A B Davis High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Mount Vernon, NY)

 - Class of 1939

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A B Davis High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Mount Vernon, NY) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Cover

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V . I . N iQ . - . Us ..x, ' g.54I .I.I?,,-.. X ' ' I ,lt X n f if f . 5 'II x 1 'Q I 5, QL.: MI I sg , .' , . , -. W, 1 na 1 .Q fm' . ,f , H5 -- ,- r ., 3,-5 . Wk ,gf '. . : .- ,' 3 fi, yu? .- -......- - ,v . vf --1 - .4.. . Q .Jia ,f , A .-., I '. ii--' :i'?h1'l Q N W ' ' 'Z ' -L '-. :. 4' 'f ' :'. fin'-'1 - niiw-::1' ' fl J F ti .4 1 I.- all .. . - - WI xo' ,JI . f Ps: rg I . EJ-El '- '-1 , 0. . ,- -- ' a.' fy' :-:. . , . .,.-'I Haj .': x 5 . ,.c 25,459-..g-I - H mn, --1 gg-.5 . ' . -4-, :A -.r- - A 1-1'-- 'if ' X. 1-4 J -ffl. .t.' X 11-a'r'52T?2 31.3,-44 - . 07, - ,I ... I . ., :TI Q. Il,I1,4,S I I 4 I.,I,I.f,,I.. :, X ffff x' 2 ' 713975 'w.?'.'3'. 1 wh 4. 4 1f 'f.'-'Z ' . ' ' Xb.- A 4 ' Z-'F' fl- f.f '1' .'W -2 u-'1- Y. '- . .. . .eg..s-frwzzgg f f. , . e-, II Ir,-:I 'HI , ,JM ,V :I- ...ty 4 ' my 1 '.: fist . YT.. .! 7 lf'-1:-L',',. u- '5'P'?4 -.0 fy -1f'3e '--1 I -. -- -I- , Iv, f.- v'-' ' - -, 1.. - - xg' 4 '.--f - .t fur.. ., .111 f N QR sl lf-.. I , . . , I. , , - '-.,P.II l :Huis I. - I A Y . --N - II -by-I I. ,. 11,1 jg J-I. .5 . 4 I' if- 5, ' ' - I . . I . -,, ' f ' U, g . 1..YQvI f'.'g'. ,,..-f5Q!:J-Qf.5,,Jgf: - A .. '- '..-'qv-'P - -'J :.-:-.'--5,:'.fgf- I-fx . ' ' , ' . 'z :-'1,.:rf- I .-.':.35.SL-- ' . gpg -- - .ligh- ' 1 ' 1.'E.1X'.n:frfN ' - 2 'f '. , 1, - .. --.-,eff '- -.. - -..-'-s 2 - ' ,-,. :--.- -' J ' 5 ' u '15 lil-,I ' ' J.. .. . . . - 1- -1 . :I I,,.1- gi- '-I I ' A--...Q IZ IWI. I 1 ::1.5I.,!.aF- '1.354gEf?'5!N.QfIII:I'IIIj.I ., .F, A f. I ,I.:fj.fERi1ff4:ga.'it,I ' . ii-.Il-' ' IIgII Ff5'v:iQ.Iv,I:I . - ' , - '-'- ' ' - A V45 .' . E I' . - I I-'..',x:1 IQ 15.5 K Q ,. ' I? ra j?73f'7.Q3'1f!'i5q. ' 'Ft ' Q ' 'i L--1 ,-. ' , -- . 4,1 .. 5 - ' .-1' I-svlgvg -ilrt .5 SAI: 'I' Ii' I Ig, g-I, .k 5.1. ' . Ia. - I. , .- I, - I A . - - I . y if . - , . Hi ,. Q if 1' '- -El . , , Q V ,QM . 55 . I..-5 ' 1-' . Ql 'lS' 1P,vXfifQY 1 -x .- ,- L- ' 3 .f ',' - V'- - A .. ...I -.glgrff A A f A -ff Q Qu. . A V 7 I V 'E' r ' 'W f wr-4 ' 2 f 4 Lv. i - '-'-' 2 -' E 1 4. 1 'T.? 'P , .- ' 1 . Q - , A- 1 3 QQ! , ,, F.. I . II II, I 6 , 1' I I ,fIIiII ffl?-si.. 'f f . -f ' H' -2 - -. ., . ' - 'J' ' f Y Q-2:1:f.-:aug.iif-W'M---f2.+.:a.,4.s.:: :fN1.m..f:.f.ffif-fffCf1 f'.'1-2-:.::. , . I ' .h-' ' Q .- . --,Id .f'f ' ' ,gif A 5- - 1 , 'f'..- f . .' -r. - '- :. . - :uf 'xii A -f ' .- . -Jia. If - - , .-.II , 'fvfsgi 'gn , '.,4 f ,,. ' ' ' .g'.I', v ,- ..4 -'-, Q. '. - gI3: .f lbfffg 5 f. '. - Ig, rj' '- r '+:.'L:'rr':' '-au! b vw. . '-f - ' -1- use-, w. :,J-sem-fx.. , , .,- .an-251:fv'?:'ge '-.vfz-'LE ::f-,?Zf'r- . - 'fs ., fl-7L,7f'x'-f 6522. fr' -'4-2-12:14-f-113:22-L.ffisgnscifs-griaiff:5if551fE?:.'S5-35?-:E,, N - -V ' .' 5.1-4 221, 4.- . ff 'SLL-zfisjyffh .EQIK -9,356 , if J' I N W fi rt rz rx sz rx f?g42gggfq:Iq.5I ,zu :ga . ' - If :Ex I5gi.15SI5.I-III, II. I SKI: -,I Lx '-':- H.-g p., N , ,-..-':.'Q,-3'I'.'f4 'TI' '. .- ' I - 5 -vii. 4,15-...QI -fa-:ac:,:.-.rg-Ig' ..,,,.I.I.I..,,MII K I :uIII,I.94.i1--:I-,-. :,L Q-L? I . '-. I ' gg I, QL -JLULQ 4-:' xui I '- ILA: -'--1.1: 'Zg.I'.3.If.-I.'47?15EfII-,f:,f.f.,.SZ.Ifljff ' -I ,gi til: ,txt -5:1 an--....-., -. ' ' - '- ' :.g - - - ' xg , '-.-.3-?f5'v'.fP.-'R .1': '. -'53 1 '---' -as-..L,, I I I I -'--- f 4 ....,, ' - . .-,.,- I -- .-.,.r.-.-.: -:,:I,IIIIIII II II I -it II I I W :C . I I :If ...,,. . -.,....-,. I I .. , .I.IIII ' ':fIff2f:',:If:-: .,., I '.kI..I . . IQIL33, x I x I, In I 'xr 'Q .I In ' 'wg Ifjll'-..I Idrf' -,Qi-:I..1'x' 'I-II'I. I III! . I .- I N .N IIA ,Ist-:sn w.x.-u-' -yy, :..I I ' ' ziiiaef ' 'vt 7 -3 .73 Fw ' ' . 531, --... ?- .. -V-11' ' ' ' - ' Ji , , ,. - -fi? 1, ' L' A11 - ., 'NAA 3 ' f. -' . K .?'.'f.c' ' 'Q' - va-.1 .. 23 54I.I,gg,J, Ia qi II, I . - I . I I.iI:.- I '--f. I I 6 '-F IT: 3- 7 ?:'i?:f?. 7fig?'.'f3?'Pf:ff-ff -1.-, ,-.H fs? ' I ' - ' :Ii I I .,-'-9.31. L: ' -I' II .If 'II' QI I: .f-. f'Ef FS:.:-fav-fl, 2' I:--I , 3 , - -, -2 .- .' - '- - ' A 1 - YH--'17-.h . ' ' -5 -. ' I I, ' ' -- -.v .. ,.. Q: K , 34 I- - - . ' -- ' , .-' -' . ' : ' ','--Ju-1..,.I.-,.:,I , I W '--2 .'.' - . 4. ' ' ' -' -- . -5 f: 'f0,1-Q 2 S' 1 W ' .' .. '.-- -' ' 1.1 1 i,,J,Q - ' Y '. -' ' A . ':,g?.-:5,I' P7-59:25 .fin :--.-.- I ' 1- -5. -- .- . 8-.7 - J f'f5'a'f- .Eff . 1 I' -- .,.1..' 41,64 gl-: :I I :A 2.1: .I5I' I -1, .?Q rf-5,.,., fu..... ..-'KVQ - ' -.4.- - .. ' -I-'-'-1-'c:.. --.'-.L' , I I? X .I 1: I , ..I ig.. 5-gg FI' -,II I II . II II , . it I1I.I.f'iIg5,,II,J,r..,I - --'- ' ' . . 1 .-, ' .- - - . ' --: ': .. - - f- 'J' 1 .:',-.. -'-:.,?-.- s '----, ' '-N., ' - . -1: -,'d3'g- '12 X. 1 .... f. 1.4 .- '- 1- -gg-, , ---.,I -' 4- -., '---92 --Kp 1 -. -.2 gg .Q f 4 -wr... em cnc' -- '- .. . ...H ff 1. .4 .937---7'. ' . 9' R 'iSef,,is ' ' ff 1 . -vs -f.-V,-',I v ..',f.,. 4 .'- '-, '--., , .,,,, --'M . '.-' -I.' I,- , . t T. 1'-.1-,-, 3 ,gif gC'Qdgs'f?-ff. . -.. , ---..,I -..-,,-.- - . ,' . - , .. -,, -., I - - ' '- 1 - l . . . - - . . .Q :ff....g,f ....u...., W . M A ' '5' -- T - -b - ' :wer -1 i'4'1-'.5'W' -'QE' 1 -'-nf. . ' -.-4 QQQ- 1L,a., .X - sq, 'vw-.I in- ' .. -.wgfefgrk ,.- - --.f.-p - . -- n 5 . j , . . g3,jf,g?!I,, .. - ', -.ga fgj: . N g- , -31:3 f..f fi ' -!f ite, ' lx -1 r my , -gym. 'fp Q, '. - 'ra-,I rf., Q ' ' -I-, ' Y 1, 5 1 ' .- Q. -,Q AIU., 'S-1- v 74 . ' '- -1'---'Mui' f-is -gag ! ' ' ' '- ' i2 h3lQfv 1A 3 J' ' -7.1 gg.'.4' .. 'Ir -'f 1- I I. f- . -L4 , E' 5,14 ' - .- ,'1 :.ggI:I:fJ.,g,'2 -' ' .Sf-.II 2 . JI. Ii.,-,5Q0,Zg--'-'?,,'.g,a'1q.Q.p,rrv' ,f:'g -,: ',-.find 1. ' ' QQ,--Q... 6' '- l .y ' ' - 1,7 .' 'iff-:-'F.ITL-I'-'.:?::'13-fhsfti 5:2 ff.--. Q M, '73 'hy ' :Q Jia' KP 1 i :'l Q' ' 1' '-- ' 'aio i . .'f -'ff' ' - .4 -'L' 5 - -. 1.57 115:52 '51---.., 1 ' - S --. .' ' -S' :- .'.:.v,,.r,I..-gi?i,:. 5:-'-, ,.'-A-f51...., , , ,Lg L gg , ua g5Ir,.-.gvym I 3- ,i1,.III5 --2 Ig.'.-5 .- I , 't1Q.oIjff,I, f'vY-I' .IQ 'A' B .I ?Igfg?II.I?f'E:i,5..If,y,I I rv lip a La J -I. --I .1 . .. -4 .I-:I ENUII:-..Q::,43:-: ax r ,I-- ,I H ----:vrwmrff--M. ILLU 59 Gt' I ' --.: '--'-vw... 'EI..:-tflzfga-.-.al-'I3,g1,:r. gr .g',g,..5IIIII I 91 qu? - 1 r' ' ' ' -'EHFTEW '-,.':Z'.'-L 'EJQDS 1 ' - .... ,- -- - . . -. . . ' . ph ' L -' ' '''SWS5f?3 .J5'g'.':i':'-ftkg.-jffL'14E:gf . ,I I .,f -' -- ww-5--1f'f iassfftw . -'P--.. 1-J f'-...f5:g. g,:c.L:- .,Pg.g1:.'--1-K.5m4.. . ' ' ' --'v 4-3-.1-:T.,,Ei, P-L'5i2X',r--,:,,.x I ,I 4 .J STAFF Edifor-in-Chief ....,. GIULIO D'ANGlO Associa're Edifor . . . , . MURIEL BROUT Ari Edifor . . . . . BRAMWELL LIEBER Li+erary Edifors . XIQEJEQXEETIZE-lCC:il':gMACK Cover design by Bramwell Lieber I ax: .I x, If H 1 PUBLISHED BY THE CLASS NINETEEN THIRTY-NINE A. B. DAVIS HIGH f SCHOOL 3 HF IW QIIQI HW II B H H Dr. W. H. Holmes DE DICATION To our sincere friend and kindly adviser, DocTor William l-l. l-lolmes, we dedicaTe The i939 Maroon and WhiTe. DocTor Holmes is indeed one oT Those who exempliTy Progress. l-le is recognized as one oT The Toremoslr educaTors of The counTry. We know him as a person who is a real Triend, as one who has made The paTh To knowledge easier and more enjoyable Tor us. DocTor l-lolmes has seT a sTerling example Tor us To Tollow. Through The years, he has given unselTishly of his Time, his energy and his ideas. l-le has shown us Tolerance, kindness, courTesy, Triendliness, willingness To share, and all The oTher qualiTies which, when combined wiTh The desire To go Torwarcl, makes a person an invaluable asseT To The cornmuniTy in which he lives and works. ln The years To come, may we oT The class oT I939 reach The goal DocTor Holmes has seT Tor us and be as valuable To oThers as he has been. The Associaie EdiTor O 4 0 O50 FOREWORD Oh, say, does that star-.Spangled banner yet wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? lvlay we always be able To answer The challenge proudly, wiTh heads held high! To presenT To Davis This appeal oT Francis SCOTT Key has been one of The Three aims we OT The sTaTT have had in compiling The '39 Maroon and WhiTe. The World oT Tomorrow has been unveiled: a maTerial represenTaTion of The heighTs To which man aspires. STirred by This glimpse inTo The TuTure, The arT sTaTT has illusTraTed man's conTinual sTruggle Tor ameliorizaTion and higher civilizaTion3 and how Tar advanced he is on The road To The World oT Tomorrow. l-lowever, we have had a more immediaTe purpose. BeTween These covers, we have aTTempTed To capTure our lcaleidoscopic years in Davis. May The mere Turning of These pages enable us To relive our scholasTic life-and keep The memory oT Davis ever Tresh. The EdiTor A. B. Davis High School . W fr as 'P f z .lx V Dr. Hugh H. Stewart TO THE CLASS OF 1939 As l ponder over The kind oT greeTing which would be appropriaTe aT This Time, The words OT Josiah Royce come To mind, You, aT This momenT, have The honor To belong To a generaTion whose lips are Touched by Tire. The human race now passes Through one oT iTs greaT crises. New ideas, new issues - a new call Tor men To carry on The worlc oT righTeous- ness, oT courage, oT paTience, and oT loyalTy - all These Things have come ancl are daily com- ing To you. The greaT ideal oT democracy is being challenged. Each one has a deTiniTe obligaTion To realize This ideal. Democracy requires ThaT iTs ciTizens undersTand iTs problems and acT paTrioTically and cooperaTively To solve Them. The vision oT a beTTer liTe and greaTer secur- iTy may sTiII be realized clespiTe The diTTiculTies and discouragemenTs which beseT our naTion Today. New issues arise buT so do new and encouraging possibiliTies. We appreciaTe The cooperaTion which The members oT The class oT l939 have given To The various deparTmenTs and acTiviTies oT The school. Your parTicipaTion has been in a measure an exempliTicaTion oT The democraTic way oT living. We TrusT you will conTinue This spiriT oT helpTulness as you go inTo wider Tields OT ac- TiviTy. Your communiTy and your counTry need you. K Q' T MJ O60 070 FOUNDER OF OUR SCHOOL A. B. Davis i858 I938 For over sixTy years This man served as a Triend and adviser oT youTh so successTully ThaT Thousands of men and women in every parT oT The world honor his memory and are The sTronger because of his life, his Teaching, and his example. l-le consTanTly emphasized The simple, and eTernal, values of liTe - spiriTual inTegriTy, honesTy oT purpose and of deed, Thorouqhness, qenerosiTy, neighborliness, good ciTizenship. No inTolerance oT race or creed marred his words or his deeds. l-le was a greaT Teacher and a greaT American. One who never Turned his baclc buT marched breasT Torward, Never doubTed clouds would break, Never dreamed, Though righT were worsTed, wrong would Triumph, Held we Tall To rise, are baTTled To TighT beTTer, Sleep To wake. A. B. Davis Citadels of Life The CiTadels oT LiTe are Tounded on The Rock oT TruTh. Their Walls are l3uilT of JusTiceg And over all are raised The RooTs ol Human Love. ln Harmony The Builders TiT each parT To parT, CreaTing BeauTy oT The Spirit ETernal and Divine. The Builders oT These CiTadels Tind LasTing Joy in Helping Those who Tollow Them Build CiTadels oT Life As STronq and Clean and BeauTiTul As Theirs. When All build CiTadels oT LiTe, Grim BaTTlemenTs ThaT scowl wiTh HaTe and Greed Will Then be done away: War drums will cease To beaT: The TriniTy OT' l.iTe: TruTh, JusTice and above all Human Love Will rule The HearTs OT Those Who Build Tor Peace. Dr. W. H. Holmes 080 N ' ,,, U , . 4 , ,r- bg.. Faculty is 5 Graueis the Masters look ' I ' Supreme be sitsg before the awful frown Tha! binds his brows the boldest eye goes down. OliverJWendell Holmes Mk , f 15 dl 5 3 5 41' ' 1 5 W: ass 1. -WLS! if .wg i f K 14 :'- . f 4 --63 1 ,, wk. ,Msn V4 .Q 4 , 1. -fs, , M. , R , f . we 1 'fi mf . .1..4,.....L.,.,,....,L,..,.m... ,,,. ...M ........ ...,,,, ,,,. . . ...W ,. ,fig-mm... f .W-Us ..,. . . J, MMLQ.. . .gLmg.4.M,, , WML mdk NMMA ,AA-AQMMLAMMA-.AJ .M- is f 43-me 1 MQ Principal Hugh H. Sfewarf Dean Grace T. Lewis . . . , sq, Q3 ,-.s..u4- Vxce-Principal 5 5 . . 52 -. Nvxk- ffl. '- gn. N1GUFICGF.ChIIdS sys x ' kk 8' J l l Adviser Walter D. Addis To the Faculty from The Class of Nineteen Thirty-Nine Thank you g this we can otter you. But two words-what can they express: gratitude, in- debtedness, obligation? Two words in return tor patient, untiring ettortg tor calm, skilltul guidanceq two words in return tor a priceless association we shall cherish torever. We have been your pupils, but our relationship has been more than teach and be taught. We have come to rely on you as triends and counselors, ready always to extend a helping hand or sympathetic understanding. We gain a diploma-yes: but we lose in you-our ad- visers and contidants-something irreplaceable. But how tutile to attempt the expression ot something we all teel . . . so deeply... OIQO ALLEN, LUCIE M. Colby College Social Science ALTSCHULER, CHARLES H. Yale Universily Social Science BAILEY, BERNICE H. Llniversily ol Iowa, Boslon Uni- versily English BARDENE, MARION E. Smilh College, Russell Sage College, Columbia Universily Spanish, English BARTLETT, ROBERT L. Parsons College, Columbia Uni-- versily Social Science BIERMANN, A. OWENS Columbia Universily Head ol Commercial Debarlf menl, Commercial Law, Office Rraclice BLACKBURN, FLORENCE I. Geneseo Normal School, New Yorlc Universily Universily English o 430 BREINING, MEIVA Barnard College Malhemalics BROWER, ALICE V. Syracuse Universily, Columbia Universily Head of English Deparlmenl BROWN, FLORENCE E. Columbia Universily, Wellaefiley College Q-,fl .vf -' -I Myer? Malhemalncs BUNKER, FRANK P. Darlmoulh Universily Chemislry CHASE, LENOX E. Columbia Universily Physiography CHENEY, GENEVIEVE H. Tufls College French CLEVELAND, MARION S Mounl Holyolce Malhemalics COFFIN, W. GREGORY Springfield College Head of Physical Training De' parlmenl COLLINS, HARRY A. Cornell Universily, Columbia Universily German CONTE, JAMES Lalayelle College, Universily ' Malhemalics Columbia COPP, KENNETH R. Colby College English DODDS, ROBERT E. Columbia Universily, Prall ln- slilule Arlr DRUM, ELSA H. Syracuse Universily, Columbia Universily English ill--ll kgxwk. DUKE, MADGE Columbia Universily L Nurse .iff I u ' 'nf M 1 N' h-.N EDWARDS, ALICE JOHNSON, C. BISHOP New York Slale College lor Emerson College Teachers, New York Universily Head of Oral English Deparl- French menl FERRY, ARTHUR , Columbia Universily, Yale Uni- KIMBALL' LORENIA M' . Verswy Mounl Holyoke College, Sim- BIOIO mons College gy Typewriling, Ollice Praclice GENTILESCO, DOMINIC L. Lalayelle College, Columbia KURTZI SAMUEL Q, UUIVGVSIIY Oberlin College, Columbia Uni- IIGIIGFI Vergily En Iish HAND, Louis I. 9 Syracuse Universily Economics, Social Science HEIQHTON' FLORENCE M' Middlebury College, Pembroke HOLMES, MABEL College Columbia Universily Spanish Home Economics LICHT, CARL JACOBS'-SIDNEY - Juilliard School ol Music, Col- Columbia Universily, Syracuse b. U . .Jr Universily Umda mversl y. . English ASSISIGDI Supervisor ol Music KRONER, FRANCES W. LOW, KATHERINE I. Plallsburg Slale Normal School, Secrelary New York Universily, Columbia Universi'I'y LUCCHESE, ROSE R. Economic Geography, Commer- College ol New Rochelle cial Arilhmelic Typewriling OI4-0 if MacDONALD, LAURA E. New York Universily English, Dramalics MacGREGOR, MALCOLM Columbia Universily, Union College Head of Science Deparlmenl, Physics NIELSEN, EMIL New York Universily Head ol Music Deparlmenl NOURSE, ELSIE Massachusells Arl School Head of Arl Deparlmenl OSWALD, EARL E. New York Universily, Temple Universily Physical Training PALMER, EDNA L. Columbia Universily, Smilh Col- lege Head ol Modern Language De- parlmenl, French PHILLIPS, J. MILTON Amhersl College Lalin Tiff ,. 0150 T ' N yvl J. von KOKERITZ, ELIZABETH PORTER, GERTRUDE E. SHERMAN, HANNAH C. SecreTary Columbia Universiry r TriniTy College, Columbia PROCTORI LUCY B. Haegtgmegfr Home Economics De- Ennzygasrlry Wellesley College, Simmons p g College SMITH, KENNETH +l.L-'- -' WALTHER, HELEN E. Librarian Columbia UniversiTy, Amhers+ Barnard College RHODES, CATHERINE I. EO'l??f7 Mafhemms Columbia UI'1TV6I'Siiy, VGSSGI' ng IS I gollzqef l STILES, MARIETA S. Mounf Holyolce College mira O lYl5ll emGllC5 Deparl' Balresk Ccglege, Colgmlgia .Uni- Biology vers: y, ipomee e mverf RIDDLE MARY H siTe de Diion, France WIGHT. lVlARGUERlTE ' - ' . French Columbia Universify, Savage New Yorlc Universulry School Head Ol Lalm Deloerlmenl SUMNER, LILLIAN T. Physical Training RUSSELL, CLIFTON N. Teacher Clerk New York Training School, New YOUNG, ELEANOR M. York Universiw SUND , HERBERT E. Columbia UniversiTy, Wellesley ChemisTry, Biology, General YOF, Un'Ve'S'lV 1 COll?9e Science ' I oolclc pping, Com erclal English Ig if SEARLE, JAMES H. I ' l UNO, ELLEN C. Hamilfon College' Columbia TAYLOR, MURlEL E. Bosfon Universilry Umvergily Columbia UniversiTy, SargeanT Typewriling ,V S ' I S ' School Q' OGG meme Physical Training YOUNG' MARY A K, SHAWHAN, MERCY Syracuse Universify H Universilry of Illinois TESORO, ROSE Head of Social Science Depart Diefihan School Clerk menT REEKPAUM, JEANNETTE MACDOUGALL, GRACE TAXTER, RUTH E. VREELAND, RACHEL New Yorlc Universilry New Yorlc Universilry, SmiTh PlaTTsburg S+a+e Normal School SmiTh College Boolclceeping, Typewrifing College Shorfhand, Typewrihng ShorThancl Social Science .UZW . Ha L . J. , s w- '..... . 5' T '55 as, +L Lf . , . . X. 1 i, 5- A CHIPS AND BLOCKS ' .1 R. nu' Mr. Childs and Daugl1+ers Mr. Childs is a lovable man Who helps us whenever he can. He's stern with his daughters-see--- Which is as it oughter be Although he's a lovable man. Mrs. Sumner and Son There once was a ladg in school KVho made pupils live by the rule. If her son disobeged it. He couldn't evade it His punishment often was cruel. Mr. Bunker and Daughler Some highlg notorious smells Come from the lab wherein he dwells. But his daughter takes Care Not to wander up there And so gets along with the swells Mr. Nielsen and Son At Beethoven. Schubert or Brahms Mr. Nielsen attains all the palms. But wise people know That his son takes the show lVhen it comes to attaining the blondes. OIIJO Mr. Searle and Daughler Histories-Mr. Searle knows- Some remarkable tangles expose. But Marg is fairer And he can compare her lVith Cleo or ang of those. Mr. Oswald and Dauglrler Mr. Oswald may punish the boys- He's used to their racket and noise But it's harder with malice To punish his Alice, For his daughter increases his jogs Mr. Addis and Son He rules over programs supreme, But he's still got a parental gleam. When he learns that son, That singular one Makes Euclid a verg good team. Mrs. MacDonald and Daughler Mrs. Mac will be glad to expound On vowels. the pear shaped or round But shape gou will End Comes quicker to mind When Margg, her daughters around ' ' 11 5451 A Generation MORNING- A chiId's wail, A newborn IciHen's mew, The Iusiry shine of all Things new. MIDDAYl A wedding veil, A family pew, Youlh ends, Ihey're one no longer Iwo. EVENING- The ioliering sage, Wiih snow-while Ioclcs, Toolhless and old, whom all youlh moclcs. NIGHT- The hazy veil is drawing close, The morning Iighls have long been gone. The I4iHen dead, The babe, now old, Grows Tired, And slowly - slowly sinlcs Beyond recall. Eleanor Miller DCFCDCC I said I don'+ carel lBu'r you lcnow Ihaf I do.l Do you wanl me io swear? I said I don r care! lThere's Ihe sun on your hair, And your eyes are deep blue.I I said I don'+ care! lBu+ you know 'Thai I do.l Daphne Stones 0 I8 O f 4 -1-W e- Q W- ik '--' V M F --ff wwf- W- --W. 4- tvf'-w--gr '-Qj5qL'jMf 'g -H'--'H 3 4 S Senior B 'P ffm' , 'i' - . Egg- 5, . Qlfx iv. .ffclfe .Y L 1 A, ,. , Q , -' AI f ew l x 'ii - ,F . , in - ,, . Hai ' 1 .,-39' I 'YM g, A, , 1, r -.ii AMG . 95:15 . -'J if A Something hidden. Go and End it. Go and look behind the Ranges-5 ' A Something Iost behind the Ranges. Lost and waiting for you. Go? N --Rudyard Kipling 4 1 - W .1..4.fmv,i ,f mei. . ' ..,., .... -..MAm.24.Mf1:,44..,.LL.......,..M..,......s,..4.4m:L....M-.i-..,....M.. ..,,,M '::,. ,MA.nmm:.,.,.n.,..-Qimxmfffmmui den W den J G bso 1 I I I , 2 i r Arthur Abelman William Agins Therese Auriemma Elaine Baxter Alma Becker i m Milton Ader Ernest Ambrosecchio Herman Barcst Marion Beaman Joseph Belleshcim ne Bloon Joseph Adimari Robert Atwell Joseph Bates Austin Bechet Seymour Bender sence V. B ARTHUR ABELMAN Ots ALMA BECKER Toolsic Fordham Uniyersiiy THERESE AURIEMMA TOMS Karherine Gibbs Secrelarial School Band, Poliiical Club, Presidenlr of O. R., Three Year Honor. MILTON ADER Mill Inierclass Baslqelball, Inlerclass Baseball, Marshal Squad, Dance Club. JOSEPH ADIMARI Jvc WILLIAM AGINS Bill Columbia Universilry Depuiy Marshal, Vice-Presidersi' of Ca ei La, Chess Club, Ping-Pong Club, Dance Club, Two Year Honor, Non-Aihlelic Honor. ERNEST AMBROSECCHIO Ernie Nolre Dame Universiiy Golf Team, Inierclass Baslceiball, Infer- class Baseball. ROBERT ATWELL Uncle Bzzbby Cornell Universiiy Chorus. Sherman Business School lialian Club, Baseball. HERMAN BAREST Doc Presidenl Ping-Pong Club, Member Boys' Alhlelic Commiliee. lnierclass Baseball, lnierclass Baslcelball, Baslceiball Team. Marshal Squad. Chess Club, Sans Souci, Three Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. JOSEPH BATES Tiny Fooiball Team, Swimming Team. ELAINE BAXTER Elaifw Sherman Business School Red Cross Club. W, . F, 6lF'Q O' . -1-chi viii 'A ix MARION BEAMAN Marion Pennsylvania Siaie College Miss Lewis's Discussion Group, Der Deuische Verein, Ca er La, Ping-Pong Club, A Capella Choir, Archery Club, Three Year Honor, AUSTIN BECHET Austin O 22 O Dance Club, O. R. Represenialive, One Year Honor. JOSEPH BELLESHEIM his 'Norcesfer Polyfechnic Insliiuie Band, Dance Club. SEYMOUR BENDER Cy Ciiy College of New Yorlf Dance Club, Biological Club, Three Year Honor. JANE BENZING Hon, The Fashion Academy ol' New Yorlc Dance Club, Archery Club, Volleyball, One Year Honor. ANNE BLOOM Ar1rI'y Norihwesiern Universily Riding Club, HiANews Ediiorial Slaff, lnlernaiional Relaiions Club, Miss Lewis's Discussion Group, Three Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. FLORENCE V. BOLING Flo Red Cross Club, Represeniaiiye of Girls' Baseball Team, Sans Souci, Ca ei La, One Year Honor. LIBRO BONVINI Ima New York Universily Goll Team, lnferclass Baseball, Foolball Team, One Year Honor. MARTHA M. BOYARSKY .Ilrullm McDowell School ol Design Girls' Glee Club, Miss Lewis's Discussion Group, Shorlhand Club, Service Club, Volleyball. Three Year Honor. ROSEMARIE V. BRANCA SlH'l'l, Service Club, Non-Alhlelic Honor. Greqq Cerrilicales. HERBERT BRANDWEIN Pmnls New York Universily Ping-Pong Club, Baseball Squad, Baslcel- oali Squad, lnlcrclass Foolball Caplain. MARGARET BROEGE lliivvrziv Sherman Business School One Year Honor. MARION BUDD HIIIINI' Traphaqen School ol Fashion Dance Club. O 23 O RUTH BYERS Km! Vassar College Ridinq Club, Girls' Alhlelic Commillee, Sophomore, Junior, Senior Baslielball, Girls' Bullelin Board Cornmilleo, Maroon and While Edilorial Board, Chess Club, Girls' Marshal Squad, Ping-Pong Club, Three Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. R. CHARLES CARPENTIER Ifhurlvi FLORENCE L. CHILDS l lm.siz Smilh College A Sludenl Council, Dance Club, Dramalic, So iely, Nalional Thespians, Vice-Presif oleill bf Gleez Club, -Presidenf ol Shorf- hand Club. Siecrelary and Treasurer of Archery Club, O. R. Represenlalive, Ac- cornpanisl Orcheslra and Glee Club, Home Room Adviser, Lalin Club, Riding Club, Vice-Presidenl and Secrelary ol O. R., Nalional Honor Sociely, Tau Epsilon Pi, Three Year Honor. MARY CIMMINO Mary Service Club, Two Year Honor MAREE COHEN .Mm Columbia Universily Riding Club, Hi-News Business Srafl. J'I . q..u.oc.f-J we M-A Ay, 0 5, .a 14,0056 gLOu-Q19 P0 0' ' J I G ' . L . ' PM-Jef f' ' - ' lhxo Bunvlnl Herbert Brandwein Ruth Byers Mary Cimmino ha .M. vB0yal'Sky Margaret Brouge R. Charles Curpentier Marce Cohen marlc Y. Brancu M8l'l0n Budd Florence L. Childs WViIliznn Cnnovu WILLIAM CONOVER lfiillic Cornell Universily Dance Club, Baseball Team, Baslelball Team, One Year Honor. ANGELO R. CONTICCHIO Huh Universily of Missouri Baskelball Squad. PATRICIA CORTI 1,111 Roosevell Hospilal. Tina CHRISTINE COSCHIGANO Mounl Vernon Hospilal Training School Service Club, Three Year Honor, CIRO J. COSCHIGANO f,ilI1'1'ITlI Nolre Dame Universiiy EUGENE COSCHIGANO friflll? Nolre Dame Universily . Baslielball Team, Traclc Team, Baseball Team, Alhlelic Honor, One Year Honor. GEORGE G. CRONIN fin' Arizona Universily O, R. Represenlalive, Annual Represenla- five, Camera Club. Giro .I. Coschigano Eugene Cuschiirano George G. Cronin Angelo R. Conticchin Patricia Cnrti Christine Coschiganu -f-?Zf iw. 5' - iff. , 7, f it-. ' ' . 