizarro, A. Kleinfeld, R, Dobbs, A. Hoffman, E. Goldberg, R. Black, B. VVendroff, A. Klatsky, L. Ryder, C. Or- leans, Dunham, R. Cleyland, E. Frenzel, M. Barrows, V. Wagner, M. Brush, C. Rennemann ASTRONOMY CLUB TIME MARCHES Hisrokv Croix 'M "-"" XX . 'lihe History Club, under the sponsorship of lVlrs. Eliza- beth Hiller, had a very busy year. During the fall term, the group journeyed to New York City to see the Broadway hit 'State of the Union" which dealt with the problems of politics. Under the leadership of Robert Leon, president during the fall term, and David Feigert, president during the spring, the club discussed current problems, such as "The Future of the Atomic Bombn. A trip to historic St. Paulls Church was proposed. This church was of special interest to the club, as it is the national shrine to Freedom of Speech because the trial of Peter Zenger, the proponent of the right to speak without fear of punishment, was held there. The debaters of the club made extensive use of the Davis library. There were over 6,5011 books plus many pieces of reference material available for the use of any and all Davis- ites. Under the able direction of Miss Proctor, the librarian, the students gained much knowledge through the use of this public service. Rose I1 S, VVeiser, A. Leytou, S. Kay, Ii. Fisliuia Ntliafler, D. lVlauriello, A. Nardi, P. Nugent, D. Sevasla lm N'l'lIflCA'l'ION ftopl lliller, R. Leon, M. Ia-fsky, M. Longog Row J: R. Stein bergj, l". Naverau, S. Dosllay, li. Kullia, M. Reieliert, .X Huck, li. Coleman, M. Godfrey, Pl. foxven, A. Posne , Race 3: ll, Ponon, S. Doyle, A. lloflinan, F, Wt-inheinii J. johnson, M. liinniel, JK, lloolingg, L. Shapiro, ll or! lliluin Karasit-li, Rom' 4: D. Feigert, W. llmeiip , VI. 1 I - , if M. Pollak l n, Mis no I Smith, M. Dunkel, L. Bonus, L. Stahl, N. lfreed, R LEARNING CITY MANAGEMENT IDENTIFICATION Qtopj Rofw I: M. Lefsky, R. Longo, D. SoloInon, R. Miller, M. Steinberg, B. Tompkins, B. Rhynas, C. Rhoades, N. Palminson, M. Reichert, D. Weiss, H. Richards, L. Rossi, M. Toussaint, M. Son- nenblick, Singer, Landy, H. Press, E. Nie- man, Rofw 2: N. Rheinhardt, L. Manna, A. Leyton, P. Rose, C. Landy, E. Stevenson, W. Levitt, R. Woolf, A. Sprinz, N. Wagner, M. Lorusso, A. Rings, H. Lamprose, Schlaitzer, W. Sherwood, Novelli, Mayo, D. Werner, D. Maggipinto, Rofw 3: D. Theall, R. Requa, E. Pucillo, Kernstock, E. Shallow, E. Nadel, R. Meyers, A. Kyman, F. Phillips, B. Smith, Kossar, R. Schweitzer, R. Schwartz, R. Kennedy, T. Zuk, Mrs. Addis If you happened to be in Davis any ninth period of a second or fourth Thursday, and felt the walls of Davis High tremor and heard the rumble of Davis students on the run, you all knew that the "Our Town Club" was about to assemble! This club, the largest and most active at Davis, evolv- ed from a primary membership of SO stII- dents to a maximum of 250 "Our Town- ers". Its growth was so tremendous that it abandoned the small auditorium in favor of the large one, but what will happen when it outgrows that? Under the capable supervision of Mrs. Walter Addis, who or- ganized the club in September, 1944, the club strived to acquaint its members with the Mount Vernon city government, its in- dustries, cultural groups, and educational facilities. I OUR TOWN CLUB 1 .n . .Y - at QEQIE 'W sr' D Q OUR Town CLUB . .- wav:-X, b v f U ,Af C Nom' I: N. liernardinctte A. Douata H. llarr U. Griswold, li. Foley? ll ll1lQl'lillllIl'l'ill', li l , 'K li tr, I Coldluig,l Grau- uc iliolz . . rews e L. I "H .. hart, l.. Alder, l,. Uellfuono, G. I-'eldinan F v llubliard, A, ficeiola, if llelano, li. Amlrews, Rom' J: U. Mauricllo, lieaeoin, if llolmrt, R. llargreaves, liielier, S. Uoshay, li. Bron- son, F. cIilYJllll7ll, -I. Goldberg, A. Klingenberg, LI. Gaines, M. Uefarlo, M. Dunkel, S. Cohn, if folarusso, M. Farewell, Rom' 3: ll. lfesuilo 1 I l'. Ainiano, M. Brush, E. jones, ll. Holxapfel, M. Caleatterra, A. Ualigher, Hinitz, l'lausen, E. Hewitt, S. Doherty, M. Barrows, F Iaeobson I Benedict, I Dunlrxin S. Garland, I . 7.' ,' ' 7 R. Hudes, L. Alper, Colnes, lxo-me 4: L. Dritz, ,I. Buist, VV. Calhoun, R. Cipes, I Halpern, l'aIdwell, M. Freedman, W. Cunnington Bernstein, N. Freed, A. Hoffman ,1. 'lihe club officers were nominated and elected by the students themselves in a semi-annual direct primary elec- tion. After the students had voted for nomination in the primary election, the top ten were again voted upon to as- certain the three main ofiicers of the club. 'lihis year,s officers were Eugene Nadel, Presidentg Barbara Bronson, Vice-Presidentg and Marjorie Reichert, Secretary. Past chief executives were Loomis Dana, the first president, Raymond Myers, and Gray Robinson. The club program, based upon suggestions made by the members, was both instructive and interesting. Dur- ing past meetings, the club heard many of the City's prominent citizens speak on various subjects pertinent to Mount Vernon city life. One of the main features of the fall program was the "Pearl Harbor Dayn visit to City Hall. Through the cooperation of the Mayor and his of- ficial family of City Officials, eight elected and thirty-two delegated representatives of the "Our Town Clubn took over the reins of government in Mount Vernon for the day. Gray Robinson, our "Mayor", spent a really rough day trying to keep up with the pace of His Honor Mayor Wil- liam Hart Hussey. One very obvious consolation to Gray for his trials and tribulations as "Mayor',, was his very charming secretary, Miss Barbara Bronson. And who- ever will forget the "Ere" during which "Fire Chief" Arnold Hoffman climbed up the walls of Davis High, while Davis students stood aghast at this strange and startling phenomenon! VVe shall never know who was more frightened, the "Fire Chiefn or the uspectatorsn. The adventures of Mount Vernon's Hofficialsl' did not stop with a mere fire. Many of the students visited the police station, where they were shown everything from the radio room and finger-print department to the dark cav- LEARNING CITY MANAGEMENT erns of the photography room and the cells where they kept adult delinquents. At a meeting of the Board of Education, Eugene Nadel, student president of the Board, assisted Mr. Robert G. Sturtevant in conducting the monthly meeting of the Board. Through that visit and actually "sitting inn on the various functions of the city government, the students gained Hrst hand information on the workings of the various branches of the municipal government. At noon, the city officials and student representatives Q84 in alll, Went to the Studio Club for luncheon. Mayor Hussey delivered a welcoming address to all on behalf of the other city officials and himself. At the end of the after- noon, when the immediate activities of the city came to a slow halt, the student officials bade a sad adieu to City Hall and its very genial administrators, and then made rt mad dash for Teen Town Qunder the Recreation Com- mission, you know? where the evening's entertainment cleared the cobwebs from tired brains. This ended the activities of the fall term of Our Town Club. The Spring Program got well under way with a Quiz Contest on Mount Vernon, under the Chairmanship of our Vice-Principal, Mr. Childs. Robert Zadek, apparently the best informed "Our Townern on Mount Vernon af- fairs, came out the victor. Nevertheless, he was closely pursued by Arturo Gonzalez, Beatrice Kaplan, Ira Bern-- stein, Mary Ann Hargrave, Joan Habel, and Jerome if Kossar. Yould be surprised at the things they knew about Mount Vernon. The Mount Vernon Movie Makers, who have con- sistently won awards for their excellence in photography, exhibited their prize winning trophies and prize winning movies to the "Qur Townersn. So you see, it wat pos- sible to learn and to enjoy oneself at the same time. The City of Mount Vernon rendered a valuable ser- vice to Our Town Club by helping to start our members on the road to good citizenship, and by "turning outn boys and girls mentally aware as to what makes Mount Ver- non Htickn. 1 RAILROAD SocIE'rY lDliN'l'll"IL'A'l'l0N Cropj Ro-u' I: R. Ostuni, E. Shallow, W. Spalding, Nofw J: Mr. Sundernmnn, T. Tymons, R. Mar- genau, Row 3: H. Hussey, R. Murray, M. Man- cuso, W. Weinrod, Rofw 4: B. Miller, E. Burdi, Nl. Haul, sl. Coleman, J. Haden IDl'IN'l'll-'ICATION fborroml Smlnl: D. Stamm, H. Hussey, Slafdifzgz R. Lynn, A. Klatsky, E. Goldberg, D. Samuels l CHESS TEAM CHESS TEAM URAILROADSM TO NEW HEIGHTS During U g an interesting experience. Under the leadership of Mr. Sundermann, faculty adviser, the club took several trips to the model railroad exhibit in Pelham and to the New York Central Railroad yards at Harmon. This club had one of the most interesting topics to consider, each of us was thrilled the first time we saw a snorting steam locomotive and wondered what made the wheels go 'round. Another experience which had always mystified the RADIO CLUB majority of us, was the radio. Here at Davis we had a club which studied this interesting gadget. The fel- lows, under the watchful eye of Mr. Buckle during the fall term, and Mr. Rappaport in the spring, took apart and rebuilt radios and built others from scratch. The group also studied other aspects of radio and elec- tronics with the hope of eventually becoming "hams" or famateur radio operatorsj. Everybody was puzzled by the queer names and movements of the chess men used to such good advan- tage by the team. For the third year in succession, the team has won the VVestchester Interscholastic Trophy Cup. Of the ten games played with the county high schools, K'Pop" Phillips' team won nine. They also played the VVard Leonard Electric Company, scoring 5-5, and planned to challenge a New York high school team. The following boys comprised the team: Captain, Arthur Klatskyg Richard Lynn, Daniel Sam- uels, Eugene Goldberg, Donald Stamm, and Harold Hussey. the past year the Railroad Society had many SNAPS A D STAMPS Almost all of us have, at one time or another, snapped a picture and sent the film away to be de- veloped. The Davis shutterbugs formed the Cam- era Club, which this year, under the guidance of Mr. Buckle and later Mr. Rappaport, formed plans to take pictures of each Davisite. To achieve this, the darkroom was renovated, and received a new coat of paint. An exhibition of pictures taken by club members was held in the showcases around the halls. The president of the club, VVilliam Margerin, was Photo Editor of the lVlaroon and VVhite. Several other members served on the staff of the yearbook. The Davis Stamp Club was active this year col- . si- .-.g1,.gb'-'gqvggi i -Q13 I. .' ,I Q e:,g?5f X .A . . gftggf "-:Hs ,. E has ,. . f I-'P fs.I'5.'e 4.-Q - 'LI H-'."wj?2':f1g2g:,i? ':, . . rj, . ' Y Qu 'S-' ' ff: . ,ye ' ...fat 'Q '2 lllll X,--I NLF Dio A 4 .3 H, Z 2? 'LI lI ff,- 7 Ulf ligifz., I -icfff-"1 -' -, ,g 1 2 - ff. f "R me ' - er-' 4- df-Qggta., 351. -1 ': ,. ,wg -:--.. ,- IDENTIFICATION Cleftj Row I: S. Peschal, P. Gayet, W. Billingham, C. Jeanne, R. Dobbs, E. Swallow, R. Bar- rish, R. Drew, G. Waters, Rofw 2: Mr. Buckle, A. Kauffman, D. Friedman, H. Ding, A. Zuk, Wakefield, R. Cleland IDENTIFICATION Ctopj Rofw I: B. Stier, Barker, E. Jacobson, R. Schweitzer, E. Calahan, R. DePalma, Mr. Avery, Ra-w 2: W. Bern- hardt, S. Schneider, A. Soss, G. Bedell, V. Zupa, R. De- Palma, C. Nahmmacher, R. Wilson IDENTIFICATION fborroml Rofw I: W. Margerin, Mr. Buckle, A. Platner, H. Eisen- stark, Rofw 2: B. Gold, D. Rosenberg, E. Wittstein, R. Zadek, C. Frank. G. Meyers lecting stamps for use in military hospitals. The philatelists did their work with Mr. Avery, adviser to the club. They discussed rare issues and traded stamps. Robert Schweitzer was president of the club and very ably conducted its meetings. Great interest was shown in the various issues which came from all countries during the war, especially those which were used during the occupations. The lead- ers of the Axis countries must have enjoyed seeing their faces on letters, as almost all of the stamps from these countries had as their centers of interest a replica of their countryls leader. Theirs, most cer- tainly, is an interesting and, at the same time, an educational hobby. STAMP CLUB CAMERA CLUB STAGE STU TERS 1' DRAM Of this wt-'re certain - Davis had much talent in the Held of Ilr:IIn:Itics this year. It was all gathered together Zlllkl It-I1 uhh hy Miss l'lC2lSU3l', the head of the Dramatic Society. Not only clitl the Il1CI11l3CI'S entertain themselves period Qs, hut they :Ilso tlisplzlyeml their ,talent to others. "College lhysll will long he l't'IUCIIll'5CI'CQl :Is one of the finest 1HllSlC1llCS ever protlimetl. .Xml who will forget the superh Acting in Wllhe xyilllllllfw? 'lthere were others too, not forgottcii, just too III1IIIeroIIs to mention. ljI'Ul:CSSl41l11llS ATIC SOCIETY would have had quite a hard time competing with our stars! IDENTIFICATION ftopj Rau' I: B. lNlCF:IclClen, J. Gazvertle, lVl. Rablwino, N. P21lIUlSOIl, B. Cipes, J. Labourdias, M. VVeidt, P, Dooling, Row 2: M. MacMillan, A. Bakal, H. Watsky, M. Thompson, L. Shapiro, J. Singer, H. Press, Habel, A. Weinberg, Rofw 3: S. Trachfen- berg, E. Vllittstein, I. Johnson, D. Sagman, P. Preston, Ediff, J. Messt-role, A. Moskowitz, S. Simes, Miss Feaster, Rom' 4: C. fNlI'Mill:III, R. Slote, R. Clark, B. Billipp, Nl. Fricdmzlrl, A. Popper, Greco, R. Cohen, A. Sprinz STAGE CREW 'Tor want of a nail the show was lost" would aptly describe the importance of the stage crew. These weight lifting, finger crushing, paint spattered lads were responsible for the fine scenery that was a part of all Davis shows. -Tack Qthe lad-of-all-tradesj had nothing on the stage crew mem- bers. These boys had to be electricians, carpenters, painters, and sweepers, and when a chair or tree was needed during rehearsals, you very possibly might have found them giving of their dramatic ability in order to cover the need. The Thespians were the students who had proven their worth in the Held of acting, make-up application, or set construction. They were a hard-working group and they deserved all the praise they got from the school. NATIONAL THESPIANS IDENTIFICATION fleftj W. Weinberg, D. Sadofsky, R. Dobbs, W. Dubin, R. Zadek, A. Hoffman, H. King, Liebowitz, E. Wittstein WHISTLE WHILE YOU WORK IDENTIFICATION Cbottomj Row I: M. A. Weidt, A. Bakal, Miss Feaster, A. Sprinz, N. Palmison, Rofw 2: A, Klatsky, R. Sagman, R. Cipes, R. Zadel-2, A. Popper, R. Cohen " """"5 ' s -z:'. '- .'!-.1-... . 4 . 1 ,3- I f:5.,:,po:qc .-, Q 1 ll I .20 I .' , K 1 L' 'l ' fy .' I I . 4 ZR ig I ' 5. 115 1 I. f . ' ' 'K 1 Z .-1, .je O o 1 . . 1 . I l I .4 0 I 'fi' . ' ,z .31-' I ff N: 35.2 , . .Misf- lr- ' 11,51 4 r . '. ag 'L 5 ' I : ' 1 '-'.2f-"fl , - 'flux ga, A Jiri:-" zpirfz, ,Zh :fi ,fffg A ,'1,J"',.g:? . t'J'1fg,f i el f-3X,,,. wv..X 1.1 '---Q.-1..-I -j' ' 1 V Leia:--I - 711,-Q, A - 7.21: 6,515 lark- JI- 3 53 A "Tiff -' ' " Rfb' f - -, 45? . c ,pa 5 L7 . -72" -,ijt 'r1.,.43., - av ul' 'F' V .'. A 'f'?'.-1 ' -fi '- "1 uf ,qbgylif ' ". UA-" 'i - Al lf' . if 'r:w '- w. wr '- -. lpfgg-5, :ey , J, ' ' -5 lil'-".'f'5 '4 " VI- fi Q .:ftg,:j, . . 3 'TQ ' U -11.33 N. 1 , .5,-Hx.. , , -'-Q' .:.