A B Davis High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Mount Vernon, NY)

 - Class of 1944

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A B Davis High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Mount Vernon, NY) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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S 'zu I ET '-gg.. We- i' 41- yr-. . ,, I 1 4- ,x f .1 , '24 1, A, , .,f. ,ef .. 1, Us "Fax, .- . un 911.gif , ' uf xQ: ' 4 M., f . 1 V A 5: ,ff L .. A. A J.A.m,. -'vi N ? 1 4 4 x 1 4. v "1 I I z 1 Q. z ' x m .'r -x 3 1 1 :vw n in u gffvi Q ,. nh, up-fi , X v ' A - v 1 r ,.n . 5, s v . . 1 ., 4'- fn ,vu n.'..1 .JV A -.-,.g ., Isl . 'V , - , R -s . ' .I-L . ,-3, -'I - 'iflvw I-, K ,K .'L .if . -- W. -f -i .l i , I l 'l I V -s 'i Jul. l f Q . 5 r L o i L 1 V l 1 r , H ' w A5212 ,. ' lr HF ' 1' L , ,-QW 4.51.4-, , ,.- .j,.'5:v ,I il , A tv! , W. Lf ' WML A ,, k. I. 1 I 1 W 1 ? -5.-Lt,-' , . ,nuff - r ' u -ab' 1.2 .., N, x. ,,.,,,,f.2hj'1'y.f,A' . .V . 1 - :fa J 'sf-T?"ifK if F , '. Q.: r -,4FQHf,.a5Kf r- .iQ,,5f,i.gy..,. ' -- f. 1, Z! fc. lfrfl' x I A Q,-3 LQ k ' - . f, , .- Q , .V I ' v. ,,,. ., , , ww. V, I . "iff ' .xr . -Y ' in .v if EL .-' iff' . it' i'J+?f4,5',,x, -'3" t3.rfJQ1'2-":i:i1 ,J -, Y .JM Arif .14 W, 'fx'-:Q '19 7 . .I 5 1,-,-lp., 5 ewL"EfAif:f -.W f, 'Ar ' Q'-'fff-:L A.- jjejs-Qf ",f1:gi"'f ' 'wixxy-Qr'1'g ,l , if -197215 my .1 2 .' 1 21 ':' .L 1' Eff r9TQ2m:'zff, .. 4-13 an -H V, A W v- ...'q.-'Phd' 1 me, Q ' , ,wma-'-,ng 2" .., '. g"gi?"g:Qji--'bgff ' ,-.gr V'gD'A:?'fa 'E-fri? '- LL 'fy-2,531 ,- A - -S., .i . I: JAY. " -Turf-,K , - 'e- Vw,-if A.,-5 .ws 1-1 2-xg.-j-1. fl- , .A -I Lv, . , ,1 .'Qf-" Q- sr , mf .Af ir, -+ 'Q I ' ,. ,J iyu.,,.: w 3 -. in-V .L,,., , 31 ,.f. --v' 9 . - " 'J ff ',4 '1J3vM',x-"1 4 e-'NfJ'11"f.'V 'iT 7 f -4:46151-, Qs!! 1. rua:-P' 1.15-'uw-. 1174, J- -' A ff 5 :,:5'?Z :. Q51 J, N, 34, A In ,. TV. g MQ -mg- " lrf.. 'IVF'-.r1L,?Q" 1. 'q'f'E i?' - ,-,sm '7 ef1j,Q'-7+ "N A- .-: -..g,ff-s 1: ,, 15, ,f,,,g5-fb,-x'3 J mg:.'.Q'1." ' ig, s'1m-"-'WF-Iie "f 2l'Q','f2ax.ig.,71 .x'- .ff,'3.,lY .y' b f-ww ,-, -,- 3 ,314 E',1,.H,1' 1 v '-- km- . if 'JLVI N.. r" ' ' 5' ,. A w.'. --. , V ,J Qi f Jgyg.. -17- 4 'I' :'1"" 2311. 341: Hs Nfl, .-Qin. ,ff iff ., . C, 1 :'.-'-.fmj-5 Y I fp . A'v-A-V 441 L" ' 1 ri x . ,n.ua ,H . x,13.4 - wx fi 'jp .X '., W:-M xv. '55--Uk fx A A- La. ,, Ajwyfy L , ,. qu.-X' z F .ff-f-1, .4 :ff-5' :'1.f'.', 111, Ngifl'-' Jzpf' K ff xx 4 , X "viz, Q A , . 1 V,- L lu 13 - v X J-sag, Q ' A fx. Wm., 1 if ' , ' 1 11 1' 1 ,xi ,A 15.55 f , J I ,wa , w x m ,, x 1 x 'gl s av f xg 4' P '33 1 1 .3 , 2 Hi A-qi ff, . .DP f13?f 1 y f A J t - n " I' 1 ' A ,, .A r . ,, HNWX an r ' K A A Q 7: . ' 3 fqn 9,. . .-:U 'V' s wi .lfiv .f -L- 4 I. I su., 1 ., , 4 ., ' I - 44. F2-5' . . + P01431 . fF4,?'l. ' - 3 ,4Q'4f j ,"fj',f. . Jag, - az'-'f' 1 x Eff f'-'IQXX' F. 4 .' LM' ' '- ff, 1. 34. ' , , 1f'U.,l,., ' 1 4 K1 'l 55.1. ' 77. :-:.11..4+?' x f j '., ,QV 1 W A N. : V . - . ' 4 -' Vi, 1 .- I 1 .wx .-,IMAAX ' - Q ,Hg I 144 - .'.L..e'If. FL! " - .T 2 ' 113 1 'Er V, -. , - ' ww., :rv VT' f' -!'5f,,'ml- 'tjil . . aj., ,,,A1iE,3 1.31 1' -1 ...LQ gt Wir,-it-M4-nb, me-i.g,. 1314+ YI? W-mg-4. Lfs1:i54f4g.: . i ...pug .'-Z, Hi' 'pat 'fi ' lil Lv -nun.-,,g - 1ifk.,n'4.f.g,W- FM 1 fx! 44 '-.w"--lv 4pu'f4.,s...114-'- Lf-.4 I fe 1, . 1 .yjJ'klgf'ii g4,i3L1:,,.:. , - - . - v ...Aw ', -4, .,f,i,,-4-.X 4 'fi' 9 I Fffffflt 5lJr'+ 'f'1.E'I73s'.F19f ' Q- V W-14fE+f1! 4, '-9.544-? -4 fp, ff A ',!1.,fw'ffyH4,W4 513.5 -C' ' 3 ,V V- "-5Q-.'.7f- 14344-1 3: :' ' y' . rf' - -1'i'Uu- 4+ Lf- 4 :Q 4.f'.u?H.14f" .1-I ,. f It -'bfi-4 X., -'gl QL-,931 34,51 45629, - ' " . zw-1433! 5' f5?f'f1555'i'.'1' pf' ' Fl? ,g 'E-:TW j'flig?Qff1?34si,2jf'4f'1Q::f 9' 4 4 14 .1 i . QW! ,4',,j4 um? rg:-g:45::, -I . Y ' . 4 ':c f?24'f' 'firm ff..- 4 wishiliv Wa- 'a:,V:2,!E,! .4 1 4 -- K 1 I I 1, W . l P 5 'J 4 1 - 5 j , . . 4 . a 1 4 Q 4 4 . , , A ,J A In 1'..4v!,.I' 4 - . 4 2 , j L. , g 1: I . 1 ' , 44 , v . , i 4 45 ,4 -Qi? uhh 4 gn.-. 4 - ,T VT I 1 ' gf.. K if .ll I 'I' K V, rf 4. 11 iii in 4. FYR- ANC lu? I kw- EEF' .,, is 4. 2 Puff- !?if .Tis wg! ?: 'X Yi? i. W, 4 .,l' M 4' .3 2'1j 1- If v 4 if 1 sl - 1 W . Y.. M aff- "Q it I 1 . I 5 I i 1 I , l , . K Z 6 ml . , , ' ,.-,. -, 14 ,m 4 0 . l N4 4.1 4,1 fr' 4 , 1 4 4 x f , A 445, 4l w 44 4 .F 'I W. if '- 4 4 F ,V 4 4 J is m ., :,,. 5, 41 4 4 4 J 4 f 4 . 4 ,4 J i4L:..gvZ1 r '1ff"-,l, lf , '13 4 MAROON AND WHITE A. B. DAVIS HIGH SCHOOL MOUNT VERNON, NEW YORK NIETIEJEN HU MARD AN TE EDITED BY THOMAS ZEKOV GLORIA BURKE P R E S E N T E D B Y THE SENIOR CLASS A. B. DAVIS HIGH SCHOOL MOUNT VERNON, NEW YORK D IFORTY I-TOUR lDlElDllCATll0N The struggle for existence in which we are now engaged will end victoriously for us in the near future. Then, while the ink is still wet on the treaty, the problem of building up the world will fall directly on our shoulders. It is we who will be left, who must rise as one solid mass determined to clear the blackened and charred embers of our present civilization, determined to start, to see through, and to finish the almost impossible task of building a new world. Through keeping in mind the sacrihces made by those who gave up everything at Bataan, Guadalcanal, and Tarawa in order that our American ideals may remain sound, through education and through religion, eventually we can achieve, if it is our earnest desire, a perfect world. We, the youth of today, will live in that world. It will be ours. Its succcess or failure will, without doubt, depend upon us. We know that we cannot create a perfect world, a Utopia or a Shangri-Lap however, we can lay the solid, enduring foundations of peace and security for a safe world. To this world, to this time, to this effort, we dedicate this book. Thomas Zekou The destinies of nations can be symbolized by hands which have been inspired by the good teachings of those who have gone before. The powerful, industrious hands of the laborer. the sensitive, skilful hands of the surgeon, the watchful, pro- tective hands of mothers, the tense, forceful hands of the base- ball players, the slender, flexible hands of the pianist, all have been guided and inspired by the performance of their worthy predecessors. The progress of the world depends upon the good created by these hands. Failure results from the evil and the destruction created by greedy hands. Hands build nations, maintain peace, and develop civili- zations. Therefore, hands are the appropriate symbol for the unceasing efforts of man towards the attainment of a perfect postwar world. Gloria Burke Dr. William I-I. Martin Miss Catharine I. Rhoades Supcllnlemlenl of Schools .Xssmnnt Suprrnnlrnilvnt of Schools OUR SUPERINTENDENT SPEAKS I am grateful for the invitation to write a brief message to you, for by so doing the link connecting your lives with mine will be forged more strongly. This gives me the opportunity also to tell you a few of the things which are very close to my heart and which are domi- nating my thinking during this cataclysmic period through which the world now is pass- ing. It would be easy at this time for you to allow yourselves to believe that civilization is only a thin veneer that is now splintering away. much as the veneer on a piece of cheap furniture splinters away. It is against this feeling that I would caution you. It is going to be your task, as you go out from your high school life, some to serve in the Armed Forces, and others in industry, or in further study, to assist in maintaining those ideals for which civilization always has stood by impressing them upon the minds of your associates whose idealism may not be as firmly entrenched as your own. At times you will End it difficult. for in so doing you will be called upon "to bear up under loss, to iight the bitterness of defeat, and the weakness of grief. to be victor over anger, to smile when tears are close, to resist disease and evil men and base instincts, to hate hate and to love love, to go on when it would seem good to die. to seek ever the glory and the dream, and to look up with unquenchable faith in something ever more about to be." This is both your task and your oppor- tunity. May you have the strength to carry it through! Yours sincerely, R- Z' Q f " I , 1 N- - 1 1 ' NS' 1 w' '7- . 4 . .lf if OUR ADVISORS A MESSAGE FROM DR. STEVJART While the winning of the war is the matter uppermost in our minds at the time this book is being compiled. we are. nevertheless, thinking of a postwar period and wondering what it will he like. lt is a truism to state that the world will be the kind of world we make it. lt is well for us to realize that unpreparedness for peace can bring almost as great a calamity as unpreparedness for war. Unless we plan wisely we are sure to have serious social mal- adjustments. It is greatly to your credit that you have been giving attention to such problems as our for' eign policy, our plans for a just and durable peace, and conditions necessary for high levels of employment after demobilization. The man- ner in which these and similar problems are solved will vitally affect your lives. Their solu- tion will call for an extension of the personal qualities of courtesy, kindliness, unseliishness, courage and decency into our relationships with other peoples and nations. 'bt 'FM Dr. Hugh H. Stewart Principal I-low to promote understanding. good will and peace, both at home and abroad, will be a major problem facing the United Nations. It is our fervent hope that each and every one of you will make some worthy contribution. l Mr. Childs Miss l,ewis Mr. Addis Vic:-Principal D an Advisor The principle aim of our present life-and-death struggle is the formation of a finer. .more secure and more democratic world, endowed with ideals of freedom and equality. The students of today are the citizens of tomorrow. It is their training while in school that will greatly determine the future, for a democracy cannot survive without liberally educated, independently thinking people. In the hands of the faculty lies the immense responsibility of moulding the characters of thousands of young men and Women. Teachers are the backbone and foundation of any educational system: their positions are a vital and essential part of our war effort. In times of peace, as well as war, a teacher's work entails much more than the mere transferring of subject matter. It involves guidance, patience, and understanding. A teacher is a sincere friend and advisor to her many pupils. She not only conducts classes but uses her skills in organizing and super- vising clubs and extra-curricular activities. As a result of years of study and experience, the teaching profession has gained universal respect and admiration. We owe a debt of inestimable gratitude to our faculty. to the many men and women who have devoted their lives toward the improvement and perfection of the youth of America. With wisdom and foresight, they are helping to create a democratic world in which peace and liberty shall reign supreme, and ignorance and bigotry shall give way to liberal education and independent thought. -10 FACULTY I' U J ,." X ' + JV .1 OFF? X Mrs. Auguste XVinter Mrs! Gertrude E. l.ow. J Porter, Miss lf .ha . Miss Katherine Y J L-.1-.,... 'HOOD FRIENDS, Seated: Miss Mary Lee, History. New York State Teachers' College: Miss Alice Edwards. French. New York University: Miss Muriel E. Taylor, Physical Training. Sargeant: Miss Hannah C. Sherman, Home Economics, Columbia: Miss Mar- guerite NVight, Physical Training. Savage: Miss Alice V, Brower, English, Syracuse: Miss Florence J. Blackburn, English, New York University: Mrs. Marion E. Redlta. Spanish. Russell Sage College: Miss Dorothy Feaster, English. Nebraska: Miss Eleanor M. Young. English. Vilellesleyp Mrs, Marietta S, Stiles, lirench, Bates College: Miss l.ucy B. Proctor. l ibrarian, Xldelleslev. Standing: Mr. Earl E. Oswald, Physical Training, Temple, Mr. W. Gregory Coffin. Physical Training, Springfieldz Mr. Samuel G. Kurt7, English, Oberlin: Mr. Russell C. Doyle. Eng' lish, Colgate: Mr. Kenneth H. Smith, English. Amherst: Miss Elizabeth von Kokeritz, English, Trinity College: Mr. .lames H. Searle, Social Science, Hamilton College: Mrs. Bernice li, Bailey. English. Iowa: Mr. Kenneth R, Copp, English, Columbia: Mr. Harry A, Collins, Spanish, Cornell: Mr. .l Milton Phillips. l,.1tin. Amherst: Mr. Dominic l.. Gentilesco. Spanish. l..ifayer'te College: Mrs. Elizabeth S. Hiller, History, Columbia: Mrs. Laura W. MacDonald, English, New York University: Mrs. Adelaide Taylor, Social Science, Russell Sage. iff., .1--1 ,- , , ff ,,, , A U. V 5 'if' A I . My ' C Z f . . 1 Seated: Mr. Clifton NN, Russell, Science. New York Uni versity: Mr, Gordon Lindsay, Science, Saint Lawrence: Miss linima li. Okerstrom. Mathematics. Columbia: Mr. Emil Nielsen, Music, New York University: Miss Ruth E. Landis, Science. Columbia: Miss Agnes Padou, Mathematics, Butler: Miss Lenox E. Chase, Science, Columbia: Miss Florence E. Brown. Mathe- matics, Wellesley: Miss Rose R. Lucchese, Business, College of New Rochelle: Miss Elsie L, Nourse, Art, Massachusetts, Standing: Mr. Warren B. Searles, Science, Iowa Stale: Mr. Robert E. Dodds, Art, Geneva: Mrs. Frances W. Kroner, Busi' ness. Plattsliurg: Mr. George S. Avery, Mathematics, Wesleyan: Miss Eleanor M. Cowlin, Business, New York University: Miss Lieorgianna Williams, Business, Columbia: Mr. Herbert F. Sundermann, Business, New York School of Commerce: Miss Jeanette Creekpauni, Business, New York University: Mrs, Ruth li, 'l'axter, Business, Plattsburgh: Mrs. l.oyettie D. Morgan. Nurse, Vvfestern Reserve: Miss Marion S. Cleveland, Mathematics. Mount Holyoke: Miss Ellen G. Kevlin, Business, New York University. OTHER FACULTY MEMBERS Mr. Charles H. Altschuler, Social Studies, Yale: Miss Melva Breining, Mathematics, Barnard: Mr, Frank P, Bunker, Science, Dartmouth: Mr. John T. Caville, Business, Temple: Miss Genevieve H. Cheney, French, Tufts College: Mr. C, Bishop Johnson, English, Emerson: Miss Florence M. Leighton, Spanish, Pembroke: Miss Grace Macdougall, Latin, Smith: Miss fl,-. I A' s, 13 TRIED AND TRUE .WW Marion I.. Quinlan, Spanish, lilniira: Miss Clara L. Red- mond, Home Economics, New York University: Mrs. Sylvia A. Stanitis, Business, New York University: Mr. Charles W, Stokes, Science, Harvard: Miss Ruth M, Thomas, English. Allegheny: Miss Helen li. Vvlalther, Mathematics, Barnard: Miss Liertrude M. Vw'heeler. Science, Mt. Holyoke. JANITORIAL STAlFlF Lelt to right: Mr. Caetano Carrier, Mr, Arthur Blandier. Miss Alice Graney, Mr. Antonio liioientino, Mr. Joseph Tuccillo, Mr. Jack Gencarelli, Mr, John llarries, Mr- Phillip Pelito, Mr. George Owen. .4-p 1 E if. , uf. i .L.... .. Stumpcd, Miss Padou? Hc's .1 Harvard man!! The "guy" behind the Now, who did that? 14 lines R e xg Xxf rj , X -.X In V X W. - ,f v X K Y ' CLC X jp- N ' serv,-Q V. ,lr . L .1 ND' "It gets mighty cold out on the rifle range, doesn't it, Mr. C.1ville?" "Now, about that test on Macbeth ...... " Uncle Charlie ..., swivel chair and green suspenders perfcctum. "The pause that refreshes." l'5 We will build the world of tomorrow. We are very fortunate, for ours is a bright unexplored future . . . we will pioneer this world. We will plan and strive that others may no longer find it necessary to fight a war to end all wars. The present conflict is still raging, but we confidently hope that victory is not far off. However, after the foe has been defeated, the problem of world reconstruction will be an even more diflicult and strategic task. Davis students. along with the rest of the youth of America, are aware of this tremendous job ahead of them. They know that it is a job in which adult and youth alike must take an active part. Some of the building will require actual manual labor: the devastated civilizations of the war-ridden countries will have to be entirely rebuilt. A great part of the reconstruc- tion, however, will be done by the scientist, the doctor, the teacher, and by a multitude of young men who are at present receiving training in the armed forces. Never before has the hand of opportunity knocked so loudly at Youth's door. We must not only rebuild the world, but must obtain and preserve neighborly relations, stressing cooperation and understanding, with all the nations of the world. We seniors have already terminated our high school education. Many of us will go on to higher schools of learn- ing: others will directly enter the business world. All, how- ever, will be united in purpose. Our lifetime, our future, must be devoted to insuring peace and stability for the youth of tomorrow, whether that youth is American, Russian, or German. We must make certain that in our children's lives war will be a thing seen only on the pages of a history book. Look well, for among us may be the very leaders who will triumph in establishing the world in which there will truly be eternal peace on earth and good will to men. 16 SENIORS 5- Cf' 9 ', J ix fxfvxvy Slmdblr Bob, Afmt' Ed, Glo, Nanny, Larry CLASS UFTFICERS JANUARY J U N E Fall Term Spring Term Rolslam' JA1QuraR - - Presidem EDWARD LARAJA - - - President ANNIQ I4ICf:l0Nl5 4 Vice-President CSLORIA CDRSENIGO - XHCQ-PI'2Sid9IlI RUTH HOVEY A 1 - Treasurer LORRAINE GRANT - - Secretary NANCY RHOADES - - Treasurer 19 Myra M. Anderson Shorty Athletic Honors, H. R. Advisor, Maroon and White Sec., Athletic Committee. Gerald Morton Astor Jerry Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Na- tional Honor Society, Hi-News Sports Editor. l.t. Marshal, Camera Club, Pan- American Club. William W. Attwood, Jr. Warner 'l'wo Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Dra- matic Society, Math Club, Science Club. Dance Club, H. R. Rep., .H. R. Pres. Marvin P. Auerbach Ouch One Year Honor, Head Marshal, Debat- ing Club, WFAS Discussion Club, Math Club. Peter Augustine, Jr. One Year Honor, National Honor Society. lfootball Manager, Band, Orchestra, H. R. Vice-Pres. Louise V. Auriemma Lou Service Club, Hockey. TOP ROW Anthony F. Avallone AU Two Year Honor, National Honor So- ciety, Football, Marshal. Radio Club, Bio- logical Club. Wl3AS Discussion Club, Chemistry Club. Robert K. Beacom Bob Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Na' tional Honor Society, H. R. Pres., H. R. Rep. Francis R. Beladino Ffrmk Track Team. James M. Bell Jimmy! Two Year Honor. Charlotte Billipp Lollie Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. lirench Club. Biological Club, Marshal, Glee Club. Bodo E. Binder Science Club, Chemistry Club. Radio Club, ll. R. Pres. MIDDLE ROW JANUARY SENIORS Ronald I. Biscow ll. R. Pres.. ll. R. Rep., Dance C Bowling Club. Ella Bishop Blah Volley Ball. Evelyn C. Bisordi le Cercle l raneais. Riding Club. lli Ntws Rep., H. R. Sec. Solomon Black SOUUU One Year Honor, Nlarsbal. Railroad So ciety. Theresa D. Bonnici l.ois l. Brooks ll, R. Rep. LONVER ROXV 'UL 20 '48 4-0 l Q , 6-9 sa, i f 5 'Cl TOP RDXV MIDDLE ROXN LOWER ROW Irwin B. Brown Speed John P. Callahan Jack Elaine L. Chaifetz Lenni Dramatic Society, Biological Club, Orches- Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Na- Volleyball, Riding Club, Red Cross Club. tra, Chemistry Club. tional Honor Society. Marshal, Radio Bowling Club, Roller Skating Club. I i Club, Science Club, Camera Club, Chem- ' Phyllis Kay Brown Brownie islry Club. Donald C. Clarke Clarkey Two Year Honor. 