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Class of 1960

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Linda L. Rainwater B.A. in Speech 303 So. Michigan Avc., Yirksburg, Michigan Etta M. Rajkovich B.S.Nurs. H28 Washington Strc-ct, Traverse City, Michigan Ralph W. Ramelnie ' ier B.S.E.(Ch.E.) 82-26 215th. Hollis, N.Y. Rafael Ramirez B.S.E.(E.E. & Math.) Calle Caracas #41, Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela Elizabeth S. Ramsdell B.A. in Journalism 726 Oakland, Ann Arbor, Mich. John W. Randall D.D.S. 3142 Wright St.. Port Huron, Mich. Hal A. Randelman B.A. in T.V. Speech 4500 Fieldston Rd., New York. N. Y. William H. Ransom B.A. in Economics 1 1 Glen Abbey, Frontrnac, Md. David J. Rapport B.B.A. in Finance 1030 Meadow Road, Glencoe, 111. John A. Rasmussen B.B.A. in Real Estate 2705 Fairfax Rd.. Lansing, Mich. Patricia L. Raubinger B.S.D.Hyg. 1136 Cadillac Dr.. Grand Rapids, Mich. Alice C. Rawson B.A.Ed. 9475 Portage Lake Ave., Pinckney, Mich. James B. Reading D.D.S./ 410 University. Rochester, Mich. Martha N. Rearick B.Mus.(Mus.Ed.) 306 N.E. 102 St., Miami. Fla. Virginia F. Rees M.A. in Speech Therapy 717 So. Division St., Ann Arbor. Mich. Maria C. Regan M.S. in Physics 5906 Lakehurst, Dallas. Texas Judith Reid B.Mus.(Mus.Ed.) 29 Wctmorc Avenue, Riverside, R. I. Marsha L. Rein B.A.Ed, in Elem. Education 47 Stanford Ave.. W. Orange, N. J. Lucinda B. Reindel B.S.Ed, in Elem. Education 130 Meadow Lane, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Douglas N. Reinhard B.S.E.(Ch.E.) 577 Kimberley, Birmingham, Mich. Linda J. Reitz B.S. in Zoology (Pre-Med.) 16824 Wildemerc. Detroit, Mich. Richard P. Remp B.S. in Political Science 735 Fairfax. Birmingham, Mich. Edwin J. Rcnnell, Jr. D.D.S. State School, Coldwater, Mich. Jane A. Retzloff B.A.Ed. 10529 Hart Ave., Huntington Woods, Mich. Wilfredo A. Reyes M.S.E.(Ch.E.) 4 Alejandro Roces, Quezon City, Philippines Marlene K. Rhodes B.A. in English 6252 Burger Dr.. Dearborn, Mich. R. Anne Ricamore B.A. in Psychology 21 Carlton Lane, Dearborn, Mich. Carol F. Rice B.A. in History 18419 Northlawn, Detroit, Mich. Ruth L. Richards B S P H N 2657 N. 60 St., Milwaukee, Wise. Richard F. Richiger B.A.Ed, in Elem Education 1794 Eileen, Ypsilanti, Mich. Beverly L. Richman B.A. in Pre-Professional 47 East 88th St., New York, N.Y. John M. Rickel B.A. in English 60 Stonchurst Rd., Grosse Pointe Shores, Mich. Eleanor M. Riehl B.S. in Zoology Route 2, Traverse City, Mich. J am M- Rifl " n B.A. in Political Science 2021 Handley. Saginaw, Mich. BCry l, E , ' ^-! el B.S.Pharm. ^15 Midway, Dundee, Mich. Isam H. Rimawi B.S.E.(E.E. & Math.) Beit Rima, Ramallah, Jordan 441

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