- ' Y'-' , ,1 - 4.. . .. -fi. 1 ' V'-5 ,L ' 16,15 B H- ' 7'-, ,.,.- . ',--:J . 1 ,ff l i NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Hi 'ie ' Riff asv 'T ayibX.,f R A .I 550 Lorraine Alper Dorothy Alston Jean Bateman John Bennett Barbara Bronson James Butterworth Dorothy Calabrese Robert Cipes Augusta Dann Marie Dc-:Carlo Alice Dooling June Foster Arturo Gonzalez Richard Henry Arnold Hoffman Eleanor Jacobson Audrey Jetter ACHIEVEMENT Edward Lcaton Robert Leon Marie Lorusso Carol lVIelVlillan Raymond Myers Jean Nordone Nina Palmison Doris Perkinson Ralph Porro Robert Requa Carolyn Rhoades Grace Rutherford Richard Sagman Martin Signorelli Anne Sprinz Donald Theall Anna Vasiliou PLUS . Lorraine Alper Charles Alperin William Armstrong Rita Barrett Barbara Bronson Edward Brout James Butterworth Dorothy Calabrese Kathryn Davenport Marie DeCarlo Marguerite Dunkel Gerald Frank Jay N. Freed Burton Gold Eugene Goldberg Joanne Goldfine Beatrice Kaplan Richard Karasick Arthur Klatsky Robert Leon Wilma Levitt Arlene Leyton Muriel Lichtenber Thomas Lisker Marie Lorusso Hilda Medvin Renee Miller Ray Myers Eugene Nadel Robert Nadel Ralph Porro Mitchell Rabbino Marjorie Reichert Astrid Remmler Carolyn Rhoades Marie Richards Lee Rivers Morton Rosenberg Saul Sanders Miriam Scharfman Estelle Schechter Martin Signorelli Irma Socci Donald Theall Viola Wagner Hortense Watsky Harriet Weisberg Robert E. Zadek Arthur Zuckerman TAU EPSILON Pl -no-J ..f:.,-arm """""'F" ,-Liz. A .N 11.-1, -3-55.34-L' 'Ji : j.v.1x - 454:-r , ' 1 -I :- , ,-fn. .- - rf-w:.:g.w. 5 . ' - . -2- . ' .951 -, ' 72. 1: life- A ,221 1054" -.:'.'-. ' , gi lain - . . 1 :4. .1 '- - nw 2-.5 -is. -3'-W '96 -' :Hg-lik: 1 1--fra fa! -2- 4' .VJ--ffl,-54? ' ffffi WHT! 1- lfgft if ,fl aQj.',n-'-ASI. nz'-,I-3.-, ,K gl.. ' .. . 'h vlnih ' "-T: t!:a'.9.4-6!Lu'D.:4s!fTvfS If ,7 , 5, 141--,4 I . M ..,.., ., .N - A-iss,-:',' 1 -3- .1-f-'.-.' -5 - fl-s 5' 'Y-. ,.n' - 'is'-I . -. jf--1-L,-Q ,4 f 145.13-l ' in A 5 l A-di if 10,1 , M ,. W I mgviw-f. f' ...ep ' 'f Q- -cr MARooN AND VVHITE BUSINESS Homin Init NTII"lCA'I'l0N ftopj Row I: M. Corwin, Reiner, J. Sonnenhlieli, M. Rosenthal, D. Calahrese, nl. Hirshfieldg Rose J: H. Medvin, C, Kelly, A. Kaye, D. Seaman, D. Perkinson- Ro-tv 3: M. Schuler C. Preusse . Stevens E. Lindfors M. 7 5 Y 3 T Enke, R. Woolf, A. Dann, L. Lorussog Rom' 4: D. Ponon, M. Schulz M. Linnick, M. Donley, I. Socci, L. Manna, A. VV:1lker, G. Mollenhauer, M. Godfrey, M. Fowler, M. Tarantino, Rom' 5: R. Steinberg, C. McMillan, B. Levy, D. Mahalik, C. Lumia, B. Buist, Wilson, A. Narde, J. Hafner, Ro-te 0: E. Tiberg, Mr. Sundermann, P. Kelly, E. Impara Five o'clock in the folds of Davis, and all the accumulated waste paper is stacked, and all the desks are dusted, and all the floors are swept, and allis quiet on the western front. Any little termite would call it a day, if he peeked out of the walls and into the halls of learning. Perhaps he,d he puzzled by the constant pecking of the woodpeckers in the eastern half of the building. Qflh, hut prohahly they were hired to hore some knowledge into the hlockheads attending Davisj Un second thought our little termite would realize that the faithful memhers of the hfaroon 81 VVhite husiness staff were doing their part of the joh in an effort to produce a yearbook we,d be proud ofl They were taking care of the Uunglorifiedn end - typing, counting money, halancing hudgets, sending out notices, taking dictation, soliciting advertisements, and keeping a record of whatls what for whom and why. And whols the King Bee of this huzzing, husy heehivei Vvhy, ills Hr. Sundermann who keeps this end athrirel BUSINESS BUZZERS Enrrons W. Marggerin, Pholografvlferg R. Leon, C0-Efiiforg S. Foster, Arlislg L. Alper, Lileralnreg L. Rossi, Typing D. Cala- brese, Co-Edilor a fZ,g,5f'ff,f - lVlAROON AND XVHITE EDITORLAL BOARD INNER SANCTUM ARTISTS Skerritt, R. Maxwell, L. Ruffalo, S. Foster, Art Edilar, T. Doxniniani . -.....-,-. K Row I: E. Frenzel, W. Margerin, L. Alper, R. Leon, D. Cala- brese, S. Foster, Row 2: R. Weiss, A. Stern, R. Steinberg, B. Levy, L. Rossi, N. Bernardinette, H. Scheinmann, Goldfine, S. Cohen, Ro-w 3: L. Ruffalo, Childs, B. Gold, G. Myers, R. Maxwell, L. Friedman, E. Landau, T. Dominiani, D. Rosenberg, Miss Nourse ' Tucked away in a small but important corner of lVlount Vernon was a group of ambitious young people writing the Davis Year Book. Completely oblivious of their surroundings were co-editors Dorothy Calabrese and Robert Leon desperately working to Ht Mount Vernon somehow into one book. With a Math Genius like Bob Leon anything can happen, even putting city hall on the cover. Sitting nearby was energetic Susan Foster, Art Editor, sketch- ing so many people they seemed to jump right from her pen to the paper. Doing the greater share of the art work, Sue had spent a fortune in time on it. Our nimble-footed photographers, under William lVIargerin's Editorship, had quite a time proving to Sue that much time and energy could he saved by using snaps fnot gingerl Through Miss Nourse's careful guidance and assistance this book was made possible. She cheerfully and willingly gave up her spare time for working on the book. Struggling through an unfathomable depth of papers was Lorraine Alper, the Literary Editor. After many hours of thrash- ing about, Lorraine Hnally bobbed her head to the surface, took in a deep gulp of air and swam for shore and rest - finishedl H E COOP ERATIVE PLAN BRINGS H ever forget the famili beginning of ever ow can we ar chant at th: y term which Hi-News R would come from the eps: "Bring that money for the Hi-Newsl H Then, towards the end of this high powered subscrip- tion drive along would come UUncle" Charlie Alt- schuler to all the home rooms, and he would literally drag the money out of those poor unfortunates who thought they would be able to get away without sub- scribing one terml That team of Hi-News Reps, com- bined with the ad-getters and Mr. Altschuler were always in there fighting to make sure that expenses would be met and that the Hi-News would be pub- lished. They comprised the hard-working Hi-News , Business Board of Davis. This board is a student project and llavisites are given many opportunities to he a part of it. They can till any of the following jobs: business manager, adver- tising manager, circulation manager, exchange mana- ger, student manager, and ad-getters. lVlr. Altschuler HI- TO News BUSI P SUCCESS has been the faculty adviser for more than ten He has acted as a guide a d Staff years. n counselor , and not as U U to the student a boss . He and the students would meet informally to work out their mutual problems. Because of the splendid staff of students and Mr. Altschuler, who gave so unsparingly of their time and effort, the Hi-News has achieved great success in ob- taining over 1400 subscriptions, and in having in some issues over 100 inches of advertising. Those who would add their names to the illustrious staff were obliged to obtain at least three inches of ad- vertising space from merchants for every issue of the newspaper. The ambitious staff could never sit back and "rest upon its laurelsn. The merchants in town have always been glad to co- operate when one of the members of the persistent ad- getters group solicited them for advertisements. They know as well as we do, that the Hi-News is a terrific paper, worthy of all-out support. NESS BoARn IDELNTIFICATION fleftl Row I: R. Nadel, S. Herman, L. Goldberg, A. Platner, M. E. Warshauer, R. Field, Mr. Alt- schuler, Row 2: D. Weiss, R. Woolf, Stein- berg, Lewine, M. Scharfman, P. Fox, G. Gross, B. Cohen, M. Lorusso, D. Rosenberg, A. Brody, Row 2: S. Simes, N. Anchin, M. Lin- nick, A. Deiso, R. Block, R. Orner IDENTIFICATION ftopj Rofw I: E. Leaton, D. Ponon, M. Rabbino, G. Kleinman, E. Nadel, D. Theall, Row J: Wolf, S. Foster, Hirshfield, R. Woolf, H. Mayer, A. Stern, A. Klatsky5 Rofw 3: R. Brozan, W. Weinrod, Mr. Copp, F. Buhrig, R. Block, L. Friedman, H. Schaffer, R. Stickle, R. Cipes, Habel, Johnson, E. Landau, R. Schneider H1-News EDITORIAL BOARD This year's Hi-News lent a note of distinction to Davis. Under the faculty sponsorship of lVlr. Copp, it lived up to its brilliant record of the past three years by Winning top honors in the inter-scholastic press contests conducted by the National Scholastic and Columbia Scholastic Press Associations. Undoubtedly the newspaperls high degree of success was due to the efficient management and the manner of choosing the members. Competitive tryouts were held each term, and the Winning contestants were chosen members of the Editorial Board. In the picture above, editor Ed Leaton, and lVlr. Freybourg, our faithful printer, are reviewing a copy just off the press. Satisfaction is written all over their faces, just as satisfaction was shown by the Hill- toppers when they gave their stamp of approval by subscribing to an all-time high. Im.N'rIt-'lc.x'I'l0N ltopj Rom' I: R. Cohen, NT. Pollack, Mr Johnson, E. Nadel, S. Sanders, L. Schwab, R. fipes, Rom' J: VV. Carlin, R. Baer, D. Feigert, R. Miller, NI. Cooper, B. Gold, VV. VVeinrod,' R. Slote, Rott' 3: R. Scliiffman, S. Knafel, R. Samuels, J. Halpern, F. VVeinrod A. Clortleib x 'Ill'N'Ikll"lL'A'l'IUNl fliottoinj lfmt' li Wolf, AX. VVcinlwrgcr, Nl. Scliarliman, E. VVittstciu, M. Kramer, M. Linuick, Rose -': li. Kulka, R. Miller, M. Scliulcr, R. Slicklv, R. Sclmartf, Mr, Carlson, Ro-rt' 1: 1. VVitt, R. Murray, Cl. Scoledes, ll. Klein, Davis, lf. Uoldlwrg, N. Green- lllllllll, VV. Dax'e'nporI, U. Klcimuaii, S. Sodcrlwrg DAVIS DEBATERS AT WGRK If, in walking through the halls of Davis, you heard what might have led to a filibuster, you shouldn't have gone looking for Senator Claghorn, as most likely it would have been found that the cause of that commotion was either the Debating Society or the Discussion Club. Under the guidance of Mr. Johnson, the Debating Soci- ety has for many years been one of the best known activi- ties in Davis. Students used their ample lung-power to at- tempt to present :I winning case for a proposal or to at- tack this same thing. Every year the society presented debates among the members and against teams from other schools. Annually the lfvander Childs High School of New York City has DEBATING SOCIETY RADIO DISCUSSION CLUB given opposition to our Inter-scholastic Debating Squad as did the freshman members of the Debating Society of, New York University. A model debate was presented for the Saturday Night Club for which Garrett Sanderson winner, received a cash award. The officers of the society were Eugene Nadel, president, David Feigert, vice-presi- dent, and Sidney Knafel, secretary. 1 The Discussion Club, with Mr. Carlson as its sponsor, chose Edwin VVittstein for president duirng the fall term and George Scoledes for the same oHice during the spring. The club served a great need for airing the members' views on current problems and world affairs. IDENTIFICATION Ctopj Rofw I: C. Merola, M. Petrillo, A. Buck, S. B U S I N E S S N E W S Bunker, H. Witz, . Danniello, E. Montana, Ro-w 2: A. Caucci,JV. Caucci, R. Buchholz, A. RETAILERS CLUB Reilly, E. Blcndermann, Row 3: Mrs. Stanitis, ARGUS PUBLICITY COMMITTEE J. Malcom, G. Mollenhauer, Antonelli, G. 1 Banks, M. McMenamin, E. Macfarlane, A. Castellano IDENTIFICATION fbottomj Rofw I: Mrs. Santen, D. Feigert, A. Moskowitz, Rafw 2: D. Schwartz, Reiner, Synnott, Safir, J. Habel The Argus Publicity Committee, with David Feigert as president and Mrs. Santen adviser, wrote "Davis Dots and Dashesn this year. The members took turns writing about Davis doings and endeavored to get as many names as possible fuluook Mama, my name's in the paperlnj mentioned in the column and still keep it interesting. There is no sure "get rich quick" formula. However, the Retailers Club helps its members to at least get a head start in business. In the club they are given chances to put their knowledge of salesmanship and store management IIUCO practice. BODY BUILDERS 1 1k ir i' N' 1+ -k il l l ...AL-.. L' l l '-SEQ' Foo'rEALL SQUAD CHEERLEADERS A qoon SPORT XVe now come to football, considered by many Davis- ites the most important sport at our school. During this last season, our team did very well. Wfinning our first four games, we almost won the county championship. 'liliousands of spectators at Howard Field testified to the eniioi ment of this game by hlount Vernonites. But our football team had to be helped out, and the :hcci'leaders accomplished this. It was our cheerleaders xx ho put the spirit of the stands behind our men, and who pushed them on to victory. And while some of the cheers M ADE TO ORDER were difficult for the new sophomores to learn, we man- aged to drown out the voices of our opponents without too much straining. The Davis Scoreboard Squad had the task of keeping the spectators informed of the actions of our fast-moving team. The fellows who did this job were kidded by half the school, but think of the bewilderment of some poor ignoramus trying to follow the game without the boardl Our Scoreboard Squad did a fine job, despite the many -iibes they had to endure. OO gps X . 4 .. :G l.?""f"' y gsm f Top Leftb IDENTI FICATION Rofw 1: D. Neave, F. Mellis, R. Clune, D. Buhler, M. Valentine, H. Ramsey, S. Sokolof, T. Kloberg, B. Bil- lipg Rofw 2: Tucker, G. Spruck, B. Roberts, R. Vio- lino, R. Petrillo, A. Carideo, K. Kirgen, H. Boone, R. Sen- no, Rofw 3: R. Tucker, R. Smith, C. Gedney, M. Sig- norelli, E. Bank, M. Actis- Grancle, L. Hackett, Meyers, Rofw 4: Hayden, Mr. Palombella, Mr. Doyle, Mr. Oswald, F. Brockway, R. Auerbach fBottom Left? IDENTIFICATION Rofw I: Wilson, D. Blay- more, A. Kaye, Siegel, Hafner, G. Lang, B. Fowler, Rofw 2: R. Valentine,KV. DeVittorio, hir. Addis, M. MacEachen, Mr. Childs, G. King. H. Ruscher, T. Popper fTop Rightj IDENTIFICATION Rofw I: Posner, T. Neely, T. Zuk, W. Dubin, Mil- ler, Mr. Childs, L. Goldberg, R. Leon, V. Zupa, A. Zuck, A. Kyman, R. Karasick The success of a team depends on the men who play on it. The football season has been over for many months now, but many probably still remember many of Davis's players. Une of the most outstanding was Mauro Valentine, our fullback. Mauro and quarterback Sandy Sokoloff were the hub of many of our plays. They did most of the passing. Running plays are as important as passing plays, in this field we had Angie Carrideo and Herb Ramsey, while Mauro also made several end runs. FOOTBALL SCORES Davis 6 Mamaroneck ll Mamaroneck Davis 26 Roosevelt 13 Roosevelt Davis 19 Gorton O Davis Davis 19 Yonkers 6 Davis Davis 7 Pelham 12 Davis Davis 7 Portchester 18 Portchester Davis 14 New Rochelle 33 New Rochelle Davis 13 Edison 19 Davis SCOREBOARD SQUAD Anyone who saw the large turnouts at Howard Field on the afternoon of a football game could hardly fail to realize that this was the most popular sport among Davis students. Whatever we lacked in other fields, we made up for it in spirit on the gridiron. It is by this spirit that we distinguished ourselves from other schools. Those who saw the New Rochelle game will remember that we had as many rooters at New Rochelle's field as did the home team, and we certainly made as much noise as they. This popularity was shown in the turnout for the team REMEMBER THE DAY? . . . 