'I'-111 Eusilen Pi. H- R. Edythe Carberry Eddie H. R. Pres. and Vice-Pres., Bowling Club. ReP-- Debating Sociellb Red Cross Club, Gite Ciub ' i i , , , ' , Charlotte Cockroft Charley Richard H. Buhrig Dirk lheresa M. Carucci Tess Baseiwaiiv Baskeibaii' Voiicyiiaiii Hockey. Ping-pong Club. Rifle Club. H. R. Rep., Athletic Honors, Baseball. Basketball, H. H, R. Pres., Vice-Pres, and Sec. PaneAmerican Club. R. Pres., Vice-Pres. and Sec. 1 f ' ' Frank A Casucci Dons S' Cohen Dong Catherine M' Burkc ,VI K , ' , Two Year Honor. Alpha Tau Delta. service Club. Nhlefjf Honors, Vmllv Baseball. Basket- Bowling Club, Roller skating Club. ball, Pootball. Richard C. Butler Dick Michelin, Ccceic fd? Joanne Colnes Jo e . . Ll One Year Honor, National Honor So- Rciaiiiiig Club- Tennis, Basketball, History Club. ciely, Varsity liootball. Dance Club In- I D I i sirucior, ll. R. Pres. and Vice-Pres. June Cerchiara Churchze Jean Marie Colton Jeanie A i J B A lr 'Ilwo Year Honor, Hockey. Baseball, Vol- One Year Honor, Basketball. Volleyball, ft wr ' vers ' r le leyball, Basketball, Dance Club, Hi-News Baseball. Hi-News Rep.. Pan-American Two Year Honor, 'l'au Epsilon l'i, lfenc- Rep., Service lVlen's Committee. Alpha Club, Dance Club Instructor, Bowling ing Club. lli-News Business lloard. 'l'au Della, H. R. Vice-Pres. and Sec. Club, A Cappella Choir. JANUARY SENIORS 21 Lea-ckS 'll' "M aa L fm-. C Jwu. C.: JANUARY SENIORS Joan C. Comolli Two Year Honor. Tau Epsilon Pi. Vol- leyball. Astronomy Club. Roller Skating Club, H. R. Sec. Marjorie E. Cordes Margie Riding Club. Bowling Club. Nancy M. D'Achille N077 Norma M. Davanzo One Year Honor, A Cappella Choir. Cilec Club. H. R, Sec. Marjory J. Dicmer Margie Athletic Honors. Basketball. Hockey, Base- ball. Swimming. Tennis, Twirler, Bulf letin Board Committee. Sec. of ll. R. Reps. Catherine l-. Diglio -Kitty TOP ROXV Dorothy Dunberger Dot Donald Paul Dwyer . Don Pres. ol Ping-pong Club. Richard W. Edgar Eggs Science Club, ll. R. Vice-Pres.. Marshal. Presley E. Ellsworth .lohnntl .l. V. Football, Marshal. Richard S. Finer Dick Athletic Honor. Gym Team. Rifle Club. H. R. Pres.. Dance Club. Frank Fucito lnterclass Football, Gym Team. Pan- American Club. MIDDLE ROW Nelliejane Galigher Tim Cheerleader. Volleyball. Basketball, Base- ball. VJFAS Discussion Club, ll. R. Pres. and Vice-Pres. ' Naomi Frances Gettenberg Nay Volleyball. Basketball, Riding Club, Bio- logical Club. Hi-News Rep.. Orchestra. Roller Skating Club. P-owling Club. Vincenza Ciiglio Vinny Retailing Club. Peter Louis Girarcli George Edward Goodman Red Two Year Honor. Tau Epsilon Pi. Na- tional llonor Society. Pres of XVFAS Discussion Club, Debating Society. Dra- matic Society. Publicity Committee. lnter- scholastic Debating Squad. Gloria Gordon Glo National Honor Society, Red Cross Club. Pan-American Club, History Club. Ser- vice Club. Argus Publicity. Bulletin Board Committee. l OXVP R ROW QL., 22 'ill' I Y . ,xv O ,vfla A .40 v 1 0 TOP ROW Gasper Louis Gozzi Gabby Two Year Honor. Tau Epsilon Pi, Na- tional Honor Society. Rifle Club, Bowl- ing Club, Camera Club, H. R. Pres., ll. R. VicevPres. and Sec.. ll. R. Rep. Frances J. Greges . Fran Athletic Honors, Baseball, Volleyball. Robert Peter Guizzetti Bob One Year Honor. lnterclass liootball. Track Team, Football Manager. Hi-News. Cheer leader. Pan-American Club. Radio Club. Richard Hasler Dick Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. Na- tional Honor Society, Stamp Club. Rifle Club, Chemistry Club, H. R. Rep. Constance Marie Hebner Connie Swimming. Dance Club. H. R. Sec. Harriet Gloria Heidecorn Heidi H. R. Sec. MIDDLE ROW Charles Hoffman Joan Hoffman H0551 One Year Honor, lirench Club. H. R. Rep., Biological Club, H. R. Vice-Pres.. Marshal. Ruth Hovey Sandy Two Year Honor. National Honor So' ciety. Athletic Honor. Hockey. Head Mar- shal, Biological Club. Chorus. Publica' tions Committee, Sec. ol' Senior Class, Pres. of Girls' Athletic Association. Frances Etta Hughes Fran Volleyball. Baseball. Glec Club, Ping- pong. Choir, Capt. of Gym Team. Ethel Dudley Hussey Daddy One Year Honor. Volleyball. Hockey, Dramatic Society, H. R. Advisor. Rc- ceptionist Comm., Band, Orchestra, Dance Club. James Russel Hutchins Jim Varsity and J, V. Football. lrencb Club. Swing Band. H. R. Pres. LOWER ROW Mildred Hyman Midge Volleyball. Astronomy Club. Hi-News Business Board, Glee Club, Choir. Doris Alberta Innecken Dimples Dance Club Instructor, H. R. Pres., H. R. Advisor, Twirler. Cheer Leader. Carl Jacobs Two Year Honor. Chemistry Club. lirench Club, Marshal. Robert Storer Jaeger Bob Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Na- tional Honor Society. Stamp Club. Radio Club. Band, Score Board Squad. Dance Committee. H. R. Pres. and Vice-Pres. Barbara Evelyna Johnson Bobbie George Jossel Bimbo Camera Club, H. R. Vice-Pres. JANUARY semons 23' JANUARY SENIORS Janette Marie Kelley Jan William Morris Landau Bill Three Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Na- THU EPSUOU Pi. Rifll' HONG? CAYYICYJ tional Honor Society. Ca et l.a, l.e Cercle Club- P-m'AmCflC?'U Club. Red Cross fimnmisl Club, Maroon and White Photography Marijane Keppel Kep Volleyball. Baseball, Retailing Club. Dance Club. M.irooi1 and White Rep. Martin .lay Kest Marty Three Year Honor, Tau Ilpsilon Pi. Rifle Club. Pan-American Club, H. R. Vice' Pres. and Sec. Cieorge Kretzschmar .l. Y. Basketball. Marie Alma Kryszewski Paul Edward Kurrle Three Year Honor, Tau Science Club. Radio Club. TOP ROW Kretch Prof Epsilon Pa. Editor, Hi-News Photographer, Pres. of Rifle Club. Patricia Ann Lang Pal One Year Honor, Twirler, Volleyball, Bob One Year Honor. Athletic Honor. Gym Team, Punching Bag Club. Robert Frederick Lang Ralph L, Leonardo Rau Italian Club. Alberta M. Levine Bert Three Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Na- tional Honor Society, H. R. Advisor, Ciracluation Usher, Helaine Judith Levine Hermg Tennis, Hi-News Rep.. Riding Club. Bowling Club. MIDDLE ROXV Phylis Allyn Levine Futch Basketball, Volleyball. Tennis. Riding Club. Bowling Club, Ca et l.a, Roller Skating Club, Knitting Club. Selma Syrell Levine Sonnre Volleyball, Basketball. Bowling Club. Dramatic Society. Pres. of National Thespians, Ca et l.a, Biological Club. .Ioan Levy J. L. Two Year Honor, Athletic Honors. Base- ball, Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball. Ten- nis. Hi-News Rep., H. R. Rep., Alpha Tau Delta, H. R. Vice-Pres. Anne M, Liccione Three Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, National Honor Society, Athletic Honors, Baseball. Alpha Tau Delta, G. O. Coun- cil. Chairman of Service Men's Honor Roll Committee, Waiting Room Director. Vice-Pres. of H. R. Reps., H. R. Pres. Virginia Helen Lloyd Ginger Dance Club, Biological Club. Sec. of History Club. Dolores Arline Lockwood Lochy Tennis, Baseball. Volleyball. Ping-pong. LOWER ROW Q i . if 24 iv f 1 s 1 -. i -, .,. 1 J f, I lsasf X 4 ' :ad-Sc? Mwwizlft Toi, ROXV- bwblkwhgclg MIDDLE Row 1.owER Row Sonia Betty Loeffler Sonny Velma Lillian Martin Canada Gilbert M. Meissner Gil WFAS Discussion Club. Dance Club. . . D . ' Volleyball. Basketball. Baseball. Maroon . Riding Club. Ddllbaslxdl. Committee. and White Rcpq Hi-News Rep., Chcmis- Robert Edward Nhchaels Bob lli'News Business Board, Bowling Club. Sec. of H. R. Norman Ludwig Two Year Honor, Marshal. Carol Mary Madatto Retailing Club. Rudolph louis Manfredonia Bowling Club. Melvin Margulis Two Year Hon or. of Chess Club. George Marrone Mel Aviation Club, Pres. try Club. Robert Charles McDonnell Bob Cheerleader Captain. Charles Francis McE.ntec Mac Joan Claire McGuire Macky Bowling Club, Skating Cluh. James Mclntyre Jimmy One Year Honor. Varsity Basketball. lnterclass Football, Cheerleader Captain, Pan-American Club. Bowling Club, H. R. Pres. Robert J. McKean, Jr. Mac Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Na tional Honor Society, H. R, Rep., School Publicity Committee, Debating Society. Marshal, WFAS Discussion Club. Pan- American Club, Hi-News Reporter, TANUARY SENTORS 25 Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. Band. Rifle Club. Ping-pong Club. Camera Club, Biological Club. Lois Estelle Miller Jeeo Two Year Honor. Tau Epsilon Pi. National Honor Society. Hockey, Basket- ball, Baseball, Swimming, Debating Club. Typing Club. Green Room Players. Maroon and White Editor. Barbara J. Neuner Barbie Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Na- tional Honor Society, Hockey. Baseball. H. R. Rep.. H. R. Vice-Pres.. Maroon and White Rep., Riding Club, H, R. Advisor. Dance Club Instructor. Mildred Y. Niskin M1'llie Volleyball, Baseball. Retailers' Club. Bowl- ing, Roller-Skating Club. Biological Club. Service Club, Dancing Club. Frank O'Connor One Year Honor, Track. H. R. Pres. and Vice-Pres. X' JANUARY siENioRs Patricia O'Donnell Pat Baseball Honor, Twirler. Alpha Tau Delta. Service Club. Green Room Players. Dance Club. Gene E. Orsenigo Genie ltalian Club, Cheer l.eader. ll. R. Rep.. G. O. Council. Oden Stephen Paganuzzi Pegg Two Year Honor. National Honor So- ciety. Marshal, Publicity Comm.. M'th Club, Radio Club. Science Club. David Harris Polinger Dave Two Year Honor. Tau Epsilon Pi, Non- Athletic Honor. National Thespians, Sec. of Hi-News. Dramatic Society, Stage Crew, Football, Score Board Squad. Pan- American Club. Biological Club. Donald Theodore Porter, Jr. . Don Two Year Honor. Tau Epsilon Pi. Na- tional Honor Society, Math Club. Band, H. R. Pres. Edward Carl Poulsen Eddie Athletic Honors, l-l. R. Pres. TOP ROW Robert M. Rauch B05 Bowling Club. Dance Club lnstructor. Mary Anna Reehl Jane Reynolds Athletic Honor. Volleyball. Basketball. Choir,'Cilee Club. Dance Club, l.e Cercle lriiiqais. H. R. Pres. David Arnold Rich Ric Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. Edward Victor Riznyk Rizzie H. R. Pres.. Band. Katherine E. Rodriguez Kahi Astronomy Club, Dance Club, Bowling Club. MlDDl.lE ROW Samuel Jack Rosen Mookie Band. Math Club, Fencing Club. Edith B. Rosenbaum Ee Volleyball. Hi-News Rep., Pan-American Club, Ca et l.a. Swimming. Richard Charles Ross Dick One Year Honor. Non-Athletic Honor. Hi-News Editor-in'Chiel. Hi-News Rep.. Dance Committee. Bowling Club, Chess Club. Norman J. Ruschin Mad Russian One Year Honor. Camera Club, Orchestra, Michael Louis Sabatini Saba lnterclass Baseball, Ralph Marco Salzano Boff Athletic Honor. l.ClWliR ROXX' 26 VT l T f t in 2 N ll A 'lit ' - 3' rl TOP ROW Harriet Bernice Sanders One Year Honor. Tennis. Hockey. Base- ball, Astronomy Club. School lnterests Committee. History Club. Hi-News Rep.. Maroon and White Rep. Margot Kincaid Sands Marg Two Year Honor. Tau Epsilon Pi. Na- tional Honor Society, Athletic Honors. Baseball. Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball. Tennis. Hi-News Rep.. Math Club. Gloria Dorothy Savarese Henry Andrew Schappach Buddy Victory Corps. Rose Schmidt Allan Wallace Schneider Red .l, V. lfootball. .IU V. Baseball, Ping- pong Club. MIDDLE ROW Stanley A. Schneider Babe Two Year Honor. Tau Epsilon Pi. Foot- ball, Chess Club. Patrick Carroll Schuetz Pal .l. V. Football. H. R. Rep.. Pan- American Club, Dance Committee. Selma Sylvia Schwartz Semy One Year Honor, Joan Schwartzberg Jonnie Pan-American Club. Riding Club. French Club, Hi-News Business Board. H. R. Sec. Joy Sylvia Serchuck Honey One Year Honor. Dramatic Society, School lnterests Committee, Pan-American Club. H, R. Sec.. Hi-News Business Board. Robert J. Sergeant Hack One Year Honor. Athletic Honor. Varsity Football. Track. Capt. of Gym Team. H. R. Pres.. H. R. Rep. LOWER ROW Margaret Severino Lillian Blanche Sheldon Lil Basketball. Ca et La, Swimming. Bowl- ing Club. H. R. Advisor. A Cappella Choir, Glee Club. H. R. Sec Robert George Sherding Wallie H. R. Pres.. Vice-Pres. and Sec.. Dance Committee. William Frederick Shettler Bill Varsity Swimming Team. Richard Sillery Lloyd A. Simon Orchestra. Band. Hi-News Publicity Director, Football Rally l.eader, Basket- ball. JANUARY SlENlIORS 27 TANUARY SlENllORS Ann Sylvia Smith Blondie One Year Honor, Vice-Pres. of Service Club. Carol Lois Smith Carrol Basketball. Baseball, Hockey. H. R. Pres., Red Cross Club. Bowling Club, Typing Club. June D. Smith Victory Corps. History Club. Mary Madeline Smith Slim Basketball. Donald Richard Sohn Red One Year Honor, Pres, and Vice-Pres. of Stamp Club. Astronomy and Map Making Clubs. Seymour Jack Solomon Head Two Year Honor, National Honor So- ciety, Head Marshal, Graduation Usher. TOP ROW K William Frederick Sporing Bill Varsity Hockey, Football, Pres. of Dance Club, H. R. Vice-Pres. Marie S. Sposato One Year Honor. Ca et La, Baseball, Rid- ing Club, Hi-News Rep. George F. Sullivan Jake One Year Honor. National Honor Society. Varsity Football, J. V. Basketball. H. R. Rep. Anna Marian Tabacco Ann Bowling Club. Victory Corps. Saverio D. Tedesco Sou Two Year Honor, Interclass Football. Marshal, Math Club. Fencing Club, Bowl- ing Club. Lois Thern Lo Two Year Honor, Art Club, H, R. Rep., Publicity Committee. MIDDLE ROXV '60' Gvlrv 45' su 28 I- 1 ..,,,.., 3, . ., ' s . 3, 61 it A f no JANUARY SENIORS TOP ROW Marvin Veeder Dusty Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Na- tiolnal Honor Society, Athletic Honor. Chairman General School Interests Com- mittee. WFAS Discussion Club, Inter- scholastiic Debating Squad. Science Club. Joan Florence Waxman Waxy Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Na- tional Honor Society. Ca et La, Knitting Club. Ross Miles Wayne Bud One Year Honor, Athletic Honor, Inter- class Football, Track, Astronomy Club, Spanish Club, Camera Club, H. R. Vice- Pres. Frances M. Werber Snookie Maroon and White Business Board, Choir and Cilee Club Accompanist. David A. Winer Pug Athletic Honor, Non-Athletic Honor, Extemporaneous Speaking Contest, J. V. Football, Varsity Hockey, Hi-News Bus- iness Manager, Assembly Committee. lnterscholastic Debating Squad. G. O. Publicity Committee. Florence A. Wirtschafter Flo Volleyball, Dramatic Society, Riding Club. LOWER ROW Elaine Beverly Wolf Wolfie H. R. Pres., Orchestra, Hi-News Ex- change Manager, Hi-News Rep., Dramatic Society. Violet Rhoda Wooley Vi Two Year Honor, Swimming. Hi-News Rep.. Maroon and White Rep. Melvin E. Yewdell Mel Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Var- sity Swimming. Nicholas J. Zezze Nick Josephine Theresa Zuzzalo Jo Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, Italian Club, H. R. Sec. 1 5 V X AW u 1 . s ii ,N .. .-H v v .., ' sckxc 5' LX ,,.: X so ,V A ,ft , f' X y - if c if ,W-X J . h F ' wr' mf , , . J. x armella M. Addonizio Lita f di - Riding Ciub. JI' Theresa Eleanor Algieri Terrtf ' Two Year Honor. Riding Club. Beatrice Alperin Bea Two Year Honor. H. R. Advisor, Pan- American Club. Spanish Club. Band. Orchestra. Victory Corps. Elaine Jeanette Amoruso Elly Two Year Honor. Tau Epsilon Pi, His tory Club- l.eola Joan Andrew Lee One Year Honor. Athletic Honor. G, O. Vice-Pres.. Cheer Leader, Twirler. Ma- roon and Vylhite Editorial Staff. H. R, Rep.. H. R. Pres.. Swimming. lrene Andrews Reney Athletic Honor. Hockey. Basketball. Vol- leyball. Maroon and White Business Board, Riding Club. Astronomy Club. Davis News Letter. TOP ROW T7 is V:- S1 .. if ,TUNE SENTORS Frank Arcara Aki Varsity Football. Joyce Muriel Artis Butch Athletic Honor. Knitting Club. Davis News l.etter. Beth M. Ash Hash Two Year Honor. Tau Epsilon Pi. Ma- roon and XVhite Editorial Staff. Hi-News Rep, and Reporter. Sec. of Spanish Club. Erna Rose Bailis Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. Na- tional Thespian, Dramatic Society. Rid ing Club. Chemistry Club. Victory Corps. H. R. Advisor. Dorothy L. Bansemer Dottie Victory Corps. Marilyn Phyllis Beacom Beakie National Honor Society. Athletic Honors. WFAS Discussion Club. Cheerleader. Twirler. G. O. Council. Maroon and NVhite Business Board. H. R. Advisor. MIDDLE ROW ' of it I Anne M. Bersito One Year Honor. Evelyn Benjamin Ellen M. Bennett Two Year Honor. Athletic Honor. Non- Athletic Honor, Hockey Captain. Base- ball. Basketball. Gym Team Captain. Deputy Marshal. H, R. Advisor, Vice- Pres. and Sec. of H. R. Hilda E. Bennett Htl Gym Team Captain. H. R. Rep.. H, R. Advisor. Warren A. Bennett Bennett H, R. Pres., Maroon and Vw'hite Rep. Elizabeth E. Beckerle Betty H. R. Rep.. Astronomy Club, History Club. Bowling Clttb, Dance Club. LOWER ROW fl ' 'S 123 ' V I t 1 1' -Q-,-f G up ,T 1177 30 jg IFN: cis. ' ' E6-W 34.15 -QF T- . gt O A 'r 19' ' wifi C7 if TOP ROW .Jack Bernhard Jabe Two Year Honor, Chess Club, Chemistry Club. Howard M. Bernstein Berme Two Year Honor, Discussion Club. Chemistry Club, Camera Club, Bowling Club, Victory Corps. Joyce May Bernstein Two Year Honor, Ca et La, Maroon and White Rep.. H. R. Vice-Pres., Bowling Club, Hi-News Rep. Donald E. Birkenstock .Shorty lnterclass liootball and Basketball, Direc- tor ol' Orchestra, H. R. Pres. and Vice' Pres.. Victory Corps, Pre-lilight, Camera Club, Bowling Club, G, O. Publicity Committee. 5 Myriam Blumberg H. R. Rep.. Hi-News Business Board, Radio Club, Bowling Club, l.e Cercle Francais Sec., Pan'Americ.1n Club, His- tory-Club. Victory Corps. Murray Borenstein Borneo One Year Honor, Chemistry Club. Radio Club. ,- Iowa I 4-Uaflhsaf' i svn 0 K' MIDDLE of Gertrude Ottilia Gertze Rose Briskin Ro Maroon and White Business Board and Editorial Staff. Victory Corps, Pan- American Club. Maroon and White Rep. Walter R. Brockway Walt Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Na- tional Honor Society, Pres. of G. O., Varsity Football, Track, Athletic Honor, Tiheresa C. Broussard Tess Barbara E. Buckley Bucky One Year Honor, Athletic Honors, Base- ball, Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball. Bowling Club. Dorothy A. Buckley Dol Athletic Honor, H. R. Advisor, Bowling Club. JUNE SlENllORS kia ya-:uv fi!-L.,vo.aJ-f--M 31 l A., , . ,., . ' 1 , . r Q' dyx if ova-as 113-Q QW Qriirbeirr' cd"'-69135-erty Volleyball, Hockey Team. M. Gloria Burke Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. Na- tional Honor Society, Marshal, Debating Society, Co-Editor of Maroon and White. Bulletin Board Committee, H. R, Sec. Wilma Elise Burkett Billie Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, H. R. Vice-Pres., H. R. Sec., Maroon and White Business Board. Hockey Team, Biologi- cal Club. Volleyball. Robert E. Calabrese Bob Fencing Club, Maroon and White Artist. Carl B. Carbone Carbon Dioxide Football Team, J, V, Basketball, Italian Club, Fencing Club. Jacquelyn J. Carmody Jackie Volleyball. Mary Castigilia Jennie M. Cavalluzzi Jay One Year Honor, Service Club. Lunch Table Hostess. Kate Cerasuolo Bunny French Club. Victory Corps. Felice Helen Chalmers One Year Honor, Hockey, Volleyball. WFAS Discussion Club. Virginia C, Cerbone Ginny Skating Club, Swimming. Hilda Cohen Hil Maroon and White Editorial Staff, Vic- tory Corps. TOP ROW JUNE SENIORS Olive E. Cohen Olly One Year Honor, Athletic Honor, Literary Editor of Maroon and White, Chemistry Club, Victory Corps. Joan Conboy Shorty Athletic Honors, Victory Corps, Bowl- ing Club, Basketball, Baseball, Robert H. Conte One Year Honor, H. R. Pres. Pres. Laverne M. Coon Riding Club. Hi-News Rep. Howard M. Cooper Vice-Pres. of Camera Club, Club, Stage Crew. Marie L. Coughlin Skating Club. Swimming, Basketball. MIDDLE ROW Bob and Vice- Lolly Coopsie Marionette Hon Volleyball. Beatrice Cox Bee Athletic Honors. Mary Louise Crockett Shipper Volleyball. Riding Club. Renee Ann Denarie Frenchy H. R. Pres, Vice-Pres. and Sec., Maroon and White Business Board. Volleyball, Bowling Club. Dance Club, Davis News Letter. Carmine Frank DePasquale Stretch Two Year l-lonor, Victory Corps, Albert Francis DeSantolo Basketball. Ottilie E. DeSimonc ,Dot Athletic Honor, Tennis, Band, Davis News Letter. Victory Corps. LOWER ROW if T' 32 PT. Tfgm J -I-Q.. Cwd iv. k is 0.15, I'....,-.r.li"7,7, nvutaauvvcxkxv All-.lnlau"'.' . A TOP ROW Judith Sheila Diamond Judy Baseball, Hockey, Bowling Club, Riding Club, Victory Corps. Michelina DiMarzo Michey Volleyball, Victory Corps, H. R. Sec, Stanley A. Dolin Stan Two Year Honor, Gym Team, Marshal, Astronomy Club.. Chemistry Club, H. R. Rep., Bowling Club, Victory Corps. Catherine Dranchak Joyce Drucker Jerrie One Year Honor, Maroon and White Editorial Staff, Hi-News Rep,, Victory Corps, Art Club, Dance Club. Edwin Lane Dunbaugh Ed MIDDLE ROW Elaine Wanda Ebeling Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Dance Club. Vice-Pres, and Accompanist of A Cappella Choir, Girls' Glee Club and Boys' Glee Club, Ca et La. Margaret Gloria Emde Peg Drum Majorerte. Pres. of Twirlers. Ma- roon and White Rep., H. R. Rep., Dance Club, Ping-pong Club, Bowling Club. Hi-News Rep. June A. Engelbright Junie Green Room Players, Chemistry Club. Hubert Eschelbacher Hubie One Year Honor, Track, Bowling Club, History Club. Barbara Ann Evans Bobby Riding Club, Chemistry Club, Astronomy Club, H. R, Pres. and Sec. Audrey Fajans Auddze Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Swimming, G. O. Council, H. R. Rep., H. R. Advisor, Maroon and White Sports Editor, Alpha Tau Delta. TUNE SENIORS ,s 0" J U We 55 QU' J' 915406 X R x at 'fp' V4.9 gl LOWER ROW Filomena S. Ferrara Fil Lee Sonia Fichtner Leela One Year Honor, Athletic Honor, Swim- ming, Basketball. Chemistry Club, G, O. Art Club, Biological Club, Dance Club, Maroon and White Business Board. Murry A. Fine Maishe Victory Corps. Yetta S. Fine Bubbles Baseball, Volleyball, Basketball, Victory Corps. Nancy Beth Finn Mickey Kenneth Lee Fischer Ken Non-Athletic Honor, Dramatic Society. Marshal, Victory Corps, Hi-News Rep., Davis News Letter, Band, Vice-Pres. of Chemistry Club. Y-cf , ,fa r 7 g . Ct'V'il ruff- "E 33 ,' H R , as ' 'V W ,w.