5 rg I f A ,, -reg.-s,xr Xi. -.gigs s- . ' ,, H - X ' - f i Q i 1 ii ' V mi. T., Rita Cuzzi Wilma Davcnport Helen Diglio Dorothy F. Ducey Ellen Evans Fred Feinber Olga Damon Ann De Santis William Donovan Josephine Emerson Edward Fausel Herbert Fennm Giulio D'Angio August Dc Santolo Louise Doukas Eileen Ada Epstein Leon Feigin Joseph Ferral RITA CUZZI Rc ANN DE SANTIS Ann EILEEN ADA EPSTEIN Iliclrie Maryrnounl College Girl Marshal Squad, Miss Lewis's Discus- Cooper Union Arl School sion Group, Horne Roorn Adviser, Ping- AUGUST DE SAN-I-OLO Kem. Pong Club, Alpha Tau Delia, Drarnalic Michigan Shine Umverswy ' Sociely, Baslcelball, Hockey, Three Year Baskeyball Squad' Hcckey Squad. Honor, Naiional Honor Sociely, Tau Ep- S On P 4- ua, 125 HELEN Dleuo 110101 OLGA DAMQN ' T M Olga Packard Business School Mounl Holyoke College f'i. Q Archery Club, Girl Marshal Force, WILLIAM DONOVAN Tex Capella Choir, Ca el La, Three Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Non-Alhlelic LQUISE DQUKAS Lou Honor. GIULIO D'AN6IO Julie Columbia Universily Ca I ir? ol Fencing T , D-epuly Mar- shi Eresident9L,?ansi3uUfKH'e1'57Rr,oki- d lan Cub, o-Edilor bl! Hi- News Edilorial Page, Edilor-in-Chief oi Maroon and While, School Publicalions Cornrniilee, Advisory Council Senior Class, Manager ol Fencing Team, Na- lional Honor Sociely, Tau Epsilon Pi, Alhlelic Honor, Non-Alhlelic Honor, Three Year Honor. WILMA DAVENPORT Willie Virginia Siale Universily Sans Souci, Annual Represenlalive, One Year Honor, Shorlhand Club, Presidenl ol Service Club, Marshal Squad, Secrelary of O. R., Baseball, Hoclcey, Gregg Cerlilicale. DOROTHY F. DUCEY IM! Vice-Presidenl ol Alpha Tau Della, O. R. Represenlalive, Vice-Presidenl ol Girls' Alhleiic Cornrnillee, Cheerleader, Presi- denl of O. R., Vice-Presidenl ol: Chorus, Three Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Na- lional Honor Sociely. JOSEPHINE WILSON EMERSON JUIIIIAQ' Tulls College T . NCouncil, . R. P sidenl, O. R, Re esenlalive. orne oorn Adviser, Ri g Club, C el La, rchery Club, T ' e Year I-Ion , au silon Pi. Service Club, Three Year Honor, Non- Alhlelic Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. ELLEN EVANS Uewly Oberlin College Dramalic Sociely, Miss Lewis's Discus- sion Group, Two Year Honor, Nalional Thespia s. . N V F Egfr Aggie hes ei, ' c LEON FEIGIN Leo Cooper Union Inslilule oi Technology Caplain ol Chess Tearn, All Counry Chess Tearn, Punching Bag Club, As- lronorny Club. FRED FEINBERG Fred Inlerclass Baslrelball, Marshal Squad, Baseball Squad. HERBERT FENNELL Herbie Cooper Union Ari School Camera Club, School Publicily Cornrnil- fee. JOSEPH FERRARA Aw: O. R. Presidenl, Hi-News Business Board, Dance Club. as? I 91 ALBERT FIERING Ihipuy Universily of Virginia Hi-News Business Board, Maroon and While Edilorial Board, School lnleresrs Commillee. BETTY FISK Linrly Mounl Vernon Nurse's Training School Cheerleader, Service Club, Hockey, Bas- kelball. ALBERT E. FITZSIMMONS Clunri Georgia Universily Foolball Team, O. R. Presidenl, Track Team, Mills Kicking Trophy of I936. ROBERT I. FLEDER Buff Franklin and Marshal College Inferclass Baseball, Baseball Team, Ping- Pong Club, Avialion Club, lnlerclass Bas- kelball, Chairman Boy's Alhlelic Com- millee. ROBERT FORDE 131111 Colgale College lnlerclass Baskelball, Baseball, and Fool- ball, Dance Club lnslruclor, One Year Honor. SANTA FRAIOLI Sandy llalian Club, One Year Honor 0250 MIRIAM FRUTKIN Mimi Smilh College Sans Souci, School lnleresl Commilfee, Vice-Presidenl ol Der Deulsche Verein, O. R. Vice-Presidonr, Girlls Alhlelic Cornmillee, Two Year Honor. ESTHER GARDNER Emir' Spencer Business School VIRGINIA P. GAZVERDE Giflllltf Easlman Gaines Business School Red Cross Club, Service Club. JOYCE GIBSON Alpha Tau Della, Ca el l.a, G. O. Coun- cil, Chorus, Cheerleader, O. R. Presi- denl, Vice-Presidenl of Senior Class, One lnslrucfor, El Aieneo, Marshal Squad, O. R. Vice-Presidenl, Tau Epsilon Pi, Three Year Honor, Alhlelic Honor. COURTNEY GROESCHEL Pep Wellesley College Ping Pong Club, Presidenl ol Archery Club, Riding Club, EI Aleneo, Tennis Team, Home Room Adviser, O. R. Rep- resenlalive, Hi-News Slall, Records Edi- lor, Maroon and While Edilorial Board. Bulleiin Board Comrniilee, Tau Epsilon Pi, Nalional Honor Sociely, Three Year Honor. GEORGE GROVE Georgie Dance Club, Orcheslra, Lieulenanl Mar- shal, Boy's Glee Club, Nalional Honor Sociely Year Honor. i H ROBERT w. HARTMANN ur'i,uS-93, JANET GILCHREST Pcanulx New York Unlve Slli! New York Universily MK- TSPGI F 59' lmbmg ew. Dance Club, Ping-Pong Club, Hi-News I, pu, Business Board. . Aggin I Miss Le ' ' ' ,On ' , T Y , ' DOROTHEA GLEITSMANN Duimf OW WO ' 5 , MILTON HERMA Min New York lnsliiule ol Pholography Girls' Riding Club, Lalin Club, Dan.e Club. SEYMOUR GOTTLIEB .Say New York Universily Manager of Hockey Team, Dance Club ,lbert Fiering Robert I. Fleder Miriam Frutkin Joyce Gibson Betty Fisk Robert Forde Esther Gardner Janet Gilchrcst E. Fitzsimmons Santa Fruioli Virginia P. Gazserde Dorothea Gleitsmalxn Columbia Universily Debaling Sociely, Foolball Squad, Track Squad, Presidenl ol O. R., O. R. Repre- senlalive, Chairman School Publicily Cornmillee, Member School Lilerary Or- ganizalion, Two Year I-lonor. Seymour Gottlieb Robert W. Hartmann Courtney Groeschcl Betty Hayward George Grove Milton Herman 1. T? ,,Vf ...A y V .iV- in fi si Jeanne Hirsch Marie E. Iannuzzi George Johansen Beatrice KHDIHII Ifdna May Hubbard rM3l'lZ3l'Ci Imhrognn Arabella C. Jones Anita Kassen Constance Ann l-YNZ. Annette Jackson Phyllis Eileen Jordan Lois C. lxolllln Y J 56' C' , .0 I g,.. '54 JEANNE HIRSCH ,Hurry GEORGE JOHANSEN Jojn Praii Insliiuie Ari Comrniiiee, Maroon and While Siail, Bulleiin Board Cornmifiee, Chorus, O. R. Vice-Presidenl, Three Year Honor. EDNA MAY HUBBARD Blmzilif' Kaiherine Gibbs Secreiarial School Volleyball, Baseball. Baslelball. CONSTANCE ANN HUNT lfmznic The Delehaniy Insliiuie Chorus, Music Honors. MARIE E. IANNUZZI Marie' Easlrnan Business School Service Club, Shorihand Club, llalian Club, Capiain oi Volleyball, Baseball and Hoclcey, Three Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. MARGARET IMBROGNO Margie' Dance Club, Gregg Ceriiiicaie. ANNETTE JACKSON Milzi William and Mary Universiiy Girls' Marshal Force, Home Room Ad- viser, Hi-News Ediiorial Siaii, O. R. Presideni, Three Year Honor, Tau Epsi- lon Pi, Baseball, Baslceiball, Hockey. Ciiy College Oi New Yorlc Ping-Pong Club. ARABELLA C. JONES Sarnia Hunier College Two Year Honor. PI-IYLLIS EILEEN JORDAN Pliyl Colby Junior College Riding Club, Needle Craif Club. BEATRICE KAPLAN - 1 BW Barnard College ' .V Dramaiic Sociely, Nati naPThespian So- cieiy, Miss Lewis's D ussionfGroup, Hi- News Edilorial Sla 'Yea I-Ionsgr, Tau Epsilon Pi, Na n'l fbno Sbgeiy, X K' ANITA KASSEN 'I ' ' 'vilnim Goucher College 'J I XX Lalin Club, Hockey, Baslcemall, Hi-News Ediiorial Slail, Three Year Honor, Aih- leiic Honor. LOIS C. KOLPIN L0 Packard Business School O. R. Represenialiye, Dance Club, Dance Cornmiiiee, O. R. Presideni, One Year Honor, 0260 .lohn Konp YVilliam E. Lap Adolph Kozlowski Walter C. Lap Gertrude Lacey Mary Leunette JOHN KOOP fuck 1 Carnegie Tecnnical lnsiiiuie Fooiball Team, Swimming Team, Mar- shal Sguad, Dance Club. ADOLPH KOZLOWSKI Acc Massachuseiis Insiiiuie of Technology Track Team, Depuly Marshal, Non-AIh- leiic Honor, Three Year Honor, Aihleiic Honor. GERTRUDE LACEY Hickory Carts Head Girls' Marshal, Girls' Bulleiin Board Cornmiliee, Nalure Club, Miss Lewis's Discussion Group, Baseball, Vol- leyball, Hoclcey, Non-Aihleiic Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Naiional Honor Socieiy, Three Year Honor, Aihleiic Honor. WILLIAM EDWIN LAPHAM Dapper Baseball Squad, Hockey Squad. WALTER CHRISTIAN LAPPLE Walt Columbia Universily Marshal Squad, Science Club, German Club, Three Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Naiional Honor Socieiy. MARY LEONETTE LEAL 1,00 The Washinglon Secrelarial School Red Cross Club, Peace Club, Needle- crali Club, Chorus. Q IDA LEFSKY Blomlw' New York Universiiy Service Club, Chorus, Dance Club. ANTOINETTE LEONE Bill Drake Business School Dance Club, Volleyball, lialian Club, Chorus. WILLIAM J. LICCIONE l,1'f'liiw Virginia Miliiary lnsliiule Presidenf of G. O,, Marshal Squad, Fooiball Squad, Naiure Club, Science Club, Tau Epsilon Pi, Naiional Honor Socieiy, Three Year Honor, Chernisiry Award. SHIRLEY LICHTENFELD BllI!'l1 New York U niversiiy MILAN LILLIS lllilrm Colgaie College Eoolball Team, Track Tearn, O. R. Presi- deni. CONSTANCE JORDAN LINDE Clllllllii' Swarlhrnore College Vice-Presideni of G. O., Vice-Presidenr of Dance Club, Ca ef La, Secreiary oi Miss Lewis's Discussion Group, Dance 0270 Cornrniiiees, Alpha Tau Delia, Hi-News Ediiorial Siaif, Three Year Honor, Na- fional Honor Socieiy, Tau Epsilon Pi. ELSIE IJOHR El Service Club. Volleyball Honor, Gregg Ceriilicafe. WILLIAM LYNCH Bill Baseball, Baskeiball, Two Year Honor. LAWRENCE MANCUSO Zvlrc ELEANOR LOUISE MAPES Tommy S+. Lawrence Universiiy Camera Club, Home Room Adviser, Miss Lewis's Discussion Group, Three Yea: Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. WILBUR MARCUS Wilbur GLADYS MARSTON Clazlys EDWARD R. MARTIN llnojiff Texas Chrisiian Universiiy Junior Varsiiy Baseball, Baseball Team, Baskeiball Tearn, Chorus, Boys' Aihlefic Cornrniiiee, Punching Bag Club, Dance Cornrnifiee, lnierclass Fooiball, Dance Club, Aihleiic Honor. EDITH MATTSON Edith Kaiherine Gibbs Secreiarial School Miss Lewis's Discussion Group, O. R. Represeniaiive, O. R. Presideni, Three Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Gregg Cer- iiiicaies. FRIEDA MAURER Touts Dance Club, O. R. Represeniaiive, One Year Honor, MARGARET MAZZIOTTA Mrlg lnrerclass Hockey, Baskeiball, Volleyball, Baseball, Tennis Tearn, O. R. Secreiary, Chorus, Firsi Honor in Hockey, Tennis, Second Honor in Hockey, Tennis, Base- ball. JACQUE ROWENA MCGEE llmefcrziw Praif lnsiiluie Hi-News Business Manager, Hockey. Volleyball, Baskeiball, Baseball, Dance Club, Drarnaiic Socieiy, Miss Lewis's Dis- cussion Group, Second Honor in Hockey. ELEANOR MILLER Mi. Vernon Hospiial School ol' Nursing Ca el La, Three Year Honor. x Wg , A Ida Lefsky ' irley Liclitenfeld Elsie Lohr Eleanor L. Mapes in Edward R. Martin Margaret Mazziotta tumette Leone . Milan Lillis William Lynch Wilbur Marcus A Edith Nlaibson Jacque R. McGee iam J. Liccinne f Constance J. Linde Lawrence Mancuso Gladys Marston ,J Frieda urer Eleanor Miller 41 . 'ella'-5 i L , , I in ' a , , J .f.+.. 'WT 'i 'P ,f Q l, sl . ,, SW '.... . . Y '. - ' sv'-I.. -few. 5. -. 4 f ', 1. A, ,Alia .. 1 2 Q' ix 2 N . W 1 . r B l A Q 1 . 3, in . ,'v 'X' r fi '15 . I 12.55 Margaret B. Miller Mary K. Moccio Sylvia Ncmenyi Patsy Pagliuca Rocco Pasture Irene Petnu Rnbelt Miller Ann Morgcnstern Concetta Nordnnc Emelia Parise Ann Perna Anthony Petr Florence Mocciu M'arjoryfMu1'phy Alice L. Oswald Douglas VY. Passage Francis J. Peterson Eleanor J Pe I- . ' x lvl. 1 -. . ' MARGARET BELL MILLER ' Peggy , Group, Vice-Presidenl ol Chorus, Mar- DOUGLAS WARD PASSAGE Doug Mounl Holyoke f.,.. ' P Girls' Marshal Squad1 'Butllelin Board ' Cornrnillee, Ping-Pong Club, Archery Club, Biology Club, Tau Epsilon PL. Three Year Honor. ROBERT MILLER Bobby FLORENCE MOCCIO Flo New Yorlc Business School Typewriling Club, Shorlhand Club, Chorus, Vice-Presidenl ol O. R., One Year Honor, Gregg Cerlilicales. MARY KATHERINE MOCCIO M1lj'il' New Yorlc Uniyersily Lalin Club, Sans Souci, Two Year Honor Tau Epsilon Pi. ANN MORGENSTERN fVr1114'z? Cornell Uniyersily School lnleresl Cornnnillee, Maroon and While Edilorial Board, Archery Club, Baseball Team, Spanish Club, Pholog- raphy Club, Three Year Honor, Tau Ep- ' silon Pi. ,X MARJORY MURPHY lllirlgry Dulce Universily , Presidenl ol f3xI?I?a Tau ella, Secrelay : shal Squad, Dance Club, Tau Epsilon Pi, Najional Honor Sociely, Three Year Honor. 'A - , H . F ' N ' SYLVIA NEMENYI , Silly Pace Inslilule c . Ping-Pong Club, Archery Club, Tau Ep! silon Pi, Three Year Honor, Gregg Cer- lilicale. CONCETTA NORDONE Clze! Viclory Business School Marshal Squad, llalian Club, Ping-Pong Club, Archery Club, Needlecrall Club, Non-Alhlelic Honor, Three Year Honor, Eirsl and Second Honor in Volleyball. ., . ALICE L2-'OSWALD A Y Ozzie Newvallz NorrnaLxS,chool Lewiss Discussion Group, Hi-News Edi Orial Slalff Chorus, Presidenl ol O. R., Caplain of Baseball' Teann, Bullelin Board Covnrniliee, Tau Ypsilon Pi, Na- lional Honor Sociely, Three Year Honor. PATSY PAGLIUCA Pm Band, Orcheslra, Goll Team, Non-Arn lelic Honor. of ei,-is' A+hl,+iQ com mee, Alnpl . EMELIA PARISE llimplex Represenlalivif Miss Le issriiscsssi' n Gregg Cerlilicales. x n . i I P- fb X' T 'dvr-.4 xl?-F sc- isf 1' iul-2, 2 sf 4 'I' . r, xi X .N wx 3 , ga o 5 . ,.,, . r rr I Q 11' - Q Nh' W, cf ,L T3 I 5 as 'in 1 N. ' ' N N Buclcnell Uniyersily Carnera Club, Marshal Force, Vice-Presb denl, Secrelary, and Presidenl of Inlerna- iional Relalions Club, Finalisl in Biddle Senior Exlernporaneous Speaking Con- slesl, Three Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Nalional Honor Sociely, Non-Alhlelic Honor. ROCCO PASTORE Rmflfy Foolball Tearn, Dance Club. ANN PERNA Nrllilf Dance Club, Chorus, Volleyball. FRANCIS J. PETERSON llvlc Rensselaer Polylechnic lnslilule Ca el La, lnlernalional Relalions Club, Science Club, Chess Club, Three Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pl. IRENE PETRE Rt'I1II13 Ping-Pong Club. - T545-'Ni 'TTR---LO Tum' ss Unbafl, lnlerclass Baseball, rciau, Baslcelball. EL QANOR JEAN PETRILLO Rum' Sl, Mary of The Woods Dance Club, O. R. Represenlaliye, Dance Cornmillee. Ruth M. Picker lon R. Postighonc dward Pozarik RUTH MILDRED PICKER Pir'l.'f4'x New Yorlc Universily Carnera Club, One Year I-Ionor. MARION ROSE POSTIGHONE llinzplm Sherman Business School Baseball, Baslcelball, Volleyball, l-loclcey, Chorus, Firsl and Second Baseball I-Ion- ors, Gregg Cerlilicate. EDWARD POZARIK Eff New Yorlc Universily El Aleneo, Ping-Pong Club, Two Year I-Ionor. DUSOLINA PUCILLO Lfffx' Mounl Vernon I-lospilal Training School Service Club, Three Year I-Ionor. MATTHEW OUINN Mall inlernalional Relations Club, Non-Allv lelic Honor. DAVID J. RAFFERTY Dun' Dance Club, Ping-Pong Club, Chess Club. Dusulina Pucilln Matthew Quinn David J. Rafferty 0 29 0 MONROE RAISSMAN Tiny Michiqan Universily Dance Club, Cheerleading Squad. HERBERT REINER pllrlujl' Pino-Pong Club, Chess Club. DOROTHY F. REITWIESNER Dot Dance Club, Needlecrall Club, Red Cross Club. ELIZABETH RIEGER Hairy' Bioloqy Club, Chorus, Sans Souci, Needlecrall Club, Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year I-Ionor. RALPH ROSEFF Ron' Baseball Team. MATTHEW ROSENSCHEIN, Jr. lllru' Columbia Univorsiry Scoreboard Squad, Dramatic Sociely, l-li-News Edilorial Slail, Handbook Corn- millee, Publicily Commillee, Siaqe Man- aqer, Nalional Thespian Society, Na! lional l-lonor Society, Three Year I-Ionor. Monroe Raissman Herbert Reiner Ralph Roseff Dorothy Reitwiesner NATHAN ROSENZWEIG Nu! Prall lnslilule Chorus, MARIE ROSS Sugar Packard Business School Three Year I-Ionor. ANTOINETTE ROSSETTI Toni New Yorlc Universily Miss Lewis's Discussion Group, Marshal Force, Archery Club, Ping-Pong Club lialian Club, Carnera Club, Needlecrall Club, Two Year Honor. LUCY CORNELIA RUFINO 1,11 Easrman Business School President ol Italian Club, Service Club, Baseball, Non-Alhlelic I-Ionor. RICHARD RUSSIO Ril'!Iil' Villanova Elizabeth Rieger Matthew Rosenschein Foorball Tearn, Junior Varsily Baslcelball, Gym Tearn. FRED SAGARIN Pennsylvania University Dance Club, Pinq-Ponq Nathan Rosenzwcig Marie Ross Antoinette Rossctti YET' Buslefr Club. Lucy Cornelia Rufino' Richard Russo Fred Sagarin Anthony M. Santoro Robert Schede Gerald L. Schwab Edmund Seerzmuller Robert S. Sillery Edwin Slobodsli Jessie Santoro A. Schcllellbcrg, Jr. Mary Alice Schwab Philip N. Shapiro Gladys Silva Ina Charlotta Sn HBIII7 Sauer .lack Sr-hiffrnzm Melvin Seeger Alma Silk David Slavin Ruth Soll bfi' .I w,.r.., if - M uw -r A ANTHONY M. SANTORO Ifluslr MARY ALICE SCHWAB' Rell , Baseball Team. Julliard School oi Music and Columbia AI-MA SILK I Allie College Presrdeni oi Junior Red Cross Club, JEssrE sANToRo Jinx Der Deulsche verern, Ping-Pang club, OHS Year HOW- Chorus. Archery Club, Riding Club, Miss Lewis's HEINZ SAUER Ciiy College oi New York Presidenl of Der Deuische Verein, Hi- News Business Board, Marshal Squad. ROBERT SCHEDE Slrazly Massachusefis lnsiiiule oi Technology Depuiy Marshal, Science Club, Naiional I-lonor Sociely, Tau Epsilon Pi, Three Year I-lonor. ALBERT SCHELLENBERG, Jr. l'mf-lf'r'P Prali lnsliluie l-Ii-News Carioonisl, Annual Ari Slaii, Airplane Club, Publiciiy Corrrmillee, Two Year I-Ionor. JACK SCHIFFMAN fuck l-larvard Universiiy Laiin Club, Fencing Club, Ping-Pong Club, Swimming Squad, One Year Honor. GERALD I.. SCHWAB Jerry New Yorlc Universiiy Marshal Force, Chess Club, Dance Club, Tau Epsilon Pi, Three Year Honor. Discussion Group, A Capella Choir, Two Year I-Ionor. MELVIN SEEGER Mel Universiiy oi Michigan O. R. Represeniaiive, Council Member, O. R. PresidenT. Liierary Organizafions Commiilee, Dance Club Commiilie, Pub- liciiy Commiilee. lnierscholaslic Debai- ing Squad, Chairman lnlerscholaslic Re- lalions Commiilee, Salurday Nighl De- baier, Honorable Menlion Speaking Con- lesl-Sophomore, and Junior, Co-Edilor-rw Chief of l-Ii-News, Delegaie lo Colum- bia Scholasiic Press Associalion Conven- lion, Narional I-lonor Sociely. EDMUND SEEGMULLER lfrlrly Curiiss-Wrighl Technical Inslilule Avialion Club. PHILIP NORMAN SHAPIRO 51111111151 Columbia Universily Tennis Team, Sporls Co-Ediior Hi-News, Maroon and Whiie Sporls Edilor, Green Room Players, Three Year Honor, Biddle Speaking Prize for Seniors. OQQO ROBERT S. SILLERY Hull Slaniord Universiiy lnierclass Foolball, Baslcelball, Cross- Counlry Manager. GLADYS SILVA Clurlys DAVID SLAVIN Brrlrrl: New Yorlc Universily Co-Ediior-in-Chief Davis Hi-News, Ad- visory Council oi Senior Class, Presidenl of Sans Souci, Laiin Club, I-li-News Busi- ness Board, Leader of Round Table Dis- cussion, C.S.P.A. Conveniion, l939, Na-- lional I-Ionor Sociely, Tau Epsilon Pi, Three Year Honor, Non-Aihlefic Honor. EDWIN SLOBODSKI Sflt'f'1l,V Columbia Universily Swimming Team. INA CHARLOTTA SMITH Inn Y. W. C. A. Business School RUTH SOLL Clrr'r'l.' Red Cross Club, Dance Club, Greqq Shorlhand Cerlificales. 3 l l btanley Stern ALTHEA LOUISE SPALDING .Ill I-'rarl lnslilule Bloloqy Club, Glrls' Clrorus, O, R, Rep- resenlaliye, Annual Reprosonlaliye, Tlrree Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pl. HARRIET STEIN llur'ri4'l STANLEY STERN Pm' Unlyersily ol Soullrern Calilornia O. R. Represenlalive, lVllF'lVRLjllf'rVTGl Rela- llons Club, El Aleneo. RALPH STERNBERG Rrzfjrlr EMMA H. STERNEMANN lfrrrnrir' One Year Honor. EDWARD STEVENSON lfrlrly Columbia Uniyersrly. Type Club, Inlernalional Relallons Club. DONALD STOREY Dun Annapolis Dance Club, Punclrlnq Bao Club, Ca el La, lnlerelass Baslcerball, Junior Varslly Baslelball, O, R. Rresldenl, Tlrree Year Honor, Tau Epiilon Pi. ,Q lthul L. Spalding - H nriet St-in Ralph Sternhelg Emma Slernemann Edward Stevenson O '31 O RUTH TENNENBAUM Rrrflrr Easlern Business Sclrool Arclrery Club, Tlrreff Year Honor. EARLE E. TIETZ Early T1Af0c'lx Colqale College Presiclenl and Vice-Rresldenl OT O. R., Caplain of Scoreboard Squad. ANTHONY A. TISO Tfrrrr' New Yorlc Uniyerslly Aylalion Club, Tlrree Year Honor SALVATORE W. VIOLINO S111 lnferclass Baseball, Baslcelball Football. WILLIAM WACHTER - Sleepy Massaclnusells lnslilule ol: Teclnnoloqy ' Baseball Team, lnlerclass Baslcelball, Foolball Team, Hoclcey Team, Marslwal Squad, Vice-Prcsidenl of O. R,, Pinq- Porrq Club, Punching Bag Club, Hi-News Eclllorlal Slall, Maroon and Wlwile Rep- resenlallye, Slale Honor, Second Plane in LeRoy M'H'ls Klclclnq Conlesl. CAREY WELLS Prvlly Huy Rrincelon Universily Foolball Team, Hockey Team, Track Team, O. R. Represenlalive, O. R. Presl- clenl, Presidenl ol Senior Class, One Year Honor, Nalional I-lonor Soriely. MARGARET WOOL Prgjgy Dance Club, Two Year Honor. JAMES A. YAZZETTI, Jr. Vfrrru' Nolre Dame Uniyersily Inlerclass Baseball, Foolball, Baslelball. RALPH ZEITZ TlI'TIIL'll'lUP.S Wlllianr and Mary Colleqe Baslcelball Team, Baseball Team, Foolball Team, Junlor Varsily Foolball. CORNELIA ETHEL WARDELL Ting CARMELA ZEZZE .ll1'llff' Bloloqy Club, Miss Lewlss Dlscussion llange Club, Volleyball, Ona Year C1rrrup,T-all Epsilon PI, Tlrron Year llonor. Honor. , u' F -y .f t , - 4 . .- X va J VJ JT' 'Lf ,, v-f :N G L5 554 L vs . 4: igwa, T' fi -Cb Q' Q5-,--'V xi Donald Storey Anthony A. Tisn C. FI. XVnrd0ll Jnmcs A. Y'x77ettl Ruth Tennenbaum Salvatore W. Violino Carey vl'l-'lls Ralph le1t1 Earle E. Tietz William Wachter Marg'zu'et Wool Carmela lule flm5k-MwW1m11e,WrwRuMmwW,WM,- rzwrfwfwiy ., . f . Joseph Zibelli G. A. Zimmermann JOSEPH ZIBELLI Zib Fordham UniversiTy Ping-Pong Club Chess Team, InTerclass Baseball, lnTerclass FooTball, Vice-Presi- denT OT O. R., Three Year Honor, Gregg Type Award. GEORGE A. ZIMMERMANN Gilch Sfevens lnsTiTuTe of Technology Swimming Team, Ping Pong Club, One Year Honor. CHARLES CONNOLLY Chuckle-Haiti Swimming Team. MELVIN MOSS Loafer lThaca College Track Team. ADELAIDE A. POEHL Duchess MacDowal School of Design WALTER SOUZA Shorty MINNA TRAFFORD Mickey Three Year Honor. WALTON WESTLAKE Walt ROBERT L. WINES Bob Band, DepuTy Marshal, One Year Honor. The lnsiqnificance of Man O ancienT civilizaTion, now l see How TuTile is This lusT Tor wealTh and loloodg I realize whaT puny Things we be AgainsT The sTrengTh oT Time's eTTacing Tlood. Once, you were sTeeped in wealTh, and wished To kill. The place, which Teerned wiTh life, is very sTill And you are naughT buT dusT Tor all your pains. The wealTh, The peTTy praise you Then received Have culminaTed in a ToTal loss: Your souls were crushed loeneaTh The sTain OT greedy Your bodies, all decayed, are Turned To moss. And yeT, poor Tools, we Try To do The sameq To make greaT noise upon This shallow earTh. Our acTions oTT should cause us biTTer shame, BUT, no - we Tollow Them wiTh hollow mirTh. Beware, beware, O people living now, Rememloer, LiTe is noT a Thing ThaT lasTs. STern Time will Torce The proudesT man To bow: Our TondesT hopes wiTh lighTning speed he blasTs. Daphne Stones 0 32 0 Presidenf Warren Broemel Vice-Presidenr Rae Prenriss Secrewtary-Treasurer Marcia Van Kirk if a i 4 ig if '32 , , ex gg' qv j L i Katherine Abbalecola Renee Abramson Julian Akus Louis Albright Sherman Allan Frances Allen KATHERINE ABBATECOLA Km' M a ro o n and W In i I e Reoiezenialive, Sliorlhand Club. RENEE ABRAMSON Kiwi' New Yorlr Universily I-IifNews Editorial Siail, Green Room Player, School Interests Committee, Ma- roon and Vlflniie Reprosonialive, Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, National Honor Sociely. JULIAN AKUS Julii' Pralt Insiiiuie Dance Club, Ivlaroori and While Ari Slail, Pinq-Ponq Club, Two Year Honor. National Honor Sociely. LOUIS ALBRIGHT Louie' Purdue Universiiy Band, Orcl'1eSl'ra, Inleinarional Relation Club, Two Year Honor. fa so.. Virginia Allen George Arkontaky Audrey Baldwin Ruth Barsk John Andersen Charlotte Augustine Audrey Bard Marie Bate. Helen Anechiarico Louise J. Auticri Madeline Barglnan Cunsucla Batta SHERMAN ALLAN Bud LOUISE J. AUTIERI 'I'rrurp, Annapolis Dance Club, Ping-Pong Club, O. R. President, One Year Honor. FRANCES ALLEN l'il'r1l1 College oi New Roclicllu Girls' Riciinq Club, Arclieiy Club, O. R. Adviser, Qne Year Honor. VIRGINIA ALLEN Ginny Hood College Ridinq Club, Dance Club, Alpha Tau Deira, O. R. Represeniaiivo. JOHN ANDERSEN flnfli' Eootbali Squad, Baslceiball Squad, Swim- ming, Dance Club. HELEN ANECHIARICO Lvl Pino-Pong Club, Dance Club, CI'ioruS. GEORGE ARKONTAKY Ccnl'gr' CHARLOTTE AUGUSTINE I.'!uu'!u1lc O 34 0 Baseball Tearn, Ilalian Club, lvlairion and While Represenlalivc, lvlarslial Squadf' AUDREY BALDWIN lflrrlfy Riding Club. AUDREY BARD Illlflllllj' Tennis Team, Alpha Tau Delia. MADELINE BARGMAN Mrulfr' EI Aieneo, Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. RUTH BARSKY Rrrlfi Oberlin College Bulletin Board Corrirnlllee, Maroon and White Editorial Board, Co-Editor-im Chief I-Ii-News, Riding Club, Nalional Honor Socieiy. MARIE BATES Mini Wesrbroolc Junior College Band. CONSUELA BATTAGLIA ffrurrric Ilalian Club, One Year Honor. man Beckcrmau orothy Berger tester R. Berkc . Q - L' I . , Y 41 U t 9, x l , A , 1 .x , s f A, . ,. , . ' l ' P 5 Q 'n' , 0 ' 4 'T l RT' A .K 'i T Q i' ' . Q U. V f s . -. 