'tBruiser" Billipp held off the whole Pelham team? for at least two of themlj Ourline play was really spectacular this season. With Gilbert, Mellis, Graney, and all the other boys in there on every play, it is no won- der our team was one of the best in the county! . . . "Caledonia" got out of hand and romped about the gridiron? This was the first season Davis had a mas- cot, and he was really appreciated by all. By the way - Caledonia! What makes your big ears so long? . . . Mauro Valentine was finally brought down after one of his usual long runs? flf you look closely, you can see lVlauro's left leg sticking out of the pile.j As usual, Big Tom Kloberg QZIJ was right in on the play in case of any slip-ups. at the beginning of the season, when Coach Doyle was mobbed by more than a hundred hopeful football stars. Among this group were players who formed the back- bone of the team, such as Mauro Valentine and Sandy Sokoloff. It was men like these who could lead a team on to victory. Last year our team needed just a little more work to be top team in the county. However, we finished with a good season average. Next year looks very promising. SUPERMEN GF THE GRIDIRON Do these pictures bring back memories? Remember the Pelham game, when Herb Ramsey made that 60 yard run, with only about five minutes left to play? And then there was the traditional Edison game, in which our boys put up such a good fight. We donlt like to think of the time when Chuck Graney broke his hip, and we prob- ably would have made higher scores if he hadn't been injured. In the other pictures We see Bob Clune, Frank Mellis, and some of the other men who contributed so much to our team. Voi.1.1eY BALL X,g rf iv: ,xv sl '.n:' :T,.xJ . W-4.- 5. cu alms? . Quik: -' L-' W :wt in ' ' " I 'f . .-' ".'r ' . , 1. . . .,1. . .' . 5 . vu Q , . leg,-. . 1 , R' fi: s l' NL ..5'. ...Is ,x . e s . On January lll, two teams from Roose- velt played two Davis teams, and after two gruel- ling contests, each school emerged with one vic- tory. Davis won with a close margin of l6-l l, and Roosevelt with a SO-8 conquest. Strangely feminine sounds also emanated from the Fencing Club, and clatter of cavorting foils were strongly Havored with shrieks and chatter from the club's large feminine membership. On closer observation, the casual onlooker would have discovered a group of apparently sane peo- ple involved in hopeless gymnastics. Known only to the layman as upositionsn, these caused many a would-be fencer to retire in order to bathe his aching muscles. The formerly all-male club was surprised by the number of girls who joined and promptly mastered the complexities of mask and foil. Mr. Carlson, the club sponsor, and its president, Iver johnson bravely attempted to develop graceful talents in their many budding fencers. In that line, the girls were 1'eputed to have outdone the boys. llHCN'l'IFlL'A'l'lON ftopj Rofw l: l. Socei, R. Longo, ll. Weisberg, R. Buck- holz, N. Wagner, Rofw Z: E. lVIoore, E. Kenlon, V. Vey, lVl. Oshman, E. Clausen llJl'.N'l'II"IL'A'I'lON fbottomj IVOQL' I: H. Rose, l. johnson, L. Klein, R. Lynn, Row J: W. Garret, R. Woolf, ll. Slutsky, R. llucles, ll. Bloom, S. Doshay, Leiberman, D. Weiss, S. Berkowitz "7gqw'u - FENCINC9 Cum GUARD! A series of grunts and groans, followed by shrill screams, and peppered with a few thuds was the familiar sign to all Davisites that the volley ball season had begun. Three senior, three junior, and two sophomore teams competed. Games were played on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays under the eagle eyes of bliss VVig-ht and bliss Taylor, acting as timekeepers. ,lean VV'il- son, Harriet VVeisberg, Beatrice Gray, -loan Frisch, Laurel Ustlund, Elaine Tm- para, Brunie Garland, and Virginia Hewitt were captains. The senior team led by I-larriet YVeisberg won, and its members received large NDSU. A game well calculated to keep one's muscles in a constant state of rigor mortis is that fine old sport, tennis. Visions of stal- wart young Amazons appear when it is mentioned. Davis had its own share of en- thusiastic tennis players, who vigorously batted that little white ball back and forth over a net. Batting larger balls around the courts were the exuberant hockey teams. The Girls' Field Hockey Tournaments began in October, with seventy-tive eager females turning out. Dorothy Durfey headed the seniors, Joan Beacom the juniors, and Alice Reichgott the sophomores. They displayed their prowess under the direction of Miss XVight and Miss Taylor. The juniors won by a narrow margin of 2-O, which gave the seniors second place. Members of the winning team received large l'D's" and the losers small ones. The third place sophomore team was awarded felt '448,' numerals. The fine art of bag punching has come into its own at Davis. We don't mean paper bags, either. The boys developed deadly right crosses and upper cuts calcu-- lated to make anyone think twice before entering into combat with them. IDENTIFICATION CLower Leftj Rofw I: Davis, Beacom, E. Hubbard, M. Pirone, Rofw 2: A. Gorman, S. Garland, M. Marx, R. Beyers J. Sonnenblick IDENTIFICATION CLower Rightj Row I: M. Freedman, A. Dorsey, C. DeCeglie, D. Clark, Rofw 2: R. Schiiman, B. Cooper, Rofw 3: Mr. Childs, H. Hammer, D. Goldberg, J. Buist FIELD HOCKEY PR TENNIS CLUB OVING GROUND IDENTIFICATION Ctopj Rofw I: L. Alper, S. Hirshberg, E. Clausen, LeBour- dais, S. Berman 5 Rofw 2: M. Ophman, Lundy, L. Shapiro, P. Nugent, Miss Taylor, R. Buhrig, E. Hub- bard, C. Lundy PUNCHING BAG CLUB DRIPS AND DRIBBLES Slopl Splash! Glubl No, it's not a hapless Davisite sinking to Davey Jones, locker Qudrowningn to all ye landlubbersj, but our swimming team doing their stuff. Davis was blessed with a goodly number of mermen this year, notable among them Eddie Emes and Bob Maxwell. In fact, we were nosed out of the county championship by Mamaroneck, leading with QA points. VVith plenty of boys returning next fall, Coach Oswald looks toward a bright future. Here's to next yearls county champs! VVhen these hallowed halls trembled, and sounds resembling a stampeding herd of wild horses were heard, students would listen, shrug their shoulders, and murmur, "Must be a basketball gamef, Downstairs it was a hard, fast struggle highlighted by the abilities of Dick Senno and Tony Daniello. Up- stairs the game was an equal struggle, with' captains Ethel Clausen, Ann McGovern, and Brunie Garland leading the seniors, juniors and sophomores. P x 5 A ii Q- it X- J f. ' I' N' 'A ,.. -, :""! o '51 .xx , - Y 3:23 B' ,4-. - ' ' - 7-' - ,Q 'Jig' 4' M. ' 4 5. 'E' i' ' U ff 'f11.if,f-.IPD ' -A fi in :E.,.,!g,'::-- t 1:8-I ' l- -.: gifs: -iii-LP.-'.:'-' 1,5 Sh.: 1-5-.-. . 'V " '-".." ' ' " '. ' - x'.'a "'-' x 4. . '.:-- -'.'. ". ' ' ' - X SVVIMMING rFEAM lm-N'1'uf1t'A'r1oN lriglnj Noftu I: ll. llauser, lf. Hurley, l.. Aitken, V. Pisani, D. Uoldinaln, li. Hines, if Braun, Rofzu J: K. Kr:-tr selnnar, R. lloelmnm, if Szunplr, VV. Kutlenstein, R. Maxwell, M. Ronin, I.. Ryder, Mr. Osunltl InrN'1'll-'lt'm'1'1oN tlvottoml Rofzu I: A. Michel, li. VVt-inrod, R. Senno, R. Violino, ll. lNlc'Gee, Rom' J: R. Yzinnzintuono, 'lf Danni- cllo, bl. Lurie, F, Bailey, 'If Lisker, R, Fulton, E. Nzidel BAsKE'1'BALL 'TEAM BAsKE'1'BALL SCHEDULE Jan. 4 Jan. X Jan. 1 1 Jan. 15 jan. 18 Jan. 22 Jan. 25 Feb. I Feb. 5 Feb. 8 Feb. 11 Feb. 15 Feb. 19 Feb. 21 Feb. 26 Mar. 1 Mar. 5 hflar. 8 Davis-Gorton ........ Davis- Davis- Mamaroneek New Rochelle Davis-Port Chester Davis-Roosevelt .......... Davis-VVlxite Plains Davis-Isaac Young Davis-Yonkers ...... Davis-Leonard ,....... Davis-Gorton ......,. Davis-Mamaroneck Davis-New Rochelle Davis-Port Chester Davis-Isaac Young Davis-White Plains Davis-Edison ........ Davis-Yonkers ...., . Davis -Leonard .....,.. Davis Davis Davis Davis Roosevelt Davis Isaac Young Davis Leonard Gorton Mamaroneek New Rochelle Port Chester Davis White Plains Davis Yonkers Davis During the year, down in the boys' gym were heard the deep rumblings of "Hep, two, three, fourl Snap it up! Get along there!" - and in the girls' gym, "Hep, two, three, fourl Come on girlsln Downstairs we heard "Arms sideward, liftl Overhead, raise!" - and up- stairs - g'Arms forward, raisel Deep knee bendln So you see, we're all one great big happy family, being built up toward the eventual superhuman specimens that our hopeful gym teachers would like us to be. Downstairs the boys were cavorting about in their scanty white suits, and upstairs the girls were performing in those pretty blue fpotatoj sacks so flattering to their "Eggers", In this building-up process, only the fit- test survived, and often a lot of fatigued bodies would lie in heaps along the walls. All these trials were eventually successful, and one day, after numerous calculations and measurements, we dis- covered a growth of roughly .0000000l inch in our bi- ceps. Maybe we're getting somewhere after alll OH, MY ACHIN' BACK IDENTIFICATION fbottomj S. Garland, E. Clausen, Miss Wight, A. Gor- man, A. Reichgott, K. Davenport Arnuarrc COMMITTEE The Girls, Athletic Committee had charge of most of the important athletic affairs. Ethel Clausen, Katherine Davenport, Susan Garland, Audrey Gorman, and Alice Reichgott were the members of this all-important com- mittee, with Miss Wight acting as faculty adviser. Their work consisted of passing on all athletic business, honors, policies, and procedures. They also served as hostesses for a Roosevelt-Davis volley ball game. RIFLE CLUB ON YOUR MARK! The team with the best record this year was the Davis Rifle Team, which emerged the victor in the VVestchester Scholastic Rifle League for the second time, dropping only one match by four points to Roosevelt High during the entire season. Coach Jack Cavillels team members varied, since they were picked from the top ten marksmen in the weekly practice of the Davis RiHe Club. The sharpshootersl prone scores were usu- ally from 95 to lflll out of a possible lflll. They certainly did a bang-up jobl Oil at the sound of the gun were the members of the Cross-Country Team. Coached by Earl Uswald, these Ulbheidip- pides in the makingl' regularly covered the rough 2lQ mile course at Tibbetts Brook in about l2'fQ minutes. Im 'x'l'll-KILL.-X'I'l0fx tlom-rl Rose I: VV. Billingliam, bl. Lane, VY. Flyers, CI. Fcolcdcs, .L Borghzlrd, Rom' J: N111 Oswald, l. Bernstein, Cf Aleziune, R. Nagel. R. T,ilLlI'I'l1 Cizoss CoUN'1'RY TDI-QN'l'lI"lCA'I'ION ftopb Row I: Cohen, B. Kassel, P. Veit, E. Landau, H Newcomb M. McRae, Mr. Caville, M. Rosenberg, D. Becker, R Trementc, R. Schwartz, C. Copp, Rofw 2: G. Balkind, R. Schneider, K Low enthal, M. Bael, E. Calahan, G, Gresh, R. Gordon, A Grccnbaum, B. Millar, J. Claret, Row 3: Wolf, L. Friedman, Lieber man, B. Balkind, W. Trister, P. Ditchik, P. Kraus, T Davis, J. Kaufman, R. Leydon, L. Ackerman, Row 4 Stuart, H Thomas, bl. Crawford, R. Forgione, H. Jacobs, T Kcal, M Karp R. Zadek, P. Schnabel, G. Harvey, T. Folger ,I-V .0 HM' fd if gsxsV5' ss v 5 " 'V W 011111 1 2 . 5 I , 3 .R N fl , " .Cx - .l'X',x . , , 5 I, -'. ',v5:,x1, 7. . '. A - Q' -' -'1g.f,g .' 5 I r, .'. s . ' A - .f .0 V. ss ' 4 N J Ly .4 . -- . -. . Jar.-g , -. .' tv' X' . .1 'si .A ,. .Qs - . w , . ,Q 1' s . '0's,'v-vs skin ' ' 'X'-'cf-'. fs . 'cfs'-0 f 1 4 T f ." 1 I p Q M I U REVENGE IS SWEET Crowds shrieked, bottles barely missed the umpire, expectancy shone on the faces of every spectator. Who would the victor be? It was the ninth inning, two out, bases loaded - one strike, two strikes, three - "you're outl " Cheers, jeers, and once again Davis students had proven their physical prowess over their classroom Simon Legrees. More exciting than any Dodger exhibition, the Hill-top sports fans welcome in Spring each year with their annual Student-Faculty game. The diamond displayed many good points on last May ll, with Mr. Russell, Mr. Avery, and Mr. Cullen hop- ing "to keep face" for the teachers after their combat against the more agile younger generation. The Babe Ruthls of Davis included Larry Parker and Herb Ramsey. The highlight of the game came when Larry, with one foot raised in preparation to descend on Mr. Cullen's unsuspecting head, had to decide whether his school or sports career was more important. In that second, with umpire Pop Phillips an unbiased spectator, Larry chose the former. Although our Worthy pedagogues battled commendably, as usual, they had to admit the students' superiority. l . is me vii Q WM s " ' f '..' ! A "ttf if 1 I' 4 'ik 9' Our twirlers and drum majorettes added a great deal of needed color to our football games. These girls were our sehool's flag-bearers, and gave us a brilliant show of school spirit. In basketball this color was lacking, but in the fast-moving football games the spectators were more than satisfied. It was our basketball team which represented Davis during the winter months, and while we were far from the top this year, every man was in there doing his best. Davis has always ex- celled in fair play and good sportsmanship. Let us continue to strengthen these good qualities so that other citizens of our City may desire to know us. 6 X xr! CONFUSIONS MASTERPIECE Long before motorboats and doughnuts were invented, the world was bothered by the apple. As the story goes, Adam and Eve partook of the forbidden fruit and suiferedieternal damnation-fatal applel Henceforth, all who tasted of the never-to-be-eaten green apple doubled up and became twinsl This was their punishment, and as a result, the rest of the world suffered. People hesitated to speak to all carbon copies for fear they were addressing the wrong party. Whenever the dittos went shopping and waited on lines, one was refused by an icy, haunting voice-"only one to a customer." The good citizens of the town were forced into con- fessing that they had just a "wee snort" whenever the double editions crawled by. The druggist prescribed aspirins and seltzers, but people still saw double, and the druggist, failing to mollify the situation, was exiled. Alas, the factory that supplied the aspirins received no orders and had to close down. The workers were jobless and had no buying power. Qther workers, because of this, were forced into oblivion. The town was becoming cadaverous. lVIultiply this drastic situation by thousands and what have you - a hopeless merry-go-round of con- fusion, strife, and depression. Then, out of the troubled sky, came a Hash of hope in the form of Noah VVebster. Taking his powerful pen into hand, he inserted the word "twin" into his dictionary. He, wise and understanding, knew that some children would nibble on the sour apple, and double up. Therefore, wishing to redeem them he interpolated his wide-read text and wrote: "twin-one of two persons or things related by ties of birthfl He never mentioned their sin, and, as a result, the ever-grateful, ever-increasing army erected a monument for the man who provided a refuge for them, who saved them from the flood of bewilderment. Thus it was that Noah's Ark came into existence. And now, centuries later, the world thrives happily, and has grown to love and accept twins-so much, in fact, that a certain Johnny Appleseed planted apple seeds in the hope of cultivating this one-time destructive apple. So the story goes. . . fShades of Gemini, what liesl J CHARACTER BUILDERS I w - 'A' 'k 'A' ll' ll' ir lm N'l'Il'lk'A'l'lON tmpj Snllnfi Mr. lit-iiril--sm, hlrs. Hxlilvy, ll, Ilxl1l'l'lI, M. l"ll'lk'tllll1lIl, U. lhlillilfkl, hlr. Klullcng Sfaffififllxfi Mrs. Taylor, -I. Childs, R. Cipvs, G. Rtitlitwforcl, R. Dcliruyn, l. -Iolinson, Miss Luc- rlicst-, Mr. Lkwillu, F. Brout, M. Smniunlvliuk, R. Siljflllilll, Dl. Sonncn- lilick, Mr. Lcpp IDifN'1'IlflcA'1'ION lrightl Rom' I: H. Klcin, Singsr, A. Mclt- zcr, :X. Cicioln, D. Hagfenliuclilc, G. Rutherford, J. Bateman, J. Foster, Rom' J: R. Goncalvcs, H. VVcislwrg, M. Sonncnhlick, 1. Goldfine, M. Co- hen, VV. Levitt, C. Hobart, Rout 3: M. Brush, F, Scudcri, C. Landy, J. Goldstein, E. Sclicutcr, P. Neiman, M. Collins, B. Levy, H. Suliafler, Schlnitzer, Miss Breining Page 55 lTop Lcftil IliiN'1'IHCA'1'l0N Nom' I: Fl, St-hlnitzt-r, P. VVciclt, sl. Childs. S. Lcxitr, bl. Bliss, Rom' 2: M, VW-imlt, bl. Schlaitzcr, Miss Lewis, I-I. Mursliul Puggc ii Vllmp Righty Im x'1'1i-'iwniox Noir I: Miss Slivrnmn, j. Culm-s, F. Nttiriiliurggxsr, B. Mikv, H. Swain, Roan' .': M, Maluum'i, CI. Thornton, V. Small, Run 3: R. l-icnncl, .