+'g -' M ' Janet M. Foley Jan History Club. Spanish Club. Victory Corps. Muriel E. Forsell Athletic Honor, Basketball, H. R. Ad- visor, Servicemen's Honor Roll Committee. H. R. Sec.. Victory Corps. Frank D. Fowler Frankie One Year Honor. Maroon and White Business Board. Yolanda Catherine Fraccio Baseball, Maroon and White Editorial Staff. Pan-American Club. Daniel J. Freed Danny UNE SENTORS Barbara M. Freitag Bobby Athletic Honors. Baseball, Hockey. Vol- leyball, Dance Club. Hi-News Rep., Vic- tory Corps, Girls' Glee Club. Doris Miriam Frutig ,Dottie H. R. Rep., Service Club, Helen Fusco Two Year Honor, Pan-American Club. History Club, Italian Club, Dance Club. H. R. Sec., A Cappella Choir. Girls' Glee Club. Constance S. Garcia Connie Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Bas- ketball, Swimming, Pan-American Club, Spanish Club, H. R. Rep. Harold Goldberg Hal Melvin Goldberg Mel One Year Honor. Non-Athletic Honor. Advertising Manager of Hi-News Bus- iness Board, Stage Crew, Scoreboard Squad. International Relations Club. Dramatic Society, Pan-American Club. Jean Ruth Goldman One Year Honor, Sophomore Extem- poraneous Speaking Prize, Hockey, French Club, H. R. Rep., Maroon and White Editorial Staff, Victory Corps. Daniel Goodkin Gook Camera Club. Maroon and White Photo- ' ' h', B' l ' l b. Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. Mar- Phyllis Anne Gartlan Sunshine gmp tr lo Oglm .ilu shal. Maroon and White Editorial Staff. Riding Club' DOI'OIllY Jl1l'lQfQ'?ll'lZllTl Murph Victory Corps, Chess Club. Radio Club. Marilyn June Gledlllll N Lyn Baseball. Vkhleysball. . . ,, F - Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. Ride QT rances Elaine Freedenberg Fran ing Club, Service Club' Victory Corps' WalterfGga at 2 Jr. Walt Chemistry Club, French Club. H. R. Sec. Hoekggyil . Baseball, Cross Country. Pt. 'Q TOP ROW MIDDLE ROXN tb 5-33 LOWER ROXV Ao 3559 l 34 r r l , I i l A L fi- ,Q c af - raw' nf' ' VW" J ii ' A' QXl.'xSx70'w V lag ox i 1,06 .c. We Y-'K W0 buf. 'UC W 'M l . gd' ,195 'f0fE'A t S-V+ ..,, Lorraine Franny Iwo Year Glee Club, Chorus. ball, Corps, Dance Rosalie A. Greet Sluts Two Year Honor El Ateneo, H. R. Victory Corps, Chen Club. Virginia V. Green Volleyball, Maroon and White Business Board, Maroon and White Editorial Staff, Maroon and White Rep., H. R. Vice-Pres. and Sec., Victory Corps. Stanley Marshall Greenfield Speed One Year Honor, Vice-Pres. of WFAS Discussion Club. Rosemarie Greenwald Ricky One Year Honor. Basketball, French Club, Chemistry Club, H. R. Pres.. Hi- News Rep., Victory Corps, Maroon and While Editorial Staff. Barry Harris Grogan Two Year Honor. Football. Track. R. Vice-Pres., H. R, Marian Gutekunst One Year Honor, Vice-Pres. of Alpha Tau Delta, H, R. Advisor, Twirler. Glee Club, Dance Club. Riding Club. Doris E. Gutierrez ,DOIIIF Alpha Tau Delta, Daiice Club. Clifford Warren Habel Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Rifle Club, Marshal, Hi-News Editorial Staff, Victory Corps. Maroon and White Photo- graphy Editor. Anna Katherine Haberern Sh0rIy H. R. Rep. JUNE SENTORS 35 be of .2-ll-fl "7l"" ' ,AAA-C-Cui ii. CL nf ww iqvv ufvllfli e C L-US'-Q3-...I ? ,.., ... A "- Qlrwy 'nhl - ' . ' 3, - f i lk! R H 4 a Q, , I LOWER ROW Vivian Walker Hall Vivi Swimming Team, Volleyball. Carol Jeanne Hamann Cay , Volleyball, Baseball, Hi-News Rep., Rol- ler Skating Club, Athletic Honor, Kirsten Tura Hansen Kirr Pres, of Glec Club, Pan-American Club, . G. o, Arr Ciub. Twiiief. H. R. Pres., X Maroon and White Editorial Staff. i l.isbeth Hansen Liz Hockey. Volleyball. Baseball, Glee Club, i Twirler, A Cappella Choir. i Natalie Hashkowitz Teddy I One Year Honor. H. R. Rep., Jr. Red Cross Rep., Volleyball, El Ateneo, Maroon and White Records Editor, Bowling Club. Victory Corps, Pan-American Club, Elaine C. Hauptman E Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi., Hi- News Editorial Staff. School Interests Committee, Pan-American Club, Hi-News l A Rep., French Club. Chemistry Club. 5 tl 'l1'f'4' ' lil' ' 'SLI EL -if " 'tau' - N ' . H me-.. if ,-7' V X, . 5 x I - .1 'mtg' . . U l Ft- ' . B' l' T , l f.xV,.'. X' Harold William Hauser Harry One Year Honor. Mary Jane Hendee M. J. Hockey, Alpha Tau Delta, Victory Corps. Riding Club. Harold Lee Herz Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. Camera Club, Marshal, Hi-News Edi- torial Staff, Maroon and White Editorial Staff, French Club. Phyllis Nancy Hobart Nan Alpha Tau Delta, Hi-News Rep., Radio Club, School Interests Committee, Victory Corps, Sec. of Astronomy Club. Rita J. C. Hopkins Roxy Dorothy Irene Hurlie Dot Bowling Club. TOP ROW 2 JUNE SENIOIRS Richard R, Hyman Dick Pan-American Club, Hi-News Editorial Staff, Orchestra, Book Drive Rep. Aldo lafolla Harriet M. Ide One Year Honor, Alpha Tau Delta. School Interests Committee. H. R. Vice- Pres., Book Campaign Committee, Vic- tory Corps. Mary Ann Jensen Tau Epsilon Pi. George Henry Jones ChUCk Marvin S. Josolowitz Maru Camera Club, Science Club, Chemistry Club, Marshal. Stage Crew. 'Q iA-A ' ,ua-4' -J ,f , -F, ff MIDDLE Row s' . , fwfr. - Ml' i!""" Barbara Jane Jost Blbby Two Year Honor, Maroon and White Business Board, WIIAS Discussion Club, Twirlers, Victory Corps, Athletic Honors. Gloria Caroll Kaplan Glo Riding Club, Victory Corps. Edith Kapnick . , Edie Service Club, Maroon and White Edi- torial and Business Boards, Maroon and White Rep. Joan Alice Karen Doc Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. Chemistry Club, Pres. of International Relations Club, Exchange Manager ol' Hi-News, Marshal, Pan-American Club. H. R. Vice-Pres. Beverly Norma Kasnetz .Sis One Year Honor. Service Club, H. R. Advisor, H. R. Rep., Basketball, Base- ball, Victory Corps. Alvin Seymour Katz AI LOWER ROW 36 I F X s. ., V ., ,, x x wg ex "' 0 I' " mit , ,, ....-N t -.I ' J . . 'YQ'-i ,,, . lm L 5' .L ' - w .-u. , .t ,fp !"'o TOP ROW Frances U. Kernstock Doll Volleyball, Bowling Club. Howard Kerstein Howie Athletic Honors. Hi-News Business Board. Robert Kingston Frederic N. Kite One Year Honor, Athletic Honors, Vic- tory Corps, Barbara Klausner Bob Two Year Honor. Alpha Tau Delti. Athletic Honor. H. R. Advisor. H. R. Rep., Maroon and White Rep.. Dance Club. Victory Corps. Charles A. Kleinman Chuck One Year Honor, Non-Athletic Honor. Math Club, Pres. of Rifle Club. ,Q fl. NU" 'S MIDDLE ROW Doris Charlotte Knoepke Thespians, National Honor Society. Ten- nis. Vice-Pres. of Dramatic Society. Marionette Club. H. R. Pres., Debating Society. Dance Club. Twirlers. Henry C. Kolpin Hank Capt. of Swimming Team. Lois Dorothy Kords Baroness Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Ser- vice Club, H. R. Sec. Joyce E. Kreizvogel One Year Honor. Carol Kronfeld Rifle Club. Ruth Krongold Rick Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. Lit- erary Editor of Maroon and White, Hi- News Editorial Staff. Sec. of Pan- American Club. El Ateneo, Hi-News Rep.. H, R. Vice-Pres.. Sec. and Rep. TUNE SlENllOlRS 37 LOWER ROW Leon Kryske Pancho Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. Non- Athletic Honors. Chess Club. Science Club. Radio Club. Marshal, Scoreboard Squad. Victory Corps, Maroon and White Editorial Staff. Lawrence Herbert Lapidus Sam Two Year Honor, Victory Book Com- mittee, H. R. Rep.. Victory Corps, Lunch Room Monitor. Edward Laraja Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. G. O. Council, Varsity Basketball, Debating So- ciety, H. R. Pres. and Rep.. Maroon and White Editorial Staff. Helen Patricia Larson Honey Roller Skating Club, Band, Orchestra, Victory Corps. Ralph A. Latz Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. Non- Athletic Honor, Marshal. Biological Club. Stage Crew, Chemistry Club, Scoreboard Squad, Marionette Club, Victory Corps. Marjorie Jean Lawton Jean One Year Honor, Chemistry Club. Rid- ing Club. 'I 2. 8' X XXI59 Elizabeth Lee Beers Hockey, Victory Corps. Assistant H. R. Rep. Murray Ivan Leffler Two Year Honor. Camera Club. Round Table. Marshal. Victory Corps, Benjamin D. Lehman Benny Chemistry Club, Radio Club. Ruth Myryam Levy Rickie Hi-News Business Board. Chemistry Club. Round Table. Victory Corps. HifNews Rep.. H. R. Treas. Nina Elizabeth Liccione Two Year Honor. National Honor So- ciety. Athletic Honors, Hockey. Baseball, Volleyball. Basketball. Bowling Club. Victory Corps. Robert Lidz Bob Hi-News Business Board. Victory Corps. WU. JUNE SENIORS Richard Limato Iflippy Howard F. Livingston Howie One Year Honor, Chemistry Club. Ma- roon and Wlmite Business Board. Chess Club, Victory Corps. Pan-American Club. Howard Loewentheil Two Year Honor. Victory Corps. Mar- shal. Camera Club, H. R. Stamp Salesman. Davis Bomber Committee, Victory Book Committee. Marie Gertrude Loftus Lofty Mary Lumia Mary Lou Two Year Honor. Art Club. Terrence Lynch Ton Row UQ. kewl' had MIDDLE Row 'I' o1"'x,f. 'Q Xxoa Je V . " 4 38 . F Gordon MacEachen Mac Virginia Peggy Magagnos Ginny Marionette Club, Service Club. Victory Corps, Cilee Club. Choir. Kay Diane Maibach Kasey Chemistry Club. Victory Corps, Riding Club. Ciabriella Laura Malasomma Gay Italian Club. Art Club. Carmela E. Mangano Millie One Year Honor, Victory Corps. Assis- tant H. R. Rep. Adeline Lily Marano Addie Baseball. H. R. Rep.. H, R. Advisor. H. R. Sec., Victory Corps. Marionette Club. Bowling Club. Pan-American Club. Davis News Letter. LOWER ROXV 'T' 'fi3fQ"":'?E'3Ei- - my , . I5 " I v A f i I . -. n :,. W I i 'li Q E . it l i , 6. K 'Fw-in Sf!- . Q' TOP ROW Rose L. Marrano Shrimp Service Club. Victory Corps. Burton David Martin Pepper Victory Corps. Dorothy Louise Martin Dottie Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. H. R, Rep., Dramatic Society. John Parker Martin Skip One Year Honor, Rifle Club. Vice-Pres. of Camera Club. Chemistry Club. Jean Louise Mattson One Year Honor, Vice-Pres. of History Club. Victorv Corps. Marion D. Maucieri Whitey 'Sr WQADDLE Row Nancy R. McCandless Two Year Honor, Volleyball, Roller Skating Club, Map Reading Club. Astronomy Club. Marjorie M, McCauley Midge Victory Corps, Swimming. Marjorie Dorothy McKeand Mickey Committee on School Publications. Joan Cecilia McKenna Mac Athletic Honors, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Swimming, Hockey. Volleyball. Bowling Club, Glee Club. Vivian Mary McNeill Viv Pan-American Club, Maroon and White Rep., Victory Corps, Hi-News Editorial Staff, Band, Orchestra. John Ci. McRae Two Year Honor, Manager of Swim- ming Team. Pres. of Biological Club. Rifle Club, Orchestra, Pres. of Chemistry Club. JUNE SENTORS 39 LOWER ROW Joseph V. Meister Dody Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. Lieutenant Marshal, Chemistry Club. Radio Club, Debating Society, Victory Corps. Nancy I. Mele Slim Swimming Club, Service Club. Victory Corps. Robert A. Mendelsohn Bob J. V. Football, Fencing Club, Hi-News Business Board, Marshal, Chemistry Club, Band, Orchestra, Camera Club, Chess Club. Otto J. A. Menzel One Year Honor, Concert Master of Orchestra, Dramatic Society, Rifle Club. Chess Club. Glee Club. Sara-Page Merritt Non-Athletic Honor, National Honor So- ciety, Mgr. of Swimming Team, Pres. of Dramatic Society, National Thespians. H. R. Pres., Twirler. Eleanor J. Meyer Ellie Cheer Leader, Dance Club Instructor, H. R. Rep., H. R. Pres. and Vice-Pres.. Maroon and White Rep. Marilyn Miller Lyn H. R. Advisor. H. R. Sec., Dance Club. Nancy J. Moersh Two Year Honor, Athletic Honor, Hoc- key, Volleyball, Astronomy Club. His- tory Club, Pan-American Club, Victory Corps. Charles A. Mosca Charlie Two Year Honor. Maroon and White Art Editor, Fencing Club, Dance Club. Gloria A. Muddell One Year Honor, National Honor Society. Dance Club. Glee Club, A Cappella Choir. H. R. Vice-Pres., Pan-American Club. l-'li'News Business Manager. Joyce Madeline Muenzen Two Year Honor, Athletic Honor, Capt. of Swimming Team. Deputy Marshal, Glee Club. H. R. Sec., Victory Corps. Gloria Ursula Nanna Glo Service Club, Maroon and XVhite Rep. TOP ROW -an . JUNE SlENllORS Nicholas Nappi Red Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. Athletic Honor. Gym Team. Marshal. Chemistry Club. Darlyene Eanchon Nelson Le Cercle Francais, A Cappella Choir. Victory Corps. Donald Nelson Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. Third Prize in the Westchester County Teachers of French Contest, Pingapong Club. Pan- American Club. H. R. Vice-Pres. Carlton Elliot North Varsity Football, Baseball. llockey, Swimming. Basketball, Barry E. Oberlander Railroad Club, Skating Club. Maroon and White Rep., Orchestra. Pat Edward Onorata Pat G. O. Art Committee, Victory Corps. MIDDLE ROVJ Enid Lee Oppenheim Enie Non-Athletic Honor, Pres. of Camera Club. Rifle Club. Dramatic Society. Rid- ing Club. Gloria Ann Orsenigo Glo Athletic Honors. Hockey. Volleyball. Bas- ketball. Baseball. Swimming. Tennis. Patricia L. O'Toole Pat Maroon and XVhite Rep., Choir, Glee Club. Carmella R. Pacchioli Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Na- tional Honor Society. Helen Louise Palmerick Dory Athletic Honor, Baseball. Volleyball. Basf ketball. Marshal. Mary Ann Pastore Maddy Service Club. Retailing Club, Victory Corps. LOWER ROXV -2 sith' 3 JJVN' 4- Haj S-fwglxo a-in NJ we tv- ci i . . r 2 -l l It . ki ---XT5' ...JW X x six .X sux I ms I X . 5-1 l 3: , tl 'A 'N . ' J ' A' ' A ., ,I -H ' ' +L f . Tv- F x ' , X 6 . h , . . TOP ROVV Cyrus John Pecoraro Pee One Year Honor. J. V. l5ootball, Maroon and XVhite Business Board, II. R. Rep.. Italian Club, Pan-American Club. Dance Club. Marylou Lucia Pellcgrini Lou 'One Year Honor, Volleyball, Cilee Club. Choir. Margaret Mary Pfeiffer Margie National Honor, Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, Twirlers, News I.etter. Mary Ernestine Phinney Ilan-American Club, I.e Cercle lrancais, Alpha Tau Delta. Twirlers, Victory Corps. Rose A. Piazzi Shorty Volleyball. Service Club, Retailing Club. Victory Corps. Warren John Pielli Ifootball, Radio Clttb, Chemistry Club. tb' MIDDLE ROW Frances G. Pinsker I'il'Irw Service Club. Jr. Red Cross Rep. Marian Anne Pinto Maroon and White Business Board. H, R. Rep.. Hi-News Rep.. H. R. Sec., Italian Club. News I.etter. Jr. Red Cross Rep.. Victory Corps. Mary C. Pisani Mickey Italian Club, Victory Corps, George Herman Plate Plate Two Year Honor. Tait lfpsilon Ili. Radio Club. H. R, Rep., H. R. Pres.. Band, Orchestra. Louise Mildred Porazzo Lou Non-Athletic Honor. Diane Marguerite Purdy iDt' Service Club, Victory Corps. U E SIENIORS J. x 41 TE l,OXVER ROXV Hannah Rabinowitz Paaslcctball. Hockey. .Ir. Real Cross Rep.. H. R. Advisor. ll, R, Ijres. Miriam Radin Mickey Two Year Honor. Tennis. Maroon and XVhite Iiditorial Staff. H. R. Rep., l7rench Cluh. Pan-American Club. Victory Corps. Dance Club. Robert Rudolph Raschlco Lloyd Taylor Rawlston Hu! Se! Maroon and XVhite Ifditorial Stall. Marionette Club, Rifle Club. William J. Reale The lVoIf Retailing Club. Margaret E. Reichgott Margie Two Year Honor. Tau Ifpsilon I'i, Na- tional Honor Society. Sec. of Alpha Tau Delta, Dramatic Society, Sec. of VJIIAS Discussion Club. H. R. Vice-Pres., Ma- roon and White Rep., Service Men':s Committee, Receptionist. Warren Reid Von J. V. Basketball. H. R. Pres., H. R. Rep.. Radio Construction. History Club. Joseph A. Reitano Joe Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. Na- tional Honor Society. Maroon and White Sports Editor. Marshal. Debating So- ciety. H. R. Sec.. Astronomy Club. Gladys Susan Relkin Duchess Two Year Honor, Pan-American Club, Marshal. Maroon and White Records Editor, H. R. Pres., Victory Corps, Bio- logical Club. Filomena Rella . Fil Dorothy Joan Renaud One Year Honor. National Honor Society. Service Club, Ofiice Club. Sec. of Maroon and White, H. R. Sec., Cheerleader. Nancy M. Rhoades Two Year Honor. H. R. Rep., H. R. Advisor. National Honor Society, Victory Corps. Dance Club, Alpha Tau Delta. H. R. Rep., Maromnd Vv'hite Business Pioard. News Letter. I ,J-V Q JUNE SENIORS William Rigby B. B. Maroon and White Rep.. H. R. Rep.. H. R. Pres., Vice-Pres. and Sec. Anthony Rinaldi Tony Camera Club. Skating Club, Gym Team. Bowling Club. Angelina L. Rodrigues One Year Honor, Volleyball. Elliot R. Rosenberg Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Vice- Pres. of Stamp Club. Marshal. Pan- American Club, Astronomy Club, H. R. Sec. Rhoda Lorna Rosenthal Red Marshal. Biological Club. Pan-American Club, Service Club, H. R. Rep.. Hi-News Rep., H. R. Sec. Madeline T. Rossi Lynnn Red Cross Club. MIDDLIZ ROW Helen J. Roth Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, H. R. Sec. Miriam Russell Two Year Honor. Tau Epsilon Pi. Athletic Honor. Volleyball, Astronomy Club. Ellen Diva Sagrati .Dee One Year Honor. Service Club, Victory Corps. George I-. Savo, Jr. Edith Scannell Edie Two Year Hockey, Athletic Honor. Hoc- key, Volleyball. French Club, Swimming. Asronomy Club, H. R. Vice-Pres.. Ser- vice Men's Committee. Victory Corps. Arthur E. Schassberger Art UA Cappella Choir, Glee Club, Orchestra. and Victory Corps. Chess Club. Bowl- ing yeg CltlbPRoller Skating Club. 'D grwiiku +D,1,ow13R Row mai' at bv'-M5 f , . ,A qqltk J J .5 xt 'tg f 'PPA ' V' SE fo As xb I Ji -it I Wifi J' 42 D . 1 lbi-bak "Kel 'vi ' B'-:J , I X.kyz:.gOv"N -kt-.vm -if -'W' 'drqj ,U g...i.L s 15,51 f-. N55-3M.M..ws:fr.f ,J gf 1 'Lf , nov' . .l -4 f Q ,a,,,W'i4..1J.12W me 1-2-wwlw-5-1 TOP I . MIDDLE RO -,w3VVZ2v?OYv' llstelle B. SLhM'V 5 enneth D. Seeger Kenny Robert S, Shglogon Sholtf lil Ateneo, Chemist Club. 