Lake Charles High School - Catalog Yearbook (Lake Charles, LA)

Lake Charles High School - Catalog Yearbook (Lake Charles, LA)

Class of 1953     Page 100

                         Lake Charles High School - Catalog Yearbook (Lake Charles, LA) Class of 1953 Page 100                        
                           Page 100

Text from Page 100

Drum Major LYNN JORDAN & and Director MR. RUSSELL CRONIN The 78 students who make up the LCHS Band perform at all home football garres. They present band concerts in the city and at least one out-of-town concert during the school year. There are two groups of the Band. One group is the marching band, and the other is the concert band. This year the Band also participated on the KPLC programs. They played all the music for the programs, and some of the outstanding members were interviewed. Mr. Russell Cronin, the director of the LCHS Band, is ending his second year in Lake Charles this year. Under his careful direction, the Band has become known as one of the best in the state. Besides contributing to the football spirit of the school, the Band practices for con- certs during the school year.

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