-X. Bvrger, B. Glmm-r, bl, Amlcrson J. Cmwcll. 'HA JUST NO .SERVICEMEN,S COMMITTEE TICING Did you notice that the G. O. featured a seasonal ticket which enabled football fiends to go to the game at reduced rates? This eliminated the mad dash to the ticket lines Fri- day after school. They also sponsored "College Days". G.O. students are just like any other Davis hep-cats, elected to lead the school government. Did you notice the re-appearance of those attractive "Al- pha Tau Deltiansn at the football games who had not ap- peared there since the war? Entering the gate, one was prac- tically knocked over by five girls trying to sell a booster book. Alpha Tau Delta was the right hand man to the G. O., selling hats, pennants and pins. Did you notice the servicemen's names outside the office? This was the toilsome work of the Servicemen's Committee -to hunt for names of Davis G. I.'s. This committeels plan was to make a permanent plaque honoring Davis boys who fought in World War H. Did you notice that added charm of our girls this past year? That was the result of our newest club, Peter Pan. They met with Miss Sherman, learning correct posture, voice and manners. Maybe this accounts for the boys having been taken in by that "extra umph" demonstrated by these girlsl H Did you notice how the Publicity Committee excelled in keeping the halls decorated with art, and prize photography? It was through their originality that UDAVYM was plastered throughout the building. They publicized dances, games and the Teen-Town drive with a multitude of gay posters, cheer- ing up the halls. Well, did you ever notice? PETER PAN CLUB IDENTIFICATION Qbortomj Rofw I: D. Feigert, H. Mayer, R. Barrus, Rofw 2: A. Buck, Mrs. Redka, P. Love, N. Zittel, Row 3: L. Ruffalo, Smilo, I. Berman G. O. PUBLICITY COMMITTEE 'K Y REcEP'r1oN1sTs SERVICE CLUB FUTURE SECRETARIES As one entered the center of the building, a gorgeous receptionist was waiting to greet one and escort one to his destination. This explains why all our visiting service- men preferred to use the center entrance. Then as one stepped into the ofhce, another handsome girl was seated outside Mr. Childs, ofhce regulating traffic and acting as general secretary. It was she who signed passes Clegally of coursel and who ran errands. The receptionists are chosen each year by hlr. Childs for their good looks, capability, and efficiency. They have a great deal of fun, for they have an opportunity to meet people, display their personality Qespecially to some returning vet J, and at the same time are rendering a worthwhile service to the School. On onels many trips to the office one undoubtedly no- ticed those student secretaries working efficiently to aid the regular secretarial staff. This was, in action, the Ser- vice Club whose members willingly devo-ted a period a day to ease the many office burdens. They sorted mail, helped with the attendance, did filing, delivered messages and really made the works Utickn. VVhat would the of- fice ever do without these unselfish, dependable Hsecre- tariesni They were really on the ball! DAVISAIDES, Many is the time when a new, trembling sophomore wanted to seek advice from someone other than a teacher who might frighten him out of existence. Who was right there to answer the questions and give aid to a bewildered newcomer? Of course it was the Home Room Advisers. A girl has been chosen from each home room to act as a guide and counselor to green sophomores who have been overwhelmed by the intricate system of Davis. Une of the Hrst bits of advice a Home Room Adviser gives is to let the new girl know exactly where the boys, locker room is, and to tell her not to proceed to the lunchroom by 11 certain stairway, no matter how many boys tell her that it is the only wayl These helpful ad- visers also sponsor a semi-annual dinner to get the girls acquainted with one another. Any sophomore will tell you that the Home Room Advisers are indispensable! A representative group con- IDENTIFICATION fupper lefrj Rolw I: S. Levitt, D. VVilkins, C. Kelly, S. Hirshberg, M. Rosenthal, Row 2: J. Goldberg, L. Alper, A. Meltzer, M. Schulz, M. Collins, Bliss, M. Stein- berg IDE NTI FICATION flower leftj Row I: P. Alston, B. Coleman, D. Mahalik, F. Sambel, M. Trenti, D. Calabrese, P. Purchio, A. Jetter, Miss Lucchese, A. Auriemma, Row 2: G. Lumia, S. VVeiser, Goldstein, B. Levy, E. Moore, L. Manna, M. Lorus- so, M. Tarantino, M. Jannssen, M. Lorenzo IDENTIFICATION Cupper riglirj Row I: M. Jacobs, L. Howard, B. Howard, M. Retullo, H. Schienmann, C. Rhoades, Grillo, E. Stumberg, R. de Bruyn, C. McMillan, M. Mc- Rae, Roiw 2: A. Hargrave, L. Haupt, D. Hagenbuckle, G. Rutherford, A Vasiliou, A. McGovern, Messerole, R. Hudes, T. Jost, B. Buist, E. Neid- it-k, I Geoffriang Row 3: B. Gold, S. Sanders, R. Nagle, W. Sullivan, S. Frezza, S. Orlando, Kaufman, Knafel, R. Schwartz, Rofw 4: T. Neely, M. Bael, Halpern, R. Dobbs, R. Slofe, L. Bonus Inr1NTII'IcATIoN flower rightij Rofw I: D. Merola, M. Pielli, B. Mc- Fadden, A. Jetter, L. Alper, M. Osh- man, E. Schecter, A. Hubbard, E. Camerino, Row 2: M. Weidt, P. Weidt, P. Foley, Perkinson, M. Richards, B. Lockwood, B. Wingberg, R. Hudes, L. Rosenberg, Row 3: C. Smith, D. Perkinson, P. Emmel, J. Meserole, M. Lorusso, Miss Lewis, M. Hengge, Wilson, P. Kelly, B. Tompkins sisting of one member from each home room got to- gether to form the Home Room Representatives. This is a democratic group, whose function is to receive com- plaints or suggestions for the bettering of Davis. Then, at regular meetings, they vote on these ideas and submit them to the G. O. for final approval. This democratic system resembles very much our own federal govern- fnent and is a means for further school representation. Be- sides this, the reps sell boosters for school dances and tick- ets to G. O. plays and shows. Although Davis congress- men engage in heated battles, they never use filibustering. O. R. REPREsEN'I'A'r1vEs HOME Room ADVISERS IIJIfN'I'1FlCA'I'ION Chottoinil Rom' I: P. Emmel, Johnston, I. Foster, Rom' J: R. Springhorn, Miss Bron er, L. Rurlulo PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE IDENTIFICATION Qtopl Row I: G. Robinson, D. Dunlevy, R. Springborn A. Klatslcy, R. Requa, VV. Solomon, Row 2: E Fishman, N. Freed. M. Signorelli, R. Cipes, L Ruffalo, I. Johnson, G. Linsbury, M. Pollack, C Frank, A. Hoffman, A. Popper, Roar' 3: R. Lynn Miss Brown, R. Porro, VV. Armstrong, L. Rivers R. Broznn, B. Gold, XY. Hintzen, D. Rhind, R Karnsiclfc, R. Senno, Rose 4: L. Friedman, R. Sag- nman, R. Leon, J. Lum, NI. Bishop, E. Nadel, R Clune, H. Boone, R. Henry, R. Zadek, R. VVeiss, T. Lislier lVIARsHALs HE PROFITS WHO SERVES Home Room 116 was unique, being the only home room in Davis composed of only boys. Even the home room teacher, Mr. Doyle, upheld this male monopoly. This elite group, the Boy Marshals, was elected by the students and faculty and represented the leaders of the school, c'Davis, Hnestf, Some of the routine services performed hy the Marshals included regulation of traf- fic in the halls, collection of attendance cards, delivering library passes to the study hall teachers, and supervision of the lunch rooms and locker rooms. They also sold tickets at sports events, helped out in the of- fice, and assisted in volunteer Work, in school and out. By setting a good example, they inspired the cooperation of the rest of the school. MOST BEST That smiling lass who directed you to your seat in as- sembly so courteously and efficiently was a member of the Girl Marshals. She represented a body of girls who did much more to serve Davis than just standing around looking prettyl The innumerable small tasks that the Girl Marshals performed were essential to the eHicient operation of the school. For instance, they helped super- vise the lunchrooms and turned the lights Off in the halls after classes had passed. VVhenever some minor job had to be done, Miss Lewis's Girl Marshals were there to help out. One of the foremost of the groups that were constantly working to make your school better for you was the School Interests Committee. The hard-working ten mem- bers prepared the ground for action by the G. O. and had the power to initiate legislation in the G. 0. bearing on the interests of the school. Some of the many school ser- vices and improvements that had their origin during meetings of the School Interests Committee included off- ering a simplification and revising of the G. O. Constitu- tion, working on a G. O. Handbook to be distributed to all sophomores, purchasing a large radio for the school, and preparing a revised list of all the clubs in the school, in addition to passing on all non-athletic honor awards. Miss Young guided this helpful group, whose aim was to improve our school at every opportunity. Among the less heralded standing committees of the G. O. was the small but essential School Publications Committee. This group of five students, supervised by Miss Brower, was consulted on all proposed appropria- tions for the "Hi-News", decided on any changes from the standard format of the publication that was proposed by the editor, and passed on honor awards for the editors Of the Hi-News and Maroon and White. IDENTIFICATION Qtopj Rofw Z: M. Scharfmari, G. LcPore, A. Gorman, Stevens, A. Moskowitz, Sullivan, S. Levitt, Row 2: M. Schulz, G. Gentilesco, S. Garland, A. Hargrave, T. Rosenberg, R. Carp, J. Goldfine, Row 3: B. Softy, N. Brown, G. Eichler, E. Clausen, Schmidt, E. Jacobson, A. Cami, A. Dooling, B. VVest, Miss Lewis, I. Socci, C. McMillan, R. Levson, A. Sprinz IDENTIFICATION Cbottomj Row I: D. Theall, G. Kronish, Row 2: Miss Young, T. Zuk, W. Solomon, Row 3: V. O'Grady, A. Kramer, E. Callahon, Rofw 4: D. Lehrback, B. Booy, S. Baran lvl.-XRSHALS SCHOOL INTERESTS COMMITTEE AAUSIC Pl -A The best band in the city of Nlount Vernon? YVhv it's the Davis band, under the direction of Mr. Licht. ltls the must active civic minded, too. lVhenever a war bond drive, or a P. T. A. meeting was held in Mount Vernon, one heard the drums, and other instruments, doing their best. The Band Parade and Band Concert echoed their wonders to the world, and when Dick Sagman and Abra- ham Greenbaum began to play the flute T well, it was known far and wide. The Band was behind all the football players and with them came the twirlers, who had a hard time keeping their skirts down on those windy days - their sparkling batons twirling, and, at the head of the procession, the Sonnenblick twins, executing those tricky stepsl rliVVIRLEl1S ATH CHARMS Cultural music at Davis came Lllldel' the capable direc- tion of Mr. Nielsen. Even the most unmusical of us sat up and took notice when the choir went through the strains of the "Lord's Prayer" at our regular assemblies. They really made 'lbeautiful music", especially at the im- pressive Christmas assembly. Stop all workl Forget all testsl - That's the cry that rang out when Mr. Nielsen's clarinets and violins began their practice twice a Week in the auditorium. During the term Rosemary DeBruyn tried to keep the eyes of the orchestra on their music as she conducted the struggling musicians. The highest point was reached however, when the graduates marched down to re- ceive their diplomas while the band played the "Re-cessional" at the -lune Commencement. BAND When the budget had to be fixed and the musical arrange- ments planned at the Davis mus- icals, the G. O. Music Committee stuck its thumb in and always pulled out, not a plum, but a success. llJliN'l'l l"lL'A'l'l0N C'I'opJ Rode I: N. Starr, P. Pfeiffer, Son- nenbliek, Reiner, A. Leighton, M. Sonnenbliel-C, Lee, M, llaniiltong Rofw J: l4ll'L'CllL'lllllll'l.f, C. Kelley, Perliinson, Nl. Fowler, lVl. Foley, lVl. lliekok, P. Foley, I.. Bartolatta, D. Hewitt, li. lVleF:Lcl4leli, New if A. lVl. lVleUovern, IC, lloffsredt, li. Buisl, A. Ualligher, li. Shor, Pendleton, P. Nugent, Barrett, B. Garlziml, P.. selieeter Iniamii-icA1'ioN fMiddleD ORCHES'I'RA AND CHOIR Imam-1if1eATioN Ctopj Row I: R. Requa, Mr. Nielsen, W. Bergrquist, S. Shal- ett, D. Goldberg, Rofw J: M. Klein, M. Schmidt, C. Pappas, L, VVeiekman, R. DeBruyn, C. Preusse, I. Mei'scli, H. Seers, L. Spruck, R. Miller, M. Dunkel, B. VVest, L. Ryder, D. Rosenberg, Row: 3: C. Bossert, M. Bresniek, L. Tichenor, E. Gilherg, S. Garland, A. Sutty, R. VVilson, -I. Buisr, A. Greenbaum, A. Preusse, M. Jonas IDI-1N'I'IFICA'1'lON fLmver Lefty Row I: hir. Lichr, P. Thern, Rom' 2: R. Pizarro, C. Rennemann, IW. McMillan, L. Tiehenor, G. Balkine, H. Mayer, G. Bredon, D. Havenstein, I. Schroeder, F. Pesenti, Buist, I. Butterworth, R. Weiss, C. Copp, R. Sehwartz, C. Gresh, S. Sanders, R. DeBruyn, C. Preusse, R. Kennedy, H. Schmidt, Rom' 3: R. Dohhs, M. Seharf- IIIJYI, C. Hoffmann, A. Preusse, R. lVlurray, M. De- Carlo, N. Vaughan, E. Gilberg, E. Jones, A. Platner, S. Garland, M. VVarshauer, N. Fisher, Schroeder, I. Bernstein, D. Samuels, R. Wilson, R. VVeiss, E. Brout Perry, R. Sagfman, A. Greenbaum, Brown, Row 4: ,P. A. Sutty, B. VVenrlrof"f, R. Scliirfman, G. Sommers, D Goldberg, VV. Berquist, W. Hemingway, L. Curtis, W Brades, C. Bossert, B. Carl, S, Martley, A. Platner, M Bresnick, S. VVatsky, M. Jonas, A, Cramer, Chalet IIJFNTIFICATION fbottomj Sealed: E. Lindfors, Stamiingr Mr. Nielsen, F. Danne- mann, R, VVeiss, Braun, C. Preusse Row I: Mr. Nielsen, F. Linclfors, Row 2: L. Simmons, Scott, A. Fleming, P. Pfeiger, V. O'Gracly, M. Delano, A. Longo, D. Merola, D. Gagjliarclo, A. Kaye, l. Geoflrion, E. Petrillo, G. Bloom, A. Cunningham, Rose 3: R. Samu- elian, E. Kearns, B. Glover, M. Brown, L. Tango, C. Minarcl, M. Greene, L. Hackett, R. De-Bruyn, M. Jacobs, P. Virarello, B. MeFaclclen, R. Karp, Rom' 4: A. Carpinello, D. Bell, L. Manna, T. Dominiani, B. Softy, R. Weiss, D. Sea- man, P. Karl, M. Kleiner, J. Ranlcell, E. Marshall, Nl. Kiprorl, Gortlnez, Charlie, Beaeom, M. Touissant, C. Holz, Row 5: R. Mallory, F. Nowalzeli, J. Folger M USIC COlVIlVlI'l"I'EE ORCHIDS TO YOU "Thu time has come . . . To talk of many things: Of shoes-and shipsf-and sealing-wax, Of Cahhages-and kings-U VVith 100 for a Type Regents mark, Lillian Rossi naturally became the Nlaroon and XVhite typing editorl Hats off to Lil- lian and hcr staff of loyal, Cheerful workers who spent many long, dreary hours at the typcwritcrs. A group of studcnts, whose ambition in thc futuru is to work in an ofhce, found vcry valuahlc cxpcricncc in helping in thc oflicc at school. Doing cvcrytliing from de- livcring l11l'SSIllQL'S to hvlping print notice slit-cts, thvy provt-ml tlicinsclvcs invaluahlc as :lids in rn-licving othvrs. And most assure-tlly shouhl wt- cominvnd the lim' spirit of thost' who lu-lpt-d thc lcss fortuiiatc. 