'ictory One Year Honor. Pan-American Club. Two Year Honor. Pres. ot' Radio Club. Corps. Robert A. Schnoor Chemistry Club, Dance Club. Bantl. Eleanor Marie Schoenchen Bunny Two Year Honor, Chemistry Club. llix tory Club, Astronomy Club, Riding Club. Donald A. Shaw Don One Year Honor. Athletic llonor. Non- Atbletie Honor. XVinner ol' llifhlews Journalism Contest. Rifle Club. G. O. Pres.. Cheerleader. Nettie Elizabeth Sclafani .Yet One Year Honor. Basketball, Volleyball. Baseball. lloclsey, Victory Corps. Jr. Red Cross Rep. lrene D. Scott Midge Skating Club, Dance Club. Volleyball. Ping-pong Club. QQ B.L'l" G,,Vsf.i-KL .BAL gbxolll 0' Ping-pong Club, Stamp Club, H. R. Sec. Robert Frederick Sernau Bob Victory Book Committee. ll. R, Stamp Salesman, Victory Corps. Hi- News Bus- iness Board. H. R. Pres. and Vice-Pres.. Aviation Club. Pan-American Club, Annette Serrilli Twinkle H. R. VicefPres. Charles lsenberg Shalett Chuck lfootball, Band, Orchestra, Railroad Club. Biological Club, Chemistry Club. Bernice F. Shapiro Bunny Two Year Honor, Basketball. Vice-Pres. of Spanish Club, Hi-News Rep., Jr, Red Cross Rep., Victory Corps. Edward Sherinian One Year Honor. lllUNlE SENIORS ' 43 Pres ot' Astronomy Club. Math Club. Science Club. Chemistry Club. Biological Club. H. R. Rep. Tina B. Simonetti Hour: One Year Honor. X. Y. Lf lirench Con test rize. Tennis Tournament. ltalian Club. lirench Club. Riding Club. .leanne Louise Simpson Volleyball. Choir. Cilee Club, Riding Club. Peter Small Pete Two Year Honor. H. R. Rep., Pres. of Nlarionette Club, Stage Crew, Rifle Club. Chemistrv Club, Concert blaster ol' Orchestra. Mitchell B. Smilo Two Year Honor. Tau Epsilon Pi. De- bating Society, Chemistry Club, Radio Club. Victory Corps, Nlarshal. Patricia M. Smith Pal Baseball. H. R. Advisor. l.ouis Arnold Solomon Buddy One Year Honor, National Honor So- ciety, Dramatic Society. HiANews, WFAS Discussion Club, Debating Society. Pan- American Club. Marshal. Anthony J. Sposato Tony One Year Honor. Football. Joseph A. Sposato Joe Joan Elva Steinberg Jocmnie Two Year Honor, Pan-American Club. Art Club. G. O. Art Club. Bowling Club. Victory Book Drive, Clementina A. Tesoro Clem Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. Athletic Honors. Hockey, Volleyball. Bas- ketball. Alpha Tau Delta. Victory Corps. Lucia Teti Lou Two Year Honor. Maroon and XVhite Business Board, Victory Corps. Chemistry Club. History Club. TOP ROW JUNE slENtoRs Robert W. Thern Bob Stamp Club, Chemistry Club, H. R. Vice- Pres.. H. R. Rep. Yolanda Camille Tornetta Athletic Honor. Mary Tremonte Two Year Honor, lirench Club, H. R. Advisor, Victory Corps, News l.etter. Donald Trischett Don One Year Honor, Varsity Hockey. Var- sity liootball, Dance Club lnstructor. H. R. VicefPres., G. O. Council. Martha F. Vey Marty Athletic Honor, Hockey. Alpha Tau Delta. Receptionist. Joseph Vincento Basketball. MIDDLE Sophie Vinokur Soph One Year' Honor, HifNews Rep., Skating Club, Service Club, Victory Corps. Ten- nis. Baseball. Lewin Leonard Vinton Lew Two Year Honor. Tau Epsilon Pi. Science Club, Radio Club. Chemistry Club. H. R. Rep., H. R. Pres.. Radio Construction, G, O. Council. Victory Corps. Raymond Fredrick Watson ,Doc Bowling Club. Robert Weiser Eleanor Miriam Weiss Elly Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. Mar- shal. Maroon and White Editorial Staff. Hi-News Editorial Staff. Ca et La. WFAS Discussion Club. H. R. Vice- Pres.. Riding Club. Biological Club. Typing Club. Helen J. White Whztte Maroon and Xklhite Business Board Rep.. H. R. Sec. I OXVliR ROXV sau 5 1 Y 322515 . "4 . 3 J A. J L ,. V F' 5 ' .... V 3' xt K .. 44 -J . 'Q F' fy FX J ff ' ' J 0 R5 V7 fx Os QU W '9 U lm -x .yawn ff' ,ry JJ. ii ,Hs , J xffyiyt HMV '.. wi! cv '. , s ,i , 1 - .HU gL',::'Q"' .7 ,. ,L J fi. . MH PJ . i . 750134 S ,c 1, I JUNE SENTORS TOP ROW William Hart White Bill Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Naa tional Honor, Pres. Railroad Society, Chemistry Club, Head Marshal, Vice- Pres. Pan-American Club, Science Club, Victory Corps. Deborah S. Wildenberg Debby One Year Honor, Hi-News Business Board, Dramatic Society, Alpha Tau Delta. Helene Winternitz Wz'nn One Year Honor, Tennis, Maroon and White Typing Editor, Annual Rep., Deputy Marshal, Hi-News Typist, Vic- tory Corps Council, Service Club. Leonard Woidowsky Lenny Two Year Honor. J. V. Basketball, Vic- tory Corps. Thomas Zekov Zeke Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Na- tional Honor, Pres. Debating Society. Interscholastic Debating Squad, Maroon and White Co-Editor, Marshal, Biological Club, Extemporaneous Speaking Contests. Gloria Ann Zimei Glory LOWER ROW Eleanor Mildred Zimmermann Elly Two Year Honor, Swimming, Riding Club. Seymour Charles Ziswasser Zis One Year Honor, Athletic Honor, Hi- News Rep., Ping-pong Club, Victory Corps. Grace Ellen Zittel Two Year Honor, Basketball. Norma S. Zwicker H. R. Advisor, H. R. Sec., Basketball. K, u Ag., fe, ff, V ' EK ,I f J N, s-1 R""t's 53, ,Q IANUARY AND JUNE SENIORS Bruce Bollermann One Year Honor, Football, Baseball. Beulah Rose Brigham Railroad Club, Baseball, Basketball. Hoc- key, Volleyball. Winifred Brodbeck French Club, Riding Club, Archery Club. Dramatic Society. Olive A. Brown Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, Knitting Club. Typewriting Club. Renee C. Brozan One Year Honor. Bowl-ing Club, Hi- News Editorial Stall, Dramatic Society. Baseball, Volleyball. Phyllis Butterworth One Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. H. R. Pres., Bowling Club, Dance Club, Re- ceptionist, Biological Club. Bulletin Board Committee, A Cappella Choir, Glee Club, Volleyball, Basketball. Arthur Edward Dantzig Victory Corps. Track Team. Walter Edwin De Niear Radio Club. Pasqualine G. De Orio Retailing Club. George Enke Helen Louise Evans Vict'ory Corps. William Finklestein Mark Frawley Radio Club. Donald Geiger Richard Glueck Richie One Year Honor, National Honor Society, Glee Club. Rifle Club, Choir. Virginia Imbrogno Dance Club, Swimming Club, Bowling Club. Rowland James Rifle Club. Vera Karlan Leatrice Lucille Klein Leaty Red Cross Club. . Mae Louise La Sala Hockey, Roller Skating Club. Riding Club. Victory Corps. Gloria Elizabeth Lawlor Alpha Tau Delta, A Cappella Choir. Biological Club, Hi-News Rep.. Basket- ball, Baseball, Hockey. H. R. Rep. Raymond Elias Levine H. R. Rep., Biological Club. Margaret Mullen Peggy Marion Ruth Nagler Dance Club, Riding Club. Harold Nelkin Hal Camera Club, Radio Club. Anna Pedone Riding Club, Swimming Club, Bowling Club, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Hockey. Donald George Purchla Purch H. R. Pres., Football, Track. Elizabeth Gertrude Raiden Dramatic Society, Service Club, Bowling Club. Carl R. Resinholtz Dorothy Helen Russell Dotty Bowling Club, Skating Club. Irene Ryder Bowling Club, Skating Club, Retailing Club, Basketball, Hockey. Frank Anthony Santore Margaret Santino Margie Barbara Smith Bowling Club, Vic-tory Corps, H. R. Treas. Jerry Peter Sorrentino Baseball, Football. Shirley Sternberg Victory Corps, Red Cross Club, Athletic Honor. Charles Ticknor Charlie Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. Ruth Woodley A Cappella Choir, Volleyball, Baskeball. Baseball. CAL. 1 I - 1 lu ul M Y Y 1 ' -ff A I , , ii rv v 3 K GU! i 1 .. ang 4 I f ,, 1 x fa 2 'f P9 Whois Who 964 "Hack" Sergeant continues to astound the world with his almost super- human strength. To add to his existing accomplishments, running the mile in ZVZ minutes, pitching no-hitters all season, running 99 yards for a touch- down Cwrong goal, runs 99 yards backb, he pole-vaulted 30 feet in the "Gar- den" yesterday. Anne Liccione, B. A., M. A., Ph. D., LL. B., LLD., Lit. D., M. Sc.. breaks down and yielding to the advice of friends has decided to take a Home Economics Course. Eddy Riznyk, just voted hotteist saxophonist in America by "Downbeat" magazine, Dick Hyman, the Paderewski of the swing world, and George Enke, who is being compared to the grand old man of modern tap dancing, Fred Astaire, are still keeping 100 policemen busy with the mobs trying to get into the Paramount. Gloria Muddell and Francetta Hughes gave New York music lovers a thrill last night, when they appeared in a joint recital in Town Hall. As their rich, mellow voiceis floated to the ceiling, many old timers were reminded of Grace Moore and Lily Pons. Van Stith has finally agreed to join the Disney Studio at a salary whirh runs into six ciphers. "Speedy" Ed Paulson, just voted the most valuable player in the Amer- ican League, stole 250 bases yesterday' in one of the most unusual games in baseball history. Thomas Zekov, after his recent nation-wide bitter public denouncement of the policy of '-"Fortune" magazine at a rally in Madison Square Garden, has beein appointed its new editor. Dolores Lockwood, who has done such fine work in raising negro stand-- ards all over the world, has accepted' a professorship at Barnard. Robert McKean, a member of the first expedition to Mars, has recently published his findings in a scholarly treatise entitled "Mars: Land Without Women," subtitled, "Boring, Ain't It?" Gloria Orsenigo, that fine woman who is always willing to help, has been appointed head of the Chile Food Mission which is helping the earth- quake victims in Chile. Flashl Flash! Flash! William White has just squared the circle! 47 'V 'Sz-:i'ig5f l Service is a predominant keynote in student activities at Davis. This service is divided into three groups-that rendered to the school, to the community, and to the national war effort. Service to the school is carried on by the Marshals and by the Publicity, School Interests, and Publications Committees, as well as by the many unorganized groups ,of civic-minded students. Se-rvice to the community is rendered by the students cofoperating in voluntary projects. They help at the Ration Board or the Red Cross, and they entertain at the Day Nursery and Memorial Homes. They also participate actively in community drives. Davis students are re- sponsible, to a great extent, for helping Mount Vernon fill its quota in the stamp and bond drives, as well as in the scrap collection and paper salvage campaign. In rendering service to the community, Davis students also serve their country. In the true spirit of American youth, they are ever-willing to do their utmost to promote a worthy cause and to serve where they are needed. 48 ACTIVITIES TATU EIPSILON PI NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY fVlembership in TAU lfl'Sll.ON PI is deemed a great honor. 'Iihe Tau pin is a mark of scholastic achievement, and it is awarded to those students who have maintained an iverage ofigit least 85'4 for two consecutive years with no mark falling below 70','ii, ln order to retain the pin. how- ever, the student must receive similar grades during his third year of high school. .'Xntoruso. l'laine Ash. Beth Astor. Gerald Bailis. Ertta I Brockway, Vv alter liurlte, Gloria laurlterr, Wilnt.t Clomolli, .loan libeling. lilaine liajans, Audrey lfreed, Daniel Garcia, Constance Liledhill. Marilyn llahel, Clifford llauplman, lilaine llerz, llarold Jensen, Mary liest, Martini liords, Lois Krongold, Ruth Kryslse, l.eon Karen, .Ioan I andatt. NNilliam I araia, lfdwartl Latl, Ralph Martin. Dorothy McKean, Robert Meister, Joseph Michaels, Robert Miller. C. Lenore Miller. C. Vara Nappi, Nicholas Nelson, Donald Pacchioli, Carmella l'ielli, Warren Plate, George Polinger, David Reichgott. Margaret Reitano, Joseph Rosenberg, Elliot Russell, Miriam Sntilo, Mitchell Tesoro, Clementina Ticlutor, Charles Vinton, Lewin XVaxman, Joan XVeiss. Eleanor NVhite, NVilliam feltov, Thomas One of the greatest honors that can be bestowed upon an American high school senior is admittance into the NA- TIONAL HONOR SOCIETY. Since the birth of this organization, twenty years ago, over 2,00,0 chapters have miraculously spread throughout the United States, Alaska and the Philippines. Through the encouragement of scholar- ship, leadership, service and good character, hundreds of Davis students have already proved themselves tthe worthy builders of our new world. Astor. Gerald Attwood, Xlearner Augustine. Peter Preacom, Marilyn lleaeom, Robert liroclsway, XValter Burke, Gloria Butler, Richard Callahan, John Goodman. George Gordon, Gloria llasler, Richard Jaeger, Robert Kelley, Janette Knoepke. Doris Levine, Alberta Liccione, Nina QQG McKean, Robert Merritt, Sara-Page Miller, Lois Muddell, Gloria Pacchioli, Carmella l'l'eifTer. Margaret Porter. Donald Reichgott, Margaret Renaud, Dorothy Rhoades, Nancy Solomon, Louis Solomon, Seymour Sullivan, George Veeder, Marvin Vsfaxman. Joan XVhite, NVilliam Zelsov, Thomas ' Xt G. O. COUNCIL CVALI. TERMD f'I'opJ Row I A, Liccione. I.. Solomon, D. Knueplte. R. Ludlow, D. Shaw, R. McKean, N. Rhodes, R. .laegt-r. li. tlixenigo, ll, 'lrixchettz Row 1, li Orsenigo, Mr. Searlcs. Miss Quinlan, Mr. Oentilesco. Mrs. Bailey. Iir. Stewart. Miss Creeltpaum, Miss NVhecler, l.. Vinton, Mr. Stokes. HOMIE ROOM Rl2PRIESlzN'I'A'IiIVIES tMitldleb Row l: M. Iliemer. R, McKean, ti. Urvenigo: Row Z: M. Keppel. C. Garniss, S, hates, B. Neuner, Ci, Sieinae, IB. Klausner: Row 3: R. Hayes, B. Iireitag, S. Levine, 'I'. Small, I'. Emmel: Row 4' .I. Maier V. Brown. R. Greco, I,. XVatsnn, tif, XVillsou, A. Marano, R. Beckerle: Row 5: I.. Vinton, W. Reid, M. Davidson, O, Berger, A. Habercrn, G1 Orsenigo, R. Shaw, Mr. Searle, G. O. COUNCIL CSPRING 'I'IlRMj Qliottonij Seated' M. Pfeitier, P. Iisxer, R. Greenwald. M. Beaconi, XV. Brockwav, M. Spieler. .I. Repath, Il. Ilcrz: Standing: Miss Creekpaum, R. Kingston, Mr, Searles, Miss Quinlan, Dr. Stewart, M. Freedman. Mr. Gentilesco, Mrs. Bailey. 52 OUR GOVERNING BODY Vv'hen we hear about the coming Daviskate or the Ifootball Prom we don't rtalive that our efhcient school government is rtsponsible for them. In tune with our National Government. Davis' governing body also has two legislative houses: the G. O. COUNCII, is the higher house. the HOMIQ ROOM RIiPRlZSI2N'l'A- TIVIHS, the lower house. XVe students represent the voting public and select those who will serve in these houses. The students in the Council consist ol' two elected by the House of Home Room Represen- tatives. and the rest elected semi-annually at school elections. We, the voting public, also elect two teachers to the Council. Among other things, this group debates on the best way to get student support for all school activities. and it also decides what kind of recreation we stu- dents will most enjoy. The House of Home Room Representatives. which consistes of one representative from each home room, is a most vital part of the student government, and a truly democratic body. The representatives, elected by the pupils in their home rooms, are the mediums which publicize the ideas of the G. O.. and which also report to the members of the home room new events concerning the students. The Home Room Representatives have been the active agents in helping the Victory Corps get a successful start: they campaign for and urge student support tor salvage collections and for the war loan drives. They have also rendered a tremendous service by sending the News I,etter to the former Davis boys now serving in the armed forces. We are fortunate to have a democratic govern- ment, for practicing democracy is the best way to learn it. MARSHALS Wheii a bewildered spohomore girl accident- ally walked into Room 214 she wondered at the all-male assembly. She very soon realized. however, that she had. invaded the headquarters of the BOYS' MARSHAL FORCE, She was very much amaied to learn that the apparent state of confusion here was actually deceiving. lior this room, under the supervision of Miss Brown and Miss Paclou. was one of the busiest and most capable in the school: it was the cen- ter of the thousand and one duties and services of the boy marshals. Their activities were efficiently carried out during this past year under Seymour Solomon and William White, who served as head marshals. Included in the line of the mashal's duty is the collection of attendance cards, the distribut- ing of stamps and bonds, and the maintenance of order in the lunchrooms. halls, and locker . rooms. He also takes pilrl in much volunteer gg: work, in school and out. 5. A boy in Room 'SIB would undoubtedly ex- perience the same feeling of bewilderment as the unfortunate sophomore girl who stumbled into Room ZI4: for H3 is the only all-girl Home- room in the school. and is also the center of activities of the GIRLS' MARSHAL FORCE. Under the supervision of Miss Lewis they per- form duties similar to those of the boy marshals: moreover, they efiiciently carry out their many services. This past year. with Ruth Hovey as head marshal and lillen Bennett and Joyce Muenzen serving as deputy marshals. the girl marshals capably fulfilled their assignments. They kept order in assemblies, performed library and lunch- room duty. and aided in checking lockers. Aside from their assigned duties. the girl marshals also render helpful services to teachers and students. Y l GIRL MARSIIALS flopi Row I. J, Childs. IZ, XVi-iss. J Murnzen. R. Iiovcy. If. llennctl. Il. I".llmerick. fl. Turner: Row Z: M. Isler. I. Cirifien. J, Karen. Il. XX'internitZ. Ki. Trager. S. Nel kin: Row 3: S. Cohen. li. Relkin, S. Arcinoff. BUY MARSIIALS tllidtlleb Row I: A. Yiffer, D. Ilolingcr, R. Mendrlsolin U. Paganuzvi, B. Marcus, II, Ilaas, II. Saruvcr. K. lfischer. M. Veeder. R. Cohen, Ii. Rosenberg, A. I"etrick. li, XVines3 Row Z: R, Sands. H. lieu. ll, Lowentheil, J Meister. A. Avallone, I'. Iillsworth. Rf. Ilabel. R. Bors. .L f'allahan, N. Nappi, J. Rritano, M. Sniilo. M. Joxolo- wit1, Row 3: Miss Brown, G. Astor. L. Feldman. M, leffler. S. Solomon. L. Kryske. S. Tedesco, I.. Jonas, C. Iicknor. XV. NVhite. M. Stltin. M, Ilollak. R. Levine R. Zahrlli, Miss Padon: Row 4: XV. l'irlli. NV, Yiltel. J. Lampros. R, Black. R. McKean. R. Bennett, 'l'. Zekov. R. latl. I3. Iiriedlaniler, NV. Sniytli, ID. Iireetl, lf. Jacobs. ' R, Dorff. Always Lending A Helping Hand New-comers to Davis always receive a hearty welcome fron: the "big sisters" of the Hilltop. who are known as the HOMI2 ROOM ADVISORS. Membership in this group is determined by Miss Lewis. who selects from each home room one girl who pos- sesses the necessary qualifications to serve. The Davis "big sisters" give freely ol their time and effort to work for the best high school possible. This group, which has no officers because its members are all on an equal basis. is considered an official representative of the office. lhe girls. during the year, serve on various committees designed to promote a friendlier atmosphere in the school. Bi-annually they give a dinner for girls who are new to the school. The amiable "big sisters" are always on the job. and have been very successful in helping Davis girls overcome many problems. llOMli ROOM ADVISORS fliottoml Row l: ll, Rabinowitz. XV. Sturtevant, A. Ievine, l'. Iimniel. I.. Sheldon A, Jetler, B, Kasnetz, D. Buckley. Ii, Hussey. M. Beacom: Row Z: D. Seaman: N. lwicker. M. lice. R. Grecto, S. Bates, IE. Bailis. M. Tremonte, Ii. Beniamin, B. Klausner, B. Syrkin, Miss Lewis, R. Colin, A, Liccione, I.. Bobrowp Row 3: J. Marshall, E. Bennett. S, Archibald. Il. Bennett, IS. Alperin. A. Morano, S. Mer- Bl ritt, N, Rlioades, M. Miller, l. Donovan. M. Gntekunst, J. Leopold, P. Smith, fi viii S ii Ji SERVING DAVIS "Peanuts, popcorn, cracker-jack. ice-cream" are the familiar items which identify the ALPHA TAU DELTA girls at the football and base- ball games. This group under the supervision of Miss Breining sells refreshments at athletic meets to raise money for the G. O. Because of the dilliculty in obtaining these articles during the past year, the girls extended their activities to other fields. They contributed baskets of food at Thanksgiving and Christmas and they also sponsored activities for the young- sters at the Nursery Day School. Headed by Gloria Orsenigo, President. and with Margie Reichgott serving as Secretary and Vice-President, Alpha Tau Delta during this past year rendered much valuable service to tht' school and community. fUpper picturej Kneeling: G. Orsenigo. M. Reichgott, M. Gurekunst: Row I: J. Cerchiara, M. Vey, G. Siemas. M. Hendee. B. Klausner. T. Kurash. J. Scheknen J. Lichtenberg. J. SeilT, P. O'Donnell: Row Z: N. Hobart. B. McGee. C. Tesoro: Row 3: J. Marshall. Nl. Phinney. D, Gutierrez: Row 4: N. Rlioades. ll. Mosheim, T. NVillson. A. Liceione. A. Iiaianxp Row 5: J. Reitano. D. Wildenberg. Miss Breining. Should Davis girls be permitted to wear slacks? Shall an additional bike rack be added in the North wing?