3 4 I a . ff, ' N' if Q' 'rr 'T 1 ST dy I J' 95' s ll fl il' 5' 1 QL RMA BECKERMAN .yilflllfl :Juliard Conservalory oi Music Miss lewis's Discussion Group, Glee Club, O. R. Adyiser. DOROTHY BERGER .lillrr Typewrilinq Club. CHESTER ROUSSEAU BERKE Slmrli' Science Club. Dance Club, Siaqe Crew, Baskeiball Team. Eirsl and Second Hon- ors in Baslcelball. RAYMOND BERNSTEIN Rui' Darimou+h Colleqe Dance Club, Pina Ponq Club, lnrerriaiion- al Relaiions Club, Boys' Arhlelic Com- miriee. Baseball Squad. RICHARD BERNSTEIN llirk Universiiy of Norlh Carolina Presidenl of Nalional Thespians, Secre- lary ol: Dramalic Sociely. Chairman ci School lnieresis Commillee, Maroon and While Represenlaiive, Hi-News Business Board, One Year Honor, Non-Alhlelic Honor. ROBERT BIDDULPH Buff Baslcelball Squad, Ping-llonq Club, Swim- ming Team. Gym Team. Raymond Bernstein Richard Bernstein Joseph B. Birkcn Robert Biddulph Margaret Ann Bizcl O 35 0 ROBERT BILINSKY Hub Syracuse Universiiy Cross Counlry Team, Jayyee Foolball, lnferclass Foorball, lnferclass Baslceiball, Baseball Team. JOSEPH B. BIRKEN Hliiu' Praif lnslilule Dance Club, O. R. Represenlalive. MARGARET ANN BIZEL Hfzzff Kainerine Gibbs Secrelarial School Sans Souci, Pinq-Ponq Club, Miss Lewis's Discussion Group, Maroon and While Represeniaiive, Marshal Squad, O. R. Presidenl, Two Year Honor, Nalional Honor Socieiy. PRISCILLA BLACK Hcvlu' Girls' Glee Club, Alhlelic Honor. ROBERT G. BOGART Huff Cornell Universily Foofball Squad, Fencing Club. RUTH BONN Rlllfli Norlhweslern Universiiy JOHN D. BOONE f. H. New Yorlc Universily Lalin Club, Co-Edifor Hi-News Eclilorial Priscilla Blark Robert G. Bogart, Ruth Bonn Rnhcrh Bilinsky Paige, O. R. Represenlalive, G. O. Coun- cil, Three Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Nalional Honor Sociely. AMY BORCHERS 'lmrw riaiherine Gibbs Secrelarial School Dance Club, Marshal Squad, Pina-Pong Club, Alpha Tau Della, One Year Honor. ALBERT BOROWSKY lf1'nuHi'l1 Uniyersiiy of Missouri El Aleneo, One Ycar Honor ALICE BOULTER HIIIIIIT' Packard Secreiarial School O. R. Adviser, O. R, Represcnlaliye, Riding Club. ROBERT F. BROEGE Hill: Ping-Pong Club, Cross Counlry Team. WARREN BROEMEL Hrvzn Presidenl of Debalinq Sociely, Hi-News Ediiorial Slalfi, lnlcrnalional Relaiions Club, l-lead Marshal, Dr. Srewarlls Dis- cussion Group, Traclc Team, Hoclcey Team. Gym Team. Presidenl ol' June Senior Class, Tau Epsilon Pi, Naiional Honor Socieiy, Two Year Honor. .lohn IL Bonne Alice Boulter Amy Bnrchers Robert F. Broeze Albert Borowsky Xvarrcn Brocmcl 'Hs-v .-., 405 'qv-'v 45. kf, fm '27 Mnu......S fv Tj Mllflel Edith BTOIH Eleflnfll' Camp Etta Carfann M. M. Cennerazzu Frances Charlet Gloria Clark William Buhrig William R. Campbell Nancy Carpenter Berney Cesarini John W. Churchill Jean Clough Wmlfred J. Cammack Anna Cappcllo Reigh Carpenter Carmella Cestone Ruth Clark Marcia A, Coe, MURIEL EDITH BROUT M4111 WILLIAM R. CAMPBELL Rrmrly BARNEY CESARINI Cys Vassar Coilege Colgaie Universiiy Two Year Honor. Assisfani Ediior of Maroon and Whiie, Dance Ciub, EI Aieneo, Two Year Honor. v Miss Lewis's Discussion Group, Hi-News CARMEI-I-A CESTONE 011171101111 Business Board, Sans Souci, Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. WILLIAM BUHRIG Bill Lehigh Universiiy Band, Orchesira, Marshai Squad, Three Year Honor, Tau EpsiIon Pi, Naiional Honor Socieiy. WINIFRED JEAN CAMMACK Winnie Swarihrnore Coiiege Vice-Presideni G. O, Councii, Liierary Ediior, Maroon and Whiie, Capiain Giris' Tennis Team, Secreiary Miss Lewis's Discussion Group, O. R. Adyiser, Dance CIub. O. R. Represeniaiive, Chairman BuIIe+in Board Comrniiiee, Hi-News Edi- iorial Siaff, Senior Represeniaiive 'ro W. Cr. A. A., Maroon and Whiie Rep- reseniaiive, Three Year Honor, Tau Ep- siion Ri, Naiionai Honor Socieiy. ELEANOR CAMP Elwumr Miss Le-wis's Discussion Group. ANNA CAPPELLO Mi.s.s Cappi Our Lady oi Viciory Business Schooi Basebaii. ETTA CA RFANO E11 NANCY CARPENTER Dllllllllllll? Middlebury Colieqe Band, Miss Lewis's Discussion Group, Camera Club, Hi-News Ediioriai Siaif, Maroon and Whiie Represeniaiiye, Giris' Siuni Ciub, Two Year Honor, Naiionai Honor Socieiy. REIGH CARPENTER Reggie Cornell Universiiy Chess Club, lniernaiional Relaiions CIub, Secreiary Marshai Squad, Boys' Aihieiic Commifiee, Manager of Equipmeni-Foot baii, Assisiani Manager of Eduiprneni- Basebali, One Year Honor, Naiionai Honor Socieiy. MATILDA M. CENNERAZZO Tillie Dance Ciub, Service Ciub, Shorihand Club, Chorus. ff' ,f ,I Q I , P ,da . ,, Yfbcgqu 4 deff Q. 360 c ge. New Yoric Universiiy Basicefbail, Basebali, Hockey, Iialian Club, Afhleiic Honor. FRANCES CHARLET Fran Osieopaihic Hospifal of Philadelphia Maroon and Whiie Represeniaiive, Dep- uiy Marshai, BuIIe'Hn Board Commiiiee, Riding CIub, Two Year Honor, Naiional Honor Socieiy. JOHN WESLEY CHURCHILL Hui! Hobari Coilege Dramaiic Socieiy, O. R. Represeniaiive. RUTH CLARK Rufli GLORIA CLARKE Dolly New Paliz Normal School JEAN CLOUGH Rell Miami Universiiy O, R. Adviser, Band, Basiceibaii, Basebail, Marshal Squad, Naiionai Honor Socieiy. MARCIA A. COCIVERA Mary CoIurnbia Uniyersiiy Marshai Squad, Chorus. in T .. 'l I I T ' Tl! is E . - ' ', 0 If DLA .'WlpQxJ. JAMES CONKLIN ffm Punching Bag Club, Cheerleading Squad. AGATHA MARIA CONTE Nell Drake Business School Hockey, Archery, Tennis. LANGDON J. COLLIER Doc Columbia Universily Co-Capiain of Gym Team, Dance Club, Marshal Squad, Presidenl of G. O., Na- 'rional Thespian, Three Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Nafional Honor Sociely. CAMILLE H. COSCHIGANO Cosby Kafherine Gibbs Secrefarial School Service Club, Baskelball, Baseball, Two Year Honor. FRANK COSCHIGANO Frnng Baskefball Squad, Fooiball Squad. STANLEY CZARK Stan Purdue Universily Foofball Squad, Baseball Team, One Year Honor. AIMEE DALTON Pele McDowel School for Design Riding Club, Volleyball, One Year Honor. Camille H. Coschigano Frank Coschigano Stanley Czark . . 'RM iv 3. A 9 , L A 0370 MARIE DATO Marie Halian Club. ARMOND GENE D'AVANZO Army Annapolis Band, Assislanl' Manager Cross Counlry Team, Orcheslra, Manager Swimming Team, Chess Club, Inierclass Fooiball, Punching Bag Club. MUSSETTA DAWLEY MllSSCffH Packard Business School Ping-Pong Club. JANET DECARLO Bumpy Sl. John's Nursing School Spanish Club, O. R. Represenlaiive. O. R. Adviser, Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. GAETANO DE EEO GUI Marshal Squad. Aviaiion Club, Dance Club, Foofball Squad, Three Year Honor. ROBERT DE SHERBININ Bob Darimouih College Marshal Squad, Spanish Club, One Year Honor. Aimee Dalton Mussetta Dawley Robert De Sherbinin Marie Dato Janet: DeCarlo Robert M. Dick Armand G. D'Avanzo Gaetano De Feo Margaret Dickert ROBERT M. DICK Bob Lehigh Universily Camera Club. EI Aleneo. G. O. Rep- resenlafive, One Year Honor. MARGARET DICKERT Dickie Kafherine Gibbs Secrelarial School German Club, Marshal Squad, Three Year Honor. ANITA DLYN Anita Goucher College Maroon and While Represenlaiive, Ma- roon and While Ediiorial Sialf, O. R. Adviser, O. R. Represenialive, Dance Club, Infernalional Relaiions Club, Bul- lelin Board Commillee, Baskelball Team. CATHLEEN DOOLEY Kay Purdue Universily Archery Club, Riding Club, Alhlelic Honor in Hockey, Baskeiball and Base- ball, Honor Hockey Team. BERNARD J. DOYLE Fordham Universily Marshal Squad, El Aieneo, Two Year Honor. Colonel L. r sr 1. Anita Dlyn Cathleen Doi lcv Bernard J Doyle ...NW 'F'-Hi in f as m' as I . r :Mean f 5 ' fir . . 'I 7' 3 . M ' ,rf ' 3 ms '37 A 3 I' iff ' fair! 'Y , 1 nj ' ty, f 'Fo-2 ...ww E. 'V ,nr-4 i ZD',f Tl Ray Dubrowin Margaret Ellison Ada Farrington Charlotte Ferris Abraham Freedman Simon Galin Constance Dukoff Norman Engelson Doris Fellows Glenna Jean Francis Barbara Freeman Mary .lo Gart Warren W. Eason WValter Fairservis, Jr. Arlindo P. Ferreira Benedicta Franklin Marcia Freeman Edward Gesr T ' . ,., lv 'fs-lb W ', RAY DUBROWIN Ray ADA FARRINGTON Arla ABRAHAM FREEDMAN liappy Praii lnsiiiuie Traclc Squad, Tennis Squad, Hi'News Edi- 'lorial Siaii. 1 -2 XI I 0 I a Wi396d.usTXNo'Ek5UKoxFF 'b . Connie WARREN W. EASON Warren Columbia Universiiy Orchesira, Band, Dance Club. Publiciiy Commiriee, Narional Honor Sociery, Tau Epsilon Pi, Three Year Honor. MARGARET ELLISON Margie Uniyersiiy of Norih Carolina School Dance Commiliee, Dance Club lnsirucror, Baseball, Volleyball, Maroon and Whiie Represeniaiive, O. R. Secre- lary, O. R. Represenlalive. NORMAN ENGELSON Lefly lniernaiional Relarions Club, Aviaiion Club, Chorus. WALTER FAIRSERVIS, JR. Walt Universiiy oi Chicago Caprain oi Cross Counlry Team, Traclr Team, Three Year Honor. l O. R. Represenlalive, Orchesira, Miss Lewis's Discussion Group, Dance Club, Red Cross Club. DORIS FELLOWS Dnric CHARLOTTE FERRIS Sllerlock American Academy oi Dramaiic Aris Dramaiic Sociely, School Inieresis Corn- miiiee, Two Year Honor. ARLINDO P. FERREIRA Lindy O. R. Represeniaiiye, Marshal Squad, O. R. President One Year Honor. GLENNA JEAN FRANCIS Frzmir' O. R. Represeniaiiye, O. R. Adviser, Vice-Presideni oi Riding Club, Archery Club, Maroon and Whiie Business Board, Two Year Honor. BENEDICTA FRANKLIN Bennie Barnard College Maroon and While Ari Commiiiee, Ca ei La, Two Year Honor. 0 38 0 Universily oi Virginia Dance Club, Ping-Pong Club, lnlerclass Baseball, Fooiball Squad, Tennis Team, Three Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. BARBARA FREEMAN Jackie Universiiy of Missouri One Year Honor. MARCIA FREEMAN lM!lI'l'fll Conneciicui College For Women Co-Ediloi-in-Chiel: Hi-News, Miss Lewisis Discussion Group, Maroon and While Ediiorial Board, Advisory Board oi June Senior Class, Three Year Honor, Tau Ep- silon Pi, Non-Aihleiic Honor, Nalional Honor Socieiy. SIMON GALINSKY .Sink New Yorlc Universiiy Fencing Club, lniernaiional Relalions Club, HifNews Fdilorial Siaii, Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. MARY JO GARTLAN .ln O. R. Represenraiive, Dance Club, One Year Honor. EDWARD GESNER Eff Fooiball Squad, Baseball Squad, Baslrei- ball Squad. lisa Gcsualdo ' Ianet Gibson . lbeth Betty Gip , w x , il.: 'PT l-'U 'l'- -J PMN , l I U N e- N' 4 ELISA GESUALDC Lee Pace lnsiiiuie Service Club, Presidenl Type Club, Ca el La, Maroon and While Represenra- five. JANET GIBSON Gibby Bullelin Board Cornrnirlee. ELIZABETH BETTY GIPS Britina Mills College O. R. Presidenl, Naiional Thespian, Drarnaric Socieiy, Maroon and Whife Liierary Ediior, Miss Lewis's Discussion Group. Red Cross Club, Riding Club, Three Year Honor, Naiional Honor Soe ciely. BLOSSOM GLEITSMANN B10 Prari lnsliiure Dance Club, Chorus, Volleyball, Hoclcey, Afhleiic Honor. MIRIAM GOLDSTIEN Mimfc Shorihand Club, Red Cross Club, Ping- Pong Club, Service Club, Three Year Honor. EDWIN GOODLIFFE Duck Boeing Air School Jayvee and Varsiiy Fooiball, Traclr Squad, Aihleiic Honor. ' I ' ,I .4 f A -2 '. . H 8 l . ,Q Blossom Gleitsniann Miriam Golrlsbcin Edwin Gnodliffc S C O 39 O GEORGE GOUVEIA New Yorlc Uniyersiiy Presideni of Spanish Club, Three Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. JANET GRAINGER Jill! Merchani' and Banlcers Business School Typewriiing Club. CONSTANCE M. GRILLO Connie MARIE GUARINO Marie Girls' Glee Club, Typewriiing Club. CONSTANCE GUSTAVSON Connie Karherine Gibbs Secrelarial School Sans Souci, PinqAPong Club. Marshal Squad, Bulleiin Board Cornmiiiee, Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. , ...Q NATALIE GUTEKUN T'l A G1 N111 Julliard School of sic . Glee Club, Bi gy Clu , Ping-Pong Club, Girly' -Billeiin Cowniilee. Mar .a-'and hi if Ediio' Board, Thregegear Honrgrau Epsig Pi, Na- iional Honor Socieiy. George Gouveia Marie Guarinn Janet Grainger onstance M. Grillo Constance Gustavson Natalie Gutekunst Ceorgf' DEAN HALL Dean Columbia Universiiy Camera Club, Fencing Club, O. R. Vice- Presidenl, One Year Honor. DOROTHY HAMANN 1701 Maroon and While Represeniarive, Chorus. IRENE HARRINGTON Rena Laiin Club, Dance Club, One Year Honor. ARTHUR HAYMAN f4l'ClII.!' New Yorlc Universily Ping-Pong Club, Camera Club, lnlerclass Foorball. EDWARD JEROME HEALY E11 Annapolis Baseball Tearn, Baslcelball Squad, Dance Club, Marshal Squad, Three Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Nalional Honor Socieiy. CHARLES HERBERT Clmrliv Cornell Universiiy Eooiball Tearn, Jayvee Foofball, Baseball Tearn, Dance Cornrniriee, One Year Honor. Dr-an Hall Arthur Hayman Dorothy Hamann Edward .lclome Healy Irene Harrington Charles Hubert ii I. . ..,. I I ,pau -Q1 ibn- Irma. I-Ierbst John Henry Hirsh Virginia. Holmes Lydia Hovhannissian Elsie Mae Hess Phyllis F. Hollander Edgar Horn Dorothy Hubbard Frank Heuslcm Eugene Holley Bernard Horowitz Patsy Impara IRMA HERBST Bcrps EDGAR HORN ljfllf School ol Vari-Typography O. R. Adviser, Dance Club lnsrruclor, Volleyball, B a s k e l b all, Chorus, Der Deulsche Verein, Two Year Honor. ELSIE MAE HESS Elie FRANK HEUSLEIN Shorty Universily ol Pennsylvania Dance Club, Maroon and Whiie Repre- senialive. JOHN HENRY HIRSH John Henry Universily ol Pennsylvania Secrelary ol Dance Club, Secrelary ol Punching Bag Club, I-loclcey, Traclc. PHYLLIS F. HOLLANDER Phil Dance Club, Archery Club, Riding Club, Cheerleader, O. R. Represenialive, Green Room Player. EUGENE HOLLEY Cena' Princelon Universily Dance Club. Swimming Team, Maroon and While Represenlahve, lnierclass Bas- lceiball, Tau Epsilon Pi, Three Year honor. VIRGINIA HOLMES Ginger Marshal Squad, I-li-News Edilorial Slafl, Service Club, Chorus, O. R, Secrelary. Michigan Universiiy Manager ol Tennis Team, Swimming Squad, l-li-News Business Board, School Publicalions Commiiiee, Dramaric So- ciely, Green Room Player, Camera Club, Slage Crew, Dance Club. BERNARD HOROWITZ Hank Lowell Texiile lnsiiluie Manager ol Foolball Team, lnierclass Foolball, lnierclass Baslcelball, Traclc Team, Sporrs Edilor of Hi-News, El Aie- neo, lnlernalional Relarions Group, Chess Club. , i,:,f '.' Q, L LYDIA HOVHANN ssl ' 1,.f.gf.,,r ' shofiband CILIQ Ti kf3,Ui l'eam, ilienriisjgeasrln' ree Year Honor, NaiiQ1ialI'Hdnbr Sociely. I DOROTHY HUBBARD Un! Kalherine Gibbs Secrelarial School Maroon and Whiie Represenlaiive, Vice- Presidenl ol Shorlhand Club, Baseball Team, Volleyball Team, l-loclsey Team, Baslcelball Team, Chorus. 0409 Ernie Jahnkc Adele Carol James Ethel Ralph Johanson Jerome PATSY IMPARA Pu! Amhersi College Foolball Squad, Baslcclball Squad, Base- ball Squad. ERNIE JAHNKE Ernie CAROL JAM ES Jessie Purdue Universily Cheerleader, Miss Lewis's Discussion Group, Ca el La, I-li-News Business Board, O. R. Represeniarive, Alpha Tau Della, Two Year l-lonor. RALPH JOHANSON fo Prail lnsiilule Two Year I-lonor. ADELE JONES Dizzy Nurses Training School Mounl Vernon I-lospiial l-loclsey, Baslcelloall, Baseball. ETHEL JONES Dual: Apel Beauly School JEROME KALIK FCl'lIll1IlIlll New Yorlc Universily Foolball Team, Jayvee Foolball, Dance Club, One Year Honor. ELLIOTT CHARLES KAPLAN Kap Universify of Pennsylvania Swimming Team, Hi-News Business Board, Camera Club, One Year Honor. ,ogggf .41 UT KASBI elf I., lr Pac ' School Hi-N s Bush s , aroon Whi senla ' e, Asfrono CM 3 s ou ' Secrela - , X n V Unbbffxelgzof O. R Ufgies n'ra?i 'Board Egom t am, Presidenl of Sho I u ,Three Year Honor, Nafiona Honor Sociely, Gregg Cerlificales. GLADYS KAUFMAN Cluflfly Orcheslra, Riding Club, Ping-Rong Club, Sans Souci, One Year Honor. ANN KAYSER Ann Univeisily of Wisconsin Archery Club, Riding Club, Two .Year Honor. BETTY KERSLAKE Bvls New Pallz Normal School Chorus, Ping-Pong Club, Sans Souci, Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor. roll: C. Kaplan Ann Kayser uth Kasberg Betty Kerslake adys Kaufman Audrey Ketting Q 0 41 O AUDREY KETTING Babe Gaines Secrelarial School O, R. Represenlalive, Dance Club, Sec- relary of Glee Club. EDNA KIM Kimmy Kalherine Gibbs Secrelarial School Marshal Squad, Maroon and While Rep- rescnfalive, Ping-Rong Club, Sans Souci, Bullelin Board Commilfee, Three Year Honor, Nalional Honor Sociely, Tau Ep- silon Pi. EDWARD KING E41 Cooper Insfilule of Technology El Aleneo, Hockey Squad, Foolball Squad, Marshal Squad, Two Year Honor, MARION KOSSMAN Koss Nurses Training School of Mounl Vernon Hospilal Ono Year Honor. DOROTHY KUHNOW Dolty Russell Sage College Marshal Squad, Camera Club, One Year Honor. Edna Kim Edward King Marion Kossman Pauline Kule 2 QF-:va Dorothy Kuhnow Y Henry Kunstreich PAULINE KULEY Paul Baseball Club, Needlework Club, Dance Club, Two Year Honor. HENRY KUNSTREICH Buddy Lowell Texlile Inslilule ANNA LAGANA Clzublffns Shorlhand Club, Dance Club, One Year Honor. VIENNA LALLI Vi Gym Team. Baseball, Hoclcey, Volleyball, Baslcefball, One Year Honor. D-ORIS LAMBDEN Delle Nurses Training School Mounl Vernon Hospifal Ping-Pong Club, Hi-News Edilorial Slaff, Maroon and While Represenlalive, Girls' Glee Club, O. R. Vice-President Senior Baslcelball, Sans Souci, Three Year Honor. MURIEL LAMBRECHT Rickey Cooper Union Arl' School Volleyball, Baslcelball, Hockey, Baseball. VIRGINIA LASH Ginny Marshal Squad, Hockey. MARGARET LEGGAT Puggft? Ca el La, Dance Club, Chorus. Anna Lagana Vienna Lalli Doris Lambden ,pu QL i ,J ' Q4 1' T Muriel Lambx echn Virginia Lash Margaret Lcgzat ew. . , x., . 1 X sa, . We :yi in 2 wg 4 Y is ' 3 gf ir, s, ik Q , lk .ig y , I 4 , V if fi '- . . if-. - 2 -. A J J,.tk,fyg'J,g A.. . ,,a,.,,.qg-,,,i,,-M,,,..fa.5,,..-...,,,,i. . ' 4 f .L - . , I Leon Leuice Florence J. Lewis George H. Long Gomingio Luciano Marguerite Lusanne Rhoda MBCLCI Jerome Levine Bramwell Lieber I William Longhi Geraldine Lundt Frank Lynch Edward Mag Maurice D. Levine Mary Ann Lombardi Donald A. Loughran Robert Lunstead Marjorie MacDonald Anthony R M LEON LEUICE Fordham Universily Jayvee Baseball, O. R. Represenlalive, Ping-Pong Club, Alhlelic Honor. JEROME LEVINE ferry Universily ol Missouri EI Aleneo. MAURICE D. LEVINE Maurice Hemphill Diesel Engineering School Ca el La, Maroon and While Business Board, Boys' Glee Club, Chorus, Ping- Pong Club, Hockey Manager, Track Man- ager, Assislanl Foalball Manager, Alh- lelic Honor. FLORENCE JEANNE LEWIS Wlzilie Mary Wasliinglon School Alpha Tau Della, Miss Lewis's Discussion Group, O. R. Represenlalive, Dance Club, Presidenl ol Glee Club. BRAMWELL LIEBER Brummy Syracuse Uniyersily Maroon and While Arl Edilor, One Year Honor, Nalional Honor Sociely. MARY ANN LOMBARDI Mfll'iHlI New York Denlal Assislanls Training lnslilulion llalian Club, Girls' Alhlelic Commillee, Ping-Pong Club, Baseball, Baskelball, Volleyball, Alhlelic Honor. GEORGE H. LONG Yo Sl. Lawrence Universily Foolball Squad, O. R. Represenlalive, Camera Club, O, R. Presidenl, Dance Club, Three Year Honor. WILLIAM LONGHI Bill Jayvee Baskelball, Baskelball Team, Dance Club, Inlerclass Baseball, Jayvee Baseball, Inlerclass Foolball, Dance Com- millee, One Year Honor, Alhlelic Honor. DONALD A. LOUGHRAN Axel-Grease Fordham Universily Fencing Club, Chess Club, Scoreboard Squad. GOMINGIO LUCIANO Mingy Inlerclass Baskelball, Inlerclass Baseball, Inlerclass Foolball. 0420 GERALDINE LUNDT Alpha Tau Della, Riding Club, Dance Club, G. O. Council, Two Year Honor, Nalional Honor Sociely. ROBERT LUNSTEAD Bob Cooper Union lnslilule Dance Club, Track Team. MARGUERITE LUSANNE Volleyball, Riding Club, Ping-Pong Club, FRANK LYNCH flflurpliy Baskelball Squad, Baseball Squad, One Year Honor, Nalional Honor Sociely, Tau Epsilon Pi. MARJORIE MACDONALD Margie Girls' Chorus, Sans Souci, Hi-News Edi- lorial Slall, Hi-News Business Board, Girls' Riding Club, Maroon and While Represenlalive, Bullefin Board Cornmil- lee, Nalional Honor Sociely. Illurgy RHODA MAC LENNAN Mac Baskelball. EDWARD MAGNER Irish Jayvee Foolball, Inlerclass Baskelball. ANTHONY RALPH MARANO Diclrey Baseball Team, .layyee Baskelball. JAMES MARRONE Ililllli' 'Webb Insiilule. TI Aleneo. PATRICIA MARSHALL Pu! Sweel Brier College hiosidenl oi O. R. Reoresonlarives, In- slruclor in Dance Club, Alpha Tau Della, Caplain ol Gym Team, Secrelary and Vice-Ifresidenl ol O. R. MARY MARTIN ,llurlv l'ainona Colleqe Vice-Presidenl ol Nalional Thespians, llresidenl ol Dramalic Sociely, Baskelv ball Team, Hockev Team, Baseball Team, Sluni Club, Three Year Honor. Nalional Honor Sociely. ROSE MARTINELLI Rn-Ru lralian Club, Girls' Chorus, Volleyball Team, Baseball Team, Alhlelic Honor. WILLIAM MARTINI Hill Booinq School ol Aeronaulics Bond, Chess Team. DONALD MARVIN Tulis Colleqe Marshal Squad, Advorlisinq Mannqcrr I-Ii-News Business Board, Camera Club, O. R, Repiezenlalive, One Year Honor, Nniicnal Honor Socielv. O 43 O GWENDOLYN MAST Czrvn Universily ol California Head Girl Marshal, Maroon and While Represenlalive, Dramalic Sociely, Ad- visory Beard ol June Senior Class, O. R. Adviser, Maroon and While Edilorial Slalf, Two Year Honor, Non-Alhlelic Honor, Nalional Honor Sociely. ALBERT MASTRO Sflllllllll' Foolball Squad, Baseball Squad. PENSIERO MASTROPIETRO Pele Mzu-sim Hi-News lzdilorial Slall, Presidenl ol lhe Orchesfra and Band, Chorus, Sludenl Loader Band and Orciieslra. COLLINS MCCABE Mf'.gl'llIlf' Villanova Mililary lnslilufe G. O. Council Member, Dance Club. BARBARA MCCLELLAN Bnlflriv Baseball, Baskelball, Hockey, O. R. Rep- resenlalive, Secrelarv of Chorus, Band, O. R, Presidenl, Alhlelic Honor. FREDERICKA McCRAY Frwlily MILDRED McG-INNESS Zklillie Bnskelball Team, Baseball Team, Alhlelic rloncr. lies Nlzlrrone Ruse Martinelli Gwendolyn Mast Collins McCabe icia Marshall VVilIialn Martini Albert: Mastro Barbara McClellan ary Martin Donald Marxin Pensieru Masiropietro Fredericka McCray 'S- Q inn- as id f I 'Mgt I i 6'-'35 .... 1 Q X 9' I '49 4' Kamvxl' .4 f -is BARBARA McKNIGHT Bobbie Virginia Slale College Type Club, Service Club, O. R. Adviser, Hockey. VIRGINIA MCMENOMY ilfut Riding Club, Ping-Pong Club, Volley- ball, Two Year I-Ionor, Alhlelic I-Ionor. RICHARD McMILLIN Mac Universily of Minnesola Gym Team, Dance Club, Marshal Squad, Nalional Honor Sociely. JOHN C. MCNEILL, JR. Muck Soulh Dakola Weslyan Universily Presidenl ol Dramalic Sociely, Nalional Thespians, O. R. Presidenl, Golf Team, Marshal Squad. EDGAR MEHRLUST Ed Purdue Universily Cheerleading Squad, Cross Counlrv Team, Javvee Baskelball Team, Marshal Squad, Band, Orcheslra, Dance Club, School Publicalions Commillee, School Dance Commillee, Hi-News Business Board, Arhietic Honor. Mildred McGinness Barbara McKnight Virginia McMenomy nv- QU' qu-uv Richard McM1llm John C. McNeill J Edgar Mehrlust 3 -usa- ff' Irene Mellow Virginia Merrell Manuel Meltzer Gladys Metz M. J. Mendelsohn C. D. Meyer, Jr. IRENE MELLOW Moon Kaiherine Gibbs Secreiarial School Dance Club, Junior Hockey Team, Ser- vice Club, Chorus, Junior Baseball Team, One Year Honor. MANUEL MELTZER Track Squad. M GERKI. O Muggs Co ni y Da e ross Club, Miss e :sc ssio up, Maroon and Wlwil Edilorial S all, One Year Honor. VIRGINIA MERRELL Cilzggy New York Universily Der Deulsche Verein, O. R. Represenla- live, Ping-Pong Club, Asironorny Club. GLAIDYS Merz Goody Columbia Universily Riding Club, Girls' Glee Club, Camera Club. uw ig fund may . Ruth Michelsohn Clarence Moore Katherine Mullen Angela Napolean Helen Miller Mario A. Morra Paul Murray Rita Natella Robert F. Moller Rita Mortlock Robert Murray William C. lNels CHRISTIAN D. MEYER, JR. ,Chris CLARENCE MOORE Clarence Amhersi College I Davis Dois and Dashes, Secreiary of lhe MARIO A- MORRA Marlo Debaling Sociely, Concerl-masier Or- RITA MORTLOCK Ri,-i cheslra, Vice-Presidenl of Sans Souci, O. R. Represenlalive, Hi-News Edilorial Siall, Naiional Honor Socieiy, Tau Ep- silon Pi, Three Year Honor, Non-Alhlelic Honor, Second Prize Wesichesier Wo- n'ien's Club Essay Conlesl, Second Place Saiurday Night Club Debale. RUTH MICHELSOHN MlA'c' Tennis Team, Volleyball. HELEN MILLER Pemzy Kalherine Gibbs Secrelarial School Riding Club, O. R, Adviser, Maroon and Whiie Represenlaiive, O. R. Presidenl, One Year Honor. ROBERT F. MOLLER Rell Fordham Universily Foolball Team, Baseball Team, Hockey Team, Dance Club, Maroon and While Represenlalive, O. R. Represenlaiive, Firsl Place Mills Kicking Coniesi. 