'l'ht- iiicinht-rs of tht- Girls' Cluh, uiitlcr tht- ahh' SllpL'l'VlSltlH of Mrs. hlar- lloiialcl, taught :xml L'i1lL'i't:1im-cl yoiiiigstc-rs whilc thcir parents wort' working. Urcliifls lo you, girls, for hclping othcrsl l11iN'i'iifit'-x'i'iox from S. WX-ist-i', li. lloflstvdr, Mrs. Sn-inlwrg, D. k':1l4ilwi'vsc ,FYPISTS llHfN'I'll-'IMATION fMiddlt'l Loiwr Right: N. Bcrnardinctti, D. Calzihresc, H. Scliicniiiann, L. Rossi OFFICE ASSIS'FANTS NIAROON AND XVHI'I'E TYP1s'rs I FASHIONS 'N FADS 1946 . . . And this year brings: Bobby sox, slacks and friendship ring Pins and slippers, jackets and bows, Loafers, sweaters and sloppy Joes! 1950... And the year will see: The advent of lVlaturityl Sr SLACKS The male, he struts and vainly prates Of how hels worked and toiled, But a sharp-creased trouser indicates Tt's now a woman's world! TRINKETS In Africa it's uite the st fle Cl 5 To bedeck the arms, neck and fingers, In Davis if you want to beguile You must be like Ubangis - dead ringersl LOAFERS No buckles, no laces, no bows to tie, Its praises I sing to the sky. The mark of this giftl is convenience galore, For now T sleep one minute more. JACKETS A jacket is a funny thing It often sets me wondering, For whether it is small or wide I never know what's inside. SENIORS i' ir if ll' ll' 'Ir -,v S FQ PAY -e- ga.. Elf , il cf 1 nil 95 aft T553 ff- .51 . EE 7:5127 A i , 1 14 , , 9. 705718 WHATS BEHI THOSE PICTURES? Graduation pictures are funny, somehow. As you turn the pages, they all appear very similar - and yet, behind the eager expectancy of each smile, there are so many different plans, and dreams, and hopes. lf only we could furnish a crystal ball with every book, to help you visualize each graduate as he, in all the optimism of youth, sees himself. But perhaps each mother's heart is that crystal ball, each dadls plan a door to the future. And so, may we urge you, as you leaf through the pages of this "Maroon and VVhite" to pause just a bit and give careful considera- tion to the eager faces upturned to you. Theirs will be the task of furthering the cause of country and God, theirs will be the burden of preserving civilization, and from their ranks must come the future champions of the persecuted. They will be the doctors, the nurses, the statesmen, and the businessmen, - the very essence of the America of the future. Already some have shown their capabilities as leaders. Anton Popper, June Foster, George King and Anna Vasiliou, for instance, head the January graduating class as president, vice-president, sec- retary and treasurer respectively. Four other students were chosen to represent over three hundred or more ,lune graduates as president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer, Richard Sagman, -lean XVil- son, hflitchell Rabbino, and Lorraine Alper. Others, too, have led their classes, their clubs, their friends during their school years. Now they are all leaving to try their hand at leading the world out of the chaotic condition it is now in. They seem older and more serious, now, Adon't they? You, who have yet to reach the ultimate goal they have already attained, must look up to them, admire them, and you, who have faced life, must pity their trust, and be thankful for their strength and youth, for you have trained them and have led them, and now the task, with all its bitter disappointment and heartwarming success, is theirs. There is much pain - and joy - stored for them in life, and many times will they wish to be children again-. VVe are truly grateful for your guidance and trust. Now, as you turn the pages, feel proud of your children, who are now grown. VV: will sincerely endeavor to merit the confidence of America and you-. CL JANUARY ASS :XNTON POPPER JUNE FOSTER ,,..,A, GEORGE KING ..,..., :ANNA VASILIOU OFFICERS ----,,,-,,,,,n,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,P7'6'5ilZ67Zf Vife-Prcfiflcmf ,,,,,,,,,...Srcrfz'nry ,,Trcww 1 r - - - . JANUARY SENIORS ROW l ROW 2 ROW 3 Juorrn ANDERSON Judy JOAN C. BERLAND Rm' MARION R. BRUSH Two Year Honor, Home Room Repre- One Year Honor, Secretary of Alpha Tau ANNA AURIEMMA juni, sentative, Math Club, Our Town Club, Delta, Our Town Club Home Room Representative and Adviser Baseball ROBERT A. BAER Bali Annual Representative, Hi-News Repre- sentative, Debating' Society, Astronomy Club -JEAN E. ISATEMAN National Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, 'Vice-President ,of Home Room, Our Town Club, Secretary of Alpha Tun Delta, Vice-President of Riding Club Pat Our Town Club, Vice-President of Riding Club, Volley Ball PATRICIA A. BAYLEY .lack National Honor, One Year Honor, Vice- Presidcnt of Home Room, Our Town Club, Roller Skating Club JOHN H. BENNETT JEANE'r'rE L. BEULENS .lfrrif Riding Club, Fencing Club BRAMLEY BILLIPP Athletic Honors, President and Vice- BE'r'rY BUIs'r Home Room Representative, Secretary of Home Room, Maroon and White Business Board, Receptionist, Newsletter, Our Town Club, Astronomy Club, A Cappella Choir, Chorus, ' Twirler, Volley Ball, Hockey Blip President of Home Room, Dramatic Society, Football ROBERT I. BLACK SIGNA BRANNER Two Year Honor, Volley Ball GEORGE BRUNO President of Home Club EUGENE BURDI Railroad Society B05 JEAN R. CARUSO Babe Toni Our Town climb, NAT V. CAVALLUZZI Chemistry Club Spfncer WINIFRED COCHRANE Winnie Room, Our Town One Year Honor, Newsletter, Our Town e Club, Retailers Club 1? Y, .777 I p JANUARY SENIGRS ROW 1 , ROW 2 ROW 3 ETHEL I. COHEN JEAN F. DANIELLO Danny GENEVIEVE E. EICHLER Gerry History Club Vice-President of Retailers Club, Our President of Home Room, Marshal, Town Club Skating Club, Swimming Club, Volley B ll, B k tb ll AUGUSTA A. DANN Danny MAEGAREQ EIZIMEL Pg V ROBERT M- COHEN Bobbi' National Honor, Home Room Representa- ggi National Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, G. O. Council, Marshal, Vice-President of Debating Society, Inter- scholastic Debating Squad, Society, Spanish Club, Tennis, Ping-Pong Dramatic MAY A. C01-IN Maiyie G. O. Art Committee, Alpha Tau Delta, Spanish Club, Riding Club GLADYS A. CRAWFORD Bubbles Our Town Club ROSE H. DALEs1A Pram? ELIZABETH A. D,ANGELO Betty tive, President of Home Room, Marshal, Newsletter, Maroon and White Business Board, Hi-News Business Board, Girls' Club ALICE E. DOOLING National Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, Home Room Representative, Secretary of Home Room, Lieutenant Marshal, History Club, Astronomy Club, Girls' Club LEONARD H. DRITZ Lenny Dramatic Society, Our Town Club ,IEANNE A. DUNHAM Jeannie Servicemen's Committee, Our Town Club, Astronomy Club, Hockey DOROTHY E. DURFEY Dottie Home Room Adviser, President, Vice- President, and Secretary of Home Room, Our Town Club, Swimming Club National Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, G. O. Council, Home Room Representative and Adviser, Maroon and White Editorial Board, Secretary of Astronomy Club, History Club PETER J. FASULO Peze Football ERNEST M. FISHMAN Ernie Lieutenant-Marshal, Vice-President of History Club JUNE FOSTER National Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, Secretary of Home Room, Vice-President of Alpha Tau Delta, Presi- dent, Secretary, and Treasurer of Riding Club, Vice-President of Swimming Club. Our Town Club lXf'lONROE FREEDMAN National Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, G. O. Council, Newsletter, President of Home Room EXP' JANUARY SENIORS RUVV l ROXV 2 NANCY A. G.-xcelourg .Yau V1c'1'oR1A GoNz.-.LEZ lfivlrit' Une Year Honor . CHARLPQ 'Xl GRANEX' Climb ,MA I, u C1.x1.1 EHER L A " ' ' , J U Q - UH Nlztrsllzll, Bust-lmll, laootbzill l'ri'siclv11t :ind Vim'-l'i'efiilt-tit ot Home N Room, lwirlt-i', Our 'liown Club HF-YIARYCE CIR-AW B50 .Xrltlt-tie Honors, Deputy Nlzirslml, Our 'liown Club, Yollei Ball, Bust-b'1ll, l'iI,l'IANOR I. GlI.ISl",Iii9 Elini- lgllfkefltllll l5.iu:l, fll't'lll'SlI'1l, Hur lown Club llgygggylyly f+I,M,I.jNBriL-K1,1.j fjnff-V ,Xntiotml Honor, 'Inu lipailon Pi, 'liwo , I I Year Honor, Cl. O, Counril, Home Room .llinlilill C1UI'Um'i'Rl' "ml Rt-prcfet1t.1tiw, Harris Dots and lJ1lNlll'S, Our 'liown Club New-letti'1', Vive-President of .Xlplizx 'liau Ht-ltzi, Riding' Club Lriou.-xko C. CiOI.lJHliRlQ Lf-mn' Rlififfknlllll-1HENR? Y HDWA' Non-.Xtliletiv Honor, Home Room Retire- A Amoill mlm, . no lm. onml ' 'tm' Hi-NNN Bmimlw Ruin-tl WNW- .Xtlilvtug Honor, NL'XYSlk'fTCl', Marulml, Tllnllllg 'IAC' it.. ' H K 'i President of Home Room, Nlatlt Club, MNH Alum llljiun Spanish Club, Truck X , .ARNOLD Hot-'FMAN Amy LJULDSTEIN fm-X National Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Two Year Honor, Maroon and VVliite Repi'esviitutix'e, Hi-News Business Board, .'Xlpl1:1 Tau Dt-lm, Astronomy Club, Ser- xieu Club, Basketball, Volley Ball Year Honor, Pliotograplty Editor of Maroon and VVliite Editorial Board. President of Home Room, Nlarshal, Band, Our Town Club . A ,TN 5735255 ,f- ., . 3 ROVV 3 ELAINE l'lOFFS'I'ED'I' Twirler, Riding Club, Volley Bull ELEANOR ,lAcoBs,uN Ellie National Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, Athletic Honor, lVIarshal, Vit'e-Presiclent, Sec'reta1'y, and Treasurer of Stamp Club, Our Town Club, Basket- lull, Baseball, Volley Ball, Tennis i-XVURHY M. blr3'1"1'uR Am! National Honor, Two Year Honor, Home Room Adviser, Hi-News Business Board, Vice-President of Home Room, Service Club ,lo,xN P. -IoHNs'1'oN Two Year Honor, Si'I'VlC'l'IllL'Il,S Commit- tee, Green Room Players, History Club, Volley Bull ARTHUR L, IQAUFMAN Az-fir Hi-News Editorial Board, Lieutenant Marsluil, Math Club, Debating Club FLORENCE M. KIl,I,EI'1N Flo Home Room Representative, Home Room Adviser, Maroon and White Business Board, President of Home Room, News- letter, Servicemen's Committee ilk Xfs A t A A-1 '52, is s AS 'K 5 x X R 3 s ,X Q X Q, +4 Xxx V X. . Ax gg , ,352 :X sy 'X + N. Z. s rf A: s X X XX X3 , 5 XX X xx ,Xt it , Q BSN X. rf f ox, ' sms ,, Mfg, t .,4, X az, qw? fX QA, A f 6 sf f- X f ' , f K-nf, x Q R :jg . ff , R X, A JANUARY SE IORS ROVV 1 GEORGE F. KING President of Home Room, Captain of Cheerleaders KENNETH H. KIRGIN Km One Year Honor, Athletic Honors ANNETTE KIRSCH Nfffiz' Secretary of Home Room, Alpha Tau Delta, Retailers Club ARNOLD KLEINFELD Amy One Year Honor, Maroon and White Editorial Board, Vice-President of Camera Club, Secretary of History Club, Track THOMAS F. KLOBERG Tee Kay Athletic Honor, Football, Baseball, Swimming ROBERT D. LAMB Bob Athletic Honor, Our Town Club, Base- ball ROVV 2 JANE C. LANZA Janie History Club EDVVARD K. LEATON Eddie National Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, Home Room Representative, Editor-in-Chief of Hi-News, Our Town Club, Camera Club, Radio Club, Crass Country ELEANOR C. LEONE Athletic Honor, Riding Club, Hockey, Volley Ball ALMA LEVINE All Two Year Honor, Home Room Repre- sentative, Hi-News Representative, Basket- ball, Baseball, Hockey, Tennis, Twirler RosEMAR1E LEvsEN Rn! Marshal, Roller Skating Club ROBERT L. LEYDON Yuki Rifle Club 'rf xii? ROVV 3 ITLHOMAS L. LISKER Tom One Year Honor, Non-Athletic Honor, Home Room Representative, Chess Team, Orchestra RENEE F. LOWINOER Renny One Year Honor, Athletic Honor, Our Town Club, Spanish Club, Riding Club RNA T. LUCIANO GERTRUDE LUMIA Gert Secretary of Home Room, Service Club JOYCE A. MALCCJLM fllfzlcic Home Room Representative, Secretary and Treasurer of Home Room, Secretary of Retailers Club LOUISE C. lVlANNA Maroon and Secretary of Home Room, VVhite Representative, A Cappella Choir, Glee Club, Service Club, Our Town Club X , ff l W ROW 1 CoNs'rANeE li. NTARALLO lh1ARY A. MAU1.Uee1 One Year Honor MARUARET M . lXf1CCiUVVAN Two Year Honor, Marshal, 'l'wirl Town Club, Riding Club, Roller Club JXNITA G. ME1.'rziiR 7 1 ' 1 wifi- . 1 JANUARY SENIORS Six Mun .M1lr' er, Our Skating Nifn One Year Honor, Seen-tary of Home Room, Reeeptionist, Spanish Club ALHER1' A. M ISSSINA Nlanagjer of Baseball Team, Out Club AAUDR EY -I. M YERS Alpha Tau Delta, Al ' Town ff nd ROW 2 ROSEMARIE E. MORIARTY Toots One Year Honor RAYMOND G. MYERS Rev JH .lft M Dc National Honor, Two Year Honor, Secretary and Treasurer of Home Room, Sports Editor of Hi-News, President of Our Town Club, Math Club ANNE R. NCJRDCJNE National Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, Home Room Representative, Vive-President of Home Room, A Cappellm Choir, Glee Club, Our Town Club, Vollef Ball NE VV. NCDR'l'HRiJI' Our Town Club, Railroad Society, Roller Skating Club, Swimming Club ARILYN LI. TJ?-HMAN Uylzkwlz One Year Honor, Home Room Adviser, Hi-News Representative, Receptionist, Our Town Club, Swimming Club, Hoekey, Basketball, Volley Hall, Baseball, Tennis mis V. PERKINSON Kitrcn National Honor, One Year Honor, Home Room Adviser, President and Viee-Presi- dent of Home Room, Assistant Manager of Maroon and White Business Board, Secretary of School Interests Committee ROVV 3 PATRICIA A. PERRY Patsy One Year Honor, Maroon and VVhire Business Board, Band, Roller Skating Club MARIE A. PE'rR1L1.o Rf Vice-President of Home Room, Athletic Honors, Swimming Club, Seeretary of Home Room, Hi-News Representative MARY Ii. P1N'ro Half-Pint Seeretary of Home Room, Hi-News Representative VALENTINE A. P1N'ro Bob Baseball RICARDO PIZARRO Chico One Year Honor, President of Home Room, Stamp Club, Chemistry Club, Band, Athletit' Honors, Track, Cross Country MEi.vI1.r,E P. lJ0l.l,AK Printrn One Year Honor, Non-Athletie Honor, Lieutenant-Marshal, Secretary of Chem' istry Club, Debating 'Soeiety, flfeneing Club, Math Club, History Club, Freneh Club R JANUARY SENIORS ROW 1 ANTON R. POPPER Tony Home Room Representative, Non-Athletic Honor, Hi-News Representative, Vice- President of Dramatic Society, National Thespians, Marshal, Cheerleader, Our Town Club, Math Club PATRICIA PURCHIO Pat Service Club, Roller Skating Club, Vol- ley Ball ROBERT A. REQUA Bob National Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, Non-Athletic Honor, Head Marshal, G. O. Music Committee, Presi- dent of Orchestra, Our Town Club BAYARD C. ROBERTS Bob J. V. Football VERA S. ROSENFELD Vee Vice-President of Home Room, Hi-News Representative, Our Town Club, Spanish Club, Choir IRENE M. ROTI-I I ROW 2 ROBERT H. RUBIN Bob Home Room Representative, Spanish Club, Rifle Club LOUIS RUFFALO Lou National Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, CO-Editor and Art Editor of Maroon and White Editorial Board, Non-Athletic Honor, Marshal, French Club, Our Town Club, Dance Commit- tee MARY RUSSELL Roller Skating Club, Glee Club GRACE RUTHERFORD National Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, G. O, Council, Home Room Representative, President of Home Room, Maroon and White Editorial Board, President of Alpha Tau Delta, Riding Club FLORENCE I. SAMBEL Flo RICHARD L. SAMUELS Dick Debating Society, French Club, Spanish Club, Chess Club ROW 3 CHARLES H. SANDBERG Charlie Track NA1'ALIE A. SANSONE Nor SHIRLEY SAVAGE Shir! ROBERT L. SCHIFFMAN Beers President and Vice-President of Home Room, Debating Society, Our Town Club, Fencing Club, Band JOAN E. SCHMIDT Schmitzy Two Year Honor, Marshal, Our Town Club, Volley Ball NTAVRJORIE M. SCI-IULZ Margie Home Roome Representative, Annual Representative, Receptionist, Marshal, As- tronomy Club '6""zf""'-4 L73 4 1,1460-mf Agft -,,,,,.,,,b. al fi-z'. il . 