-These are but a few of the matters thrashed out by the SCHOOI. INTERESTS COMMITTEE. All legislation. appropriations and bills are "weedcd" out hy them before being sent on to the G. O. Execu- tive Council. Whether this group is furthering its interests through its President, who holds a seat without' voting power on the school Council. or whether it is rendering valuable service to the school through such deeds as the recent publication of a complete list of extra-curricular organizations. it is constantly active in working for the best interests of Davis and Davis students. And should the cafeteria begin to distribute tree ice- cream, or should gasoline in unlimited quantities be made available to Hilltoppers. our guess would be that the S. I. C. Iliad a hand in the affair. Left to Right: D. Theal, Miss Young. R. Leon. Ii. Ilauptinan, M. Vceder. J. lleitano, ll. Sanders, A. Zuckerman. S. Dolin, H. Itle. We don't have to go down to the "Sunny South" to meet up with classic American hospi- tality for we have it right here in Davis. Any visitor to the Hilltop. upon crossing the thres- hold of the school. is greeted with a hearty welcome and a pleasant smile: these two quali- ties are a part of the personality of each member of Mr. Childs' RECEPTIONISTS COMMIT- TEE. Row 1: E. Hussey. G. Muddell, M, Reichgott, Mr. Childs: Row 2: M. Carino. M. Vey, A. Goldberg. J. Abel: Row 3: N. Palm. F. Chalmers. M. Fee, H. Saunders. B. Syrkin, J. Lichtenberg. A J if ll . .Cat AQRE ae. REMEMBER Y . ..., Your state of bewilclerment on first entering the Hilltop . wrestling with Your locker combination. . .acquiring writer's cramp after filling out registration cards. . .the time you really did leave your work at home and the teacher wouldn't believe you. . .conferences with Miss Lewis.. .the first time you saw "dream-boy" Stokes and decided to take Chem- istry. . ,the daily stampede down to the lunchroom. . .the efficient, prompt cafeteria service. . . applauding all of Mr. Oswald's announcements at lunch. . .your first regents. . .trying to work during "Pop" Phillip's study periods. , .the revised flag salute. . .the wind howling about the school. . .timidly wearing slacks when the mercury was around 17" below. . .the Davis Bomber campaign. . .being "caught in the act" of powdering your nose in class. . .the crowded school buses slowly lugging up Gramatan Avenue hill. . .the traffic at the circle. . tugging old stove pipes, tin cans and' paper for the salvage campaign. . ."Charlie Altschuler's green suspenders and swivel chair. . .the distracting "Think" signs in Room 310. . .Mr. MacGregor's shrewd wit and natural good humor. , .the dashing and debonair Senor Dubato who took the Davis girls by storm. , .the frequent canine visitors to the lunchrooms and classes. .watching the fall tryouts for chceerleading. . .Dr. Stewart's amiable handshake... freezing in Miss Walther's "air-conditioned" room. . .the bewildering command. "Follow 'l'uesday's program" on Wednesday. , .the laborious outdoor climb to and from the girl's gym . the mislabeled sandwiches. . .the efficient clocks ..Coach Doyle's battered hat... the fragrance of the chemistry lab. . .taps in assembly. . .leaving gym to get dressed as the passing bell rings. . .Dr. Stewart's bible reading. . .the serenade of ringing bells. . .hoarscly cheering the football team on to victory. . the faculty-student baseball game. . Mr. Bartlett's mustache. . .applauding for encores in assembly hoping to prolong the assembly program. . . Mr. Oswald's commando course. . .the seventh period air-raid drills which interrupted the Latin exam. . .selecting the class gift. . .receiving instructions to stand still and straight while being measured for cap and gown. . .bursting with pride when you received your diploma. 55 MORALE BOOSTERS "The show must go on," and for each member of the NATIONAL THESPIANS it has been go- ing on for ZOO hours or more. For, in order to qualify for membership in this group, students interested in dramatics must have spent at least 200 hours in dramatic work . . . staging, acting, directing, costuming, or ticket-selling. The Davis chapter of the Thespians has had a very interesting history, for it was the first high school organiza- tion to enroll as a group in the Victory Corps. It was also the first group to qualify for member- ship in the "High School Theatres for Victory" program, a newly organized movement which includes all dramatic groups actively participating in the war effort. Wartime shortages may have limited the num- ber of productions the Thespians have been able to sponsor. but, they have not limited the Thes- pians' activities: the new duties of this group come under the heading "Patriotism." Row l' D Polmger. S lvvine: Row Z: S. Merritt. U. Knoepkr S. Bates. rf. Balis. Mrs. Macllonalxl: Row X: l Brown, O. Marlin. 'Q The bugle sounded and there was a call to colors. And the nation responded with a group of ready, willing and able soldiers, sailors and marines. But the high schools also heard the call. and answered with a large group of students who were willing to organize, supervise, or participate in any home front activity designed to speed up the final day of victory. Symbolically enough. this group was called the VICTORY CORPS. It was organized in Davis by Mr. Addis and a con- scientious student committee. Their combined efforts helped to coordinate in this active body all student activities directed toward the war effort. Today the corps stand united, on call, and ready to serve at a summons from their country, com- munity or school. Row I ll Shaw, U. l'ag.mn1li. li. lang. XV. Smyth: Row Z. Mr. Addis. .I l.evv. ti, Ont-lingo, ll. XKinlrrnulL. S. Irvine, A. l.icclone. S Vinokur, Xlixs Krvlin. M ""b4 "TOMORROW, TOMORROW AND TOMORROW" There is never a dull moment in the DRAMATIC SOCIETY, which is under the able leadership of Mrs. MacDonald. Modern one-act plays such as "The Bayfield Picture", "Chimney-Piece", and "Message From Bataan" were presented 'during this past year by the group. "Maid of France", given in the assembly. was most roundly ap- plauded by students and faculty alike. Not only does the Society give small productions for its own enjoyment and education. but it also holds theatre par- ties. During the past year the Society saw Shakespeare's famous "Othello" in New York. The Society is made up . There are twenty-Eve active members chosen by tryout, the "Green-Room Players", a waiting list of twelve members, and a capable stage crew of ten people. The purpose of this dramatic organization is to further an interest in dramatics, to work with the tools of the theatre. of several groups and to gain experience in acting. INDENTIFICATION-fTop5 low I- F, Worshafter. E. Brown. D. Knoepkr. W. Sambraus, D Gotiesman. E. Bailis. A. Sprinz. B. Freitag: Row Z: Mrs. MacDonald D Wildenberg, G Cohan. F. Freedenberg. J. Sell J. Lichten-berg, Row 3: J.. Engelbright. Wolf. D. Kalmenson. K. Payne, D. Martin, M. David S Levine H Knafel S Bates. J. Serchuek, H. Levine. H. Cooper son. . , , , . P. Small: Row 4: R. Rendely, W. Atwood. K. Fischer. D. Polinger. D. Shaw, M. Reichgolt, 0. Menzel: Row 5: R. Latz, M. Goldberg. S. Mer- ' l 'd J. B rman, E. Benjamin, J. Smith. ritt. L. Solomon, A. Taylor, H. iusi . e An unseen, and ironically enough. unpublicized group is the PUBLICITY COMMITTEE. This small body. five members in all. under the sponsorship of Mr. Caville. publi- cize school activities, G. O. ideas, and in general, works to promote school functions and undertakings. llJl?N'l'IFlCA'l'lON fliottonil D. Shaw. Ci. Goodman, Mr. lfaville, O. Paganulvi. li. laraia lNl3l5N'lillilif.'k'l'ION fl.owerl Row l Seatetlr M. Diemer. R. Denarie. Stier, Mrs. Kroner. Xlis. lkailev. M. l'leiller. Miss Lucchese. N, Rhoades, I. Andrews. I. lierlolatusi Row 1: U. Dt-Simone. J. Artis. M. Robbins. K. Fischer. li Orsenigo. Dr. Stewart. A. Marano. Ii. Atlinaro, G. Orsenigo, M. Krppel. M. lireetlman. lf Sevlwolil, l'. Donovan. DAVISIKEEPS You may once have taken apart a Swiss watch and ob- served with amazement the precise accuracy of each part. The PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE, which is an ad- visory body for the school's publications+the Maroon and White. the Handbook, the Hi-News, etc-functions with the same pattern of efuciency. This committee, headed bv Miss Brower. consists of six or seven members with llTlNlIll4 JYIIUN tlloltonil N. litciour. Xl. lleicligott, J. fferchiara. .l. Weller. li. James, Miss ltivix. :X ltctione li. Scauuell. B. Neuner. l.. Miller. lDENTlFICATIONfQUpperl Seated: D. Shaw, R. llovey. Fl. Byers. P. llrown. Ki. Meismer C, McKean: Standing: Miss Brower, XV. XVhite. INFORMED impartial interests. who consent to changes and approve policies suggested by the various publications. Service men are on the march. not on the held. but on a list posted in front of the office. The SERVICE MEN'S COMMITTEE. headed last term by Anne Liccione, and this term by Margaret Reichgott. collected the names of all men and women in the armed forces. The names are compiled alphabetically on Davis' Honor Roll. Each week a different member searches through newspapers and letters to Gnd more Davis alumni who are serving their country. XVe who are still in school cannot forget for a moment those who are fighting and sacrilicing their lives in the pursuit of freedom throughout the world. Someone once said that if Mohammed wouldn't go to the mountain. the mountain would come to him. XVell. Mount Vernon's boys and girls in service can't very well visit Davis at present, but Davis has found a way to drop in on each and every one of them. This miraculous feat is accomplished through the medium of the Hilltop's "NEWS LETTER." an enlightening and entertaining paper published each month by Mrs. Bailey and a hard- working student committee. The News Letter contains all the well-known "Davis Doin's" as well as news about the boys and girls in the armed forces. Soldiers on leave visit Mrs. Bailey and commend the letter for the grand job it is doing in lifting the boys' morale. Through it. many friendships have been renewed. for it often lists the camp addresses of the fellows and girls. "There's no place like home", it's true. but news about' home always brings that place close. And the Davis News Letter is doing just that-it is bringing Mount Ver- non into the heart of every hometown soldier, sailor, and marine. -ng The names of General Eisenhower and of General Douglas MacArthur may figure more prominently in the war news of the day than Davis High and its hard-worlv ing students. hut without the homefront support of the latter. our nation might be in a precarious situation today. Scrap drives and' newspaper collections may seem a mere drop in the bucket, but without supplies, no army could he victorious. Whether it was a question of buying bonds and stamps, or a matter of collecting bottles for Grasslands, Davis pitched in with the best of them. In the spring of l943, we raised 3255525 for the Davis Bomber Cam- paign. Elaine Wolf. who sold the most bonds and stamps, christened the PCS I3-88. and Les Cone, who sold the second highest amount. went along on the ships trial run. Davis girls. under the supervision of Miss Sherman. made duffle bags which were later completely equipped by Elaine NVolf's mother for the ship's crew. Art students made 2,200 Ghistmas menu covers for the Navy. lb W QA X .fr fx Z L i N! 5. Q- Xp ,- - 7 -t t i t ! LEST WE FORGET The paper drive. too. was a great success, 'lihe Vic- tory Corps took charge, and the l9.000 pounds of paper collected brought in Sl 1,-400. The amount was used to purchase a service flag for Davis. Our answer to Grass- lands Hospitals annual appeal for bottles was more than 800 bottles. Yes, we helped! llJliN1'Il5lCA'l'lON f4l.ower l.eftJ Ci Astor. M. Veeder, R. Dorff. C. llahel, R, Vohett, A, Avallone I., Solrwnion. ll7l5N'l'lI3lLlATION tl meer Middle! Row l: Miss Sherman, M. fecere. l.. Brooks. A. Cfortwright. C Woodson, B. James. D. Somerville, N, Sprwam, Nl, Crockett, P. Lang C. Cockroft, J. McGuire. Miss Lewis: Row Z: ll, l.evine. l'. Smith D, lnnecken, N, D'Achille. R. Hopkins. C. Dranchucl-t, H. Roth. lDlfNTHilCA'l'lON- 'll,ower Rightl N. Farr. M, llorenstein. Miss XValther, B. XV.lllfesch, WE HELPE ..v...-.- ' -3 Q: H. ...he JI . "'Ww.mPes... A ecxk ls ' ,Editm-131 Staff Business Board x X X , i Ric 7.1 X QBQNI- RK. gf sg. - X 1 ss I MARooN AND ITE They say a woman can't keep a secret. but the MAROON AND WHITE EDITORIAL STAFF boasts a number of feminine editors and staff members. who all did their work diligently, and at the same time managed to keep the theme of the book "mum," Of course the masculine part of the staff contributed to the "silence campaign." too. Svince the theme this year, and the whole setup of the book. including the photograph on the cover, is entirely different. it was thought that you subscribers would enjoy the annual much more if it was a kind of "surprise package." It is very probable that you may have seen any one of the workers racing about the school, trying to dig up "info" for club writeups, and you may later have seen him working furiously, in the 'crafts' room of 3l6. trying to beat a deadline. Also, during all this activity. you may have heard him mutter something to himself about "Handsl Hands! What have they got to do with the Glee Club?" ettc. This puzzling utterance. however. was doubtless clarified as you read the first few pages of the annual. and noticed that our theme was based on Hands- the ways in which they will contribute to a post-war society. You then realized that the poor unfortunate was attempting to connect the theme and his respective article. But. whether it was the tireless hands of the typists pre- paring copy. or the busy hands of our two faculty advisors, Miss Nourse and Mr. Doyle. or the active hands of the workers, your Maroon and VVhite Editorial Staff worked long hours to bring von a book despite wartime restrictions. We worked as a team, and our teamwork has provided gratifying results. FDITORIAI. STAFF Fo-Fdilors .... . . .THOMAS ZEKOV, GLORIA BURKE . .,.. . .RUTH KRONGOLD, OLIVE GOI-EEN NATALIE HASHKOWITZ, GLADYS RELKIN I ilrmry Fditnrs ltvrorrls Ifrlalors SPOVIS lf1fl'l0f5 . .IOSEPH REITANO, AUDREY FAJANS f'holmlrtlpf7y fidnlols . .NVILLIAM LANDAU. CLIFFORD HABEL 'lrl lfdlfor . . . ..... . . . . ..., CHARLES MOSCA IQUP'-'NI f:dfl0f NHELENE WINTERNITZ Arrrfftlftl . . . .DOROTHY RENAUD In politics and business. it is the man behind the finished product that is important. Unpublicized and unknown, he does his daily task, getting his only reward from his own satisfaction of perfection and a job well done. Such an organization is the MAROON AND WHITE BUSINESS BOARD. The only time you heard of it was probably when a beseeching plea for the dollar you owe or a quiet reprimand for your failure to show up at the photographers was issued. Yet. without this organization, your yearbook would fail. The business board is not a very large organization. Aside from the representatives in each home room. there is a regular staff of only five members. The duties of the staff are to keep all records of finances, and photograph appointments, handle the subscription money as it comes in from the rooms, see that the books are delivered to you at the end of the year, and then sit back complacently in the knowledge of a task well done. Through hard work and careful managing, the yearbook has not been "in the red" for several years. Any profit is set aside for the time when the cost is more than the capital. This is one of the best organized groups in the school and serves as an excellent example of what can be accomplished by members of the student body. IDENTIFICATION--fllpper Leftl Row l. G. Relkin. N. Hashkowitz, C. Mosca. T. Zekov. G. Burke. H. Wintemitz. R. Krongold, Miss Noursc: Row Z: W. Landau. L. Ruffalo. L. Andrew. D. Renaud, E. Weiss, O. Cohen: Row J: B. Hoeniger. B. Wolf. R. Greenwald, M. Bernstein, B. Kaplan. P. Dooling: Row 4: A. Goldberg. M. Victorsohn, V. Green, G. Cohan. J. Macy: Row 5: H. Cohen. M. Radin. J. Goldman, J. Drucker: Row 6: R. Briskin, R. Rosenthal. E. Chaifetz. R. Calabrese. L. Rawlston: Row 7: J. Reitano. D. Freed, R. DorE: Row B: M. Smilo, H. Herz, D. Goodkin. C. Habel. Additional Workers: M. Meyer. S. Weiser, I.. Kryske, A. Fajans. P. Small. MAROON AND WHITE BUSINESS BOARD Business Managers: MARION SEASON fFall Termj, GLORIA, SWANSON CSpring Terml Assistant Business Managers ,..... .MARILYN PRICE, NORMA GUSTAVSON Secretary .............. ................. R ENEE DENARIE Farufly Advisor ...... . ...... .... . . .lVlR. IIFRIIFRT SUNDERMANN IDENTIFICATION- fUpper Rightj Row I: N. Liccione, M. Reichgott. E. Meyer. M. Season, G. Swanson. N. Gustavson. F. Cooper, W. Burkert: Row Z: J. Bernstein. E. Goldberg. H. White, E. Amoruso. M. Pinto, B. Neuner. B. Jost, V. McNeil, H. Knafel. G. Nanna: Row 3: V. Martin. G. Long. R. Brisken, M. Moore. M. Price. M. Beacom, N. Rhodes, L. Fichtner, R. Denaricz Row 4: P. O'Toole. H. Winternitz, E. Kapnick, V. Green, D. Potthoff. D. Theal, F. Wuber. C. Hobart. M. Janniello: Row 5: F. Fowler, H. Livingston. B. Oh:-rlander, W. Rigby. W. Bennett. R. Calabrese, R. Baer. D. Clark, D. llaas. Mr. Sundermann. Editorial Staff DAVllS Hollywood has a tendency to portray newspaper work as being extremely glamorous and entirely romantic, but there is a lot more to editing a newspaper than meets the eye. The HI-NEWS EDITORIAL STAFF can certify to that, for, they know that there is also an excess of "blood, sweat, and tears"- mostly sweat, and plenty of eager. energetic hardwork attached to putting out the Hi:lltop's newspaper. Their system seems to be quite successful, however, for each year the "Davis Hi-News" wins high honors in the inter-scholastic press contests. Perhaps the paper's success has been due to the efficient staff management and the manner of choosing the potential staff members. For all members receive appointment on the basis of their literary skill: there are try-outs held each term. The would-be journalists receive regular news assignments, and if their write-ups hint at any latent genius, these creative souls become a part of the Hi-News Editorial Board. As their skill increases, the members have many opportunities for advancement: an editorship is a mark of merit. Whatever is the secret behind the success of the Hi-News, the paper has lent a decided note of distinction to Davis. It is at present under the faculty sponsorship of Mr. Smith, and has lived up to its past record in winning numerous prizes and in publishing accurately all the "Davis Doings." INDENTIFICATION- KUpper Leftl Row I: J. Leopold, E. Hauptman, D, Shaw, D. Ross. J. Astor. M. Victorsohn, R, Ludlow, D. Guttesman, E. Weinrod: Row 2: A. Zilfer. S. Branner, T. Fraioli, L. Fichtnzr, R. Finkelstein, R. McKean. Mr. Smith, R. Dori. H. Herz, H. Sarya. L. Solomon, I.. Bohrow, A. Turner. C. Stolmaker. Busmess Board fNlE Wall Street may have its outstanding financial wizards but Davis runs a close second. Some of our Morgenthau's and J. P. Morgan's are the glorious representatives of the HI-NEWS BUSINESS BOARD. Without their thrifty. efficient business management, the newspaper could not exist: no enterprise is successful without its corresponding business board. Membership on this board is achieved as a result of keen competition. Those who would add their name to the illus- trious staff must obtain at least three inches of advertising space from merchants: the merchants may be inhabitants of Mount Vernon or California or even of Oshkosh. lt is the final achcieve- ment, the impressive acquirement of the space, 'which is all- important. For the Hi-News, like all other successful news- papers. depends a great deal upon its advertisers. The ambitious staff, however, can never sit back and "rest upon its laurels." For the members have the exciting problem of obtaining suf- ficient "space" for eac-h edition of the paper, and of remaining on the board, as each issue proceeds on its merry way. Work on the business board provides invaluable experience for all interested students. For the staff helps to set up ads to take care of bills, and also