0440 Marshal Squad, Camera Club, Aslronomy Club, Baseball, Two Year Honor. KATHERINE MULLEN Kay PAUL MURRAY Siverle Swimming Team, Foolball Squad, Base- ball Squad, Dance Club. ROBERT MURRAY Snow Wfllile Universiiy ol: Virginia ANGELA NAPOLEANA Lena Sherman's Business School Baseball. RITA NATELLA Na! Riding Club, O. R. Represenlalive, Ma- roon and While Represenlalive, Aihlelic Honor. WILLIAM C. NELSON Nellie 1 ELEANOR NEWMAN Chick Savage School for Physical Educalion Riding Club, Ca el La, Ping-Pong Club, Marshal Squad, Baslcelball Team, Hoclcey Team, Two Year Honor, Nalional Honor Sociely. ANNE NEWTON Fig Dramalic Sociely, Nalional Thespian. WILLIAM NIELSEN Baby Face Amhersl College Marshal Squad, Band, Science Club, O. R, Represenlalive, Cheerleader, Drama- lic Socieiy, Two Year Honor. RICHARD P. NIESZ D I Chess Team, Dance Club, Ping Pong O 45 0 YETTA OKUN Azldi Biological Club, lnfernalional Relalions Club, Two Year Honor. EUGENE MILTON OLSEN Culmzvl Merchanl Marine Naval Academy Cross Counlry Team, Manager of Swim- ming Team, Dance Club. PAULINE PALMIERI 11111111.1163 llalian Club. FLORENCE PARENZINO Flossic Pace lnslilule Volleyball. JENNIE M. PATANE Small Fry Shorlhand Club, llalian Club, One Year Honor. BARBARA LOUISE PHILLIPS Bobs Casllelon Normal School Hi-News Editorial Slall, O. R. Secreiary, Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor. HENRY PINCKNEY Bubbles Service Club, El Aleneo, Punching Bag Club, Jayvee Foolball, lnlerclass Baskel- ball. RUTH PLATE Rufus Archery Club, Red Cross Club, Baseball, Baslcelball, Hoclcey, Marshal Squad, Tau Epsilon Pi, Baseball, Baslcelball, Hoclcey Honors, Two Year Honor, Nalional Honor Sociely. , Club, RUTH PLOSS Rusty I , Traphagen Arl School ' ALBERTO NUSSO Al Di:TxlcErsIT51TEoESS?uThern California PML Bullelln Board Commlllee' y Dance Club, Chess Club, Chorus, Swim- Dance Club' Gym Team' I VUIHQ Team. ERASMO R. POMPONIO Ray HARRY E. PETERSON Pete Franklin Inslilule i HELEN O'BEIRNE lIf'IlIPif? Gym Team, lnlernalional Relalions Club, Avialion Club, lnferclass Baslcelball, In- 1 O. R. Represenlalive, Slum? Club. Marshal Squad. lerclass Baseball. lleanor Newman Richard P. Niesz Yetta Okun Florence Parenzino Harry E. Peterson Ruth Plate Anne New - . .ton Alberto Nlissu Eugene Milton Olsen Jennie M. Patane Barbara L. Phillips Ruth Ploss William Nielsen Helen 0'Belrne Pauline Palmieri Dave Petersen Henry Pinckney Erasmn R. Pomponio Geialll Popper Martha Rafcl Evelyn Reichert Jean Rider Rae Plcntiss Mary A. Ramundo Louise Reichgotv Jacqueline Riegel Arthur Pnce Maury Raupaport Bernard Relkin Mary Riehl GERALD POPPER Jerry MAURY RAPPAPORT Nappy Ul1lV9l'Slly ol: Missouri New Ygrlq Univergiiy Swimming Team. Jayvee Fooiloall. Clness Club, Science Club, One Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. RAE PRENTISS Riu' Ping-Pong Club, Dance Club, Alpina Tau Della, G. O. Council, Maroon and Vfliiie Represenlalive, Cheerleader, Vice- Presidenl ol Senior Class, Dr. Sfewarrs Discussion Group, Nalional Honor So- ciely. ARTHUR PRICE Arliv Syracuse Universily Camera Club, Assisianl Foolball Man- ager, One Year Honor. MARTHA RAFEL Illurly Pace lnsliiule Service Club, Dance Club. MARY A. RAMUNDO Mary Sliermarfs Business School Sliorlliand Club, 'One Year Honor. EVELYN RElCl lERT EPP Needlecrail Club, Dance Club. LOUISE REICHGOTT Ltlllise Gouclwer College ' Hi-News Edilorial Slaif, O. R. Repre- senlalive, Miss Lewis's Discussion Group, O. R. Adviser, Two Year Honor, Tau Ep- silon Pi, Naiional Honor Socieiy. BERNARD RELKlN Bernie Universily ol Wisconsin Cliess Club, Lalin Club, Ping-Pong Club, Two Year Honor. JEAN RIDER Jeanie Hunler College Dance Club, Tennis Team. 0460 Jack Riixgenbueh Del plline Rosenb Alfred Rogers Lucille J. Rothsm Alberta Romano 'Et l Ruffalu . Cab' E JACQUELINE RIEGEL 1111116 Brooklyn College O. R. Adviser, O. R. Presidenl, Bullelin Board Cornrnillee, Sans Souci, Lalin Club, Maroon and Wliile Represenlalive, Two Year l-lonor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Nalion- al Honor Sociely, Non-Aihlelic Honor. MARY RIEHL SIIUIIOIL' JACK RIGGENBACH Riggy ALFRED ROGERS AI O. R. Represenlalive, Dance Club, Cross Counlry Team. ALBERTA ROMANO M1111 Mau DELPHINE ROSENBER al 'l Universil ' Ca el , a licwywlw T . Q adm 'Ing nvJf j,:ll-Q LUCILLE J. ROTHSCHILD LIIIFYIIBIZE Girls' Clnorus, ETHEL RUFFALO Iftlzffl Miss Lewis's Discussion Group. EVA RUFFALO mlilanz Baseball Team, Service Club. ELSIE C. RUTH l'ilmf11efu,1. Dramalic Sociely. NORMAN SALSTROM .Sully WILLIAM F. SCHAFFNER, Jr. Bill Lehiqh Universily. Finq-Pong Club, Camera Club, Avialion Club. MARTIN SCHEINER Muff Massachusells Inslilule ol Technoloqy Malnemafics Team, lnlercholaslic Def balinq Squad, Presidenl ol Science Club, Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Na- tional Honor Sociefy. BARBARA SCHEINER Hulzlu' Miss Lewis's Discussion Group. Q SHIRLEY SCHILLINGER Sunny a Ruffalo W. F. Schaffnur, Jr. J C. Ruth Barbara Schviner an Salstrom Martin Schuincr 63' 1 .T rv' Shirley Schillinpzm-r Robert Schlciullur John Schultz O 47 0 ROBERT SCHLEICHER Bah Cornell Universily Foofball Team, Track Team. JOHN SCHULTZ Uulrla Fordham Universily Toolball Squad, Presidenl ol O. R., Or- cheslra, O. R. Repvesenlalive, Marshal Squad. MORTON SCHUTZMAN Sfllllfl Syracuse Universily Chess Club, Ca el La, One Year Honor. ROSE SCLAFANI Rn Shermanls Business School Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Service Club. BRUCE HARVEY SCOBEL Michigan Universily Foorball Squad, Tennis Team, Baslfelball Squad, Hocley Squad, Hi-News Fdilorial Slaif, Band. Ilfuwm' Murlun Schutzmun Rose Sclaiani Bruce H. Scohn-l JOHN SERVO Allfllllflil' Prall lnslirule Dramatic Sociely, Marshal Squad Chess Team, Maroon and While Arm Slalf, Three Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi, Na- iional Honor Sociely. ETHEL SHAK'lN ' .sim-4 Cornell Univevsily . Baslcerball Tearn,'Maroon and Wlliie Repfesen-lang, ThrseeJfL1 J SY vijjii amor'-ff' ' , l'ul.y lla uc Sdyiefyk Ridinq-yah! Slunl C . -' ww' !'A-X, HELEN SIEGAL 3 flwlwlz Dance Club. SHIRLEY SILVER Hfwflii' ETHEL MARY SMALLWOOD llfnlplvs Nursels Training School Mounl Vernon Hcspilal Baskellnall Team, Hoclcey. John Servo I-I!hul Shakin Syls ia Shapiro E Helen Siegal Shirley Silxcr Ethel M. Smallwood 'T -km . .4 s Y 1 X-'I 'Gu-r Mu! Marian Smith Theodore Solomon Lillian Sposato Robert Steele Peggy Stoops Evelyl1 Tallbe Sheryl O. Smith Robert Spicklcr Margery Ann Squire Maurice Stevenson Ned Subihzky Ann TaYl0l Adele Solomon Meta. Spitzmixller William P. Stadig Daphne Stones Adelaide Sundermanu Joseph Th0mf MARIAN SMITH Smitty MARGERY ANN SOUIRE Midge NED SUBITZKY Tivo-Hits College of New Rochelle Dance Club, O. R. Represeniaiive, Al- pha Tau Delia, Miss Lewis's Discussion Group, Riding Club, Tau Epsilon Pi, Three Year Honor, Naiional Honor So- cieiy. SHERYL O. SMITH Sheryl ADELE SOLOMON Adele Syracuse Universiiy Sans Souci, Biology Club, Junior Red Cross Club, Two Year Honor. THEODORE SOLOMON Teil Brown Universiiy Laiin Club, Chess Club, Tennis Team, Two Year Honor. ROBERT SPICKLER Bal: META SPITZMULLER. , J' Mem Junior Red Cross., Club, Needlecrali Club, Marshal Squad, Maroon and Whiie Represenialive, 'One Yeair'Honor. LILLIAN SPOSATO Lilly lialian Club, WILLIAM P. STADIG Bill Massachuseiis lnsiiiuie of Technology Swimming Team, EI Aieneo, Science Club, Marshal Squad. Smiih College Hi-News Ediiorial Siail, G. O. Council Secreiary, School Publicaiions Commii- lee, O. R. Adviser, Laiin Club, O. R. Presideni, Naiional Honor Socieiy, Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor. ROBERT STEELE Boll Cornell Universiiy Hi-News Ediiorial Siali, Marshal Squad, Maihernaiics Team, Eooiball Squad, Ping- Pong Club, Three Year Honor, Tau Ep+ silon Pi, Naiional Honor Socieiy. MAURICE STEVENSON Bud Universiiy of Alabama Dance Club, Gym Team, Punching Bag Club, Baseball Team, Manager of Cross Couniry Team, Alhlelic Honor. DAPHNE STONES Daffy Naiional Honor Socieiy. PEGGY STOOPS Peg Middlebury College Maroon and Whiie Represeniaiive, Rid- ing Club, Dance Club. 0480 Universiiy oi 'Wichiia Fooiball Squad, lnierclass Baseball, ln- ierclass Baslceiball, Cross Couniry Team, Baseball Squad, Marshal Squad, Avia- iion Club. ADELAIDE SUNDERMANN Tofly Kaiherine Gibbs Secreiarial School. Secreiary and Presidenl' of Glee Club, Secreiary of Alpha Tau Delia, O. R. Adviser, Dance Club. EVELYN TAUBE E11 Michigan School oi Nursing Maroon and Whiie Type Ediior, Ca ei La, Maroon and Whiie Represeniaiive, Riding Club, Type Club, Girls Chorus, Hi-News Typisl. ANN TAYLOR Ann Wells College Marshal Squad, O. R. Adviser, Miss Lewis's Discussion Group, O. R. Presi- deni, Secreiary ol Archery Club, Two Year Honor. JOSEPH THOME .lov CARL CHARLES TORRISI Terry Fordham Universily inierclass Foolball, Camera Club, llalian Club, Dance Club. MARCIA VAN KIRK Marr-fri Wellesley College Head Girl Marshal, Secreiary-Treasurer of June Senior Class, G. O. Council, Sec- reiary of Mixed Chorus, Miss Lewis's Discussion Group, Laiin Club, Naiional Honor Socieiy, Two Year Honor, Tau Epsilon Pi. LORRAINE VENNOCK Dzlwlry Bellevue Hospiial Service Club, Dance Club, Type Club, Baslcelball, Nalional Honor Sociery. AMELIO VITTARINO Vi!! Ciry College oi New Yorl lnierclass Baskerball, Baseball. Foolball, Jayvee Baslceiball, Cross-Counliy Team, Airplane Club. HELEN WAGNER C1l1lA'il' Race lnsliiule O 49 O BETTY WAKEFIELD Pfilfvyi' Miss Lewis's Discussion Group, One Year Honor. ROBERT WALKER Bob Ll. S. Coasl Guard Academy 0. R. President Presideni of Dance Club, Varsiiy Baslseiball, One Year Honor. DOUGLAS C. WEISS Doug J. EVERETT WILLIAMSON Er New Yorlc Universiiy Band, Orchesira, lnrerclass Foorball. O. R. President Two Year Honor. URSULA J. WINDELS lfimly Karherine Gibbs Secreiarial School O. R. Represenialive, Riding Club, Ma- roon and While Represenlaiive, Secre- lary oi O. R. ANENTTE WISHMAN .flligcl New Yorlc Universiiy One Year Honor. ELVA WOODLEY Elm IRVING WOOLF lflnlfic Norlheasiern Universiiy SELMA WORKMAN Sunny Girls' Bullelin Board Comrniriee. Pino- Ponq Club, Riding Club, Needle-Craii Club, Three Year Honor. BETTY WYMAN Belly Naiional Parlc College Red Cross Club, Presideni of O. R., Vice-Presidenl' of O. R., O. R. Repre- Senlalive, O. R. Adviser, Green Room Players, Hi-News Business Board. VIVIAN YOUNG Vliflllll Hi-News Edilorial Slafli, Biology Club, Girls' Buileiin Board Commillee, Mar- shal Squad, O. R, Adviser, Nalional Honor Socieiy, Tau Epsilon Pi, Two Year Honor. lf W J HAROLD T. ZEISHNER is A Wliifvy J ELAINE M.g2EKOV sf.. Universiry fmt Pen flvania O.i,'Q Adviser, ce Club, Baslreibail xmeiam, Hoclryy Team, Baseliall Team, O. R. Represienialivef Siunl' Club, Assis+an+ Manager of Tennis Team, Service Club, Piiiq-Rong Club. Charles Torrisi rcia, Van Kirk 'raine Vennock Amelio Vittarino Helen VVagner Betty Wakefield Fooiball Squad, Traclc Team, Gym Team. Robert VVaIker Douglas C. Weiss J. Everett VVilliams0n Q' 'uu- Ursula J. Windels Annette Wishman Elva. Woodley i-if-A ,Jk- '4t '5: T ,, , hf 'h , .1 .5- 6 , 2 t 415 1? erwg M K Q? QAK ,Ne'EEllvecrafJ Club, Arhleiic Honor. V ?.of E'iS' H ' 1, - ' . l PM Y I 2 ' fre:-. V1 i Irving Woolf Vivian Young ' Selma Workman Harold T. Zeishner Betty Wyman Elaine M. Znkov 1 ,- iggr W Myer Zendel Christine G. Zibelli Madelon Zimmerman Doris Zinovoy MYER ZENDEL Mike OLE BLACK x Ole W, Columbia UniversiTy New York UniversiTy gf' Fencing Club, Biology Club, IVlaTherT1a- Jayvee Baseball, mer Tics Club, EdiTorial Page EdiTor oT Hi- - 9 QM News, Sans Souci, Chess Team, DepuTy RICHARD AP LI V s?AfACap Marshal, Three Year Honor, NaTional New York y V' Honor SocieTy. OrchesTra, ra C 0 eTy.iJ. CHRISTINE G. ZIBELLI Teeny RITA CARROLL Rim UniversiTy oT Pennsylvania Maroon and WhiTe RepresenTaTive, Cap- 'NEZ GRENCI Bufch Tain oT Baseball Team, CapTain oT Vol- Orchesirray Qne Year Honor leyball Team, BaskeTball, Hockey Teams, Dance Club, O. R. SecreTary, FirsT and JQHN JQNES Jnmy Second AThleTic Honor. MADELON ZIMMERMAN Mickey Cedar CresT College OrehesTra, Dance Club, Chorus. DORIS ZINOVOY Dol Columbia UniversiTy Biology Club. FooTball Squad, Track Team, Baske-Tball Squad. SALVADORE LABRUZZO Sal Dance Club, Ca eT La, FooTball Squad. JEROME B. MARSH Jerry Ping-Pong Club, Dance Club. OIympia's Pranlcs High up on Olympus SiT The sisTers Three, CloTho, Lachesis, ATropos, Weaving desTiny. Weaving, weaving, weaving, Careless, skillTul, hands, Weaving, weaving, weaving, FaTe beTween The sTrands. Warp and wooT aTTesT iT, Prove Their proven skill, We are sTuTTed and painTed - Fashioned To Their will. War and woeTul Tamine, Love and laughrer, liTe. BirTh wiTh CloTho's spinning - DeaTh aT ATropos' kniTe. PresidenTs and papers, CourTs and beTTing odds, TenemenTs and humans Are playThings OT The Gods. High up on a mounTain SiT The solemn Three: SiT The solemn sisTers Weaving DesTiny. Elizabeth Gips O 50 0 . . 1 SJ Q. 0 0. T T I . QXVT rpd' M5 0x 535.951 2 it ,.-iff? als, I, GERARD MURTHA ferry Syracuse UniversiTy Hockey Tearn, Dance Club, Gym Team. JOHN MORIARTY Bulldog UniversiTy oT Alabama Jayvee FooTball, FooTball Team, AThleTic Honor. ESTHER MAE PORTER Curly Tops C-reensbow College Dance Club. CLARENCE RYDER Clarence Track Squad, Baseball Squad. JAMES VAUGHAN Pete WESLEY LONG Wes Missouri STaTe UniversiTy WALTON WESTLAKE Pegleg Cornell UniversiTy Swimming Team, Chess Club. .I . '-4 if' ' . , y In 12 l Y Q O O Did You Know What You Were Doing? Boy mosf lilrely fo succeed Mos? affracfive girl Mosi popular boy Mosi' popular girl Boy who has clone mosi Girl mosi likely +o succeed Mosf courfeous boy Girl who has done mosi' for Davis Besf girl aihleie V Frienclliesi' boy for Davis 9 V , .wil -- 'N xx v. Mos? aHrac+ive boy Friendliesi' girl Mosi courieous girl Besi' girl speaker 'i sw M. K H 7 7 Z -. 1 ' 'bidi' , Q 4 ' x ,Yi S 3 ,'-zfygfi Q? - ' ga A f fl 5. ' i' ,f1', ,f: 'S 1 ' V' Rfi1'.x'iwLl .fi gf' . ff. -w ln 3 Eff T 3, I X' , AQ , V Q.. 4 1 Besi' boy spealrer WiHiesi' boy Wiffiesf girl Besi' boy aihleie Give Up? See page 54 Te-- .rch ,i SENIOR DAY This year marked The second anniversary of Senior Day, inauguraTed by The class OT 1937. Senior Day is one oT The TinesT examples OTA selT'governmenT ThaT The school has had in many years. lTs main obiecT is To give The graduaTing seniors The opporTuniTy To Try Their hand aT The acTual leadership oT a body OT sTudenTs and also To probe inTo The adminisTraTive side of our school. Those oT The seniors who TaughT on ThaT day, came To realize ThaT cooperaTion and uniTy are essenTial Tor a harmonious relaTionship beTween The TaculTy and The sTudenT body. AnoTher in The inTiniTe series oT revelaTions noTed by The sTudenT Teachers, was The never-beTore-realized TacT ThaT The adminisTraTive side oT Davis is much more complex Than iT appears. AccuraTe planning, a Thorough knowledge oT psychology and oT all else ThaT aids so maTerially in The smooTh TuncTioning oT The machine ThaT is school govern- menT was comprehended by Those who beTore had had only a superficial idea oT The workings OT such an organizaTion. May Senior Day enioy a conTinued success and become an inTegral parT oT The Davis calendar. Carey Wells WHAT SENIORS SAY Roberi' BogarT . . . swell idea . . . gives senior auThenTic cross-secTion of Teaching proTession . . . Teachers and sTudenTs gave Tull cooperaTion . . . l Tound Teaching a liTTle Tougher Than iT appears. Carey Wells lDr. STewarTi . . . gave me opporTuniTy To learn The duTies oT prin- cipal . . . found Them To consisT oT more Than walking around The halls and visiTing classes . . . l received splendid cooperaTion . . . gives senior a' chance To be on his own . . . showed a marked irnprovemenT over lasT year's7 srill plenTy oT room Tor more. Gerlfude L5CeY . . . l Tound Teachers know more Than sTudenTs Think Florence llV1r5- P0l l'eri . . . Teachers cerTainly are good sporTs. . . . wonderTul success . . . sTudenTs cooperaTed as well as could be hoped Tor . . . gave seniors chance To show They could accepT responsibiliTy . . . should deTiniTely be conTinued. Miriam FruTkin . . . showed headaches oT' Teaching proTession . . . good idea if sophrnore and iunior days were inTro- duced . . . gives seniors chance To show how much David Slavin lMrs. Sumnerj leadership rhey pgggegs. . . . good way To show pupils how school is run, and Those enTering Tield of educaTion opporTuniTy To see whaT iT's all abouT .... Mrs. Surnner's duTies more Than The average sTudenT Thinks . . . l was burdened wiTh work ThroughouT The day. Ann MorgansTern , . . proved high school seniors could accepT The responsibiliTy oT conducTing classes . . . excellenT idea. RoberT Wines . . . makes seniors Teel irnporTanT, which is a good Thing . . . Teachers should be commended Tor relin- quising Their iurisdicTion To seniors . . . sTep Toward a more democraTic school, George Grove lMiss Lewis, . . . very good experience Tor everyone concerned . . . boTh TaculTy and sTudenTs seemed To be geTTing more enioymenT ouT oT Their work . . . dean's posi- Tion one requiring greaT TacT and diplomacy . . wasn'T easy, even Tor only one day. Giulio D'Angio lMr. Addisl . . . one oT The high-spoTs in Davis calendar, should be conTinued as a Davis TradiTion . . , adviser's work mosT complex: plans schedule oi enTire school . . , cooperaTion good . . . had one program To change . . . one was enough! MaTThew Rosenschein . . . if you ask me, every day should be a Senior Day . . . one TaculTy day each year . . . Teaches The senior To respecT his Teacher . . . oT course iT should be conTinued. William Liccione . . . sTudenTs showed remarkable cooperaTion . . . gives senior lesson in responsibiliTy, and undergrad- uaTe lesson in cooperaTion. RoberT Schede . . . shows senior how powerless a Teacher is wiThouT cooperaTion oT sTudenTs . . . demonsTraTes ThaT The easiesf way To learn a Thing is To Teach iT, . . gives experience in conTrolling and keeping The aTTenTion oT a group. Alfred Fiering T . . . prornoTes beTTer undersTanding beTween sTudenT and Teacher . . . will go Tar To make The school a beTTer place To work in. 0520 5553 NN li 3 SENIOR VOTE Mosr popular boy .... ........................ Mosr popular girl ............. Boy who Girl who has done mosl Io l'1as clone mosl' for Davis . Boy mos+ likely Io succeed . .. Girl mosr likely Io succeed . .. Mos'r aI rracIive boy . . . . . Mosl' afrraclrive girl . .. Besl boy speaker .... Besr girl speaker . .. Frienclliesl boy .... Friendliesl girl . . . WiHies'r boy .... Wirriesl girl ...... Mosl' courleous boy Ivloslr courfeous girl .... Besl boy aIl'1le're .... Besl' girl a'I'IwleIe .. . Favorile subiecl . .. Favorile magazine Eavorile paslime ....... r Davis . .. . CAREY WELLS ...... CONNIE LINDE . WILLIAM LICCIONE ...... CONNIE LINDE . WILLIAM LICCIONE WINIFRED CAMMACK .... ROBERT WALKER WINIFRED CAMMACK . LANGDON COLLIER RITA CUZZI CAREY WELLS ....... RAE PRENTISS MATTY ROSENSCI-IEIN MARGARET ELLISON ...... CAREY WELLS . MARCIA VAN KIRK .... ROBERT MOLLER WINIFRED CAMMACK ENGLISH ...... LIFE DANCING CI-IARLIE McCARTI-IY Favorile radio program Eavorile newspaper . . ., Moon Sprites Moonbeams on Ilie wall Of my room. A caplured bil' of a lovely nigI1+ Slip away like quicksilve A+ dawn. F Courtney Groeschel 0540 NEW YORK TIMES 0550 Dear Diary, To you l beguealh my senior year -- so lilled wilh precious memories, wilh happy carelree hours, and some sad ones loo, lo make lhe brighler ones worlhwhile, ln days lo come I'II scan you wilh a lear and a smile and luck you away lrom any coming poslerily who mighl nol undersland whal you mean lo me, Many limes whal you hold belween your lines, dear dairy, will mean more lhan whal is aclually wrillen lhere . , . l leave lhal up lo you. sep+. is, me Dear Diary, Back lo school againl My, il's wonderlul lo see everybody aller such a long vacalion. They all look so happy and he-allhy wilh lheir sun-lans and shiny noses . . . l see lhal Mrs. Porler llhe lormer cuslodian ol lhe lamous pink slips l has become Dr. Slewarl's secrelary, and now lhe one lo leer is Mrs, Sumner . . . Two new leachers, so l hear - Dominic Genlilesco and l-lerberl Sunderman, lo lry lheir bil ol maslery over I368 sludenls . . . Say, l noliced somelhing really unlamiliar loday - all lhe lamous Davis clocks have been cleaned, polished, and checked llhal is, all bul Miss Cheney's lamous l'horloge ll . . . Received a Davis l-lifhlews as l walked inlo school lhis morning. lmagine, lhe lirsl day ol school! Mel Seeger and David Slavin, co-edilors, and lheir slall, came up lo work a week early so lhal we could have ill Sepl. l5, i938 Dear Diary, Goodness, l never realized belore whal a hard iob Miss Brown, Miss Lewis, and lhe marshals had al lhe beginning ol each lerm lrying lo lil everyone inlo suilable sludy periodsl lBul now l know, having Miss Brown lor sludy, lirsl period in lhe morningl. l really lhink il would be easier lor lhem il everybody lusl plain cull Bul seriously, lhe marshals cerlainly deserve a rising vole ol lhanks, especially Warren Broemel and Marcia Van Kirkl . . . l saw lhe l938 senior class gill loda lor lhe lirsl lime - cabinels in lhe enlry near room lO9 llhe small audilorium, lhe green room, or whalever you wanl lo call ill. Here, all lhe cups and lrophies won by lhe school are housed and are lo be illurninaled all lhe lime. ll seems lo me lhal il places a greal responsibilily on lhe school 4 in lhe world ol sporls F lo bring home all lhe honors il canl SepT. 27, I938 Dear Diary, Say, being a home room adviser is quiTe nice. WenT To The dinner Tor The new girls and Teachers lasT SaTurday nighT. Norma Beckerman and Florence Childs did a grand iob in planning The dinner. We had a swell Time singing aT The dinner Table laccompanied by Florence Allen - who by The way really can playl and aTTending an imprompTu enTerTainmenT aTTerwards in The audiTorium. I-lad a good dinner lTor only 35c Tool and wenT home quiTe saTisTiedI SepT. 28, I938 Dear Diary, WenT To The TirsT assembly This year To see PresidenT William Liccione inaugu- raTed inTo oTTice. Bill urges cooperaTion oT everyone To make This a Truly TruiTTul year lespecially in TooTballl. Saw sound movies on SaTe Driving and MaTerials . . . Davis is really going places - Today I heard David Slavin and Melvin Seeger broadcasT on The I-ligh School ReporTer program on WMCAI SepT. 30, I938 Dear Diary, Whewl MoTher naTure iusT won'T leT upl IT's been raining and blowing sTeadily Tor The pasT Ten days and all we've seen are Tallen Trees and hopelessly sTraighT hair. DespiTe The weaTher, Tennis Tans Tinished Their Tall TournamenT7 resulT, Two new champions - Phil Shapiro and WiniTred Cammacls. OcT. 7, I938 Dear Diary, WenT To The I-lome Room Rep meeTing Today where PaT Marshall was elecTed The TirsT girl presidenT oT The organizaTion. CongraTulaTionsI lNow, whaT have I always said abouT The eTTiciency oT The Teminine side oT liTe?l Norman Maddan, John Boone and Josephine Emerson were elecTed To represenT The I-Iome Room Reps in The Council. OcT. I2, l938 Dear Diary, We had Three guesTs in assembly This morning: Mr. Nardozzi oT The Board oT EducaTion who spoke To us abouT Columbus: Mr. I-I. Keeler, abouT The CommuniTy ChesT: and Mr. Chequer, who Told us abouT Marian Anderson, who is making her second appearance in MounT Vernon. lMy, I hope I can hear her singll . . . . Pass- ing Through The halls I noTiced so many brighTly colored display windows, ThaT I simply had To sTop leven Though I mighT be laTe To classl. IT chanced ThaT I chose a TascinaTing Mexican collecTion belonging To Miss Riddle, who recenTly made a Trip Through ThaT counTry. IIT also chanced ThaT I was embarrassingly laTe' To her LaTin classll OCT. 22, I938 Deary Diary, WenT To Connie l.inde's TirsT sporT dance SaTurday nighT. I-lad loads oT Tun! IT was a greaT success and as an experimenT iT cerTainly seT a precedenT Tor TuTure dances! lAnd boys - ThaT's only TiTTy cenTs a couple and a dollar sTag.l OcT. 3l, I938 Dear Diary, Abiel Brown Davis passed away lasT SaTurday. AlThough I never lcnew him well, I TelT as Though I did. I was deeply moved This morning as Taps resounded so clearly Through The hollow school corridors, The Tlag was lowered, and a mes- sage was read. I couldn'T help Teeling ThaT we had losT a Truly greaT man. Nov. I, I938 Dear Diary, AlThough I didn'T go ouT Tor much exTemporaneous spealcing myselT, I have cerTainIy been saTuraTed wiTh The arT Tor The pasT Two weelcs while sophomores, iuniors, and seniors alilce vied Tor The CIemenT M. Biddle Award. I cerTainly didn'T envy Them when' They Taced' such a criTical Davis audience in The Tinals. The winners cerTainly deserved The Ten dollar prizel Margery Mendelschn and Phil Shapiro won as o56o 0570 seniors: Jean Baer and Leonard Eagin, as iuniorsg Monna Troub and Richard Shapiro, as sophomores. ll guess The Shapiros have a Tlare Tor speaking. Imagine TwenTy dollars in one Tamily in Two weeksll . . . WenT To an inTeresTing assembly Today - Ex- ploring The Magic World oT Color by HerberT T. STrong. Found ouT how TascinaT- ing The Vio'eT Ray is and saw changes beTore my very eyes oT The color in rocks and in The cosTumes worn by some OT The preTTier DaviseTTes. Nov. 9, l938 , Dear Diary, WenT To a very novel assembly This morningl Miss Cleveland has inTroduced a new riTual Tor The presenTaTion oT NaTionaI Honor SocieTy Emblems To sTudenTs. The program cerTainly inspired me. Dr. Holmes, in addressing The whole school, leTT an indelible impression upon The sTudenTs. ThirTy-Tive seniors added Their names To The new regisTer, To become life-long members oT The NaTional Honor SocieTy. Nov. I7, I938 Dear Diary, Friends, Romans, CounTrymen -- Today I heard ThaT RiTa Cuzzi and William Liccione were chosen To speak aT commencement CongraTulaTionsl Gee, I wish Them luck. lBuT, iusT Think l8OO people in The Woods AudiToriuml