4' C., bex ROVV l ROW 2 IDOLURES SEAM.-KN XVALTER L. SoLoMoN Ufizlf Um' Ycnr llonor, Home Room .Xdxisi-r, TWO YUM' HWWU VNU-Cllflifllllll Of lwunagur of Maroon :md VVbitc Businms fiwvful Sflmol IUWVUSVS CUWIUIUCC1 Board Lieutenant Mzirsbul, lntwscliolastic Dc- butingf Squad, Stump Club, Math Club, PAUL SEGUDA HHH!! Radio Club, DQ-limiting Sociuty Iloaorm' M. SoMEnv1LLf: ' Ilnrf-r IVRANK ul. Sooimo GERD C. SUMMER, IR- Arlilvrii- llillllblg Bilmlv l"i0Ufl7l1ll SHIRLEY lil. Soirri-i Shir! JOY lf. Sllfitilil, Huffmzx P Q R Oni' Your llonor, Vicc-P11-siilciit :ind Suv- Xin NOLD5 K PRINMBORN HHH' I-L-mr, of Hmm. R,,,,m' Q'l,1.,.,.1l.,,,I,.,.y Nilflllllill Honor, 'liaiu Epsilon Pi, 'limo Rigling' flul, Yi-:ir Honor, l4lt'LlfL'llZlIlf-NlllI'Slllll, Bqmd, Nlzitb Club, Gym llikillll, il-l'lH'l'i, Suim- IHIIIQ' lVIAR'r1N SIUNORI-2l.LI big ANNE E. SPRINZ Ngirioniil Honor, Prcsidvnt of Homi- Room, lNlz1l'5lu1l, Foorbu RVALYN SOLOMON Szumlr Tau Epsilon Pi, Too YQ-nr Honor wf- I. National Honor, Tau lipfilou Pi, ,limo Yun' Honor, Non-.Xtlilvtiv Honor, Xzi- tiongil Tlwspigiiis, Drziinzific Socicty, Hi- Xcws Husim-ss liozird, Nlursliul, Our Town Club, Girls' Club, Swinnning Club ' 0407 5 ings' Q! 'E 1s:2N L1 EJ. L.k,. B 1 1 , 5 ,rv ROVV 3 LORE H. ST.-XI-lL Blackif I-lc L LE.-xNoR A. Sim' M BERGER One YL-ur Honor, Hi-News Editorial Board, History Club, l"il'L'llL'll Club, Gui' Town Club iw.-mn S'i'ocKNoi-'F ,Moose , . LHR' Home Room Rup11-si-iir.1tiu-, Vicc-Prcsi- dunr of Homo Room, History Club, Vol- lcx' Hull CONCI-1'I"I'A L. 'l'.iu.-xcco Tina Svvn-t:ii'y of llomi- Room IANYE M. 'If-iYi.oiz floppy Vivu-Piwsiclviit of llomi- Room P.-X'I'RICIA 'l'Hi-:RN Tifia .Xrlilutic llonor, Vin--Piw-sirlviit of G. U., Prusidunt of llomc Room, Riding Club, Swiinniing Club, 'l'oirlvr, lJrum-M:ijor- strc 0-5 r' if ,""'4 VE. 'ii'KK7'l'il C. I I I I JANUARY SENIORS I I ' Row 1 I RUTH M. TOYE Ruthie I Vice-President and Secretary of Home Room, Glee Club ' DOLCJRES E. TRIANO Lorrif FFHOMAS J. TYMONS Tommy I Davis Publicity Committee, Railroad So- ciety I I IANNA M. VASILIOU Ann National Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, Secretary' of Home Room l Representatives VIRCQINIA D. VEY Ginny V One Year Honor, Riding Club, Baseball, Q Hockey 2 GEORGE QI. VVALTERS I One Year Honor, Atliletie Honors, Presi- 1 dent of Home Room, Varsity Football I I I I I I ROW Z PATIENCE C. XIVEIDI' Pay National Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, Home Room Representa- tive, Home Room Adviser, Viee-Presi- dent of Home Room, Servieemenls Com- mittee, Chemistry Club, History Club FLORENCE L. WEINHEIMER Flo One Year Honor, Home Room Repre- sentative, Maroon and VVl1ite Editorial Board, Treasurer of Home Room, French Club, Astronomy Club, History Club SHIRLEY WEISER Hi-News Business Board, Maroon and VVhite Editorial Board, Our Town Club, History Club, Service Club .EDWIN H. WooLLEY Manfy Two Year Honor, Matli Club, Chemis- try Club HERBER'I' R. VVORKMAN Home Room Representative, President of Home Room, Basketball BERNARD ZUCKER Bernie :ltliletie Honor, Baseball, Football PAUL ZUCKERMAN O. O. Art Committee, Stamp Club, Elec- tronies Club OTHER SENIORS AN NA B 1.A'r'r RICHARD LUDLOW NIARIE D. lVlANNINo RoHER'r M. PARK Dick Minnie Bob Tu o Year Honor, Athletic Honor, Vice- President of Home Room, Representative, Newsletter Home Room , Our Town Club, Cross Country, Suiimning .IOSEPH ROSEFF hlERoME M. SCHECHTMAN Happy -3-. ROW l SYLVIA IJRASHINSKY FRANKLIN SHIED JOHN SPOHLER ROW Z IAIRTHUR ZUOKERMAN IEANNE SILLERY SUMMER QRADU TES RITA BARRETT BAYARD BONNELL PAUL BRANCA PATRICIA CLIFFORD HOWARD COOPER ELLIOTT DRANOFF IVIORTIMER GEIS'F NORBERT GELLERMANN JOHN HEER CATHERINE IANIELLO DIANE KALMENSON MARILH'N MADAN ROBERT MITCHELL JOHN O,DONNELL MARGARET PHINNEY WILLIAM SCOGLAND JEAN TOLLEY RUTH TRAFFORD JUNE CLASS OFFICERS RICHARD SAGMAN .....,,..,...A.....,,..,.. President JEAN WILSON --, ......,,..... Vice-President MITCHELL RABBINO ......, ..,... Secrerary LORRAINE ALPER - .,...,,....,,,. Treasurer S.,,, . X X JUNE SENIORS ROV' I ROW' 2 X'I1cH.bxL1L. .-Xc'i'1s-GRANIJI-i Bmuii- h ,Xtlilrtiv Iloiior, Suiiiiiiiiiigg' Club, Foot- lull I,URR,'XINI'i ,AX1,Pi-in N.1tioli1il Iloiior, Inu Iipyil on I'i, I Iyssxua H. .'XN'I'ONELLI Sizwzmiy Home Room RL-pix-sciitaitlxw Qmml .Xclviscig XL-iulum-i', Sl-on-rzii-y of Homv Room, RL-tsiilciw fluli ' 'ixxo Nun' Iloiior, Ilomv Room Rvpl'vM'1it:1- Inu Iipsilon Pi, Iixo Inu- :mal Ihlxisvr, Swrvtqirx of Ilomv Room, I,itl-Vziry Iimlitoi' of Nlgiroon :xml Il-:iv I'Ioiio1', 'IiI'1ll'li, K VVIIIIQ' I'21IiIUl'I1lI II4i:ll'll, R1'n'L'pTIul1isI, .Xlpliqi 'Iinu IX-ltzi, Om' Ioixii fluli, If'1'4-iicli Club, Spgmiali fluli, Iizislcvtliaill, IIIJWARIJ XV. BAII.l-XY IVVIIIII5 Ijlvsillvlll lil' IIUHM' I 'Iii':u'Ii k'imR1.r1s ,-X1.PriR1N Clmrliw Inu Iipsilon Pi, Iuo Yvgii' Iloiioi' .-XR LIN Ii NI. ISIIKAL, I,URU'I'HY .'XI.S'l'ON Sllflff-I' Syylwtgiry qyf Xgltiungil Naitioiizil Iloiior, Om- YQ-ni' Honor, Sri- mil' SUVIVTY vim- fluli IIHYLLIS NI. ,AMIANO Ilvflfki' C-QENEYIEVE BANIQQ Srviw-t:1l'y of Ilomv Room, Nlzirslml BERNIQE M. :XNDRFVVS Ninzps IXIARCIA E. BANKS fl x -,wad . , X 3 M Ni iw K, . Y "'- X Xi w ii . Qi, Y'-?' .,1L -.Qu I X is i iiii if Q 6 wx R32 , . , my Q '-,W '1 , X5 ' sf" 'ff 3, .,, I I .II X 1 XVILLIAM R. .'xRMS'l'RUNU Bi!! YL-qi 1' Iloiior, ,-Xtli - 'row Couiirrx' Sfmrlli' Room, I3:isIivtli:1II, Hum!! 'IiIu-spinm, Drum- , . CJ V71 71111 P!'H7lllf ROXY 3 SEYMOUR I. BARRQW MARQARE'1' C. BARROWS Vim- Prcsialvnt of Home Ro mul XVliin- Busim-ss Ilozirnl, Club KI.-xRY Ii.-x'1"iuxc9I,I,x Iuo Yvzii' Iloiior, Om' Ion vim- Cluli I7o1,oRr1s IV. Ii,x'1"i'1s'1'.Ax Um' XVIII' Ilcmor, Nmislvttrl M,xR'r1N I'. Iikcxrpkln-1 Ilrziiiizitiv Sovivty Amvm G. BELL Sy Pparry om. om, Mzlroon Our Town 13:11 ii Lluli, hw'- IJH' IPM' link 131101: X ROW 1 JOAN A. BENEDICT One Year Honor, Home Room Repre- sentative, Secretary of Home Room, Ma- roon and VVliite Editorial Board, Our Town Club, Chemistry Club, Baseball UIACQUELINE M. BENSON Jnckif Astronomy Club ,ALBERTA A. BERGER dlbie -TOANNE S. BERMAN fo One Year Honor, Our Town Club, Span- ish Club MILLER BISHOP Bill Home Room Alternate Representative, Marshal, Our Town Club DOROTHY B. BLAYMORE One Year Honor, Hi-News Representa- tive, Receptionist, Cheerleader, Twirler, Dramatic Society, Spanish Club JUNE SENIORS ROW 2 EMMY H. BLENDERMANN Athletic Honors, Retailers Club, Hockey, Baseball, Volley Ball ROBERT H. BODE Skippy? CLIFFORD S. BOSSER1' Bos Athletic Honor, Vice-President of Home Room, Gym Team JOAN BRAUN Jim' One Year Honor, Home Room Repre- sentative, Secretary of Home Room, Hi- News Editorial Board, G. O. Music Committee, Secretary of Chemistry Club, Secretary of Math Club, A Cappella Choir IAUDREY E. BREWs'rER Joey Athletic Honor, Our Town Club, Span- ish Club, Hockey ARNOLD VV. BRODY Hi-News Business Board, Chess Club ROW 3 BARBARA BRONsON Bobbie National Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, One Year Honor, Athletic Honor, Secretary of Home Room, Our Town Club, Span- ish Club, Glee Club, Hockey EDVVARD H. BROU1' Tau. Epsilon Pi, Hi-News Business Board, French Club TOM R. BROVVN T. B. Rifie Club ROSALIE B. BUCHHOLZ Row Hi-News Business Board, Retailers Club, Swimming Club, Roller Skating Club AUDREY BUCK Aw! Retailers Club, Our Town Club, Roller Skating Club, Swimming Club SHIRLEY BUNKER Shir! Receptionist, Retailers Club l ROW l HARRIE'l' B. BURNS Toon JAMPIS R. BU'l"I'ERWOR'l'H Jim National Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, U. O. Couneil, Home Room Representative, Newsletter, Math Club, French Club, Band, Orchestra, Choir T,ORO'l'HY A. CALARR1-:sl-3 Cn! National Honor, Tan Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, Seeretary of Home Room, Co-Editor of Maroon and VVl1ite Editor- ial Board, Secretary of Maroon and White Business Board, Seeretary of Ser- viee Club, Swinnning Club, Advertising Connnittee XVILLIAM NV. CAi,nouN Cn! President, Viee-President, and Seeretary of Home Room, Cheerleader, Our Town Club, Radio Club TVTARY T. CAMILLO Secretary of Home Room Rosiz CARILLO JUNE SENIORS ROW 2 .ANN T. CASTELLANO Nancy Retailers Club. VIOLA M. CAUCCI Bonnie Retailers Club l4'RANcEs CAVALUZZI Fnmcy D1 Home Room Adviser, Maroon and White Business Board, Newsletter, Our Town Club, Retailers Club, Roller Skating Club, Swinnning Club ANA R. CERASUOLO Yoi.ANuA M. CERRONE Yoln JU Roller Skating Club, Swinnning Club NE P. Ci-nuns National Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, Athletic Honors, G. O. Council, President of Home Room, Ma- roon and White Editorial Board, News- letter, Chairman of Serviccmcnls Com- mittee, Marshal, Choir, Roller Skating Club, Basketball, Hockey ROW 3 ,ANNA M. CICIOLA One Year Honor, Athletic Honor, Dep- uty Marshal, Alpha Tau Delta, Our Town Club ROBERT M. CIPES Bob National Honor, Two Year Honor, Non- Atliletie Honor, G. O. Council, Home Room Representative, Hi-News Editor- ial Board, VVar Bond Connnittee, Lieut- enant Marshal, President of Dramatic Society, President of National Thespians, lnterseholastie Debating Soeiety, Our Town Club Einar. M. CLAKISEN Ong Year Honor, Atliletie Honors, Girls' Athletic' Connnittee, Marshal, Our Town Club, Astronomy Club, Tennis, Baseball RonER'r R. CLRLAND Malin Atliletie Honor, Our Town Club, Radio Club, Traek, Cross Country CLARA E. COAXUM Coax JAY A. COHEN Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, Rifle Club X1 A4 I ROW 1 BETTY A. COLEMAN Service Club, History Club, Swimming Club, Make-Up Squad JOSEPH E. COLEMAN Joe Railroad Club M YRA E. COLLINS Finr Receptionist, Alpha Tau Delta, Spanish Club, Riding Club MARK COLODNY ' Mickey Marshal JEAN L. CONNELLY MILTON B. COOPER Coop Debating Society, Chess Club JUNE SENIORS ROW 2 MOR'TON CORwIN Mac One Year Honor, President of Home Room, Maroon and White Business Board, Debating Society, Publicity Board, French Club DORIS A. COWEN Dottie DORO'THE CRIBARI Glamour FRED A. DANNEMANN Freddy D. One Year Honor, Our Town Club KATHRYN I. DAVENPORT Kay Tau Epsilon Pi, One Year Honor, Hi- News Representative, Our Town Club, Riding Club, Swimming Club, Roller Skating Club, Hockey JOAN D. DAVIS Shorty Riding' Club, Treasurer of Swimming Club J I I ROW 3 ROSEMARIE M. DEBRUYN Peg G. O. Council, Home Room Representa- tive, President and Vice-President of Home Room, Newsletter, G. O. Music Committee, Red Cross Representative, Hi- News Representative, President and Vice- President of Band and Orchestra, Student Conductor of Band and Orchestra, Glee Club MARIE F. DECARLO Salome National Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, One Year Honor, Home Room Representative, Secretary and Treasurer of Home Room School Interest Committee, Our Town Club, Band 7 CATHERINE M. DELANO Butch Marshal, French Club TERESA G. DELENA Terry Hi-News Representative, Our Town Club, Volley Ball MARY J. DELUCA JOHN A. DENIEAR li i ls 1' ,, V I -4' . "xx 1 4 "' T2- 2' . , 1. .x - . . S ' A KH? ,Qi ,V aa limes, 3 , 'tifzvfie' I 1 4 -ffm, Q x sy , ROW I LOUISE V. IJERITO Vinny VINCENT N. IDIVITTORIO Dnm Vice-President of Home Room, Cheer- leader ROBI-ZR'I' C. Doniss, JR. Home Room Representatixe, Hi-News Editorial Board, President of Radio Club, Our Town Club, WFAS Discussion Club, Chemistry Club, Stamp Club, Chess Club, Stage Crew, Cross Country, Track 'FHERESA A. lDOMINIANI Terry Une Year Honor, lVlJll'00ll llllil White liditorial Board, President and Viee- President of Home Room, Choir lVlARGARE'l' P. DoNLEv Donny One Year Honor, Athletic Honor, Maroon and White Business Board, History Club, Swiniming Club, Roller Skating Club, Hockey PATRICIA A. DOOLING Pat One Year Honor, Dramatic Society .,-.. E tu I'-I.:-, Y JUNE SENIORS ROW 2 EILEEN DoscHER SHARIJN IJOYLE Slzerry Hi-News Editorial Board, French Club, Spanish Club, History Club, Greenroom Player, Victory Corps, Chorus, Choir lJoNAI,D G. IJRAZ Don Vive-President of Home Room, Our Town Club, Football, Swinmiing Club XVILLIAM IDUBIN Bill Home Room Representative, Score Board I Squad, Stage Crew BARBARA A. IJUEMMEL Bobfiiw Home Room Representative, Spanish Club, Basketball, Volley Ball lVlARGUERI'I'E M. IJUNKEL Tau Epsilon Pi, One Year Honor, Viee- President of Home Room, Our Town Club, History Club, French Club, Orchestra ROW 3 -loAN EDIFF Feature Editor of Spanish Club, History Club, Dramatic Society Hi-News, President of 'IoAN EICKER Joni Our Town Club LEON EISENSON Len RiHe Club HAROLD EISENSTARK Ha! One Year Honor, Math Club, Chemistry Club CATHERINE ID. ELLISON Kitty Athletic Honor, President of Home Room, Our Town Club, Hoel-ufy, Basketball, Volley Ball, Baseball EDVVARD L. EMES Tinucfl: Athletic' Honors, Hi-News Representative, Roller Skating Club, Rifle Club, Gym Team, Swimming Team si .5-f X F . IQ? :fx N41 ROW 1 MARJORIE S. ENKE Margie Maroon and White Representative JOAN ERICSSON Secretary of Home Room IRENE C. ERVOLINO Erwy One Year Honor, Marshal, Vice-Presi- dent of Roller Skating Club, Riding Club, Dramatic Society DANTE V. FATICATO Danny Cross Country DAVID FEIGERT Did One Year Honor, Interscholastic Debating, Chairman of Publicity Committee, Mar- shal, Debating Club, History Club, Math Club, Tennis JAMES A. FERGUssON Lil Abner Track JUNE SENIORS ROW 2 ADELINE R. FERRARA Addie R UTH FIELD Non-Athletic Honor, Student Adviser of the Hi-News Business Board, Hi-News Representative SUSAN FOSTER Su Art Editor of Maroon and White Editorial Board, Hi-News Editorial Board BERNICE R. FOWLER , Vice-President and Secretary of Home Room, Our Town Club, Cheerleader, A Cappella Choir CHARLES B. FRANK Chuck Athletic Honor, Marshal, Football Mana- ger of 1944- GERALD D. FRANK Jerry Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, Presi- dent of Home Room ROW 3 NORMAN FREED Normie Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, Maroon and White Business Board, Mar- shal, Our Town Club, Math Club, History Club SAMUEL FREZZA RUTH FUSCO Ruthie CHARLES W. GEDNEY Chuck Athletic Honor, Secretary of Home Room, Band, Football JEROME M. GLICKMAN Sam MADELON M. GODFREY Mat Maroon and VVhite Business Board, Hi- News Business Board, History Club, Swimming Club, Make-Up