to take charge of circulation. Perhaps the training this group receives from the able and willing "Uncle" Charlie Altschuler, faculty advisor, will provide them with a great boost into the business world. And we wouldn't be at all surprised if today's Business Board execu- tives were tomorrow's Wall Street financiers. IDENTIFICATION -Ujpper Righlj Row l SeatedfM. Oshman, J. Levy, R, Levy. ll. Levine. S. lxvelller, ll Friedman. V. Martin, D. Polinger, R. Mendelsohn, l.. Simon, K. Fischer Row 2 Seatedf-M. Pinto, M. Sposato. N, Gutenberg. Row 3 Seated-V. Wooley, J. Cerchiara. Row l Standing-E. Rosenbaum. R. Krongold. B. Ash. D. Hagenbuckle G. Relkin, C. Cole, C. Stolmaker. C. Orleans. J. Karen, M. Blumberg, H. Knafel, L. Bobrow. Mr. Altschuler, G. Muddell. Row Z Standing-M. Davidson, R. De Bruyn. J. McRae, R. Baer, Aronson, G. Forman. R. Kaplan, L. Weintraub, S. Ziswasser, R. Rubin H. Kerstein, L. Goldberg, M. Goldberg. MUSIC MAKERS l,is1enT XVhat are those sounds emanating from the large auditorium? Perhaps they are the groans of students suffering the after-effects of re- gents . , . but no . . . upon opening the auditorium door, we are greeted hy an impressive sight: any one of Davis' three musical organiza- tions is practicing and perfecting its talents for future public performances. Many Hne musicians. some of whom are already professionals, make up the BAND. ORCHESTRA and CHOIR. There is George Douglas and his vibrant saxophone. and over there at the piano are Dick Hyman and Charlotte Stolmaker who really make the ebony and white keys fly. 62 Or. perhaps, it is a rehearsal of Mr. Nielsen's all-girl chorus. which boasts such soloists as Gloria Muddell, Margaret Pfeiffer, and Kirsten Hansen. This group has brightened many as- semblies with their performances. Then again the band might be responsible for the musical reverbation. For, with Mr. l.icht supervising, it meets twice a week to prepare for the big events of the season. Their peppy marches and handsome Maroon and White uni- forms have greately enlivened football games and aided in cheering our team on to victory. They have also responded willingly to calls "beyond their usual line of duty." Their great' perfor- mance at Proctor's for the war loan rally was a typical reply to these calls. The rally featured such specialists as Eddie Riznyk and his singing clarinet. John D'Angelo and his Xylophone. and Donald Rhind. who revived many old favorites on his accordion. Or it might be the orchestra which is response ihle for the music. Every Tuesday and Thurs- day we can watch the orchestra rehearsal-some 50 students-under the baton of Mr. Nielsen. We may watch the flying bows of viiolinists such as concert-master Otto Menzel. or assistant con- ductor Sarah Bates, or we may see the agile- tingered flute players such as Dick Sagman. We may also watch and listen to the accomplishments of the puffing trumpeters. husky drummers. and energetic trombonists. They practice tirelessly for P. T. A. concerts, graduations and rallies. In the future when the fanfare of trumpets or the melodious strains of a song greet your ears. you may know that the Davis musical swing shift is going full force. INDENTIFICATIONV-Cliopl Drum Major. P. Emde: Row I: XV. Matteson. K. Fischer. R. Michaels, R. Schneider. F. Danneniann. YN. NVilson, S. Marshall, I.. Simon. S. Rosen. IJ. NVarner II. Nklatsky: Row 2: XV. Mazzarella, P. Moore, M. Sands, O. Desimone, J. Butterworth, R. Carnahan. H. Fichtner. C. Bossert. H. Benwitt. M. Scharpman: Row T B. Schiffman. C. Rashliin. R. Dehruyn, C. Gedney, I. Murray. A. Taylor. E. I,eaton. W. Smith. Oppenheim, M. Millett: Row 4: Ulrich, C. Renneman. II. Season, D. Aitken XV. Barest horn. A. R. Sagmen, R. Neane. B. Alperin. D. Haas. . J. Krauskopf: Row 5: S. Nork. R. Spring Truer. F. Frainli, A. Hoffman, Il. Zimelis, I?. Hussey, B. Haldane. P. Perry. D. Theall. .I. C'.irlin. Row l J. McRae. IDFIXTIFICATION Uvliddlel urpoint, Rosencranz. P. Small. R, tts, H Knafel. M. Bernstein, R. Miller. 1 i : H. P Snyder, N. Rucian, Pr. Oberlander. 0. Menzel. l. Brown. S. Ba ' B . R. Bowm n. C Haddon, M. Dunkel. I., Ryder, ll. Miller, S. Barrow, T. Lisker: Row Z: C. Bossert, I.. Simon. D. Theall, H, Fichtner. M. Frillett, R. Sagnan. XV. Attwood. R. Snylier, .I. Butterworth. R Ile Bruyn. Ii Fraioli. XV. Y.Vilson, S. 'Mock. H. I.arxen. W. Matteson, If. Benford: Accordian: G. Priestley: Drums: A. Taylor. R. Carnahan: Piano: R. Requa. F. lindforv, C. Stolmalxer. IDENTIFICATION lBottoml Row lr N. Sposato. I.. Manna, B. Iioster. J. Kendig, J, Benedict, C. Billipp, M. Williams. R. Hovey. M. Barrows. R. Stubing. J. Simpson. R. Tappert. D. Sea man: Row 2: A. Jackson. F. Hughes, S. Archibald J. Cerchiara. A. I'IoH'man. H. Valeri. lf. Van Dusen, M. I Russell. C, McClanahan. J. Krivda. I. O'Toole. J. Nor- done, E. Rich, J. l.loyd, A. McGrath, Ii. Doscher. M. l.innick, M. Gurekunst, J. Muenzen, Ci. Sienias J. Repath. M. Pfeiffer: Row 3: M. Premutn, J. Zuzzolo. I. Coon, K. Davenport, S. Doyle, B. Johnson. M. Higenholham. M. Reichert. I.. Andrew. K. Ilansen. J. Reynolds, ll. Buist, Y, Goldstein. B. Rinnick. B. Fowler. V. Magag nos. XV. Studivant, C, Haddon, I. Grifnn, A. Vasiliou. II. XVeisberg: Row 4: P. Enrico. C. Battaglia. I Rolh. J. Smith, S. Sodcrbcrg, C. Smith, J. Butterworth. N. Santastasi, M. Schuler. P. Emdc. C, Garniss, II. Pusco. J. Abbiati. B. Macri, R. Zabelle, R Levine, C, Renn-rf mann, H. Watsky. R. Bors. J. Intili. A, Miller. R. l.ev- don, Mr. Nielsen: Row 5- R. Leone. R. Glueclt, F. Werber, A. Schassberger, T. Zekov, If. Ri1nyk, A. Zuckerman: Al the piano, E. Iibeling, QA' JS, A dw , v X 1 FnIEIIl'Sf2' Rv Il,, J xr. A 4, '-' K W X A Z. , , 4 h A NI what I li Q , lff' Wa, I' I ' SENIOR CELEBRITIES TYPICAL HIGH SCHOOL BOY . TYPICAL HIGH SCHOOL GIRL , BOY MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED . GIRL MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED . MOST INTELLIGENT BOY . . IVIOST INTELLIGENT GIRL . BOY CLASS WIT . . . GIRL CLASS WIT , . BEST BOY POLITICIAN . BEST GIRL POLITICIAN . BEST BOY ATHLETE . BEST GIRL ATHLETE . HANDSOMEST BOY . HANDSOMEST GIRL . Edward Laraja Eleanor Meyer Donald Shaw Anne Liccione Robert McKean Anne Liccione Edward Riznyk Jane Reynolds Donald Shaw . Lois Miller Robert Sergeant Gloria Orseniyo . Carl North Lisbeth Hansen FAVORITE SWING BAND .... Harry James FAVORITE SONG-"Sunday, Monday, or Always" 63 "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." But Jack has nc opportunity to become dull while in Davis, for here at the Hilltop there are a number of clubs to provide the diversion andl entertainment which he needs to balance his scholastic attempts. Nc matter what his interests or talents are, he will find an outlet for them in one of these many extra- curricular organizations. If Jack, or any other student, is language-minded he may join either one of the French clubs, or the Spanish or Italian clubs, and under the guidance of the club sponsor he can converse with other students and improve his proficiency in that language. A knowledge of the tongues of all our world neighbors will do much to strengthen our relations with them as we confer with them, and otherwise work to promote permanent peace, at the close of the present war. If Jack has a talent for mathematics, there is a club in which he may exercise and improve the ability which, in later years, he may employ as his contribution in designing and planning world reconstruction. He has also many recreational facilities to help him spend his leisure time enjoyably and profitably, he may join the Dance Club, Rifle Club, Camera Club, Bowling Club, or any of the numerous other organizations. All of these clubs play an inconspicuous but extremely important role in the life of the high school student. They constitute a major step in his development from student to adult, for he will have an excellent foundation for his social, cultural, and diplomatic relations with his friends, business associates and global neighbors in the world of tomorrow. 64 LU bf- vi i 1 I L 4 v Q S.--. .4 , . A . Jf, af 5 '1Y' 1-.:g' .1 il., .12 57 E V7 V V' Y? Q m L. 1 . 1 il .l1, ,. II 5. ' '.l. I. E 'ALY i . 'i4. . ,.. . :ll A 'Aji :ffm ' li: .Q -:Est V vc, .--T' f I X Y 4 by 3 NV-la... .. ,M . .. rr . . 1, .-' 1 .-vi -rf. Q ., - . w ...i..U,,,.- .?,,E,... .. ,fr . , , 4 J X wr . -,R ,.' fx.: .L gf , Q. -ff' ., - L-if -r A gg. Fx. 4 9-- 1 .al ,Lil J 1 -.ag Q. .1..i' nd? . 1 c 1 1 .s . ? G.: .. -in 0 . Eu. 1 .ur . . . 1, I H -I . 'g gzpgswig-r-'nn-1 .5 1., U c' Ti. If . IW' 5-QQ '3 :gm J.. ' V, I I T. :,. air: .2 VT 11' , 5 H ,J .F ., , . 'f 'fbi . ..-mf q - , r :W- . -. . 1 , .3 h in. ., H 1 . fkf .TM WQLLQQ 1 .Q , Rf.-' ', . ji.-1 L-'EWiQ '.-,"'S..-.x g,x Wf- ' ,. .-xl lf: 1 . - . 1" ' ' xii A'. M. , 4.x ,r'!..,. .. 'fue 4 Yi' hf fir 'JL' rv I K .. . , ..r."' '. f. iw n 17.4-1--Q-, V151 "f a i ?'x LM ,. xg. .HN I .- , if . x- ' . 1.1 A .Nr .f j"'.'1f'Y" , ix., -1 F- 'V+' U , 1 , 2. fi ."": .fd fj-5, -ff T L , .lk . .. It A r . I V. ' xg' ,. . . ...Q , In 'K Q. -LI' l'lg,,1 'sr - ' V' -' I APU? UPON 0-9"""" N' Brita' -J ."' f I-U 'Y .4 EILA , .f 1 LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Nag' I 'CYS F JL. I I - if DlEVELOPING..LAyy QINT or VIEW yu? ,us ,449 r...r-L ' Buenos dias, senorf .... 1 nd you have received A cordial aj Elms YW!" I-U CVVCIU Ijf-mf-IIS WAS Undef the lllffnflloll Of invimlion U, tmumi A, ,netting of EI' A'I'ENEOY Davis' 2'LMiss Iidwards as usual, and under the Presidency ol Connie Spanish society. You may have the unique experience of playing Spanish bingo or you may be an -appreciative audience to the presentation of a Spanish drama. For these are among the many varieties of recreation provided for by the club members. You may be a trifle bewildered at first, for all conversation is in Spanish. The club members make practical use of the language at all times. a practice which will reap prontable rewards for them in the business world. IDIfN'I'llfIt'ATIONACUpper Lefti Ilow It Ii, lireco, Il, fohn. II, Ash. J, Primiano: Row Z: I. lklairus, U. l'eysi-r, J. leopolil, B. Quint, N. Ilashkowitzz Row '42 INI- l'reeiInian, Miss I.eighton, Il. Iimngolil. II. Gottesnian. I.Ij CIiRCI.Ii FRANCAIS allords those students inter- ested in Ifrance, its language and its customs, opportunity to become better acquainted with them in an interesting lashion. Sometimes a I5rench drama such as "I.a Derniere Classen is presented, other times. the meetings are devoted to oral recitations. small skits and games. all presented or played in lirench. In this way, the members study French and practice Iirench customs. During a meeting, speaking in Ifnglish is forbidden. If a member does break into English- -"Parlez-vous francais, Monsieurfiand the member is shown the error of his ways. gffriedman. itat-N't't111i'ai'loN -cup,-rr Rightl M. Walker. M. Scliarlinan, Miss li'!wards, if. Jacobs, N. Iilumenson. Nli Standing S. Iioyle. lf. ilauptman. C. Friedman. M. Blumberg Pollack. I.. Rullalo, 'I'. Mann. ll, Ilerz, N.. 'lireniontep Seated: K. Cera suolo, A. 'I'uinei. I5 Kulka, I. Stahl, Ii. XVeinroAl, M. I.innick, M. l'hinney. tf, Anglian, M. Ilhinney, R. Iliarrett, G, Iiorman, R, Greenwald. "Time marches on" and records each new day on the page of history. The IIISIORY CLUB, under Mrs. I-Iiller, tries to stimulate the study of history through talks given by students: these talks cover topics from pigeons to current events. Another stimulus is the field trips. The club has visited the Metropolitan Museum ol' Natural History in New York and the Industrial Museum. "All work and no play makes Jack lore, during the past' year a Christmas party were held. 'Iihis club combines tainment. a dull boy"g there- party and a theater learning and enter- IIBI-N'I'II5ItfA'I'ION ftlioltonij Seated: I. Aiiioinso Ii XVilson. Il, SCI ioenchen, Ii, Nkleinrod, il. Mattson. S. Marshall. Y I.loyd. J. Colnes. II. Sanders, C. Iiriedmanz Standing: R, Ileiso, If. Stumberger, II. Iieckerle, lireed. ll, I'usco. li. Iappert, II. Macri. Mrs. Colinan, J. Smith. ti. Gordon, IB, Waliescli. Maier, li. l.t-one. I'. Qin-riilii. HISTORY CILIUIB N. Moersh, R. Greco, I.. lliller, M. Bluvnberg, I. II. McRae, NV. Reid, J. .A g K-.,,k v , 1 .yell .u n n 1 "I THEREFORE CONTENDH U " . . . that the facts 1 have presented prove that the League of Nations is our only means of securing peace in the future years." With these words the affirmative speaker Gnishes a debate and thus ends another meeting of the eighteen- year-old DEBATING SOCIETY. At every meeting a topic of national, international or local importance is discussed in arliamentary, yet fiery fashion. However, the open forum which follows the debate and' which is the time n the debaters are questioned by the members of the Society, is a period when arguing reaches a red-hot peak and parliament'ary procedure usually has to be dropped. Members of the Interscholastic Debating Squad debated with Iona Preparatory School and' Evander Childs High School, Last term, members of the society who were not on the squad had the opportunity of debating against inexperienced members of the Peekskill High Debating Society. IDENTIFlCATION- CTopJ Row l: P. Brown. R, Ludlow. M. Bernstein. G. Cohan. T. Zekov, G. Goodman, H. Knafel, F. Cooper, G. Forman. G. Burke: Row 2: A. Ziffer, H. Benwitt. M. Victorsohn. I. Marcus, D. Gottesman, R. Kingston, M. Veeder. R. Schwartz. IE. Laraja, B. McKean. Mr. Johnson, C. Sobel, J. Meister. M. Smilo, J. Reitano, L. Solomon. Stand by! We're on the air! . . . Who? Why, the WFAS DISCUSSION CLUB, of course. Every month at least two members of this progressive club meet with other Westchester high school students to debate and discuss current topics and problems. With just a "twist of the wrist" and a turn of the radio dial, we can hear the Davis master-minds in action. Just during this past year a group of student's from the club did the club and Davis "right" proud, when they were chosen to take part in a nation-wide broadcast on the Columbia School of the Air. . Keeping up the club, however, recently provided quite a bit' of difficulty, for the wartime shortages hit the Discussion Club when its former sponsor, Mr. Bartlett, became Lieutenant Bartlett of the United States Army. The club remained for a while without a sponsor. However, it takes a mighty thing to discourage a Davis man. and true to form, the students took up an energetic search for a new sponsor. While George Goodman tire- lessly petitioned various faculty members, Mr. Caville temporarily took charge of the group. Mr. Avery later assumed the permanent role of faculty advisor for the club, and under him, it is functioning, at present, efficiently and effectively. IDENTIFICATION- fBottomJ Row l: M. Veeder, B. Jost, G. Orsenigo. G. Seimas. M. Beacom. F. Chalmers, M, Reichgott. N. Galigher, Mr. Avery: Row 2: A. Zilfar, R, Mendelsohn, H. Bernstein. S, Greenfield. G. Meissner. B. McKean. G. Goodman, J. Wasserman. L, Solomon. 68 Fel. 1. ' If... CA okltl Cl QV The Spirit of Davis Top Row Center Bottom Row Up and coming celeb . . . Practice Makes Perfect. Setting the stage .... Look at the Birdies . . . Doyle's men will win again CP. S: They made it.D 69 T SHOOTING STARS The beauties and the marvels of the heavens have always provided a scintil- lating topic for the amateur astronomist. XVherever he goes. discussions concerning the prospects of life on Mars. Venus or Jupiter. or the distance between lfarlh and anyone of the numerous other plan- ets. nearly always arise. XVe all at some time have been bewildered by many ot' the deep mysteries shrouding these celestial bodies. and many clubs and organizations have been formed for the express purpose of delving more deeply Y into the fascinating subject. This has also been the purpose ol the Davis ASTRONOMY Cl.UB. The small group of students who are admitted each term have the opportunity to sttidy the ttse of various kinds of telescopes and they experiment on innumerable projects. So far. in the field of proiects. the difh- cult problem of constructing a Star globe has proven to be their outstanding in- terest. with the photographing ot' the stars a close second. Thanks to the untiring eflort ot' Miss Chase. the members of the Astron omy Club are finding a new interest that they may follow more closely in the coming years. ll7lfNTIlilt .N TIHN llbpl lltiu' l Xliss Kihase. ll. Sands. N. llnlwait Xl lliman K. Rotlritiuel, N lnrstavsoii. lion' I ti l'-erger. l. IM-ckerle N51-it-rsli ll lvans, N Nlct.indless. R. XYavnc: Row S .I Ilossuiig. R llaer. l. fktitlteivs. l Nclioentlieii, l-. Scauuell. Il Scliologan. ll. Soliu, ---iq., N PEERING INTO THE DARK The "look at the Fmirdieu method of photography has been abandoned by modern camera lieutls. who employ entirely new methods. These methods and improvements are discussed in full at the CAMIYRA Cllll! meetings. The members exchange advanced ideas and knowledge of photography. and ttnder the supervision of Mr, Searles they learn to improve their own skill. Since photography is such an important and wide Held. the clttb members attempt to interest a wider group of students in il. They are a few of the many who have adopted photography as an important hobby during' the last decade or so. These modern camera bends. armed with such modern weapons as the pocket-sile candid camera. have produced amaling results. Their pictures record comical and natural sitttations as well as spectacular actions. The camera addicts at Davis display their photography achievements in the anritial contest which the camera clttb sponsors. ln viewing the entries submitted to this contest. we can easily see how instrttmental modern photography is in captttring beattty and detail which is often overlooked by the human eye. ll7lfNTlf7lCrkTlON-fholtoml Row l' Oppenheim. Row l: U. llaas. B. landau, ll. Bernstein. ll. Cooper, R. Small, R. Shologan, D. lioodkin Mr. Searles. IW. Shaw. TZ. lraton M. Billet. ll, llera. C. llabel. 70 I9 ff-J E. C f .1 f7vvw-Cl "' ' NaC4 4 6 XVith the recipe: "Mix two parts of hydrogen to one part of oxygen and cautiously apply flame" in one hand. and a tray of chemicals in the other. Mi' Stokes officially opens the nrst meeting of the Clll.3MlS'l'RY CLUB. A series of explosive demonstrations are arranged by the more advanced students at the beginning of each semester. The remain- der of the meetings are spent in organ- ifing the club more rfully. presenting other unusual and colorful experiments. and discussing some of the more import- ant scientific topics of the day. The dues that are collected at the lil-f'I'lOl'1ll1lV meet- ings go toward a field trip that is ntade in .lune. Thus far. each and every session of the Chemistry Club has been a fascinatf ing adventure. with new and practical theories continually coming up. llll'Nlllilli."lTlUN 1'l'opt Row l M. Sniilo, S. Dolin. K. litscher. .I McRae. R Menclelsnlm: Row I li llauptinan. l XX'eintraub, U lohen. l'. Schoenellen R. levv. l llrivwn, bl Nlorrlsj Row l. l'. Small. K. Xlatbaclt lf. lireeilenlwerg. lf Collins: Row 4 .l. Karen, .l tina.-itfagin. Mr, stat.-c. ll is.-N.