Why, They won'T be scared aT all!?l Nov. I9, l938 Dear Diary, I am now in bed wiTh wheezIes and sneezles . And all because oT a O-O game wiTh New Rochelle. My nose is as red as The clay was weT, and l'm sure I don'T know why I didn'T leave before BuTch Moller kicked OTT. I Tried To huddle under The umbrella, buT I iusT goT near enough so ThaT The rain slid down my neck. Each Time Pinder would skid on The mud To make a TirsT down Tor The Purple, I'd sneeze and miss iT. Hurrying disconsolaTely home, I heard somebody shouTing in my ear ThaT we'd won a Moral VicTory , so I celebraTed by iumping inTo bed. Hammond, AnTon and The oThers musT have lkerchool played lkerchooll a Tine game, buT I lkerchoolll couldn'T appreciaTe iT lkerchoollll. Dec. 2, I938 Dear Diary, School as usual. January senior elecTion reTurns came ing Carey Wells, presidenT: Joyce Givson, vice-presidenTq George Grove, secreTary-Treasurer: Florence Childs, David Slavin, Giulio D'Angio, advisers. Dec. 9, l938. Dear Diary, AT lasT I really enjoyed a day in school - no classes, you see. I was in gym all morning and The G. O. ConvenTion in The audiTorium all aTTernoon. WhaT candi- daTes! They're so good-looking, I TorgoT all abouT The French book I broughT along. There's Warren Broemel, ChrisTian Myer, Warren Eason, Langdon Collier and John Morse Tor presidenT. As Tor The vice-presidenTial candidaTes - well, whaT chance has a poor girl like me goT againsT Winnie Cammack, Marian SmiTh, or Marcia Van Kirk. lT's unfair To unorganized beauTy. ' OT course, I'Il voTe Tor The candidaTes who give me The mosT bloTTers and noTe books. Dec. I0, l938 Dear Diary, The LaTe ChrisTopher Bean was a success, a really, really big success. Bea Kaplan had us laughing one minuTe and crying The nexT, and Margy MacDonald and Jack McNeil did The love inTeresT wiTh wonderfully innocenT expressions. I was ushering in my new, slinky, black evening gown, buT The play was so good nobody even noTiced me. I guess There musT have been more Than 900 people There. I heard some oT Them say iT was The besT Thing The DramaTic SocieTy ever produced, and ThaT Mrs. MacDonald musT have been proud To direcT such a good casT. Dec. 23, I938 Dear Diary, Senior Dayl Gee, I Tried To geT senT down To Dr. STewarT, lalias Carey Wellsl, buT The seniors who were Teaching my classes iusT wouldn'T Take The hinT. On The way down To Talk To Mrs. Sumner lDavid Slavinl, I noTiced a crowd around Mr. Child's lJoyce Gibson'sl oTTice. BuT Miss Lewis lGeorge Grovel had her office door shuT and said she was in conTerence wiTh some OT The girls. Feb. 7, I939 ' Dear Diary, Why shouldn'T I be cross? Don'T Try To argue me ouT OT iT. I-lere I am wiTh RegenT's Week over . . . and anoTher Term OT school ahead. STudenT regisTraTion jumped Trom I363 To I554, so my classes are all over-crowded. Seems To me I goT The sTricTesT Teachers in school, and my whole program is mixed up. BUT Try and TighT your way inTo Mr. Addis' oTTice. Only cheerTul noTe is ThaT Langdon Collier and Winifred Cammack goT The presi- denT and vice-presidenTship. June senior oTTicers oughT To be announced soon. Feb. I0, I939 Dear Diary, June senior oTTicers are Warren Broemel, presidenTg Rae PrenTiss, vice-presi- denT7 Marcia Van Kirk, se-creTary-Treasurer, John Servo, Marcia Freeman, Gwendolyn MasT, advisers. I've been Thinking a loT abouT ThaT assembly we had The oTher day. Salom Rizk who calls himselT a Syrian Yankee spoke To us abouT The hardships he knew as a young boy. I-Ie said ThaT we Americans really don'T appreciaTe democracy as we oughT. I guess we all TeIT a IiTTle guilTy as The shoT sTruck home. Feb. I7, I939 Dear Diary, I wenT To The opera Today. Yes, I said The opera. AloouT 90 oT us wenT Trom school To hear Lohengrin sung aT The MeTropoliTan Opera I-louse by Irene Jess- ner. We leTT aT noon, and had a police escorT inTo New York. The audience was so resTless I couIdn'T hear The music, buT sTruck up an exciTing Triendship wiTh Caruso's sTaTue. April I9, I939 Dear Diary, I have been To a dinner aT school. IT was held by The lnTernaTionaI RelaTions Club, and represenTaTives Trom eleven WesTchesTer school aTTended. ATTer dinner Dr. Holmes Talked on ResponsibiIiTy and CooperaTion in World UniTy. May I, I939. Dear Diary, I've iusT been Thinking abouT graduaTion. WhaT kind oT ciTizens will we all be? 'WhaT kind oT lives will we lead? Days are quickening Their Tempo. FasTer and TasTer They pour Through my hands. WhaT have I done wiTh Them? WhaT will I do? Tomorrow is silenT: The pasT lies weeping: Today - is liTe. The Literary Editors. O 53 0 Honors rw 'S 3 1 5 rs 3 A i 4 ss 5 ss ra ii 36 A 21 M4 Q54 W gf K. LE ii 1 rg . , Xi! -1 , il ri Q r l W ...l Honour is purchas'd by the deeds we do: ,E 'F 1 X honour is not won, Until some honourable deed be done. 'a 4 Chrisfopher Marlowe 1 1 Vi .F , 1' M- H-'w-fwfr. Wg, ,R M . Q.51w. ffrgg, -' fag H, 4.1 ,v .i , . . 4, 1, 1, 1 if: u , I ' S jf- . i if ' f 4 i , 1 5 1 I 1 w T , .- ,-, :J-.. , M, A -..L, .. ..., , .... ..- A .M . ....,.... A-A .'.. .:.1,....l M- f ' 14,1 ag... -,:, .4 . .. ,. ,.,. - M. ,,,.,.:...,ggi FALL William Liccione Conslance Linde Margery Squire Miss Creelcpaum Dr. Slewarl Miss Bardeen Mr. Barrlell Miss Blackburn John Boone Rulh Chen EXECUTIVE COUNCIL OF THE GENERAL ORGANIZATION Presidenl ..... Vice-Presidenl . .. Secrelary .... Treasurer .... Board of Direclors Warren Eason Josephine Eme Leonard Fagin Mr. Genlilesco Miss Lucrhese I' Miss Riddle Members Geraldine Lundl Norman Madam Joseph Mascari Collins McCaloe Belly Mtclellan OMC' SPRING .... Langdon J. Collier Winilred Carnmaclq ...,. Marcia VanKirI4 Miss Creelcpaurn l Mr. Macgreqor John Morse Rae Prenliss I-lomer Schoen Mr. Smilh Renee Abramson Julian Alcus James Baker John Baker Jane Barslcy Ruih Barslcy Margarei Bizel John Boone Warren Broernel William Buhriq Winilred Carnrnaclc Nancy Carpenier Reigh Carpenier Frances Charlei Florence Childs Jean Clough Langdon Collier Riia Cuzzi Giulio D'Angio Dorofhy Ducey Warren Eason Bennef Epsiein Marcia Freeman Elizabelh Gips NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY SPONSOR: Miss Marion Cleveland Courfney Oroeschel George Grove Nafalie Gulelcunsi Edward l-lealy Lydia Hovahanissian Richard l-lunier Beairice Kaplan Rulh Kasburg Peggy Kaiz Edna Kim Gerirude Lacey Waller Lapple Doris Levy William Liccione Bramwell Lieber Consiance Linde Geraldine Lundi Franlc Lynch Margarel MacDonald Mariorie MacDonald Mary Frances Marlin Donald Marvin Gwendolyn Mas? Richard McMillin 0620 Chrislian Meyer John Morse Mariory Murphy Eleanor Newman Alice Oswald Douglass Passage Rae Prenfiss Ruih Plaie Louise Reichgoil Jagueline Riegel Mafihew Rosenschein Marlin Scheiner Melvin Seeger John Servo Roheri Shede David Slavin Marion Srniih Margery Squire Roberi Sleele Lorraine Vennoch Marcia Van Kirlc Carey Wells Vivian Young Meyer Zendel Selma Abrams Renee Abramson David Aoplelon John Baker Herman Baresl Madeline Barqmann Jane Barslcy Seymour Bender Belly Bernslein John Boone Marlha Boyarslcy Warren Broemel Muriel Broul William Buhriq Winilred Cammaclc Langdon Collier Janel DeCarlo Vivian Young Flizabelh Copland 0630 TAU EPSILCN Pl Warren Eason Bennell Fpslein Benedicla Franlclin Abraham Freedman Marcia Freeman Simon Galinslcy George Gvouveia Conslance Guslavson Nalalia Gulelcunsl Edward Healy Lillian Herz Riahard Hunler Peggy Kalz Belly Kerslalme Dorolhy Kichler Edna Kim Marcia Van Kirk Shirley Bush Rulh Kollinqer Cloa Kool: Barbara Kreiqer Helene Levine Doris Levy Frank Lynch Richard Mclvlillin George Mellerl Chrislian Meyer Margarel Miller John Morse Frances Pearlman Rulh Plale Maury Rappaporl Louise Reichqoll Jaqueline Riegel Sheila Weber Mary Beniamin Lois Roloerls Marlin Scheiner Mildred Schoemann Sanlord Schpiro John Servo Belle Simon Marion Smilh Allhea Spalding Margery Squire Roberl Sleele Ralph Slernberg Sonia Slevens Daphne Slones Donald Slorey Paul Tripodi Rulh Throp Slanley Will Alvenia Zimmerman Louise Gaccione ,Ln. g ' , x- HOUSE OF HOME ROOM REPRESENTATIVES Gloria Ragonelli Grace Barish Ada Farringlon Allred Rogers Arlhur Cordes Marionelise l-layes Joseph Birlcen Leon Brodsky Jean Loelller Alice Bouller Rulh Chen Edward Poschadel Russell l-laighl Richard Chianese Sponsor: Mr. George Long Gloria l-leineman Anila Dlyn Marie Dalo Jack McCanney Alyce Golding Belly Johnson Mildred Slein Joseph Spina Paula McGee Olga Kook Winilred Herman William Nielsen Joseph Winer 0644: Searle Chrislian Meyer Bernard Lubin John Lindhiern Alberl Rillracco Elizabelh Rieger Joseph Mascari Bryan? Muenzen Jane Wood Pauline Telleyan William Morgan John Churchill Belly McClellan Herberl Royer Leon Davis 0650 Hl-NEWS EDiToRiAL STAFF Sponsor: Mrs. Bailey FALL David Slavin E CO-Ecmors I Melvin Seeger 5 Marcia Freeman C Giulio D'Angio 5 Bernard l-lorowilz 1 Philip Shapiro l E Margery Sguire Rulh Barslry iiii Alberl Schellenberg 1 Marjorie MacDonald E in in . Edilorial Page ,. .., Sporls Page .. ,. Baclc Page . ,. , , Carloonisls , SPRING l Rulh Barslcy i Marcia Freeman 5John Boone l Myer Zendel C Richard Coller il-loward l-larlravy 5Monroe l-leidecoin ,Barbara Krieger lRay Dulorowin fAlberl Schellenloerg Renee Abramson, Morlon Agins, Jane Barslcy, Arnold Benson, l-lerman Engel, Miriam Frullrin, Anila Gold, Virginia l-lolmes, Bernard l-lorowilz, Annelle Jackson, Auguslin Kilcullen, Palricia Knapp, Dorolhy Laux, Gregory Rose, Belly Sachs, Lucille Schulberg, Richard Shapiro, Roberl Sleele, Monna Troup, Fruma Winei, Joseph Winer, John Vicario, Jean Baer, Anne Bloom, Warren Broemel, Nancy Carpenler, Winilred Cammaclc, Simon Galinslcy, Doris Lambden, Chrislian Meyer, Alice Gswald, Irma Pines, Mallhew Rosenscheim, Waller Slone, Vivian Young. BUSlNESS BOARD Sponsor: Miss Chase FALL SPRING gimlsj lghiiif .,,. ,.... . Business Manager .. Shirley Shalell Qsligvd lizggvin .. . Aclverlising Manager .., Daniel Ross Belly Reiner . ....,.... ,,..... ....., , C irclalion Manager .,... , ............., ...,.. B elly Reiner Lesler Boges, Roy Del Monle, Marlin Dorll, Alice Diilz, Geraldine Goldenberg, Nalalie Goldenslein, l-lelen Gollesman, Lia Gumperl, Gloria Israel, Joan Jacobs, Corine Rosenlcranz, Shirley Rubin, Renee Wolle, David Zuch, Cerl Berlcowilz, l-lenry Berlcowilz, Muriel Broul, Joseph Ferrara, Rulh Kallinger, Seymour Massin, Paula McGee, Heinz Sauer, Sanlord Schpiro, Joseph Slier. A , Q is .ul Eclilor-in-Clwiel . Assislanl Edilor . Lilerary Edilors Arr Edilror .... Aclivilies Edilors Specialries Edilor ..., MAROON AND WHITE STAFF SDOUSOFSZ Miss von Kokerirz and Mr. Dodds .. ....... Giulio D'Anqio Records ECMOFS HU Rulrlw Byers Muriel Bmw Courlney Groescliel Winifred Sammi S + Eder ............ SPM Shapiro Elizabelli Gips por S I Org Mall! Marlln ZAlfred Baum Rum Barsky Jack McCanney .......Bran'1well Lieber Pl-,oifography ECIHOVS ' ' lpxlberi pgergng Typing Edilor ............... Evelyn Taube .....Margery lvlendelsolin Undergracluale Edilor ....Ann lvlorqenslern ASSOCIATES Speciallies Boarcl fkrl Board Anile Dlyn Lenore l-lirslw Benedicla Franklin Nalalies Gulelqunslr l-lerberl Luclqower Jolin Servo Gwendolyn lvlasl l-lerloerl Fennell Julian Alcus Marcia Freeman Roloerl lvloclqler Alberr Sclwellenberg 0660 0570 MAROON AND WHITE BOARD Kalhryn Abbalecola Renee Abramson Virginia Allen l-lelen Anechiarico Louise Aulieri Jean Baer Richard Bernslein Margarel Bizel Roberl Bogarl Nancy Carpenler Frances Charlel John Churchill Edward Cooper SFDOIWSOVSZ Mrs, Kroner and Mr. Sunderman Aimee Dallon Wilma Davenporl Anila Dlyn Glenna Erancis Barbara Freeman Elisa Gesualdo George Gravin Dorolhy l-lamann Winilred l-lerman Eranlc l-lueslein Eugene l-lolley Dorolhy l-lubbard Rulh Kasburg Edna Kim Salvalore Labruzzo Doris Lambden Maurice Levine Mariorie MacDonald Gwendolyn Masl l-lelen Miller Roberl Moller Rila Morlloclq Mary Murphy Rila Nalella William Nielsen Rae Prenliss Marion Reyerson Jaqueline Riegel Elhel Shalfin Belly Simon Allhea Spalding Rila Spilzmuller Ralph Slernberg Peggy Sloops Evelyn Taube William Wachler Douglass Weiss Ursula Windels Chrisline Zilbelli MAROON AND WHITE JUNIOR STAFF Joseph Winer lvlarybelle Sloan l.ila Warshavv Nancy lucillo Sonia STevenS SFDOFISOVZ lvliss von Kolrerilz Larry Auerbach Sheila Weber l-lerberT Luclfower STanley Tanlcel Joseph Spina Marion Berman Virginia Wilson Jean Baer Sally Hirshborg The Junior STall oT The Annual is composed ol Those members who are non senior They olo n'iosT oT The spade-worlc , leavinq The ediTorial worlc To The seniors. They are con scienTious and willing workers who do a Tair share OT The work involved in puTTing lorTh Thi publicalion. By Their sincere eTTorTs They have earned The appreCiaTion OT The senior sTaTl 0680 0590 NATICNAL THESPIANS, TROUPE 114 Presidenl ,.... Vice Presidenl . Secrelary ... Norman Apell Jean Baer Richard Bernslein Langdon Collier Ellen Evans Clwarlolle Eorris SIOONSOIZ lvlrm lvlacllonald Lia Gumperl Mia Gumperl Elizabellw Gips Lillian Herz Carol Levi l-lelene Levine, Members Doris Levy lvlarqarel MacDonald Norman lvladan Jack McNeill Anne Nevvlon Roberl Nordliausen Jiilin lvlome Mary lirangos Marlin ........ Slwoila Welfior lvlaflnew Rosensclwein Jolm Servo Sylvia Shapiro Edward Tallersliall Gordon Tlwompson Eslelle Weisbergera William Conover William Conover is the X dark -haired flash Who helps our team win every clash. Mary Houghion Mary Houghron is so sweet The boys are sittin at her . 9 feel. Carey Wells You must haue heard of Cfurey Xllells 'I he hear!-Ihrob ol fhe high sfhool belles. Margery Squire Ap! desrription is live wire XX'hvn you speak of M'argery Squire. Rolaerl' Gold Bobs a whiz in chemistry class, 'We have no doubt that he will pass. Jerome Goldsfein IiL'!74'cllf7 his flHflL'l.X Irltlv nolvx ul Mmm! um! whiff' liworm' u flu 777171741 srurlvl X Inlmi lhm f-!IL'kK'I'N in Ihr' fw Dliflhl. Rae Prenfiss WX- hmm' tl lriltlv num iilllui Rue lVho. whrh vhv lL'LH1lfX Um: falls out llvlH David Slavin Thr' Udllllll' of nur Ili-Na'LL':. rx rwzllu lL'4JI7rII'Ull.S LLXIM' drilling yuh l'L'j7UI'lL'! N zfx Marcia Van Kirk fi! l'L'I7ULL'l7 big vyvs of ln'm,w7, 'w JC Milan Lillis .S'f1'rmgl hrrvzzd shnulzlvzvs frmlzy fmnw. fix illrvlan l.1'II1'.s is Ihr' l7tlI7lL', X IIC hcmpws In muhv his lzuziw Mmm: Vim Kirk is ir ifrrl lffll' hor luwlgf rw! l7Lll1' um! William Waclwier lVl7f'h ll'z'II1'4-'s in hifi clu,s,sr'.x. he xlvcps lzhc wld muh Rip: liul Lulvwi hvis im lhv fum!- hull fiwlcl. you hugh! Io sw him ship. Riia Cuzzi XVU hum' hmm! imilzmm ini' f7tl!'!lit'l1llII'Ilj 11111 Bu! RIN! CLIYYIV KIILLYIU-S nmhnms Zhu lizrrlq nzfnulua filil- c Edward Marlin -J ' fX , fi XYJX YI? 'a QL CJ i 'J Jbvvo llriur- ufiu ,www ffilrlrl Mizz- lx IH? smrlvf Ili- lwuts Juv 1i1'uLL'f7 hu hall' L1 mzlu. Conslance Lindo filH777l-l'iS Ihr' imc' wrlh Ihr .SlIITSl7IAV7K' .snizvlv Slick fulv. shrk prvlluq Lui lzvlw her xlgflc, Roberf Walker lirnh xxllllkfl' LL'K'4II'-S shirlrx My loud 'I hey bcmznv, when he is in 41 rr mud. ffff 'Af 1. y K y Q fi 5- From Red to Green . Lighis. . flicking from red To green licking like mei- ronomes. ruling The iemp of ihe surging ciiy. . . O Waves of humaniiy, waves of machinery, ebb and flow +o 'rhe changing of 'fhe lighis from Red io green io red and back again. red io green +o red and back again, . Giulio D'Angio Night Driving in the Co O, for ihe glisiening phaniom road Srreiching a hundred yards ahead, untry New-made by 'rwo hammering shaiis of light Smashed by four madly churning wheels lnio a ihousand pieces of ihe nighi Which sireiches io righi, io leii ..... . . oygo . and behind. Giulio D'Angio ctivities kxxi' 'EJ V ' f.,. .. .:,frv11f' - , , , i , in There is a destiny that makes us brothers: None goes his way alone. All that we send into the lives of others Comes back into our own. Edwin Markham BAND NSOR: Mr, Carl Liclrl ORCHESTRA Two of Davis' mosl imporlanl inslilulions are The band and lhe orcheslra. Half of lhe feslrivilry al lhe Toolball game is provided by The band. Even oulside aulrhorilies recognize excellence, lor The band performed al lhe World's Fair lhis May. The orcheslra, loo, is an inlegral parl of The school, This year, in coniunclion wilh lhe chorus, il presenled ils lwenly-eighlh annual concerl. ll also gives concerls Tor 'rhe Teachers of Mounl Vernon. These lwo organizalions allernale in supplying lhe musical accompanimenl lor The weekly as- sembly and each puls on assembly programs of ils own. Their elforls are conlribufed lo numerous civic aclivilies which add up To an im- posing sum: P. T. A. recilals, lhe annual safely parade, school re views, and hisloric programs. 0750 BOYS' MARSHAL SQUAD SPONSOR: Miss Florence Brown GIRLS' MARSHAL SQUAD SPONSOR: Miss Grace Lewis The marshals are your Triends, noT police, said one oT The heads and This is True oT boTh squads. The boy's organizaTion Tries To regu- laTe The TraTTic in The halls and The lunchrooms and aTTempTs To geT The pupils To Their classes puncTually. They have charge oT The losT and Tound deparTmenT, a greaT success This year, which, Through ifs aucTion oT unclaimed arTicles, has made The squad selT-supporTing. The boys paTrol The baseball, TooTball, and basl4eTball games. The girls, Too, worlc unceasingiy Tor Davis. Among Their oTher acTiviTies, They keep The lunch rooms livable during The Two lunch periods and The halls guieT during The eighTh period. 0760 0770 Unsung and comparalively unknown is lhe Service Club lo which Davis owes ifs mimeographed allendance and nolice sheelrs. lls members enler service as juniors and as seniors, lhose who have de- voled The mosl lirne in service lo Their school are awarded nonfalhf lelic nonor, To mosl Davisiles Alpha Tau Della are Greek lelrlrers many preily girls wrile on lheir record cards. However, lhis is one case where beauly isn'+ iusl skin deep, For These girls Truly serve school and comrnunily. They make real holidays for olhersq The girls gave a a Thanksgiving baskel. One of lheir dulies is selling candy al alhlelic evenfs, Through cake sales lhey have swelled lhe Sfudenl College Fund. SERVICE CLUB ALPHA TAU DELTA I . Parlezfvous francais? Il you do speal4 French lhen Ca el La or Sans Souci is lhe place lor you. Ca el' La is Jrhe junior French Club for novices and admission lo Sans Souci is gained. aller lhe pupil has passed lhe Two year regenls wilh a marlc ol 85 per cenl' or over. The high spols for Jrhese clubs are an annual exchange of plays wilh lhe Pelham French Club. Bolh organizalions slrive lo imbue Jrheir members wilh a real feeling for Jrhe French land and ils Jrongue. French newspapers, magazines and boolcs aid malerially in revealing lhe Jrrue France lo lhe members, and in making Jrhem be++er acquainl- ed wilh lhe cusloms and life of Jrhe Frenchman. However, amuse- rnenlr holds a large parl in lheir meelrings. Games, plays, reading, slides, are some of lhe diversions. 0780 SANS SOUCI CA ET LA SPONSOR: Miss Alice Edwards DEUTSCHE VEREIN EL ATENEO SPONSOR Mss Florence Leighfon 0790 El ATeneo, The Spanish Club TO you Americanos, and Der DeuTsc:he Verein, The German Club, are Two OrganizaTiOns which give Their members pracTice in Their languages as living Tongues raTher Than sOmeThing COnTined To books. EI fXTeneO presenTs plays in Spanish, OT course, and plays games, The mOsT exc:iTing being a Spanish PrOTessOr Quizz Program, AT The meeTings OT Der DeuTsche Verein, all business is cOnduCTed in German. IT, TOO, presenTs plays. Among Their OTher acTiviTies, The members Tell sTOries, play games and read magazines. All who join eiTher OT These clubs nOT only derive greaT pleasure and eniOymenT TrOm The acTiviTies enumeraTed, buT also are aided maTerially in The sTudy OT The language, and come To undersTand The habiTs OT The German and The Spaniard. ITALIAN CLUB LATIN CLUB To hear llalian as il is really spolcen, The llalian Club Traveled en masse lo an llalian molion piclure in New Yorlq. ln Iheir quesl Tor a real maslery of The Tongue, The sludenlrs presenl plays, engage in games, and read Iralian lileralure a+ Their regular club meelings. Trayelogs ol llraly were shown al one session. ' The Lalin Club journeyed Io Ihe lvlelropolilan lvluseum of Ari and sludied The special exhiloils Irom Crele Io The Tall of Pompeii. Thoroughly cognizanl wilh Ihe classics, The members ol Ihis organiza- Iion learned numerous mollos in The original Lalin. Al Iheir meelings Ihey play games. Three represenlralive members were senl Io Ihe annual Lalin Sighl Reading Conlesl al New Yorlc Universily. ogno CHESS CLUB AVIATION CLUB ogio Inspired by Caplain Leo Feigin, Ihe counIy's besl high school chessman who has been delealed only once in Iwo years, Ihe chess Team earned second place in Ihe W. I.A. A. conlesl, Porr Chesler being lhe sole leam lo emerge viclorious from a boul. Lasl season Davis look lop honors. Olher slellars on Ihe Ieam are Joseph Zibelli, Jerry Vriens, Jaclf Irwin, and Ivlaury Rappaporl. The Avialion Club was really flying high when il made a pilgrim- age lo a near-by air porl This spring. Some ol Ihe members loolq Ilighls over Ivlanhallan and Ihe surrounding counlry. Generally, Ihe club's meelings are devoled lo sludenl papers on Ihe aspecls of avialion. This year, lheir scheduled airplane Conlesl did nol lalce place. The InTernaTional RelaTions Club aided in Torming plans Tor a series oT All-CounTy Panels on world evenTs. Members oT The club aTTended and parTicipaTed in panels all over WesTchesTer and were even hosTs To a group meeTing aT The high school. Several panels have also been held in The club iTselT. To develop clear Thinxinq and To Turn debaTers inTo good spealc- ers are merely Two OT The aims OT The DebaTinq SocieTy. The socieTy has held debaTes wiTh sTudenTs in oTher high schools and wiTh The Treshmen oT Columbia and New Yorlc UniversiTies. Annually They speak beTore The SaTurday NighT Club which awards a prize Tor The besT speech, won by Sidney STone This year. 0820 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB SPONSOR Mss Lucy All n DEBATING SOCIETY GREGG SHORTHAND CLUB RED CROSS CLUB 0830 The Gregg ShorThand Club believes in mixing business wiTh pleasure. One of Their Two monThly meeTings is devoTed To shorT- hand pracTiCe in dieTaTion. AT The'oTher meeTing games are played, and, To make iT a real parTy, reTreshmenTs are served. lT always was said a secreTary wouldn'T sTarvel The Junior Red Cross Club sees ThaT no one else sTarves. AT ChrisTmas They gave a ChrisTmas baslceT conTaining Tood, giTTs, and CloThing To a war veTeran's Tamily. During The resT ol The year They collecT boTTles Tor The Grasslands HospiTal dispensary and boolcs Tor less TorTunaTe schools and people. The Club conducTed The annual Red Cross Roll Call aT which The school conTribuTed lunds. PING-PONG CLUB SPONSOR: Miss Marion Bardene j ,K vs F .F I 1 , 'Leu PUNCHING BAG CLUB SPONSOR: Mr. Maurice Childs One oT The mosT popular oT The clubs in school is The Ping-Pong Club. This organizaTion has Two divisions, one Tor girls, and one Tor boys. The members learn The arT oT Table Tennis and Those in The know have opporTuniTies Tor some speedy games. LimiTed in membership To TvvenTy boys, The Punching Bag Club lceeps The selecT in The healThiesT of sTaTes. lTs adherenTs declare Through The club They learn speed and skill in The use oT Their TisTs, Train Their eye, develop lung power and, in general emerge more pro- Tic:ienT in The manly arT oT selT deTense. 