Squad, Base- hall 1 if N., ROW I BURTON M. GoLo Burr Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, Home Room Representative, Maroon and White Editorial Board, Lieutenant Marshal, Our Town Club, Math Club, Debating Society, Vice-President of Camera Club l"lUGENE A. Goi.ouERo Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year llonor, Chess Club, Discussion Club, Track EIOANNE LTOLDFINE fu Tau Epsilon Pi, One Year llonor, Secre- tary of Home Room, Maroon and White Editorial Board, Marshal, French Club, Spanish Club, Our Town Club, Alpha Tau Delta ARTHUR LROLDSTEIN Goldy One Year Honor, Hi-News Business Board MARSHALL CSOLDSTEIN Marslz One Year Honor ROSALINDA GONCALVES Romlif One Year Honor, Home Room Representa- tive, Marshal, Alpha Tau Delta, Astron- omy Club, Our Town Club JUNE SENIORS ROW 2 ARTURO F. GONZALEZ ffrky National Honor, One Year Honor, Athletic Honor, Home Room Representative, Mar- shal ARTHUR bl. GO'l"I'LIEB Gotti Chess Club, Debating Society, Football JAMES V. GRECO Jimmy One Year Honor, President of Home Room, Dramatic Society, Football MAR1oN A. GREEN One Year Honor, Maroon and White Representative ROBERT C. GRIMM Bob Basketball, Football JANE E. GULDENSCHUH lane lm' fe if e s - lf ROW 3 JOHN M. HADEN Bugs School Interests Connnittee, Railroad Society, Assistant Manager of Football Team, Track lov E. HAFNER Home Room Representative, Vice-Presi- dent, Secretary, and Treasurer of Home Room, Maroon and White Business Board, Our Town Club, Twirler, Cheerleader, Baseball, Volley Ball, Basketball, Hockey JOEL M. HALPERN One Year Honor, Home Room Representa- tive, Debating Society, Our Town Club, Track AR Us HAROO'l'OUNIAN Newsletter Sonny QTEORGE HARVEY Home Room Adviser, Spanish Club, Rifle Club, Football Lou MARY Lou HENGGE Home Room Adviser, Spanish Club, Riding Club, Our Town Club, Hockey f . - Z I : ' .f 2. ' iv ? ' v ', il? ROW 1 BETTY A. HEWITT Liz One Year Honor JUDITI-I HINITZ Home Room Representative, Secretary of Home Room, Hi-News Representative, Our Town Club WILLIAM H. HINTZEN Bill Marshal SHEILA L. HIRSCI-IBERG Chips Hi-News Business Board, Receptionist, Spanish Club, Riding Club, Volley Ball, Tennis, Hockey CAROL E. HOBART Maroon and VVhite Business Board, Alpha Tau Delta, Our Town Club, Riding Club JUNE SENIORS ROW 2 DOROTHY HONIG Dottie Vice-President of Home Room, Our Town Club, Spanish Club HERBERT W. JACOBS One Year Honor, School mittee, Rifie Club, Spanish Herbie Interests Com- Club MARGARET G. JANSSEN Marge Hi-News Representative, Riding Club, Service Club VERA M. JONES Vee MARY LOU KAISER Lou One Year Honor, Roller Skating Club, Riding Club, Service Club BEATRICE KAPLAN Bea Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, Maroon and White Editorial Board, Vice- NATALIE M- HOLMES Page President of Chemistry Club, Swimming Secretary of Home Room Club Q2 mf J, . f " ,wp 1,Q,4,f. 1,3 ,f vw t , -f fwffffff, f'f' . , i 1 . i ' I A , e A I X , . A,.,f Knife UI f, ,fe if 'f 'I MW S. ' 1' ROW 3 RICHARD KARASICK Diek Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, Mar- shal, Debating Society, History Club, Scoreboard Squad CHARLES N. KAUFMAN Chuck Vice-President and Secretary of Home Room, Our Town Club, Vice-President of Rifle Club JOEL KAUFFMAN foe Chemistry Club, Rifle Club, Astronomy Club, Manager of Baseball Team, Swim- ming Team, Football ALICE E. KAYE Maroon and White Business Board, Cheerleader, A Cappella Choir WILLIAM L. KEARNS Billy Athletic Honors, Fencing Club, Football, Track ELLEN B. KENLON Astronomy Club, Swimming Club K A ' ROW l RorsER'r H. KENNEDY Bob Athlctic Honors, Pr:-sidcnt and Sccrctary of Home Room, Our Town Club, Track, Cross Country, Band WARREN Ii. K1No Ed Ont' Ycar Honor, Rollcr Skating Club, Football ARTHUR L. Kl,A'l'SKY' Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Ycar Honor, Non- Athlctic Honor, Editor of Hi-Ncws, Licutcnant Marshal, Chcss Club, Math Club, Chcmistry Club HELEN P. KLEIN Onc Ycar Honor, Alpha Tau Dclta, Swim- ming Club, Our Town Club, Spanish Club, History Club GERALD KLEINMAN fcrry Two Ycar Honor, Sports Editor and Re- porter of Hi-News, Discussion Club, Tcnnis AMY KLINKPENBERCE t - A A .A is .R R fix t ' 1 .gk .. ' ,Q W 5 K A . YAASASSQ-1 . A A I mv' . : sf: -Q if ' 4 ' Q51 E., 'f'slSi'1iW-if I gg? J iii, 'iff 44?-15u.. ' ,C NRA.-5. JUNE SENIORS ROW 2 IJOROTI-IEA M. KLINGLER Darcy Swimming Club GEoRoE KOEPPER Kfpp Bascball, Football MARoARE'r M. KRAMER Pfggy Riding Club, Our Town Club, Camcra Club St-rviccmcn's Committcc, GEoRcsE R. KRONISH Two Ycar Honor, School lntcrcsts Coni- mittcc, Marshal, Chemistry Club, Dc- bating Society, Our Town Club RAYMOND A. KULEY' Rny Prcsidcnt of Home Room, Maroon and VVhitc Rcprcscntativc, Rollcr Skating Club BARBARA KULKA Bobliif Hi-News Reprcsuntativc, Service Commit- tcc, Astronomy Club, History Club, Our Town Club, Alpha Tau Delta, French Club ROW 3 :ALEXANDER L. KX'MAN Alm- Homc Room Representative, ViCe-Prcsi- dent of Home Room, Dramatic Society, Scoreboard Squad GLADYS LANG Glaafy Prusidcnt and Vice-President of Homc Room, Chccrlcadcr, Twirlcr CHARLO'l"l'E LAwLEss Chit-k Athlctic Honor, Roller Skating Club, Vol- lcy Ball lVlARILYN LEFSKY Mirkwy History Club CARL LE1cH'rNER An' Homc Room Ruprcscntativc, Vicc-Prcsi- dcnt of Home Room, Hand RoEER'r M. LEoN B011 National Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Your Honor, Athletic Honor, Prcsidcnt of Home Room, Co-Editor of Maroon and White Editorial Board, Sccrctary of School Interests Committcc, Prcsidcnt of History Club, Stage Crew, Stamp Club, Marshal, Captain of Scoreboard Squad ROW I SAUNDRA LEVITT Sandy One Year Honor, Home Room Representa- tive, Servicemenls Committee, Treasurer of Spanish Club, Lieutenant Marshal WILMA LEVITT Vlfillie Tau Epsilon Pi, One Year Honor, Athletic Honors, Maroon and White Representative, Alpha Tau Delta, Our Town Club, Mar- shal, Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Vol- ley Ball ALINE F. LEVY Hi-News Representative ELIZABETH M. LEVY Two Year Honor, Berry Vice-President of Home Room, Maroon and White Business and Editorial Boards, Hi-News Business Board, Our Town Club, Service Club, Alpha Tau Delta JOAN N. LEWINE Hi-News Editorial Board, Secretary of Debating Society ARLENE C. LEYTON Tau Epsilon Pi, One Year Honor, Twirler, History Club, Our Town Club JUNE SENIORS ROW 2 MURIEL A. LICHTENBERG M011 Tau Epsilon Pi, One Year Honor, Swim- ming Club, Tennis ELINOR B. LINDFoRs Elie One Year Honor, Maroon and White Representative, Accompanist of A Cap- pella Choir, Captain of Swimming Club, Orchestra, Riding Club, Astronomy Club, Volley Ball MARJORIE J. LINNICK Margie L. One Year Honor, Secretary of Home Room, Maroon and White Business Board, Hi-News Business Board, French Club, History Club, Our Town Club, Glee Club JEANNE LLOYD Jeannie Hi-News Representative, Our Town Club, Riding Club, Hockey, Volley Ball CARMELLA M. LOMBARDI Deari Secretary of Home Room RosE MARIE P. LoNoo French Club, History Club, Our Town Club ROW 3 MARGARET P. LORENZO Peggy Athletic Honor, Service Club MARIE G. LoRUsso Lory National Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, Home Room Secretary of Home Room, Hi-News Business Board, Our Town Club, Service Club Adviser, ANTOINET1'E M. LUCZAK Afnn CHARLOTTE LUMIA Charlie Maroon and White Business Board JACK LURIE Nick, fr. One Year Honor, Home Room Representa- tive, Math Club, Basketball MICHAEL MACEACHEN Mickey' Monte Home Room Representative, Manager of Baseball Team, Vice-President of Home Room, Cheerleader I 4 . ROW 1 EVA M. MACFARLANE Scotty Seeretary and Treasurer of Home Room, Swimming Club, Retailers Club IJOLORES I. lVlAHAI,IK Dm Home Room Representative, Secretary and Treasurer of Home Room, Maroon and White Business Board, Hi-News Editorial Board, Our Town Club, Retailers Club, Alpha Tau Delta, Service Club ROBERT H. MARor:NAo Hob Seeretary of Railroad Soeiety, Roller Skating Club, Our Town Club, Astronomy Club XVILLIAM D. MARGRRIN Bill Two Year Honor, President of Home Room, Pllotograpliy Editor of lVlaroon :md White, President of Camera Club, Secretary of History Club ICLENA G. MARINo Elie Swimming: Club T'iDY'l'HE G. MARSHALL Edy One Year Honor, Athletic Honor, Ser- vieemen's Committee, Swimming Club, Roller Skating Club, A Cappella Choir, Hockey ' ffl Tl Fi' -5 5 Z 3, ' We I is X I , uiiu. s .-.M ,Y u . 2 t Ji , l f 4? , 3 , JUNE SENIORS ROW 2 JACQUELINE M. lVlA'I'l-IER Jael-if Athletic Honors, Swimming Club, Our Town Club, Alpha Tau Delta, Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Volley Ball lVlARILYN C. MCCCJRMACK Hi-News Representative, Our Town Club BARBARA MCFADDEN Baht Athletic Honors, Home Room Adviser, Secretary of Home Room, Treasurer of Rifle Club, Our Town Club, Dramatic Soeiety, Girls Club, Glee Club, Twirler, Basketball ICLEANOR I". MCGARRY HUGH E. MCGEE Hug One Year Honor, Athletie Honors, Presi- dent of Home Room, Football, Track MARION G. MCMENAMIN Hi-News Editorial and Business Boards, Roller Skating Club, Retailers Club vm i if ROW 3 CAROL M. MCMILLAN Mae Nationl Honor, One Year Honor, Home Room Representative, President of Home Room, Maroon and White Representative, History Club, Marshal, Hockey MARYLOU MCRAE Lou One Year Honor, Home Room Representa- tive, Secretary of Rifle Club, Riding Club HILDA MEDVIN Hildy Tau Epsilon Pi, One Year Honor, Maroon and White Business Board, Our Town Club FRANK bl. MEI.LIs Athletic Honors, President of Home Room TDOROTHY N. MI5RoLA Dotfifz Home Room Representative, Home Room Adviser, Retailers Club, Glee Club, Base- ball ALAN I. MICHEL Mike Vice-President of Home Room, Basket- ball .VN . wmssss ts ts xx.. ROW 1 BRUCE N. MILLAR Rifle Club ARTH UR C. MILLER Hi-News Representative, Our Town Club, French Club, Camera Club RENEE MILLER Re Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, Maroon and White Editorial Board, Our Town-Club, Orchestra Lois F. MITCHELL Mirclz Hi-News Representative, Our Town Club WARREN MOLIN. Moe GRACE A. MOLLENHAUER Rod Secretary of Home Room, Assistant Mana- ger of Maroon and White Business Board, Maroon and White Representative, Re- tailers Club JUNE SENIORS ROW 2 EVELYN M. MONTANA Montj' ELAINE A. MOORE Cookie Our Town Club JAY H. MURPHY Swimming Team EDWIN NADEL Eddie Our Town Club, Basketball EUGENE M. NADEL Gene Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, News Editor of Hi-News Editorial Board, In- terscholastic Debating' Squad, Marshal, President of Debating Society, Math Club, Our Town Club ROBERT B. NADEL Bob Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, Secretary and Treasurer of Home Room, Circulation Manager of Hi-News Busi- ness Board, Our Town Club, Debating Society ROW 3 CARL A. NAHMMACHER Beano Hi-News Representative, Spanish Club ANNE L. NARDI ' Home Room Representative, Vice-Presi- dent and Secretary of Home Room, Maroon and White Representative, Hi- News Representative, Alpha Tau Delta, History Club RICHARD A. NEAVE Dick Athletic Honors, Home Room Representa- tive, President of Home Room, Football, Band ELINOR P. NIEMAN Peg One Year Honor, Alpha Tau Delta, Our Town Club, Spanish Club YOLANDA NICRO Yolo Our Town Club JOAN M. NOVELLI Two Year Honor f M W 1 X Q F l .5942 ROW 1 QJARRY FI. CYBRIEN O73 Pre-simlcnt of llonlc Romn, Radio Club, B!l.Sl'l7illl, lfootball RonER'l' D. CYCONNOR Bob Rt-tatilvrw Club VERONICA M. O'GRAm' Our Town Club, llistory Club, St-lmul lntcrusts Connnittvu, Glu- Club, Sunn- llllllgf Club lX'lARII.YN C. URP:Ns'1'r31N Lynn Ili-Nt-us liusilwss Bozlrcl, Our 'funn Club, Spanish Club, 'll-nnis SAM R. URLANDQ llmnt- Rumn Rcprcscntutivu Ll.-XROI. 17. CDRLEANS Um' Your Honor, Business lN1anagjcr of lli-Ncus BllSlllCSS llonrml, Our Town Club, Chclnistry Club, Discussion Club, Alpha Tau Delta JUNE SENIORS LILLIAN CJRNSTEIN Li! RALPH H. PAGANELLI Dt-bating Souiuty, Cbvss Club, lfootball NIARIE M. Pm:L1Uc,x 'l'HoM,xs PA1,1.,xn1No Rt'tztilm'rs Club, Rolla-r Skating Club NINA tl. PALMISUN National Honor, Ont- Yt-ur llunur, Sm-1'ct.1ry of Hmm- Room, St-c1'ct:1ry of ljflllllllfli' Soricty, l'lI'L'lM'l1 Club, Our' Town Club R L"1'H C. PASSARELLI PUMA' ROVV 3 IJOLORES L. PATTERSON Dre-dr Our Town Club IJOLORES M. PESENTI Dory Hi-News Representative ROBERT F. PETRILLO Tiny lfootbzlll, 'IlI'Ql'l'i MADELINE 'l'. PIELLI Ono Year llnnor, llonw Room Rcpruscntu- tive :mtl Adviser, Secretary of Home Romn ALAN ID. l,LA'l'NI'1R Al Non-nltlmlctir Honor, liusincss Manager of Hi-Nt-ws liusinvss liusxrcl, Vin--l'1't-siclcxlt of Ctnnt-ru Club IJUMINICK POLIDORO Rzulin Club ROW 1 RALPH PORRO National Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, Marshal, French Club, Ital- ian Club, Chemistry Club HARRIET J. PRESS Hai: One Year Honor, Hi-News Business Board, Our Town Club, French Club, Math Club V PRISGILLA F. PRESTON Penny Hi-News Business Board, Dramatic So- ciety, Astronomy Club CLARE M. PREUSSE One Year Honor, Maroon and White Business Board, Secretary of Orchestra, Band, Swimming Club MITCHELL W. RABBINO Mitch Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, Home Room Representative, Marshal, Vice-President of Dramatic Society, Hi-News Business Board, Debating So- ciety BEVERLY RANDELL JUNE SENIORS ROW 2 CHARLES H. RASKIN One Year Honor, President and Vice- President of Home Room, Football MARJORIE J. REICHERT 'Margie Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, Home Room Adviser, Vice-President of Home Room, Maroon and White Editor- ial Board, Hi-News Editorial Board, Our Town Club, History Club, French Club, Math Club, Glee Club, A Cappella Choir ALMA F. REILLY . fl! Treasurer of Retailers Club CONRAD RENNEMANN JR. Connie One Year Honor, President of Home Room, Our Town Club, Band, Orches- tra, A Cappella Choir DONALD W. RHIND Don Marshal, Our Town Club, Chemistry Club, Radio Club CAROLYN RHOADES Cnrby National Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, One Year Honor, Home Room Adviser, Pres- ident of Home Room, Hockey 'M' ROW 3 MARIE T. RICHARDS Mari Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Home Room Adviser, Hi-News Represen- tative, Our Town Club Year Honor, LEONARD RIDER Len Two Year Honor, Marshal, Orchestra VIRGINIA D. RIORDAN Ginnie Railroad Club, Retailers Club, Swim- ming Club, Riding Club, Basketball, Baseball LEE W. RIVERS Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, President and Vice-President of Home Room, Maroon and White Business Board, Nlarshal, Our Town Club, Math Club TERESA M. ROBINSON Terry VIRGINIA E. ROGERS Ginger One Year Honor, French Club JUNE SENIORS ROW I ROW 2 PATRICIA M. Rosie Par RICHARD T. SAQMAN Dial' National Honor, Two Year Honor, G. O Council Non-Xthletie Honor Mar- 1 , . , ' j A v I HYLLI5 ROPE Pill! slmal, 'President ol' Dramatic Society, Secretary of Home Room, Home Room Si-html Dumi- Qwmmiffi-L-, SCL-I-L-tm-y and Representative, Our Town Club, Ulee Club Vice-President of Orchestra, Band Rosa SAMUELIAN Roi-if lVIOR'I'ON D. Rosr1Nm-:Ro Roxy i Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, SAUL SANDERS Hi-News Representative, Photographer ol' Tau Epsilon Pi, One Year Homo-, Non- Maroon and White Editorial Board, Hi- Athletic Honor, Home Room Represen- News Editorial Board, Hi-News Business