-nr ttstt- Q it bthnimr, .I Marlin. ll. l'vans l'. llatlls. R. Cireen n-ald. S Nelkin, ll-, Lireco, R Schwartz R levinc lion tv- IE. Ilintlei XV. White, .l. XX'.irrt-n. li Nlmlngaii. .l l an-ton. l 1 allalian R, l .wtf ll tiruv., .l. laxnpros: Row T XV. Peilie. .l Xlevster. I Vinton. K' .l.uol1s, M. lltllett, Row R R l'l1ern, .l. lKernh.iril. R, llasler N Nappt. Xl .lmnlnwitl. l. lfifhlner, M. Veetler. UNKNOWN MYSTERIES GF SCIENCE Batteries. radios and wires have been curtailed for the duration: sending and receiving sets have been put under government control: all special radio apparatus has been banned in- dehnitely from public use. But despite these obstacles confronting them at every turn, the RADIO CLUB, under the able supervision of Mr. l.indsey. is still carrying on. Before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. conversing with San Francisco, Chicago or Memphis on transreceiver sets had been the outstanding, colorful event of each meeting. How- ever. today, due to wartime restrictions. this event has been replaced by simple but important demonstrations with the materials on hand. code practice, and numerous discussions concernf ing radio theory. From this extensive program, new and invaluable ideas are continually being uncovered. This proves an aid to the current radio addicts, who are planning to talse their first big step into this vast field within a few years. ll5l1N'l'llflti.'X'l ION ll'-oltninl Row l. S. Rosen. M.l?lun1berg.l'i liischer. N. llobarl, M lirawlev, M. Pwoieiislein l' Kurrle. Rove Z XV, Solomon, U. l'.ig.xnullt. R Shologan, M. Veeder. R. llors. .l. Meister: Row l: R. XVinkelstein, ,R. llalpern. l-. lealon. .I Ciallahan. N. leilvowlt7. M. Sniilo. R Jaeger, Row -4 l,, Vinton, Li lllate, XV. Reid. A. lnclseriuatt, D. l'leetl. XV l3eNit-ar, .-X Avallone, Mr. lintlsay. 71 'T KEEPING TRIM "Pistol Packin' Mama" might well be dedicated to two of the twenty crack rifle shots of the Davis Rl'Fl.li CLUB, who, under the watchful eye of Mr. Caville. practice Vtlednesday afternoons at the Mount Vernon Revolver and Rifle Range. lior the fair sex. during this past year. have been ardent enthusiasts of the well' known "man's" sport. and there has been a lot of keen competition among the members. ln fact. one of the highlights of a December match between the Maroon organization and the Revolver and Rifle Club. was the expert shooting done by the two feminine members, linid Oppenheim took no odds from anyone, shooting 08. and Mary Anne Higgenbotham scored 95. But' the boys didn't take defeat sitting down. At a winning match with Roosevelt. Charles Kleinman held top honors with 99 hits out of a possible l0O. The boys and girls. displaying sporting teamwork throughout the year. chalked up a very successful season. lNDljN'I'llilCATlON--tTopj Row l: Cf. Kleinman. A. Miller. E. Johanson. J, Martin, S. llillett, W. Ianrlaii, R. Leydon. J. Cooley: Row Z: W. Samhraus. C. llabel, R, Finer. M. Kest. li. Oppenhrim. C. Kronfeld, J. Hur, P. Small. R. Michaels. Mr. Cavillez Row 3: D. Haas, B. Monroe. J. McRae. li, Schiecl, R, Rubin. S. XVatsky. l.. Eisenson, ll. Ulrich. On any given Monday afternoon. one can hear the metallic ring of fencing foils echoing through the halls of Davis. On closer surveyance, it can be noted that the exponents of the "Sport of Gentlemen" under the very able sponsorship of Mr. Lindsey are gathered to improve their prowess. Because of the war. which has been directly responsible for a shortage of foils. the attempts of the members of the FENCING Cl.UB to become skilled in the art of fencing have been somewhat hampered. However. with the few available foils and some homemade wooden substitutes. these enthusiasts are carrying on. Although the club does not engage in competition with outsiders. the more advanced members contend in bitterly contested matches. which serve as teacher and entertainer for the other :lub members. lNDENTIFICQATION-CMiddlea Row l: I.. Benford, R. Mendelsohn. A. Byers: Row lx F. 'lurker, A Yuckrrman. I7 lrlr, Mr. Lindsey. H. Miller. XV. Taylor. A. Taylor. Automobile ioy-rides are out for the duration. but there are no wartime regulations regarding horseback riding. This popular sport thrives among Davis enthusi- asts. Under Miss Blackburn's supervision. the girls in the RIDING CLUB exercise their skill at the Hutchinson Farms. There the girls receive pointers on riding. are taught correct behavior in case of emergencies. as well as preventive techniques. They cultivate a love for animals, at the same time spending enjoyable afternoons riding. Their special activities include a breakfast ride and a moonlight ride during the spring semester. With June Foster as President. the girls spent many leisure hours this past year improving their horsemanship and cultivating a compensating recreation. INDFNTIFICATIONVACP1oltnniH Row l: l. Davis, C. Lombardi, J. Foster, .l. Childs, l, Sorrt. P. Harris. J. Stevens, M. Cohn, P. Bayley, E. Bisordi: Row Z: K. Payne, li. Benjamin. M. Greenberg. M, Vietorsohn. IE. Weirberg. Row 3: D. Austin, G. Kaplan, J, Bertolarus. S. Merril, R. Cohn. l. Andrews, P. Thern. Miss Blackburn. F. Fraioli. R. Lowinger: Row 4: B. Chapman, M, Crockett, M. Davidson. li. Shoenrhrn, li. Bailis, P. Fsser, J. Lawton, Van Deuscn, POPULAR PASTIM ES l'or those boys and girls who are sincerely interested in stamp collections, a welcomed opportunity in the form of a STAMP Cl,UB has been established. Under llonald Sohn, its most recent President, the exchanging. selling and auctioning of stamps have netted astonishing results and also gained worthwhile experience for th: student. Other items that have found their places on the program are the contests and quizzes that are held quite frequently. The members are discovering that from these and the actual handling of stamps. new and exciting facts are being continually uncovered outside their prescribed curriculum. The club has agreed upon admitting not only those students acquainted with stamps, but the many others who have plans for starting their own collection and are anxious to gain some knowledge beforehand. llll-N l'lIilt .XTION - tTopl llow I Mr Avery. ll Miller. li. leone, IW ldr, ll. Sohn, A. llciihrlt, XX' Solomon. lx Rosenberg, Row I li. Neave. ll l't1arro, l lleulovil. ll llaslrr. li. Yan Schoouhoveu. ll Van Sthoouhoveu I' lrukriman. ll. hold. The wild and woolly days of Cowboys and Indians are buried deep in history books. but every so often someone like Miss lieaster, sponsor of Davis' MARION, lETTli CLUB. stages a production that makes those days really live. lfor the miniature heroes and heroines of the dramas presented by her club are exact replicas ol' the real Indians. These marionettes were made by Miss lieaster with the help of authentic XVestern Indians. The ntemhers of the club, twelve in all, act as stage- crew and directors. as well as the men "behind the stenesu who "pull the strings." This group is in constant demand: it is called upon to give benefit performances. and to entertain various local and school organivations. The members give gen- erously of their effort, and provide much popular enter- tainment. Il3IiNTIl It :YIIUN tlalul-ll.-1 Miss It-aster, V. Magagnox. II Small, R. lat1. I5 Knoeplvte. ll Vrrnprr, A Taylor, XV. Samlvraus. A. Marrano, l'. Small. R. levine. tIlll:tfK MAl'li-Y-T T After the smoke of battle had cleared and the record of the matches had been tabulated. the Davis Chess Team was pronounced the county champions. Under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Phillips, the Chess Team has traveled the length and breadth of Westchester. taking on all challengers. XVhite Plains. Scarsdale, Pelham and Bronxville represent only a few of the victims of our hard-bitten quintet. These stalwarts, cream of the CHIZSS CLUB. obtained their places on the team wholly through their skill. The other members of the club, those not on the team. content themselves by engaging in fiery contests among them- selves. lt is a rare thrill, indeed, when an unobtrusive club-member downs one of the confident masters on the team. XVhen this happens. although the occasions are infrequent, the proud victors chest swells with triumph. Cfontinued successes of this lcincl. often place him in the elite company of the Chess Team. By this method. though players come and go, the Chess Team goes on forever. llll Nil ll lt A TIUN lillottontl Mi f'htlltpx AI tiootlrich ll. llulter, ll, Nchuartl l Keulou 'Q Q W 7 no '- ' fs 'Tis :Mouse eww- K - ' Nui - 1 - ,uv Ns ri s.,.,-Q 73 IB G BUSINESS Modern transportation ties together far-distant places. The railroads especially are responsible for shortening distances. To keep informed on this subject. lVlr. Sundermann's RAILRCAD SO- CIETY meets twice a month to discuss various phases of the development of that type of trans' portation. They show movies, conduct quizzes, or hold open discussions on current improvements or events of importance. Air travel will undoubt- edly play an important part in post-war travelling, but this group feels that the railroads will have an equally important role. llWlfN'l'lFlt A I ION tklpprr lefty Row I l XYliltc.umlw. Mr. 5uvnlerni.mn. II, llrigham. W. XVliite. ll Clhrrlander. X1 Sgamniatn, Cl Nlcflvov. Row Z: R Singer. A. Reichert. R lllargfnau Unnoticed and unpraised. the members of the SERVICE CLUB, under the able leadership of Mrs. Taxter, toil arduously for the common wel- fare of the school. The compensation for hours of clerical work done in the office is the satisfaction of lending a helping hand. Always courteous, efli' cient, and willing to serve, these students carry on the work behind the scenes. Their untiring efforts are aptly dehned by the name of their organiza- tion: The Service Club. IDFNI ll-ICATION-F fUpprr Right! Row l R. lUen.irir, I.. Andrew. D. Renaud. ,-X. Smith. Il. Kama-ll ti. Gordon: Row l: ll. Wintcrnitz, l., Auriemma, I. Kurds, li. Pimkrr. Row 3: V. Nlagagnos. II. Iirutig. D. l"urdy. ii Nanna. M. l'.ntorr. .I fav.iluz7i: Row 4. I5 Arlinaro, M. Terwilligrr. ti. Urwnigo, M. Niskvn M. Keppel. N. Mele. R. Murano, S. Vinokur. The world of business surrounds us on all sides: yet, it often proves bewildering to the inexperienced. Mrs. Stanitis's RETAILING CLUB endeavors to acquaint students with all the intricacies of the retailing system. and to show them the practical application of methods learned. The group discusses problems and solutions, and then visits stores and factories to watch the theories become actual practice. With practical expe- rience behind them these students will know how to cope with the problems of the business world. ll5lfN'l llilt'A'IilON M. fw.il1.ilunx li l'm1li M Pasture. Mrs. St XV. Neale, ll Ilenanr .I l'omolr.iIr. .l. XV.isirlko 74 - t IM-:runny anvlis. X Cvlgliu. M. lxeppcl. Nl. F-ixkvzt. IT HAPPENED THEN September 7--l.600 students return to Hilltop: F. Gordon Lindsey, teacher in Physics, joins teaching staff. September 24-Cheerleading Squad chosen! Cap- tained by Bob McDonnell and consisting of Leola Andrew. Marilyn Beacom, Ncllie Jane Gal- igher. Doris Innecken, Eleanor Meyer, Gloria Orsenigo. Dot Re- naud, Bob Guizzetti, Jimmy Mc- Intyre, George O'Brien, Gene Or- senigo. Don Shaw and Van Stith. October l-O. R. Reps. convene-elect Gloria Orsenigo. President: Robert Mc- Kean. Vice-President: Marjory Diemer. Secretary: Audrey Fajans, Lewin Vinton and Gene Orsenigo. O. R. Reps. to G. O. Council. October 2-Davis gridmen defeat Roosevelt High, 6-0, as Carl North, for- mer Roosevelt player. scores tally for Hilltop. October 9-DIoyle's men tie Gorton. October I6-Hilltop conquers a strong Yonkers Central team, 21-0. October 22-Davis Cross-Country squad de- October 23- feated by Gorton. Harvest Moon Festival in gym- Student-Faculty Barber Shop Quartet featured-John Jaye and band. Davis Eleven falters against Port Chester's squad. 7-0. Mr. Sundermann and Miss Nourse take over the Yearbook with Thomas Zekov. Gloria Burke and Marion Season as Editors. October 30-Pelham Pelicans defeat Davis Eleven, 6-0. November 3-Robert Jaeger elected President of January Senior graduating class: Anne Liccione, Vice-President: Robert Sherding. Secrktiary, and Ruth Hovey, Treasurer. November 6-Davis ties Edison gridmen in action-packed-thriller, 6-6. November 9-Forty-two boys take A-12 and V- l 2 examinations. November I2-Fourteen new members added to Hi-News Editorial Staff as a re- sulf of tryouts. November l3-Nellie Jane Galigher elected Foot- ball Queen at the Football Dance with Johnny Jaye's Band. Davis loses to New Rochelle Eleven. November 15-History Club formed under spon- November l 7 sorship of Mrs. Hiller-32 mem- bers-Stewart Marshall elected President. -Lee Fichtner and Thomas Zekov win first prize in Senior Ext'em- poraneous Speaking Contest. November November December December December December January January January January January January January February March March March March April April April May I8 30 3 10 ll 12 4 7.. 14 15- 20 24 25 -Fifteen June Seniors and Nineteen January Seniors elected to Na- tional Honor Society as forty-nine take Tau Epsilon Pi Honors. -Air Corps exhibit at Nichols High School for all 'boys-lecture as- tounds students with the many opportunities the Air Corps offers. -Big turnout at Daviskate! -Walter Brockway elected President of the G. O. for the Spring term: Marilyn Beacom, Vice-President: Joan Repath, Monroe Freedman, Sobert Kingston, Council Mem- ers. -Subchaser, christened by Elaine Wolf last May, is commissioned. -Scrap Paper Drive, run 'by the Marshals for the Victory Corps. gets under way with goal of 15 tons. -Davis Cagemen lose first contest to Yonkers, 33-22. Hilltop Quintet bows to superior Albert Leonard team. 40-34. -Barbara Neuner wins Hi-News Short St'ory contest. REGENTS WEEK BEGINS I l l -44 Fling held in Davis Gym with Sonny Martin and band. -192 students graduate at the Joseph Wood Auditorium-Lois Miller and Robert McKean, student speakers. -Spring term begins. 4-O. R. Reps. re-elect Gloria Or- senigo as their President: Lorraine Grant, Vice-President, and Joan Englebright, Secretary. Phyllis Esser, Rose Marie Greenwald. and Harold Herz elected' Representa- t'ves to the G. O. Council. 8-June Senior Class officers elected. including Edward Laraja, Presi- dent: Gloria Orsenigo, Vtice-Presi- dent: Lorraine Grant, Secretary: and Nancy Rhoades, Treasurer. I0-Out of fifty-six students taking 15- radio technician test, 41'Za passed. Davis getting the highest percent- age in Westchester. V-12 tests given to boys of 17 or over. l7-Davis wins Westchester County Inter-Scholastic meet with swim- ming team participating. 5-Easter recess is ushered in with the winter's fiercest snow storm. 17-Sound proofing of lunch rooms. 28-Leap Year Hop. semi-formal. 1... Annual goes to press ! ! ! l When the youth of today assume their place in the postwar world, they also assume the responsibility of remodeling it. This remodeling will place before them many problems that will put their competence to the acid test. There will be situa- tions that will need the expert treatment of an ambitious, far- sighted and reconstruction-educated youth. When we think of preparing youth for this monstrous task. we think of means of shaping their hands so that they, in turn, can better shape the world. The fate of civilization rests with these hands. The actions not only of statesmen and business- men, but of all the people, will lay the foundations of this ciivil- ization. If the hands are skilful, the foundations will be strong, and capable of withstanding a good many storms. If not, we'll face more wars and more depressions. Compared with matters so important as this, sports may appear insignificant and unrelated. However, they can serve not only as an engaging pastime for millions of Americans, both young and old, but also as a means of inculcating some valuable character traits in the youth of the nation. For when youth are meeting opponents and when they are learning the need for teamwork and the importance of the individual in sports activities, they are being faced with many of those ele- ments that will try them later on in life. Sports emphasize the kind of conduct that calls for cooperation, consideration of the other fellow, and self-reliance, qualities which later will stand youth in good stead. . We know that experience is a good teacher. and this, simply speaking, is precisely the role sports can play in reconstructing the postwar world. They can serve as a proving ground for a youth whose hands will shape the future of the world for the generations of tomorrow. 76 ATHLETICS FOOTING ON TO FAME Davis has seen many brilliant seasons in the past and will probably see many seasons more successful than that of 1943. However. future Davis teams will have to go a long way to equal the rugged defense that our FOOTBALL TEAM showed this year. This is obvious wheh a quick glance at' their record will show that no team defeated our charges by more than one touchdown. At Roosevelt, Russ Doyle's men showed real fight when they took the game out of the bag in the closing minutes, when a pass from Sergeant to North netted a score. Captain Walt Brockway's sterling defensive play was more than evident when the team battled Gorton to a scoreless tie. The Davismen rose brilliantly in a 21-0 triumph over Yonkers Central, with the attack led by the plung- ing of Don Trischett and the shifty running of Godfrey Bellavigna. The squad never hit their stride again and succumbed to the Port Chester and Pelham elevens. It was the educated toe of Dick Auricchio that saved more than one scoring threat. The intra-city championship remained a draw as a favored Edison team was tied by our gallant team. A blocked kick picked up by John Macri produced a 6-6 tie. To the disappointment of all, a 60-yard pass spelled defeat for a hard-fighting Davis team and a touchdown for New Rochelle in the last game of the year. Such names as Brockway. North, Sergeant. Purchler. Butler, Merlin, Trischett, Auricchio, Bellavigna, Macri, and Schuler will not be easily forgot'ten. IDENTIFICATION4 CUpper Leftj Row I: R. Sergeant, C. North. W. Schuler, R. Aurrichio, W. Brockway, D. Trischett, J. Macri. R, Butler, D. Purchler, L. Merlin: Row 2: G. Bowles, H. Ramsey. G. Sullivan, J. Doyle. L. Parker, W. Sporing. H. Kerstein, S. Sokololf, A. Avallone: Row 3: B, Billipp. C. Carbone, T. Fraioli, M. Valentine. L. Fazio, F. Brockway, D. 78 Winer. P. Schuetz. J. Hammondg Row 4: J. Courtney, R. Sands, R. Epstein. J, Heiser, lrl. Pierpont, F. Arcara, F. Mellis. B. Grogan. R. Mendelsohn: Row 5: Mr. Coffin, Mr. Doyle. F. Di aMrzo, W. Hollingsworth. R. Peters. C. Frank. P. Augustine. When the football team trots out onto the field to begin a game, it is usually met with a thunderous ovation from the stands. To see that this enthusiasm dosen't wane. as well as to chime in with their own little bil. is the chief function of the CHEERLEADERS. The cheerleaders lend their vocal support to the Davis cause throughout the whole game. They keep the crowd in active Cnoisyl participation and the team "red hot" from whistle to whistle. However, it is usually after the game has progressed a bit and the opening tempo has slackened that this vocal support contributes the most. When our warriors are worn and weary, it serves to remind them that the school is back of them. When the team is making a drive down the Held to the opponent's goal line, or digging in for a last-ditch de- fense of its own goal line. a little moral support from the grandstand often spurs the players on to a winning effort. The cheerleaders have a number of clever cheers to get this effect. Some of them are even accompanied by cavortings that bear a vague resemblance to a dance or a jig. They're all spirited. though. and with the cheer- leaders on the sidelines to whip up the Davis partisans. the team is assured of the proper background of yelling and cheering for a football afternoon. IDENTIFICATION- QI.ower Right, Row I: M. Beacom, G. Orsenigo, D. Innecken, L. Andrew, N. Galigher. E. Meyer, D. Renaud: Row 2: G. Orsenigo, R. Guiz- zerti. J. McIntyre, Captain. G, O'Brien. V. Sxirh. THE ADDED TOUCH The performance of the TWIRLERS before Davis football games has come to be almost as much a part of the Saturday afternoon scene as the game itself. The strutting of the 30-odd twirlers about the field, manip- ulating their batons in graceful fashion, presents a strik- ing picture. As a preliminary to the game the grace and finesse exhibited by the twirlers contrasts vividly with the oncoming tussle of titans. It adds variety to the program, for as Shakespeare once