0840 oggo Fulure Einsleins and Pasleurs congregale in Science and Biologif cal Clubs. AI Ihe regular meelings ol lhe Iirsl, dillerenl pupils give Ieclures and demonslralions on chemislry or physics. This club is a member of Ihe American Inslirulion which offers very inlereshng Iaboralory courses. Two Davisiles achieved Ihese courses, Roberl Gold and Roberl Auguslin. The members of Ihe Biological Club idenlify all specimens broughl in Io lheir meelings and are aided by Ihe school microscopes. AI an open meeling, Ihey had an oulside speaker, a former Davis sludenl now a docfor, who spolcc on vilamins in regard 'ro healfh. SCIENCE CLUB BIOLOGICAL CLUB OuTsTanding among The school acTiviTies, The DramaTic SocieTy has really earned iTs Tame. The Two big producTions This year, The LaTe ChrisTopher Bean and You Can'T Talce lT WiTh You , were Twin successes oT The Tirsir magniTude, boTh arTisTically and Tinancially. The socieTy enTered a counTy high school dramaTics convenTion This spring. They also perTormed one-acT plays Tor The assemblies here and in The iunior high schools. Admission To This organizaTion is gained aTTer a successTul Three minuTe TryouT, consisTing oT a skiT, monologue, or oTher perlrormance. The chorus is a large group oT mixed voices noTed Tor Their ex- cellenT and unusual eTTecTs. They presenT assemblies annually wiTh The orchesTra. lT has always been mosT popular, especially among The Tair sex, Tor iT aTTords an opporTuniTy To demonsTraTe all or any vocal TalenTs. This May, Their TwenTy-eighTh concerT was held. ogbo DRAMATIC SOCIETY CHORUS SPONSOR: Mr. Emil Nielsen GIRLS' RIDING CLUB PONSOR: Miss Florence Blackburn CAMERA CLUB SPONSOR: Mr. Arfhur Ferry 0370 Look al The horsielu The girls ol The Riding Club nol only look bul conquer on Their weekly rides al lnlulchinson Riding Academy. There are classes lor lhe novices as well as The more advanced egueslrians. Exlra-special evenls on The club's program are an annual moonlighl ride and an- nual breaklasl ride. Look al The birdie! The Camera Cub musl have needed a cage ol birdies when lhey pholographed aboul 340 incoming sludenls lor permanenl record cards. The club is also working on an alphabelic pholo Tile lor The ollice. The members have an equipped dark room, so lhey can develop lheir own piclures. They conducl an annual conlesl lor Ihe members and save money wilh which prizes an awarded. DISCUSSION GROUF l HOME ROOM ADVISERS SPONSOR: Miss Grace Lewis Much of lhe bewildermcnl and loneliness suffered by girls new lo lhe high school is allevialed by lhe Home Room Advisers, a com- paralively young bul very worlhwhile organizalion. These girls, There is one lor every homeroom, lake lhe newcomers under lheir wing and acquainl lhem wilh lhe ways ol Davis. Al lhe beginning ol The lerm, lhe advisers hold a dinner lor Jrhem and all Jrhrough Jrhe lerm ac+ as Friendly guides. The Discussion Group is a lhoughl-provoking inslilulion. The girls hear many oulside speakers, women lrom all walks of life. When lhere are noir speakers, lhe members conducl lheir own discussions on Topics vilal lo Jrhe girl ol loday. 0880 3 a 1 1 MDM If M 1 f W , ' f ,f N A 1, ,. ,, J ,QLI r, A .M A 5- m f 1, - A 2315 1 P 'fi 'W?', K K . .W , '34 QM ' WA-, rfzig . 'ff , Wm, rdf From a Cape Cod Paintbox Color here predorninaTes: BrighT blue shuTTers, snow-whiTe gaTes: Emerald lawns and diamond pools, Golden wickers, creamy sToolsg Fragile Teacups, TainTly pink: Rainbow Tragrances To drink. STill, ouT back, and besT OT all, ln The spark'ling days oT Tall, WhiTe-winged sailboaTs slip away To The Treedom oT The bay. STealing ouT To ioin The blue, Finding in The sunseT's hue Once again in skies serene, Pink and gold and emerald green. Mary Frances Martin Fog Shorn Trom some huge gray caT, Of some sTrange consTellaTion, ln some unknown sky: Leaden-hued Tur, as eThereal as gossamer, Tumbles slowly down To earTh .... Land and sea is neaTly covered by TluTTy, exacT heaps. The Coaxed by wind and sun, iT lazily sTirs ...... suddenly ScaTTers inTo whispy Tlocks - scrambles hasTily back To The sTars, whence iT came. Night: Summer AgainsT The moTTled sky The mounTain sTandsg Displays maiesTically lTs wooded lands, And Through The scaTTered clouds The sun's lasT rays In halo Torm descend Beyond my gaze. . . A hawk resTs in iTs fIigh+ Then glides To earTh A Trog gives venT, alone, To croaking mirTh .... l, in my bed, quiTe QuieT, ThoughTTully Join The world in lovely harmony, Elizabeth Gips o 90 o Giulio D'Angz'o Athletics I The The The The real ones. the right ones, the straight ones and true. puklza peerless sportsmen-their numbers are but few: men who keep on playing though the sun be in eclipse, men who go on losing with a laugh upon their lips. -William Qgilvie LEROY MILLS Mere words cannoT do iusTice To The Tine man ThaT was Leroy Mills. We do noT aTTempT To porTray him as one who shaped desTiny, buT raTher as a simple, good, decenT American who had in his hearT a greaT Tond ness Tor boys and The games ThaT They play. Yes, The name OT Leroy Mills will probably be soon TorgoTTen by The mass OT common people, buT in The schools and colleges OT This counTry and among men in The sporTing world, iT will live on, a TesTimonial To sporTsmanship and characTer in sporT. Besides being a greaT man in sporT, Leroy Mills was a successful lawyer in MounT Vernon and a loyal and TaiThTul alumnus of Davis. l-le was never Too busy To come baclc in The capaciTy oT coach or speaker, and The con TesT in connecTion wiTh The Leroy Mills Kiclcing Trophy was always one OT The mosT popular evenTs OT The year Tor The boys oT Davis. l-le placed emphasis on The roll in lciclcing, and he himselT was one oT The TinesT lciclcers in The enTire counTry. l-le was conTinually called upon by colleges To help TuTor rising young sTars, which he did willingly, never accepTing anyThing Tor his services. l-le was a greaT be- liever in The so called, CoTTin-corner kick , so named because iT pracTically buried The opposing eleven deep in iTs own TerriTory. To him, lciclcing was a science, and he could perform miracles oT science wiTh The pigslcing he was accepTed everywhere as The ToremosT auThoriTy on lciclcing. And so To Leroy Mills, a Truly Tine ma n, we, The sTudenTs of The school he loved, pay him humble TribuTe. 0930 fm? G1 3' fa 574' L A' -I 'f' 5e'? 26 ,hz ?Q49 .....1un-W '02 N L' K gm N V Q? f x 'W 6 t :qi 5 '7 is ,V 4? We 1' V 1 KV Y grail. ' . Q 1 W f D- M f ,LQ J .4 ' , f'y?.l3,-dw. -MQYQQQQQQ 5 -Aw Z 'v , 5-Q rx f- Q, - K , ,.f ' hi 1 1-4 Lb.. sd'- TOP: Coach Coffin, Coach Doyle, Goodliffe, M01-iarity, Moller, Wachter, Bovio, Kalik, Coach Nordone, Coach Oswald. MIDDLE: Lillis, Anto Wells, Capmain Hammond, Casucci, Moore, Herbert, Fitzsimmonis, Russo. Srzhliecher. BOTTOM: Wickena, Warshauer, Senno, Junrnielo, Czark ski, Miu-hell, Imnzwa, Hoffman, Avalone. ,U 'I i 4 l W . n Maroon Foofhall Squad Enjoys Average Seasoni New Rochelle l lelcl To Tie As White Plains Wins CapTain Wilfred Hammond The TooTball Team This year showed iTselT To be a Tine one in every respecT. AlThough iTs record was noT excepTional, crediT should be given To Coach CoTTin and The enTire squad: Tor, considering The maTerial presenT aT The beginning oT The year, The Team did quiTe well. ATTer a slow sTarT, The Maroon and WhiTe piclced up speed and ToughT Their way back inTo The W. l. A. A. race. Things were moving smooThly unTil an irriTaTed WhiTe Plains Tiger, laTer To loe shown as one oT The sTrongesT Teams in The counTry, Thoroughly clawed The Maroon and puT an end To all TiTle hopes. This was one oT The rnosT imporTanT games oT The season, as boTh elevens were undeTeaTecl aT The Time. Davis had several grand scoring chances in The TirsT period and carried The TighT To VVhiTe Plains Tor mosT OT The TirsT halT. The Plainsmen Turned on The heaT in The second halT and ran up a score oT 26-O. ln The closing game OT The year a moral vicTory was gained when our arch rivals Trom New Rochelle were held To a scoreless Tie. The game was played amidsT mud, rain, and windy and The specTaTors Tool: as much oT a beaTing as The players. 0960 0970 Basicetballers End With Low W. i. A. A. Ranlclng Come Cut Fourth After Annexing City Crown Beiore going inTo any discussion oT The i938-39 baslceTball Team, iT should be sTaTed ThaT bare Tigures, while They do noT lie, do noT do iusTice To Coach Oswald's charges. The Team was aT Times decidedly beTTer Than a TourTh place ouTTiT, Their ulTimaTe sTanding. However, Their compleTe poTenTialiTies came To lighT only Two or Three Times. Twice, They scored brillianT Triumphs over a Rooseveli Team Thais was helpless aqainsT The brand oT baslceTball displayed by The Maroon on These vicTory sprees. A sTronq Third place GorTon ouTTiT was also seT back in one me-eTing. AgainsT our rivals, WhiTe Plains and New Rochelle, The boys did noT play The Type oT ball ThaT They were Tully capable oT and conse- quenTly They absorbed Tour beaTinqs ThaT mighT easily have been won. However, Davis reTained The mylhical ciTy championship by Trouncinq Edison in The one rneeTinq beTween The Two schools. Ca pfain Tullio Luisi TOP: Lynvh, Se-nno, Carucci, Ma1'Tin, Berke. MIDDLE: M:1nage1'Jenks, Miller, GE'SYlEl', Healy, Chianose, Tlvudler, Fonrh O II BOT'l Yhllker, Longrhi, Conover, Impara, Captain Luisi. ,- f m ,.,. ':-mm. ff f f b , TM, ... 11... M TOP: Manager Minor, Manager Sharpe, Moller, Roseff, Martin, Chianese, Mr. Jacobs, Coach Coffin. MIDDLE: Herbert, Wachter, Andel CasseTtu, Impara, Van Orden, Lynch, Czarkowski. BOTTOM: Avalone, Gesner, Healy, Captain Conover, Marana. Baseball Nine Loolcs To Successful Campaigni Veteran infield and Seasoned Pitchers Return CapTain William Conover Judging Trorn The wealTh oT TalenT ThaT responded To Coach CoTTin's call Tor baseball pracTice, Davis had subsTanTial hopes oT a banner year and a Team To inspire Tear in The hearTs oi rival aggrega- Tions. There was an abundance oT veTeran maTerial back Trom a grand I938 squad To Torrn The nucleus oT This year's Team. ln TacT, The enTire inTield OT The previous campaign was on hand, along wiTh several seasoned piTchers who were second only To The greaT Ralph ZeiTz oT lasT year. Two capable caTchers also were ready To hold The smoking oTferings oT CasseTa, Van Orden, and Appel. UndoubTedly The greaTesT single loss Trorn The previous year was piTcher Ralph ZeiTz, one OT The ouTsTanding moundsmen in The hisTory oT The school. AlThough This boolc wenT To press before any deTiniTe sTaTisTics could be consulTed, Trom pasT records iT seemed saTe To say ThaT The sTandouT perTorrners This year would probably be lviarano, Moller, and Conover in The infield and CasseTa and Van Orden on The mound. Red Moller is noTed Tor his hard hiTTing and generally good compeTiTive spiriT. Conover is anoTher whose slugging gives rival hurlers anxious, and Tragic, momenTs. 0980 0990 Cross Country Team Has Very Successful Yeari New Rochelle and Tigers Bow, Fairservis Stars This year, The cross counTry Team enioyed one of The besT seasons in iTs hisTory. Led by CapTain WalTer Pairservis, The Team besfed boTh of our arch rivals, New Rochelle and WhiTe Plains. Paced by a few experienced runners, The squad came along quickly, so Their collapse in The final meeT of The season, The W. I. A. A. champion- ship, has never been explained. CapTain Fairservis finished second in ThaT meeT and ViTTarino ran beauTifully To Talce fifTh posiTion buT The resT of The squad did noT live up To Their season record. Warren Lewin, a sophomore and running for The firsT Time This season, was a mosT valuable man and should be one of The Top men in The counTy This coming Tall. The Team sTarTed off Their season wifh Three specfacular wins over New Rochelle, WhiTe Plains, and The powerful lvlamaroneclc squad. Then came The inexplicable defeaT aT The hands of a GorTon Team and, sTill more queer, Trailing WhiTe Plains in The same meeT. However, The Team was one of The besT in recenT years and should be congraTulaTed on iTs fine record. Ca pfain Walfer Fairservis TOP: Crane, Fairservis, Lewin, Vittarino, Zimmerman, Coach Oswald. BOTTOM: Addinaro, Subitsky, Bilinski, Pomerance. -K r-Y ga- -l - I A-'Q 'Q - 4 fsYW I AlTs0huler, Brmnel', Kain, Reynolds, Captain D'Angi0. Fencing Team Does Well Despite lnexperiencei D'Angino Stands Gut As Foilsman and As Coach 5 .f X' - Si -siilfilibffr ug Q CapTain Giulio D'Angio M f KW.: f-Q., The Davis Tencing Team, composed oT CapTain Giulio D'Angio, l?oberT Bremer, George Kain, and John Reynolds, gained much needed experience as The season progressed, and showed Their worTh in The Tinal maTches oT The season. When The Team was Called ouT in SepTember, CapTain D'Angio Tound ThaT graduaTion had Torn his enTire Team aparT. The year beTore, Davis was one oT The sTrongesT Teams in The enTire sTaTe and The men ThaT composed iT are now on college squads. By dinT OT hard pracTice, in spiTe oT inexperience, The Toilsmen prepared Themselves so well as To give an exhibiTion in AThleTiC Assembly ThaT won The admiraTion oT The enTire sTudenT body. AlThough D'Angio leaves Davis This year, There will be a good group oT veTerans To uphold The Tine repuTaTion seT by This and previous Davis Tencing Teams. OIOOO OIOIO Balanced Tennis Squad Plays Well ln Matchesf Veterans and Recruits Guarantee Good Season The tennis team with a good balance ot seasoned veterans and ambitious new talent taced the spring campaign with confidence and hopetul expectations. The holclovers were Captain Phil Shapiro, Johnny Morse, Ted Solomon, and Ed Smith, all experienced players trom the preceding season. Shapiro and Morse stepped into their old singles positions while the latter two are more adept at doubles. Dick Shapiro, winner ot the tall tourney, clinched one ot the three singles positions, while the other recruits supplied the needed sparlc to set a top-notch team in action. The main task this year was to tind two reliable doubles com- binations capable ot playing sure steady tennis. A spectacular game is not required, but good torcing shots that can be relied upon are vital. The boys must be able to get along with each other on or ott the court. Besides the regular W. l. A. A. schedule which started May 2, matches with other schools were boolced by Manager l-larvey Scobel and Faculty Adviser Robert Dodds. Captain Philip Shapiro TOP: Scobel, Mr. Dodds, Captain P. Shapiro. BOTTOM: R. Shapiro, Schwaxtzman, Morse. TOP: Captain Chizmese, Mellei-t, Schoen, Bonvini. BOTTOM: Mr. Collins, Mozian, McNeil, Henthorn, Royer, Zuzzolo. Untried Golf Squad Starts Season Confidentlyf Captain R. Chianese ls Only Experienced Player Ca pTain Richard Chia nese The golf Team, one of The leasT publicized of all Davis aThleTic squads, was anofher big quesTion mark This spring. LasT year The Team did noT do very well, buT This year's members were eager for revenge on rival counfy divoT-diggers. The squad was ripped open by graduaTion, so only a few veferans were on hand. Chief among These seasoned campaigners was Dick Chianese, probably The besT golfer on The squad. However, There was a large number of boys ouT for golf This year and iT was hoped ThaT some good maTerial be obTained from The recruiTs. These boys had noT yeT proven Their worTh in regular maTches when we wenT To press and iT remained To be seen wheTher They would keep cool and relaxed in crucial momenTs. ivlafches were played on nearby courses and The schedule in- cluded The regular W. l. A. A. mafches in addifion To several maTches wiTh ciTy schools. Mr. Collins, as in pasT years, sponsored The Team. 0 l02 O TOI 01030 Swimmers Rally To Conclude Successful Season Relay Team Gains Crown As l'luguenots Triumph Wilh a scarcily ol velerans, lhe scrappy Davis swimming leam splashed lheir way lo a very successful season. ll was a pleasure lo see lhese boys in aclion, lor lhey didn'l seem lo lcnow whal guilling meanl and louqhl up lo lhe lasl evenl. The one lorighl spol was The relay leam which won in bolh cases and gave indicalion lhal laler in lhe year il' would be a polenl laclor in lhe W. l. A. A. championships. New Rochelle ran away wilh lhe counly meel, wilh lhe Maroon second and Pelham lhird. The relay leam, lhe backbone ol The squad lor lhe enlire season, won lhe l6O yard evenl lo become lhe only Davis championship group in lhe alhlelic piclure. A special lribule should be paid lo Koop, Froalz, Sladig, and Kaplan, mem- bers ol lhe winning guarlel. The oulslanding perlorrners were Elliol Kaplan, Bill Sladig, and Johnny Koop in lhe Tree slyle evenls and Dexler Roberls in lhe dive. Our opponenls usually counled heavily in The breasl slrolce evenls, as Davis lacked experienced men in This parlicular slrolce. ': Koop, Holley. Ilurr, Roln-i'1.s, Stadigr. MIDDLE: Gootjes, Parks, Hoffm:m,Ka1l I l C hi ff' BOTIONI I1 'X Miller, Gold, Russo. Roeeusvhvin, Lsiughron, liz-nvon, Mclflurn-, Mr. Chill L VN l li ll l C gl 1 1 - .1 - '3'f'f!.I -4- Nav' 2. -. 1 ' Q T01 Co captain Broemel, Petersen, Scoagland, Weinberg, Addinaro, Tourin, Co-captain Collier, Russo, Quinvy, Coach Coffin. BOTTOM: Wit Tankel, Marone, Zimmerman, MacMillen, Tripodi. Gym Team Exhibition Again Captivates Assemblyi Captains W. Broemei And L. Collier Qutstanciing Howard Weinberg The gym Team, one oT The newesT aThleTic organizaTions oT Davis, had a Typically successTul year. While They engaged in no conTesTs wiTh oTher schools, They were one oT The mosT popular Teams in The school and counTy. Led by Co-CapTains Warren Broemel and Langdon Collier, The boys were called upon To perTorm in The iunior high schools oi MounT Vernon, as well as beTore The Davis sTudenT body and various mens' clubs oT This ciTy. lvlosT oT Their worlc was done on The parallel bars, Though oTher Types oT apparaTus were also used. On The bars, The Team sTressed basic movemenTs wiTh everyone parTicipaTing in The work. Then each boy perTormed his own par- Ticular branch OT The exercise. ln This way a varied and enTerTaining program was always in sTore Tor The audience. Coach CoTTin should be congraTulaTed, along wiTh The Team, Tor his splendid worlc and Tor opening a new branch oT aThleTic work Tor The boys of Davis. 91040 OIOSO Cheerleaders inaugurate New Big-Apple Cheer Group Considered One Ct Best ln Westchester Without the cheerleaders, games would be colorless attairs ine deed. No howling stands, no crisp yells breaking out on the autumn air as the Maroon gains another score: in short, none ot the spirit and tire that has marked Davis teams and students whether they be victor or vanquished. This season's cheerleading squad, under the able sponsorship ot Mr. Childs and captained by William Nielsen, was one ot the best in years. Their enthusiasm and pep never waned, even in the darkest ot moments. They uncovered a new cheer, radically ditterent trom the old type, that took the county by storm. Yes, the Big Apple cheer certainly brought down the house-we mean the stadium. The Davis squad was one ot the largest and best looking in the entire county. Their special sweaters had a large megaphone on the tront and although our teams sometimes came out second best, our cheerleaders never encountered that tate. And so to the cheerleaders trom the school goes a sincere, great big Thank you. Edgar Mehrlust TOP: Mr. Childs, Captain Nielsen, Conklin, Eason, Mehrlust, Fox. BOTTOM: Hollander, James, Fisk, Prentiss, D y ,:,...nAf' . f J0Li11i5ti.?4-55:11. fi 2 VF W 'WlK'M ' :f5 1 Rosenschcln, Lzxughron, D canon, McClure, Mr. Childs, Cass, VVced, Bodrlic-ker, Captain Tictz. Scoreboard Squad Provides Piay-By-Piay Newsf Members Deserve Appreciation OF Student Body Ca pTain Earl TieTz Une OT The mosT hardworking and yeT iiTTie known aThieTic uniTs in Davis is The scoreboard squad. AiThough They were given none OT The piaudiTs accorded To The ToOTbali Team, They periormed Their diTTicuiT iob in Tine Tashion. IT is no easy Task To Tiash inTOrmaTiOn upon a large board wiThin a Tew seconds OT a piay so, iT The boys did make a misTake now and Then, iT is easy To Torgive. The working OT The scoreboard is quiTe a complicaTed maTTer invoiving The enTire group OT boys. i:irsT OT aii a man is sTaTiOned on The Tield, Toliowing The iine OT play. i-ie signals The inTormaTiOn up TO The board wiTh his arms, much in The manner OT a semaphore signaier. This signal is received by a boy in The TronT OT The board who passes The inTOrmaTiOn To The member worker on The back OT The scoreboard. All This has To be cOmpieTed a Tew seconds aTTer The acTuai play. Eari TeiTz was The capTain OT The squad and Mr. Chiids The sponsor. OIO647 01070 Little Known Boys Perform Valuable Service, Unsung Heroes OF Sporting World Merit Praise Though they get no cheers trom packed stands, though they are never in the team pictures, though the entire student body is heartily unaware ot their presence, the many water-boys, bat-boys and tield- markers pertorm a service in the athletic tield that is well nigh indispensable. They expect no credit or recognition tor the work they do and speaking trankly, they get none. Their attitude is one ot tierce devotion to the teams and to the school itself, and they are proud and willing to serve it in even this small manner. Only the men in the athletic world ot Davis can tell you ot the necessity ot their duties. Personal glory is not their aim: they are merely content to bask in the retlected glory ot the team and take heart in knowing that their small bit contributed to success. Surely, the true and best spirit ot Davis is in the hearts ot these boys. Bat-Boy Anthony Manga no TOP: Minor, Carpenter, Kelly, D'Avanzo, Shader. BOTTOM: Trinodi, Johnson. Sharpe, Witt. SUMMARY OF BOYS' SPORTS lT is quiTe apparenT ThaT Davis Tinished The year wiTh no beTTer Than an average record. This is Truly unTorTunaTe since almosT every Team This year seemed blessed wiTh Tine maTerial, and in every case The hopes OT seeing a coveTed W. l. A. A. championship adorn The l-lillTop ran high. lT seems ThaT The TaTes willed oTherwise, Tor a series OT iniuries and unexplained leT-downs on The parT oT key men ruined The chances OT every Team. The Team ThaT had The besT record Tor The year, considering iTs experience, was cross-counTry, which losT only one meeT during The enTire year. UnTorTunaTely, ThaT one was The all-imporTanT' W. l. A. A. Championship lvleeT. lTs loss s+iIl remains a mysTeryg Tor cerTain runners who, in previous meeTs had Tinished Tar up in TronT, ran poorly and were never conTenders. CapTain Fairservice, however, ran a beauTiTul race To Tinish in second place. FooTball also made iTs appearance aT This Time, and again Maroon hopes ran high Tor an undeTeaTed eleven. For a Time iT seemed as iT This dream mighT come True when Al l:iTzsimmons broke OTT his own leTT Tackle and, behind excellenT blocking, dashed sevenTy yards Tor The Touchdown ThaT beaT a rugged PorT ChesTer Team. This was The high waTer- mark oT The season: Tor a week laTer, a powerTul WhiTe Plains Tiger clawed iTs way To a 26-O win dashing Davis' hopes. The season closed soon aTTer, when New Rochelle was held To a scoreless Tie on a Tield so weT and muddy, ThaT accuraTe TooTball was impos- sible. As soon as The gridiron warriors had washed away The mud, mosT oT Them reporTed for baskerball which now shared The Davis spoTlighT, along wiTh swimming and Tencing. lT was hoped ThaT The Team would be in The counTy spoTlighT as well, buT again dreams did noT maTerialize. The Team gave promise oT being an excepTional group, buT did noT line up To expecTaTions. ln some games, They could have whipped any Team in The counTy buT unTorTunaTely, These were Tew and Tar beTween. Davis Tinished TourTh in counTy sTand- ing, and reTained The myThical ciTy championship by beaTing Edison. The swimming Team Tared much beTTer. The boys goT OTT To a slow sTarT by drop- ping The TirsT Two meeTs, buT gradually Torged ahead, and in The counTy meeT, They were beaTen only by a super-powerTul New Rochelle squad. l-lowever, The crack l6O- yard relay Team swam over The besT our rivals could musTer To win iTs evenT Tor The CoTTinmen. AlmosT The enTire Tencing Team graduaTed en masse lasT June, so ThaT The squad was required To sTarT Trom scraTch wiTh inexperienced men. l-lowever, veTeran CapTain D'Angio's sword-play, in losing To only one opponenT, marked him as one oT The TinesT Tencers in The counTy. Our gym Team had a very successTul year in which The muscle-men gave many exhibiTions beTore clubs and schools in The counTy. This is TasT becoming one oT The mosT popular Teams in The school. For The spring season, hopes were again high. The baseball and Tennis Teams had many seasoned veTerans reTurning, and played in True Davis sTyle. GolT and Track, also on The spring schedule, worked hard To Triumph over Their opponenTs. So Davis sporTsmen look To The TuTure, noT aT all ashamed OT Their record and iusTly proud OT Their spiriT and conducT on The Tield. 9lO8o PN Q1 .X 5 CAPTAIN: Barbara McClellan Eleanor Allgair, Carmella Ceslone, Callileen Dooley, Louise Doulcas, Bealrice Gee, Janel Gilclwresl, Blossom Gleilsman, Dorolliy l-lubbard, Adele Jones, Anila Kassen, Gerlrude Lacey, Muriel Lampreclil, Virginia Lasli, Mary Marlin, lvlargarel Mazziolla, Eleanor Newman, Ruin Plale, Ellwel Smallwood, Clwrisline Zibelli. HOCKEY ll may loolc like play lo you buf il's cleallw lo us. LIESIVGHQQ ' lm, Q V ----I ,. 