tative, Vice-President of Debating Soci- Board, Vice-President of Photography t-ty, Interscholastic Debating' Squad Club, Chemistrv Club, Ritlt- Club, Orch- . ,.,,,,.,,, Mm, L-,,,l, NreHoi,As P. SAN'rAs'rAs1 IVzi-il Football, Baseball THEKi.A M. RosENnERo Y'fi-Liv N One Year Honor, lVlarsl1al, Roller Skat- HENRIE bCHAFFER i ing Club, Huck,-V One Year Honor, Hi-News .Editorial ' Board, Our Town Club, Spanish Club, HAROLD RUSCHER Alpha Tau Delta President of Home Room, Cheer Leader NTIRIANI SCHARFMAN Mimi Tau Epsilon Pi, One Year Honor, Hi- .TOAN A' PAFIR News Business Board, Marshal, Vice- One Year Honor, School Publicity Com- President of Discussion Club, Newsletter, mittee, Discussion Club, French Club Band 'PE ,. fan JANIEYI' ScH1,A1'rzER Q ' i ROW 3 Es'rELLE SCHECHTER Emi' Tau Epsilon Pi, One Year Honor, Home Room Adviser, President of Home Room, Receptionist, Our Town Club, Spanish Club, Riding Club, Alpha Tau Delta, A Cappella Choir, Baseball, Tennis ALBERT VV. SCHIENMANN Tiny Baseball S'mNi,Ev SCHILLINGER Doi- President of Home Room, Newsletter, Football ffmii' One Year Honor, Servicemenls Commit- tee, Swimming: Club JOAN SQHLAITZER Joann' One Year Honor, Servieemen's Commit- tee, French Club, Alpha Tau Delta PAUL A. SCHNABEL Secretary of Rifle Club JUNE SENIORS ROW 1 ROW 2 RONALD SCHNEIDER Ronnie NATALIE J. SEVERINO Shortia Two Year Honor, Band, Orchestra Retailers Club, Riding Club . . RosE L. SGAMMATO MARIAN K. SCHULER Mzmz One Year Honor, French Club, Chem- istry Club, Swimming Club, Basketball, Baseball Maroon and White Editorial Board, Dis- cussion Club, Our Town Club, Glee Club, Basketball, Volley Ball EDWARD B. SHALLOW JR. DOROTHY F, SCHWARTZ Dottie Vice-President of Railroad Society One Year Honor, Baseball, Hockey, Volley Ball ALMA R. SHERMAN All One Year Honor, Receptionist PATSY A- SCOLA JOSEPH S. SIEGBL foe Football Home Room Representative, Vice-Presi- dent of Home Room, Dramatic Society, FRANCES R. SCUDERI Frun Football N 'l , Al h T Dl evws etter p a au e ta JOAN SINGER Jaya? , One Year Honor Hi-News Business RICHARD A- SENN0 The Chief X Board, Receptionistz Our Town Club, Marshal, Football, Basketball, Baseball French Club, Alpha Tau Delta ROW 3 ALDEN I. SMITH Al Our Town Club, Track CAROLINE M. SMITH Smitty Second Year Honor, Home Room Advis- er, Swimming Club, Softball JAMES I. SMITH Smitty Baseball, Basketball, Track, Cross Coun- try, Football SARAH A. SMITH Le-en Athletic Honors, Marshal, Swimming Club, Hockey, Volley Ball, Basketball, Baseball PHOEBE SMYSER Phe School Publicity Committee, Newsletter, Glee Club TRMA M. SOCCI Irm Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, Ma- roon and White Business Board, Mar- shal, Secretary of Home Room, Riding Club, Our Town Club, Volley Ball ROVV 1 STANLEY SODERBERG Louis L. SoLANo Louie IDORIS B. So1.oMoN Dorif' Our Town Club lXlARY S. SoRR1-1N'r1No Swv-mm Spanish Club, ,Xstronomv Club GEoRoE I". SPRUCK Athletic Honor, Football RosLYN R. S1'EINBERo Roz One Year Honor, Treasurer of Home Room, Maroon and VVhite Business Board, Maroon and White Editorial Board, Hi-News Business Board, His- tory Club, Our Town Club JUNE SENIORS 'IEANNI5 V. STEvENs Poppir Home Room .-Xdviser, Lieutenant Mai'- sbal, 'Nlaroon and VVbite Business Board, Our Town Club, Riding Club, Astron- omy Club RUTH E. S'l'IcKLE Rznhif One Year Honor, Hi-News Editorial Board, Discussion Club, Our Town Club RonER'rA VI. S'rUIzINo Bm-r Roller Sl-eating Club, Glee Club 'THAN M. SULLIVAN Sully :Xthletie Honor, Lieutenant Marshal, Rol- ler Slillflllgf Club, Vollev Ball -IoAN E. SYNNOTI' One Year Honor, School Publicity Com- mittee, Spanish Club, Our Town Club lVlARIE TARAN'I'INO Muffins Two Year Honor, Service Club, As- tronomy Club, SXYllIlII1lI1g Club, Assis- tant Manager of Maroon and White Business Board, Advertising Committee ROW 3 IJONALD F. T1-IEALL Don National Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, One Year Honor, Editor of Hi-News Editorial Board, Chairman of School Interests Committee, Lieutenant Marshal, Debat- ing Society, Our Town Club, French Club, Math Club EIEANNE M. 'LHOMPSON Clinkur BE'r'rY E. CITIBERG Home Room Representative, Riding Club, Volley Ball 'lol-IN A. Tlso f. T. Our Toun Club, Football BARBARA J. 'I'oMPK1Ns Barbie One Year Honor, Home Room Adviser, Secretary of Home Room, Receptionist, Our Town Club ' MICHELINA rI1REN'l'I Micky Two Year Honor, Home Room Repre- sentative, President of Home Room, Ath- letic Honor, Service Club, Baseball rw .Q . I v V 5 1 A -'-94.35, . ,Q t FQ' " ROW 1 DOROTHY TROETEL Hungry Newsletter DEBORAH G. TUCKER Debby French Club ROBERT A. TUCKER Bob Annual Representative, Marshal, Our Town Club, Football VITO A. TULLO' Sonny Our Town Club, Radio Club PETER L. VEIT Non-Athletic Honor, President of Chem- istry Club, Rifle Club AN'I'HONY P. VIEIRA Tony JUNE SENIORS ROW 2 DELoREs VIGILO Ike NANN WAONER Lou One Year Honor, Our Town Club, French Club, Astronomy Club, Basketball, Base- ball, Volley Ball VIOLA J. WAONER Vi Tau Epsilon Pi, One Year Honor, Home Room Representative, President and Vice- President of Home Room, Our Town Club, Swimming Club DOROTHY WAINTRAUB T-win One Year Honor, Our Town Club, Spanish Club VALERIE WAINTRAUB Twin Our Town Club, Spanish Club FLORENCE WALKER Flo Our Town Club, Riding Club, Hockey ROW 3 GEORGE H. WTATERS Radio Club HORTENSE WA'TSKY Harry Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, Dra- matic Society, Our Town Club, Spanish Club, Math Club, Girls' Club, Basketball STANLEY WATsKY Vlfzzcky Two Year Honor, Home Room Repre- sentative, Our Town Club, Glee Club, Band, Football LOUISE E. WEICKMAN Lon Hi-News Editorial' Board EMANUEL WEINROD President of Home Room, Vice-President and Treasurer of Spanish Club, Debating Society, Basketball HARRIE'I' A. WEISBERO Vlfeiry Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, French Club, Glee Club, Alpha Tau Delta, Swim- ming Club, Basketball, Baseball, Volley Ball ROW 1 CLIFFORD M. WEISS Clijfy Vice-President! of Home Room, Vice- President of Spanish Club, Debating Society FRED C. WERBER One Year Honor, A Cappella Choir, Glee Club, Stage Crew 'FHEODORE WERNICK Tnlfly One Year Honor, Baseball THOMAS -I. RVHITE Cookie Seeret:u'y of Home Room ELAINE XVILLIAMS Lain Vice-President of Home Room GWENDOLYN A. YVILLIAMS Gwen President of Home Room, Home Room Adviser JUNE SENIORS JEAN L. YVILSON Jeanie President, Vice-President and Secretary of Home Room, Home Room Adviser, Maroon and White Business Board, Hi- News Business Board, Twirler, Cheer Leader, Volley Ball, Basketball, Base- ball HELEN M. XVITZ Winky President of Retailers Club, Swimming Club, Basketball CONSTANCE A. XVOODSON Connie One Year Honor ROBERT YANNANTUONO Bob Young One Year Honor, Baseball, Basketball, Football EDWIN T. YA'I'ES Rifle Club ROBERT E. ZADEK Bob Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor, Mar- shal, Chemistry Club, Dramatic Society, Rifle Club, Marionette Club Stage Crew ROW 3 MARIE L. ZEITELHACK Shadow One Year Honor, Basketball HERBERT L. ZIMELIS Zimmy Spanish Club, Stage Crew, Rifle Club RUTH ZIMMERMAN Gerry French Club, Spanish Club, Our Town Club, Tennis NORMA ZITTEL Nofmie Secretary of Home Room, Roller Skating Club - S Looki Q FORWARD Despite the close of a school year, the realization remains with all its many students, that Davis and its compelling influence will continue to affect them the rest of their lives. These students, while attending school, are anxious to uphold the prestige and recognition that Davis receives. Once graduated, they continue to strive for higher and higher heights, so as to make all Mount Vernon always proud of their former school and of them, the finished products of that school. The friend- ships, associations, and activities found in Davis High School were assets Well worth having, and thus it is with stout hearts that they look for- ward to the tomorrow, optimistic, and keen in their desire to make the next day even better than the preceding one. VVith such ambitions they cannot fail - Mount Vernon's future is safe in their capable hands! FRIENDS ai' uk 'A' ll' ll' if 1 XXXY, 'ff' Il F ri W mv 5' K , X gi s F u X . , Afxx 4 im ,, " --- - ww f ' Qi ' m 5? rg X 'N .J RX X . 3 ,, -gw f l Q 54, 'f' "Q:-I in - V. Yo " - - ,v X Censult Cnr Specially Trained Cosmeticiclns for v PERFECT MAKE-UP HARMONY Q Dorofhcfzz Tlmrfmvy 58 SOUTH FQURTH AVENUE MCDUNT VERNON NEW YGRK MCunt Vernon 8-2747 SSSSSXXRXRSiSSRXXSSSSSYYSX IT IS IMPCRTANT TO HAVE . 91745 plzalograplzs Q to recall those happy school days. We were proud to have been the Official Photographers for your Class of 1946. We hope you'll give us the pleasure of taking those photographs you'll need to record future important events. IEAN SARDOLI PHOTOGRAPH STUDIO G E N U N G ' S IN WESTCHESTER AND CONNECTICUT Mount Vernon, N. Y. X-XXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXX-XXXXXX5 Sfzzzfffzfs - LEARN THE INVALUABLE HABIT OF THRIFT! THRIFT OPENS MANY DOORS TO A HAPPIER LIFE LATER ON . . . qreoter ecoriomic security, cr coiieqe education, specioi vocotioncti trcxiriinq, extro clothes, votcotion trips, ct smoii business ot your own. Stort your school soviriqs occourit ot the . . . Ewmwm SAVINGS BAN K Moum vfnNoN, NM 0m75M ' fllembw ffffdefaf Dqfofff XHIMIHHE6 dzgzwmbba We... THE MOTHERS, EATHERS, TEACHERS AND FRIENDS of the A. B. DAVIS HOME AND SCHOOL ASSOCIATION QREET Ton. . . The Members of the Class of 1946 OUR PRIDE, FAITH AND AEEECTION GO WITH YOU AS YOU PREPARE TO TAKE OVER THE TASKS WHICH WE HAVE BEGUN . . . MAY OUR AIMS BE YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS GRADUA 0 TEVENS FQRS DAVIS GRADUATES Congratulations young Women! Now that you have successfully graduated from high school . . . many of you will go on to finishing schools or colleges. Whether you do or not you will Want luxurious furs from Stevens! . . . for your Wardrobe at moderate cost. ' SCARFS ' IACKETS ' COATS Qur vaults are on the premises and you can make your selection from a Wide variety of furs. Tailored to your measure if you prefer. Q MANUFACTURING FURRIER Q As a manufacturing furrier 2 naturally our overhead is less. This saving is passed on to you in your garment. NEWLY REMODELED FACTORY F We have recently enlarged our Q. E showroom . . . so bring your classmates . with you when you make your selection and have your fitting. TE ENS'FURS X 464 SOUTH 10111 AVE. MOUNT VERNON MO. 7-0977 E Creek Bus to 10th Ave. and Sandford Blvd. l No. 16 Bus from The Bronx t T7 W,-T v V-fr-2. 1- f T af:-H f::-::nuuluur- YGU ENJOY A MOVIE MCDRE AT THE PARKWAY THEATRE Fleetwood, Mount Vernon sHoP AT SEARS AND , 4 Ll n ' I N , ., , ,.,. , is MTVN :-rgfiaffe-:'. - ....... , - T . , ' .6'I'f:f:-:1:' rfw--22'1':sF'f" K ,. . '- 'W T in 1 1 5 f 1 fafzgefgvf .1 . ,, . . -. 6x-Q.-ev.-c .V 1 . .,, 5 fee-.-544: V- .. . -f- 4.-WQS .4:2sf, QW-fp.,,5,zAff:-gg:gm:p if T 5'-2-.QP AQ NS? 4315522222: 5213523535-:2f'5'?f9'P '4f'5'Ef5:23f '4' 2-1.2-:-. "-N' ' ' ' " ' ' y14afzwa?Zea'0eyam: Jane" 175 Gramatan Avenue Mount Vernon 8-1709 pozegmfzzfzzfzbzes. . . C9535 AFFORDS us qreat pleasure to have our name appear in the 1946 issue ot the xr n MAROON and WHITE K Also to offer our sincere conqratulations to the l946 GRADUATES OF DAVIS HIGH SCHOOL tor a job well done. As you leave these halls of learninq, to take your places in the larqer life, our loest Wishes for your happiness and success in the years to come ao with you. Sincerely, Geo. Fennell 6: Co. llO FOURTH AVENUE MOUNT VERNON, N. Y. FURNITURE OF MERIT FOR 67 YEARS TRUNKS LUGGAGE Ufffzl 3' for Leather Goods' 29 South Fourth Avenue-Mount Vernon, N. Y. MOunt Vernon 8-6l42 I-IANDBAGS GIFTS Jlffzrion Toning sRESTAURANT44 57 PROSPECT AVENUE Luncheon -:- Dinner Daily Except Tuesday MOunt Vernon 7-9265 MOUNT VERNON, N. Y. FN BWMMWWS Ep Q19 RAY ' A for f Q! Y DISTINCTTVE cmd SMART SPORTSWEAR ,ffl THE YEAR 'ROUND POR FINE FABRICS ,, K - - Patterns - - McCall Advd 10 SOUTH FOURTH AVENUE W Simplicity Holly MOUNT VERNON LORAY FABRICS INC 9 SOUTH FOURTH AVENUE 555 MAIN STREET MOUNT VERNQN, N. Y. NEW RQCHELLE MO 7,2955 D 44 This Edition ot MAROON cmd WHTTE ls Round in d MOLLY-MADE Oever, Designed drid Mdituidctured by The David J. Mol y Plant 2857 NORTH WESTERN AVENUE CHICAGO lLLlNOlS LANGDON "The Man's Shop of Westchester" l3 FOURTH AVENUE 562 MAIN STREET MOUNT VERNON NEW ROCHELLE CLOTHIERS - - EURNISHERS - - HATTERS l ..,.L..A.,v U MCUNT VERNON HOBBY CENTER, INC. B. SLADE, President 23 EAST PROSPECT AVENUE MO. 8-7433 All CJZZWM ,fx JTEWELEIL EX! 77 CC Folzrffz Aiwzzze at Firff Sirwf Mozzrzf Vwvzofz, N Y. IT'S SO EASY! Get your doily supply of Vitdrnin D right in the milk you drink. Order BORDEN- WlLLOW BROOK Homoqenized Vitormin D Milk. 7 4 B01'de1z-Wz'll0zU Broofi 253 WASHINGTON AVENUE MOUNT VERNON NEW YORK Telephone MO. 8-8080 MOunt Vernon 7-3008 "IT PAYS TO PLAY" T om Godfrey SPORTING GOODS EXOLUSlVELY 2 WEST PROSPECT AVENUE R. K. O. Proctor Buildinq MOUNT VERNON NEW YORK LEARN TO PLAY POPULAR SWING PIANO IN THREE MONTHS Boogie Woogie U Icxzz 0 Trumpet 0 Cl t Sax U Drums 0 Violin 0 Voice Mozznf Vernon Inytifuie of Cultural Arty 3 SOUTH FIFTH AVENUE MO. 8-2719 MT. VERNON, N.Y. MO. 8-4191 GEORGE FRAGOS P d t SCHOOL SUPPLIES GREETING CARD F rm' C. Rosrlzer S TAT I ON E R 7? P7 K K 19 SOUTH FOURTH AVENUE MOUNT VERNON, N. Y. Serving Mount Vernon ond Vicinity Since 1915 Z E P H Y R M O D E L C R A F T 123 South Fourth Avenue Mount Vernon, N. Y. fe, ' ' , M T IFF is I' I' .,3"5""" H-X195 ' -1xbP:2"""' Construction Kits, Too1s, Accessories, P1c:Ins for Scode Mode1-Airp1dnes, Rcriirodds, Ship Models, Tanks, Ieeps, Etc. This 1946 Edition . . of the "MAROON ctnd WHITE" Used Photo-Engravings by IAI-IN CS OLLIER, Ohicctqo I11inois 44 This 1946 Edition . . . oi the "MAROON ctnd WHITE" ZEPHYR MODELCRAFT H 5151 Wds printed by the 12315'Icg1rtg51:g3nue if' I FREYBOURG PRINTING ' if coMPANY "OWU EVGTY Evening" Mount Vernon New York Gift Selections the Yecrr Throuqh' 1 34' .--Y' ,-'-'-"xi ' l:-pf-4 ' :4 wg,-ww.-ff,-,1v':J... "' - -' . -1 14.-,.,-'x V, B' 11299 wr -51 -. ffgffii-.'ffi-f.QfE1'jf!fTf3, if-Qnfqfry, ,. Pwr. 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Suggestions in the A B Davis High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Mount Vernon, NY) collection:

A B Davis High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Mount Vernon, NY) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 1


A B Davis High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Mount Vernon, NY) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


A B Davis High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Mount Vernon, NY) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


A B Davis High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Mount Vernon, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


A B Davis High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Mount Vernon, NY) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


A B Davis High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Mount Vernon, NY) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 110

1946, pg 110

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