said: "Variety is the spice of a football ga - - " er - - well. he said something. Anyway. rain or shine, the twirlers are out there enter- taining the crowd and paving the way to the big event with their fancy prancin' and skillful swingin' of the baton. However, their activities are not confined strictly to the football field. A few members will occasionally assume the garb and gadgets of the trade and go through a few antics to liven up an assembly program or to add zing to a football rally. In this capacity, they lent their efforts on February 4 of this year to the 4th War Loan Drive. The occasion was a program put on by Davis students at Proctor's Theatre, which succeeded in raising over 536,000 in war bond subscriptions. The twirlers also participat'e in parades where they make up an important part of the Davis exhibition. This year, for example, they strutted their stuff in a parade which opened the Third War Loan Drive. IDENTIFICATION- CLower Leftj Row 'lz ll. Beinert. D. Knoepke. I-I. Sprague. J. Stickles. .I. Krivda, M. Phinney: Row Z: N. Scher. S. Merit. B. McGee. Ps. Iluist. C. Garniss: Row 3: S. Bates. A. Drew. G. Uomoleale, M. Ciuteltunst. G. Lang: Row 4: M. Pfeiffer. C. McClanahan. N. Farr. l. Andrews, M. Magowan, B. Syrkin: 'Row 5: J. Miller, M. Diemer. J, Hafner, J. Lichtenberg, A. Levine: Row 6: P. Thern, K. Hansen. S. Hendrix. Ii. Hoflstedt. D. Blaymore. F. Reynaud: In Front: J. Mar- shall, A. Fionda. L. Hansen, P. Emde. Very often the onlooker at a football game has diffi- culty following the imbroglio that ensues after a quarter- back calls for a line plunge, or during a punt runback. This is especially true when the action is going on at the opposite end of the Held. I-lowever. Davisites have learned to overcome this difficulty by glancing toward the north end of the field where big whit'e numbers on a red background keep them informed of the "vital statistics." As you may well imagine, these numbers don't jump into the appropriate slots by themselves. For in back of the scoreboard we have the SCORE- BOARD SQUAD. a group of boys whose job- it is to report quickly and accurately from their remote position the results of the play. The secret of their efficiency lies in keeping a man at the sidelines right on top of the play, who lets them know just what happened by a system of signals. This signal relay usually works fast enough so that' by the time the grandstander looks to the scoreboard for help, the number of yards gained or lost has already been posted. Part of the enjoyment of a football game lies in following each play closely. A yard or two often means the difference between a first down and giving up pos- session of the ball. With the aid of the scoreboard squad the onlookers are able to interpret these details for a more complete understanding and appreciation of the game. IDENTIFICATION- fUpper Rightl A. Byers. D. Ide, O. Paganuzzi, R. Latz, L. Goldberg. M. Goldberg. D. Polinger, R. Jaeger. R. Leon. B. Taylor. W. Margnlin. s x nn, 80 THOSE EXTRA The CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM. like most other sports at' the Hilltop this school year, had a rather disappointing season. In the season's infancy, the two most promising members of the squad, XValt Granata and Walt Sherwood. suffered injuries and saw no action thereafter. The former had led the Davis aggregation in both meets in which he participated. The squad put forth its best country run is a tough grind. hasn't got that old "college try", efforts. however. The cross no sport for anyone that ll7T3NTll5lC'A'l'lUN llwrst l'icttireN lx Pvrownu-fvrtlt. XY. ttranata. XX' ber. Mgr. ll. Kingston l. lliauofl Dontliec, Mr. Oswald. Row l: K. Yan Sclioonhoven. Sherwood, K Kirgtn, Row Z: R We S Marshall, li. Schwartz. R. Park, .l When the "Maroon and NVhite" went to press this year. Coach Oswald had not yet chosen the TRACK TEAM that would open the season. However. in the picture at the left are some of the aspirants, many of them holdovers from last year's team, Fifteen who had won letters last year were returning. The team was planning to open the season on May l. in a home game against XVhite Plains. and then to meet New Rochelle. Gorton. and Mamaroneck before ending up with the county meet on June T. ll7l7N'l'll3lKiA'l'l0N 18.-cnnrl Pirtttrrl bl' l7r,ttoli. R. fltttrlxe. l. llouztrtl l'. XVt'ttleit. ll Ntltutrtl XX' Sltettrootl, K. Van htlmavtltovett. ll Scliiwltfell. Mr Usuutltl The GYM TEAM offers its members a better opportunity to build up their muscles and learn how to coordinate them than any other sport or extra-curricular activity in Davis. Constant practice on the mat. on the horse. and particu larly on the parallel bars. has earned the team the distinction of having its members rate higher than those of any other sport as a group in the individual strength tests. Every so often the team puts on an exhibition and gives the audience an opportunity to marvel at' their stunts and at the skill and mttscular control shown in them. This year, the team has put on exhibitions for the students of Graham, Vklilson. Nichols and Xklashington .lunior lligh Schools. . llll' NTll:lf"ATlON fThinl Pit-tttrrl Mr, foffm. A. fiapnnr, li Oswald. li. Srheiti. lf. Kite. ll ltnet. A l'etrick, ll, 'l ynan. li l'mcs, R. Xkankrlstein. N Nappa. l, llosst-tt The Davis SXVlMMlNG TEAM climaxed a season during which they had lost but two league tilts by clinching the county meet and championship at New Rochelle. No less than four firsts were won: "Hank" Kolpin in the 50-yard "free", Bob Goldthorpe in the IOO-yard "breast", George Scanlon in the 220-yard "free". and Milt Aitken in the dive -these added up to spell a spectacular victory for the Maroon squad. The whole team deserves credit for this unique performance which brought Davis its only cham pionship team to date. TDENTII-li ATIUN fl7ourth Picturel Row l: Kneeling XV. lttlell. T, Kloberg, R, Cawley. J. Mtirphv. Row Z: Ei, Ames. M l'mwlev. .l. O'lJonnell XV. Madison. D. lreetl. tl Kolpin: Row lg li. Scanlon. IU. Aitkin, Pi iioldthorpe. l. Mt-tller, Nlr. foffin ADDED MUSCILES Although the teams were weather-bound for a number of weeks. the FIELD HOCKEY season finally got underway. After organization of teams. there was a weeks practice for the inter- class competition. Then forwards. half-backs, full-backs and goaltes. put the hockey sticks to good use. The forwards learned to dribble, the hall-backs to drive. and the goalies to stop the hall. Sophs, Juniors. and Seniors rallied their best efforts for each goal. The keenest game of the sesaon was fought between the Seniors and the Juniors. This game decided the hnal out- come. The Seniors. whose captain was Clem Tesoro. triumphed over the Juniors. Naiomi lia , '. .4 . I3 its respective letters. rr tiptiirt .ach team was awarded Il7l'N'l'Il5Ii'.-YIKIUN lliirst Iltcturel ll. Ifreitag. I. Autlrews, ti. Orxeriigo. J. Allen. C. 'I't'soro. lf. Ileniamin. N. Iitciotie. I5 Jost, N. Moersh. J. Cierchiara. The opening of the fall and spring seasons of each year marks the semi-annual formation of the GIRLS' TENNIS CLUB. Under the able leadership of Miss Taylor. interest in this nationwide sport has hetn greatly furthered throughout the school. and the girls have had the opportunity to participate in the numerous tournaments held at Baker liield. The close ol' October. I9-ll. under the management of Barbara Jost and Jean Abel. After a number ot' breath-taking matches had been played. Ottilie De Simone was tinally proclaimed champion. with Dolores Lock- wood and Liloria Orsenigo holding second and third places respectively. SSW HIIOIIICI' successful SCJSOII IDIfNTIl3ICATI0N--tSecond Picturel lst Row J. I.ichtt-nherg. If. Iieniamin, D. Lockwood. O. De Simone. ti. Ursenigo, IJ Knot-pke. Intl Row: C. Sander. M. Lichtenberg. If. tlauwu. lx. lioltllwrg. ll. Jost. J. Abel. S. Vinokur: 3rd Row: M. Fee. J. Mtlienna, if Smith. KI. Ixler. II. Xknnternitl. Among other things that the war has aliected is the GIRLS' A'l'Hl.li'I'lC COMJVIITTEE. In the past this group of girls would attend tonferences and plan "play-days" with other schools in the County. This has all been canceled for the dura- tion. The committee now determines who will receive letters for girls' sports. They request and recommend to the G. O. Coun- cil that the letters be given, and present them if their plea is accepted by the G. O. The Girls' Athletic Committee is a group of girls. picked by Miss XVight, who are outstanding girls' gym work: therefore. they are capable of administering all affairs connected with after-school athletics. They meet "on call" in Miss Wiglit's ofiice. I.ately the calling hasn't been often. but alter the war the athletic committee will be able function to capacity. in S0 to Il3lfN'l llflt A'I'IONffLThird Picture? N. l.iceiuie. K. Payne. Ikltss XX'ight, M. Sands. J. Abel. IiveryvTuesday afternoon the GIRLS' SWIMMING TEAM monopoltzes the Y.M.C.A. pool. As soon as attendance is taken the girls refresh themselves by a thirty-lap swim. Now, raring to go. the girls practice individual skills, as the back- stroke. the breaststroke, and others. For competition practice the girls divide into teams and hold distance and relay races. The girls finish the period by swimming another ten laps. Joyce Muenzen. captain of the team. proudly announced that almost the whole team has passed the advanced swimmin test. S Ihe team not only can swim. but it can dive as well The racing dive is now second nature to the mermaids, and many can do more complicated ones. So it goes. every Tuesday. the girls practice because "practice makes perfect": they want to win on that fatal day in June when Davis High meets Vdhite Plains. Il5lZNTIlfItfATION -tliourth Ilicturel Row l: t'aptain J, Muenzen, ll. Klein. F. Kenlon, H. McGowan. E. Ileniiinin J lVIcl'ierinl I Smith Vi l ' ' l . , . ., . . : uw -: Miss I.ee. Sponsor: S. I. Merritt. J. Seith, if Ilel ' " i ' " ' ' . wntr. N. Il.ll, TX. Nltlt. A. llotfman, li. Orsenigo. A. Pisanr. A, Spreugs. iii AROUND THE CLOCK l. A honey of a pass. 2. Marshal's Nightmare! 3. Hold that line! 4. Off guard! 5. An ounce of prevention . . . . 6. Oh, say can you see . . . 7. NVe're rootin' for you. 8. The Mad Rush. 9. Authority on the 3B's. 82 CUR CHERIISHED MEMORIES 1. Between sessions . . 2. Solid Sender .... 3. It'll happen some day I I 4. Ain't she cute? 5. Noise I I I I 6. Woxv I 7. Come on. Davis, let' 8. Hit 'em hard! 9. Murder the ref! 83 s go! Like the track season, the BASEBALL season at the Hilltop had not been launched when the 'AMaroon and White" went to press. However. Davisites, accustomed to top-notch teams for the last five years, were looking forward to another championship. For when the Davis nine hears the cry of "play ball" and go to bat in the first inning of the seasons opener at Yonkers, it will try to bring the VV. I. A. A. Championship home to Davis for the sixth year in succession. The record of the coming season could not very well be predicted though. This years team was entirely made up of new faces. not a member of last year's varsity having returned to bolster it. I 944 BASEBAI .L SCHEDULE April Roosevelt at Davis May Davis at Yonkers May Davis at Gorton Lhy Davis at White Plains May Yonkers at Davis May Davis at Leonarfl Mav White Plains at Davis May Mamaroneck at Davis June Davis at Mamaroneck June Davis at Edison IDENTIFICATION-v CLeftj Row I: M. Valentine, R. Mehlhorn. C. Sposalo. J Hammond. B. Bollerman, A. Martinelli: Row'2: Mr. Coflin. C. North. l.. Fazio. H. Gross, R. Hill, R. Sands. R. Moskowitz. KEEP YOUR EYE Those who are at all interested in Davis athletics will probably never forget this year's varsity BASKETBALL TEAM. Its record will certainly not stand out as one of the best in Davis' history. However. there is no particular shame attached to it, for not one of last year's fine squad had returned to support it. We can see that when Herb Ramsey, Chuck Sposato. Jim Mclntyre. Ed Lara-ia and Jake Sullivan took to the floor in the early part of the season, they not only lacked height and weight. but also were hungry for experience. The boys weren't hopeless, though. as they can boast a hard-fought victorv over a favored Edison five. The intra-city contest was fought right down to the wire, but the little Davis ftve was not to be denied in protecting the prestige of the Hilltop. The Maroon emerged victorious by the score of 36-35. In the White Plains game, the boys again rose to traditional heights, throwing a scare into the county champs by hard-pressing them throughout the whole game. A last minute heave was the only break that saved White Plains from defeat, the game ending 42-40 in favor of the Plainsmen. Outstanding in the Davis scoring column was Chuck Sposato, who with his continual sharp-shooting managed to keep nets all over the county busy. Herb Ramsey's hook shots paced the team to many a victory. as did Jim McIntyre's sets. Ed Laraja was there to set the boys up, and wasnt shy in the scoring column either. Other out- standing courtmen were Joe Hammond, Joe Vincento. Albert DeSantola, Isaia Carucci, and fighting Jake Sul- livan. whose induction into the U. S. Army in midseason was a hard blow to the team. lDlfN'liIl5ICATlON -fllightj Kneeling: I. Cfarrncci. C. Sposato. H. Ramsey: Standing. J Vincento. J. Hammond. E. Laraia. J. Mclnlyre. A. De Santnlg Mr. Oswald. THE BALL "Hit it! Hit it!" resounds from the girls' gym. Once again two teams are battling tooth and nail in the inter- class VOLLEY BALL contest. After a week's practice of serves and vollies the class teams launch a campaign against each other. Each team plays every other team. This year there was one casualty-Gloria Orsen-igo broke a finger, although many other girls had stiff muscles. After a successful campaign, the Senior 2 team. under Lisheth Hansen. won the Maroon volley letters. The other teams claim the Senior 2's had more practice, but the Senior Z's say they are superior volleyball players. After the result of the contest they seem to be right. close, the closest score being 22fl7, and the other extreme. '55-0. Basketball is a game which requires the skill of "shoot- ing a basket". ln this game it is generally assumed that the team with the most practice will win. That' is why the Junior-tirst team, under the leadership of Lorraine Cornely. caused such a sensation, and why the Senior-first team is blushing. In the championship games the Junior- Hrst team took top honors and the Junior-second team second place. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE e Date Oppon nts Winner lieb. Junior vs. Soph. Junior I There was an upset in the GIRLS' BASKETBALL "FU wie' VS- Junior JUHEO' I I I I I I I l'eb. Senior vs. Junior Junior 1 championship games this year. The Seniors even with a Mar. Senior vs. Junior Senior l whole extra year of practice. did not win. The swift Juniors seemed to be able to outrun them, outshoot them, mar Senior vi. .gunilor Junior 1 , a. I ' . . 5 ' 1 and outplay them. The games started in the latter part MJ Jigs 3331, 1 of February. and at once the Juniors showed superiority. Mn' Senlo' Vs- Junlo' 5"'lP' I r I I Mar. Senior vs. Junior Junior 1 Ihe scores of all the games were not even comparatively Mai Senior vs. Soph. Senior I lDlfN'liIl?Il'ATl0N -f-Cleftl lDllNTlFlCATl0N---fRightJ N Mcfanillew. M t'iiughlin. C Tesoro. l, llansen, l.. Knrds. Row l: C. Sander, I.. Cornely, M. Grifller: Row 2: F. Peyset. li, Iii-nlaiuin, M. Pinto. S Cohrnz Row 'Sz N. liarr. l... Loehnbrrg. N. Summers, J. Lapina. PRO VICTORIA Dear God, We pray with faith in Thee To speed the day of victory, That once again our boys may toil At home upon their native soil: That all may live in peace once more Apart from fear and dread of war. With humble heart, on bended knee We ask that all men may be free: That lives be spared to mould and build The fine things which our foes have killed: That all throughout the world shall know Thy love shall stay while hate must go. MIRIAM BERNSTEIN 86 wp L fill J: 1 flllDFlE!l'i J, g IBIULE ' EBF' ,a BHIII . V ,f wwf f H4 INEIFHFFTI' gum 'TSI 3 4 o ff v Y I vreeztvings CLASSQ 1944 We are very proud of having been the official photographers for the class of '44 and we wish you happiness and s u c c e s s in your chosen careers. OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHS EOR THE DAVIS HIGH SCHOOL JEAN SARDOU PHOTOGRAPH STUDIO GENUNG'S DEPARTMENT STORE FREYBOURC- PRINTING COMPANY 3137 SOUTH THIRD AVENUE MOUNT NON N Y INCORPORATED :mfr-' -v in vvfyslwki-fx L. .15 -r 'N ,W v .1 my-1 J , . K ,I-Y. - ' nv , W 4 , ., UI-X-. ,h '. . , wr , ,. -I ' , ? .5 - .31 ' ' . .1 -, A . f 1 . 1 ,Ya I , -A 4, , ,, , H "iff , 'Try l . , . . L .. 'V -N.-1, .4 fa' f A . ..1f'..fW1 ' N L . ' 45. 1 .1 .2-, . 'Y Els, 11 . ' ,,1 ' Q-' .an W- 4 'Y V 4 1 4.1 . , , X I,:.-3 V Ma 1 I , . . . .Q . ' - ' ' - N1. . xv. - I S w H, 1 .., ' ' .f I . ". ,x Q- 1 w V . x O --,E-gx .,., . . -..?"i' ' ' - 'KVA I -A 4 . A 4 ...L ' FV w W 1 v J'gsf,1- I A 5. -- X ' 4 ' I- '- ' V" ' .15i+.-'fi if , -Q YW .- wx' ' Q..'1.',g : W 'I f A -. " 13' ii yi., ' A . . 2,+Jug?gfga.?'1fwg.. . 11, vm , ' .1 fq, xi1,.,..q:,gg - ,-X F x wr ' ' ,4 - , -A -5 , '. 1 "7f11,f- egbfff rf .J . f-.P ' I-fff . ' ' . ui- 'i " gg- . -- - , , .,.,f,5.f...., ,5,f . --'-"uf FL :T .2 H" ,V 'auf'Zf3li'l1.:,,,Q?f1 J ' . K 4 ' - - wr 5' , L,l'5,g1 "',: ' v we---r.: '." 4 'Lx , , 5 Wfi"wgf.r.,-lk,f.9,1'1, i J ' A 31 ' -, ,gms-15 ,E ff .. . ,x , wg: . , .-.- 1.--.3 - V A .i I ,, fi1fffg. ' , -., '12 .li : I , . 'ffisilf fg fm' ' 3 "fl Q9 :P ' V' u'.':.i',-V., I ' Yi: . 1- 1-' ' f-.ta f .1 A My-1 'Mn.3'f. ,. ' J " ' uni' ' ' .A-. b V1 -.vi w. ,rin f ' ' Til rf. Mg ' gnu., 1 - - - vw .Vg-'41-Jr.941y.---A5 'P ' , . . .f--ml-'45--' -- FW... ,. ff '- , 1 ' 5 1 it ML- 1 , . 2,144 .wg-T A. EAW., gy I- ' W iq Ai .- N, . '.1y,5 F as. .,5g.5,.A4 1? nt' .Q1acg9"75i' , gg. .N ' V V. , ff "5 .gg Q 4.54 .5 .53 1' f ru.-as mf ,w .+e1..' ' J Em . -- ' 1. Wh ,119 ,A ' ,Q .12 x i- .31 ' 'EWV' fad C-355 5:-' 'E " ' 5 ' "'.f5Fif xjfvi 1 YW' ' ' g'-1' T "' W... V . as 'Es T32 "3f13v' '1's'. 5gi1.. H 1 ' um' 1 4-A ,1- A , . - -' - A -f'. 'W 'Q H' -1,-71, ."., N , -.1 " ,- gb:-A 21,--ff' ,-2.23 . . ij I' .,-4. .4 4 ,. - ,v - 'lr .fv if-w.'.' ,.: M -H' ' - 4-rn.. Q . l, . L V A , . . My . .1 0, y ki- 1. V , :' . . 'Cigna I E . . x . 'il' ' xg, Q N? gf Nic 0 'B f ' Ww"'6o Wg? vs H1-:'EM,I.d?2""P"B13f11Q W NN I U' 4,95 . U uh ultlwgs . Tune. q'yqx-N wink Bw' 'Mm efifmfiflq 425e,z .fi 'Tfl "iff ff 5 'fb ,,,X K 'V 4 All-6 ',q,9J2'B an - flq by Hu . , Alyfgo ,1,., Q 5 E' ' ' 'BM V'. 3 'ytfi F A w"'J'-'4 -in ,aw 6255... H Q 'S l ,Vv-f-9-A amy, . S. 2 Xoygx ,. Nt' Q? 'I ' - xi? Cf? N A Q ,' 4, 0' '32 of wr Jas., 749 vb x x 4 L , A ,mimw 4 I i L Quni1'bx Q W .sv 1 -gn '3' -1: 4 .A tn .1 ., - ' in A u ' .1-..-. . Uk' - .1 r... b. I 1, I I.. , .- 4 L '51, . u V1 ' J. , . . , -j ,,-,v.,1 , . ,L MAL 3, .WL .. ,.. in-r ' 'x - . '..L ' b 2 lnwlr , . 1' V'-. ' f - .E-19 .,. Y . . 'Up' .. 4, .M , 21. ,. Karl. 'rf-J '3- ifnffi Q ' -f.,.w- 74:39 1 1 .1aA 4. . V'l . fl :ff Y ' if flgxf M ' " v2 .ffl M.. 1 sw, ,. '5 Q,-5-,.+,g ,1, V-..,Qf 'QL .U T"f!F.i-1 " -4 ' .41 gg-A 4 D' "' frfv J L4 'rv ...z . yy.. . .5 .Jil ' -Ji '."" , N "Li " W: -qs: ,. ffm . , - -e . T.-.-.g. ' -vii: ,. 49.2. rw?" , "fx " M' . .. fs .,.','.'. ' ' ",.fQf,. , 1 I -ws. ' 'Q , 1 1, 1. 25-Qfifyd ,y , !L:g5,3g'L' , , ,nw -,Pg . ,, 9 1.356 . 1. . x 4 .1.ff'f"'3 . .f , , " -.4-hr -v - .. F, b.-1 . - . fa MDR f ' ff'- - 1 wi. '. wi . . " V " J.. .mm3HJmknJwi,,. .w aB1aLL'..X W .. ,Pliers A F V 1 .4 4 , .vi . g --we Y , . UL. 1 V- 1. 'wii'F' ' N Q 6:35 ffo "ggi 'Q ' 'tix VJ! Q3 1459- 3, .-3. , . 1 P 1 w N 1 . A ,-M M. V+ In" I , .ffl .r., . W .mail M 1' ' U51 .. I IL NV' fa"'f ' iff I. ,1 I N w . , n .,,f,7 , wr- ' ' ! .n 1., N- it Y y. W. L Ig 1 i ,...--

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