1 N-W CAPTAIN: Dorolliea Gwen Amy Borclwers, Jean Clough, Blossom Gleilsman, Dorolliy Hubbard, Jacque McGee, Virginia lvlclvlenomy, Belly Wakefield. VOLLEYBALL NNlworn Forlune wishes To cleslroy slie iirsl makes rnad. Syrus CAl3'lAllNl: Adele Jones Eleanor Allgair, Rullw Byers, Carmella Ceslone, Jean Clough, Callwleen Dooley, Anila Dlyn, Bealrice Gee, Dorolny Hubbard, Anila Kassen, Muriel Lampreclml, Mary Marlin, Alice Oswald, Ellmel Sllaldn. BASKETBALL No pallw of flowers leads lo glory. Fontaine CAPTAIN: Winifrecl Cammack l 5 , 2 V Y-5 , 2 If Wlnifred Cammaclc, Courlney Groesclwel, Lydia l-lovlmannissian, Dolly Lederer lvlargarejr Mazziolla, Barbara Sherman, Elaine Zelcov, Manager. I 402 gg r P ri W ffxwrll ' '- ' V mm , ' .w1' - E' -':1 Q A , 4' X ,,- , I f 1f 'r TENNIS Afler crosses and losses men grow lwumbler and wiser Ann. WXAMWMM, OUR TEAM CAPTAINS WhaT does a capTain oT a winning Team do? Well, iT depends a greaT deal on whaT kind oT Team she is capTain OT and whaT kind oT girl she is. The Tour capTains This year un- quesTionably rank wiTh The besT. WhaT They did, ThereTore, and how They did iT, make a preTTy good yardsTick. . FirsT, There is DoroThea Owen acTive in volleyball, hockey, baskeTball, baseball, and The sTunT club. ln baskeTball, DoroTheia won second honors, and in hockey, she was capTain OT her Team: buT iT was in volleyball ThaT she Tinally led The iuniors Through an unblemished schedule. An all-around aThleTe, The girls made no misTake when They voTed DoroThea Their leader in Two diTTerenT sporTs. Then, There's Winnie Cammack, one oT The Maroon and WhiTe LiTerary EdiTors and Vice-PresidenT oT The General OrganizaTion among oTher Things who is noT Too busy To be capTain and sTar OT The Tennis Team. Along wiTh her D , Winnie has won a couple oT Davis Tennis TournamenTs. NexT in line is Adele Jones, capTain oT The senior baskeTball Team which won TirsT honors in The inTra-mural TournamenT. Holding down a Torward posiTion is a preTTy sTrenuous job, buT Adele sTill Tound Time To swim wiTh a group oT high school girls who made The Y Their headguarTers This winTer. This Team, incidenTally, also elecTed Adele Their capTain. Finally, There is Barbara McClellan, capTain oT The winning senior hockey Team. Bobbie survived an arduous hockey season To carry on as capTain oT The senior, second baskeTball Team. So you see none OT The girls have single-Track minds. Their acTiviTies are as varied as Their abiliTiesg and Their personaliTies are as aTTracTive as Their records. They successTully guided The desTinies oT The winning Teams oT T939 and oughT To give you a preTTy good idea oT whaT a leader in girls' sporTs is like. OII44? WINIFRED CAMMACK ADELE JONES DOROTHEA JONES BARBARA McCLELLAN WINIFRED CAMMACK GERTRUDE REICHGOTT LILA WARSHAW OIIEO THE WESTCHESTER GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION l.asT year Davis was very pleased To announce To iTs girls ThaT iT had become a mem- ber oT The WesTchesTer AThleTic AssociaTion Tor senior high school girls. The purposes oT This organizaTion are as Tollows: lll To provide a uniTying organizaTion To promoTe suiTable programs oT aThleTics Tor all senior high school girls. l2l To sponsor Play Days , and To sTress The social and recreaTional values oT com- peTiTion. l3l To promoTe educaTional publiciTy ThaT places The emphasis upon The sporT and iTs values raTher Than The conTesTanTs. l4l To sTand deTiniTely opposed To an inTerscholasTicleague oT championship games. AT The presenT Time There are eighTeen schools in The organizaTion. The execuTive board consisTs oT all The women insTrucTors oT physical educaTion in The senior high schools ThaT are members oT The associaTion. The junior board consisTs oT represenTaTives Trom each school chosen Trom The girls acTively engaged in aThleTics. There is one represenTaTive chosen Trom each scholasTic year lTenTh-TwelTThl. The junior board acTs wiTh The execuTive board in promoTing The policies oT This associaTion, planning Play Days , ouTlining programs oT inTeresT To girls oT senior high school age, and suggesTing ways and means oT inTeresTing all girls in some Torm oT aThleTEc acTiviTy. There are Two regular business meeTings OT This associaTion during The year. Addi- Tional meeTings may be called aT The discreTion oT The presidenT. Davis has had The pleasure oT aTTending several hockey, volleyball, baseball, and basl4eTball Play Days . The volleyball Play Day was held aT Davis. Pive oTher schools aTTended and all agreed iT was a greaT success. On May 26, The associaTion had an annual dinner aT The New Yorlc AThleTic Club. The represenTaTives Trom Davis were in charge oT This aTTair. AT The closing meeTing, oTTicers Tor The ensuing year were elecTed. Binh A Mai! -.ia-a...i.,,. 'T ll' i -i ro' ,al .Y GIRLS' SPORTS ln order To have a successTul program OT girls' sporTs in a high school, iT is neces- sary To have Two Things. FirsT, someone To do all The planning and organizing and have all The headaches: second, a group OT girls who are enThusiasTic and cOoperaTive and have all The Tun. Davis has boTh. A brieT review OT The schedule OT inTra-mural acTiviTies, which was compleTed This year, will show The exTensiveness oT The program. Field Hockey, in spiTe OT sTill being raTher new, had a large Tollowing OT girls who apparenTly liked being baTTed around wiTh a club. The senior Team, aTTer geTling OTT To a shaky sTarT, breezed serenely Through The resT OT iTs schedule To Tinish in TirsT place. Volleyball, because OT iTs populariTy, undergoes a severe siTTing-down process dur- ing The gym periods. Unlike oTher sporTs, The Teams which Tinally TighT iT ouT Tor TirsT honors are The ones which Took TirsT place in Their respecTive gym classes. Thus inTra- mural volleyball has one hundred percenT supporT, and iT is possible To say ThaT every girl in Davis is aT some Time a candidaTe Tor, and has an opporTuniTy To obTain, a TirsT honor leTTer. BaskeTball also had an especially acTive season This year because The number OT games was exTended aT The expense OT The number OT pracTice sessions. An inspired and admirable decision! The girls who Turn ouT Tor baskeTball are divided according To Their abiliTy inTO Two Teams. ln This way The oppOrTuniTy To play is greaTly increased. Anyone will Tell you iT is decidedly more Tun TO be The big mOmenT on The second Team Than a sub Tor Two minuTes on The TirsT. The high pOinT OT The season was The iourney made To WhiTe Plains by Two honor Teams. Whi+e Plains won boTh games, buT every one agreed ThaT The Tun and The reTreshmenTs were nearly adequaTe cOmpensaTiOn. Tennis may well be considered one OT The mosT valuable sporTs aT Davis. IT is a sporT which can be carried On aTTer one Tinishes school enTirely. Each year a spring and Tall TournamenT is sponsored by Miss Taylor, Thus giving any girl inTeresTed a chance TO parTicipaTe. Besides This, a Tennis Team is Organized, made up oT The mosT capable appli- canTs. This Team plays by inviTaTion oTher schools in WesTchesTer CounTy. Non-compeTiTive AThleTic AcTiviTies wenT on This year in addiTion To The schedule which was drawn up Tor The Tun we all undeniably geT ouT OT compeTiTion. Miss WighT Organized a girls' gym Team which bOasTed a surprisingly numerous and enThusisaTic aTTendance. Mrs. Young conTinued To sponsor archery, and Miss Blackburn and Miss Cleveland mainTained The riding club. All These, while They cerTainly do noT claim The inTeresT OT every girl in school, hold ouT TO everyone The oppOrTuniTy To parTicipaTe. Somewhere in The lisT, nine girls ouT OT Ten are bound To Tind an acTiviTy which is especially aTTracTive To Them. OII647 THE FUTURE TENSE EDITOR-Marcia Freeman June 2, T959 MAYOR LACEY OPENS BRIDGE The new FleeTwoOd Bridge was oTTicially opened lasT nighT and Televised over a coasT-To-coasT hookup. AT IO:3O P. M., Mayor GerTrude Lacey OT MounT Vernon, N. Y., pulled The swiTch ThaT opened The long-waiTed proiecT To The public. Mayor Lacey said in her brieT message, We, The people OT MounT Vernon, Teel ThaT The com- pleTion OT This magniTicenT span will noT only uniTe FIeeTwoOd wiTh The PaciTic COasT, buT will also prOmoTe inTernaTional goodwill . FirsT man To cross The bridge was W. Randolph Campbell. Said Mr. Campbell, who camped Tor Three years in FleeTwood so ThaT he mighT achieve This disTincT honor, IT was woiTh iT, buT iT ain'T The ToisT Time me and Connie, me moTorcycle, has won dis honor. And we'll do iT again, yes sir! Engineer RoberT STeele, who compleTed The bridge aTTer TwenTy years, an all-Time record, is being inTernaTionally acclaimed. His nexT venTure, Mr. STeele inTormed The press, will be a new MounT Vernon sewer done in The Rococo sTyle. HALL STARS SFNGER Miss Norma Beckerman was guesT singer lasT nighT aT The Phil- harmonica SympaThy ConcerT aT Carnegie T-Tall. The orchesTra, under The direcTion OT masTero Pensiero MasTropieTrO, who suc- ceeds The laTe Michel Bosini, played well-known selecTions in- cluding G. Groves FiTTh Sym- phony in A Maior, and several Old-Time melodies, namely FlaT FOOT Floogie , and The old Ameri- can Talk song, T-lold TighT . Miss Beckerrnan, who has iusT compleTed a successTul concerT Tour OT The Fiii Islands, sang The SexTeT Trom Lukemia by Don- chabeTTmi. She was accompanied by virTuoso Florence Childs, who will give her own concerT aT CiTy I-Tall in The near TuTure. ALUMNI MEET' Alumni OT The A. B. Davis class OT '39 will meeT TOnighT Tor a gala anniversary parTy aT Club 3l, Warren X. Iiroemel, class presidenT announced To- day. Similar To The parTy OT The class OT '38, which was held in DuTTy's Grill lasT February, The aTTair will bring TogeTher one OT The greaTesT masses OT celebri- Ties ThaT has been assembled in many a day. ATTer dinner, The group will Tly in a charTered spaceship To Davis where They will be wel- comed by Principal STewarT and aTTend The opening OT The. school's new audiTOrium, erecT- ed by The TaculTy in Their honor. ROTERMUND TO RUN N NEXT ELECTION ErnesT ROTermund, Tormer U. S. Marshal, was nominaTed Today, as mayor OT SpringTield, aT The Free Soilers' ConvenTion in New York. Also nominaTed was Joe BaTes who will run Tor The posiTion OT chieT OT The DeparTmenT OT Sani- TaTion in The TorThcoming elecTion. J. Edgar I-Torn, head OT The F.B.I., declined a nominaTion To run again Tor The posiTion he has held Tor Three monThs. ln a wide open leTTer To The press, he sTaTed ThaT his compleTe unravelling OT The Serge Ring Case has won him a much needed resT. I-Te will de- parT Tor his shack in The CaTskills, close Triends disclosed. The Free Soilers parTy, which was recenTly reorganized by AI Fiering, well-known poliTician, ad- vocaTes The donaTiOn oT a whiTe, ivy-covered cOTTage Tucked be- Tween The hills OT VermonT Tsend Ten cenTs To cover cOsT OT mailing Tor beauTiTully illusTraTed bookleTl To all reTired TooTball players and sTage crew members OT A. B. Davis. The convenTion closed wiTh a marshmallow roasT and swaTTo parTy aT Howard Field. FAIRSERVIS RETURNS FROM EXPEDITION WalTer Fairservis, noTed arche- ologisT and Nobel Prize winner, reTurned yesTerday Trom Cairo, EgypT aTTer a six monThs expedi- Tion Through The Sahara deserT. In his suiTe OT OTTices aT The NaTural I-lisTory Museum, Dr. Fairservis re- porTed To The UniTed Press ThaT he has made Two signiTicanT dis- coveries. The losT Tomb OT The Pharaoh I-lavanalmond was un- earThed, and a secreT chamber was discovered in The neck OT The Sphinx. Dr. Fairservis, whose sun-dark- ened skin pleasingly conTrasTs wiTh his whiTe goaTee, wore a purple velveT robe encrusTed wiTh pearls and precious sTones. This, he ex- plained, was The sTaTe robe OT Pharaoh l-lavanalmond and is said To bring doom To all who wear iT. Many oTher priceless Treasures have been unearThed during This expediTiOn, including a sTrange scarab ring ThaT is said To have belonged To CleOpaTra, and is now worn by Dr. Fairservis, A dinner will be given Tomorrow evening aT The Windblown Room OT The Savoy AsToria in honor OT The greaT scienTisT. GuesT speakers will include Dr. Langdon Collier, renowned sTaTesman and OraTorg Mr. David Slavin OT The New York STreamlined - Times : and acTOr John Servo, currenTly sTar- ring in Kiss The Girls Hello aT The BilTmOre TheaTre. Dr. Fairservis' newesT book, Dig and Ye Shall Find , will make iTs public debuT nexT week. LANDMARKS TO GO The Trylon and Perisphere, land- marks OT The I939 World's Fair, will be Torn down soon, Park Com- missioner BurTon Fox an- nounced Today. The quainT, :di-i lapidaTed sTrucTures will be'ire-, placed by a power planT operaTedi by cosmic rays, he sTaTed. Myer Zendel, OT The New York LOsT and Found DepT., will con- duc+ The parTing ceremony beTOre The buildings are demolished. M. BROUT CHOSEN BOARD PRESIDENT Miss Muriel BrouT was chosen as The new presidenT oT The Board oT EclucaTion aT The annual meeTing lasT nighT. Miss BrouT, a graduaTe oT The Sub Normal School and maThemaTics Teacher aT Davis I-ligh accepTed The posiiTon. GuesT speaker aT The meeTing was ProTessor John SchulTz OT Po- dunk UniversiTy whose subiecT was The ParenT1 I-lis NaTure and l-lis Needs . ATTer a resoluTion To inTroduce in Congress a bill proposing a longer lunch period Tor The sTu- denT, The meeTing broke up. The nexT meeTing, The new presidenT disclosed, will TeaTure The Mc- Clellans , comedy Team and SaT- chel-Puss Eason, corneTisT. l mean To puT life inTo These programs , Miss BrouT explained. My campaign includes The com- pleTe modernizaTion oT The presenT educaTional sysTem. VAN KIRK HOME SCENE OF TEA The home OT Miss Marcia Van Kirk was The scene oT a Tea yesTer- day Tor The meeTing OT The Board OT The Bide-a-Wee Abode Tor Bees Inc. Miss Van Kirk presided wiTh her usual calm aTTer reTresh- menTs had been served in The Deep Purple room oT her spacious mansion aT 808 EasT 195 ST. In a simple gown oT yellow saTin re- lieved wiTh Touches oT green and blue brocaded ruTTles, The hosT in- Troduced The chairman, Miss Ann MorgensTern, Cornell '49. Miss MorgensTern ouTlined The plans Tor a giganTic beneTiT perTorm- ance Tor disgrunTled bees To be held aT The I-lippadrone. PerTormers aT socieTy's biggesT evenT OT The year will be, virTuoso Ada FarringTon who will render The Tamous .violin selecTion, The Bee . Also conTribuTing To This greaT cause will be Dr. William Liccione who will discuss The I-labiTs and CusToms oT The Aus- Tralian Wasp . HEAR AND THEIR wiTh Molly KickabouTer The crowd aT New York's popu- lar Flamingo Club lasT nighT was an especially gay one. Mrs. Rugby FiTzgerald, The Tormer PaT Mar- shall l-lollingrad Fairchild McAn- drews, occupied her regular Table near The orchesTra. Included in her parTy were playboy Carey Wells, iusT back Trom Flushing, and BeTTy RoberTs Romero looking Tragile and exoTic in black velveT lshe has been wearing ThaT sombre hue since her laTe polo-playing husband broke his neck aT WesT- porTl . . . Gerry LundT Walker dashed in in sables and a per- TecTly devasTaTing chapeau . . . Among The dancers were The Bob Adamses, she in Molyneux's newesT creaTion . . . sipping a coke aT The milk bar was Lady l-lendi- courb, The Tormer Daphne STones, wiTh Prince Serge Jahnke . . . Wag MaTTy Rosenschein held courT aT his Table, chaTTing wiTh surrealisT designer Jean I-lirsch, in a cellophane haT . . . Peggy Dig- gins, The movie glamour-girl dash- ed in wiTh Bob Barrymore Nord- hausen, aTTer her personal appear- ance aT The RockymounT 'IheaTre . . . she Took Time To inTorm your reporTer ThaT she is simply swamp- ed wiTh 'Travail', don'T you know? . . . In The CacTus Lounge, hangouT Tor The liTerary seT: BeTTisha Gips, Chris Meyer and Giulio D'Angio discussing Mary MarTin's laTesT book oT very Tree verse, Skin In My Cocoa . . . AT The same Table: ColumnisT Broemel, iusT back Trom an exclusive grouse hunT in FlaTbush, looking TeTching in his TiTTed pink hunTing iackeT . . . CriTic Jean Baer dashing in To reporT ThaT Bill Nielson in Cherchez La Femme is Too, Too divine! . .. Bramwell Lieber, alone aT his own Table, relaxing . . . his one man exhibiT oT eTch- ings will open Tomorrow aT The RoTary Club. Add: Margery Squire sails To day on The King Maxy Tor her posT as Toreign correspondeni on The Daily Blurb . . . OIISO M. SEEGER WINS SWEEPS PRIZE Amid The liverwursT and garlic oT a small delicaTessen sTore on BaThgaTe Avenue siTs Melvin See- ger, Today, on a pickle barrel, wiTh a check Tor Fp500,000.74 in his hand. Grand winner oT The Irish S.weepsTakes, Mr. Seeger and his joyous Tamily posed Tor Their picTures and Told your reporTer how iT Teels To have so much money. IT feels as Though your TooT's asleep , said Mr. Seeger. Asked whaT led him To place his beT on PreTzel , The winning horse, he replied ThaT The name broughT a wave OT nosTaglia over him as he was slicing! cheese one day. OTher winners visiTed by your reporTer were RuTh Barsky and Marcia Freeman, one Time news- paper ediTors, who now live in a rooming house on FourTeenTh STreeT. The Two, amid a IiTTer OT pasTe poTs and scissors saT near- sighTedly gazing aT The check Tor fB234,567. Our business, Miss Barsky ex- plained, ls clipping Typographical errors Trom The Daily BulleTin GazeTTe. Now we'll be able To geT some new pasTe . And scissors , screamed Miss Freeman, clipping a hardware ad Trom lasT year's Sears, Roebuck CaTalogue. Your reporTer Tledl Mr. Leon Feigen, champ checker player and anoTher winner, had iusT blown up his privaTe lab and was in no condiTion To be inTer- viewed. R. MOLLER HONO RED RoberT BuTch Moller, l-lale '43, is receiving much acclaim Tor his coaching oT The Narmy Team which beaT P. U. aT The Soup Bowl This year. One OT The Tamous Moller broThers, BuTch will vacaTion wiTh his sisTer, Sue Moller, aT her rooming house in Passaic, New Jersey. NexT season he will again coach The Narmy Team. Mr. Mol- ler expecTs such men as sopho- more Milan Lillis To carry on Tor Narmy during The TorThcoming TooTball season. .TF K , 5- W - ,, ,:-g qmg. Q, rp' ,155 ., I A .--ni , . v -5 ,U fu, I Q1 -, V .Qi -. T x -. h 1 4, ..: - ,, .: , ' .Lg A ,Qs ,aw ' 5 ,. j 5- E K' '-' X 'ifiw f, ! v, '! !'QJvg, j ' 115 ! f' ' 'T - N A a sh -Qvff F' ' A 55 'K Q fQ'G'?t 'ini w ' ' uw- ' L , mf .. M,-,f 13 ,Q .QQ .fi mt - , A Literature Q fl - 75.4. X i . s ,But words atcythings, and a smaull drop of ink, FalI1'ng,tlz'ke dew, upon a thought produces . 'I-117611 which makes thousands. perhaps millions. think. ' . 4 --Lord Byron 4 . - -' K ' W- z...nQ,f,..u.4u... ,mul M,,,:lg,m.w- ,,,, ,Mm-M,, ,,.m,5W.,,.M4af, :Q , rsuw-4-mf'-fim---pn--is 1 -' ' A 4 A Villannelie The moon sTood still To speak To me, And over dainTy Tear-drop dew She spread her beauTy quieTly. The wraThTul cliTT suppressed The sea: The ocean mimicked morning's blue: The moon sTood sTill To speak To me. The dawn-grass whispered wisTTully AbouT The violeT's billeT-doux lShe spread her beauTy quieTlyT. She sTopped To resT by The linden Tree, And silver shadow siTTed Through. The moon s+ood sTill To speak To me. And so we sTood There, iusT we Three, i and The moon and The morning dew. The moon sTood sTill To speak To me. She spread her 'beauTy quieTly. Elizabeth Gips I Twilight The hillside is powdered whiTe wiTh driTTed snow. Lonely and bare, one Tiny maple Holds on iTs black Twigs Ten downy and sleepily-nodding sparrows. TwenTy sTeps away, iT's merely an eTching - black on whiTe: Pussy-willow Sprig . Giulio D'Angz'o An Autumn Evening How sTill iT is! Edged wiTh The Tang oT cold: The icy sTars sTare Trom a blue-black sky: Long pasT, now, are The days when Thunder rolled, When in The woods we heard The nighT-bird's cry. The brown leaves drop, and lie upon The groundg The homely crickei' now has ceased his chirp: The Toad and 'Coon Their winTer homes have Tound To sleep Till Spring shall WinTer's reign usurp. The TrosTy moon looks down on dying EarTh, BUT even yeT her pallid beam doTh say, Nay, Triends, puT noT away your mirTh For I shall glow again, some oTher day. Daphne Stones 0 I2I 9 The City-Across -The-River The gaunT wharT STuck ouT inTo The river Like a sore Thumb. DesolaTion BreaThed upon The windowpane OT The nighT - and The Tog rolled in. Shrouded Tug-boaTs Slipped soTTly Through The murky misTs Always ouT OT reach-l ouT OT reach. BuT he kepT hoping l-le was iusT a homeless waiT STanding wiTh gleaming eyes AT The edge oT The wharT. l-le looked down aT his splinTery, spindly legs And his sTomach l3loaTed wiTh hunger . . . . . And waiTed Tor The boaTs To Take him To The CiTy-across-The-river. GreaT ciTy! l-le could hear The muTTled laughTer And The music And The gay voices! This homeless bag oT bones Wifh The gleaming eyes Prayed Tor The boaTs To Take him There. The disTanT lighTs SiTTed Through The Tog And beckoned To him-- A soggy skeleTon, Bare, Shivering and cold, l-lis eyes Burning like live, glowing coals In The sunken hollowness Tha+ was his Tace. And he prayed! WiTh all The hearT ThaT was leTT in him I-le prayed For The boaTs To come To Take him There! --There TilTered Through The misT A deep-ThroaTed whisTle. IT was calling! BuT The Tog. . . so Thick. . . he couldn'T see. . l-le sTreTched ouT his bony arms In a helpless, hearTless plea And Tried To push aside The weT veil. IT only he could see. . . only see. OIZZO l-lis hearf beaf wildly! Franfically, he plunged info fhe wafers below! Oh, how his eyes gleamed Wifh hope And faifhl The boafs. . . had come fo fake him. .. home. . . ! The sfruggling form never reached his boaf, Buf Mofher River fook him in her arms And rocked fhe fired child fo sleep. She bore him fo fhe ofher side- To fhe Cify-across-fhe-river. Langdon J. Collier Yamantalca A pof-bellied idol, girdled wifh forfy bleeding, horrible heads. his hundred arms grasping insfrumenfs of 'rorfure and deafh, his gaping moufh lined wifh green and crimson fangs, his iaws dripping saliva and his bulging eyes filled wifh violence. Yamanfaka, Tibefan king of l-lell. You may laugh af his squaffing sfance and his grofesque feafures when you sfand in fhe corridor of a museum surround ed by amused friends, buf go fo him yourself, alone, when fhe day is waning. You will see 'rhe shadows play fricks on his brillianfly carved and colored fealures. You will affempf fo laugh again buf if is hard fo be filled wifh humor as fhe lighf flickers soffly and his eyes reflecf fhe lighf info your own. Your smile will vanish. Your cheeks will pale and you will sfruggle fo draw your gaze from fhose bale- ful orbs fhaf gleam insidiously. No sound breaks fhe sfillness, no friend who laughs breaks fhe spell. Those arms each become a menacing weapon fhaf seeks fo grasp and formenf you. You cannof draw away. l-lis feafures now are alive: his pof-belly wiggles: his weapons iangle and his iaws drip ominously. You are fransfixed, gazing, gazing, deeper and deep- er info fhose merciless balls of hafe fhaf affempf fo mimic eyes. They are more fhan eyes, fhey are windows 'rhrough which you see an Orienfal purgafory: 'lhe weird. unspeak- ing forms of human sinful gods: war, famine, hafe, greed and jealousy: fhe lurid, hideous demon forfurers, servanfs of Yama, and fhe anguished, wrifhing shapes of souls in formenf. All fhis in fhe eyes of Yamanfaka. The sculpfor has done his work foo well. This fhing is alive. if wrifhes, if fwisfs and screams fo a hellish dance macabre. To your dismay and horror, fhe fapesfry behind fhis monsfer, depicfing all fhe hells and punishmenfs of a La- masf sinner, is now alive. Each ghasfly figure in fhe woven clofh is moving like fhe inha- bifanfs of a foy world. Buf fhese are no foys, fhey are servanfs of Yamanfaka coming af his bidding fo seize you for your blaspheming. Wrench yourself away, run, run, run, back info your lighfed world. Once safely fhere your eyes cease fheir sfaring and your hearf sfeadies ifs beaf buf your brain furns fhe quesfion over and over. Was if fhe shadows fhaf made Yama and his courf dance, a producf of your imaginafion. Of course Yama was iusf an idol. and fhose lighfs cerfainly played fricks wifh his feafures, you could have sworn fhey moved. Nofhing buf imaginafion yef, buf ... . . . . . . .. could ........... Impossible! This is fhe Twenfiefh Cenfury. Yef? Was if fhe shadows? TVaIter Fairseruis, Jr. 0I230 The Last Straw Q l'm one OT Those simple souls who Tinds exciTemenT and advenTure in a chocolaTe soda. I rush wiTh gusTaTory anTicipaTion To The nearesT TounTain OT my enioymenT, buT any drugsTore aTmosphere desTroys my Theories OT a non-conTormisT. The pink-eared bunnies, Tied wiTh blue ribbons To bars oT chocolaTe, leer aT me as l sliTher around on The leaTher s+ool and Tinally esTablish myselT on The edge, my TeeT gripping The iron TooT-rail. l order a chocolaTe soda, simply because l'm Too nonplussecl To dare To Think oT anyThing else and Then look hopefully around Tor a cheery sign ThaT will read, Please Pay When Served . The mirrors are plasTered wiTh many gay signs, so ThaT l have To duck To caTch a glimpse OT myselT llaTer regreTTing I Took The Troublel. Garish red and blue leTTering meeTs my eye: and l read, TascinaTed, HOT ChocolaTe l-loTl , Hawaiian TempTaTion wiTh Whipped Cream-lOc , Special: SauerkrauT Sand- wich . lvly bleary eyes are Tocused on my Tellow eaTers, all perTecTly in harmony wiTh The gliTTer oT chromium and The claTTer OT silver. The perT young blonde nexT To me is deTTly brandishing ThaT womanly weapon, The lipsTick. l-las she a check? I glance Tur- Tively. I-las anyone a check? My soda has suddenly slid across The cold slab OT Tuckahoe marble and boldly conTronTs me, a gob oT whipped cream sTanding as sTiTT and menacing as an exclamaTion poinT. NoThing To do buT delve inTo The TroThy mixTurel You can'T drown your Troubles in a chocolaTe soda. Don'T be misguided by any Tool who Tells you ThaT! A pineapple soda maybe: l, Tor one, wouldn'T know. BUT a choco- laTe soda neverl Each TasTy sip brings nearer The gloomy momenT when you will have To Tumble amid The rubbish oT your purse Tor a mere TiTTeen cenTs: a dime and a nickel, or, if you preTer, Three nickels. The English would call iT someThing like one and Tuppence hapenny. Once, unable To geT The aTTenTion OT a clerk in l.oTT's, l leTT my change on The counTer and sTarTecl To slip unnoTiced To The sTreeT. I-ley you! boomed The clerk. The chromiums reTused To gliTTer1 The silver, To claTTer. l crepT back To The salesman Tollowed by The pepperminT eyes oT every chocolaTe rabbiT in every glass showcase. You goTTa have a check! snapped The subiecT oT many nighTmares ThaT have since filled my sleeping hours. A slip oT cardboard was clapped inTo my hand, and somehow l handed iT To a very much amused cashier. EveryTime l'm meT wiTh such a predicamenT, I resolve To organize a socieTy Tor abolishing This socially embarrassing rouTine. A plan musT be devised so ThaT peaceTul, Tun'loving ciTizens will be able To sip nonchalanTly Their sodas wiThouT worrying when To PGY- ' Marcia Freeman Snow SoTTly, soTTly iT Tell, And cloaked The world in iTs spell, WhiTer Than whiTe iT gleams On The banks OT The silver sTreams. Elaine Baxter 0 I24 0 People Are Queer I am The soul oT a man. Perhaps you see me someTimes, as I darT ouT Trom behind The opaque specTacles OT my owner. You may noT realize iT, buT ThaT hungry gleam which shows iTselT Tor buT a brieT momenT is The resulT OT my TranTic eTTorTs To escape. The oTher day we were walking down The sTreeT, and l heard a liTTTe boy say To his moTher in a childish Treble, MoTher, ThaT man iooks so queer! ThaT Ii+Tle boy sTarTed me Thinking, and TonighT while my owner was sleeping, l escaped To a nearby sTar Through The open window. The child was only expressing his honesT opinion, buT I wonder if iT would have made any diTTerence To him iT he had known my masTer. l-le was born in a liTTle Scandinavian village in The midsT oT Tolk who earned a meager living as Tishermen. There was never very much money To go around: a neT Tor Tishing had To be replaced: or OiaT, his TaTher, needed a new pair oT booTs. EnTerTainmenT? l-Te scarcely knew The word. l-Tis greaTesT pleasure was To be Taken ouT wiTh The men in The large Tishing boaTs wiTh The saiT spray dashing over The side and The clean Tangy breeze Tugging aT his hair. And so he grew up To be a Tall, blond young man wiTh an inborn iove OT The sea in his blood and The inheriTed Tearlessness oT men who have had To baTTle The eTemenTs Tor cenTuries. BuT hard Times came To ThaT liTTie village. One year The Tishing was poor: anoTher season sTorms wrecked Their boaTs and Tore away Their overloaded neTs. Things grew worse, and one day OiaT suggesTed To his son ThaT he seek his TorTune in anoTher land. Several weeks TaTer The young boy waved goodbye To his loved ones on The shore. T-le was OTT To America, The promised land! New York TrighTened him aT TirsT. The buildings seemed so Tall, The sTreeTs were Tilled wiTh iosTling men and women, The language was sTrange, The people unfriendly To This boy used To The easy TamiliariTy oT a small village. BuT Viking blood was noT in him Tor naughT: he soon Tound a room To sieep in, made Triends, and became a sTevedore on The wharves near To his beloved sea. There was noT much Time Tor homesickness here: buT as he walked home Through The dark sTreeTs and smelied The ciear air, a nosTalgic memory would fill him wiTh a desire To reTurn To his village in Scandinavia. However, he had been in New York only a Tew monThs, when he received The news oT his parenTs' deaTh. He was alone in This sTrange new worid. Luck had been his porTion Tor a Time: buT one day he became embroiled in a dock TighT, and a chance blow senT him crashing down a Tlighf of sTairs. The hospiTal inTerne who sTood by his bed, when he regained his senses, inTormed him ThaT he had suTTered a compound TracTure oT The hip. When my masTer leTT The hospiTal, he knew he could seek acTive employmenT no longer: he was a cripple. As I siT here on This sTar, T look down aT my masTer sleeping TiTTuily in his narrow bed. AT Times his Tace conTorTs and his hands seem To reach ouT Tor someThing. ThaT liTTle boy walking down The sTreeT oT a dusTy, midwesTern Town would noT undersTand, buT his moTher who all her liTe has longed Tor The Teel oT a cool sea-breeze on her Tace would undersTand. A Viking lad, now an old cripple dereiicT and a Tarmer's wiTe-reachf ing Tor someThing? Courtney Groeschel The Storm An angry cloud STamps down The TrighTened sky. Lol IT is raining. Elizabeth Gips 0 I25 9 Prelude to a Cape Cocl Nor'Easter-- Sand dunes shiTTing, Grey sand driTTing, LighTly blowing here and There. Beach grass rusTling, 5Torm clouds blusTring bea spray hissing Through The air. EasT wind roaring, Sea gulls soaring, Warnings Trom a disTanT Tlare. Sand dunes shiTTing, Grey sand driTTing, DeaTh is paTienT waiTing There. Mary Frances Martin Fascination? The lure in The magic oT Tar away places, The lure oT varied and unknown Taces, All TogeTher seem To blend An irresisTible message To send, Onward beckoning, Never reckoning The ouTcorne oT This pull so sTrong, ThaT seems To say Do come along , BuT once you Tollow ThaT TaTeTul call All else seems unimporTanT and small Compared To The sTrengTh oT This Travel urge And deep inside, a powerTul surge Forces you To Tollow and go. Why noT? you haven'T much Time, you know. And while youTh is yours-and youTh's will is sTrong, WiTh liTTle else To carry along SeT TorTh on one long glorious spree And see all The places you've wanTed To see. IT aT The end oT your Trip you Tind For ordinary liTe you have no mincl, JusT hurry and looard The TirsT sTeamer you see And The man in TronT oT you? . . . why iT's mel Courtney Groeschel 9 l26 0 0 I27 0 Shooing Morpheus on a Winter Morning O genTIe Sleep-whaT a conTrary-minded individual she is! You crawl inTo bed aTTer a hard day and summon her To obIiTeraTe your cares: insTead, she TIiTs TanTaIizingIy abouT The viciniTy, and no maTTer how much you Toss and Turn, you can'T Iay your hands on her. Comes The dawn, when you'd like To be able To bounce OuT OT bed Tull OT IiTe and enThusiasmg buT now The Tickle wench sees TiT To perch herselT aTop your recumbenT Trame and creaTe The impression ThaT you are supporTing a Thousand pound weighT wiTh your anaTomy. In addiTion, she squeezes a Tew drops oT some sorT OT eITin glue under your eyelids, and aTTer ThaT The blessed Things won'T open iT you pry Them up wiTh a screwdriver. I know whereOT I speak. Such has been my biTTer experience on many a winTer morn. Awakened by my own privaTe alarm clock-The Tamily poodle, who sleeps in The kiTchen direcTly beneaTh my room-I baT my eyes a couple OT Times and realize, aTTer a Tull minuTe or more, ThaT I am now back on earTh, exTradiTed Trom The TanTasTic dream- land in which German verbs chase IogariThms around a magneTic Tield Tor The amuse- menT OT ThaT preTTy girl who siTs nexT To The Teacher's desk in French class. Easy enough To wake up, buT whaT an enTireIy diTTerenT aTTair is geTTing upl Though The bed is warm, I shiver pessimisTicaIly as I observe The window curTains billowing inward like The sails oT a windiammer in The Trigid gale ThaT sweeps in over The snow-covered rooT oT The back porch. IT now occurs To me To wonder if my nose is where I hope iT is: I Timidly bring TorTh a hand Trom beneaTh The quiITs and apply iT in an expIoraTory manner To my Tace. Yes, The proboscis is sTilI There, buT badly in need OT a good Thawing OuT. I plunge The hand hasTiIy beneaTh The covers once more, muTTering murderous imprecaTions againsT a cerTain Tour-TooTed animal. Why couIdn'T The muTT IeT me go on sleeping? IT's so pIeasanT To dream abOuT-IogariThmsI WhaT's This? The curTain Tells Iimpl The breeze has died down: now is my chancel CauTiousIy, I drag boTh arms ouT Trom Their warm sancTuary: Then, always keeping an anxious eye on The curTain, whose sIighTesT TluTTer causes my hearT To TIuTTer Too, I sTeaIThiIy inch my way OuT OT The proTecTing bed and gingerly place my unclad TeeT upon The unwarmed Tloor. Recovering Trom This iniTiaI shock, I now advance hasTiIy upon The open window: buT my hasTe is nOT suTTicienT. There is a WhooshI OT air, The cur- Tains Tly up aImos+ To The ceiling, and a paralyzing bIasT OT cold hiTs me like an ocean wave breaking over an unwary baTher. STrange how wide-awake I Teel nowl VibraTing like a pneumaTic drill, I slam down The window and make a dive Tor The pile OT cIOThes on The chair over in The Tar corner. Ay, sleep has been puT To TIighT, buT aT whaT a price! You may Talk OT your soldiers, your aviaTors, or even your deep-sea divers? buT Tor real bravery, give me The men like Commander Byrd, who dared The wraTh OT The AnT- arcTic. They are The heroes: I knowl ' n Christian Meyer. The Hokku lAn Impressionl Ivory Tracings DelicaTeIy TinTed silk, Tapering Tingers. Elizabeth Gips Gocl's Gift Beaulry- ln a summer nighT: ln a church By candIelighT: ln reTlecTions In a pond OT Two Taces- Lovers Tond: ln The pressure OT a hand: ln The endless STreTch of sand: ln a TleeTing Precious hour: ln The surging STrenqTh - OT power: ln a mass oT STeel compressed: ln The sweaT And heaT and mess: In a Tace ThaT's Toreign-born Whose love of Treedorn l-las been sworn: In a bird ThaT slcirTs The slcy: In man's quesT To ride on high: ln a boolc ThaT's open-wide: In The surging Of The Tide: In The pebbles On The beach All wiThin Our grasp - our reach: 0 I28 9 OIZQO ln 'rhe while caps In lhe sound: ln The green grass On lhe mound: ln a face +ha+'s Pale and lhin, 'Nealh a veil 'rha'r's Black and grim: ln a pleading Hungry face: In a neck be - Declced by lace: In a happy Carefree laugh: ln 'rhe sharing Of a half: All have beauly - All have grace - All have in our Hearls lheir place. If you 'find In homely lhings Beauly such as This Thal sings, Then, my love. Then, you can see God's grea'res'r gill To you and me. Wz'nifred Cammack Loneliness ln slillness of nighl' Sleals silenlly info souls Bu? wilh dawn, 'lis gone Elsie Mae Hess Awakening Did you ever see a bIade of grass? I did, yesferday. I read a poem of beaufy, And saw Ihe bIade Ihaf way. I saw more Than iusf a s+aII4 of green, l saw God. The very hearf of Ioeau+y I found in The dep+h of Ihaf sod. I may never see if Ihaf way again, Buf I won'+ forgef Thaf pidure of beaufy In fhe midsi of The dew and Wei. Richard Hunter Death Dea+h frolics so gayly Down here on ear'rh OverIacIen wi+h lilies And Iauqhing wi+h rnirfh, Dea+h frolics so gayly, I+'s hard To perceive Thaf i+'s sorrow for someone When Deafh Takes her Ieave. Elizabeth Gips 0 I3O 9 Undergraduates l find the great thing in this world is not so much where we , , .1m.v-..,..L..,.., -.. 454A -A ,, stand, as in what direction we are moving. , Oliver Wendell Holmes ----- -- mir 5 2 In 5 If 1 Z E ? 5 E 5 E Z 1 55 5 E S ? 2' as 5 x S 5 1, 5 . Q 5 5 . 5 H, 5 Q, 3 31 5 i4 Y Q F E E 5 Y Q Q 3 ta fa E E ? 5 3 1 E e 5 E R- 3 1 i 2 3 s e, 3. E F Z x, X 2 s 2 V w A F 5 S E E 5 A . 'Jig' ..,. Wy' Boy mosl' likely lo succeed Girl mosf likely fo succeed Besl' boy sfudeni' ,........ Besl' girl sfudenl' Mosl' popular boy .. Mosl' popular girl .. Besl' looking boy Besl' looking girl ......,. Fulure G. O. presideni Cleveresl boy ......., Clevel'es'l' girl Besf acfor .. Besi' aclress .. . Besl boy alhlele Besl girl alhlele Clase clowns :. fb JUNIOR VOTE 0I33o ...,. Elliol Pearl Veronica Phoenix Richard Schwarlz , Joanne Jenkins ., Elmer Pirrung Margery Stickles .. Ray Lunsfead ,. Marion Alwell .. Leonard Fagin ., Roberf Addis ., . Sheila Weber ., Norman Apeil Jean Baer , Roberl' Milclwell .. . Lila Warshawm' Roberl Malhaeus 5 Brya nl' Muenzen Roberi' Nordhausen .gf has W. V -jk-,Qv I N-Sw CLASS OF 1940 M, My -3 W -T E f , v ,, ., . , sl .mi , I- , YL L ,...!...N.,. W. A ...,.,,A.,,...,i,..... A V T' ll-Lg K ,, g y ggi X WHO'S WHO Leonard Fagin Born: Brooklyn, May I9, I922. Class: Junior 2. Clubs: Dramalic Sociely, Hi- News, Marshal Squad, Band, G. O. Coun- cil. Favorile Sporls: Foolball, Ping-Pong. Hobby: Dramalics and collecling. Len didn'l lell us whal he collecls, bul we galher he collecls everylhing lrom hearls lo malchcovers. Ambilion: Oculisl. Col- lege: Columbia. Len came lo Davis in Seplember, lrom De Will Clinlon. He was elecled lo lhe G. O. Council lasl lerm and he also held lhe posilion ol drum maior. Len was lhal Tony lellow in lhe Dramalic Sociely produclion ol You Can'l Take ll Wilh You . Homer Schoen Born: Mounl Vernon, May 27, I'-723. Class: Junior 2. Clubs: Debaling Sociely, Marshal Squad, G. O. Council, lnlerna- lional Relalions. Favorile Sporls: Tennis, soccer. Hobby: Playing lhe cello. Ambi- lion: Aulomobile engineer. College: Le- high Universily or General Molors lnsli- lule. Homer has been on lhe hill since Seplember, I937. He is also a depuly marshal and a member ol lhe Inlerscholas- lic Debaling Squad. l-le carries a llag lor lhe band and does a righl good iob ol il. He doesn'l look hall-bad in lhal unilorm, eilher, does he girls? Rulh Chen Born: Mounl Vernon, December 2I, I922. Class: Junior 2. Clubs: Ca el La, G. O. Council, O. R. Reps., Sans Souci. Favorile Sporls: Baskelball, walking. Hob- by: Collecling. Rulh hasn'l made up her mind yel as lo whal she wanls lo do or whal college she wanls lo allend. She lells us lhal as lar as she knows she is lhe lirsl girl ol Chinese parenlage lo be born in Mounl Vernon. ln Davis Yvelle Molifall Born: Chicopee, Massachusells, Seplem- ber 5, I922. Class: Junior 2. Club: Arch- ery. Favorile Sporls: Sailing, lennis. Hobby: Working. Ambilion: Commercial arlisl. College: Prall lnslilule. Yvelle's iusl a mile ol a girl, bul here's where lhe old saying, Good lhings in small packages, come , proves ilsell lrue. She's aboul 5' 2 wilh black hair and eyes and a swell per- sonalily. Moll lher nicknamel is a good sporl, a swell sailor, and has lhe makings ol an arlisl. lncidenlally, don'l lel lhal hobby lool you: she only works when she is sup- posed lo and can be lull ol lun al all limes. Telephone number and address: We won'l lalk, you can'l make us. Lorenzo Thomas Born: News Ferry, Virginia, Augusl I6. I922. Class: Junior 2. Club: Marshal Squad. Favorile Sporl: Foolball. Hobby: Building airplanes. Ambilion: Policeman. College: Cornell. Lorenzo came lo Mounl Vernon in I926, aller which he moved lo Greenwich, Conneclicul lor lwo years and lhen came back lo Mounl Vernon. He played scrub loolball lasl year and is go- ing lo lry lo make lhe lirsl leam lhis year. Joan Mereine Born: London, England, November 20, l924. Class: Junior I. Club: Riding Club. Favorile Sporl: Swimming. Joan plans lo go lo college bul she hasn'l had a chance lo make up her mind yel as lo where she wanls lo go: however, she does know lhal she wanls lo be a leacher. Joan came here lasl Augusl and likes lhis counlry bel- ler lhan England. She doesn'l lhink lhal you learn as much in lhe schools over here bul she prelers lhe leaching syslem much more lhan lhal ol England. Conlinued on ne-xl page 0I350 PeTer Bonofiglio Born: MounT Vernon, November 28, I92O. Class: Senior I. FavoriTe SporTs: BaskeTball, TooTball. Hobby: Building model aircraTT. AmbiTion: AviaTion mechanic. College: Parks Air School in ST. Louis, Mis- souri. TT any of you wanT To have an in- TeresTing discussion on model or real air- planes, sTrike up a conversaTion wiTh PeTe. He can usually be Tound in The oTTice, as he is one oT The Tellows who Takes care oT making ouT The absence sheeT. ConsTance Banning Born: MounT Vernon, OcTober 23, l923. Class: Junior l. Club: lnsTrucTress in The Dance Club. FavoriTe SporTs: Tennis, danc- ing. Hobby: Cooking. AmbiTion: To go Through college and geT married. College: Middlebury in VermonT. Connie is very small, 5' 2 , To be exacT, weighs IOO pounds, has gray-blue eyes and reddish-blonde hair. Those characTerisTics coupled wiTh a win- ning smile make her one swell liTTle girl. RoberT Clark Born: Brooklyn, AugusT l7, I922. Class: Junior 2. Clubs: Biology Club and Dance Club. Favorife SporTs: FooTball and danc- ing. Hobby: Plays around wiTh chemicals. AmbiTion: Surgeon. College: Pennsylvania STaTe. Bob is abouT 5' 9 wiTh brown eyes and black hair. He has a swell sense oT humor and can Tell a joke wiTh The besT oT Them. Monna Troub Born: BosTon, AugusT 30, l923. Class: Sophomore 2. Clubs: Riding, l-li-News. FavoriTe SporTs: Horseback-riding, swim- ming. Hobby: CollecTing small boTTles lempTy, oT coursel. She has quiTe a nice collecTion, Too. AmbiTion: PsychiaTrisT, or auThor. College: Duke or Wellesley. Monna wriTes a column Tor The Hi-News which is usually okay. She's abouT 5' 4 , buf looks much Taller: has very black hair, deep brown eyes and haTes people wiTh bad manners. Address: ConTidenTial. Tele- phone number: DiTTo. Phyllis Farago Born: New York, SepTember 30, I923. Class: Junior l. FavoriTe SporT: Swimming. Hobby: STamp collecTing. AmbiTion: Re- search worker. College: Cornell. Phyllis is a biT on The sTudious side, buT she's noT a book-worm. She's oT medium heighT and has a nice personaliTy. Joseph Spina Born: New York, AugusT I6, I922. Class: Junior 2. Clubs: PresidenT OT Ping-Pong Club, PresidenT oT O. R. Reps., Junior An- nual EdiTorial STaTT. FavoriTe SporT: Base- ball. Hobby: Coin and sTamp collecTing. AmbiTion: ReporTer. College: Colby, 'way up in Maine. Joe's average hangs around nineTy all The Time, buT he's noT a greasy- grind by any means. AT Nichols, Joe won a S5 prize Tor scholarship: besides, he has his TirsT year honor pin. Joe shamelacedly confesses ThaT he likes To acT The comic: as if we didn'T know ThaT already. A blue black gown, STudded wiTh silver sTars, A crescenT golden moon in her dark hair And The nighT descends. A paTTern oT lace and pink Tleecy clouds. AgainsT her lighT blue gown, A shining yellow sun encircling her Tair head, And The day arrives. Sheila Weber 0l360 01379 SCPHOMORE VOTE Girl MosT Likely To Succeed A long whiTe Trail is blazing beTore Olive Simmons wiTh The word success aT The end. AT The presenT Time she is a member oT The Biological Club, a Tyrone Power worshipper. and a bookworm. In addiTion To Those varied inTeresTs she also likes swimming, Tennis, and dancing. She inTends To enTer diplomaTic service Tor her liTe's work. We hope Olive, in addiTion To her TirsT, will also realize anoTher ambiTion-To Travel and see The world. T A, . Boy MosT Likely To Succeed lvlarTin DorTT's inTeresTs are decidedly on The scienTiTic side. A member of The AsTronomy Club and I-Ti-News Business Board now, he wanTs To go To Ivl.l.T. and Then become an engineer. However, he wouldn'T obiecT To being an army oTTicer in The chemical warfare deparTmenT. lv1arTin collecTs TimeTables and sTamps: his TavoriTe sporTs are TooTball and soccer. WiTh all This he sTill Tincls Time To be an acTive Boy ScouT leader. MosT Popular Girl IT is hard To imagine anyone as delicaTe-looking as CharloTTe Morse could be so viTally inTeresTed in aThleTics. A member oT The Riding Club, girls' baskeTball Team, Tormerly oT The Dance Club, she also Tinds Time To Teach dancing To a group oT girls. Her acTive inTeresT in Tennis is proven by The TacT ThaT she was runner-up in The girls' TournamenT. Teddy plans To aTTend Duke, and aTTer ThaT To sTudy nursing. ' ConTinued on nexT page MosT Popular Boy William TricheTT spends his school Time as a member oT The swimming Team, band, and Dance Club. OuTside, he spends his spare Time collecTing Bob Crosby records and indulging in his peT hobby, Tishing. I-Ie also likes swimming and skiing. Perhaps This love Tor skiing is whaT links him To The snow-covered slopes of DarTmouTh. Bill has noT yeT chosen his career, buT we know he'lI be successful, Tor he has whaT iT Takes . BesT Girl STudenT By all who know her, Doris Greengold is Termed a girl who's going places . She is a member oT The DebaTing SocieTy, Ping-Pong Club, Girls' BuIIeTin Board CommiTTee, an acTive parTicipanT in aThleTics, and wiTh all ThaT 'Finds Time To lead The honor roll wiTh a 9721, average. Playing The piano, swimming, and Tennis engage her ouT-of-school Time. Doris is undecided abouT her career buT wanTs iT To be someThing exciTing . BesT Boy STudenT Richard Shapiro sTarTed ouT wiTh a bang by winning boTh The Sophomore Speaking ConTesT and The Tennis TournamenT. I-Ie has since become a member oT The orchesTra and I-Ii-News EdiToriaI Board. Dick has numerous hobbies: among Them animals, phoTography, sporTs-and collecTing ArTie Shaw records. Since he is one oT The Tew who mainTain a consTanT average oT 957, or beTTer, Dick should have no Trouble in geTTing inTo his chosen college-I-Iarvard. Vagary I like besT The simple Things The sound oT song-The beaT oT wings Forever Tree. ,- JI, like besT The Things ThaT soar On wings oT TaiTh-Trom shore To shore Back To me. I like besT The Things'so pure As uTmosT love-Those moods so sure OT ecsTasy. ' I like besT The perTecT bonds OT child-oT peaceful Tronds OT TanTasy. Monna Troub 01389 CLASS OF 1941 To the Undergraduates from the Class of 1939 Now fhaf we are worldly-wise and so much fhe more infelligenf affer four years of a high school educafion, perhaps some of our hard-earned experience will help fo make fha remainder of your school years more successful. Be acfive in exfra-curricula acfivifies-fhey pay dividends in developing your per- sonalify, increasing your collecfion of friends, and are, incidenfally, very effecfive on college enfrance applicafions. Doing homework, 'rhough if now seems merely one greaf frial and fribulafion, is really an opporfunify for self-beffermenf, for besides aiding you fo learn some- fhing abouf fhe subiecf, if develops fhe Sparfan in your easy-going souls. Dancing and movies are a lof of fun, buf if fhey are your only inferesfs, you are slowly on fhe way fo an infellecfual ruf. lf pays fo read widely and fo lcnow somefhing abouf world affairs - fhen when you spealc, people will be able fo credif you wifh some degree of infelligence. We have found high school a grand place-false advanfage of all fhe opporfunifies if offers you, and you will find fhaf you are gefffing real fun ouf of Davis l-ligh School. ANN MORGENSTERN Undergraduafe Edifor Thou Shal Nol Smoke on School Grounds. Board ol ducalion properly ends l53 paces below lhe Soulh Wall. THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF DAVIS E Thou Shal Nol Chew Gum in Class. Lilesavers are very good lor sore lhroals. lCoughll Thou Shal Nol Copy Anolher's Homework. Homework: whal's lhal? Thou Shal Take No Food lrom lhe Lunchroom. Ice cream isn'l a lood, il's an indulgence. Thou Shal Nol Be Lale. ll you miss lhe bus, slay home. Beller never lhan lale. Thou Shal Nol Cul Classes. ll you can'l gel a cold in a hurry, a headache will have lo do. See lhe nurse lor lurlher inlormalion. Thou Shall Nol Sign Your Own Reporl Card. A lriend wilh a good handwriling is a lriend indeed. Thou Shall Nol Leave Texl Books Uncovered. Sorry, il iusl lell oll. Where have l heard lhal one belore? Thou Shall Nol Sleep in Class. P. Gifs and collegiales may ignore lhis one. Thou Shall Nol Read lhe Hi-News Over a Neighbor's Shoulder. Wail lill he's lhrough, lhen ask him lor il. 0l4O0 0l4l0 www of l I Palmas sv f? '- BRAM umm Q ,H 'WV5 ,.A1.. Q J NS l' ' -:'.V: X l ' f N ' Q 5TudLdinoq People I v t.'-V. 'YLE T l, .VRVQ , J Baseball AVYW4 X ' VC J l l! FIX X X ll l l ll l l f Dcmcln Drauungg vi l .. ' Wm - ff .61 . Phologvdphg f uni l5'. .2 nxl, if .ls Fvf, I Q 6 1 3 l J Reddln I , ' Freybour Printing Qm n J MT VERNO Y 0I420 3 HAVE A SPLENDID NATURAL PHOTOGRAPH TAKEN IN THE FAMOUS 3 gf eau Gizafclou dfzznlio OF I MOUNT VERNON, N. Y. OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE A. B. DAVIS HIGH SCHOOL YEAR BOOK 0I430 r 1 5 . ' I L - 'I . I 3 yo? Faye.. -Loon .4 qrfgy of A555 A 0 bragkicq 'vp 'f6c.. qdqyfk 'bvurj .. Lgbii avr .zrcfhaal , J,,ymA'4'- Q 1 'Q 'WW MU Jbwmsiou 4 X bw If F U cv. I, A, . A , Q X6 Y xl x .- U . A XSXRVQ yxowif. AW' bsxbqcacw , . If I A1 5 A1 ,. 4 Q, any fm. A, 40J,, pf ..S?0'4'gf.. . QW ,.Q..'2x'- 6 if 3 Q ,X N 1. H ' lf X SN N 'sf S' fK,4 V. ,H -P 'yi k Q v 4 it F tb! D A E E . w .4 ' ' f , W. - '1. Hg? . .ff 1 E 9 f 1 v 1 1 w N W 4 ' , me y .LU ,A-.k--MS.imA:.u-,- - A N

Suggestions in the A B Davis High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Mount Vernon, NY) collection:

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A B Davis High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Mount Vernon, NY) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 26

1939, pg 26

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